Black Book (2006) Movie Script

Black Book
Israel, October 1956
We will now make a short stop in what is called a kibbutz
Be back in the bus in 15 minutes.
Enjoy your visit.
(Ronnie) I'll make a photograph.
You are disturbing the lesson.
You may watch, but not make pictures.
I speak hebrew.
But you speak dutch?
Aren't you Ellis de Vries
from The Hague?
El... What are you doing here?
I live here, this is my country.
-Are you jewish?
What are you doing in Israel?
accompanying my husband.
Him, with that collar.
George. He suddenly 'got religion'.
Because of the war, the doctor says.
So:a lot of Jesus and no sins like that.
It's nice and quiet at night.
The last man i saw you with,
wasn't he a Canadian
That's him .
That's my Canadian.
George. A friend from Holland,
from the war.
How the hell did you end up here?
Next stop is Kapernaum.
This is where Jesus performed his
first healing miracle.
Bye sweetheart. I'll write.
I'll send pictures. Bye Ellis.
Rachel Rosenthal.
I am married.
Write down, Rachel Rosenthal
De kibbutz Stein.
-Shalom.That's what it's called isn't Shalom?
Holland, September 1944
And Jesus said..
Light of the world...
light of life...
Jantje. Stientje. You're up today.
- Good morning, mrs. Tjepkema.
- Good morning.
Good morning, children.
Good morning, miss
-Good morning, Rachel
We promised not to say Rachel anymore,
remember? Never
It's clearing up. Tonight
I want the stables clean.
alright, boss.
At your seats, go.
Father, could you do a prayer?
Our guest probably learned
a new text.
Good, close your eyes.
And jesus spoke again to them:
I am the light of the world.
Who will follow me, shall not
walk in darknes...
...but will have the light of life.
Beautiful, and no slip of the tongue.
Stientje, give her a plate.
If the jews had listened to Jesus...
...then they wouldn't have had
all this suffering. Then again...
please begin.
Hey, you there, girl.
English music is forbidden.
But not for naked girls
You're not funny. You scared me.
I thought you were a kraut.
How can I make it up to you?
Have me on the boat.
A ciggarette like that, i'd like as well.
What's that crazy guy doing?
-Getting rid of ballast, so he can ascend.
Get down.
What are you going to do?
-That's my hideout.
Wait. look: Germans.
You can't go back, come.
(unknown voice)
enjoy your meal, boy.
(ROB:) Hey, take it easy, boy.
# there's always one beneath the sun
# who's bound to make you feel that way
That voice on the record...
That's you.
-That was me.
In the old days. Before the war.
First you sing,
then you have to keep your mouth shut.
Here, my dad caught these for us.
That's sweet of him.
Will you light the stove?
Nice thing.
-You can keep it.
-a souvenir for you who saved me
How sweet.
Thank you.
With a positive side effect.
-What do you mean?
Now I don't have to spit anymore bible texts
to get any food.
A car.
It's a gasoline engine.
Miss Stein?
Rachel Stein?
I know you're here.
The germans have found your pass
at the burnt out farm.
Helmsman Maalderink, the krauts know
you were in the neighbourhood.
They wrote down the number of your sail.
Says who?
Come on.
one plus one is two, even for the krauts.
a hidden jewish woman
...and the only sailor around to
help is you.
What are you doing here?
-To warn you.
Soon the SD will come and arrest her
for transport to Poland.
And you and your family, will be
put in jail, for aiding jews.
How did this news reach you?
The police report of the krauts landed
in the hands of the The Hague police.
They gave it to us.
-Us? Who's us?
Us are us. Be happy, that there's so
many good cops, in Holland.
I wanted to tell you one thing.
Hide. NOW.
Good night.
Wasn't I clear enough?
-You have to help me and Rob to go into hiding.
With 'us' you mean the resistance. You're
with them. So you can help us, right?
Maybe yes, but it's dangerous.
-We'll take that risk.
Please don't let us down.
There's an escape route, through the Biesbosch.
I can get you to liberated territory.
Cross country, NOW?
That's madness
In a few weeks the tommy's will
be here and Holland will be liberated
Your Tommy's have been cut
to pieces at Arnhem
Choose: come with me or,
take care of yourself
Wait. we'll come.
Be ready tomorrow, 2 'o' clock.
I'll pick you up-
Don't bring too much, but make sure
you can hold out for a while.
It's here. I'll wait on the corner.
-I'm here for the notary.
I am Rachel Stein.
follow me,
I will check for you.
(Mrs. Smaal:) Wim, there's girl called Stein
here. Do you have a moment?
My husband can see you now.
- Rachel Stein.
My father said, to call for your
aid, whenever I'll be in trouble.
Every young lady, can call
herself Rachel Stein.
My parents and my little brother.
What can I do for you Rachel?
My hideout is blown up.
I have no papers, nothing.
I have a chance to cross
over to liberated area.
- Yes.
I will be needing money to
How much?
At least enough,
to last me a year.
100 grand?
No, that's impossible.
Half of it?
In dollars and jewels, if possible.
I don't want it to take up too much space.
You'll have to sign the receipt.
I have to justify this to your father
later on.
Do you know where my parents are?
No, I don't know
and I don't want to know.
Where do I sign?
Hold on.
You don't want to check first?
No, I trust you.
Rachel, you can't trust someone blindly.
Those times are over.
Checkpoint: Show me you papers.
