Black (2022) Movie Script

God is been too hungry
i.e the reason he's taking the revenge selectively
For every mankind their come's a stage
Knowingly or unknowingly he will surpass a hurdle
Then an unexpected miracle will happen in his life
Likewise an Incident happened in my life
My life has turned into a spinning top in twenty days
What happened
I know it well as I have faced it
If you wish to know
We should go back to twenty days in my life
Please tell aunty
Did Arjun and Aditya came home to sleep last night once after finishing Babloo birthday right?
Uncle's Rolex watch found missing
Can you just ask Arjun and Aditya whether they have brought that watch
One Minute
What happened mother
Did you brought watch from Babloo home
I didn't brought any watch mother
Getup idiot
What happened mother?
[Mother]: Did you snatch the watch
[Arjun]: I haven't snatched it mother
If you haven't snatched the watch then how come watch it came onto your hand
[Arjun]: I am not aware of it mother
[Mother]: Will you repeat it again?
We just went back twenty days
I can tell that my life has started in this twenty days
Did Arjun came into your dream in order to beat you
Getup and come after finishing your bath
I have been telling you a chapter in my life diary
Things which left from us will haunt us like past
Arjun, is an emotion
I am the reason why he got ran away from the home
It's been Fifteen years since Arjun left from us
But, still he will come to my dream in order to beat me
About Mom
She kept loving me conditionally by keeping specific conditions
Wherever I go whatever I do
She asked me to come home by 6 p.m and asked me to spend time happily
Because of my mom I was grown up like a nerd
I kept lot of goals when I was a kid
But, my Dad had a desire
Before that desire everything seems negligible
My Dad wanted me to see as a Policemen in any cadre
But he died in an accident three months back without seeing me as a Policemen
Even though he's absent but still his desire has been fulfilled because of him
Yes Uncle
Take this joining letter
Patrolling Constable
[Aditya]: Ok
This is your dad desire
You can join in your duty from tomorrow
Thank you uncle
How are you ma?
I am good brother
Please take of your mother who is alive instead of your dad desire
You should take care of her carefully
Ok, Uncle
Vasanth Nagar. Patrolling report
My first working day has been started with a night shift
I was introduced to three new people in my life
What is this brother?
Everyone is doing their duty peacefully in their respective homes
We have to do our duty for their peacefulness
The one who has invented this night duty wasn't aware of the value of a peaceful night
Policemen are meant for securing all
We should feel proud of that
We shouldn't feel sad about that patanji
It's not your mistake. Your blood was in that way
Hello, which Area?
Three new dolls have came will you come?
Hang on the phone
Is it sir?
You want me to come sir
Ok sir, I will go and check
Bye sir
Near by there is a palace by the name Narthanasala brother
Three beautiful costly paintings have been arrived there
I have an information that there are drugs along with them
S.I has asked me to go and check
I will go and come quickly
I will also come accompany you brother
Brother, Phone came for me only
If you come along with me who will do the duty here
I will come quickly in five minutes
If you face any problem then you just dial my number
You give mileage just for quarter
Hello Brother
Me? Yeah, it's you
Any wine shops nearby?
My bike got stopped
I think he's drunken heavily
Hello, brother
Hello Brother, If your bike got stopped you should go to petrol bunk not wine shop
I don't need petrol
Me or my bike will start only once we have ninety into our respective bodies
Me and bike are of same manufacture brother
If I drank full it will drink at least half
or else both will get stopped
It's corona time don't waste my time and direct me to wine shop nearby.
He's acting differently
Ok, If you go in that way you will find a wine shop
Ho fine. Thankyou!
Just, look after my bike
Police shouldn't resemble like the three lions above the head
They should resemble like the hidden lion namely Saikumar
He seems like a mental patient
Keeping an eye our weakness this peddlers will sell the country Illegally
I have bought liquor in double price just for you
Oh my god! How come it got started
Don't panic
If my bike got drank half it will give a minimum mileage of 100 kms
This is the capacity of my bike
Someone have invented how to drive car by water
Likewise, I've invented how to drive bike by liquor
I am KanthaRao..Quarter KanthaRao
Quarter is my surname
I will be working every time for survival of the government
I will meet you once the time come
Ok. I will drive the bike with my liquor
My liquor is the only petrol for my bike
Brother, I am feeling hungry
Not only me. We are totally five members brother
I don't have much money with me.
Even if you don't hold money in your hands. If you think then you can arrange money
You are a policemen?
It's not right
We don't have any other option apart from this brother.
Please, It's for our sake
Don't play with my emotions
Ok fine I will do
let's stop him
Lord brahma must have designed her perfectly before sending her to earth
How beautiful is she
How can we can ask money from such a beautiful girl
Hello, Do you want Lift?
Why did you stop the bike?
Are you one from vasool batch
You think of filling your pockets if you find someone alone during nights
Won't you change?
Don't you have common sense
By looking one can easily understand that you are a looter. No need to act like mousy
Hey, Stop the bike
Show me your papers
Where is the Pollution paper?
Driving a worsen bike
Without checking the pollution you thought of sending human to heaven
Just pay the fine
Are you a traffic Policemen to collect fine
I am not a normal 90's kid who will just pay the fine out of fear
Being a Normal policemen
I will take snap of while you are looting by stopping the vehicles
By that photo I will make you famous in Whatsapp, facebook, twitter, youtube
No, I am not a kind of person who collects money
Kid said that he's hungry
I don't hold money with me
In order to help him I've stopped the bike
My bad luck. You came here all of a sudden
Ho is it?
Where is the kid. He's here itself
Shit! Kid has trapped me
Till now, he sat here itself
He might have escaped when we are talking
Actually, he has given this idea
Are you real a Policemen?
Show me your ID Card
ID card
I haven't received my ID card
I have joined in the job today itself
By looking at you I can understand that you are a thief in the form of Police
Are you calling to your friend
Yes, Police friend
Why are you calling to police madam
Aren't you a Ploicemen
Of course, I am Policemen. I've forget that in tension
Ho fine. Just wait five minutes then you will remember everything
How come I've been get caught in my first day
We have to do something to escape
Ho my god police came so early.
[Hanika]: How come so fastly.
Where is he?
