Black Belt Jones (1974) Movie Script

Look at all that bread, will you?
These babies may be hot now,
but in a couple of years, mmm.
Come on, you want the photographs,
give us the dough.
When we ask a favor,
it's gonna be big. Look.
Oh, they are beauts.
How'd you get them?
Hell, it was easy.
Say, that's a nice-looking watch.
Hey, Tuna, is this
one of them that works underwater?
Let me see.
Take it down.
Hey, Gimpy...
...mark that down to the 39 cents a bottle.
The bastard shit in his pants
before he died.
Locate Black Belt.
He's the only one we got that can
get into that winery and get those pictures.
all together, humanity.
Maybe one day, we will recognize it.
Thank you.
This has been the last in our series,
The Latin-American Ambassadors.
After a word from our sponsors...
...l'll return with a glimpse
of our next series, The African Dignitaries.
Forget it, man. I ain't going in there.
It's a fortress.
Well, fortress or no, it's top priority.
So am I.
It's suicide.
All right.
All right, we'll go $ 100,000.
B.B., I lost three of my best men in there.
Now, I'm asking you as a favor.
You're asking me to be the fourth.
Why don't you get the cats upstairs
to make believe it's a ghetto?
Get a couple of tanks and blast it down.
All right.
Look at this.
You see who's around Don Steffano?
Right, Senator Carl.
- Those other two are governors.
- Heavy company.
So heavy he could get those tanks
turned on us.
You know what?
You ought to write comedies for television.
Mm-hm. That's really cute.
But can it be done?
Hell, no.
But goddamn, man.
I mean, won't you even give it a try?
Don't believe that bullshit
about niggers being invisible.
Yes, Roberts?
Mr. Secretary, I think he'll do it.
So I hear you put that rat Ellis
on a permanent liquid diet.
Hey, I don't want you ever to talk
about that double-crosser.
He was a man without honor.
Tell me about the property.
Yes, Don Steffano.
There's still great secrecy.
I had to call on many favors
to get the information.
But I got it.
So the new civic center
will occupy eight blocks...
...between Wilson and Crown
from 26th Street to 30th.
The politicians have grabbed
some of the land.
But there's a piece in the center
that's the key to it all.
What's there now?
It's a karate school owned by a black.
A man named...
...Papa Byrd.
Get back in here.
I know she's the love of your life.
You've been promising me marriage
for 15 years, but I know.
No, woman, you're wrong.
What about the kids out there?
Oh, stop with those kids, Wesley.
That ain't no excuse.
What about the school?
I gotta straighten them out.
You better stop talking foolishness
and give me an answer.
- Shit, where's my hat?
- Hat, my ass.
You better say the words I wanna hear,
or you ain't gonna see me no more.
Quincy, take over. I gotta talk to Pop.
I'm coming in, all right?
- Yeah.
Wait, nigga, let me put some clothes on.
Just a minute.
We're concluding a business meeting.
Hey. You're supposed to be out front
teaching the class.
You can handle it, blood.
You haven't taught class in three weeks.
He's been too busy gambling
and ho chasing.
Who's that? Lucy?
What ho you see me chasing, woman?
That's why you're so tired
and out of shape.
You weren't howling that last night.
Oh, hush up.
No, you was moaning and groaning,
talking out of your head.
Wesley, I'm gonna slap the black off you.
What do you boys want?
We wanna talk to Pinky.
He ain't in.
Try the Plummer or Jelly Belly there.
Pinky, bring your goddamn ass out here!
Oh, shit.
Hey, what the hell is going on here?
We're from the Black Student Union,
you motherfucker.
We demand you stop selling dope
in this shit house...
...and stop ripping off
the black community.
Oh, I see.
You low niggas want a donation.
Black Gunga Din.
How many brothers and sisters died
for that money?
I don't force nobody to buy dope,
and I don't sell dope on the street.
You supply the dealers!
Now, if we shut you off,
we stop the flow of...
You guys grab some air.
And you...
What's the matter, boy?
How come you're so quiet?
And you,
what were you gonna do with this?
Let's fix his cavities.
You must be crazy coming here
talking all that communist shit.
I work hard for my money.
Tell him how the game goes.
You see,
niggers are some practical people.
If you ain't got no teeth,
you can't have no cavities.