Van Gein, from the SD,
with a load of arrested jews.
10 pieces
Check. You may continue. Have a good trip.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Come out.
Let's go.
Rachel. Rachel.
Max. That's my little brother.
We're here too.
my girl.
Sshh.. Be quiet, come, come
How did you get here?
-Throug. him.
He said, you were going to cross.
-Then we wanted to go too.
This is Rob, he helped me.
Don't push, be careful, go forward.
Come and sit.
Please, sit.
Hurry up boy.
He's just had an operation.
4 days ago.
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Could you throw away the plank?
You're not joing us?
No, the skipper will take
it from here.
safe travels
Lady, take that off.
It glows too much in the dark.
I keep it on even in my sleep.
Then move up your collar.
The krauts see everything.
Let's go.
Look: gingerbread. Saved it for a
party. That means now.
What happened to you?
Acute appendix infection.
He almost couldn't join us.
My notary found us doctor
just in time.
He operated him secretly.
-On the kitchen table.
Did mr. Smaal know where you were?
Of course. He gave us the
address of the hideout.
Odd, he kept repeating he
didn't know.
No, careful.
Where was your hideout?
-In the attic of a boring grocer's man
A socialist, but still good.
- but Brussels is better.
Now, we'll never be separated again, right?
Why are we going east?
How can you tell?
I used to be helmsman on a big ship.
Before the war.
Before the war I was on the
Holland-America line. I am zigzagging
Get out.
Show me your cargo.
Open up.
- But she's dead.
but it's a very bad disease.
- Typhus.
Open it.
Close it.
Man, I almost choked.
We never get any complaints.
At least a centimetre of space.
Can't do any wider, otherwise they'll notice.
-No, I mean in the rain.
I could hardly keep my face still.
You can clean yourself up over there.
Here, use this.
I don't know, how I will ever be
able to thank you.
You could untie these...
Take a hike, Joop.
Instead thank the people
who found you...
for warning us instead of
warning the SD.
We'll paint that.
Ellis de Vries.
You'll get used to the name.
Do you have a good ID?
All fine, dad. More than real.
Did you ever do any cooking?
-Yes, i used to at home, kosher.
There's no demand for that anymore.
-You can stay here.
But you'll have to work.
The harder, the better.
Her whole family was murdered,
by the SS.
Some time, we'll get back
to them, Ellis.
five month later
Ellis, come here.
We need a substitute.
Could you be a replacement.
Work is work.
-Even if it's dangerous?
What do I have to lose?
Your life.
She'll travel with me tomorrow?
The new courier, Ellis
I am Hans.
Have a seat.
Ok, everybody knows the procedure.
The group Kuipers handles the technical side.
.. we as KP will give cover.
At what time he'll arrive?
Wind direction?
Then you'll take the lead, Joop:
-You stay at 200 metres, Kees.
No further: I am not Jesse Owens.
Blue, Kees.
-And I give the signs.
Any further questions?
Then pass on the gin.
And what's my job in this boys club?
You can play my fiancee.
Just kissing around somewhat.
You'll be playing a couple.
So the krauts won't be paying attention.
Just kissing? That's all?
To the queen.
To Wilhelmina, Tim.
You old communist.
One minute to go. Let's begin.
Okay, can you take this?
Haven't had this for 2 years.
Ellis, you'll be carrying this tomorrow. Be
careful, there's radio equipment in there.
Music, nice.
Are we going to swing?
A transmitter receiver.
I am going to plant a microphone in
the head office of the SD.
But that's heavily guarded, right?
-I am a maintenance technician at the phone company.
The krauts need us all the time.
I can walk in and out, no problem.
Everything's prepared. I was
just waiting for this.
Is my stuff in there too?
I can't take this across the street.
'Handle with care' it says.
There's still some suitcases left in the office.
Start loading up, guys.
Hands up.
Don't move.
Oh my god, we took 5 lives.
What have we done?
It was them or us, Theo.
Let's load up, we have to leave.
I'll check outside.
Goddamn. He's such a cold one, Hans.
He's a top marksman.
-And if he had missed...
He never misses. Hans was the
best marksman of Pro Patria.
What's that?
-A student shooting club.
THE student marksman club.
Hans, Maarten and me were members.
And we work together for helping the jews.
Hans is great, he'll get you through anything.
No Kraut to be seen.
They were working on their own.
Take off their uniforms.
We can use everything.
We'll have to them a christian burial.
Oh yeah?
There are lots of deep holes here, Theo.
You can throw'em in there by yourself.
That's my gun. What did you think.
What did you think, I was thinking?
Check. Keep your ID's ready.
We're in love right?
Well.. here it goes.
Open all suitcases.
I'll shoot. You pull the emergency brake.
Leave the train and run. Can't think of anything else.
Stay away from me, you dirty bastard.
(German:) good day.
Can I help you?
-Thank you.
Heavy, huh?
Beautiful ladies, should not carry
heavy bags.
My records and my phonograph.
Thank you.
- You like music, very much?
That's my job.
I used to be a singer, before the war.
Ellis de Vries.
-Ludwig Mntze
Open your suitcase. Papers.
Very exciting.
For me that is.
Postage stamps.
I loved those as a child.
all those far away countries.
-I collect them since I was six.
Probably why I studied geography.
Can't you see I'm busy?
Move along.
Yes, captain.
Can I look?
I'll be very gentle.
Polski... France...
