Black Gunn (1972) Movie Script

Somebody slipped us a bad one.
Those blind dummies in those cages.
l'll take it off the machine.
What's that?
-Who's there?
-lt's Joe here, sir.
lt's only the cleaner.
Now, what do you want, boy?
Could you unlock the
back door, please?
-What for?
-l just wanted to take the garbage out.
Make sure they don't take you
along with it.
Later on we're going to want
some coffee.
Yes, sir.
-Here you go.
Just be cool.
Boy, you're blowing your whole life.
Back off!
Joe, you're heading for all sorts
of trouble. l promise you.
l said, freeze.
Joe, there's nothing in there for you.
All the cash is out here.
Leave it out.
That's trouble.
The cash gets you carved up.
Those books get you dead!
When l said freeze,
that meant your mouth too.
Let's get out of here.
Hit the floor, fast!
-Come on.
-Hey, man.
-See you at the store? Yeah? BAG?
Okay, Scotty,
see you at the BAG store.
Leave it! Leave it!
Subtitle Improved by 'Shreyashjit'
How you doing?
lt's good to see you.
Welcome to the club.
Hi. How are you?
Ladies, having a good time?
-Oh, that's fine.
-Things okay?
Well, it look like we've got
some big boys here tonight.
-Along came Jones.
-Hello, Gunn.
-How you doing, brother?
Good to see you.
How's San Diego?
Oh, man, it's wild.
lt's a groovy place.
l was fortunate to get traded
down there.
-Didn't l demoralize those Rams?
-Oh, yeah, baby.
-You're still the best in the game.
-Right on.
-Bad trade they made.
-Thank you.
Ladies, having a good time?
lt's Chillie Willie from Jonesboro.
Hi, Chillie.
Grooviest place in town, especially
when you get to know the boss.
How about that. Look, Monica,
l know l promised to give you a call--
-You got tied up.
The name is Jeannie. You remember,
the one with the mole on her--
Mr. Gunn, there's an emergency
at the door and you're needed.
Another chick cut her throat over you,
Look, baby,
l'll phone you in the morning, okay?
Sure, he'll phone.
He didn't even remember my name.
-How's it going?
-Everything's in order, Mr. Gunn.
Slight problem Saturday night,
Oh, we can work that out.
Thanks a lot.
That was beautiful, man.
The mole lady?
That's just part of the service.
What l wanted to talk to you about is--
Well, he's back.
-About five minutes ago.
-Take care of the house for me.
-All right.
You checking the petty cash?
This doesn't look good.
-That's right.
-Putting something in the safe.
-To keep it safe?
-For safekeeping, yeah.
-Well, that's logical.
At 1 :1 0 in the morning?
Where you been, Scotty?
That's right, l do work for you,
don't l?
You get paid to work for me.
Well, you can dock me for tonight.
Tonight was private business.
You're my brother.
You don't have to rip off for bread.
You're coming on heavy, man.
l'll find someplace else.
You can't take that cash in the street.
Just put it in the safe.
Look, it's not my money.
-We took it to buy--
-Lawyers, man, yeah.
You're going to defend every
black guy that gets a ticket.
-You got it wrong.
-Have l?
-You want the truth?
-Why not?
lt's to buy guns, weapons,
and ammo, and nitro and dynamite.
We got cats who know
how to use that.
-Guys back from Nam.
We got expertise,
cats who know what it's all about.
-And ex-cons.
Some of them too.
They're brothers too.
We call ourselves Black Action Group.
What do you want to do?
Take over the world?
Yeah. We believe
in taking it to the Man... blowing up the fancy homes
he lives in, his banks...
...his police station, and making him
get off his ass and do something.
That's pretty powerful.
lt might be.
''Might be''?
You ever think that the Man
can bring it right back to you?
He could try.
But we declare our right on this earth
to be men.
And we intend to bring this into
existence by any means necessary.
Now, are you with us?
Well, l'm not against you.
What the hell is it?
l can't get into you, Gunn.
l mean, you don't seem to give a damn
about anything l'm saying.
-Have you looked in the mirror?
-Get up off it.
Seen me back down from any man,
black or white?
You ever heard me change my thing
for any man, black or white?
-All right!
-What are these?
-Don't know. Picked them up...
...along with the bread.
These are daily payoff books.
lf the government gets ahold of these,
somebody's going to be in trouble.
-No shit.
-They're going to sweat blood, man...
...until they get these books back.
Maybe your blood.
-You're telling me l hit the jackpot?
-Get out. l've got some thinking to do.
Thanks, brother.
l'm gonna go upstairs
and crash, man.
l promise not to split
without written permission.
lf crackers come here looking for me,
tell them Scotty's getting beauty rest.
Tell you the truth,
l'm not getting enough sleep.
Since you bring it up, Russ,
these last two or three days...
-...l've been worried about you.
-l wake up in the middle of the night.
Too much on my mind,
like that hit last night in East L.A.
Very unfortunate affair, Russ.
On in two.
Not bad for an old man, eh?
Double all bets if l make it?
With your touch today, Arnie Palmer,
l lose already.
