Bird of Paradise (1932) Movie Script

- Five and a half fathoms!
- Five and a half fathoms!
Five and a half!
That smooth spot between
the two lines of breakers.
Yeah, I see it.
Four and a half,
getting shallow fast!
Four and a half, getting shallow!
Four and a half. Steady!
George says three fathoms through passage.
Hey, Tinker, ease that mainsheet!
- How many feet in a fathom?
- Six.
Eighteen feet through the passage.
Yeah, and the ship takes fifteen of those.
Oh, three feet to spare.
Well, I forgot to bring my water-wings!
Good morning, St. Peter!
Three and a half fathoms!
- Three and a half!
- Draught, Skipper, how old's that chart?
Stand by everybody, we're
going through the passage!
- Mind that jib, Chief!
- Breakers abaft!
Catch the swell on the
right so we'll ride it through!
Here they come! Look out, Johnny!
We made it, we're over!
- Great work, Sir!
- I bet we didn't have an inch to spare!
You bet not!.
- Take the wheel, will ya?
- Yes, Sir.
Five and a half and getting deeper!
Great stuff, Kid, we're in.
- Made it by inches!
- Yep!
Yeah! Well after this I'll
do all my yachting ashore!
Aw, you're always crabby,
that's a sport.
Well, you can have it, I don't want it.
Say! You ought to get shock
absorbers on this boat.
Sailors, come and get it!
Where have you been?
Now, now, now, now!
Women and children first!
Look at these!
Yeah, pretty.
- What's that supposed to be?
- The call of the wild.
- Johnny, you're outta luck, no blondes!
- Yeah, I know.
Oh! You don't suppose
they're cannibals, do you?
Well, if they are, we'll feed 'em you!
Maybe they're not allowed to eat ham.
Don't do that, I'm sensitive!
- What do you call this place?
- Probably one of the Virgin Islands.
Heaven forbid!
Here, take this for bait.
Girls, come and get some Chester, pleeeease.
Johnny, here's the charm of the South Seas:
You cruise about and out of nowhere
you tumble onto one of these little islands.
And you'll nearly always find the
natives a happy and carefree people.
Yeah, I know
Fond of light wines and dancing.
Hey! Look!
Hello, Baby, got anything on for tonight?
I give you my heart's blood.
They want to play.
They may never have seen the glass.
This water!
My hat!
What else you got?
Boy, I never did
like a hard clock anyway.
I've wanted you boys to get rid
of these things for a long time.
Hey, wait a minute!
You can't throw those things overboard!
Oh, they have lots of clothes.
Say, Johnny, see that
little girl over there?
- Here's a present for you.
- Give me that!
- Shark!
- Shark?
Get the rifle!
Submerged right there!
Hey! Don't shoot him,
you might hit a native!
- Here! Give me a hand with this line!
- Okay.
Hey! Don't do that!
You'll tear his leg off.
Steady now! Cut him loose, quick!
Do whatever you have
to do, but don't pull it!
What happened?
When the shark took the bait,
your ol' foot got caught up
in the rope and over you went.
How did I get out of it?
The line parted between you and
the shark, looks like it's been cut.
Probably one of the natives.
Which one?
Go on, Sweetheart, I'm listening.
Sardines again.
- Not bad, eh?
- Perfect!
- I'm drunk again.
- Oh! I was just tired, I know.
Say, he must be the Big Medicine
around here, eh, Skipper?
He sure is! That 's the guy
that feeds the volcano.
- Feeds the volcano?
- Sure!
That's the way they keep the volcano quiet.
He feeds it.
- Throws it the fish?
- No, Sir!
They must be young and beautiful
to please the volcano.
He wants us to eat.
- I can't make up my mind what I want?
- Got any straws?
What is this, a paper hanger's convention?
All kiding aside, Skippy,
what...what is this?
It's poi.
- Poi?
- It's a poi.
- Poi or girl, I wouldn't like it.
- You like poi.
You remember the poi
your mother used to bake!
Apple poi, lemon poi, rhubarb poi...
Oh! That kine of poi!
Well, here goes!
Aw! That's good!
That's beautiful, Mac!
Hello there!
Sure, I'm the guy.
Boy, that's good!
I've eaten worse than
this in the Waldorf.
Hey, Skipper, what is this?
It's octopus.
If something crawls and stabs at you tonight,
Hector, it's me!.
Ooh! It's got me, I'm an octopus.
Skipper, what are they sore about?
How you can certainly pick 'em,
that's the King's daughter.
Yeah, that's all right with me.
Yeah, but it isn't all
right with them, she's taboo.
What do you mean?
Well, you see, they have rules
about such things in the Islands.
No one's supposed to touch her
except a native prince.
They're very strict about it.
You're going to get
your throat cut, Johnny.
Well, Johnny, it looks to me that the
only out is for you to run for the job
of Native Prince on the
democratic ticket this fall.
It's funny, Mac, what the
tropics'll do to a kid like Johnny.
I wish they did it to me.
You better keep you eye on him, Mac.
He's going native.
Ol' Devil Night's got 'im!
