Birthright Outlaw (2023) Movie Script

Wonder if I might trouble
you for a hot meal
and a hitch for my horse?
Well, sure.
My husband takes great delight
in my ministerin' to random
Your husband needs a bath.
Oh yes, he does.
I thought you'd never get home.
Is it good news, Jeremiah?
As good as it gets.
Mmm. Smells good.
Well, don't you clean up nice.
Nothing like a few nights in
the rough
to make you appreciate
the creature comforts.
Don't get too comfortable.
We're still short some birds.
Hey, guests arrive at five,
and the butcher's still open for
an hour.
- Butcher?
- Yeah, butcher.
What do you think I am?
I mean, I don't know.
Come on, Hope.
No, no, in this house, the
women cook and the men hunt.
Now, Martha darling, you
know she's my lucky star.
All right, fine.
But you best return overladen
with grouse.
I intend to.
Look for 'em, Track.
High on.
Picks and axes.
No cussing, daddy.
Ah, it was hardly a cuss.
It was close enough.
My turn.
Now you remember our deal,
you speak a word of this.
My lips are sealed.
Now hand it over.
Track, heel.
High on, Track.
Hunt dead, Track.
Don't you go cussing, now.
If my congregation finds out
that my daughter's a
natural-born gunslinger,
I'll never live it down.
It's our secret, I promise.
Now just three more.
Ma'am, pardon the intrusion.
Is the mister at home?
May I help you?
More likely,
I can help you.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Jebediah Goodnight,
the sole licensed
purveyor of Mr. Stanley's
wondrous cure-all rattlesnake
Now Mr. Stanley, he spent sacred
time with Hopi medicine men
who revealed to him the secret
of this wondrous potion.
Synthesized from the sweet fat
of the Western rattlesnake,
our elixir is guaranteed
to cure all that ails you.
Mr. Goodnight.
If I was of the mind to
imbibe rattlesnake juice,
I'd simply squeeze one myself.
Ah, look, there comes my husband
I thank you kindly all the same.
You have a good day.
- Ma'am.
- Mm-hm.
What is it?
Open it.
Come here, Track.
Daddy, it's beautiful.
Like it?
It looks nice.
Thank you.
Come on, Track.
Why are you staring?
I was just thinking how you're
looking more like your mama.
Do you ever...
regret staying in Last Chance?
Like maybe you were.
Born for something bigger?
Well Hope, it's not about
the places you've been.
It's about learning to make
the most of where you're at.
Daddy, that's mama talking.
Now you just hold it right
I'll be first to admit, your
mama can be opinionated,
but she didn't have an easy
I knew that when I married her.
Two trees growing side by side,
well, they never meet up.
Two blades of grass,
well, they sway a little.
Give and take.
Marriage is a promise to
stand firm when it's right.
And to bend when it's necessary.
But you always, you always stand
maybe you'll find a man that's
willing to stand with you,
as pigheaded as you are,
and the life you guys build
maybe it's bigger than
you ever dreamed of.
Yeah, right over there.
That's nice.
Nice place for a meeting.
Afternoon, gentlemen.
Hope your day has been as
amentiferous as my own.
Cut to the chase.
I see you are an eager man,
not a trait that usually
compliments the outlaw life.
But to answer your
I have indeed identified your
That means I saw her.
You sure it was her?
With a 99% certainty,
the remaining 1% reserved
out of a spirit of humility.
Was she alone?
Not hardly.
There's a girl,
a spitting spitfired image,
and a man, a parson by the looks
of him.
Smart girl.
Thinks she found her sanctuary.
And now, it is the customary
time to remit payment.
Go ahead, kid.
It's all there.
Now where is she?
On that map, you will find
and suggested roots of egress,
and points advantageous to
All at no additional charge.
And now, I shall bid you
I've a bounty to collect in
Goodnight, why didn't you just
take her
while you had the chance?
Mighty big bounty for one fella.
That's simple.
