Black Flowers (2018) Movie Script

[thunder clap]
[snippets of radio stations]
[light-hearted pop music]
[playful screaming]
[distant explosion]
Oh, my God.
- [man] They went this way.
- [woman] I'm on it.
[woman sniffs]
I can smell their fear.
This way.
[man] They're right behind us.
Come on.
[man] Weapons ready.
Weapons ready!
[man] Honey, over here.
- [man] Prepare to fire!
- [gunfire]
- [gunshot]
- [man] What are you doing?
Get down.
[man grunts]
- [woman] I'm so sorry.
- [man] It's OK. It's OK.
I'll live.
[woman] Here.
- [woman] Get down.
- [man] Here! Get down. Shh.
[indistinct shouting]
[man] Fan out!
- [whimpers]
- I can smell you.
Let's go. We lost 'em.
I can't believe they were hiding
right under my nose.
Don't worry,
we'll get 'em in the end.
[eagle cries]
[birds squawk]
Psst. Scat.
- [man coughs]
- Sam? Are you OK?
[groans] I'm fine.
Just don't fuss.
Hey. Don't be ridiculous, Sam.
We can wait here a while.
No. We can't afford
to stay here any longer.
No, Dad, listen to Mom.
You're hurt.
What, this chicken scratch?
Yeah? Watch me.
This is how good I am. [groans]
[woman chuckles] You're a beast.
- Here, give me the bag.
- Katie?
Katie, you're in charge now.
Which basically means
nothing's changed.
Let's go.
[Sam] People mean danger.
No good will come of 'em.
We gotta head deeper
into the forest.
Nature will provide. You'll see.
[girl] What the hell was that?
A mutant?
[Katie] It's an elk.
Over there.
[man grunts]
Be careful.
- [man] You shot me.
- Are you OK?
- Am I OK? What the fuck?
- I didn't mean to shoot you.
I don't really care!
- Does it hurt?
- Does it hurt? What the fuck?
Want me to take a look at it?
It's not so bad.
It's just a flesh wound.
- What are you doing here?
- Practicing my golf swing.
Are you stupid?
Buddy, I suggest you
answer the lady.
Just passing through and...
- With that bunch of scavengers?
- No, no, I'm on my own.
Hunting that goddamn elk.
A man's gotta eat.
All the other animals
have been acting strange,
like they're...
mad or something.
It's all that radiation crap.
Where you passing through to?
What business is it of yours?
We're looking for
a safe place to live.
Our last place just got raided.
We lost all our stuff.
My husband needs
medical attention.
He got shot.
I was heading north-east
to an old nuclear bunker
that was built for
an end-of-times
apocalypse church cult.
Named Salvation.
It's safe, full of food,
booze, medical supplies.
And nobody knows about it.
Booze? How come you're
not there already?
I was in California
when the apocalypse happened.
It's taken me months to walk
here, staying out of sight,
hunting, living off the land.
Till you shot me.
Hey, I feel bad about that, OK?
Not as bad as I do.
- Texas Guitar Massacre fan?
- Saw them six times.
Roadied with them
on four tours.
[girl chuckles]
Did Europe, Brazil, even Russia.
- Wow.
- Oh, no. Not you, too?
Da, na, na
according to the Gods
We're all just minions
gotta speak up
[both] And have an opinion
In my bag, there's a map.
It's a pretty awful map.
What do you expect?
I'm not frickin' Google Maps.
All right, all right. Sorry.
You wanna come with me?
Help me find it?
Share the loot?
- Get the medical supplies?
- Yes! Sound like a plan?
What do you think, honey?
It's up to you.
You got any bullets
you can spare?
Two rounds of .38.
Ammo's scarcer than clean water.
Or clean underwear.
OK. We'll go with you
to this Salvation bunker.
- What's your name?
- Joe.
I'm Kate, this is Sam,
and you've already met Suzi.
[Joe] Charmed.
We're going north-east.
- Cool. Can I try?
- We head to the mountain
and look for the blue bridge,
then find Salvation.
[Kate] What do you call
a deer with no eyes?
- No Eye Deer.
- [Suzi groans]
[Kate] Come on, that was good.
You guys are crazy.
[Sam] You're very funny,
you know that?
- Leave the joke telling to me.
- [Kate] Come on.
[Sam] You're the leader. You got
the gun, I got the jokes.
[Kate] That's good material.
I'm sorry, but that's gold.
It's comedy gold.
[Sam] I bought some shoes once
from a drug dealer.
I don't know what
he laced them with,
but I was trippin' all day.
[Suzi groans] My ears hurt
more than my feet right now.
[Sam] What is this place?
Give me the binoculars.
[Sam] What do you think?
Does it look empty?
We need supplies.
I'm good. Good luck.
- [Sam] Be careful.
- [Kate] Joe, keep a look out.
