Black Hollow Cage (2017) Movie Script

This is the first one.
It's the easiest one,
you won't need much time to get it.
This one will be a little longer.
You have to be patient with this one.
It's just a matter of time.
Any questions about the cylinders?
I'd like to see it now.
Of course.
What do you think?
It's cool, right?
Yes but, don't want him... see it.
Don't worry.
When you need it, ok?
Finished. How does it feel?
It's ok.
Does it feel rough, or does it hurt at all?
Shall we give it a try?
First the blue one.
You have to think that you can move it.
Now close it.
Can't do it. How do I take it off?
You wanna give it another go?
I have to explain it to your dad, ok?
I have to do it.
You can't... have a shower with it,
...and it's not really
comfortable to sleep, ok?
How long will it take
me to use it properly?
That depends on you.
If you're patient, it will be quick.
I'm gonna go talk to your dad, ok?
...a little concerned of her psychological impact...
All right.
So how did it go?
Can I let mum out yet?
What are you hiding there?
You're hiding something, I can smell it.
Yes, but you must promise me,
that you're not going to be scared.
I promise.
Well, what do you think of it?
It doesn't smell like you.
Yes, it's better now.
Let's start with the blue one, shall we?
How do you do that?
Do you just have to think about it?
Yeah, kind of.
It's difficult to explain.
Try to drop it.
Very good.
Ok, ok, ok. Don't worry.
Try again.
Oh, come on Alice.
Don't give up so easy, uh?
I'm not gonna do it again.
Just one more time. Come on.
Alice, just do it.
I said no!
I'm going to take a walk with mum, I'll be back later.
Wait, wait.
Alice, sit down.
She's not your mum.
You know that I hate you, don't you?
What is it?
Don't know.
Where is dad?
What's your name?
His name is Paul.
I am Erika.
He doesn't talk.
Is he mute?
Yes. Kind of.
I'm Alice.
He is my father, Adam.
And she is my mother, Beatrice.
...who did this?
If you don't tell us,
we'll have to call the police.
He is my boyfriend.
This morning he called
me to go make a picnic.
I asked him if Paul could come with us.
And he said: "No".
But Paul followed me,
...and he saw us.
I asked him to stop,
...that Paul was there, but he wouldn't.
So I hit him.
And he got very angry.
I had never seen him like that before.
Where does David live?
I don't know.
He never took me to his house.
And where do you live?
In town.
With your parents?
They're dead.
I'm gonna prepare you a room.
And tomorrow I'll take you home.
And don't worry...
the house is shielded, the doors...
...are double locked, and they
can't be opened from the outside.
Is that ok to you?
Do you feel better now?
Everything's going to be alright.
Don't think about David.
What do you think about her?
Do you like her?
I just came to see if you were alright.
We are ok. Thanks.
I'm glad to hear it.
May I ask you a question?
Yes, of course.
What happened to Alice's arm?
The dress you're wearing is mine.
But it doesn't matter. You can keep it.
I'm worried Alice.
They don't smell good to me.
Neither they do to me mum.
There's something out there.
I'm sure you can see it.
Alice, you really have to go tell Adam.
Because, he will protect us.
Where did you see it?
Behind these bushes.
There's nothing there.
There was something black behind
of those bushes in front of you.
Wait, it's not there anymore. It's...
it's moved.
What's that over there? That black
thing behind that bush over there.
What happens?
It's nothing.
Don't worry, you can go to bed.
Are you sure?
I know that you liked her.
They're leaving today.
Maybe, they should stay one more day.
Just in case.
Where is your sister?
Where is your sister?
Alice! Alice come back!
How do you do it in front of her?
Do what?
Touch her face! In front of mum!
Touch that bitch!
Ah, she's not your mum.
You son of a bitch, yes she is!
No baby, she's not your mum.
Yes she is! You transformed her!
She's like that because of you!
You transformed me too!
Look at what you've done!
I'm sorry.
Alice, Alice I'm sorry.
We're not the same anymore.
That's not...
We're not the same anymore.
Yes, we're different!
No baby, no. You're not.
You transformed us all!
Don't deny it!
I killed her.
No, no, no, no!
I killed her.
No she's there! She's right there!
No, I killed her, I killed her, I killed her...
No, look!
No! No! No!
Baby, baby, listen.
Listen to me, listen to me, honey, honey...
Forgive me.
I can't, I'm sorry.
Forgive me, please.
I swear I tried but I can't.
Tell her you're sorry.
Tell mum that you're sorry.
Go tell her now.
I can't do that.
Tell her you're sorry!
I can't do that.
I can't do that baby.
You didn't love her, you fucking, murderer!
You didn't love her, you're a fucking murderer!
Don't say that.
Don't say that.
Tell mum that you're sorry!
Tell her!
No, I won't! I won't tell her I'm sorry!
I won't tell her anything!
Are you sure?
But Alice, maybe the girl
in the listening is not you.
It's me.
And how is it that she is able
to use the cube and you're not?
Because, it hasn't happened yet.
I don't think I would trust her.
It could be a trap.
She will explain everything to me.
She will explain who they...
...are and how the cube works.
She will help me fix everything.
Yes sweetheart, tell me.
Do you love me?
I love you so much.
More than anything in this world.
So do I.
I know this is very weird.
