Black Mail (1973) Movie Script

No. 5, turn it away...
some more.
Away from your eyes,
or you'll be blinded.
Darkness in a place which
supplies power, all over!
There were power-failures
earlier also.
But it's getting too
frequent now, Mr. Gupta.
We've had a shortage
of monsoons this year.
That's the tragedy of this country.
Stepping into the 21st century...
we still have our hopes
pinned on the monsoons!
Not to be offended, Mr. Gupta.
But if this happened in America...
people there would sue
the power supplying companies.
This is not America...
although I strongly wish we could
make more progress than America.
That's not happening for
another 500 years.
That's going to happen
in the next 20 years.
Good night, sir.
Have you had dinner?
- I don't feel hungry at all.
- Don't disturb me. I'm not hungry!
But I'm hungry and I'm going
to eat dinner with you tonight.
Now look; your father
paid me for a year.
And you've been paying me
for 2 years after his death...
not to make me eat and go to sleep.
It is to make me prove something.
You change colors like the chameleon.
Yesterday, you told me that...
you had promised my dad nothing
about proving yourself.
That you would do your research,
notwithstanding the results.
Didn't you say that to me?
Didn't you?
The truth is that research itself
is enough.
Whether you achieve something or not.
Whether you spend years or ages,
it makes no difference.
Research is a passion.
It's an obsession...
the one doing it is lost in.
So it's necessary for you
to keep reminding me...
that I come up with results.
So that you gain something...
I gain something and
so does the world. Okay?
Now go and sit there.
Go on.
How about food?
- I'll eat with you. Go on now.
Kailash! Welcome!
Asha, look who's here!
Kailash, you must visit us sometimes.
Ever since your father has died...
you have stopped coming
to our place.
You must keep in touch.
We're your own people.
Asha, where were you
all this time?
Ask him, dad! He was walking
as if he had sprained his ankle!
I saw no point in racing ahead
in the darkness.
She escaped an injury twice anyway.
- That's just what I say.
Rather than go out in the darkness,
isn't it better...
that you remain indoors and
play cards or just chat it up?
Now don't take me for an
old-fashioned man.
But this is a small town.
And tongues will wag.
Sorry, daddy. I will
remember that in future.
Haven't you gone to sleep?
- You've woken at the right time.
Uncle! Did the sunlight
start that fire?
Yes. It's the sun's rays.
Fantastic! How are you
going to put it out?
You can now imagine how powerful
the sunrays are.
If this is what happens in
one hundredth of a second...
a hundred times bigger fire
can be started in one second.
In one minute...
- 60 times more powerful!
You can charge a battery of this size
with so much power in just 8 hours...
that you can keep the lights
in this lab. Going for a year!
You're so close to Asha that it
makes me consider you like a son.
All my wealth will one day
go to my son-in-law.
And from the way Asha speaks,
I think it's you.
So why don't you get
a bit more serious?
Attend office with me.
Think of ways of promoting business.
May I say something if
it doesn't offend you?
Sure. Go ahead.
Your factory has no future anymore.
- Why not?
In fact, ever since you've arrived,
we've upped production by 20 per cent!
These batteries have no future, sir.
In this very city, there's a man doing
research for the last 10 years...
which will turn all these things
into relics of the 18th century.
When the batteries roll out
of his factory...
they aren't going to
be as heavy as this one.
They'll be 20 times lighter
and 10 times cheaper.
You won't have to recharge them
for 24 hours any longer...
2 minutes in the sun
will do.
They aren't going to run out of power
like these ones either.
They'll keep going for years.
Once they are out in the market...
your batteries are going to look
like bullock-carts, compared to cars.
And you will look like
a pauper before a king.
How do you know all this?
- Kailash is my friend.
Why the re-double?
- No trumps was yours, wasn't it?
That was a bid I made
on your move!
But why the 3 hearts?
- One heart was also yours, Jeevan.