Russ, l've been thinking about you.
l want to make some changes.
What do you mean?
You're not satisfied with my work?
lf that was the case,
would l be putting you in charge...
-...of our whole West Coast operation?
-The whole West Coast!
Hey, Joe, l won't let you down.
Thank you.
You're not kicking me upstairs?
With the money you'll be getting?
Oh, come on,
since when do l give it away?
No, it's simply a question of putting
you where you'll do the most good.
No more risk for you. Let's get that
kid to handle the mechanics.
What's his name, Ray Kriley?
Kriley? Oh, no, Kriley's, you know,
he's a little emotional. He's--
Who isn't a little crazy in this world?
Maybe that's what we need
to get the books back.
Anyway, you'll be right in there
behind him.
You with the brains and experience,
Kriley with the muscle.
-Sam Green?
-That's right.
We've heard some very nice things
about you.
-You have?
One of the things we heard
was that you were a very bright boy.
-ls that so?
-Could be.
Maybe you can give us some answers
to a question.
Who were the cats
who knocked over...
...the betting parlor on LaSalle
the other night?
Sorry, mister, l can't help you.
l just run this parking lot.
You've got the biggest lot
in nigger town.
Don't try to tell us you don't
hear things and see things.
The hit. Just tell us who made the hit.
They say it was cats
from out of the city.
-Out of the city?
-What city?
Who knows?
-Vegas, maybe.
-Oh, don't give us that story.
We know there are no black mobs
in Vegas.
The word is, those guys were white.
White hoods.
l think Mr. Green is jiving us.
Trying to say you don't know
they were black cats...
-...that were wearing white hoods?
-ls that so?
Look, Sam...'re feeding us a load of crap.
Now, one of those black cats...
...took the long fall in that alley
the other night.
lf you don't answer some questions...'re going to make the long fall...
...into that great watermelon patch
in the sky.
Finally, good friends, | l'm not selling used automobiles.
Finally, good friends,
l'm not selling used automobiles.
l don't like selling used automobiles.
l like selling integrity.
That's what you're guaranteed when
buying a used car from Russ Capelli.
That car is tops in every way.
A top buck buys a top car
because Russ Capelli says so.
What Russ Capelli says,
you put in the bank.
Here's a 1 9 7 1 automobile,
$ 7 4 down...
...36 months to pay
with your good credit.
Because l like you.
Here's a beautiful car...
...1 969, $ 1 990. '69.
Factory air, power steering,
power windows.
Come on down to Russ Capelli's.
Here's a beautiful automobile, 1 969.
You won't believe this.
Ladies and gentlemen, $2583.
Right off the Harbor freeway,
Russ Capelli.
This car, power brakes, power
steering, license plate 436 YEB.
Come down to Russ Capelli.
We'll see you here. Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Capelli, that was great.
lt sold me.
-Right, here.
-Okay, thank you.
-That's a wrap, boys.
Yes, sir?
Fix this tank.
So? What's happening?
Not a whisper.
Not a trace. lt's weird.
What you doing about it?
l got our people out.
We'll find them.
What about the spade cleaner,
and the other fellow, white guy?
Some old wino.
The spade.... They all look alike.
The guy Dell plugged?
Just another dead spade.
No lD.
But don't worry, Russ.
Bullshit! Don't tell me not to worry.
You've been giving me this crap,
bombing out all over.
lt ain't easy, Russ.
You can't move into black areas
anymore and bust them--
Lower your voice!
Those jokers carry biscuits too.
You want a war?
When the time comes, it'll be
authorized, we'll get the soldiers.
But meantime, you were sent for.
l sent for you.
This job's up your alley,
so do it for me and do it right.
l'll do my best, Russ.
Make sure your best is enough.
Show those guys some muscle,
they'll fall apart like rotten fruit.
-l know those niggers.
-l'll lay it on them.
-Anything else?
Get your ass out of here.
Val, there's that whore
you were telling me about.
Rico, stop.
Val, see what she knows.
l'm mad for those colors.
l know it's more than l should spend.
Just, oh--
You're looking good.
l want to talk to you.
Any of those spooks you lay up with...
...have anything to do
with knocking over our joint?
l just heard some bookie joint got hit.
l didn't know it was your place, Dell.
-l just heard some spook got killed.
-Maybe you didn't hear the man.
He wants to know who did it. Who?
Well, maybe he ought to consult
the yellow pages.
l'm consulting you.
Now, who were they?
Maybe it's some of those brothers
she's getting laid by.
-Those players back from Vietnam.
-ls it like that?
Okay, l'll find out.
l promise. l will.
You better come up with some names
by tomorrow.
Or you're not going to be pretty
anymore. You dig?
Sure you do.
Catch you later, honey.
That hooker's been sleeping with
those coons back from Vietnam.
l'll bet you $50 it's one of them.
You know, that's very good thinking,
Let's go. There's a store
that's been opened up...
...near the stadium by one of those
black militant groups.
You know we ought to go up...
...and pay those patriotic
black veterans a nice visit.
Very nice.
Very, very nice.
One little thing, Nicodemus.
Who is that?
