Black Joy (1977) Movie Script

A true, a true
Everything I say
A true, a true
Everything I say
Country boy
You're runnin' up and down
Country boy
You go on like you know town
And you no know a bag-o-wire
You no know a racecourse
You no know a Pearl Harbor
No even know a light post
A true, a true
Everything I say
A true, a true
Everything I say...
Your passport, Mr...?
Benjamin Adolphus Ignatius
Samuel Jones, sir.
Your passport.
May I have it?
Why are you here?
'Cause me grandmother
leave me, sir.
'Cause she dead, sir.
She pass away.
She's a very religious lady, sir,
very close to the brethren
at the mission.
They sell the farm, and take
the money for the church.
Have you a return ticket?
Have you any money?
Oh, yes, sir.
From my father.
The change from the farm.
He's here?
Well, he's in London, sir.
He's a seaman. He off with the sea.
Your mother?
- She off with the seaman.
- And where is she?
Me grandmother not say where.
She said none of me business.
Have you any papers?
That given to me
by the mission.
That got me father's
address in London.
That's a big place.
I believe so, sir.
That's nice.
Where'd you get it?
It's my grandmother's, sir.
It's for good luck.
All right, Mr Jones, you can go.
Every word I say
I say a true, a true
Everything I say
Country boy
You shootin' up the place
Country boy
You with your ratchet in your waist...
Gladstone Buildings, duck?
No, we haven't got a
Gladstone Buildings.
We've got a Gladstone Street,
a Gladstone Av...
Gladstone Lane,
that's what you want, duck.
Tell you what you do.
You go down the end,
down to the crossroads,
where there ought to be traffic lights
but there isn't, so that's why
we have all the bleeding accidents,
turn left, first on the right,
see a nice big Co-op.
That's where you want.
Listen son, I've been speaking English
since before you were born,
and if I say this is 45 Gladstone Lane,
it is 45 Gladstone Lane, isn't it?
Compris? Understood?
Wrap that for the lady. 45p.
My family's been living here
since 1848, mate.
That's a hundred and thirty years
before your lot moved in.
I've got all these people to feed.
I've got them Sunday dinners
to do for tomorrow.
If you haven't got anything
better to do, sod off.
Hey, one pound to put it in the right.
Bet that pound, man.
- Make it two, sir.
- Make it two, man.
Ah, that's sweet, man.
Really sweet.
Do you know where is Gladstone?
Is where the Guyana people live.
Well, if you're looking for the
blackies, son, this is it, you're home.
Oh, Gladstone Lane.
There used to be a Gladstone Lane.
Hang on a minute.
I'll find out for you, all right?
Oh yes, good luck that boy.
So, what you looking for?
- Well, it said "45 Gladstone, Brixton".
- Don't tell me.
Me can read, you know, sir.
Well, you gonna buy me a drink?
Rum and black, please.
Look, I know you's not from JA,
so where you from?
South America.
Ah, me been there, boy.
Big country, that. Jungles, forests,
El Dorado, yes, me been there, boy.
Don't ask me no questions,
just pay for the drink.
Big Dave don't like nobody
asking no questions like that.
And one for me.
- Oh, haul your arse outta here, woman.
- Go and suck yourself!
What is wrong with this...?
And what about the money
you owe me from last night?
Ah, shit!
Carry your case, mister?
Come on, now.
Looking for somewhere special, mister?
I know all the places round here.
Me ma tell me always
to help strangers.
Can I help you there, mister?
Ow! Shit! Bastard!
You did it on purpose, man.
You got foot like a elephant,
and bloody heavy.
You cripple me.
You owe me compensation.
- What you called?
- Devon.
That's where my ma fucked my pa,
and that's how they got me.
But I ain't been there, though.
No, me mother says I mustn't
take sweets from strangers.
They might have dope in them.
But I'll have one just the same.
- Where you going?
- Gladstone.
Oh, I know that place,
but if I gonna show you somewhere,
I've gotta have the money first.
Me ma say, money first
and work after.
How much you gonna give me about?
Five pounds?
Okay, one pound, and I'll
give you fifty pence change.
Er... let me, let me,
let me have the one pound
and I'll show where the place.
I'll show you, but pay me first.
I've got to have the money first.
Give me a pound, and
I'll give you the change.
Hey, young feller, like you is limping.
What happen, man?
Country boy kicked me.
Got foot like a elephant.
A country boy? Kicked you?
Looking for a building?
With a big suitcase?
Not nice to kick
a small boy like that.
Tell me where he is, spar.
I'll go and sort him out for you.
No, no, don't worry.
I all right now.
Oh, good.
Listen, boy, come with me.
I got a little proposition
to make to you.
Do you know, this morning,
I believe I mislaid my wallet.
I wonder if you could lend
me a pound, please,
so I can put it on the pool table.
Okay. Make me a partner?
All right, partner.
What you doing?
I'll tell me Ma.
So what she gonna do?
Beat me up?
Listen, I swear if I ever
catch you doing this again,
I'm gonna report you
to the police.
Now, listen, I wouldn't tell
your Ma anything about this.
Now, go on!
You're only going to
lose it on the dogs! Cha!
Have you been told
The streets of London
Are paved with gold?
You know that it's lies, lies, lies
Can't find me a branch to get ahold
Oh, and right here in the stream
And it feel just like a dream
But there's no-one
No-one around
Oh, I've got to try alone
But it's lonesome on my own
Lonely I
Lonely I, oh oh oh
Lonely I
Lonely I and I
The faces I see, yeah
Life on the streets, a living hell...
It's one pound fifty for a night.
If you want to leave your case,
you can leave it in the
left luggage office, okay?
What you doing here, boy?
Why aren't you in bed yet?
You thief!
Listen, you little pickpocket.
If I hear you breathe one word
to your mother about what happened,
I swear I'm gonna skin you alive,
and feed you to the
cannibals in the street.
You hear me?
Play a good tune, eh?
And give the boy a sweet drink.
No sweet drink for he.
He should be in bed now,
or he wake up blind.
And no drink for you.
Seven pound fifty on the slate.
Just what you trying to do, girl?
You say you want me
to be the boy's father.
If you show no respect for me,
how do you expect him to show
respect for the both of us?
Listen now, man, pay the money.
Business and pleasure don't mix.
Boy, you're rich!
Keep the change.
Who you rob?
And go to bed, boy!
You want I to spank you?
It's good practice for when
I become his father.
Well, I been running
with the horses,
and my horses strike form,
and like I reap the harvest.
Tell me now, how much you win?
Well, let's go up town tonight,
darling, and have a ball,
and let the music tell the story, okay?
Man, I'm working,
I got mouths to feed.
I ain't free like
some come-and-go, you know?
Well, when you've finished work,
darling, okay?
I ain't coming back here, you know.
I'm going up to Soho
to find me a millionaire,
so don't hang your arse
around here no more.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The Lord made you rich in faith, boy,
to pay for the sheep
and the shepherd, too.
Some of the rich men
Get their riches from the ghetto
As far as I can see
All the poor ones...
How come you drawing
alone like that?
- Give your boy a draw.
- Cha, man!
Is what you doing
interfering with I, man?
You spoiling my concentration.
Man, I ain't had a draw in days.
So, what is that to do with me?
But is me, does turn you on.
Man Drawsie does turn you on.
Well, let I tell you something,
Man Drawsie.
You know where to score,
so fuck off and get your own ganja.
All right, that cool. I hope it
strangle your blowhole.
Come on, now.
- No.
- What's the matter, babe?