[door creaks]
- [switch clicks]
- It's all dead.
Solar charger!
Mom, look at this!
It's got a USB.
This is my stuff.
We don't want any trouble.
Just scavenging.
You taste as sweet
as you look, girlie?
[Suzi grunts]
[Kate screams]
- Delicious. Nice.
- Do not mess with my kid!
[Kate gasps]
You OK, Mom?
It's OK, it's a different
world now. We just... do what...
...needs to be done.
- Let's go.
- [groans]
- [Kate] Jesus, Joe!
- What?
There was a man in there.
He could have killed us.
- I didn't see nothing.
- "I didn't see nothing."
You're supposed to be
the lookout!
I'm sorry. My arm kind of hurts.
- [Suzi] Mom bashed his head in.
- [laughs]
Oh, you think that's funny?
If you're gonna stay,
you gotta do what I say.
- It's my map.
- It's like that, is it?
Guys, calm down.
I'm just saying, you need me.
We'll see. We just almost
got killed because of you.
- Oh, you gonna shoot me?
- Guys, guys! Mom. Joe.
Calm down.
We're a team, remember?
[Kate] Hey. Hey there.
Don't worry, I'm still with you.
- Better be. [laughs]
- I'm not done yet.
How are you doing, darling?
Except for the hole in my gut,
I'm perfect.
Which is why you married me,
- Yes, it is.
- [chuckles]
So, uh, what did you find?
- I got these.
- [both chuckle]
We're going to get you to a
doctor, gonna get you to safety,
then we're gonna go swimming,
and it's gonna be
just like old times.
- That's perfect.
- Yeah.
I'm looking forward to it.
Found this, Dad.
Hey, look at that.
Nicely done.
Let's get that in the sun
and get that puppy working, huh?
Why bother? It's been two years.
Well, they always tell you,
in times of crisis,
to listen in to
emergency frequencies,
but does anyone know
how those work,
or how police channels work...
or anything?
- No, I do not, Suzi.
- Exactly.
So I'm just gonna try
calling 911.
That is, if I ever get a signal.
[bird call]
[ducks quack]
Are you all right, honey?
Ah, don't worry about me.
I'm OK till nightfall.
What are those? Black flowers?
[Sam] It's nothing natural,
that's for sure.
[Geiger counter clicks]
[Kate] Oh, shit.
Bad radiation, we gotta go.
[Sam] Yeah, let's.
Chem clouds! Gas masks!
[Sam] Let's go.
[Joe] How'd you guys
survive for so long?
[Suzi] Dad kept us hidden.
Built a special place.
- [Joe] What happened?
- [Suzi] I messed up.
Some scavengers
followed me home
after I went looking
for some batteries.
We got raided, Dad got shot.
I got careless.
[Joe] Hey, don't blame yourself.
Just gotta think of the future.
[Suzi] Right.
[Kate] Why did the tomato blush?
It saw the salad dressing.
[Suzi laughs]
Oh, no, why did I laugh?
[Sam] No, don't make me laugh,
it hurts.
[Kate] We'll camp here.
Suzi, get a fire going.
Joe, check the area.
Who made you king?
Queen, not king.
And no one made me anything.
- I was born in charge.
- [Sam laughs]
Oh, my God. It works!
The solar charger works.
I've got one percent power.
There won't be any signal,
All the phone companies
are long dead.
Oh. There's...
The satellites are still up.
I mean, maybe some of them
are solar powered.
I can't believe all
the electricity's just gone.
Well, the nuclear power plants
will be churning out
some kind of energy.
I mean,
you can't just turn 'em off.
- Right?
- But you can blow 'em up.
I've seen
three nuclear plants on fire.
They'll just burn
for a thousand years,
spreading their cancer.
You're so negative.
You're like
a life force vampire.
We got any food? I'm hungry.
[Suzi groans] Ugh.
[Joe] What'd you get? Come on.
Anchovies! Why has it
always gotta be anchovies?
That's all that's left.
Nobody wants 'em.
What month is it?
I think it's October, but...
I can't be sure.
Huh. I never realized how much
I relied on my cell phone
to tell me what day it is.
Don't worry yourself, Sam.
Now I've just got this watch,
and it just tells me
what time it is.
Which is really useful
because, heaven knows,
I wouldn't want to be late
and miss that...
job interview I got.
It's a nice watch.
Would you like it?
Sure. Thank you.
Joe. No, that's Dad's.
- He's offering.
- Yeah, but he's...
[Sam] Here. Should last you
a good long time.
- Probably the only thing here.
- Joe!
What? I'm just saying,
it's a great watch.
It'll last forever.
If Sam wants it back,
you give it back.
Will you read to us, Suzi?
It's just a poem.
It's not very good.
Oh... that's OK, honey.
I think it's the last bit of
culture that we have left.
Honey, please.
"My course is marked by stars."