One heart bid I made because
I have a 2 and a half bid!
And what do you have to show?
- But I was supporting you.
Supporting me with these
piddly little cards?!
I can't be your partner!
You're always fighting!
You've messed my game!
Won't I even fight with you?
He acts as if he's losing his life!
- Whatever it is! Why must I lose?
You're doing the shouting
and my throat's drying up.
Find another partner!
He makes me lose and asks me
to find another partner!
You guys play!
One cold beer.
- One for me. He picks up the bill.
Give the gentleman his own bill.
In fact, take it an advance.
Or he might ask what beer
he ever had!
I see!
- People come here to relax...
and this chap shows what an
expert he is at everything!
And you! Will you tell me who taught
you Bridge in the first place?
You did. Have you forgotten?
He makes me lose in there and
treats me like a beggar here.
Get me the beer. Quick.
- Here you are, sir.
Take a swig... cheers!
Whom are you looking at?
- Someone I was longing to see.
Is there someone like that?
- Don't look! She'll get suspicious.
I won't even let her know
I'm looking at her!
That ain't for your eyes.
She's exclusively for me.
I see her everywhere, when
I'm awake and even asleep.
I see! So that's how far
you've gone?
And her eyes... so blissfully
ignorant of my existence.
I've had it!
- What happened?
She's looking at me... don't move!
Sit still.
How are her eyes to look at?
- Lovely.
Her gaze pierces my heart.
And eyes so deep,
that I drown in them.
So let me take a look.
- You aren't supposed to!
Very well! Dammit!
You were to be married?
What a lucky man...
the one she's talking to.
And the idiot's grinning at her!
I'm feeling so very jealous!
She's looking at me!
Should I lose my senses...
steady me, my friend.
Give me a hand...
she's headed here!
What's going to happen
if she stands here before me?
You're a bloody coward!
- Yes. When she's around.
That's love, you know.
I find myself tongue-tied when
I come face to face with her.
And when she leaves, I fantasize
about talking to her for hours...
- Hello!
Have you seen my daddy around?
- Your daddy? No.
Looks like you're busy right now.
I'll take a walk.
Hello, Asha!
- Jeevan!
Daddy was coming here to meet you.
- So sit down. Have a cold drink.
He must be arriving any minute.
- No thank you. When dad comes...
remind him "about the
appointment at 5 'o clock"
I won't forget!
I mean, I will tell him.
You know this girl, Jeevan!
- I even know her father.
So do I, since I was a kid.
But I never had the courage...
to simply ask her to sit down.
"Have a cold drink".
You maybe good at running factories.
But you need expert opinion
in certain matters.
I mean, when she walked up here.
Show me how she arrived.
Go on.
Come on!
Asha! You will live long!
We were talking about you!
Please come and sit down.
I won't let you go away like this.
What will you have?
You must have something.
Orange juice? That's very
good for your complexion.
How do I tell you, Asha... I was
thinking of you all of last night.
Do you know what magic
your eyes work?
One look you cast at me...
and it pierces my heart.
"I seem to drown in them!"
"In the depths of
your clear eyes..."
"In the depths of your
clear eyes..."
"I seem to drown in them"
"To the flowers,
you have lent color"
"To the Sun, you have
given light"
"To the Sun
you have given light"
"You shook off the water
from your tresses..."
"and they formed a string of stars"
"Look; they've formed
a string of stars"
"Your lips..."
"are goblets of wine"
"Your lips are goblets of wine;
in them..."
"I seem to drown"
"In the depths of
your mesmerizing eyes..."
"I seem to drown"
"When you take a walk
in the gardens..."
"every leaf
begins to sway"
"Cast a glance anywhere,
with those sharp eyes..."
"and you set off raging fires"
"You set off raging fires"
"Your cheeks..."
"are sheer fire"
"Your cheeks are sheer fire;
in their heat..."
"I seem to drown"
"In the depths of
your bewitching eyes..."