-The man in the middle?
-That's right.
-He's our leader.
-His name?
-What l said, Joe P. Leader.
-That's funny.
He is very funny.
-Damn you!
-There's something written here.
''To my brothers in the
Black Revolutionary Movement...
...Scott Gunn.''
Billy! Please, mister. Please.
-Can l help you, man?
-Yeah, you can help us, man.
Just stay right there.
...look what broke out of the paddock.
A couple of real hot black studs.
Let me introduce myself.
l'm taking a public opinion poll...
...on whether we should reinstate
-You talking loud.
-You ain't saying nothing.
My question is this:
Who knocked over that place
on LaSalle?
Say the right answer and live.
Unless you cats knocked it over
You freaks wouldn't have the chops.
Black Action Group.
l've gotten more action
at the racetrack.
Please, mister, not my kid.
lt's all right, lady.
l like kids.
Everybody likes kids.
No, no. Out back.
Those motherfuckers
are going to pay.
l can dig it.
-Yes, gentlemen, can l help you?
-l'm looking for a man named Gunn.
-You mean Mr. Gunn.
-ls he in?
l'll go check.
What business do you have
with Mr. Gunn?
-Lieutenant Hopper, Homicide.
-Mr. Gunn...
...there are two gentlemen
from Homicide to see you.
Give me five minutes
and then bring them up, okay?
Mr. Gunn will be a few minutes.
Bar's over here, gentlemen.
Would you like a drink?
Come on, wake up.
Come on, get up.
What's the matter?
Nervous or something?
-The cops are here. Get up.
-So? They ain't got nothing on me.
What are you doing, man?
You got a place to crash, man.
lt ain't no sweat.
You know those books
we talked about?
l've been thinking about them.
We can go horse to horse with them.
We can make the organization crawl.
We can make them pea green.
-We've got leverage with the books.
-Listen to me.
Now, you forget about those books.
Those books
means nothing but trouble.
You just stay away until
you hear from me, okay?
Do you understand, Scotty?
Do you understand?
-All right.
My apologies, gentlemen,
for having you wait.
How's this for switch-hitting?
Our brother here is a chief.
This one's just an lndian.
May l see identification, please?
You never know who you're talking to
these days.
What can l do for you gentlemen?
-We found a body the other night.
-ln my club?
-Not exactly.
-ln the alleyway behind my club?
No, not there either, Mr. Gunn.
Well, in Los Angeles, l'm sure.
Yeah, in L.A., Mr. Gunn,
not far from here.
But that's not the point.
Well, gentlemen, what is the point?
There was a rumble
in a betting parlor over on LaSalle.
We think that the dead man was a
member of a militant group, BAG.
-Which brings you right to me.
Oh, that's not exactly fair.
We know you're clear, Mr. Gunn.
No record.
But still our info is the leader's name
is Gunn.
We understand you have a brother
named Scott.
-Where is your brother, Mr. Gunn?
-Call him.
-No such word.
Around here there is, lieutenant.
ls there a warrant out on him?
We got nothing on anybody.
All we have is a corpse.
Somebody's putting the finger
on my brother.
He's no goddamn angel. We got a
yellow sheet on him at headquarters.
All right, let me say it this way.
We got a tip more than money's
Something that's rocked
the organization.
lf you're involved in any way--
l thought we were talking about
my brother, lieutenant.
Now you're laying it on me?
-l didn't say that.
-You might as well have said it.
Mr. Gunn...
...we're not here to lean on anybody.
But this whole situation...
...could make Watts look like
Saturday night in Disneyland.
Whatever was taken from that club
the other night...
...could rip this town apart.
What am l? Some kind of information
service, ClA or something?
Let's just say,
we'd appreciate your cooperation.
Appreciate my cooperation?
Who the hell do you guys work for?
You should've raided that
betting parlor months ago.
We did, but each time we'd bust in,
we'd find a social. Wives even.
And a hot game of bingo.
No, somebody tipped them.
Somebody in the police department
on the take, huh?
Maybe in your department,
huh, lieutenant?
-Who do you think you're talking to?
-Lieutenant's not on the take.
No way. He just did time in Vietnam.
l don't have any explaining
to do, not to him.
lf you run into your brother,
you tell him to give us a call.
Sure, lieutenant. Why not?
That lieutenant's a tough son of a gun.
Yeah, he's something else.
-Did you have a nice trip here?
There were a lot
of nasty passengers this time.
My temper was a little short too.
Twenty-one days is a long time
to be away.
l really missed you.
l missed you too.
You're so quiet.
ls there something wrong?
You made love to me beautifully.
And your heart was with me...
...but your mind
was someplace else.
What is it?
ls it the club?
-ls the club doing badly?
-The club's doing great, baby.
ls it another girl?
-Gunn, are you listening to me?
-Come on, baby, it's not another girl.
l wouldn't dare.
That's what you say now.
l'm gonna call and ask Scotty.
ls he in his room?
-Where is he?
-l don't know.
lt has something to do
with Scotty, doesn't it?
lt is Scotty.
You'd better tell me about it from the
beginning. Don't leave anything out.
