Bizalom (1980) Movie Script

What should one know
about the kind of fear
caused by the sound
of airplanes and bombs?
One usually feels
a certain anguish and fear
at the droning sound
of airplanes
or the ghostly noises
of bombs falling.
By becoming familiar
with the sound of airplanes
and with the expectation of bombs
one can be relieved of such fear.
In flight,
a plane makes a loud booming sound
but one can't accurately guess
the number of airplanes
merely from the strength of the sound.
Other circumstances
can be misleading.
A low-flying plane can mislead one
into thinking it's a flight formation.
The clouds and wind
can have the same effect.
One can recognize types of airplane
by their engine sounds,
but one would need
considerable practice to do so.
Thus, one rarely
has reliable information
about the type of plane flying
when based on simple human hearing,
especially without sufficient practice.
The sound of falling bombs
is unpleasant for most.
Yet what is it really?
Bombs, when released
accelerate towards the earth,
the centrifugal force
causes such a sound effect.
We saw a fine match
between the Hungarian
and German Army teams.
A number of Austrian players
are among the German team
playing against
the Hungarian soldiers.
The spirited match
ended in a 2:2 draw.
Let go of me!
You can't go home. They're searching
your flat. Your husband had to disappear.
- Why?
- Please don't ask stupid questions.
Have you anywhere to stay tonight?
At the other end of town?
- With whom?
- You can't go home.
You know of your husband's
contacts in the movement, don't you?
- No, I don't know.
- Good. That was a good answer.
From now on you must always answer
everybody like this. Understand?
What if I had come
from the other end of the road?
We were expecting you.
So you won't let the cat out of the bag.
What cat? I can't make head
or tail out of what you're saying.
Anything might give him away.
So where can you go?
I don't know. I don't know.
Then go to St Ferenc Hospital
in an hour's time.
21, Szeher St. Find Dr. Czako
in the surgical department.
You're a refugee from Erdely and
have been hiding at a relative's place.
Your little girl
is in the country, for safety.
You're awaiting news
from your husband.
That's why you arrived here today.
Your address: Erdosor Rd.
5, Ujpest.
Your name: Mrs. Jonas Biro,
nee Katalin Simo.
You were born in Kolozsvar,
parents deceased. You're 29.
Your husband, Jonas Biro is 38,
chemical research worker.
- The child's name is Judit.
- Judit?
When you've memorized that, you'll go
downtown. Take a tram at West Station.
Don't ask anyone any questions,
I've drawn you a map.
It's a one-storey house,
brick facade, you can't miss it.
- You ring the bell.
- What do I say? Who am I looking for?
- Your husband will open the door.
- My husband?
Yes, Jonas Biro, and you'll say,
"Thank God, the child's all right. "
That's the first thing you'll say,
"Thank God, the child's all right. "
- Do you have any children?
- A little girl. She's 5.
We sent her to my mother's. Judit.
I don't know how she is,
there've been no letters for two weeks.
You say, "Thank God,
the child's all right. " Please repeat it.
Thank God the child's all right...
- Will you tell my husband where I am?
- Of course.
You must face reality.
You won't be alone.
- Exercise a little self-control.
- When will I get news of my husband?
- As soon as possible.
- Where he is staying...?
If I'm right, you know how to draw.
- I studied industrial drawing.
- Very good.
Now I'll leave you to study it.
Please give me all the papers
you have on you,
as well as any family photographs.
It wouldn't do to have them
find them on you.
Here you are.
Katalin Simo, I'm Katalin Simo,
not Siko, not Sivo, but Simo.
Katalin Simo. I was born in 1915,
11 December, in Koloz...
Kolozsvar, my God...
My name is Mrs. Jonas Biro,
nee Katalin Simo,
born in Kolozsvar,
11 December 1915.
Excuse me, some clothes.
My name is Mrs. Jonas Biro,
Jonas Biro.
I am Mrs. Jonas Biro,
Mrs. Jonas Biro.
I am Katalin Simo,
born 11 December 1915.
My daughter Judit was born
in February 1938.
My mother's name...
I can't memorize this. Erzsebet Farkas.
My father, Gyorgy Simo,
Erzsebet Farkas.
Please go down
to the X-ray department at once.
I have to give an explanation
to the people working here.
- Mrs. Jonas Biro?
- Yes.
- Maiden name?
- Katalin Simo.
- Born?
- 11 December 1915 in Kolozsvar.
The child?
Thank God the child is all right.
- Everything is all right?
- Yes. Thank God the child is all right.
Well, you've come at last,
my dear.
My husband has been
waiting for you impatiently.
You must be tired and hungry.
A hot bath will do you good.
What should I call you, dear?
- Katalin.
- My husband should be here soon.
We could all eat together.
This is our room. It used to be their
son's but he's on the front line now.
His fiance lives in the next street
and often comes over.
She's very inquisitive about their room.
She's a bit of Nazi sympathizer.
- So don't have long chats with her.
- Yes.
The door opens out onto the courtyard.
This is the bathroom door.
There's another door
where the old people are.
Living room and kitchen
in one and a W.C.
We could go through there too
but it's better we go via the yard.
This wall is adjacent
with the old people's room.
Honest working people but best
not to talk in front of them either.
By the way, welcome.
I suppose you know
what's most important.
Yes. Mrs. Jonas Biro,
nee Katalin Simo, in Kolozsvar,
11 December 1915.
It's just as well
that my real name is Katalin too.
I am sure you must have
some news of my husband.