"In the depths of
your bewitching eyes..."
"I seem to drown..."
"in them"
Your time is here,
Professor Khurana.
Should you not find the formula
by daybreak...
this poison is going
to cause your death.
Don't think I'm kidding.
Get to work, if you
want to save your life.
I've found it!
I've found it!
I've found it!
Kailash! I've found it!
Who's dead?
- Not dead. I've found it!
- Just come with me!
Uncle! Your clothes!
- What about my clothes?
Where are your clothes?
- Where are they?
You haven't worn any!
To hell with clothes!
Just come with me!
My clothes, uncle!
- What clothes?
I haven't worn any!
- I haven't either! So why will you?
Come on!
Take a look, guys!
We've made it!
Thank you... thank you.
"Another source of electricity"
"Thanks to Dr Khurana, India is on
the road to prosperity"
"Scientist's major discovery"
Uncle, you are the toast
of the whole world.
And here you are, still
immersed in those diagrams.
Old men can't be trusted, son.
I hope my discovery doesn't
die with me.
How can you say such things?
- I've written the formula down.
So any scientist can read it
and generate solar power.
Take good care of this, son.
People are going to eye
this formula in the near future.
We've come from abroad.
Here's the letter you wrote.
You alone may come in.
We want the formula of the
solar power. At any cost.
You've brought so many men along.
For such things, you need
a lot of men sometimes.
What if someone suspects you?
- No one will suspect me.
Your country is presently hosting
an international tournament of golf.
We have come here under the
pretext of participating in it.
What's up?
Won't you reel off a couplet
in praise of my beauty today?
Hasn't my arrival brought Spring
into your life... as it usually does?
Looks like I'll have to
recite a poem today.
In praise of your good looks.
May I?
Something is surely wrong.
That far-away look...
and the stand-offishness.
What's up?
What if we happen to part in
this journey through life, Asha?
Is that what you've been
worrying about? Stop it.
Because we can never part.
- Suppose...
my feet take me to someone else,
whilst we walk on this path?
I'll break your legs then!
Do you understand?
You're still joking, Asha.
Forget it.
Jeevan, what's wrong?
It's something I can't bring
myself about to tell you, Asha.
And it'll be a betrayal,
if I don't.
Whatever else happens, Jeevan...
don't ever betray me.
That's exactly how I feel, too.
But I don't know how to tell you.
I couldn't even imagine someone
else being my goal... and not you.
But I'm helpless, Asha.
I've been avoiding you
for the last few days.
Asha, I...
Fooled you, didn't I? Silly girl!
If this is what...
a joke does to you, what would
happen if I spoke the truth?
Is this your idea of a joke?
- Yes.
Out of my way!
Wait a while, O angry one.
I lie in your path.
Keep lying there!
What're your plans for this evening?
- I have no plans with you!
But I do! I've heard of
a rose exhibition.
How about it?
- Go on your own.
I will. With you.
At 5. Will you meet me?
- No.
I'll still wait. Will you meet me?
- No.
I'll still wait. Will you meet me?
- No.
I'll still wait. Will you meet me?
- No!
Electricity is going to be
very cheap with this discovery.
It's also going to reach every
remote corner of the country.
This is the biggest discovery
of the year.
This is the century's biggest
discovery in electricity.
This is going to be bring about
a revolution for India.
And it's all thanks to
your hardwork, Kailash.
Not mine, uncle's hardwork.
- Undoubtedly.
Mr. Khurana, you're bound to bag
with the Nobel prize this year!
Congratulations, Kailash.
Congratulations from me, too.
Say it with a hug!
May God give you success
in every field.
And when I say every field...
I mean "every field".
Maybe my friend's prayers
will help. Or else...
I stand no chance in the
field you're talking about.
With friends like me around?
Had you told me...
I'd have invited her over too.
- Go on! You're always fibbing!
Fibbing? You're challenging
my pride?
