Birth/Rebirth (2023) Movie Script

[Projector whirring]

[Siren chirps]
-Can I get some help, please?
-Can you hear me?
[Vehicle door closes,
engine starts]
-Opening airway.
Look, listen, and feel
for 10 seconds.
-One, two, three...
[Siren wailing]
...four, five --
Let's turn her on my count.
[Siren continues]
Two, three. Okay.
[Horn blares]
You with us?
Nod if you're with me.
-This is gonna help you breathe.
[Siren continues]
[Vehicle rumbling]
-Focus, please...
-Four units...
[Indistinct speaking]
[Monitor beeping]
-Eyes on me, Mama. Eyes on me.
Your baby's gonna be fine.
I promise you.
-What about me?
-What was that, Mama?
-What about me?
-Pressure. Come on. Let's go.
[Beeping intensifies]
-Suction. I've got it.
Need hands over here.
The baby's not breathing.
-Okay. Okay.
-I can't see.
[Indistinct speaking]
[Rapid beeping continues]
-She's seizing again.
Can I get some help here?
[Metal rattling]
[Beeping intensifies]
[High-pitched squealing]
[Indistinct shouting]
[Footsteps approaching]

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Camera shutter clicks]
-Do you
[Camera shutter clicks]
Do you wanna go home?

Go home
Go home now
Do you
Do you
Do you
Do you

Do you wanna go
Go home
Do you
Do you

Do you
[Case rumbling]
Do you

[Light switch clicks]
Do you

[Plate clinks,
microscope clicks]
[Microscope clicks]
[Microscope clicks]
[Cellphone ringing]
[Ringing continues]
[Cellphone slams]
-Your phone is ringing.
[Object thuds]
[Ringing continues]
-Scott, ask...right now.
Where are you?
-I'm gonna ask.
I'm asking right now.
Uh, Rose?
-I've asked you to put
your phone on silent.
-It's just set for emergencies.
So, I have an emergency.
Th-There was an incident
at Bradley's school.
He bit a kid.
Can I ask a favor?
-I can't stay late.
I have plans.
-Rose, I need to leave.
-Where is your wife?
-She's already at the school.
-Then why do you need to leave?
-Excuse me?
-If she's already there,
you don't need to leave.
You're choosing to.
-[Sighs] Yeah, I'll be done
in about an hour.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Hello? Honey?
[Door opens]
[Telephone ringing]
[Indistinct conversations
in distance]
[Light switch clicks]
-[Speaking Spanish]
-Why don't you just lie down
in the lounge?
-'Cause the floor's softer here.
-It's unsanitary.
Come on, let's go.
I'm here for you.
-[Groans] Oh, God.
-I know.
-I'm so tired.
-How come you don't look tired?
-Okay. Alright, checking.
[Indistinct conversations]
-Hey, baby! Wa-pa!
What's happening?
-Kiss on the lips.
[Toy squeaks]
So, how was your day?
-We played
"What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?"
-You did?
-We made flowers.
We sang "Open Shut Them."
I made candy necklaces.
I peed.
And I played L.O.L.s.
And I read a book.
It was about spiders.
-Oh, yeah?
-And Anansi was a spider.
-Oh, was she now?
That's good.
You miss this?
-I miss the little voices.
-[Speaking Spanish]
This is gonna take a minute.
-Yeah? Okay.
I'll see you tomorrow.
-All right.
-Bye, "Lee-lee."
-So, Anansi was a spider.
How about this apple
that you did not eat, huh?
-Can we get a spider?
-Aren't spiders scary?
-No, they're crawly.
-Oh, yeah?
What? How? Crawly how?
Like that?
And like this? And like this?
And like this?
And like -- Ohh! Ohh!

Hands to yourself.
-I like her dress.
-I'm so sorry, ma'am.
Come on.

-Yes, baby?
-Can I tell you a secret?
-Of course.
-I'm not getting
enough attention.
[Bus rumbling]


[Silverware clanking
indistinct conversations]
[Mid-tempo music playing]
-[Inhales sharply]
I'll have the Cobb salad,
no bacon, no chicken.
And no egg.

-I would have eaten your bacon.

-You shouldn't.
-Why not?
-I would guess you have
a buildup of plaque
in your systemic arteries.

-[Sighs] Right.

Come here.

[Conversations continue]
I'd like to masturbate you
in the bathroom.

