Bitcoin Heist (2016) Movie Script

Tell me again.
What is a bitcoin?
Bitcoin is digital money that you can make
by going online...
and helping to maintain a ledger
of all bitcoin transactions in the world.
Bitcoin is illegal because you can
transfer it anywhere in the world
without going through a bank.
What are you?
Some kind of an accountant?
Something like that.
You must be a shitty accountant
to have ended up in here.
I'm an excellent accountant.
These are the targets for this
illegal bitcoin exchange raid.
ls she the famous "Ghost"
that Interpol is after?
Her name is Ky.
One of the assassins the Ghost pays
to protect his accountant, Phuc.
Our informant tells us
they work for the Ghost.
They are present at every bitcoin exchange.
If the Ghost isn't here,
then why are we?
Cyber Crimes Task Force...
What a joke!
A joke?
What's so funny?
I'm shopping for my wife!
Buying them online is better
than going to the store.
So let's say you are shopping
for lingerie online...
and you Google "hot girls."
But then you get this message.
Your files have been encrypted.
You have to pay for a code to unlock them
before they are erased.
You have 95 hours, 58 mins,
and 15 seconds left.
After that your files will be deleted.
Why can't I escape?
What does this mean?
It means you're now a victim.
You need to pay the Ghost
$500 dollars in bitcoins
in order to save the files
to your computer.
Now multiply $500 dollars by 10,000 victims
who fall prey to this virus every day.
Tell me.
ls this still a joke to you?
So let's catch this woman!
She's just a hired gun.
We need the accountant
to identify the Ghost.
So why all the guns?
There's almost $800,000 there.
Now the Ghost will transfer the bitcoins
to the wallet in Ky's phone.
The hallways are full of security cams.
Do you not know
the meaning of "no cameras"?
Sergeant Trong, are you ready?
A-Squad is ready. B-Squad report.
The bitcoins are available.
There it is.
The exchange.
What exchange?
3,000 bitcoins. $800,000.
Illegal money, laundered through bitcoins.
A-Squad, wait for my signal.
She just identified our informant!
Move in!
Move in.
A-Squad move in!
Sergeant, secure the accountant!
What do I tell the Ghost now?
Someone sold us out! What else?
The targets have left the hotel!
Get the car!
We need to split up.
Meet at the safe house in 2 hours.
Cars go after Ky. I'll take Phuc!
Bi, where did you go?
- Bi, don't come down.
- Im already here.
Yeah, you better run!
- Don't steal my kill!
- Who's stealing?
- Let me kill him!
- Steal?
- Run!
- Don't steal my kill!
Damn you! Always stealing my kill!
For the win!
Winning? Keep that up,
and you're gonna get it!
Who's gonna get me?
You're just pissed because my champion
is better than yours, and sexier!
Sexy? You mean those busty bimbos
you choose for your avatar?
That's because....
I believe in the will power of women.
Will power?
So why do they all have
grapefruits for boobs?
Where do you think will power comes from?
My sister has no "will power."
Take a good look.
The closest you'll ever get...
to these grapefruits is by stealing them
from our customers' phones!
It's not the same.
These selfie-girls will upload their
photos to Facebook sooner or later.
What's the harm in uploading them first
and making some cash along the way?
Because it's wrong!
This is a gratitude stone.
In life, you should learn to live like Bi.
I thank life for each morning
that I get to wake up and
make love!
"Make love..."
Make love!
Where did you say the house was?
Because I can't find it.
There's just number 42. No number 40.
Only 42. That's right.
I'm sorry.
Why are you calling from another number?
I had to make an unexpected stop.
- Don't tell the boss anything until we meet...
- What!
What happened?
What do you want for lunch?
Hello gorgeous.
I urgently need to fix my phone.
But everything looks fine to me.
Not this one.
This one.
Um... lt accidentally got drilled.
Can you extract the data?
Drilling is my specialty.
Come in.
Wanna back up your photos?
No need.
Khanh, don't go back to the station.
Keep searching the area.
She couldn't have gone far.
Can you fix phones?
Or do you only wipe screens?
She's a pro League of Legends gamer.
If you want to level up to champion,
she's your girl.
times $250...
$7.5 million!
What was that?
Your phone's busted.
If you want to keep your data,
you'll need a new phone.
Want this one?
It's 7.5 mil.
Hurry it up.
What the hell did you do?
Do what?
Why does the balance
on the Ghost's account say zero?
Say what again?
- What's missing?
- The Ghost's bitcoin wallet. It's empty!
30,000 coins! What did you do?
- The phone was broken...
- I don't care!
Do you know what he'll do to me
when he finds out I lost his money?
Your job was to protect me and the money,
but I'm stranded here,
and you've lost the money!
New plan. Meet me at the following address...
I don't need to know.
Do you know
what the Ghost does to failures?
He'll gut me like a pig!
Get that money back!
Son of a bitch! Did you steal again?
That's right, you dog!
Why don't you tell your sister
where you transferred the bitcoins?
Or I'll blow her head off!
Hey, hold it!
Just let me get on the computer to return it.
Get to it!
This'll teach me to steal from players.
Hear this.
That money isn't mine.
You'd be wise not to steal from the Ghost.
Police! Move away!
Move away!
Target apprehended.
Khanh, report.
A dead informant.
A room full of corpses.
The target shot full of holes.
A bystander put in a coma.
And a useless phone!
How long should I suspend you?
But we arrested the accountant...
For money laundering?
The bitcoin wallet is in the phone.
- We just need to recover...
- The data?