I'm not insane.
I didn't think so.
I'm of a general opinion
that double-crossing
is bad for business.
I am sorry.
But you see, we can't take any
You're up, kid.
Now you should be honored.
It's his first time.
I prefer a steadier hand.
My apologies, Mr. Goodnight.
It is what it is.
How many times I told you
kid, you dither, you die.
What is this world coming to?
We've been standing
here for over half an age
and you haven't said a word to
Either I'm that ugly or I'm so
I've stricken you dumb.
Well Reverend,
are you going to keep us
in suspense all night?
May I have your attention,
Thank all of you for coming,
this special occasion.
Let's get right to it.
"To my brothers and sisters in
"After a prayerful consideration
and close consultation with
Reverend Jacobs," that's me,
"the Central Christian
Conference has hereby decided
to allocate the necessary funds
for the construction of a
church in Last Chance, Arizona,
and to officially assign
Reverend Jacobs
as its permanent rector."
We did it, folks.
It's been a long time coming.
You've done a good thing
for these people, Reverend.
A place like this could
turn sour real quick.
It's a testimony to you
that it hasn't already.
Now these are good people,
Even still.
The town's made by its
church or its saloon.
Now we got a fighting chance.
Papa, don't fall asleep yet.
Mm, just resting my eyes, dear.
That's what you always say
before you start snoring.
Come on, now.
Okay, okay, okay.
Read to us.
Do I have to?
Well, Track hasn't
learned yet so, you're it.
Okay, fine, fine.
Let's see.
Where were we?
"Forsake her not,
and she shall preserve thee."
"Love her, and she shall keep
"Enter not into the path of the
and go not in the way of evil
for they eat the bread of
and drink the wine of
"For they sleep not,
except they have done mischief,
and their sleep is taken away
unless they cause someone to
Wonder what raised his hair?
Get inside.
What? Why?
If you have ever trusted
me or loved me, trust me now.
Get inside.
Daddy, what's wrong?
Hope, get upstairs.
Martha, what's going on?
Hope, upstairs, right now.
Do what she says.
Did you forget, Rose?
The house always wins.
What is happening?
Hold your britches.
I said, hold your britches.
Can you think of any reason
why these men would come for
A secret beau, maybe?
She ain't got a beau, Sheriff.
This is just odd.
I've seen ransom, revenge, and
but I've never seen random.
If there is something you're not
Anything at all that can help
could save your daughter's life.
Did they say anything?
Any clues?
They said "the house always
The House Gang.
The what?
The House Gang.
The lowest, dirtiest.
Most unholy batch of
cold-blooded dry gulch sidewinders
this side of Hades.
Their ringleader,
William Bridges, AKA King of
During the war, he was a union
in the New York 35th.
After Antietam he just went
crazy, though.
He found his wife slaughtered,
then his daughter disappeared,
and the House Gang became his
They swore a blood oath to his
leaving a trail of crime
and chaos across the west,
which leads me to wonder.
Why would the House Gang
come to Last Chance?
Why would they want Hope?
Do not move that hand.
Sheriff, if I wanted to kill
you, you'd already be dead.
I am so sorry.
My name is Rose Bridges.
I am a fugitive from justice.
William the King of Hearts
Bridges is my father.
I am willing to surrender myself
without caveat or
reservation except for one.
you and I will go and rescue
Look, I know their ways.
I know their movements.
I know how to find her.
And when we have brought her
safely home,
I will remand myself to your
Sheriff, please.
It's her only chance.
In good faith.
Rose Bridges, by authority
of the territory of Arizona,
I place you under arrest.
She said in good faith.
Good faith, my foot.
I cannot tell you how sorry I
She played you for a fool.
On the off chance that they come
maybe looking for your missus.
When are you gonna go get my
I can't take on a criminal gang,
let alone the House Gang, on my
Well then, we'll have to form
a posse.
Posse takes men, Reverend.
