Bipolar (2014) Movie Script

my name is Dr. Steven Lanyon
and I'm the Director of the
Alta Vista Research Center.
Bipolar disorder affects more than
five million Americans today.
However, new research is constantly expanding
the range of possible treatment options.
If you or someone you know
suffers from bipolar disorder,
the Alta Vista Research Center is currently
seeking participants for a new study.
We offer patients who are
experiencing severe mood symptoms
the opportunity to take part in
a randomized clinical trial.
Participants will be compensated
for their time and travel expenses.
You must be 18
or older to apply.
For more information, please call the
number at the bottom of your screen.
My name is Harry Poole.
I'm twenty-six years old.
Hello, Harry. Why don't you tell
us a little bit more about yourself?
I'm a student and I live in an
apartment with my brother John,
who's five years older than me.
So, how are you
feeling today, Harry?
I'm fine. I guess, I just,
I just have a really bad headache.
How's your sleep, Harry?
It's not, it's not great.
Any history of bipolar
disorder in your family?
Not that I know of.
Ever had
suicidal thoughts, Harry?
Any attempts?
Can you describe what your
mood swings are like?
I thought I was just gonna be a
guinea pig for some new medication.
Well, the more we know about
what you're experiencing,
They're just mood swings,
ok. Up, down. Up, down.
It's pretty self-explanatory,
isn't it?
All right, Harry.
I hear you.
Anything else you want to add?
Ok, that's enough for today.
Harry, this is nurse Miller.
She'll be assisting me
with your treatment.
- How are you feeling kiddo?
- Ok.
- Here.
- Thank you.
You're welcome, Harry.
Ok, good.
We'll let you rest up.
If you need anything,
just ask the nurse.
You can call me Anna.
We need to get one of those
vending machines for the apartment.
I mean, how cool would that be?
What are you smiling at?
You're in a hospital
eating shitty food,
experimenting with some drug
that's gonna make you impotent
or lose your hair
or grow a pair of tits.
You should be crying, dude.
How are you doing,
little brother?
I'm ok.
So how's the treatments going?
I don't know. It's fine, I guess.
We just started last night.
- Notice any differences?
- Dry mouth and constipation.
I'm glad I asked. Whoa!
What's with the camera?
Oh, it's part of the treatment.
They want to monitor
my progress 24/7.
Big brother is watching you.
Hi, Harry.
It's time for lunch.
Hi. Pork rinds?
I'm John, Harry's brother.
And you are?
Ah, pretty and funny.
Ah, hey, nurse
can you tell me where
I can get one of the vending
machines in your hallway?
Hope you like your lunch, Harry.
Seriously? I thought they only
made nurses like that in porn.
I think I'm in love, man.
You're gonna be all right.
How are you, son?
Listen, if you don't mind, I'd
like to talk to your doctor.
I had a few questions for him
regarding your treatment.
I just want to make sure my boy's
being taken care of properly.
You sure this thing
is safe, Harry?
Why'd you come here?
What do you want?
My boy's in the hospital.
It's only normal I come to see him.
You don't need to come visit me.
I was cleaning out
your old room the other day.
Found your first bible.
Jesus loves you.
And I love you, too.
Sometimes, sometimes I wonder if
you're not like that lost lamb,
that strayed from the flock.
Sometimes I wonder if the real reason
you're here is because you lost your faith.
Hi, Father. Did you come
to give me the last rites?
No. I'm on my
lunch break, actually.
It's good to see you.
Do you want to sit down?
I saw your dad in church
the other day.
He asked me to come by.
My mom died when I was
nine, she killed herself.
- They said it was an accidental overdose.
- I know, Harry.
But I don't believe there was
anything accidental about her death.
My father was such a monster
with her and with us.
She probably just wanted
to bail out.
And I get it, too. I get it.
Life sucked, so she did what she had to do.
I understand, but we have talked
about all this before, Harry.
I'm not talking to you,
Father... I'm talking to my doctor.
I never felt comfortable
telling him those things, but,
I always feel comfortable
saying them to you.
I guess you've helped me
open up to him.
Glad I can be useful.
So, any results from the treatment yet?
Well, I still have my moments,
but overall, I actually kinda feel better.
Who knows?
Maybe it's starting to work.
Good, Harry, good.
That's the spirit.
The Holy Spirit.
Thank you, I'm here all week.
Well, it was good to spend
some time with you, Harry.
I wasn't kidding about
the last rites, Father.
I'm going to be someone else Father, I know
I can do this. I know that I have it in me.
Harry Poole is the past.
Edward Grey is the future.
Edward Grey?
Yeah, why not?
New guy, new name, right?
I'm awake.
