Black Blooded Brides of Satan (2009) Movie Script

...Armed conflicts have demanded the lives of 50 people.
The situation is extremely complicated.
We are standing by and reporting as the events unfold.
Moving on to domestic news.
In Helsinki, a dead body just found on the shore of Marjaniemi
is the fourth gruesome finding within the past six months.
The police are now convinced that there is
one person responsible for all the murders.
The previous body turned up at Soukka,
Espoo, about a month ago.
All the victims have been young women and
have had no clothes on when found.
The police report that this has complicated the identification
of the victims and they welcome tips from the public.
A reward will be paid for vital information
of the whereabouts of the killer.
Then to other issues of the day...
The scandalous involvement of the
Minister of Culture and Sports...
Russian whores!
Turn it off or at least turn down the volume!
We have to find an apartment for Linda...
and a boyfriend as well.
This is driving me crazy.
But she does have a boyfriend, Rami.
Yeah, but I mean she should get a real man!
That punk is no good.
When are we going?
Want me to bring something over?
Who's calling at this hour?
Give it back!
You can have it back when you get your thesis done.
I cannot hire you before you graduate
from HSE School of Economics.
Give back my phone!
Get the fucking camera rolling!
Yeah yeah, I got it.
Suck it!
Fuck that!
Sorry, what can I do...
Did you come already?
Next round, you junkie whore!
It will be a pleasure to kill you!
Have you seen them before?
Yeah, didn't we go to see this somewhere?
You probably were so fucking drunk
you can't remember a thing.
Hi. What's up girls?
Hi. Nothing much.
Did Jukka come along?
Nah, we're no longer an item.
- Well, that lasted long
- Yeah, again...
Well, I guess it can't be helped...
when does the band start?
Pretty soon, want to go in?
Yeah, let's go, I don't want to miss the last band.
Yeah, it's getting a bit cold here, let's go.
Are you coming?
Got a couple of friends over there
... I'll catch you up later.
Shit. No answer.
- You have a new cell phone?
- Yeah, my dad took the one I had before.
Your dad? Why?
Because I talked to Rami on the phone last night.
Dad thinks I should get my thesis done in a
record time, so I could work for his company.
Also, he thinks Rami is a loser.
According to him, Johan was a cool guy.
God what an asshole!
- You ever thought of getting him wacked?
- Hey, please!
Well, I 'borrowed' a phone from the company...
the old one was shitty anyway.
So, what's next?
Let's get going. Give him a call
on our way to your place.
I don't feel like going home yet.
So where have you been?
Nowhere. There was just a queue over there.
- Let's go to your place?
- Nah, I'll party on with Saku.
Let's move on, I'm tired of hanging around here.
Where to?
Anywhere. I don't feel like calling it a night yet.
Shit... I'm taking off with Paula and Marja.
But... let's stay in touch, ok?
Yeah, sure.
Come on guys.
Look, I still got this bottle of vodka in my
handbag. Should we go party somewhere?
And now you tell us. Pass the fucking bottle
around. Stop hogging it all to yourself.
I'll pass.
- Well, be that way and be dry
- Got the morning shift tomorrow.
I don't want to get sacked for the third time
this year for net getting up in the morning.
Well, you got to go home or want to go
sit at a park or something?
No, I don't have to go anywhere.
But I'm freezing my ass off here.
Got to get to some place warm.
Let's go to my place. You can stay
for the night if you want.
I don't know if I'll stay, but we'll empty
this bottle tonight, that's for sure.
Maybe we'll save some for later
I don't feel like going anywhere now...
but I'll see you around.
Ok, see ya!
Jukka? What the fuck is he doing here?!?
Maybe you guys didn't split up after all.
We did alright... He made it crystal
clear last time around.
Fuck it, Let's carry him inside.
Goddamit he's heavy!
Let's leave him here.
Want to play some records?
Listen... maybe I should leave...
Why? Because of Jukka? He's asleep.
We'll have some booze and listen
to some tunes, okay?
Listen to this. It's something from
Marja's collection of albums.
She's in on the thing I've told you about.
In fact, she's the one who talked me into it.
Anything could happen there.
You wouldn't believe all the things that
I've experienced during the past year.
That power...
that's where I found Jukka, too...
What a find...
Yeah... this is just a passing stage...
There's someone there whom
I really want. Our leader.
Or rather, he's called 'the Magister'.
He's something truly different,
mystic... and dangerous.
Unlike these other guys, thirteen in a dozen.
I see what you mean...
but I really got to get going.