Where are you gonna get
men in Last Chance?
Well, you and I'll have
to ride together then.
All due respect,
you're not somebody I'd
choose to ride out with.
All due respect to myself,
anyone I would choose to ride
out with
would not choose to ride out
with me.
What I'm saying, Parson,
go on home,
ask Providence to lend a hand.
Best thing you can do right now
is pray.
Billy, can't you do anything
for him?
I already did.
I told him the truth.
I know I'm not supposed to test
So if You know another way.
Now's the time to suggest it.
I believe I said my piece.
I prayed.
Go on.
You may want to consider
this course of action, Preacher.
Open it.
No, Jeremiah, this isn't the
Now listen to her.
There is no other way.
Open it.
I don't have the keys.
Ma'am, easy.
Bonnie, do something,
now talk some sense.
He's right.
Someone's gotta go after that
little girl.
Don't you dare.
You do anything to help them,
and I will...
Close that up.
Close that.
You're the only chance I
got to save my daughter.
Sheriff Beauchamp, please,
please, I beg you, we
can go together, please.
If I cross this threshold,
there's no going back, for
either of us.
I know it.
We need guns.
That's aidin' and abettin'.
You could arrest me later, dear.
Everything in here
is exactly the way it
was the day she left.
I've had my men set this up
day after day for 15 years.
Praying every day that
one day she would return.
For 15 long years,
I have felt it.
A cognate heart beating,
keeping time as if it were my
very own.
What is your name, child?
Who are you?
My blood flows through your
through your heart.
It's an inheritance.
I am William Bridges, King of
I'm your grandfather.
Wait, whoa whoa.
What's that?
Good Girl, Hope.
Good girl, she left it
for us, I know she did.
We're on the right trail.
How do we know he'll still be
Because he knows I'm coming.
Jeremiah, you don't have to do
My life is already ruined,
yours doesn't have to be.
Look, just go home.
I will go after her,
I will bring her back,
and then you never have
to see me ever again.
No, you don't get to
set the terms, Martha.
Look, I gotta go save my
You're just gonna slow me down.
Well then teach me.
Teach me what I need to know.
This life's gonna break your
Can't break what's already
been broken.
Your grandfather requests the
of the pleasure of your
society for a morning repast.
A, a morning what?
Chow time.
All right.
All right.
If today we meet our fortune.
So be it.
If today we meet our doom.
So be it.
May we face our fate
with eyes wide open.
So be it.
As shameless as the first
outlaws in the garden,
freely united, unencumbered
by vow or covenant.
So be it.
And death.
If we shall part.
So be it.
So be it.
This chair has been empty
since the Queen of Hearts,
my daughter Rose, left us many
years ago.
And today I present this chair
to my granddaughter, Hope.
No, I, I wanna go home.
Darling, you are home.
And as soon as your mother
we will be a family again.
You kidnapped me.
Now you better take me back
right now
before my father gets here with
the law.
Your father is dead.
You lie.
I know he's alive.
Not that imposter.
I mean your real father.
Go on.
Yes sir.
Bonnie, I'm going.
Good riddance.
Oh now, come on.
Don't be like that.
Don't let me ride off to my
possible doom
without so much as a kiss.
Sandwiches, cheese, and a slab
of bacon.
I hope you like it.
Rather than hunt those folks
why can't you help get Hope
I aim to help them, by
saving them from themselves.
The best thing I can do for
those people
is bring them into custody
so they can't effectuate their
own demise.
If those men took me,
would you feel the same?
What would they want you for?
You can just forage.
Bonnie, in spite of their
she is a known criminal.
They assaulted a duly elected
That was hardly an assault.
They stole my favorite horse.
Dang, woman! I got a duty
Right or wrong,
the law is the law.
Help them.
Help them if you can, Billy.
I'll do what I can.
Go away.
I said go away.
Mighty good arm.
Your grandfather'd be right
You should have nabbed one of
the horses,
it would've made for a
more exciting escape.