Do you hear me?
l hear you.
l'm listening, Gunn.
Well, he robbed a place,
and he took a lot of money.
l think he's in big trouble.
l've got to figure out
a way to help him.
Russ, l know we haven't
found him yet...
...but just give me another
2 4 hours, and l'll have him.
l'll have him chattering like a monkey.
One thing, that brother of his,
the one with a nightclub.
-What about him?
-He's got a lot of pull in this town.
Afraid to mess with him, Russ?
lt's comments like that, stupid
comments, that make you a loser.
-Why do you say that?
-You think like a hood, that's why.
Gunn is a businessman. We've got
to woo him with a proposition, a deal.
-And if he don't go for it?
-''And if he don't go for it?''
Then the shit hits the fan.
Some people at the door, Gunn.
They won't go away.
Oh, since when do we turn
away customers, Larry?
Well, why don't you
bring them in, okay?
Okay, baby.
-Gentlemen, what can l do for you?
-Mr. Gunn, l'm Kyle Adams.
l'd like you to meet some friends
of mine. My fiance, Miss Betty Hall.
-How are you?
-Miss Toni Lombardo.
-And Frank Winman.
We were at a party
at my campaign headquarters...
...and what we could use
now is a nice steak.
-l told them all the tables are reserved.
-And l thought the place looks empty.
ln a couple of hours
the whole place will be filled up.
Mr. Gunn, we're all half-starved.
lf we promise to eat quickly and run--
Let's not get on our hands
and knees and beg.
That ''reserved'' stuff
is strictly a snow job.
You know, like, being uptown
at a restaurant...
...then one of you guys walk in.
-Yeah, man, right on.
-Right on.
-You mean we're not allowed in here?
-Well, not exactly, Miss Lombardo.
Deliberately denying entry
to a public place is against the law.
-Right, congressman?
-lt's against the Civil Rights Act.
Yes. By the way,
who recommended us to you?
-Well, l think it was--
-Lieutenant Hopper...
...Los Angeles Police Department.
Oh, Lieutenant Hopper, l see.
Well, any friends of Lieutenant
Hopper's are friends of mine.
So, Larry, will you see them
to table one, please?
-Thank you, Mr. Gunn.
-Right this way.
Mr. Adams, would you mind signing
the guest book at the bar, please?
lt'd be my pleasure.
Have a seat, Adams.
-Where's the guest book?
-l don't have one.
l didn't think you did.
You wanted to speak to me, right?
No, you want to speak to me. That's
why you brought all that support.
-Who sent you here, congressman?
-Look, l have a lot of constituents...
...every color: black, white,
Chicano, Orientals.
You might say they all sent me.
Just like they all contribute
to your re-election?
Yeah, you're damn right.
l'm doing a good job.
But they're not the only
ones that are your contributors.
Well, no, no,
my charisma stretches...
...all the way from Watts
to the top of Bel Air.
At least till November.
Now, you take Toni Lombardo
for instance, she--
Don't sidetrack me, Adams.
No little favors from
the mob on the side? Maybe?
-Do you really believe l'd do that?
-Well, l don't know.
-But l'm asking.
-Okay, let's get to the point, all right?
l've had a lot of information recently
that this district is ready to blow up.
-And you're right in the middle.
-l'm in the middle, but where are you?
lt's there. On the record.
You say the right things,
but do you implement them?
lt's not easy,
but we're making progress.
ln what, Adams? lntegration?
Busing? Penal reform?
Congressman, how many
blacks in America?
-About 20 million.
-20 million.
-How many black senators?
-One. How many judges?
-Well, there are a few.
-Governors, mayors?
-Hey, look...
...l'm not going to be the apologist
for White America.
Gunn, l'm not looking back,
l'm looking forward.
l admit to you,
we got a long way to go.
You're damn right,
you have a long way to go.
Let go of me.
Come on, let go. Come on, let go.
-l don't want to dance.
-l just want to have one little dance.
-l just want to have one dance.
-Come on, fella.
-Butt out, l just asked her to dance.
-Would you take this guy away?
Hey what are you talking--?
What's this big deal here?
l ask her for one dance,
one lousy dance. Thanks a lot, Gunn.
Leave me alone. Leave me alone.
l'll walk out. l'll walk out by myself.
Would you leave me alone?
Leave me alone.
l'll step out myself.
-Sit down.
-He don't know what he's doing.
Go on, folks, have a good time. Just
an invasion from across the tracks.
-Larry, how'd we do tonight?
-Not too bad.
-Here, take a look at the figures.
Have you seen Judith?
Yeah, she told me to tell
you she's upstairs in bed.
-That's real good.
-ln the guest room.
Oh, man.
-l hope you don't mind...
...l sent everybody home,
and l stayed behind.
l owe you an apology
for what happened.
You couldn't phone it in?
l hate to phone things in.
l like things to be more personal.
-Don't you, Mr. Gunn?
-But not now?
-Not now.
-Could it be you don't like white girls?
-l like all girls.
-And for a white girl, you're not bad.
-Thank you.
For a black man
you're not bad either. Please.
