Bittersweet Symphony (2019) Movie Script

- Secret Santa time.
- Christmas, yeah!
Mum, this is
from me to you.
- Thank you, darling.
- Uh-hmm.
- This one's to dad from Abby.
- Oh I know.
Oh, thanks, darling.
- This one is from--
- That one's for us.
- Oil one's for mum.
- That one's for Keith.
- Thank you.
- Dad.
- Yeah.
- This is from Abs to you.
- Oh, thank you, Abs.
- You're welcome.
This one is from
me and Abs to uncle Keith.
- Aw!
- Merry Christmas.
- Oh Keith is gonna love it.
- Thanks, girls.
And this one, guys, is from
uncle Keith to all of us.
- Yeah. Open your one.
- Oh.
I can't believe it, Keith,
you really didn't have to.
I can't believe it.
Yeah, I just thought something,
- something you want.
- It's ginormous.
Oh, my god! Jesus!
Yes! See?
Noel, noel
Do you know
- I need a drinky.
- I didn't--
- Are you alright?
- Keith, did you know about that?
- It-- Yeah.
- How long's he been there?
- All fucking night.
- Bobby.
Bobby, this isn't funny.
Bobby, it-- it's over,
it's-- it's the end.
That means you're not
allowed to come over anymore,
'cause we're not going out,
and we haven't been going out for a while.
Merry Christmas to you
Merry Christmas to you
Merry Christmas Bobby Johnny
And a merry Christmas
Come on.
Keith, what fucking time is it?
I forgot, I just thought
it was gonna be--
It's good ide--
it's fun, ain't it?
Do a thing, have you got a thing? Do
one of those. Everybody likes one of those.
But you wanna lighten the mood a little
bit, right? I'll tell you a joke.
- Yeah.
- We're not together anymore, Bobby, okay?
Listen to this then,
this one now. Um--
Two Eskimos, and you've heard
this and we'll laugh, come on.
Two Eskimos are in a boat, and a kayak
goes passed them in the water, very slowly
and the two Eskimos look to each other
and they go, "Ha, I guess you can't
- have the--Fucking hell!"
- You can't have your kayak and eat it.
- let me say it!
- Family announcement, family announcement,
- everybody listen.
- Yeah, come on, listen up.
- Bobby and I--
- We're very much in love
and having a great time.
We're not together anymore.
We don't go out anymore,
we're not, we're not,
we're not in love.
No, um--
- Oh, fucking hell.
- Oh, Bobby.
- I just--
- There's no need for language.
- Not in-- not in the lounge.
- But it--
It's over.
Leonard, Leonard,
what do you think of this?
Well, I think it-- there's
something about your way.
- You agree?
- Well, I don't-- Yeah.
Right, I think it's
time to-- to-- to leave now.
- Yeah.
- Alright?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
It's a lovely skirt, mum.
It is.
Be careful of the tree.
- There you are.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- I'm great.
It's amazing,
we've got perfect reception.
Who would expect out there,
where the hell you are
- in the middle of nowhere?
- Exactly.
Listen, I-- I'm really sorry I didn't get those
gems to you, I feel like a real doorknob.
I just, every time
I've gone to the studio,
it's like, like nine hours
goes by, you know.
I'm just trying to get it out
of me and it's not coming.
Well, I-- it's totally
understandable, I mean--
I really-- I've wanted to,
and I-- It's all I've been thinking about,
it's just been plaguing me.
No, you're-- you're being
a good daughter,
and-- and you're where
you're supposed to be.
I know you've been going
through a lot, how is she?
She's okay, she's, um--
It's kind of--
It's not, not been a great week.
- Okay.
- But, um-- You know,
she's really happy about this,
which is fab.
I-- I-- I-- I sometimes find
with my artists, that--
- You know, that, that escape, you know, you have a gift.
- Yeah.
And that gift, uh,
can help you get through this.
You play her anything?
Sometimes, yeah, I-- I actually
was singing her this new idea.
- Do you want me to-- Do you wanna hear it?
- Oh, yes, please.
- If you're not gonna send it, you might as well sing it.
- Okay.
Um-- Alright.
It's called The Music.
- Um--
- Okay.
Okay, it's like,
The music plays forever
The music plays
Forever in my heart
Will this world
Keep up with me
My head is spinning so fast
Will these things
I believe in, last
I've got these
Blood red shoes on
Gonna walk on over to you
I'd love to take
Your hands and dance
The music plays...
Oh, baby, that's beautiful.
- Yeah?
- I wish-- I wish you had your blood red shoes,
and you just marched
right over to me,
and I'd give you a big hug,
that was adorable.
- Griff, oh.
- It's really good.
And yeah, it's a little
rough, it's a little rough,
- but I hear it in there.
- Okay.
Well, it's just, it's just an
etching, it's a scribble of a song.
- Yeah?
- I know how difficult it is to deal with,
family and the personal
and, uh, the pain of that,
and then having to create
at the same time, you know.
- Yeah.
- And, you know, I-- I-- I--
It's all an illusion
- Sister?
- Guess what I'm doing.
- Packing.
- You coming home now?
- Coming home.
- I'm so excited, I haven't seen you for so long.
What time's your flight?
hope to be home in time for dinner.
That's amazing, I've got
your room ready and everything.
I put clean towels on
the bed like you're in a hotel,
so you don't feel
like it's weird.
How is everything?
What's going on at home?
How's mum and dad?
Um, mum's actually
not here at the moment.
- Why, why not?
- Um, she's gone back into hospital to have some tests.
- Iris, how long ago did she go back to hospital?
- Um--
It's just been happening this week, it's just
all been like sort of-- it's just been mad.
Where's dad,
why hasn't he rung me?
I don't know, Abs, it's just, it's just
what's going on, I'm just letting you know.
Pretty shitty of you. How do you
think that makes me feel, by the way,
as a person, when you just
leave me out of everything?
You're not the one who's in control
just, because you're there.
I've got to go, otherwise I'm gonna
miss my flight, but I love you, Iris,
- and I'll-- I'll see you tonight, okay?
- I love you.
- Okay, bye.
- Have a safe flight, Abs.
Bye, babe.
It's always the normal ones
That get you
I get you
I should have fallen
For a mechanic
Who'd been to prison
'Cause it's
The simple things
Simple things
They mean so much
It's the simple things
They mean so much
Fuck you, fuck you,
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
- Dad!