I always collect the
countries where I am stationed.
First Poland, then France
and now here.
You've stopped with our queen.
The Wilhelmina stamps
from the dutch Indies.
I don't know if I'll
ever get them complete.
Hauptsturmfhrer, over here.
No, these are mine.
I'd be glad to take you home.
So you don't have to carry them.
That's not necessary.
I am being picked up. Thank you very much.
Maybe I'll see you around.
I'd like that.
Good bye.
You flirt very easy.
Yes, well men...
Mntze, he's called.
Quite a nice guy.
Chief of the SD. Because of him lots
of people of the resistance have died.
And a man like that collects stamps?
If he ever faces the wall after the war,
I'll be glad to say: Fire.
Watch out.
Look, he found something.
Watch it.
Mr. Gerben, it's our car.
Don't touch that.
Open up. OPEN.
-It's jammed.
They've seen the weapons.
Get out.
Hey, stop there.
-God damn.
You're too late. They'll get you.
-He's my son.
If they get you, we're all fucked.
You know too much: They'll beat it out of you.
Mr. Kuipers, there's nothing more we can do.
Here, take everything to Silentium.
Ellis, you take the suitcases of the dropping.
Here Hans, call them.
Tell them there's a contamination here.
Thanks to that arse called Mntze,
they now have Tim.
Wait a minute.
Please tell'em the soup kitchen is now closed.
You met this Mntze in the train, right?
And he kinda liked you.
The bastard, adored her.
Oh don't overreact.
He showed me his stamps.
He's collecting Wilhelmina.
How far, would you be willing to go with him.
How far?
You mean: Sleep with him?
That's a rude way of saying it.
I like things to be clear. Is that
what you mean?
How far would you go?
For Tim. For the others.
As far as Mntze is willing to go. OK?
a deadly sin: A good suit for a dead body,
while everyone else walks in rags.
The customer remains king.
Where did she put the suitcase?
Over there, in the office.
You think of everything.
And that for that fucking kraut.
Go away. This is none of you business.
After the train incident, maybe a little?
No, not even a little.
Alright. I am here for the suitcase.
Over there.
Goddamn. It's soaking wet.
It broke?
-I hope not. It's insuline.
There's a dying need for that.
Imagine a diabetic, without his insuline...
...he can say bye bye.
-Tell me about it.
You have it as well? I never noticed.
No I don't. I am healthy.
Stop watching.
At the revue, there was diabetic comedian.
He always injected before a performance.
Then he had to eat a lot of chocolate, if he injected too
much. A never ending bother.
Yes, but still better than dying of pain.
British bastards.
At least half of it is broken.
The hospital will be happy with that.

Don't ask,
so I can't give away any secrets.
It stings, doctor.
It stings, It stings, It stings,
Shall the doctor have a look at it?
So I am still the first one.
Wim, the girl is here again.
This time she looks like Jean Harlow.
Rachel. You're back?
We never got any further than the Biesbosch.
And your parents and Max...
They joined you didn't they?
Suddenly there was a patrol boat of the
krauts and..
Stupid coincedence
Strange. Everybody's dead and
I can't cry for them.
Who fared you over?
-A skipper. Also dead, I think.
But someone brought you to
the Biesbosch, right?
A man from the underground.
Who was that?
van Gein, he was called I think.
Disgusting. My sympathies.
I am supposed to work for queen and country
... by getting friendly with a high ranking SD-Officer.
maybe even sleep with him.
You're on your own with that.
Can't help you with that.
But maybe there's something in here,
that can help me.
I am here to see captain Mntze
really and why?
It's about the royal house.
Queen Wilhelmina in person.
send her to captain Mntze
You are being expected. Wait over there.
Ms. de Vries..
What a surprise. To what
do I owe the pleasure?
I have family in the dutch Indies.
They always wrote.
My mother kept the letters.
I have softened the stamps off for you.
with steam.
beautiful, very nice.
Good day.
Put it over there, Ronnie. I don't
want to damage these lovely stamps.
Shall I serve you?
-No don't bother, I'll do that.
Take some of the chocolate.
We got them by chance.
Take some.
What were you planning
to do with these stamps.
Nothing special, they were
in a drawer in my place.
Almost all the Wilhelmina stamps
I don't have
If you see anything of
interest, take it.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
close the door.
Captain, your car is ready.
Take my hat and coat please.
Too bad, duty calls.
I haven't been able to choose yet.
Then I'll leave them here.
Thank you.
I think I ate too much chocolate.
Is that bad?
I don't get it everyday.
I have to go to a party.
There will be much more to eat there.
What if you could go home and pick up
your phonograph and records and join me?
How about I sing?
Even better.
Without the SD from The Hague.
All our successes had not been possible.
Your fight against the terrorists
is our fight.
With the Fhrer we fight
for a free europe.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
And now music. Franken.
# die Fahne hoch
die Reihen fest sind geschIossen
# SA marschiert
mit ruhig festem Schritt
# Kam'raden, die Rotfront
und Reaktion erschossen
# marschier'n im Geist
in unser'n Reihen mit
# Kam'raden, die Rotfront
und Reaktion erschossen
# marschier'n im Geist
in unser'n Reihen mit
Ms. de Vries?
Everything OK?
The champagne didn't go down well.
I am not used to any alcohol anymore.
But, I'm alright now.
Shall I sing some?
General, ladies and gentlemen...
It is my great honour to present
you Ellis de Vries.