"When the cycle ends,
will it start again?"
"Have I the strength
of my memoirs?"
"Will my love for this land
"I travel across
this dying plain."
"Our destination,
I know not where."
"I guide my family by the hand,
but death's shadow
I see before me."
"How long before I too
sleep underground?"
"Silent as a grave,
without a sound."
[Joe] It's better this way.
[Sam groans]
Thanks for the watch.
Sam? Sam!
Sam? Sam?
- Sam.
- Mom, what's going on?
- What's wrong?
- No, baby. Don't go yet.
[Kate cries]
No, Dad!
[crying] No! No!
[both cry]
[Kate sobs]
Goodbye, sweetie.
[Kate sobs]
I love you.
I'll always miss you.
He's in a better place now.
He got to salvation first.
- What now?
- I don't know.
I just... I don't know.
I just...
I'm just...
trying to keep you alive.
Dad would want us to keep going.
[birds squawk]
[woman screams]
[screaming continues]
Stay here.
Keep your eyes open, Joe.
[bird squawks]
"Flesh eaters"?
- No.
- Suzi.
I'm not going that way.
We have to go this way.
Radiation that way,
Radiation that way.
That way, Salvation.
[bird squawks]
[birds squawk]
Didn't you see the sign?
It's not safe here.
You should go.
[Suzi screams]
[man groans]
[Suzi] Mom?
[gun clicks]
Yeah! Run away, cowards!
You did not have to shoot him!
Shoot first.
Avoids questions later.
Hello? Are you OK?
- Honey?
- [gasps]
[Kate and Suzi scream]
[woman screams]
- Jesus.
- Should we stop her?
I think that's the cannibal.
And we just killed
the good guys.
We need to shoot her.
She's gone bad.
Let's go.
[woman shrieks]
[Joe] What's that?
[Kate] It's a helmet.
[Joe] It's a hard hat.
[Kate] I know it's a hard hat.
[Joe] It won't protect you.
It's not bulletproof.
Maybe I just want a helmet.
Why do you want a hard hat
that isn't bulletproof?
I just want it, OK?
Might protect me from
a tree branch or something.
A tree branch? What the fuck's
a tree branch going to do?
Look, I just like it, OK?
It's silver. Everyone can
see you. It's not camouflage.
I know. I don't get to
wear much silver these days.
And besides, everyone can hear
you, and I don't go on about it.
Take it off.
What? No.
Take. It. Off.
- Take it... off.
- No.
What the hell?! Are you mental?
You just wasted a bullet.
What's going on?
Joe's a control freak,
that's what's going on.
It's not bulletproof.
I've just saved your life.
You can't antagonize Joe
like that.
It makes things difficult.
He just shot my helmet.
[Joe] It's a hard hat!
- [Suzi] Don't be a bully, Mom.
- [Kate] I'm a bully?
[birds chirping]
[bird squawks]
[Joe] You check it out.
I'll cover you.
Dang it.
[Joe scoffs]
Jesus. Poor guy.
Check him for ammo.
You check him. You shot him.
[Kate] Dang it.
You go.
I checked the dead guy.
[door creaks]
[Joe] What?
[Kate] Some poor kid.
You think she's
the dead dude's girlfriend?
[Kate] Or daughter.
[Joe] Wonder why he didn't
bury her outside.
Too scared. Too dangerous.
Maybe he just
loved her too much.
We should stay here.
Sun will set soon.
We all stay
in this room tonight.
[Suzi] What's in there?
Just a dead girl. Nothing bad.
- Is life so cheap to you?
- Hey! Look at this.
Oh, my God. Clean teeth.
You better take that.
Oh, shampoo!
[thunder clap]
[distant dog barking]
[thunder clap]
[distant dog barking]
[animal cry]
[chanting continues]
[people chant] Heave-ho, ho hi,
take the stairs
to touch the sky.
[people chant] Heave-ho, ho hi,
take the stairs
to touch the sky.
Stop, stop, stop, my friends.
Hi. Hi there.
[Kate] Hi.
[woman] Hey there.
Hi. Whatcha doing?
We're taking this
to the top of that hill.
Huh. That's not a hill,
that's a mountain.
- Why?
- So we can worship it.
- Why?
- Why? Why not?
We haven't got
anything better to do.
And it's closer to God
up on the top of the hill.
Bonus. A stairway to Heaven.
Remember, there is no ending
to this world, only changes.
What about getting food
and water? Building a shelter?
Oh, we'll do all of that
once we have a place to worship.
I think it's stuck.
Oh, no. We never get a break.
It's like the gods
don't even give a shit.
- You wanna help?
- Sure.
All right.
One good shove should do it.
[woman] Ready?
One, two... and away!
One, two...
and away!
One, two... and away!
One, two... and away!
[all cheer]
You wanna come with us?
We're actively seeking
more disciples.