All of the data in this phone has been wiped!
Without the bitcoin wallet,
arresting the accountant won't do any good.
With money-laundering charges,
the longest time he will serve
in jail is 8 to 12 months.
All the while, the Ghost is still out there,
still committing crimes.
How should I answer my superiors?
This is all your fault!
If you hadn't interrupted, we would have
arrested them all at the hotel!
You are his superior.
If you can't control your subordinate,
then it's your fault, not his!
Let him go.
Let go!
- Dada!
- Dad!
Today I am your chief officer.
Let him go.
We've lost the Ghost.
It's not over yet.
Chief, sir.
We can still catch the Ghost using Phuc.
Let me speak with the accountant.
Relinquish your badge and gun on the desk.
You're on temporary probation
as of this moment.
Officer Khanh.
Wait outside. I need to speak
privately with my daughter.
What's the plan?
Somebody help me!
Let me out!
Let me out!
ls there anybody out there?
Let me out! Police brutality...
Go on, scream.
There's no one out there.
You were caught with
$750k of the mob's cash...
and 3,000 bitcoins belonging to the Ghost.
My superior tells me that
your maximum sentence is 1 year.
But I don't think that's fair.
I think you should be released.
That's right.
You get to choose
who will come after you first.
The mob, whose money you lost.
Or the Ghost, who guts people who fail him.
Or you can help me catch the Ghost.
You think catching the Ghost is it?
Without the proof of his bitcoin wallet,
he still walks free to find me and kill me.
I'll help you if you can protect me.
You're in no place to bargain.
Because of you, I am no longer a cop.
With my fingerprints, the Ghost can find me.
Burn my arrest record,
and I will help you.
If not...
then just kill me now.
Welcome to the Garena Premier League.
Let the games begin!
Thomas Nam, my boss,
is the one you call the Ghost.
He's German-Korean
and a brilliant programmer.
His company, Khimera...
provides cyber security
for many banks all over the world.
In Korea, they call him "Yulyeong."
Which means "ghost."
You speak Korean?
A little bit.
They call him the Ghost...
because there has never been
a firewall that he can't walk through.
To hackers and gamers,
Thomas is a rock star.
He lives in Taiwan
to avoid Interpol's reach,
but even the Ghost can't escape
a League Championship.
What's wrong with your hand?
I'm allergic to dust.
Dirty surfaces make my hand swollen.
You're in quite a dirty business
for being such a clean freak.
Thomas wrote a breakthrough
algorithm for banking...
and accepted the mob's money
to start up Khimera.
In return, he had to launder
their money at any given time.
Now Thomas needs cash fast
to buy them out.
- That's why he created a virus called...
- The Crypt.
How do I know you're not
just making all of this up?
The ledger in his bitcoin wallet will prove it.
So Khimera is just a clean front
for his dirty businesses.
Not just clean...
but also beautiful.
Now that you've told me
all the Ghost's secrets...
you're of no use to me anymore.
Not yet.
You need proof of Thomas's crimes.
It's the same reason
you couldn't keep me in jail.
In addition to the wallet, you need proof
that the wallet is linked to Thomas.
Only then can you prove that
all the ransom money from the Crypt
and all of the mob's laundered money
are deposited into Thomas's wallet.
What kind of proof?
Burn my record
before it goes into the system.
Then we'll talk.
Go home and keep shopping online.
This doesn't concern you.
Why are you taking Phuc's rap sheet?
Where is he?
You need to return him to us.
He's the only way I can get to the Ghost.
Do you know how many men
gave their lives so that we could arrest him?
You'll have to shoot me
if you want to stop me.
If you walk out,
then I can't protect you anymore.
What else is new?
- You'd better not be lying.
- I told you, I'm dead if I was.
In order to catch the Ghost,
we first need to steal a $75,000 ring.
Here, take this.
Smoking is very bad for you!
Thomas keeps his bitcoin wallet inside
the mainframe of the Khimera server.
That's the ring we need to steal.
There's a QR code inside the crowned gem.
The Khimera server has a direct link
to all of the banks it supports.
That's why Thomas chose the mainframe
computer to store his bitcoin wallet.
And only the QR code in the ring
can access the mainframe.
The problem is...
Thomas never takes off his ring.
So we need to get the gem,
but Thomas can't know
that the ring is missing.
I know just the person who can do that.
Put both hands out like this, Mr. Trung.
Wow... Nice Rolex, huh?
Turn your hands over.
Now take this hundred dollar bill and...
I'm gonna place it in your palm.
Squeeze tightly.
And now I'm going to make this bill...
It's gone.
Check it carefully.
The $100 bill has become a $1 bill, everyone.
I short-changed you $99!
But don't worry.
I have a gift for you.
ls this...
your Rolex watch?
Thank you, Mr. Trung.
Thank you.
What's up?
Are you still holding a grudge?
Of course. Why else would I make you
return what you've stolen in your pocket?
Popular brand, but this one is mine.
"Happy birthday, my darling Trung!"
This must be worth $200,000.
Good taste for a thief.
"Thief"? Who do you think you are?
Um, Phuc, this is Magic Jack.
Jack Magique!
"Super fake."
I haven't seen craftsmanship
this good in 2 years.
Tell me, who made these?
I'll make sure Mr. Trung doesn't
press charges. Otherwise...
I'll haul you to jail,
and then deport you.
What's it gonna be, "darling Jack"?
Now we need a super fake ring
to replace the one on Thomas's finger
while we copy the QR code in the gem.
Which means we'll need
a "super fake" master.
