Bird People (2014) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention please...
...between 5 and 10 minutes late...
train approaching
Door D, terminal 2?
There's no door D in terminal 2.
It's 2 or D.
One new message.
Sonia, it's me.
I met the guy,
they don't hire for those jobs.
It's all outsourced now.
300... 300 and what?
321 or 327, I forget now.
300 and something, plus 370...
call it 700.
Cke and flight number,
passenger's full name to check in.
F9 for electronic ticket.
F10 to validate.
F4 for boarding pass.
No, shit, bags before f4.
'53 is
The Cuban revolution.
No, Batista's coup.
- Sure?
- Positive.
Are you coming?
Go on, come.
Of course I'm angry!
I commit to my commitments.
Now he says he can't make it!
It depends on the price and everything.
No, I'm going home first.
by the world of beauty and well-Being?
One rabbit or one and a half?
No, one nice big rabbit is easier.
One nice big rabbit...
Two slices of bacon...
sir, dear asshole,
I received your final reminder
to pay bill number xyz...
Thurs OK, Fri no good
As I wrote
in my two previous letters...
Shit, the wall's not straight!
Alain? No, not Alain.
Bertrand or something.
It's crazy, I should remember.
407.50, tax included.
50 minutes twice a day,
100 minutes.
6 times a week... 600 minutes.
600 minutes is 10 times 60.
10 hours a week!
Wow, 10 hours commuting each week.
40 hours a month...
Achille, mind the gentleman.
It's just about Aminata.
And she isn't black?
Yes, but she can use deodorant!
What's up?
Aminata got a warning.
It's not that Aminata smells,
But whether she smells nice or not.
So who decides that?
A warning for smelling bad?
"Sloppy presentation".
I have a problem
with the girl you sent yesterday.
She's fine for the common areas
but too disorganized for the rooms.
Can you find me someone fast?
You know they arrive in an hour?
I need you.
Can you do a replacement Sunday
at the usual time?
7 days in a row is a lot
But you can take a day off
when you want, Monday even.
Sorry, but I really can't Sunday.
I have an exam Monday.
I need to revise.
All right.
Gone back to uni?
Hey, I'm not their slave.
822-To be done first
Where you come from?
San Jose.
San Francisco.
Silicon valley.
Bill gates.
Bill gates.
And phone up
the environment agency.
They'd love to hear from you.
I've seen some over here.
Gary Newman.
I'm Boris.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
- Your pass.
- Thank you.
Are you happy
with your hotel?
Got a bed, air conditioning.
What time's
your flight tomorrow?
8 in the morning.
You speak French?
I understand a bit but don't speak well.
No, that's very good.
You don't understand, Mr Abelar.
I don't want forecasts,
I want certainties.
The emissions must be managed 100%.
Sorry, I wasn't clear.
Our studies show the new module
Makes the whole system compatible.
As it was
until Veloce changed the plans.
They weren't changed but perfected.
Why not from the outset?
They're modifications!
We all speak French, right?
Hold on a second...
I'll be clear.
My problem is to deliver an operative plant
to Dubai by December 31.
After that date, penalties apply.
Then my problem
will become your problem.
I won't let cogeted bear the costs
Resulting from a fault in the design
Or production.
I won't have the Dubai project
Go the same way as Sao Paulo.
So, from the top...
if c-Lab's hypothesis is confirmed...
does it affect the whole plan?
Yes. An additional module,
however small, modifies the plans.
How long do you need?
Once it's approved, around 10 days.
And you, Mr. Bayoud?
I need the technical plans
to do the schedule...
"without the technical plans,
I can't draw out
the specifications.
We'll have to stop...
8 to 10 weeks
before computing can be installed.
Then it depends on how fast
Mr. Newman can work.
It depends on Mr. Newman.
I'm heading out there
tomorrow to work
With Mr. Bayoud's team.
But this obviously means more
Work to do in less time.
I'll need to get two additional
Programmers on it,
which comes at a cost.
But can you finish
by 31st of December?
That's my concern.
If our additional fees
are less than the late fees,
I'm sure we'll reach
an agreement.
The only thing I'm worried about
Is spending Christmas in Dubai.
Dad, I'm on the bus.
Can you call back in 5 minutes?
I can't hear you.
I saw Thomas' mum the other day.
Heard from him?
We're not at the same university.
It's over anyhow, it's all history.
Met someone else?
Don't talk about that.
Why not?
I don't know... it's private.
Surely I can ask if you're OK.
You're not too lonely?
No, the campus is full of students.
How's the job at the hotel?
where were you today?
I was at university all day.
I didn't hear that.
The good thing with the hotel
is you get to use your English.
