Birigyaru (2015) Movie Script

The dream of Sayaka-chan back in Middle School...
...was to make friends.
The dream of Sayaka's father for his younger brother, Ryota...
...was for Ryota to become a professional baseball player.
...and because he was a great fan of the sport..
...he bought a shuttle bus at his own expense.
Sayaka-chan, together with her younger sister,
...their mother Acchan took responsibility
of caring for them.
The tea's ready.
Want some strawberries?
No matter what happened...
...Acchan was always on Sayaka's side.
You see?
The world can suddenly change after just one night.
Kudou, pass!
I'm not talking about the severity of the problem...
It's a serious matter about her heart!
Listen well, Maam.
If ever that child is being bullied,
or something unexpected happens,
...that is a situation that can be found in any school.
My child said that she doesn't want to go to school.
That child has already reached her limit!
I just can't sit and watch here while my
daughter's heart is being crushed.
An accumulation of experiences are needed
for children to improve and grow.
Please understand that you have to let og of this situations.
That would be the education policy of this school, isn't it?
Let's transfer.
However, in another new school...
Sayaka-chan could still not be able to make some friends.
What's wrong?
Those uniforms, aren't they cute?
Hey... Then why not take an entrance test?
If it's Meiranjoushi School...
There must be a different world waiting for you!
Afterwards, even if you don't study...
You can automatically be admitted to any school or universities.
You can just focus on experiencing the thrilling emotions!
And so, Sayaka.. was finally enrolled in
Shiritsu Meiran Middle School.
Then, here I go.
Good morning.
Rolling the skirt higher is cuter.
So cute, cute.
And so... As what Acchan said exactly...
She didn't have to be on the pursuit of her studies.
She only needed to be happy and enjoy life.
This is cute.
In highschool...
It resulted with her ending up in the worst classroom.
And so SVO...
Who can do it?
You lot.
AT least take these lessons seriously.
You are the worst!
An ugly expression!
Change places!
Isn't that Nishimura-sensei?
I'm sorry, please give way!
Not good!
It was... a thrilling, sparkling...
...multi-colored days.
3. 4. 5.
Day by day you're always going out.
Shut up, damn old-man.
Who do you think you're talking to?!
Really, you!
Hasn't your skirt been getting too much shorter?
Is that so? Isn't that normal?
Your make-up's not that thick.
I think you're cute just as you are.
But... I'm not satisfied by just looking cute.
Oh, my bad!
I'm leaving!
Ehh? How about breakfast?
How about some bread?
I'm on a diet!
Just a bite will do!
Then... 2nd year of highschool...
Some situation happened that changed Sayaka's fate...
Kudou. What is this?
You all really are a human waste.
You're projecting a bad image on this school.
You did it together with those guys, right?
Despite covering for those scums...
You might as well withdraw from these bunch of garbage heap.
If you're insisting too much that we are a heap of garbage...
I'm more of a garbage myself.
If you continue with this tide,
you will be kicked-out.
As long as you do not admit who among you is smoking...
You will be receiving the punishment of expulsion.
Indeed smoking is not allowed.
As a parent myself, I should be strict.
But, Mr. President...
For these so called "friends" betraying one of them
to save themselves...
...can we still call it an appropriate school policy?
If you really think this is a good way of education...
I am fine with my daughter dropping out.
My daughter who doesn't say anything...
I am proud of her.
She is a really good child.
In the end, Sayaka was sentenced to an indefinite period of suspension.
What are you gonna do now, Neechan?
[Neechan- Elder sister]
You can't go to college when you have no
leave of absence due to probation, right?
We'll find a way out.
It's not like I have anything special in plan.
Well, that's how my life goes.
Just that.
We can take an entrance exam to get into another university.
Why don't you go and see for yourself?
And... that's just the point that I heard from Acchan.
Someone's looking for you.
Then, on the summer of sophomore year...
Sayaka... came to my tutorial classes.
Aren't you staring too much?
Ah, sorry.
No, I think you look cool.
You can also teach me about the popular fashion nowadays.
With that face of yours,
catching up is impossible.
Well, with this stomach... It seems so...
Men don't normally show off their stomachs, right?
Oh, right. That's a good point.
Nice to meet you.
I am Tsubota, a lecturer.
Best regards for the both of us.
Kudou Sayaka.
Thank you in advance.
At that time, she was...
Ranked Number 30...
Leading the bottom of the whole school year...
The main heroine... A "Biri Girl."
Biri Gyaru [Biri Girl]
So first of all, in order to check your aptitude...
...I'll let you do a simple test.
Ehhh? A test? I hate that the most!
Isn't scoring nothing at all not miserable thing?
Not really. When the test is over,
that's where we'll start.
When we find the parts you can't understand...
...we'll find a way to make you understand better.
Sensei... You're so optimistic.
Amazing, isn't it?
This is a first time for me, seeing a bizarre result like this.
This word here: STRONG.
Why translate it into such a long sentence?
I mean, this is not a very long story at all.
I see.
But having said that...
This man is just too poor!
What is?
Because it is referring to a fat woman which
is why she has such a name.
This... This fat lady, Shotoku...
She's so pitiful!
Prince Shotoku... is a man.
But you know? I think your knowledge is
on par with that of a genius.
Not really, those wor---
And although you got it all wrong...
But all blank spaces were really filled up, you know?
Could be.
But if I keep this up, I might get lucky.
That's it! That positive attitude you have with you
is very commendable.
What is this?
Being complemented by a teacher feels really soothing!
But you know?
Isn't it weird? This gross exaggeration.
You know? I intended to dawdle in Meiranjoushi and...
...and I didn't study for 5 years.
Anyway, have you thought about a school you
want to go for college?
It's impossible for me to pass any College entrance exam.
But you know?
If you can achieve what you think is impossible,
you become more confident, isn't that it?
But I have never thought about College admission.
How about Todai?