- Hello Uncle.
- Hi boys.
Hey Uncle Thuan, why do you
bring your lunch everyday?
We have rice in the cafeteria.
Well, it's a force of habit for old...
- Huh?!
Old people.
- Here you go.
- All done.
Thank you, boys.
Sorry, Uncle.
This is Special Agent Dada.
From the Department of Cyber Crimes.
This is Phuc, her associate.
He knocked you up and now you need
a discount on a wedding ring, right?
Sure, Uncle can help you out!
Not even close.
Police brutality!
Police brutality!
A De Beers Diamond.
From its color and clarity,
it's worth about $47,000.
Uncle has a very simple explanation...
That hurts, Chief!
A false fingerprint?
This is...
less simple.
The truth is my name is Luhan.
- I am...
- An ethnic Chinese-Vietnamese.
Single father to a 10-year-old girl name Linh.
Arrested many times for confidence scams.
Left in 2013 with his daughter for China.
But recently returned to Vietnam.
What's wrong? Weren't you welcomed
by your motherland?
Before joining the Cyber Crimes Unit,
Dada was on the Vice Squad.
Where's little Linh?
In five days...
Thomas will throw a going away party
at Khimera before he leaves Vietnam.
This is the best opportunity for us
to get the ring and the bitcoin wallet.
Hi Linh.
I'm taking these back to the owner
while you help me.
In order for Jack
to get close enough to the ring,
we need to get him
an invitation to the party.
Thomas already booked the pop singer MQB
to perform at his party.
If something were to happen
to the singer
we could convince Thomas
to hire Magic Jack and his sexy assistant...
If Thomas hires Jack Magique
and his sexy assistant...
then we'll have a chance to switch
the ring and get the QR code.
But Jack doesn't have a sexy assistant.
We'll take this one, too.
Pham True Phuong...
Flu season, right?
Oh! I'm sorry.
This flu is nasty.
In just 1 night...
I lost my voice...
Let me help you get up.
Getting Jack invited to the party
is a 2-step process.
STEP 1: Get the singer to cancel
with a harmless fan photo...
MQB, can I take a photo with you?
Of course!
and a carefully placed,
germ-soaked handkerchief.
Thank you! I love you!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
That photo is no good!
STEP 2: Introduce Thomas
to Jack's sexy assistant.
Two, Three...
I have a new trick for you.
A two dollar bill... right?
Here's a shot glass.
Luhan, can I get a light?
Now I'll use this tissue.
Here, I want you to have this.
So that you'll never forget
the flame we once had.
Hold it.
Don't move your hand.
There's a micro-camera in your pendant.
Remember to get Thomas's hand this close.
I need a clean 3D image
in order to duplicate the ring.
There's Le.
Like Ky, she's another mercenary
working for the Ghost.
Though bitcoin exchanges
can be done entirely online,
some people prefer the feel of a card.
It's also a bitcoin wallet.
There's a QR code on the back.
Why are women who carry guns so hot?
Though I prefer cops to criminals.
That's my cue.
Are you okay?
I think...
I drank too much.
You speak Korean?
No, just when I'm drunk.
I'm sorry.
Wait, wait.
Stay with us. Sit with us then.
I like your diamonds.
I like yours better.
Can I see?
It's okay.
What a lovely gem.
Can I show you something?
In the past, have you and Dada ever...?
I broke her trust.
That woman...
doesn't look like
she has anything that breaks.
I suppose not.
So you think...
that by helping her,
you'll atone for your mistakes?
The way I see it,
we're all here because
she has a hold over each of us.
Open your hand.
- Cheers.
- Cheers!
I just booked a show
for Magic Jack this Sunday.
Jack Magique.
Now all we need are 3,000 bitcoins.
$750,000 U.S. dollars.
If l had that kind of money
I wouldn't be here now.
Sure. Me neither.
- So where are we gonna get that money?
- Dada knows a hacker...
This person has a lot of bitcoins.
Hey! Linh!
Are you okay? Were you burned?
"In that instant, Zyerasu turned into
a weird dust of half sand
and half metallic rust
that I had never seen before..."
"He died because he wanted to extend
the life of the girl he loved..."
"When a god of death fails
to do his job, he dies."
I love that issue.
Why are you here?
I was hoping to talk with you...
about a sensitive matter.
What are you looking at?
Your issue of Death Note.
It's my favorite manga series.
Can't you go outside?
Choose your favorite card from the deck.
Jack of hearts.
Watch. I'm going to put it here.
Watch carefully.
Go down...
For you... Little Princess.
What do you say?
I love you!
You're welcome!
Sometimes I forget that she's still a child.
I shouldn't have brought her on this job.
This career.
I don't want this kind of life for her.
What father would want
this life for his daughter?
So why don't we...
go steal some bitcoins?
And make our lives better.
How much is in Thomas's wallet?
40,000 bitcoins.
How much?
$7.5 million U.S.
$7.5 mil.
You want me to give you my bitcoins?
The fact is those 3,000 bitcoins
should be returned to the police.
I want you to give it to me
so that I can use it to catch the Ghost.
This "Ghost"...
is the boss of the woman
who shot my brother?
If you help me...
I promise you,
I will put the Ghost in jail.
I want you to assure me
that you will put him in the grave.
I'm a cop...
not an assassin.
Truth is, the wallet that Bi stole
had more than just 3,000 bitcoins.
It was actually 25,000.
I'll give you back all of it
if you let me help.
I want to be there when you catch the Ghost.
I can't.
I can't risk another civilian's life.
