Black and Blue (2019) Movie Script

Ladies and
gentlemen, good afternoon
from the flight deck.
We're cruising at 37,000 feet,
and we just passed
over the coast.
We'll be beginning our descent
in about 30 minutes.
I'd like to take
this opportunity
to welcome you to America.
Copy, 45.
What's up? Huh?
- Up against the wall.
- What's the problem?
Up... against... the wall!
Hey, take it easy,
all right?
Against the wall!
Spread your legs.
Spread 'em!
What are you doing
in my neighborhood?
- I live here, all right?
- Yo.
Yo. Yo.
She's blue.
Sorry about that.
We're looking for someone
that matches your description.
You know how it is.
Yeah, I know how it is.
You must be new.
Have a nice day.
Rough morning there, slugger?
you don't know the half.
This hasn't been
the friendliest of homecomings.
Oh, yeah?
Come on, cheer up.
Every day on God's green earth
is a great day.
Especially when you carry a gun
and you got a bulletproof vest.
You done primping?
Can we go?
Hang on a second.
Now I'm ready.
Still so hard
to see it like this.
These all used to be homes.
Yeah, nature
can be a real bitch.
Mm. Kingston Manor.
Just wondering
who still lives there.
Bad people.
No, not all of them.
I remember a lot
of good families
just, you know, stuck in
an unfortunate situation.
If they were
unfortunate before,
they're straight-up
screwed now.
You don't ever want
to get caught in there.
Girl, you've been gone
a long time.
We don't even respond to calls
from in there anymore.
Not unless there's
a blue in trouble.
All right,
I need a coffee.
You're black
and sweet, right?
- That's gonna get old, Kev.
- No.
No, you're gonna learn
to love it. You'll see.
Finally. You here
about the break-in?
Uh, actually, no.
Don't even
worry about it.
Called you guys
over 24 hours ago.
Officers have been
charged with stealing evidence,
filing false police reports
and extortion.
The New Orleans DA worked
with Internal Affairs
to build their case.
Details are still under wraps
while the investigation
is ongoing.
The DA assures us
that there are
more arrests to come.
Can you do any tricks
on that thing?
I didn't steal it
or nothing.
I never said you did.
How long you had it?
A couple years.
- Couple years?
- Jamal, get your ass here.
Shit, man.
Talking to the goddamn police.
Did you not hear me say
get your ass over there?
- He didn't do anything...
- I wasn't talking to you.
I was talking to my son.
Jamal, get your ass in the car.
Can you get your ass
over there? Go! Now!
He wasn't doing anything.
I wasn't talking to you.
I was talking to my son.
Now, is there a problem?
When are you gonna
start listening?
No, we don't have
a problem, ma'am.
You want to make
a problem?
You tell me.
You're talking to my son.
Everything all right?
Everything's good, besides these
dudes not doing they jobs.
If you need anything,
just holler.
- I know. Appreciate you.
- All right?
Punk-ass cop.
- I'm asking you.
- I'll tell you the problem.
Why your little man
ain't in school?
Eat me, Mouse, okay?
And take your ass
back to work.
Ghetto ass.
Go lift them boxes.
What's good, bro?
- Yo, what's up?
- This cop here
is harassing Jamal.
I wasn't
harassing anybody.
You got a problem,
Everything's just fine.
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm totally sure.
It's me.
- You know her?
- No, no.
You got me confused.
Alicia West.
I said you're mistaken.
Now, we good? Can we go?
Yeah, you good.
Uncle Tom-ass
What you say?
Yeah, all right.
Keep an eye
on that bitch.
Everything all right?
They were
Kingston Crew.
Watch it
with those guys.
Come on.
To some.
It's Alicia.
I was a friend
of your cousin Missy.
I know who you is.
It's been a long time.
What's up with Missy?
That was cold.
I don't know.
You gotta talk to her
about that.
She-she got her own shit
going on.
She got a son now?
For 10 years.
Yeah. Jamal.
He's a good kid.
- He didn't mean no disrespect.
- I was just talking to him.
- That's all.
- Let's roll, partner.
Thank you.
How much do we owe?
Don't worry about it.
Oh, no, that's all right.
Cops don't pay.
You're good.
What, did he say
something to you?
Can we just go?
You know him?
Guess not.
Not anymore.
Copy that.
Oh, Jesus. You're still here?
Give her the chair, man.
Let a real cop
do work for a change.
- It's your mom's site, Jennings.
- Oh!
You want to kill
her traffic?
I'm happy the
broad's back in business.
Twenty-three 45.
Where's the fire?
Oh. It is date night.
Tina's mom's
gonna watch the kids.
Got us a room
at the Brixton.
I don't want
to miss one second.
Yo, Jennings.
- Yeah?
- Need someone to pull a double.
Your name came up.
Come on, Sarge.
It's date night.
Do me a solid.
Can you find
somebody else?
I got four guys out.
You're not the only badge
with a family, Jennings.
Come on.
I'll take his spot.