She will sing some for us.
Any requests.
Lola. Die fesche Lola.
Yes, Lola, Lola
# ich bin die fesche Lola
# der Liebling der Saison. ich hab'ein
Pianola. zu Haus in mein'm Salon.
# ich bin die fesche Lola
mich liebt ein jeder Mann
# doch an mein Pianola
da lass ich keinen 'ran
Lola, Lola
# ich bin die fesche Lola
der Liebling der Saison
Ich hab'ein
Pianola. zu Haus in mein'm Salon.
# und wer mich will begleiten
da d'runten aus dem Saal
# den hau ich auf der Saiten
und treff'ihn aufs Pedal
so what?
I'd like to see your stamps.
There's quite many of them.
I have lots of time.
I don't have any toothbrush for you.
Not bad.
from the capitalists, we
kicked out.
the loot is for the winners.
You sing well.
Where did you sing.
In Berlin.
Cabaret, revue.
You should
have continued.
There is no need for that anymore now.
Your hair is normally black.
Blond is fashion now.
Or this fashion, will help you survive,
for instance if you are a jew.
So what?
Are these jewish?
Are these jewish?
Also blond.
A perfectionist
Oh, sorry.
Come on in. girls are allowed.
Do you also have to pee, after sex?
You were really great tonight.
Did he hire you, Mntze?
You came looking for a job, right?
No, but I am searching for one.
But I am no party (NSB) member
Neither am I, although I
do agree with them.
Holland is after all a piece of Germany.
We all speak a sort of german dialect.
Oh, nice: real soap.
And good food and great drinks.
What more do you want?
(FRANKEN:) Ronnie?
Make sure, a high ranked kraut
never gets enough of you.
Gnther. Over here.
Are you playing with each other?
We were talking about work.
Ellis would like to work for us.
Someone who sings such good german
is hired right away.
That is if...
you pass the inspection.
If that isn't healthy, I don't know what is...
NO, NO, these are reserved for
captain Mntze.
Where were you?
On the toilet.
Franken offered me a job.
Good idea. You can start helping with
the Fhrer's birthday tomorrow.
You're married, I see.
Nice kids you have.
Was. I was married.
Not anymore?
NO, not anymore.
Ghring, had sworn...
... that no english bomb would
fall on Germany.
Christina, was with the children in
the wrong hideout.
And I wasn't there.
bulls eye.
To not have anything, Ellis...
Isn't much.
I know.
For you it must be a
beautiful sound.
You haven't told us anything.
I don't know anything. Someone
else put those weapons in the car.
You are just a little piece of shit
on our road to final victory.
In a few weeks, the Russians will
throw you in the sea, along with your executioners.
For you.
And for your comrad Stalin.
Dirty bastard.
What a filthy language.
wash his mouth.
He's holding his breath.
Within the hour you'll talk.
Are we here alone?
-The rest fled back to Germany.
Could you come and sit here?
So we can sit next to each other.
Type it out
and copy it 15 times.
You have spots on your uniform.
It's nothing, just water.
Hurry up, there will be more to do.
If you read, I'll type.
Let's take these of, with them I can't type.
Are these real?
-Of course, what did you think?
Got it from Gnther. Nice, huh?
His safe is a real treasure hole.
Open Sesame.
-Yes just like that.
There's a whole box full of diamonds.
Let's see: 1945, 19th.
There we go.
Ellis? You can start.
The terrorist Timotheus Kuipers gave
the following...
You can speed up a little bit.
I am a member of a resistance group.
My father, is head of the group:
Gerben Kuipers.
boring, huh.
- Untranslated subtitle -
What are you doing here?
To talk with the germans about justice.
Justice, HERE?
People of the resistance have no rights, but
as a lawyer, I try to help them nonetheless.
With a guy like Franken?
A waste of time.
Tim's microphone.
How did you know I was here?
I do not underestimate you.
That Mntze guy, is quite nice,
don't you think?
Could you give me a hand? We have to
decorate the hallway for the Fhrer's birthday.
Mr. Smaal, you are here.
Come in.
No the pian should go there.
Some more
Thank you.
-Good bye.
That looks great.
Don't forget to put the Fhrer
in the right perspective.
Give me a spotlight.
the execution order
for the 3 terrorists.
Tomorrow we shoot'em.
just sign here.
Absolutely not.
No one is getting shot.
But they confessed,
they have to be shot.
Fhrer's order, you know that.
Only I am in command here.
No executions, if I say so.
Heil Hitler.
Jesus, if even those germans start to
fight among each other, where will it end?
To me. Follow me!
-I'm coming
What are you doing here?
-To cheer him up.
The nicest one is for you.
-That's sweet.
Are you coming with me?
Actually I have to go home.
-So I won't be seeing you tonight?
Of course you will.
I just have to pick up some clothes.
Oh Honey..
My little animal.
animal.... ahh...
It works.
Ronnie, Ronnie...
Yes, yes, cum, cum
Jesus, what a horny animal.
-Just a dirty kraut whore.
We'll get those after the war.
-Shave'm and then put their heads in tar.
and after that shoot'em.
- come on, don't be so primitive
That's not what we fight for.
Damn, that fucking phone.
Don't stop, keep going.
I almost came, watch it you're dripping.
Yes, send him in.
We'll continue tonight. And now go.
Good day, how are you?
Sit down. I still owe you money from last time.
What's that?
-He's opening his safe.