I am not just another civilian.
Only a hacker can catch a hacker.
And you won't find anyone better than me.
Are you in or out?
We all have 4 days to memorize
this blueprint of the Khimera mansion.
Let's review each of our duties.
Vi is our tech geek.
Luhan is our forger and go-between.
And Jack is the distraction.
- One more...
- Jack!
Jack and I will be center stage here.
Come up and share your plan.
Uh... Jack.
Can you give me back the card?
The card.
The card...
Thank you.
This Sunday I will return 3,000 bitcoins
to Thomas with this card.
Thomas is very cautious, so he will
deposit the money right away.
The first door that leads to the server
is protected by a PIN code,
which we will need to get.
Are you kidding me?
A PIN code?
Go ahead and set your PIN.
But don't let me see it.
Do you know how quickly
I can steal your PIN?
The next time you use your debit card,
remember to touch
all of the buttons on the keypad.
If not, then anyone with a thermal camera
can discover your PIN code.
At the press of one button...
your money is gone.
What you're all receiving is a thermal image
that reveals the PIN Phuc just entered.
The reddest is the last number.
Dada, what's your status?
Phuc will lead us to the Ghost this Sunday.
When do you need back up?
After the party.
So this is where you've been hiding.
Piece of cake.
And this?
A laser-grid protected hallway.
Controlled by a retinal scan.
Does the person have to be alive?
The last door is locked
with a thumbprint scanner.
Once inside the server room,
he scans the ring
to access the mainframe.
Then he scans the card
and deposits the bitcoins.
Since the wallet contains the ledger
we need to prosecute the Ghost,
we have to make a copy of it
in case the Ghost tries to reduce
his sentence by deleting the wallet.
But, all of the computers
in the server room are hard-wired,
so they can't be remotely hacked.
That ring is the only key to the bitcoin wallet.
You mean we need both the ring
and the QR code to open the wallet?
That's where Jack comes in.
Go on.
Just one problem left.
How to make it past this laser grid
without the use of Thomas's eyes.
Three. Two. One...
Within three seconds of the alarm,
you'll be surrounded by armed guards.
Unless Luhan can also make fake eyes,
we will be caught by the lasers.
The recessed ceiling lights!
Between the top of the ceiling and the lasers
there's a 40-centimeter gap.
We fix wheels on an arm and a foot
and pull ourselves across
the hallway, avoiding the lasers.
A piece of cake for Linh.
No one climbs better than she does.
However, she doesn't know
anything about bitcoins.
How can she steal them?
She doesn't need to know.
I can hack the mainframe remotely.
Linh just needs to plug in a box for me.
Then we make sure that Linh
doesn't go in alone.
Linh will wear an earpiece.
Vi will walk her through the steps.
Luhan, you and Phuc
can stand guard outside the door.
Thanks for accompanying me.
Today is the first time I've
been back since the shooting.
You like to play League of Legends, too?
I love this character.
My avatar name is Zyerasu.
From Death Note?
I play Ashe...
I bet you're a great player.
Bi and I play for a living.
So you play assist all day.
Join my team and see.
What is that?
A gratitude stone.
I don't know where he read it.
You put it in your pocket for good luck.
Whenever you're angry
or have had it with life,
you hold this in your hand.
You think about the goodness in your life
and be grateful that you're lucky to be alive.
He had a whole jar of these.
Does it work?
I can only remember...
the last thing that I said to him.
You dog!
It's not the last thing...
because Bi is still alive.
Thank you.
Where is that ass-box?
What was that?
It's hacker humor.
The technical name is
a "backdoor orifice" box.
An orifice is a "hole."
"Backdoor" can also mean...
The purpose of the box
is to check for vulnerabilities in your firewall.
Once discovered, you patch it up so that
other hackers can't use it as a backdoor.
But in this case, I will use the box
to get in the server.
Do you already have that box?
But I can build one.
In the next 3 days...
we need to build a replica
of the hallway for Linh to practice,
observe the security rotation,
and find a way to infiltrate the mansion.
Give me a hand.
Oops! Sorry...
While Vi follows the maid,
Luhan will make a knockoff of the ring.
Have you and Jack done it?
In order to see what the guards see,
Vi will steal the feed
from the security cameras.
Once the cameras have been tapped,
Vi can monitor the feeds remotely.
When I shake Thomas's hand,
the ring will slide right off.
Watch me take it off,
and it pops back on.
Well done, Linh!
And lastly,
we need a van.
What is it, honey?
Did Mom love you very much?
Before she passed away.
Of course.
That's how we got you.
Why do you ask?
What did you do... to make her love you?
You can't make someone fall in love with you.
It just happens naturally.
How does it happen?
You just be yourself.
Whoever is meant for you will see you.
All your beauty and talents.
Just be myself?
Do you mean...
just continue to be a thief?
I want you to enjoy your youth
and keep your innocence.
I don't understand.
Understand now?
And now?
Youre running out of time Dada.
As soon as I have the ring and the wallet,
you can send the police to arrest Thomas.
Watch your back. You cant trust criminals.
Are you texting some guy up here?
Or just reporting to your superior?
How long have you been
working undercover?
How did you know?
Whenever something happens,
you come back here.
It's been a few days
since I turned in my badge.
To create a cover, right?
Because the Dada I know would never
resort to the help of criminals.
Not even one as handsome as me.
Always putting on a show.
Can't you ever drop the act?
It's part of my charm.
Isn't that why you fell in love with me?
I loved you for your passion for what you do.
Or maybe I was the crazy one.
