Birds of a Feather 2 (2018) Movie Script

- Zaytoven.
- This is definitely big, we made this.
If anybody knows they told me
it ain't got nothing for music.
But out of all the time I perform music,
I for sure never got no awards.
So this is my first
time getting the award.
So I appreciate y'all
and throw it to the DJ
which makes it even more special then
that I'm getting the legend
award, you know what I mean?
I feel like I'm still young.
I feel like I'm still excited to do music.
I'm still competitive, I still wanna beat
every other producer in the game.
- What do churchgoers think of
your other life making beats?
- You know what, I almost was
ashamed of it for a while,
like I don't want them
to know that I do this.
Certain people do know.
So you know, a lot of the
churches I done played
for the pastors.
- For me, it just kind of came from
when I was listening to
everything he was doing.
- Standard setting.
- Ooh, trendsetting.
- Pioneer setting.
- Sitting on the couch kind
of like describes it all.
I just kind of, from
here's where I came from.
I came for him.
- So trap music in the UK.
Whaddya, whaddya, bam!
- Give us some food, give
us some real substance.
But right now as an artist
that's trying to jump in
and get in the game and
keep up with going on,
boy go in there and get,
turn that beat on and go
in that microphone booth
and start saying the first
thing come to your head.
Catch a vibe, catch a feeling.
So being genuine is really being authentic
and true to yourself.
It's not really jumping on every new thing
that come out, every
new wave that's poppin'.
It's continuing to stick to your sound
and stick to what you do
and let other people come in to that.
Now for me, staying true to myself
was really the most
important thing for me.
What's up?
- Got a question.
- Mhmm.
- How the hell you in the music industry
and you never smoked a blunt before?
- Well, all my friends,
all my friends drink.
You know, all my friends they smoke weed
and everything like that.
And that's cool, that's them.
That just never been me.
The way I was raised, the way I grew up.
That just, you know, never
something that enticed me.
You know, and at the same time,
they'll call, they laugh
at me and call me lame.
I look at them and call them a crackhead.
Yeah but really,
staying focused on yourself
and mastering yourself
is the hardest thing to
do when it comes to this.
Whether you trying to be a DJ
or rapper or producer or whatever.
So I remember like my friends
playing Xbox and Playstation.
While they was doing that,
my parents had me in a
church playing music.
Now while I was playing music in a church,
I never knew that that
would be my way of living
on down the road.
You know I didn't know I was locking in
and zoning in what I was gonna be doing
for the rest of my life
back when I was playing
music in a church.
- OK, thank you Mr. Zaytoven.
OK you guys, we're gonna
take one more question.
But I really need you to be
respectful of the time, OK?
- Oh hey, yo, here!
Come on you act like you don't see that,
every time I got something to
say you don't wanna hear it!
- Mr. Wayfield.
Mr. Wayfield.
Do you realize I haven't
seen you in this class
in three weeks, sir?
- Ooh.
- I been busy, bro.
Trying to get to it man, you crazy.
For real.
- You know what, I know what you can do.
You can get up, you get out,
and go to financial aid.
- Oooh.
- Financial aid, for what?
For what?
- Heard your account was delinquent.
- Dang, oooh!
- What, get out, get out,
calm down, two G finally got ooh ahh.
All right, man,
you gonna see me Miss
Carter, I promise you bro.
I'ma turn up on you the worse way bro.
Big bad coming my way.
Hey Zay, don't forget my face bro.
Just remember me, my boy, just remember.
I'ma turn up on you, look around, buddy.
- All right guys, we're gonna continue on.
Mr. Addy, you have a question, right?
Just go ahead.
- Appreciate it.
So how hard was it to
get your first placement?
You know what, better yet,
how is it working with Gucci and Future?
- Oh you know what, my first placement,
I ain't even know what a placement was.
It was something like my
cousin had put together
and almost really fell in my lap.
But now working with Gucci and Future,
come on man, that's the best
thing in the world to do.
- How it feel to have your
first song on the radio?
- What's so crazy man,
I'm out playing basketball, right?
My buddies had to come drag me to the car
to listen to the song.
Like Zay, your song playing on the radio.
So it blew my mind at the time.
And you know, back then it's like,
that's when it was, life was
a whole lot easier back then.
I actually, I really enjoyed
doing music back then.
- Hey.
Yeah so Brie has a fever again.
Miss Richardson's class
has a bug going around.
- I can go by the
pharmacy if you need me to.
- Yeah right, so you can say
that I forgot to tell you
and you didn't pick up the prescription
so no, don't worry about
it, I will handle it myself.
- Don't do that.
- How'd it go at the school?
- Oh, nah it was cool.
Yeah it was cool.
- Yeah?
OK, well did you eat anything?
- No, I don't need nothing to eat.
- Bae, you gotta make
sure you treat your body.
- Yeah, yeah, OK, all right.
- All right?
OK, love you.
- All right, love you too.
- Bye.
- Yo, Zaytoven.
What you said in that room assessment,
you a real inspiration.
Can you take a picture
with before you leave?
- Here, come on.
- Appreciate that.
Thank you my man.
- OK, man.
- For real.
- OK.
- Hey, hold up, hold up.
- How are you?
- Hey, I know you
don't know me, I'm just from--
- Claire's.
- Yeah, she be wigging, bro,
and all that, on home ground.
- Brian, I thought I asked
you to leave the building.
Security asked you to leave the building.
- Come on, come on--
- Why are you still here?
Please don't do that to
him, let this man get out
of the building.
- Let me just--
- Sorry about this, sir.
You need to get out of the building.
I need you to go.
- Don't do it like that, bro.
- You need to leave the building.
Bye, leave the building.
Go get the money machine
Go get the money machine
Go get the money machine
- Yo, man, quit fucking
texting and make a right, yo.
- You what, who the fuck
you think you talking to?
I ain't one of these bitches.
You got me fucked up.
- Drive.
- Hello.
- Yo, tell me something.
Why do a multimillion
producer such as yourself
can never answer the phone for the man
that help him get rich?
- I'm out today, I don't see you nowhere.
You supposed to be right there with me.
Man, you be playing.
You about to get fired.
- Fired, fired for what?
I'm not even your manager, Zay.
- Hey, did you hear me, can
we stop at the liquor store?
- Would you shut up?
- You still on payroll, ain't you?
- Yeah, that's right,
I know what that means.
I love him, but not enough
to give him a real job,
so I just made him make me.
- No, what that means is
you getting your free check.
- Getting a free check,
nigga, I deserve it.
Just think about it.
Six years ago, you was in
a red fucked up Beetle.
- OK, so what?
- Nigga, now you money
dripping, big whipping,
we don't know which mother
fucking car we pimping nigga.
Tell me God ain't good.
- No, man, you making you
a sweet amount of money
every month.
And you still doing
the same old thing like
you still in the street.
You too grown for that.
- Say, listen, I got to be in the street.
I need some money, I
need it fast, instant.
But furthermore, more importantly,
where's Johnny at, man?
I made it to the meeting right now, bro.
You're the one late.
Your man late, you late.
I'm the one set this meeting
up so you can not be late, bro.
You and Johnny always late, come on,
y'all tripping, bro.
- Hey Zaytoven.