Ol' Tom-Tom done stole our Johnny away.
Don't you wish your were young enough
to feel the way that that kid feels.
That's right, Mac
Not me, might keep me awake.
Say, did you see the
expression on Johnny's
face when that witch
doctor was doin' all the...?
Say, what made that plant
shrivel up like that, anyhow?
I blew my breath on it.
You little devil!
I'll get even with you!
You gonna let me see your face?
Hey Mac, what's happened to Johnny?
I can't find him...
his bunk hasn't been slept in.
Hey, Skipper, is Johnny on board?
- I have't seen him, where is he?
- What's all the ruckus?
Johnny's not on the boat.
What are you grinning about, Mac?
Well, as a matter of fact,
I had a long talk with Johnny last night.
And he's decided to stay on the island
and we'll pick him up on the way back.
- On the Island?
Aw, you're kidding, Mac,
Johnny's somewhere on this boat.
No I'm not kidding and, as a matter
of fact, I think it's a swell idea.
I wish I'd done the same
thing when I was a kid.
Why, this is ridiculous! Hey, Skipper,
turn around, we're going back.
He'll never get out of there alive,
those people are savages.
- Come on Skipper, let's go back.
- Come on! Turn around!
We're not going back,
we're going on right as we are.
- Mac, are you mad?
- No, I'm not mad.
I think I know Johnny a
little better than you fellows.
Matter of fact, I'm for him 100%,
and I told him so last night.
So that's that!
Now, don't you boys worry about Johnny,
I packed his duffle bag and
put in everything he'll need.
Let's water bottle,
bicarbonate of soda,
needle and thread, a box of toothpicks,
tennis racket, golf sticks,
a bottle of ginger ale...
Oh! And a ukulele.
Hey, Brat! What are you doin' here?
You're gonna cut yourself with that!
Hey there, Oscar, you have my boy's shirt!
What are you doing? Here, give me that!
You're gonna wreck all that.
Hey! What's going on around here?
Hey, what's the big idea?
My, my, my...roses!
Hey, who thought this up?
I don't get you, Sister.
Oh, you want me to sit down.
Oh! Well, all right,
I'll try anything once!
I don't get you, Baby.
Oh, you want me to struggle with you.
Never on occasions like this!
Well, all right, but remember
I'm only pretending!
Ene-hu again!
Oh! Ene-hu more!
Seems we have company.
Come on baby.
We gotta make a run for it.
A happy carefree peoples...
fond of light wines and dancing, huh?
What does it say?
You don't tell me.
Well, I'll have to consult my secretary
before I can tell you about that.
Here! Take a letter!
What's that about Luana?
Oh, I see.
Oh, I see! Luana!
Oh! That's me! The white stick, huh?
Luana go down to native village, huh?
Marry native prince, kanaka?
Hey! Ya can't get down there,
it's too steep!
Luana, don't go with them, Luana!
White man want you to
stay here with him always.
Don't you understand, Luana?
I want you to stay
here with me.
Untie my hands!
Untie the rope!
Where I can get a canoe?
I've gotta have a canoe!
A canoe! Don't you understand?
Oh, taboo, bunk!
I've got to have a canoe!
A canoe.
Here, you get me a canoe I
give you this, it's nice and soft.
Here, I give you this...light.
Do you smoke?
Oh, it doesn't hurt you. Here!
Here! You can have it!
I give it to you!
You take it!
Now get me canoe!
Canoe, see? Canoe!
I'll take it away from you unless
you get me a canoe right away!
Do I get a canoe?
All right. Here!
Paint job, huh?
Great idea!
Here, put some on my back!
Oh, I see what you mean:
Our home
Our home.
That's swell!
Oh! Water!
- WA-TER!!!
- You're a cinch!
Food, huh?
Practically perfect!
Oh! I see! Coconuts.
Oh, I'm afraid I get you, Sweetheart.
Do you wanna help me up?
Well, here it goes!
Oh, boy!
Here comes a big one!
Heads up!
Did it get wet?
Here comes another one!
Watch out!
Like it?
Right over home base! It's a
great pitch! And he's out!
Oh! Knife!
Knife, huh?
-Knife. -Knife. -Knife. -Knife.
I'm glad you know how
to do all of these things.
I'd be lost out here!
Spilled a little.
You spill it!
You're filling me.
You take a little now!
See how you like it.
Um! That's marvelous!
Kiss me!
Suppose I make you kiss me?
I'll teach you to run away from me!
Say! I fell like a potato bug!
We can't run under these
leaves every time it rains.
I've go to build a house.
Yeah! A place to live in.
A shelter. You know, a place to sleep.
Oh, yeah! Well, that, too!
Let it rain, let it pour!
Well, do you like it?
Oh! Johnny!
Finish house, huh?
It's a palace, it's a castle.
Look, Whiskers, now you
have place for sleep!
Hey, Nick! I didn't build that house
for the goat, I built for you and me.
You do everything.
Yeah, I'm a great guy all right.
You happy?
And when the gang comes back,
I'm gonna take you home with me.
No, Johnny.
Oh, why not?