I brought you your dinner. I wasn't
sure if you asleep so I didn't want to...
Come sit with me for a minute.
I'll share my applesauce
with you.
Thank you, but I have
to get back to work.
I understand. Good night.
Ok, just a few minutes. But if anyone
dies while I'm here, it's on you, Harry.
- You're looking better.
- I feel better.
There's definitely something
different about you, Harry.
Well, actually I'm not
Harry today. I'm Edward.
- Oh, really?
- Yes. Edward Grey.
- That's a nice name.
- I'm glad you like it.
So should I call you Edward?
Yes. Harry and all of
his problems are on vacation.
I like that. Edward.
And I like your perfume.
Um, so it seems the treatment
is having some positive results.
What's for dinner?
Steak, grilled vegetables
and applesauce for dessert.
But I'm getting half
of that, remember?
What are you doing, Edward?
I mean Harry.
I think I should go.
I'll see you later.
Holy shit.
Good morning, Harry.
Could I have my medication?
Yes, but first
let's talk a little bit.
Can we please
do that some other time?
It won't be long. I just
need to ask a few questions.
So, have you noticed
any changes yet, Harry?
I felt a little better.
Good. And how
about your insomnia?
Yes, can I please
have my medication now?
Just a couple more questions,
it won't be long.
Are you still having headaches?
God! Could you just
give me the damn pill!
I'm sorry, Doctor...
that was out of line.
I'm just really excited
because I think the
treatment might be working
and I don't want to go back.
It's all right, Harry.
I understand.
But it's important
that we have these sessions
and that you continue to monitor
your emotions very closely.
Ok. We can stop for today.
I hope I didn't hurt you
too much.
Hold this please.
So I'm happy to see you're getting
better and better every day.
- Do you have a boyfriend?
- No.
I'll get back to work.
See you later.
I have some bad news, Harry.
Unfortunately we're going to have
to discontinue the treatment.
It recently came
to our attention that
the medication's formula
just needs to be worked upon.
What are you talking about?
I never felt better in my whole life.
Oh, I know, Harry.
But trust me when I tell you
we only have your
best interest in mind.
And right now, what we researchers need
to do is get back to the drawing board.
But it's working, Doctor!
I'm living proof that it's working.
You have been
super helpful, Harry.
And of course you'll be compensated
for your time and effort.
Prozac, zoloft, paxil, effexor.
You name it, I have tried it.
There's never been anything
that's worked like this for me.
Why are you doing
this to me, Doctor?
It's for your own safety,
Harry, and I like I...
Why! Why!
That's why.
We've had some episodes of rage and confusion
from some of our other test subjects.
The medication's
just not ready, Harry.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
I don't know what got into me.
We'll keep in touch. I promise I won't
abandon you. You can call me anytime.
- I brought you a little going away present.
- Thanks.
You have to promise me
one thing.
You won't open it
until you get home.
Ok. I promise.
I think you're going to like it.
Hey, Doctor I'm back home now
and I've decided to continue monitoring
myself. I'll be using 2 cameras.
I have a feeling that things are about
to get pretty exciting around here
and I didn't want you
to miss the show.
I'm not going to tell you
how I managed to get these,
but I'm going to
resume treatment on my own.
I know that someday
when you see these videos
you'll understand how wrong
you were to pull the plug.
And you'll also discover what
a great doctor you really are.
Who knows? You might even
win a Nobel prize.
Ok. This is day 1.
- Hey, it's Larry, right?
- No, Harry.
- Is John home?
- No, he's out.
Fuck! I really wanted some weed.
Could you hook me up?
Nah, I don't smoke.
Do you, you want to wait for him maybe?
Wait 'til she
meets Edward, Doctor.
Hey! You're home!
What happened?
They fire your ass or somethin'?
You smoke weed now, Harry?
But apparently Edward does.
Who? Ah, Edward.
Right, right.
I'm really happy you're back,
man. You look good!
You gotta puff, puff, pass.
That's the way it works.
Are you filming this?
Yeah. The Doctor wanted me to continue
to monitor myself for a little while.
Right, Doctor?
The Doctor wants to
watch you smoke some weed?
Well, we do have a
prescription for that, right?
Hell, yeah, we do.
And for the record,
this is being used for
medical purposes only.
I mean, I have that herniated disc and
my little brother has terrible insomnia.
Shut the fuck up
and pass that shit already.
So Edward, huh?
It's the age of the alter ego, John.
It's the age of the Avatar.
I'd totally bang
that blue chick.
I mean, I would like
take her blue creepy tail
and put it on my, my dick and then all
of a sudden we'd be connected and one.
Ah, that is some strong shit you're
smoking. I got a huge headache.