What are you doing at 5 this evening?
I'm free. I've given them
a holiday at the factory.
Good! D'you know how many kinds of
roses have blossomed at the Park?
What have I to do with roses?
- Of course you do!
Be there at 5.
You will find a rose there...
that will make
your life blossom.
Have you come?
- Yes.
Looks like you've been
waiting for someone else.
Me? Whom could I wait for?
I just came over...
to take a look at the roses.
You're as scared as I normally am.
Are you all alone?
- Who else would come with me?
You must certainly have
come to meet someone.
Wait for her; I'm leaving.
Excuse me...
If you don't like my company,
tell me in plain words.
Please don't make excuses to leave.
- Really?
So here I am.
Wonderful sunshine, isn't it?
- Yes. Especially in winter.
What if the sunshine were captured...
you'd neither have darkness in nights
nor would there be a chill.
How's that possible?
- Why not?
That's just what we're doing
at our research center.
Come and take a look some day.
- I must. I've heard so much about it.
We have worshipped the Sun
for thousands of years...
but no one has ever utilized
the boon it has granted us.
In a few years, you will see in the
small villages of this poor country...
little, glittering images of
the Sun in the nights.
This country then won't be
called poor anymore.
It won't be poor at all.
Kailash babu...
Forgive me... I forgot
where I was.
May I leave now?
- When do I get to see you again?
Come home someday.
Fantastic, my boy! I thought
you were dumb!
But in the very first meeting, you
have one foot in her house already!
It's all thanks to you, Jeevan.
- Oh, come off it!
I could lay down my life for you.
I'm a true friend.
You're a true friend.
- When are you going to her house?
"Dear Asha..."
"This word has become my life"
"I love anything that
includes this word"
"And I have no use for something
that does not have this word"
"Asha (hope)... is what my life
is tied with"
To Mr. Mehta's house.
The master is not in.
Is Asha there?
- Yes. Please come and sit down.
I'll send word to her.
Who is it?
- That gentleman from the power house.
Kailashbabu! It's you!
Please sit down.
You asked me to come over.
- Why not? Please sit down.
What will you have? Tea? Coffee?
I'll have a cup too,
if you have some.
As you wish.
- Hariram...
Get us two cups of tea. Quick.
Dad's away at a meeting.
He might be late in returning.
Is it okay for me to be here,
while he's away?
How can you say such things?
You're no outsider for daddy.
Say something.
- What?
Anything. Say something.
I'm not good at conversations.
Really? And you said so much
the other day!
I don't know why I find myself
tongue-tied in your presence, Asha.
Check out my heart; it's racing
at double its speed right now.
Really? And why's that?
Know something, Asha?
I write so many letters to you.
Really? But I have never
received any.
Actually, that which I wish to
say to you and cannot...
I put on paper. But I never had the
courage to mail the letters to you.
Lest you are offended.
Look... there are so many letters.
So many letters?
I was about to burn them today.
But then I thought...
I must leave now.
- Have some tea before you leave!
You might break the cup on my face
once you've read the letters.
And listen; come and beat me up
if you wish to...
"Dear Miss Mehta..."
"Dear Asha..."
"Dear Asha..."
"Every moment of my life...
you are close to my heart"
"Every moment I spend...
you are close to my heart"
"Life is a sweet yearning...
you tell me"
"Every moment of my life...
you are close to my heart"
"Every evening, my eyes
dream of your lovely tresses"
"Every night, I dream of
a bridal procession"
"I breathe... only to
inhale your scents"
"A fragrant understanding
it carries to me"
"Even my heart-beat
sings for you"
"Every moment I live...
you are close to my heart"
"I imagined seeing you in
my courtyard yesterday"
"And you seemed to say...
tie me in holy wedlock"
"What ties are these?"
"What dreams are these?"
"They seem to be so distant...
and yet, they seem to be my own"
"I keep thinking about it..."