- No.
- Roll over. You fool yourself.
- You know you're dying for the thing.
- No!
That's all you're good for.
Like a blasted Woolworth clock
ticking from day to day with no feeling.
You ain't got no pride.
Pride? Me harden is softening,
that's my pride.
Cha, woman, look,
stop nagging me.
Get out of bed,
and fetch I man Dave a beer.
What do you think,
I some kind of whore?
Listen, man, go get it yourself.
I'm tired. I've been working.
And another thing,
this is my house,
and no man going to come down here
passing down no orders to me.
Listen, woman, I don't need
your two-bit thing, you know.
Well, it's the same two-bit thing
that feed you, clothe you,
pay for your lousy horses.
You know you're ungrateful.
I curse the day I get to know you.
If you is the man who is about
to be a father,
God help the child.
What the hell you
talking about, woman?
What about all those
rubber things we did use?
Well, if you buy rubber things
them wholesale,
they're bound to be cheap, like you.
Anyway, before we talk about screwing,
you'd better decide darn quick
what you're going to do about this.
Well, I can't believe that.
There are pills and things down
on the National Health, you know.
Besides, me tell you
to protect yourself.
Listen, woman, we can't
afford a child. You know that.
Ah, you got to change nappies
and all that kind of shit.
Take them to the beach and play cricket
with them on a Saturday afternoon.
Ah! Me too young for that.
- Ah, cha, Miri, tell me you're joking.
- Yeah, sure I joking.
Getting me pregnant is joking.
Bringing up a baby whose father
think he's too young is joking.
Well, if you're too young to be a father,
you're too young for screwing.
- Oh, come on.
- Oh, go fuck yourself.
So who says I was the father
in the first place?
Who else you tell that story to?
You don't think I know what's going on
when you say you're working late
down in the West End at night?
Well, you know you're the only man
who dig his damn dick here
since the man gone.
Anyway, what you going to do about it?
- About it, what?
- Your damn baby!
Throw it away!
What is going on
in this house at all hours?
What the hell you peeking at?
You need a good thrashing, boy.
Everybody say you think
you're good at doing it.
- Doing what?
- With your banana.
- That's filthy!
- If it filthy, why you do it?
- What's happening out there?
- Nothing.
Now, look here, boy.
If you wish to learn how to do it,
you bore a hole in the wall,
and you put your little saxophone
in there, and play a tune.
Now cha!
And don't piss your bed.
Dave, how much you say
you win today?
- Why?
- I want to keep it for the baby.
Me not giving you my money.
No woman not keep Dave money for I.
You mean you ain't got it no more?
Well, you ain't coming into
my bed broke. Get out!
I was only playing pool...
Well, you can go back there
and sleep. Get out!
- But, er... er...
- Out!
When you win it,
you can come back.
Go on, get your arse outta here.
I ain't feeding you no more.
Whither now, my son?
For Joshua has sent men out
into the city
to study the fortifications.
Forgive the robber.
Open thy arms.
If you catch him,
squeeze his balls!
Police and thieves in the street
Oh yeah
Fighting the nation with their
Guns and ammunition
Police and thieves in the street
Oh yeah
Scaring the nation...
- Hello.
- Hello, Mac.
Piss off!
Guns and ammunition
From Genesis
- To Revelation...
- Here, son, put it down here,
There's a good boy.
The next generation
Will be, hear me
All the crimes committed
Day by day...
It's pretty, darling.
It's really pretty upon you.
Have all them boys
sweet talking you.
Don't know.
Don't think it suit me face.
All the peacemakers
Turn war officers
Hear what I say, hey
Police and thieves...
Not too big? You've got to
move with the wind, girl.
It's blowing towards blackness.
Makes you look like a monkey.
Stop wagging your tongue
and those big lips.
Your mother say you're not to
wear them fry hair wigs.
You got to go natural.
Well, tell your Ma she too fast.
Anyway, I still think
you look like a golliwog.
All the crimes committed
Day by day
No one try to stop it
In any way
All the peacemakers
Turn war officers
Hear what I say, hey
Police and thieves in the street
Oh yeah
Fighting the nation with their
Guns and ammunition
Police and thieves in the street
Oh yeah
Scaring the nation with their
Guns and ammunition
Police and thieves
Police, police and thieves
Police, police and thieves
Police and thieves...
Groove you, move you, entice you,
young boy, play the record.
Hypnotise you, be nice to you.
Who is nice to you, baby?
Let the man be nice to you.
The sterling is whirling,
but nothing is free.
I'll tell you what, we do a trade.
What you want,
and what you want to give.
A man only gives to take.
- I'll pay you tomorrow, man.
- No credit.
We ain't playing that type of game.
Now go on, piss off.
- Pressure, brother Jomo, pressure.
- Now what skank you pulling?
Pressure on your brain again?
Now go on, piss off.
Me feel like me head's
going mad, brother Jomo.
Look, don't skank me, boy.
Me no money lender, you know.
- Now go on, piss off.
- Me is broken, brother Jomo.
Go home, go home
and rest your brain.
No skank, no skank, break the bank.
Now here, go on, piss off.
Spoiling the trade, you dig?
Hey, hey, baby!
You like that tune, baby?
It's singing its heart out for you.
Shall I tell the guy to wrap it?
I'm not sure I want
to do the trade.
Serve that dude.
I got the key,
I got the car,
I'm going to the city.
Is me going with you?
I'm going to the Q.
Pick you up about eleven,
at your place.
No promises.
For that chick,
we ain't have the price tag.
Maybe the sky is too high.
But maybe we fly.
You've just got the West End job.
You've got a chance to cross over.
You want to go out
on the streets like I did?
Working day and night
for some poncey boys
who don't care a shit
about you, huh?
How I been slaving in this place,
I should own it now.
You got your man, Dave.
Sure I got he, like a cat got fleas.
You want to build your life
around a man like that, huh?
He don't give a fuck.
He only want a fuck.
And that's what will happen to you
if you come onto this street.
You'll end up with some
soul love child,
and his soul child will have to
pay for you what you've done.
And all these promises you have now,
out of the window.
You listen to me.
You stay home till you got
somewhere decent to go.
And if you want to change your job,
you can start right now in that sink.
I exhausted.
If you don't want
your man Dave no more, I'll have him.
Listen, sly legs, you keep
your clappers off the man Dave.
Boy, go and wash your blasted hands
before you touch anything in this kitchen.
Peas and rice, chicken and beef stew,
ackee and salt fish, and soul food.
- Green bananas? No plantains?
- What I selling is on the menu.
Is green bananas count as
soul food in this country?
That what it say on the menu,
and it cost one pound fifty.
- For the food?
- Me is selling nothing else to you, boy.
A cup of English tea.
You sure you got money
to pay for that?
Well, sit down, it don't
cost you nothing extra.
Where you going?
I feel poorly.
I'm going to lay down.
Well, go run your arse around
the park instead of lying down.
What you molesting me for?
- The man come.
- What man?
The man we borrow the money from.
Remember, I didn't thieve the money.
You did. Remember that.
If I steal it, why you spend it?
Listen, boy, don't mouth me,
and I swear if you breathe
one word about this,
I'm going to skin you alive.
Don't steal my thieving.
- Go find your own.
- Cha!
When I grow up, I'm give you a
kung fu chop that you never forget.
Kung fu yourself.
You smell something?
You been tracking me down
like a dog.
Me don't like people
sniff me behind without a reason.
You got a reason?
Then play that record at home, boy.
Don't bother we.