Who with?
The guests.
You chat to maids in a hotel?
Now and then.
Why are you so aggressive?
I'm not aggressive,
but you're being absurd!
Everything OK, sir?
I'm fine.
A cigarette?
Yes. Thank you.
If you need anything,
medication or whatever...
I'm right here.
Thank you.
I don't know what's happening.
A little anxiety, I guess.
I don't know the word in French.
We call it "Angoisse."
unusual for me.
But I feel better now.
Later, Gary Newman would be unable
to pinpoint
The moment when he made his decision.
Was it really a decision?
Could one speak of choice
when the idea, once sprouted,
Had imposed itself on him
as being obvious?
Over the following hours,
Gary continued to review
The consequences of his impending deed.
But nothing made him change his mind.
On the contrary
As the hours passed,
he was increasingly convinced
There was no other solution.
Good morning,
this is your 5:30 wake-Up call.
Then, in spite of his tiredness,
He decided to wait until 8 o'clock.
The precise departure time
of the plane he wasn't on.
Thank you.
Gary woke at around 4 in the afternoon
From a sleep troubled by bad dreams.
After downing some coffee
and half an omelette,
He realized that his flight to Dubai
was about to land.
It was after 5 in Paris,
Just past 7 in Dubai.
to Dubai international airport.
Please use the touch screen
to help you navigate.
Island inc.
Good morning.
Hold on.
I'll try and locate him for you.
Gary suddenly felt like
he'd thrown out a hook
And was waiting for a bite.
It's Katlyn.
Where are you?
Still in Paris,
near the airport.
Is Allan there?
No, he's in a meeting
at H.P., Till 10:00, I think.
I'll have him call you.
So, what happened?
Did you miss the plane?
Listen, I can't really go
Into it right now.
It's complicated.
What am I supposed
to do about Dubai?
They just called.
Isn't the meeting
tomorrow morning?
Tell them I got
in an accident...
in a taxi, on my way back
from the Paris meeting.
Tell them I'm at the hospital.
Make up a broken arm
or something.
And try and get George
on the next available flight
To replace me.
Well, technically you can't do
Anything until I've spoken
to Allan,
But book a flight
if you can.
Are you okay?
I mean, you didn't really have
An accident
or anything like that?
No. Everything's fine.
Don't worry.
What should I tell the others?
Nothing yet.
Allan's your boss now.
Check with him.
That's your best move.
I'll handle everything
and get back to you.
Take care of yourself, Gary.
Hi, don.
Gary Newman here.
Listen, could you call me back?
It's pretty urgent.
I'm in Paris.
The time here is 6:15 P.M.
I'll talk to you soon.
Gary, what's the deal
with Dubai?
I didn't go, Allan.
I didn't get on the plane.
I'm letting it go.
You're letting what go?
the company, everything.
I'm done.
I'll work out the details
With McCullan.
He'll send you my resignation
as soon as possible.
Let's try and do this quick.
- Okay?
- I can't hear you, man.
What did he say?
Did you manage
to find a backup plan for Dubai?
Can George go?
Gary, listen to me.
You cannot not go to Dubai.
Do I have to remind you
how much this contract
Is worth?
I know.
I'm sorry.
I wish this would have hit me
At a better time.
You wish what would have
you hit you, for fuck's sake?
The decision
to stop everything.
Allan, I won't change my mind.
Well, hold on.
Hold on.
Hold... Hey, Gary.
Gary, I am not trying to get
you to change your mind.
I mean, I never argue
with my clients about
Any of their reasons for doing
whatever it is they fucking do.
But you're sitting
on a bombshell here.
Resigning without notice
on a business trip
Is an abandonment
Of professional responsibility.
If Allan or Dennis
decide to sue,
We have no chance
of winning, zero, zip, nada.
And I don't even want to think
about the damages.
There's no need
for dramatics, don.
I said there's no need
for dramatics.
Allan would never sue me.
Yeah, well, that's not
the impression I got
From his message.
Anyway, he's not alone.
Has Dennis called yet?
But there's no damage done.
Someone familiar with the contract
will take over for me.
Simple as that.
Well, the trouble is, Gary,
I'm in New York for the day.
I don't have time to put
out these fires.
I'm get Kopinsky on it,
all right?
Why don't you call the office
And give him the deets and...
And... And we'll just figure
What we face here.
There's something else
I need to...
Hang on.
Just a sec.
Gary, it's... It's me.
It's Allan.
Allan, one second.
Oh, Jesus.
Don, I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Gary, do not fuck up
with Allan.
Don't commit to anything.
Nothing in writing, okay?
No e-Mails,
no text mes... Nothing.