How come I get caught in my first day patanji
I want that site which both of your brothers have looted
If my brother get to know that you have kidnapped me
Now, it's not the topic of your brother
Half-acre site
I don't get feared even if you point your gun on me
I am asking you finally
Even if we die we will make sure that land doesn't belong to you.
then cremate yourself in that land as it belongs to you
Only me and my gun only knows that I've less patience
Poor guy. He doesn't know that.
Cremate him in the land that he wanted
From now on that site belongs to us
My brother was sleeping inside
Don't you know that if he got disturbed then I will be distrubed
Once I got disturbed then the result would be like this
I doubt
I am unable to understand whether I love him or I really don't care about mankind life
Sir, take this 50 lakhs which you deserve
If you inform when the gold comes then I wil take it
Ok sir. Fine I will make a move
Look, don't think about money
Get ready by night, I will come along with hands-on money
Good morning brother
Sorry, I missed the bike
How come it's Good Morning Patanji if it's Midnight 3 A.M
Good morning is not meant to say when we meet in morning brother
We can greet good morning when any one meet each other
You seem intelligent
Intelligence has been started from my grand mother and were now continuing in my form
If it got started from your grandmother then I will end with you?
What happened brother?
Last night you told me that you will come in five minutes by leaving me alone
and now you are telling me all bullshit stories
Last night, I am not in a situation to come.
i.e the reason for my late arrival
Last night
Two things which I can't forget
One thing which I should remember
Three experiences here
For you also
That too three experiences
Experiences are what we gather from Happiness and sorrow Patanji
Correct brother
Instead of confusion you have much clarity within you
As you are aware that last night I went to Narthansala
Ramba, Urvasi, Menaka
Each room had Individual painting of them
Meanwhile Narthanasala is filled with bh's
Sorry it was filled with audience
Meanwhile, a thief came in between and stole my heart
Sorry. I stole my purse
Out of anger I ran into his room
I have showed my anger on him
A third world war has happened between us till dawn
In the morning I came to know it was not a thief it was ramba
Come brother. Come..come
come fast or else you will become wet
Get in
Thank god!
You become wet?
Remove them
[Playing song]
Time is perfect for rain
[Singing song]
Did I drank or the car drank
Why the car is swinging
[Singing song]
Brother are you giving a shock to me
I will see your end
Hello, open the door
Hello, open the door
Hey Kantham it's you. Hey brother how are you
Close the door
Who are you
Something fishy is happening inside
No one is present but this two were wearing inner garments
Yeah I understood
Without Liquor
You are having soda
Hello. What are you expecting?
Hello. I am policemen by profession
Nothing to mistake you. We were in that situation
Brother. Is he your friend?
He is my first experience whom I met last night
He seems like a brand ambassador for liquor
You look like a brand ambassador for lust
How come you guessed correctly
I will drink quarter just for having clarity
If I had ninety
I can scan anyone
Is it? Are you that much multi talented
Did Ramdev baba kept name?
No, my father kept that name
Don't fall on me
I said I will open
No one in this world can open the bottle like me
I will also open. No I will open
What is this nuisance? I am unable to open this door
Open that door
I will open
Is it you?
What are you people doing?
We are searching for five rupee coin which we lost
How much time you will sleep here. Do you want to see the entire world
Due to removal of my trouser my family dignity has been lost
Getup man getup..getup
Brother policemen
Come we will move
Why they came and went again
Yesterday, you looked like a thief
Now you are looking in this manner
Do you hold this kind of angle within you
Do you know her earlier
She is my second experience which I met yesterday
You really had a good experience
What man
Leave our matter
Who are they?
Why is it necessary for you?
They even believed that we are policemen
But you are not trusting us even we stand before you.
Someone has said that if our time is bad
whatever we see or whatever we do everything seems wrong
You are a wrong person
From yesterday I have wrong experiences in wrong time
By the way what's your name
I am in angry mood
I will kill you
Look, this is called perfection
What's your name
Harathi sir
Days were not even good
You will have an end to your life if you come outside in this odd time
Inform this to your friend
Hello, Hanika here.
If anyone try to touch me then he will be in danger
Anyone has to suffer himself if he is into women
That girl completed her scolding
She even left
Liquor was finished here
I got connected by looking at her in first glance
My heart beat got increased by looking at her
Little bit provision speed has been increased
She had left by scolding indefinitely
My heart is filled with sorrow Patanji
Johnnie walker came
It will act as best friend by making us forget every sorrow.
Is it?
You drink first
You also drink
Give it to me
How come this pen came to me
Brother, a robbery has happened in Merchant home
Robbery.. Go
How much money you have lost?
50 lakhs sir..
Yesterday itself I've taken advance for gold
Do you suspect anyone?
No sir
Ok. I will look after it.
You may leave
Ok sir.
In the same angle last year some one get caught in manikonda by doing a robbery
Enquire about it
What happened?
Are you night patrolling policemen?
Yes sir
We have tried a lot reaching you
why the walkie talkie in the car has been turned off?
Where did you went instead of doing night shift
Yes we are in night shift sir.
I think you have did the duty well
Come to station
Do you have common sense
We are enough with the cases, because of your acts
We have been landed into a new case
Sir we didn't drank intently
Water has been finished while we are having tiffin
We drank water from our friend
After we went to trip we get to know that we have drank liquor
If the person who is listening through headset then you will tell hari's story in english
If it got repeated once again in duty
Then I will tell lord Hari's story to you.
My grandmother used to tell
Don't spend money as you are earning
don't grow the beard as it is growing
Don't drink liquor as you are getting it for free
You are right grandmother
My grandmother didn't tell anything about this Patanji
I think no one has informed your grandmother brother
On the second day of my duty things went in a wrong way
I can't stay with you as I've been trapped by you intentionally in every aspect
I will leave..I will leave
Gandhiji struggled many years and earned fame by leading Independence to the country
The same Gandhiji was killed by Godse in two minutes which earned him fame
We have good and bad here
We have small difference in between this two words
That's it
In this country
Gandhi and Godse names were much familiar to everyone
So, now.
For that kind of name
I am going to vizag
I will come in two days
Till then take care of yourself
Ok brother
Hey Ganga
I was going to Vizag for two days work
Ok Brother
My brother himself don't know in what mood he will be
In this two days even If I got one percent doubt that something harm is happening to my brother
I will kill you for sure
You should all protect my brother like eyelids protecting eyes
Ok brother
One good news
The time for which we are waiting has finally arrived
Tell me that Ravath is not in the city?
We don't have a better time and better news than this
Yes brother!