"and I'm so apprehensive
when I say..."
"every moment I live...
you are close to my heart"
"You must wonder why
I love you so much"
"You must think I'm crazy...
and I agree with you"
"Only those crazy will understand
what craziness is all about"
"Only a moth would know the
pleasure there is in burning"
"But do keep tormenting me...
in my dreams"
"Every moment I live...
you are close to my heart"
"Life is all about yearning...
is what you tell me"
"Every moment I live...
you are close to my heart"
Asha! This is wonderful!
What they say about telepathy is true!
I was missing you, and here you...
What's up, darling?
You don't seem to have slept all night.
I see! You must've been missing me
and spent the night in doing that.
Love had to happen, my love.
And it has!
So why think about it?
Sit down.
Jeevan, do you really love me?
What a childish question!
You ought to have put that
question to yourself.
I did. Many times.
And each time my heart told me...
to ask you.
So listen! I love you so much...
that I could bring the stars from
the skies, right to your feet...
That's nonsense.
Give me a serious answer.
What do you think of love?
What does love mean to you?
Love? A thorn that
pierces the heart...
that's what love is all about.
That isn't your answer.
That's something a poet has said.
My beloved seems to have changed...
and I see destruction ahead.
I somehow feel that if poetry,
penned by others, that is...
were taken away from you, you have
nothing to show for love.
Nothing? Really?
So let me show you!
What impertinence is this?
- It's love without poetry, darling!
What's gotten into you?
- Nothing absolutely...
This is what love does to a man.
- Stop it, Jeevan!
If you get any closer,
I won't come here ever again.
Sit down there... Go on.
All right. But tell me why you're
asking me such questions today.
Someone in love has written
a book on the subject.
I'll give you that book some day.
Read it, and you'll know
what love really is.
What is it? Take it away.
There's an enquiry from
the Czech republic, sir.
They want to know if we can set up
a solar power station there...
that can provide electricity
to the whole city.
In case we agree, they ask us
to send them an estimate.
The rate at which the orders
are pouring in...
we'll soon have to train
a hundred top engineers.
Consult Mr. Khurana and issue
an ad. In the newspapers.
Ms. Mehta's here to see you, sir.
Who's that? Tell her that I'm busy.
It's not Asha Mehta, is it?
- It is.
You? Welcome!
You may go, Mr. Das...
Why are you standing there?
Please come in.
I can't believe it's Asha in person!
- I'm not. You're mistaken!
My heart is hammering away, Asha.
Do come and sit down.
- On the table?
No... here on the chair.
Here... sit here
in the boss's chair.
What are your orders?
I have a desire today.
- What is it?
I want to see your new power-house.
Certainly! You can see it.
But what will you have?
Tea? Coffee? A cold drink?
- Nothing...
Should you have some coffee,
I'll have some, too.
I haven't looked up.
That doesn't mean I haven't seen you.
I didn't want to disturb you, uncle.
- You didn't want to...
that doesn't mean
you haven't.
Who's the girl?
- Mehta... Miss Asha Mehta.
- Bless you.
Is she a scientist?
- No. She's no scientist.
So what's she doing here?
- She's here... to see your miracles.
Have you shown your own miracles?
- What miracles will I show?
That's his miracle;
the question itself!
Naive boy! You've brought a girl here.
Won't you show the miracle now?
Teach him something, dear.
- I?
Don't you know anything either?
- No...
Great! You both know nothing.
So teach each other.
You'll learn by and by!
There's nothing of the sort, uncle!
Nothing of the sort?
- No.
That's very sad. A perfect couple.
And nothing of the sort?
So never mind! Go and work up
something together. Go on!
"I imagined seeing you in
my courtyard yesterday"
"And you seemed to say...
tie me in holy wedlock"
"What ties are these?"
"What dreams are these?"
"They seem to be so distant...
and yet, they seem to be my own"
"I keep thinking about it..."
"and I'm so apprehensive
when I say..."
