Birthmark (2024) Movie Script

I, Daniel Alex
I, Jennifer Mervin
To Jennifer Mervin
To Daniel Alex
Take you to be my wife
Take you to be my husband
I will respect
And be faithful to you
I'll be there to support
And take care for you
I will forgive you
as we've been forgiven
I'll share my life with you
I'll try with you better
to understand ourselves
The world
and GOD
Through the best & worst of what is to come
As long as we live
I am your beloved
and you are my beloved
This forest has only lions, tigers, bears
and tribal people live here
Here where...Dhavanthri
Dhavanthri Natural Birthing Village
I drive at 10 kmph
Will you carry your gun
wherever you go?
Lions, Tigers, Bears,
Tribals exist here, right?
All for our safety
It's paining
Just throw that and come here
Hello sir and madam
Welcome to Dhavanthri birthing village
Dhavanthri birthing village
Dhavanthri Birthing Village it seems
- What are you doing?
- Sir
Let's leave the jeep here.
We'll have to walk
Let's leave the jeep here, sir
We'll have to walk down, sir
How long?
Half kilometer, sir
6 Kms? Huh?
Ha...half kilometer, sir
Near...very near, sir
- Just 1/2 a Km ; let's walk then
- Water...
Water available here?
We can fetch stream water on the way, sir
Stream water...
Stream water is on the way it seems
I need this tablet...
Just 1/2 km more,
let's drink there.
Please come
- What happened?
- I'm drained
No, I can't...I can't bear
Let's go back and
buy water on our way
Hey, wait man
Stop man
How long?
We need water
Take it
Drink it
I can't
- Let's go off
- Yeah, we are almost there
Who are they?
Have no brains? Who gave you
permission to open our bags?
Sir...I'm doing my job...
Opening patient's bag is your work?
Are not allowed to take in, sir
See, sir
See, sir
Sir, leave these here and proceed
- Who are you to tell? Call the manager
- Sebastian brother
Who's this?
What are you doing?
Amulu...he's smoking cigarettes
and that lady consumes tablets.
I saw a bottle of alcohol in his bag.
When I wanted to take it,
he came to hit me
Sorry, brother
Sebastian is slightly like that
He cannot speak normally
So I think you misunderstood him
I apologize on his behalf of him
To maintain the sanity of Dhavanthri
Allopathic medicines
are not allowed here
Please give all these to Sebastian
Who are you to take?
I'll take it all out myself
Here you go
Take this
Here. You have it all
Come on
Welcome, sister
Welcome, brother
Sister, this medicinal drink is made
with the handpicked herbs grown here
Please drink
Here you go, brother
Why is it bittering so much?
It will
But is very healthy for you and your baby
Close your eyes and gulp it
Brother, why is your face like that?
I don't think you'll find it bittering
It's nice
Brother & Sister.
I am Amulu
From today, until your labour day
I'll always be with you
Please have this
This has your agreement
Agreement has the process,
terms & conditions
In detail
Please read and sign it
Don't forget to pay the fees
Today you can take rest
Session begins tomorrow
Amulu will take care of you, okay?
Dhavanthri's Natural way of birthing
Welcomes you
Welcome to
Dhavanthri Natural Birthing Village
Sister, another important thing
Be ready in the evening
To attend a prayer happening for you
Prayer? What prayer?
Yes, sister. Knowing your arrival
Kundhavi amma
has organized a special prayer
Kundhavi amma? Who's she?
Kundhavi amma is like
a God to this whole village
She is the founder of Dhavanthri
Let's meet her in the evening
See you then sister, be ready
I'll come and take you
Happy staying
Dear, did you read the agreement?
I do not feel right about this place
I feel that something is gonna go wrong
Did you see a couple exiting
when we entered?
Yes. they went out with a baby
But why did they leave sad?
Here there is no facility
in case of an emergency
There are no doctors
or an ambulance
Not even an operation theatre
They have taken my tablets too
What if I get the pain again
You brought me here to see me suffer?