[TODAI- "TOkyo DAIgakku"]
Don't they have a high standard there?
Then, Keio?
Keio boy... You ever heard about it?
Somehow it's like where the handsome boys gather.
Then let's settle with Keio.
Hey wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hey, hey. Are you saying that seriously?
Yup. Sending you to a college you want to go
is my job, after all.
It's the same as when you're wishing on a Tanabata.
First, you have to write your wish for it to be granted.
Afterwards, I'll go to Keio and put in a word for you.
And while I speak of such, you'll be coming closer
to the wish that you want to be fulfilled.
What is that supposed to be?
It seems like some kinda magic.
As thought, you really are very optimistic aren't you, Sensei?
Me, entering Keio?
What a laugh.
I'm home.
Welcome back.
How was it?
Mom, you know what?
I've decided to go to Keio.
Which Keio?
Sayaka going to Keio?
Too funny!
There's no way you're taking an exam there.
Impossible, no way, no way.
Wow! Elementary school exercise books!
The me now, seems to be still at grade 4.
That's complicated.
Woah, that's an unbelievable score.
Too difficult to be understood.
This is a tutorial system completely for 1 to 1 learning.
Weaknesses in the self-study tutorial are easily found
and given solutions.
And then purge the next weak link...
You'll be taking remedial courses three days a week in here.
Self-study at home is also very important...
Got it.
So, this is your seat.
Excuse me for the bother.
Well, today's test...
I'll give you 20 minutes.
Another test again?
Do not give up and give your best.
Mourinho once said...
Stronger is your will than the power from that
of an atomic bomb.
That's it.
90 points is a miraculous leap for you!
Exemplified by the words of Yu Yu Hakusho...
Like Kuwabara who suddenly has the ability to comprehend.
In order to participate, I imagined I would go train from martial arts.
Is that so?
Isn't this great, Sayaka-chan?
Today, you answered one correctly.
But even so you are ignorant of World History.
Family can be regarded simply as an ignorant Queen.
Come on...
The Queen from a distinguished family?
What are you? An SM?
Although I think you could not do so..
But you can at least draw the map of Japan, right?
Hey, that's normally impossible.
Don't say that.
You can just draw it within the scope of your knowledge.
Go on and try drawing it.
Map of Japan, right?
Well, doesnt it go like this...
You know?
Why is it a circle?
After all, there's only one Japan, right?
Well, there's still a lot of islands from South to North, you know?
North? South?
Don't tell me you don't know which is which?
If the north is right above here, then which side is the South?
Ahh, I really do not know any of this.
No, no. But this is the most basic ability of human beings.
Although you say teachers would say so...
My friends CERTAINLY do not know about it.
I'll make them laugh.
If this is North, then it's a given that south
is definitely below it.
Is that so?
Mayumi, you knew?
It's a wonder why you could reach up to now.
Isn't that great?
Unlike you who slobs always...
Keio or whatever it is, pass it!
You're being deceived.
This is fraud, fraud.
I won't take even a dime of my money.
If it's money, then I will pay for it from my work wages.
Sayaka is finally motivated, you see?
I believe in Mr. Tsubota.
What are you talking ab--
Didn't you say that I would take full responsibility
in taking care of our daught---
This is a failure of a family.
Ryota is our only hope of becoming a professional player.
Who do you think you are, you damn old man?!
You brat! To who are you speaking that mouth of yours?!
Stop it!
I'm back.
Ah, Ryota. Welcome home.
Food will soon be ready, okay?
I don't want it.
In order to match the Tokai region today, we need
to cheer them on and we'll be eating barbecue.
Come on, Ryota.
He only spoils Niichan, right?
[Niichan- Elder Brother]
Let's take revenge.
Saito, relax and draw power!
Go, Ryota!
What are you doing?!
For everyone coming early just to study...
It somehow feel touching...
The feeling of being praised by teachers feels
very amazing...
And for Mom's sake too...
...and to get back at my father.
Is your relationship with their father not going
That guy, he's the worst.
Spending his money only towards my younger
Yet he only gives mom thirty thousand yen each month.
Sometimes, I think he should just go to hell.
The old lady did not tell me to come here!
Stop it! Hey! Come on!
Release me!
Visitors have arrived.
What? What?
Why did you drag me to this place?
Who's he?
He's here for an interview.
Nice to meet you!
I am a tutorial instructor Tsubota.
This child can do it if only he tries!
The university entrance exam...
Can you help me convince him of taking the judicial examination?
You can do it if you try right, Reiji-kun?
Reiji-kun... When did he began to behave in such a way?
Our family line has been a lawyer for three generations already.
So the Secretary also said to let him become a lawyer too.
Probably because his father said I must have
disciplined him strictly too much.
But really, this child can do it if only he tries to.
Saying "He can do it if he tries," is not a good motivation.
Suppose if you say that you did not do such a good job...
It might seem as a proof that he is an incompetent one.
Children will become more of a negative thinker, you see.
Afterwards, can you let me do the rest for him?
Nevetheless, you play so good in those games, don't you?
You're moving another level.
Not like I wanted to.
I only want to get my revenge on that guy.
That guy?
My father.
Even if he's dead, it's not like his wishes would remain as it is.
That so?
So that's it.
I just thought... of a good and amazing way to make
you take your revenge.
Sensei, you really are awesome.
What magic did you spell on him?
I just gave him all my knowledge and gave him
another suggestion.
So knowledge is also like magic, huh?
Knowing something more can make your mind
more open and broader.
If you really go to Keio, the world will suddenly open up
for you.
Life will become more colorful.
So that's how amazing Keio is?
It is one of the top private universities.
It is where talents are brought together, either to become
a model or a female anchor is also a great choice.
You might even marry someone there.
Yosh. You're finished with your elementary
practice exercises.
In Keio University, test subjects like literary
might come out too.
English and...
Let's begin with several families of Japanese history then.
I was not really that good with Japanese history.