- Ooh, that's a good hug.
- Alright?
- How are you doing?
- Good, good.
- How is she?
Uh, she's, uh, she's--
She's fine, you know,
she's a bit tired.
- Hm.
- So, um--
- Yeah, so how are things, how's it going?
- Just tell me, dad.
- Tell you? She's okay, they just wanna--
- Just, dad--
- Dad, dad.
- No, they just wanna keep an eye on her, that's all, that's--
Yeah, but why, why do they
wanna keep her in there?
Um, um-- They-- They wanna s--
Just check a few things,
run some tests.
- But what kind of tests?
- So have you heard anything from Bobby?
- Dad.
- How's Bobby? Is he still on the scene or, uh?
- No. You never liked him anyway, did you?
- Why, why?
Well, I like whoever you like,
Iris, if he's making you happy--
Are you gonna tell me
the truth or not?
- I-- I have, I just don't--
- Can I go and see her soon?
We'll see, we'll see. They-- They're
hoping she may come home for a bit.
Come here.
You have so much
on your-- on your plate.
You must be under
tremendous pressure,
- You're worried about your mother.
- Hum.
- Yeah.
- I think I can come up with an interesting way
to help you around that,
that I think you're gonna love.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I was thinking maybe
you could have a visitor,
of Eleanor Roberts.
- Show up at your door,
sounds like a game show. -What?
- What are you talk--
- Eleanor Roberts would like to come.
She's heard some
of your work, and, uh...
- What?
- She's a fan, and she knows you're there,
working under
a stressful situation,
and she's offered
to come all the way to Wales,
to help you pull
this all together.
Eleanor Roberts wants to
come to Wales and hang out with me?
Just hang out. And this, by the
way, is not typical of her.
- Really?
- It's not like she calls me up and goes,
"What other clients you got that
I can just hop on a plane...
- Really?
- ...and, and go work with." She chose you.
I don't wanna
put you off your stroke.
- Oh.
- Ha ha, boom!
- Beat that.
- Are you joking? Right, rematch.
Leonard, man, oi.
I had a note to bring
these by here today.
Jackie's gone out
and I was told bring these here.
Well, Jackie is at the hospital,
I thought you were--
- What's she doing at the hospital?
- Well, she's gone to see Mary.
- Has she?
- Oh, of course, 'cause of the, 'cause of her--
- Why did Jackie go and see mum?
- Because she's-- Well, because she's her sister.
Why didn't you just come down
with Jackie this morning?
Why aren't you working
anyway? Middle of the day,
- chucking balls around here.
- Well, she has been working,
- tell him your news, tell him your news.
- Dad's actually, um,
pretty proud of me at the moment,
'cause I've got some massive news.
- Hm.
- I've got this full length, feature length film,
a Hollywood budget, 10 million,
it features Timothy Edwards
and Charlotte Carol.
When the credits come down,
and if you play your cards right,
you'll be invited
to the premiere.
Who's name is gonna be
on the titles? Iris.
- Nice, it's great, yeah.
- Yeah.
You seem quite up
about it, kind of, "Ooh."
- Oh yeah. You'll have to tell Jackie.
- I'm so excited.
It's a bit
insensitive though, aint it?
Telling me all that,
trying to get me all,
- "Oh, look, we're all excited."
- Well, it is exciting.
- We're all excited about that, and your mother's in hospital.
- What are you talking--
- Keith.
- Your mum's there in hospital, lying there, like,
- beep, beep, beep, and you're like,
- Keith.
- "Ooh, look at me,
making it rain, my $10 million."
Keith, that's enough.
Door! Hey!
- Come on in.
- Dad. Hey!
- How are you?
- Oh, my god, how are you?
- Come on in.
- Take the weight off--
Oh, sister!
Oh, a bit of sister love.
- Oh, my god.
- I've got mince all over me,
I don't wanna get it on you.
Yeah, careful with that carrot.
Since when have
you cooked, Iris?
- Do you wanna come help?
- Yeah, of course.
- I'll come help or I'll try.
- Let me take this.
- Are you trying to do mum's recipe?
- Yeah.
It's so watery.
- It's liquid.
- No, it's not.
- Abs, do you want a drink or anything?
- It's runny.
I've actually got you some vino.
Shall I, do you
wanna come and sit down?
- Want you-- Want you vino?
- I'm coming, I'm coming.
Okay, we're catching up,
as I've got a million
different things to tell you.
- Keith.
- I'm cooked in here, aint it?
- Yes. Oh, really?
- Yeah, Keith's here.
- I see that.
- Good old Keith.
- Alright?
- Hm.
How's aunt Jackie, Keith?
- Alright.
- Haven't seen her, I think she's--
- Why, dad?
- I don't know,
- he just showed up.
- I haven't seen you in ages.
He came round with boules.
Yeah, it annoys you guys.
Come here. Mm.
- You always kiss me.
- Ah.
- OK. Let me say what I wanted to talk about.
- Yeah.
- So good to see you.
- I mean, mum sends her love, obviously.
Does she,
yeah, I wanna know.
Iris told me a little
bit on the phone.
- Yeah.
- I don't know why you didn't
- call me.
- Well, I didn't want to--
I didn't want to bother you,
I mean, you're busy over
there and she's been--
Yeah, but I'm not busy enough,
like I am your eldest daughter.
Yeah, nothing's changed,
I mean, she's--
She's okay, she's okay.
Thanks. Always.
Glass of vino.
- Thanks, Iris.
- Oh, thank you.
- For our lady.
- Where did you get--
Lots of talking,
not much cooking going on.
- I'm just saying like.
- Thanks, Keith.
Take advantage of an experience
that will never come along again.
- Wha-- What!
- The most talented composer.
The inventor of the genre.
- Yeah, um--
- Romance comedy.
Duh, I know, wha-- what?
She would love to come,
drop in, just--
- Wait, hang on.
- Big Eleanor Roberts tool chest.
She's there for you to reach out
and pull anything
out of her experience and--
and help you get to the
place you-- you have to be,
that you're clearly
struggling to get at.
I know this is like a weird
question, but is she nice? Like--
Well, not famously nice,
no, but, um--
She's-- she's
pretty eccentric, she's--
- Really?
- She's very creative, as you know.
This is rather untypical of her,
to be quite so giving,
to tell you the truth.
So I think that's
a testament to your talent.
- Uh--
- Wow.