I don't know how to ride.
Stop it.
I said stop it.
Doesn't know how to ride a
Don't laugh at me.
Now, what is so funny?
Rose Bridges' daughter doesn't
know how to ride a horse?
Child, your mama's been breaking
broncos since she was six.
She said that galloping
around on horses was unladylike.
Yeah, well no one accused
her of being a lady.
She is a lady.
Well, she is now anyway.
Oh, don't, don't do that.
It's true what he said
about my father, isn't it?
The King of Hearts said
it, it's most likely true.
Yeah, but he's.
He's an outlaw.
He's a thief.
And he'd be the first to admit
Why didn't he just leave us
Well, that'd be like asking
the sun
why it don't just let the Earth
Your mama she, she was,
she is the Queen of Hearts.
That's not something you can
just quit.
Well, what if you try?
Come on, I wanna show you
Hope, I promise I'd never hurt
You can trust me.
These men,
they as good as you are with a
More than likely, I'm rusty.
My own experience is limited
to grouse and squirrels.
Well, we best rectify that.
Sh sh, here she comes.
they're so cute.
Yeah, I found 'em the other day.
Hawk was going after the mama
I fixed him good.
Oh, they're gonna make a great
You wouldn't dare.
I've eaten cuter.
Hope shot all those grouse.
Every one of them.
All right, look, shooting
is about intention.
Okay, you gotta,
you gotta know where you
want your bullet to go.
You gotta feel it.
Fate it.
That cactus there.
Pretend it's your sworn enemy.
Hang on, hang on, stay fluid.
That's it.
Hold your neck easy.
If you tense up, you
feel yourself tense up,
it's 'cause you're trying
to shoot from your mind,
but shootin' isn't about
the mind, it's about here.
Shoot from the heart, and
you'll always shoot true.
All right,
try again.
That's good.
Biscuits and gravy.
I'm still your wife, Jeremiah.
My wife's name was Martha.
Pay up.
Double or nothing?
Well, you done broke the bank
Hey, why don't we make this
wager a little more interesting.
So what's the wager?
How's about a kiss?
Oh, well what would I get if I
Two kisses.
That's no kind of bet.
Well, as your grandpa
says, the house always wins.
Well not today, I ain't playing.
You win.
Mm hmm?
You get anything you ask for.
Cross my heart.
Beat that.
You swear you never
shot a pistol before?
No, my mama would tan my hide.
Don't you start laughing again.
I don't laugh at a lady with a
All right, stand back now.
Even Steven.
You were letting me win.
So, uh,
how about that wager?
That's not fair.
All these people.
How did they all end up being.
How did you end up being the...
No need to be delicate.
I mean.
Don't you know right from wrong?
Well, your grandfather says that
everyone's born the way they
He calls it a birthright.
Some people in the world, they
want to try and change it,
but they can't.
Instead you just gotta embrace
You see him?
That's Royal Flush.
Now he used to be a chemist
making medicine and such.
He mixed the wrong ingredients
one time, killed some people.
Now it was an accident,
but he still went to jail.
When he got out, no one would
hire him.
Your grandfather found him
in a gutter in Kansas City.
And that there, that's Joker's
He used to work on the railway.
A few years back there was a
A couple of men burned down
the camp he was living in,
killed his wife and child.
King of Hearts, your granddad,
found him in an opium den.
Oh, and Ace of Spades there.
Well, he's been with your
grandfather since the beginning.
He doesn't like to talk about
his past,
about the war.
But sometimes I hear
him screaming at night.
And, uh.
What about you?
I was an orphan.
So no one ever gave me a second
except maybe to spit on me.
Except, except the King of
He saw something in me that
no one else really did and.
Well he, he, treats me like
Well, that's the only family
the Diamond Kid's ever had.
What's your real name?
The Diamond Kid.
No your.
Your real name.
On the night that I
joined the House Gang,
and I took that oath.