However, you might atleast be familiar with
Oda Nobunaga, right?
Well, I've heard some.
He was a local hero, you know?
I will put Nagoya and the three Heroes on the test.
Are you kidding me?
Eiketsu, Eiketsu, Eiketsu.
[Note: the joke here is that when Tsubota-sensei said 3 heroes,
Sayaka understood it as repeating the word "hero" three times since
Eiketsu in english means "Hero]
Is that fine with you?
The three Eiketsu refers to the three heroes: Nobunaga, Tokugawa and Hideyoshi.
Look up at the description of this in the ductionary.
I don't have one.
Dictionaries are too heavy.
You should have at least a dictionary!
Keio Department of English Literature admission test...
They allow you to have some.
This is the dictionary catalog that I recommend to you.
Thank you...
And by the way, has your hair been blonde
for a long time?
Doesn't the school prohibit it?
Not really. I only dyed it this summer.
But this summer, you have not been able to go
out and play, right?
Hey, wait.
Impossible, impossible, impossible.
Look at this, my full itinerary.
I can't betray my friends, right?
Then it can't be helped.
But if you skip on your studies, there will be
a punishment game, you know?
Punishment game?
The verb for progress is V plus what?
Ten, nine...
Eight, seven...
The verb, it's that, right?
You know?
Six, five...
You know? That verb--You see?
Four, three...
I've done that before already!
Two, one...
That one!
As punishment, you should remove the fake
eyelashes on your right eye.
If I take it away, then I will become more ugly.
If you score perfect on your test tomorrow...
...then you can just easily return it to the way it was.
If you pay less attention to a woman's needs
then you might not be able to get a girlfriend, you know?
Ah, you I poked a sore spot!
But back when I was younger, I had a long hair.
No way! I wanna see some pictures!
You wanna see them too, right?
If you finish to complete your high school English exercises
during summer, then I'll show you.
I'll show you I will finish it.
B-type blood?
Theyre quite selfish. Would it really work out?
If it's dating...
Sure enough, blood type A or O might sound good.
I know, right?
No, that's wrong.
If it's blood type, it's not something---
Sayaka, your song!
I want you...
I need you...
I love you...
Well then, tomorrow again.
See you tomorrow!
I, my, me, mine.
You, your, you, yours.
He, his, him, his.
She, her, her, hers.
They, their, them, theirs.
We, our, us, ours.
I, my, me, mine.
You, your, you, yours.
He, his, him, his.
Get it over here.
Arent you being a skimp?
You know that good shochu? Bring it here.
Make sure you eat a lot, okay?
You're annoying, damn old man.
I'm in the middle of studying.
Sorry, Saya-chan.
Can you overlook it for today?
Forget studying. Help me celebrate with Ryota.
Eat the shrimp.
What're they doing?
I heard they won in the central Japan championship baseball contest.
Well, in a way.
Unlike you!
It seems like he has been scouted to study
in a College and High School through Baseball.
Next year your studying at Koshien, right?
Brother might perhaps really become a professional baseball player.
This is great!
Let's cheer.
With shochu?
For Ryota's future! Cheers!
Thank you.
All right.
Finally got it right!
Imagine that you finished the high school English
within three weeks!
This is really amazing!
Then! The picture you promised!
So remembered?
It can't be helped then.
Fast, let me see it.
What is this?
This is so ugly!
Hey, everyone! Look, look!
You really are...
We also have a blonde girl here, you know?
Blonde, you say...
But aren't there too much sheep here?
I was a college exchange student and went to study in New Zealand.
Oh, Statue of Liberty.
It's in New York.
Oh, is that so?
Hey, teacher! How were you back in high school?
I did not like school and was often being scolded.
I also often cause trouble in school.
I had absolutely no interest in the content of the lessons
and was not motivated.
"If you can't do so, then that's the end of you!" my teacher said.
Don't you think it was cruel?
I was told that I was a scum.
Ehh? Don't we relate to each other?
Well, I'm not like you since I'm not ugly.
So then, why become a cram school tutor?
I was by chance found in the recruitment magazine
Oh, is that so?
Initially, I planned to take a part-time job...
When I got the job, it was unexpectedly interesting.
After all, the school is where learning develops and
there are completely different character of students...
...who come together for education.
Just like me who can't keep up with class discussions,
there are a lot of students like them here, right?
But if it's in here...
I can correspond to each different student
and change my teaching method every now and then.
And I am able to dig out more of the potential abilities
of my students.
And as suggested...
I also agreed with the idea of the president...
I even borrowed money from the bank...
...and transformed the classroom like this.
Ehh? Could it be that that person is the president?
S he wasn't just an old cleaning man here.
So I thought... for his sake also...
In any case, I have to bring out some point score.
The teacher is also risking a showdown, huh?
Seriously? She rarely has time to sleep!
For a Subjunctive phrase, first find the past participle.
If there's something you don't understand,
raise your hands.
Your suspension's already over.
It's time to take this seriously.
If you really want to show the people that you
are seriously repenting...
Maybe the school will give you a work place for you to
write a book recommendation then.
No need.
Because I'm going to Keio.
Are you kidding?
How could a scum like you could be admitted to Keio?
Then, Sensei! If I get admitted, what'll you do?
I'll go stark-naked, do a handstand
and circle around the school.
You guys just heard that, right?
What if you fail, Kudou?
If that happens, then she will also do a handstand naked.
But a high school girl being naked is a bad idea, right?
We could at least let her wear some underwear, you know?
Are you kidding? Wouldn't my chest be exposed?
Just accept it already, accept it.
You'll accept it, right?
Give it up, give it up.
Anyway, that's just garbage talk.
There's no way I'm giving up at this point, you know?!
My mom said she'll help me pay my cram school tuition.
I accept it.
Kudou Sayaka will... take the exam to Keio University!
This is entirely unprecedented, right?
Even though there are some high school degree vocabulary grammar here.