Hey, Oscar, see who that is.
If it ain't business, tell them to forget it.
Because right now,
we're teaching school.
Tell Mr. Pinky, Emilio Tunasari is here.
Hey, Pinky,
it's some gray dude named, uh...
What'd you say? Tuna who?
Tunasari. Mamma mia!
Oh, shit, Big Tuna.
Oscar, open the door.
Look, get these punks out of here.
So you're the big fish.
How are you?
I came over
to have a little chat with you.
Yeah, baby, come on,
we can go into my office.
This is do not disturb, dig?
It ain't collection time,
so, what's happening, baby?
Why don't you cut out that "baby" shit?
Man, what's eating you?
You, Pinky.
You've been skimming from the till.
The way we figure it,
maybe a million by now.
And the don, he don't like it.
But he gave me my start. I wouldn't...
Maybe your finish.
The don is a reasonable man.
He wants to make you an offer.
Oh, my God, man, no.
Not that kind.
Not that kind.
He says you should pay half, 250,000.
Hey, I ain't got that kind of money.
All right, all right.
Then you should do something else.
The don, he wants this building, see?
Building? What building he wants?
It's on Crenshaw and 23rd.
Some karate school is in there.
Somebody named Byrd owns it.
Papa Byrd?
Oh, shit.
Hey, why didn't you say so?
Hey, man, that old son of a bitch
owes me a grand.
I got an IOU for it here somewhere.
See? I told you he was our man.
Where's that damn IOU?
Can I help you, sir?
Where's the old man?
Pop? Well, he's in the back.
Oh, you have to remove your shoes
before you cross the mat.
Say what?
You have to take off your shoes
before you cross the mat.
It's showing respect.
It's the rules.
Boy, don't start no communist shit.
Will you look at these goddamn ants?
I got Super Fly.
Who else wants to sing soprano?
Let them go, men, come on back.
Let them go.
You won't be back no more.
If you want some more, come on back.
I'm gonna get you for this, Pops.
Let's give them a ham.
Ham, ham, try again.
I'll crush you, you goddamn ants!
Come on if you want some more.
Okay, back to formation.
Well, move.
Belt, telephone.
- Yeah?
- Hey, Belt?
Hey, man, we got a problem here.
Pinky and his boys came here
to lean on Pop.
- What?
- We threw them out.
But he's mad and he's gonna come back.
Belt, you better get over here quick.
Okay, what was the real reason
Pinky came here?
I don't know, maybe I owe him
a hundred dollars or more. Why?
When are you gonna stop that mess
and start building up the school?
Oh, back off.
See you tomorrow.
Later. Bye, son.
What kind of example are you setting?
Kids see you bringing women in here.
Gamblers coming in, beating on them.
Hell, Pop, when Black Belt got the city
to give us this grant, it wasn't for that.
I guess I'm not the best example, huh?
I guess not.
We're gonna talk this out,
the three of us.
So everybody can know
exactly what is going on.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And then we can start working
on next year's grant.
That's right,
next Thursday's the deadline.
I'll go get the forms.
- Hey, Top.
- All right, good.
Let me lock the door, man.
Hey, don't lock it, man.
Pinky said he was coming, didn't he?
That's right.
Where's Pop?
You be the good guy
and I'll be the bad guy, right?
Right on.
Hey, Pop! Pop!
Damn that old bastard.
You know, I'm gonna quit. I mean it.
And go back to being a probation officer?
You know you ain't quitting.
The money isn't great,
but you keep your own hours.
- And you dig the kids.
- Damn, what the hell?
That's what it's all about.
So they don't have to do
the things that we did, right?
Well, then you gotta talk to Pop
and get him to straighten up.
I'll talk to him.
That nigga's ears don't work.
He's just lonely. I'll talk with him.
Well, then talk to him about Pinky.
He's trouble. He's gonna be back.
Yeah, if I know Pinky,
he'll sneak in at night.
- Let's be ready for him, huh?
- Right.
Here they come.
- Remember, every three seconds.
Hey, boss, it's open,
Let's kick it in anyway.
Yeah, wake up
the whole neighborhood, right?
Get out of the way, meathead.
You other guys stay close.
Hey, they must be in the back.
Hey, I don't like it, boss.
It's dark in here.
No shit, nigga.