I have never seen you in saree like this
Are you Joking?
I wore saree for our wedding
During our wedding night too
A mango just fell
It's's okay
Do these sounds scare you?
After going to the war?
or from your childhood?
You can frankly tell me
whatsoever it maybe
You know, right?
You go to the prayer
I'm not coming
I need some time alone
Who is she?
What's going on?
That is what sister,
it's the 'Mother ceremony'
For the sake of you and your baby
'Mother ceremony?'
Until ceremony ends
please don't talk anything
The baby's growth is too less
You must stay safe
The confusion inside your heart
will only affect your baby
The power to stand against anything
is inside you
Why are you sleeping on the floor?
I am used to this
Some days under the tent
Some days under the sky
But always on the floor
Let's not do this here.
We'll leave
You don't worry, please sleep
Whatever it is, let's sort in the morning
No, dear, let's leave in the morning
I'm unable able to sleep
Can you please sleep up?
Can you sleep next to me?
Who is that?
Oh that one?
She must be working here
Kundhavi Amma somehow
found out our baby's problem
When she touched
my tummy during prayer
the baby inside
what was happening inside?
everything was passing in front of me
Do people really option
this kind of a birth these days?
Dear! Get ready fast!
We should leave
I can feel the baby moving...
I am not feeling any pain
Do you understand now?
That I'm doing all these
for your own good?
Shall we continue the treatment?
I'm going for a walk
Good Morning.
Here your medicinal drink!
Now do what I am doing
Close your eyes and 5 times
Breathe in...Breathe out...Like this
Welcome to Dhavanthri
Natural Birthing Village
Mrs. Jennifer Daniel
I am your paramedic, Asha
Hope you are doing well
Please come in
Did you smoke...??
I want to check your pocket...!!
Sir, let me do my job...!
I'll give myself
Everything for your own good sir...!!!
Please lie down.
Let's check the baby
Can you show your tummy?
No other doctors available here?
There is a male gynac
Are you okay with him?
How many times have I told you?
To bring them
after signing their agreements?
Your job is to explain them
fully before bringing them
Bringing these here to waste my time
- But, Sister...
- Why are you scolding her?
I didn't say anything wrong
I must be comfortable
with the doctor who treats me
I am not comfortable here
You are okay being touched
& seen by a male doctor
But you have a problem with me touching you!
Isn't it?
What happened?
I don't want to get treated here.
Let's go!
- What happened, Jenny?
- Let's leave
You have a very high BP
You are weak
I went through all your medical reports
Your baby is under grown,
Under nourished
Limbs, backbone, head
It has to be fully grown before the labour
You have time until the sunsets
Once you finish reading
and signing the agreement
We shall start the treatment
I read all the rules & regulations
It's clean
Once you sign, we shall start the treatment
Don't disrespect her
You are well read Jenny. Huh?
She's Asha & she is a woman
and that's what she believes in
She's the one who's gonna treat you
A paramedic
A doctor
A Doula
Obey her and that's it
Does it look like a treating retreat?
That young girl Amulu
That Sebastian
I don't trust them even a bit
I need you to complete
trust me on this
Promise me something
Promise me
that nothing will go wrong here
Until I'm here, I won't let
anything happen to you, Jenny
I promise
This is for sister's general health
To prevent from nausea, vomiting
and other diseases
This one
To strengthen the baby bearing capacity
This is so important
It's for the baby's growth
Please give her all these without fail
Who was that?
Tablets. Sorry, herbal pills here for you
For what?
For your treatment
You'll have to take it daily
It's all so important
Ok, let me have them
What, sister?
Are you confused?