He is going to Vizag leaving his brother alone for two days
The agony which I was facing after losing my brother
We will introduce him the same agony by killing his brother
Call someone who will kill him in one sec while he's breathing
He look stylishly
Will he able to do a murder
My murder will be as stylish like the way I am.
What is the target
Arrange spot for ravath brother Dadu by midnight 2 a.m
Ravath should get to know the agony in his heart while you are stabbing his brother
Remember, If we miss the plan now then immediate we both will be assassinated
I will call once after my Job is done.
Sir, I am reporting to zonal office
For observation we have kept patrolling vehicle at Ravath place
Oh my god! How come she came again?
Why are you coming with a set of followers whenever we meet
Actually, what you do?
Why so much crowd?
One, two, three, four
Why so many henchman?
Let her set free sir.
We don't need any kind of heroism infront of her
Leave her
I am not a kind of puri hero who will impress the girl by a fight or a dialogue
I will just show her the situation that will happen
This is just trailer
If you are ready
Then I will show you a movie
Hey Moveon..moveon
If we help someone then we have to say thanks but not sorry
My sorry was not intended for helping me
I have misunderstood you wrongly
i.e the reason we shouldn't be deceived ourselves by wrong predictions
I said sorry na
Ok. Move on
What ? You seem to hold a doubt still?
Ho, Myself policemen
and this is my ID card
No, it's not doubt
As I am girl don't I even have a bit of fear
Don't yell the dialogues which doesn't match
They look sillily. Come
Will you take the same path daily?
I will come once my time is bad or else when I get followed by someone
Why we are getting interacted every time in a chase?
Actually. What you do ?
Do I find fun in chasing or what
If we are doing something good then we will get a return gift from the society in the form of like this
I do have social responsibility since childhood
My hobby is to fight against someone who have problems
I will be involved in some or the other fight daily and will fall into this kind of mess
Goons will follow me
I get used to it
My dream is to become a Journalist
Because of my dad interest
I was working as a software engineer here itself in a company
I was balancing interests of me and my dad
We do have a common point
What is that
Our life will not give us the opportunity in one glance
It will not allow us to go in the direction we wanted
It will give us accordingly to it's interest
it will take us according to it's interest
It will have a reason
In that way I fulfill my dad desire
I have joined as a policemen because of this destiny
You seem to be a good guy
Hey not only me every men are good guys
but it will take some time for your ladies to understand
What is the need of time if one understand properly
Hey Hanika
I am a good guy
I do hold ID Card
I will be waiting
Hey Gana
Yes brother
My girl friend is coming home
Ask all our people to go to guest house
If your brother got to know that we left you alone
Brother, will kill us
I will take care of my brother
Tell two of them in our group to be as security guards
Ok brother
Hey move on
It's you
You almost killed me
What Happened uncle
This is Ravath area
I might die myself due to heavy work load today.
My lord why I got appointed to work here
Why you are getting scared that much
If they are mankind then we shouldn't be worried
They are not humans. Devils
To be precise
Three months back
In front of my eyes
My colleague srinivas. While he was checking cars
Dadu created it like an accident by thrashing with a car
Srinivas is a good guy
Task done
I have killed Dadu
I have stabbed knife exactly in his heart
Send me the balance amount
I will take care of everything so that none will be get doubted
Please getup
What man
Someone killed Dadu
Yes sir
Immediately you head to police station [Man 1]: Ok
Inform to our people [Man 1] : Ok Ok
Sir sir
Who came to the spot first
Our Policemen sir.
Dog Squad
There is no use of dog squad sir
We are not able to trace single clue sir
What you people are doing?
It's been one day since robbery
Now it's murder
As the two cases happened in our premises
Higher officials were questioning whether we are functioning or not
Dadu created problem for us when he's alive
He has created problem for us even in his death
What we have to do sir?
Even I got transferred sir.
We will hand it over to the new appointed S.I
I have already informed him
You may leave
Do you remember me?
How can I forgot you
I have called to your station and I've got your phone number
I have small work
I have to go out
I won't be able to step out of station
I was filled with worries and problems
Life is not meant for carrying problems and worries
We have to categorize time for ourselves
In police department murders and robberies were common
but a girl like me asking for a date is a rare thing
Even though It's difficult
That's it
I meant to say
One should understand
I will misunderstood
Mom has asked me money
Take this and go to home
Ok Uncle
I missed my bag uncle
I will check
You first go home
Ok uncle
Hi sir
Come Mr. Vihaan Varma
As I told you. Two cases have been waiting for your arrival
Sir, I think you have been offered to hunt on your arrival
One robbery and one murder
Robbery is fine. Who is this murderer sir?
I have informed you to take care of him safely
You bloody you haven't taken proper care of my brother
How much you charge to woke up a coma patient
I pray for only two persons
One is a doctor who give life to mankind
and the other is this gun which will kill mankind
Decide yourself. What do you want
Life is more important than money sir.
We will keep trying all our experiences on him
Pandu has appointed a person
Now, two of them went to underground
I did a Mistake
I have spared his life by not killing him
It has separted me from my brother
I will not leave
Where are you Bd
Will get caught
He will be caught for sure
Keep a mirror(32) and a white board In front of me.
The total amount in robbery bag is Fifty lakhs
If the robbery has happened on the same day merchant got money
Then for sure he might know the cash flow and had planned accordingly
He might be a close associate or else he might be the one who reside in merchant area
They have waited till the merchant received the amount and then planned to rob him
The plan has been executed by one, two or three members
There is only one entrance to enter into merchant home
but we don't have CCTV on the roadway
We have CCTV installed in colony entrance
Robbery has happened between 1 A.M to 5 A.M
We have to collect CCTV footage which was recorded between this timings
We have to mark the people who found doubtful
Number two: Dadu Murder
Few days back
Ravath has killed Pandu's brother
In that enmity Pandu planned murder on Dadu
By the information we have know
Pandu has appointed a silent killer and killed Dadu when Ravath is not in home
Now Ravath is haunting Pandu sleeplessly
If we catch Pandu then we can file the case
If Ravath found him then case will be closed
Sir, If silent killer has killed Dadu
Then why we are catching Pandu
Look Shivaji
If you got hit by a stone
Will you beat the stone or you beat the one who has thrown the stone
I will beat the one who have thrown the stone
The silent killer is the stone here
Pandu is the one who had thrown the stone
Go to the merchant area and collect CCTV footage
Sir, again I have small doubt
If I look into mirror I will get energy
Then only my brain will work in a creative way
Each one will have their own success secrets
You thought of asking the same question right
Yes sir
You go and collect footage
Ok sir
He will be caught
Wherever he is. He will be caught
One robbery
One murder
Were happened while I am in duty
This is my responsibility
I need a small clue in order to solve this
I got a bike sound while I was sleeping
Who would be that?