There's a new list before you on
your desk.
Not many.
Is it still worth it?
Easily half a million.
I think this will be the last ride.
I know that voice.
It reminds me of the man who helped us flea.
-Shut up.
Shit, the generator is cutting out.
-I'll fix it.
You can count it.
-Don't have to.
When can you have the
next transport to be ready?
They live close together.
Maybe 3 days?
That's him. That's van Gein.
Those rich jews always come from
the same circles.
None of your business
If I wanted to, I could find out
who your informant is.
This could cost you your head.
Or save mine after the war.
After the war, I won't be here.
Come let's have a drink.
To the next load of stupid jews.
So it wasn't a coincedence, that
german boat.
It was a trap. They're just working on a list.
What list?
Jews with money. They promise to take
them to Belgium, but instead they kill them.
How do you know?
-Cuz I have been set up to.
Because I have seen my whole
family being slaughtered.
Jesus, Ellis....
That's horrible.
Who is this van Gein?
He poses as someone of the resistance.
He tells jews, that they can run for it,
just make sure to bring your money.
Franken, waits for them, kills them
and finally robs them.
So now there's a new list of
potential victims.
We cannot let that happen.
We don't know who they are,
or where they are.
What if we just kill Franken?
- Yes, stop that bastard.
NO, if we kill him, 20-30 hostages
will line up against a wall.
We don't shoot Franken
and 20-30 jews will be killed.
Is the life of a random jew, worth
more than a good Dutchman?
Who decides that, you?
Franken, will not be liquidated.
Van Gein. We kill him and it ends
as well..
No killing.
Mr. Smaal, your call.
On behalf of Gerben, I am
negotiating a truce.
We do no more attacks and Mntze
promises not to retaliate. Might work.
Ah, so that's why that fight
happened between Franken and Mntze.
Gerben, congratulations.
You saved, your Tim.
Him AND others.
Is that a problem for you?
Me? No. If those are the 'good'
That's enough, Ellis. Gerben is chief.
If he says no, than it ends there.
Good day to you.
Things are, the way they are.
That microphone of yours, is absolutely brilliant.
I agree, with you. We can't let
those jews be slaughtered.
Gerben is also right.
We can't just kill van Gein.
What if he just dissapears?
Franken, will know.
He will have people shot.
Or he thinks, van Gein
has deserted.
After he just promised him
a new list?
Van Gein, is trying to cover up,
for after the war, says so himself.
If he disappears, Franken will
think, he just ran.
There's one thing, Kuipers and Smaal
pass by too easy.
Someone has been setting up
jews for a long time.
van Gein has a suspect.
He'll have to tell us.
If I have to I'll beat it out of him. Come.
I'll round up my boys.
I can't. I'm meeting Mntze.
You alone, know van Gein's face.
We can't do anything, without you,
-You must be in.
That's him.
Let's go.
Give me your shawl.
It's empty.
Shoot. Shoot.
-I can't.
-I can't
Aaahhh.. Goddamn.
Bitch. Goddamn bitch.
I will goddamn....
You curse.
You curse.
That's enough, Theo.
Theo, come!
Aarrgghh... Be careful man.
Flesh wound, Kees.
You got lucky.
The bullit must come out though.
Ellis, take the chlorophorm.
Breathe deeply, Kees.
Yes, like that.
Stop it!
Oh God, that shit doesn't work, you dick!
Expriry date 1941.
Jessus, that stuff is way over due.
That's why van Gein wasn't knocked out.
-What's still good after 5 years of krauts?
Choice: Hit by the hammer, or
some booze and bite your teeth.
Booze, dick.
Kees, think of something nice.
Thanks, dick.
Guys, cheers on a happy ending.
van Gein delivered the krauts tons.
You mean millions.
Come on Theo.
Damn those dutchmen.
They killed my best soldier.
That brave warrior and comrad,
handed me millions.
And now he's dead, shot by
god damn terrorists.
I shot a man. I am bad.
That was justice.
He's a murderer, you are not.
Yes I am. I am just as bad as the nazi's.
I said no, didn't I? I said god damn No,
didn't I?
The bastard had to die.
Besides, what does it matter?
That Tim, will face the firing squad. Dick.
Along with 40 other hostages.
Because you as a resistance hero,
had to go and shoot van Gein.
Jesus, Gerben. 40?
How do you know?
From the microphone we placed
on Franken.
His best man killed.
He wants blood.
You still negotiate with Mntze?
Not after the attack you pulled.
Tim is as good as dead.
But your jews are saved...
Ellis, no. I am responsible.
No one else.
I am turning myself in.
Only I shall face the firing squad.
I will be beside you, Hans.
I carry most of the guilt.
I will join too.
- Then we all go.
Stop it, this is ridiculous.
You're all drunk.
Before you know it, all of the resistance
will give up, because of gin.
Turning in, is not a solution.
Then what is?
Rescue them.
You will not get out alive of the
SD basement.
The building plans of the SD office,
when it was still a bank.
Got it from a friend
Here I am.
I thought:
she's not coming back.
I lost track of time at home.
And then it was curfew and I had
to sneak my way in.
What do we have here?
How dumb do you think I am?
Suddenly a beautiful woman
comes into my life.
Later she comes to
my headquarters...
Then she accidentally has the
stamps I am looking for.
Then she coincidentally appears
to be jewish.
And as soon as she comes to work here..
Franken's best undercover man, gets killed.
