Black Friday (1940) Movie Script

Our Father
which art in Heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
For thy kingdom come,
thy will be done
in Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors.
Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory
I'd like you
to have my notes and records.
Of all the newspapers,
yours was the only one
which was fair to me.
Thanks, Doctor.
Friday the 13th.
This morning my old friend,
George Kingsley,
was conducting his class
at the University
of Newcastle...
And in 1547
Sir Joshua Peachtree wrote:
"Thou who breakest glass
will find
"Fate can be,
oh, most unkind
"Under ladder walkest thee,
most unlucky thou wilt be
"Each dread Friday
do take care
Else thou fallest
down the stair. "
And with that little epic,
Sir Joshua proved
that he was a poet
of the first rank.
In fact, I should say, he
possibly was the rankest poet
that England ever turned out.
Just a moment, please.
Just a moment.
This being
the end of the semester,
I have an announcement
to make
that I'm sure will give you
a great deal of pleasure,
although I myself
am sorry to tell you
that I may not be with you
next term.
Today I must leave
to appear before the
inquisitional board of regents
of a very large university
in the east.
Very large university indeed.
How many the dunce
that has been sent to Rome,
excels the dunce
that must stay at home.
I sincerely hope
the board does not like me.
I'll try and be back
next term.
Oh, my umbrella.
Dr. Kingsley.
Yes, dear.
I wish you the best of luck, but...
Thank you.
We hope to see you
next semester, Doctor.
Hurry, Professor. Dad will be
waiting to take us to the station.
Have a good trip, Professor.
Hurry back.
Thank you very much.
Yes, John.
English won't seem
the same without you.
Well, that's very nice of you.
Come on, Professor.
You know, Jean,
I'm going to miss all this.
But most of all,
I'm going to miss your father.
A brilliant man, Jean.
It distresses me
to think that
such a great brain surgeon
should be so utterly wasted
in Newcastle.
Newcastle is a very welcome
port in a very bad storm.
Why, if it hadn't
been for you, Professor,
I don't know
what we'd have done.
Well, Margaret, you don't know how
sorry I am to see you and George leave.
You've befriended Jean and me in so
many ways since we came to live here.
We're going to
miss you too, Ern.
Thank you.
Here they are.
Hello, darling.
Hello, Margaret.
If I could only drive, I'd
never impose on you like this.
It's a pleasure, George.
Rather a mixed one,
you know.
We hate to see you go.
Hello, Dad.
Oh, I knew
I'd forgotten something.
As usual. What now?
Ernest, would you mind
at the student's
cleaning shop?
My one and only hat
is there.
And a professor must have
dignity when he goes to the city.
Here we are, George.
Dr. George, we're here.
George, hurry
or we'll miss the train.
Professor, don't let them sell
you one of those fancy feathers.
I won't, Jean, I won't.
And George.
George. George?
Yes, dear.
Now watch the traffic.
Be careful.
Yes, darling. Don't worry.
Careful now, please.
Mr. Red Cannon now belongs
to the history of crime.
Past tense.
What about our dough?
We ain't got it yet.
Yeah. How about it?
Mr. Devore, it would have been
poor business to kill Red,
unless I knew
how to locate the money.
Turn back to the city.
He's going to be all right,
my dear.
Now, you go home with Jean
and I'll call you later.
We'll be waiting, Dad.
Come, Margaret.
Ambulance, huh?
Some men were shooting
at you. Who were they?
Just a few of my pals.
How bad am I hurt?
Few minor cuts on the scalp.
That's all.
Any pain?
No, not much.
Who's the other customer?
The man you ran down.
He's dying.
Softy, huh?
Did those guys get away?
Then pull the bell cord of this
bus. This is where I get off.
I'm goin' rat-killin'.
Hey, I'm tied down.
What is this? A pinch?
Turn that thing off.
I can't stand it.
It's driving me crazy!
It's no use, Sovac.
Kingsley has compound frontal
and parietal fracture
and severe concussion
of the cerebrum.
Just a matter of hours,
or minutes.
Pulse 65. He's in a coma.
All right, Nurse.
You can go. I'll stay.
What's the matter with me,
What's the matter with me,
I can't feel nothing.
My legs are there,
but I can't feel 'em.
Your spine is broken.
You're paralyzed.
Well, pull me through,
Doc, will you?