Tomorrow's a school day.
Will you be okay here with him, by yourself?
I guess so... been okay so far...
See you around.
Hey, Linda, where the fuck are you going to?
- Where have you been?
- I told you I was going to a concert.
- What kind of concert lasts 'til 4 in the a. m?
Why the fuck should it concern you?
I went to Paula's afterwards.
You're drunk! Haven't I told you we
don't tolerate alcohol in this family?
You are grounded for a week!
I don't give a fuck. You have no say over me.
Oh I call the shots here alright, this is my house!
I'll move out then!
Go right ahead.
Where are you going?
I don't live here anymore!
Come back here! You're not going anywhere!
Hey... what are you doing here at this hour?
- Let me in and I'll tell you about it.
- I can't, got work tomorrow, got to get some sleep now.
Come on,just for a minute, to warm up a bit?
Tell that bitch to fuck off and come to bed.
I'll be there in a sec.
What is this?
What did I do wrong?
You did nothing wrong.
I'm just tired of hanging around with you.
Aguy just can't be with one woman forever.
How can you say that?
We've only been together for a couple of months.
That's just the way it is.
No, no it really isn't!
Well, I don't care. Bye and thanks for everything.
Who was that?
No one.
I wish you'd fucking die.
Paula, are you there?
What's up?
Rami just left me. He's got someone else.
That asshole! Every guy is the same.
Rami isn't like other guys!
Yeah, right...
Can I stay here for a while?
Dad threw me out from home and
I've been walking the streets all night.
Sure, stay as long as you need to.
Thanks, I love you.
You can bunk with Jukka.
Better not take too much of your clothes off.
- He'll fuck anything with a heartbeat.
- Thanks for the warning.
Sleep tight, I need to get to work soon.
I'll try.
Let's talk more after I get back from work...
Want to experience a whole new world?
Wow. I bet you haven't tried this before, Linda.
I don't know.
What are you waiting for?
Take it, for fuck's sake!
I really don't know
Quickly! Take it. While I'm here.
Well go on, take it, or do you need help at it?
Not for mama's girls.
What is this anyway?
Who cares? It'll make you feel fine.
I suppose that's true, yeah.
What the fuck is that? Put it away!
He got it from his dad's estate.
Quite something, eh?
You could send a few priests and a parishioners to meet their
Maker so they wouldn't contaminate the world for the rest of us.
Eh, Hi Maria.
You fuckers have already started!
I want some, too.
Oops, sorry.
So, what did you think of the records?
They send a fucking awesome message.
Where did you get them?
The Magister gave them to me.
I wonder if I could borrow them some time.
I bet you haven't heard anything like it before.
How would you know? I'm not all that
new to this, thank you very much.
Do you two always have to fight?
You know what was so cool about the 9/11?
The planes crashing into those fucking skyscrapers!
Agod attacks another, while Satan laughs at it all!
You've lost it.
You stupid cow, did you forget to take your meds?
Paula, Paula, help me... I'm dizzy...
Linda! What's the matter?
How many goddamn pills did we give her?
Okay, we're on our way there.
We got to get moving.
What's so important now?
Another body's just been found.
A young woman.
All cut up and naked?
Right on. Same M.O. Looks like the same unsub.
Where was she found?
You'll see. You are driving the car.
Do you mind calling the relatives?
Not at all, I'll take care of it.
Let's see what these bozos want.
They're always the first to arrive at a scene...
scavenging for glory and credit.
Hi. Good to see you, been a while.
I suppose you got a nice little surprise waiting for us.
Yeah, I wouldn't have dragged your
asses here otherwise, wouldn't I?
It's so goddamn cold here and all, I'd rather
be at the office doing some paperwork.
Stop complaining, you like this anyway.
Why else would you always be the first one
around whenever a fresh corpse is found?
This way.
Here's our jogger, he found our 'bride', a cold one, though.
We'll talk to him, but let's have a look at the body first.
Ok, it's that way... but be fucking careful and don't mess
up the scene. Forensics haven't finished their job yet.
Hey, if you knew what to do around here, they wouldn't have
sent us here to continue the investigation, now would they?
Well, why is the fucking case still open then?
... fucking dickhead...
- Fuck me!
- Who would do something like this?
Someone who's totally lost it.
The slash to the neck is similar to other
victims, it's got to be our guy.
Think she's been raped as well?
We'll hear that from the pathologist.
Everything points towards sex out of consent, not rape.
So why kill the girls then? Aren't sex
and bondage enough anymore?