How it has happened?
Small clue
Small clue
This is the policemen house we are looking for
Shall we go inside or shall we make him to come outside
What Happened?
Why all my things have broken?
Who came?
My diary used to be here
Did any one came to my room?
Who else will come apart from you and me Aditya
What Happened Aditya?
Nothing mother
Diary was placed here itself
Diary found missing
What is this?
It was my address
It's your work.
Why are you here
I came for you
Why you came for me
Earlier you told me that we will go outside right
Shall we go today
You meant to say outside
How it would be possible If your life is filled with works, tensions, cases and problems
She is playing with me in correct time
I meant to say that in life If we categorize time to ourselves
We will live happily
Someone has told you right?
Forget about the one who taught it as the timing was perfect
Then use the situation for yourself
How come?
That's it right
Earlier when I've requested you then you have rejected it
In this company itself Hanika hold hard core fans
Do you know hundreds of men were following me
Then you might have called someone in that herd
Why did you call me
I didn't find Aditya in them
I think you were in some tension
Police duty is meant for tensions
No need to get worried unnecessarily
Be cool
Think about how to get rid of worries
I've Cogitated
I was thinking about how to get rid of tensions
What to do
It's in your hands
In my hands
Kiss me
When we are in tension If we kiss
All the parts in our body will recommend brain through nervous to share that happiness
i.e. the reason If we kiss for two or more minutes
Nervous will get activated and mind will be relaxed
Then Zero pressure Zero tension
Who told this to you
I've read it in a book
Then go and ask the one who has written the book for a kiss
No kiss business
There is no Kiss and Buffalo egg
He wants kiss?
Bike got punctured
I have informed in station
For today we have to stay here itself
What Happend?
We are trying our best sir
Patients who are in coma will come out in any minute within 24 hours sir.
Being a doctor you might know the pulse of my heart by the vibrations while I am talking
Within 24 hrs
If they didn't woke up then you will be sent to coma
I have killed the one who distributed you when you are sleeping
You have been sent to heaven permanently by one person
If he get caught then once think about how cruel his death would be
I will not leave wherever he is
We have identified three persons who found to be doubtful
Look at this CCTV footage sir
At 12'o clock in merchant area
One person entered into that area by bike
The same person at night 1.30
Without bike he ran out of fear with a bag
After that single person went away
At night 2'o clock two anonymous persons went inside
Even those two persons went away without any bike at night 3'o clock
They ran out of fear and tension
Merchant has informed us regarding robbery by early morning 6 A.M
In the same time our policeman who were in patrolling
have drank and slept by turning off walkie talkie
After that our men went to the spot by 6.30 A.M
What's your name
Bala Gangadhar Tilak sir
Even if third world war happened
India shouldn't be worried
Why are you getting that much excited
I thought you will compliment me sir
Did you catch any criminal in order to compliment you
Zoom that man whom you have freezed
Ok sir. Zoom it man
I have seen him somewhere
I have seen him in our station criminal board list
Sir, In our criminal board list
There is a guy wearing a blue t-shirt
Ha yes sir
Message me his complete case details
This is our Hero house
Where is the amount that you have robbed from merchant home
50 lakhs? Who the hell are you?
My Introduction isn't necessary
You have to answer
Not the police
Sir, Why I will do robbery?
What is need for me to rob
You are acting well
During midnight at merchant premises
time will be like 1.30 A.M. Aren't you the one running with a bag?
Sir, I am the one who is going with the bag
Look, the bag is here itself
The reason why I went away with that bag
What happened last night was
Priya, I was waiting in front of your home
I have already informed you that I will take care of the money
Now, your parents won't accept us
You come fast
Priya, come fast
Where are you going
Because of you my dignity is been lost
Dad, Please
Move inside
I have ran away in that way sir
I was not aware any kind of robbery sir
Why your photo has been included in the wanted list
Sir, a case has been lodged by her father that I've tried to kidnap his girl
Check if you want
One minute sir
Yes sir.
Girl parents have lodged a complaint that he had tried to kidnap her
We have disturbed you
It's fine sir
Did you think that I would say sorry
That means
Robbery was done by
the two persons who were left
Where are they?
One week back
Robbery has happened in merchant home right
We know who did that robbery
Who are you?
Who am I? It's not Important.
I have complete evidence regarding that robbery
Why are you telling me all that
You have to inform it in station
Once you come here then you will know why I've informed you
Where I've to come
You will receive a phone call by 7. Answer the cal
You will be in the address once the phone got disconnected
I've reached the spot which you have told
Ok fine. Come forward in that way
Hey. Who the hell are you man?
Tell us where did you hide the bag?
Which bag man?
Where is the bag man?
Who the hell are you man?
Aditya my bike got punctured at the bus stand when I am on my way to home from office.
No one is here
I was bit tensed
Can you please come urgently
Ok I am coming
Thank god!
What sir
I think you are not in a good mood
One guy called me in the evening
He said that he will share robbery evidence details
Can you please stop
Instead of talking with the beautiful girl who is accompanying you
Every time you discuss this Cases, Tensions and problems
You are acting like the way that you are catching all the criminals
At least, If you are with me
Keep aside your worries
Can you please spend some time by discussing about ourselves
Look, the nature is being so supportive
But my bad luck is that I was loving mood off Aditya
It's not sufficient being a good boy
You should behave like smart boy
Are you listening?
Hey stop
I am not talking even a bit
I have asked you to stop the bike but not our conversation
Will you take straight into my home or what
Hey, I forgot
I bought a gift for you
What is that
By the way it's laser pen
If we want to look for visuals while we are writing
We have to turnoff lights
Visuals can only be seen during night time
Who are those two people who have attacked me?
They are telling something about bag
I am unable to understand a bit
Who are you?
What is it mother?
Today is important day for me
I am going to temple
I have done tiffin for you
Get ready yourself and have your tiffin
Ok mother
What happened my dear son?
You look so different?