Pull me through
and I'll pay you anything.
The only possible way
to save George Kingsley's life
is by a brain transplantation,
an operation I performed
successfully on animals.
This is a dangerous
and illegal operation,
but a chance to make
a great scientific discovery,
and perhaps save
my friend's life.
Ern, how long
will his head be bandaged?
Oh, not long now.
Dr. Sovac.
Two gentlemen want to see you.
Who are they?
They are detectives,
I believe.
I'll see them.
Excuse me, please.
I'll be right back, George.
A miraculous recovery,
Mrs. Kingsley.
It's Cannon, all right.
Well, Doctor, the head
injuries cause death?
And many complications.
His spine was broken.
We did all we could for him.
Don't feel badly about it,
Doctor. He wasn't worth it.
He had nothing but the
electric chair to live for.
Did he say anything
before he died?
About money,
for instance?
Not that I know of.
Thanks, Doctor.
With that money I could
build my own laboratory
and continue
with my experiments.
Kingsley is convalescing
and seems to show
some of Red Cannon's traits.
Does the Cannon brain
in Kingsley's head
retain the knowledge
of the hidden money?
I've been waiting
to see you, Ernest.
I'm worried about George.
He just doesn't seem himself.
Why, he's getting stronger
every day, isn't he?
Physically, yes.
But his mental condition
doesn't seem right.
He's irritable.
Flies into a rage
for no reason at all.
That isn't like George.
No, it isn't.
He has been acting strangely,
I don't think I'd be too alarmed
about it though, if I were you.
Well, I hope you're right.
I think so.
You're late today, Ernest.
Come and sit down
and talk to me.
I'm feeling very low.
Will you have some tea?
No, thanks.
The trouble with you is,
you're feeling too well.
Too well?
I used to think that a
long period of convalescence
would be like
an ocean voyage.
That I'd have a chance to
read all the books I want to,
that I haven't time to,
But nothing
seems to interest me.
A boring period,
Yes, indeed it is.
I'm afraid I've got to go to
New York for a few days, George.
You've got to...
Yes, a little business
for the hospital.
Well, that's nice, I must say.
What am I going to do
for companionship?
Well, why not come with me?
Come with you?
Oh, no, I couldn't do that.
New York's too big,
too noisy.
I never have wanted
to go there. And yet...
The very thing
you need, George.
You've had your fill
of peace and quiet.
You'll find New York exciting,
Just the thing to lift you
out of the doldrums.
As my doctor,
do you prescribe it?
As your doctor,
I insist on it.
Very well.
I'll tell Margaret to pack.
Oh, no, George.
Let's go alone.
In New York, without Margaret?
What you need
is a radical change.
Well, perhaps you're right,
I've been like a bear,
I'm quite sure she'd be glad
to be rid of me for a time.
New York.
New York. I wonder...
I am taking Kingsley
to Red's old environment.
In fact, to the Midtown Hotel
which Cannon used
as his hideout.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Uh, we'd like
adjoining rooms.
Uh, yes, yes.
Uh, 505 and 506, if
they're available. Are they?
Well, yes, they're available.
Thank you.
Uh, you've been
with us before, sir?
No, of course not.
But I... I like a corner room
with three windows
and a fire escape.
This way, gentlemen.
Well? Well?
Uh, I'm... I'm in
the next room, Ernest.
Uh, will you bring the
black bag in here, please?
You sure picked a room
with a history, Mr. Kingsley.
Oh, really?
But you see,
history is not my subject.
I don't mean that.
I'm talkin' about Red Cannon.
He hid out in these rooms
for nearly six months,
from cops, G-men
and his own gang.
Nobody in the hotel
suspected him.
But his gang got wise
and Red tried to run out.
They caught up to him in
some small town in the sticks.
Imagine when we found out
who he was.
And him with nearly a
million bucks hidden away.
Say, the manager locked himself
in here and took these rooms apart.
Yes, yes.
But he's still the manager,
so I guess he didn't find it.
Anyway, I made plenty
out of Cannon.
I was the only one
he allowed up here.
I had a special way
of knockin'.
Yes, sir. That's it.
A talkative youngster.
Babbles on
like Tennyson's brook.
Ernest, I'm going
to freshen up a bit.
And then let's go out.
Let's, uh, do the town.
You know what I mean.