But she's got, uh--
- she's got a huge heart. And--
- Wow!
- I-- I'm nervous.
- She's got lots of experience she wants to share with you.
Yeah, she does
have a lot of experience.
- Yeah.
- I mean, with everything.
Well, she's had a life.
This is a-- a genre that--
that she practically invented,
the sound of romantic comedy,
and she just wants
to sort of help.
Just don't sleep with her,
things get really complicated after that.
- What? Griff.
- Never mind.
- You never lock the door?
- Keith, give the lady some space.
- Hi. I'm Abby. Iris' big sister. Yeah.
- Hi.
- Oh, my god. You're so pretty.
- I'll close the door. Shall I stay in
- or close the door? Close the door, yeah, probably.
- Thank you.
- Iris!
- Dad! Dad, you'll never guess what,
Eleanor Roberts wants
to work with me!
- Oh, hi. You're Iris?
- Oh, my god.
Yeah, I'm Iris.
What are you doing here?
- My god, I just--
- No, no, I just got off the phone with Griff.
Did you know who I, okay,
'cause they didn't
know who I was,
- and I just felt like I--
- Oh, okay, you came.
Is this the wrong day,
is this the wrong day?
No, he said that maybe you'd
wanna come on Thursday.
I didn't realize
that you'd be here right now.
What day is today?
- It's Tuesday, but I'm so--
- Oh, fuck!
Today, no way--
Oh fuck, oh fuck!
- No, just tell me, wait, what is today?
- Tuesday.
- Tuesday.
- Oh, fuck! You know, I jus-- Fucking whor-- I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry. I'm, I'm-- You guys
probably don't even swear, I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- I swear a bit, I swear a bit, like, shit, piss.
What happened was he said
just go help this girl,
she's in a lot
of fucking trouble,
I mean, not that you're
in fucking trouble,
'cause he says you're really
brilliant, you're really great,
I can't believe
that you look like this
and you're really that great,
but I'm sure you are.
- She is very talented.
- Yeah, I'm sure, but guess what?
- I think I need a drink.
- Yes.
- I can get you a drink.
- You know why?
- Yeah, wine?
- I'm-- I'm-- Yeah, okay.
Actually Jack Daniels, oh,
did I decide Jack Daniels?
- We actually-- we actually got--
- You know what?
- Brandy, whatever you have.
- Would you like some coke?
- Actually I'm freezing.
- Do you have a jacket?
- Are you cold?
- No, you know what,
I'm fine, I'll just
put my jacket on.
- That's in the summerhouse, I've got--
- Okay.
- Well, thank you.
- It's alright, no problem.
Have a nice-- Ah!
- Ah, you got my nipple.
- I am so thirsty.
- I'll bring one over.
- Alright.
- Okay, thank you.
- Alright, guys,
I'll see you in a bit.
It's freezing out here,
- I need a sweater or something.
- No, no.
It's fine, I've got one
in there.
Just saying, your daughter
proper twatted my nipple.
- Oh Keith.
- Well, I think you deserved it.
What have I done?
I'm making her feel welcome.
A kind of a licky right now.
A kind of a licky.
If she doesn't mind,
what's the problem with it?
I didn't put anything
in her, did I?
It-- it pulls out
and there's a whole--
- Oh, god, it's--
- Kind of throws on that.
- Are you kidding? This is--
- You sort of like, you know.
- Oh!
- Just like that.
Oh, my god, you have no idea
how much you've inspired me,
it's like unbelievable, like,
My Body Can't Metabolize
My Excitement,
like that's one of my favorite
songs and I actually--
My Body Can't Metabolize
the Excitement I Crave, yeah.
My Body Can't--
Sorry, it's so embarrassing.
My Body Can't Metabolize
the Excitement I Crave.
It actually inspired the song
that I was thinking
for the movie called, uh,
You Could Be the Person
I Choose to Suffer With.
Do you wanna just
like drum it out?
What, now? You know what,
- actually, I--
- Do you still,
ever feel like that?
I don't know.
No, I don't ever feel
like drummin' it out, no.
It's like--
Can I call you an icon?
No, that's like
a thing on a computer.
Can I call you my hero?
Argh, Eleanor Roberts!
Oh, my god!
Like I just literally wanna
smash my guitar up for you.
Okay, don't smash
your guitar, okay.
Oh, that was pretty good.
- Good day, Sheila.
- Oh my.
How are you today?
- Good day, mate.
- You doing well?
Yes, mate, how are you?
Keeping your Parisian
theme, I see,
- even in Wales.
- God, you're annoying.
You can't get it
out of you, can ya?
No, I haven't done
this accent for years.
Just having your tea?
Feeling a little bit you
know, peppy this morning?
Weirded out by last night?
I'm not like
totally weirded out,
but maybe a little
bit weirded out, yeah,
but like, it's fine, right.
Who the hell's sleeping
in our summerhouse, mate?
- This is my idol.
- I'm not even gonna pretend to know
- what you're talking about.
- Don't you remember like,
I had her posters on my wall,
composed for some
of my favorite films,
Tomorrow, Yesterday Never Comes.
- Eleanor Roberts.
- Yeah, I've seen Tomorrow,
I maybe watched that one, yeah.
Literally like,
she's a living legend.
So how long is she staying?
You know mum's back
this afternoon?
I do, I do know
mum's back this afternoon.
Good, and by the way, I haven't
seen mum in three months.
No, I know, you haven't
seen me in three months.
So I don't want another
Three months long, you
Have not seen our mum
Iris, you need to grow up a little
bit and address the situation.
But she says
she likes drinking wine,
like in the middle of the night,
if she gets thirsty.
What difficulties are you
having with your work?
- What? Nothing.
- What difficult-- She's obviously here to help you.
Let's-- What's
your boss's name again?
We didn't eat
anything last night.
Oh, God, Iris,
you're always just
skirting around the situation.
I think you need to work out,
maybe spend
the day with her today,
get the work done
and then finish it and get--
Paint me, Jack, like one
of your French ladies.
Stop it, you're so weird.
How do you
like to start the day?
- I had an idea,
- Ahem, yeah?
I don't know, I'm just
trying to get into the zone,
'cause I think we should
start working today,
- like pretty shortly.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- That's what I'm doing.
Can I just be honest with you?
I've been having
this horrible writer's block,
I literally pick up the guitar
and I don't know
what the fuck to do.