Nothing mother. Just now I've woken up
Ok fine
I will make a move
What is this from and to Aditya
Last night I have handed over a bag to you.
I have kept a file in that bag
Hand it over in the station
You were talking about which bag uncle
You have taken the bag while we are at the gate
I have handed it over to you
How come I have taken the bag uncle?
It's you only man at midnight 1.30 like that
You have taken that bag
I have handed it over to you
FK. How come I've taken Uncle
Robbery was done by you Aditya
Murder was done by you Aditya
Check the diary which is in the cupboard
What is this
Who have written this diary
Hand writing was same
The robbery was done by you Aditya
The murder was done by you Aditya
Robbery evidences are in the bag
It's you who have done it Aditya
Who has written this diary?
Who has written this diary?
What is this?
My bag is missing
Hello Hanika
Last night as I haven't given kiss to you
Directly you came to my home to kiss me
My dad has seen us
Big fight has happened
On the top of that you have taken selfie's in mobile
Ho god! It's not me Hanika
One robbery and one murder
I get to know before half second that life will turn even in one second
My own brother has targeted me at the right time after fifteen years
I didn't expect it
One robbery
One Murder
I have kissed Hanika
Bag which was taken from the uncle
Without my permission the one who created ruckus by entering into my room
It's Arjun
Where are you Man?
[Mother]: What happened Aditya?
[Aditya]: Mother, Arjun
Arjun is trying to trap me in a murder and robbery
He has kissed Hanika and trapped me into it
He has taken a bag from uncle and placed a knife in it.
As I resemble like him. He has done everything in order to trap me
He has ended my life
What are you talking?
Arjun came?
Mother, Arjun has did this
After 15 years, he came back in order to take revenge on me
How come Arjun will come back as he was dead 15 years back
Mother, I am telling you the fact
Arjun Dead??
Yes. Arjun was dead
What are you telling mother?
He has escaped from home when he was kid
Yes he died in front of my eyes
Today is his death anniversary
i.e. the reason I've visited the temple
Oh My god!
Arjun was Dead?
If Arjun is not alive? Who is this in CCTV footage
Who has kissed Hanika and Who has taken bag from uncle?
Who has created all this by writing letters
If it's not Arjun or me then who have done this?
Who have done this
During Childhood upon on his anger against me Arjun ran away infront of my eyes
Then, how come Arjun is dead
Till now, what's the real truth behind all the lies that I've believed in Mother
Please tell me mother
I will leave. I will leave . I will leave
Arjun Stop
Please stop my dear
Please getup Arjun
Doctor. My son
It's been too long since the kid died
My dear son Aditya
What are you doing here Shanti?
What happened to Aditya?
All of a sudden he fell down in the couch
I rushed him to hospital Immediately. Even I don't know what has happened
[Surya Father]: Doctor, My dear kid surya
[Doctor]: I will take care
By the way Shanthi where is Arjun?
My dear Arjun
What has happened to you Arjun?
woke up my dear son
My dear son
Please talk to me
Doctor, What happened to my kid
No need to worry
The kid has thought of something very deeply and was disturbed mentally and emotionally
which lead him to unconscious state
Kid is too sensitive. Incidents which will shock him about his weakness
and also if we stop telling him the things which disturb him emotionally
It will be better for him
or else it would be dangerous to him
You can go and see the kid
Please Arjun
Come back
Because of me you are running away from home
Come back Arjun
I can't live without you
Please Arjun
What happened to me mother
Where is Arjun mother?
Nothing happened to you Aditya
Aditya, just now he has spoken with me. He is bit angry on you so, he left
He said he will return once his anger issues were sorted
Seriously. Will he return back mother?
He will not come if you cry or if you feel depressed.
I will not cry Mother
You're mentally disturbed as you think that Arjun ran away because of you
and you've been into unconscious state
If you get to know that he died in an accident because of you
Due to fear that some thing will happen to you
I have hidden the truth on that day
I have made you to believe the lie
If Arjun is not in my life
Then, who the hell did this?
If he's not alive
If I haven't done this
Who the hell is he?
Who the hell is he?
What's really happening?
Were all the facilities good?
I have done a small mistake in my life is setting you free by killing your brother
I was separated from my brother due to that mistake
I don't have any idea of sorrow and fear
but because of you I have been introduced to sorrow and it was being a part in my body
After introducing sorrow to me
You came here to spend time happily here
I will kill you bastard
I didn't kill your brother
We have planned to kill him
someone has killed your brother prior
For the sake of money my guy has told me that he has killed him
Even we know that we have planned to kill
I have hided here in order to save my life
Then who might it would be?
Brother he is telling us lies so, that he can escape
No..Please No
Our men came out of coma
By bringing them out of coma you have escaped from going to coma
Can you recognize the one who killed my brother?
We can recognize brother
How he looks?
He is not a normal man
He killed Dadu brother in a glance
Did you understand my question
I asked you how he look like?
I didn't asked about how much capable is he?
You seem important to me or else the bullet will be triggered into your body instead of him
Take them and search and every lane
Ok brother
[Don]: Search everywhere
I want him
Where he might be I should get him?
Tell me where did you hide the money?
Where did you hide them?
[Thief 1]: We will tell sir
Where did you hide money?
That robbery was done by us. But we didn't take the money sir
Then who have taken that amount?
Your Policemen itself looted the amount from us sir.
My policemen?
It's true sir
Can you recognize him?
Yes sir we can recognize
The day of robbery in merchant home
Who are the night patrolling officers?
Kumar, Patanji and Aditya have been there
Kumar didn't went to duty on that day sir
So, Patanji and Aditya were there
Patanji and Aditya
But they slept after consuming alcohol on that day
May be it was a reason for them so that they can do robbery right
Apart from this people
Any other Policemen?
What man
I need three days leave urgently
I have to attend friend Marriage
Whenever Aditya arrive to Police station
He will greet everyone
but today
He's going out with a tension
The tension which is caused when someone follows you.
He is carrying a fear face
This two symptoms were creating a doubt on him
You do one thing
You keep spying on Aditya from now on in Mufti
Ok sir
Be in touch with me in phone
Ok. I will take care
You go and follow him
Ok sir
Earlier you have spoken outside with a person
Did he gave you the money Bag
He gave me Sir
We are beggars sir
Exactly. Ten days back I have slept on a foot path in vasanth Nagar
That boy came near me and went away by handing over the bag with cash to me
Is he the one who gave you the Money Bag
Ha Yes sir
Is he the one who have taken then money bag with you
Yes sir. He is the guy
Is he the guy?