Why is it that the reading of the score are not rising up, huh?
This topic itself. People do not understand it.
Ehh? No, but...
The English title meaning.
You understand it, right?
Is there a Santa Claus?
You obviously know, though.
That is why the answer of the
question is a mystery.
Could it be that you... think that Santa Claus exists?
After all, he does appear in the TV.
Aside from that... Ultraman also
appears in TV's, right?
No way! Seriously?!
Wow, I'm really shocked!
I finally understand.
In your case Sayaka, common sense and knowledge is already...
...on the same grade of Ultraman!
At this point, learning will become more complicated
for you!
Ehh? Then what should I do then?
If you read, then knowledge of words with common sense
will naturally come to you.
Here. You know this person, right?
Oh, Ryunosuke, right?
My dad is a fa of dragons, after all...
The word dragon comes a lot from his mouth
so I'm sure I know of it!
Right, isn't it?
Although it really is a lot of fun, but...
If you think about the exam seriously, then
you'd completely stop laughing.
You bought another bat for Ryota, it seems.
If were aiming for him to become a professional
baseball player...
He must be allowed to use the best tool.
You have too high an expectation.
Isn't that putting too much pressure on Ryota?
Being able to win under pressure is what makes a
a person a pro, after all.
Couldn't you pay a bit of interest
to Sayaka too?
Even if I do, doesn't she hate me too much?
Is that really what it seems?
You both are alike in some ways...
Clumsy and stubborn...
As long as you say it so, there's no turning back.
Her passing the exam is impossible.
Having and expecting for a stupid dream...
Wouldn't that hurt her in the end?
Don't conclude it by yourself!
If we as parents do not believe in the
abilities of our daughter, then who will?
I just hate women who talks back!
Pa... Papa~~
Papa... Papa is...
A pineapple...
Red ruby?
Sayaka, here we go!
Here I go!
Wow, you've become heavier.
What're you doing?
Back when I was a child...
I always went here and go off in a daze...
Sitting on that Shinkansen over there,
I'd wonder if I could go to another world and such...
Somehow, I know what that feels.
You know what?
Reiji-kun, why'd you go to Cram School?
In order to extend my most powerful revenge
on my dad.
I just thought of a powerful method of revenge.
What is it? Tell me.
For example...
Super Mario defeated his enemy...
Even if he exists to make Peach princess very happy...
...and then the Princess threw Mario away from the tower
even if she was supposed to be saved...
Don't you think the princess will fall deeper into the abyss of despair?
Seems like it...
Really cruel twist, right?
You should first... get into College.
Do your best learning as you participate in the judicial examination.
In that case, then wouldn't I only be
making my father happy in such a situation?
But you won't study to become a lawyer.
Let your father see himself fall into the abyss of despair in the future.
How is it? Isn't it really really cruel?
It seems like you have also been manipulated by magic, huh?
Right. That guy's just amazing.
To let me open my heart to him by discussing the game with me.
A game shouldn't be studied half-halfheartedly, it seems.
The other students also...
...have some anime or idol and such that they like.
They probably don't sleep since they have to do their best.
That's what I think so too.
But you're also quite amazing, you know?
Ehh? What is?
Eben if you're a stupid fool who's struggling, you seem quite fine.
What? Stupid? Isn't that too much?
Ahh, no...
Because you're here, I feel like I should do my best too.
That's disgusting, stop it, okay?
What're you waiting for? Let's go.
Oh, sensei.
Why's he with Nishimura?
Our school is a formal university that can
admit anyone to any college or universities.
We can't welcome students who attends another college entrance exam.
I've heard rumors about you.
You handle a cram with operational difficulties...
..who accepts those poor students and who
involves themselves in other cram student also, right?
There is a possibility that students may be unhappy at school...
I want to help them.
But I hope you do not encourage Kudou who's
a student in my class.
If the deviation of the Keio University qualifying score was seventy...
That is where all of the candidates before falls here at two percent..
Kudou is a deviation of thirty two percent of candidates in the rear.
If there are 700,000 candidates...
Which is where the ninety percent...
...which means that the achievement must be over sixty-seven people.
There's no way that Kudou would be able to do it.
I know this is a very difficult challenge...
Even if she at least studies a bit more, students that can't be
just can't be.
Mr. Nishimura.
I think there is no student that is not enough.
There are only teachers that are not enough.
Well, according to your practice and success,
how many students have you admitted to Keio?
There is one from this moment.
Sayaka will participate.
That scum of a child, it's obviously impossible for her.
Sayaka is not a scum.
She is overflowing with infinite possibilities.
She's a very good girl.
So please, I ask of you to stop it.
If a student is told that he's a scum,
then he'll really think of himself as such.
They may become unable to believe in themselves.
I was like that too.
So I...
Even if she's the only one, I still want to save her!
Such commendable words.
But isn't it also that the purpose of cram school
is to earn money?
We're not progressing any further.
I'll be excusing myself.
I'll pass, so you definitely have to pass!
Just a background would not be enough.
Because Japanese history is a mixture of jealousy,
love-hate, entangled with magnificent melodrama themes.
You should enjoy more and chase the story.
If it's this, then it'd be more easier.
Oh, St. Francis Xavier.
What kind of person is he?
The proportion of his face. It's what I like most.
Why do you like him?
The gesture he has is very popular nowadays in
school and easy to imitate.
So that's the reason?!
St. Francis...
Mom, did you know?
Nara Buddha's perm...
It wasn't yankee-like but from American pie.
What's a perm?
But really! Perry irritates me to the core!
He complains too much about the black goat!
He's so compelling!
You seem to be enjoying it.
It's all thanks to Mr. Tsubota, right?
When I get older... I wanna become like a teacher too..
Or so I thought...
Like a teacher?
For the sake of the future of others...
.. a person who strives for the best.. Like that?
Sayaka, saying such words...
I'm happy.
I am really thankful...
