Black Ghost (2018) Movie Script

Look, man, I give up.
Yeah, well, ya still
shouldn't be runnin'.
I can't pay it now.
I got money issues.
Yeah, I can see that.
But Mr. Vukovic doesn't give a shit.
You lost a few horse bets to him
and you tried to skim him, too.
He's not too happy about it.
I don't have 2,000 on me.
I got a kid coming.
Well, Vukovic told me to
cut your achilles tendons
if you're unable to pay.
Look man, here, that's all I got.
I'll pay the rest next
month, I swear I will.
Stop crying, you're
embarrassing yourself.
You have a wife and kid to feed, right?
When Vukovic sends the
Black Ghost to do the works,
he expects results.
There's so little I can do
to coverup for your ass.
Next time, Vukovic will
tell me to disembowel you.
Which I will depending
on how much he pays.
Either way, I suggest you leave town.
Black Ghost to see Vukovic.
He was expecting you a bit earlier.
- Traffic.
- Of course.
Mr. Vukovic is in the middle
of a very special dinner,
so if you can please wait here.
I shall let him know that you've arrived.
Too much pressure can
drive a man to distraction.
I think this merger will be
beneficial to both of us.
With an equal share of power,
no one will be calling the shots.
Well, I just want to keep the peace
and to keep my family in the style
to which they have become accustomed.
You never thought
of getting more territory?
No, we have enough.
And Junior here are thinking of
following in your footsteps?
Oh, they make their own decisions.
It's not something I've
really thought about.
It almost seems your daughter
has more balls than the boy.
Of course, she doesn't talk much.
No, I just prefer to engage
in more intellectual pursuits.
This business requires strong intellect.
All this struggle for turf and power,
just glad you're not a politician.
Oh, you really can talk girl.
Now, Catya, please
be nicer to our guests.
Sure, Papa.
Black Ghost has arrived.
Tell him I'll be with him shortly.
Everything good, my friend?
Everything is okay.
Just tidying up some loose ends.
Excuse me.
You look tired.
So what did my papa have you do today?
Oh, I just needed to
collect a little bit of cash.
It's all right, no blood, no bones broken.
I'm all right.
I'm glad you are.
So what smells like garlic?
Oh, Papa has some special guests over,
the Regittis.
Oh, those guys.
- Your father's coming.
- Oh!
Black Ghost, how are you?
- Not bad.
- Very good.
You have something for me?
Oh, yes.
Oh, nice.
I suppose you must have cut him up a bit.
Well, he was begging a bit.
Well, that's what happens
to those who disrespect me.
You never disappoint me, Black Ghost.
I do what I can.
You know you're the best
muscle for hire I have ever used.
You wouldn't believe how many of my guys
you make look like altar boys.
Well, sometimes I just get lucky.
Oh, go ahead.
Help yourself.
Pour me one, too.
Oh, military training, it's the best.
All my Spetsnaz years.
Of course, I was proactive in the field
long before you were a
twinkle in your daddy's eye.
You know, you are very unique.
The knives you use, very quiet yet messy.
You must have
learned this in your homeland.
Well, I was a bit more of
a conscientious objector.
Ah, sure you were.
Ah, David.
Can you put this in the safe?
How long have you been working for me?
Two years.
You probably don't
know, but as of tomorrow,
I am no longer involved
with this gang bullshit.
- Retirement?
- Yes.
I'd say it's for the best.
I've made enough in my time.
Gonna heat it up in Hawaii.
Lucky you.
Well, I'd better be off.
- Very good.
- You have a good night, sir.
I will.
Interesting individual.
Just a casual employee.
- We call him Black Ghost.
- Black Ghost?
He looks like a fugitive from the '80s.
Well, he
mostly helps me patch up
loose ends.
Loose ends.
Anyways, I trust that everything went well
- with the Regittis?
- It's all good, my dear.
Okay, I've made all the truces.
Father, you still have so many enemies.
In this kind of field,
my dear, who doesn't?
Thank you for dinner.
We've got to go.
Just a little bit of
business to take care of.
