Birkebeinerne (2016) Movie Script

(low-tempo music)
(horse whinnies)
(child shouts)
Are you Inga of Varteig?
We are Birkebeinerne.
Is that Hkon Hkonsson?
You must come with us.
The King sends his greetings.
Come on.
It's all right, Hkon.
(woman sings in foreign language)
- Is he okay?
- Yes.
We will soon be there,
and you will both be safe.
Oh, good.
- Be careful.
- Huh?
Skjervald: She has borne
a child by the King, Torstein.
Torstein: I'm just looking out
for the child, Skjervald. The child.
Now we must part, my friend.
Are you sure about this?
Yes, I know that the King's son
is in good hands.
Do you... do you know
how to milk a cow?
No. But Ylva does.
If you change your mind,
you know where we are.
- Torstein: Get home safely.
- Skjervald: Thanks.
Take care of the child, now.
The child!
Torstein: You will never be a farmer,
(pounds on door)
(repeated pounding on door)
- Who is there?
- Skjervald: It is I...
Ylva: There you are, finally.
Skjervald: Yes,
had to go all the way to Borg...
You are long overdue.
Yes, it took longer than I expected.
But, this was my final mission.
I promise, Ylva.
You said that you would
finish the house
and that the barn would be
finished by winter.
I know. And it will be finished.
Ylva: By next winter, perhaps?
By summer.
Summer? Do you promise?
I promise, Ylva.
No more Birkebeinerne.
I will stay here, with you and Eirik.
I promise.
Is he asleep?
(Skjervald laughs)
Skjervald: No, you're wide awake.
Come, my boy.
There, look.
And there.
Oh, no.
Come, now.
(Eirik babbles)
- on:
- Oh.
Skjervald: Oh.
Eirik: Oh.
(Skjervald makes horse sounds)
(both panting and grunting)
Gisle: Only you can
get close enough to him.
you must be the one to do it.
Margaret: For God's sake, Gisle,
Hkon is my stepson!
Gisle: He is the King, Margaret.
He's too young to understand that the
time of the Birkebeinerne is past.
The Baglers are going to
win this war,
and that is an opportunity
I intend to exploit.
Meet him alone.
He trusts you. It will be fine.
What if something... what if things
don't go as we have planned?
Gisle: Of course things will go
as we have planned.
Everyone will believe
that it was Inge.
With him being first in line to
the throne, no one will suspect us.
Soon you will be queen again.
(door opens)
(door closes)
You can't go through with it.
I heard what he said.
You heard nothing.
Do you understand me? Nothing.
Can you promise me that?
If this becomes known...
we die.
My dear, dear daughter.
Forgive me. Forgive me.
I must return to Sweden.
But, when we meet again,
it will be when I marry
in Nidaros Cathedral
and become queen once again.
And you...
you will be my... princess.
I know it is an arduous task.
You have a long journey ahead of you.
But, Sweden is important to us,
and only you can win their trust.
You must persuade them to break with
the Church and support us
in our fight against the Baglers.
My father sees us, Margaret.
Let us make him proud.
Cheers, my friend.
For Norway.
I want to thank you, Margaret.
You stood loyally at my father's side
for as long as he lived.
I have seen your sorrow
since father died,
and I know that you miss him
as much as I do.
I have lost all those closest to me.
I now only have you and Kristin.
For all your affection, cheers.
Farewell, my son.
Farewell, Margaret.
(horse whinnies)
(Hkon screams)
(Hkon shouts)
Get... get Inge Brdsson!
Gisle, where is Inge?
In Borg, I shared my bed with
a woman, Inga of Varteig.
She bore my son, Hkon Hkonsson.
He shall inherit the throne.
Birkebeinerne in Eastern Norway
are bringing him north.
Meet them in Osterdalen with an army!
(indistinct chatter)
We have a traitor among us.
Here, in this room.
Queen Dowager Margaret poisoned
the King, but she did not act alone.
She was just a pawn in a game.
Our traitor might believe that Rome
has won the battle for Norway...
and that he will avoid being punished
for his sins,
but believe me, Birkebeinerne...
I shall find him.
No one leaves, the gate is locked.
Of course, we will send an army south
as soon as possible
to find the King's son.
Inge: No one leaves the royal
residence until the traitor is caught!
Eh, my brother is under
intense pressure.
Chancellor: Unless he perhaps sees an
opportunity to make himself King?
What do you mean by that?
Inge is quick to accuse us,
the King's closest allies
as well as his own brother.
Gisle and Inge are not
the sons of kings.
Yet, if Sverre's bloodline
dies off with Hkon Hkonsson,
one of them will inherit the throne.