''Gunn's Place,''
that's an unusual name.
lt's an old slave name.
l had an ancestor who was trusted
enough to carry a white man's gun.
The only word that his master
ever said to him was ''gun.''
Now, if he'd been
more conversational...
...l might have been called
''Give me the gun.''
-What do your friends call you?
Now, Miss Lombardo...
...l'd like to thank you
for your apology.
You really want me to go home?
Oh, l'm a total failure.
lt must be that girl l saw at the table.
-l must admit she is a beautiful girl.
-Yes, she is.
And much more
than l could possibly handle.
-Want someone to take you home? | -Sorry, boss.
-Want someone to take you home?
-Sorry, boss.
Don't do it.
All right, little lady,
over there against the wall.
Now, put your hands
on top of your head, spook.
Okay, come on, move. Move.
You start anything,
we'll take this pretty place apart.
-What do you want, mister?
-You, Gunn.
There's a man outside
wants a word with you.
-Let's get going.
-l don't care if he's the governor...
...if he wants to talk to me,
he talks in here.
Now, why don't you have
someone take the lady home?
After we leave.
l'll say this for you, boy... got a lot of chops.
But you're a little light on hearing.
-l said outside.
-And l said here.
Now, what does the man want?
He wants to know
where your little brother is.
-Tell him he's out of town.
-The man wants the word from you.
-Then he's out of luck.
-You're out of luck, black boy.
Let's get out of here.
All right, all right!
Now, get them out of here!
Stupid, stupid.
Get out of here.
Next time.
Gunn, are you up there?
Come on down here, boy.
We got something for you, Gunn.
-What's wrong, Gunn? What is it?
-You stay here.
Yeah, we got something,
and it ain't watermelons, boy.
Come on down.
Oh, Scotty.
Get them, man. Promise me.
-What did they do to you?
-Make them pay for it.
-Make them pay for it.
-l'll get them.
Please don't die, Scotty.
Don't die.
l'll get them. l'll get them.
l'm asking you, man.
They've got to bleed for this shit.
Oh, man, this shit
is taking me out, man.
-l didn't mean to get you into this.
Gunn, don't let him die.
Don't let him die.
Gunn, l'm very sorry
about what happened.
Down in headquarters we think
a vendetta has been started.
Either out of revenge or to get some
property back which your brother took.
lt's possible.
l'm convinced that your brother's
killing had to do with that property.
-Make sense to you?
-lt's possible.
And l gather that's all l'm
going to get out of you.
That's right, lieutenant.
All right, Gunn, let me say this:
lf you're looking for revenge,
watch out for your ass.
Why are you calling a cab?
The car's right over there.
l want you to take a taxi
and go home, baby.
Where are you going?
l've got special arrangements to make,
and l have to make them alone.
So will you go home for me?
-Be careful, Gunn.
Hey, look.
-Can l help you, sir?
Yes, l'm Gunn.
-Scott Gunn's brother.
-Scott Gunn's brother?
Just a moment, Mr. Gunn,
l'll get somebody to--
Who'd you say you are, man?
l'm Gunn.
Yeah, well, l've got to tell you l'm sorry
about your brother Scott, man.
l also got to tell you that l think you
got something that belongs to us.
As l recall, there was some
other merchandise.
Certain books.
As l recall, l had a brother.
Who am l gonna hold
responsible for that?
-Like that's our fault, Gunn?
-l don't know, man.
-But l'm willing to listen.
-Well, dig it, man.
We had Scott all put away in
a safe place, you know what l mean?
But the cat wouldn't be cool.
Came down here for a rap session.
lt was dawn when he split.
l know we should've covered
him back, but we didn't.
Somebody was waiting for him.
That's all we know.
What about the books?
Hey, l don't care about the books.
l want the guys that killed my brother.
And you think you're
the only one who does.
-Do you know who did it?
-Do you think if we knew...
...who the guy was who ripped
your brother off, he'd be alive today?
Yeah, l'll find him.
Hey, bro, ain't no reason
for you to work alone.
We've got lots of experience, Gunn.
Somebody put the finger
on my brother.
Now, that could be one
of a lot of dudes, man.
-But nobody here.
-A lot of other candidates.
Pimps, hustlers, dope pushers.
Yeah, probably was a pusher.
Hey, man, this town's full
of pushers and pimps. So what?
We're working on it, Gunn.
Jane, run it down for the brother.
l spotted this guy outside the store.
He's up and down
the street half the night.
l've seen him around before.
His name is Jimpy.
-Do you know where l can find him?
-Sam knows.
Yeah, Sam knows
all of Jimpy's hangouts.
The Corban Bowling Alley. lt's where
the man pushes his stuff, Gunn.
Pig patrol.
Know them anywhere, bastards.
The one next to the driver sent me up.
He must be following Gunn.
Come on.
Nothing yet, lieutenant.
Gunn's still inside.
One minute, lieutenant,
here he comes.
One black male with him.
They are proceeding towards
suspect's car.
-ls that Webb, Ken?
-Car moving south.
-Okay, sergeant, follow him.
-Whatever you do, not too close.
They bought it, the meatheads.