You enjoy Hawaii.
Oh, we will.
I have to go, as well.
I'm working on my new book.
Well, I can't
wait to read it, my dear.
Come on, work you ancient piece of shit.
- Hey.
- Hey, noose.
all good with the family?
Oh, yeah, everything's fine there.
It's a complicated business.
You know, I was wondering
how long have we been tight?
Two years?
And your dad still doesn't
approve of me seeing ya.
My father has a strong opinion of
who I should end up with.
He thinks someone like
him with good intellect,
a strong, savvy business mind,
he should just provide
wealth and security.
In his eyes apparently, you
possess none of those qualities.
No shit.
But as much as I love him,
I don't agree with my
father's views or methods.
You know, I'm really blessed
in having you in my life.
It's just your voice is so beautiful,
it's like this oracle that cures migraines
and everything, it's very nice.
You have a wonderful voice, also.
Are you kidding?
I sound like the fuckin' robot.
I like it.
I think it has a very unique feel.
My father's going away,
he's going overseas.
It means we'll get to see
a lot more of each other.
You sound tired, go get some sleep.
Yeah, I will.
Good night.
Good night.
Hey, Ghost, how are you?
Oh, not bad, yourself?
All good, buddy.
I need ya to do a job.
Yeah, sure, what is it?
A North
side thug, Lushas Hunwai.
It's worth seven grand, you interested?
Yeah, I'll take it.
Yeah, nice-looking guy.
Keep it
clean and quiet, okay?
Yeah, I'll be a good boy.
Everything good, David?
Yes, Mr. Vukovic.
Just making sure everything's secured.
Very good, you do that.
Robert left a few minutes
ago to the gentleman's club.
Good night, Mr. Vukovic.
Good night, David.
Do you ever feel like
we're leaving things behind?
What do you mean?
I thought you wanted to
get away from the city?
Yes, but you know the Regittis.
They're so hotheaded.
How long do you think
they can hold the peace
with the other groups?
They have more power now
than the others thanks to me.
They have no need to be the aggressors.
Hopefully things will be quiet now.
David, is everything okay?
What the hell is this?
Do you know who you are messing with?
Yeah, but
we don't give a shit!
Miss Catya Vukovic?
I'm Detective Sandras
from organized crime.
May I come in?
Uh, yeah, what's it about?
We'll have a chat.
Whoever pulled this trigger
must've been really
pissed with the Vukovics.
It looks like a execution.
The son, he claims he
was out most the night
and he didn't get back until 4:00 a.m.
Well, he's pissed off a lot of people.
This doesn't surprise me at all,
but who pulled the trigger?
I don't know.
Do you think it coulda
been the Reaper Gang?
It's definitely their style,
but no forced entry and
they aren't the only ones
to use a 12 gauge.
I know it's a difficult time,
but do you have any idea
who may have wanted your parents dead?
I don't know, no.
Was there anyone they were
communicating with lately?
Any letters, emails?
I really don't know, I'm so sorry.
It's okay, excuse me a moment.
Got fuck all out of her, give him a go.
I'm Lieutenant Brollo,
I'm investigating the
murders of your parents.
Was there any problems
within the organization?
Any arguments with the staff?
Anyone skimming the books?
No, we were well off financially.
Who was the last
people that you're father
was dealing with?
Moshos Regitti and his cousin Kyle.
I see.
I'll have some further
questions for you later.
Fucking mob hit.
I know.
According to some rumors in the street,
the Vukovics had done a handshake deal
with Regittis.
Oh, those fuckers and
their corrupt lawyers.
This will not sit with the captain,
she'll be up our asses.
Tell me something I don't know.
Brolly, Captain wants a word.
Ah shit.
Yeah definitely a mob hit.
Daniel Vukovic, his wife, executed
along with the butler.
Its a bloody mess.
Do you want me to drive you home?
No, I'm gonna stay here.
I'm, I want whoever did this to pay.
Look, we don't even know who did this.
You are not going on a vendetta, okay?
It is too dangerous.
For all we know, we can't even trust
the organization.