Your granddad said that
I was shedding my skin
and I was reborn a new man.
And now my old life and my
name and everything with it
was dead and buried.
So my name's the Diamond
Kid, and that's that.
It's time I heard the whole
Some things are best laid
You're a stranger to me.
The only thing that matters is
And the more I know about my
the better chance I have at
defeating him.
My first memory,
I swear it,
is of my father helping
me pull the trigger
on a Colt Peacemaker.
My mother was already dead.
By the time I was ten,
my name was written in every
lawman's book
from Kansas City to Albuquerque.
You are cordially invited to
the greatest show on Earth.
Protestations from Mr. P. T.
Barnum notwithstanding.
Please do not embarrass
me in front of my people.
And the crazy thing is
my father never made it seem
there was anything strange
about us being outlaws.
And it was just,
just another way of life, like
any other.
His world was exciting.
But there was something in me
that knew
that no matter how normal
William made it seem.
There was this small voice
telling me there was something
When I was 15,
a man joined our camp.
I mean, I say man, but
he was, he was a boy,
and I was just a girl.
Soon I was, I was in a motherly
And, and something in me
I, I'd never cared for anything
really cared.
But this child inside me.
I could feel her.
Her little heart beating.
And I knew that I had to
protect her, whatever the cost.
My father had arranged
the romance, of course,
as easy as another man might
He had just taken two
hearts and made 'em one.
He was ensuring his legacy.
And I just couldn't, I
could not let that happen.
The boy promised to
help me, and we escaped.
But my father.
So you have...
You have to understand
that we all took a vow,
like a wedding vow.
Leaving meant death.
Even for his own daughter.
They hunted us down and they
found us.
And the boy.
They killed him, and I got away.
When you found me, I was half
How my child survived is a
God saw fit to spare her,
and for some reason to spare me
I am,
I am sorry, Jeremiah.
I, I.
I wish it were different.
I didn't know how to tell you
the truth.
It wasn't something I ever
and then when I did, it was.
It was too late.
Why couldn't you trust me?
To tell me?
Did you not care for me...
- Jeremiah.
- Don't, Rose.
I know you needed
a sanctuary.
And I was it.
When you found me, yes, I
was scared and I was alone.
But I saw in you that thing that
I knew
in my heart,
that love from beyond.
And I knew you had it, that,
that impossible thing.
You, Jeremiah,
you gave it a name.
fiery love.
God's love.
I knew that it wasn't from you.
I knew that it was in
you, and I just wanted it.
I wanted it so badly.
Can you blame me?
That you, of all people.
If I had told you the
truth from the beginning.
Could your heart have ever loved
one as
wounded and thorn-struck is
Could you have made me your
I feel like.
Everything I knew was burned to
You know, like you said
with, with your name.
And the real me,
she was just,
she was always there.
She was just hiding.
Just waiting to come out.
Now that she's here I.
I don't know who I am.
I don't know who I really am.
Well, maybe we can figure that
Rose Bridges.
Hold it right there, Parson.
My name is Jebediah Goodnight.
We met briefly before,
regrettably under false
I am a bounty hunter.
I tracked you under
contract for your father,
a William Bridges.
However, he breached that
and now I aim to collect the
legal bounty
on your head instead.
I prefer to bring you both in
However, because I am a
Christian man,
I will give you a choice.
Surrender peacefully,
or I will be forced to kill you both.
As is my custom, I will give
you five seconds to decide.
What are we gonna do?
That was one.
I don't know, he's got us
We can make a run for it.
Can't outrun bullets.
Hang on.
I've got an idea, throw me
your hat.
What? Why?
Just do it.
By your lack of formal
I can only assume you have
chosen to go down fightin'.
Understand that I take no
personal offense to your decision.
He's up on the ridge.
Stay down.
I also want you
to have my personal commitment.
I will do my utmost to dispatch
in the most expedient way
Preferably with a shot
to the head or the heart.