- What the fuck, why is
y'all talking to him, anyway?
Like you're not with me.
Y'all with me, first of all.
- You're acting like a kid almost.
- What do you mean?
- Why would you bring some hood
rats to a corporate meeting?
Like, I mean, come on, you
smell like a pile of weed.
- No I don't.
- Your shirt wrinkled like you
been wrestling or something.
- Hey, I had a long night
getting steamrolled.
What's wrong with you?
You need to get more of that.
- Man, you still on this dope fiend deal.
Come on, try to step it up.
- Listen, man, we're getting money.
What you talking about?
- You're gonna get fired.
- More deals.
I ain't even your manager anyway.
If we're trying to talk all the time.
- What's up?
- What's up?
- Yo.
Took me two months to
get this meet set up.
Is he ready?
- Man, you know
he's ready, dude, we got this.
I set this meeting up anyway.
- Look, man, I hope he ready, man.
Man, you stink, man.
- Hey, how are you?
- Come on in,
come on in, have a seat.
Say, how you been?
All right, all right, all right now.
- Hey, there, how are you?
- All right, have a seat.
Everybody have a seat.
- So how is everybody doing today?
- Everybody's great, everybody's great.
We're excited to go over all the companies
trying to inline in your brand, OK?
If you guys don't mind,
I'm gonna let Ida go over
everything, and take the stage.
- Hi, Zaytoven.
- Hey.
- Thanks for coming in, everybody.
All right, so let's get
right into it, shall we?
Game cigars.
New to the market, looking for ad space
in your current college tour you're doing.
- That's cool, but I don't smoke.
- That's fine, you don't have to smoke.
- We straight.
- Yeah, let's move on.
- OK.
Next product we have is
called Capture Me in 3D.
It specializes in mobile 3D technology
that specializes in
bringing physical objects
and people into the digital world,
and we have a brand new
product just for you.
- Yeah, it's cute.
- All right.
Next one we got is EA
Sports for exclusive music
for new titles.
- Man, yes, Bree is gonna
love that, I know it.
Like, for real.
- Great.
Well, Derek has two soundtrack offers
and you're not returning any event stems
for DJ rockstars EDM project either.
- See, I told you.
- What about Apple?
Tell him about Apple.
- Apple is close, but they need more time.
- I don't think they want
to do an exclusive deal
if Zay still sells
cheaper beats to indies.
- Hold on, that shouldn't
have nothing to do
with what I sell to the major labels.
- But Zay, it does.
It's hard for me to convince the majors
to spend $600,000 quarterly
on your sound kits
if you're selling them to
your cousin in the hood
for just a couple hundred bucks.
- Well, technically, Mr. Diamond,
it's not just a couple hundred bucks.
- Listen, these are people
that Zaytoven considers
friends and family.
We got to make this work, like, we got to.
- But it might not work
because they don't continue
to sell records, the brand
will continue to deteriorate.
So I suggest you reconsider
how you do favors for friends.
- Miss, do you know that I got five songs
in the hot 100 right now?
- Three of which is in
the top 10 right now,
back to back?
- Preach.
- So wait a minute.
So you telling me, all
I can sell is blunts?
Like what happened to Microsoft and Beats
and all the big major
companies y'all promised me
when I first signed up to this company?
- I say we take this show on the road.
How about we go to Jessie
there at IM and really
see what's going on, you know what I mean?
- No need for threats.
We all want what's best.
- Listen, just tell him the truth.
- Tell me what?
- Tell him.
He need to hear this.
- Look, it's hard to brand you.
- Sure, you're the hottest producer out,
but you're not relating to your core demo,
which is criminals, drug
dealers, and street thugs.
You don't apply to any of that,
so how do we market you
outside of beats, Zay?
How do we do it?
- So you, wait a minute, so you saying
that if I'm not strung out on dope,
if I'm not on social media
going crazy acting stupid,
then I'm not marketable?
- Pretty much.
- It's not that
cut and dry, Zay.
It's a lot more complex than that.
See, your lifestyle is
kind of quiet, right?
I believe if we just spruce it up a bit,
you know, build it a little
bit, let me ask you something,
are you married?
- I'm engaged.
- Great, have an affair.
- Yes.
Have an affair, have an affair.
- Wait a minute, man.
- Great idea.
- Listen, bro.
We not here to put on no damn clown suit.
Like, come on, we ain't
here for the monkey shit.
Come on now.
- You're looking at it all wrong.
- No, Mr. Diamond, all due respect,
you're looking at it all wrong.
Matter of fact, all y'all
looking at it all wrong.
It seem like y'all know
nothing about Zaytoven
or the real trap guy.
To be truthful, y'all sounding
like culture vultures.
For real.
Lady, I tell you what.
How about you go tell your daughter
to go shake her ass on the
pole to become a brand?
- Hold on, listen.
With all due respect, it's
called marketing your brand.
- And we market.
It's nothing personal.
Look, Zaytoven, it don't
matter if I'm trying
to sell cattle to cowboys
eating slaw on the plow
looking for a new gun to hunt with
or the trapper on the
street corner with a gun,
an iPhone, and a few
grams of weed to smoke,
it's my job to make sure
he's smoking the blunts
that I represent.
- What is you talking about?
- Look, it's life, get over it.
No, look, who do you
think cons and crackers
are listening to?
We need market share.
- And I understand that.
But I'm not gonna endorse
nothing that I don't do.
I don't smoke and I don't drink.
Can we leave this meeting please?
- Man.
- Could you think about
Zaytoven before you start
thinking about a dollar, please?
- Zay, hold up, wait
a minute, man, listen,
it took me two months
to set this meeting up.
Man, hello, wait.
Man, y'all see what y'all done,
y'all messed this whole thing up, man.
- I don't want to get on the stinky bus.
- We have to get on the bus.
- I don't want to
ride on the stinky bus.
- Now.
We're going to get on the bus
so we can go get some money.
I don't want to get on
the stupid bus either.
- I don't want to get on the bus.
- We got to get on the bus.
- I'm hungry.
- We're gonna get
some food, we have to go get
some money to get some food.
Give me your hand.
- What are they doing?
- I do not know.
- Go, go, go.
- Man, this nigga phone keep ringing.
- Tell him.
- Yo, Zay, your phone keep ringing.
- Yo, yo, Carl, what up, man?
Boy, I see you keep
calling me back to back,
so it gotta be some good news.
- I wish.
Only if you answer your phone calls.
Or I got it, how about
you answer your e-mails?
- Johnny Holla
hasn't hit you back yet?
- Nah, Johnny didn't.
And Newt, I hear you got him out looking
for a new label deal.
That's what I'm here for, Zay.
- Listen, Carl,
when I told you I wanted
to start me a label,
you promised me that you
were gonna bring that shit
right to my doorstep.
- I will, I will.
In time, Zay.
I'm in LA reading
Universal in a bidding war.
- Hey, Amos, pick, come on, man.
- How'd that
meeting go with big biz?
- Same old, same old.
They want me to be a mascot.
I just want to do some music,
they want me to be a clown.
- Hey, have you heard of Trisha Davis?
- You can't let him score like that.
No, who that?
- Well.
Miss Davis is a sister of Brandon Davis.