-[Panting, moaning]

I-I don't have any money.
-I told you not to look.
-Oh, sorry.
[Rapid rustling]
Ahh. Ahh.
[Machine beeps]
[Machine pumping]
What is that?
-A sex toy.
Don't look or I'll stop.
-Okay. O--
[Moaning intensifies]
[Machine beeping]
[Breathing heavily]
-Give me your hand.
[Needle clicks]
-Ow! What the hell?
-Have a good night.
-What --
[Sada Bonaire's "Second Face"

[Machine whirs]

-The morning sky
So clear, red and blue

The sun hit us
without warning
So all the night people
don't know what to do

Oh, I am going there

Can't never find my way
There's all these glances
flying around
Some look tired
But some look really old

Please give me a second face

A second grace

Please give me
a second grace

-[Breathes deeply]
-Please give me
a second grace

[Alarm blares]
-Ugh. Mnh.
[Alarm shuts off]
Five more minutes.
Just five more minutes.
[Sniffs, groans]
[Birds chirping]
[Siren wails]
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Time to get up.
-Up, Lilita, up.
-I don't feel good.
-I heard that one before.
Levntate. Come on.
You got five minutes.
-Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Pauline? It's Celie.
[Indistinct speaking
in distance]
Could you take her today,
I'm so sorry,
but she's not feeling good.
-Oh, of course, sweetie.
Come here.
-No, no, no.
-Come on, Lila.
It's Pauline. Baby, please.
I -- I'm so late.
I got to go.
Lila! Stop!
-[Speaking Spanish]
Come on.
If you're gonna be like that,
then I'm just gonna go.
-No! No!
No! No!
No, no, no!
[Door opens]
[Elevator dinging]
-Going down.
-I'm at work, mamita.
I can't talk.
-I know, sweetie, pero --
Why are we going down?
Pauline's gonna take
great care of you.
[Elevator dings]
Sweetie, can you hear me?
[Button clicking]
I'm in the elevator.
I'm losing you.
[Elevator doors close]
[Cart rattling]
[Monitor beeping]
And five, four, three, two, one.
-Good job, Mama.
You're doing so good.
-Hold on. I'm gonna do
the episiotomy now.
-What? No, no, please.
I didn't even get
a chance to try.
Please don't cut me.
Please don't cut me.
-Her heart rate's stable.
Maybe we can give Mom
a chance to do it on her own.
-Alright, let's go.
[Instrument thuds]
-Just think of it
like taking a big shit.
Ready? And five, four,
three two, one.
[Water running]
[Cellphone vibrating]
Well, what did she eat?

Um, let me talk to her.

Well, put her on 'cause
I'm gonna be on the floor
for the next couple of hours
and I want to say good night.

Pauline? Pauline?
Pauline, you're cutting --
[Knock on door]
-Hey. Caroline's trying to feed.
She's asking for you.
-One minute.
Pauline, I'm sorry.
I got to go.
Thank you. You're a saint.
[Breathes deeply]
[Cellphone vibrating]
[Cellphone plops,
water splashes]

[Clicks tongue]

[Siren wailing]

Pauline? Lila?
[Indistinct speaking on TV]
Pauline? Lila?

[Keys jangling]
[Dial tone]

[Receiver slams]

[Keys clacking]

[Mouse clicks]
[Telephone rings]

-It's coded for the OCME.
-She's an organ donor?
The sheet's there on top.
Maybe she can help
another kid out there.
-She can't. She died
of bacterial meningitis.
That's why she's coded
for the OCME.
I wonder if brain death
preceded organ failure.
-I really wouldn't know.
-You can leave now.

[Door closes]
[Bag unzipping]

-You'll need to take this
twice a day
for the next two days.
-What is it?
-It's antibiotics.
If you've contracted anything
from being with her today,
this will take care of it 100%.
It's important
you both take this.
I know this is a lot.
Can you make sure
she got everything I said?
-Mija --
-I heard her.
-You want me to call someone?
-You can go home now.
-I'm not leaving you.
-Get the fuck out of my face,
[Indistinct conversations]
[Indistinct speaking over P.A.]
[Pills rattle, bottle thuds]
-That's perfectly appropriate.
That's what's hot this season.
-What do you have
to say about the workplace?
-Bikini tops in the workplace?
[Elevator rumbling]
[Elevator dings, doors open]
[Indistinct conversations]
[Elevator doors close]
[Elevator rumbling]
[Elevator dings, doors open]

[Knock on door]

-You're not allowed in here.
-I'm sorry.
-If you have a records request,
you need to file it
through admin.
-I need to see my daughter.
-Lila Morales. Is she there?
-She was sent to the medical
examiner an hour ago.
Would you like their number?
[Papers rustling]
You can try them, but they're
usually closed on weekends.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?


[Door closes]

[Door opens]
[Door closes]
-Can I join you?
[Soft rustling, keys jangle]
-Any other cases in the daycare?
-No, not that I heard.
-My phone died.
I could have used the hospital
phone to check in, but...
I don't know.
Maybe I liked it.
Like a little vacation.
-This is not your fault.
-She was gone before I got here.
I didn't get to see her.
-Let me take you home.
[Engine starts]

[Siren wailing]
We're here.
-You've reached the office
of the
Bronx County Medical Examiner.
Our office is currently closed.
If you'd like to leave
a message, please --
[Phone hangs up]

-It's me. We're in the ICU.

Sweetie, we're in a taxicab
heading to the hosp--

Hey, I'm so sorry
to bother you,
but Lila's getting sicker.
I'm not sure --

Hey, Mami, your baby's here,
and she wanted to talk to you.
Come here.
Say hi to Mommy's machine.

-She's not there.
Leave a message.
-I slept a lot,
and I had a dream
about a swamp.

What else?