But, for her to be striving so hard that much...
she is seriously thinking about her love for you.
Besides, after all, I did not do anything at all.
I was always scolded by my mother.. And I thought to
myself that I really am an incompetent human.
I've only survived due to the many possibilities...
That is why... I only want my children to
feel the most exciting emotions...
No matter what people around me would say...
Even if the whole world becomes my enemy....
I will always be on their side.
She properly understands... Sayaka-chan.
There is some kind of problem, that's why you called me here, right?
It's a surprise that Sayaka's learning ability is growing very fast.
But unfortunately, to tell you...
She started too late.
At this rate, cannot be admitted to Keio University.
Six days a week to make up classes?
That is why, I want to take out yours and Sayaka's
insurance and term deposits.
Someday, I'll make it up to you.
It's fine. Neechan's doing her best too.
Either way, you can't count on dad, right?
I also have to work at night and I may cause troubles for you too.
It's fine... I'm going to be a middle school student sooner, right?
Thank you...
I'm so moved by you, I'm crying.
Well, you have to cry more.
So happy...
So happy, so happy, so happy.
Remedial classes six days a week...
How much will it cost?
Your mother brought it during lunch break.
It seems like she bowed and borrowed money
from her relatives to complete the payment to make it enough.
This much?
But this is not enough to guarantee your admission.
Then mother said...
Whether you pass or fail, it doesn't matter.
Sayaka, ever since you came to this cram school,
you have been very happy.
That is already enough as it is, she said.
The weight of so much money...
You understand, right?
We sang too much.
My throat has become hoarse.
I'm singing no more.
See you tomorrow.
We actually have something to say to you...
Can we go to a bar?
Hot springs every now and then feels great!
Foot down!
Do not squirt water!
Feels great!
By the way..
Something to say to me... What's it?
We... don't want to play with you anymore...
Because you're pushing yourself too hard.
I'm not forcing myself.
I really want to be with you, guys.
If ever you fail, it'll become our fault, right?
This we can't afford to do so.
You've begun to hate me now?
There's no way that's it!
Regardless of what everyone says...
Be fine and do your best, Sayaka.
You're very cool!
We also began to feel like we really have to find a
goal we want to persevere...
And in case if you ever have children...
It's like we can teach her anything, right?
Isn't that bad news?!
We sincerely hope you can pass...
Thank you...
Thank you, everyone...
Really, Sayaka! You're seriously crying?
After all!
When exam's over, let's go out and
play like we've never played before!
Right! Let's play!
Play, play, play!
Isn't Sayaka's chest growing bigger?
Let me touch it!
Ryota! You are a baseball first year rookie that everyone
looks up at!
Then stand straight!
Mayumi is a junior high school students now too.
Straight chest
Sayaka! Stop yawning already!
Here we go!
Okay! Smile!
Really! The society is full of unreasonable and contradictory
paths, right?
Proletarian, poverty and distress.
They really want us to empathize!
I did not expect to hear you say about proletariat.
It's an unbelievable progress!
I have measured you reading thoughts and you
write very well on essays.
However, pointing out your opinions are not just merely writing.
Taking into account the so-called thesis case objections should...
...those opinions also be asserted.
Otherwise, you'll get a high score.
After all, your aiming for the best private university!
Keio University.
Needless to say, these small books that have lengthy
quotations must also be used.
Try checking the news to understand current events
and topics.
Oh, the old man is not a problem.
After that, if there are a lot of errors in your
kanji writing...
This book, then.
Thank you for the wait!
Finally,Arashi's debut!
Wait, Neechan!
Sorry. Have to watch the news, news.
Today's news content are about black businesses.
Illegal overtime and long working hours...
Mayu, there's pudding here...
Come on.
It has become a serious social problem...
Today, freedom reporters were invited to understand this
issue by Yamamoto Tsuneyaki.
Isn't this company unforgivable?
There are a lot of overworked employees and
suicide employees too.
But with a beautiful advertising, people think that it is a first-class enterprise.
What to believe nowadays in businesses are really troubling!
The Media, in the first place, were initially touted by the company
that they offered a cheap commodity.
Enterprise also draw a welfare company, you see.
That is why... just listening to the media will make
anyone think that it is a superb company.
That's it!
In short... which part of the news broadcasted information
can completely change public opinion?
Do not believe the news.
If we don't consider the various positions, then we can not see the truth.
Well then... Why don't teachers just become the president?
Japan doesnt have a president.
Isn't it Abe?
Abe is a Prime Minister.
So that;s it.
For you to be unaware of such information,
good thing you understood the black business.
Because I watched the news and felt that you will ask.
So I checked it online..
So you have already taken into account the question
of the purpose of human learning?
So the topics used by Keio University teachers... How
will you understand it?
I'd call a Keio University teacher then.
Do you think he'll tell you?
Don't think so
Do a previous problem?
The next issue is the application...
Good luck!
What happened?
I worked to much, I have a headache.
Somehow, my stomach hurts.
When are you going back to the classroom?
Going back is useless.
I think I can't go on.
So it's serious, huh?
You know what?
This egg.. Let's name it Clara...
Do you think... if I put it here... can it stand alone?
That's a circle so it's impossible.
However, as long as you trim it enough.. It can stand alone.
Clara is standing up. Amazing.
But you did not know a while ago that it could...
...and because of a preconceived notion that it could not,
you gave up.
Clara... did not believe the words of Heidi that it could not really stand up...
...for even a second.
That is why...
Know in advance that there could be a very
important possibility that you could.
I already knew.
I believed that you will be able to get
me into Keio University.
Mom probably also believed too.
I'm going back to my studies.
Sayaka, is this really fine?
Yup. In order to overcome the temptation to play.
Ok, I understand.
Sayaka, here I go.
Is the modern Japanese.
Ease specific epithet formula
You're Sayaka, right?
Why the hell have you become so ugly that much?
