Black Box (2020) Movie Script

(birds chirping)
(baby breathing)
Careful, babe.
Hold her head up.
There you go.
- Oh.
- (man chuckles)
Today is
my babys first day home.
- And this is your daddy.
- (chuckles)
(baby fussing quietly)
(woman chuckles)
Youre never gonna let her go,
are you?
Are you?
(static crackles)
(sighs softly)
(choking, gasping)
- Daddy! Daddy.
- (gasping)
If we can leave
in the next 33 minutes,
we should be able
to make it, okay?
Come on.
- (voices whispering)
- (footsteps departing)
(water dripping)
All right. Okay.
(footsteps approaching)
- AVA: Daddy.
- Hey.
- Come on.
- Karen.
Daddy, Cathy.
- Cathy.
- Okay, Im sorry. Sorry.
She is...
shes my boss of...
12 years?
And Im her lead photographer.
Good. Very good.
Remember, eye contact.
Dont forget to smile.
You have to show her youre
grateful for the opportunity.
Yeah, uh, eyes, smile.
Got it.
- (sighs): Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
(Ava sighs)
Here we go, mister.
- Come on.
- Im coming.
Coming, coming, coming, coming.
- Okay. All right.
- Ill beat you there!
- 15 minutes, Dad!
- Okay.
ASSISTANT (over phone): This is
Dr. Brooks office again.
Please let us know
if youre interested
in joining
the cognitive research study.
A slot just opened up,
- so we thought wed reach out.
- (scoffs)
We have 12 minutes.
Yep, Im ready, Im ready.
Yeah, Im ready.
- No, thank you. Im okay.
- You need breakfast.
- Im fine. Thank you.
- I wasnt asking.
All right.
Thank you, thank you.
Mm, mm, mm.
You used to do it tighter.
(door opens)
(dog barking in distance)
(Ava sighs)
Hey, uh... look,
Im-Im really sorry about
raising my voice
the other night.
I know, Dad.
Youre just sick.
Yeah, but its still no exc...
Come on.
- Its a...
- Wait. Wait.
(gearshift clicks)
Minute to spare. Not bad.
- (sighs): Okay.
- Whered you get that?
- You dont smoke.
- Oh.
Okay. I thought I...
(grabs cigarette pack)
(laughs softly)
I guess I dont smoke.
Look, just be yourself
and smile.
Eye contact, you know.
I-I got it.
Want to try the handshake again?
Itll come back.
- Good morning.
- Hi. Hi.
(quiet chatter)
(phone ringing)
WOMAN: So, go on
and have a seat right here,
and shell be right with you.
(exhales) Hey. Thank you.
- CATHY: Nolan.
- Hi.
Weve known each other
too long for that.
- Oh.
- Come here.
(Cathy sighs)
Have a seat.
Thank you.
(both laugh)
We all did not think
you were gonna make it.
Hows Ava?
Oh, good.
- Yeah?
- Shes great. Um...
You know, shes handling
everything really well.
Running the house, running me.
- Shes just like her mom.
- Uh-huh.
Rachel was always so pointed
in the office.
But... (sighs) her stories.
So rich.
So much nuance.
Im sorry.
No, no, no, its okay.
I, um...
Its actually nice
to hear those things.
Its partially why I thought
itd be good to be back here.
Um, so, anyway,
I-I brought some newer samples,
and I thought
it would help with some...
Look, Nolan, they just told me...
The publisher
will not sign off on it.
Its just that
your latest photos
dont reach the level
of your past work.
Oh, uh, well, I mean,
I have newer samples
I can show you
if you just tell me
- what you need me to...
- Nolan.
I know you need this...
Believe me...
But its just not
like it used to be.
Budgets are tight, and...
(voice fading):
theyre not gonna sign off
unless they can justify it.
(horn honking repeatedly)
Uh, hi. Hi.
Im sorry.
Is... is Dr. Yeboah available?
- Sure. Just have a seat.
- Okay, thank you.
Watch your foot.
(woman speaking quietly)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, no, stop that.
- Hmm.
You are too talented
to let this get to you.
Come on.
Lets go get some food.
So, uh, whats the plan now?
I dont know.
No publication will even see me.
- You know I can spot you
if you need. -No.
- No, no, no. Im fine.
- You sure?
Yes, Im fine. Therell...
Therell be other jobs.
So, you gonna tell me what
happened to your hand or...?
I dont know. I just, uh...
(sighs) I dont...
I got frustrated,
punched a wall.
- Bill collector. Who cares?
- (chuckles)
Since when do you hit anything?
What do you mean?
I-Ive never seen you
lose your cool before.
(cell phone ringing)
Okay, okay.
- (ringing stops)
- And another one.
- (phone drops on table)
- Another doctor?
Maybe we should take
Dr. Brooks up on her offer.
I know shes pushy,
but maybe I was wrong.
I said that studies are risky,
but we tried all
the traditional doctors, right?
And shes one of the leading
researchers in her field.
I mean, we should
give it a shot, right?
You dont need
to change your career, Nol.