-Your daughter's name?
-Lila Morales.
[Keys clacking]
-Date of birth?
-August 9, 2015.
[Keys clacking]
-Are you the sole
custodial parent?
-[Inhales sharply]
I'm sorry?
-Your daughter's father --
is he...?
-I had IVF. It's just us.
[Keys clacking]
-Okay, that's it.
Um, it'll take a minute.
It's just loading.
[Keys clacking]
[Indistinct conversations
in distance]
[Computer beeps]
-What is it?
-This is saying...
she's not here.
-Excuse me?
-Hang on a minute.
[Keypad beeping]
[Line ringing]
-Do you remember a little girl
who passed away last Friday?
You spoke with the mother.
-What's the issue?
-They say they don't have her.
-[Sighs, scoffs]
-Yeah. Not great.
And I'm trying to figure out
what to tell the mother.
She's in my office.
Trying to come up with something
more comforting than,
"The city of New York has
temporarily lost your daughter."
-Uh, well, you can tell her
their record keeping is a mess.
Last year, they accidentally
cremated that Polish woman.
-Thanks. I got it.
[Door creaks]

Ms. Morales, I promise you
we're doing everything we can.
-No, no, I am not leaving here
until I talk to somebody
who can tell me
where my fucking daughter is!
-I cannot imagine
how upsetting this must be.
-I want to talk to that woman.
-I'm sorry? Which woman?
-The one who saw Lila.
-Dr. Casper.
Well, I'm happy --
-I want to talk to her now!

-I'm sorry.
She was just in here.

[Case rumbling]
Hey, hold on a minute!
Hold on a minute.
I want to talk to you.
[Trunk slams]

Hold on.
[Engine starts]
It'll only take a second.
[Tires screeching]

[Cellphone vibrating]
[Vibrating stops]

[Elevator dings]
[Cellphone vibrating]
[Line ringing]
Dr. Casper?
-Who are you?
-You don't know?
You ran away from me
the other day.

-There's a complete chain
of custody for the entire time
your daughter was
in the hospital's care.
-Look, things got fucked up,
I'm not gonna sue.
I don't want any trouble.
I just need to know
what happened.
-I ca-- I can't.
-Can't what?
-I -- I can't help you.

I need to get inside.
-I'd like to come in.
-I don't think
that's appropriate.
Excuse me, please.
-What's in there?
-Will you let me into my house?!
-Okay. Okay.
-[Breathing heavily]
[Ringing continues]
Ow! [Groaning]
[Ringing continues]

[Ventilator hissing]

-I can explain.

And if you'll just --
-Don't you fucking touch her!
-I have to examine her,
or she'll die.

She's alive.

This cannula's been kinking
every time she shifts.
-[Exhales sharply]
She's alive?
-Yes. I told you that. is this possible?
-[Breathes deeply]
Your daughter's genetic profile
made her a perfect candidate
for an experimental treatment
I've been working on.
-For meningitis?
-For death.

[Pig snorting]
-What was that?
-That's Muriel.
She died two months ago.

[Ventilator hissing]

-Is that what you're feeding
-This serum was derived
from fetal pigs,
but the -- the principles
are the same.
It triggers cell regeneration.
-Well, what about brain
and personality?
-I didn't know her
before she died.
And she's a pig.
-I'm talking about Lila.
-[Breathes deeply]
Her primitive cranial nerve
reflexes are intact.
-So she could wake up.
-Theoretically, yes.
But there are
ethical considerations.
If Muriel had woken up
in pain or distress,
I would have put her down.
-But she didn't.
Ms. Morales,
this experiment
is bigger than your daughter --
or you or me.
Y-You made her an organ donor,
which I really admire.
-My daughter
is not an experiment.
[Ventilator hissing]
[Hissing continues]
This line --
how long has it been kinking?
-Uh, every time she shifts.
-Well, it's too short.
It needs an extension.
How often do you turn her?
-Every few hours when I'm here.
I-I'm not able to be here
all the time.
-She can't be left alone ever.
[Hissing continues]
Do you have a pull-out?
-I have a futon.
[Indistinct conversations
in distance]
[Birds chirping]
[Bag zipping]
[Door opens]
[Door closes]

[Objects rustling]

[Objects thud]

[Sonogram whooshing]
-Looking good for 10 weeks.
Strong heartbeat.
Everything's where it should be.
Mom's in great shape, too,
for her age.
What's your secret?
-Is that the placenta?
-That is. Good eye.
Would you like a printout?
-[Sighs] No.
-How are you feeling?
Are you experiencing
any discomfort?
-Nausea, some vomiting.
Nothing unusual.
-You've been pregnant before?
Are we done?
-Uh, yeah, we're all set.
You can get changed,
and the doctor will be
right with you.
Oh, I'll just give you
some privacy.
[Curtain whooshes]
[Ventilator hissing]
[Door opens]
-I'm home!
[Door closes]
[Hissing continues]
-She was smiling today.
-It's a primitive reflex.
-I know, but it's a good sign.
[Siren wailing]
-How was work?
-I found an undigested spoon
inside a man's stomach.
[Pig snorting]
-Come here.
Come on. Sit.
Come on. Sit.
Oh, yes! Good.
-How long have you been
doing that?
-A few days.
She's a fast learner.
I saw this video online.
It said only the smartest
little piggies could do it.
-How many of those
have you given her total?
-Uhh...a few handfuls?
-A handful isn't a unit
of measurement.
She's on a specific diet.
If you alter it in any way,
I need to know.
-I'm sorry.
-It's fine.
Just...record it.
[Pen taps]
-Are you working out there?
-I was planning to.
-Well, she's been gassy,
so you'll have to turn her
over a few times.
I'll be back after 8:00
with everything on the list.
There's salad in the fridge.
[Door closes]
[Cart rattling]
[Indistinct conversations]
[Telephone ringing]
[Keys clack, mouse clicks]