Can there be something between us?
No, Kailashbabu.
You write beautiful letters.
They tell me what a
wonderful man you are.
But I'm unfortunate.
Our sales were 80,000 Rupees
last month.
We have orders of not
even 10,000 this month.
What's happening?
There's demand for only
one battery nowadays, sir.
Kailash Gupta's solar-battery.
You were right, Jeevan.
My factory seems to be closing down.
There's only way for
you to survive, sir.
Although it will spell my ruin.
Have Asha married to Kailash.
- What?
No. You are the one
Asha will marry.
That's my decision
and Asha's too.
Think it over, sir.
If Kailash and Asha are married...
Kailash's victory will
be your victory.
Kailash is all alone.
Everything will belong to Asha.
Or, in other words, everything
will belong to you.
But... how about you?
- I'm in a dilemma, too.
Must I think of Asha and you?
Or must I think of my own happiness?
I'm a very selfish man, Mr. Mehta.
But not with you...
and not at all where Asha is concerned.
- What if Kailash does not agree?
Talk to Asha.
I'll talk to Asha, if you wish.
- No, Jeevan.
Once a girl turns you down,
it's all over.
Very well then.
Go and turn into a hermit!
But if you want to win love...
take every wound that comes with it.
But never back down.
I can't do such a thing, Jeevan.
That I fell in love
was my mistake.
And that she turned me down
was her prerogative.
And what is love that
is snatched anyway?
Your brains have gone
to the dogs!
But if you take my advice,
you can easily win over Asha.
She has turned you down.
But that's not the last word, is it?
She can even acquiesce...
make a call to her. C'mon!
Call her? Have you gone mad?
- Yes! Just make that call!
I'm not going to call her.
- Don't. I'll make the call.
Jeevan... what are you doing?
Don't make the call!
Lay off!
Talk to her!
- Well...
Yes, it's Kailash here.
- You have a long life.
It's you I was thinking about.
- About me?
Why? Am I forbidden
from thinking about you?
You are not forbidden, of course.
But I find it strange...
Looks like you've been hurt
by what I said.
No, that's not the matter.
But a lamp even a storms
could not put out...
was extinguished by
someone's simple blow.
The lamp you have lit
is sacred, Kailashbabu.
So let it continue to glow.
The fortunate girl who deserves it
must surely have it.
See? Your teachers
can never be wrong!
But this is only the beginning.
Do not lose courage now.
And should I go out for
a couple of days...
don't turn into a hermit!
Keep calling her...
Asha's going to belong to you.
Only you!
Was it a call from Kailash?
- Yes.
He came to meet you recently,
didn't he?
Looks like he's taken a liking to you.
I don't know.
He's a nice boy. His father
was a great man, too.
From a reputed family.
Had he been alive today, I'd have
got you married into their family.
Jeevan's a nice boy, too.
But not when compared to Kailash.
He has no background, no wealth,
no standing.
Have you never thought about that?
- Daddy, Jeevan and I are...
That's true. But if Kailash
were my son-in-law...
And what qualities does
Jeevan have anyway?
He's, after all, my servant.
He can be made to see reason.
What say?
- He has left.
Where to?
- It's explained in this letter.
"My dearest Asha,
It breaks my heart to write this."
"It's going to break
your heart, too"
"But I'm helpless and
I must write to you"
"There are only two things I have
loved in my life, Asha"
"You are the first and
my ambition is the other"
"My love for you asks me
to pursue my ambitions..."
"and my ambitions compel me
to forsake your love..."
"this small city, move to Europe
and achieve something"
"I'm leaving"
"I'm going away, Asha.
But I'm leaving my love with you"
"I don't have the right to
ask you to wait for me..."
"because I might never return"
"Asha (hope)..."
"Asha (hope)..."
"Asha, O Asha..."
"what has happened to you?"
"Do not call me Asha (hope)..."