Is Francis still
Father's financial advisor?
Yes but why think of him?
I don't know who
ordered your parents dead
but I can't let this go.
What was my father's financial status?
Your father owned most things.
He invested in legit business.
He was distancing himself
away from all the dirty stuff.
He gave the Regittis the
job of running the clubs
and a few territories.
They always had grudges
against the local groups.
Also, your father had a shipping business.
He imported firearms.
Made him a threat to a lot of people.
So suppose we can trust anyone of them?
Most people in the
organization know each other
regardless of whether
they work for your father
or the Regittis.
It wouldn't be wise if you
start going asking questions.
The police aren't going to do shit.
I need something to go on.
Outside help would be your only option.
Do you know a man called Black Ghost?
Your father used him to tie loose ends.
He was a last resort,
he works freelance.
You don't think he
has ties to anyone else?
The few times I met him
I don't think he's really interested
in the business side of things.
Do you want me to contact him?
I'd like to contact him myself.
If you want to, here are
the details he left for us.
Um, this is between you and me.
To us, the ocean
seems an endless blue.
The news today,
terror has hit the city.
Local mob boss, Danny
Vukovic, along with his wife
and butler were murdered
earlier this morning
in their homes.
According to police,
it appears to be gang like execution.
The victims were shot at close range.
So far, the police haven't
released many details
of the scene but what
is know is that
Vukovic has engaged in
questionable ventures.
Although, police have never been able
to pin anything on him.
This is Stephanie Martinez
of daily seven news.
I just heard about it.
You're the only person
I can trust, okay?
I need you to find whoever
did this to my parents.
They have to be dealt with.
Would you know who pulled the trigger?
No but I know you're
the one that can find him.
You know these streets
better than anybody.
Please, you have make em pay.
Look, its best to let
the police handle it.
Oh, the police.
Its like talking to a brick wall.
It just falls on deaf ears.
I will pay you, whatever you need,
whatever you want, I can get it.
You know its been like two years since
I've ever wasted anyone
and just things I wanted to get away from.
Then this shit happens.
I will pay you.
I'll do it.
There's no need to pay me.
You don't have to.
I can't stand seeing you sad.
And I kind of liked your dad a bit.
I'll do it for you.
Your father was talking
to the Regittis, right?
Ah yes, they struck a merger.
Strong chance they might know.
What was your relationship
with the Regittis?
They tried to hire me a couple of times
but I never liked em.
Bunch of arrogant cocksuckers.
When you find out who killed him,
I, I want you to tear them apart.
No one will know that
you're working for me.
We'll keep it a secret.
Just like our relationship.
I have to go.
Get that god damn smoke detector fixed.
Black Ghost to see Regitti.
I heard you were bigger.
Up against the wall.
We're sorry to hear about
the death of your boss.
I was shocked.
From what I hear, it was a bloodbath.
What can I do for you?
I want to ask who you
think might of done of it?
You know how he and his wife died?
Close range and relentless.
I think it was Bulldog
Manhattan and his Reaper gang.
You know his territory?
My boys don't go down there
so we can't help.
If you step foot in
there, you're on your own.
I can handle it.
Hey, its the Black Ghost.
Still dress like a hobo, yeah?
I see you're still babysitting.
Think you're a funny fuck?
Well thanks for the drink.
You have a good day, Mr. Regitti.
Good luck.
Oh by the way, who sent you after me?
I sent myself.
What's that guy doing here?
Looking into the death of his boss.
What's his deal?
Remember the Mendozie
gang a couple of years ago?
Yeah, that didn't go out pretty.
Well Vukovic ordered the hit on them.
He wanted something unique.
He got that guy to do.
The Mendozie crew were slaughtered.
The walls were painted with blood
and he's going to be asking
questions on the street.
We'll let him take out our opposition
and we'll concentrate
on talking to Robert.
Finally, that little
shit came in useful for us.
More firepower.
True but I want a backup.
Get a couple of the boys
to keep an eye on him,
Around the clock.
You got it.