[Case rumbling]

[Cap clatters, pills rattle]
[Bottle thuds]

[Cup thuds]
[Ventilator hissing,
monitor beeping]
[Hissing and beeping continue]
[Hissing and beeping continue]
[Pig snorting]
[Hissing and beeping continue]
[Pig snorting]
[Breathes deeply]
[Fork clinks]
[Kaery Ann's "Mother" plays]
-Walking on tiptoes
Crunching on the leaves
[Breathes deeply]

Then a little girl smiling
In the balance of chaos
Wandering on the pathways
-[Exhales sharply]
-Of her unconscious age
She can never
deny her nature
Barefoot and restless
In the days of metamorphosis
She used to run away
from home
At the first quarter moon
-[Exhales sharply]
-Walking on tiptoes
Crunching on the leaves
[Water running]
[Case rumbling]
-Get it on the schedule.
Sounds good, Doctor.
-[Exhales sharply]
I-I didn't know you were back.
-Yeah. I'm just heading out now.
-You working overnights?
-Bouncing around.
Mostly prenatal admin stuff.
-Did you get my calls?
-I'm sorry.
I-I just wanted to make
sure you have people around.
-I'm doing okay.
-I didn't hear anything
about a service.
-There wasn't a service.
-But you'll have one.
-We're not religious.
-Oh. Okay.
-It's really nice to see you.
Take care.
[Telephone rings]
[Case rumbling]
[Door closes, keys jangle]
I'm home!
[Keys clatter]
I'm home!

-Did you get everything?
Are you okay?
-I'm fine.
[Case rumbling]

[Ventilator hissing,
monitor beeping]

ECMO port capped.
[Hissing and beeping continue]
Turning off ventilator.
[Ventilator powers down]
Okay, here we go.

[Monitor beeping]
-She's not breathing.
-Just wait.
[Beeping continues]
[Beeping intensifies]

-[Breathing heavily]
[Steady beeping continues]
-What is this?
-I made soup.
It smells like meat.
-Mine is chicken and rice.
Yours is celery and nothing.
[Bowl thuds]
-This is a miracle.
-Please don't use that word.
-There's nothing supernatural
or fantastical about it.
This is good science
and hard work over time.
-I only meant that --
-I understand
the colloquialism.
-How long have you
been working on this?
-It's hard to say.
I -- I suppose
since I was quite young.
About 6, maybe 7?
-Second grade?
-My mother.
She taught biology.
She would take me
on nature trips.
Discovery expeditions.
When I was 6,
we went to Orchard Beach
and we found a starfish.
Apparently I was
very taken with it,
so we brought it back home.
She laid it out
on butcher paper,
and she told me
to cut off its arm.
I-I spent the whole year
measuring the arm every day.
I'd think my eyes
were playing tricks on me,
but the data showed
that this creature
was fixing itself.
Later at school,
I tried to amputate
the leg of the class hamster.
-It wasn't funny.
-No, no, I know.
-The animal squealed,
then bled out.
It was awful.

-Where is she now? Your mom?

-She died.
Of Parkinson's.
-I'm sorry.
[Spoon clinks]
-Thank you for the broth.
[Bowl thuds]
Good night.

[Silverware clinks]
[Dishes thudding, scraping]
[Faucet turns on]
[Pig snorting]
[Faucet turns off]
Your mommy forget to feed you?
Come on.
Let's see what we got
for you here.
[Telephone rings]
[Microscope clicking]
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
That was oncology.
Did you call up the biopsy
results from yesterday?
Wait. No.
I-I didn't. [Stammers]
[Cellphone dings]

-Are you okay?
-You're smiling.

-I'll get it done.
I just have to finish
with this oth--

[Sunda Kelepa's
"Heart of Gold" plays]
-This is deep and peaceful
-Wait at the old
Wait at the old
-I didn't know
you were a doctor.
-It makes me feel
I'm looking forward
Telling I am coming home
When I am coming home
[Singing indistinctly]

Where are you?
[Line ringing]
-You have reached
Dr. Roslyn Casper.
I can't come to the phone
right now.
Leave a message.
[Keypad beeps]
[Line ringing]
-This is Rose' phone.
-Who am I talking to?
-My name is Scott Ward.
I work with Rose.
-Hello, Scott.
-Can I talk to Rose, please?
-Um, I don't know
how to say this.
There was an incident.
-What happened?
-I'm sorry.
I just don't know
if I should divulge...
-We live together.
Oh! Right.
It seems like she's gonna be
fine, but Rose collapsed.
She's upstairs in surgery.
If you're coming down here,
I can stay and meet you
at the --
[Cellphone thuds]

[Monitor beeping]

-[Inhales deeply]
-[Exhales heavily]
-Hold on a minute.
I'll be right back.