It's better for both of us if we know
as little as possible about each other.
But I suppose
they must have told you that.
Did they send
any messages with you?
Then, I'll wait. You cannot leave
the house without my permission.
But I simply must know
what's happened to my husband.
We didn't know a thing this morning.
I must look around the flat,
perhaps he's left a note for me.
I'll only go after dark.
I'll use the back stairs, through the...
You're not going anywhere.
I don't know who you are
or why they've sent you here
but I accept your presence as a fact
and you must do the same.
Try and accept the circumstances.
From here to there is yours.
Why don't you unpack?
I shan't bother you if I don't have to.
I'll get some firewood.
May I see your papers?
I just want to see what they're like.
Will you test me?
The water should be
warm enough soon.
- This isn't exactly the Hotel des Bains!
- I was given the suitcase too.
I'm sorry, but we must behave
naturally because of the old folk.
I'll act natural.
Hurry up.
We've been invited for dinner.
You're still young.
Three times I've lived through this,
people rendered homeless
because of politics.
Half the country are refugees
while the other half
either chase them or lie low and wait.
Your soup will get cold,
you talk too much.
One should be happy
with what one can.
Be happy that your belly's full,
that the young lady has arrived
and that the child is all right.
I haven't even asked you,
what's her name?
Judit. She's got lovely long hair.
- The main thing is that she's safe.
- Yes, that's the main thing.
I only wish mine was that old,
he'd be out of this horror.
You did quite well!
But you shouldn't go into details.
What details?
I might have said that
the child's hair is blonde and short.
Don't tell anyone anything,
it's none of their business.
Such small details
can lead to great danger.
Every word you utter might offer
essential proof to the informer.
- But they're sheltering us.
- They're not.
They're workers who rent their rooms
to refugees from Erdely for money.
They have nothing to do with us,
but with their neighbours they do.
That semi-Nazi girl
is almost their daughter-in-law.
Everything you do or say must be
with a possible informant in mind.
Don't leave anything lying around,
don't write anything down.
Don't give any details of yourself.
And so on...
You can turn in now.
I'll go out till you're ready.
Did you sleep well?
Did you count all the corners?
I'm sorry.
I waited with the breakfast
till you woke but I'm hungry now.
Did I sleep that long?
Forgive me.
Doesn't matter. You were tired.
How can I get news of my husband?
Maybe he doesn't know where I am.
He'll find you when the time is ripe.
Hurry, my dear.
They're selling potatoes two streets up.
5 kg per person,
there's hardly any left already.
- Where?
- As you go out, on your left.
We discussed it yesterday.
You can't go out without my permission.
And you queue with all the women
of the neighbourhood in this.
- It's only a nurse's cloak.
- Dead right it is.
But you look nothing like a nurse.
The clothes aren't hers,
how did she get them?
Why can't you understand,
everything has significance?
Your face, your hairstyle, your dress.
They tie their scarves differently here.
- What do you mean by all this?
- Nothing.
I'm just warning you
that this could cost us our lives.
This is not the medical school ball.
Tell me, are you sure
you haven't got any papers
or photographs still on you
which might be dangerous,
- a memento which is identifiable?
- No, I have nothing.
Will you please empty your bag?
Your husband?
I know that I mustn't answer now,
so let's say my brother, all right?
Burn it, you should have done
it yesterday when you came here.
And this too.
Please, this is the only photo
I have of my little girl.
Why can't this be our little girl?
After all we have a little girl too. Judit.
Have you got any children?
I beg you, don't burn this picture,
not this one.
You can burn the other one.
All right, this is our child.
As for the other one, burn it.
- Give it to me.
- Do you have children?
- Yes, Judit. Thank God she's all right.
- I'm being serious.
At least answer me this one question.
- Thank God the child is all right.
- I want to know if you have any children.
I have.
Please help me
get news of my daughter.
- At least of her! Please.
- Then, you tell me how.
If only my husband were here.
Wake up! Where's your husband?
My husband?
You're my husband, Jonas Biro.
I'm Mrs. Jonas Biro, Katalin Simo.
Don't talk rubbish.
Where's your husband?
Here. I'm Mrs. Jonas Biro.
All right. Go back to sleep!
Good morning.
Why did you do
that horrible thing in the night?
Look, we are both in a dark forest.
That's why I have to know
if I can let you walk behind me.
If I don't trust you,
you can't come with me on patrol.
I'd kill you the moment
I notice the slightest suspicion.
I'll kill you so you can't kill me.
Do you understand?
I keep dreaming about my son.
He comes through the gate
and stands by this door
and I shake in fear
in case someone has seen him here
because then they'll know
that he deserted.
He stands there a while,
looks through the window and leaves.
And then I'm relieved and wake up.
Why do I dream this?
My husband is restless too
in the night, he wakes up.
Then I wake up too. It took me
a while to go back to sleep last night.
The old woman told me you've been
complaining that I'm restless at night,
that I wake up and wake you up too.
What's the good of telling you?
What's that got to do with
the old woman and her neighbours
and via them
God knows who else, how I sleep?
My underwear is in front of you.
Are you going to tell her about it too?
What they're like,
how often I change them?
If I disturb you in your sleep,
perhaps I snore,
though you'd be the first one
to say so, rather than wake me up.
Tell me not to, give me a nudge.
And another thing.
The old woman tells me everything.
She feels that I belong
to them a little by now.
Whatever you say to her,
you can count as a message to me.
I'm sorry.