Oh, I am getting my assed kicked
by some 12 year old kid in France.
How do you say
fuck you in French?
Dad was drunk when he came
to see me at the hospital.
He tried to hide it, but I
could smell it on his breath.
Tell me something I don't know.
Fuck you, you little frog.
Asshole just blew me apart
with a grenade launcher.
I don't know why
he keeps coming around.
I just wish he'd get
out of our lives already.
You want to get that?
And not walk in?
Oh, you're early.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did I wake you?
No, no,
I was just getting ready.
Hey, what's up, nurse?
- You remember my brother, John, right?
- Yes.
I'm outta here. Yeah, well,
I'll get you later, you little bitch.
Who I'm gonna fuckin' butcher
when I return.
I'm gonna put some clothes on,
I'll be right back.
Yeah. I don't understand
that. All right.
Gummy fish? You should.
Fish is good for you.
More for me.
All right. See you guys later.
So, Harry, how are you feeling?
Well, pretty good.
Thanks to you.
Thank you for my gift, Anna.
Let's go. I'm starving.
Ok. Could you wait outside
for me for a minute.
I just want to leave
a quick note for John.
I'm going on a date with
your nurse. How cool is that?
Is John here?
- It's Gary, right?
- No. Edward.
Do you mind if I wait for John?
- Smells good in here.
- I'm cooking.
Oh, thanks.
I don't know what it is,
but there's something different about you.
I changed my cologne.
- Got anything to smoke?
- No.
- Well, what are you cooking?
- Risotto.
Oh, wow, umm. I wish my lame ass
boyfriend could cook like that.
- Did you cut your hair?
- No.
Hm. Oh, I got it!
You shaved your goatee.
Take it easy on those crackers.
- What?
- Carbs.
So what? You think
I'm fat or something?
Dude, what's your
fucking problem?
What kind of asshole
talks to women like that!
Calm down. It's no big
deal. I'm just saying...
Do you really think I'm fat?
I didn't mean to hurt you,
you're very pretty.
Especially when you're angry.
- I guess you met my brother.
- Yeah. He's a big asshole.
Got some weed?
Thank you.
- Seriously, dude?
- What?
What? I've only been
trying to hit that for months
and you come in with
your Edward shtick and bam!
What the fuck! How did
you pull that shit, man?
Well, maybe you should stop
dressing like the big lubowski.
- Oh, fuck you.
- Hey, I'm just playing with you.
Dude, you got to teach me
some of the moves.
Sure. And I hope
you're hungry
because I made a killer risotto.
I'm always hungry. Ooh!
Now I should get the nurse. Um hm.
Wow, look at you.
You're very handsome, Harry.
Harry dresses like a bum.
Ok. So Edward,
what is the plan for tonight?
We could stay home for a change.
You know, I wish you'd come see me
in your nurse's uniform sometime.
Is there something wrong
with my dress?
No. Not at all. I'm sorry, Anna.
I didn't mean to be rude.
So John's not home? - Nope.
He's at his girlfriend's place tonight.
You haven't seen
my bedroom yet, have you?
- Ok. Slow down, Edward.
- Really?
Yes, really.
It's just, it happened so fast between us.
I'd like to get
to know you better.
I understand.
- I hope you do, 'cause I really like you.
- And I like you, too.
Ok. Do you know
anything about courtship?
Vaguely. I'm sure
Harry knows all about it.
Anyway, aren't girls
supposed to like bad boys?
There's a fine line between
a bad boy and an asshole.
Hmm. Nice guys finish last,
haven't you heard?
- I think I like Harry better.
- Harry is a woose.
I don't know, but he
was gentle. He had manners.
Enough with that loser.
Come here.
Maybe you can learn a thing or two
from that loser. Talk to you later.
"Hi, you've reached Anna.
Please leave a message."
Hi, Anna, it's me.
Listen, I'm so sorry that I was such,
such a douche with you.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
I, please just give me a
chance to make it up to you.
I promise that
I will behave next time.
Oh, God. What a jerk.
I'm so, so so, sorry.
Ok, so I got a little carried
away but it's no big deal.
I just like her so much,
but I guess Edward
can sometimes
get a little impatient.
Hey, bro.
Oh, breakfast of champions.
Megan asked me to shave
my balls a few nights ago.
So you know me; I aim to please.
So I obliged her.
But now my balls got stubble.
Fuckin' itch like a bitch.
I'm gonna order some pizza.
You want anything?
The weather lady said
it was gonna rain today.
Hmm, Elita. Cloudy with
a chance of boobs.
- Would you just shut the fuck up.
- What?
You heard me. You wake up at
2:00 o'clock in the afternoon.
You smoke weed,
play videogames all day.
What kind of fucked up life
is that?