He's been sticking to me
like a fly to a sweet pea.
Hello, little black girl.
What you doing in this big black place?
Hey, listen, tell
that woman your mother
I'm going to come
and visit her one day
when that Bible-pimping
grandfather of yours is not there.
And how is the holy mother Miriam?
Wanting the baby without the grinding,
like in the Holy Book.
So there is the little country boy.
Is that lucky finger of yours
still shining, spar?
So why you only drinking tea, spar?
Is that all you can afford?
You is hungry, boy?
Now what is a little cup of tea
like this to a big fellow like that?
If boy is hungry, feed him.
You feed him, if you got money.
Now look here, sharp tongue.
You is paid to serve the customer,
as the boy is broke.
One of them slick finger
pick him pocket.
How you know?
Well, everybody know.
The whole street know.
Just don't stand there, woman,
give him some food.
Show him the kind of hospitality
we give to people who
come to this cold place.
We ain't savages, you know.
So come on, woman,
don't stand there.
- Bring the boy some food.
- Listen, nigger, I ain't your slave.
You got money to feed him,
take him somewhere else.
Cha! Cool it in front of
the country boy.
She going to feed us, brother,
and your friend Dave
is going to pay for it.
I closing. All the cooking
for today is finish.
Mind your blasted mouth.
Women be fighting for the power,
but let me tell you something, babes,
we ain't equal yet, in no fucking way.
Listen, you blasted stud,
you're wearing the clothes I pay for,
you're eating my food,
you're sleeping in my bed
when you feel like it,
and when I need you
where the hell you is?
You in the blasted gambling shop
gambling with my money!
And glory knows who the hell
you've been thieving from now.
Listen, Dave Abana King
ain't no thief, you know.
What Dave Abana King want, him take.
Well, where the hell
you was this morning, eh?
Answer me that one.
- I said to shut up.
- Come and shut me up!
Come on!
Stop, you blasted coward.
Okay, okay,
why you is broke?
Me buying trust.
Here is ten pound.
Kiss you good luck.
It going be like a loan.
Me trust you like a friend,
and I hope that,
when I see you again,
you going give it back to me.
All right, bra, let me
get out of this place,
find meself a
better kitchen to eat in.
This woman, she think
she own me, you know,
but she not even my girlfriend.
There's plenty girl I know who I'd...
I've got you, where's the money?
What is this?
What's the mad country boy doing?
Is he the thief!
I catch he!
- I ain't got nothing.
- You take my money.
You standing there, and
he kidnapping my son.
- Killing me!
- I won't kill you.
- I said let him go.
- No.
Where's me notes,
you lying little thief?
I ain't... I was robbed,
I ain't got nothing.
- How dare you accuse my son?
- He's a thief.
I ain't leaving here
without my money.
I was only joking.
You're still standing there,
and he's threatening to
slit me son throat.
Oh, shit, man, this boy is
always getting me into trouble.
Like I going to have
to wring him neck.
- Let him go, sir.
- No.
Now look here, country boy,
you come in here and you accuse
my little boy of thieving your money.
What proof you have?
You upset him mother,
what more you want?
You tell me you broke,
and I lend you ten pound.
What kind of trick you pulling
on nice people like me?
Let me tell you something, sir.
The laws in this country is
different from where you come from.
Is six months in the jail for
making false accusation.
You have any witnesses?
You want I call the police?
Miriam, go and call the police.
Or you want we settle this
between we nice and easy?
Let him go now, sir.
Now, tell the truth, boy,
before I take the strap to you.
Do you have the man's money?
How can he be a thief?
I send him to school to learn.
Don't tell me no foolishness, Miri.
That's what I'm talking about.
You're busy working for the money
while the family is going astray.
Like I going have to teach him.
Did you take the man's money?
Where is it, then?
You say you was robbed.
I was going to give it back,
when a big, big white man,
with a mask over he face...
You're lying,
you little swift fingers.
I'm gonna tan your hide
until you tell me the truth.
- You want I start him now, sir?
- No, no, no.
It not going to get my money back.
I make a mistake.
It's some other little boy.
You see?
All you accusing my son
of things, and he ain't do nothing.
Now out of my shop, out!
Out of my sight, all of you.
You must pay the devil
his price for experience.
This is the kind of thing.
Don't let it happen to you twice.
Is like a dog.
Once the dog bites you,
if you don't put out your hand,
you don't have to take it away.
You dig?
Okay, me going split now.
Now look, don't forget the good
brother Dave lend you ten pound.
Hey, you have a bed for the night?
Otherwise, we put the
mattress on the floor.
We can't have the little country sheep
sleeping on the street tonight, eh?
All right.
Me have business here.
Abana! Abana Dave!
What the raas you calling out
my name like that for?
Have you heard me bawl out
your name, Boney Yank Frank?
I man been looking for the man
since yesterday, man.
So what you looking for me for, sir?
The horse win, the donkey win.
At twenty to raasclaat one.
You have the ticket? I read it
in this morning paper, man.
Why, me leave a message
with your missus.
Jesus Lord, boy, me arrive too late
to put on the bet.
Look, you man, I give the money
two hours before the race start.
How come you tell me
you're late now?
Listen, man, I give you two pound
and that's forty pound
less the tax, you understand?
Listen, man, if you don't want
I man to kick you in your raas,
give I man I bloodclaat, don't I know.
Look, spar, all me owe you
is two pound for the bet,
and that is all you go' get.
You playing the raas with I, no?
Don't fuck with I.
Cool now, cool now, man,
stop the kettle from boiling.
Give me two seconds, and we're
going get out of this here now.
You ready to deliver I man bread?
Me tell you me didn't put on
the bet in the first fucking place,
so take your fucking two pound,
and fuck off!
Look here, bloodclaat,
I tell you something now.
Don't fuck with I.
I ain't no bloodclaat.
Don't stand up there, spar,
while your countryman's in a tight jam.
Why, now that's better.
You see my little countryman here?
That is the light heavyweight
champion for Guyana.
You want to fuck with we?
Look, I can take you on.
Both you and the bloodclaat.
- What me want, I go kill you, raas.
- Make your move, banna!
It's all right, bra.
All right, Abana Dave.
I can catch up with you, man,
when you don't have
this protector with you.
I know where to find you, man.
Cha! Go smell your missus' brasie.
Touch skin, banna.
Me luck is still shining.
Look, let we go and
get weself two donkey, now.
Cha! Bloodclaat donkey lose again.
Why you bet if you always losing?
'Cause one day me bound to win.
Listen, spar, if this partnership
is going to be successful,
you'd better choose
the last winner,
and give me the two pound from
that ten pound what me lend you.
And choose now.
That one always fall.
That one always bring last.
One day, it got to win.
Shush! We want to hear.
It going strong.
It challenging!
It hit the front!
Oh, God, please forgive me sins!
It's gonna win!
Win, my son! Win!
Spar, today we lucky!
Today's we lucky day!
Twenty to one. We got it!
Now is the day of Salvation...
Right, now less tax plus the stake,
that is forty pound and the change.
Now as I the smoker,
I gonna keep the change.
Now, this is the two pound what
I lend you in the first place
from the ten pound that you
borrow from me,
and this now is the twenty pound
that I... I lose,
plus the two pound
that I get from Boney Yank Frank,
so mean that
this is eight pound for you
and eight pound for me.
Now remember, it is my money
that win the bet in the first place,
so me consider this a loan.
So that mean you owe me
eighteen pound, right?
When you get your first
wage packet.