My wife told me you dream
of your son a lot.
- What did she say?
- The things you dream of, Aunty Irma.
One talks a lot of nonsense...
we were cleaning peas.
- Leave it, I'll chop those logs up.
- I'll have it done in a second.
Come quickly. Can't you
understand? Don't loiter here.
How long has he been there?
Who is he observing?
I've seen him before.
How long has he been watching us?
He was following us a while back,
yet no one was behind us.
This one's popped up
out of the blue...
If I turn round suddenly,
maybe he isn't even there.
I mustn't turn round,
he's not coming.
That's all right. He was simply
waiting for someone, what a joke.
He was just a pedestrian,
you're beginning to see things.
I was thirsty.
Don't I know you from way back?
I don't know,
I don't remember you.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Tell me, would you at least
help me get news of my husband?
There's a lieutenant
looking for you.
- My husband's not at home.
- I told him but he said he'll wait.
- Pali Szilasi.
- Good day, lieutenant. Mrs. Jonas Biro.
I'm looking for your husband.
I've known him for a long time
but we lost touch a while back.
We live in such an age, lieutenant.
People lose touch.
These are terrible times,
but it'll soon be over.
It can't last much longer now.
- When will your husband be home?
- I don't know.
Your husband's a wonderful man,
I've known him since I was a kid.
- I learn a lot from him.
- Yes. My husband is very attractive.
You're a lucky woman,
but he is even luckier with you.
That's very kind of you.
The lieutenant has been waiting
for you for a while.
I'm sure he wouldn't say
no to a cup of tea.
The lieutenant is very smart.
Isn't it a bit risky?
This is my safety,
people respect uniform religiously,
and the women go crazy about it.
I don't know where Jonas
has been hiding you.
It takes a war to enable me
to court my best friend's wife.
So far,
I've only seen a photo of you.
- Where?
- Jonas showed me one a long time ago.
I can just imagine
what sort of photo that was.
All photos of me were terrible.
I couldn't have recognized
you by them.
- I think you have to go.
- Yes.
- When will we see you again?
- When he can come.
He's forgotten...
He didn't forget it,
he's the one we've been waiting for.
But you were faultless.
Another exam?
And were you both satisfied?
It must have been entertaining.
Or perhaps
you're afraid of me too?
Where have you been
the last few years?
Or now on 15 October,
or yesterday,
that you don't wonder
about anything or anyone?
I don't know what's in your head,
but as far as I'm concerned
there's no place left for innocence
and naivety in my life.
Our only chance is to be prepared
to face any and every betrayal.
- Is that the way you like it?
- What?
Did you have a quarrel?
Don't cry.
I see you're both so tight-lipped.
That's worse
than shouting at each other.
Are you worried about the little girl?
Everyone is worried.
- Why are you crying?
Oh, my God, why?
I don't know what's happening to
my child, or where my husband is.
"You're not alone!"
- Do you know this writing?
- Yes, it's my husband's.
"Darling, I'm safe.
I'll come for you soon.
"It hurts me too
that we had to part so suddenly... "
Thank you,
you're a good man after all.
Well, now we must burn this.
Be careful, your husband's
got someone, I know.
No, it's not true...
Come on, quieten down, wake up.
Calm down, you've been
shouting in your sleep.
Would you like some water?
Calm down now.
Lie back and go back to sleep.
Tams... Tams...
- There you are.
- Thank you.
That blonde lady next
to the window sent you this.
"It seems
human cowardice has no limits"
- Aren't you feeling well?
- I'm sorry.
Don't you recognize me?
It must be my hair. I dyed it blonde.
But I thought that this way
I won't look so obviously...
It suits you.
You cannot stay anywhere for long.
After a while you have to escape again.
Just one night, could I come
to your place, just for a night.
I can't go on looking for a place.
I don't want to die like a dog.
I'm sorry, but you must have got
me mixed up with someone else.
Of course, I haven't seen you
since I got my nose fixed.
But don't you really recognize me?
I know that my face looks different
with this nose.
Two years ago, I thought
it might save my life.
What's your name?
Bozsi. Don't you remember?
I sat next to the window in form 2.
Bozsi what?!
No, you don't want
to recognize me.
What Bozsi?!
She's quite clever, having her face
changed. Now let's hear her name.
Deutsch? Loblin? Maisler? Vippler?
Erlich? Bettelscheim? Sonnensein?
I'm Bozsi Toth
and you go and fuck yourself.
You can all go and fuck yourselves.
Base, coward pretenders.
I hope God will treat you
the way you are treating us!
And I hope your children
will despise you!
Why are you crying?
What's happened?
- Where were you?
- I was busy.
Who was that woman
who followed you to the toilet?
She's in hiding
and has nowhere to sleep.
- Do you know her?
- No.
She said she was a school friend
but I can't remember her.
- Are you sure? You've never seen her?
- I don't know.
- And the man who spoke to you?
- Nobody spoke to me at all.
- Why did you start running away?
- I don't know.
They why did you turn around.
Who were you waiting for?
- I didn't know what happened to you.
- You got a scare.
- Yes.
- Why?
From where do you know
that man I was with?
- I don't know him.
- You've never seen him before?
No. I did a Red Cross
nursing course last year.
My husband insisted on it
and there, one sees so many people...
That woman begged me
to put her up for the night.
She could have come here.
There are three beds.
- What did you say to her?
- I don't know. It was dreadful.
- Keep your voice down.
- I told her I couldn't help.
- Good.
- Her life was at stake.