Do they really have to kill them too?
The world is full of all kinds of sickos.
I don't think they'll let you in, you haven't
been through the initiation.
Initiation? What do you mean?
Wasn't this supposed to be just a party?
Not quite..
So why the fuck did you drag me here then?
Because this relates to the thing
we've been talking to you about.
You're here so the Magister could have a look at you.
The initiation is a secret ritual, carried out
when a new member is about to join.
What it is... mustn't be explained, and it would
be hard to, even if allowed.
- Why?
- Hard to say.
So... you don't remember your initiation?
Hey, you stay right are, and behave yourself.
Told you so, Linda can't come in.
I suppose they think you're not ready yet.
Ready? For what?
Are you going to be in there long?
Can't say, sometimes it takes a while, sometimes not.
Believe me, this is worth coming here.
They want to see if you can be patient. So, whatever
you do, don't start banging at the door.
If I'm not here when you come out,
it means I've gone home.
Hey, go wait over there, the seats are comfortable.
Come and drink, for our Lord has
arrived amongst us tonight.
He shall bring a new member into our family.
Is there someone there?
Who's there?
Stop it!
I mean it!
Someone there? Stop messing
around, It's not funny!
Waky, waky.
What time is it?
It's quite late. Get up
So... you took your own sweet time in there.
Yeah, you should've just gone home.
I fell asleep pretty fast.
Well good, you didn't get bored waiting, then.
- Don't believe in those demons!
- Get the fuck out of here!
Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Good young man! Please!
Jesus saves.
A sea of fire shall swallow you up.
You fucking biblethumper!
No, don't!
Is Linda ready for a meeting?
I have tried to...
Have you done what I told you to do?
The thing with Linda is...
Prepare Linda for the ceremony.
I want her in, now.
She might not be ready yet...
Paula, tomorrow, 9 p. m. She's ready, now or never.
No, really! She's not ready!
That is for me to decide!
Martin Stenmann?
This is senior detective Falck at
Central Criminal Police speaking.
You reported your daughter missing?
I am sorry to bother you with this, but the girl was naked
when she was found and we have no idea as to her identity.
She's a match by her age, at least.
It's a bit chilly in here...
Unfortunately, this is many times the
only way to identify the deceased.
I understand
No, fortunately she's not our Linda.
Stop and listen to the word of the Lord and how Jesus
Christ has bled on the cross to bring salvation to you.
Let's go quick, I don't want to hear this.
Fucking asshole. You'll bleed soon, too,
if you don't stop that racket.
So, here we are.
And you're Linda, I gather.
You are Linda.
Yeah, Paula said I could join this time around...
I've heard...
You don't just come and join like that.
Does she know what she's saying?
I've told her what I am allowed to tell.
Are you ready to take this step?
There is no turning back afterwards.
I know what I'm about to do.
Good, sit down for a minute, we'll talk.
You'll meet your friend later.
You, who has given her name away.
You've come to swear an eternal oath
and receive a new name...
...and to give yourself to our Lord, Satan.
By stepping in here to Satan's temple
you've taken the first step to fulfil your oath
and to turning your back on Christianity...
Let these legions of his bear
witness to this diabolic ritual.
I ask you, before the face of our Lord Satan:
are you ready to turn you back on Jesus of Nazareth, to
abandon all of his dogma, all of what He stands for?
I am.
Are you ready to be wedded to
Satan and be His, forever?
I am.
Take, then, that symbol off your neck, break it
and trample it to the dust of the earth!
Get ready for the ceremony.
Drink the black blood of our family, so it would
eternally course through your veins, too.
You have now abandoned your God and
become Satan's bride. You are now reborn.
When I give a command, you will obey!
The suffering is now yours.
Good evening. How may I help you?
I would like to see a priest.
- It's very late. Could you come again tomorrow?
- Let me in, I have to see him.
What little lamb of God do we have here?
I need help...
Come on in.
Have a seat.
I was just reading the Bible here...
And a fine book it is...
how may I be of service?
I am exhausted.
A young, pretty lady like you?
Is your way of living healthy?
I don't know... it's not that.
Ijust don't want to live anymore.
Low in spirit?
Please, take your jacket off
and sit down, let's talk.
Here you have nothing to be afraid of.
I'm through! I can't take it anymore!
Well now! What's this here?
Have you strayed onto the wrong path?
I can't talk about it.
Why not?
Just because.
You are corrupt in the soul!
Don't you remember what happened to the people of
Israel when Moses wasn't there to look after them?