So anyway, Brolly's standing
there in front of this perp,
his bright pink boxer shorts are showing,
his pants were at his ankles.
He has no idea what to
do and he's just, uh oh.
This is a serious matter.
Daniel Vukovic, one of the
most notorious gang leaders
was murdered in his house.
This could lead to retaliation and war.
Just let those fuckers kill each other.
That's all they want to do.
Cut the bullshit.
I want you to get out there,
fly the flag, get into peoples faces.
More dead bodies will make us look like
we don't know what the fuck we're doing.
Let's get on to it.
Check out all possible subjects.
Find out who Vukovic's rival is
and start kicking some doors in.
Yes captain, got it.
Hey, Brollo, want a coffee?
No, I got things to plan.
Oh no, I'm fine, thanks yeah.
this is like looking
for a needle in haystack
full of needles.
So we find the killer,
get seven or eight years
then its back to usual for him.
Its a shitty system man.
Don't try and work
outside the system, old man.
You don't want to ruin your pension.
Then we get someone outside the system.
You're not suggesting we
use the Black Ghost again,
are you?
Why not?
He does most of our dirty
work for us, anyway.
Been trying to nail
these fuckers for years,
you know that.
Yeah, its also highly illegal.
We do the wrong things
for the right reasons.
Well, what brings the Black Ghost
to my neck of the woods?
Just scavenging for some information.
Thought you might know
about Vukovics murder.
The old fucker got smoked, shit.
About time someone took him out.
So you didn't know he was dead till now?
Like I give a fucking shit.
How'd he die?
Shotgun, close range.
Very similar to your approach.
So you think I did it?
Or maybe it was an attempt to set you up.
After all, you and your baboons
are not really the most
stealthy individuals.
I mean, take a look at this place.
Its like a stoners pot palace.
Hey, if you've come here to insult me
you'll be going to join
the dead fucking boss of yours.
Hey, that's enough.
If you shoot me, you're
gonna have the Vukovic's
and the Regitti's up your ass.
I don't know shit on who did Vukovic.
I hope you find out who
and when you do, let me know.
I'll deal with it.
This is shit I don't need.
You didn't do it.
Just give me a lead, give me a road.
Check out that North Side crew.
They do some shotgun shooting
every now and then.
I'll check them out.
So uh, we're in agreement now?
Try Lushas Hanwai.
I'll check him out.
Yeah, who's this?
This is Bulldog Manhattan.
Put Regitti on the phone, now.
Is this a fucking joke?
How'd you get this number?
No, its not a fucking joke.
This is serious.
Put him on the phone.
Boss, its Bulldog Manhattan
on the phone for you.
You're pissing me.
No, its him.
What is it, Bulldog?
What the hell is it with
this Vukovic business?
I got this Black Ghost
coming around accusing me?
Have you set me up?
Why would I do that?
Man, if you have
I'll put you up against
the wall and crucify you.
Hey, you even come close to me
my organization will put you
and the rest of your
metalheads in a meat grinder.
So don't bother giving me threats.
Catya, please go to sleep.
I'm just not sleepy tonight.
I know how you feel.
I really do.
I've lost many of my close ones
in my time as well.
In this business that your father was in,
people pass away all the time
but you have to keep going, Catya.
You have to be strong.
Good evening, Robert.
My condolences.
Thank you.
Can I come in?
Its kind of late.
Look, I've been trying to call Catya
for the last couple of hours.
I need to know if she's okay.
Listen, I appreciate the thought
but its been a long day
and she's been through enough.
Yeah, I can imagine that.
Robert, who's this at the door.
I didn't get your name.
Call me Noose.
- Noose?
- Yeah.
Friend of Catya's.
Look, I've been trying
to get a hold of Catya,
I'm just worried.
I need to know if she's alright.
Look, she's had a hard day.
She's been bombarded with
questions from the police.
So she's actually resting now.
Please tell her that Noose called.
Okay, I'll pass it on.
Thank you.
Police find anything?
They dusted and took photos,
couldn't find anything.
Its not like they care.
I'm so worried about you.
