Biyak (2022) Movie Script

You're it!
- You're it!
- You're it!
- You're it!
- You're it!
Good day, Sister.
Where's the office of Mother Superior?
Just go upstairs.
Thank you.
Come in.
- Oh, hi.
- Good day.
Miss Violet Abrogar?
Come in.
Nice to meet you.
- Have a seat.
- Thank you.
I assume you have spoken
with your parents about this.
With my mom, yes.
What did your mom tell you?
They found it hard to conceive
so they came here to adopt me.
I was barely one year old, she told me.
Let me get something.
Twenty years ago,
we helped
a mother in Tondo.
She asked for help because
her daughter was hospitalized.
Eventually, she gave the baby to us.
That was you, Violet.
Where is my mother?
This place is so far.
Are we there yet?
Yes, this is the address
the orphanage gave.
How about your dress?
My heels!
Are you tired?
Its on me later.
Im nervous.
Dont be. Im here for you.
What if they dont accept me?
Are you sure about this?
Of course.
Whatever happens
Im here for you, babe,
whether they accept you or not.
Thank you, babe.
So many kids here!
You want one?
Lets make one?
- Good day, sirs.
- Good day!
We just want to ask something.
- Go ahead.
- Go ahead.
Where does Tess Porras live?
Tess Porras?
You know her?
- That's Tess, the vendor.
- The one in dark green shirt.
That's Tess, the vendor.
The one in dark green shirt.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Good morning.
Are you Tess Porras?
Yes, that's me.
May we speak with you?
Of course.
Let's come to my house.
It's so hot here.
Come on.
Help yourselves.
Thank you.
That's when I was still
working in Olongapo.
When my father threw me
out of the house
while I was pregnant with
your older sister, Samantha
I found my way here in Manila.
In less than a year,
I was pregnant again.
Why was I the one you gave away?
Cheska, my child
It's Violet.
You almost died of dengue.
I was helpless.
Was that enough reason
to abandon me like a puppy?
I barely supported your sister
Let alone bought her milk.
What more with two babies?
- Who are they?
- Cheska's here! Your sister!
- Sam.
- My boyfriend, William.
Her name's Violet.
That's the name
my foster parents gave me.
How did you find us?
My mom revealed that I was adopted,
so we searched for the orphanage I was in.
They gave me the records.
Is that so?
By the way, Ma.
Here's my cut from the precinct.
Thanks a lot.
Here you go.
- I'll go ahead!
- Hey, where are you going?
To get some fresh air.
Come on!
You have nothing to
worry about. It's on me.
Just do what I told you.
- Alright then.
- Okay?
Sir Erwin!
- See you.
- See you.
Come here. Let's talk.
The operation is tonight.
I've conditioned Mr. Lim.
I'll help the truck driver.
I'll be at the garage.
- Make it clean.
- Sure.
Mr. Lim!
Mr. Lim,
here are the goods
you'll bring to the storage.
- Are they good?
- Of course!
- Open up.
- Go ahead.
Go now! Go!
Enter! Enter!
Don't leave me, William.
- I love you, Violet.
- I love you too.
Please don't leave me.
I won't leave you!
What time will we leave
for Noveleta tomorrow?
After lunch?
Are you sure with your decision?
Of course! I want to see my mother.
Good morning, Sir Tony.
You didn't come home last night.
We're sorry.
Go home now!
Take care.
- Is this the right behavior?
- Papa, I'm sorry!
- To come home late?
- Papa!
- This late?
- Tony!
- Screw you!
- Tony, have mercy!
Where did you go?
William and I went out
with our friends.
Help her stand.
Stand up!
The orphanage called me.
You seriously went ahead
to search for your real parent?
What else didn't we provide?
Ungrateful bitch!
Tell me!
I'm sorry, Papa.
They don't want you anymore!
They abandoned you!
You still want to be with them?!
- Huh?
- Stop it!
Calm down.
You want to be with them?
Come. Come here!
I'll bring you to them!
Tony, stop it!
That's enough!
That's enough!
Teach your shameless daughter!
That's enough
How's your daughter?
In her room. Resting.
We're about to pray the rosary.
Let her prepare.
- Tony
- Yes?
You don't need to get
so violent with your child.
She hasn't done anything wrong.
Why are you defending her?
It hurts.
You think I didn't know you're the one
who gave her the address of the orphanage?
You're hurting me!
Why did you do it?
I pity our daughter.
For what?
What did I do to you?
Let go of me!
Now tell me
Why are you helping our daughter?
Let go!
I want her to get free
from your madness!
You want me to kill you?
Damn it!
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with you.
Blessed are you amongst women
and blessed is the fruit
of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with you.