And Inge is eldest.
Inge is first in line of ascension.
Inge Brdsson stands to gain
most from the King's death.
So he accuses us,
loyal Birkebeinerne
who have sewed Norwegian kings
since before he was born.
It is no! Inge, it is Hkon Hkonsson
who is the heir to Norway's throne,
and the boy's life is in danger.
If the King's son dies, we will
become a dependency under Denmark.
The pope will rule over us.
What will you do, Gisle?
Anyone who attempts to leave,
shall be locked up.
gather your men
and bring the King's son here.
A Birkebeiner from Nidaros.
Stle: It is from Earl Gisle.
We have just received the news
from Nidaros.
King Hkon is dead.
The Birkebeinerne have lost
their unifying force.
The time of kings is past.
But, the Church will always endure.
When one man falls,
another will take his place.
And he answers only to God.
We rule Eastern Norway;
Western Norway is next.
Soon the Church will have dominion
over all of Norway.
But one task remains.
King Hkon is survived by a son.
Today, an innocent boy;
tomorrow... our mightiest foe.
The boy is being hidden on a farm
here in our territory.
The man who finds the King's son,
shall enjoy great wealth
all of his days.
Show no mercy during your hunt
for the child,
for the Lord is eternally merciful,
but He also requires sacrifices.
Let law and order yield
along the way...
and bring me the boy's head.
(chopping sounds)
(bird rustles and flies away)
(Eirik cries)
Now, now, Eirik, it's okay.
It's okay.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
(chopping sounds)
(door opens)
(Skjervald coughs)
(Skjervald struggling)
That is one tough wife you have.
Really tough.
What have you done with Ylva?
All is well.
- (Eirik cries)
- All is well.
Skjervald: Ylva?
Ylva: Skjervald, we are here.
There is a boy of royal blood.
Where are they hiding the boy?
I don't know
what you are talking about.
Do you care so little for your family
that you would sacrifice their lives
for a dead king?
- Ylva: Get it over with.
- Skjervald!
No, wait! wait!
The King's son is in Borg.
He was in Borg.
You and Torstein took him away.
I saw you.
Just tell us where the boy is, and he
will let Ylva and your son live.
The King is dead, Skjervald.
Tell us where the boy is.
Okay, I will show you the way.
I will come with you.
Which direction?
Stle: Where?
Where the Lagen flows
into Lake Mjosa.
I know the place.
I can take you there.
Damn traitor!
So easily you crack.
There is no fight in you.
Your wife did not say a word.
No matter what we did to her.
(Eirik screams)
(fighting sounds)
(woman sings melancholy song
in foreign language)
(faint thudding on door)
Get him out!
(men shouting)
Orm: Get him!
(arrows whizzing past)
So, where is the boy?
- (Hkon babbles)
- Oh!
Can I have that?
Hey, Hkon Hkonsson,
now you must get some sleep.
Are you hungry?
No, thanks.
Are you sure?
Yes, I can take one.
You know that if you give me
your little finger,
I might take your whole hand.
(door opens)
- Can I give it a try?
- Yes, sure.
No, no.
- Huh?
- Hold it like that.
If a Bagler approaches you,
do like this!
Torstein: Like that. Good.
Right, bend your knees.
Bend your knees. Down in...
You know, Egil,
when your father was young,
he was one of our fiercest warriors.
Was he a Birkebeiner?
Have you never told him?
Honor be to the Birkebeinerne
and all that you are fighting for.
But, being a farmer
and putting food on the table...
is the best thing a man can do.
Your boy will become a Birkebeiner,
wait and see.
(breathing heavily)
Trym, you can go.
Your father has been through hell,
Egil. Many of us have.
But, we are free men.
So keep your eyes open.
I will.
- And your ears.
- Yes.
Someone is coming!
Torstein, someone is coming.
- Where?
- Look there.
The gate!
You stay here!
The Baglers are coming.
Get the King's son away!
Prepare the men and fetch Erlend.
Skjervald. What happened?
What has happened?
The horse is ready.
Get more food, Egil.
We have to get the boy out of here.
We stay together until Audun's farm,
and then we'll take Osterdalen.
You go ahead and leave.
I will stay here.
Erlend, we are ready to leave.
Where did you see the Baglers?
They can be here at any moment.
- Where'?
- They attacked my farm.
How many?
About 12 men.
Only 12?
One of our men is with them.
A Birkebeiner.
Stle. Yes, might be more of them.
We must get Hkon away from here
before it is too late.
I will stay here
and delay the Baglers.
The boy is safe.