Wow. Someone woke up on the
wrong side of the bed today.
Fuck you, you fat fuck!
- Are, are you ok Harry?
- No! No! I'm not ok.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
No, it's ok, man. It's ok.
It's gonna be ok.
I just haven't felt this
bad in a really long time.
I think I need to up my dosage.
Don't you think you should ask your
doctor about that? - Yeah. I will.
I love you, John. I really
look up to you, you know?
Hey, hey.
I look up to you, bro.
I mean, look at you. Tryin' to
turn your life around.
Soldierin' through this shit.
You're a fuckin' warrior, man.
And by the way, you're right,
I should get off my fat ass more often.
I think I'm gonna join the gym down
the street today, now is the day.
Yeah, right.
My, this is good. This is like
the best apple pie I've ever had.
- Are you sure you made this?
- Um hm.
Where did you
learn to bake like this?
Hm, my mother used to cook
when she was stressed
and with my father,
she was stressed all the time
so she practically
lived in the kitchen.
And I guess I must've picked up a few
things along the way, just by watching her.
And I have to admit,
cooking is good therapy.
Well, your therapy
is making me fat.
- This is a terrific movie.
- Yep.
So why did you decide
to become a nurse?
Um, to save people's lives and
alleviate their pain. - Cool.
No, just flexible hours
and good benefits.
I'd like to say that it was a
dream of mine since I was a girl,
but the truth is I always
wanted to be an actress.
I always wanted to be
a superhero when I was young.
I thought it would be so cool to have a secret
identity, rock a cape, fight evil dudes.
Well, you kinda did it.
You kind of fulfilled your childhood dream.
Because Harry is Clark Kent
and Edward is Superman, right?
- So, what's your kryptonite?
- You.
Wow, you look great!
- Hey, Anna.
- Hey, John.
I'm not John anymore.
Call me Tyler Falcon. - Who?
You want some apple pie?
No. Tyler Falcon
doesn't eat dessert.
It's bright in here.
You guys are crazy.
- Wassup?
- Not much.
Did you get my text?
You could have called me back. - Been busy.
Ever since the other day,
- I haven't stopped thinkin' about you.
- I know.
I missed you, Edward.
What's up with
the silent treatment?
Are you gonna
make me suffer, Edward?
You're gonna break my heart,
aren't you, you bastard.
I'm such a fragile little girl.
Hey. Kiss me.
Life isn't about
rainbows and unicorns, Ivy.
There's no prince charming,
there's no knight in shining armor.
Vampires don't want to look
lovingly at you while you sleep.
They don't want to hold you in their
arms and protect you from werewolves.
Vampires want more than that.
Vampires want to suck your blood.
I so want to fuck you right now.
- Who the hell is that?
Mike! What the fuck!
I followed you here, you little bitch!
Listen to me!
You get near my girlfriend again,
I will fuck you up, asshole!
Get over here, you little slut!
That's no way to talk to a lady!
- Granted, she's not much of one.
- What?
- Oh, and you hit like a girl.
- What?
Edward! What are you doing?!
Stop it! You're killing him!
Oh my God! Oh my God! I
don't know what, I'm so sorry!
I, I don't know what
came over me. This isn't me.
- Oh my God, he's dead.
- No, no, no. He's still breathing.
Get the first aid kit
outta the bathroom.
You're gonna be ok, ok.
You're gonna be all right.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what came over me.
Ah, can you, can you hear me?
Mike? Mike? Mike? Can you hear me?
See, Doctor. I think she likes
Edward better. Nothing, keep going.
Give the camera
your best sexy pose.
I know what you're thinking.
You're thinkin' see,
I told you so.
The medication's just not ready.
Well, whaddya want me to say!
He started it! He provoked me.
What are you supposed to do when someone
hits you in the face, Doctor, hm?
Turn the other cheek?
Well, that was Harry.
Edward doesn't play that game.
No more mister nice guy.
And y'know something else,
that douche bag jock woulda
walked all over Harry...
but Edward?
Edward showed that asshole
who's boss.
I'm frickin' invincible, Doctor.
- Hello, Harry. - What d'you want?
- Can I come in?
What happened to your face?
What whiskey will not cure.
There is no cure for.
I came here today, Harry,
because I want to
reconnect with you.
You and your brother.
Family's all we have
in life, right?
I have some bad news, Harry.
I'm sick. Cancer.
You got anything to say?
Well, shit happens.
What's wrong with you, huh? You on drugs,
Harry? - I guess you could say that.
Better wipe that smile
off your face, boy.
We gotta take some
fresh flowers to your mother.
You think that's
gonna change anything?
- Enough, Harry.
- No, you enough.