Blessed are you amongst women
and blessed is the fruit
of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with you.
Blessed are you amongst women
and blessed is the fruit
of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with you.
Blessed are you amongst women
and blessed is the fruit
of Thy womb, Jesus.
- Hello?
- Holy Mary, Mother of God,
- Pray for us sinners,
- What?!
Now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.
I want to inform you
about these retrieved drugs
that amount to one million pesos.
Because of our informant,
the police learned that parcels
containing shabu were illegally shipped.
Sir, is it true it involves the Triad?
It's hard to tell because
we just responded
based on the alert
from our Chinese counterpart.
Sir, how many casualties were there
during the operation?
Five including the target,
Lim Seng Ho, alias Ricardo Lim.
Is it true that a big local businessman
is involved with these drugs?
I still can't answer that.
That's still under further investigation.
Excuse me.
I want to talk to you. Follow me.
I did not like your operation
at Ricardo Lim's warehouse.
You know how the media sees us
because of the War on Drugs.
You know many died.
I'll be damned!
Sir, it's a legitimate operation.
What do you want us to do?
Play 'it' with the suspects
and they would just surrender?
Are you making a fool out of me?
No, sir.
I apologize.
I'm just explaining.
We're just doing our jobs.
- You're out of this case.
- Sir?
Sorry, Erwin.
I received a memo from Camp Crame.
Protect our business, okay?
This is all for you.
Thanks, Mr. Abrogar.
It's on you now!
Chief is really something!
You're the one who worked on the case,
yet you're the one who lost it.
There's a memo from his superior.
For sure, someone powerful
is manipulating the case.
Do you know him?
Who's this?
Antonio Abrogar.
Owner of a construction company.
What about him?
Remember the parcel of cement with shabu?
That's under his name.
I was right all along.
Someone's manipulating them.
Just accept the fact,
you can't handle it.
- Sorry, damn it!
- Screw it!
Papa doesn't let me go out.
Can you accompany me
to my mother, Tess?
Come here,
let's talk.
Sit down.
Violet, my child.
You very well know what happened
the last time you took it upon yourself
to look for your real parents.
I just want to get to know them.
They are good people.
I don't mind that.
But your father does.
Let me, Mama.
Please convince Papa.
Someone's coming.
Your Papa.
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
Your room. Hurry.
Ma, I don't want to
Come on!
- Just follow your Papa.
- Violet!
I don't want to
- Come now!
- I'll get you to your mother.
I'll come with you.
I promise.
- But Ma
- Just go to your room.
Let's avoid any trouble.
Come on!
Where are you?!
You're too slow!
Hurry up!
I'm getting impatient!
- Stop
- Stop what?
We havent started yet
and you want to stop?
You were too slow to come here.
Ive been calling you.
Undress now.
- I dont want to.
- Hurry.
Undress your panty now.
You're not talking to me.
I know that you're mad at me.
Stop the car first.
Let's talk.
I know youre wondering...
why I am asking you
to come to your father.
It pains me...
but I cant do anything about it.
Each time you cry in pain
after your father abuses you,
my heart breaks into pieces.
Its just that Im scared of your father.
You know how
he treats me, dont you?
Sometimes, I just want to kill myself.
But I cant.
Why dont you escape
while theres still time?
You know your father.
He has strong influences
with the military.
He can search for us.
And even kill us.
Thats why I accompanied you
to your biological mother
In the hopes that she can
help us with this problem.
Ma, they shouldnt be involved here.
In fact, we should be be the ones looking
for ways to stop his monstrous acts.
I will find a way for us
to escape from Papa.
Whatever it takes,
Ill come with you.
Forgive me for what I did.
Forgive me, my child.
Forgive me.
Mama, stop.
Lets go.
My mother and my sister
are waiting for us.
Stop crying.
Ma, where are you going?
Sam, change your clothes.
Where are we going?
Who is she?
This is my foster mother, Dina.
Ma, she's my biological sister, Samantha.
Samantha, nice to meet you.
No need.
My hands are dirty.
we'll go to the mall,
we'll shop for you.
Wow, shopping
Let's go now!
Don't behave like that!
Please excuse my daughter.
It's totally fine.
I'm excited for our bonding.
I would like to get
to know you personally.
Shall we go?
- Let's go?
- Let's go.
Go ahead.
Yes, yes.
Watch your steps.
Come inside!
Don't be shy.
Come here.
this is my biological family.
My mother, Tess.
And my sister, Samantha.
He's my foster father, Tony.
Nice to meet you.
Join us.
Take a seat.
Thank you.
Have a seat.
Finally we met.
Thank you for raising my daughter.