Where are you from, Harvard?
What's that?
Goddamn it,
the next one to speak deals with me.
Who the fuck hit me?
Batman, motherfucker.
What in the hell?
It's Jones. Spread out, spread out.
I got him.
Hold that nigga. Get him, boys.
My jaw's broken.
I'm getting out. I'm getting out.
I'm behind you, boss.
Me too.
Wait, man, wait.
Shit. I'm gonna shoot.
Goddamn, I'm gonna shoot.
You shot me, boss. Ouch!
Over there. Open that door.
Hey, let go.
- Who's there?
Me, Jelly.
Get off of me.
Let go of that.
That ain't your hand?
No, nigga. My goddamn hand is up here.
Toppy, it's too quiet in here, man.
Let the dogs loose.
Niggas. Let them fly.
Hey, Pinky, what's happening?
Who's in the back room, Betty?
You guys come in for some blackjack
or what?
No, we come in
for some Granny Goose potato chips.
Now, who's in the back room?
Peacock, Dollar, lke Casper and Pop.
- Run them in the cooler.
Got you.
Get in here.
Get in there. Move it.
Get in there.
That there is the end of your luck.
Put these pork chops in
with the beer and the broad.
This IOU says you owe me $ 11,000.
One thousand. You changed it.
Hey, you're talking to a brother, brother.
Bullshit, brother.
I know you don't have 11 thou,
but I tell you what.
Your building, give it to me in trade,
and we'll call it square.
- No, that's Sydney's.
- What?
That's Sydney's.
Man, I'm from New Orleans.
Don't bullshit me.
You hear? Sign that building over,
or you're dead.
You need an education.
Oh, shit, he's dead.
Oscar, you and Tango ask around.
See if you can find out who that Sydney is.
Put a bottle in his pocket and float him.
We gotta find this guy, Sydney.
Grant it, Jesus, if you please.
Daily walking close to thee.
Let it be, dear Lord.
Let it be.
I am weak, but thou art strong.
Jesus, keep me from all wrong.
I'll be satisfied as long... I walk.
Let me walk close to thee.
Through this world of toil and snares.
If I falter Lord, who cares?
Papa Byrd.
Spent his whole life
with other people's kids.
Have any family of his own?
That's why I called.
He has a daughter.
Willed his place to her.
Last I heard him speak about her,
she was in New York City someplace.
Big place, New York.
See if you can trace her.
- What's her name?
- Sydney.
"That where I am,
there you shall also be.
I am the way,
the resurrection and the light.
No man cometh unto the father,
but by me.
If you had known me,
you should have known my father also.
And from henceforth, you know him,
and you have seen him.
For as much as almighty God...
...has seen fit to take out of this world
the soul of Wesley Byrd...
...we, therefore,
commit his body to the ground.
Earth to earth.
Ashes to ashes.
And dust to dust."
Black Belt Jones, meet Sydney.
I did all my crying on the way out here.
Now, who killed my father?
Now, look, never walk
on the left side of the don.
He's got a thing about that, see?
And only move when he moves.
Yeah, cool.
Now, the don don't like
that Pop got killed...
...and there's no results on the property,
so don't get him angry.
Walk on the right.
Mr. Pinkus, I called you myself
to know why you can't get the building.
You see...
You see, godfather...
- Just "don," Mr. Pinkus.
- Right.
Well, there's this guy, Sydney,
but we can't quite figure it.
Who? The actor?
No, some joker
that Pop gave his building to.
Well, something doesn't sound kosher,
Pinky, you know what I mean.
You anticipate any trouble, Mr. Pinkus?
No, there won't be no trouble.
What if there is?
I'll take care of any trouble.
You see, I got a couple of Bogarts
coming in from Frisco.
Bogarts? What are Bogarts?
Treacherous niggas.
No, there will be no trouble.
Not with these cats.
Mr. Pinkus, I think you're treacherous.
Now, you be careful going out.
Hey. Hey, Jelly, come on out here, man.
I want you to meet some A1 Bogarts.
- Here, man, right here.
- Bob the Butcher.
- How are you?
- How are you?
- Brother Blake.
- What's happening?
- All right.
- Brother Webber.
- What's happening?
And Brother Parris Johnson.
Hey, man, where's Junebug?
I'm right behind you, Pinky.