A good dinner,
and perhaps
a bottle of wine.
Splendid, George.
I'll get changed
and then we'll go.
"I chatter, chatter as I flow
"To join the brimming river
"For men may come
and men may go
But I go on forever. "
The Cannon brain
remembers this hotel.
Will it also remember
Red's friends?
Miller, Kane,
Devore and Marnay.
I'm taking Kingsley
to the Club Royale
where he'll see Sunny Rogers,
Cannon's former sweetheart.
An old fashioned.
I'm ready for anything.
Yes, sir.
I find the singer rather
interesting, don't you, George?
Yeah. Who is she, Ernest?
I seem to know her.
Could she be
one of my former students?
I really am surprised,
at your pretending
to know the singer.
Well, come, come,
come now, Ernest.
I'm a college professor,
not a college boy.
All these people here
on pleasure bent.
"And pleasure brings
as surely in her train
Remorse and sorrow
and vindictive pain"
as William Kelper says.
Oh, pardon me.
Why, what's wrong, George?
My head hurts.
That pain again.
I can't stand it.
We'll leave instantly.
Yes. Yes, the next train
leaves at noon.
You wish me
to make a reservation?
Yes, please.
And send up a boy
to help me pack, will you?
Well, good morning, George.
You slept late.
But my sleep
doesn't seem to refresh me.
we're old enough friends that we
don't have to deceive each other.
Why do you say that?
Then tell me,
what is the matter with me?
My sleep
only seems to tire me.
And I am haunted
by the most horrible dreams.
A perfectly normal reaction to
the shock of your accident, George.
Come in.
What do you mean
by that ridiculous
tap, tap, tap-tap-tapping?
Why don't you knock the door
like anybody else?
Anything you say, sir.
You wanted me to pack?
I don't know
what I'm doing here, anyway.
Ernest, I'm going home.
I need Margaret.
I don't think I'd try
to leave today, George.
Now, you can stop the packing.
Yes, sir.
I don't think
you're well enough to travel.
Now, let's wait and see
how you feel tomorrow.
Red. Red Cannon.
You were the leader of a gang.
They tried to kill you.
You came back to get revenge.
Do you remember the name,
He's the one
who took your place.
Marnay, Miller, Kane, Devore.
Why did they try
to kill you, Red?
Uh, to get your money?
But they didn't find it,
did they?
It's safe
just where you hid it.
Where is it, Red?
You've been ill, Red.
I remember that...
that hick town.
You're the doc, ain't you?
my back's better.
You cured me?
You're perfectly well now.
Thanks, Doc.
I won't forget it either.
Midtown Hotel, huh?
How did I get here?
You asked me to bring you.
I must have been
out of my head.
Every copper in town
will be lookin' for me.
I've got something
to tell you, Red.
Oh, yeah? What?
You were smashed up
in an accident, you remember?
I had to operate
to give you another body.
You had to do what?
What are you talking about?
Why did you do this to me?
It was the only way
to keep you alive.
Why, Doc, you're a genius,
but you could have given me
a better chassis.
I never saw plastic surgery
like that before.
I used the body of the
other man, who was dead.
It was the only way
to save you.
Hey, wait a minute.
Nobody will know me
like this.
Why, I can do anything.
Who was the other guy?
He was a professor
of English Literature.
English Literature?
Well, how are you, Prof?
You're now
Prof. George Kingsley,
and you teach in the
university at Newcastle.
What a disguise.
What a break for Red Cannon.
Come in.
Telegram, sir.
Thank you.
Hey, what is...
Next time, you do
as you're told.
When you come to my room,
knock like this.
Now scram.
Yes, sir.
Next time.
Red, I think...
Good morning, sir.
I'll take them.
And, uh, here's
the morning paper, sir.
Compliments of the house.
Thank you.
You sure get around,
From the looks
of those clothes,
seems like you fell
into a cement mixer.
That will be all.
Yes, sir.
How do you feel?
Not very well.
I'm afraid coming to New York
was too exciting. I...
I feel as if...
as if the life
were drained out of me.
You will be all right as soon
as you've had a little rest.
Well, perhaps so.
Here's a curious thing,
It seems that Louis Devore,
one of the Red Cannon gang,
was found early this morning
in a deserted building
dying from the effects
of a brutal beating.
His back had been broken.