I've just been with the police
answering their stupid questions.
They really ask a lot.
I can't switch myself off.
Neither can I.
Hey, how's it all going?
Working, surviving.
What brings you here?
Just a social visit.
I see you've been
putting a bit of pressure
on the gangs around town.
You seen all that?
I see everything.
Nothing gets past me.
Listen, we got a few things to discuss.
place looks like shit.
You need to get yourself
a girlfriend, man.
Yeah I've been trying.
Now listen, what do you
know about this Vukovic hit?
Is that why you've been
asking questions around town?
Well the family's given
me a few jobs in the past
so I'm just doing them a favor.
Why are you so interested?
Catya Vukovic got me to look into it.
Are you banging her?
Oh no, come on.
You know me.
- Come on, man.
- I'm just a one night stand
- type of guy.
- I know you're banging her.
- I can tell.
- I'm just doing it
for the pay, that's all.
You're fucking banging her.
Listen man, you need to be careful.
These guys catch on that
you're involved in this,
alright, you're fucked
and I need you for other things,
like this Lushas guy.
Yeah, I was planning
on checking him next.
I don't think he has
anything to do with this.
Could be the one you least suspect.
such a fucking cliche, man.
Well it could be true.
Well listen, you need to
be careful out there, man.
Do what you need to do.
Keep it clean, keep it tidy.
Just gather some evidence for me,
bring it back and let me
take care of it, alright?
I don't need anymore shit.
Whatever gives you less paperwork.
Just keep it clean.
Good morning.
So what have you found out so far?
I caught up with Regitti
and asked him a few questions.
He believes the Reaper gang's connected
to the murder.
Their leader, Bulldog Manhattan,
has been in a feud with
Regitti for quite some time.
So I checked on the Reapers.
Unfortunately Bulldog and his crew
were oblivious to the whole thing.
There's a strong chance
someone was attempting to set em up.
What makes you think that?
Its a gut feeling.
I think whoever killed your parents
is more calculated than disruptive.
You know, its nice that you brought me in
for a face to face conversation.
Something that doesn't
really happen much anymore
this day and age.
Too much people texting and stuff.
It's so detaching.
Its a nice place.
Ever since I could walk, my parents
have been bringing me here.
We used to sit over there
on the grass for hours.
Feeding the ducks when they walk past.
You tell me this story a lot.
Am I boring you?
No, no.
I like it.
Just your voice clears up
all that negativity in my head.
Just a lot of crazy shit goes up in there.
Why do you do what you do?
Well I suck at everything else.
Its what I'm good at.
I know you're good at what you do
but I mean, your personalty doesn't fit
your profession.
I always thought you were an old soul
trying to get by in this world.
We'll, I've been doing
this for about a decade.
I guess its like a habit.
You've been out of
the military for years
yet you still go by your
unit name of Black Ghost.
Well I still use the name
that honor the ones that watch my back.
Its also good for terror tactics.
You can't switch it off, can you?
This is why you need me and I need you.
I've got to go.
Got to go start the arrangements
for my parent's funeral.
But can you keep me informed?
I will.
Shit man, don't you know how to knock?
I did.
Fucking headache.
Curse of the Black Ghost.
Hey relax, heres the cure.
Is this some sort of
fucking mystical burger?
So, what brings you here?
Well I need a few things from ya.
What do you need done?
Well I need to nail a target.
Problem is, he has too much security.
Anyone I know?
Lushas Hanwai, runs the north side.
Fucking hate that guy.
So you got a bounty on him?
Yeah but I need some backup.
I could split the dollar fifty fifty.
Use that.
Yeah, let's try not to kill everyone.
Man, you're no fun.
You got any flash grenades?
Yeah sure.
Custom made ones.
By the way, sorry to hear about your boss.
Yeah, thanks.
So uh, any idea on who killed Vukovic?
That I'll have to find out.
Yo, Lushas.
Have you heard about the
word going on the street?
What about Vukovics death?
People going ape shit
like a motherfucker.
People probably pointing the finger at us.