I mean, I think I've got
some of the music down
for the kind of instrumental
just walking around bits.
He wants-- He wants
a lot of like walking music,
when they're not doing
anything or talking,
- all I want is to do--
- Can I just say something?
- a good job, you know.
- I'm just gonna
be really straight
with you, okay?
- Yes, yes, Eleanor, yes, yes.
- Look at me,
look at me, right now.
Just stop.
You're obviously really
talented, you're beautiful,
you've got a ridiculously
fancy life.
I don't even know how you can
create in a house like that.
It's just too much,
I don't know, it's too much,
I mean, why don't you just
hide out in there with me,
stay away from those people,
we'll let them bring us food,
and then we'll just work.
Sorry, I'm never
usually this nervous,
- but I am quite a nervous person.
- Are you nervous?
It's all in you,
but you have to start,
and make your whole body
come alive, you understand?
- So uptight.
- I'm not, I'm not uptight.
You're the most uptight
person I've ever met.
- I'm not, I'm not.
- Weird,
like what is going on,
have you been
in the country too long?
- I do dance, I do dance.
- Do you ever?
I dance all the time.
Well, show me, just be you.
- Just do your thing.
- This is me.
Come on, you're cooler
than that, man, come on.
You don't dance,
you just have to do it.
What are you doing?
Stand up, stand up.
- Yeah.
- Bit of that, bit of that, bit of that,
you know, bit of fucking that.
No? I don't know, like that's the
way I have embarrassed myself again.
You're so cute!
You can fight it
The music's so beautiful.
More than anyone
I can't fight it
Has it just begun
I saw the lane
Go on for miles
I think is working.
I saw the lane
That's enough.
Go on for miles
- You can use-- Can you read my writing?
- Yeah, of course.
- Chords that I put.
- I can read.
It's a rare impossibility
I could mean as much to you
As you mean to me
From afar I've watched you
On the screen
Maybe I should keep
You in my dreams
You were my icon
From out of my mind
A piece of fiction
Coming alive
You were my icon
From out of my mind
Now you're close enough
For me to hold you tight
All the times you've
Taught me what to do
Though you were so far away
I could feel your truth
All the times
I felt a part of you
There's a wonder in your
Words I'll hold on to
You were my icon
From out of my mind
A piece of fiction
Coming alive
You were my icon
From out of my mind
Now you're close enough
For me to hold you tight
- So shit.
- "Time to go home,
have a bite to eat, read
Harry Potter, what a--?"
- "Treat."
- It's the same thing.
- It's not, because you're--
- "Time to go home, have a bite
to eat, read Harry Potter,
what a treat."
Down! No, you just
missed one more beat.
- Oh yeah, fine, do it again?
- That's so shit.
"Time to go home,
have a bite to eat, read
- read Harry Potter."
- Show me that bit again?
Alright, I think we're getting
dispense with taking
the shoes off.
- "What a treat!"
- "What a treat." I think.
"Read Harry Potter."
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi, mum.
- Hi.
Come on, dad, come on.
How often do I get
you all together, huh? Ey?
You're big girls now.
And mummy's got
her little girls back.
I'm gonna have
so much fun, okay? Yeah? Yes.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Yes, okay, I want Christmas,
birthdays, Easter,
New Year all in one
bloody evening, alright?
- Yeah!
- Five gold rings
Do you mind that we didn't
get a real tree, mum?
- Oh, Christ, no.
- Are you sure?
Be careful, so it's
red, blue, isn't it?
- It's very sweet.
- Yeah?
- It's the best I've ever seen.
- Thank you.
- There you go.
- Hoo.
- Dad used to do that when we were little.
- Eh!
Dad, do you remember
when we used to do headers?
- Yep.
- Oh, yeah.
Who wants to put on the star?
I do, I'm the oldest child.
Who wants to put on the star?
No, no, no, I'm doing the
star, I'm doing the star,
I'm doing the, can I just say.
Let mum decide.
Can I just say it'd
really mean a lot to me.
Argh! Shit, fuck!
- Jesus!
- Sorry.
- Listen.
- No, mum.
Mum, please, please, please.
- Eleanor.
- Excuse me, I'm the guest.
I believe the guest should do it.
- That's how it is.
- We've never really--
never had a guest on Christmas.
- And that's also--
- Because now that this is--
Ah, thank you, darling,
thank you, darling, thank you.
Could we have
some pudding now, please?
Wait, can I have
another beer, please?
- Um, yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
You know what? There's loads
in the fridge right there,
right in front of you.
Are you liking it, mum?
- Probably the best I've seen.
- You think so?
Can I just ask you a question?
Do you know what?
I was just gonna tell you
Can you just step away
for a minute.
I'm gonna
bring out the birthday cake.
ust tell me, did I do something,
because I wanna know.
- I'm gonna bring out mums birthday cake.
- Should I get my beer before?
Yeah, sure, whatever,
I'm just wondering
if you have anything
else to do right now.
- What do you mean?
- Well, I'm just gonna bring out the birthday cake in a sec.
- You don't want me to be here, just want it to be the family?
- Well, no, no.
In about five minutes I'm gonna
bring out the birthday cake.
You don't want me to--
I'll go to the summerhouse.
- It's just quite a lot.
- I'm starting
to get the feeling that you
want me to excuse myself,
- so I'm gonna excuse myself.
- No, I--
Eleanor's got
a phone call to make.
Today's the day
We dance on Earth
Because it's the day
Your mum gave birth
We love you so much
We love you so much, mum
Mum a luma luma luma luma
Luma luma luma lum, mum
- Yay!
- Yay!
- Shall I blow?
- Yeah, go on.
- Sorry.
- Just blow 'em all out, man.
- Come on.
- Give her a hand,
- give her a hand.
- Yeah.
So that's,
that's the key change?
Does this
speak to you at all?
Just-- Not yet,
but just keep going.
Will this world
Keep up with me
My head is spinning so fast
'Cause him and his dog
always listen to the
radio together in the car.
Like I wanna know you
from this song.
- But Eleanor.
- If I hear a song.
But do you need to know me
for the song,
because we're making--
Oh, I don't need to know you,
I need to know,
that's what will make your song,
is anyone who hears it,
"Oh, my god, I know her."
You know when you-- Just tell
me what you think about it.
You can't help but cry,
because you can't believe
it just cuts into you?
I don't know,
I can't work like this.
- No, no, listen to me.