You're riding with Deacon Brown.
Meet him in the lobby.
Hey. Thank you.
I owe you one.
It's fine.
I ain't got no plans.
- Well, I do.
- Know how long
- I've been on the force?
- They know nothing.
You ask me questions,
I answer them,
and you still
don't know.
It doesn't make sense.
I'm the oldest.
Deacon Brown?
- Oh, Deacon!
- Deacon.
Who are you?
I'm riding with you.
Where's Jennings?
He got family commitments.
I'm Alicia West.
Nice to meet you.
Look at this rook, man.
Those guys narcs?
You're new.
Bye, Deacon. Ha, ha.
Actually, this is
my third week.
Oh, a whole
three weeks.
You pull
a night shift yet?
- No, sir, not here.
- Not here?
- Where were you before?
- Kandahar.
Oh, a vet.
How long you been out?
- Little over a year.
- Hmm.
My brother was killed
in the first Iraq.
What a waste.
You really got
to wear that thing?
Why? You got
something to hide?
You better
get used to 'em.
We're all gonna be
wearing 'em soon.
Just don't point it
at me.
Any available unit,
there's a 10-40 at Bar 1631.
Suspect possibly armed.
Dispatch, this is car 421.
We're on it.
One twenty-nine. Go ahead.
- Put your hands down!
- What you say?
Why you put
your hands in my face?
- Boy...
- Don't put your hands in my face!
Don't touch me.
Hey, yo!
Yo! Back up! Back up!
I told you to move.
I need you to back up!
Back up! Hey!
Hey, back up! Hey!
Sir! Sir!
I need you to calm down,
all right?
Tell me what's going on here.
- I'm calm.
- What's going on?
Take it easy, okay?
Calm down.
- I'm calm.
- All right?
I'm calm, Miss Officer.
Tell me what's going on,
Wait, look.
Why are you throwing
punches, sir?
I ain't throwing no punches.
I swear, no punches.
I'm trying to have
a good time with my girl.
You're out with your girl,
you don't need
to be throwing punches.
I ain't throwing punches.
I swear.
I ain't throwing punches.
I swear. Look, Miss Officer...
What you doing? Huh?
You out trying to get
some tonight?
What you doing?
You want to be like that?
Want to be like that?
Get it down!
Get that head down!
What you doing, man?
Stay on the hood!
You ain't shit!
- Hands on the car!
- You know who I am?
Put your head down!
- What you got?
- Brown.
- Huh? What you got?
- That is not necessary.
Where your homeys at?
- What'd I tell you?
- Pussy cop!
I said stay down!
Hey, man, I'm gonna
pop you right here.
That's enough!
Brown! That is enough!
Stop it, man! Stop it!
Let me tell you
to stay still again.
Stop it!
Stop! That is
not necessary!
That is enough!
Stop it!
That had your name on it.
Get your hands down.
Huh? You're out here trying
to catch a bullet tonight, huh?
- You're trying to get some.
- What you doing? Let me go!
Kingston Crew!
Look, about what
happened out there...
I'm sorry I...
Sorry will get
your ass killed out here.
Let me ask you a question.
You think you're black?
You think they're
your people?
Well, they're not.
We are.
You're blue now.
Don't you ever forget that.
You understand me?
You better.
This is Brown.
We got to roll.
Everything all right?
We got a call. Let's go.
What, on your phone?
I still don't understand
what we're doing here.
I got to meet a C.I.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going?
Stay in the car
and close the door.
- Why?
- Because I said so.
Just stay in the car.
I'll be right back.
Are you kidding?
With me right here?
You ain't got to
worry about nothing.
Just let me do this.
Look, let me handle this.
Let me run point on this.
We can't make
any sudden moves right now.
It's hot out there.
The DA's not gonna
find out anything.
We managed to make
all the deliveries.
and keep the payment schedule.
Right. According to you.
I've been loyal to you.
It's been
coming down for months.
I have not said
one thing.
listen to me.
- I'm listening.
- This train's moving too fast
for you to put
the brakes on it.
Nobody needs to know
what you've done here.
You have nothing
to worry about.
There's no way
I would tell Darius.
You got rid of everybody
that can talk.
That's right, Zero.
I got rid of everybody
that can talk.
What the hell
are you doing?
I told you to stay
in the car.
What are you
doing here?
This isn't
what it looks like.
Just relax.
Where you going?
Put the gun down.
These are bad guys.
This is not
what it seems.
Just relax.
What the hell did you do?
She had
a body cam on!
So you shoot her?
- You shoot her?
- She was gonna run!
- What did you want?
- What'd I want...
- I didn't use my service weapon!
- Go, go!
Go get it.
Go get the body cam. Idiot!
- Who is she?
- West.
- Who's West?
- She's a rookie.
You bring a rookie here?
Are you out
of your mind?
- What are we gonna do now?
- Nothing changes.
- Nothing. You understand?
- We shot a cop!
Shut your mouth!
Nothing changes.
We plant the guns.