Apparently you signed a deal
with him a few years back.
- No.
- Just filed a lawsuit.
She's suing you, the publisher, and Gucci.
- That sound crazy.
- Not crazy at all.
She's probably the
biggest firm in Atlanta.
Brooks and Bailey.
So, either she has the
money to fight this,
or Bailey thinks she's got a good case.
Because it takes an arm and a leg
to hold them on a retainer.
- Hey, listen.
I don't know who that is,
I ain't sign nothing with none of them.
You make sure you stay on
top of that, all right?
- I will.
You need to give me
some time to figure out.
Jesus, we adore you
Replace the one before you
Oh Jesus, inspired by you
All glory and honor to the risen king
Jesus, we adore you
Replace the one before you
Oh Jesus, inspired by you
All glory and honor to the risen king
Help me
Help me with the Lord
- So how you been?
- Oh, I been wonderful.
How are you, how are you?
- Wonderful, wonderful.
I see you guys next week.
- What's up, Jess, how you doing, bro?
- Oh, man, I'm good, what's up, buddy?
- Kick it away for a minute.
- Hey, man, the choir sounds great.
- Sounding good, you see
it, you see what going on.
- Did you stop coordinating?
- Yeah, man, you know, it
sound a whole lot better
now that you gone.
- That's funny, man.
I actually made you sound better.
- Hey, sister, how you doing?
- I'm good.
We need to pay Calloway today.
- Not today, these mortgage
companies and interest rates
keep going up, not today,
this is no church paying bill today.
- How you still find the
time for all this, man,
after, you know?
- Oh, man, it's easy, it
ain't really no big thing.
You find time for what you want to do.
And you know I bought
into this place, too.
- Hey, well, you know, that's
always been your calling.
- Yeah, it has.
See, right here, what's going on.
- What's up, man?
- Pastor, how you doing?
- How you doing, man,
good to see you, brother.
All right, man.
I heard you're doing great
things up there in Ohio, man,
still playing big things up there.
- Definitely, man, you know.
We just growing and expanding up that way.
- OK.
- I see the church, man.
It's looking marvelous, man.
- Oh, great, appreciate
it, man, thanks a lot.
- God has been doing great things, huh.
- Y'all go ahead, I'm
gonna catch up with y'all
in a minute, I got to get out of here, OK?
- All right.
- See ya.
- Jess.
- Same number, right?
- Got the same number, hit me up.
- All right, I'll call you.
- Yeah, come on, have a seat, brother.
- Of course.
- So good to see you, man.
- So good to see you, too.
- All right, man, so
how's everything going?
- Oh, everything is well, man.
You guys have really stepped
it up around here, man.
- Yeah, man, you know,
the Lord is good, man.
I remember when we had 85
members and now we just,
we growing a little bit, man.
- God is doing great things.
You guys are sitting
over, what, two acres now?
- Oh, yeah, well, you know,
God has been good to us.
He's seen my vision.
I'm getting all the support
I need, so, you know,
I feel real good about it, you know.
Just trying to do his will.
- Definitely.
I think his will is more.
Oh, are you OK?
Pastor, Pastor?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
- You good?
- Yeah, must be the weather
or something, man.
Listen, what are you doing right now?
- I have nothing going on after this.
- I need to go pick up my medicine,
can you take me?
- Of course I can.
You gonna be all right?
- That's a mother fucker right there, boy,
that's a mother fucking
single right there,
right mother fucking jam,
that that mother fucker, god damn.
- Y'all boys got a bang on that one.
And it ain't even gotta be mixed.
All I gotta do is turn the
drums up just a little bit,
slap a little reverb on it,
and that guy is out of here.
- Yo, yo, see this shit?
Pauly just shot another
million walking, man.
Family and all, man.
- Tour going crazy right now.
Her niggas and shit.
- Shit crazy.
Pulling motherfucking
two 3D, gonna have to
get out of there, man,
throwing bombs and everything.
That shit crazy.
- Yeah, that's why I'm staying,
I'mma bust one of the
mother fucker try me.
- Let me see that, though.
- Yes, I will, sir, I'll
keep my hands where they are.
- Dang, the police is not playing, boy.
They zero tolerance.
- Man, this shit crazy out here, man.
Seems like this shit
getting worse and worse.
It's all out of shape, man.
- I'm telling you man, in the trunk,
really play it safe out here for real
fucking around with that cracker, man.
- No, for real, but at the same time,
we got to act like we got some sense,
because you know what I mean,
we got to, you see all
these folks going crazy,
they looking at World Star,
they watching YouTube videos,
we got guns, we got drugs, and all that,
so you got to think that
they gonna get scared
when they see that stuff.
- Yeah, they better be scared
because I'm on high alert
right now, I'm gonna bust something.
- Yeah, for real.
- Yo.
- Zaytoven, you have a guest
in the front.
- Who?
I ain't told nobody I was up here.
- Hey, that shit so crazy.
Too sweet right now.
Yeah, they got around one time, boy.
You see what going on.
Where Zay at, man?
What's up, my boy?
What's up?
I got a beat for you, bro.
Brand new flavor.
I got a drop CD last time I seen you.
Yeah, man, I know you
probably ain't got a chance
to check it out.
This a whole new load, though.
About 20 of them guys.
- You doing way too much.
You're doing too much.
You follow me or something?
How you know I was up here?
- Bro, you were all just on
Instagram, Sound, Snapchat,
I don't know what you mean, Periscoping.
- Hold a second, you didn't
even know he was coming?
- I knew him for life, I knew--
- You gotta go, you gotta go.
Come on, man, hold up.
- Let him talk, go ahead,
talk, let me see what
he got to say.
- I'm trying to win,
brother, give them Himalayan beats away.
You see.
- No, I didn't get
a chance to listen to them yet,
but check it out, you can't
be popping up on me like that.
I don't like that, I
don't like that at all.
- Wrap it up, let's go,
let's go, come on, beef.
- New flavor.
I got one for you, too.
I gave the boys one.
They different, though, all different.
You hear me.
One second, one second.
- No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
- We ain't taking
no picture, bro.
- Wait a minute, what
are all you nigga doing,
get one real quick for the crown, man.
All right, man, it's all
good, you all hold it down,
all right?
Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna see you though, Zay.
I'm gonna see ya.
I'm mad to see you.
- Time for lunch, man.
- Yeah, it's big
door blasting Club Silo.
The line is wrapped around the corner.
It's a zoo outside.
Fellas, you better make your way down here
because it's wall to wall
ladies in the building.
It's your boy Zaytoven just
walked in the building,
you better get here now.
1590 Peach Street. Nigga,
we don't give a fuck, nigga
East Atlanta Day
Where you from, throw it up
Nigga, East Atlanta Day
Walking through my hood
Looking like a honey
I got all this ice on Mission
Even brought out all this shit
Zaytoven and C Note
and Gucci in this bitch
Nigga put his hands on me I'm
going stupid in this bitch
Eight figure Gucci and
I'm looking like the shit
I got so much I don't know
what to do with all this shit
Your girlfriend looking at me
Like a kooky in this bitch
I'm about to shoot my shot I
feel like Cupid in this bitch
- What's up, where do I know you from?