You are now in the same situation. Only the
grace of our Lord can save your soul.
We must pray.
I don't know how.
I will pray with you, my child.
Our sweet Lord.
Let your merciful light come
over your daughter.
Give her strength to pull herself
out of the claws of Baal.
Support us in this battle
against your enemies
and bless us with your love that
protects us from all evil.
Do you feel any better?
I don't think any prayer will help me.
We have to start your treatment by
tending to the physical wounds first.
Mens sana i corpora sano, a healthy mind
in a healthy body, you know.
The congregation has a proper cure for this.
Please, take your shirt off, lie down on the
sofa so we'll cure your wounds.
I think I have to get going now...
You have nothing to fear here.
We'll take care you... you were one of our children.
Lie down and I'll rub this
ointment on your wounds.
In the name of Jesus Christ...
Yeah, thanks. I think this is enough.
No. Your wounds may get inflamed.
In the name of Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost...
Let go of me!
No! Your treatment isn't over yet!
You fucking pervert!
God bless her.
You have at least started the investigation?
Maybe your boss knows something?
You'll be informed, ask Falck
for more information.
Look who I found wandering the corridors.
- Good day.
- Good day.
So, you still have no information on Linda?
No... our resources for locating
missing persons are limited.
This city is what it is, we got our hands full.
But you do have to find her somehow.
Well... the most probable thing
is that she's alive and well.
Maybe she's at her friend's place somewhere.
Do you know who her friends are?
No... she used to date this headbanger...
but I don't think it worked out.
Or then it did. Maybe they're living together.
Hell no!
I take it that you didn't like the guy?
Do you know his name?
No. No I didn't like him. His name was... Rami, I think.
I met him once and that was enough.
He was just a punk.
Afucking work-shy hippie, dresses
like some goddamn vampire.
Helsinki is full of guys like that.
Girls seem to like that type...
Have you tried to get in touch with him?
I don't know where he lives.
Maybe you should go see check out
heavy metal concerts and bars...
You are the ones who should be helping me!
The girl's now reported missing and
that's all that can be done, for now.
Besides, Linda is an adult and therefore
does whatever she chooses.
Even if we find her, it isn't sure
that she wants to come home.
Well fuck this!
Could I get the address to the following
phone number, please: 0400-73...
Hi. Could I speak to Rami Harma?
Wait a sec.
Rami, there's some fucking fossil
out here asking for you.
What the hell do you want?
So sorry to disturb you.
Have you seen Linda lately?
None of your fucking business.
Watch your language, kid! Linda has gone
missing and I want to find her.
Well what do you expect
if you throw her out!
- That's not quite what happened, to be precise...
- Well, what happened then, to be precise?
We had an argument... and Linda is unable
to deal with her emotions now.
She's so young. I'd like to settle
things down with her.
I think that season has passed.
How come?
She's hanging around with some
really crazy people now.
So you have seen Linda?
In passing. I don't know much about
what's going on with her.
But hey, I can tell her to call you if I see her.
That'd be great. Thank you, Rami.
I have no recollection of calling you here.
I'm going away for a while.
I have to. I can't take this anymore.
How do you figure you're going anywhere?
Your soul belongs to Satan now,
and the oath is eternal.
You think this a fucking sewing
circle or something?
The only exit is death and that is an exit
only from the world, not Satan.
I've heard that there is another way.
What are you talking about?
Others have left, too. Like that Danish girl,
she's been away for a long time.
With her we made special arrangements...
but it's not that simple.
Not simple at all.
Couldn't you make arrangements in my case, too?
You could just kill yourself. It would
probably be easier for everyone.
our Lord needs no weaklings or
quitters among his flock.
Would you be ready to leave and give it all up?
Yes! I really want out!
I can't take these nightmares, someone being present
all the time, someone talking inside my head.
...and the shadows...
And I can't even switch off the lights anymore!
I've brought a new member with me,
doesn't that count for something?
I'll see what I can do.
But I make no promises.
In the end, it's all up to our Lord Satan.
And now, out!
Try at least, will you?
Get out!
Mom, it's me Paula.
I need your help!
Are you there?
You need no fucking help,just money, again.
I need your help, for real!
Go to the streets and put out!
Please mom!
Fuck off bitch and don't call me
again, you've ruined my life!
Parliament House, Helsinki
Why are you calling at working hours?
I have a new victim.
Whenever. Everything's ready.
Go for it. The pay is the same.
It's not enough. More is needed.
It's getting dangerous. Too many in too short a time.
I see.
You'll get an extra ten.