You just need to remember
who you are again.
Im, uh, Dr. Yeboah with Ortho.
You think the doctor
can squeeze my friend in?
- Um...
- Hi. Uh, Nolan Wright.
Oh, yes. Shes with a patient
right now, but let me see.
- Thank you. Appreciate it.
- (pager beeping)
- Sorry. I got to get back.
- Mm-hmm.
- Just feel it out, all right?
- Uh-huh.
WOMAN (over TV): American
Academy of Neurology
and the American
Neuropsychiatric Association.
- (sighs)
- Please welcome to the stage
this years keynote speaker,
Dr. Lillian Brooks.
(applause on TV)
this man is brain-dead.
But the brain is stronger
than you think.
What youre seeing is
the primitive visualization
of a memory.
Ten years ago, my team
developed this technology
for people just like him.
People left to die.
People everyone gave up on.
The question now is:
Can we wake them up?
And that question
has led to the development
of our most recent device.
- Dr. Brooks will see you now.
- Oh. Okay.
Thank you.
Come in. Have a seat.
(door closes)
(recorder beeps)
Nolan Wright, 33 years old.
Involved in a car accident
six months ago
resulting in
the death of his wife
and extensive injury
to his cranium
and medial temporal lobe.
He was found unresponsive
at the scene
and remained in a comatose
state for three days.
On the third day,
he regained consciousness
with severe memory loss.
Im sorry about your wife.
I know how devastating it is
to lose someone you love.
But I am glad that you finally
decided to come in.
I know its frustrating
seeing so many doctors.
Right. And-and do you think
this will help with my amnesia?
Well, your head seems to have
healed nicely.
You shouldnt have even
survived this.
- (flipping through papers)
- (sighs) Lets see.
You have done the EMDR.
Hmm. Neurological feedback,
cognitive therapy.
All of this is good,
but what we do here goes deeper.
What is it...
what is it that you do here?
Before I explain the therapy,
I need to confirm that
the pathway to your memories
isnt totally corrupted.
Yeah, how-how do you plan
on doing that?
Have you ever
experienced hypnosis?
Okay. I want you to sit up
and relax, please.
(scoffs softly)
And let your muscles fall
into the seat.
(sighs softly)
You just let your muscles fall
into the seat.
Relax, and let go
of everything around you.
And focus on that.
Just focus.
Just focus on that.
That is all that matters.
Let it lead you in.
Now focus on its center.
And let your eyelids fall.
Your eyes are getting heavier.
Let them fall.
Let them rest.
(panting softly)
What is this?
(watch clicks)
(watch ticking)
(panting softly)
(sharp crunching)
Whos there?
(watch continues ticking)
(crunching continues)
- (panting quietly)
- (crunching continues)
- (shouts)
- (fingers snapping)
(watch clicks, ticking stops)
(Nolan panting)
Its okay.
Its all right. Youre out.
Youre-youre done.
What did you see?
What did you...
Whatd you do to me?
- Nothing.
- No, dont bullshit.
That-Thats the same thing
I keep seeing in my nightmares.
Theres something...
Someone-someone was in there.
Who the hell was in there?
Mr. Wright, this exercise
simply transports you
to your deep subconscious.
And in the years
that Ive been doing this,
nobody ever sees anything.
Until after multiple sessions,
maybe, but you...
(sighs) The fact that you could
see something that fast?
Your subconscious is active.
Your brain is not as handicapped
as you think it is.
Those memories are there.
Theyre deep, but theyre there.
(chuckles) I think my treatment
can reverse your condition.
Yeah, uh...
I-I need to think about it.
(door opens)
Is there anyone else
who can pick you up?
Maybe your father forgot again.
Hes just running
a little late today.
Thats all.
Its 30 degrees out here.
Why dont we wait inside?
Actually, its 42 right now.
It wont be dropping to the 30s
until next week.
(doorbell rings)
Hey. Hey.
- Hey. Im so, so sorry.
- Dont.
I know youve got
a lot going on, Mr. Wright,
but this is number three.
If this happens again,
were gonna have to notify
child services.
Im sorry I forgot. I just...
I guess, um...
they changed their mind
about the job,
and I got distracted.
AVA: Im sorry for making
your life so difficult, Dad.
- (Ava crying)
- What?
Ava, Ava,
why would you say that?
You got so angry at me
and then forgot me again today.
I thought you might be
really annoyed of me.
Hey, Ava, look at me.
Ava, look at me.
Im not annoyed with you at all.
Im sick. Thats it.
If it wa... if it wasnt
for you, who knows where Id be?
You say that all the time.
I think I should go make
some dinner.
Hey, no, come on, you dont
have to make dinner tonight.
But I do.
Who else will?
BROOKS: Are you familiar
with the term "life review"?
Its a phenomenon
reported by many
after a near-death experience,
where your life flashes
before your eyes.
I believe that that flash
contains key memories
that replay on a constant loop
all the time.
So, putting you directly
into those memories
is the focus of this therapy.
Im sorry, put, uh...
Wh-What do you mean,
put me in those memories?