- Sorry.
- Listen--
- I'm just not built this way.
What you need to do
is create something
- that is gonna burn into people's brains forever.
- All I do is create.
No, be more than just a pretty
girl with a guitar, okay,
- because honestly there's just 1001 people like you...
- Do you remember this?
- ...who can play the guitar
like you.
My body can't contain
That's cheap.
All the things you do
No, you know,
you're just like a cheap flirt,
you're just like--
But I can't contain
Little minx.
Gonna see me through
Okay, I get what you're--
My body can't contain, tain
This feeling in my heart
What's the feeling?
But I can't complain
It's gonna see me through
And we get so high
There's fire in your eye
Slamming all your drinks
You don't have
To think about me
You've got all your friends
Used up all
Their meds, honey
I'll still be okay when
You walk my way publicly
But when I get home, I can't
Be alone, can't you see
You scare me with
Your indifference
I like you best
When you're a mess
Spacing out again
I'm your suburban retreat
Did I freak you out, oh
What's that about, tell me
From what I can see
Reciprocity is boring
But I'm tired of
Unrequited love stories
You scare me with
Your indifference
I like you best
When you're a mess
- Are you awake?
- Yeah,
I'm just resting my eyes.
I just found
some of these pictures
in the decorations drawer.
- Let's have a look.
- You want a look?
- Uh!
- Feeling alright?
Yeah, I just-- just felt
a bit tired. Okay.
- I'm okay.
- You alright?
Okay, look, look what I found.
Let's have a look.
- Do you remember?
- Yes, I do.
That's before we did all
the work on the house.
- Yeah.
- Do you remember that boat?
Absolutely, your
grandad made that.
Look at you two.
- I know.
- Those little faces.
Who's that? Do you know?
- You, dad?
- It's a boy.
- Dad's dad.
- Grandad.
- Is it?
- Yes. Yeah, can't you see?
I mean, he does look
like dad, doesn't he?
- He looked exactly--
- Looks like me.
That was on holiday.
- Two.
- Look at Abby trying to shove that lolly in my mouth.
Yeah, she always had
a habit of doing that.
when, um,
I went to the hospital,
um, they said that they,
they can't rebalance things anymore.
they've changed
my tablets around,
they've tried different
combinations of everything
and essentially what's happened
is that there is fluid
that's building up
on, on the lungs,
it's all, all going on inside.
Don't say that, mum.
I need you to look after Daddy
and Abigail, okay?
I think this job's going
really well, you know?
I think it's gonna be the start
of a lot of really
exciting things.
Iris, did you hear what I said?
- I've just got like--
- Did you hear me?
Yeah, I've got
like two more songs,
that I need to get done.
- Yeah, gonna be brilliant. Yeah.
- I mean, the exciting bits for you,
is gonna be
when the credits roll down,
and you see my name.
So how did you two
guys meet again?
- Ah, it was about six--
- I've got this,
I've got this. We, er--
She wandered into
my gallery in Paris, saw me.
The most prestigious gallery
in Paris, by the way, it is.
And I think it's fair to say
she fell pretty quickly for me.
I've got half a dozen
properties in Paris alone,
couple of hundred
around the world really.
So I'm non-stop.
- Okay, everyone.
- Uh, about five years--
- Everyone. A little bit--
- Are you shushing me?
A little bit of hush please.
Please, Iris, Iris.
We're trying
to do a toast.
We're just gonna--
We thought it's be lovely
to do a toast
to our mum, who we love.
Toast to mummy.
- So much.
- We love you so much.
- Cheers, we love you so much, mum.
- And me.
I'm so glad you
got to meet Andrew,
and, um--
- I love you.
- I love you.
Er, mine's a little too, yeah.
Um, I'd like to make a toast,
to the most gracious,
generous, kind woman.
I would have probably been,
okay, I'm saying it wrong,
if I'd had a mum like you,
I wouldn't be like I am,
in a bad way,
you know what I mean?
- Yeah.
- Like I'd just be--
I'd just be better, 'cause
I never-- I never had that.
So, I am so glad that
you guys have had that
and I know I've gone on too
long, I'm sorry.
I'm just
a little drunk, sorry.
But I do wanna say is
that you have the most amazing,
brilliant daughter.
- Here, here. Yes.
She is smart,
funny, sweet, kind.
But really, really
fucking talented.
Really fucking, oh, I'm sorry.
- Language.
- I'm so sorry,
and really super-duper talented
and I think
you are really--
Oh, god, sorry, I'm not--
I'm not really good with words,
um-- um-- when people
are looking at me,
I get really, okay, I'm sorry.
You know what, actually I have
to go to the bathroom, um--
And I love you,
is that weird to say?
I just, I do,
excuse me, I'm so sorry.
- Alright.
- She's about to hit the carpet.
How did you
know we were here?
- You're welcome.
- Keith, did you invite Bobby?
- Yep.
- Yeah, is that a problem?
Why'd you guys even talk?
- We always talk.
- We talk a lot.
- Bobby.
- Why did we break up?
Please leave.
Do you really wanna
have this conversation
- in front of mum and dad?
- Yes.
I haven't actually
explained it fully
to mum and dad yet, so maybe--
I'm a changed man,
I've changed everything.
A new outlook,
what I do, who I am,
new hobbies. Keith knows.
Keith's the man.
Come on, give it a go,
Keith says you're doing music
and something's going on
with somebody else,
- sounds very strange.
- Nothing's going on.
Before I was not listening
to the music ironically.
Okay, and now I hear it all
and I love fishing now,
everything to do with aquariums,
fish, fish pumps, tank pumps.
And that's been able
to help me make women happy.
I'm a changed man,
I have changed.
There is a lot of change
going on. There's a lot.
And within that change
is change, and more change.
I used to be about cars, women, booze.
And I'm no longer
about that anymore.
I like women, sure,
and booze, of course,
but I don't like cars anymore.
- Whisky?
- Just a wee, wee bit,
- A little bit of whisky.
- A wee bit, a titch, just a titch.
- I think you should stop.
- Good.
I think
you can, like yeah,
a good kiss is definitely a good
indication if somebody's gonna be right.
- You okay?
- I can be a really good kisser
- with one person.
- Yeah, Bobby.
I can't kiss another person.
You don't-- You don't seem okay.
You know what,
can I just say
- this whole English thing.
- Is-- We're Welsh.