-Ms. Casper?
-"Dr. Casper."
-I'm sorry. Dr. Casper.
I'm Dr. Chan.
-How long have I been here?
-Rose, relax.
-An infection developed
in your cervix,
which spread throughout
your reproductive system.
-Will I be able to conceive?

Can I still conceive?

Show me my chart.

[Sighs heavily]
[Tablet thuds]

[Door opens and closes]

-Where were you?
[Coat thuds]
I was scared shitless.

-This batch is ruined.
It needed to be centrifuged
12 hours ago.
-Where are your clothes?

-You woke her up?
-She woke up on her own.

Mommy. Mommy.
-[Breathing heavily]
She shouldn't be awake.
[Breathing heavily]
[Body thuds]

-[Breathing heavily]
[Scissors snipping]
You're lucky
you only popped three.
You need to stay off your feet
for a few days.
-I'll be fine.
[Object thuds]
Her behavior today.
[Faucet turns on and off]
What did you observe?
-Uh, hand movement.
Some eye movement.
She was making sounds.
-Mm, not really, just...sounds.
-Did she seem to recognize you?
-I don't know.
-She's regenerating faster
than I expected,
faster than Muriel.
-You make that sound
like a bad thing.
-We only have enough serum
for a few weeks.
-So we'll make more.
-You know the serum
comes from fetal tissue, yes?
-And you know where I get
that fetal tissue?
-I think so, yes.
-I can't make any more.
-Then what?
-I don't know yet.
I'll figure something out.
[Pen scratching]
[Horn honks in distance]
-Did you sleep?
[Pig snorting]
-Is she due for a fresh bag?
-She doesn't need another
transfusion until Saturday.
-Thank you. Would you...
[Pig snorting]
Can I get you some--
[Refrigerator door closes]
You know, if you let me in,
I might be able to help.
-Any time I spend explaining
what I'm doing to you
is time I spend not doing it.
-Well, if you'd explained things
to me before,
we might not be
in this situation right now.
-What do you want to know?
-Well, you need
perinatal tissue, right?
-Well, what about me?
I mean, I'm her mother.
There's got to be something --
-You're not the right
blood type.
Anything from your body
would kill her.
-Well, what about placenta
or cord blood?
I can bring them home
from the hospital.
-And then what?
Hope for the best?
Any donor would need
to match for blood type,
as well as HLA markers.
You don't understand how rare it
is that I matched with her.
-Well, what about
the organ donor registry?
-It's a box checked
on a driver's license.
They don't run the full battery
of tests until postmortem,
Rose, what?!
Watch her propofol drip
while I'm gone.
Make sure she stays sedated.
-Where are you going?
[Door opens]
-It's Saturday!
[Door slams]

[Lid creaks]

[Lid creaks, closes]
-Say the words
Help is on the way
We're the Rescue Birds
[Whimsical music playing]
[Door opens]
-I need to talk to you.
[Door closes]
-What's that noise?
-"Rescue Birds."
-Have gone to their homes
-Why isn't she sedated?
-She doesn't need to be.
-It's just us animals
on our own
-Celie, I've --
-We'll make sure
every animal's okay
[TV turns off]
-They will ask
That's what we do
-Rose, cut it out.
We need to talk.
I crossed the OB intake records
with the national bone marrow
registry, and I found a match.
Emily Parker. O negative.
HLA markers aren't perfect,
but I can work with them.
She's only in her
second trimester,
but we can use
her amniotic fluid.
She had a triple test last week.
I botched the results.
She'll have to come in
for an amnio.
-That's awful.
-Her actual results are fine.
-Yeah, but this woman's gonna be
pulling her hair out all week
thinking something's wrong
with her baby.
is a simple procedure.
The risks to mother
and fetus are negligible.
-The mother's name is Emily.
If you have another plan,
I'd love to hear it.