You and the rookie rolled up
on the Triple-Nines.
They capped her. You got away.
- What about her body cam?
- What about the body cam?
Triple-Nines took the body cam
for evidence. It's simple.
Stay with me.
You understand?
I don't know about this.
You don't know?
Look at me, son.
You keep it simple.
It tracks.
We're good.
Go help him find your partner.
Go. Go.
We got a problem, Malone!
You see her?
Yo, we've got a ghost!
- What?
- She's gone!
She's unarmed!
Her gun is here!
Find her!
Come on. Damn it.
Just come on out! Just make it
easy for us, all right?
We just want the body cam,
all right? That's it.
I mean, what are you? You some
kind of stuntwoman or something?
Why don't you come out now?
They weren't
supposed to shoot you.
All we want
is the body cam.
Now come on out, rookie.
Why don't you come on out
and let us get you
taken care of.
I'm sure that hurt.
Shots fired.
Officer needs backup.
This is a code 108.
- Your location?
- Uh...
this is Detective Terry Malone.
- Is that you, Charlene?
- Sure is.
Oh, we got a rookie who
just witnessed a gang-related 187,
and she freaked out
a little bit.
I'm gonna take care
of this.
Let me take this one.
Sounds good, Terry.
I got plenty
other calls to take.
Okay, darling. Thank you.
Damn it, Charlene. This is...
This is a 108.
Hey, West.
She's gone, you hear me?
Huh? West?
Seems to me you got a hard
choice to make right now.
Are you one of us,
or are you one of them?
Bring me that body cam.
Malone, alley!
Help! Hello!
I know you're in there.
- I need help.
- Bitch, get off my porch.
Ma'am? Ma'am.
- Oh, hell no. What...?
- Ma'am, please.
Ma'am, can I use your phone?
- Can I use your phone?
- What's the problem?
- I've been shot.
- Got a warrant?
- Sir, can I use...?
- What's the problem?
There are people chasing me!
Gonna bring that
to my door?
You don't understand!
- I'm being chased! Please!
- I don't care!
You take that
somewhere else.
- Go. Can't help you.
- Please! There are...
Please! I need...
Get your ass over here!
She went there!
Come on, she's down there!
- You see her?
- No, I mean, she was...
- She was here.
- I know she...
- Where is she now?
- I don't know!
- You see her?
- I lost her.
- What do you mean?
- I lost her!
You kidding me?
Are you guys kidding me?
I chased her for blocks.
I don't know where she went!
I don't believe...
You guys are amazing.
- He had eyes on her!
- Shut up!
You brought her.
You shot her.
I got to clean
this shit up!
This is great.
Go to a private channel.
Go to 19.
Dispatch has heard enough
of this shit already.
Spread the word.
She cannot get to the precinct
with that camera.
Do you hear me?
- I understand. Yes.
- Shake your head! Okay.
Tell everybody.
Widen the search.
Go. Go.
- Go. Shut up.
- Do your goddamn job, man.
You brought the rook.
What are you doing?
Get in the car.
You're like a kid.
I know she's here.
I know it.
Just circle the
block one more time.
Any sign of her?
No, nothing here.
She couldn't have gotten far.
Let's circle back.
Wait, wait, wait! Stop!
Easy. Easy.
What's your name?
Identify yourself, please.
I'm Officer West.
I need a ride.
Let me get you some help.
This is Sergeant...
No, don't! Stay off
the radio, please.
Relax. It's fine.
It's fine, all right?
Are you okay?
You look like hell.
Where's your ride at?
It's... It's a long story.
All right, come on.
Let's go.
Let's get you out of here.
Are you injured?
Come on, we got you.
gonna be fine.
Come on.
This is Brody.
We found West.
We got her.
She's at Second and Danneel.
It's all right.
We got you.
Everything's gonna be fine,
all right?
Hey. Don't be
stupid, West.
All he wants is
the body cam.
Damn it!
We're closed.
We open at 8.
I'm telling you right now,
if I got to come back there...
I'm gonna beat your ass.
I keep telling them
about this door, man.
Mouse, it's me.
It's me. It's me.
What the hell is going on?
- Is that blood?
- I need sugar.
Look, I don't know
what's going on,
but you can't be in here.
You need to get
out of my store.
- I've been shot.
- What?
What do you mean?
Can I use your phone?
Who shot you?
Can I use your phone?
You got to go.
I don't want no part to this.
You need to go back outside
with all this bullshit, okay?
Police is riding
around here all the time.
They'll help you.
It was the cops that shot me.
The cops?
I just need to call my partner
and stop the bleeding,
and I will go.
I swear.
- What happened?
- She got away.
We hit the block
a couple of times.
- She's gone.
- Available units,
we have a possible 211
in progress at a market.
Corner of St. Claude
and Andry.
That's not far.
And we can't have anyone else
sniffing around down here.
Now, you guys go now.
You understand?
1692 en route
to possible 211.
Copy, 1692.
Kev, it's me.