This prayer hall is unpainted because
People with various beliefs come here
So it's for all
So you can pray your God
the way you want
We'll see the paramedic
after the prayer
That position
Check out
Come on, sister
Touch her
- No
- Feel her
It'll be a difficult start,
eventually you'll get used to it
It's all for your muscles
to stretch, sister
Don't worry. Sit down. That's it
One minute
Carry this and walk through
without spilling a single grain
Even if you drop one,
you should start from the beginning
Come on sister! Come on!
Keep the focus on the center of the grain
That's it...come on here
Whatever I have done
can still be a mistake
I'll take care of it
Do you know anything
about a child's upbringing?
Come to mom!
Danny, listen to me!
This is my order!
- Come!
- I'm not coming
From now on. It's only dad
and no more mom
Danny, I only thought about me
Sorry...hereafter I'll live
for your sake, dear
Danny, please don't leave
- Danny, please don't go
- MOM!
- Danny!
Where did you go, mom?
Jenny, what happened to your leg?
It's swollen
It's fine
You have been running since morning
They made me do many things since morning
as it's good for our baby
For a day I can
Can't do everyday
Now what?
You are comfortable with Asha, right?
I'm not bothered
I have been observing her
She takes care of you calmly with real care
Dear, you know something?
Our baby can see you it seems
See through and listen to you it seems
Asha told me this
Baby must listen to your voice
Only then it'll recognize dad's voice
Give me your hand...give
Talk something to our baby
Baby is kicking
Baby recognizes you
That's why he is kicking
Give me your hand
Talk once
Come on...
Let's talk to our baby later
How long it's been
that we spoke to each other?
Let's talk now
Come...sit down
Jenny, your friends had come
to your wedding, right?
In that...
You did not introduce George to me
He couldn't come
to our wedding, dear
He had his final interview on our wedding
That's why he came the day you left
I did not see him though left even before he came
I left at 8 PM
He came at 8:15 PM
As usual one hour late
Then what? He came to see you
He couldn't see you
I blasted at him
He missed the bus it seems
He gave reasons
that he came from somewhere
All kind of lies
He told me that
he missed our wedding feast
So I cooked dinner for him
As there was no buses in the late night
He ate and slept off at our home
He started back in the morning
You haven't had those herbal pills yet
Oh sorry, dear.
I forgot to have
Rules are applicable inside
I'm now outside
Sebastian! You stupid watchman
People fear even to talk to me in camp
Stupid you!
Watch man!
NO NO! Not now! NO!
What's the next activity
you're going to torture me with?
You'll definitely love it
Is it ok?
You are gonna give birth in this tub
It is called as 'Water Birth'
This is what we have been doing for eras
The baby won't suffer
to breathe under water?
Nothing will happen
I'll hold the baby
Why not?
You can hold your baby on your own
The boon is
that the water will reduce pain
Once the contraction starts
You should start concentrating
on your breathing
Stay relaxed!
One breath at a time
Like this
This is not a hospital
It's a lifestyle
We don't prescribe any medicines here
Everything is natural here
You do all the activities
It's difficult and
that's why they call it labour
This is the birthing method
we follow here
If you have any doubts
You can ask me anytime
Now close your eyes and relax
I'm always doing
the best for you, sir!
But you always mistake me
Shut up and start your vehicle, watchman
Say 'sorry', sir
Apologize, sir
I'll move the vehicle
If I abandon you here,
none will come here to rescue you!
No one survived
in this forest alone, sir!
I'm not going to move the vehicle
if you are not going to apologize, sir!
What are you laughing at?
For a moment you didn't look like Jenny
You looked like Janaki
I've been longing to have this 'WE' time
Our wedding was like a dream
They called you immediately
You left even before I woke up
After you left
I was all alone
I opened all our wedding gifts all alone
I was also thinking about you
After your departure
I was waiting
for your call every single day
I wasn't in a position to call Jenny
I set our home all alone
I wanted you get surprised
when you come
I was so keen on each and everything
I'm sorry
but the country needed me
Your wife needed you too
I'm always with you now Jenny, huh?
After knowing that I'm pregnant
I tried to call you many times
I was told that you were at war zone
and you'll only call if you are back alive.