Yes sir. He is the guy
Got it
He looted the money from this guys and have spared them
but also he haven't taken the money
He hasn't even diverted the case too
Why he has given the money to a beggar
and now he is telling that he hasn't given money to the beggar
He is acting like he wasn't aware of the beggar
Some where
Ravath has killed pandu
Yes sir
I got clarity in murder mystery
They have settled among themselves
Aditya is the only who has done the robbery
Aditya has to give clarity to all the confusions in robbery
Where are you?
He's the one man
Catch that Bastard
Kill him
He's the one who killed our brother Dadu
Catch him and kill him
Check clearly once again you Idiots
They got the clarity that I have killed Dadu
But I am travelling with confusions
We have found the one who killed our brother Dadu
Where did you find him?
Catch that bastard
Where is he?
Which route did he take?
Where is he?
Where is he?
We have followed him till here brother
He escaped brother
Search for him
Ravath men tried to kill Aditya
Yes sir.
Even Aditya escaped after seeing them
Then Pandu hasn't done the murder
There is a link between Aditya and murder
Who has targeted whom?
Urgently I need all information regarding our patrolling officer Aditya
Before and after his joining
Aditya uncle is working in our station itself
Is it. Call him
Are you Aditya uncle?
Yes sir
Does Aditya have any grudge or enemies in his personal and professional life
What Happened sir?
Nothing to worry
Need a small info for getting clarity
Aditya has grown up quiet opposite to the questions that you have asked
He is not into that character who are into fights sir
He is so sensitive
Three months back
His father died in an accident
He has joined in his father post sir
How did it happen?
While he is going to home after his duty
He was hit by an unidentified vehicle and was dead sir
Did you notice any sort of changes in Aditya behavior from last 10-15 days
Whether in his behavior or a difference while he's talking
The day when Dadu got murdered
[SI]: OK
Aditya said that he missed his bag
but the bag was left in patrolling vehicle itself
Is it?
Day before yesterday night I have handed over the bag to him
I called him the next day and asked him to come to station as the bag contain a file
He told me that when I have taken the bag sir?
He was bit tensed
He talked with me confusingly
Ok. Thank you
Ok sir
What beggar has told us
Aditya has handed over the money bag to him
but Aditya told that when did he gave that bag?
But Aditya uncle is telling that he has handed over the bag to him
But Aditya is telling that he hasn't taken the bag
Quite opposite. Opposite
We can find a clue from the bags that we got from robbery and murder
But everything is confusing
Aditya has to give clarity for all this
Tomorrow I want Aditya father accident details file
and I have to interrogate Aditya as well
Sir, tomorrow we have a special meeting in CM camp office
We will do this once after finishing the meeting
Ravath men were following as they are thinking that I have killed Dadu
When did I kill Dadu?
Am I unable to understand how I've killed him
While am in Patrolling duty my wife has called me and said that he is getting pains
I have to rush to hospital urgently
While I was going to handover some Important files in station
I have seen you in between
Can you hand it over in the station please
Seems like you are bit worried
Ok Aditya. Thank you
What is happening without my notice someone is travelling along with me
He is confusing me more by not coming face to face
All these days. This things were done by?
All this days without my notice
I have done all this
Yes. You have done this
You were not aware that you have sleeping disorder till now
It's a shock
By listening to the incidents that happened in your life
I was even shocked
We have listened about sleep walk regularly by someone or the other
or we have watched it in a funny way in television
Generally in this we have slow wave sleep, non rapid eye movement
sleep, deep sleep and a lot more stages were there
In the slow wave sleep stage any thing is possible
We can do dance, cook, drive and even going to bathroom
Behaving like the hero/person you know
You can do anything and even you can do sex in sleep
Out of fear if you don't express your feeling then in this stage you can
express your feelings by imagining a tree or a pillar
In the sleep walk stage
Our upper brain which store our vision and speech is absent
Our small brain is active from which we receive orders
i.e. the reason zero memory
You will be shocked by seeing the results of this sleep walk in other countries
His name is Maglin
He's from US
This guy have sleep walk disorder
Knowing that his wife has an Illicit relationship
He drove around 8 kms
He has killed his wife with a knife
after that he himself informed the police and has slept in the park
Police came, checked and confirmed it's Murder
They went to booth from where they got the call
They have waked up Maglin who is sleeping
Maglin was in shock as soon as he woke up after one hour
He questioned himself why he's here
He was shocked by seeing the knife
The activities done by him were recorded in CCTV
Everyone was shocked
He was proven that he has sleep walk
By looking into your reports I get to know
the difference between you and the rest is
If you are feeling about anything emotionally or if you got disturbed by the tensions
about the activity that you are thinking deeply
you have been doing that in sleep walk
As Arjun is your emotion
You behaved as Arjun in sleep walk
You have been thinking deeply once after each incident
and you have been disturbed mentally
In order to reveal for yourself you have been writing on books, diaries and on the wall
Look at this CCTV footage
As you weren't aware about who did this
You have confused yourself in sleep walk by shouting and breaking the properties
As you have zero memory
You don't know what you have done
i.e. the reason you weren't aware that you have handed over the bag to your uncle
and even you weren't aware that you have handed over the bag to beggar
In this sleep walk you have been involved in robbery
You have done the murder
You have even kissed your girlfriend
You have even taken the bag from your uncle
You behaved like Arjun
In order to reveal for yourself you have written letters, diaries and even you have written on walls
Out of anger you have even broken the properties
This disorder will decrease rapidly as you grow up
After you woke from sleep walk
Wherever you go and whatever you do
Without any change you will come and sleep in the same place
i.e. the reason you weren't aware of all this
I doubt after Arjun death
Your mother haven't discussed anything about your weakness
If I tell my son knows that he has a weakness
He will fear for surviving
If he get to know by himself
He will live safely
i.e the reason after Arjun death I haven't revealed Arjun death and his weakness
There is no treatment for this emotion
You have to control your emotion by yourself
Be careful
Till now I wasn't aware that I've sleep off disorder
During childhood it was not Arjun but it was me who has done the theft
Now, my involvement in the robbery
Kiss with Hanika
I thought someone else and I have confused myself
It means that I am the opponent for whom I've been searching till now
Now I am understanding
I am Solely responsible for all the things that had happened
What to do now?