Jesus, West.
- I need you, man.
- Date night, remember?
Tina's in the shower now.
She's soaping up.
I'm being serious, Kev.
Yeah, no shit. So am I.
Told you she's been
doing yoga, right?
I saw narc officers
murder some kids
this morning.
I got the whole thing
on body cam.
Hold on a second.
You're saying you...
You filmed a police
No, Kev, I filmed
an execution.
- Where's Brown?
- He's with them.
Man, a load of others too.
They're trying to kill me, man.
Please. I need you.
I got to get out of here.
Yeah, okay.
All right, um...
Where's here?
Where are you right now?
I'll meet you at 12th
and Felicity Street.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
All right.
Just hang tight.
All right? I'm there in 30.
I'm sorry.
How'd they find me?
They didn't. It was me.
Please. Please.
You got to hide me.
- You got to hide me. Please.
- Look, I don't...
I can't do this.
Open the door.
One second.
It's me.
I-I called y'all.
It's me. One second.
- Open the door.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm the one
who called y'all.
- Appreciate y'all coming.
- Back up.
- What?
- What took you so long?
- You alone?
- I'm the one who called y'all.
Police! If there's anybody
in the store, identify yourself.
Sir, it was me that called
y'all, all right?
Turn around.
Turn around.
Hands on the counter.
Come on.
Spread your legs.
Spread your legs.
I'm the one
who called y'all, sir.
Any sharp objects, needles,
- knives I need to know about?
- No, sir.
What's up with all
the aggression, man?
What did you
just say to me?
Keep your mouth shut.
That's what I thought.
Running your mouth.
I could blow your head off
right now.
No one
would even care.
Anything going on
back there?
Nah. We're clear.
Check his ID.
I am so tired of coming
into this neighborhood.
You need to learn
to keep your mouth shut
and listen
when an officer's talking.
You understand me, boy?
What do you got?
- Nothing. Nothing.
- Really?
- He's clean.
- All right.
I guess that
makes you free.
What was it you wanted
to tell me so badly?
That no one's here.
I thought I heard
a noise in the back.
I got spooked.
Just wanted
a little backup.
You know, wasting police time
is a criminal offense,
but I'm gonna
let you slide.
This time.
I'll be watching you.
You think
she was here?
Call Malone.
Let's clear the store.
I didn't do it for you.
I won't stay long,
all right?
I just need to close
this wound, okay?
You need to go to the hospital.
You got a needle
and thread?
I... I don't know.
How about glue?
You got some glue?
You're gonna glue it?
You got a better idea?
She gonna glue it.
It's all I have.
Where'd you learn
how to do that?
- The Army?
- Mm-hm.
So that's where you went.
Did you really get footage
on your body cam
of them cops
killing them boys?
So, what you gonna do?
I'm gonna get it into
evidence and expose them.
That worked.
How are you gonna get
to your partner?
I'm gonna walk.
Unless you got
a ride I can use.
I don't have a ride.
I walk here,
a couple blocks.
Dauphine Arms.
Then I'm stuck
with plan A.
I got something for you.
You need to stay
on the low.
Put this on.
Less conspicuous.
Thank you.
Why are you doing this?
Why don't you just
give it to them?
Come on.
You're police.
They're police.
Murder's murder.
Don't matter who you are.
You all right?
Just drive.
Just drive.
Jesus, we got to
get you to a hospital.
No, no, I'm good.
I'm good.
I need to upload
this footage first.
The Fifth?
No. Somewhere else.
Talk to me.
What the hell happened?
I was rolling with Brown.
He got a call
on his cell,
and next thing I know,
we're at some
abandoned power plant,
and there are narcs killing
what I can only assume
were drug dealers.
They tried to kill me,
Holy shit.
All right.
So, what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna upload the footage,
and once it's in
the system, I'll call I.A.
I.A.? No, no, no.
Or the Feds.
Whoever deals with this.
Slow down.
Think about that.
That's gonna
make you a rat.
Just think about it
for a second.
You want to can
Malone's ass?
Fine. I mean, get him
and Smitty off the street.
Yes, but have
the captain do it.
All right? Nice and quiet.
You bring in I.A.,
and, I mean,
your career's over.
There's not
a blue in the city
that's gonna
have your back.
How do you know
it was Malone and Smitty?
You just named them.
How do you know?
I don't know. I mean,
you must have said.
No. No, Kev.
- I said "narcs."
- Jesus. Come on.
Partner, look at me,
all right? It's me.
All right, take it easy.
All right?
Look at me.
Take a breath.
It's me. All right?
- Pull over.
- W-we're almost there.
- Pull over!
- Jesus Christ.
Are you armed?
I was.
Put it in park.
- Empty your pockets.
- Come on...
Empty your pockets.
Come on.
You are making
a monumental mistake.
No, I don't think so.
Where were you taking me, huh?
To Malone?
- I'm taking you to the Fourth.
- Oh, bullshit!
Why did Malone
murder those kids?