You had to do that
though, didn't you?
Yeah, I know, I'm kind of,
uh, sorry,
immediately sorry about it.
You made a bit of a scene
though, didn't you?
You what?
I'm sorry.
- Sorry?
- Yeah, I'm very sorry.
Oh, 'cause you
did sleep with Tash.
Fucking mouth,
bring that mouth over here.
Some funny business
going on over there,
that's your friend, aint it?
Oh, my god, mm, mm.
Wow! I can drink
that shit, man, what is that?
I feel a bit left out, you know.
Shut up, shut up.
- Should we get out of here? Yeah.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You want to
You want to
I found a way that
I can escape it
With you
- Have you got a condom?
- Yeah.
Okay, alright, pull out then.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
You want to
You want to
I found a way that
I can escape it
With you
If you don't pull through
Don't know what I'm gonna do
Don't know what I'm gonna do
'Cause I wanna wake up
To your smiling face
Make you tea and coffee
What are we like?
Last night was
a certified disaster.
Sure was.
Andrew's, um--
You know, so nice that he--
Kind, compassionate,
husband material.
- Definitely.
- Okay, I get it. I realize
you don't like him.
Well, neither do I, so--
- Okay, you can say it.
- He's a twat.
- He's an absolute... wanker.
- Absolute.
I'm gonna have
to get rid of him.
- Yes.
- Today.
- Today?
- Oh, god.
- Can you do it for me?
- No, he's got to walk
to the train station himself.
Do you think
Bobby's the one though?
Why are you even thinking, Iris?
I was being sarcastic.
He did bring flowers though, so.
It's really tacky.
Five quid flowers
and he left the label on.
I wouldn't really say that
makes him a stellar gentleman, would you?
How about you rate, um, Eleanor?
- Why would I rate Eleanor?
- Why wouldn't you rate Eleanor?
- Because--
- I've seen you over the last
- few days, Iris.
- It's really weird, she's not ratable.
- I don't think of her in that way.
- You flirt with her.
No, she's a friend.
- Okay.
- She's a new friend.
Iris, I'm your sister,
and I've been watching you
the last few days and you--
You do know you flirt
with her, right?
- A little bit.
- I mean, I absolutely
- do not flirt with her.
- You do. Yes, you do,
- don't try and cede it.
- Oh, don't even go there.
Why-- Like--
Obviously she's not like,
worst looking person ever,
is she?
She's a bit--
She's a bit complicated.
That's what-- That's what great
people are like, you know,
a lot of the time. I mean,
you know, she's still like--
Just like a statue of
wisdom, and, you know,
- Abs?
- Hm?
Play you a song?
- Just been trying it out.
- Yeah.
Can you hold
this for me for a sec?
- Hold it?
- Yes, just hold that.
- Okay, Iris.
- Abs, please,
just sing it along with me
for one sec? Please, Abs.
I just need a bit
of help with the rhythm.
- Okay.
- And if you think it's catchy,
- then I know I'm onto something.
- Okay, but you know
- I'm not a singer for this bit.
- Doesn't matter.
If you don't pull through
Don't know what I'm gonna do
Don't know what I'm gonna do
'Cause I wanna wake up
To your smiling face
Make you tea or coffee
And get out of this place
Go see smiling faces
I'll take you to the places
You haven't been for a while
You haven't been for a while
It's the simple things
They mean so much
You feel like
You're losing touch
When you feel like
You're losing touch
Keep hanging on
With all you've got
I think, and then it should go,
To the simple things
They mean so much
Then I go back to G,
I go back to G then.
It's the simple things
They mean so much
Yeah, that will tie it up
nicely, if I go back there.
So I'm gonna start
on the G and end on the G.
Make you tea and coffee
And get out of this place
Can I stop you for a sec?
Go see smiling faces
It's really pretty,
but do you mind
if I ask you a question?
- Oh, we're doing so good.
- I know, I know, I know.
I just wanna finish this bridge.
Can you just, can you put
the guitar down for a second?
Yeah, sure.
I think it's obvious
what happened last night
and it's obvious
that I can't drink.
And I've been here
before right before you,
and it is not your problem,
it's totally my problem,
but I'm really embarrassed
about what happened
with your parents.
I was in a blackout,
I don't remember anything,
I don't even know
how I got back here,
and I-- You've been nothing
but great to me,
but I did come here to help
you and I have not helped you,
if anything, I feel like
I've made things worse,
and I've just kind of
brought my madness with me,
and I'm not,
you know, I can't drink.
And so, what I've done is
I've written you something,
and I hope you like it.
And if you don't, that's okay.
It probably needs a lot of work,
but I haven't written
anything in a long time.
- So I really-- I don't know.
- My god, this is amazing.
- Thank you so much, this is so exciting.
- Hm.
Yeah, but even if it's shit,
will you still forgive me?
It's not gonna be shit.
Then can we just be friends?
Can we just do anything?
I just think you're great.
I think you're great.
- I do.
- Okay, so we just sing it.
- Listen, just don't get your hopes up.
- You wrote me a song?
- Wait, okay, A major.
- Yeah.
Shall we walk
Shall we walk by the river
This truth is new
Can I have permission
To know you
I took you for granted
But you take advantage
Now I'm missing
Who I never met
It's bad, right, it's shit?
Really, really beautiful.
- Keith, come on.
- Okay, hey, Bobs.
What have you got, man,
what have you got?
- Look at this,
- In with it.
Oh, in there, in there.
Heads in there, look at that.
He does what he wants
He does what he wants
- Keith Morris
- Bobby John
- Keith Morris.
- No, it's my song.
He does what he wants
Keith Morris.
- Iris. Right, have that.
- Alright, I've got it.
- Iris, Iris.
- What?
- Come on. Gonna have a chat.
- Why do you always have to come over
when I'm having family time?
It's just not the time.
- Why are you building a bloody tent?
- We're having family time.
It's what we used to do when we were
kids, it doesn't even matter anyway.
Baby, come here, I haven't
seen you in a while.
And why with Keith again,
and what is that?
- What is that thing?
- Fun.
Be the woman, man. Look at that.
You've always got to come at
private, intimate family moments.
I didn't know it was,
Keith said to come along.
Listen, baby, I've not
seen you in a week,
- I've not seen you in a week.
- I know.
I've been busy,
trust me on that.
I've been busy too actually,
so I don't really care.
- What have you been doing?