They're following Gunn's car.
-You clumsy bastard.
-Hey, you got stuff, man?
-l'm sick, Jimpy.
-Sure, baby.
You got bread?
-Then tomorrow you get well.
Hey, man, look,
l can't make tomorrow, man.
Then crap on the floor.
Jimpy, please, man.
Will you get your ass out of here?
l heard they got Scott Gunn.
-Did they?
You told me if l saw him to tell you.
And l told you.
And after l told you,
he's dead, man.
And l told you.
l told you, man. l told you!
Shut up!
One word, creep.
One word and this is
the last bag you get.
You understand?
The last bag you ever get from me.
Sure, Jimpy, man.
You're great, Jimpy, man.
Give me 2 1 3-23 75.
Seth. What do you want us to do?
Seth's on his way.
ln the meantime, let's have a little
coffee and keep our eye on Jimpy.
Let's split. l want to check out
Sam and make sure he's there.
l'm gonna see a man
about some slavery.
Hey, wait a minute, baby.
What's he talking about?
-l don't know.
-What do you mean?
-All l know is, l've got to split.
-Hey, wait a minute.
-Okay, all right. Can l have a ride?
Chill, baby.
Get on. When Gunn goes, baby,
he does the driving.
What's happening, Jimpy?
You know what this is?
You wouldn't believe l lost the horse.
l know you wouldn't have
any on you, would you, freak?
What should l do?
Shoot the whole lot?
Right into his eye, Gunn.
No point in wasting good horse, man.
Just save it for the children.
Right, Jimpy?
The little ones. With their
smiling, happy faces.
The black ones...
...playing in the schoolyards.
Right, Jimpy?
You want a hypo
full of air in your veins, man?
Any last words, Jimpy...
...about who chopped up my brother?
For chrissake,
l wasn't a part of the hit.
-All l did was--
-Finger him.
l want a name.
-They'll kill me.
-l'll kill you in two seconds.
-Ray Kriley is the guy.
-Speak up, l can't hear you.
-Kriley. Ray Kriley's the guy.
-What does he look like?
Strange dude.
A honky man.
-A very freaky--
-Sounds like the slave trader.
The cat that came by the BAG Store.
Where can l find him?
-At the track.
-What do you mean, ''At the track''?
Hollywood Park,
he never misses a day.
lf the track is open,
Kriley'll be there.
There's a lot of people at the track.
How are you going to find him, Gunn?
l'll find him, man.
l have to.
You get a medal and a
dime back for your phone call.
-Have you seen these guys before?
-No, sir, and l never wanna again.
-ls he dead?
You don't kill vultures,
they just feed on the dead.
-Now, l called you, lieutenant.
-That's why l called you.
-l need medical attention.
Come on, on your feet.
You'll get medical attention, Mac,
in the damn can.
-Now, who was it?
-Hey, fellas...
-...make it easy on me.
-We'll make it easy.
-Answer the lieutenant.
-l don't know.
Listen, l'm not gonna
play any games with you.
l want you to tell me who it was...
...or l'll put you away
for the rest of your damn life.
-A fellow by the name of Gunn.
What have you got to do with Gunn?
l don't know. He came
in acting like a wild man.
-Where did he go?
-l don't know.
-Get him out of here.
-Come on, you.
Excuse me, could l borrow
your glasses for a second, please?
Hey, man, would you like
to make 1 0 dollars real easy?
-Got a deal for you.
Well, thank you very much.
-Nobody home.
-Delivery, mister.
-What do you got?
-Package for your mother.
-Let's have it.
-Package for your mother.
-l got some questions for you, Kriley.
Well, l got an answer for you.
This is my mother's home.
She don't like niggers.
She don't like the smell.
Come on, get up.
-What are you trying to do?
-l'm gonna whip your ass. Get up!
Son of a bitch.
-Come on.
-Kill me?
You son of a bitch!
l'll kill you!
You bastard!
l'm gonna snuff your black ass!
l'll kill you!
l'll get down and rip them off!
l'll rip them off of you!
On your feet!
You killed my brother?
-Then who did?
-They'll kill me if l tell you!
Well, l'll kill you if you don't!
l'll tell you! l'll tell you!
l'll tell you!
Open up, it's the police!
Shit! Damn it!
-l got a make on the license.
Get a DMV on it, now!
What are you doing?
Why didn't you stop him?
Gunn, thank God.
Are you all right?
Yeah, l'm okay.
All l need is a little tender, loving care.
Listen, don't come here.
There's a police stakeout.
I'll meet you at my apartment.
You do remember where it is?
You know l remember, baby.
And l'm gonna be real careful.
Now, you take care of yourself, hear?
-Hey, baby.
Hello. Look, l'm looking for Judith,
l guess l have the wrong apartment.
You have the right apartment.
Step in.
-l am Celeste.
l am Louella.
-Well, l'm Gunn, but, like--
-We know.
We've just moved in with Judith.
We're her new roommates.
Judith just called.
Yes, she said to expect you
and to take care of you.
Well, now, what does that mean?
Nothing for you to worry about.
Judith said you must be
dead on your feet.