Good heavens, Ernest.
Why on earth bother me
with that gruesome stuff?
Sorry, George.
Things have taken
a dangerous turn.
Kingsley has killed Devore.
While in this environment
I never know
when the murderous brain
of Red Cannon
may take possession
of Kingsley.
But I will not stop
my experiments.
I must find out where the
Cannon money is hidden.
All ready, George?
Oh, miss.
Yes, sir?
I wonder if
you'd be kind enough
to open my friend's door
for me.
I'm a little worried
about him.
He hasn't been very well.
Yes, sir.
I ain't been feeling
so well myself, lately.
my friend has gone out.
Well, you can wait for me.
Your hat, sir?
No, thank you.
I was here the other night
with a friend.
The rather middle-aged
That's right.
Has he been here tonight?
I don't think so.
Well, wait a minute,
there was a gentleman
that looked like him
at the bar.
At the bar?
Oh, no, no.
Uh, on second thought, it
couldn't have been your friend.
And besides, that man left
a little while ago, sir.
I don't think Sunny
was pleased to see us.
Why are we wastin' time
foolin' around here?
Didn't you see that newspaper
picture of Devore's battered body?
So maybe that killer's
after us too.
A good deduction.
But who would want us dead
except some friend of Red's?
And who would know
about Red Cannon's friends
better than Sunny?
That's right.
Tell your nerves
to stop doin' nip-ups.
Marnay will handle this.
You will handle this, Kane.
I've seen you trying
to take Red's place here.
Go on.
I didn't have any part
in Devore's killing.
Nobody said you did.
Then everything
is just lovely.
I'd like to see you at your
apartment after you're through.
Maybe if we put together
what you know about Red
and what I know,
it will add up to some money.
Say, if I knew anything
about a half a million bucks,
do you think
I'd be working in this joint?
We'll go over all that later.
Like it?
It's yours
Hey, what is this?
Get out of my car.
What do you want?
You ought not to
have to think very hard
after what happened to Devore.
Who are you?
Hello, Bill.
Who is it?
"Who is it"
sent you that money
to get out of that trouble
in Chicago.
You're alive?
Well... Yes.
I'll be right up.
Well, of all the...
Don't speak.
Don't even move.
Just let me look at you.
It's great to be back, Sunny.
Why did you
move the piano?
You know I always liked it
in that corner.
How do you know about that?
Surely you didn't think I'd
forget in two short months?
Are there any cigarettes
in the drawer?
You look good, darling.
Come on,
let's have a drink.
Nothing touched, eh?
Good girl.
Well, here we are.
How do you like
the trimmings?
Let me put it on.
How did you get it?
Just picked it up.
Well, you don't seem
very glad to see me.
You're afraid.
What are you afraid of?
Well, I'm not afraid.
Red Cannon must be jumping
with joy in his grave
the way his boys
are getting knocked off.
All right, boys.
Now about the Devore
and Kane murders,
you know, they were
both Cannon's men.
We've always believed
his own gang was responsible
for Red's death.
Can some friend of his be
systematically killing off his murderers?
A dead gangster
has no friends.
I want you to go out
and find Marnay and Miller.
Yes, sir.
Take a couple of men
with you
and check
the Ritz Manor apartments.
You're sure this is
Marnay's apartment?
Well, good afternoon.
I'm sorry, but Mr. Marnay
is not at home.
Do you mind
if we wait for him?
Not at all.
Are you a friend
of Mr. Marnay?
In a way. I'm just waiting
till he comes back.
Who are you?
We're from
police headquarters.
Oh, I see.
My name is Kingsley.
I'm a professor of English at
the University of Newcastle.
From Newcastle?
You're the professor who was hit
the time Red Cannon was killed?
That's right.
What business could you have
with Marnay?
You better come along with us
and explain that to the DA.
Good morning, Sunny.
What's the matter?
Aren't we welcome?
So Kane was here last night.
Well, I, uh, had a date with
him, but he didn't show up.
The police found his body
this morning, strangled.
Yeah, and his back was broken,
just like Devore's.
I don't know anything
about it.
No? If Kane wasn't here
where did you get that watch?
Well, I expected him, but somebody
else came and gave me the watch.
He said he was Red Cannon.
What did he drive up in,
a hearse?
Try again, and be
a little more believable.
Red was here. Look.