Oh, shut-up! It was on purpose, why I became ugly!
But, that's just too ugly, right?
Shut up!
We offer you a very cost-effective insurance.
18 years of age...
She was fast asleep... a windowsill...
Good Morning.
Other teachers complained to me.
She's sleeping most of the time in class.
It is also necessary to come to class.
Im very sorry.
But, at least let her graduate!
Otherwise, she can't continue to college.
Those words I've heard too many times.
That child is really a good kid.
Those words I've heard too many times already.
Maam. You've been called too many times already, right?
I'm really, really sorry.
But Sayaka.. is really seriously doing her best!
She even studies late at night in cram school.
Even when she gets back home, she studies
up until morning.
Then, that child? When is she ever
going to sleep?
She has no other place to sleep but the school!
I know I'm saying absurd things but...
In any case, please forgive her!
Otherwise, that child will fall before the exam!
Then at least...
Can you do so as not to be so conspicuous?
Thank you very much!
I'll tell her properly!
In short, that angle A is less than 180 degrees...
Then calculate the A equals 60 degrees...
Just like this...
What is the formula of the solution under consideration by?
Wait! What came over you?
There happened to be a girl who took
an interest to me...
In order to cut off the temptation of love...
Like you, yourself, I became like this too.
Fortunately, with that look, you seem great.
More handsome.
You're lying!
Your able to read lengthy English now...
But the modern history of Japanese has almost
been completely destroyed.
Just in case, I'd ask....
What did Fukuzawa Yukichi invent?
It is the place you wanna go!
I know! Barbecue!
It is Keio University!
Start answering!
Careful on the road!
Got it.
Regardless of how many times you look at
the results, it won't change.
But everythings E!
It means I obtained .
Nope. A deviation of 30 to 60 of the English is not such a bad thing.
It is the basis of consolidating the process of rising, after all.
However, we constantly strive to take the examination.
The problem is Japanese history.
In short, you can not only read those manga's over again, okay?
Bye bye.
Tomorrow, there's a test. Flunk it, there will
be a punishment game.
What is the meaning of this, Ryota?
You did not participate in training for one week.
What the hell is wrong with you?!
Say something!
In order to eliminate the summer of regret...
You want to become an official player in the spring tournament!
Then you should not have gone to Koshien!
We're going now to your coach and apologize.
Now is a critical moment! Ryota!
I've had enough of baseball!
I knew already...
Everyone is too great!
I'm not in the same level as them!
No matter how hard I play, I can't be a part of
the regular players!
The hell with pro baseball..
I can just dream again.
What are you saying, Ryota?
You can do it!
You certainly can do it as long as you're willing to!
Wait, Ryota!
Are you serious?
You tried so hard to get here at this point of your life.
And then a little bit of effort wil---
It's not a world where just simply trying will
get you where you want to!
Aniki, you too...
[Aniki- can also mean elder sister]
Forget that stupid dream of yours..
Don't tell me you really do think you can be admitted to Keio University?
You really did your best on this exam...
If you press the AKB general election in this case...
Your girl has been promoted from candidate member
of God's 7 friends!
Right! And by the way, taking this opportunity into account...
Why not volunteer from your high school?
Such as Ritsumeikan University... or Doshisha.
You might be able to be admitted from these choices.
What? Seriously?!
Your English performance have increased again.
Anyway, your problem is Japanese history.
By focusing on learning the 16 volumes manga
of modern history, you'll get it.
I've had enough.
It doesn't have to be Keio.
Are you seriously saying that?
For what reason did I study for?
I don't understand anymore.
I'm only suffering and nothing else.
How about... For once, you pay a visit and take a
look at Tokyo Keio University?
That makes me feel even more empty.
Because you don't wanna be hurt anymore,
that's why you're avoiding?
Do you still wanna play?
Want to get some sleep?
Now is the time where you have to be at
your best!
You know what, for me this year...
Everyday... Night and day...
I have done nothing but to do my best!
If you aim to fail...
You will be getting lower and lower...
Does it even matter?
From the start, I have been called as scum...
Unlike you, I can't always stay
positive like nothing's wrong!
Then, why don't you quit?
With that attitude, you won't get admitted
Hey, Sayaka?
It's raining, isn't it?
At times, there's weather like this.
Saya-chan!.... Wait...
What happened?
Sorry, mom.
Ehh? What happened?
I'm sorry...
Okay, okay, okay.
You're fine, just fine.
If it's too much, you can just give up.
You have been trying very hard.
...using such gentle words...
It's just like back when you were still a baby...
Always trembling...
Easily gets sick, always crying...
I almost did not have a good sleep.
Only tired and exhausted every time...
Your father had just started his business...
So he's often not at home...
Filled with anxiety about the future...
I was the only one shouldering everything...
But even so you continued to cry and cry...
I began to vent everything...
"I beg you, please don't torment me anymore," I said.
I began to hate myself...
I cried together with you...
And then, you know?
...just suddenly laughed out of nowhere...
As if saying to me...
"I'm still here, so don't cry..." it felt like that.
Then it dawned on me...
As long as I can see the smile from my child...
I'm happy also...
I want this child to always be happy...
...and stay smiling for always...
Why did you get married with papa?
It doesn't seem like it, but he has a kind side to him,
as well...
If he sees people who are in need of help...
He just can't stand not helping them.
Even if you have to mess up a promise,
he makes sure to make it up to them.
Did you know?
Dad also looked in to going to Keio.
To become an outstanding professional athlete...
...That has been your father's dream.
But he could not get into Keio.
While he did strive hard to get into other universities...
In the end, an invitation to become a professional player
never came to him.
Excuse me. Can you give me another shot?
Isn't it a rare...
Seeing you drinking too much.
Not really..
I just.. got a bit harsh on one of my students...
I'm feeling ashamed that I was
too emotional..
Although, I don't know from where you
are a teacher, though..
What can teachers even do?
Even parents can't do anything at all.