Thanks, but I'm traveling
with my daughter and her...
her friend.
Are we not all but
part of one big family?
You are my daughter, my sister.
They're welcome to join us
as well.
Thank you, but... no.
Do you have any spare food?
Sorry, my child,
we are without sustenance.
But the gods will provide.
Take this, with my blessings.
It will bring you good luck.
Thank you.
[all] Ah-ah-ah.
What is that?
The symbol of the stairs,
of course.
[all] Ah-ah-ah.
Oh. Of course.
Good luck. I hope you get to
the top of that hill.
We will.
Have faith.
[woman] Ready?
[chanting resumes]
[Kate] See you up there.
[car horn honks]
[car horn honks]
[Joe] Anybody order an Uber?
[Kate] How did you find this?
[Joe] The fuel gauge is bust,
so I guess everyone
just thought it was empty.
I just turned the key
and... vroom!
This is gonna save us days.
We gotta keep our eyes open.
This is gonna draw attention
to us.
What speed we going at?
[Suzi] I don't know.
All the gauges are bust.
Can you go a bit faster?
We need to be at 60 or more.
[Suzi] Why?
When you hold your hand
out the window at 60,
it feels like
you're holding a boob.
You're a boob, Joe.
[Joe] We have to go around.
That water's flowing down from
a heavy nuke hit upstream.
About 100 miles away. All those
gamma particles are hot as hell.
Nasty radiation.
[engine fails]
[Suzi] Well, that was two miles
we didn't have to walk.
[Joe] We need to keep
looking for the blue bridge.
Salvation lies beyond.
[birds chirp]
[Kate] Suzi,
why don't you try your phone?
This is as close to
one of your satellites
as we're ever gonna get.
[Suzi] Nothing.
Not a single bar.
It's like we've suffered
complete technological death.
The whole world has
forgotten us.
[Suzi] What do you think
we'll find at the bunker?
I hope there's beer.
Meet my new friend, Mr. Peaches.
Hello, Mr. Peaches.
Good to meet you.
- Bingo!
- [Kate laughs]
I think we should
stay here tonight.
Oh, my God.
Oh, we are definitely staying
here tonight. [laughs]
Oh, my God, it is so good.
Well, this is nice.
You're secretly glad
there was a nuclear war?
Well, I never saw you
before the invasion.
You're glad the invasion
so you could see Suzi
more often?
I just meant that
this moment is nice.
Yeah. It's been a real
career boon for me.
So glad I studied
computer engineering
instead of fucking forestry.
[Joe] I need a pee.
Gimme some peaches.
Uh, here. [clears throat]
Anchovies. Always anchovies.
God. What have we become?
My turn.
Hey. That's mine.
Don't be ridiculous.
It belongs to all of us.
I found it. It's mine.
Didn't they teach you sharing?
Didn't they teach you
not to be a bitch?
Grow up.
You'd be dead without us.
You'd be dead without me.
Suzi and I...
we'd be better off on our own.
Suzi and you?
There's no Suzi and you.
- There's only Suzi and me.
- [chuckles]
Well... we'll see about that.
- Coffee?
- Yes, please.
[Kate and Suzi
chat indistinctly]
[Joe] It's bitter, but good.
Shall I read a poem?
[Kate] Yes.
Really, Suzi?
The last one killed your father.
I think you might be just
a really horrible person.
[door slams]
You women need to lighten up.
Suzi? Suzi, I'm sorry.
How could you say that?
Sorry, that was a bad joke.
It is my fault.
Dad died because of me.
He didn't die because of you.
I feel guilty.
Being happy like this with you.
Well, you shouldn't be.
We should... make the most
of what we've got.
[birds chirping]
Oh, my God.
Oh, I never should have
trusted him!
If I see him again, he is dead!
Just one piece of luck,
universe, come on.
- [Kate gasps]
- Hey, hey, hey.
Don't be afraid.
Don't... Don't shoot, now.
- Then don't creep up on people.
- You're in my house, darling.
This is where I live.
If you've come over here for the
tower, then you're out of luck,
because this mast is
deader than a doornail.
Dang it. Looked like it was
in good shape, too.
Well, it did for us, too. That's
what brought us over here.
- Us?
- My wife and I.
I'm Jefferson
and this is Millie.
We were wondering if
maybe you could do a trade.
What do you want?
It's the end of the road
for us,
and we've really,
really lost heart.
And we were wondering if maybe
you could help us move on.
Move on? Where to?
I'm headed north-east.
No. No. I mean move ON, move on.
You want me to kill you?
That's messed up. No way.
Look, you can have
all our stuff.
Millie's got a really bad leg
on top of
the radiation sickness.
We're just gonna starve.
And what's the point?
We've got nowhere to go.
Our kids are dead,
our grandchildren are dead.
I watched them all eaten
by the nuclear fire.