Crazy dude.
Your pants is wet.
Come on, men,
let's go get a drink and talk.
Come on, let's get a drink.
We didn't know
whether you'd make it or not.
I just did.
My friend said he almost didn't find you.
My mother remarried.
My name is Frazier now.
Mr. Roberts told me
what you're trying to do with the school.
I'd like to find out more about it
before I make any decisions.
When did you last see Pop?
About 20 years ago.
I was about 5 years old.
Look, I want to find out more
about my father.
You worked with him.
Who would want to kill him?
I don't know.
Maybe somebody in Pinky's crowd.
- But we're not sure.
- Pinky?
He came into the...
He's just a bum.
Where can I find him?
Look, Miss Frazier,
we know this is a strain on you.
Why don't you let Quincy
take you to your hotel?
And after you've rested, you know,
and taken care of the legal things...
Yes. Thank you.
You're Quincy?
- Yes, ma'am.
Shall we go?
That's Papa Byrd's kid, all right.
To the bone.
- Is he your dad?
- Who?
- Jones.
- No.
He's my best buddy, though.
Why did you wait
till he signaled you to start the car?
- Where's Pinky's place?
- Huh?
Take me by Pinky's place.
Well, I can't do that. I'm sorry.
I just wanna stop by to see what kind
of people my father hung around with.
Look, I can't.
Just drive by.
Hey, wait a minute. I'll get in trouble.
What can I do? I'm just a woman.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, wait a minute, you...
Who's Pinky?
What do you want him for, little mama?
I ain't your mama.
Now, which one of you is Pinky?
Bitch, you better back up
before you get your ass whipped.
I'll make you look like a sick faggot.
You crazy bitch.
You better tell me where Pinky is.
Or we can start this thing all over again.
He ain't here.
Tell him Sydney was here.
Oh, wow, man, she killed them.
She brought pain.
- What's wrong, man?
- Oh, Black Belt, she is good, man.
She is bad.
- Boy, what are you talking about?
- Sydney. She went to the Hip Pocket.
- What?
- What?
She's a fighter like us, man.
She is fast. Oh, she's bad.
Where is she?
- She said she was going to her hotel.
- I'll go get her.
- Wait a minute, I'll go get her for you.
- Sorry.
Were you told to go to Pinky's place?
- Well, you see, it was like this...
- Yeah, I see. You disobeyed an order.
Get a toothbrush.
You're gonna scrub the floor.
- Eh.
Oh, my God, man. What happened here?
Sydney is a broad, man.
You mean a broad did this?
Maybe we better give her
an education too.
My mother refused to tell me
anything about him...
...except that he gambled...
...and he started teaching me how to fight
when I was 3 years old.
I liked him a lot. Everybody did.
He always said that I was the only one
who really understood.
Did you?
I guess so.
But I don't think anyone really knew him.
He must have been a lonely man.
Yeah, but you'd never know it.
He was always trying to make believe
everything was all right.
You know, I'd like to continue
with what he was trying to do.
He'd have liked that.
I'm jealous.
I'm really jealous
of your relationship with my father.
Hit! Hit! Hit!
Where's the broad?
Get the hell out of here.
That ain't the answer.
That wasn't it either.
Wasting my time on ants.
Look here. See this IOU from Pop?
Forty-one thousand dollars he owes me.
Hey, I was gonna forget it...
...Pop being my good friend and all.
But, no. You guys got it in for me.
You send some bull-dagger broad out
to break up my place.
Look, $ 124,000 in damages.
Another $85,000 in hospital bills.
Man, we ain't got no Blue Cross.
Go ahead. Add it up.
It's $250,000.
You're crazy.
Hey, I'm gonna make it easy on you.
Give me the building
like Pop promised me for this note.
And so that you jackrabbits...
...don't try another
of that turning-lights-on-and-off stuff...
...we're gonna hold on to your interest.
Get that little bunny.
Hey, let's go.
He started teaching me
when I was about 3.
At least that's what my mother said.
Then fighting became his whole life.
And after the divorce...
Excuse me.
- Yeah?
Hey, Belt? Belt?
Toppy, what's wrong?
- They got Quincy.
- Quincy?
Pinky's got an army,
they came over and got Quincy.
I'm gonna kick his goddamn ass.
Don't, no, you can't.