Is that so?
My parents and I too...
Aren't there some right things we can do?
I have been convinced to believe so...
What fine words...
Even my daughter calls me "damn old man.."
I was even knocked by my son to the ground...
No dignity at all..
Ryota, come over here.
Just get here already!
What a good thing you did!
Getting drunk and be arrested...
Do you know what will happen?!
If you cause trouble for the baseball team...
Your qualification to participate will be canceled!
To the others who are serious,
how will you make amends to them?!
It'll be fine...
I just have to quit the baseball team.
What? Are you lying?
It's the truth!
How come you... never consulted me with that?!
I I told you, you'd definitely oppose, wouldn't you?!
Obviously! You, bastard!
Please stop it already!
Like I would listen to you!
Stop it! Damn old man!
Fuck off!
I tried so hard to get you into that position
just for you to give it up...
As your parent...
I'm too ashamed, I can't show my face
at your school!
You piece of shit!
Give a grip of yourself, already!
Let go of me, fool! Ryota!
You stupid shit!
What do you mean by you're ashamed?!
I have been..
... summoned to come to Sayaka's school
for how many times already...
But I never once thought it was shameful thing!
In contrast...
I was able to say a lot of words for Sayaka
and still I was happy.
Even Ryota...
...has a lot of things he would also
want to say to you, right?!
You know what, dear...
Ryota, he...
The night before every tournament...
He always has an asthma attack...
It is because he feared being scolded
by you if he failed to win the game!
He is afraid to play baseball!
The most painful thing...
...isn't it about you forcing your own dream to him?!
That's why...
So that child has lost a place he can go home to...
Don't intervene with my matters and his!
You only have to take care of Sayaka and Mayumi...
..with Sayaka, Mayumi, and Ryota... the mother of those three children!
Buy a pack of cigarettes, will you?
You know what?
Because you want to be the errand boy
of those yankees there..
...that's why you quit baseball?
Aren't you pitiful?
Is she your acquaintance, Ryota?
Why don't you come and join us?
Fuck off and shut up!
It doesn't suit you so quit it---
Are you in the position to act so high and almighty?!
Didn't you also give up on your cram studies?
...because you wanted to live unexamined?
The truth is that our dignity.. costs
just that much.
Don't go off, jerk!
I'm different.
I am different form you!
I wanted to ask you something ...
It's like I'm back to the feeling
of being a student...
If you get admitted to a college like this...
Life will become more different from now on for you.
A different life?
After all, all of the college students here...
...has confidence all over their face.
I hope you also live like this in your life.
Let's take a photo for remembrance.
Sorry, mom.
Can the picture wait until spring comes?
I really still prefer Keio.
I want to take the test to Keio.
How come you're here so late at night?
As I thought, you can't sleep since
you've also been striving hard.
Yukichi is...
...only learning to live, right?
Ultimately, life on the road has a lot of
inevitable setbacks...
To overcome those setbacks...
You have no choice but to be brave
as you face these difficulties, right?
In order to become a better person...
Even if I'm suffering, I will do my best.
Best regards.
The same applies to me too.
Best regards.
For the entrance exam takers...
...the venue is over here..
For the entrance exam takers...
...the venue is over here..
This... is my mock exam results.
You.. haven't taken a look at it yet?
I... can't open it by myself...
Open it, sensei.
What are you doing?
This is Niichan's baseball liberation ceremony.
It's my fault.
I've also figured it out...
From now on, you can do anything you want
for your future...
But I...
... only have baseball.
What should I do?
I can't think.
My mock exam results...
Keio University, Department of Literature.
C mark.
Qualification possibility ......
Fifty percent.
No way.
You've done it, Oneechan!
You really did your best, huh?
I will go... to Keio University.
You go and find your own dreams too, okay?
I only began during my sophomore year...
...I achieved such remarks!
You can still make it.
At that time, Sayaka-chan was... learning through manga...
...her results value reached 58 or more in her
Japanese history scores.
Scores of more than 70...
The first choice is Keio Keio University,
Department of Literature.
Your second choice was Nishimon...
Kinki University, Faculty of Letters.
Your weakness on some subjects accounted
for a higher score.
Keio University, Faculty of Policy Studies...
As a last alternative.
Well, that's a memorial for your exams.
Although your results as of now for
Keio University is C...
There is still two months before the official exam...
It's where the real showdown begins.
I think you can do it.
Why is there too much snow in this
very day?
Heavy snow caused some impact on traffic...
First, the current information...
The route has now been suspended ...
What should we do, Neechan?
I have no choice bu to walk.
I'll send you there.
Just changed the tires...
Hurry, and get ready.
When you get seated in the bus...
Do not worry about the admission fee...
I'll do something about it.
I... seem to have been wrong
somewhere in the path.
Your mother is a great woman...
Thanks to you, I noticed it.
Now, you are the hope of our family.
Don't joke with me, damn old man.
About me...
For how many years, you have
never cared about me.
Don't be saying great things to me now!
What are you going to do?
You're angry, right?
Now is not the time to scold me, right?
Give me 10 minutes.
I'll absolutely get you there in time.
You look at the your books for a while in there.
Are you fine?
Stuck in the snow?
That's too dangerous, let me do it.
We made it.
Now, hurry and go.
Exactly as Mom said.
That was a good thing you did there.
Good luck!
What is it?
I'm sorry I could not make your dream
come true!
But, it was fun.
I'm glad I was able to play baseball
with you.
What're you saying?
You passed the first exam hurdle!
Eh? Reiji-kun?
Don't you have exams today?
Ah, I decided to go for Nagoya University.
I came up with a new way of revenge.
A new idea for revenge?
When dad came home after his usual
justice court trial business...
Shedding tears, he said...
"I'm sorry I did not treasure your life,"
he said.
Dad is also doing his best
for the future of others.
And then, you know...
Dad gave me terrific idea suddenly.