- You're gonna act like
you don't know me, Trish?
Black's ex wife?
- You say Black?
- Yeah, Black.
The key to your success.
Come on, give me some of that money back.
Nigga, you owe me some money.
You ain't been answering me on Instagram.
What's good?
- Man, you know, like on Instagram,
I've got like 2,000,000
followers, I don't really
be checking my messages, you know, Black,
that was my man, though.
So wait a minute, that was you?
- Yeah, that was me, the lawsuit.
You need to run me some
of that money, Zay.
- What you talking about?
- You know you owe Black some money,
you owe me money, and you
owe my kids some money,
so run me my motherfucking money.
- Hey, hey, what's up,
what, you want a picture
or something?
- Nigga, fuck a pig.
You gonna act all Hollywood?
You done brought me
money in time for Black.
- Oh, shit, what's up, Trish, baby.
- Nigga, fuck a hug.
And fuck you, Zay, I'm tired of you trying
to play me because I'm a female.
I got my brother on your head, too, nigga.
- Hey, bitch, fuck your
motherfucking brother.
- Fuck you and fuck Zay
and fuck all you niggas.
Why you trying to play me?
- Hey, what was up with that girl, man?
- I think this bitch know something.
- You tell me.
- Either way, fuck it,
nigga, we up, man, fuck that.
And fuck her.
- Hold up.
- What's going on,
man, I'm late for
training, you blocking me.
- It's a no go.
- What you mean?
I got to train, man.
- Not here you don't.
Rock released you from your contract.
- He did what?
Motherfucker did what?
What the fuck do you mean
released me from my contract?
Do you know who I am, man?
I'm Statewide Junior,
middle weight champion.
- Ex champion who lost to a scrub.
Rock said call him next week, maybe y'all
can discuss a buy out.
Matter of fact, probably
best you e-mail him.
- Man, this how y'all treat
your talent around here?
- Any human sources issues you having?
- It's human resources
you dumb motherfucker.
Get the fuck out of my way, man.
- Back the fuck up, home boy,
before I open hand slap the fuck out you.
- OK.
Fuck you and fuck Rock, too.
Y'all running a fake ass gym, anyway,
in this motherfucker.
Selling dope and shit.
Should shoot you motherfucking niggas.
- Hey, Amanda, you can't go back there--
- Get the fuck out of my way.
- Close the door.
I said close the motherfucking door.
- You got to look on the good side now,
at least he didn't do it in the bed.
- If that's the good side then
why don't you let him do it
in your motherfucking bed?
- Come on, you got to
be more positive, man.
- I got your positive.
You tell his ass, he done
fucked with the right one.
And he knows it.
Oh, Trish.
Long time.
- Well, hello to you, too, Amanda.
- When you see your brother, let him know
that the next time I see
him, it will be in court
or in jail.
And hey.
Either way, I don't give a fuck.
- Oh my God.
Not today.
- What up, Trish?
- What you doing
back in Atlanta?
You need some money?
- Trish, that sweatshirt doing
you some justice, for real.
Looking good.
- Don't worry about me.
Where the fuck is my brother at?
What he do now?
- Man, he back there putting his pants on.
- Ain't doing nothing but
banging some hood rat.
Some bitch.
Probably one of you niggas.
That fucking whore.
- What?
- And your wife just left?
You are so fucking pathetic.
- What, you in town?
You need some money?
- Here.
Signed and delivered.
- What's this?
- That's Black and Zaytoven contract.
My lawyer already sent it over to inquiry.
- About time you decided to listen to me.
Two years ducking and
hiding, you finally ready
to come back, come get some money?
- I know.
I just had a lot on my mind.
I had to get away for a minute.
Plus, that motherfucker
worth way more money now.
I need you to back me up on this one.
- We do whatever you want to do.
You know that.
I just don't need you
running around that money.
- I went to the club last night.
He acts so Hollywood.
He acted like he didn't
even know who I was.
- He's supposed to act like that.
You bad for business.
I don't want you reaching out anymore.
Let me and an attorney do that.
We'll handle it from here.
- So you got a plan?
- I'm always protecting
my little sister, right?
You know, growing up, all I wanted to do
was save you and Mama.
That was my job.
- You ran away every boyfriend I ever had.
- And you had plenty of 'em.
But when you met that
nigga Black, you changed.
You broke Mama's heart
running off with that nigga.
She put clothes on our back,
and for you to just leave here.
- That was the man I loved.
Look, ain't none of us
perfect, and you know that.
Look, all I ask is that you help me.
That motherfucker Zaytoven owe us money.
And he walking around
getting praised by everybody
in the world, and me
and my daughter running
from house to house.
- You got to be really
finally ready to go do this.
You gonna be ready?
- Oh, I'm more than ready.
- Either he gonna pay the legal way,
or we gonna take it to the streets.
Trust me, he gonna give it up.
Or I'm gonna break him.
- And we caution you, some of what
you are about to see and hear is graphic.
- What's up, what's up, boy?
- What's up?
That shit crazy, man.
- That shit crazy.
- Police tripping, dog.
- Man, hell yeah, man.
- Fucked up, man.
What you got in the car with you?
- Man, that car, old
man, I need 90 pound for.
He found it, too.
Yo, got twin nine five.
Bring it right back, and therefore 10.
- Pull up on me in the studio and shit.
- I might have my cousin
pull up on you, man,
that way I meet that way.
- You know, for real, I
fought for you long way,
but you know, I mean,
like meeting new niggas,
I'd rather just fuck with you.
- I feel you, I feel you, man.
That cool, though, man.
I mean, I'm always staying.
- I believe that.
We put it together, nigga.
- OK, look, look, what
everybody saying, man,
y'all nigga put the hood back
together for a nigga, man.
- Your cheap ass ain't
about to pay niggas.
Owe Zaytoven $20,000 a track.
Your cheap ass.
- Man, 20,000?
I got a lot of work to do, man.
But look, back up with that, man.
- Hit me, man.
- All right, bye.
I just left the bank
I just left the bank
I just left the bank
I just left the bank
I just left the bank
I just left the bank
I just left the bank
I just left the bank
- What you doing?
- Look, I got this client.
He been coming at every single day,
so I know he got, he say he wants
to hook up with you.
- For real?
- Hell yeah.
- So what do you got, total number?
- You know, I don't do all that, look,
I just want my 15%, I'm good.
- It's 10%, unless we gonna
be passing studio time.
- Stop feeling me, OK,
because he make his own beats,
all right, I can have him do his own shit.
- Man, what's up, my boy?
Came to roll with me for real, eh?
Well, you came at the perfect time, boy,
I was just playing some of my new flavor.
What you think of that?
- Kind of sound like my beat.
Trying to jab the flavor, ain't ya?
- For real.
- That's the point, eh?
- Where you know homey from?
- He told me about you, actually.
- Nobody playing no game.
What's up with these
nigga, they doing too much.
- It's all good.
- Man, yeah, look,
everything good, check moving, man.
I just figured you'd like homes.
If he ain't gonna sign.
How about I pay you sign me, my boy?
- Wait hold on, hold on, y'all good.
You came to purchase this, right?
- Man, look, check it,
it high over really,
it high over really.