I'll call you when I can.
what is going on with you?
Would you please explain it
To me?
I've had enough, I think.
That's all.
Th-That's a bit
of a short answer,
Don't you think?
You do realize the shit
we're in because of you?
George can handle it.
Yeah, well, fuck George!
I'm not talking
about Dubai here.
I'm talking island inc.
You can't just quit, Gary.
It's out of the question.
Not with the Stuttgart signing
Just two weeks away.
God damn it, you know all this!
I know, Allan.
What do you want me to say?
I want you
to tell me everything.
Why are you doing this?
Why now, of all times?
I mean, you can't just quit like
This, Gary, all right?
I mean, not without at least
Giving me some notice.
When... When did you make
This decision?
Do you mean to tell me...
Honestly, Gary, this...
It's bullshit!
You can't just quit
out of the blue.
No, I disagree.
I actually thought about it
a lot last night, and I think
It's the only
possible way to do it.
What the hell
are you talking about?
I'm leaving everything
Behind, Allan.
I told you. I'm not coming back.
Not coming back meaning...?
I'm staying here in Europe.
For how long?
I have no fucking idea.
What difference does it make?
What's going on, Gary, huh?
Did something happen?
I just can't do it anymore.
I don't want to go on like this.
What do you mean,
"like this?"
Everything... The stress,
The job, Elisabeth.
Come on, Gary.
Something must have triggered
This insane decision.
What was it, huh?
W-W-Was it Matt's death?
Of course not.
Look, um, if it's the stress,
You can... I don't know... Um,
Stop the business trips,
Take some time off.
I'm serious.
You can take a few months off,
if you like.
Just don't do this.
Jesus, I can't be the only one
Saying this.
What does Elisabeth say?
I don't know.
You haven't told her?
I'm calling her later.
Wait. Wait.
when you say
that you're leaving
Everything behind,
that you're not coming back...
are you leaving Elisabeth, too?
Everything means everything.
My god.
Have you thought about her?
- A-And the kids?
- Of course I have.
They're all I've fucking
thought about.
Who do you think I am?
Listen... Talk to Elisabeth.
Discuss it with her.
And then call me in the morning,
After you've slept on it, okay?
If you want, but it won't
Change anything.
You staying on at the Hilton?
I'm not going anywhere.
All right.
I'll call you.
Where are you flying, ma'am?
To Singapore.
Nice. Thank you.
Camel or Marlboro light?
Marlboro light. 3 packs, please.
Here you are.
Your room number, please?
Yeah, don?
I just spoke to Kopinsky.
What's this about the stock?
You really want to sell
your shares of island inc.?
Yeah. I thought it over.
I'd rather,
uh, take care of everything now.
Hey, remind me... You're part
Of the blocking minority
with Allan?
Yes... Me, Allan, and Dennis.
Then we are saved.
I'll just need
to call Kaufman.
Actually, I don't even
need to call him.
- It's enough to mention his name.
- Hang on.
I don't want Kaufman
getting his hands on anything.
I'm with you there, Gary.
I'm talking from a purely
Tactical standpoint.
No lawsuit, no Kaufman.
All square and even.
You never stop, do you?
Where are you?
Heading back to San Francisco.
Listen, don, do whatever's
Best, but I don't want you
threatening Allan with Kaufman
While you're representing me.
Are you there?
Can you hear me?
Yeah, yeah, I hear you.
I'm on the case.
I'll let you know.
Have you finished, sir?
Yes. Thank you.
Say it again.
- What?
- What you just said.
You heard me.
I would like
to hear it again.
Elisabeth, it's over.
No, that is not
what you said.
- Stop it.
- "Stop it?"
You say, "I'm not coming back,"
Or some bullshit like that,
And I'm the one that suppose
to stop?
Please repeat
what you just said.
I'm not asking for the moon
Here, unless you're not even
Sure yourself.
But I am sure, absolutely.
Then say it again, damn it!
- Say it.
- Stop barking orders.
It's unbearable.
You're leaving with her.
Is that it?
Your girl.
I don't know what her name is.
Your whore.
What are you talking about?
I fooled around with her twice.
That was three years ago.
Is there someone else?
There's no one.
What do you mean, "no one?"
You're leaving by yourself?
When I first met you,
You couldn't even eat
a meal by yourself.
Yeah, well,
that was 18 years ago.
I guess I've changed.
It can happen, you know.
Sometimes people change.
Is... is this because of the fight
we had before you left?
Elisabeth, we are way
beyond that.
Pretty much all we do
anymore is fight.
I don't know what would be left
between us
If it weren't
for the fights.
That's a horrible thing to say.
Don't look at me like that.