You know, Violet grew up as a good girl.
We love her so much.
I'll be honest.
I don't like her going to your place.
But she's unstoppable.
Instead of her repeatedly going
to Noveleta without permission
I asked for you to come here.
I want to keep her away from danger.
- Our place is not dangerous.
- Am I talking to you?
Sam can assure
their place is safe.
Where exactly in Noveleta, Tess?
I live in San Rafael II.
Whats your current job?
I sell dried fish.
Before you gave Violet for adoption,
what was your job?
lets not go there
This is not a job interview, Pa.
Come on!
Lets skip pleasantries.
I want to know them better.
This is for your own good, Violet.
Listen to me.
I was then a hospitality girl.
But I quit when I gave birth to Cheska...
I mean, Violet.
If I may, sir
lets show some respect to my mother.
She was not a negligent mother.
She was just unlucky in life.
- Lets talk upstairs.
- Alright!
That hurts!
- Dont mind them. Lets eat.
- Excuse us!
Sam, chicken is your favorite, right?
Im telling you.
Thats alright now.
Sir Erwin!
Go ahead.
Next time, okay?
You know this girl Im with?
I dont. Who is she?
My other sister.
My mother abandoned her as a baby.
You came just to share your life story?
- Ask me who got to adopt her.
- Who?
Antonio Abrogar.
Come here.
Come inside.
Our target is leaving Manila.
Whats to spy on then?
Meet your sister.
Win her heart.
You might get some useful info.
She's not answering.
Ma'am, you have a visitor!
Who is it?
Your sister, Samantha.
Wait a sec. Let her in.
Okay, ma'am.
She's coming down soon.
It's fine.
Is it just the two of you here?
Yes, it's just us!
You visited.
I was in the area and
thought of passing by.
You want juice? Coffee?
Juice is fine!
Get her juice and sandwich.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Where's Ma'am Dina?
They're in Cebu for a business trip.
They'll be there for two days.
Then you're alone here?
How about your boyfriend?
William is at school now.
He's still studying?
Yes, he's graduating.
How old is he?
He's 24.
He's 24.
24 and still studying? Thanks for this.
I mean, it's his second course.
Oh, I see.
Sis, let me ask.
Why is your father like that?
He's scary.
He's angry at everything.
Don't mind Papa.
Eat up. That's my favorite.
I understand how he wants
to own you as his daughter.
something's wrong.
Sam, I don't want to talk about it.
do we need to know something
that happened here?
Wait, let me just get my phone.
Stay there.
Wait for me.
Wait a sec.
- William, wait, Sam is downstairs.
- That can wait!
I'm almost there!
Thank you for that.
Excuse me, Ma'am.
You need anything?
- I'm looking for the restroom.
- Restroom? Downstairs.
Have you finished your food?
Did you like it?
It's fine.
We don't have that in Noveleta.
What's that sandwich?
Kidding. It's ham and cheese.
The restroom is here.
- Where?
- This way.
Thank you!
This is the lot of the Abrogars.
See how close it is to the clubhouse?
- Erwin.
- We position a standby here.
- Hey.
- This is where we come in.
Did you see what I sent you?
Where did you see the shabu?
In the closet of Antonio Abrogar.
I told you. It's positive!
What do we do now?
Let's wait for him to come home.
We'll find out his accomplice,
their hideout, their processes.
We'll get into the details.
That's the car
of Antonio Abrogar, isn't it?
Can you make sure that's it?
Go to your sister's place.
Wait until nighttime.
Papa, stop it, please.
- Don't be fussy.
- Stop it!
- I can't do it anymore!
- You'll love it.
No, stop it, please.
Hey, what are you doing there?
I'm hearing my sister.
She's wailing.
I'll go check her out.
Don't you have manners?
Didn't anyone teach you
not to invade someone else's room?
I'm sorry.
- Papa!
- Violet!
- Sam!
- Violet!
Where are you going?
- Tony! Stop it!
- What are you doing here?
Screw you!
Come here, Violet!
Stop it, please!
You bitch!
Tony, stop it!
Have mercy with your child!
Ma! Listen to me!
I discovered what kind of animal
that Antonio Abrogar is!
- Your sister's foster father?
- Yes, he is.
Something's nasty
between Violet and him.
Samantha, watch your mouth!
That's the truth!
How did you know?
Did you see it?
I was there last night.
I heard everything.
Samantha, I don't know your intention
but if your fabricating a story
about your sister,
- don't be indecent
- It's true, Ma!
Sam is telling the truth.
I don't want to go home.
My father abuses me every day.
After work
During my parents' fights
I don't know how
to love myself anymore.