Come with me, please.
We call this headset
the Black Box.
First, I put you under hypnosis
to open up your subconscious.
And this EEG will read
your brain waves
and send them to a processor
inside here.
This processor will extract
those key memories
from your brain waves
and convert each memory into
an immersive virtual experience.
Okay, like-like a hologram?
More like a dream,
like walking in your own shoes.
Itll feel real.
The goal...
is to put you into as many of
those key memories as possible
- until you wake up.
- (typing)
Okay, uh, h-how long will it be
before I see results?
Well, depends on how
you respond to the therapy.
Maybe a few weeks.
I dont have a few weeks.
I need to be able
to take care of my daughter.
Well, if we both
burn the midnight oil,
I think you could see
improvement sooner.
You good to go?
(steady beeping)
Transferring directly into
and out of the trance stage
can be pretty jarring,
so I like to begin
with something I call
the safe room.
Imagine it as your core,
a place where you are
completely comfortable,
where nothing can harm you.
A secret place
that only you can enter.
- You got it?
- Got it.
Were ready to begin
the session.
Ill count you in.
Look forward.
And you should see a cursor.
Uh-huh. I do.
When the cursor moves,
focus on its movement.
Let it relax you.
Theres nothing now.
No lab.
No room. No chair.
Only the sound of my voice
and the cursor.
Pay attention to your feet,
your legs, your arms.
Theyre getting heavier...
Too heavy.
But it feels good.
Let that feeling wash over
your entire body.
The closer the cursor gets,
the deeper you go.
The deeper you go,
the better you will feel.
The better you feel,
the deeper you will go.
In ten seconds,
youll be in your safe room.
Ten, nine, eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three, two,
(static crackling)
Nolan, are you in
your safe room?
Youre gonna have to guide me.
I cant see anything.
- (panting)
- You hear me?
Yes, I can.
Now, remember,
nothing can harm you here.
But do not go out the door.
I can only count you out
from inside this room.
You hear me?
I need you to understand this.
I will not be able to bring
you back if you leave, okay?
- Understood.
- Good.
So, now I want you to imagine
an analog watch.
And when you do, it should
appear in the room with you.
(watch ticking)
(Nolan gasps softly)
From this room,
youre going to go
deeper into your subconscious.
Beyond this point, we will not
be able to communicate anymore.
When you push the crown
of the watch,
you will be in
one of your memories.
Focus on it.
Let it come back to you.
Whenever you like, you can turn
the crown to another memory.
Forward for the next,
backward for the previous one.
If at any time
you feel uncomfortable,
push the crown in,
and youll be back here.
Nolan, do you understand?
Uh... (chuckles)
Uh, understood.
Are you ready?
Yes, I am.
Then push the crown in
and remember.
(shuddering breath)
(organ playing
Wagners "Bridal Chorus")
(footsteps approaching)
(crowd stands)
(quiet murmuring)
Ive been waiting so long...
(music distorts)
PRIEST (distorted):
Dearly beloved,
we meet here today
to witness a sacred ceremony.
We are especially blessed
to be joined today
- by their families and friends.
- (sharp crunching)
(voice fading): The groom
and the bride are honored...
- (crunching continues)
- (gasps softly)
- (rapid beeping)
- (static crackles)
- (crunching continues)
- (priest continues indistinctly)
(trembling breaths)
Oh. Relax.
Hey. Hey, hey.
Relax. Youre back.
A wedding?
What else did you see?
We-we were in an old church.
The-There was a large crowd,
about 50, 70 people.
But all their faces
were blurred.
Yeah. I got out of there as
soon as that thing came at me.
The same thing that you saw
during hypnosis?
- What did it look like?
- I-I dont know,
but it-it... I guess
it looked like a person,
but it-it didnt move like one.
I see.
I think most likely
thats your brain
trying to protect you
from your trauma.
Its trying to keep you
from remembering.
You just have to remember
that that thing is not real.
Next time, well stay
a little longer.
At least one face should appear.
Thats why youve been sick
for so long.
If you can avoid it,
I think we could overcome this.
Listen, I know
this sounds very strange,
especially after having seen
so many other doctors,
but I mean it...
You are doing well.
The level of detail that you saw
in your first session...
that is remarkable.
Now, Im committed
to reversing your condition.
I think we can
if we keep pushing.
But I cant do this
if you dont trust me.
(doorbell rings)
- Hey. How you doing, bro?
- Come on in.
- Im all right, man.
How are you? -You good?
Yeah, Im fine, Im fine.
You all right?
Im okay, yeah.
Hands healing up.
But Avas a little mad
at me, though.
- Ah.
- Is that for us?
- Oh, yeah. I got you, bro.
- Thank you so much.
Ava, got a surprise for you.
Hey. Chinese.
So, uh, hows it going so far?
- Hows the study?
- Uh, its okay.
- Yeah?
- Its okay. Yeah.
Im still getting used to
all this, but, um...
I, uh... I saw my wedding today.
You did? Your...
You... Thats amazing. Nol.