Me just wanted you to know that.
Right, so might we go and
celebrate this partnership, sir,
let we go and have a drink
and oil the throat.
I don't drink.
Well, your grandmother raised you
in some strange holy ways.
All right, I'll tell you what,
let's go and score,
get a little weed, ganja,
pussy, telephone numbers.
- I'd better go.
- Ha ha! You'd better go, boy.
Now, listen. Remember in
the first place, dear boy,
the mattress on the floor,
and watch that white man
with the beard, boy.
Don't let him get
your little backside.
See you later.
Hello, new boy.
Look after your case, all right?
Um... you'll be with us a while,
so I'm going to find
somewhere special for you,
away from the other chaps.
- Thank you.
- Any time. Ta ta.
Hi! You found your father?
You found the house?
Well, how come you buying a record
and you ain't got nowhere to play it?
What kind of foolishness
is that, boy?
- One day, it will happen.
- So the Lord says.
Share the bread among
the sheep and the shepherd.
And share the pound
with the brethren.
Hallelujah! The manna falling from
heaven like the wine on the tongue.
- Thank you, my son.
- Spread it carefully, banna,
while it last.
Yeah, I'm going to say good evening
to all you beautiful night people.
The night is young, and the days
of the soul so long.
Just stick around,
have yourselves a good time,
'cause there's wall to wall jamming
until as late as you want it to be.
Let's go!
Hey sister, go sister,
soul sister, go sister...
You're something, baby.
You're too much, you know that?
You're nice.
You're a nice and together chick.
I mean, me's nice
and together, too.
Er... how about it, eh?
Well, me setting you up and, er...
like coming together,
and me being your sweet boy.
You want to come round to my place
tonight for breakfast?
One more dance.
Cool, dig, then I take you home.
No, me grandaddy gave me
money for the taxi.
You've got me living
On the dole, ya
Easy come, easy go, ya
Benjamin Adolphus Ignatius
Samuel Jones.
- Name?
- Benjamin Adolphus Ignatius...
Benjamin Jones.
I staying at the mission.
Er... no fixed abode.
And you want to work?
Be back in a moment.
Shit, man!
Them raas always behind there,
drinking them tea, while we hungry.
Them lazy arse don't work
for two minutes
before them start drinking tea.
And every two minutes is like
two cup of tea them drinking.
Fucking up the mother country
with them laziness.
Don't you agree, brother?
That is why the third world
is going to win the third war.
What were you saying, Mr Johnson?
I said just what me say.
And when did you last work?
None of your smartarse
white nigger Hindu Saxon now, brother.
Calm. Or would you like me
to call the police?
Go call the police,
and you's a dead man.
All you behind playing the ass
with me money!
Me ain't got time to waste,
and me not leaving this raashole place
without me weekly ration. You hear me?
We can do everything
in a civilised way.
Civilised? Cha!
Um... if you would like to
move along to cubicle six,
and we will be attending to you.
See what I mean, bra?
You have a tongue in your head,
you must talk.
You've got me living
On the dole, ya
Easy come, easy go, ya
Just ask my woman
She ain't to know
She's got me livin'
On the dole, ya
Some people would do anything to
sit them fanny on the foreman's lap.
Some people are too old and too ugly
to sit them fanny on the foreman lap.
One pattie, one chicken.
It's like a slave gang,
where the backra man lash you
with the whip, man.
Sounds like home.
This hard work remind me
of that place.
Where is that place, man?
In some kind of sewer, man?
Don't say that, banna.
Me home might be poor,
but it ain't no sewer.
Five and three, fifty-three.
The lightship of the Lord
will guide us through the storm.
Number seven, blue,
all the twos, twenty-two.
That caretaker is a good dude.
Look, he says you're
a council employee,
you're working,
he should be able to help.
It's the top floor, number 23.
He says he'll need thirty quid
for the first two weeks.
To show that you're good for the rent.
Okay, twenty quid now,
and you bring the ten
at the end of the week
when you get your wages.
He says the decorator's in,
so you can't move in
until the end of the week.
When you bring the other ten.
So if you just sign the receipt.
Hear you're leaving us.
Pastures new?
Any time you want some solace,
a little chat, don't be afraid.
Don't worry, mister.
I ain't gonna pinch nothing.
I was gonna give your
money back really, you know.
Do you believe me?
Why didn't you tell?
Because you're afraid of Dave?
Or because you fancy
my baby sister Saffra?
You see, she's not really
my sister, you know.
Her daddy is my daddy,
but her mother is not my Ma.
I slept in the same bed as her once.
Gave me a real stiff, man.
You get a real stiff?
Hey! This boy want to know
if I's the decorator.
The boy say he got a receipt.
Let's see that thing now.
Signed by the landlord,
Samuel Benjamin Ignatius Jones.
Boy, you are dream!
Wake up before the blood go to
my head and me get mad.
Me and me wife and me children
been living here for eight years.
Cha! Take a walk now, boy.
What the...
Who the fuck
is that disturbing we?
Boy got company?
Bumba hole. Why you always turn up
at the real wrong minute?
I was just going to steam the chick. Anyway,
what you doing here this time of night?
Well, you say a mattress
on the floor.
Shift, boy. I have a woman in there
ready to dance to the music.
I was just going to roast her crotch.
You is disturbing I.
Ain't you got anywhere else to go?
You have any money
to pay some rent?
'Cause the landlord don't like
anybody owing him rent money.
Besides, him don't like
the overcrowding.
You have any cash on you?
All right. Well, he don't have
nobody sleeping in the kitchen.
Maybe he put a mattress
on the floor for you.
Just stay there, now.
And listen, stay away from
I man Dave privacy. You hear?
Ah, so you is the noisy boy.
- Where is that man Dave?
- He gone upstairs.
And my thing getting cold.
You want a ride?
It's nice and tight, for the
quick time two pound.
Thanks, lady, but I don't want
your two pounds.
All I want is a bed
to sleep in tonight.
Ha! Is I asking you
for the two pound?
What kind of stupid friend
is you liming with?
Is the boy who don't want to
put his stick in the slime.
Cha, woman, put away your pokey
and wait for me.
It's not the Ritz, but then we
not charging the same prices.
We usually do the cleaning
in the mornings.
Now listen, spar.
This is a respectable house
with respectable people,
but it ain't the Salvation Army,
and the landlord
like his rent in advance.
It's five pound he want for the night.
That is what he want
you to give he.
Sorry I was in the way.
Me grandmother says not the
best manners to call round
without sending a letter first.
No problem.
So why didn't you
check out the chick?
Maybe if she'd have liked you
she'd do it with you for free.
It's love why she do it with Dave.
If you like staying here, tomorrow
I will talk to the blasted landlord.
Because when I am sleeping with
my Miriam and you are using my bed,
no way are we going to pay
for the fucking kitchen floor.
Where is Miriam?
Miriam, Miriam, shit. She doing
her hustle down in the club.
and I am doing mine here.
It's a foolish man
who turn down free pussy.
Mmm, here she comes.
A whole heap of tun tun
coming your way.
- It's me money me come for.
- Money?
Behave yourself, Mildred.
Me ain't finished yet.
You're joking. Listen, now, give me
my money before I scream, man.
Come on, baby, come on.
Let's finish the business now.
Hah! If you've got another score,
that's cool.
But me was just coming to
the sweet part.
Listen. brother, it's like that.
Me work by the minute,
not by the kackie,
and time is me master.
It worth a lot to me. Hah!
Why, them raasclaat women
using their pussy to enslave men,
then say we enslave them.