- We can't risk anything now.
- I can't bear this.
- Who do you think I am?
- Quiet!
You treat me like a child
not to be trusted,
that I don't need to know anything
because I can't understand.
And if I ask too many questions,
you must smack me like a child?!
- Who is it?
- It's me. There's a raid.
They've closed off the whole area.
They're looking for someone.
In the whole street, the gardens too.
Did you see anyone?
Did anyone come here?
Then they're searching in vain.
Go back to bed.
Keep your thoughts on the fact
that we're refugees from Erdely
and nobody can be looking for us.
Our papers are in order and it would
just be an unpleasant formality.
- Did you hear what I said?
- Yes.
- I think I am terribly afraid.
- So am I, it's natural.
But at least
we can be afraid together.
That's it, they've caught him.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I think so.
Thank God!
We've escaped this time.
You're happy
because you've escaped.
I'm sorry.
- Nice.
- The room's brighter this way.
I think the cupboard
was better against that wall.
It was a good sound barrier
between the old folk and us.
We should keep our voices
down in any case.
What are you looking at?
My hair looks awful.
It's beautiful.
Beautiful you say?
Well, what do you know?!
I look dreadful in these clothes.
I like nice clothes. It's a joke, isn't it?
We are both full of complexes.
But I like my complexes.
I feel quite comfortable with them.
What a fool I am!
I am married.
Yes, yes.
I want you too, believe me.
My first lover!
I've got a lover!
Good morning.
How did you sleep?
- And you?
- Very well.
- What did you dream about?
- I can't remember.
You must have been facing the window,
that's why you don't remember.
Breakfast is ready. Shall I bring yours
here, or would you rather come out?
Good morning.
Sit down.
I haven't had breakfast yet either.
I like having my tea standing up.
Do you want to take back
what you've done?
If you don't want to remember
last night you needn't.
Last night was beautiful.
Thank you.
I love stroking your hand.
Is that enough?
No, but I can't explain
why it's not enough.
- Why did you clench your fist?
- No reason. Instinct.
You're a coward.
You're more of a coward than I am.
- I've decided not to kiss you.
- Why?
I don't know, it's just that
I can see myself from the outside.
Who can see you constantly
the way you see yourself?
You can.
Do I look at you like that? I've come
to love you, do you believe me?
Why should I believe her?
She just wants to be certain
that she's attached me to herself,
to make me give myself up.
Doesn't the fact that
we made love mean anything to you?
- You're going too fast.
- Really? Sorry.
Turn away, they're filming us.
Damn it, where's that Pali.
They are filming us.
Recording over.
- My respects, madam.
- Watch out, they're filming.
Probably for the Wochenschau.
"Happy interlude
on the Hungarian theater of war".
You'd have looked great.
Young lovers defying hard times.
The Gestapo
would have loved that film.
I'd have been a hit as the young
allied officer. You have a letter.
- From who?
- Your wife.
- Are these the ones?
- Get the hell out of here.
Take my arm and don't look back.
Go down the street
and buy something, anything.
I'll meet you at the tram stop.
Go home if I'm not there.
Be sure you're not being followed.
If you are, try to lose them.
There are houses with
passageways by the East Station.
Christmas trees!
Christmas is the feast of love!
Buy your Christmas trees now.
- What would you like?
- Some paper and envelopes.
I was waiting for my husband
by the Christmas tree seller.
I am so glad
to make your acquaintance too.
We studied Chemistry
together in Duisburg.
He disappeared in '33.
I haven't heard of him since,
and suddenly here he is.
Shall we go and sit down somewhere?
- We have a prior engagement.
- I am free all day.
- We can't make it today.
- Do you live nearby?
- No, the other end of town.
- I'd like to see you one evening.
It would be good to have
a quiet chat.
I haven't been able to put
two normal words together
ever since this thing started.
One doesn't talk too much
these days.
Would you have thought in '31
that this would come to pass?
At times I think,
"God why have you forsaken us?"
It's laughable isn't it?
I was overwhelmed with joy
when I saw your husband.
There's a woman queuing up
by the bakery, officer.
She has no right to be on the streets.
They had a pharmacy.
Have her taken away.
There she is, in a blue coat.
Leave me alone, call a policeman.
What do you say
to the world we live in.
What have we got to do
with these things?
Let me write down
your address quickly.
Sziv utca 5 in the center of town.
- Day after tomorrow, in the evening.
- We'll be expecting you.
- This is Lotte, my wife.
- We've got a daughter, Judit.
Well, see you
the day after tomorrow.
- Let's hurry.
- We should warn that woman.
You expect me not to warn her?
Don't interfere.
It might be provocation.
And let that poor woman
be taken away?!
Get on!
Please go alone now.
I have to see to something here.
Good afternoon. I was just
looking for something of my son's.
You haven't by chance
seen a little green book?
- It's his tradesman's certificate.
- No.
It must be somewhere else then.
- A young man was looking for you.
- When?
- Not long ago.
- Was it the lieutenant?
No, he wasn't in uniform.
He didn't say anything and just left.
What to do if someone's
going through one's things?
I won't tell! Jonas yet,
he gets so nervous,
but I'll watch them from now on.
Why shouldn't she
look for her son's certificate?
This is his room, his cupboard,
I'm losing my wits.
The old lady said a
man called for us.
- Pali?
- No. He wasn't in uniform.
- What did he want?
- There was no message.
- What did he look like?
- He was young.
- When did he come?
- Just this afternoon.