That ought to be enough, right?
Good, I'll start the production.
When do you need the movie?
Saturday, a week from now.
I think so, I'll keep you informed.
And now, listen good.
No more phone calls at this time.
You're really not coming?
No, I'm not. Not feeling too good.
You'll rouse the Magister's anger.
The meetings are mandatory.
I am too tired to care.
You should care.
Besides, you'd feel better there, more powerful...
You better believe it! I am not coming!
Well, I am going.
I feel like a whole new person.
I am no longer running away crying.
Not anymore, now that I've found
some meaning to my life.
Stay away from that den of sin,
you, young people!
The blood of Jesus Christ has
been shed for you!
Fuck off!
He has washed away your sins.
Don't go in there...
Where is Paula?
She was sick and stayed home.
Nothing justifies the absence
from a satanic ritual!
I bet she won't be too keen on the idea.
We'll do so. But don't take too long,
I'll follow you soon.
I won't.
Paula? Are you ok?
The only exit is death, that's
what the Magister told me.
Come on, don't be that way. You must not
harbor thoughts like that in your head.
Linda, you can stay and live here in my
place. Just take care of the rent.
What are you talking about?
Where are you going to?
To Hell.
That's been my destination for quite some time now.
This is the terminal point.
Take care of yourself.
Stop talking like that!
Paula! No, no!
Paula! Fuck!
Linda, we got to split!The cops will be here
any second, everyone heard this.
Who the hell is it at this time of the night?
Whoever it is, tell them to call at a better time.
What the fuck do you want?
Why are you calling now?
We have a problem. The chick who was supposed
to be on the video just went and shot herself.
Well, you got other people
to choose from over there.
It's not that fucking simple!
I have no time for fooling around.
I already have a buyer, from Spain. You
get me that movie and that's that!
Well, who was it?
My stupid assistant,
plastered out of his mind.
I guess I'll have to fire him.
Sleep now. We got the trip to the
zoo with the kids tomorrow.
Shit! A young girl like her,
why would she do it?
Kids these days,
they got all kinds of problems.
But that solves nothing.
No, but we have no idea of her troubles...
broken heart, money, who knows?
Paula, Linda... the door is open!
Hey, who are you?
I am Jukka, Paula's boyfriend,
on and off... what the fuck?!
Your girlfriend took her own life earlier today.
Do not touch anything.
Fuck! No!
The investigation is still open,
nothing can be done now.
A most unfortunate event...
but presumably no homicide, though.
We're pretty sure it's a suicide.
Have you any idea why Paula would
do something like this?
Talk, silence doesn't help now.
Did Paula have problems at home?
No... she hadn't seen her
mother in a couple of years.
What about her father then?
She had no father.
With whom did she associate herself with?
Besides you, that is.
Did Paula have close friends?
Linda lived with her... and me, now and then.
Wait a minute... Linda who?
I don't know her last name.
They were best friends.
Linda moved to Paula's flat, she couldn't
put up with her father anymore.
Linda Stenman? Age 22?
Do you know where we can find Linda?
No. You have to believe me, I haven't
seen her in a couple of weeks.
Well, you were with her somewhere.
Any ideas where she might be now?
- Good day.
- Good day.
Come in.
We've had some progress in our investigations.
Have you found Linda?
Not yet, but we found her best friend.
Great, maybe she knows
where my daughter is.
Hardly. We found Paula
Mantylahti dead at her apartment.
No. All evidence points to suicide.
Bloody hell! Is there any trace of her?
What kinds of people is she involved with?
No idea. But Paula's boyfriend knew that Linda
had been living there, at Paula's apartment.
You have to tell someone to keep
an eye on his place then.
Done already. If she shows up there,
we'll catch her and bring her to you.
You can figure out your problems
with her then by yourselves.
In any case we've
established that she's okay.
Finally we're making at
least some progress.
We'll contact you when
something new turns up.
HiTove. It's me. Those fucking
cops get nothing done.
We must find Linda by ourselves.
Could you look for her?
I don't know, restaurants, bars...
she's got to be somewhere.
The church. Someone there might know
where the youth hang out these days.
No, do it now!
Can I really go to Sunday school, mom?
Yes, you can get started next Monday. Welcome.
Great, thanks. Good bye.
Good day.
Good day. What can I do for you?
I came to see the priest.
He's busy right now. Did you have an appointment?
No, but I want to see him anyway.
Jaakko, Jaakko. Appointment is not necessary.
The Lord will hear when people call out to Him.
Enter, please.