The mistake done by every human after their birth is not done intently
Does for taking revenge
What would be the reason for my brother death?
Ran away after seeing my men
Is that fear?
Or else is he taking four steps back in order to pounce back
He looks like a missile which never gone miss the target
Who is this guy?
Aditya father file which you have asked sir.
Brother, We know who killed our brother Dadu
Who is that Bastard
The accident case which we have closed three months back
Even though it's an accident but it has happened deliberately
What man
The cocaine which was asked to deliver by the brother is in boot space
Give it here
I Will take care
don't get worried
Stop..stop the vehicle
Will you please open the boot sir?
Do you know? Who am I?
It's not necessary for me
I have to do my duty
You have done your duty
Now look at my duty
Hey stop the car. Stop it
That accident was done by Dadu
but they closed the case by filing the case as unknown accident sir
His son
I stand by holding the atom bomb
I have miscalculated half inch bullet
In an unexpected way an unexpected person
In life whom I haven't thought of 0.1% have targeted me 100%
I am 100% sure that Dadu was killed by Aditya.
Stop the bike
Why are you standing here in midnight Aditya
Today your duty is in our area
You told me that your bag went missing
It was in the back seat itself
Why are you not uttering any word Aditya
An accident has happened in Road no.10 please go there immediately
I am going sir. Over
We will meet tomorrow in station
We have to go urgently to Road no.10
That means that I am the protagonist whom I have been searching till now
The one within me whom I don't know is doing all the things by not coming face-face
I was thinking that I was seeing a game which was not indented for me
But I came to know that I am the key player in the game
Now I have to play for sure
One end S.I and on the other end it's Ravath
I came to know the one who killed you my dear brother
I am asking you for a final time
In 24hrs If I don't kill him with the same gun
then you will be in hell for sure
I will die and will come to you for seeking an apology
If one wins then we will get to know about his strength
If he loses then we will know his weakness as well
Each one will have a weakness
If we know what it is then I will show him hell
You have seen him right?
Then you might recognize his strength and weakness
I want to know his weakness
Are you Aditya mother?
Yes sir
I am Sub-inspector to Aditya
Can I come Inside?
Please come in sir
Aditya is not coming to duty from two days
I thought he might be in home
Aditya didn't came home sir. What happend?
I came casually
If you don't mind
Can I see Aditya room once
Ok fine sir
Yes sir
One is Aditya
Who is the other one?
He is the one who died in an accident when he is a kid
Is it?
I don't have clarity for the confusions I hold again a new one
Inform me once Aditya comes home
Sure sir
I will leave Mother
Every mother will support his son
Why she will tell us
What we have to do now sir
Do one thing
Two of you go to station
Change your dress and come here in a mufti
Ok sir
Inform me as soon as Aditya arrives home
Ok sir
S.I also got clarity
What to do now?
What's your name
What's your age?
Forty years sir
Did you kill your wife
I didn't kill my wife sir
Patanchervu wrestler got caught
What he said is not correct
Do festival by taking polygraph results paper
Ok sir
As what he said is not true sacrifice him in the same festival
Hi brother
Hey how long I have to wait man
I am in a big problem
Who don't hold problem
One will bring the problem and the other will resolve it
That's it
But my problem is myself
How come man
Come. Get on the bike
My dear friend
Since when you are facing this walking problem
I hold it since childhood but I don't know that
Take care of yourself friend
My Great grand father due to this walking problem
he went for a walk and has never return back
Don't scare me man
Sit silently
Where are we going
What is the need of this software pupil as we are into hardware
Without my notice one hot thing has happened
What Happened?
We will make a move
Hanika please listen to me
What you will tell
Please Hanika
I didn't kiss intently
Yesterday you told me that you haven't visited my home to kiss me
Now you are telling that you haven't kissed me intently
Humans can't survive without oxygen
but you can't survive with both oxygen and lies
Ho my god Hanika
I have sleep walk disorder
I was not aware of that till now
You came up with a new lie
I don't need and have the time to listen to all your bullshit stories
Don't try to convince me..
Matter is bit difficult
The solution to this is in a different place
Why are you looking towards that road?
The girl will go home in the same route
She is not at all listening to me
You come and have this first
Empty the glass
I am not a good person
I do have a Ravan inside me
I am an Idiot
I am an useless guy
I am a smart boy
I am a Temper and loafer
Perfect man all the movies were super hit
Sit man
The thing is that even Einstein wasn't able to understand girls
Who are we?
Why are you here
I am sorry Aditya
What Happend?
Even though you are telling me the problem that you are facing
I am in a mindset that I am unable to understand that you are not pretending
and I have realized that last night
what had happened last night
I was genuine Hanika
I didn't kiss you intently
I have sleep walk disorder
I have killed Dadu
Completely I have done this
Why are you not believing me?
What are you doing here in this time
Uncle this guy
My god
He is my patient
He has sleep walk disorder
He will come outside in order to do the things that he felt emotional
He was involved in a robbery and murder without his involvement
He even kissed his girlfriend by feeling emotional
with the disease which he wasn't aware he is facing lot of problems
He might be in a deep stage
Shall we move?
Did you come on scooty?
Yes uncle
Ok go safely
Sorry Aditya
I thought that you are telling me all this so that I can trust on you
but I failed to understand despite of your continuous attempts
I came to understand your situation by a third person
Sorry Aditya
You wait here I will come
In order to listen to your voice it took twenty days for me
But I will give just 20 minutes in order to me
I think by now you get to know Who am I?