It's got three bullets left.
Why don't you do it?
I can't shoot Millie.
I can't shoot her.
I just can't.
Have you still got
something to fight for?
My daughter.
She's out there somewhere.
It's kill or be killed
in this world.
Make your first kill here.
It's OK.
We've had a good run of it.
We used to have a house.
Beach house up in Eureka.
They were such fun times.
Admittedly, the last
couple of years have been
a living nightmare,
watching this hell on Earth
take over our Eden,
poisoned it with hate and greed
and radiation and...
[Kate gasps]
Did them a favor.
Did them a favor.
Oh, hello, God.
Sorry for not calling
for 30 years.
There's a few things
I'd like to talk to you about.
I've done some things
that I think are your fault.
I just want things to go back
to the way they used to be.
I just... I miss mail.
I miss hot coffee and...
I miss Sundays.
I miss Sam.
I won't complain
about anything ever again
if you'll just give me
my daughter back.
[she sobs]
[eagle cries]
Gotta find the blue bridge.
I've gotta find Suzi.
- [chanting]
- Oh, Grimly.
Those crazies.
[man] What are you?
What am I?
I'm lost, that's what I am.
I'm lost.
Lost? [laughs]
We're all lost.
Are you real?
She is real!
Yes, yes, I'm real. [chuckles]
Can I... Can I touch you?
Shut up!
I can't tell if what I'm seeing
is real or not anymore.
- [snarls]
- Jesus!
- [fires gun]
- Jesus!
- You are real, aren't you?
- I think so.
I'm pretty sure of it.
I'm so glad.
Can you help me? Please.
I've lost my friends.
I can't find them.
I've lost mine.
I've lost everything.
I've lost my daughter.
I'm lost.
Don't lie down!
You won't wake up. You'll die.
These... These'll kill you.
They'll send you to sleep.
The darkness of the grave.
Cheerful soul, aren't you?
Oh... the darkness isn't bad.
I welcome it.
It's where my friends
have gone, I think.
I'm looking for the blue bridge.
Do you know it?
Oh, yes, I know it.
What kind of a Ranger would I be
if I didn't know where it was?
[both laugh]
All the maps we've ever read
stay inside your head.
[Kate laughs]
Until you're dead.
Keep the sun on
this side of your face.
- Just keep going, OK?
- OK.
Come with me.
No, I can't.
I've gotta find my friends.
Did Sam send you? [echoes]
Thank you, Sam.
[indistinct moaning song]
[distant gunfire]
[horse whinnies]
[man yells]
[horse whinnies]
Dang it, Grimly, these are
the scum who raided our home.
That's them.
These are really bad people.
We need to get away.
[bird squawks]
[distant gunfire, screaming]
- Last one. Enjoy it.
- Cheers.
Did you just hear that?
[doors rattle]
Hey. Hey. Relax.
We won't harm you.
I'm looking for my daughter.
She's wearing a red hat.
It's got a white skull on it.
Have you seen her?
- No.
- Are you alone?
Has anyone seen her?
- Did they follow you?
- Who?!
- Anyone!
- No, no one.
I haven't seen anyone for miles.
Has anybody seen her?
- Are you hiding here?
- Hiding, waiting to die.
- Just trying to survive.
- We're just sheep!
We gotta be wolves!
Wolves survive.
You know what always survives?
The cockroach.
We've got to be the cockroach.
[voices outside]
Come on.
We're unarmed!
[man] Stop!
Be the cockroach, go. Go!
[man] Got you.
Think we got 'em all?
My mask keeps fogging up.
It's difficult to tell.
- Did you spit in it?
- Shut up! Idiot.
Let's go. It's dinnertime.
These scum, all they're
good for is fertilizer.
Come on. I'm starving.
What was that?!
[Kate gasps, whimpers]
[Kate yells]
Oh, what a bitch.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
I don't need anyone. I'm fine.
I'm... fine.
I'll be OK on my own.
[chuckles] Son of a gun.
[laughs, cheers] Yes!
- Music? I don't believe it.
- [faint sound of music]
Grimly, do you hear that?
[faint sound of music]
Music means people.
People mean danger.
No good'll come of it.
They may have seen Suzi.
[music, chatter]
Welcome! Welcome, welcome.
What are you doing?
Haven't you heard?
It's the end of the world.
We're having a party!
[all cheer]
Have some.
That's my girl.
Follow me.
Where you from?
We'd spent about
a year traveling.
No direction, really.
Then we stumbled on this place.
Seemed as good as any other to
wait for the end of the world.
What's so special
about this place?
We reckon we have five years
of supplies.
Four tons of white rice.
About 3,000 cans of beans.
Regular and BBQ.
Got enough booze to keep us
drunk for the next few years.
After that, who gives a shit?
Oh, my God!
The best place
you're gonna find.
Everybody's dying.