Leave your coat here and follow me, please.
Have a seat.
What can I do for you? Is your soul in search of peace,
as is the case with so many of us today?
I am worried for my daughter, Linda.
Linda... what is her last name?
Stenman. I am Tove Stenman.
The name doesn't sound familiar. Do you happen
to have a picture of your daughter?
A young, pretty girl.
And surrounded by dangers!
How old is she?
Such a tender age. Many girls of her
age are emotionally quite confused.
Some of them even turn their backs to the Lord...
even though He looks after the lost ones as well.
Is Linda familiar to you?
Perhaps. Agirl who looks very much like that little sparrow of a
daughter of yours, likes to hang around a local den of evil here.
That den... where even the light
of God can not shine to!
Where? Has she gotten into trouble?
Maybe I could put it this way: God doesn't
appreciate what she's been doing lately.
Is she guilty of some criminal actions?
Worse! She's abandoned her Saviour and worships
Lucifer, like so many before our time.
Already back in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah...
What has she done? Be more specific, for crying out loud!
Go and see for yourself.
At one end of this building, there's a small
path leading to a forest nearby.
That I will definitely do.
My daughter isn't like that. I don't
believe a word of any of this!
What the hell are you doing here?
I want to speak to my daughter.
There's no one in here.
She's there alright. I saw her through the window.
You got exactly 10 seconds to get out of here.
After that I am not responsible for what happens.
Get Linda here or I'll call the police.
To hell with you!
Who the hell could that be?
What the fuck do you want again? You think you
can just barge in whenever you feel like it?
Excuse me for disturbing you, but I just had to
come and ask about Linda. Has she been here?
No she still hasn't.
Have you heard that Paula killed herself?
No. I hadn't heard.
But it doesn't surprise me at all.
How come?
As I said, she used to hang around
with these crazy people.
What crazy people?
I'm tired of this conversation. We're in
the middle of watching a movie...
Tell me!Tell me what kind of people
she hangs around with!
Well... they're into Satan worshipping...
but, I don't know how serious they are.
They're a bunch of freaks anyway.
Paula was all confused as well.
Go check out the heavy metaljoints, go there.
Heavy metal joints? I see.
What the fuck did he want now?
I don't know. The guy's all messed up.
I would like to see my daughter...
...we have to investigate if we're called...
We're so sorry to have troubled you
It's ok. Just keep that crazy bitch away from here.
She'll bother you no more. Have a nice day.
Hello. At a pub. I'll be right there.
A pint of lager, please.
You can keep the change if you tell
me have you seen this girl.
She's been around.
So you have seen her?
She just looks a lot meaner now,
with her clothes, make-up and all.
Why do you ask?
Linda is my daughter and we're
on bad terms at the moment.
I see... how come?
It's a long story, but when was
the last time you saw her here?
She's usually here on weekends... and drunk, big time.
Could you give me a call the next time you see her here?
You dumb bastard! I am no fucking detective!
I have no time to keep an eye on who's coming or going.
I'll pay, naturally.
I am not the only one working here.
I'll pay 50 euros for one phone call.
Write the phone number behind the picture.
I'll call if I see any of your... daughters around.
And now, let's see some green.
There you go. Thanks.
Everyone here?
A plague has fallen on us. They're trying to
take one of our children away from us.
It can't be allowed!
If the message is to sink in, the punishment must be hard.
You know what to do.
Do it!
Who are you?
I know something about your daughter.
What do you know about her?
I cant' talk here, let me in.
No, tell me what you know and leave.
Let me in you fucking cow!
Open that fucking door you whore!
If you do not open, I will kill you!
Mom, what's going on?
Nothing. Nothing you should care about.
Go to your room.
Go to your room and stay there!
What is this? What are you doing here?
Go away, what in the name of God... what is this?
What have I done to you? What do you want from me?
Oh God!
Come here you slut!
Is there anyone else in the house?
Is there?!
Go and make sure.
Now you're going to suffer.
Did you really think you could interfere with our business?
Stop it!
You fucking slut!
Goddamn what a whore!
You liked it, go on, admit it.
Look what I found, a little whore!
Let her go!
Oh, your brat.
You are next!
Let my daughter go!
Shut the fuck up!
Her cunt has already been smeared!
Fuck her in the ass then.
Oh my God!
Your rotting god can't help you now!
Stop it! Mercy!
Fucking whore!
Don't let that little whore get away!
Fuck! I couldn't grab her.
If you tell anyone about this, you're dead.
And not just you, but all of your fucking family!