I'm disgusted with myself.
I want to go away.
- I'll let that monster pay!
- Ma.
Sit down.
Ma, you don't know Papa.
You can't fight him.
I know that Antonio Abrogar.
He's a drug lord!
How did you know, Sam?
I went into his room
when I visited you.
I saw the shabu inside the bag
in the closet.
He's a dangerous man.
He will kill you!
Ma, you must leave for Olongapo.
No way!
You must leave for the province
and stay away from here!
Your fight is my fight as well!
An eye for an eye!
A tooth for a tooth!
- Samantha!
- What is it?
A man is looking for you outside!
He has a gun attached to his waist!
They're Papas men.
Nestor? Don't shoot!
Don't shoot him! Don't!
He's about to kill you!
Time to kill him off!
If you kill him, Papa will wonder
why Nestor did not come back.
All the more I should shoot him.
Fool! If you kill him,
where will you keep the body?
In our house!
My boss will look for me!
It will be the death of you.
Shut up.
Shut up!
Why do you have Abrogar's daughter?
She's now part of the plan.
Let them sit.
Sit down.
When does your father
usually leave your house?
Monday to Saturday.
He leaves at eight
in the morning.
More or less.
Okay. This is what you should do.
Go home.
Report to me his every move. Understood?
Yeah. Sure.
Dina, my coat!
- You're slower now.
- Here you go!
Did Nestor go home already?
Miss Cora hasn't said anything yet.
Let's just use your car.
- Come on!
- Yes.
Dina! Faster! Come!
They're coming!
- They're here.
- Let's go!
- You know what to do!
- Yes!
Pa... Stop it.
What's that?
Check it out.
- Quick!
- Who are you?
Who are you?
- Shit!
- Don't move!
- Where will you take us?
- Come on, let's go!
Don't move!
- Where are we going?
- Silence him!
What did I do to you?
- Just come with us!
- Who ordered this?
- Just cooperate with us!
- Who wants to capture me?!
Come inside!
You bastards!
What will you do to us?
Who's your mastermind?
- Assholes!
- You're so noisy!
If you want to come home,
shut up!
You're with them?
I fed you.
I sent you to school.
I made you.
I gave you a good life.
How ungrateful!
- Screw you!
- Shit!
- Shut up. Shit!
- Screw you too!
Screw you too!
You're the animal!
You made my life a living hell!
Are you mad? Why did you kill him?
- This is not part of the plan!
- The plan has changed.
Tie them up.
- Let go.
- Wait.
What's this? Sam!
What the hell are you doing?!
I'll get that.
- Hey!
- Screw you! Why involve my sister?!
Are you stupid?!
We can earn from this!
Sam, it hurts!
How much is my cut?
A large amount.
- Around two million pesos.
- Stop it!
- Sam!
- Hold this.
If you don't want to get hurt,
shut your mouth.
This will be over soon.
- This is Sam. Open up.
- Open the door.
Where's your sister?
She's still with Erwin.
You said you two will come
so we could all leave together.
Erwin has a mission to complete.
We need Violet.
Aren't you telling me something?
You can't win over Sir Tony!
He will forever catch you!
Stupid! Your boss is dead!
Samantha! Where's your sister?
- Hello?
- Mama, help me!
Violet, my child!
Ten million pesos for
the lives of your family.
Let me go!
I'm here at the ruins,
our meeting place.
I'm coming inside.
I'll leave it on the stage.
Positive. The target is here.
Hello, boss!
How did that happen?
Wait. Hold it.
Erwin, stop it.
We're through.
I need to finish her.
Do we need to end up with this?!
Do you want to go to jail?!
- Sam!
- Damn it!
I'll kill you too, Samantha!
Let me go!
Screw the two of you!
- Ma!
- Let's go!
Let's go away! Quick!
Wait a sec!
Let's go!
Come now!
- You're hurting me!
- Why did you do it?
- I pity our daughter.
- For what? What did I do to you?
Let go of me!
- Is this the right behavior?
- Papa, I'm sorry!
- To come home late?
- Tony!
Tony, have mercy!
They don't want you anymore!
They abandoned you!
You still want to be with them?!
- Huh?
- Stop it!
Calm down, Tony!
Why are you helping our daughter
find her real parents?
Let go!
- I want her to get free from your madness!
- Really?
You want me to kill you?
Stop it!
Son of a bitch!
Leave now!
Tony, stop it!
Have mercy with your child!
Excuse me, Ma'am.
Someone's calling.
- Hello?
- Ma, this is Violet.
Violet, my child.
Ma, don't worry about me.
I'm finally free.
Thank you, Virgin Mary.
Thank you, Lord.