I'm not saying shit.
- Yes, you are.
- No.
I'm asking you why.
I'm telling you
I am not saying shit.
Goddamn it!
I am not playing
with you.
- All right? I will shoot you!
- All right!
He didn't murder them.
He silenced them.
- What are you talking about?
- They're his sellers.
Look, every drug bust,
Malone splits the take.
Half goes into evidence,
half back on the street.
That's how it works.
- Why kill them?
- Have you seen the news?
The chief, the mayor,
they're cracking down
right now.
Six cops just got
busted last month.
cleaning up the shit
before the spyglass
turns on him.
Hey, come on.
Those guys...
they're no great loss.
You don't get
to make that call.
Why is he stopped?
What's he doing?
You lying piece of shit.
No. No.
No, West.
West, run,
and I can't help you!
What the hell
are you doing here?
How the hell do you know
where I live?
Dauphine Arms.
You told me.
I have got nowhere else to go.
They gonna kill me
if I stay out there.
Uncle Milo.
- You all right?
- Jamal. Go back inside.
I'm good.
Why would
you bring this here?
Why don't you take
this shit to your door?
Hey. I know you.
You're that cop
from the store.
- where is your mom?
- She's working.
She's working.
Go back in, man.
What happened
to your partner?
He's not gonna help.
Didn't want to cross
his boys in blue?
- He's a coward.
- You just gullible and blind.
You know what?
I am sick of this
"them versus us" bullshit!
I don't have to choose.
All right? I'm a person.
You're a person.
Those kids I saw murdered
this morning were people.
Nice speech.
I'll make sure I put it
on your headstone.
So, what exactly
are you saying?
Because Zero and his guys
weren't cops, I shouldn't care?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Did you just say Zero?
- Yeah.
- Y'all shot Zero?
You know him?
This shit just
went up a level.
I just need
to stay here till dark,
and then I'll go,
I promise you.
All right?
- Cap.
- Malone.
- What the hell happened here?
- We got a big problem.
Turf war,
and the Kingston Crew.
Brown rolled up
with the rookie.
She got trigger-happy.
She shot a kid.
Now she is in the wind.
You're telling me West killed
a kid and now she's a ghost?
Problem is,
it wasn't just a kid.
It's Darius Tureau's nephew.
That's a problem.
Why didn't you call it in?
- It wasn't that...
- I told him not to.
My guys got
to find her, captain.
I don't know if you've
seen the news,
but our department is
under the microscope.
I.A. is looking
for any excuse.
Cap, I'm all over it, okay?
We're looking for her
on the QT.
They find out
she's out there alone,
she's dead.
She won't live the night.
You got to let me
handle this.
You bring the jacket?
- How'd you let this happen?
- She panicked, captain.
I want you at the station
as soon as possible.
I want details on everything
that happened here.
Real details from you.
Not from him.
Let me handle this.
Sir. Sir.
Let him through.
Go ahead.
Where he at?
Let me see him.
He wanted to go ahead and get
it done as quickly as we can.
I hear you.
Now what are you doing?
We need her dead.
We're running
out of time.
Don't touch the body.
I raised this boy
like he was my own.
He's like
a son to me.
A hell of a job
you did.
Put a muzzle
on your dog, Malone.
- All right.
- Before I put him down.
All right.
Can I at least close his eyes?
No, you can't touch him.
The guys at the lab
got to do their job.
Tell them
not to waste their time.
We all know
who did this.
Don't we, Malone?
Unofficially, it was a cop.
A cop?
Why are you
telling me this?
Because this rookie
is a liability...
and we don't need
to go to war over her.
It's a bitch?
I want all
of her info, Malone.
You hear me?
Hey, yo, D.
You gonna believe
what Malone said?
White boy
never lied to us yet.
I want that bitch dead.
- It's done.
- Put everybody on it.
Yo, let me ask you
a question.
Now, how could you
not get the camera?
- I tried.
- Shut up.
Who is she?
Let me see.
Alicia West
from the Ninth Ward.
In and out of juvie.
Joined the Army
when she was 17.
Two tours
in Afghanistan.
Jesus Christ.
You know that?
- You know that?
- She said she was in the Army.
Graduated the
academy with honors.
No family, no kin,
no emergency contact.
Woman is a ghost.
She gets that camera back
to the station,
and each and every one of us
is going to prison. Understand?
This is your fault.
Why'd you
bring her here?
I should drop you
you stupid
son of a bitch.
You kidding me?
Did you let her go?
- Did you let her go?
- No.
- You didn't let her go?
- No.
What else you know
not in those papers?
- I-I don't know.
- What else?
She got a guy she's banging?
She got somebody?
- Say something!
- All right.
I don't know, man! Look,
I would tell you, all right?
You know I would tell you.
The only person
that I've ever seen
that she even maybe knows is
this-this guy at this market.
That market, is it...
St. Claude
and Andry?
Yeah. How'd you know that?
There's nothing out there.
When's the last
time you slept?
I don't remember.