Linda is now ours!
You fucking whore!
Hi honey.
Shit! I am really wasted.
Oh, you're awake.
Now you're really going to get laid. You need it.
Good night.
What's the situation?
We got no one now, no one.
When will the next one be ready?
It will take a month or two, at least.
That won't do. You have two days.
The shooting must get started as soon as possible.
I can't just find someone out of the blue.
No choice!The Spaniards want the movie in a week!
Your life is worth nothing to them,
if they don't get what they want.
Try to get that through your thick skull!
Even so. It really is impossible.
Two days. Then - production...
or you'll suffer the consequences.
Well fuck me. I'll see what I can do.
But I will have no threats from you again.
You make this happen.
I'll have the tape by Friday noon.
Sir Minister, are you ready?
Ijust hung up. One minute.
The press conference is in five minutes.
The reporters are waiting.
Thank you.
Linda is in a cottage behind the parish house.
Are you sure you'll find your way there?
Yes, I've got your map, don't I? I'll be there soon.
Be careful, they are dangerous people. They can
do anything, you can't go inside just like that.
I can take care of myself.
Well? What is it?
These nightmares just won't stop. They
started when Paula killed herself.
I am all confused and empty inside. I have to
get out for a while so I can think straight.
Away? Where to?
Home! I've got to go home!
No! You were aware of this when you joined us.
I made this very clear.
You are now wedded to Satan.
You serve Him here now, where you belong.
We are now your family.
Would you really want to return to that
world of weaklings and losers?
Back to your father?
Back to him, who "values" you and
your opinion ever so much?
But I have to!
I don't want to quit all this, but my
parents need to know I am okay.
They are worried.
Back to your room, soon you'll notice
you don't miss your past.
I won't! My best friend just killed
herself, can you grasp that?!
Listen. If you leave
I'll put this little video on the internet.
I bet your parents would very much
like to know the contents of this.
What is that?
Oh, nothing much.
Your initiation.
We record everyone's initiation.
Would you like to see the one with your friend Paula on it?
We got loads of footage of her.
On the other hand... Paula was weak
...and does not deserve to belong to our Lord's servants.
What the fuck did you do to me?
Ijust performed the usual ritual,
and you were there of your own free will.
You bastard, you raped me!
I certainly did not!
You practically begged you could get in.
Your former, weak Christian self had to be destroyed
and desecrated, so you could be reborn.
Now you're on your way towards
the fulfilment of your wishes
You're among the strong, on your way to
destroy the weak, to get your vengeance.
Fucking raper!You're not interested in Satan.
You're in this for completely other reasons!
Quiet! How dare you question my faith in the Lord?
The Lord? You're a fucking fake!
I'm out of here!
I really thought this was something grand and good..
You probably think you destroyed the original.
I might as well tell you about the originals, the
digital recordings are in a vault. In a bank.
It's really easy to make copies of them.
Again and again.
Shit!What have I gotten into?
Give me the originals, please, be so kind.
Worshipping Satan is never about
being kind! It's about loyalty!
That's what it's all about, along with the belief in a dark might.
A might which grants us power when we need to be powerful.
I'll do anything!
How much do you want for the tapes?
You know very well there's only one exit.
Your friend Paula was weak, unlike you.
She deserved to die.
But things just can't go like this.
Maybe... maybe there is a way.
What? Tell me what it is, right now!
Avery extreme way.
Some girls got out with the help of it.
Without a curse of everlasting nightmares.
But I can't guarantee anything.
Satan doesn't let go easily of those in His grip.
I want to do what they did. I can't take these nightmares.
I can barely fall asleep and when
I finally do, I see horrible things.
Now I see those things even when I'm awake.
If you take part in this ritual, it might set you free.
Who knows.
But not permanently.
Your soul is still wedded to Satan.
If you go back running to Jesus of Nazareth, we will kill you.
I don't want out completely. I just need time.
But we don't want weaklings or those
who have renounced their faith.
Maybe this ritual is necessary, indeed.
We will see when our Lord lets us know what He wants.
All of this is confusing me.
I'd really want to believe, but how can I?
After all I've been through?
We'll get you over this, get up.
Just go through the ritual,
we'll see what can be done after that.
Is he here?
Just came in. He's over there, in the corner.
But hey, hey.
It would be really nice if you didn't
meet here anymore... because...
Hi. Things have been fucking slow lately...
...are you in need of actors?
Some friction in the bloody machinery...
but things are looking up now.
- Cool. Have you found a new star?