We have guards and scouts everywhere.
No, we head north now.
The boy stays.
By order of the King.
The King is dead.
The Baglers know that Hkon is here.
And how the hell do they know that?
I told them.
(both grunt)
Erlend: We are leaving.
But first, you'll see what we do with
those who betray our righteous cause.
Our cause and our blood
have always met resistance.
Shoulder to shoulder, we have fought
and bled for each other.
- Gard?
- But, what happened?
Torstein, we're leaving.
Erlend: Someone has betrayed us.
who drink together.
you have betrayed your King.
Torstein: Wait!
Skjervald is one of us.
He always has been.
Show that you are loyal to your King.
Do it, Torstein, and get
the King's son away from here.
Then you will be next.
We must show no mercy.
You will see what befalls those
who betray us!
We shall defend our right.
Guard: Baglers!
Erlend: Attack!
- (whimpers)
- Get to the sleigh, and flee!
(fighting sounds)
Shh! Shh!
Skjervald: Run!
Take the quickest route to
Osterdalen. I will take the boy.
- No!
- Traitor!
Inga! Listen!
We will take care of him.
You have my word.
Hurry. Get away from here!
- (Hkon crying)
- Torstein!
(fighting sounds continue)
To the horses!
(both breathing heavily)
(Hkon crying)
Baglers! Hurry! Hurry!
In here. This way.
Let them choose.
Fight on our side, or die.
Your word is my command, lord.
Those who want to live,
must fight for the Church.
The choice is yours.
Skjervald! We shook them off.
He's sleeping.
He's sleeping?
Help me get him on my back.
Good. Let's go.
Inge: Gisle.
Let me out of here!
You will not manage this alone.
Not without me.
It appears that you were mistaken
about me, Inge.
A long time.
I know that you did not
kill the King.
Because I'm the one who did.
And I just want you to know that...
King Sverre's bloodline...
ends here.
Forgive me, brother.
I never gave you a chance.
I have always stood in the way of
things you wanted to achieve.
But, now your turn has come.
Show the goodness in your heart.
Save the King's son.
You have never known me, brother.
You have no idea who I am.
Do you sleep here too?
Has anyone been here
in the night recently?
I did not see anyone.
I know that this is very difficult.
But, you must trust me alone.
Do not speak to anyone, do nothing.
I'm the only one who can protect you
now, do you understand?
(both breathing heavily)
How is he doing?
He is doing just fine.
- Shall we keep going?
- We must keep going.
We must get him to Audun's farm
before it gets dark.
(woman sings melancholy song
in foreign language)
It's going to be alright.
It will be fine, Egil.
(wind howling)
(Hkon crying)
- ls there something wrong with him?
- What?
He's screaming!
He's going to freeze to death!
He's fine. Look here. See.
We must find shelter!
There are some little barns
over there.
(Hkon crying)
Torstein: He is freezing.
Take him out. We are safe here
as long as the storm holds.
Shh, shh. Look here. Look.
His hands are warm.
He has royal blood.
He is a tough little guy.
Do we have any food?
Now, now, now. So, so, so...
Hkon, Hkon.
Look at this. Look!
(both making silly sounds)
Look here.
Look here.
Look here, Hkon. Look.
Watch it go! Look.
(makes horse noises)
Look here. Clippity-clop.
Once upon a time,
there was a little...
King's horse.
No, an ordinary horse.
And that horse, it...
wanted to be king.
Hkon. But, in order to do so,
it had to ride through
a mountain of flames.
But, it was too hot.
So he kept having to stop.
But one day...
he found the fire within himself.
And he rode right through the flames.
And that is why he came
all the way here to you...
The King's horse.
Oh, look...
Look here, Hkon, have some water.
Do you want some water?
Look. There.
Give me the horse. Look.
(makes horse noises)
(woman vocalizing)
Torstein, I must leave.
We're close to Audun's farm.
He will help you on your way.
The Baglers won't be expecting me
in the storm.
I will take them by surprise.
Are you leaving me here with
the King's son up in the mountains
in a damn blizzard?
I don't know how to care for the boy!
Torstein, I must do this.
We are doing this together,
damn it!
Norway's future is lying there,
and it's your fault
that we're even here.
- My fault?
- Yes, yours.
- My fault?
- Yes.
Ylva said nothing. Nothing.
Do you understand?
Do you know how strong
she must have been?
She fought until the end.
And what did I do?
(Skjervald grunts)
I must kill him.
You'll have your revenge, Skjervald.
It is your right and your duty.
But it won't help that defenseless
little boy lying there.
This is the only thing
that proves that Hkon
is our new king.