I was scared
I was also angry
I wanted to tell you first
But the tummy revealed
I was not sure where you were
I was unaware if you were alive
I was scared about delivering
and bringing up our baby
I was over thinking and fearing
And then I understood
You're my world's sorrow
My happiness
and My love
Are you listening to me?
What are you even doing?
What happened?
Why your eyes are red? were
Talking so pretty yesterday
I lost myself somewhere
Fight, gunshots
I've come back from war, Jenny
It'll take time for me
to get used to this normal life
Please understand
I didn't mean to hurt you, Jenny's okay...
Are you okay?
It's paining and I am breathless
What's wrong? What happened?
It's paining
It's paining
Where do you feel the pain?
Please call Asha
I'm unable to breathe
Jenny try to breathe, please...
Jenny, don't stop breathing
It is paining!
Unbearable! Danny!
WHAT? Jenny!
Keep the pillow
Jenny! NO...NO...NO!
Jenny, do you hear what I'm saying?
Jenny, breathe!
She's not breathing
Jenny, please breathe!
Baby isn't moving
Please breathe, Jenny
Baby will move only if you breathe
Baby will get oxygen
only if you breathe
Jenny try to breathe!
Jenny, do you hear
what I say! Breathe!
Come on! Breathe! Please!
Do not Fear!
Nothing will happen!
Try to breathe! BREATHE!
- Breathe, Jenny!
- It's paining me
Take good care of
your wife and baby
- Sister?
- HUH?
How are you feeling now?
Come, Amulu
I am okay
Where did brother go?
He asked to bring herbal pills as its over
Is he not there outside?
I did not see him, sister
Okay. Take it
Your herbal pills
Please have the herbal drink
and pop these in
What is this? New herbal pills
No, sister.
They are not the new ones.
It is for the baby's growth
I explained about these to brother
and I asked him to give you these
Didn't he give you these?
He gives me, Amulu.
I don't even see
what he gives, I just pop it in
I do not remember
Sister, tell me truthfully
Is he feeding you all the Herbal pills?
He takes care of me very well, Amulu
He gives me all the Herbal pills
See you. Take care. I will have it
Where did you go?
Close your eyes I'll tell you
Open now
Did you go to pick these?
I did not pluck even one flower
I collected the fallen flowers
and made this
brought it for you
Brought it as you would love it
Do you like it, Jenny?
It is lovely...
All okay?
How is the pain now, Jenny?
Not bad. I am okay.
You forgot something
Amulu reminded me about it
You asked for the herbal pills
as it is over it seems
Amulu brought them
I drank the herbal drink
She has kept the herbal pills there
Can you please bring that?
I am so tired, dear
Herbal pills?
"My Love"
"Hope you are doing fine"
"My Love"
"My heart longs for you"
"My Love"
"Daily with your memories"
"My Love"
"My heart is in war"
"Even if the war ends in my heart"
"But the war never ends in my life"
"Will the war end?"
"Tell My Love"
"Even if the war ends in my heart"
"But the war never ends in my life"
"Will the war end?"
"Tell My Love"
"The sky will glow"
"Amidst the cyclone"
"And Flower Bouquets"
"My Heart"
"Inside the prison"
"YOU! my angel!"
"Because of you I'll be liberated"
"My Love"
Where are you going?
Then to know about Kundhavi
I know nothing about her
That's why.
What will you be doing
when I spend the whole day for training?
I'll wake up, read
Go around the place
Then I'll wait for you
Instead why don't you
be with me the whole day?
Jenny we have paid so much for that
For your food, to take care of you,
to accompany you. Midwives
I'll play the husband role alone
You'll play my husband's role
But the baby's dad's role?