- He might have been out of uniform.
- She knows Pali!
She's only ever seen him once,
in the dark and in uniform!
Perhaps you have
some questions for me?
- Are you listening?
- Yes.
That lieutenant was in my year
when I studied in Germany.
We were very close then.
Student friendship.
- We went everywhere together.
- Why did you send him to the center?
Should I have invited
a German officer here?
- He was nice.
- He's vermin!
- Who the hell could have called?
- Ask the old lady.
- I won't.
- Could anyone still betray you?
Do you trust anyone
to that extent?
This country is like a dirty river.
You stir it up a bit
and up comes the filth.
You could see that today.
The only possibility of existence
and safety, is not to believe.
The only defense is not to talk.
The only strength
is not to trust anyone.
Tell me, do I mean anything
at all to you?
It's not that I don't trust people,
I don't trust the times we live in.
Man wasn't born to live on the limits
of his moral proclivity. Understand?
I don't know what you mean
by "moral proclivity".
Can I lie down next to you?
Why can't you love? I imagined you
to be someone quite different.
Why are you afraid for yourself?
At times your eyes
have a glimmer of warmth in them
but you yourself are much colder.
One comes to be like that.
- I don't consider myself that.
As if you had no feelings at all.
You don't even know
how your child and husband are.
You don't think of them anymore.
Just because I put a brave face on,
doesn't mean it's easy for me.
How can I explain to you
that I'm scared of you,
how much I loved Elza in Germany?
She spent nights with me secretly
coming through the balcony.
She reported me
to the Gestapo in '33.
Anyone and everyone
can be their man.
What can I say, you are stupid.
I hate people without
a sense of decency.
Then you hate me too?
Because I feel no shame
before you.
I wouldn't even mind
going to the loo in front of you.
Would you mind?
You fool,
you embarrassed, ice-cold, fool!
What shall I do
to make you love me?
It would be dreadful
if she was working for the Gestapo.
I'm at my wits' end,
I see an enemy in everyone.
Why do these images
appear to me now?
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
Who's that?
Are the old people eavesdropping?
I've come to like doing
this with you.
I love the smell of your skin too,
it's nice.
Tell me, do you like me?
Are you in love just a little bit?
Because I am, terribly.
Pali said, you were a womanizer.
Are you ashamed?
Naked like this, you seem to be quite
another man, a much more normal man
Am I a good lover?
You can tell me.
Very good.
Are you looking
at that scar on my arm?
I fell while skiing and broke it badly.
And this scar?
I fell off a tree on the beach
when I was a child.
- Were you a naughty boy?
- I still am.
You see, right up till now
I've always been very good...
And beautiful. You can't imagine
how everything has exhausted me.
At times I want to leave everything
behind in this terrible country
- and going off to Africa even.
- Australia.
- I'd open a small chemist's.
- I'd work behind the counter.
- We'll find a town by the seaside.
- Melbourne or Sydney...
They're too big,
a small village where it's warm
and we can lie in the sun
when we want.
It doesn't even have any roads and the
train only comes once a week.
My friends from my student days -
chemists, doctors, physicists.
They're in America, Canada, Australia.
They only flirted once
with revolution, in 1919.
They got scared and realized
that they only had one life.
- In any case, they were talented.
- Aren't you talented?
I don't know what I am.
A girl once told me that I was
a second class revolutionary.
- I think she was right.
- Who's first class?
Those who are braver.
My dear, you'll probably be surprised
to receive a letter from me.
It must be ten years since I wrote
you a letter, well before our marriage.
Maybe you'll be angry
for me sending you this
but I couldn't wait any longer.
The last time we spoke,
you were dry and calculated.
I know how much you're influenced
by the situation of the moment,
the mood you are in,
but nevertheless
I was surprised and hurt.
Then, please don't start raving,
I had a terrible dream about you.
You were walking down the street with
a woman, towards me. You ignored me.
I went after you,
you turned your head away,
Later you said you didn't want
to see me anymore.
Why can't I understand?
You've had enough of me,
you don't need me anymore.
I know that it was just a stupid
dream but still, it shook me up.
I'm jealous. This isn't based
on anything concrete
but an indefinable stress
which has been pressing down on me.
I can't forget one phrase
from my dream...
that you don't need me anymore.
That doesn't mean you don't love me,
just that you don't need to discuss
your thoughts and feelings with me.
I understand this
but I find it difficult to accept.
I wait for you to contact me.
You can't imagine how dreadful
it is to be waiting for you all the time.
You haven't touched me in so long.
I miss it so much that it surprises me.
I wake up sweating from shameful
dreams. I miss you very much.
I love you, not only
with a love of friendship,
as we used to call it so often.
My tie with you is much stronger than
it was in the first years of our marriage.
I now feel that my life
has become uncertain.
I feel a dreadful void beneath me,
and a certain pressure
weighing down on me.
Forgive your wife
who has gone a little mad.
Look after yourself.
With love.
Hello! How are you?
Can you hear me? Hello!
Suddenly I felt I was missing you.
That's all I wanted to say.
I think I dreamt of you too
but I've forgotten it.
It must have been something silly,
like all dreams.
That's the only reason
why I rang you.
Where have you been?
Outside. Go back to sleep.
I had a dream about you.
I dreamt that you told me
your name.
It was a short name.
You said all sorts of things.
I don't want you
to misunderstand me.
All right.
I want to apologize,
last night I behaved abominably.
It must be nervous exhaustion.
- You were very nice.
