Bird Lessons (2016) Movie Script

Remember, Son
Dont shit where the human is.
Shit --
-- where the human will be.
When is it the best time to sing loud and proud?
At five thirty in the morning.
And where would you do that?
Outside a human's --
-- WINDOW! Good.
But, but, but... What if...
What if all the humans have gone into the house?
Well, they're all under the roof!
There will always be a nice clean car
parked outside.
If it rains --
-- don't go shitting on humans.
Not to get wet, father?
For they will have umbrellas.
It's such a lovely day!
Let's go to the park for a picnic, shall we?
Yes, yes, that would be amazing!
I love picnics!
But wouldn't we have to go to the supermarket to get all the food...
Don't worry.
The humans have done the shopping for us already.