For real life feel like
I want to pay you now.
- Listen, bro.
- Yeah.
- No disrespect, we ain't
come here for you, fam,
we really fucking with Ninek.
Right now sound like--
- Who is you?
Who is you anyway, huh?
Man, hold up, man, hey, look,
hey, that's some bullshit,
man, that's some bullshit, bro.
What you trying to say?
My money ain't good enough?
All I'm saying, I got the
heat and I got the dough,
my shit ain't good enough?
- Bro, you just going about it all wrong.
- How about going about
it the wrong way, bro?
I got the heat, bro.
How am I going about it
the wrong way, you tell me.
- First of all, bro, you
can't even afford me.
This man don't know I charge $30,000
to come through the door.
- I tried to tell him.
- You got $5,000 sitting right there.
And you got an attitude.
So you keep your money, I'm straight.
- Straight.
You straight.
When my cousin Black, you won't be doing
none of that, boy.
- Black?
- Fuck you talking
my shit, man.
- Why you talking
about Black?
Nigga, Black wasn't never in my family.
He was an over the top
thug trying to extort me
for some money.
And you see what happened to him, right?
- True.
Come on, man.
- Fuck all that.
Hey, look, no, fuck all
that, check this out.
Check this out.
You either gonna turn me up, my boy,
or I'm gonna make you turn me up.
I know fool, yeah, I know things.
- That was uncalled for, man.
Do you realize that these
are supposed to be fans?
I got too much to lose, bro.
Like, I ain't trying to
get tricked off the street.
- Fuck that nigga, man.
- It ain't like it used to be.
Times are changed, all right?
I got a lot going on.
So I can't be worried about
no beef with none of that.
- Bro, you tripping, man.
- Cancel all them shows, all
them little hosted parties
you want me to do, that
I'm supposed to be doing
for that little bit of money,
cancel all of that, all right?
Go back to being in the
studio, I told 'em all
to go home for about a week or two.
I just need to get my mind right.
- Cheers, man, what the fuck?
- What up, dog?
- Same old.
- So where's the thing at?
You doing all right?
- I ain't never need no
security until you start
bringing all them fools around.
So look, all I'm doing
is press and meetings
and that's it.
- Told me to pull up on you.
Told you I was all good, right?
- Let me hit you right back.
- You all right bro?
- Yeah, he told me, shit.
I don't be liking too
many surprises, though.
That nigga ain't tell me all that, though.
- He calls, you ain't
pick up the phone, though.
- For real.
- Here's the money, though.
You got four, right?
- Yeah, I got four.
No, I ain't got to count it, fam.
Trust me, I'm an OG, man, if
you got to count a nigga money,
bring a pistol and all
that, you don't need
to serve a nigga, dog, you feel me?
You say it's all here, though, right?
- Yeah.
That boy is hated, man,
double food double R.
- Who?
- You know, Little Randy.
Little nigga that made the beats.
- Oh, man, fuck that nigga.
- Randy, all right,
fuck with that for real.
- Zay's 10,000 track right
now, fam, and we getting it.
You know what I mean?
- You know, Zay is gold, man.
You know what I'm saying?
He plugged them niggas, man.
Shit, they might be able
to make something shake.
- Shit, man, nigga ain't
tripping on pulling
a nigga up, but nigga ought
to get hot first, my nigga,
you know what I mean? You
get hot, it's a deal will be,
but it's a process with it.
You got to get hot.
Go through the process.
- Fuck the process, man.
Niggas need that shit like now, man.
Fuck around kill all our competitions.
- Man.
Niggas ain't no cheat code in this fam.
You just got to stay 100 man.
Just make it happen, you know what I mean?
- True.
- All right.
- Tell nigga stay hit me,
man, you be careful, too.
- For real.
- All right.
- Man, what is this,
like an old folk's home,
a retirement home, what is this, man?
- Come on, man.
- Look.
I've got to go, bro.
I've got Breakfast Club,
I've got Miss Info.
I mean, you need to get on your job.
Where your people, are they ready?
- I mean, come on, Zay, man, listen,
I went through a lot to
set this interview up.
All the greats have been through here.
Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce,
I mean, everybody.
Even Gucci and them
been through here, man.
Listen, we already here
early, the interview
ain't 'til 3:30, just relax.
I got you, I promise.
- Say it, man, I got to give someone.
You know what, can you
get something to eat?
- Yeah, I can do that.
- Do something.
- What you want?
All right, I got you, I got you.
- This right here is nice, boy.
I need one of these at the crib.
Yeah, boy.
- Hey, how you doing,
what's going on, you Zach?
- Nice to meet you,
yeah, good to meet you.
- How you doing, I'm the manager.
- Pleasure.
- Yeah, Zay is down there.
- Hey, Zaytoven, it's good to meet you.
- Hey, what's going on, how you doing?
- It's an honor.
That sounds great, where'd you
learn how to play like that?
- Oh, you know, I've
been playing all my life
for real, it's like.
- OK, cool, I'm so sorry
to keep you waiting.
I'm Sexton, this is my journalist Ramone.
- Pleasure, nice to meet you, Zaytoven.
- All right, so let's get started.
He's gonna be doing the interview.
Be good to start right here, by the piano?
- I don't see why not.
- All right, let's get going.
- Great, I'm ready.
All right, let's get right to it, then.
So now, with all the scandals
and all of the rumors
going on in the industry,
how does Zaytoven
stay clear of all the scrutiny?
- Well, what I try to do
is really not get involved
in the hype of the music
business, you know.
I make this type of music, but you know,
I try not to let it change my lifestyle.
- Hmm, that's interesting.
I read something the other day,
it said that you were
being sued by the family
of a fellow band member who
was murdered a few years back.
Is that true?
- That's the first time I heard that.
- That's interesting, as
well, because they say
that he was quite relevant
to your career, actually.
He was mysteriously murdered.
Internet trolls say that it
was ,
as if it was a sacrifice.
- Man, look, I don't believe
in nothing like that.
I don't think you need to, either.
- Come on, now, I know
how 50 50 music group
doing everything, but
hey, can we please stick
to the script, please?
- Just trying to give the
people a little bit of juice,
you know, not the same old Q and A.
All right, cool.
All right, so, Zaytoven,
new tour making noise,
new music, artists like
Future, Gucci, Rihanna.
Would you consider yourself
a role model by any chance?
- I really leave that to
the people that really,
you know, that look at me
and judge my character.
I really just try to be me,
just try to be Zaytoven.
- Really, that's interesting, as well.
Because people like Ashley
Allen, Desmond McCraven,
Bobby Jackson, Demetrius
Taylor, were all murdered
by the hands of police
officers in this month alone.
What is your take on it, how do you feel?
- Well, I really don't like
to give my personal opinion
to the media, you know, on
those type of situations
because a lot of time I get misquoted,
say things I didn't really say.
You know, I got my concerns about it,
it's just, I don't feel like, you know,
it's for everybody.
- People would say that
that was a safe way
to put it, don't you
think, like a cop out.
- No, I just feel like I don't
need to share that with you.
- No disrespect, Mr. Zaytoven.
- Guys, chill, let's reset,
reset, everybody good, chill.
- Listen, listen, listen.