[Knock on door]
-I'm heading out.
She's still down,
but her mash is in the fridge.
Do you have a monitor?
Like I said,
her mash is in the fridge.
If there's anything you need me
to pick up, just call or text.
-I'm in the bathroom!
-Right. Sorry.
I'll see you tonight.
[Door closes]
[Monitor beeping]
[Sonogram whooshing]
[Beeping and whooshing continue]
And we're done.
-That's it, hon.
We're all done.
-Yeah, I know, Kev.
-So, uh, is there anything
we need to do
or look out for short term?
-We'll know the results
in a few weeks.
In the meantime, keep an eye out
for any cramping or spotting.
And, uh, try not to worry
too much.
There's no percentage
in worrying.
-[Exhales sharply]
-Why isn't that coming off?
Is that normal?
-It's harmless.
It'll be gone in a few days.
-Yeah. It's the dye
from the disinfectant.
It gets absorbed into the skin.
-Where'd you read that?
-On Reddit.
-Hon, you know
there's a lot of stuff on there
that's only gonna
make you upset.
-What, like political stuff?
-You know what I mean.
Those forums are
all horror stories.
They make you hysterical.
-I'm -- I'm gonna step out
and get a seltzer.
You want a seltzer, hon?
-Lemon and sugar?
He means well.
[Door opens]
-Make a fist.
[Door closes]
As long as you don't use
that big one.
[Both laugh]
-Is this your first?
We've been trying
for a really long time.
But we've never gotten this far.
-How long you been trying?
-Three years.
I know. We started late.
-I was older than you
when I had mine.
-Oh, yeah?
-Got any pro tips,
from one geriatric preggo
to another?
-Wherever you go,
whatever you do,
have a direct route to the
nearest possible toilet.
Construction site porta johns,
diners and office buildings
with unlocked bathrooms,
dumpsters that offer
some discretion.
That sounds dignified.
-Dignity and motherhood
don't always line up.
-You got a boy or a girl?
Little pressure.
She's 6 years old.
Her name is Lila.
That's a gorgeous name.
-She turned out okay?
-She's perfect.
-Hey, hon,
I know you didn't want one,
but I got one just in case.
-Aww, thanks.
-Here. Oh.

[Keys jangling]
-Celie, we're in here!
[Door closes]
-[Moaning lightly]


-It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
-What's going on, B?
-You scared her.

Did you get it?
[Whimsical music playing]

-That's what we do
We're the Rescue Birds
-Come on. Honey.
Honey, it's apricot.
You love apricot. Come on.
-Didn't they sing
that song in the last episode?
-They sing it every episode.
-That's inane.
-You have no idea.
Alright, fine. You win.
[Groans lightly]
-That's what we do
We're the Rescue Birds

[Bowl thuds]
-How much time does that buy us?
-Three, maybe four weeks.
But I'll make sure the
new results are inconclusive.
Her doctor will have
to order another amnio.
-She has to come in
for an amniocentesis
every month until --
-Until she reaches term.
Once we have access
to the placenta,
that will get us
through the rest of the year.
The risk is --
-Negligible. I know.
But you're shoving a 3-inch
needle next to her baby's head.
No human woman is gonna do
that four times,
no matter what the test says.
-That...remains to be seen.
[Liquid pouring]
[Cup thuds]
[Pig snorting]
[Pig squealing]
-This is a sedative.
[Squealing continues]
[Squealing stops]
-What was that?
-I was distracted.
I missed her serum this morning.
[Breathing heavily]

[Pig snoring]

[Pig snorting]

[Water splashing]

-Yeah, you still hate this, huh?
[Humming "Open Shut Them"]
-What was that, mamata?
-[Humming weakly]
-Open, shut them
Open, sh--
Give a little clap, clap --
-Clap, clap
Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Put them in your --
-Lap, lap, lap
-[Laughing] Yes.
Yes, mamita.
Where's Lila?
[Exhales sharply]
And where's Mommy?
[Water dripping]
Where's Mommy?
[Exhales sharply]
Yes, baby. Yes.
[Crying] Yes, baby.
[Camera beeps, whirs]
-This is a test
of motor coordination,
ambulatory ability,
third attempt.
[Camera clicks, whirs]
[Camera whirs, clicks]
[Camera whirs]
-This is tape one,
first video record.
Subject -- Muriel Casper,
three days deceased.

This is first attempt,
of an isolated limb.

That's really moving.

-No. Come on.
Let -- Let Mom rest.
Come on.

Come on.
[Bowl scrapes]
-Here. Here you go.
Here you go.
-You ready?
-Oh, I'm an old pro
at this now.
[Sonogram whooshing]
[Gasps lightly]
[Whooshing continues]
[Indistinct speaking over P.A.]
-There we go.
And we're done.
-Are you sure about that?
That's so rude. I'm sorry.
I do not mean
to take this out on you at all.
It has just been really scary.
-I understand. shit
is green now, too.
[Laughing] So, you didn't
warn me about that.
-What? We had girl talk,
so we're friends now.
-Thank you. Really.
-It's no problem.
We'll see you next time.
-Uh, actually, I think --
I think this is probably
the last time
that we're gonna see you, so...
-What do you mean?
-Uh, we've decided to deliver
at Lenox Hill.
-I'll bring the car around?
-Yeah. Yes, please.
-Lenox Hill?
That -- That's in the city.
Don't you live up here?
[Door opens]
-I -- Yeah, I do.
I just, um --
They -- They have
better amenities there,
and my mom always used to say
"You want to go
to the good hospital,
not the close hospital,"
and I really wish
I had listened.

That was shitty.
I'm really sorry.
This has, uh,
nothing to do with you.
I hope you know that.
You've been great. Really.
You're an angel.