Quite a coincedence don't you think?
Choice: be silent
and I will hand you to Franken tomorrow.
Or you tell me everything now
Only if you put away that gun...
... and kiss me now.
I kissed you.
Now tell me.
Put away your jackets and
get to work.
Call all prisons and ask..
How many hostages they have...
You can stop at 40 pieces,
Delivery today.
Executions, will be tomorrow
morning at 06:00
Those calls will not be necessary.
Lieutenant, open your safe.
Of course. What document
are you looking for?
None, you are under the suspicion of
robbing and killing rich jews.
There's nothing against that...
...but you are accused of
keeping their treasure to yourself.
By not handing over jewish property
to the empire...
... you risk court martial and the
death penalty. Open your safe.
At your order, general.
Empty it quickly.
And here?
Open it please.
From '39, when we started our campaign
Saved it for our victory.
Your Informant seems to
have been mistaken.
This person is always
well informed.
Not this time.
My apologies, Franken.
This is not the end of
this discussion.
Mntze is negotiating
with terrorists.
He promised them,
no more retaliation.
Even not for the murder of van Gein.
You negotiate?
With terrorists?
The resistance is willing to stop
and give in their weapons.
If we stop retaliating.
This is in violation of a Fhrer
order of the 4th of September.
Which stays in force!
-Why shed more blood?
Russians in Berlin.
That Champagne will never be drunk.
That is defeatism.
And negotiating with enemy
is high treason.
Police, arrest this man.
This means death penalty, Mntze.
And I will lead the firing squad.
Hans, the papers
to get inside.
And the keys?
From contractor Zutfenaar.
Who build the cells.
I let him choose: A bullet now,
or a medal after the war.
He gave'm gladly.
Gerben, what are you up to?
I will not let you go alone.
I decide that. You stay here.
-I can't stay here and do nothing.
I'm going to liberate 40 man.
It's your job to get them safely out of here.
Everybody has a job, that one is yours.
The keys.
You will get Tim back.
On my word of honour.
Why aren't you at your station?
Mntze go arrested.
Yes we heard.
-Good so the krauts are killing among themselves.
Get Mntze out.
-Over my dead body.
Get Mntze out, or
I'm out.
That leaves us no choice.
You really think this highly of this dick?
-Yes, I do.
Good. Take him.
Nice, a party.
Mntze being arrested doesn't
do you anything?
Where there is life, there is hope.
What hope, do we have left?
That the Tommy's will arrive.
Ellis, we're finished.
We worked for the krauts.
The families of the poor bastards that
Franken tortured will come here.
Or the resistance will kill us.
The resistance won't kill anyone.
Like you know.
Yes, I do.
So you know those guys?
Ellis.... What?
You're a spy.
Jesus. I had never
thought you would.
That's like Mata Hari, with Greta Garbo
Ladies, you are expected.
You go ahead, I'll join.
That Garbo, huh. She did die though.
Show me your papers.
Hostages and terrorists from Utrecht.
6 men, for the execution tomorrow.
Move along.
Open up.
You turn the van around.
Follow me.
# ja, das ist meine Melodie
nach der ich singen muss
# nach der ich pfeifen muss
und tanzen muss, und springen muss
# die man beim ersten Ton versteht
weil sie jedem in die Beine geht
# ja, das ist eine Melodie
die mich so selig macht
# wenn ich sie hre,
hab ich immer an das GIck gedacht
# ach bitte sagt mir, liebt ihr sie
meine kleine Lieblingsmelodie
Mntze too?
-We promised Ellis.
hi, come.
It's me, Maarten.
Hi Tim, old boy.
All together. Chorus.
Boys hurry up.
What's going on down there?
Nothing we can't handle.
What happened?
-Go, now.
Hit it.
Ronnie, you help Kutner.
Ellis, come with me to write a report.
A trap. Complete failure.
And Tim?
oh God.
Have a seat.
Ellis you did a great job.
I am
very satisfied.
Well of course, one does
what one can for the Fhrer.
Yes, but the result is above
all expectations.
It can't be true?
-God damn
They have been beautifully set up
with that coal hatch.
Like rats in cage.
You earned your money fair and square.
The bitch tricked us.
What a dirty jewish trick.
See, you can't trust them.
Himmler can come down now.
You may do that dear.
We won't be needing this english toy now
My dear Kuipers, Lieutenant Kuipers,
is saying goodbye to you now.
Ellis, one last word?
She laughs.
That bitch laughs.
Good night and good watch.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Never bite more than you can chew, darling.
Tomorrow, firing squad, along side with
your Mntze.
Even if it's the last thing I can do:
That girl dies.
How can she do that, as a jew?
Who knows, under how much pressure she was.
What if you had to chose between
a bullet or treason.
An explanation is not an excuse.
We kill the girl, no matter what.
Wherever, whenever.
Move along.
Empty, empty.
Here, come here.
Oh, no my beautiful dress.
Quickly a hanky.
That tickles.
That tickles.
Give me the gun.
Franken, will never catch us alive. Never.
Move along
Come, hurry up.
Everything in order again, Siegfried?
Move along.
Make way!
-Not very friendly today are we.
Very diligent.
I'd never have thought.
Here you lazy, dry'em.
Cosy, huh?
I wish, it could stay like that forever.
It can, if we stay together.
But not here in Holland.
They'll think I am a traitor.
They will look for me.
We'll have to straighten that out.