Red always killed
his cigarettes this way.
Now you've got to be alive
to do that.
Red's been dead
since two months.
That's what I thought.
But last night
this man came here.
He didn't look
like Red, but...
This is the first thing he did
when he came in.
He knew everything
that only Red knew.
He even acted
and talked like Red.
Probably somebody
Red coached carefully.
Somebody from that hick town who
got close to him before he died.
If he knows so much, he may
know where Red hid the money.
That would be his payoff.
He gets Red's money
for killing all of us.
Where does he live?
I suppose you are going to say
"Room 505 at the Midtown"...
Who left these matches here?
Ask Devore and Kane.
Thank you.
Um, any word
of Prof. Kingsley?
Nothing, Doctor.
Margaret was so worried,
we talked it over and decided
to come on to New York.
Ernest, I just have to
see George. Where is he?
Well, he's out.
I... I don't quite know where.
But I... I thought
you were always with him.
I'm afraid, you're not going
to like this, Margaret,
but I'm going to be
quite blunt with you.
When George was convalescing
at home,
you were a marvelous nurse.
I did what I could.
When he turned his head,
you adjusted the pillow.
If he reached
for a glass of water,
you were pouring it for him.
I'm sorry
I couldn't do more.
But that's just the trouble.
If you had kept it up, he would
have been a permanent invalid.
Well, why didn't you
tell me?
Naturally, I didn't want
to hurt your feelings.
And fortunately, George
himself rebelled in time.
That's why you brought him
to New York alone with you.
Of course, my dear.
He had to have a change.
Has it helped? Is he better?
Yes, he is
but we must still be careful.
Now, I suggest that you
allow him to remain here
till he's perfectly ready
to go home of his own accord.
And don't try to see him.
Oh, but I...
You and Jean go up to your
rooms and get some rest,
and take the first train out to
Newcastle in the morning, huh?
Well, if it's best for him,
all right.
Believe me, it is.
Well, there's George.
Margaret, you said
you wouldn't try to see him.
Will you take her
to her room, Jean?
But, Dad...
Jean, I assure you what I'm
doing is for his own good.
Now please believe me.
Who were the women?
Never mind that.
What's happened
to your shoulder?
I got nicked.
Who were those women?
My daughter and your wife.
My... My what?
Oh, Kingsley's, huh?
Well, get them out of here.
I don't want any dames
around here.
Let me see.
You've been shot.
Yeah. Fix it up,
will you.
How'd you get it?
The coppers shot me.
It's a scratch.
How'd you get it?
Don't ride me.
It's your fault, anyway.
Yeah. You told me to use this
Kingsley gag. I did, and didn't work.
Where were you?
In Marnay's apartment.
They tried to question Prof.
Kingsley and I wouldn't stand for it.
You killed them?
What do you think?
Get to work.
You fool.
They'll catch you before
we get the money and...
What money?
What do you know
about the money?
You know too much, Doc.
Just a minute, Red.
If you kill me,
what becomes of you?
You think you're
Red Cannon, don't you?
But whose body
are you wearing?
Well, you told me...
Exactly. George Kingsley's.
Professor of English
literature at Newcastle.
How'd you like
to be Kingsley for good?
What do you mean?
You're walking around
in Kingsley's body, all right.
But part of your brain is his
and you can't control it.
That's not true.
You killed Devore.
Last night you murdered Kane
in his car outside the club.
I saw it, remember?
But do you remember
how you woke up?
In this very room,
you woke as Kingsley.
Complaining of nightmares,
not knowing why you were here.
I can't think.
What's happened to my brain?
I can't remember.
Of course you can't.
If I hadn't forced you back
into Red Cannon,
you'd have gone to Newcastle
as Kingsley for life.
Stop it.
I can make you forget
you ever were Red Cannon.
Stop it, I tell you!
I'll cut you in on the dough.
You'll get your share.
From now on,
you do exactly as I say.
Okay, Doc.
Now, I'll fix that shoulder.
It's no use, Jean. I'm not
going home in the morning,
not unless
George goes with me.
But you told Dad...
I don't care what I said.
When George came in, your
father practically ran me out.
He's trying to conceal
No, Margaret.
I'm going to see George now,
and if Ernest tries to stop
me, I'll call a New York doctor.
Margaret, I'm sure you're
worrying over nothing.