Some day, Pele angry.
Tom-toms call,
I go.
You mean to the volcano?
I won't let you go.
You belong to me now, see?
If I not here here when
Pele calls, then Pele angry.
You too!
Volcano curse on you.
- You die, too.
- Aw! Now, thats a lot of hooey!
I'm not afraid of Pele and what
the volcano curse can do to me.
And you're not gonna be afraid either.
I'm gonna take you
back to civilization.
We don't have any crazy,
superstitious ideas about
volcanoes being mad at people
and putting a curse on 'em.
Where is that?
Well, it's...that's not a place.
That's where things are happening,
people are accomplishing something.
Did I tell you about the radio?
Well, all you do is sit there
and turn a little dial,
and all of a sudden, out of the air
comes sound. Right where you are.
Isn't that swell?
Now, look, it's getting dark.
Now, if we were in
San Francisco, bingo!
I'd press a button..lights!
Oh, Johnny, but it is
so nice in the dark.
Say, Luana, you certainly
make civilization look silly.
But it's not, really!
It's great!
Gee, wait 'til you see it!
Market Street with all
its traffic and lights.
People going to theaters. Hotels
with grand, tiled bathrooms...
Hot water running into steaming tubs.
Restaurants where they serve grand food.
Parties, football games, dances.
Speed boats, airplanes
roaring through the air.
Gee, Luana, civilization's...
You're a sweet kid.
Pele, Pele!
Oh, Johnny!
Luana! Luana!
What are they gonna do to you?!?
What are they gonna do to you?!?!?
I make big sin, Johnny.
They give me to Pele.
Aw, you haven't sinned.
I loved you and you loved me,
that's all there is to it!
But I taboo for white man, Johnny.
That's not true!
Oh, I caused all this.
I am happy, Johnny.
I happy you steal me away
and we live together.
I happy you teach me kiss.
I happy you hold me.
I happy for everything!
It was best thing that ever come to me.
I thought I just had a yen for ya.
I thought this was only gonna be a lark!
Oh, but I love you, Luana.
I love you more than
I've ever loved anyone.
More than I COULD love anyone!
Thank you very much...Johnny.
What do you want?
Do you understand? What do you want?
Let her go! Let her go!
I'll give you anything you want.
Ships, knives, canoes, anything.
Only, but let her go, please, please!
Oh, Johnny.
What is it?
Whatsa matter, Luana?
What did he say?
Prince say now you come for me,
Pele angry.
Volcano curse on you!
Prince say you die...too.
Well, that's all right.
That's sort of as it should be.
No, that's wrong!
I sin, Pele God He angry at me.
No, Pele is no God, Luana.
He's only a hole in the ground.
There's only one God, Luana.
Oh, God, help us.
Get her out of this.
It's Pele.
"Our Father which art in heaven,"
"Hallowed be thy name."
"Thy kingdom come,"
"Thy will be done, on
earth as it is in heaven."
They're coming for us!
I've got to kiss you, Luana!
Try! See if you can reach me!
Let her alone!
Oh, do what you want to me!
Let her alone!
Don't shoot anymore, Skipper
Wait and see what happens.
Yeah, that'll fix ya up, young fella.
And don't you move that arm!
That's a bad hole they put in you.
Why, hello, Luana.
No, no, no!
There is nothing to worry about.
In a day or two he'll
be just as good as new.
No savvy, huh?
Come here, come here!
Come on now, there's
nothing to be afraid of.
Come on, you come up on deck with me.
Johnny...all right!
You come on now!
How is he, Mac?
He's still feverish,
but he'll put out all right.
Well, Fellas, what's the verdict?
Does she go with us
or does she stay here?
I still contend that she
won't stand transplanting.
You know, you take a girl
that's been filled with
superstition all her life,
you can't suddenly
adapt her to our ways.
Aw, for heaven's sake, you
talk like some old Aunt Emma!
This is 1932!
She's a swell girl and I like her!
That Kipling stuff is a lot of hooey!
You're wrong, Chester.
That boy's whole life
is wrapped up in his family.
Why, if he came home with a native wife,
it'd break his mother's heart!
"For East is East,
and West is West,"
"and never the twain shall meet."
Mac, what's the dope
on the North and South?
Aw, shut up!
Oh, Johnny.
Pele not like you.
You take me away from him.
He mad.
He want you die too.
But I not let you.
I go to Pele.
He forgive...everything
work right for you.
- No.
- Yes, Johnny.
- Water.
- Water.
...a drink.
What do you want?
- What do you want?
- Something about Luana.
Hey, Skipper, find out what he wants!
Yes, Sir.
It's the old chief, the girl's
father, he's come for her.
Well, you tell him he can't have her,
that we're taking he back with us.
He says that the volcano
curse has been put on Johnny,
and unless the girl returns
with them, Johnny will die, too.
My father right!
I go...please.
No, Luana, we're going
to take you with us.
No, I go go back to my people.
I say goodbye to Johnny.
No, Luana...
We take you with us.
Mac, if I had that much courage, I'd...
Hey, Skipper, let's get outta here.
This place is getting my goat!