But we is fool,
fool to believe them.
Spar, you clean up
this kitchen real good.
The food smell nice, make me hungry.
Soul food is good for the kackie,
give you kack power.
- Then bring forward the food, man.
- It ain't ready yet.
- Then why you eating it?
- I is hungry, that's why.
Cha, man, what is good for the jackass
is good for the jackass cart.
Make we eat now.
Listen, I lose five pound
because you is here,
so five pound for the fuck
what I never get.
Man, you made me
waste my energy for nothing.
Money, money, money, everything
in this place is for the money.
Don't worry about the money, boy.
Just enjoy the spending.
This food taste nice.
Life is going to be full of joy
in this partnership of ours.
You really is a good cook.
With Miriam as the front person
and with your talent as the chef,
the three of we could go
into the restaurant business.
I mean, think about it, spar.
The Chinaman have him chop suey,
the Indian man have him
his Indian food,
- and what we got?
- Soul food.
Right on. You see like
every man got to specialise.
Now I specialise in collecting
social welfare cheques,
smoking ganja, holing pussy
and spreading joy.
Now that is four items.
What you going contribute
to make this partnership work?
I don't know, banna.
I just got here.
Well, think about it.
Me already contribute four items.
You have to do the same.
Well, like going to work, that's one.
Bringing home the money, that's two.
Looking after the domestic side,
like washing up the plates when
we finish eating, that's three.
- Making the food.
- That's four.
You see, you earn the money,
and I then show you how to spend it.
You cook the food, and I going
show you how to enjoy it.
Any time you want to hole pussy,
you see me,
and any time I want a few pound,
I going to see you.
With a partnership like that, spar,
we bound to score.
When you is in the jungle,
you need friends to help you,
and here is I, Dave, holding out
a helping hand to you.
Touch skin.
Touch soul.
Seal it like that.
Now sleep well, boy,
and don't let the landlord
catch you in the morning,
or else he will step over you
like all landlord does.
Have a good night. Bye.
You see, what me saying, boy,
is that you is
either the man with the whip
or the man with the scars.
Is like every man got to
secure him own cave in this forest.
That's my seat, man.
I'm not asking you, I'm telling you
to remove your arse from my seat, man.
Or you want me to remove you?
My whole week's pay, darkie,
you can't move my friend
Paddy here.
Oh, I can move him, but I
ain't gonna dirty my hands, man.
The world is changing, boy,
we is all free to work,
or sit on we arse.
Me want more meat.
You take from me,
I take from you.
Partner, you learning the smooth talk
to be crooked like the rest of we.
That blasted rat pissing
on my head again.
See what me mean?
Nice sauce too, boy.
Hey, they're going to cut all
the trees down in this street.
It means him and all your mates
are going to have to walk to work
like everybody else.
Still following me?
I'm going before me grandpa
has another row
with me
going out on a Sunday.
- Pass me coat, now.
- Pass the baby sister her coat, now.
Let him take you home, now,
see you safe.
- Hands off!
- Leave the country boy alone.
She's made of the same stuff
as me, you know.
Only thing is, it's got claws in it.
Thanks very much!
She's just waiting for some
sweet-talking boy who can afford she.
I can see myself home.
Go on.
You don't say much.
- Why?
- I've got nothing important to say.
Doesn't stop most of them.
I'd watch out for Dave.
He's going to take you.
He's my friend.
I don't know if you're a fool, or...
- What you going to do now?
- Stay. I got a home.
- With Dave?
- We could fix it, we could repair it.
I learned to do that on the farm.
- Oh, be careful, darling, he'll have you.
- Uh-huh.
Mama say
Son, I ain't got no food today
Tit for tat, butter for fish
There's a little porridge in the dish
Mama say
Son, can't you stay home today?
There's a hole in the roof
You've got to make it waterproof
Son, daddy left you from you were four
I've got to struggle 'cause I am poor
She said
Food is a very hard thing to find
Sometime I feel like I'm
Going out of my mind
Mama say
Son, today look like a rainy day
But the food I ain't got enough
Rain a fall but dutty tough
Mama say
Son, I ain't got no food today
Tit for tat, butter for fish...
How'd you know where I work?
I hope he took you for a lot.
That is what he wanted,
- but I remind him we's friends.
- Hmm.
Grandfather was born
In Ethiopia
Grandfather was born
In Ethiopia
Grandmother was born
In Ethiopia
Grandmother was born
In Ethiopia
Land where the sun is red
Land where the sun is red
Grandfather was raised
In Ethiopia
Grandfather was raised
In Ethiopia
Land where he love so well
Land where he love so well
Grandmother was raised
In Ethiopia
Grandmother was raised
In Ethiopia
Hey, what you doing,
country boy?
This is not your farmyard.
This belong to the landlord.
Well, I'm cleaning it.
I think he'll like it.
Not so, boy. You going land me
in jail for trespassing.
Hey, we could clean up the
kitchen outside here, too.
Cha, man!
He's a repressive landlord.
He not going to let me
do that for free.
If we pay him some money, he may
let me have the other room.
How much you got?
Not much now.
Well, it's a start.
Me going hold this.
All right, you carry on
with the decorating.
Don't let him see you now.
Maybe if me sell him a thought,
he let us have the flat for me and you.
- Try, now.
- Me go and try, boy.
Me go and try.
Oi, go away.
Oh, I'm tired.
All these back pains.
Look, babes, don't let we argue.
Roll, feed to me the sweetness
of the native food.
Babes, the other day
me was only joking.
I don't mind the child really,
but it's just at night
I like to give a little loving
and get a little loving.
Oh, come on, babe, let me in.
I is in a hurry, and the time is now.
I ain't waiting.
Child, you have no respect
for your natural born mother.
Me tell you no peeping now.
If I can't peep on me own mother,
who I gonna peep on?
Now close them eyes,
and shut that blooming mouth.
Now, go to bed, now.
How you suppose I'm gonna learn?
From bloody whores?
If I grow up bent,
you can blame yourself.
What do you think?
No big thing.
Nothing special.
It'll be okay when
I've finished with it.
I'm getting my own place.
Haven't decided to take it yet,
'cause it means having to share
with a couple of girls.
Besides, Jomo said he can help.
You don't get your own bathroom.
Me got one.
I'm thinking of putting
a shower in the kitchen.
You only get single beds.
That one's for me,
and that one's for...
The landlord,
he don't allow that.
You going out with me again?
Me don't know.
'Cause me don't have
that new dress to wear.
You know I had to spend
the money on the flat.
I want you to look the prettiest girl.
Huh, I know your type.
All sweet-talking innocence
with the rap, getting she going,
then after running away from she.
I want you to have this.
I want you to wear it.
No promises, now.
You think 'cause you got the flat
with the man Dave
you going rape me?
Me got to go now.
Me grandpa's waiting for I.
See you, now.
You is a good cook.
Me mother Miriam say that is
why brother Dave is gonna leave she.
He's gonna marry you.
That still the same old record.
If you want to marry
me baby sister Saffra,
you're gonna have to buy
more records than that one.
She's very crazy about things like that.
Do you want to see
the new dress I bought she?
She ain't gonna wear this rubbish.
She ain't no rag doll, you know.
Use your head, brother Ben.
Now you try.
Inhale, man, inhale.
- I trying.
- Harder.
- Try, man, try.
- I trying.
Then stop your trying,
and suck the fucking thing.
It blasting me head.
That mean it working.
All right, you smoke the pipe.
Me have some serious business
on the telephone.