What's messed up is your
guy here is asking a lot of
fucked up ass questions.
It's really starting to irritate me.
Come on, what we doing here?
- We ask the hard questions.
- Hard questions?
Come on, how you think
that made this man feel?
- It's cool, it's cool, it's cool.
You know what I don't like?
I don't like the fact
that the police officers
come in shooting up innocent
people in neighborhoods
that they don't stay
in, and then they don't
get arrested or nothing,
all they do is go on
administrative leave.
- People like you
say things like that all the time.
Yet you do for your neighborhoods
and then you create the
sound for this chaos.
- I don't promote violence,
no killing, no murdering,
nothing stupid like that.
No black on black crime.
Matter of fact, Black
Lives Matter could be
something special if they
would come to the hood
and get it organized,
calm down the crime rate.
- So you're against Black Lives Matter?
- I'm just saying responsibilities.
You got to be responsible for yourself.
You got to be responsible
raising up your kids.
It's a lot of things I don't like.
Like, I don't like same sex marriage.
- Oh, really.
- I think that's wrong.
I think all that junk wrong, for real.
I'm really done with this interview.
- Let's get up out of here.
What in the world is this?
- Who are y'all?
- What's going on here?
- Sit your motherfucking ass down, boy.
You interviewing him, right?
- I mean, yes, sir, but I'm
not trying to die for it.
- Print this.
Zaytoven had the Demarco B killed
because he didn't want to
pay him what he owed him.
- Zay, what the fuck are
you talking about, man?
Man, what the fuck, man?
- Hey, man, I don't
know who no Demarco is.
As a matter of fact, let's go, man,
it's time to get out of here.
- Black gangster.
That's why you had him killed.
Zaytoven is a murderer.
Y'all praising this fool?
He ain't no godly man.
- You don't know what
you're talking about, man.
- Black guy Gucci, man, they used beat.
You owe Black 50% of everything.
Now my sister, nigga, deserve that money.
That contract you signed,
right here in my possession.
- Wait a minute, so, you telling me,
now all this work I done over
these last couple of years,
that 50% of what I've been doing
should go to a dead nigga wife?
You got to be stupid.
- Stupid?
Nigga, that's some mean ass
cussing you land on right now.
See, I'm a street nigga.
Work some up.
I got the baddest attorney
in the motherfucking south.
Right now, it's all hearsay.
But when I get this little
motherfucker to preach this,
with all my social media
around to validate,
motherfucker, I can destroy you.
You don't want the truth to come out.
Nigga, pay your money.
- How does it feel to be,
the other way around, huh?
Get your punk ass up, man.
- These your people?
- Shit.
Any other people, nigga, all
you had to do was sign me.
Shit, just so happened my uncle want
your puss ass too.
- Nigga.
You thought you was gonna
run off in the sunset
with all that money, huh?
Nigga, you forgot one thing.
The streets keep the score.
They decide who wins.
- No, Dayton, come on,
man, don't hurt him, man.
- Be easy, be easy.
Look at me, look.
You should look, nigga.
- Man, come on, man,
chill, man.
This shit ain't got to go
down like this.
- As a matter of fact, fuck
all that, man. Hey, catch them.
This nigga no other chance.
Too many chances.
- Come on, man,
come on, man.
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
- Grammy award
winning producer Zaytoven
is hospitalized after an ambush
while on tour in New York.
Witnesses say men stormed the building,
demanding revenge for an apparent homicide
that he was involved in years ago.
Sundown this time where she's gone
Zaytoven is Atlanta
based platinum producer.
Could this scandal kill his career?
No sunshine when she's gone
Just ain't no home
Any time she goes away
Police are still looking for the culprit.
This is Jessica Stitcher,
reporting live from Fox Five.
I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know
I think I should leave
the young thing alone
Cause ain't no sunshine when she gone
Ain't no sunshine when she gone
- All right, then, follow me.
So, the doctor will do the X rays
and then he'll come back in the room
and give you an interpretation
of what he found.
Excuse me, sir, excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- All right, Mr. Dawson, I'm admitting you
to the step unit here, OK?
All right, take care.
- How bad is it?
- They did surgery.
Said something about some
crushed trapezoid or something.
I may not play again, though.
- Don't say that, cuz.
Don't say that.
- It don't matter how good
I try to live my life.
It's like that black situation.
It's gonna keep haunting me.
We should have did that.
- Fuck that shit, Zay.
We did what we had to do, cuz.
Success come with sacrifice.
We on top.
Man, listen, man, we went up and shot up
every motherfucking thing
over into a black way,
and that bitch Trish, I'm
looking for her punk ass, too.
- No, uh uh.
- Man.
- You not doing nothing no more.
- What you mean?
Why not?
- Listen, man.
It's over with.
I'm retiring.
I'm done.
I can't play no more.
- Here we go with this shit again, man.
Come on, man.
- Do you hear
what the press is saying?
- Yes.
- They destroying my name.
They putting words in my mouth.
- Listen, man, we'll fix that.
We got the paper to fix that shit, man.
- It can't be fixed.
- Why not?
- Now once they find
out that I had something
to do with Black being killed,
me and you, sir, we gonna
have some real problems
on our hands.
- Listen, man.
We gonna fix that, cuz.
Nigga, we created a legacy.
And you talking about retire.
What's wrong with you, dog?
- No.
I created some beats.
I did never want no legacy.
That's all you cared about.
Ever since you done came in my life,
there ain't been nothing
but pain and destruction.
I almost wish you would have
never walked in the shop.
- Cuz, how can you say that?
I bought us a way out.
- OK, yeah, you did that.
But you got paid good, didn't you?
- Yeah.
- Now what did it
cost you, huh?
What did it cost you?
You know what, bro?
Get out.
- Listen, man.
- Out.
I need space, get out.
OK, I want to spend time with my family,
tell the lawyers, tell the
labels, bag up for a second.
- Listen, man, wait, just--
- Bro, get out of here, man, go.
Get out.
- Trap music is crap music.
No Zaytoven.
No Zaytoven.
- Zaytoven, Zaytoven, Zaytoven.
- You guys, just please
calm down, please calm down.
- What happened to your hand?
They didn't take no jury?
- If everybody would calm
down, I have something
I want to say.
First of all, let me say
that I am very humbled
by everybody that's been praying for me
and supporting me in my time of recovery.
I have decided to spend more time
with my family, my
friends, and really enjoy
the life that God has given me.
So with that being said,
I have decided to step down
from the music industry.
- Zaytoven, Zaytoven.
Can you please address the
pending lawsuit against you?
- As far as the pending lawsuit between me
and Trisha Peters, we
did come to a settlement.
And as far as anybody saying that I had
something to do with
somebody being killed,
those rumors are false, and
I won't mention that again.
- What really happened in New York?
- Excuse me, excuse me.
Zay, you are a murderer.
You are guilty and you know it.
- Ma'am--
- Get off of me.
- Ma'am.
- Let me go.
You committed a murder.
- Thank you guys for coming out.
- You need to speak the truth,
speak the truth right now, Zay.
- Saint John 10 and 10, Jesus stated,
"I am come that you might have life.
"And have life more abundantly."
And you know, God orchestrates our lives.