-I told you this would happen.
How could you let her do this?
-Let her? What the fuck
are you talking about?
What was I supposed to do?
Strap her to the fucking bed?
-I don't know. Talk to her.
Tell her she's making a mistake.
Don't let her walk out the door.
-She's gone.
This glass is dirty.
-Then fucking wash it.
I'm not your cleaning lady.
[Glass thuds]
-This is a setback.
But we still have time.
I'll figure something out.
-You keep saying that.
-Because I have! Every time!
With every new variable,
at the expense of my work!
This ad hoc triage I've been
doing -- this isn't science!
-No! It's medicine!
But you're not
that kind of doctor, are you?
If I didn't show up,
what would you have done to her?
Cut her open and have her
jumping on the fucking bed?
Yeah, I saw your tapes.
You did that to your own mother.
Was she an organ donor, too?
-She -- She was.
-Oh, good.
At least you didn't do
anything unethical,
like eat a ham sandwich.
-That was unkind.
-Don't you walk away from me,
you mad scientist
princess bitch!
-I am doing everything I can
to keep her alive!
Is that not enough?!
-Mommy. Mommy.
-I'll get her. It's my turn.
-No, I got her.
[Door opens]
-You look like shit.
Get some sleep.
[Door creaks, closes]
-[Inhales sharply]

[Handset clacks]
[Keypad clacking]
[Line ringing]

Who is this?
[Receiver slams]


[Breathing heavily]

[Teeth clack]

[Pig squealing]

[Indistinct conversations]
-You just go ahead and try!
Whoa! Oh!
[Door closes]
Hey, Rose.
Were you...
Did you sleep here?
-I had some work to catch up on.
Why are you here?
-Oh, we're headed
to the Garden. I --
I left my gym bag here.
We're headed in.
So, uh, gonna go see the game.
We'll be out of your hair
in a sec.
What happened to the lady?
Daddy's friend Rose.
She's sick.
-Want some chocolate?
-Thank you.
-Hey, pal. Let's get going.
I'm glad you're feeling better.
-You two have fun.
[Door opens]
-Let's go, Rangers
[Rhythmic clapping]
[Door closes]
-Let's go, Rangers
-Can't you give me a scrub sink?
[Speaking indistinctly]
...and bring the futon
in here, position the...
-It's her spine.
When Muriel missed her serum,
her organs were
still regenerating,
but her spinal nerves
were shredded.
Her brain couldn't communicate
with the rest of her.
-That's what's happening
with Lila.
-If I could do it over,
I would double the amount
of serum
perfusing her nervous system.
But if we have enough
matching material,
it might compensate
for the lack of serum.
-What does that mean?
-Have you ever done
a bone marrow aspiration?

Am I numb?

-Did you feel that?
-You're numb.

-Here we go.

[Bones cracking]
[Exhales heavily]
[Door creaks]
This is meat.
-You're anemic.
I can't have you crashing
on me right now.
-I'm not gonna eat this.
I just need to sleep.
-You need iron.
I'm gonna get in the shower
and then get to bed.
Are you gonna be alright?
I need you to know...
I tried everything.

Get some sleep.

[Alarm beeping]

[Beeping intensifies]
[Beeping stops]
[Lila speaking indistinctly]
[Indistinct speaking continues]
-You want to go again?
Let's do it again!
Okay. Okay.
[Speaking Spanish]
Okay. Be careful.
-[Speaking indistinctly]
[Camera whirs]
-[Clears throat]
18 weeks, 5 days since revival.

[Toy squeaks]
The subject is now on serum
extracted and grown
from bone marrow.
This substrate is not ideal,
but the change was made
due to a deficit
of matching perinatal material.
[Thud, glove snaps]

[Lid closes]
Attempts to isolate stem cells
from available tissue samples
have proven unsuccessful.

[Brush scraping]
-[Breathing heavily]

-This has been a test
of motor coordination,
ambulatory ability,
seventh attempt.

It's not working.
We would have seen
some improvement by now.

I can take more shifts.
If it's a busy week,
I should be able
to bring home more materials.
-Celie --
-You'll go back to looking
at the bone marrow registry
and the intake records.
I can moonlight across town.
-Don't take any more shifts.
Call in.
You're gonna want
to spend time with her now.

[Silverware clinking]


Dr. Casper.
Could I have a word?

Did you sign this report?
-Read it back to me.
-Pap tests shows
possible precancerous cells.
I advised a biopsy.
-Of the patient's cervix.
-This patient --
Francis Iamelli?
Francis Iamelli has a penis.
He just had a weird morning.
-I must have attached
the wrong report.
I have been...
dealing with some...
personal issues.
-Would you care to elaborate?
-Look, Rose.
I know
what you're going through.
When I was younger than you,
I lost three pregnancies.
On the fourth one, the doctor
told me to stop trying.
This thing that I always thought
was gonna be
the cornerstone of my life --
I was told
it wasn't gonna happen.
I felt like my body betrayed me,
like I had done everything right
and it didn't matter.
-What did you do?
-It took time to process,
but I bounced back.
I was young.
You're young.
As you get older,
you realize the point of life.
It isn't just one thing.
-What is the point?
-Of life?
I think purpose
is a moving target.
But I find joy
in lots of things.
In music. Montauk.
My nieces and nephews.
I read.
-And that's enough for you?
-Get your shit together, Rose.
I'm not having
this conversation again.
[Monitor beeping]
-[Breathing heavily]
-It's okay.
[Beeping continues]
It's okay. I'm here.
Mommy's here.
Everything's gonna be alright.
I promise.
[Door opens and closes]

[Lid creaks]

[Doorbell rings]
-One second!