You should probably
get some rest.
It's gonna be
dark soon.
You got
to leave out.
Can I ask you
Why did I become a cop?
I was gone a long time.
Lived in a lot
of different places, and...
after a while, I stopped
seeing enemies or allies.
I just saw people.
Not good, not bad. Just...
folks trying to figure
life out like I was.
And then, after my mom passed,
and I was here, home...
I just wanted to help.
Food banks and
inner-city programs help.
These cops out here...
not so much.
We're just
animals to them.
Shit's got
to change.
Get some sleep.
Got the video
footage set up right here.
Everything's queued up.
All right, play it.
- Who is that?
- It's Milo Jackson.
Mouse. He works here
in the mornings.
Go ahead, fast-forward.
I want his address.
We good?
Triple-Nines say the streets
are ours till dawn.
A cop.
Yeah, well, it was still Zero.
You dig?
Let's go.
I want to help.
Zero was family
to me too.
The way you can help me
is by staying alive.
Look here.
I can't lose you both.
You hear me?
Drop it!
- Drop it!
- Jamal!
- What the hell are you doing?
- She killed Zero.
- What?!
- I didn't kill anyone.
She's lying.
Everybody knows.
Give me that, man.
What are you doing, brah?
She killed Zero. Look.
Where'd you get that from?
Darius Tureau.
You got a price
on your head.
This photo's probably
all over the city.
- Malone.
- Who did you call?
I'm asking, did you tell
anybody she was here?
What address?
What's the address?
It's Dauphine Arms.
Should be two streets up.
Let's find this bitch.
Hey, remember
what I told you?
Uh-huh. Strap up.
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's do this. Come on.
Let's go.
This gun ain't even loaded.
We got to move.
He's here.
Go to the apartment now
and lock the door.
What do you mean,
we got to go?
Malone is here, all right?
He hasn't traced me.
He's connected you.
So you're either with me,
or you can stay
and get a bullet in your head.
You choose.
It's empty.
You know, maybe
she didn't come here.
We need to get out the hood.
Is there anyone
you trust with a car?
That's that bitch
Come on!
Drop the gun!
Drop it! Drop it!
- You all right?
- Yeah.
There's a church back there.
There's a pastor in there
that I know.
He's good people.
He's got a ride.
Just go,
and I'mma meet you there.
- You're hurt. I ain't leaving.
- Alicia, listen.
We got to get
out of the Ninth.
That car won't run,
and my leg is messed up, okay?
I'm not gonna make it
over this gate.
I don't want
to slow you down.
I need you to trust me.
It's my hood.
Just go over the gate,
and I'mma meet you there.
I know what's
moving out here.
Trust me.
Go now!
Get in!
Get in the truck.
Get in the truck!
I'm telling you,
she didn't do nothing.
Where is she?
I told you.
Where's the cop?
I don't know.
Nigga, if you don't start
talking soon,
Ox here is gonna start
taking pieces off your ass.
You like your ear,
Van Gogh.
What'd you say?
Van Gogh chopped off his ear.
You dumb-ass.
I like
this nigga.
He's smart.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on a second, D.
Let me have a word
with this fool.
Come on, Mouse.
Why are you protecting her?
She don't care
about your black ass.
Looks like you got her
all wrong.
Oh, so she got your head
all turned around?
She ain't one of us.
She picked her side.
Mouse, you don't
owe her nothing.
You're wrong about her.
- But she killed Zero.
- No, she didn't.
Missy, enough.
That's all you got, pussy?
Round two, bitch.
This is Alicia West.
I'm a police officer, and...
this body cam contains footage
of narc officers
murdering civilians.
If you find it,
please turn it in to the FBI.
Thank you.
you've been gone a long time.
We don't even respond
to calls from in there anymore.
Not unless there's
a blue in trouble.
Not unless
there's a blue in trouble.
Not unless there's
a blue in trouble.
Not unless
there's a blue in trouble.
Yo, who that?
We're gonna be there anyway.
I don't know.
So, you know...
Yo, that's that bitch
that killed Zero, man.
- Yo, it's her.
- Yeah, that's her!
Somebody get that bitch!
Somebody make the call.
Oh, hell no.
Somebody bury that bitch!
Get your ass out of here!
Somebody's gonna die today!
Somebody take down
that bitch right there!
I got your ass.
Kingston Crew all day, bitch!
Hey, yo, D.
You're not gonna believe this.
This dumb bitch is here.
- Dead girl walking.
- Bitch, what you doing?
Huh? Huh?
I didn't do it.
I didn't...
I didn't kill your nephew!
It was Malone! It was Malone!
- It was Malone!
- Shut your lying mouth.
My body cam.
I filmed the whole thing
on my body cam.
Okay, that's why
Malone wants me dead.
He's using you, all right?
- Body cam?
- Oh, this is bullshit.
She don't have a camera.
Malone killed my nephew?
- Yes, yes, he did!
- Yo, this...
This bitch is lying,
Why am I here if I'm lying?