Yeah well, we didn't do that shit, man.
That motherfucker had so many enemies.
Hell anyone could of wasted him.
I know for sure we didn't.
No shit
but what if we take the rap for that?
Hey, wake up shithead!
Shit, man.
What the fuck is this
and who are you, anyway?
You ever heard of the Black Ghost?
Shit, that's you?
What the hell you want with me?
You know that old man
Vukovic was wasted yesterday?
I didn't do that shit.
Oh really?
I got all the local gang bangers
pointing the finger at you.
Hey. Look at me.
Those Reaper motherfuckers hate me.
Want to see me get put out.
Oh so that's why you
killed the old man, did you?
Man, I hated that dog
but I didn't smoke him.
Oh really?
Yo, look what I found in his house.
Man I haven't fired
that thing in months.
Hasn't been fired for awhile.
Yeah no shit.
I haven't wasted anyone in awhile
and plus, all the
motherfuckers I've wasted
are fucking asshole.
Look man, I respected that geezer.
That guy knew how to run a business.
Hell, he could of owned the city
but that was a guy with a code and shit.
If I ever had a grudge with him,
it was with his pussy ass son.
His son?
Yeah, his son is one calculated
deceiving little shit.
Ratted my boys out to some other gangs
and screwed me over
some gambling bets, too.
As for his daughter.
Oh shit, I aint got nothing against her.
She's got a five star ass.
Don't talk about her like that.
Look man.
I don't know much about
this political bullshit,
I just do my thing and run
the north side, that's all.
Bitches, pimps, and hoes.
That's my thing.
Not shotgunning elderly folks.
If there's anyone who knows anything
about this shit, its got to
be that Mike Roddicker guy.
Roddicker, Roddicker.
- Yeah.
- Name rings a bell.
Its the guy who owns the
transportation business.
Imports firearms from overseas.
Some of the boys grabbed
their shit from him.
He might know something.
Got a warehouse out in the sticks.
I'll check him out.
What do you know, nice timing.
- Ah finally.
- Oh shit.
I've been waiting a
long time for this fucker.
not so tough now, are ya?
Fuck you, Brollo.
Best you got?
Look I checked him out.
The guys too dumb to pull off the hit.
Yeah, I didn't think he would.
Doesn't matter, I got
plenty on him anyway.
Good job.
Got a little present for you.
What was going on last night
and why wasn't I notified
about your activity?
It was an anonymous tip.
I just got lucky, that's all.
In your report you stated
a few unknown perpetrators kidnapped
Lushas Hanwai and he was left for dead
in an abandoned house.
Well that's what happened.
I can't say anymore.
What about the attack
on the gang last night?
Well at least I got one of the fuckers.
I've been trying to nail
that Lushas for years.
I think its the Regittis.
All I need is a warrant and I can bring
them in for questioning.
Back off from the Regittis.
Their lawyers have
threatened this department
enough as it is.
Oh come on, Captain,
I can handle it.
Your focus is the Vukovic case.
There's other territories that needs
to be investigated.
I will deal with the Regittis.
Now get back to work
and I want to be notified
at all times, understood?
Understood, Captain.
It's alright, Catya, I'll get it.
Good morning, is Ms. Vukovic in?
Oh, it's you again.
You can let him in, Miriam, it's okay.
- Will you be okay?
- We'll be okay.
Thanks, Aunt.
Alright then.
I'll just be at the back
watering the plants and
if you need anything
let me know.
Your aunts a nice lady.
She's amazing.
Well I've managed to
put this little collection
together for you.
I'm no expert when it comes to flowers
but you have the whole oracle of seasons
from your Pavlova to your black forest.
They're beautiful.
Thank you, they'll look
great in my new vase.
I've been doing a lot
of looking around and
I just haven't got any results and uh.
I'm not surprised.
Its a hard road you're on.
Yeah, especially when you don't have
a coffee machine that works.
You should invest in a new one.
Yeah, I should.
Maybe invest in a new lifestyle.
New lifestyle?
I always thought you
weren't that comfortable
doing these kind of jobs.