And now I'm giving it to you.
We will all die, Skjervald.
But our legacy lives on.
There are rumors that King Hkon
is survived by a son.
The rumors are true.
We've done everything in our power to
bring the royal heir here to Nidaros.
as we all know,
the winter can be merciless.
And it saddens me
to have to inform you...
that the boy died in a storm
in the mountains.
The King's son is dead.
It is with great humility
that I have accepted the task
of being Norway's new king.
To secure an heir to the throne,
I will marry King Sverre's daughter,
Together we will ensure
that there is peace in our land.
Those who were once our enemies,
shall become our friends.
Swords shall be laid down,
and disputes with the Church
shall be forever laid to rest.
You will see a new Norway.
Torstein, Torstein.
The storm has calmed.
Take Hkon.
Torstein! Torstein!
They're here.
(Baglers shouting indistinctly)
Torstein: They've seen us.
- Torstein: So, so, so, so.
- (Hkon crying)
Skjervald: Come on!
You go first!
(Baglers shouting)
(Baglers continue shouting)
(Baglers shouting aggressively)
Bagler: Catch them, damn you!
Watch out ahead!
Torstein! Is he okay?
He's alive! So. Let's go!
Skjervald: More are coming!
Keep going.
I'll take care of them.
Skjervald: Torstein!
- (Torstein screams)
- Skjervald: Torstein!
(Hkon cries)
(Bagler groans)
Are you okay?
No, damn it!
- Give me the child.
- No, we must continue!
(Torstein groans loudly)
Torstein: Come on. Hurry!
(Hkon cries)
Egil: Inga!
Welcome to our farm.
Did you have a baby?
Oh, my son! You're alive!
My boy.
Thank you, Torstein.
Now, now. Mama is here.
Torstein! Get him inside,
we must take out the arrow.
- Audun: Easy. Easy, now.
- Give me that bottle.
No, not that, it's fish oil.
The one next to it.
Take it easy. I've done this before.
To reindeer.
Skjervald: Stay here. Stay. Stay.
(prays in Latin)
All that... doesn't help a bit.
If I die, I'm going to kill you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Frikk, hold him down.
- Are you ready?
- No!
(groans loudly)
(pained groan)
(sobs and groans)
It will be fine.
(unintelligible screams)
I'll take that.
No, not a chance.
Remember what happened last time.
We must gather an army, Audun.
We mus! get Hkon to Nidaros.
An army? Could you go and fetch
an army, Frikk?
All you will find here,
is ordinary folk.
Hunters, farmers, crofters
and an occasional fair maiden,
- if you're lucky.
- We need warriors, Audun.
Send word for the King's men.
The King, yes.
Well, he did not last long.
Fenrir the Wolf is loose.
Rumor is that Nidaros
is out of control.
No one knows who is in power.
It might be us.
It might be the Baglers.
Done. Let's take him to the sauna.
(Egil sniffles)
I know how you're feeling.
I have also lost my family.
- Can I count on you?
- Yes.
- Go up on that mountain.
- Up there?
Yes. And then find a spot
with a good view to the south.
- Okay.
- Keep a constant lookout.
- Yes.
- Don't sleep while standing guard.
- Don't be afraid. Do you understand?
- Mmm-hmm.
If you see anyone,
take the quickest route back here.
- Okay.
- Good.
Lord, heal his wound,
and free him of all suffering.
Give him health,
and let him resume his mission.
You who live and give guidance,
for all eternity. Amen.
(vocalizing continues)
(knock on door)
You have a visitor.
- Gisle: What is it?
- Kristin: I'm afraid.
I cannot be alone up in that room.
Have the chancellor
take you to the room.
I will take care of you now.
(door opens)
(door closes)
Kristin: Inge.
Inge: Gisle! Let me out of here!
- Kristin: Oh, no!
- Inge: Gisle!
Hello! Welcome to the farm!
(men laughing)
Welcome to the farm!
(horn continues blowing)
We must leave. We have to keep going.
We must leave.
Torstein... Relax. Take it easy.
- Where is Hkon? Where's Hkon?
- He's sleeping. He's sleeping.
I'm here.
Drink this.
Come on.
- What is it?
- Fish oil.
You need nourishment, Torstein.
Yes, yeah, yeah.
Now it's your turn.
(loud, happy chattering)
Refill? You want some more?
Thank you very much.
What is all this?
Do you think people
just go to war voluntarily?
So you have a feast?
Do they know they are going to war?
This was all you could get?
- Yes.
- This won't work.
They don't even know
they are going to war.
Torstein: Shut up!
- Listen up!
