Birthday Girl (2023) Movie Script

I'm allowed to cheat!
Is this it?
Is it working? Yes, of course.
Wow, it's small.
It looked a lot bigger on the Internet.
This can't be right.
- It's fine.
- No, this is not okay.
- It's fine. We'll only sleep here.
- But it's your birthday.
- And please don't embarrass me.
- It needs to be okay.
At least we have a sea view.
What? It's plastic.
I'll take this bunk. Is that okay?
- I've brought welcoming drinks!
- Great.
- You didn't!
- Yes, I did!
- How old is that flag?
- It's nice.
- Shall we open that bottle?
- Isn't it a bit early?
I should have picked
one with a screw cap.
Shall we just take out the clothes we
need and leave the rest in the suitcase?
- Calm down. We're on holiday.
- Yes, calm down.
I'll just pop in here.
Won't I fall out of bed
during the night?
- What the...? Nanna?
- Yes.
- Mum, shut the door.
- Seriously?
- I'll fix it.
- We'll make something out of it.
- Your mum is so funny.
- She's so annoying.
- I don't want to be alone with her.
- Imagine going away with my parents.
- At least they know who you are.
- Your mum has paid for it. It'll be fun.
- That's better.
- Isn't it?
- You look amazing, sweetie.
- Then I'll wear this one.
Come here.
- You just need some of this.
- Don't make them too dark.
Some things I do know how to do.
- Isn't that new?
- The necklace? Yes. From Oliver.
- I can't wait to meet him.
- He's really nice.
He'd better be.
Otherwise I'll be...
There's no reason to. He's lovely.
I'm on the waiting list
for a larger flat.
- I may get one in a couple of months.
- That's great.
I'll have an extra bedroom,
if you're interested.
- I have a room at Dad's.
- You can always use a spare.
Oliver and I may be moving in together.
His parents are buying him a flat.
- You haven't been allowed to move out.
- Yes, I have. Dad said I could.
I'll be eighteen in two hours.
- I have a present for you.
- Really?
Apart from this trip, that is.
- That's really good. It looks amazing.
- Not too much?
Come over here, Cille.
I wanted to give it to you
before you got too drunk.
- Confetti!
- Don't.
- A book.
- It's not just a book! It's our book.
- I look so ugly.
- You look cute.
- It's bad.
- Stop it. It's a great gift.
Do you remember when we took
jazz ballet classes with that teacher?
- Do you remember?
- Yes. That's a long time ago.
- What was her name?
- I don't remember.
- Mrs... something.
- I don't remember.
You look so cute.
They're all old photos.
Yes, but now we'll make
new memories. Right?
Right, you two. Come on.
Let's turn this on.
Nobody'll tell me what to do.
This summer I'm going to pursue
all the things I want to.
This summer I'm going to pursue
all the things I want to.
This summer, this summer...
Why don't you want to party
with your mum?
You're brilliant.
Those five guys dressed in red
are just my scene.
We've got it!
You look really nice.
- You're terrible!
- Lea, you're so excited!
- Do you think he's hot?
- That's a stupid question.
Then let's go to the Bahamas
without a hangover.
Hold this. Let's swap these.
We'll swap wristbands.
Then you can get us drinks. Come on!
Just tell them you're 21.
- But what if he...?
- He won't.
- Way to go!
- Cheers!
Come on, Cille!
Let go of me! It's not fun.
What do you think is going on?
Don't talk to me like that, Oliver.
Stop it. I'm on a cruise ship
with my mum and Lea.
Can't you just trust me?
There are only old people on board.
- Don't explain yourself to him.
- It's none of your business.
- He can't control you like that.
- Can you say "Oliver"?
- That's his name. Can you say it?
- Cille...
- Can't we just have fun?
- Just stay away!
I understand why you're pissed off.
But she's just trying to make you happy.
She's coming.
- How about giving her some space?
- Space? We're on holiday together!
Talk to her.
You're so bloody boring!
Suddenly you get cold feet.
It's fine. It's fine. It's fine.
I've forgotten...
Sleep tight, Cille sweetie.
- Why are you in that bunk?
- Turn off the light.
Cille, sweetie?
You can't sleep here. Come on.
- I don't remember anything.
- Was it a fun evening?
You're just as hopeless
as your mum.
Can you stand up?
There we go.
Right, let's get you...
... into to a decent bed.
Turning 18 is hard, right?
Why aren't you wearing panties?
Have you...?
- Have you been with someone?
- I think so.
You don't remember?
You don't remember?
Can you feel it?
Let's leave.
We're here now.
Let's hear what he has to say.
Give it to me.
It's Oliver...