I don't know.
You can't work around your problems.
Especially in this lifestyle.
Its gonna eat you up on the inside.
Maybe, not just yet I think.
How much do you reckon
you've got left in this?
Not much, I guess.
You have so much
conflict going on inside.
Its almost like you're
not enjoying life enough.
You can tell that by kissing someone?
I have a sense for this sort of thing.
You don't like your family
business much, do you?
Look, just this one more job
and I'll call it a quits.
What will you do next?
I'll find something else.
Maybe a small castle in Scotland,
buy some sheep and get you a hammock.
Jus wondering,
where's your brother?
He's all over the place.
I can't actually tell you
where he is right now.
Did he have any intentions
that were different
from your fathers?
What do you mean?
One of the north side members
he has a grudge against your brother.
Lushas Hanwai.
Name rings a bell?
Yeah I think I know him
but couldn't say from when or where.
My brothers pissed off a lot of people,
I mean even me sometimes.
You think he ever attempted to wage war
on the Regittis?
No, he wouldn't do that.
He shits himself every
time he's near the Regittis
Lushas did mention about a guy
that would know a thing or two.
He's a supplier for gang bangers.
Provides hardware for a
lot of the crazy idiots.
Its an avenue I have to check up on.
Either way,
I won't let any of those
lunatics come between
you and me.
I'll pop by tonight if
that's good with you?
Yeah, I'd like that.
Moshes, you won't believe it.
Just get to the point.
North Side crew got hit by someone.
Lushas ended up behind bars
but guess what?
No bodies.
Its a shame.
I was hoping he'd be skinned alive.
Sounds like all this
Black Ghost mythology
a load of bullshit.
Anyway, when do you want
to set up a meeting with little Vukovic?
The sooner the better.
With his father's connections,
we'll finally get these shipments moving.
We accomplish that and within a year,
we own this city.
I like your thinking.
You think the Black Ghost
would have anymore leads?
I don't know.
Lushas is a dead end.
Who supplies the north side gang?
Right, Roddicker.
Moshes, we have a problem.
The guy my sister hired,
he's really digging
his teeth into this.
He's checked out Lushas territory
and guess where he's going next.
Whoa, slow down boy.
What's the problem?
Who is this guy?
Are you serious?
The Black Ghost.
You know, ex military,
dresses like a hobo.
Really good with guns,
even better with knives
and would kick your ass
if he was in the same room
like you.
My sister hired him to find the people
who killed our parents.
He's one sick motherfucker
and he's getting a bit too close
for my liking.
His next place he's
checking is Roddicker's.
Shit, I knew you sister investigated
I just didn't expect her to
get this Black Ghost guy.
Look, I'll talk to her,
okay, I'll sort it out.
No, do nothing.
We'll take care of it.
Our rat Robert has just found out
that his sister has hired the Black Ghost.
She's gonna fuck it all up for us.
I'll take care of this Black Ghost.
No, I want you to take
care of this sister.
What about the Black Ghost?
I'll get Bulldog to take care of him.
Its about time he earned his keep
and when you take care of Catya,
use a blade.
I want it to look like
the Black Ghost did it.
Such a waste of a beautiful woman.
Well she shouldn't of put
her nose in my business.
Hello, my cousin.
Will the merger be done tonight?
Yes, according to plan.
What about the hit
on the north side gang?
You didn't engage them, did you?
No I heard it was the Black Ghost.
He used to work for Vukovic.
Seems Catya Vukovic has hired him.
He's a problem, take care of it.
Our family always
takes care of each other.
Will you be at the meeting tonight?
No, I can't.
I've got a few influential
people coming over.
Just make sure everything else goes well.
Don't worry.
It will.
Hey Roddicker, where are you?
Not in control this time
are you fuckhead?
You work very slowly.
So you wasted Vukovic?
No, we were set up by Regitti.
Now he's paying us to take
care of his loose ends.
So you sold out?
I don't live by the same rules as you.
We operate in a world
where only the strong survive.
Well that's a pretty fucked up world.