We know what the treason was like.
Optimist. Do you really think they'll
let you finish your talk as an SD-officer.
We have no other choice.
We interrupt this program for
the following announcement:
The german command has agreed to surrender...
... Of all german armed forces in Holland, the
north west of Germany and Denmark...
To the commander in chief of the 21st army.
The war is over, my love.
The war is gone.
This includes all the marine vessels.
For us it is merely starting.
I'd never thought to be afraid
of liberation.
Lieutenant Franken.
Ropes away.
Did you set course?
In 6 hours, we'll be in Hamburg.
-Very good
- Have a look down below.
- Yes
Joseph, what's wrong.
Did your really think, we'd let
you get away?
What are you doing here?
-You. And your treasure.
Ellis. Here, on the jeep.
-Hi, Ellis. Join us.
How did you get here?
-Just stand in front.
A bit of laughing and pushing around.
Look, my new boyfriend.
He has everything a girl wants.
Nylons, Chocolate and whiskey.
Oh, I love him.!
Come ride with me.
No, I have no time.
Ok, see you soon.
Bye. Bye.
One moment, we're coming.
Come, Wim. The canadians are here.
No. You're still alive?
Yes, strange huh, with all those people
trying to kill us.
I thought Franken had shot you.
Surely he told you we got away?
Tell me? Me?
We've been in hiding for weeks. We just got home
half an hour ago.
Who says you are not trying to leave?
-What do you mean child?
I am about to be picked up by
canadian field security
Good, then we'll join you.
We'll wait in your office.
-Ludwig, what's wrong with you?
Go inside!
Sit down.
Sit down.
So you think I am guilty for
the desastrous attack?
Yes and for the extradiction of
your jewish clients.
How dare you. Most of them knew
him for years. They were friends.
What would be my gain?
By stealing of what they entrusted you with.
You and Franken.
You betrayed him where the microphone was.
The hold up was your idea.
You let Hans and his men
get slaughtered.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I wasn't the only one.
Kuipers knew all this as well.
But nobody will have his own son killed
Every man has unknown deapths.
May I show you something?
While we were in hiding. My wife
and I tried to put things in perspective.
I examined my agenda.
And we came to a radical conclusion.
Didn't we darling?
And that is?
You'll have to join us by going to the
canadian police.
Just tell me.
As a lawyer, I can't.
I have to keep you unprejudiced.
That will be the canadians.
Every suspect deserves a fair trial.
Even the biggest bastard?
Even those.
We're coming.
Stay here.
-God damn, that's Mntze. Get him.
Mntze, we've got Mntze.
We have Mntze.
God damn. There's Ellis de Vries.
Come with me.
Ellis de Vries.
Over here.
I've got you. Bitch.
Captain Mntze.
Take of his cuffs, John.
Please sit down.
In this report a collaboration is being
described between...
...Mntze and a certain Mr. Kuipers.
Why is this man gettin involved Colonel?
General Kutner has very kindly offered
to clear up this mess.
Who is this Kuipers.
-A Stalinist in heart and soul.
He and Mntze haven been conspiring
in the last few months.
To avoid bloodshed.
He was negotiating with the communists,
Colonel, our future enemy.
You've got never Kutner.
I consider Mntze a liar, who will
do anything to save his own skin.
Of course, who wouldn't?
We'll get to the bottom of this.
Take him to his cell.
If you allow me.
This is a death warrant.
Mntze has been sentenced to death
for high treason.
The rulings of german law are none of my
concern. Therefore the rulings are null and void.
You have been misinformed. British
military law does recognise the jurisdiction
...of german tribunals in the field
Even after capitulation.
In article 153, to be exact.
Are you suggesting we shoot a witness?
Your own general Foulkes has allowed us...
... to discipline our own men.
You can call him and ask.
If you refuse to carry out a Mntze's sentence
I will file a complaint with general Foulkes.
Which you will no doubt regret.
You know what generals are like.
Get him out of here.
Get up, you're going to church.
Come on, bring your shit buckets.
Go on, move.
-Church is up stairs.
Come on.
Hey bitch, shit is over there.
Move along.
You pull it up. Hurry up.
Listen ot the voice of God.
Maybe you can change your ways.
Look ahead.
Hey, silence.
We come to see traitors.
Heads up, let me see your faces.
Look at them.
-Dirty rotten heads.
Maybe the rest has some to offer.
-Take of your clothes.
Guys take off your pants.
-Bare ass.
All women naked on top.
I wann see some tits.
This too.
Take it off
She sang for the krauts.
She'll certainly sing for us.
Sing for you? Never.
- Of course you do. Everybody sings.
Do you want me to lose face?
No way. Dirty Kraut bitch.
Dirty whore.
Hit her. Hit her.
Take cover, move away from the girl.
Damn, it stinks.
Who's got some perfume?
Stinky slut.
Dirty stinky slut.
Make way for the fireman.
Stay away from my hose.
Roll it up.
-Soldiers have nothing to say down here.
I am the boss here.
I am commander Akkermans.
of the Prince's staff
This is a godforesaken scandal
This is a disgrace.
You're just as bad as the nazi's.
Within 24 hours, you are out.
Translate, commander Akkermans.
-Yes, sir.
Dirty fascists, you'll be out of here within
24 hours.
And those punks up there,
get out of here, now!
See to this poor girl.
Ellis it's over. Come.
It's over. Come.
I want to leave.