Jeremiah, when I say go,
you run for that boulder.
In the unlikely event you
gain the advantage of me,
I would politely ask that
you do me the same good turn.
Well played!
It might also interest you
to know my weapon of choice
is a Henry repeater,
which served me well in the
War of Northern Aggression.
I acquired it from a Yankee,
who was
no longer in need of it.
I have enough provisions
to keep me in food and
drink for many days.
And in alternate circumstances,
I would have loved to have
broken bread with you.
Don't move, Mr. Goodnight.
Gun down and hands up.
Reverend, I don't
think you have the guts.
Ma'am, I must admit
to a change of plans.
In a moment of capricious
I thought to bear you alive to
But I regret to inform you,
it is clear that it is
not worth the trouble.
Do you have any last words?
Reverend, what have
you got yourself into?
You're alive.
I'm impressed.
"He makes me lie
down in green pastures."
"He leads me beside quiet
"Therefore, we will fear no
".though the earth shakes, and
the mountains
slip into the heart of the
"The LORD is near the
and He saves those who
are crushed in spirit."
Just rest.
In the darkness,
I heard a sound.
It was a heartbeat
calling me back.
It was your heart.
They're coming.
How many?
Just her, and her husband.
You go and tell Diamond to
take Hope out of the camp.
I've been running from this
from him, for half my life.
Now that I'm back, I
feel like I never left.
I feel like I'm home.
We have to get her out of there.
How, Rose?
Play his game better than he
We move at nightfall.
Welcome home, Rose.
Hello father.
15 years with a
preacher, and you're still
as quick on the draw as I am.
Oh, that warms my heart.
Cover the entrance.
Why don't you stay put,
Where is she?
She's safe.
A bit disappointed.
Truth be told,
she's heartbroken.
If you hurt her...
I have done nothing to hurt
that child
except tell her the truth,
something you two are incapable
of doing.
Now put your guns down.
Give me my daughter back.
I'm sorry, did someone
steal your daughter from you?
I can't imagine how that must
I know that I didn't win the
bet, but,
and I know this isn't fair to
ask you, but
you promised me that you'd give
anything I want if I win.
Did you mean it?
I did.
All right, then.
Could we bet again?
Call it.
I just wanna go home.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry, Hope.
No, you have to take me back,
I can't.
Why not?
I just can't.
Tell me, Diamond,
tell me why not, please!
The King of Hearts.
He said your mother was coming.
I'm sorry.
Now what's to become of us?
You shoot me, I'll shoot you,
my men shoot him several times.
Now is that any way for an
intelligent group of people
to settle a disagreement?
We all die?
I don't think so,
especially with family.
Especially with Hope.
I agree.
You have a proposal?
I do.
I'm sorry.
If you let my husband
and my daughter go free,
I'll be your Queen of Hearts
You'll stay, free and clear?
So be it.
You will accept your birthright?
So be it.
Reverend, I want to ask you a
and please answer me honestly.
Were you unaware of her past?
I was.
Your marriage was
defunct from the beginning.
Now you can end this nightmare.
All you have to do is disavow
this lyin', treacherous woman.
Say it.
I disavow her.
Say it!
Tell him, Rose.
You have to Jeremiah, it's the
only way.
You asked me if I knew the
truth, if I'd have married you?
I can't say what I
would've done then, but.
I'd marry you now, this instant.
She's my wife, and that's that.
You can choose to let us all go.
That I cannot do.
Her birthright is my legacy.
My bloodline needs its queen.
And you, sir, are standing in
the way.
Daddy? Mama?
Until death do you part.
This is all your fault.
None of this would've happened,
if you would've just told me the
Yes, I know.
He's dead.
Isn't he?
When Jeremiah found
me, you were just a baby.
And you know, I hadn't
given you a name yet because.
I didn't know if you would
And I couldn't bear it.
I thought,
if I have to lose her,
I will.
Can't lose her if she has a
And then.