-You look like you've been in a fight.
-Well, l have.
You certainly need
some taking care of.
-l could do that.
-You need rest.
The sooner we get you into bed,
the better.
Oh, look at those bruises.
Yeah, honey, but not too good a look.
And thanks, girls,
you're beautiful, but out.
Out. Out. Out.
You need doctoring and sleep.
-l need you.
-No, you've gotta go to bed.
-Yes. Oh, yes.
Yeah, they're there all right.
Right on time. Morning shift.
You tell Gunn he'd better
stick it out where he is, okay?
By the way, tell him that
Congressman Adams called about...
...a party he's having at Bel Air.
Okay. Thanks, Larry.
No, l won't forget.
Larry wants you to stay away
from the club.
The police are still watching.
And that congressman called.
-Kyle Adams?
What did he want?
He thought you'd like to come
to a fundraising party in Bel Air.
Get your mind off things.
No, that's not my shot, baby.
You didn't eat your eggs.
Did my best.
Blood doesn't wash out that easily.
That's because of permanent press.
Gunn! You didn't eat your eggs.
That's what she just said.
Can l get you some more coffee?
You want the stewardess,
just press the button under your heart.
Gunn, who belonged to this shirt?
Fella by the name of Ray Kriley. Why?
There's a piece of paper in the pocket:
''Five to eight, the seventh.''
That's today.
''Eighteen forty-one Dellagio Road.''
Looks like Mr. Kriley's
gonna miss out on a job.
Hey, VlP Parking Service.
l've heard that before, l think.
Listen, it's a nice day.
Why don't we--
Wait a minute, l have heard that name.
lt's a VlP service
for the mob only...
...for special get-togethers like
weddings and funerals and parties.
-Give me the paper.
Adams give Larry that address
of the Bel Air party?
Yeah, l wrote it down.
Gunn, it's the same,
1 841 Dellagio Road.
l'm gonna take a shower,
so, now, you call Larry.
Tell him to get over here fast,
bring me some rags...
...and to bring his car because
the one l had last night was hot.
All right.
Can't you circulate among the guests?
Try to act like a very good host.
l'll give them my biggest smile.
Fill it, will you?
You need money to run.
You need lots of money.
President Lincoln, when he ran...
...could run a whole campaign
without ever seeing him.
-ls this the Kyle Adams party?
-Yeah, in the garden over there.
-Do l need a parking ticket?
He wants to know if he needs
a parking ticket.
l know all you blacks look alike,
but we'll remember you.
Vice versa.
-Nice surprise to see you here.
-lt's good to see you.
You know Frank Winman, don't you?
You did me a favor the other night.
l made a fool out of myself in your
club, but, you know, a little boozed up.
-Oh, forget it.
-Well, l wanted to apologize anyway.
lt does the heart good to
see reform in the making.
l gotta circulate.
Gunn, don't leave without
seeing me, okay?
-Well, here's to you.
Miss Lombardo.
Hello. What a pleasant surprise.
Have you been here long?
How do you like my home?
-This is yours?
-Who else's?
l told her, when we get married,
she's gotta pay the taxes.
l am sorry about your brother.
l read about it in the paper.
Yeah, that's why l'm here.
-About your brother?
-No, about making a deal.
With us?
You see, things are starting
to come together.
You weren't too boozed up
at my club the other night.
Wasn't l really, buddy boy?
You were stone sober.
You were setting me up for her.
You know, l think this guy's crazy.
Shut up, Frank.
l think we better go talk
somewhere else.
l think so.
There's something
you ought to know:
l checked out the county records
on this house before l came.
Now, what in the hell is that
supposed to mean?
lt belonged to your uncle,
before he made a present of it to you.
How is your Uncle Joe Laurento?
We don't have to take
this crap from him.
What's this deal you're talking about?
l have something he wants.
Some books.
-You can get them on one condition.
-What condition?
You give me the name of the man
that killed my brother.
One doesn't make deals with my
family unless it's on our terms.
You got one deal.
We let you live, if we get the books.
Now, do you understand?
All right, Frankie boy, no more deal.
l want a name.
Fuck off!
Come on, boy. l want a name.
Russ Capelli, the car dealer.
Okay, that's enough, now.
Kill him. For chrissake, kill him!
Look, if l don't show up,
those books are going to the feds.
We'll get those books.
Gunn? l've gotta get back.
l thought maybe we could chat now.
Well, why not?
Am l breaking up something?
Not as far as l'm concerned.
Toni, it was beautiful.
Thanks very much. l'll talk to you later.
And where do you fit into all this,
A little too tightly, l'm afraid, Gunn.
You know, l just found out today
that Toni is Joe Laurento's niece.
And where does that put you?
l guess it puts me all the way back
downtown, in my old law office.
But at least it'll be far away
from the mob.
You do believe me, don't you?
A white congressman?
About half of it.
Goddamn, you were right, Ken.
We tail him?
Yeah, but not too close.
Don't lose him.
Gunn looks in a hurry.
l'm terribly sorry, sir.
l just remembered, Mr. Capelli's doing
commercials at the San Pedro docks.
l think he's at dock 1 31 0.