"I'm despair"
"Asha, O Asha..."
"What evening of sorrow is this?"
"My feelings lie
suppressed in my heart"
"The joyous night will also come..."
"bringing with it
happiness and joy"
"Bringing with it
happiness and joy"
"I'm heartbroken..."
"what good is Spring now?"
"Things around here are giving you
hints on how to be happy..."
"On how to be happy"
"No matter what anyone says..."
"I have been reduced to a joke"
"Asha, O Asha..."
"My goal lay right ahead of me..."
"why then, did it disappear?"
"Having seen your new goals..."
"it must've probably
gone away"
"It must've probably
gone away"
"How am I to even think
of new dreams anymore?"
"Just as the weather changes
when the time comes"
"That which I hadn't
even heard..."
"I've now begun to understand"
"Hope, I'm hope..."
"what's gotten into me?"
"Hope, I'm hope..."
Please step out.
Please come.
- Lay off!
Why weren't you around earlier?
- Forgive me. And congratulations!
Let me drink so much tonight that
I don't remain in my senses anymore.
I'm happy because my friend is happy.
- Who's finished my drink?
May I pour some more?
- Who are you?
Never mind me. Have a drink.
- No!
I don't accept drinks from everyone!
I'll have it only if my boy
makes me a drink. Call him here!
He's already slipping away.
- Get him!
You're going to spend
your life with her...
spend some time with us tonight.
- What are you saying?
Don't bother the poor chap.
Can't you see how much he's pining?
She must be pining even more!
- No, no!
No mercy on them tonight!
- Listen son...
They're playing games with me!
They make a drink for me,
and gulp it down on their own!
Get a whole bottle for uncle!
- Yes, a whole bottle.
Pour some more.
Some more.
- How much are you going to drink?
That's it...
You're my brave son, aren't you?
- Yes, I am.
So shut your eyes and
swallow it all in one gulp!
How can I drink so much?
- Look at him!
What's he going to do in there?
When you're a bit high,
you'll enjoy a greater high!
When I had my nuptials...
I drank so much, so much...
that I collapsed the moment
I stepped in my room!
Don't ever drink this stuff.
It's a bloody bitch!
What will you tell her in there?
- Have I to tell her something?
You have so much to tell...
and so much to hear.
Let him go now.
Jeevan, if you want to meet,
this is not the way.
Come in from the front-door,
send word to me...
and I will meet you.
I assure you, Asha...
I'll never make this mistake again.
Tell me just this much; was it all
a drama you were playing on me?
Aren't you ashamed to say that?
Must I remind you of the letter...
you wrote before you went away?
You rejected me for a better future.
So why have you returned?
It has had just the effect
I wanted. You hate me now.
I wrote that I was going away
for a better future...
and you believed that I loved
a better future, more than you?
What else should I have thought?
- Didn't your daddy tell you anything?
That's good too. Had your daddy
told you the truth...
you'd hold yourself unfaithful,
not me.
Your daddy was taken in by
the riches in Kailash's family.
The glitter was too much
for him to resist.
The comforts you'd enjoy here...
you'd never find in Jeevan's house.
I was not selfish, because
I was truly in love with you.
To think of your welfare,
was my duty.
I agreed with whatever
your dad wanted.
On one hand was your
happiness and you...
and on the other was
Kailash's friendship.
Kailash loved you very deeply.
I couldn't see him suffer.
Love and friendship are like
two parts of a grindstone.
I was the one who had
to go through it.
Your tears make it clear that
you haven't gotten over me.
Right, too. You have loved me so much.
How can you forget me so easily?
But you must forget me...
you must forget me, Asha.
There's no point in discussing
all this anymore. Please go away!
Very well, Asha.
I'm leaving.
But do not worry about
how I will lead my life.
I will live with your memories.
Only your memories.
Is this how a nuptial night is?
I had thought otherwise, too.
Have I made a mistake?
I'm the one who has made a mistake.