- That-thats progress
right there. -Yeah.
You know, uh,
I remember that day, man.
You know, you two
are the only reason
I even considered settling down.
- Were we always that happy?
- Yeah.
You were inseparable.
It was gross.
You and Rachel,
youd always talk about
this 40-year plan.
Yall had it mapped out
before you even got engaged.
- Hi, Uncle Gary.
- GARY (chuckles): Hey.
And this munchkin
was the first thing
yall checked off the list.
You talking about the plan?
- Yeah. You still remember it?
- Yeah.
Yeah, and Im gonna get
my first car
- when I turn 16 and a half.
- And a half.
Yeah. (laughs)
And shes gonna hold you
to that, bro.
- Mm.
- (laughs)
Hey, Ava...
its okay to miss her.
You-you dont have to pretend.
Hey, come here.
Its okay.
(chopstick clatters on floor)
Hey. Yeah, two. Just...
- Yeah, thank you.
- Thank you.
What is this place?
Thank you.
I brought you here
when you were three.
This was me and your moms
favorite spot.
Here, here.
Its okay. Its okay.
Just hold it like this.
All right?
Boom. Wham.
Control it from here.
Take your time.
There you go.
There you... there you go.
Yeah, thats-thats all right.
Whoa, whoa.
(groans playfully)
(both chuckle)
Whoa. Thank you.
- Mmm.
- Yeah?
- Its good.
- Oh.
Thank you for being patient
with me, Ava.
Mmm, yummy.
BROOKS: And you didnt bring
any back for me?
Oh, well, she barely left any
for me, so...
(both chuckle)
- Where did the two of you go?
- Nise.
- I love that place.
- Jealous?
- Extremely.
- (laughing)
All right.
Im sorry.
Hey, uh, look, if I stop now,
do you think my memory
would just return naturally?
Well, in the last session,
you reported seeing
blurred faces.
Thats a condition
called prosopagnosia.
Its a sign of brain damage.
We want to get to the point
where faces appear.
So lets try to stay
long enough today
to see a face, okay?
Oh, and if that thing
shows up again,
you just say to yourself,
"I run my mind.
It does not run me."
Say it with me.
"I run my mind..."
I run my mind.
It does not run me.
- (watch ticking)
- (static crackles)
- (whooshing)
- (grunts)
(baby crying over monitor)
- (button clicks)
- (crying stops)
- (baby crying)
- (door creaking)
Hey, hey.
Hey. (shushing)
- You okay?
- (crying stops)
There you go.
(woman crying softly
in other room)
(crying continues)
(sharp crunching)
(raspy moaning)
I run my mind.
It doesnt run me.
- (crunching, moaning)
- I run my mind.
It doesnt run me.
I run my mind.
It doesnt run me.
I run my mind.
It doesnt run me.
I run my mind.
It doesnt run me.
I run my mind.
It doesnt run me.
- BROOKS: Whoa.
- (beeping)
Oh, ah-ah.
Remember: "I run my mind.
It doesnt run me."
- "I run my mind..."
- I run my mind.
It doesnt run me.
I run my mind.
It doesnt run me.
I run my mind. It doesnt...
Do you know where you are?
Yeah. Sorry, sorry. I just...
It felt like
it was really choking me.
It tried to choke you?
Thats psychogenic pain.
Its-its generated by the mind.
Th-Th-That thing
will go away, but...
you must be getting close
to something.
Your brain is throwing
everything at you.
What did you see?
Uh, well, um...
I saw Ava as a baby.
Saw my wife.
I dont...
Okay. Youre remembering.
This is natural.
Patients are often surprised
by what they remember.
I was in an apartment.
I dont know...
I dont know how I-I knew.
I-I-I just... I just knew
where everything was.
And as far as I know,
my house is the only place
my wife and I
ever lived together.
But remember, this device pulls
directly from your subconscious.
Maybe you were there
at some point in your life.
Maybe a-a shoot
for the newspaper?
No, no, no, it was too...
it was too familiar for that.
Did any faces appear this time?
Its okay, Nolan.
Youre getting close.
Stay with this.
Uh, Doctor? Got a...
Oh. (chuckles)
Wow. You were, uh...
you were just on my mind.
Whats up?
Uh, I got about two minutes.
Whats wrong?
Yeah, did-did Rachel and I
ever fight?
Who doesnt? (chuckles)
- But never anything serious.
- Mm-hmm.
You had a tendency
to be late to things.
Did it ever escalate
to anything more?
What are you asking me?
Did I ever... hit her?
Nol, you cant be serious.
Are you serious right now?
You hit one wall,
and all of a sudden
you think youre Bobby Brown?
Youre not.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Im sure.
Bro, in college, I couldnt even
get you to watch boxing,
much less do it.
Okay? Youve always been
a butterfly.
No offense,
but you were a pushover.
Kind of a punk, like...
I mean, you were
straight-up weak. (laughs)
I dont think
this is funny, Gary.
Okay. You... Hey, just...
Why dont you sit down,
all right?
Sit... Can we sit down
for a second?