You were right, Doctor...
there are side effects to the drug.
I did something terrible
today. I didn't mean to do it.
I don't know what I was thinking;
it just happened so fast
and Doctor, it really felt like
I was possessed or something.
I decided that I'm gonna stop taking
the pills and I'm gonna turn myself in
and I don't, I don't know
what's gonna happen to me,
but I just know that this has to
stop before I hurt someone else.
I shoulda listened
to you, Doctor.
You know what? That guy
was also kinda annoying.
I mean, here I am,
talkin' to my mom.
This guy walks up,
he starts tappin' on his watch and he says,
we close at 6:00;
it's 5:50 now.
I mean, it's rude, isn't it?
Just walkin' up, interrupting me like that.
Tappin' on his watch with his fat
finger and staring at me like that.
No, no, no, no, no. no.
No, there's no excuse.
What happened was horrible.
He didn't deserve it,
he didn't deserve it.
It's terrible, right.
I know I shouldn't laugh,
but guess what I said to him?
I pointed to all the graves
nearby and I said,
they're here for all of
eternity and you close at 6:00?
This guy didn't
even get it, either.
He just, he just stood there
staring at me with this,
this blank expression
in his eyes.
This stupid grin plastered
on his face.
I mean, imagine Doctor,
you're standing there,
you're talking to your mom and some pathetic
little cemetery employee barges in.
He starts tappin' on his watch and
telling you they fucking close at 6:00.
I mean, you might have lost it
a little, too, you know.
So anyway, there's this,
there's this shovel, right.
This freshly dug grave nearby.
Well, I grabbed that shovel and
I smashed his head so hard,
fucker spun around like a
cartoon character, boing.
Fuckin' fell right
into the hole.
And then I buried him
in his own cemetery.
How's that for
poetic justice, Doc?
Anyway, this was
all just a mishap,
just a little bump
on our way to greatness.
God damn! You and I
make such an awesome team.
I actually feel a lot better,
now that I talked to you.
Oh, and I'm sorry about
that little meltdown earlier.
Oh! And forget what I said about the pills.
I'm gonna keep takin' 'em.
You're such a sweet guy, Harry.
Don't ever change, because I
really like the way you are.
I've been a bad boy, Doctor.
I picked up a hooker tonight,
but it's not what you think.
I just want somebody to talk to.
So we go to this seedy
motel room and she says,
that's your thing,
talkin' to hookers?
I explained how I've
always liked to talk to women
about how I used to blab to my mom
all the time and that unfortunately,
she killed herself
when I was a kid.
She looks at me...
totally indifferent.
Obviously she doesn't care very
much about what I have to say.
Fine. Whatever.
I keep on talking.
I tell her how at first
I was very angry at my mother
for abandoning me
with my horrible father
but in the end I realized
it wasn't her fault.
That she loved me very much and
that she didn't mean to hurt me.
And as I'm telling her this,
the bitch pulls a compact out of her purse
and she starts touching up her lipstick.
Ok. Regardless,
I keep on blabbing.
I say that as the years went by I began
to understand why my mom killed herself
and that eventually
I learned to forgive her.
She looks at her fucking watch
and she says, tick-tock.
Can you believe that?
Tick tock. So what do I do?
You want more money!
Here's more money, take it!
Take it all, I don't care!
I stole it from some asshole.
She looks at me, all confused.
I laugh and I tell her to
calm down, it's ok. Relax.
Take the money,
it's yours, really.
There's plenty more
where that came from.
And I grab her fucking head and slam
it against it against the bed frame.
Now as I continue repeatedly banging
her head against the bed frame,
you know what I tell her, Doc?
I say, tick tock. Tick tock.
Well, Doctor,
it's looking more and more
like it wasn't such a bad idea after
all to discontinue my treatment.
But the thing is, I can't.
I mean, I can, but I don't want to.
I don't want to
be Harry anymore.
I think I like
being Edward better.
You see, Harry was such a
depressed suicidal little victim.
But Edward has
so much energy, confidence.
So Doctor, I've come to the conclusion that
I would rather be alive in hell as Edward
than dead in my pathetic and
joyless little existence as Harry.
And of course I feel ashamed of the things
I've done once I transform back into him.
But I immediately pop one of your pills
to feel the ecstasy of being Edward again
and all that shame and guilt
just magically melts away.
And you know, when you
really think about it,
that pathetic cemetery dude and that
little whore, well, they deserved to die.
They disrespected my mother,
they disrespected me, Doctor.
Anyway, they're just
a couple of lowlifes.
The way I see it,
I did them a favor.
And I can see how most people
would call me a monster.
But that is a small price
to pay for being Edward.
Thank you, Doctor,
for all that you've done.