Just let it ring. Just...
- We'll get through this.
- "We"?
- Yes.
- I want to do it alone.
- Please leave.
- What do you mean?
Please leave!
- Cille...
- Please leave! Leave.
Okay. Of course.
I'll take your bag.
Cille where are you?
Stop doing that.
Cille, where are you?
Stop! What are you doing?
I don't want your help.
Cille where are you?
Please respond. Cille!
- Where did you go?
- Sorry. I had to talk to Security.
- Do you need anything, sweetie?
- A shower.
Cille, we need to talk.
I can't find my necklace.
I can't find my necklace!
Is it Dad?
He calls me all the time.
Yes, but it's not important now.
If anybody asks you if I gave
you alcohol to drink, I didn't.
And I finished the bottle all by myself.
But you did.
Right. It's important
that our stories match from now on.
- Cille?
- Oliver will freak out if it's gone.
They'll find all kinds of traces and DNA
from the examination they did.
Cille? Damn it!
- I don't want to talk to him.
- No.
- Don't tell him, okay?
- Fine.
Hi, Lasse.
No, she's not here right now.
She went to the pool with Lea.
She forgot her phone.
Of course I will.
Yes, we're having fun.
Yes, I will. Bye.
If you wish to speak to the Foreign
Office's emergency operations -
- please press one.
If you have questions
that regard other issues...
Why do I need my travel insurance?
I need the police.
Where have you guys been?
Why did you get a new cabin?
What happened
with you and Cille last night?
- What do you mean?
- You left me and then each other.
- I just went to bed early.
- Why didn't you stay together?
We had a row,
and then I went to bed.
What did you row about?
I was going to try to pull Kevin.
- The one who's getting married?
- Yes, him.
- And then what?
- Then she was snogging him.
- Yes.
- Where?
On the stairs in front
of the night club.
Then we fell out, and I think they went
up on the deck. What has happened?
Why don't you look out for each other?
Cille's usually in control
when she's drunk.
But when she's upset, something
happens and she can't keep it together.
What do you mean, "upset"?
I have to talk to my mum.
Hi, Mum. Are you good?
Are you with Dad?
Hi, Dad!
I'm enjoying it by the pool.
- Cille, that rape kit...
- I don't want to talk about it.
I don't want anybody to touch me.
Try to sleep.
Cille? Let me in.
- Did you sleep?
- A bit.
I found this where you were found.
Do you remember where that was?
Now we'll take a look at this
and pretend...
... to be interested in these photos.
Come on.
Do you remember
how it was ripped off?
Do you remember anything from before?
Who you partied with?
Did you party too hard with someone?
- What do you mean?
- You know what I mean.
What are you trying to say?
I'm trying to work out
what happened.
I don't remember anything.
I don't know what happened.
I want this to be over.
I know you didn't go through
with the examination.
- Put this on.
- Where are we going?
Tomorrow, we'll arrive in the Bahamas.
Then it'll be too late.
- What do you remember from the deck?
- I was looking at the water.
Was Kevin there?
I know you two were kissing.
Don't tell Dad or Oliver.
- Do you promise?
- I promise.
We were kissing.
But nothing more happened.
- Do you believe me?
- Of course I do. Come on.
It's this one.
- We need to make you remember.
- Can't we just leave?
No. Come on.
- Take a look around you.
- Can't we just leave?
Do you recognise anything?
Do you remember Kevin being here?
Did you invite him in?
What the hell are you saying?
- Of course not!
- Did he maybe misunderstand you?
- Like what?
- Something you said.
- You think I invited him in?
- That's not what I'm saying.
- You're asking if it was my own fault.
- It's not your fault, Cille!
It's not your fault.
I'm just trying to make you remember.
I remember everything, okay?
I remember everything.
Is that what you want to hear?
Tell me what you remember.
I was lying on my front.
He just kept going and going.
I tried to scream.
But he put his hand over my mouth.
I bit his arm.
Then he left.
Why didn't you just say that, sweetie?
Because I don't want those disgusting
examinations and questions!
I understand.
Which part of his arm did you bite?
Was it here?
Was it Kevin? Cille!
Come and tell me! Tell me!
Come up here
and tell me what happened!
She won't tell me what's wrong. Oliver
keeps ringing, but she won't answer it.
Lea, I want you to leave.
I want to be alone with her.
Why? Why should I leave?
I know her best.
Have fun.
You're not telling me shit.
I don't know what to tell Oliver.
He won't believe me.
As long as you tell him the truth,
sweetie, he'll believe you.
Come on. We're going to see the
captain. You remember what happened.
You're going to tell him.
Just tell them exactly what happened.