Go on, smoke the raasclaat pipe now.
Hi, babe.
This is Dave.
I is feeling ni-i-i-ice.
Listen, babe, me and my spar
is having a little party
to baptise our new flat. Yeah.
That will be cool.
Honk the horn when you come, babe.
Half an hour she going be here,
and you going go down
and let she in.
Is what you grinning at, boy?
About Miri.
What about Miri? She not here.
Working is her hustle,
and this is mine.
- You love Miri?
- Course me love Miri.
You love Miri,
but you fuck Maggie.
Mmm, this how it go.
Loving is a serious business,
and this is fucking.
Either you serious
or you have the joy.
Me serious about Saffra.
Me dig.
You think Saffra is a virgin?
I think so.
Cha, man, grow up.
If Saffra is a virgin,
me is a monk.
That girl been climbing up
the banana tree
since she was a child.
And what is that?
If that is Maggie,
why she's early?
Well, go and fetch her now.
Me said go and fetch her now, boy.
Is where you going now?
I mean, must
I man Dave do everything?
Me bring the pussy here
for you to hole,
and you mean I must go downstairs
and fetch it up too?
Me and Maggie's out here, boy,
ready to enjoy ourselves.
I'm going to have a wash.
Why, you mean you don't want
to hole somebody's saltfish, boy?
Where's Maggie?
You deceiving me.
It's you been deceiving me,
you little raasclaat.
You never had no pussy.
It's true that.
You never sinned before.
Jesus Lord, the little country boy
is as holy as a cow.
Listen, you is a virgin,
and she is not.
If you plan to stand up
and do battle with that chick,
well, like me is going to
have to educate you.
Well, how it go?
A giant, leaping with giant strides,
looking at the sun.
- Put in ten pence, quick.
- What happen?
You want to see or not?
Put in ten pence now, man.
And let I see the way is clear.
- Remember Ben is here waiting.
- Is all right. Ha ha hee!
What going on in there?
Be still, boy.
Okay, the way is clear.
Oh, God, the damn thing is black.
Well, put in another ten pence before some
other dude come and take the machine.
Let I look.
Wait, boy.
But you see these things
all the time.
Yes, but I is the teacher.
Oh, damn it,
the frigging thing stopped
when she was going to
take off the drawsie.
Well, then, put in another ten pence.
Okay, but I want the whole look.
It's all right,
nothing wrong with that.
Look, is that you have to take this
thing in stages. Class one, class two.
Is like you climb up the ladder, and you
ain't ready for class three yet, boy.
But you don't let me look.
Is my money paying for it.
If I don't see,
my thirty pence is wasted.
Every time he go to do it,
the machine stops.
Well, that is because
the machine is not a fool.
The machine's a businessman.
If the machine sell you satisfaction,
is not you going to put in more pennies.
If you want to see the end
you have to pay to the end.
- But that is cheating.
- That is the lesson.
Me is teaching and you is learning.
But these machines
heard it all before, boy. Let's go.
- Can we go in?
- You see what me mean?
You got the hook in your
mouth already. Here we go.
Now, look at that!
Just how much would you
sell this thing here for?
That one there, sir, is 25.50.
25.50 for a bit of black power,
and you have it all yourself.
How can a man use that?
He'll be like a pea in the Atlantic Ocean.
He could drown himself.
Is not the size of the tool, spar.
Is the constructive style
in which you operate it.
How come you know all this?
Been around, you know.
Me know the good life.
Is like these drinks we is drinking.
My girlfriend is paying for it.
She ain't no tease.
She have the body and soul
that make for the satisfying
and the desiring.
And she's a mother with
mouths to feed,
so she's got no time
for playing. You dig?
Mmm. That's the super cool Miriam.
That is why we have to win this game
to be the man who's doing the scoring
and not the paying.
That's the sermon of this lesson.
This is the final lesson, boy.
The boys, them back home,
say the thing can
close up and bind you.
Me grandmother talk about them two
locked in wickedness
and he couldn't get out,
and they had to live in shame
for the rest of their lives.
Well, if you're going to learn
how to get it in,
you're going to have to learn
how to get it out.
Watch now.
I got to do that?
That is the fiction, boy.
You minding the truth,
and the only way to do it
is to do it,
and you is ready for the doings.
Well, what are you
waiting for, darling?
You've finished.
Oh well, if you can't
control yourself...
Are you fucking betting or not?
You getting anxious?
Cha, man, you talk too much.
I love your big mouth, boy.
Your fifteen,
and raise you twenty-five.
Cool, baby, the angels is with us.
Raise me now?
What are you waiting for?
See you for twenty-five.
No way, partner.
Hi, spar, what's happening?
Listen, we sitting on
a goldmine tonight, boy.
Why not come down to the
gambling club in the West End.
No, listen, cool it, man.
I have a couple of chicks who are
organised for us tonight.
We going blast this town to pieces.
And look, don't walk, you know,
take a cab,
and when you come,
bring some money for me.
Listen, me's tired.
What is the matter with you?
Stop you moaning, you man.
What you want to happen to me?
You want me to get my throat cut?
You want me to end up
in the bottom of the river?
All right, man, don't worry
about your spar, Dave,
just worry about your sleep
and your flat.
I leave it to you in my will.
And when you coming bring
a clean shirt for I.
We're going rave with
the winnings tonight, spar.
So, what you got?
Come on, come on,
put your money on the table.
You pay your rent, you bumba.
- I brought the shirt.
- Not now, spar.
I'm the collector now, boy.
You lose today, collect from
Social Security tomorrow.
Don't worry about the penny, boy,
just think about the pound. Cards!
Where's Dave?
Gone and change his shirt.
I see, and left you.
That's a fair trade.
You're very pretty.
I engaged.
Good. I'm married.
...proudly present, from Liverpool,
the Real Thing!
Dance with me while the music plays
While our hearts keep time
Standing still...
Me see you is still
collecting the rubbish.
Introduce me.
- Sally, Saffra...
- How much you pay for this piece of pork?
- Sally's Dave's friend.
- So?
And you is taking his leftovers?
Do you want me to go?
Cha! I'd lick your arse,
but you ain't worth fighting.
Just dance for me
Dance for me
You're like a soul born free
And every move you make
Brings you so much nearer
I can't believe love could happen like this
In a dance and in a kiss, baby
I'm higher than the clouds
Dance for me
With your sweet love
With your sweet love
Here, me forget to tell you,
it's worthless.
Let her go, you won't
be missing anything.
I've got what she's got,
only we don't make
such a fuss about it.
...the whole world dances with you
Let me dance with you too
You're going to get cold
if you stay down there
with all your clothes on.
You want me to turn the lights off?
Why? Don't you like to see
what you're doing?
You want a coffee?
I make you a coffee.
Last night you was great, boy.
You was winning all the way,
off the table into the pockets.
What you washing so early for?
You not even dirty yet.
Today this banna ain't getting dirty.
Last night, while you was winning,
I was raving like Dave the Rave.
That chick Sally say
I got the body to move.
I like this. I enjoying
this partnership of we.
What's the matter?
Like you run out of juice.
You bleach too much on the
soul trail, that's the matter.
Oh, shut your face.
Me don't have time to talk with you
all that stupidness like that.
You's telling me you lost the bread?
Why all the questions?
Why not working?
That is we partnership.
Not today, banna.
Today this banna's going to
the man at the Labour Exchange.
I'm going to say I am Benjamin.
You must be mad.
You joking.
One smell of white pussy, and you
think you ready for the top of the pile.