- I was completely mixed up.
I was talking nonsense,
I had no right to say those things.
I was so in love with you
in the night that I just lost my head.
I can't allow myself to be like that.
Our circumstances are quite different.
There's something else
I'd like to tell you.
I'm listening.
I love you very much now.
But I also love my wife.
Yes. But why are you
telling me this now?
I don't want to deceive you,
but she is a very good friend to me.
You haven't deceived me...
It was dreadful already
on the first night
when you started to say
how you were married.
And what about me?
Don't I have a husband, a child?
I don't want anything from you.
Go to hell with your wife!
Do you think my husband
and I don't have a friendship?
I'm deceitful but you're honest
because you were the first to talk?
The fact you're a coward
is your problem!
I don't want anything from you.
It won't work between us.
- I knew it the first night.
- Stop it, can't you!
How dare you talk like this!
Who do you think I am?
- A whore... You're a coward.
- Kata!
We can't help the fact
the child can't be with us.
How could we have brought
her with us?
You've gone mad,
our child is fine and safe.
Happy birthday!
- Me? Today?
- Yes.
- Where do you get that idea from?
- 11 December, you're 29 today.
Of course,
11 December 1915, Kolozsvar.
- 29 years old.
- You're catching up with me slowly.
I am already 30, in fact
I was 30 last February.
I'd like to celebrate your birthday!
I don't care when it is.
Whenever you leave home,
I'm scared it's the last time I'll see you.
- Crazy!
- I even think you've gone to your wife.
What about your child?
We haven't even talked about it!
- Is it a girl or boy?
- Don't, not now.
Don't you think
that we'd have a beautiful child?
Yes, beautiful.
I think so too. If I get pregnant
from you, shall I keep the child?
Whatever made you think
of that now?
I've been feeling a bit funny
for the past two days.
That's impossible.
Why? Don't get scared,
it isn't certain yet.
Why are you crying?
It's nothing.
Tell me.
It's my daughter's birthday.
Things will turn out all right.
I hate the wild field
where we held each other's hand
I hate remembering you
What did those few days mean to you
Who are you answerable to,
who did you sin for...?
I shall always hate,
for the rest of my life
The heavy chains
of your gentle gaze...
Don't be angry with me.
It was good to hold you.
I always wanted a
brother, I'm sorry.
- It was my fault.
- You must forgive me!
Let's not be silly,
come and dance again.
How handsome you are
in this officer's uniform!
I bet all the girls are after you!
I look good in many costumes.
I think I'll be an actor.
I'll dress up in all kinds of dresses
and say everything that I want to say.
However beautiful it was
The trouble started
with those two kisses
That's where all the pain begins
Pali brought us a gramophone.
Will you dance with me too?
What do you mean by this stupidity?
Someone gave me it yesterday
as thanks for a travel warrant.
- I thought I'd bring it for you two!
- Have you gone mad?
You'll have time for dancing lessons.
I have orders for you
not to leave the house.
Tomorrow, Kata has to go
to Liliom street alone.
- Why?
- I don't know. Tomorrow at 4:00pm.
- 34 Liliom street, second floor, flat 1.
- What's happened?
There's another manhunt on
due to the fire at the Wehrmacht villa.
- Who did it?
- I don't know. A man called me
to help him blow up the Nazi house
at Ujpest with grenades.
You don't know him,
he's a good man.
You mustn't get mixed up in things
like that now. You can't risk everything.
It would be
a brave thing to do though.
- I see you like this boy.
- Me?
- That's how you were looking at him.
- Do you think so?
Tell me! Has he bewitched you
with his black eyes?
I won't say that he doesn't fancy me.
Did he make any passes
at you too? Well, out with it!
My little teddy bear!
The little one is all right,
I had news.
You've got a new hairstyle.
Let's go in,
we can stay here today.
There's a curfew.
I have to return by 6:00.
We'll stay till the morning.
- Whose flat is this?
- You don't know them.
- Were you here all the time?
- I only came here today.
- There's nobody here, only us.
- Where have you been?
In different places,
all over town.
Come here!
- Did you know where I was?
- Yes, you were in a safe place.
- Why did you do this to me?
- Do what, teddy bear?
- That I didn't know anything?
- Know about what?
That you were part
of some kind of organization
that you knew people, friends
whom I never even heard of.
You never said where you
were going, or you lied,
since when have you been
keeping secrets from me?
A stupid little thing is what you took me
for, so why did you live with me?
I was afraid for you.
If I got into trouble
you might not be able
to look after yourself.
You're still a child.
A little teddy bear.
Teddy bear!
What do you need me for?
I would have told you
about it afterward,
when there was nothing
more to fear.
I missed you so much.
Another two weeks and maybe
we can be together. You must be strong.
Please don't leave me alone again.
I'll go with you.
- It's impossible, you know that.
- Come with me, it's safe.
- The old people won't mind.
- I'll come for you when I can.
"I'll come for you when I can.
Take the pullover, it's warm.
"Close the door when you leave.
Love you, T."
- Have you eaten? Do you want tea?
- No, thank you.
- Shall I run you a bath?
- That might do me good.
- I met my husband.
- Really?
I love you.
Maybe I shouldn't have told you.
I'm a fool,
I shouldn't have told you.
The next time you find yourself in such
a situation don't say anything.
One doesn't have to tell
the truth all of the time.
- In any case, nothing's wrong...
- That's enough.
A lover always has to contend
with the fact of a husband around.
It's not nice to hear,
or come to terms with that fact.