Like, wh-what exactly happened?
Are you...
are you remembering something?
Okay, well, in the therapy, um,
we were in an apartment,
and Ava was a baby and...
Wait, an apartment?
- In your memory?
- Yeah. Yes.
Yes. Did... did we live
in an apartment?
Well, I-I was in Palo Alto
when Ava was born, so maybe,
but I dont think so.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Nol, what-what are you
thinking, man?
Um, okay.
Well, um, the place was
really familiar.
And Dr. Brooks said
the device shows memories
exactly the way they were.
Its probably just
a hallucination.
Nol, you had
a serious head injury.
Concussive trauma.
Thats no joke, all right?
Plus, you got a lot
on your plate right now.
With Ava, with the job...
w-with remembering Rachel.
I mean, thing-things are just
getting mixed up in here.
Trust me, Rachel would have
told me if something happened.
She was like a sister to me.
She wouldnt hide
something like that.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Focus on Ava.
All right?
- All right?
- All right. All right.
(school bell ringing)
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Smile and wave.
Just smile and wave.
NOLAN (softly):
Lets try this.
One day.
Arent you too old for that?
But you always do this.
- All right.
- (seat belt clicks)
Okay. Good?
Did everything go well
with Dr. Brooks today?
Yeah. Great.
- (seat belt clicks)
- (sighs)
What happened?
I saw you as a baby.
How did I look?
You had no face.
Now, thats creepy, Dad.
Hey, uh, you mind if we make
a quick stop?
Dad, do you have an address
or something?
Im hungry.
Just-just one second.
Were close.
I can sense it.
(vehicle lock chirps, clicks)
(lock chirps, clicks)
Hey, hey. Im so sorry.
Im sorry.
You-you want to come up?
- Yeah.
- Come on. Im sorry.
Here. Come here.
Elevators down here.
(bones cracking)
Dad? Dad?
Whats going on?
(door creaking)
Just wait here one second.
Just one second, okay?
(lock clicks)
Hey, sorry...
sorry to bother you.
I didnt mean to bother you,
uh, I-I-I was...
I was hoping I could speak
to your mom really quick.
(breath trembling)
I am so sorry. I am so sorry.
- Did we live here?
- Lets go. No.
- Mm. Lets go.
- (dog barking in distance)
- Really? (clears throat)
- Yes, yes, really.
Okay, okay, Im doing it.
This is... I dont know why
Im writing this address down.
- This is ridiculous. Take this.
- Come on.
- Please. Thank you.
- You...
Its not what you think.
You would never hurt Rachel.
- Well, maybe I cheated.
- Okay, stop. You... Come here.
Look, you were a good husband,
a devoted one.
- You would never do that.
- Mm-hmm.
You would bend over backwards
for her, all right?
You wanted what you had.
Yeah, I dont think
I really did.
You did. You did, okay?
No matter how hard stuff got
for you at work,
no matter what
you were dealing with,
you made sure you made time
for both of them.
You would never
jeopardize that, okay?
Even... even now.
Hey, hey, listen to me.
Look at Ava.
Look at the way
she looks at you.
- Mm-hmm.
- It takes a good man
to keep a young girls
spirits up
through everything
thats happened.
That was you.
Not me, not her teachers.
- You, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Nol, whats it gonna take?
- Come on.
- Okay, yeah, you know,
I guess youre right.
I guess youre right.
Thank you so much. Um, Im late
for my next appointment.
- Ill talk to you later. Okay.
- Well, thats all right.
- Uh, o-okay, well, knock it out.
- All right.
- And call me when youre done.
- Yeah, okay. See ya.
Ill make time, okay?
(door opens)
(Nolan sighs softly)
You look more relaxed today.
Lets aim to see a face.
But if you see that thing,
- focus.
- (steady beeping)
- "I run my mind. It..."
- I run my mind.
It doesnt run me.
I got it, Doctor.
PRIEST (distorted): Yes, there
will be challenges in life,
but the strength of your bond
will offer you protection
against lifes storms.
Always make your relationship
a priority...
(sharp crunching)
(priest continues indistinctly)
(raspy moaning)
This ring is a sign
of the spiritual bond...
(crunching, raspy moaning)
(panting softly)
(panting faster)
(bones clicking)
(distorted whooshing)
(rapid beeping)
- (panting)
- (watch ticking)
Not today.
- (baby crying in other room)
- (fan rattling softly)
(hanger clatters on floor)
(baby crying)
(woman crying, whimpering)
(sharp crunching)
(raspy moaning)
(distorted whooshing)
- Hey, uh, Dr. Reed.
- Hey.
Hows your friend? I saw that
hes in Dr. Brookss study.
Yeah, yeah. Well, um,
listen, I-Im trying to figure
something out about that night.
I dont understand
how he just suddenly woke up.
Yeah, he was lucky.
Yeah, thats what all
the other doctors say, but...
do you remember
what exactly happened?
(sighs) Let me see.
Excuse me.
WOMAN (over P.A.):
Dr. Pierre, line 525.
- Dr. Pierre, line 525.