You said it.
You have to prepare.
If you're sitting down, get up.
First and foremost, don't get nervous.
No one must know I'm talking to you.
Erika and Paul might hear us.
They might even be listening to us right now.
You have to be careful.
You mustn't trust them.
I need you to do something.
It's something important.
We'll do it step by step. It'll be easier.
First, tell me what the cube is.
First of all, you have to go see dad. He's in the piano room.
Tell him that you've seen David.
Make sure he goes outside the house.
And above all,
don't let him call the police,
It always goes wrong when he does it.
Go now, and leave mum in the room.
She must not go with you,
it'll be easier.
Hurry up, we don't have much time.
If they notice it'll be too late.
Are you with dad yet? I hope I'm not
going too fast. It's difficult to calculate.
I'm sorry baby.
I think I've seen someone outside.
Where are they?
They're ok. They're in their room.
Ok, I'm gonna call the police.
Wait, wait, wait please don't,
don't, don't call them.
Why not?
Well... Erika told me, that she
wouldn't report him because...
...she doesn't want that... for Paul...
I'm sure that a scare will be enough...
Ok. Listen.
I want you to go to them.
But don't tell them anything.
I'll go have a look around.
Now go to the kitchen, and look for Paul.
Be careful.
When you find him, be aware.
He mustn't know that you're listening to me.
Are you hungry?
I can make a sandwich for the two of us.
I suppose you're already with him.
Erika will be here at any time.
We have to do it now.
Sit down.
You have to grab a knife...
...and kill him.
I know you're scared. I'm scared too.
And I know it's difficult.
But you have to trust me. Kill him.
And when Erika arrives,
kill this bitch too.
Do it quickly. We've done this before.
I can't remember how many times.
And it always ends up the same way.
The only thing we haven't tried,
is killing them.
I can do it.
Alice, I'm very tired.
I don't know if I will be able to carry on.
If you don't do it,
something terrible will happen.
And it's better if you don't know it.
Do it now.
I know that you like him,
but don't trust him. Please!
Kill him please.
Kill him.
Kill him!
I have to go. Good luck.
What are you listening to?
Let me listen to it.
I'm making a sandwich. Do you want one?
No, thank you.
Have you seen your father?
He's gone.
I don't know.
You know what you have to do.
Well... wait here.
I hate you.
I hate you!
Are you ready?
Where did you see it?
Behind those bushes.
There's nothing there.
There was something black behind
those bushes in front of you.
Alice, please help me.
Is it you? or is it Paul?
Turn round sweetheart.
How long do I have to wait mum?
Just a few minutes. Come inside the room.
I'm really sorry baby.
I think I've seen someone outside.
Where are they?
They're ok. They're in their room.
I'm gonna call the police.
Wait. Why? No. Don't call them.
Why not?
...Erika told me that, she would
never report him because...
...she doesn't want that for Paul.
I'm sure that a scare will be enough.
Ok. Listen.
Just go with them. And wait with them.
But don't tell them anything.
I'm going out look around there.
Be careful.
Are you hungry?
I can make a sandwich for the two of us.
Sit down.
Can you help me?
What the fuck have you done?!
Fuck you've done?! No!
Fucking no! Fuck you've done?!
Fuck you've done?!
Fuck you've done?!
What have you fucking done?!
I'm gonna really try...
...and believe...
...everything you say.
Every last word.
I found something in the woods.
I don't know what it is.
What do you think it is?
I think it's a...
...some sort of a...
...time machine.
Ok, I do too.
What does it have to do with them?
I don't know.
I think it's a coincidence.
How does it work? I mean... didn't explain it in the... the video...
in the recording.
I don't know exactly.
I believe it works just like my arm.
Do you get it?
You have to think.
Show me.
Are Erika and Paul alright?
Yeah. They're fine.
I thank you.
My name is David.
And you killed my parents.
You killed my mother.
You killed my father.
My father's name was David, like mine.
My mother's name was Margaret.
Like her mother's.
My father likes the color blue.
And pizza.
And his favourite actor was Tom Hanks.
My mother...
She loved travelling.
She loves Paris.
And dogs.
She was the one that
taught me how to love.
They were just people.
Working all their life so
we could have a future.
They were important only for us.
And for our friends.
But I want to see them,
I won't be able to see them again.
Touch them...
If I have questions for them,
they're not there to answer...
If I want a hug...
If I wanna see them again I have
to look at pictures on my phone...
They took...
They took the car...
They took the car the
same day that you did.
Same day!
My father's name is Adam.
My mother's name is Beatrice.
My father likes AC/DC.
Even though he's never attended a concert.
Even if he can't do it properly.
Dogs and animals...
And Star Trek movies.
My mother loves classical music.
The smell of the garden after the rain...
Pouring ketchup on everything...
Reading books...
Even bad ones...
And she also loves Tom Hanks.
We have to go back to this day.
Prevent all this from happening.
What are we going to
do with Erika and Paul?
They're still in their bedroom.
We can't leave them there forever.
You'll need more than a day.
You'll need more than a week.
You already know how much time you need.
I need seven months and twelve days.
Close your eyes.
When you get there...
...grab the car keys.
They're in my desk drawer.
You know which one?
In the piano room.
When you get there...
...what will you do?
Throw them. Throw them away.