- (music and chattering stops)
We have Birkebeinerne
in the house!
Hey! I'm not a Birkebeiner.
I'm just like all of you.
A poor country farmer.
I do my best to plough
the rocky slopes we call soil,
and pray to God that my family
will make it through the winter.
The Birkebeinerne are the King's men.
But have they met him?
He who hides away in Nidaros, while
the Baglers are burning our lands.
He who sits in a golden chair, sleeps
on silk linen and sucks his thumb.
We are farmers, not warriors. But,
we are fighting for all that we love.
For our families.
For our survival.
The Baglers killed my wife.
They butchered my boy. Eirik.
He did not even reach
his second birthday.
And for what?
For what?
The King in Nidaros is dead.
But, Norway has a new King.
And he is here with us tonight.
This is Norway's new King.
Hkon Hkonsson.
The Baglers are coming to kill him.
Help me stop the Baglers
once and for all,
so we can unite,
under this King,
and send these Bagler devils
back to hell.
Help me. Help us.
Not as farmers,
but as this King's men.
Real Birkebeinerne.
Audun: Our new King.
Here, Frikk.
- No, I don't need it.
- What?
I'll take one from the Baglers.
There is only one way
through the valley.
The King's son and Inga
must leave first,
and they will continue
through the valley here.
Audun is here, and I'm here.
Here are the archers. Torstein,
you lead the Baglers through here.
When you are close enough,
the archers will start shooting.
- They're coming!
- What?
- An army is coming from the south.
- Are you sure?
Egil: It's the Baglers.
Skjervald: Everyone get ready!
Move it! Everyone!
Where is Hkon?
Egil: Inga! Hkon is in the sleigh.
Audun! You know what to do?
- Yes.
- Good.
If they get through,
the boy dies, you know that.
It will be fine. Trust me.
- Egil: Yah! Yah!
- (Hkon cries)
Now, now, it will be fine, Hkon.
Mama is here. Mama will protect you.
Be calm, sweet boy.
It'll be fine.
Man: They're coming!
(horse whinnies and snorts)
Skjervald: A bit further.
A bit further.
Wait here... Wait here.
They've made it through.
(Hkon cries)
Inga: We are safe now.
There, there. We are safe now.
Here they come. Wait. Wait!
(Baglers shouting)
(men shouting)
Off the horses! Attack, damn it!
(shouting and grunting)
(fighting sounds)
Here, drink this.
Welcome to Ragnarok!
They're getting through!
Stop the horses!
Audun: Skjervald, come on!
Let's get them.
What did you say?
Audun: Skjervald!
Hang on, here we go!
Torstein: Egil! Take it easy.
We are through.
Now it's up to Skjervald.
Torstein: They have broken through,
damn it!
Drive, Egil! Hurry!
Just a couple of loose horses.
(men shouting to horses)
Torstein: Hurry! Faster!
(Hkon cries)
They are right behind us. Hurry!
Hurry! Faster, Egil!
Keep going. We'll stop them.
(both grunt)
Skjervald! He got through!
(fighting sounds)
Inga: For God's sake, Egil, faster!
Please don't! He is just a child.
Look at him!
(both grunt)
Egil! Get up!
We must keep going!
(both shout)
(Skjervald panting)
Inga: Skjervald.
Skjervald. Skjervald.
You did it.
You did it.
We will all die.
But, our legacy lives on.
That's fine. Hush-hush-hush.
Everything will be alright.
There won't be any wedding.
But, Kristin, don't show any fear.
Someone has started a rebellion
and surrounded Nidaros Cathedral.
So now we will just have to
move the wedding here
to the royal residence.
Hold the wedding ceremony here.
No guests.
Do you know anything about this?
- No.
- Come over here.
I do not know anything.
- (groans)
- (screams)
I must speak with Inge.
Let me speak with Inge Brdsson.
Wait! This is Hkon Hkonsson.
This is Norway's rightful King.
(Hkon cries loudly)
No! Let go!
He is the King's son.
I swear on the boy's life!
In the absence of your father,
King Sverre,
I give you, Kristin Sverresdatter,
to Earl Gisle, to honor as his wife,
in shared bed and home.
Now I know who you are.
It was God's will that you
and your kinsman, Skjervald,
should save the King's son.
I therefore name you as
Hkon Hkonsson's closest protector.
With the consent of
the Birkebeinerne,
I will guard the throne, just until
Hkon becomes old enough to rule.
You shall bring peace to our land.
(crowd cheers)
(woman vocalizing)
(low-tempo song)
(woman sings in foreign language)
(song ends)
(instrumental music plays)
(music ends)