But I'll go talk to Dad.
There you are.
Okay, nice job, Doc.
It's not safe
to stay here too long.
You get that money tonight.
Maybe you're right.
I'll get going right away.
Prof. King.
Dad, he didn't even know
who I was.
Oh, nonsense, Jean.
And the way he looked.
He was like Prof. Kingsley
and yet...
Dad, what is back of all this?
Haven't you guessed?
The operation I performed
was a brain transplantation.
Then his brain...
Is partly the brain
of Red Cannon.
Your best friend.
Oh, you couldn't.
I saved his life, didn't I?
Well, what's the good if you've
turned him into a criminal?
My only thought was to
keep him alive, I swear it.
But when I saw signs of the gradual
awakening of the Cannon brain,
I knew I'd made a great
discovery for science.
Cannon's a gangster,
a murderer.
All right.
But in the meantime,
I've proved what I
always knew to be true.
Transplanted human brain
cells will live and function.
What a triumph! Think of it.
I'm not a scientist, Father.
I can only see you
destroying your best friend.
It's too late
to think of that.
But you must.
Think what you're doing
to him and Margaret.
Oh, he'll be all right.
As soon as I get him back to
Newcastle, he'll forget all about this.
But I can't do that until...
Until what?
Until the experiment
is completed.
You've got to
take him home tomorrow.
Because it's
the only human thing to do.
Margaret is suspicious.
She threatens
to call in a New York doctor.
Then the truth
is bound to come out.
Don't forget, Dad, you had
no legal right to operate.
It means prison,
and every chance
you might have had
for a career in this country
is lost.
Very well.
Tell Margaret we'll go back
to Newcastle in the morning.
I'll tell her.
"Gang killer
slays two detectives. "
You'd think the police would
catch the killer by now.
A guy like that
must be a lunatic.
If I got one look at him,
I could tell his type.
The same, sir?
Oh, hello, darling.
I sent you a message I was
coming back to your dressing room.
Run home and pack.
Pack? Where are we goin'?
South America, for a starter.
Have we, um,
money enough?
All the money in the world.
All the money in the world.
Let me have
the keys to your car.
I don't want taxi drivers
hangin' around.
Yeah, sure.
You'll hear from me
in an hour,
and I'll have everything
we need.
You ready?
What do you think?
He wants me
to run away with him.
He's going
to pick up the money now.
I knew he would,
sooner or later.
We'll get it
and split it three ways.
Well, that's all right
with me. I'll point him out.
There he is, at the bar.
Just getting up.
He's taking my car.
It should be easy to follow.
How do you figure this guy?
When Red got hit,
he couldn't have told everything
he knew before he died.
I only know that Red is
planted in a graveyard,
and I'm not afraid
of anyone else.
And me neither.
But knowing this guy
knows everything Red knew
kind of gives me the creeps.
He's leading us
to half a million dollars.
We'll take that box.
Go ahead and shoot, if you
want to dive 200 feet for it.
The money is what we want.
Hand it over
and we'll give you a break.
Come and get it.
Keep him covered.
You never saw the day I
couldn't break you apart, Miller.
What's happened?
Where's Miller?
Get me something
to open this.
Go get me a drink.
Then we're on our way.
the split on this now
is two ways.
Get in there.
You're late.
Where's Marnay?
I don't know.
I haven't seen him.
Why is the bar open?
I was getting a drink.
I'm almost packed,
and just waiting for you.
W- Why are you staring at me?
What's happened to you?
Marnay and Miller followed me
from the nightclub.
Now I know
why you didn't want me
to come back
to your dressing room.
They were there.
Red, what are you
looking for?
Don't you believe me?
I haven't seen Marnay
for six months.
Red, look at me.
There's never been anybody
but you.
Believe me.
What were you saying?
Let me out!
I'll tell you
where the money is. I hid it.
I hid it.
It's in the oven, Red.
It's in the oven.
Let me out. I'll tell you
where the money is.
It's in the oven!
Let me out.
Let me out!
I swear.
Let me out.
Please, don't hurt me.
Yes, sir.
Where to?
Westley Airport.
Yes, sir.
Pardon the yawn.
A hack driver that works all
night shouldn't have kids.
All night you work
your heart out
for the woman
and the little darlings.
All day long, while you're
trying to snatch 40 winks,
the old lady
slams the doors.