I kept thinking you would
choose me over gems.
You knew that I was ready to go to prison
when the police arrested me.
I never asked you to lie to them to save me.
The truth is...
I am very sorry.
For making you choose
between me and your career.
I almost would've believed you, if I hadn't
caught you stealing a $200,000 watch.
After I catch the Ghost,
we'll call it even.
Here's some "will power" to help
you get better, kid.
And this is for the moment you wake up.
Bi is really lucky.
To have a sister who loves him so much.
Do you have any siblings?
I'm an only child.
As a kid,
all I knew was math.
I played with numbers and games.
Didn't have any real friends.
You're the first person I've met who wanted
to become an accountant when he grew up.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
That's because math is exact.
Numbers don't lie.
And me...
I don't trust anyone.
I know what you mean.
When I look at codes,
I know exactly what it wants to say.
But people...
They're difficult.
ls that why you lied to Dada?
You told her that Bi stole 25,000 bitcoins.
But the truth is...
Bi actually stole 30,000.
Should've known
that I couldn't fool an accountant.
You might think that I'm a bad person.
But I wanted to have security for Bi.
What if something happens?
- They might pull the plug...
- Vi...
I don't think you're a bad person.
I think you're amazing.
I just wish we'd met
under different circumstances.
It's Dada.
What's in the van?
Nothing. Magic props.
Okay, Vi.
You look delicious tonight.
Mr. Nam, this is Magic Jack.
Jack Magique.
To us.
To a great show.
Excuse me. Business calls.
You got a lot of nerve showing your face here
after losing all my money.
Maybe this'll make it up for you.
How much?
As promised.
Le here will help you with a drink
while I verify the funds.
- ls Thomas inside the hallway?
- No.
But he's about to give me his passcode.
Listen up!
We'll be blind for the 2 minutes he's inside.
Vi, have you replicated
Thomas's thumbprint?
It's printing as I scan.
Good. Because Vi is monitoring
the security feeds,
Vi will guide everyone
once Thomas comes back out.
Game on!
Thomas is done.
He's coming down to the party, Dada.
Before you leave the server room,
remember to unplug this box
and plug everything back
the way it was...
- So that no one will know we were there.
- What a pro!
Good evening.
ls everyone having a good time?
This is my lovely assistant, Miss Dada!
Ladies and gentleman, we would like to invite
our handsome host to the stage...
Mr. Thomas Nam!
Let's give him a big hand!
Welcome on stage, Mr. Thomas Nam.
Now Thomas will confirm that
this is indeed a real ice pick.
I would like you to inspect this ice pick,
that it is a real ice pick.
Over here?
It is real!
I want you to hide this ice pick
under any one of these five bags
and mix it around so I don't know where it is.
Now Thomas will hide the
ice pick under one of these bags
and shuffle them so that
I won't know where it is.
Let me know you're ready, Thomas.
Now I want you to choose a bag.
This one? Are you sure?
I'm sorry, I know
you weren't expecting that, but...
I got lucky.
Ladies and gentleman...
The ice pick is under the last remaining bag.
Jack, Dada, keep Thomas on stage!
Thank you very much. Wonderful!
Luhan is not ready yet!
Thomas! We still need you on stage.
Luhan, Luhan, can you hear me?
- Please?
- Let's give him a hand!
Check your com, Luhan.
Okay, okay, I'm staying.
He's just standing there
in front of the elevator.
What's he doing?
I have no idea.
Try hard.
No matter what happens next,
I just want you to know.
I'm always proud of you.
Yes... Dad.
Luhan here. I'm upstairs now.
Good. Phuc get ready.
Please record a voice message
on your phone
to prove that it is your phone.
Linh keep still.
Good evening.
Thank you everyone for coming.
My name is Thomas Nam.
Very good!
Please put it in the bag.
Thank you very much.
Go Phuc.
I will make his phone disappear.
This is where we make
your phone disappear.
- So sorry...
- What the...?
Hey! ls this supposed to happen?
Linh get ready.
- You want something?
- Go!
You wanna start something?
No, I just want to dry you off!
What the hell?!
To clean you off.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
That was my phone!
Leave it!
Thank you.
This is completely part of the trick.
Ladies and gentleman,
this is all part of the show.
Not so good...
Linh, I need eyes in the hallway.
Well done! We have
an image inside the hallway.
But I did say I'm gonna
make your phone disappear.
Where is my phone?
Well done!
You're halfway there!
Keep it up, honey. You can do it.
Luhan, get the ring to Jack already!
Actually, can you hear that?
Come, come, come.
I know that you're tired, Linh,
but I'm right here with you.
Anyone who has just received
a voice message...
lift your phone and play it for us to hear.
Wait, wait! Put your phones away.
Can you hear that?
Come on, you're almost there!
Come on!
Come on...
Yeah! You made it!
ls this your phone?
Yes, that's my phone!
Thomas's phone!
Why haven't you come down?
The skate is stuck.
Linh tripped the laser!
She needs help in there!
Actually, come over here.
Linh, the guard is coming in!
Dad, help me!
Close your eyes, close your eyes!
On my way, honey!
What are you doing, kid?
Keep your backs against one another.
Take a step forward slowly, slowly.
Slowly. Breathe deeply.
- Vi, what about the bitcoin wallet?
- Leave it! Our cover is blown!
No, there's still a way!
I have another idea.
Remove his jacket.
Give me the box.
And the chip, too.
They're almost there! Get out!
I'm gonna slowly help you up.
Just relax, slowly.
Come up with me, slowly lift.