In such a unique way that
we're designed by God
for his purpose and for his plan.
God so orchestrated our lives
and God has fulfilled a plan
for every believer to come in and believe
what his words say and obey his voice.
Say amen.
Jesus was stating in Saint John 10 and 10,
he revealed God's
overall plan for mankind.
And we would just obey his voice
and hear his word and
be obedient to his word.
God can do things in our lives.
Can we say hallelujah.
God's plan for mankind is that we live
according to his word.
That we live, amen, in
almighty God's presence.
That we show the world what type of life
we're supposed to be living.
Say hallelujah.
We know the devil comes to
kill, steal, and destroy.
But God's word has set us right, amen.
If God can be for me,
who can be against me?
Jesus want us to know that the wicked one,
the wickedness or the evil,
that's in this present world,
is called the thief, amen.
Say hallelujah, amen.
Pray women say hallelujah.
Jesus personified that the wickedness
and the evil forces, amen,
are being called a thief.
Calling us to be.
Say hallelujah.
Now look.
On the six o'clock news, I see
the thief robbing us, amen.
When I see our brothers and sisters
killing one another,
I see the thief is robbing us, hallelujah.
Can we say hallelujah?
But if the thief comes, he's trouble.
If the thief comes, he
recognize that he can overtake
some of us, amen.
But God bless him,
restores us, hallelujah.
God bless him, bring us back
to where we're supposed to be.
If I could only believe,
if I could only believe
that God is on my side.
If I could only believe, amen,
that God is working it
out for me, for you, amen,
I would orchestrate
something in your life.
To change your whole perimeter, amen.
To change your whole way
of thinking, hallelujah.
To give you a new life.
To give you a better life.
Somebody ought to say amen.
Somebody ought to stand
up and give him praise.
Say hallelujah.
Oh my God, my God.
Jesus, hallelujah.
Church, amen.
Church, amen.
Church, amen.
It'll be all right, amen.
Just trust in the lord.
- Starting with, starting with, apples.
- Blueberries.
- Kiwi.
- Apples.
- Strawberries.
Come on, babe, come
downstairs, come join the fun.
- Come on, Daddy.
- Come on.
- Come on, Daddy.
- Come on, come join the fun.
- Nah, y'all go ahead.
- Really?
- Yo, what's going on, everybody?
This your girl Kay with
No Days Off Live TV.
And you are sitting here with me today,
with Little Ryan, ACL's, almost.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Doesn't no longer go by Little Ryan,
since his major success.
Let's talk about that.
How has life been treating
you ever since your
recent success as a producer?
It just happened so fast, like.
Do you have anybody
that you look up to or?
Well, speaking of Zaytoven,
I heard about his recent
situation with the physical altercation
that he was involved in.
It's looking like he's
not gonna be able to play,
you know, for a long time.
How do you feel about
that, being that it was--
- Hey, babe, what you watching?
- Gonna be out the game now.
- Nothing.
- Is that that guy?
Is that the bloody that
was saying all that stuff?
Is that the guy?
- Zaytoven.
- Free bird got
the crazy shit coming.
- Did you even try to play today?
- I might not ever play again.
- Why would you say
something like that?
Like you know this is only temporary.
You know this is not your end.
- Stacy, Stacy, not right
now, can you just back up
right now?
- No.
I sat and watched you do
that bogus press conference
without even consulting with me.
- Consulting with you?
- Yeah.
- Consulting you about what?
You see what they done to me?
Mess my hands all up.
That's what I got to deal with.
Like this my reality.
- You lying down to a bunch
of thugs is not your reality.
It's not.
- You don't even know
what you're talking about.
There are things that been done.
You ain't gonna never know.
- You know what?
I don't want to know.
But what I do know is
that I believe in God,
and you believe in God,
and the God that we serve forgives.
And we gonna be all right.
We gonna get through this.
We gonna get through this, babe.
- I'm just saying, I just
need you to lay off, though.
Lay off for a while, be patient.
- I'm being very patient, OK?
But I'll do that.
I'll lay off of you, but
what I need you to do
is to lay off those meds.
I'm being very patient.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- You know what?
You're running off your fans.
Don't run off the ones that love you.
- What's up cuz?
- You wanted to see me, right?
You wanted to see me, right?
Well here I am.
- Hold him.
What's this little nigga think he doing?
- Little nigga must have grew some nuts.
- I don't even know who you is.
I don't owe you nothing.
- See you owe a lot.
You owe my baby sister a lot.
You don't like to share, I see.
- For what?
Share for what?
I worked too hard to get where I'm at.
So you won't never know nothing about it.
- You ain't do shit.
What you did was get my husband killed.
All 'cause he wanted his money.
You ain't a honey.
That ain't a honey.
I don't even see how
everybody walking around
praising your weak ass.
- Praising me?
I ain't never want to be praised.
I just wanted to do music.
- Now what you gonna do with that?
- You a church boy, little nigga.
- What you gonna do?
You gonna kill us like
you killed my husband?
You ain't nothing but a murderer.
- Shut up.
Shut up.
- The big bad golly producer walks into
a boxing gym and murders three people.
Witnesses say he got a long history.
- You ain't tough, Zaytoven.
Put that gun down.
- Shut up.
- Run me
my motherfucking money.
- Y'all the devil.
This shit is.
Y'all are devils.
- We ain't the devil, nigga.
We reality.
Now do what you gonna do, little bitch.
- Shoot.
- 13 ball corner pocket.
- Man, that ain't shit, man.
Get your ears out of the street, homey.
- Forget it, make that 200.
- Hey, baby, how you doing?
Would you like a drink?
- Give me a Don Julio,
double, put some salt on it.
- Be right back.
- Yo, what's up, new?
You got nicked, because if
you do, three out of the ball
for you, partner.
- You know I ain't come in
for no damn pool, Johnny.
- Well what you come here for?
You in a pool hall.
What you think we do up here?
You know you scratched up that bar, too.
My shot.
- Cut the bullshit, man.
You talked to him yet, or what?
- Look, man.
I ain't talked to Zay in three weeks.
I don't know what's going on.
Y'all killing me with this shit, man.
And on top of that, we done
lost all our endorsements.
We lost all sponsorships.
Everything, I mean, shit
fucked up right now, man.
- Don't worry about it.
He just want to be out for a second.
- Out?
- Yeah, be out.
- What you mean by,
like, what's that supposed to be?
Because what do that mean for me?
That's what I'm trying to figure out.
- That means he just want
to be out for a second.
Just chill the fuck out.
- Look, man, I'm a business man.
I ain't signed up for this type of shit.
All these shoot out beefs.
I'm a manager, man, that's
what I do, I manage.
- Listen, this was way before you, Johnny,
just chill out, you don't
know what's going on.
- Like, what really happened?
Because word on the street, it's true.
- Shit, it's all over,
that's the talk of the town.
- That's all rumors.
- I don't know what you think,
I mean, you think I'm green
or something, apparently.
Why you trying me like that,
what's really going on, man?
- It's your shot, homie.
- Know what, man?
Shit can hit the fan, but I
ain't gonna let it hit me.
Like I don't know what y'all got going on,
but y'all boys got
yourselves into some shit
y'all can't get out of.
That's what it seems like to me.