Come honey. It's over.
Just a moment, Mrs. de Vries.
Your personal belongings.
Could you check?
van Smaal?
There goes the doctor.
That's doctor Akkermans.
He was in the resistance.
Long live the doctor.
Chocolate. Chocolate.
Here, don't spend it all.
Supplies are still scarce.
# oranje boven, oranje boven
leve de koningin
I want to show you something.
How did you get it?
-Franken tried to get away with it.
Everything he robbed from
the murdered jews.
I got this from my father,
for my first performance.
That bastard Franken, tried to
make you an accomplice, huh?
I'll talk to Kuipers about that.
Or higher up with the Prince.
I'll explain.
They'll never believe you.
Everything will be alright.
A happy end. A drink?
One more thing.
Mntze got caught. I want to see him.
Haven't you heard?
It's too insane for words.
-What happened?
A canadian dick allowed...
...that the krauts could finish
the death sentence.
Doesn't it ever stop?
This will calm you down.
Come, lie down.
Feeling better?
Doctor, Doctor...
Insuline. Too much insuline.
That will put you to sleep. Forever.
Doctor Akkermans. Doctor Akkermans.
The 'hero' hast to show himself.
Stay there. Soon you'll see your family again.
and who knows, maybe Mntze too.
Doctor, Doctor...
(Anthem:)# Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
ben ik van Duitsen bloed
# den vaderland getrouwe
# blijf ik tot in den dood
# een prinse van Oranje
# ben ik vrij onverveerd.
# de koning van Hispanje
# heb ik aItijd geerd
Stop her.
She's a patient, she's ill.
Stop her.
Ellis. Ellis.
Out of my way.
Stop her. She's dangerous.
Let me go.
Stop her. She's dangerous.
Let me go.
Goddamnit, let me go.
I'll get you, you whore.
Let me go, bastards, let me go!
Golden ring, number 23
We found him.
Gerben, I think you'd better go.
Can our own people do this?
I don't want the krauts to touch him.
You, stop.
Guys take over, it's for Gerben.
Mr. Kuipers? A lady wants to speak to you.
Ellis de Vries?
Wait Mr Kuipers.
Calm down please, Mr Kuipers.
She has information, names.
About these dead people,
including your son.
Will you listen to her?
Do you know, who this is?
What do you have to say about it?
This says it all.
From '42 onwards Hans and his friends
helped jews to find shelter.
Usually his own patients.
And clients of Maarten, the banker.
And Kees who was a lawyer.
Hans knew, how much money they had
and where they were hiding.
Look. The names that Smaal wrote down:
Weiszman, Goud, van Witsen.
All those men came to him for their
money in order to flea to Belgium.
According to the Red cross.
None of them ever made it.
Lured to the Biesbosch
and then murdered and robbed.
Here, my parents.
-Were they patients of Hans?
No, but my brother got
an acute appendix problem.
They asked Smaal, for help,
who sent in Doc Hans.
It says here:
'Dr A. visits Stein.'
Our good samaritan even
operated him
Not bad, he wasn't even a surgeon.
Then he called Franken and turned them in.
Franken had van Gein turn up
and 2 days later they were dead.
I don't understand. Hans...
Did you know he got arrested last year?
Thank God, the germans always
made 15 copies of everything.
This is the official german arrest sheet.
Dr. H Akkermans, arrested 19.02.1944
Signed: G. Franken.
3 weeks later Smaal wrote down:
Dr. A. got out, due to lack of proof.
He made a deal with Franken.
The bastard.
He had his own people killed.
-Kees, Maarten, everyone.
So no one could ask where
there jewish clients had been.
Did you arrest him?
-No, he vanished.
In thin air. His house is empty.
We just came from there. The
suitcases with the loot are gone.
We have to get back.
I telexed Hans' licence plate to all the checkpoint.
I'll stay with Gerben.
# oranje boven
oranje boven, leve de koningin
That's Hans' Jeep.
The hearse is gone.
He's trying to sneak away.
-Where can he go to?
Belgium, I think. But the captain said, they're
checking all the road blocks.
You drive.
I'll call Field security.
That's not far from here.
No, thanks.
A hearse has been seen near a
blockade in the direction of 't Hollands Diep.
Here, turn right.
-But I have just been checked.
Let go.
Let go.
Quick, to the back.
-Willi, what's happening?
What's happening, goddammit?
Who are you? Ellis?
Ellis, is that you?
Don't do it. Goddammit.
Goddammit, let me out. Ellis?
Ellis, please don't. Ellis.
Let me out, Ellis, please.
We can talk about this?
Ellis, look.
All for you. Jewelry.
I've got more. Jewels. Gold.
American dollars.
Take it.
Just open the coffin, Ellis.
What are you doing?
Ellis? Goddammit.
Ellis, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Ellis? Don't
I have nothing to do with this.
Open it. Goddammit.
Let me out. Goddammit.
I want to...
Don't... Don't
Ellis? Don't
Don't Ellis?
Let me explain, honey.
Let me...
You dirty whore.
I'm going to get you, bitch.
Dirty kraut whore.
I'm going to get you.
You're going to die.
We should be opening his coffin, by now.
Yeah, we should.
What do we do with the money?
It's not ours.
It's nobody's
It belongs to the dead.
He's silent now. At last.
Seemed like an eternity.
Hi, sweethearts.
Where were you?
-I was here.
What were you thinking about?
-About the past.