It can't all be gone...
just like that.
It's awful.
I feel like...
It's like...
Why didn't you come to me
about this sooner?
Why can't we ever just
talk a little m...
A little more what?
We haven't talked for years now.
For years now, every time I say
Anything about myself or my work
Or our relationship,
you take it the wrong way.
And every time
you say something,
I feel like
you're attacking me.
If we could talk
to each other...
Don't tell me that.
Don't tell me this isn't
directed against me.
You know damn well it is.
I'm doing this for me.
Can you understand that?
For just once in your life,
just once,
Can you understand
I'm doing something for myself?
Oh, okay.
You're doing this...
You're doing this for you.
You wake up one day,
And you decide to do
something for yourself.
Well, that's great.
That's wonderful.
Only... Oops... The thing that
You're doing happens to be
Destroying my life.
You don't see there's
a cause-And-Effect thing going
On here?
What, that's too much
for me to ask,
For you to acknowledge that
Your actions have consequences?
We should stop this, Elisabeth.
It's pointless.
It's pointless.
Whenever it's about
your responsibilities,
It's pointless.
That's not the issue here.
Well, what is the issue?!
Go ahead.
Say it!
I don't think my leaving you
is going to destroy your life.
I think it's hard, brutal,
Insulting, painful,
whatever the fuck you want,
But I don't think
for a second it'll destroy you.
I think that's just something
You're telling yourself
so you can comfortably
Play the part of the victim.
Well, fine.
Go ahead.
Wrap yourself up in it.
If that's what you think,
You're right.
We should quit talking.
You have absolutely
no way of knowing how I feel.
It's pretty outrageous
of you to accuse me
Of playing the victim
When you're the one
who's always complaining
About your life.
Poor Gary... Too much work,
too much stress,
Too many business trips.
He doesn't even have the guts
to talk about our relationship.
Why won't you just admit that
You're leaving me because
you can't stand me anymore?
That's a part of it.
Then say it.
God damn it.
Have the courage to say what
You feel for once!
Okay, I'll say it!
I'm leaving because I can't take
My life anymore... My work life
And my life with you.
I can't take this permanent
State of war anymore!
I can't...
I can't take you anymore.
This is directed against me.
The garage called.
Your car will be ready tomorrow.
What should I do?
I don't need two cars.
Do what you ever you want.
Maybe you could sell it
or... do what you want.
What about your mail?
The bills?
will take care of that.
Don't worry about the bills.
He'll take care of everything.
I forgot.
Mr. Peacock said he's retiring
Next year.
He came to prune
the Ro... Roses this morning.
Oh, Gary... we don't need
all these things.
We don't need a gardener.
If that's the problem,
we can change.
- You could quit working.
- Beth...
We can just live off
my salary and sell the house.
Look, we can change everything
if we put our minds to it.
You said it yourself.
People can change.
Beth... it's too late.
I'm exhausted, Elisabeth.
It's very early here.
What am I gonna
tell the children?
I have to tell them something.
What am I gonna say to them?
I don't know.
Tell them the truth.
Even if it's hard.
The truth?
What truth?
I'm not sure
I understand myself.
Just tell them
we can't do it anymore.
I can't keep living
my life like this.
I feel like...
a lump of sugar dissolving
at the bottom of a cup.
That's it?
"Your father won't be coming
Home because...
Because he thinks he's
dissolving like a lump of sugar."
What are you dreaming about?
- What?
- What were you dreaming about?
I don't really know.
There's a party tomorrow.
Want to come?
Whose party?
Some student you don't know.
I only just met him.
Working tomorrow?
No way.
Part-Time means part-Time.
Maybe. I'll see after work.
You say that
but I bet you won't come.
Why wouldn't I?
I didn't get that.
Was it in his safe or not?
No idea. Check with reception.
But wait.
With the Tokyo flight late,
it's chaos there.
OK, I'm on it.
Three, four, five, six...
...Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen.
Shit, sixteen.
I know it's you.
What? At the hotel?
No, I'm at home.
I mean, in the hallway.
I did some shopping before leaving.
In Hamburg? But how...
what time do you arrive?
Want me to meet your flight
Or shall I wait in the room?
Me too.
It's raining inside me.
I'm wet just thinking of you.
See you later.
You have to leave the door open.
Can you do an extra hour?
I don't know.
See Mrs. Baccar about it.
She isn't here this afternoon.
I have someone off sick.
I'm at my wits' end.
You're saving my life.
Do 891 and suite 79
at the end of the building.
Do it last,
we don't need it today.
No need to overdo it.
You'll never finish otherwise.
I shouldn't make the bed?
Everything OK, sir?