- Yeah, she's better than anyone else so far.
You, fuck off. Go brush your teeth or
something and bring me a drink.
- How soon can you get the cameras ready?
- Right now, if necessary. Everything's been ready for a long time.
I've been anxious for a new production.
A bit low on cash, if you know what I mean.
The client is in somewhat of a hurry.
Can you shoot tomorrow?
Ijust fucking told you! Everything's good to go!
Bring the bitch over to the studio tomorrow
evening and we'll get it done.
How's the money? Did you get a better price?
We get extra for this one. Ten thousand.
It pays off to have a good man in the middle.
The Spaniards are in a big hurry. They
want someone's head on a platter.
Even I've been threatened.
- So what the fuck's been keeping you?
- I just fucking told you about the problems!
Besides, it's hard to find employees...
Yeah, whoever is in, is soon 'out'. A 100% turnover rate.
Come to the studio tomorrow evening, we'll shoot it.
OK. See you tomorrow.
The drink!
Shit! Linda!
What the hell have you done?
I'm so tired, I just can't go on. Satan is
calling me to Him, away from here.
He whispers in my ear and shows me things.
Shows how much better everything will be.
Get a hold of yourself! I promised you, didn't I?
You wanted time off, right?
What the hell am I going to do with you?
Can I really get out?
Yes! We're going tonight.
Where to?
Some other place.
The last ritual can be performed only
there. You do want time off?
Yes... I'll do anything.
Good. Let's go get bandages to your
wrists. You'll be fine soon.
Everything ready soon?
Yeah, won't be long now.
She's a pretty girl. You are going to
get yourselves a good movie.
When can we start?
I'll be ready in five minutes.
Five minutes! So fucking slow!
What a little slut we had before this one!
I wonder where they find all these bitches...
She wasn't much of a whore.
I wish the next one is a hell of a lot tighter package.
Yeah, at least a blonde or something...
Let's go and have a look at what
they've got in store for us this time.
Get your fat asses moving will ya,
we got a movie to shoot!
Coming coming, but wasn't the shooting
supposed to start tomorrow?
If I say today, it's today and not tomorrow!
Try to fucking realize that other
people got their schedules too!
Who the fuck is that?
No idea, caught him lurking around over there.
Who the hell are you?
Martin Stenman. I am looking for the real estate
broker. I thought this place was for sale.
Like hell it is. The place opposite to this is, though.
I see. Sorry for disturbing you.
I can see myself out, thank you.
What's the girls name?
Linda what?
Linda Stenman.
Dad, help me!
Well, well, well! Our starlet's father decided
to come see a movie in the making!
Tie her up.
Do you have any idea of what went on in
our house when you were out partying?
I was raped and brought to shame in my own home,
in front of the eyes of our younger daughter.
If I've ever needed you, that was the time.
I can't live with what happened yesterday.
I simply can not live.
Please forgive me. Take care of yourself and the family.
P.S. Don't be too hard on Laura and Linda
when they come back home.
Our audience is finally awake, now we're in business.
Turn on the fucking camera, you!
Your daughter's got a real tight pussy.
Stop it!
Your daughter's getting laid, look closely.
Look now. She's a good daughter,
she's got what it takes to be a star.
Stop! I'll pay any sum you want.
Sum? We don't care about money,
we're in this for the art of it.
Fucking perv, you'd want a part in this, wouldn't you?
Your brat is dead soon.
Linda! Linda they are going to kill you!
Linda, my little one...
My own dear daughter...
Dad, I hate you...
Hey, pack up the gear so we can get the fuck out of here.
This was goddamn awesome.
I'll deliver the footage to the buyer, the Minister of...
Oops, almost slipped there.
He'll be happy, for sure.
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain
What the fuck should we do with him?
Let him burn in hell.
I bet you got some good ideas.
I suppose I do have.
Don't make it too easy for him.
He almost ruined a good movie.
And our Lord shalljudge him on the Armageddon Day.
That will be an ugly sight.
We can't record this.
Nobody would pay anyway.
Take the tape to the buyer tonight.
Tell him we have to take a break now.
Yeah, we're running out of movie stars.
Get that fucking carcass out of here.
I'll see you in hell.
Now let's have some fun!
Oh dear God!
What, how does this sound so familiar?
Oh yeah, your wife said the same thing!
Tove, what have you done toTove?
At this point I just have to say that
your rotting god can not help you!
Well! What little lamb of God have we here?
Don't be afraid. I am a priest.
Come, let's go inside together.
Let's find your parents, too.
Come on.