Open your eyes. Check it out.
This girl was trying to break in.
I'm taking her downstairs for questioning.
You two stand guard.
If you scream and disturb my boss's party,
I will shoot you in head!
No Crying-
What are you looking at?
Guard this post!
Go on!
No crying!
Jack, on Vi's cue, we'll need a diversion
to lure the guards away from their post.
I want you to help me.
With two hands, lower her.
Hands there. Slowly, slowly.
Vi, talk me through this.
You need to find the mainframe
and scan the ring.
- I don't see a computer anywhere.
- It has to be there!
Look for a keyboard or a QR code scanner.
See anything?
When you're ready, remove your hands.
Trust me! Just believe.
How do you do this?
It gets better, watch.
Vi... What do I do next?
On the side of the laptop,
you will see an ethernet cable.
Unplug that cable and plug
it into the backdoor orifice box.
Then plug the cable from the box
back into the laptop.
Scan the card to access the wallet.
Now relax while I save a copy
of the wallet to my own computer.
Phuc, do you hear an echo?
Yes. Constantly.
ls this better?
Jack, I'm done!
Stir it up.
Phuc, remember to unplug the backdoor box
and plug the ethernet cable back
in the laptop.
The guards are right outside,
so wait for my signal.
Get set.
- Impressive.
- Thank you.
Yeah, Vi!
Sorry, I didn't mean to.
Magic Jack, everybody!
Thank you!
Magic Jack!
Magic Jack!
Man, I gotta pee.
Give me the USB.
$7.5 million!
42,000 bit coins!
Good, you're all awake.
Did you enjoy the party last night?
In case you're wondering
why you're in this position...
there are two simple reasons:
One, because you have stolen from me.
Two, because it gets the blood flowing
to your head.
The Ghost.
Thomas can speak Vietnamese?
Isn't technology great?
I type in English on my computer...
and it speaks in any language I want.
But you are not the ones
I want to speak with.
Vi, you are a very talented thief.
You have stolen from me not just once,
but twice.
You're the thief!
You're wrong.
Where I come from, they say
one is not a thief unless caught stealing.
Then you're a murderer!
Wrong again,
if you're talking about your brother.
I haven't killed anyone.
That's what mercenaries are for.
Phuc, you should know
how I deal with greedy pigs.
Did that hurt?
Serves you right.
You brought thieves into my home.
Where are my bitcoins?
You have the USB.
Take it!
That's only the 40,000 bitcoins
you just stole.
I'm talking about the 30,000
that your brother stole.
It's like they say: "No honor among thieves."
I'll make it simple for you.
Each time you refuse to tell me
the password for your bitcoin wallet,
I will gut one of your friends.
What's the password?
Kill him.
Don't look!
Honey, look away!
Look at me, honey!
Just look at Daddy, honey!
Let's try again.
Let her go!
Tell him, Vi!
Want this to stop?
What is the password?
Stop it!
What's the password?
I'll tell!
I'll tell you! I'll tell you!
What were you thinking?
You said that if I let you work undercover
you would catch the Ghost.
But as a result,
your initial suspect is now dead,
and you get arrested like a common criminal.
My whole career is now in jeopardy.
This wasn't Dada's fault.
- It was the Ghost...
- Stay out of this!
This business doesn't concern you.
But who gave you permission
to bring him here?
Are you two back together?
I told you that you shouldn't have come.
You are a very bad influence on my daughter.
I know that I was wrong, sir.
Dada is a good person, and a great cop.
That's your influence.
She is an amazing woman.
And me... I'm an idiot for disappointing her.
That's my fault.
I have to bear it.
But I beg you...
Don't punish Dada for what happened.
Wait a minute.
You are an idiot.
But you need to understand.
I am not the one punishing Dada.
I'm very sorry.
I need to reassign this case to someone else.
Come in.
When Bi and I were little,
he was so scared of ghosts...
He wouldn't take a shower unless
I stood guard on the other side of the door.
He would always call out to ask,
"Vi, are you still there?"
If l didn't answer, he'd run out
stark naked and tell our mother.
Then I'd get spanked.
That's why I have to constantly remind him
that I'm here.
I'm always here.
You're not alone.
I'm sorry.
I've disappointed everyone.
Especially Phuc.
This was my responsibility.
I'm the one who failed you.
No one failed.
The job was to get the wallet and the ring.
We did both of those things.
Why can't we just go arrest Thomas?
Because we don't have the wallet.
Actually, Jack is right.
Even though the Ghost
took everything in the wallet,
The wallet itself still contains
a history of transactions.
I still have a backup copy
of the QR and wallet on my laptop.
Can we get to it?
Here, this is Thomas's wallet.
- Done? That means we can go...
- Wait, wait!
I was so preoccupied
with copying Thomass wallet...
that I didnt pay attention to the records.
These are the 3,000 bitcoins
I returned to Thomas.
Someone has filled
the comment section with coding.
Do you know what it's for?
Hm, it's a virus.
The Crypt.
That's right.
But look, there's another virus
piggybacking on the Crypt.
It targets the restore function.
What does that mean?
Thomas is not the Ghost.
This is not what you think.
I think you need a laptop
for online shopping.
Put it back where it was.
I didn't see anything.
We need to get to Khimera now.
Their system is being hacked!
I should have you arrested, Miss Dada.
Actually, it's Special Agent Dada.
I'm sorry that we thought you were the Ghost.
We suspect that your company's server
has been the target of an attack.
Someone has planted the Crypt
in your mainframe.