- I've actually made a lot of progress with my film.
- I'm nearly finished.
- Oh, wicked.
Yeah, with Eleanor actually,
I don't know.
Oh, really, yeah, tell me
about it, tell me about it.
- You know the American that's staying with me?
- Right.
Eleanor Roberts,
the film composer I was telling you about.
- Staying with you in the house?
- She's staying with me in the summerhouse.
It's been amazing actually,
it's been going really, really well.
I was all a bit nervous
about it at first,
but it's really come together.
You know, it's like
a massive movie I've got.
It's a rare impossibility
Okay, E.
I could mean as much to you
G, E, D.
As you mean to me
From afar I've watched
You on the screen
- Hi.
- Hi, Eleanor.
Maybe I should keep you
Keep you in my dreams
- Don't mind me.
- That's Bobby.
-Got it.
From out of my mind
G and then go G.
It's all fiction
E, ooh, ooh, sorry, that was E.
You were my icon
C, G.
From out of my mind
A piece of fiction
G, C.
Coming alive, coming alive
G, so sorry.
You were my icon
From out of my mind
Nice, there's G, and then go C.
That you're close enough
For me to hold you tight
- What's it like with this?
- What's that?
How does this sound like?
Close enough for me
It's not live.
It's not on, it's not on.
So you're not
actually recording anything?
No, no, no, we're just
going through it, I need to just
put some chords
down to my lyrics.
Um, you wanna just do a-- we can do
a little demo, quickie, you know?
- What's your name?
- Bobby John, very nice to meet you.
My catalog's not big.
Why don't you just sing Happy
Birthday or something like that?
- Um-- I can't think.
- 'Cause you can-- Or Star Spangled Banner?
I can't think, let me just--
You don't have
to think, just sing.
- Um--
- It's probably best if you don't think.
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy new year
The tidings you brought
To you and your Kings
We wish you a merry
Christmas and a happy year
Noel, noel
What, a joke then?
Alright, look at this.
Look at that, here it goes,
Two Eskimos were
in, um, a boat, okay,
and a kayak moved passed,
slowly throughout the water,
and they looked to it,
and they went,
"You can't have
your kayak and eat it too."
- I'm sorry?
- Just a question.
You gonna have a cup
of tea, a cup of tea?
Coffee, one milk,
one sugar please.
- Be about one minute.
- Thank you, thank you, Iris.
How old are you?
I'm old enough to be her mother,
that's what you wanted
to hear, isn't it?
- I don't know.
- Yeah.
Well, I just-- I don't know
what's going on here really.
Oh yeah, what do you
think's going on?
Something a little bit strange.
Hm, I bet you do,
what kind of strange,
just tell me what you imagine,
I'd just love to
hear it from you.
I just don't know what your
motive is, what you're into.
- Hm.
- Um, with my girlfriend.
Oh, really,
she's your girlfriend?
Very much so, ask her,
she's not gonna lie.
I, uh-- I don't believe
she's your girlfriend.
- What's that?
- Did she tell you?
Did she tell me what? She told
me a lot of things about you.
We had sex last week,
did she tell you that?
Yeah, sure, in your dreams.
Bobby? Tea.
- One milk, one sugar?
- Yeah.
Official, I've been thinking
a lot about what you said
and this is me been thinking.
Open it now.
Why does it say love?
You know.
Oh, okay, so basically
this is just like
- basically changing the
- Yeah.
- One, two, hup!
- Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ah! Ah! Ah!
We can find it
More than anyone
Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.
I want you to get down.
Has it just begun
- Um, do you wanna just work?
- Yeah.
- I think we should, okay.
- Absolutely.
So I'm going to, actually
I don't know if I want tea,
I don't know if I'm
cold or hot and stinky.
I feel like I've really got
a little ripe out there.
- Oh yeah, I think, um, I'll just change my shirt, and, um--
- Okay.
- Yeah, I'll change too.
- Or I could just, um--
- Better to be fresh.
- Yeah.
Get some fresh clothes on
for a new day, right.
Yeah, I mean, just--
I can't tell if I should shower
or if I should,
um, just change my shirt
or what do you think?
You know what? Actually,
I'm a bit of a stinky beaver as well,
I think I'd better just
change my shirt or something.
Yeah, you know what,
just-- I'll just feel better, in new ones,
and then we can
just get to work.
New clothes, new day, new work.
I've actually got clothes here,
I could just change.
- Do a quick change. You know what? if we're gonna--
- Uh...
Close those, if we're gonna be--
Are you-- Are you gonna, um,
change? Or are you gonna--
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Shower or--
It's nice. You got like
a leopard print bra on.
- I like that.
- Yeah?
- Oh yeah.
- It's electric blue.
- That's aqua.
- And yours is like,
if your bra was a sound,
it'd be like a roar.
Well, if this bra could talk,
it would say,
it would say, um, take me off.
Take me off, take me off.
Take me off,
maybe I should do this thing--
All the times you've
Told me what to do
Though you were so far away
I could feel your truth
All the times
I felt a part of you
There's a wonder in
Your eyes I hold on to
There's a wonder in
Your eyes I hold on to
Well, that happened.
- This is from me to you.
- Oh, my goodness, thank you.
Dad. This is from Abs to you.
- Thank you, Abs.
- You're welcome.
- This is from uncle Keith.
- It is, you'll like that,
it's for all of you, you'll have a
lovely time. I'm not saying nothing.
I can't believe you got me,
such-- Keith!
- It's a lot bigger, isn't it?
- It's just something I thought--
We'll start with this one.
Why does Iris get the biggest
present in the house?
- It's ginormous.
- Something you've obviously--
Oh, my god!
Noel, noel
Merry Christmas.
So what do you think?
We're not together anymore, Bobby, okay?
We're not together anymore.
It-- it-- it is over, it's-- it's the end.
- Be careful of the tree.
- Oh.
- Just be careful.
- Um--
We're just not right for each
other, are we? It's just--
Never been quite the fit.
And, um--
Anyway, I hope we can be
friends still, you know?
Merry Christmas.
Right, should we open
our presents?
- Who's going first?
- Oh!
- Nice scarf, I'm just gonna--
- Go first then, Keith.
- Yeah, what we've got? Oh!
- Welsh cake!
Cracking, man, look
at that, Welsh cakes.
- Socks!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Socks!
I know it's been
a while since I've
done anything, but, um--
- Darling, that is fenom--
- Actually they go
- with your T-shirt today.