Without you, I never could have
reached my full potential.
Actually, without you,
I'd probably be dead by now.
And I have no idea where
this journey's going to lead
but I want you to be there with me,
every step of the way.
So I'm going to continue to
record this little diary for you.
We're going to
finish it together.
Harry's dead.
Long live Edward.
Please don't;
I look terrible.
- You never look terrible.
- Thanks.
Will you do my back?
You should put some on, too.
You're gonna get burned.
- I love you, Harry.
- I love you, too.
Come back to bed, Edward.
I'm waiting for you.
What's wrong, baby?
Come with me to the bedroom,
I promise I'll turn that frown upside down.
Do you remember
the first time we met?
Yeah. Yeah, you were
cooking pasta or something.
And you were wearing that outfit I like.
You looked really good.
No, before that.
When we first met.
I guess that was the first time
I really started noticing you.
Exactly. Before that,
I was invisible to you.
Listen to me.
When we first met, I was Harry.
Harry didn't mean shit to you.
But now Edward, on the other
hand, you can't get enough of.
Are you high? You're not
making any sense right now.
Don't interrupt me.
You would never
go out with Harry.
Now all you want to do
is fuck Edward.
You are so
fucking stoned right now.
Shut up!
You're hurting me, Edward!
Don't you ever raise
your hand at me again.
See that little box there?
It's for you.
Take it. Take it, I said.
Open it.
Is that for me?
it's beautiful. I love it.
It's a promise ring.
I promise that I will fucking
kill you if you ever leave me.
Now, go wait for me in the room...
I'll be with you in a minute.
Hey. Don't go in the
bathroom for a while.
I pooped something evil
and we're all outta matches.
You guys fighting or something?
I heard Ivy yelling.
None of your business.
Don't tell me.
Edward, right?
So you smoke cigarettes now?
What's up with you these days?
You drink and smoke like crazy.
You treat people like shit. You disappear
all night. You're not yourself, man.
I hardly see you anymore,
Ivy. What's up with that?
Come on,
just go out with me tonight.
Kevin's gonna be at the party.
We'll have fun, I promise.
I'm sure it'll be fun,
Sarah, but I can't.
You can't because you're
afraid of him. That's why.
I'm not afraid of anyone.
Nice ring he gave you.
Nice bruises, too.
If a guy ever touched me
like that, I'd...
Honey, I'm home. And who is
our outspoken caller?
This is my friend, Sarah.
Oh, it's nice to meet you,
Sarah. I'm Edward Grey.
Hi. I better get going.
Oh, no, no, no.
This could be interesting.
The three of us, discussing friendly
details. Get to know each other better.
I'll call you later, Ivy.
Sarah, I think that you should
come by sometime when I'm here.
I sense you don't like me very much,
but you'll see. I tend to grow on people.
- Goodbye, Ivy.
- Bye, Sarah.
- Sarah is a very pretty girl, isn't she?
- Yeah, she is.
Is that why
you looked so scared?
You're afraid that I'll become
interested in her, aren't you?
Ah! Ow, you're hurting me.
Please let go.
Oh, poor baby. Calm down.
Just playing with you.
What would my little princess
like to do this evening?
Can we go out?
Hm, out. Like maybe go clubbing
or something? Paint the town red.
Yeah. Could be fun.
Let's see.
Where could we go?
Well, there's this
new place called Totem.
I heard it was fun.
Can we go?
You really want to go out,
don't you?
Yeah. I'll go get my stuff.
- We're not going.
- What?
Well, now we've gotta think of
something else to do, don't we?
There's no place like home.
Hey, babe.
- Is something wrong?
- No.
A guy I don't even know just
poked me on Facebook, gross.
Poking someone on Facebook;
That's gotta be like
the lowest form of
communication I can think of.
I'm gonna make some tea.
You want some?
- Huh?
- D'you want some tea?
Are you sure you're ok?
You're not acting like yourself today.
Just tired.
Come in here
and sit down with me.
What's up?
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
- How much do you love me?
- What?
Let's say you found out that I was
a thief. Would you still love me?
- Why, did you steal something?
- Just answer me.
Yes. Yeah.
How 'bout if you found out I was
a criminal? Would you still love me?
I don't know,
you're being really weird.
- I'm a murderer, Anna. I killed Harry.
- You're a funny guy, Harry.
No, no, I'm not kidding.
Harry's dead.
And I know that you weren't so crazy about
Edward at first, but you're gonna see.
He's actually a lotta fun.
Have you been hitting
your brother's bong?
Because you know how much
I hate it when you smoke.
Anna, I need you to do something for me.
I need more pills.
I'm almost finished with
the ones you gave me
and I think that it is very important
that I continue to take them.