We are restoring our server right now.
No, you need to stop your restore.
The Crypt is just a decoy.
The real virus kicks in
when the restore is complete.
The file was corrupted,
so I couldn't tell what kind of virus it was.
This shouldn't be here.
The Ghost used us to hack into your system.
He planted the virus that would install
when you restored your system.
Now, let's see what you do.
I was wrong.
its not a virus.
its a rootkit!
What is a "rut kick"?
its a virus that allows the hacker...
to control your computer
without you knowing.
Like someone is living in your home
without you knowing it.
If Thomas had completed the restore,
The Ghost would have been able
to access Khimera...
and all the bank accounts it supports.
Or he could crash the banking system
in order to raise the price of bitcoins.
Officer, arrest these two
for international espionage.
Hold on, Khanh.
Do I have to call your superior?
Hold on.
Hold on!
You're arresting the wrong people!
The Ghost did this!
Yes, and you helped him.
No! Thomas, please!
Khanh, please!
50,000 dollars.
Gotcha, Ghost.
Target confirmed.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Call me Eve.
That's a lot of money, Adam.
What do you plan to do with it?
What are you doing for dinner?
I never mix business with pleasure.
The way I see it, our business is done.
What's your pleasure?
Excuse me, sir.
The Ambassador Room.
Charge to the room?
Thank you, sir.
To a night of magic.
So... this is what you meant by magic.
Thank you! Thank you so much,
and good evening!
Before I start the show tonight,
I see a very familiar face.
Can we get a spotlight
on the gentleman in the back there...
next to the lovely lady?
Sir, could you please stand up?
You sir, please, could you stand up?
Round of applause
for the gentleman, everybody!
Now you may not realize this,
but I've already performed
my first magic trick.
And that's making a man rise...
from the dead!
Round of applause for Phuc, everybody!
You may sit down, sir.
You can sit down now, sir.
Now who's ready for a great show?
Ma'am, please! Join me on stage.
Sorry I put you on the spot.
What do you want!
Your fly is open.
Out of all the restaurants in the world,
I had to bump into you here.
What are you and Eve up to?
The last time I saw you,
your guts were on a pig tray.
The one who should be upset is me, not you.
When Thomas had us arrested,
Dada made a deal to deport us instead.
Better than jail time.
So why here?
its the only place that would hire me.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
I get it.
No honor among thieves.
But you should know.
Vi is also in Taipei.
She had to face some difficult choices.
She had to pull the plug on Bi
before she was deported.
If you want to apologize to her.
You owe her a lot.
Hold on.
Where's my wallet?
Force of habit.
Why are you here?
To learn about anthropology.
It was the only job I could find in Taiwan.
From mining bitcoins to digging in dirt.
I have nothing to say to you.
Why did you agree to meet me?
You're right.
I shouldn't have met you.
Have dinner with me.
Let me explain everything.
I'm staying at the Grand.
Under the name "Ezreal"?
Only you know me so well.
Maybe not.
Don't call me anymore.
Why are you here?
How did you know it was me?
I've never met such an ineffective gardener.
Look. The grass is all dead!
what are you doing here?
Gardening. What else?
You still insist?
That was mean, man!
We both need our hands to make a living.
I'm useless to you dead.
Kill me...
You'll still be hunted for the rest of your life.
Just pay me 2,000 bitcoins.
I'll tell you what Dada has planned.
You dare blackmail me?
Consider it...
a scholarship for Linh's education.
How do I know if you're telling the truth?
I know that you're hiding in Taiwan
because Taiwan is an Asian country
that doesn't work with Interpol.
Jack met with you.
He told you that he got deported
from Vietnam.
Vi is avoiding you.
You know all this because
you've been following me all week.
I know what's going to happen tonight.
How valuable is that?
Don't know yet.
You're too forthcoming.
Think of it as a father wanting
a better future for his daughter.
Where's Linh now?
In your room.
Planting microphones and video cameras.
She's still angry at you.
Leaving her alone in your apartment,
there's no telling what will happen.
She can really hold a grudge.
Just getting my mobile.
Linh has a message for you.
Hello Phuc. I miss you!
How's this?
You transfer 1,000 bitcoins into my wallet
as a sign of good faith.
After you get back to your hotel,
Ill call you and tell you everything.
Consider this my gift to help you reform.
Jack didn't tell the whole truth.
When he told you that Dada
was working with Interpol.
What he left out was...
that we would be helping Dada capture you
and bring you back to Vietnam.
Since Interpol has no agents in Taiwan,
they can only publicize your crimes
and let the local police arrest you.
What the hell?
Local police have been tipped off...
to the location of
Interpol's most wanted hacker
who calls himself "The Ghost."
Enough games.
You're very good at them.
What's Dada's plan?
Vi will call you.
She'll make a date
with you at the Breeze pub.
Khanh and Dada will be there
waiting to handcuff you.
Forget about Vi.
Get to the airport as quickly as possible
before the local police get wind of the news...
and shut the ports.
It's me.
I've decided to give you a chance to explain.
Can you pick me up?
Everything happened as you said it would.
Good. Transfer me the bitcoins,
and you'll never see Linh and me again.
Not yet. I still need you to do one last thing
before Linh gets her tuition money.
Sorry, gorgeous. You've got the wrong car.
I'm waiting for my friend, Vi.
Sweetie, I can be anyone you want.
There's Dada.
Can we go faster?
Yes, sir.
You can slow down a little.
This isnt the Breeze Lounge.
This place is more private and romantic.
But mobile phones aren't allowed.