Might as well die happy.
I am DJ Apocalypso.
That's not my real name.
- I'm the leader here.
- I'm Kate.
[whispers] That is my real name.
- Got any painkillers?
- Terri, pharma?
[woman] Incoming.
Most people here
are high as a kite.
- That'll fuck you up real good.
- [Terri] You're welcome.
We got plenty more
where that came from.
We got so many
that we can't possibly
take 'em all before we all die.
Sounds like
you've abandoned hope.
No, no, no, no.
We've abandoned hatred
and greed.
This is paradise.
Come on.
[chatter, gentle music]
You seem sad.
It's been an awful few days.
I just wish we had
found this place sooner.
The world is full of sadness.
But it is also full of beauty.
That's why we must party,
drink and laugh...
...while the rest of the world
slowly dies.
- It's not the world.
- What?
The world is just
a huge lump of rock
held together
by bizarre physics,
hurtling through cold,
heartless space.
She's right, bizarre physics.
The world doesn't give a shit
what's going on on top of it.
We're like
a small patch of psoriasis.
Or like an STD that
just will not go away.
That is a heavy downer.
- Want a drink?
- Yeah.
Two questions for you.
Are you happy here?
And do you think it's safe
to stay here?
"Yes." Yes to which?
Whichever one makes you happy.
- [Suzi] Can we stay?
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Suzi!
Oh, my God. [laughs]
[Kate] Oh, uh... Hello. [laughs]
- I thought I'd never find you.
- Welcome, friend.
[Kate] Oh. God.
How are you? What happened
to you? Where's Joe?
Well, uh, when I woke up
and found out
he'd taken me away from you,
we had a big fight
and, um, I ran away.
How'd you find me?
I stole this.
- You stole Joe's map?
- [they laugh]
I just followed the compass
and then heard the music
and here we are.
[sighs] I was only ever
a few hours behind you.
- Drink?
- Oh, my God, beer!
[gasps] It's cold!
[squeals, laughs]
We have a solar-powered
ice maker.
Found it in an abandoned motel
about 20 miles down the road.
Spent a month dragging it here.
You ladies can have
the spare room over there.
What can we say
in the face of such luxury?
- Thank you?
- Thank you!
[they laugh]
What are you doing?
Trying to get
this thing to work.
- Get in contact with...
- With who?
Whoever's out there.
This phone is an obsession.
A disease of the old world.
Only by letting it go
can you move on.
Embrace this world,
not the lost one.
Yeah, not ready yet. Thanks.
[loud music]
Want to dance?
You do not want to see her
dance. It's so embarrassing.
It is not. Hold my beer.
[Kate laughs]
Give me some mud.
[Suzi screams]
- [Kate laughs]
- [man] Mud fight!
[gasps] Oh! I am so sorry.
[laughter, shouting]
- You girls finished?
- [both] Mm-hmm.
- Feel better?
- [both] Yeah.
[they laugh]
[dog barking]
[Suzi snores]
[DJ Apocalypso]
Can't sleep, huh?
Just taking a moment.
Nice place. Very peaceful.
No. No, thank you.
No. No more.
Is that all you do?
Drink and get stoned?
Not preparing for winter?
So you're just going to sit here
and wait for the world to end?
And you're welcome to join us.
Dang it.
I knew this was
too good to be true.
So, nothing special
on the agenda for today?
Every day is special, darling.
Drinking, partying.
What are those black flowers
doing here?
Oh, those. Damn,
they have a... hell of a kick.
You take one of these,
you'll be knocked out
for a week.
- Mm. Want one?
- No.
I tell you,
you can only do one, though.
You do more than that,
it will literally kill you.
Found out that the hard way.
Tommy was a good kid.
Anyway, we call it over-podding.
Are you goddamn crazy?!
- What the fuck, man?
- [moans]
What's the haps here?
The haps is that you're
all completely screwed.
And if we stay, we're screwed.
[DJ] There are worse ways to go,
No, I'm not gonna
give up on the world, so...
Yeah, staying here
is just a slow death.
Have fun with your slow death.
Not gonna do it.
What a way to die.
God, you're pathetic!
Where are you gonna go,
anyway, huh?
We spent a year, a year,
traveling this country.
Know what we found out there?
Radiation, tribes of killers,
mutants, death.
Here is safe, here is good.
With all this booze
and all those drugs.
Why not party till the end?
Because I need a better world
for Suzi, OK?
I'm not gonna let her
drown it in a bottle,
or some belladonnic haze
like yours truly!
It's gonna be OK. Just relax.
Just have a bite.
Goddamn it, I'll shoot your
goddamn head off right now!
Just chill out. Darling,
just chill out. Chill out.
Look, all right, I was just
trying to help. You can go.
- Yeah.
- I won't stop you.
Look at what you're
walking away from.
- This is paradise, baby.