- Johnny, you know how long
we been out here, nigga?
Face car A1 bro, what's wrong with you?
That shit was random, nigga.
- Random, for real, wow.
Where they do that at?
- Shit happens.
- Always happen when you around, though.
- Listen, man.
At the end of the day, my nigga,
I just need you and Adam to play
your motherfucking position.
See what I'm saying, because
y'all in it for a reason.
All right, don't start bitching up
just because shit hit the fan, Johnny.
- Look, man, it's funny how the villain
always plays the victim.
I mean, you know what, Al?
You really fucked that boy's career up.
- Fuck his career up?
Nigga, I gave Zaytoven a career.
Fuck you, Johnny.
- No you didn't.
The dead man did.
I quit, too, by the way.
Shit, man, fuck all this shit.
- My, you're still here?
I been here since seven AM.
I am clocking out.
Anything I can get for you?
- No, I'm all right, thank you.
- You know, your uncle
opened his eyes today.
You know, it's not none of my business,
but God heals us when we pray.
And if you believe that, you don't worry
about them prayers getting answered.
I ain't talking about the prayers
you sent up to God for your uncle.
God gave you magnificent
hands, talented fingers.
He would never forsake you.
You gotta believe that.
But then again, it ain't
none of my business.
I'm just a little old nurse.
Good night.
- Well.
I ain't never felt like this before.
It's like, I don't even know what to feel.
Or how to feel.
Why would you do this
to me all over again?
My faith is my strength.
At the same time, my weakness.
I used to love music, to love it.
Now I just hate it.
Nurse, nurse, come in, nurse.
- Never stop.
- Never stop what?
Calm down, just relax.
- Your gift.
It's bigger than you.
- Nurse, nurse.
- God's gift.
- What happened?
- Nurse, nurse, come here,
I don't know what's going on
with him.
- Calm down.
- No, I still want you to come.
Shit, meet me at Blue Room.
Pull up at the club.
For real.
I got you.
All right.
I only gonna be here about 10 minute, man,
just hold on for one second, I got you.
Bro, I told him, I'm only
gonna be here 10 minutes,
I got you, let me call you right back.
Come on, bro, I told you, I'm
waiting for my people, man.
- It's not even me.
- I got 10.
Always on that bullshit.
Here take this.
10 minutes.
Let me call you back.
- What's up, man?
- What up though?
- What's happening?
Shit, what's the name on the town, huh?
- Yeah, with little girls and shit.
- True.
You got right then.
- He good, he good, what's happening?
- What up there bro?
What you doing here, friend?
- This a five piece, right?
- I got it, fam.
- What's the ticket, bro?
- Shit, 15 five.
- 15 five.
- Yeah, nigga, same one bro.
- I thought it would
be a little cheaper than that.
- Man, you always was,
hey, hey, cuz.
- Let's go.
- Drop the gun.
- Drop the fucking guns.
- Man, God damn it, man.
Y'all always fucking shit up.
- And that's when it all fell down.
I never trusted his cousin anyway.
What I didn't know was,
police been watching me, Zay,
and every rapper you can think of.
Hey, man, rap police is
real, and they realer
than the feds.
They questioned me about Black murder
and everything that happened back then.
They even picked up Zay.
One of Black people was
a confidential informant.
They implemented Zay in Black murder.
They was really trying
to take the homie down.
Zay stood strong.
And I took the rap for Black murder.
Pleaded guilty in self defense.
Big, bad Rock.
Played himself.
But he got played his wife,
when she snitched on him
and ran off with his
fighter in the process.
Not only was Rock wanted by the feds,
but he was caught dirty
on top of attempted murder
and extortion charges.
They even snatched up his sister, too.
Dirty bitch.
- Come on, praise the Lord, everybody.
Come on, come on, praise
the Lord, come on,
this is the place where
we prove our faith.
Glory be to God.
It's hard to do this,
it's hard to say goodbye
to Pastor Brooks.
And he was like a father to me
and he introduced me to this church.
But he said, "Don't worry."
He said, "God in Christ."
And we all know that the Bible says
to be absent from the
body is to be present
with the Lord.
Today we done have Pastor Wells to come
and break with us the bread of life.
So come on and receive him by
putting your hands together.
- Giving God the praise,
giving God the honor.
Certainly a solemn day.
A day that we never thought would come.
To celebrate our pastor untimely death.
And even in his death, we
have confidence in God's word.
In the book of John, the
14th chapter, it simply says,
"Let not your heart be troubled."
Family come today, I'll just remind you
that even in times like this,
we don't have to be troubled.
Can I remind you of something?
Pastor Brooks is already
going to be with the Lord.
I didn't come to eulogize his funeral,
but I come to talk to
each and every one of us,
that we only have a flicker of a time
while we here on this Earth.
And it's time for us to
get our life together.
The Bible teaches us,
amen, not to be troubled
in times like this.
Not only must we love like
God, but we also need to
trust like God.
The Bible says trust in the
Lord, even in times like this.
Jesus says, "Peace I leave with you."
He says, "My peace, not
the peace in the world
"give thee I give unto thee."
He says, "Not let your heart be troubled."
To this family, this ain't
the time to be troubled.
This is the time to trust God.
This is the time to know that God is.
He is Jehovah.
He is our provider.
He is our healer.
He is our win maker.
He is everything that we need.
As a matter of fact, can
I bring my sister Misty.
Misty, can you come and give us a word?
Amen, a song tonight.
Sing a song, baby.
Is able to do
Just what he said
He would do
He's able to fulfill
Every promise to you
Come on, y'all, sing it with me
So don't give up on God
'Cause he won't give up on you
He's able
God is able to do
Is able to do
Just what he said
He would do
Yes, Lord
He's able to fulfill
Every promise, every promise
Every promise he made to you
So don't give up on God
Because he won't give up on you
And he's able
He's able
He's able
Say oh
He's able
He's able
- Yeah, yeah, take that for me.
- Yo, Zay, Zaytoven.
Man, what's up bro, my name's Swift,
I'm an up and coming
producer in Atlanta, bro.
Man, bro, you the hottest, man,
you're such an inspiration to a kid, man.
- Good to meet you, man.
I ain't even on that right now, man.
All right, good to meet you though.
- OK, well, hold on, Zay,
Zay, Zay, one second man.
Please, man, please
check this CD out, man.
Hottest thing in the streets, man.
Take a listen, bro.
- You know what, I will check you out.
- Appreciate it, Z.
- All right, you be good, bro.
- Yo, Zay, can we get a
picture with you real quick?
- Yeah, come on, come on.
- Come on, guys, we got to wrap this up.
We got to wrap this up, let's go, Zay.
- Let's do it, man.
- Man, who the nigga was over there, bro?
- I don't know, man, just a
little young producer, man,
trying to get me to check out some beats.
You know?
- That shit be crazy, man.
All these nigga trying
to do beats and everybody
trying to rap, man.
It's a million motherfuckers
trying to do this, bro.
- I mean, I be trying
to let them know, man,
that, you know, it's hard, but
I be feeling obligated, man,
at least check 'em out,
you know what I mean?
- Obligated?
Only thing you obligated
to in their life, bro,
is to be true to yourself.
- You said something then.