--in California history.
But not just cars, my friends--
We take him?
That would please me a great deal.
But Gunn's up to something
and l'm gonna find out what.
Promise me, man.
I'm counting on you, Gunn.
-Remember how it is to be black.
-Promise me, man.
Promise me, man.
Promise me, man.
There's his car.
He can be anywhere.
Maybe we ought to call in, Ken.
Maybe, but we aren't.
l don't want men from...
...San Pedro precinct out here
unless we absolutely have to.
Tell you what... go out back and see what
you can find. l'll go through the front.
Meet me back here in 1 5 minutes.
What if you don't show?
Call in and get lots of help.
Package ten is in carton 301 , tire 899.
There's two million dollars of stuff.
You got that?
Tire HN is in carton 301 .
Right, Mr. Capelli.
Package 1 1 , carton three.
Tire 1 8.
-Service is the name of the game?
Go outside,
make sure everything's quiet.
-l just did.
-Well, do it again.
Package 1 0 is in tire 89.
Carton 301 ....
Package 1 1 , carton 333.
Tire 1 01 8.
That's tire 1 01 8, got it?
Everybody else, stay where you are.
Come on, Capelli.
Move out real slowly. This way.
Come on.
Come on, Capelli, move out.
Real slow-like.
-What do you want?
-l want you, brother.
What the hell? Why?
Didn't you know?
lt's your turn now.
l don't know what this is about,
but if you want money, you got it.
Wrong commodity, Capelli.
l want you.
All right, get him.
Get him!
Get him!
Go ahead.
Come on.
l saw him go in this building.
This door, here.
Okay, be careful.
Hold it, man!
Ain't this a surprise.
What you doing here, pig?
Suppose you talk, brother.
l ain't got to say nothing.
-We got the army.
Gunn's army.
Could be.
He sent for us.
l was thinking...
...maybe we can work
on this thing together, man.
-Unofficial, of course.
-Ain't it always.
How about that shit, man?
Us and the police!
Package ten is in carton 301 ,
tire 89, now, you got that?
Now, let's move it, we've had
enough interruptions for one night.
Good. Okay.
Come on, shake it up, will you?
We haven't got all night.
Package 1 6, carton 41 2,
tire 1 459, got that?
Why don't they put all the stuff
in a couple tires? Why so many?
Because even if the feds
got suspicious...
...they won't go through 1 00,000 tires.
That much energy, they ain't got.
Hey, Lou, give me that torch.
Light it.
Hey, Gunn!
One quick flash across the eyes...
...everything looks the same
to you, Gunn. Black.
Black is beautiful, right, baby?
Here, here.
They say you want to see me about--
About your brother, huh?
Well, take a look, Gunn.
Take a look, because it's gonna
be the last look you ever have.
Come on, Gunn!
Seems we didn't get here
a minute too soon, Gunn.
Yeah, man, thanks.
Okay, let's get out of here.
-What do you mean? Capelli's--
-l know Capelli's here.
He made a fool out of you and killed
my brother. What are you gonna do?
We're outnumbered.
l lost half my men. Now ain't the time.
-lf now ain't the time, when is?
-l don't know.
When l decide when it is,
where you gonna be?
Right there with you.
l'm here now, ain't l? Come on.
Hey, you guys!
lt's Seth, man! Split!
Move it, Gunn.
lt's getting pretty heavy in here, Ken.
We need some armor.
-l better call in the cavalry.
-Okay. Hurry up and be careful.
Let's get out of here.
Come on!
Get out, Gunn!
l'll get the door!
They jammed the door.
Let's go out the other way.
Come on, you guys! Come on!
l can't make it, Gunn.
l'm hurting.
Man, what are you,
some kind of jive-ass revolutionary?
You Uncle Tom nigger, shit,
you can make it!
You can make it, shit, come on.
You're a stubborn nigger, Gunn.
-Let's take this car.
-Get in, l'll cover you.
Come on, Gunn.
Come on, Gunn!
There they go!
Get them! Get them!
We're trapped between | the trucks!
We're trapped between
the trucks!
Just hold on, boy,
l'm gonna make this mother fly!
Yeah, but this ain't no
fucking airplane!
Well, if it ain't,
we're in a lot of trouble!
l can't get the fucking
truck started, Gunn!
l'm hit, Gunn!
l got your brother, | you fucking black bastard!
l got your brother,
you fucking black bastard!
This is for you, Capelli!
Yeah. What do you want?
That police lieutenant is here.
Well, you tell him to go to he-- No.
Tell him to come in.
All right, lieutenant?
Better get dressed,
you gotta come along with me.
What's the charge, lieutenant?
Charges. Want a list?
Well, let's see. There's hustling
that pusher Jimpy around.
Breaking and entering Kriley's
apartment, cutting him up pretty bad.
Reckless driving on the city streets,
carrying concealed firearms. . .
...inciting a riot in a
San Pedro warehouse....
Shall l continue?
l'll get my clothes.
Take your time.
You know, this Gunn,
he sure got it together.
No. But he's getting it together.
What about you, lieutenant?