Well, it's not so it go, spar.
If that chick open your eyes for you,
well, see, then, uh?
Ah, shit, man, just let me
get my raasclaat rest.
I's a good cook.
We could go in the
restaurant business.
I could hustle like you.
Listen, spar. That is for I man Dave
not for you trying.
In this shithouse, in this back yard,
this is where we're going to stay.
Wait. Because you see
some eager-fingered little boy
go and dip him hand in some
old lady basket and pinch her wallet,
that make him some kind of hero?
Is not like that, boy.
Them big people, that have
them money in the bank.
You want to kick down the door?
Well, it's like Joshua and him trumpet.
You hustle is right here
in this back yard with me.
That chick, Sally say I got it
in my head to learn.
You learn in the dustcart.
That is we agreement.
That is how it going stand.
Now you go to work, boy.
You watch your mouth.
I ain't your boy.
You ain't no man, either.
Now go to raas if you want to go.
Cha! It might kill you.
Pussy have ten life, remember that.
- What you doing?
- Who the hell is you?
What do you mean by who is me?
Where's Miriam?
Listen, boy, I don't know you,
so don't ask me no questions.
Money first.
Miriam is my woman, that is who I is.
- My money stay in my pocket.
- You are joke!
What you mean, you are joke?
Can't you see
I running the business now?
Me can see, me not blind.
Ah, listen now, me come all the way
from Manchester three days ago
because Miriam's sick,
and where you've been? Huh?
Oh, the man have no conscience.
You breed the woman and leave her
without even giving her a phone call.
She's your convenience?
Listen, boy, out of my sight.
Cha! Enjoy the few minutes you have
to dip your hand in the till.
Me going, and when I come back,
me going relieve you.
What the raas?
Miri, open the door.
Is me, Dave.
I don't want you no more.
We finish.
Open the door, Miriam,
me want to talk to you.
All the talking is finish.
Look, open this door, Miriam,
before me kick it down.
- I could call the police, you know.
- Well, call them, then!
Open the blasted door, before...
Open the door!
- So what you want?
- Me notice something was going on.
- Is you hiding a man, you little bitch?
- Well, you jealous now?
- Well, man, you're too late.
- What you talking about, woman?
I had to go to the hospital,
you bastard.
Well, of course you had to go
to the hospital.
As soon as my back was turned,
you let the man have him way
with you, you little slut.
Listen, don't come here in my house
and insult me, you know.
Look, shut your mouth
before I shoot you a slap.
Hit me, and I swear I spend
the rest of my life in jail.
All right, all right, baby,
don't let we argue.
All I want to know is
what is going on?
I had an abortion.
That's what's going on.
You... you what?
You... you mean you kill the child
without telling me nothing?
And here is I looking
to be a father.
You little raas!
You good-for-nothing bastard!
You're nothing but a ponce.
You got no pride.
How you going to mind the child
and me on welfare? Answer me that!
Listen, man, get out of here.
I don't want nothing more
to do with you.
Go back to your blasted white woman.
You say you love me,
and behind me back what do you do?
You go out with them white bitches,
then expect to come back here
and touch me.
Think of all the germs and the diseases
you leave me wide open to catch.
Eh? You come in my house
and, slapping me up, you make me.
You don't feed me. When the
week end, you don't give me money.
Answer me that!
I hate you! Get out of me sight!
Get out of me sight
before I draw blood!
Get out!
Get out!
Is where you been?
You know me been worrying about you?
Why, you don't even phone to
find out if I was ill, eh?
Not see me cleaning the place?
Is what you doing?
Like you find a new job
in the restaurant business?
Spar, you know these are
the things in this partnership
we discuss before we decide.
I is going.
Where you going?
You going with that chick?
Cha! You don't have no style
to be no pimp.
I is going home.
Jesus! After all we do
in this partnership?
Why, this is your home.
This is we home.
We is more than a partnership,
bra, we is friends!
They still throwing the confetti!
I mean, after all Dave Abana do.
Who is who save you, eh?
From the boy thief, Devon the rebel.
It's you.
You is the thief.
The money from my father, you.
You is the barracuda.
You kill?
You kill I?
Cha, man, you don't even have
the strength to do that.
Oh, man, go back to the pig shit,
because like you don't have
the mind to do nothing else.
Is who wash you face?
Is who clean you teeth?
Is who find this place for you?
Was I, Dave Abana King,
because you, like, you don't
even have the liver like your father.
Break out? You wait for
the jailhouse to burn down,
you wait for your granny to die, boy,
and you is doing it again.
You is running away from freedom.
Oh, man, take your things
and move out of here.
Me don't have no time to put
no more balls on your chains.
Is you lie. Your hands take
what they don't put.
You want to plant
your own field, spar?
You want to dig, and put
your own tree in the ground?
Well, dig, break your fork!
This is stony ground concrete,
not the mudland.
No place for nobody for come with their
granny for wipe their arse for them, man.
Cha, man.
Dave Abana is your friend.
It's Dave Adana
who don't have no friends.
You's a cheat.
You eat, but your belly's never full.
You's always hungry.
Because me don't have no granny.
Is I man Dave.
Your oil is at the bottom of the wick.
Light is running out.
Not while I smile, spar.
That's how me get laid and paid.
That's why you is a dustman.
Because I smile.
My smile is my hustle.
I man, dig into the concrete,
and you is on your own.
Your granny leave you,
you is on your own.
Oh, we're going to be all right, spar.
From the top to the bottom,
from the highest to the lowest.
Come on, bra!
I is the bad cook.
Is who going to cook the food, eh?
What's that he's saying?
My mama, she is sick.
When it come to paying bread,
everybody's sick.
Look, man, you owe what you owe.
Hi, brother, man.
I'm glad you could make it.
What did he say?
Oh, he say when my mama is better.
Tell him, perhaps he'd like
to sell the lease.
Maybe we could do a trade.
Eh, ochi! No!
Then you'll have to pay.
So don't give me no skank
about being sick, okay?
When you pay, mama will get better.
Hey, listen, I want you to
do me a favour.
So why don't you do
your own trading, bra?
Well, maybe I got this chick.
You see the man, but you don't
see what the man do, dig?
They got my name on them, bra.
They know their way home.
So don't lose any, huh?
Now, you make the connection,
and we'll forget everything
you owe me, right?
Slippery tongue!
One day you're going to slide upon it,
boy, and fall in your own fat.
Any more than ninety-five pounds?
Lewis, is it? Thanks.
Right, the Buick.
Lot 17, worth a thousand...
No, no, babes, no, Miri.
The angels is with us,
me strike the gold dust.
Well, even Lucifer was an angel
before the Lord kick him out.
Now listen, you and the little sister
be ready in ten minutes.
What, girl? We is going to the seaside
to watch the sun go down.
Watch the car behind you, now!
Oh, raas, me planning keeping driving.
You know this car
is the king of the road,
and I is the king of the car?
Oh, Dave, stop the car!
Listen, Dave,
let me tell you from the beginning.
If this is the way
you're going to drive,
you can stop the car right now
and let me get out.
All right, miss.
If you don't like my driving,
you can come out the car
and walk all the way.
It's a long walk
to the seaside, you know.
Fill her up, babes.
You want to drive?
You know I can't drive.
Me had me first driving lesson.
How about you, Ben?
No, banna.
Listen, we's taking Miri on
this holiday to get over the baby.
so let's have no more of
the talking blues.
Man, you's an idiot,
but just don't drive like one.
Twelve pounds, please, sir.