Have you ever started something...
that you didn't know how to finish?
I didn't know how to stop being the Ghost.
After I met you,
I knew the Ghost had to end.
But the only way out...
was to see the plan through.
In order for the Ghost to disappear,
Phuc had to die.
I'm sorry that I had to use you.
I hope you understand now
why I had to do what I had to do...
I understand.
But don't think I'll forgive you.
You won't shoot me.
Run away with me.
I've prepared enough gasoline
for us to go to Fuzhou.
From there, we can go anywhere
in the world you choose.
I have lots of bitcoins.
We can live well our whole lives.
Can you hear yourself?
You're crazy if you think I'd go anywhere
with you after everything you've done!
And what is that?
That I tried to hack into Khimera?
Or tried to raise the price of bitcoins?
The only reason why I didn't succeed
is because of you.
Because you understand me.
It's why you were able to stop me.
People like you and me are not
meant for this world of rules and laws.
I knew this when I first met you.
You knew it too when you kissed me.
We were meant for each other.
Shut up!
Because of you, Bi is in the hospital!
If you want someone to blame
for Bi's injury, then go ahead and shoot.
After that, shoot yourself.
Because you were the one
that pulled the trigger.
Bi's accident happened
so that we could meet.
In our world,
systems crash so that another
generation can rise and be stronger.
I promise you.
After we escape,
I will come back for Bi.
After that, we will nurse Bi together,
until the day he wakes up.
Don't do it, Vi!
Your job is done!
Let the police take it from here!
We will make him pay
for all that he has done!
There's no use running, Phuc!
You're surrounded!
Careful! Target approaching!
Stop! Or we will continue to fire!
Last chance, Phuc!
Do you trust me?
To the hospital, sir?
I have a safe house
that Dada doesn't know about.
I can take care of your wound there.
Does this mean that you've forgiven me?
Electricity is tapped from the neighbors.
No hard phone line.
No cell signal.
No Wi-Fi.
If you get hungry...
Welcome to life off the grid.
Since you brought it up.
How did Dada track us out to sea?
The falling debris...
Probably broke the tracker.
If not...
Dada and the local police would've
broken down that door by now.
What now?
We stay here. Eat noodles.
Drink energy drinks...
And get wasted?
we keep you from dying.
Are you ready?
Promise me...
If anything should happen,
you have to go get Bi.
I promise.
ls that all?
If you really want to get away from all this,
then you have to give up everything.
No more bitcoins.
No Crypt.
No hacking.
Can I at least jailbreak a phone?
Only on new models.
Before I pass out...
let me see your phone.
Here's 3,000 bitcoins.
I don't want your money.
I believe you.
But because your face is not on newspapers,
tomorrow, I want you to go exchange
enough bitcoins for us to start over.
My driver, Willy, can drop us off at the dock.
We can go to Fuzhou.
Your fever is burning.
Two pills.
One antibiotic.
And one anesthetic.
Welcome home!
Hello Phuc!
Try not to fall.
Don't worry Linh.
He is the Ghost. He can just fly.
I think Linh is still angry at you.
She might not let you down.
Let me ask you for the last time.
Give me another chance?
If the answer is "Yes,"
then press the green button.
Let's call it even.
Let's see if I've got everything straight.
Hoping to get out from under
the mafia's debt,
Thomas hired you to help him
create the Crypt.
But then you got greedy
and wanted control of Khimera.
You planted a program to hack Khimera
inside the bitcoin exchange in the hotel.
You didn't expect us to come crashing in.
But the real trouble started...
when Bi hacked your damaged wallet
and stole 30,000 bitcoins.
And you got yourself arrested
and fingerprinted,
which would have
made you a registered criminal.
When you realized that
we didn't know your true identity,
you came up
with a new plan to get everything.
Your 30,000 bitcoins,
Thomas's 40,000 bitcoins,
and control of Khimera.
You purposefully left Vi's box
in the room as a decoy,
and wiped off your fingerprints.
So that when Thomas discovered the box,
he would arrest Vi and me
and restore the server from a backup,
thereby installing the rootkit that allowed you
to control the Khimera server remotely.
Well done, Chief.
You really had me believing that Interpol
had tracked me to Taipei.
Just a matter of proper motivation,
perfect timing,
and pretty distractions.
Vi followed your trail on League of Legends
once we learned of your IP address.
Thomas was the one
who gave it to you, right?
Thomas made us a deal.
If we could capture you with it, then he would
drop the espionage charges against us.
You've caught me already.
Why do you still look...
You also wiped your phone clean of
any proof that you are the Ghost.
How did you manage
to get the sentence reduced
from life in prison to 8 months?
When you left me hanging up there,
I had enough time to do one quick thing.
It has always been about
the same thing, Agent.
You wiped out your servers
to erase all trace of the Crypt.
You got everything you wanted.
So why are you so sad?
Did you miss your friends?
Jack opened the Magique Academy
for young orphans like himself.
He teaches them magic instead of stealing.
All of his students share his stage name...
Here is a postcard from Luhan.
Saint Nicholas...
The patron saint of repentant thieves.
Luhan gave up stealing
to be a better example for Linh.
He got a new job in England
and enrolled Linh in a proper school.
Vi is the only one I haven't heard from.
In the end, I have to thank her,
for helping me catch you.
I also promise you
that after I get out of here,
I will also disappear.
You will never get out of here.
I swear it.
Hey, Chief!
Don't forget this.
JACK: Welcome back, Bi! Linh: Come visit us!
DADA: When will you come to Vietnam?