By listening to your words
I would have killed my own baby
If you want, you be here
I'm leaving
Jenny, think for a minute,
your pain has gone
Everything is set for you
You are having your labour in 2 weeks
I'm talking to you
Take your hand off
Take off your hand, I need to go
It's paining, leave
You're not allowed to go
That's my order
I'm scared seeing you
Jenny, I'm sorry
2 more weeks
Be with me for these 2 weeks
Vouch me that you'll be there
You'll be there?
I'm...I'm sorry
What army?
You're unable to massage, is it?
Take the oil in two hands
I'll guide you. Take it
Spread your hands wide
and massage using your palm
After a baby is born
They say that the whole life will change
We need to find a nice caretaker
I definitely cannot manage all alone
You too leave this army thing
Let's do some business
I'll come along and help you
Whatever you wished
will never happen, Jenny
I have a plan
Our life is going to be beautiful
I won't tell now
Once this baby is born
I'll show you what I'm up to
Boy baby or a girl baby?
I'm okay with anything
But it should be our child
What name shall we give the baby?
- What name shall we give if it's a boy?
- I don't know
- What name shall we give if it's a girl?
- I don't know
You should have thought of some name right?
I don't know
I'm asking you
I don't know
It's okay. You need not say it out
I don't know
I don't know
- I don't know
- Enough
- Do it slowly, it's paining
- I don't know
I don't know
I don't know
Where are you looking at?
It is paining
- It's fine. Leave. Enough
- Leave
- It's paining
- Please. It's paining
- Please. Stop it, DANIEL!
Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
- I'll go anywhere. Who are you to ask that?
Come, sir
This comes under
our village premises only
It's a prohibited area
You cannot go, sir
It's fully forest
You will take away
all my alcohol and cigarettes
You act like a innocent man
and do all notorious jobs
You think I don't know?
You're not supposed
to do anything inside, sir
You're our guest, sir
NO means NO
You can't go meaning,
This is my ORDER
I'm the lieutenant Daniel here!
None can give me orders
I'll only give orders
You cheapo!
I am also having a watch on you!
You keep smoking secretly
That clearly shows
What kind of a person you are
If you really care
about your wife and your baby...
Stay in your limits!
Why, sir?
Bitters. Is it?
What is your problem? Huh?
You think you can only hit?
If I hit you, you will lose
your dignity and respect
What? threatening me? Huh?
Hey, you take it the way you think
Get lost!
You could have waited for me.
I would have done the oil massage
Why did you ask Amulu to do it?
No. Amulu did not do
My husband did it
That's good
After that incident,
his love for you is very evident
So, you and your baby are healthy
Baby's head is rightly positioned
We can expect 'water break' any time
Whenever your baby is ready;
You be ready. Okay?
That one?
Your husband marked it
Before I left, he came
and marked it after asking me when will
the water break and also the labour day
What did you say now, sir?
I told your name-
Brother! what did you just do?
You're going to die!
They are our guest!
Why are you always fighting with him?
What's wrong with you?
Are you still angry on me?
Jenny...please look at me
Jenny look at me, please
You spoke too harsh
You know how bad I felt?
I was upset and angry in the morning
I'm really sorry, Jenny
I went out in the morning
to buy cigarettes
I found a new way to explore
Sebastian restricted me
from exploring that new way. So,
I told 'Who are you to restrict me;
I'll go wherever I want to'
Then he picked up a fight with me
In addition, you kept questioning me
I did not have an answer
If I would have had one,
I would not have screamed at you
Jenny...Jenny...I'm sorry, Jenny
I'm really sorry
I'm sorry
Why do you have to be sorry?
Who's he to restrict you?
He thinks that he's a Commander
Doesn't realize he's just a watchman
You are very important to me, Jenny
I'll do anything for you
With you
I want 5 babies
Each one should resemble
and talk like both of us
Need to tell you an important matter
I don't get you
Your husband is making a mistake
I don't understand
Your husband
Danny, huh?
Is doing mistake
Your husband is making a mistake
What mistake are you doing?
The other day I tried to sneak out
for cigarettes, right?