- (typing)
So, after I saw him,
Dr. Brooks was doing rounds
and got a second look on him.
Oh, Dr. Brooks saw him
that night?
Yeah. She was the only person
that didnt give up on him.
- I see.
- Yeah, she took him to her lab,
and when he came out,
he was conscious again.
Wait, she took him to her lab?
He was lucky she was there.
Hey, I need to see Dr. Brooks.
Oh, shes still with Mr. Wright.
How much longer? Theyve been
in there for a while.
Theyre in a session.
In my experience, the longer
the session, the better.
All right, well,
tell her to call me.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
(watch ticking)
(trembling breaths)
(heartbeat pulsing)
(distorted whooshing)
(alarm beeping)
Where are you?
Whats happening?
(alarm continues beeping)
(rapid beeping)
(watch clicks)
(watch ticking)
- (baby crying)
- (soft whimpering)
(watch ticking)
These arent Nolans memories.
Theyre mine.
Theyve always been mine.
(breath trembling)
- Hey.
- (grunts softly)
- (baby fussing)
- (laughs)
Im full. (chuckles)
(steady beeping)
But how?
You remember?
- Mom?
- Thank God you remember.
You remember.
(breathing shakily)
(grunts softly)
- Hmm?
- Mom, what did you do?
- Its okay.
- No.
Youre all right.
Okay, Mom... what did you do?
- Sit down.
- Mom, what did you do?
Thomas, please.
Please, come, come.
And sit.
Oh, Thomas.
When you slipped down those
stairs, they brought you here.
You were still alive,
but it was already too late.
They tried everything.
And in the process,
they used an EEG.
I found out and downloaded
your data from the servers
and waited to find
the right patient
to upload
your consciousness into.
I had already gotten
to the point
where I could emulate it
in the lab,
and-and I hoped
that I could do it for real.
Wait. So, wait.
Th-Thats that project
you were talking about.
Wait. Wait, wait, how...
how long...
how long... how long
have I been gone?
Two years.
Okay. Okay, okay.
Okay, so why this man?
Why Nolan?
Oh, that was fate.
Uh, a few months ago,
he came here brain-dead
from that car accident.
Uh, it was
a perfect opportunity.
He was the right man.
I didnt know
if it had even worked
until I took the Black Box off
and you grabbed my hand
and I knew you were in there.
You just couldnt
fully remember.
And I couldnt force it, because
the brain was still adjusting.
But I hoped that you would
remember fully one day,
but you never did.
So I thought
I had to get you back here
and the Black Box would help you
tie up the loose ends.
So-so-so I-Im not an amnesiac?
Your brain was just adjusting.
Mom, what...
What do you expect...
What do you expect me to do?
Just go out there
and pretend to be him?
(scoffs) No.
(chuckles softly)
You have a second shot, son.
You have a second shot
to make it right.
Not just with Ashley
but with your wife.
You have a second chance
to be the father
and the man
I know you should be.
(takes deep breath)
What about Ava?
Shes not your daughter.
(door closes)
(school bell ringing)
Lets go, guys. Line up.
No pinching.
(chatter continues)
Uh, is everything okay?
You seem sad.
Im not.
Great, so no biggie.
Hey. Me.
(seat belt clicks)
What are you doing?
Dinner, Dad.
Did you smoke?
Dad, I thought I told you,
you dont smoke.
(Ava sighs)
How about stir-fry?
You love that.
That means we can stop
at the store.
The recipe says we need
something called bean sprouts.
Uh, actually, lets not.
Yeah, I need to talk to you
about something.
Uh, its probably best
if we just get home.
Is everything okay?
I need to drop you off at Garys
for a few days.
Wait, what? Why?
Because things
arent safe with me.
Please, Dad, youre fine.
How are you going to cook?
What if you wake up late?
Cant Dr. Brooks just
give you medicine? Dad.
Hey, Dad. Come on, Dad.
Weve been through it all
these few months,
- and now you want
to do this now? -Stop it!
Goddamn it, stop it!
Im a grown man, okay?
(tapping steering wheel)
Just trust me, all right?
(engine starts)
Daddy, I thought you said it was
only gonna be a couple of days.
No, lets hurry up.
Its getting late.
- (Ava grunts)
- (bag zipping)
Here, I got it. I got it.
Okay. See you soon.
Need any help?
I got it.
All right, one second,
all right?
- Nol.
- What?
I found out that Dr. Brooks
took you into her lab
when you were in a coma.
Okay. That doesnt
seem strange to you?
Well, I-I dont know
whats going on,
but it could have something
to do with these false memories
youve been seeing.
Hey, hey, youre looking
a little rough.
You want to come inside?
I mean, Im worried about you
going home alone.
Why dont you just
stay here with us?
I appreciate it, but I told you,
I-I just need
some time alone, so...
I just need to be
in my own space,
- in my own environment.
- In your environ...
- (softly): Yeah.
- Without Ava?
You-Youre not making any sense.
L-Lets talk this out, man.
Its just a few days.
I just need some time.