Perhaps you think
it was better with him.
You'll compare us to see if I'll do.
You were right,
you did what came naturally.
Don't be cross with me.
- I hope there's nothing wrong?
- No.
Your husband was walking up
and down all night. Is it your child?
Men can be so difficult.
At my stage in life, I wish
I could sleep in a separate bed.
My brother has come back.
- Escaped? Be happy!
- Yes.
- You've come!
- What happened? The water's ice cold.
I don't know.
I felt such anguish in the night.
I thought it would pass if I had a bath.
- Where were you?
- I had some things to do.
Why did you do this to me?
What? We have to accept
quite clearly why we are here
and the limits of our relationship.
These are difficult days
we live in, Kata.
What do I have to accept?
That you leave me alone all night?
You, who are such a great humanist.
You humiliate me and scorn me?
I even need
your permission to breathe.
- Water is dripping down you.
- I'll wipe it up.
I've never asked you
to clean up after me.
You're just like my husband!
Only he did it more kindly!
What a fool I've been!
You just used me, fucked me,
both of you.
- Look at the way you're talking.
- So what! It's horrible.
I've never used that word
before in my life.
But I've said it now, and you
want me to be ashamed of myself?
- You are pitiable!
- Pitiable! There's no pity in you!
For yourself!
Now I think
I am definitely in love with you.
I don't know
when you think what, any more.
I'm talented, a good pupil of yours.
What did you say
to your husband?
Nothing, I came away.
I made a mistake the other day.
I'm not pregnant.
I've never been
as happy as I am with you now.
I'd like you to give me a boy,
I have a girl already.
I'd rather have a girl.
Would you really give me a child?
I have no children.
I'd give anything to be told:
Now you will have a child.
But then when you're 50
it's over. I'd accept it.
I was 19 when a girl said
that I'd got her pregnant.
I prayed to God
for her not be pregnant.
I'll never forget walking on the pavement,
hand in hand, when I prayed for myself.
That's when I cursed myself.
That child would have been
20 now, at university.
Of course he may have been born sick,
or something may have happened later.
He could have died and what then?
One mustn't think of such things.
What is so dear as a child?
This constant battle against insecurity
destroys everything.
Maybe suspicion is already
in my blood?
You cannot imagine
how much I loathe myself.
What will happen when we resurface?
Will we be
just as we were underground?
How will we drive back
the dreadful things we've seen?
Will I still be all right?
I had a well-to-do family,
but someone advised me
not to tell the workers
where I had come from
because they'd trust me less.
I denied my family,
if anyone asked me about them.
I said they were tradesmen
or clerks, fifty-fifty.
I'm so used to this now
that I automatically say it.
I just wait for someone
to spit in my face
and say it's not true,
and then you'll be suspicious.
I know one day I must gather my
strength and break through this wall.
But what will those who know me say?
I remember
my father did exactly the same.
He was from a Serbian family
and always denied it.
He said he was Proto-Hungarian
because he needed to at the time.
So it's in my blood.
Happy are those who believe.
I've reached a stage
whereby I even pray.
Please love me!
Shepherds are happy
and hurry to see Jesus in Bethlehem
They greet the babe and thank
Him for bringing prayer to man
They greet the babe and thank...
Don't be sad about the little girl.
She's in a safer place
than we are in at the moment.
Open your presents,
you're the young ones.
- Where's this from?
- I knitted it.
When? Where?
- Thank you.
- You still have something here.
You'll need it
as we've hardly any firewood left.
- I can't accept this.
- Wear it in good health.
But don't ask me
what we'll have for food.
We've only half a sacksful of peas
and a few kilos of beans.
One never knows
when it's one's last Christmas.
- Please, don't, I don't want to.
- Why?
I don't want to now.
Please leave me alone.
- Why, what's happened?
- Nothing. I just don't want to.
Thank you.
You aren't cross, are you?
It has started!
It will be over soon!
They're looting shops, shooting people
in broad daylight on the streets.
It's not the Germans, but uniformed
tram conductors with machine guns.
On Rakoczi Street,
they've hung up a boy.
People are stealing from houses,
women taking furs, hats, velvet coats.
They're shooting people,
throwing them into the Danube
as people watch on the other side.
With a single armband they've won
the right to ransack the streets.
I watch their faces
with their deceitful eyes.
I don't want to live here anymore, that's
if I don't die like a dog before it's over.
How do you think it will be afterward,
where will those people go?
They'll be tram conductors,
housekeepers again. This will never end.
- What's happened?
- Nothing. I've had enough!
You were always brave and cheerful.
I was never anything,
your child is all right.
- I have news, she's in Tatabanya.
- Thank you. Is that why you came?
No, I came to visit friends
who are on their honeymoon.
It's easy for you, at least
you can sleep with each other.
What are you talking about?
It's not true.
- I think I'd better shove off,
- You'll stay here.
I'd like to take a photo
of you here, as a memento.
Have you gone mad?
Don't worry boys!
It will all come to an end!
You're right, we do love each other.
We love you very much too, Pali.
Do you have a temperature?
You seem hot, you've caught a chill.
You must stay here tonight.
- Take it!
- I won't!
- Take it!
- I don't want to.
You must learn to use it,
anything might happen to us.
If I'm wounded this may be
the only way you can save me.
You must learn to shoot back.
Compassion is worth nothing. Hold it!
Pull this trigger up,
now aim it at me. Aim it!
Now you can shoot!
Why are you doing this to me?