He's telling about that
Come on. Let's go.
Now please squat and sit. Huh?
- Please hold me
- I'll hold you
Let's see about
the labour day process today
So that you both will be prepared
Baby's position is here
Once the pain begins,
the water will break
Then baby's head
will travel towards the bottom
After the water breaks
dilation will begin
When dilation reaches 9cms
You should start pushing
When you push, you should exhale
- If you take in, baby will
- Baby will go inside
That's why
Breathing exercise is very important
When dilation is full
For 2 or 3 minutes
With all the energy you have
Start pushing
Close your eyes and give out a final push
The baby is out
Amulu, the baby is moving.
Dear, our baby is moving.
He has not spoken
even once to the baby
What brother? You haven't
even spoken to your baby yet?
No...I thought to speak
after the baby is born
How can dad not speak
to his own baby?
Come, speak
Only if you speak, the baby
will recognize that it's dad's voice
You're making a mistake
Sorry sister. I slept off
I had heavy fever last night
Now I'm better
- What happened sister?
- Danny hasn't come from yesterday
He must be somewhere here.
He will come back for sure
- He did not show up since yesterday night
- What happened?
Danny brother is missing
since last night it seems
What are you saying?
I'm very afraid
What if he's stuck in the forest?
Come, let's go search for him
Hi darling!
Senor ladies!
Why are you giving a weird look?
Went out as I had a small work
Come, let's go
Where did you go since yesterday?
Did they call you again for the war?
This one...
I went to buy this...
It was not here
I threw away all that they gave me
I didn't give you
Asha gave this through Amulu
They explained me
about those 2 herbal balls
But not about this one
They just told that
it's for the baby's growth
You know very well
I'm very concerned about
every single thing I do for you
But later I came to know that
This is not just for the baby's growth
It's good for your blood flow
And keeps you away from anemia
You would have suffered
without me for 9 months right?
Enough of staying alone Jenny
I'll always be with you
I'll do anything for you, Jenny
- Jenny
- Huh?
I love you
You know what?
I was scared
Yesterday, I was waiting
for you the whole day
Where did you go?
What happened?
When will you be back?
I wasn't aware of anything
I already waited for 6 months like this
Again, I must deliver my child all alone?
If the baby asks, "where is my father?"
what should I answer?
Would the people here do something to me?
Would they take our baby from us,
My brain is hassled with thoughts like these!
I was actually so scared that
all these might come true
This is killing me inside Danny
Please don't leave me alone and go anywhere
I won't leave you behind and go anywhere
I promise
You should be even more careful hereafter
Water break can happen anytime
You remember all the symptoms right?
Whatever it can be
Let me know first
Starting from your check ups
until feeding your meal and herbal balls
I'll take care of everything staying beside you
I wanna be next to you when you give birth
After you left
Sebastian is also missing it seems
I was scared that he did
something wrong to you
No way. Sebastian cannot
do anything to me Jenny
Don't spoil this moment
by thinking the unwanted
Close your eyes
Open your eyes
Only for me? For our baby?
Your father is a very good man
You should not hate him
You should be more stronger
I'll take care of everything
I'll take care of you
- Haven't you slept yet?
- No
I want some of my doubts clarified
Right away...Now!
Why did you bring me here?
I know that you hate this baby
But I'm not sure why you hate?
What did this baby do to you?
You'll ask this having me at gun point?
Do you know something, Jenny?
Only when we hear the bullet sounds,
we'll feel alive
Tanker sounds were our strength
We were on guard
Regular patrol
Suddenly we are attacked
There were 40 to 50 men
Before the backup arrived,
they kidnapped all of us
They tied on chains
Made me stand under sun
Ripped all my cloths
I was raped
Every day
Every day
Last 16 days
They killed one by one
They killed them in front of my eyes
I could only watch them die
I was ready to die for my country
Just then
The Indian Army saved me
After that trauma
I wanted to live only
Because of you Jenny
I came with tons of desires
You were 6 months pregnant
After that your complications
I didn't want to lose you too
That's why I found the best place
to birth and brought you here
Just for you
Here I realized a few things, Jenny
The 6 months when you were pregnant
I was in the war zone
Then it's not my baby, Jenny
To put it simple,
'I did not have sex with you!'