Regitti told me to bring him your head
but I think I'll just
scatter your brains here
and drop your dead body
at his feet, instead.
Doesn't sound like a bad idea.
So Regitti hired you to take me out.
Fuck you.
People like you and me,
just pawns in a sick game of human chess.
Now, make it quick.
Do that courtesy.
Hello, ma'am.
Is Mr. Vukovic here?
Robert that is.
It's alright Miriam,
you can let them in.
Breaking news, an update
in the Vukovic saga.
Another shock as emerged
in the gangland wars.
Less than 48 hours after the death
of well known gangster, Daniel Vukovic
and his wife.
His daughter, Catya, and
a family friend, Miriam
have been found dead in the family estate.
Police are currently
investigating the scene.
Information released by police
is that it appears both victims
were stabbed approximately five hours ago.
This has sent a shockwave
through the city.
An unnamed police source has said
there is confusion surrounding
the different methods
of killing.
There's been no mention of
suspects or witnesses...
Come on, I insist.
Look, I understand how you feel.
Take it from me.
In our business, your closest friends
often become your worst enemies
and family members your
greatest liability.
Your sister turned against us
and she had to be stopped.
You did the right thing by
aligning yourself with us.
Right now, I know it hurts
but I time you'll see it was for the best.
She was my sister.
I can't just wash that away.
I understand but she
was dangerous for us.
Believe me, I have no
pleasure in arranging it.
I just want to be alone right now.
As you wish, my boy.
My cousins are coming to my house tonight.
To talk about our business.
Come along and meet them.
Hear the future for this city.
Its okay, its me.
You know I'm really sorry.
The Vukovic place was hit again.
Catya and her aunt were both killed
with a blade.
Now I know it was you that nailed
that Manhattan fucker
but I'm convinced that the Regittis
are trying to set you
up for Catya's murder.
Now you need to be really careful
about what you do next.
Paybacks a bitch, isn't it?
You do what you got to do
but just keep it clean, alright?
Really man, again?
You still don't know how to knock.
You should get better locks.
What's going on?
I need you tonight.
- What for?
- For taking out the Regittis
We're taking em out.
No shit?
No shit.
Well gentlemen, its
good we're all together
in this room.
Witnessing an important new
event for our organization.
Tonight we celebrate the
expansion of our business
and its all thanks to this young man here.
We Regittis and Vukovics are now one.
You made a wise decision
joining this family, kid.
See you, you know how to source power
but your father, not so much.
My father is in the past.
Leave him out of it.
The young mans right.
Let's look to the future
and leave the past dead.
True, okay.
Sniper the ones in the front.
Kill the lights.
I'll take care of the rest.
You got it.
What the fuck?
What, nobody paid the power bill?
Don't worry, gentlemen.
Its probably a blown fuse.
We'll get it fixed.
Lenny, what's up with you?
What the fuck?
We have company!
There's some assholes in the house.
Lenny just got wasted.
- Shit, Lenny's dead?
- Yes
Fuck, where's Luther?
Well he was with me before.
It's him.
- Black Ghost.
- Black Ghost?
Don't you mean Caspar the ghost?
Who the fuck's Black Ghost?
We got a crazy asshole in the house.
He's about to get wasted.
That's one sick fuck.
Fuck it's one guy in the dark.
You two, come with me.
Kyle, take a couple of guys
and check the other rooms.
Don't get separated.
Moshes, who's doing this?
Shut the fuck up and don't move.
Shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit, shit.
I loved her, too.
I didn't want her to die.
How did you escape?
Where are you now?
I'm on my way.
I'll take care of it
and I'm taking care of
business from now on.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
Robert Vukovic.
Down the hall on the right.
Thank you.
Ah for fucks sake, look at you.
Enough of that.
Help me get him up.
Come here, sunshine.
Let's get you in the chair.
not having a very good day, are we?
Well looks like you're the only survivor.
So I'm gonna have to get
a statement from you.
Oh, there was one other
that we can't account for.
The old man Regitti.
Yes, captain?
What the fuck?
Stop that fucking nun!