He found us.
And he asked me what your name
was, and I didn't answer and,
and somehow he knew why.
He knew what I'd been thinking.
He just, he knew that secret in
my heart.
And he took one look at you,
and he said,
"This child's name is Hope."
And I knew
right then
that everything was gonna be
I knew that this man
had a faith that I,
I had always felt but I
didn't have a name for.
I mean, his heart was just
with God's love.
And I knew that
no matter what, no matter what I
had done,
I could start over.
My past could be unwritten.
It's gonna be okay.
It'll all be better.
I must say,
mighty surprised to see you
hanging around these parts.
Horse thievin', five years.
Assaultin' a peace officer,
that would be me, seven years.
Stealin' said peace
officer's guns, five years.
Stealin' said peace officer's
vittles, nine months.
Jail breakin', ten years.
Murder, victim being a bounty
named Jebediah Goodnight,
one hanging.
So now let me see.
Carry the one.
We got a minimum 27 and three
quarter years, plus a hanging.
I'm not going to argue with
you about what I've done.
We can still save 'em.
Reverend, my advice, you
remain silent.
You have sorely tested
what little faith I had.
What deviltry?
Stranger, identify yourself
before I send you a hot lead
Billy Beauchamp.
It's time.
Time for what?
If today we meet our fortune,
if today we find our doom,
then we face our fate,
with eyes wide open,
and death
if we shall part.
What are you gonna do to her?
I'm gonna give your mother
what she always dreamed of,
her freedom.
One day child, you will
Tonight, the Queen of Hearts
must die.
And the Queen of Spades will be
I won't join you.
You have no choice, child,
it's your birthright.
William, no.
Sir, this ain't right.
It is what it is.
Well I've had enough of it!
My real name,
is Dylan.
He loved you.
William Bridges!
This is over!
Come here!
No, Grandpa, don't!
Shoot me!
My daughter, she
teach you how to shoot?
Then you know the secret.
Shoot true, and I die.
You don't, she dies.
Don't listen to him, Daddy.
He's just trying to make
you as low as he is.
You shoot true.
Father. Father, father.
Rose, you will always
be my Queen of Hearts.
You may be seated.
Jeremiah, Martha Rose,
"Remember not the former
"Behold I am doing something
"I will make a way in the
rivers in the desert."
"If anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation."
"The old has passed away
and a new has come."
Now I cannot join together
that what God already did.
But I can make it legal
in the eyes of the Arizona
Do you take this man, Jeremiah,
to be your lawfully wedded
I do.
And do you take
this woman, Martha Rose,
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
I sure do.
Well, don't take all
day, it's your wife,
you can kiss her.
Really sorry, darling.
You're gonna get yourself
a nine-month holiday in Tucson.
Nine months.
It'll go by in a heartbeat.
Stand firm, Hope.
I will.
There are parts of me
I've tried to hide
I thought there wasn't
room under the light
Ran away to find a place
I didn't have to face it
Thought that I would
never be worth saving
But You called my name
And I knew I couldn't run from
You love me as deep as the
And all You ask
Is for me to keep holding
Onto Your right hand
You give me the strength to
Steady, sure as the mountains

You shelter me
If rain's pouring down
And no matter where I go
Or what I do
I can always come home to You

I was desperate for a
place to hang my heart
I was riding through
the desert in the dark
I believed 'em when they
said there was no hope
But You showed me love
But You called my name
And I knew I couldn't run from
You love me as deep as the
And all You ask
Is for me to keep holding
Onto Your right hand
You give me the strength to
Sure as the mountains
You shelter me
If rain's pouring down
And no matter where I go
Or what I do
I can always come home to You

You called my name
And I knew I was finally safe

You love me as deep as the
And all You ask
Is for me to keep holding
Onto Your right hand
You give me the strength to
Sure as the mountains
You shelter me
If rain's pouring down
And no matter where I go
Or what I do
I can always come home to You