(engine starts)
Look, if you come back,
Im gonna have to call the cops.
Wait, wait, wait. M-Miranda.
H-How do you know my name?
Well, I... Sorry.
I-Im-Im sorry.
I went to, uh... I went to...
I went to undergrad
with your husband.
Um, we were, uh... we were, um,
bio majors together.
But I never met you.
Uh, yeah, we-we-we, um...
I dont know.
Uh, we-we-we-we took that,
uh, genetics class,
and, um, I guess, after that,
we didnt have the same track
and... and grew apart.
But-but he, um...
he told me about
the first day he met you.
He, uh...
He told me, um,
he was lucky to have you.
And how patient
you were with him.
And I-I-I know...
I know how hard it was for him
to get into
a decent medical school.
But, uh...
he said, if it wasnt for you,
he wouldnt have been able
to stick with it.
(sighs) Oh.
So, uh... whats up?
Oh, well, you know,
Im just, uh...
I-I just moved in the area,
and I just wanted
to introduce myself.
Oh. Okay.
Um, whats your name?
Is dinner ready?
Almost. Um... hold on.
Did you finish your homework?
But, Mom...
Hey. No pouting.
- Come on.
- ASHLEY: I really dont want to.
MIRANDA: I know you dont
want to, but no pouting.
Yeah, but... yeah, but eating...
but eating is more important
than homework.
- MIRANDA: Really?
- I think I should eat first.
- (laughing): Are you finished?
- No.
Go and finish, all right?
- Okay.
- Good girl. Come on.
Uh, I am sorry. I, uh...
It was good to meet you,
but I have to finish dinner
- and take care of my daughter,
so... -Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, um, Im sorry. Um...
Do you... do you have a moment?
Uh, I actually dont.
Im-Im so sorry. Itll...
itll only take one minute.
Uh, yeah.
Just have a seat.
Um, I need to turn this down.
So, um...
whats going on?
Do you remember my m...
um, his mom, Dr. Brooks?
Of course, um...
but to be honest, we dont talk.
Did-did something happen
to her or...?
No. No. No.
Okay, uh, do you...
Do you remember that, uh...
that dream project
she was always talking about?
- Uh, the one where...
- (both chuckle)
where she thought
she could use brain waves
to save and restore
someones consciousness?
Yeah. (laughs)
Yeah, the digital voodoo
It wasnt voodoo.
Okay, um...
what about it?
Okay, um...
Okay, yeah, uh, it...
Uh, I, uh...
this is really hard to explain.
Um... all right,
I dont really get it, either,
but it... but it worked.
She did it.
Mm, did what?
Um, what was your name, anyway?
Like him?
Im Thomas.
Im gonna need you to leave now.
Im gonna need you to leave.
- No, wait. Miranda.
- I-Im...
- Miranda. Miranda, wait.
- You have five seconds,
- or Im gonna call the cops.
- Uh, okay.
Um... (panting)
This wallpaper.
This wallpaper,
you-you used to...
you used to hate it,
but I wanted to keep it up
to remind us that this wasnt
the final destination.
On our first date,
our first date,
it was 95 degrees,
and you wore a sweater outside
because it was the only piece of
clean laundry that you had left.
Whenever you were nervous...
I would take your hand
and write on the back of it
with my fingers, "Okay."
She actually pulled it off.
(breath trembles)
So... whos this?
Oh, he, uh... hes gone.
Hes gone.
Hes brain-dead. I...
She said it was like
a transplant.
I-I dont understand.
Gone where? How? What...
I dont fully understand it,
either, but...
its real.
Im real.
It-its crazy, but its real.
so, what do you do?
Like, take his place?
Maybe, but I...
I thought this could be a chance
for us to rewrite us.
A chance for me
to make things right again.
No, Im...
Im not gonna hurt you anymore.
I just want to try again.
I just want to try again
with you.
Wheres my Orlando picture?
Where are the, uh...
Where are the pictures of me?
My chair? My bookshelf?
I know I made some mistakes,
but you erased me?
I think you should go.
Um, I died out there.
Do you understand that?
I died.
And now Im here.
I died...
and now Im here.
Does that mean nothing to you?
Oh, yeah, of course.
It doesnt.
Its always my fault.
Look, I cant do this right now.
Oh, you...
you cant do this right now?
What would be a better day
for you, huh?
(furniture creaks nearby)
No, stop.
(grunting, whimpering)
Dont you ever touch me again.
Shes my daughter, too.
No, stop.
No. No.
(door creaking)
(Miranda grunts)
(high-pitched ringing)
Whered you go? Ava!
Hey, what happened?
- Whats going on, Nol?
- (groans)
Youre bleeding.
What happened to your head, man?
Hey. Nol!
Hey, stop!
You... youre scaring us.
- Nol!
- (gasps)
(sharp crunching)
Just dont lea...
- Nol! Wait!
- (tires squealing)
Let me help you!
Mom, talk to me.
Talk to me, Mom!
Why... Wh-What...
whats wrong with me?
Why did I end up
in front of Ava? Please.