- They do actually.
Yes, they do,
they stretch, oh, superb!
They look, are they?
They look a bit small.
Oh, thank you.
'Cause I wanna wake up
To your smiling face
'Cause I wanna wake up
To your smiling face
Make you tea or coffee
And get out of this place
Go see smiling faces
I'll take you to the places
You haven't been for a while
You haven't been for a while
It's the simple things
That mean so much
When you feel like
You're losing touch
When you feel like
You're losing touch
Keep hanging on
With all you've got
To the simple things
That mean so much
Wish I could write songs about
Anything other than death
I can't go to bed
Without drawing the rest
Shaving off the rest
Each one so heavy
Each one so cumbersome
Each one a lead weight
Hanging between my lungs
Spilling my guts
Sweat on the microphone
Breaking my voice
Whenever I belong
With you can't stop
Isn't this worth it
I'm sure you're okay
Should I go somewhere else,
Not my face
Springtime, learn a new way
Marathon running
Might cause a sprain
Marathon running
Might cause a sprain
We have come together
to commend our sister,
Mary Evans
into the hands of almighty God,
our Heavenly Father,
and in the presence of death,
Christians have showed ground
for hope and confidence,
because the Lord Jesus Christ,
who shared
our human life and death,
was raised again triumphant
and lives forevermore.
In him, his people
find eternal life,
and in this faith,
we put our whole trust
in his goodness and mercy.
I'm gonna miss your smile
and your laugh
and having cuddles in bed.
I miss all of
our late night chats about
love and life
and the universe, and--
My mother, Mary Evans
was the kindest,
most thoughtful,
gorgeous woman
I've ever, I've ever known.
I know she's been
preparing us for this day,
me and Abs and Dad.
So I know
what she would have wanted,
and what she does want, which is
for us to go out
into the world and
spread our wings and
find joy and happiness and
be together for the good
and the bad moments, and
all the shades in between,
and we're gonna do you proud, mum,
we're gonna be there
for each other, and
her memory will live on
in our hearts.
I love you, mum.
- You came back.
- Hm-mm.
- You want some tea?
- Yeah.
- God, I feel so embarrassed.
- Well--
It was all weird with you
in the summerhouse, eh?
Do you really wanna go there?
I know, I just-- I'm not usually like that.
I don't-- I don't know what came
over me, you know. It's just--
Suddenly it all came out and--
I'm so embarrassed and I don't
know what to say and then--
It was a little traumatizing,
I have to say.
But I'm working through it,
I have professionals to help me.
But, um, I actually, um--
I, uh--
I don't know, I just thought about
a lot of the things that went down,
and I feel like
the energy of us together--
We did something
that I couldn't have done alone,
and I don't think you
could have done alone,
and we did it together.
I actually have written some of the
best songs I've ever written this week
and there's no way that I would
have been able to do that
at the worst time of my life,
have the best thing
also happen to me.
You know, there's
something about
when somebody from the outside,
like somebody from Mars,
comes in
and they just decide
to believe in you.
And you just decided to come out
of nowhere and believe in me.
And the power of that is...
Then listen to me,
you're really talented,
and your heart is beautiful,
and your energy is
so crystal clear.
'Cause you're amazing...
My love will overflow
Help to
No, pasties give me
a bit of heartburn.
Yeah, well, they're
renowned for it, you know.
Yeah, nice though, but I can do any
kind of pastry does me really, pasties--
I had Welsh cakes the other day.
- Oh, yeah.
- They bought me,
they are quite dry,
quite claggy.
That's right, it's the dough.
- I was kind of eating them...
- Yeah.
They need a bit
of butter on them really.
Well, they just sit there, see.
They did sit
there for a while.
Alright, yeah,
got to be careful.
- Hey.
- How are you doing?
How's it going in there?
Mental, looks like Keith's
about to get on the decks.
Mum would have laughed at that.
Mum would have really laughed.
- Like a lot.
- At everything.
- Yeah.
- The whole scenario.
So, I've been thinking
after what mum said,
that I'm gonna spend
more time at home
- with you and dad.
- Really?
What do you think?
- Really?
- Yeah.
I think if that makes
you happy, then,
- it'll make me really happy.
- Good.
- Done.
- Um.
Griff was actually saying the other
day, he called me, and--
He was saying if I wanna go
to L.A. with the, you know--
- L.A.?
- L.A. Well, they're getting all my demos
in the orchestra room.
- But, you know.
- You've got to do that.
Yeah, but I kind of need
somebody to show me around,
somebody that's
been there, that--
You know,
that I loved and trusted.
Is that
your roundabout way of...
- Would you?
- ...asking your big sister
to come to L.A. with you,
because you're so gorgeous.
Well, I'd kind of like
to spend time with you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Aw. Yes, I would love
to do that with you.
- Really?
- That would be amazing.
- Yes. 100%.
- And look after me?
I would definitely,
yes, I'm so in.
- We'll both do it together. I think mum--
- Hm.
- Bobby? Um, I--
- What do you think first
of the-- the spread,
what do you think?
We, uh, we went all out with,
uh, cheesy tomatoes,
thin sliced, um, premium ham,
with a ham and--
and tomato as well,
on that one, and then this is
pizzeria, Welsh pastries.
Do you mind changing the music?
It feels a bit sad and I know
mum really would have wanted us to
dance, and just have a bit more fun.
Um, yeah, no, I'll change it
in a minute, uh--
Are you okay?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
I'm okay.
I'm gonna change that--
the music.
I'll get used to it
My body can't contain
All the things you do
But I can't complain
It's gonna see me through
My body can't contain
The feeling in my heart
The pleasure and the pain
Love is just a game
Ooh, we get so high
Fire in your eye
And we lose our minds
We can't protect the line
And we get so high
Fire in your eye
And we lose our minds
What did you do today
Didn't do much today
I was home and then I wasn't
What did you do today
I stayed at home today
I was home and then I wasn't
What do you do, when
You're stuck between days
And your days can't
Keep up with your days
What do you do, when
You're stuck between days
And your days can't
Keep up with your days
What did you do today
Didn't do much today
I was home and then I wasn't
What did you do today
I stayed at home today
I was home and then I wasn't
I had a dream
I saw myself on TV
And I viewed myself
In many different ways
I had a dream
I saw myself on TV
And I viewed myself
In many different ways