Wait, they'll kill him.
What does he want?
Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars
or the school building.
He wants money.
The building isn't worth that.
Hey, he's got a $40,000 IOU for it.
- From Pop?
- Yeah.
Wait a minute,
he went from 40,000 to 250,000?
Stay there. I'm coming over.
- What's happening?
- Pinky grabbed Quincy.
Give me Tom Roberts.
Tell him it's Black Belt Jones.
Okay, connect me. I'll hold.
Now, what are you doing?
No, no, you stay here till I get back.
Do those dishes or something.
They're done.
Yeah, Tom, I need some info.
On the school building.
No, a little man is making a big offer.
4429 Crenshaw Boulevard.
Okay, in about an hour.
Let's go, baby.
- What's happening?
- It's out of the bag.
Miss Frazier, in about three years...
...I think you'll be able
to write your own ticket around here.
What do you mean?
The city wants this area
for a civic center.
Well, now it's all coming together.
Now, the mafia is already buying in.
Does that tie in?
Of course. They own Pinky.
He knows we don't have
that kind of money.
Look, I'm wiling to give them the building
to get Quincy back.
I think I know
where we can get the money.
Two birds with one stone? No way.
No way.
I just want him safe.
- Give it to them.
No, hold on.
- But, please, you...
Trust me, Sydney.
Quincy will be all right.
Toppy, Pinky will get in touch
with you, see?
Here's what you'll tell him.
You're hooked up.
We're taking good care
of this ant Quincy.
We'll need a couple of days
to get the money.
Just don't hurt Quincy.
Hey, what do you think I am, huh?
Just have Jones and the broad bring
the money, or pop goes the little weasel.
You hear? You got 48 hours.
Good God, look at me.
Pinky is my name,
and money is my game.
Preach on, Pinky. Preach on.
Choose money or my honey, shit.
Man, you can pull out my groin,
but give me that coin.
Hey, I'd rather be dead
than not have any bread.
You know, Pinky's mama
didn't raise no fool now.
- Hello, Tom.
All right, what's going on?
I'll need an additional $55,000.
- Thanks.
Oh, goddamn, Jones.
- Now, how am I gonna clear that?
- I'll need help.
Her, Toppy and a small army.
Well, I can supply you with men.
No, we gotta do it my way.
Did you get those photographs
of the don's yard?
Central Intelligence tells us
they've installed a hydraulic vault... one of those wine vats.
Wine vat number 15.
Good morning, ladies.
Well, you finally came down.
- Did you oversleep?
- No, busy.
Up to now, we've been playing. You like
to try something that's not a game?
- A new act or something?
- No, a job.
One day at $5000.
Charlene, Mary, Pickles.
Mr. Jones has something for us.
Of course, you each get $5000.
The teacher, 10.
When do we start?
Come on, Rolli, you know the rules.
- All guns go in here.
- What? What guns?
Come on, Rolli.
- Yeah.
Ten years I know you, Rolli.
For chrissake, come on.
Oh, you guys are nuts. You know that?
This way
the don doesn't have any accidents.
Especially to him.
Hey, Rolli. How are you?
- Oh, you still sweat, huh?
- Yeah.
Sit, sit, sit.
Hey, goombahs, goombahs, you don't know
how many times in the past...
...we've met like this.
And some of us, we've seen hell,
but these are peaceful times.
So caution.
Now, in the black area,
we have a little problem.
It's not big, but who knows?
So you are here, you know,
just in case.
Eat and drink.
And above all, enjoy the peace.
Hey, Rolli.
You're gonna get fat.
- and how it's affecting the harvest,
we can take care of it.
We got a little problem
with the smog and the grapes...
...but I'm thinking maybe we put
a plastic cover over the fields.
Mamma mia!
If they find a quarter of a million missing,
don't worry. It'll turn up soon.
Remember, all that money is marked.
You can't spend any of it.
Spend it? It's bait, baby.
I'm gonna catch me a pink snapper.
I didn't hear that.
I didn't hear any of that.
Hey, Jones, here.
No use for the both of us to get killed.
I guess this is it, huh?
When they let Quincy come out,
you take him and split.
What's holding you up, Black Butt?
I better go
before Aunt Jemima freaks out.
You've come for your little commie, huh?
I've got the money.