You need to calm down.
Im thinking.
Are you sure you saw that thing
in the reflection?
- Yes.
- (sighs)
Its your mind.
Its doing what it did
inside the Black Box.
Its trying to protect you.
It took you to the last place
where you felt safe.
Okay, thats inside the Box,
how did it get control out here?
Tell me exactly what happened.
Where are Miranda and Ashley?
They locked me out.
Why would they...
Hey, I didnt...
I didnt do anything, okay?
They made up their minds.
They dont want me anymore!
You listen to me.
No, it starts here.
Right here.
This is so, so powerful.
More than you can imagine.
And thats why its taking over.
Because youre allowing it.
Thomas, take control
of your life for once
and become the doctor
you are meant to be.
The father
youre supposed to be.
The man that people expect
my son to be.
Or do you want to be
like your father?
Sit down.
- (line rings, beeps)
- ASSISTANT: Youve reached
the office of
Dr. Lillian Brooks.
We currently arent in
right now...
(line beeps)
(groans quietly, sniffs)
Uh, hey, Ava.
Can... can I borrow that
for a second?
Thank you.
Dont worry.
Everythings gonna be all right.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- 3030 Green Road.
- AVA: Hey.
Thats where
me and my dad went to.
"Stairwell fall."
Youre sure, if I get rid
of that thing, Ill be good?
You think of that thing as
the root of a virus and kill it,
itll stop these
traumatic responses
that are happening
in your body out here.
But I dont know whatll happen
if it harms you.
How do I find it?
Itll find you.
(steady beeping)
Choose your own safe room
this time.
Got it.
(static crackling)
(door banging, rattling)
(banging and rattling continue)
(doorknob clicking)
- (door creaking)
- (crunching)
(raspy moaning)
(raspy grunting)
(bones clicking)
(raspy breathing)
M-Mom, its-its Nolan.
Its your mind
doing what it has to do
to hold you back.
Remember why youre there.
No. Please.
Please. Please.
- Please.
- (slaps hand)
Get ready to detach me, Mom.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five, four,
- three...
- AVA: Daddy!
- GARY: Dont...
- AVA: What are you doing?
- BROOKS: No. What?
Hey, hey, hey. -Let him go.
- GARY: W-Wait. W-W-Wait.
- BROOKS: Get... No, no, no!
No, no. Dont touch him!
- Hey, what? Wh-Wh-What?
- Dont touch anything.
- Hes still under.
- Daddy, do you hear me?!
Dad, Im here!
Daddy, do you hear me?!
Im here.
GARY: Let her work. Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Sit. Sit.
We dont want to hurt him, okay?
Im-Im gonna restart the count.
You ready?
Mom, its really him.
Stop it and focus.
Its not.
But it is.
He is still alive.
Why do I even try?
No matter what I do,
no matter what I sacrifice,
youre still not ready.
Never ready.
Get ready to count me out.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven...
Daddy, stop!
- THOMAS: Stop it, okay?!
- MIRANDA: No! No!
You see what you made me do?!
You see what you made me do?!
(screams) Stop!
- (kick thumps)
- (Ashley screams)
Dont you touch her!
(bones cracking)
- (Miranda shuddering)
- (Steady beeping)
(breath trembling)
(raspy breathing)
(wind whistling)
(rapid beeping)
What is going on?
Son, respond.
- Is everything okay?
- Daddy, come on!
- Were here! Daddy!
- No. No, no, no.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Son, respond.
Is everything okay?
- GARY: Just hold on.
- AVA: Dad!
Ava, please, just wait.
Im gonna count you out.
- Come on. Come on, Im here!
- GARY: Nolan.
Ten, nine,
- seven...
- Nolan, can you hear me? -Daddy!
Six, five...
- Whatd you do to him?
- Four, three...
- He should be going to the ICU.
Dr. Brooks! -...two, one. One.
(flatline tone)
- (crying): Daddy.
- Wait. Ava, wait.
Come on.
- (panting)
- (steady beeping)
- Daddy?
- GARY: Hold on.
(Brooks chuckles)
(grunts softly)
Let go.
(both mimic explosion)
Hey, you good?
No. Something is wrong.
We have to do this again.
- Hold on.
- Stop. Stop.
- Stop!
- No, you... Get off!
You took an oath.
(Nolan grunts)
Come on. (grunts)
GARY: Hey, Nol.
Hey, let me help you.
Lets get you out of here.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. (grunts)
Come on. Here we go.
(Gary grunts, pants)
- Wait! No!
- Stop.
Youre done.
(door opens, closes)
(crickets chirping outside)
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hey. Dad.
- Hey.
Hows it going?
Oh, my God, look at your hair.
- (both chuckle)
- (sniffles)
(Nolan sniffles)
How about you get a book
and Ill read it to you?
- Sure.
- Yeah?
What are you reading?
Oh, uh...
Come on.
Should we get the rest
of the books?
- Yeah.
- (chuckles)
(taps key)
- (device beeping)
- (sighs)
(beeps rapidly, then stops)
(music fades)