- [screams]
Don't call me "baby"!
Suzi? Get up. We gotta go.
We gotta go. Get up.
We need to go now!
- What's going on?
- Suzi, pack!
Hurry up! Go!
Do it!
- [Suzi] What's going on?
- Now!
Can't I convince you to stay?
[Suzi] Jesus, Mom!
Look me up when you wisen up.
[Suzi] Mom, what are you doing?!
I really liked her.
What a knockout.
[birds chirping]
[Suzi] What's going on?
Where are we gonna go?
[Kate] I don't know.
[Suzi] Why did we have to go?
- They had cold beer!
- It's a bad place.
Did DJ Apocalypso
come on to you?
That place is a death sentence.
If we stayed there,
we'd be dead within a year.
Or worse.
- What's the problem?
- They've given up.
Suzi, they've given up.
They're dying.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Dang it.
You promise me
you will never give up, OK?
- Wait, hold on, I have to stop.
- No, no, no.
- Not here. It's too exposed.
- I have to pee.
Hey! Look.
Huh. It's the bunker.
[Suzi] No one around.
[Kate] You stay here, OK?
If I'm not back in ten...
[door creaks]
[door clunks]
[gasps, screams]
Welcome to Sanctuary.
[gun clicks]
[Kate groans]
Should have taken
better care of your gun.
[man groans]
[Kate coughs]
Oh, dang! This is lucky.
- Fucking mansplainer.
- [gunshot]
What kind of a goddamn welcome
is that?
That was rude.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, fuck.
Gonna get to you to a doctor.
Gonna get you to safety.
[man groans]
Mm. The good stuff.
Gimme a break.
Hey. Hello?
Hey. You guys wanna be friends?
Does it look like
we want to be friends?
- Got any food you can share?
- [gunfire]
[man] She shot Tina!
We don't want to fight you.
It's our bunker.
We found it first.
We don't want any trouble.
No one else has to die.
How many of you are there?
Six. Twelve more on the way.
- Shit, there's loads of them.
- No, she's bluffing.
Loads of us!
A whole platoon on its way.
- Shit, we even got a tank!
- You idiot.
- They won't believe that.
- Sorry. I got carried away.
Idiot. A big tank!
Look, just let us go.
We don't want any more trouble.
- [sniffs]
- Should we let 'em go?
No, you idiot.
They've got valuables,
I can smell it.
We'll let you go.
- Promise not to shoot?
- Promise.
Drop your gun, then you can go.
[Suzi screams]
- Let her go.
- Drop your gun. I'll kill her.
Do not fuck with my kid.
- [Suzi screams]
- Aw, shit.
You didn't have to do that.
Darling? Darling?
Saved you again, huh?
- Oh, Joe. Huh. Look who it is.
- [Kate] Like a bad penny.
Hey, that's my pistol,
you thieving pig.
- You know him?
- Yeah, he was running with us
till he disappeared
about a week ago.
[Kate] You're a lying scumbag.
Catch, traitor.
[Suzi] Shit! Grenade!
- [Kate] Run.
- [Suzi] Oh, my God!
[Kate] Run!
Go, go, go, go.
[explosion, screaming]
Dang it.
[metallic cling]
Shut up.
I don't think this is
gonna be our new home.
No, I think not.
- You lied to us.
- I did it for you.
- Really?
- Don't believe him.
I saw you and I knew
I had to be with you.
- [Kate] Oh, please.
- Vomit!
[Suzi and Joe] Shut up.
[Suzi] That should do it.
Once the rope burns through,
you'll be free to go.
I reckon 30 minutes.
Aw, come on. Let me go?
- I won't do nothing.
- "I won't do nothing."
[laughs] What is it with people
saying they "won't do nothing"?
Let me break it down for you.
We don't trust you, so no,
we're not gonna let you go,
simple as that.
- Oh, but you trust this one?
- No, absolutely not.
He proved his loyalty.
He came back for me.
Yeah, of course he did.
He'd much rather be in a bunker
with a pretty girl
than by himself.
Come on, Suzi,
we don't need this.
You're really gonna
let your daughter
run off with a guy like that?
What kind of mother are you?
You know, in another lifetime,
I think you and I
could have been friends.
Oh, come on!
Don't leave me out here, guys!
There's bears in the forest!
And mutants! And worse!
[screams] I'm gonna kill you!
You're dead!
[pants] Mommy?
Thank you for your help
back there.
You're welcome.
But if you try to take
my daughter Suzi again,
I'll kill you.
Joe and I are gonna stand
right over there,
and you can keep an eye
on things from over here.
It's fine.
Goddamn it.
[Suzi laughs]
Oh, Joe, you're so funny.
He's really sorry.
He didn't mean to hurt us.
He's had time to think.
Please. Oh, please.
No, really. He was just afraid.
He's dangerous.
No, he's fine.