All right, I'm not afraid of you.
And you? Are you afraid?
No. We should find Pali.
- Where is he?
- You should know.
I don't know. Where should I look?
I can't go after a madman.
And if he's in danger?
- What are you doing now?
- I'm picking my teeth, it hurts.
Why are you picking it?
You pick your teeth, your nose,
you scratch your head,
your stomach!
- So that's what's the matter!
- It's dreadful!
And you bite your nails,
pick skin off your fingers,
pluck your eyebrows, it's unbearable!
Aren't you just a great big idiot!
So are you!
What are you thinking?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
- About you.
- That's all right.
I always have the feeling
that this is our last day.
- I always just live from day to day.
- What do you mean?
And then, what will happen?
- The future? What do you want to hear?
- What will happen when the war's over?
- Do you know?
- No, I don't.
I am in a very bad mood now.
Because I hate you.
The trouble is
that my demands have changed.
When I came here I prayed that
all might be just as it was then.
And now I feel as if I had come
to the end of a holiday...
A friend of mine
always met a man,
a friend of my husband's,
in a rented flat where they made love.
They discussed their problems
and then went home
and continued to love their families.
I could never imagine
it until now.
My God, how I'd like this hiding
to go on for a bit longer.
- I'm dreadful, aren't I?
- No, no.
Are you cold too?
Put this jumper on,
I'll put the old lady's jacket on.
- No, thank you.
- Oh, please!
- It will be midnight in a second.
- I'm so afraid.
- Of what?
- I don't know, I fear death.
It doesn't matter
where you are or how you are
so long as you feel free
inside yourself.
Have just a little
feeling of security.
- What did you say?
- Happy New Year!
I was just saying
that the important thing is to be healthy,
the rest will come somehow.
Happy New Year!
What would you like now?
To work, make children,
go among people.
- You frightened me!
- I just came through the door!
Why are you so nervous?
You shouted at me for giving you
a fright. I just came in!
- I don't know why you have to shout.
- Me? You're panicky! It's madness.
Where have you been?
My dear Kata! Can't I leave
the room when I want to
or take one step
without your permission?
Mine? I have to ask
your permission just to sigh.
Please tell me that you love me.
Did you hear me?
Why can't you do
this much for me?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?!
You see how dreadful it is?
You're not nice to me anymore.
Don't touch me! Don't worry,
I can't denounce you anymore!
If Pali is dead, then it's as though
nothing happened between us.
As though we'd just made it up.
You want me to leave you alone?
Can't I at least be alone
in the bathroom?
- When can I live the way I want to?
- It's up to you!
You could be a great man
if you weren't afraid of everything.
You'd be the best man I've ever known!
You'd do great things.
Mr. Biro! Come and see
what my husband is doing.
What's happened?
They're going to take me away, I know.
They must be on their way now.
Come with me,
let's go into the room.
No, it's not worth it!
I'm sure
they're going to take me away,
although it would be nice to sit out
in the sunshine just once more.
Just once more!
Don't leave me alone.
Over there, she came after me
and she's jumped the queue!
They've come for me, I can't come back.
You'll hear from me in a few days.
So, you say all your original papers
were handed over
to this certain Dr. Czako,
who has disappeared.
- Yes.
- When was this?
- 10 November.
- 10 November, last year?
- Where've you been living since then?
- 5 Erdosor Street.
- In what capacity?
- As Jonas Biro's wife.
- Mrs. Jonas Biro, Katalin Simo.
- In Jonas Biro's flat?
No, Jonas Biro's papers
were false too.
- Your husband's?
- Jonas Biro's.
- He got his papers from Dr. Czako too.
- So his papers must be missing too?
- I don't know.
- You want us to fill out
new papers for you both
on the basis of what you tell us,
- without proof?
- Just for myself, please.
What did you do
between 10 November and now?
- I waited.
- For what?
- The end.
- But what kind of end? Whose victory?
Did you leave the house at all?
- Did you go out?
- We went out sometimes.
- Where to?
- To the cafe.
Do you remember by chance
what the British radio's signal tune was?
- I think it was Beethoven's Ninth.
- And that of Moscow?
I don't know.
What do you say to the fact that
hundreds of people were shot down
- and thrown into the Danube.
- I found it dreadful. I was afraid.
- Do you have any children?
- A little girl, aged six.
- What are your plans for her?
- She'll start school now.
Where will you enroll her,
in a state school or a church one.
- State.
- What was Jonas Biro's real name?
I don't know.
His job? And what did he do
under the Nazi occupation?
- We were together.
- Which newspaper did Jonas Biro read?
And do you know
which party he belonged to?
- No.
- Where did his sympathies lie?
- On the left.
- How do you know?
- That's why he was in hiding.
- Was he ever interned
in a forced labor camp,
or prosecuted by law or by the police?
Did he have any connections
with the resistance?
- Yes.
- How and with who?
A young man often came.
What was his name?
What did he look like?
What does Jonas Biro look like?
Tall? Short?
What were his connections?
Who came to see him
while you were together?
Who were his close friends?
Where do his relatives live?
Do you know them?
If you don't answer
we can't help you.
Bring some evidence
or someone who can identify you.
Thank you.
A young man is looking for you,
I think it's your brother.
He's the one
who came here before.
Mrs. Biro Jonas! Where are you?
Mrs. Jonas Biro! Where are you?
Mrs. Jonas Biro!
Mrs. Jonas Biro!
Mrs. Jonas Biro!
Where are you?