Um, I have to tell you
something about that.
The pills I gave you,
they were placebos, Harry.
The pills, they were placebos.
Why? What do you mean,
I didn't like to see you so sad and you
looked so lost. I was just trying to help.
You gave me sugar pills?
I couldn't just give you
an experimental drug,
especially one that was
potentially dangerous.
I'm a nurse, I could have lost
my job over something like that,
Or worse,
I could have harmed you.
Do you have any idea
what this means?
Wow. Nice fucking gift
you gave me.
Please Harry, don't do that.
You don't understand. There is no
more Harry, there is only Edward.
I was him
and he was me all along.
Why the fuck did you
have to give me placebos!?
Sorry, Harry, I'm sorry,
look, it, it wasn't me though
- it was Doctor Lanyon.
- What?
He took pity on you and he thought you
were going to do something terrible so he,
he asked me to give you these pills
and I didn't want to at first
but he, he persisted and so I
finally just did what he told me.
Doctor Lanyon told you to give
me placebos? - Are you mad at me?
No. Not at you.
Listen, I'm sorry that
I lashed out at you.
I just don't like to be lied to.
Anyway, it's not important.
That is what's important.
Anna, I want to spend the rest of my
life with you. Will you marry me?
But I promise I will
get you one very soon.
- Saved by the bell.
I didn't expect this so soon,
Harry... I mean, not at yet anyway.
I, I just feel like
we just met each other.
- Is that a no?
- It's a maybe.
You know how much I love you, Harry, and
I'm really happy and flattered right now.
I, I just don't think
we should rush into things.
I just need some time to think.
I need to talk to you.
It's over, Edward.
I could have just called you,
but I needed to come here for myself.
You're really a pathetic person
and I can't believe I let you
treat me the way you did.
So here's your ring.
Here, take it.
You don't scare me anymore,
Perfect timing.
He just proposed and needed a ring.
I will come back
for my stuff later.
Who was that? You know what?
Whatever. I'm outta here.
Didn't this ring
come with a promise?
Oh, a volcano inside!
Always ready to flare up. I like that.
I don't know if I want to kiss you or kill
you right now. I think I'll just kill you.
Edward! What are you doing!
- Look at the camera.
- What?
I said look at the camera!
Now say, thank you Doctor. - What?
- Say thank you Doctor.
- Thank you Doctor.
I loved her.
I loved her so much.
I'm sorry, son. I'm sorry for
all that I caused this family.
You didn't deserve it.
You and your brother
are good people.
And your mother,
your mother was a good woman.
I know that she swallowed all
those pills to get away from me.
I know perfectly well
I killed her.
And believe me, not a goddam
day goes by that I don't
wish it was me and not her
down in that hole.
I'm going to start chemo.
Doctor says I'll lose
my hair and my appetite.
He said I should
quit drinking, too.
For weeks I've been
thinking about killing you.
Now I realize there's something even
worse I can do to you; Let you live.
I'm coming, Selma.
Doctor Lanyon,
this is Harry Poole.
Listen, I don't feel well at
all. I really need your help.
You promised
you wouldn't abandon me.
Please, can you come see me
as soon as possible.
Hey, Harry.
Anybody here?
You've gotta be the last doctor in
America who still makes house calls.
Please state your name and age.
What is this, Harry?
What are you doing?
Hello Doctor Lanyon, why don't you
tell us a little bit more about yourself.
What are you talking about, Harry?
Why am I tied to this chair?
So, Doctor Lanyon.
How are you feeling today?
What the fuck
are you talking about?
What is going on?
Now remember,
it's important that
you monitor your emotions
very closely, Doctor.
Oh, and please, call me Edward.
What the hell
is all this about, Harry?
I got your call,
I came as fast as I could.
- A placebo, seriously?
- What?
You took pity on me and
gave me a fucking placebo?
Hey nurse Anna...
pass the poor bastard
a bunch of sugar pills
that'll calm him down.
He'll never know the difference.
Pity! What the fuck, doctor.
Wait. This is the first
I'm hearing about this, Harry.
I don't know
what you're talking about!
You fooled him and you treated him
like a child. But guess what, Doctor?
Harry's all grown up now
and his name is Edward.
And let me tell you,
Edward is pissed off.
I never gave you anything.
Why would I give you a placebo.
Anna told me you did!
Well, Anna's a
fucking lyin' bitch!
I swear to you! I would
never give you anything!
You do not
talk about her that way!
She is the love of my life
and she would not lie to me.
You are the liar!
I can't think of anything more disgusting,
more vile than pity.
Well, Edward doesn't take pity.
And Edward doesn't show mercy.
Ok, Harry.
Please just calm down.