Jenny, listen to me
I wanna...I wanna...
A fresh start with you Jenny
I wanna start a new life
Let's give birth to another child
My baby! NO!
Our child!
This one...
We don't want this, Jenny
Stop it, Daniel!
It's your baby
First of all I don't even know who you are
You're a nice man
You'll take good care of
me is what mother said.
That's the only reason
I married you
I didn't plan to have the baby
immediately after our wedding
Like yesterday...
You were drunk that day too
When you drink, you forget everything
Please don't say that it's not our child.
It's our child, Danny
You are the problem here
I'll help you by being beside you
Please listen to me
Jenny, I'm unable to sleep!
Whatsoever I do, nothing
is getting tallied Jenny.
It all comes down to...
This...Your baby
Comes to your baby, Jenny
This comes to your baby
The name I picked for your baby
Vincent & Ayla
I said, STAY
Hey the baby is kicking!
Hey Amulu, come! Asha, come!
Dear come! Talk!
You'll torture me to talk to it, right?
I'll talk now
No! Please!
Don't talk to the child now
They say that the bullets will have
the names of the people who die out of it
It has two names, Vincent & Ayla
Once you're out
You'll be out of this world in no time
Jenny...You didn't have to do this.
Why, Jenny?
That Sebastian
He's not even there in the picture
All of you told that he's the guard
If you go out and tell these to anyone
Your Amulu, Asha, Kundhavi
Wipe your eyes
Let's go now
Whatever you wished
will never happen, Jenny
You're not allowed to go
I wanna be next to you
when you give birth
Jenny, what happened??
It's paining...paining...
What happened, Jenny?
Danny, I'm sorry
"Fly off..."
"The heat glow..."
"Step up and Fly off..."
"Leave all the love"
"And Fly off..."
"My Love"
"Take my breath"
"And Go..."
"Tear my soul"
"And Go..."
"Leave back all the desires"
"And Go..."
"My Love"
"When sun finds its way home"
"Our shadows vanishes too..."
"The time when you leave me"
"This sinner's heart will blow..."
"This sinner's heart will burst!"
"You Go...Run Off..."
"Until you go"
"I'll come looking for YOU"
"Go...Run Off..."
"You go...Run Off..."
"Until you go"
"I'll come looking for YOU"
"Go...Run Off..."
You need me, JENNY!
- Jenny is inside!
- Who should've done this?
What's this??
- No, sister...Please
Amulu leave...
Jenny is inside
You were drunk that day too
When you drink, you forget everything
You are the problem here
I'll help you by being beside you
It's your baby
Jenny! Jenny!
Get up! Jenny!
Jenny! Jenny!
Jenny...wake up!
Jenny, water pot has broken
Jenny, hold me...
Jenny, hold...
Hold me, Jenny...
Jenny, breathe...
Jenny, breathe
Keep breathing...
Follow me...
Good, Jenny...
Squat...Squat, Jenny...Squat...
Breathe...Breathe, Jenny...Hold me...
Breathe, Jenny!
Squat...Squat, Jenny...Squat...
Focus, Jenny...Breathe...
Jenny...Jenny...Head is visible
Jenny, get up...Walk
Jenny, Walk...
Now slowly push...
Slowly push, Jenny...
Push...Push...Push, Jenny...
Push...push, Jenny...
Jenny...You can do it, Jenny
Jenny...Keep pushing...
Keep're almost there
Hold me, Jenny
Baby is not moving, Danny!
Forgetting the path
Dealing with pain
Feeling the angst
Overcoming animosity
Determining the fate
Experiencing love
Every man conceives
So did!