I want to become a more powerful lawyer
to avenge him...
So I have to be admitted to university once I graduate.
I think, just now...
You were so cool.
Eh! Really?!
Was I really that handsome?!
Yes! Yes! Nagoya University...
I take it back.
After that, I'll let luck do the rest.
Finally, huh?
Today is my last day in this tutorial institution.
You're right.
So at least let me stay here until I graduate.
Graduation ceremony?
I really wanted to give my Keio University examination
results to you...
But if I fail...
...It'll become harder for me to come here again.
So today...
I'll give you my letter of thanks...
Thank you...
I'll read it now, then.
No! I know you'll get embarrassed!
Just read it later...
This is... from me...
Is this for me?
No matter how you pray to God...
I thought I should do what I'm able to do.
This examination achievement coffee...
I'll drink it during the examination day.
For the last time... Is there something
we can do for you?
If you have a method for reducing
Please tell me...
I may not look like it but
I actually almost collapsed...
Under pressure...
You just have to be confident!
Dictionaries are even used in such a way...
Make sure you grow, okay?
Can I have your sign... in this
Oh ... my signature?
As a talisman.
...always hated adults.
For those adults to conclude
that I'm stupid so nonchalantly...
I also feel very stupid myself.
I am nothing.
This I what I am most aware of.
With no goal in sight...
With people who did not have expectations
of me...
The time I spent together with friends was
my only consolation.
There is no hope for the future.
I only had to talk back.
Probably because it does not hurt me.
At that very moment...
I met adults who seriously looked
and faced me head-on.
I met people who made me feel,
" I want to be like and adult."
You're the first, Tsubota-sensei.
Start answering!
After I met you, I found a goal.
I knew the joy of effort.
I saw hope for the future.
My life...
I sincerely...
... thank you.
No way.
Why, why, why?!
Not good!
Please wait!
Please wait!
Calm down.
Calm down, calm down, calm down.
Another one?
Do not run!
Do not run!
Quickly, quickly, quickly!
Hello? Saya-chan?
I'm so glad.
You know? Tsubota-sensei said...
...You will definitely pass today's exam!
He said you are already good at English and Japanese history!
He specifically called over.
Is that so?
There's one more day...
Rest early, okay?
When I finish my Policy Studies exam tomorrow...
I'll get back home immediately.
I'll buy some souvenirs.
You don't really have to.
For the meanwhile, be safe
as you go back home, okay?
Bye, then.
Okay, good night.
Writing your own opinion is not only mere writing.
In essays...
...Taking into account the so-called thesis case
objections should also be asserted.
Where does the news gather their information?
Evaluation of the world is completely different.
You have to think in different positions...
... for the truth to come out.
Sayaka is not a scum!
She is overflowing with infinite possibilities!
She's an amazing girl!
Has Sayaka called?
As for now, not yet...
This very time is the most crucial.
All we can do is to wait...
It's Sayaka-chan!
Hello, It's Tsubota.
I was a failure.
I was stupid...
It's nothing.
But there is still a comprehensive policy
that's left.
Let's wait for news.
I'm sorry
Saya-chan, you have nothing to apologize .
College entrance examination is a
sentimental thing.
But isn't there still her Faculty of Policy Studies?
Faculty of Policy Studies...
She was not good at that part which
needed high points, you see.
But, being at the bottom...
She did pass at Kinki University.
Isn't that something amazing?
I'll think of a way to make her positive and optimistic,
so that she can accept this result.
Long time no see, Sayaka!
Long time no see.
Finally finished, right?
Thanks for your hard work.
Sayaka. Today, let's so and have fun!
Let's go! Let's go, let's go.
What should we do first?
First, let's fill our stomachs!
What to eat?
Thank you for playing with me until dawn.
We can accompany you again from night
until the morning comes!
Me, too!
Really late...
I got admitted.
I got admitted.
Ehh?! You did it!
I'm glad! I'm glad! I'm glad! I'm glad!
In the coming spring, I will be a student at Keio University.
Is that so?
You did it! I'm glad!
Are you sure?
I'm glad!
Kudou Sayaka...
I do not know what feelings you hold right now...
If ever, your greatest wish to pass the exam
did not happen...
Even if you are disheartened..
With ambitious goals through experience and hard work...
The future will absolutely become your strength.
So. always be yourself, and with a careless smile...
Please continue to stand tall and be confident as you go.
That is the you... that I really loved so much.
Well then.. I'll have to work hard for another year...
Don't lose, okay?
No matter what people around you says...
...Just confidently continue to use the
power of your dreams.
Do not be afraid of ridicules and failures.
You have the courage to challenge your dreams.
Here I go!
That is what... I call as very dazzling.
Three, two, one! Tadaan!
Thank you so much!
Papa... Saya will be going now.
Is that so?
Be well...
Here I go!
Hasn't it been a long time?
A ride on your back.
If you make mom cry, I will definitely never
forgive you, okay?
You said... I changed your life, but...
...It is because of the hard work and strength
I see in you...
...which changed the lives of a lot of people,
I believe so.
I believe that from now on...
I'm sure you will live your life
just the way you are now.
Even if you encounter some hurdles...
You're going to continue to try to challenge
a lot of things.
I am also... very happy to have met you...
From the bottom of my heart.
It's because I met you...
...that you have opened my world
and made it big.
Somewhere, someday...
A path will open up for you.
I also believe that... I continue to live and go forth.
Biri Gyarru (Based on a real story from the experiences of Tsubota-sensei)
[NOTE: Biri Girls are girls who wears miniskirts and dyes their hair blonde.
Back before, it could also refer to Japanese girls with tanned skin and blonde
hair and skimpy outfits. In the early 1990s, the popularity of Namie Amuro was at its peak.
Mini skirts, platform shoes, and long, brown hair was Namie Amuros trademark,
and young girls looked up to Amuro-chan and wore the similar outfits,
and they were called, Amuraa.