He just made a mistake.
You don't throw away
a relationship
because of one bad decision.
A relationship?
One bad decision?
He drugged us.
He tried to kill me.
I didn't try to kill you.
I was just scared
you would stop me.
Oh, well, that's OK, then.
So, you gonna stay, or are you
gonna try to take Suzi again?
Whatever Suzi wants.
Joe, we're better as a family.
You, me...
- Grimly.
- [laughs]
Stop. You're so bad.
Come on, Mom, let's go inside.
It's cold.
I'm gonna stay out here, honey.
Be careful.
You gonna run away again?
No, just stretching my legs.
Doing a little late-night
shopping at the same time?
It doesn't have to be like this.
- Like what?
- Difficult.
- We just want you gone.
- Suzi doesn't.
Suzi wants me not gone.
Go to hell, Joe.
Yeah, I could do that.
Take Suzi and tell her
you fell off a cliff.
I don't think so. No.
You don't have to die today.
You gonna tell Suzi
you killed her mother?
I'll figure something out.
Aah! [squeals]
[gun clicks]
Looking for these?
Son of a bitch!
Don't need bullets.
Ooh? Joe? Stupid idiot.
Try and break up my family,
will you?
Who's the daddy now?
- [Joe grunts]
- [Kate screams, grunts]
What's so funny?
I killed Sam.
Stuck my knife right in him.
These are for you.
You killed my husband,
you touched my daughter.
- I am going to kill you!
- [groans]
Die! Breathe in those black
flowers! Breathe 'em in!
You are gonna die!
You scumbag!
Oh, God.
Joe? Joe!
Mom?! Mom?
Mom? Mom? [sobs] Are you OK?
Oh, Suzi...
- What happened?
- I don't know.
My head.
Mom, where's Joe?
- He attacked me.
- What?
He's gone.
Why? We have to go after him!
- We won't ever find him.
- We have to try! Come on.
Suzi, you have to trust me
and accept it.
- He's not coming back.
- What are you talking about?
[Kate] I just... I'm sorry.
What did you do?
It's not what I did,
it's what he did!
He killed Dad. [sobs]
He killed your father.
He killed my Sam.
- No, Dad got shot!
- No.
Joe would never do something
like that! He saved us!
He told me
he stabbed him while we slept!
- You're lying!
- No! It was him or me!
He told me he loved me!
You never trust me
with anything!
I am your mother
and I need to protect you, Suzi!
So you murdered him?
Who would you rather have
survived, him or me?!
Where's your dozen friends now,
[laughs] You killed my men!
And now you'll die.
- Damn it.
- My turn!
Dang it, Suzi, give me the gun.
- No.
- [shrieks]
I don't wanna die.
Should have thought about that.
You don't have to kill me.
You're right.
I don't have to. I want to.
[breathes heavily]
- Ah!
- I'm going, I'm going.
- Let go.
- [sobs]
What are we gonna do, Suzi?
We gotta get off this hill.
You see anything?
There's a lake...
some boat people.
They waved. They seem nice.
- DJ told me about them.
- Really?
We should be there by sundown.
- We're due for a bit of luck.
- Yeah, we sure are.
[waves lapping on shore]
Hey, cheer up.
There's no time
for grumpy Gusses.
Put these on.
You'll feel better in the water.
It'll take all the pain away.
Are the boat people coming?
Yes, yes.
Look, they're signaling to us.
It won't be long now.
They're coming in big,
colorful painted boats.
It'll get dark soon.
Better get going, come on.
We're going to swim
and swim and swim,
and never stop swimming.
Till we get to
the edge of the world.
[Suzi] Heavenly!
You'll feel better
before you know it!
Hey, remember
how you used to sing to me?
[both] Swim and swim
and swim
Till we get to
the edge of the world
Swim and swim and swim
Till we get to
the edge of the world
- I love you, Suzi.
- I love you too, Mom.
[all cheer]
I thought about what you said.
We've woken up.
This party ain't over.
So, where are we gonna go?
[Kate] Somewhere good.
Don't worry, I know people.
[woman] Hey, I have
some black flowers for you.
Don't worry,
this stuff is the best.
It's a natural anesthetic.
They're gonna heal you
and they're gonna make you
feel so much better.
- Believe me.
- [cheering]
So, does this make you queen?
[Kate] No, not queen.
Just a cockroach.
The cockroach always survives.
Blue in the mountains
Red in the west
Golden in the red fir
The trees I love the best
Purple down the valley
As far as I can see
Sunset in my eyes
Sunset in the sky
brings peace to me
And tar rigs
over the mountains
There are tourists
in the west
Cassiopeia has risen
from her rest
Stars in all directions now
How brightly I can see
Sunset in my eyes
Starlight in the sky
Moonlight in my eyes
And sunlight in the sky
brings peace to me
- And we're having a party!
- [cheering]