There's someone in 817.
It says "departing"
but the guest's here, asleep.
Where are you?
Hold on, I'll ask.
You're right about 817.
Reception forgot
to note a last-Minute change.
Do the room anyway.
The guest said
he'll be going out in an hour.
Isn't it the 18th today?
Yes, he should be in Dubai.
OK, I'm sick of this now.
is someone there?
What's going on?
What the hell is this?
It's wild!
What do I do now?
Since when?
3 weeks now.
It's driving me crazy.
I work here till 3 am
then get up at 8 to visit flats.
It's hopeless.
Even with a steady job?
The trouble is,
I was subletting before.
And no one can vouch for me.
Where do you sleep?
On a friend's couch.
Half my stuff is in his garage,
half at a pal's in Rouen.
It's a mess.
Can't you stay at your new girlfriend's?
No, we're not there yet.
She doesn't know.
Why haven't you told her?
We just met.
I can't tell her I don't have a place.
It's awkward.
Where do you see each other?
How do you manage to...
we don't for now.
But that's OK. There's no...
I'll find something.
I will.
Gotta get back.
Do I know you?
That sparrow...
it was staring at us.
What sparrow?
It's gone now.
Back to work.
This works really well!
Let's practice now.
Follow the line.
And off we go!
Right turn...
Up we go...
And we land!
OK, the wind's the toughest part.
San Sebastian...
Why would he go to Perpignan?
Let's go.
Faster! Faster!
Ground control
to major tom
ground control to major tom
take your protein pills
and put your helmet on
ground control
to major tom
commencing countdown,
engines on
check ignition,
and may god's love be with you
this is ground control
to major tom
you've really made the grade
and the papers want to know
whose shirts you wear
now it's time to leave
the capsule if you dare
this is major tom
to ground control
I'm stepping
through the door
and I'm floating
in a most peculiar way
and the stars look
very different today
for here am I,
sitting in a tin can
far above...
it's fantastic.
There's nothing there.
If you have a project,
You file it...
I never thought of it.
You've no idea how mad she is...
we're in for a great weekend.
Plus 600.
Get lost!
Is that him?
The sleeping man?
Everyone's gone berserk,
Running around like rabbits
with their heads cut off.
with their heads cut off.
That's right.
And what do rabbits do?
Rabbits just fuck.
You dummy.
It's impossible to have
a serious conversation with you.
You remember when we used
to go fishing with grandpa?
When you with grandpa.
Oh, my god, you're right.
I was alone.
"Girls talk too much, Gary."
Well, why do you ask?
I don't know.
You think they've got rivers
Here like in Montana?
I would imagine, yes.
Maybe over by Spain.
I think I'll head that way
Tomorrow, toward the Pyrenees.
Gary, are you sure
you're not too depressed?
I'd really hate that.
No, quite the opposite, actually.
It's strange.
Ever since I decided to stop,
Everything seems more...
even the light seems more
Beautiful, I swear.
I don't know why,
but it's getting to me.
You'll call regularly,
won't you?
I'd like it if you'd call me
Kind of regularly.
I promise I will.
Sue, are you there?
I'm here.
I thought we got cut off.
Okay, I'll let you go now.
I'll call you soon.
And don't worry about me.
Everything is really strange,
But I'm happy, I think.
I love you, too.
Welcome to a world of opportunity
All right, time to change back.
1, 2,
Here goes!
No flying. Walk!
It's not working.
How does it go in fairy tales?
Shit, I'm hungry!
I need to eat or I'll faint.
I'm hungry!
Everything's weird.
Stop now! Calm down!
Calm down.
Where's he gone this late?
To buy cigarettes?
To have a drink?
What's this? the future, should the land
be sold to the Chinese?
What am I doing here?
Who's that?
When do you start?
6 pm.
- See you tomorrow, Simon.
- Bye.
Right, Simon!
What's that?
A human!
you're here.
can you hear me?
You can see me?
You can see me?
Yes, I can see you.
Can you walk?
You can phone.
The window.
Open the window, please.
I'm sorry.
where to?
Ground floor.
You've lost your shoes.
Like Cinderella.
"Cendrillon" in French!
okay, "personne" means "nobody."
But you and me...
We're "persons" too...
aren't we?
That's weird.
You're right, it's weird.
One word, opposite meanings.
What's the opposite of the opposite?
In French, you mean?
I don't know.
"Pareil," the same.
Or "identique," identical
or "semblable," similar.
Goodbye then.
Good luck for your trip.
Thank you.
Good luck for you.
Excuse me, but what's your name?
Gary Newman.
And yours?
Audrey Camuzet.
Nice to meet you, Audrey.