Let Quincy go.
Leave him to us, Pinky.
Get back.
You get near that son of a bitch,
he's gonna grab you.
Tango, put the pipe on that kid.
Even exchange, man.
I've had enough of you.
Tango, when I hit three,
pull that goddamn trigger.
One, two...
In God we trust. Count it, Pinky.
Count, shit.
You're dead, you hear? Dead.
I'll kill the son of a bitch
that leaves a bone unbroken in this nigga.
When you're all through,
meet me back at the place.
I'm gonna pay this money...
...then I'm gonna go and find his ho
and turn her out.
We're gonna whip the natural shit
out of you.
You fight back,
he shoots into the mouse.
Come on, baby.
Get me Emilio.
Right, Big Tuna.
No, no, just a friend,
about the winery job.
Hello, Emilio?
Listen to me, listen.
Today, they'll give you some money.
Look at it.
They'll give you back your own money.
No, no, no, I owe the don a favor.
Okay, bye.
- Hey, let's go to McDonald's.
- All right.
- Right on.
- Come on, man!
Okay, what did you call us for?
What? Man, I called you for your money.
Okay, Pinky, let's see the money.
Nobody's here, boss.
Where's the rest?
The rest of the money, Pinky?
You said a quarter of a million.
You ripped us off
and give us back our own money.
Boy, we're gonna turn you into fudge.
Your boys were so smart,
flying through the air like birds.
You tried to fool us.
Okay, baby.
And all along, we thought
it was another family hitting us.
What? What?
Hey, I don't know
what you're talking about.
You goddamn ape,
you made a monkey out of us.
Now, we want the money
and the pictures.
Yeah, and I'm gonna show you
how we play pool too.
Wait, I've been set up.
Set up.
Black Belt set me up.
Hey, where could I get boys
that jump through the air?
Shit, Tuna, if Jelly jumps anywhere,
it's gotta be down.
We got the wrong boy.
So when the New York Karate Team comes
to the Olympics, I'll be with them.
And after that, what? Marriage?
Hell, no.
Maybe I'll come back to California
and get a building for the school.
- And enjoy my money.
Look, maybe we should get together
before you leave.
- Was it that funny?
- Yes.
I wouldn't jam with you
if my life depended on it.
Well, I'll be a son of a bitch.
Yes, Mr. Jones. I know what I've got.
If you want it, you gotta take it.
Take it?
I could do that.
But I don't need no woman that badly.
What's the matter, you a faggot?
Why, you henhouse.
My cookie would kill you.
I'm gonna make you sweat.
- One way and then the other.
- Come on.
Come on, baby.
Now you're getting me mad.
Got you.
- Let me go.
Put me down.
Got you.
- I'll be.
- Now you're really making me mad.
Oh, shoot.
Damn it.
Move over.
Shh. Got you.
What's going on outside?
I don't wanna find out.
Give me Tom Roberts.
Well, find him, quick.
Black Belt Jones.
Look, I gotta go. Tell him the cover
is blown and Tuna's got the jaws.
I'll be heading east toward the city.
Shit. Yeah?
We got you surrounded, nigga.
The money and the pictures.
Ten cents for every three minutes, Pinky.
I swear to God, I'm gonna educate you.
- Come on.
- Wait a minute, I gotta put these on.
- We haven't got time, come on.
- But...
You cats believe in nonviolence?
Well, don't say anything
when I take your car, all right? Dig it?
- That's him!
- Get that mother!
Here, use this.
You don't need these.
What the hell is that?
- Panties.
That son of a bitch
threw his panties in my face?
Hey, brother, they're trying to rape
a sister in here.
Where are we?
- I don't know.
But we gotta keep moving, baby.
There he is.
Shit, they stopped.
We're trapped.
Get out.
Get out.
Get over by the truck. Get over there.
Goddamn it,
he's trying to scald us to death.
- Now what happened?
- Keep going!
I think I hit a car, boss.
Look out.
Oh, poor thing.
Oh, poor baby.
Come on. Get in there.
That's right.
I think we got them all.
We did it.
Let's go make a delivery. Come on.
- You're late again.
Only just to make you look good.
- I ought to go up the side of your head.
- Yeah.
Goddamn it!
I'm from New Orleans!
I wanna see my lawyer!
You can't do that to me!