Where you get all that money from?
Me buy the car cheap.
This is me change.
You know,
when me was a little boy,
and my mother bring me to the seaside,
me never could understand
why me never see many black faces.
It's like I always feel them
other people is laughing at we.
It's because the cold weather suit
their natures better than the sunshine.
Me's cold.
- Where?
- All over.
I ain't never seen such a
green and cold sea in all me born days.
Yes, and I'm getting cold fever.
Fancy some nice hot coffee.
Oh, excuse I.
Two of your best rooms,
if you don't mind.
Now, this is my brother,
and this is my two sisters.
We are here to enjoy
the English weather.
- Mild for this time of the year.
- What you say?
Mild for this time of the year.
And with the hot water, please.
We is freezing.
One for the boys,
and one for the girls.
- Would you register, please?
- Pardon?
- Names, please.
- Oh, names, names, yes.
We is all the Kings.
This is Miriam King,
and this is Saffra King,
and this is, er...
what King do you want to be?
- Benji.
- This is King Benji.
And I am David King,
the slaughterer of Goliath.
Rooms 15 and room 25.
Now, we going to keep the 25.
The boys should always be
on top of the girls.
Of course, you have a porter
to show us the rooms.
There's plenty more of this
in the kingdom of the Kings.
Of course, sir.
Allow me.
And when she goes to the
United States of America,
it's always a black Cadillac
picks her up
and whisks her away to the White House.
But then the President
of the United States comes over here,
and what happens?
It's a horse and cart, isn't it?
And they're driving up the Mall,
and one of the horses...
'Ere, you think she's waving,
don't you?
She said, "I'm ever so sorry."
He says, "All right, Liz,
I thought it was the horse."
That joker is crazy!
You not too far from that yourself
bringing us to this place.
In fact, you're brilliant.
Ah, Miriam, that's the first time today
me and you is in agreement.
Make we go and sleep on it
before you change your mind.
Now you children can stay up
a little late tonight, you see.
Enjoy yourself, don't disappoint we.
Be in before midnight.
Make we go, girl!
- I go see you in the morning.
- Bye.
Don't be naughty.
- Is that you?
- Aye, Janet. Aye, aye.
I haven't seen you for a long time.
Aye, you haven't seen your
bloody shoes for a long time, Janet.
In this world of lonely people
Nothing I can say
To show you how I feel inside
What's making me this way
My life before me spinning
Standing on the edge
I'll do anything for you
My heart above my head
For every drop of rain that falls
For every flower that grows
I'll give myself to you
All I have is yours
Spent such a long time waiting
And still, to my surprise,
You and me are here together
I can't believe my eyes
Love with you
You are so beautiful
What can I do?
Love, it's true,
You put so many doubts on
What I thought I knew
But there ain't nothing like
Love with you
What's that for?
For you.
I want you to have it.
You just don't learn.
I told you.
That it ain't worth much?
I meant it ain't worth
anything to me.
I want you to have it.
I tell you before,
you is a trap.
Listen, brother, we're
having a nice night out.
You've got the wrong message.
We were kissing.
Me grandmother say
when I come to the city
I ain't to learn the city ways.
Rabbits run down holes,
a man has to build a house.
You are so beautiful
What can I do?
Love, it's true
You put so many doubts on
What I thought I knew
But there ain't nothing like
Love with you
Lost it?
But whereabouts here you think I can
lose two hundred and fifty pound?
Spar, you think I stupid enough to go
and gamble with my own money?
Hey, spar, is who bring you
to the seaside?
Spar, who pay for the dinner?
Who arrange for you to
sleep with the sister Saffra?
Spar, I is broke, and
do you have any cash on you?
Sixty pound.
All right, fifty pound, then,
to pay for the hotel bill.
You give I, and
I going give it back to you.
All right, spar, you is not giving,
you is lending and I is borrowing.
Spar, give me the raasclaat money
before sister Miriam come down herself.
All right, I sell you the car.
For fifty bloody pound,
you hold the car, I hold the bread.
How I to know for sure is your car?
Because I have the log book.
That is the ownership document,
and it say "Dave Abana King".
Right there.
You sign a receipt?
All right, I sign a receipt,
and I make it over to you
in your name.
Who is the owner of the car,
and who is the owner of
the fifty pounds?
How you get on with the sister Saffra?
Your wife she?
Why, this cold weather does
make them want your sunshine!
Nice, nice!
You're doing a good job, spar.
Me brother Jomo is going to be
very pleased, very grateful, boy.
So here's your bread
to the last pound.
Count it, and give I the log book.
What's the matter?
What are you doing, spar?
I said, like is what you doing, spar?
You keep the money,
I'll keep the car.
Me brother Jomo is going to kill I.
I buy the car for him.
How he can know that?
I got the receipts.
Listen, spar, he's the one who pay I,
he's the rightful owner.
I got the rightful log book.
You want to see it, banna?
Listen, banna, the brother's
going to kill me.
Like you have no feelings
for your partner.
Oh, man, fancy pulling a stroke
like that on me.
Me man is going to tear me
limb from limb.
Like I going to have to take
the first plane back to JA,
and you sit there doing nothing, man.
You keep the money.
Help you to pay for the ticket.
Why, like you really is the king.
You is the king now!
Touch skin?
What you gonna do?
I remember there's two answers
to everybody question.
Yours and theirs.
And remember, keep a mattress
on the floor for the brother.
There's always room in this world
for the jester.
You know, I could cut your throat,
but I love you.
Where's my car? Eh?
Where's my car, I ask you?
Huh? Where's my car?
Where's my car?!
All right, this is my car.
This ain't no vehicle for no
country boy. Now out!
All right, I give you sixty pounds,
and you give me the log book,
and the key.
Now out!
All right, perhaps you want to
make a little profit.
All right, that's cool,
I'll give you an extra ten, huh?
Look, you don't need this vehicle.
Where you going, you need a vehicle
more suitable to them villages.
Like a donkey.
Now out!
You want the car?
Take it now.
Okay. It's all right.
You can keep the car.
A present from Jomo, eh?
All right, we do a trade, eh?
You know, Dave tell me he...
he gave the car to a country boy.
Where did that country boy go?
Where did that country boy go?
All right, next time.
I love you, baby!
Can you drive?
Is we going to learn?
Country boy in the city life
Learn the rules and play it right
Sometimes you're bound to fall
Hold onto yourself and rise
Black joy, oh, no, no, no
Money can't pay for that
We're talking 'bout black joy
Oh, you'll know 'cause that's where it's at
You got joy, joy, joy
You got it inside you
Oh, black joy, black joy, black joy
Take a chance and make it soon
The big city's got lots of room
You can rise above the crowd
Get it on and say it loud
Black joy
Oh, no, no, no, it's natural dynamite
We're talking 'bout black joy
And you know that it's out of sight
You got joy, joy, joy
You got it inside you, wooooh
Black joy, black joy, black joy
Love your woman and be a man
Feel the touch of a gentle hand
You see the world and drift away
Joy is what you've got today
Black joy, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Money can't buy you that
We're talking 'bout black joy
Listen to me, brother
That's where it's at
You got joy, joy, joy
You got it inside you
We're talking 'bout joy, joy, joy
You got it inside you
You got sunshine on your face
You played it cool and you won the race
Joy is what you've got to share
Sing it out and feel the air
You've got joy, joy, joy
You got it inside you
Black joy
You got joy, joy, joy
You got it inside you
You got joy, joy, joy
You got it inside you
You got joy, joy, joy