You thought of escaping from me by killing my brother
but in the process of escaping you have shown me your weakness
Your girl friend is with me now
Introduce yourself to me
I have full respect towards women
i.e. the reason I am still a Bachelor
Just 20 minutes
Then you may leave to hell
This warehouse have inverters
No chances of short circuit
If the power has gone then he might have entered here. Search everywhere
You will face problems if you are with me
You are Important for me
It's my personal problem within Myself
You may go
I didn't listen to any of the things which you have told me till now
Now I have trusted you. How can I leave you
In this situation it's necessary to be with you
I love you Aditya
Mr. Vihaan? What's the case status
Only one person has involved in those two cases
Who is the accused
He works in our station as Constable namely Aditya
If people know that Police person was involved in this cases
then they will shame on us by not removing our dress
but nothing is clear here sir
Robbery was not done for the sake of money
Murder is done because of revenge but still there are no strong evidences
Aditya had answers of all the questions
As he is into Police Department I will make sure in hiding his Identity to public and media
Catch Aditya as soon as possible
I know exactly what to do in order to catch Aditya
Good morning Madam
I am Aditya friend
Please come
Please sit
Technology has improved a lot
If we hold the photo of a person then we can easily get his bio data and address
I came here to tell a good news have this sweet first
The good news is I am going to assassinate Aditya
Good news is not meant for you It's for me
In your point of view your husband died in an Accident
But only Aditya and myself know that the accident was done by my brother
Ravath came to Aditya home and went away
Immediately, go inside and check
Ok sir
Sir, Aditya mother is in Unconscious state
Immediately, Join her in the hospital
I am coming
How is she now
As she admitted in the right time she was out of danger
Thank you doctor. Thank you
[Doctor]: Ok
Aditya, will come here at any moment
Ok sir
Keep an eye at Hospital entrance ICU and Reception
Yes sir
Aditya shouldn't be missed at any cost
[SI]: Got it
[Constables]: Ok sir
Ravath went to our home and has attacked your mother with a poison
What the hell are you saying uncle?
Yes man
She is admitted in the hospital
How is my mother now?
She is fine now
Ravath, people were waiting for you outside
Constable and SI were waiting for you inside the hospital
both of them were waiting for your arrival here.
Take care of my mother till today night
Will give the one who deserves it and will reveal to the one who want to know from me
Ok my boy
I will be waiting
As you are not aware of what happened till now and the things happened just because of the problems you hold
Can we narrate the same to S.I regarding this
We will tell but one small balance left
We will tell once it's completed
What to do now?
My enemy won't be visible to my eyes but I have to fight with himself
This is the only night that I hold whether to know that I have won or I loose
I have to kill him by today night
Ask our men to search carefully around hospital premises
Hey, he might come at any time
Watch everyone carefully while checking
I have to get Aditya by today night
I never thought that you will get caught red-handedly in a right time Aditya
Involvement in a robbery case and two murders
Your game is over
Excuse me
Sir, I am doctor Sharma and he's my patient
He hold sleep walk disorder
Sleep Walking?
Reporting stating that he hold sleep walk disorder
HD clips which we have taken without his permission
He slept unconsciously
That's it
Anticipatory bail. My client is suffering with sleep walk disorder
i.e. the reason he came and slept here and slept unconsciously
He's no where involved in the murder
He is not at all an accused one until proven guilty
You don't hold any right to take any action without proper evidence
Game not over
Sleep walking?
If he had done intentionally or he slept here due to sleep walk disorder
Right or Wrong
In 10 minutes
Within 10 minutes I will settle the issue
Aditya finger prints
the finger prints which were on Ravath body
send them to lab immediately
Check the entry exit CCTV footage in the house
If it has one second power cut then he might played a game
I need all the reports Immediately
Yes sir
Arrange lie detector Immediately
Ok sir
Can you give me 10 minutes time
Ask him this questions
What's your name?
What about your family?
I don't have father
Arjun and me are twins
Arjun is also dead
How did Arjun die?
Arjun died in an accident during childhood
Do you hold sleep walk disorder?
I hold sleep walk disorder
Have you done the robbery?
I haven't done the robbery
During sleep walk one bag got touched my leg which I have kept on the road
Did you murder Dadu?
I didn't murdered Dadu
What you do?
Patrolling Constable
Did you murder Ravath
I didn't murder Ravath
I've slept in Ravath home during my sleep walk
Any faults?
No sir
All the statements which was stated by him were true
Dam it
Lab reports came sir.
There was no match between Aditya finger
prints and the finger prints present on Ravath body
Yes sir
Check this CCTV footage
There was no power cut and the CCTV was recording the footage continuously
Aditya slept in Ravath home during sleep walk
Two minutes after he slept
Ravath was killed by an anonymous person and forcefully dragged him into the hall
As there are no CCTV cameras in balcony We are unable trace who did this murder
Thank god
Thank you doctor
What's all this Man?
No need to worry
I have answered everyone
There is no use of this fingerprints and CCTV footage every things are clear
We don't have evidences stating that Aditya did this murder
and also there is no proper evidence for all this three murders sir.
Myself Aditya
Because of the weakness which I don't know I was dragged into a problem
I need your help now
Sure. Definitely
By tomorrow morning 7'o clock
You just come to Ravath guest house and inform the police that I have sleep walk disorder with evidences
Hello Aditya
By tomorrow morning 7'o clock appoint a lawyer who is favorable for us and ask him to carry a bail
Bring him to Ravath guest house by informing everything
The case will not stand if we have done anything in unconscious state
i.e. our loop hole
Ok Aditya
Just listen to me carefully
Tomorrow morning 7'o clock Inform S.I Vihaan Varma that Aditya is in Ravath guest house
Why man
Just listen to me uncle
I will look after everything
Ok man
Look what happened there?
Ok Brother
I have taken revenge of my dad demise by killing your brother
you thought it was my weakness and you have eloped my girl
You have attacked my mother
but I have a hidden weakness within myself
i.e. my strength
We came to know that Aditya was in Ravath guest house
Is it.
Constables.. Let's go
Without my notice my weakness has done a mistake
In order to save myself from that weakness I've corrected that mistake
When we were able to find the move of a chess mate player prior then we can checkmate his king
I guessed at early stage what S.I has thought of and I've escaped from lie detector test
If we test that whether I am telling right or wrong
Can we beat lie detector
In order to test whether you are telling the truth in lie detector test
an equipment will be fixed to each and every part of your body
When you want to lie
If you got a minute change in your body then you will get caught
But in order to beat lie detector we have two ways
In lie detector first, they will ask your personal questions
Then later on they will ask main questions
As you will reveal right information when asked about your personal details
Polygram will go normally
If you want to lie to a main question
Due to the change in graph it will be proven that you are cheating
and later if you answer wrongly to main questions then there will be change in graph
so, they can't reveal it
Second option
When main questions were asked
You have to Day dream yourself
Imagine yourself the things you remember by staying cool
Think about something else
and escape by answering them
I have used my weakness as my weapon and I've came out of my problem
He played the game very well
I will use his weakness
Likewise ram and ravan were within in one soul
I was unable to know my weakness till now
but I came to know my strength of my weakness
The real game has started
Arjun is back
The game starts now