Don't fucking
tell me to calm down!
Who do you think you are, you smug little
self-righteous piece of shit Doctor.
Oh, you guys are all the same.
You see, I thought that
you created a monster.
I believed that
I was your evil puppet.
Turns out I was pulling
the strings all along.
Ok. Doctor.
So, do you see those two little sugar
cubes and that vial there in front of you?
Well, I'm currently seeking participants
for my own little research study.
And let's just say that
you've just been recruited.
Oh, you will be compensated for
your time and travel expenses.
And, you are older than 18,
aren't you, Doctor?
What's in the vial, Harry?
Lysergic acid diethylamide.
Street name LSD.
So, here's how I'd like to
conduct our little experiment.
One of those sugar cubes
is spiked with acid.
The other one is just a placebo.
I never gave you
a goddam fucking placebo!
I mean, 50/50 ain't bad,
though, right?
How much LSD is on the cube?
Harry, you could kill me.
Ooh, yeah.
Y'know, I don't really know.
But, I'm pretty sure there's
enough for a beautiful trip.
Listen, kid. I could help
you. We could work together.
On your condition,
I'll find a cure for you.
It's a little late for that.
Anyway, you had your window.
This isn't you, Harry.
Look at you. Look at what you've become.
You've turned into a monster.
You have no idea.
I can see that
you're in a lot of pain.
But it doesn't
have to be that way.
I can help you, kid.
I know it. It's not too late.
You still have a future.
A bright future.
Don't ruin this
by doing something stupid.
Please, just untie me
and let me go.
I promise,
promise I won't tell anyone.
Nah. I don't think so.
- Help! Help! Help!
Oh, no. You're not going anywhere.
Those are good knots.
I'll fucking kill you!
You lunatic! I will fucking kill you!
Oh, look at you!
Who is the monster now?
So, have you thought about
which one yet?
Oh, still not sure.
Maybe you'd like
to use your lifeline.
You know,
phone a friend or something.
You're crazy.
You're completely crazy.
Is that your
final diagnosis, Doctor?
If you think I'm going to put that
shit in my mouth, you can think again.
Come on, what kind of
a research subject are you?
Pinch your nose and shove it down your
throat like the big baby you are?
Thatta boy! All right. You sure?
Yeah. The one on the right?
You might as well kill me.
There's not a chance in hell
I'm gonna put that in my mouth.
Oh, fuck me.
Let's do this.
Open up. Come on! Open up.
Come on, Doctor.
Open up, open up, come on.
Come on, open your mouth.
There you go! There you go.
There you go. There you go.
Now that wasn't so bad, was it?
Oh, I'm sorry I don't
have a lollipop for you.
Which one was it?
The placebo?
Don't you like surprises?
Oh God, you look so pathetic.
It's just breaking my heart.
All right,
I guess I'll just tell you.
So Doctor, as it turns out,
neither one of them was a placebo. Oops.
So Doctor, as it turns out,
neither one of them was a placebo. Oops.
I was just fucking with you.
How's it feel? Bon voyage, Doctor.
Oh, it's kickin' in,
isn't it? Oh yes it's on.
Oh, there, there.
Don't cry.
Everything is
gonna be all right.
I will make sure that
nothing happens to you.
Now that's more like it.
I can't, can't breathe.
You gotta, you gotta untie me.
You got to untie me.
Where you going? C'mon, come back.
Come join the party.
Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me. I don't want to die!
Please! I don't want to die!
I don't want to die!
Aah! Aah!
Is there a Doctor in the house?
I said is there
a Doctor in the house!
I'm not really a doctor.
No, I just play one on TV!
I'm on TV, man!
I play a doctor on...
Hey, I'm Harry Poole.
My father used to beat me
when I was a kid!
It's so goddam sad.
I'm so sad, 'cause my mother
killed, killed herself.
My mother killed herself
when I was a kid.
I'm so sad!
I'm bipolar! I'm bipolar!
Oh, Harry Poole, what a fool!
What a fucking fool! Harry Poole.
You're a fucking fool.
Hey! Hey, do something.
Oh my God.
Look at this bird, Harry.
Look at this bird.
It's so incredibly beautiful.
I saved a bird one time
when I was a kid.
It broke its wing
when it fell from its nest.
I took it home and I fixed it.
I fed it for a few days
and then I, I set it free.
I'm sorry I can't
fix you, Harry.
I'm sorry I can't fix you.
I need some air.
I need some air.
Ah, that's much better.
It's gorgeous, isn't it, Edward?
Chemical sunsets.
Ah, it's so pretty.
Let's go back down,
it's getting cold.
In a minute. Oh my God!
Look at the bird! It's huge!
Hey buddy, wait up!