Where's the body cam?
- I stashed it.
- Where?
Show me Mouse,
and I promise you
I'll give you the body cam.
I promise you.
I showed you
Now show me
What's going on?
Something big's going
down at Kingston Manor.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Malone, it's Brown.
Listen, man, King's got West.
That's good news, isn't it?
I don't think you understand.
The captain's sending in
the cavalry to get her.
Dead or alive,
if they get their hands
on that body cam,
Malone, we gonna have problems.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I hear you. I hear you.
She's got to get
back to the precinct
to download the information
from that camera.
We just got to get the camera.
And you know what
this means, Malone?
We cannot let
Darius get this information.
- Do you understand me?
- I understand.
We'll be fucking dead.
Son of a bitch.
We got to go.
Now! What you waiting for?
Let's go.
I wondered
if I'd see your face.
Look what they did to me,
You saw what
they did to Mouse.
And you're
still here?
That's your fault, not mine.
Right. 'Cause this is where
I wanted to be right now.
What, you think
you better than me?
No, I don't think
I'm better than you,
but you have a son,
What you even
doing here?
Don't act like you know me.
You haven't
lived my life.
You don't know the shit I've
been through since you left.
- Then tell me.
- Why?
Why, Alicia? Because you care?
- Of course I do.
- You bailed!
I begged you
to come with me.
We were 17, and I was terrified
out there without you.
Yeah? Well, you
should've stayed gone.
'Cause seeing me reminds you
you had a choice?
Bitch, I'll whup your...
Seeing you reminds me
that you killed Zero.
I didn't kill Zero,
and you know it.
We gonna find out,
Hey, D.
Right where she said it was.
How this shit even work?
I don't know.
Yo, Tez.
Quit the game
and figure this shit out.
I don't know. I-I may have
to hack into it.
Did I ask for a damn TED Talk?
Just figure the shit out.
Make it play.
Darius's lair is here.
We got to bring West out alive.
It's on the east side!
Watch it! Watch it!
So, what we doing, Malone?
Get the body camera.
She does not get out
of here alive.
Do you
understand me?
Let's move out!
Listen, man.
I will help you
get the camera,
but I am not
gonna kill her.
Well, then look
the other way, Jennings.
That's what you do,
isn't it?
You got something?
You know these are
police files, right?
This is easy.
You play video games all day.
You can crack that.
This way.
Move, move, move.
You know
whatever's on that camera,
it's not going to get us
out of here, right?
- Anything?
- Not yet.
Take Brown with you.
All these files
are encrypted.
There's nothin' on there?
Okay, wait,
I think I see something.
Got anything?
No. It's nothing.
- I can't open this.
- Time's up.
I told you this bitch
was lying.
No, wait, it's there.
- It's there.
- Wait. D.
Wait, this is it.
- D, I-I got it.
- ...the payment schedule.
Right. According to you.
Look, I've been loyal to you.
It's been coming down
for months.
I have not said one thing.
- M-Malone, listen to me.
- I'm listening.
This train's moving too
fast for you to put the brakes on.
Nobody needs to know
what you've done here.
Look, you have nothing
to worry about.
There's no way
I would ever tell Darius.
You got rid
of everybody that can talk...
That's right, Zero.
I got rid of everybody
that could talk.
Hey, D, just because
she filmed it don't mean
- she wasn't part of it.
- Yeah.
What the hell are you doing?
I told you
to stay in the car.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just relax.
This isn't what it looks like.
We got to post this shit.
Take him down.
We're good.
- Hey, yo, it's a hit!
- Yo, what the fuck?
Shoot 'em, man!
That's him!
Shoot that motherfucker!
What the fuck?
Missy, take Tez with you.
- Tez, jump!
- I'm shot!
Go, Missy.
- Where you at? Shit!
- Move. D, D, move!
- Shit, I'm shot!
- That bitch in the back room!
Cover me!
Suppress! Suppress and shoot!
- Move it forward!
- Get them!
Move it forward!
Go, go, go! Open!
- These cops.
- Watch that door.
This is fucked up!
Open it!
Eyes on that hallway!
Where'd Missy go?
She went that way!
Come on, you motherfuckers!
Come on!
Come on! Pussy-ass cops.
I'll cover you. Go!
Come on, Malone!
Ox! Go! Go!
I saw the body cam,
I saw what you did
to my nephew.
You killed my nephew.
You killed Zero.
You played me.
Where is it?
Where's the body cam?
Where's the body cam?
my ass.
Where's West?
Somebody must have taken her.
Yo, Brown, w-wait a second.
Okay, go. Go.
I did my job.
Everybody, calm down!
West! Freeze!
Put your hands
on your head.
Listen, I don't know
what they told you,
all right?
- Get your hands up.
- But, uh,
- it's not true.
- Stay where you are!
Um, my body cam... I filmed
the whole thing on my body cam.
That's the guy!
You're a fool, West.
You should've just given... Unh!
You okay?
Shots came from next level!