The kids chase each other
in and out of the room.
One kid jumps up on the bed,
hops on your stomach,
"Daddy, tell me a story.
Tell me a funny story. "
I knock him out of the bed.
He screams.
The old lady
calls me a tramp.
Home, sweet home.
I'll kill them.
Shut up. I don't like
gabby taxi drivers.
Westley Airport.
Westley Airport.
Westley Airport.
Drive me to
the Midtown Hotel.
Midtown Hotel.
It's a crazy business,
but it's a livin'.
Midtown Hotel.
Thank you. Keep the change.
Hey, you forgot your box.
Ernest, something's happened
to my mind.
I found myself in a taxi.
And I don't know
how I got there.
Just a minute, George.
You know Margaret
and Jean are here?
Margaret? Here?
Now drink this.
I want you to get some rest
before you see them.
Now, don't worry
about a thing.
Tomorrow everything
will be all right.
I hope you enjoyed
your visit, Mr. Kingsley.
Very much, indeed.
Thank you.
May I have the bill?
Oh, no, George,
allow me.
It was understood you were
to be my guest, you know.
Mr. Kingsley?
Yes. That's my name.
The Chief of Police
would like to see you.
Oh, really?
I don't even know him.
We'll introduce you.
What can the Chief of
Police possibly want?
Well, there can't be any charge
against Prof. Kingsley, surely.
The Chief will explain
all that.
Who are you?
I'm his doctor.
He's just recovering from
an extremely serious illness.
Come along.
I'd like to go, too,
if you don't mind.
All right. Come on.
Well, uh, you go ahead
to the station, dear.
Yes, but George...
No, no, no.
It's all right.
We'll meet you there.
This is Mr. Kingsley,
And his doctor.
Sit down, gentlemen.
Thank you very much.
A cab driver tried to
change this at the bank.
were so unusual,
we are holding him
for investigation.
A thousand dol...
Look, Ernest, a $1,000 bill.
They really exist.
The cab driver said
you gave him that for a tip.
The cab driver...
That's a kingly gesture.
I'm sure you honor me,
but $1,000, why, that's
almost six months' salary.
Bring the driver in.
What's your occupation,
Mr. Kingsley?
I'm... I'm a professor
of English literature.
And I might add,
a very underpaid professor.
Go on.
I tell you,
I've gotta get out of here.
My wife, she won't like
havin' me stayin' in jail.
Is this the man that gave you
that $1,000 bill?
How do you do?
Does he look like
a $1,000 note to you?
The guy I was talkin' about
was a gangster,
who pushed me in the face.
Can you imagine him
pushin' me in the face?
Oh, no.
That's all, Mr. Kingsley.
Sorry to have
inconvenienced you.
Thanks for coming in.
Thank you.
We barely have time
to catch the train, George.
Back in Newcastle,
the Red Cannon brain
has become completely dormant.
Kingsley has returned
to his classroom,
and now I can actually bring
to a realization
my plans for
a great laboratory,
and give the world the benefit
of my scientific knowledge.
Thus, you see, the Elizabethan
novel was a minor passing form.
And fed the drama
of the period which,
I might add,
devoured it avidly.
I'm going to let you go
a little early this afternoon.
Early, but not immediately.
And I'm quite sure
you all will be glad to hear
that tomorrow
we're going to have a quiz
on the past two weeks' work.
I must apologize for not giving
you your full hour this afternoon,
but my closest friend, Dr.
Sovac, is leaving Newcastle.
What was that?
What is it?
What's that noise?
What is it?
Why don't you answer me?
It's a siren.
Probably an ambulance
or a police car.
Get a doctor.
Professor, maybe we can
help you. What can we do?
Here you are.
Thank you, dear.
Gosh, Dad,
I hate to leave this place.
Seems so much
like home to me.
I know, Jean, but at least
I'm going to a better position.
Of course, Dad.
Now I'll pack
the rest of the books.
Oh, Dad, I've packed
all your instruments.
Good girl, Jean.
Why, Pro...
Where is he?
Where is the doc?
I want my dough. Where is it?
You know where it is. You
were sneakin' away with it.
What do you mean?
Tell me where it is!
Stop it.
Why did you do it?
Why, Ernest?
I think you know
the answer now, George.
I pronounce this man dead.