Like you told me.
One final time. Then it's over.
When we dock in the Bahamas,
we'll fly home.
- No! Listen to me...
- I told you! I didn't touch her!
Tell us what happened, Cille.
- No.
- Yes, come on.
I'm right here.
Every detail.
Everything you told me.
Come on, Cille.
- Cille, don't do that.
- That's not true!
That's not true!
- Why did you say that?
- Get lost. I want to go home.
You need to tell them what happened.
They say it's my fault. And it is!
I shouldn't have been drinking.
Don't say that.
You have to stand your ground.
I don't want to be a victim or explain
who I kissed or how much I drank.
It's none of their business.
If you don't pursue this now, you'll
regret it for the rest of your life.
- You don't know.
- Yes, I do.
I know all about it.
I know what I'm talking about.
- Don't do what I did.
- It's always about you.
Isn't that right?
It's always about you, you get that?
- It's never about me.
- Cille?
What are you doing with them?
Don't you know what they did to Cille?
What are you talking about?
Kevin raped Cille.
- What the fuck are you on about?
- Last night.
They were snogging.
She was all over him.
All over him? So she wanted to
get raped while she was asleep?
She wanted to. What kind of behaviour
is that when you have a boyfriend?
Are you just bloody jealous
because Cille gets all the attention?
You don't even know her.
- You don't know your own daughter.
- Why are you saying that?
You don't. You don't know her.
Let me go!
Do you want to see what she was
like last night? Here you go.
Look at this!
Thank you.
Give me back my phone!
- If you have photos of my daughter...
- Give me my phone!
- I'm telling you... Don't!
- Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Bacon? Don't waste your time on her.
Take it easy!
Lea took some photos last night.
I'll find your fianc and make sure
that your wedding is cancelled.
What's your problem? This is your
daughter. So I kissed her. Big deal.
- Lea took pictures all evening.
- You can't tell who it is.
How can you tell it's me?
It's your daughter.
- She's kissing him.
- Show me your arms and I'll delete it.
- I understand what you're saying!
Do you? Then show me your arms!
Now you're spitting at me as well.
Fuck it. Now you'll see all of me.
Do you want a show?
Should I say it in Danish?
There you go.
Are you happy?
Are you happy?
What's the problem?
I haven't touched your daughter.
If she lies, that's your problem.
Do you need to see more?
Shall I drop my trousers as well?
You can pull my trousers down. Go on.
Of course it's you. I'm dancing here!
Dance over there in your tracksuit.
- Just go away.
- Take it easy. Take it easy.
- We're just dancing.
- Stop it!
It's fine. Just go.
Are you afraid? Come on.
We do that
when we're drinking.
- Can I take two?
- Of course.
Thomas. Where can we put the drinks?
We want to dance.
- Can I have the card for the cabin?
- Sure.
But are you going to bed now?
It's too early.
Let's go, Cille. Cille!
- Take it then. Off to pull.
- No, I'm not going to.
- Mats is going to pull!
- Why do you have to be such an arse?
Go to bed.
- Where is he going?
- To bed.
As if. Cille went after him.
I just want him to admit to it,
and then we'll leave.
- Hi.
- What's up?
Do you have time for a chat?
- Can I come in for a second?
- Sure.
- Right, so your mum's here too.
- Yes.
I want to see your arms.
I want you to show me your arms.
Show me your arms.
Please show me your arms.
Show me your arms.
I need you to let me see them.
Come on.
Show me this one.
Was it you?
Was it?
Was it you?
I was really drunk, Cille.
We were really drunk.
- Cille, I'm sorry.
- Mum, we're leaving! Mum!
- I'm sorry, Cille.
- Mum, come on.
- Why did you do it?
- I want to leave now, Mum!
- Are you recording me?
- We're leaving.
Cille, I kissed you!
I didn't do anything wrong.
You raped my daughter.
Isn't that wrong?
- It's because I'm not Kevin, right?
- What?
Let me speak to Cille alone.
What's the problem with that?
Do you think
I'll leave her alone with you? Never!
Never in a million years!
Come on, we're leaving.
No, give me the phone.
Give it to me now!
Give me that phone.
Don't say anything, right?
- I pushed him!
- You were trying to save me.
Come on.
Come on.
Hi, honey. I'm just packing.
We're disembarking now.
Don't you talk to me like that.
Will you please talk to me nicely?
No, don't ever talk to me like that.
Do you understand?
Hurry up, Mum!
Come on, Mum! We're leaving!
Excuse me.
Are you coming? Lea?
Fuck you!
Where is he?
Where is my brother?
We're leaving now.
Come on.
Mum? Come on.