I'm never gonna get this cam
out of here dressed like this.
You ain't getting
out of here.
The entire police force
is out there.
We're not gonna make it
out of here alive.
They're looking
for a female cop, right?
If you give me your vest
and your body cam,
I can't promise, but I'll get
this shit into the station.
That ain't gonna work.
Look at us.
Alicia, you got to expose
these bastards.
We ain't go through
all this shit for nothing.
This morning, you wouldn't
even talk to me.
- Now you'll do this?
- You got any better ideas?
No, I don't.
Give it to me.
I got this.
Thank you.
One thing...
I don't know nothing
about no computers.
You got to tell me
what to do.
You need to calm down!
Let us go!
Let us go! Let us go!
Can you hear me?
Just listen to me!
You're okay.
Jennings, over here!
Yeah, I'm coming.
I need you to get out of my way.
Check every apartment
on this floor.
Let's go. Come on.
- Too tight.
- Come on.
Okay. Okay.
Give it up, West!
If you want to get out of here
alive, I'm your only hope.
This district
died after Katrina.
FEMA screwed us.
Politicians screwed us.
It was on
life support.
Over half the businesses,
the people,
the families, they all left!
they all left,
just like you.
Rats... on
a sinking ship.
Not me.
Uh-uh, not mine. We stayed.
We fought
for this city.
Even when there was no money
for schools or...
people still want the law.
Well, that costs.
It costs.
Everyone's over
at Kingston Manor.
I just saw
Malone's ride outside.
You seen him or
Smitty anywhere?
No, man, I haven't.
Have a good shift, all right?
Hey, you, too, buddy.
Do you expect all these men,
good men,
to put their lives on the line
day in and day out for nothing?
While those scumbag
drug dealers
make all that money...
Is that what you expect?
Come here.
You son of a...
Get him!
- Go ahead, girl!
- She's fucking him up!
She's kicking his ass!
Get your bitch ass back!
Son of a...
Go ahead. Put a hot one in him.
All right there, shorty.
Your bitch ass.
Y'all get back.
Back up, back up.
Get out the way!
You're under arrest, Malone.
You have the right
to remain silent.
- I know my rights!
- Oh, it's just other people's
you have a problem with?
Shoot that motherfucker.
Take out your cuffs.
Come on, y'all, back up.
- Look!
- Drop your gun!
Do it now!
We will shoot you!
I'm a cop!
You're a cop killer.
Put the gun down and back away!
You better put the gun down.
He's tripping.
Licia, put it down.
- Do it.
- Put your weapon down!
I got this! Nobody move!
Nobody move!
Stay back, everyone.
I got this.
Stop. Stop.
Don't move. What are
you doing in here?
I do know you. You're
the guy from the market.
Don't move.
I swear to God.
Up against the wall.
Turn around. Go.
Spread 'em.
I'm gonna give you
one more chance.
Where's the camera?
Where is it?
I could blow
your freaking brains out,
and they'd give me a medal,
you know?
Breaking into
a police station.
What did you do?
How does it feel?
Huh? Huh?
Where is it?
Where's the body cam?
Where'd you put it?
Last chance.
I'll make this all
go away. Huh?
Look at 'em.
Look at 'em.
You picked the wrong side.
Nobody cares
about you.
Look at 'em... You think they'd
give a shit about if you live?
Think they're gonna
give up their lives for you?
- Where's the camera?
- That's not the point.
- What is the point?
- The point is:
"Be the change," you asshole.
You have
nothing to worry about.
There's no way
I would tell Darius.
You got rid
of everybody that can talk.
Patch me through
to SRT.
You ain't changed shit.
This is Captain Hackett.
Stand down.
That's a direct order.
Do you hear me?
Alicia West is innocent.
- Stand down now.
- Gun!
Oh, my God!
Son of a...
Stay down, Malone.
Don't move.
Hell, man...
Drop your gun!
Get your hands on your head!
- It's over, man.
- Yo, yo, yo.
You have any idea... many nightmares
y'all gave me?
But you know what?
I'm gonna
let you slide.
This time.
- I'm hit. I'm hit. Easy.
- Okay.
I need everybody to back up!
Get your goddamn hands off me.
- What are you doing?
- You're under arrest,
- you piece of shit.
- Under arrest for what?
What are the charges?
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can
and will be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you cannot afford
an attorney,
one will be
provided for you.
Do you understand the rights
I have just read to you?
Think you made a difference
here tonight, West?
You changed nothing.
Maybe not,
but it's a start.
Take his ass to jail.
Come on.
Good job, West.
Way to go, West.
Step back!
Sir, I said move!
Ma'am, to your left.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Good morning, New Orleans.
In the news,
after a police investigation,
Detective Terry Malone
was charged with three counts
of first-degree murder
for the execution
of three unarmed black men.
Today's guests
will discuss the tragedy
and the surprise injustices.
I'm happy you're here.
You know...
you saved my life.
No, no.
You saved my life.
I appreciate you.