It's Celie.
I was your OB nurse.
-Yeah. Hi. Hello.
-I'm so sorry to bother you.
Can I come in?
-Yeah, of -- of course.
Come on in.
-Thank you.

You have a beautiful home.
-Oh, thanks so much.
Yeah, we have a lot
more room out here.
Is everything okay
with my pregnancy?
-Oh. Yes. Yes.
Everything's perfectly fine.
I -- I probably should have
led with that.
-No, um, we've had complaints
from patients
about not getting their records,
so I just wanted to make sure
you got a copy.
I know you haven't had
the easiest time with us, so...
I really appreciate you
coming all the way out here.
[Cellphone vibrating]
You can get that.'s fine.
Can I offer you something?
Like water or...?
-Tea would be nice.
-It's weird. It's like
any drunk 12-year-old can do it,
but Kev and I are getting
our PhD in child rearing.
-All we have is Irish Breakfast
tea, decaffeinated.
-I'm not choosy.
Are you alright?
-Yeah. Um...
It's gas.
-No, no, no, no. It's awful.
-Let me take over.
-You're gonna walk
right into it.
-I've walked into worse.
-So embarrassing.
[Groans] Man.
Yeah, so, it hurts when I sit,
and then it hurts
when I [chuckling] stand up.
[Tea kettle whistling]
This little alien parasite
is giving me a run
for my money, I swear.
-Lemon and sugar, yeah?
-Oh, my gosh.
It smells divine.
Thank you.
-Alright, come on, come on,
come on.
Come on. I got you.
I got you. Stay with me.
[Pounding on door]
[Door opens]
-She's right here.
37 years old.
Seven months pregnant.
-Get the board.
You make the call?
She started seizing
10 minutes ago.
And she's going into labor.
-You're okay. You're okay.
-I'm her nurse
at Bronx Memorial.
-What's her name?
-Emily, we're gonna take
good care of you, okay?
You're lucky
your friend was here.
Let's turn her on my count.
One, two, three.
[Siren wailing]
-[Speaking indistinctly]
-You with us?
Nod if you're with me.
Okay. Okay.
This is gonna help you breathe.
[Air hissing]

[Monitor beeping,
ventilator hissing]
[Indistinct conversations]

-Mama, eyes on me. Eyes on me.
Your baby's gonna be fine.
I promise you.
-What about me?
-What's that, Mama?
-What about me?
-Pressure. Come on. Let's go.
-Suction. I've got it.
[Indistinct conversations]

[Beeping continues]

-The baby's not breathing.
Let me see.
[Beeping intensifies]
-I need hands over here.
-What's wrong?
-Just belows the ribs.
We're dropping compression.
-Get that...suction.
I can't see.
[Monitor beeping rapidly]
She's seizing again.
Can I get some help here?
[Metal rattling]
[Beeping intensifies]
It is 100 over 65.
[Indistinct conversations]

-[Exhales heavily]
[Sniffs, spits]
[Inhales deeply]
[Breathes deeply]

[Cellphone vibrating]

[Breathes deeply]

-Get to pathology.
-Celie, where are you?
-Get to pathology now.



[Door opens]
[Door closes]

[Footsteps approaching]
[Case rumbling]

Did you get everything?
I didn't mean to kill her.
I just wanted to induce
so that we could --
-It doesn't matter.
-There was nothing else
I could do.
-Do you need to sleep?
-I can't.
-Then let's get to work.
[Case rumbling]

-[Breathes deeply]

[Ventilator pumping]

[Power surges]
Three, two, one. Clear.
[Defibrillator fires]
Okay. We're in V-fib.
Go again.
[Air hissing rhythmically]
-[Inhales sharply]
[Breathing raggedly]
-Welcome back, baby.
[Lucrecia Dalt's "Tar" plays]

-It felt more as a slowing

A sudden nothing of velocity

Passing from air
Into water, into honey
Into tar
And breathing tar
does strange things
To one's perception of time
We breathed tar
As only lovers breathe tar

Oh, let our limits
be smudges

Let our convictions
be gaseous

Skinless others,
oils on waters

Walls made up of air
Made of doldrums
Made of hunger
Made of Aether
Made of hydrogen
Made of pollen
And made of exhale
Made of exhale

Oh, let our glances
be fixless

Let our motion
be expansive and faint
We never could locate
a skin or boundary

There just ain't nothing
to press or be pressed by

There was a momentary dip
in the air pressure
When passing from one body
to its other
One body to its other

We had touched
as only atmospheres touch

We had touched
as only atmospheres touch