Are you regretting your
marriage with me?
Yes. You are regretting it too.
What things are you saying?
I swear it on my married life...
Do not take such oaths, Asha.
It's a pack of lies.
- It's true, I was in love with you.
But Jeevan was in love with you too.
What is the bigger truth is that...
you love Jeevan too!
Why did you break Jeevan's heart
and betray me thus?
Why did you betray me, Asha?
In these circumstances, you will
treat everything I say as a lie.
But God is my witness.
I have not betrayed you.
It's true that I was once
in love with Jeevan.
Which is why I had even
refused to marry you.
Believe me or not, even
before we were married...
I had fallen in love with you.
Jeevan is just a memory for me.
I give you word...
I'll even erase his memories.
I wish I knew Jeevan was sacrificing
his love for my friendship...
I would have sacrificed my love
and got my friend married to you.
But he has beaten me to it.
It's true that we are married, Asha.
But I won't be able to accept you,
no matter how hard I try.
Do you want me to return
to my father's place?
No. This house now belongs as
much to you, as it does to me.
Save for me, you own
everything here.
D'you want the servants to see their
master sleeping in the library...
since the bride has arrived?
The servants won't get
to see all this.
The servants will get to see us
sharing the same room.
But henceforth, this
will be your room...
and my room...
Garland her, Ganga ma.
The staff in the household
welcome you, madam.
Here are the keys of the household.
Please keep them.
Asha, Ganga ma.
She has been with me
ever since I was a little boy.
They slept in different rooms.
My child!
Your first visit here
since your marriage!
You should've given me a call.
I'd have come to collect you.
Hasn't Kailash come with you?
My dear child...
Girls sometimes cry even out of joy.
But this...
She won't discuss it with you.
May I ask her?
Your dad is worried because
you're crying, Asha.
And you can't even imagine
what I'm going through.
Aren't you happy with the marriage?
Jeevan! I don't need
your sympathies.
And don't you dare to
touch me ever again.
I was only being...
- And whether I'm happy or not...
is none of your business.
The Asha you knew, is dead.
This woman standing before you
is Mrs. Kailash Gupta...
who is happy in her home,
is happy with her marriage...
and a woman who worships
her husband.
You misunderstand me, Asha.
Because you shed tears...
Tears, I shed. No outsider needs
to worry about why I shed them.
The next time you come into
my room, make sure you knock.
Sir... Mr. Mehta.
- Mr. Mehta?
We'll discuss this later.
- Very well, sir.
- Bless you.
What brings you here suddenly?
- Will I have to take an appointment?
That's not what I mean.
- Look, son...
Asha is my only daughter. I've
brought her up with a lot of love.
I gave her hand in yours
because I thought...
she'd be happier with you.
- Has Asha said she's not happy?
No, she has said nothing.
- And you've jumped to the conclusion...
that I beat her up
and starve her?
I didn't know you're such
an impertinent man!
If you want me to continue
respecting you, Babuji...
please do not interfere
in my family affairs.
It isn't just your family affair!
It's a question my daughter's life!
If you ever feel that your daughter's
life is being ruined my house...
you can take her away.
- Is that what you want?
But do not be under that impression!
Asha is now an equal partner
in everything you own!
And there is a law in this country.
Had I known that Kailash will
turn out to be such a scoundrel...
I'd have abducted Asha from
the wedding altar itself!
Asha's life is ruined. And what we
had planned isn't happening either.
You have accepted defeat
very soon, Babuji.
Your dream will certainly come true.
If Kailash is bent on
throwing Asha out...
why must Asha return empty-handed?
You're early today.
Do you have any problems
in this house, Asha?
Who said that to you?
- What've you gone and told your dad?
Who said that to you?
Now I know why your father chose me
as his son-in-law, and not Jeevan.
Only because he wants to be my
partner in my growing wealth!
Are you telling me that I married
you because of my greed for money?
I'm talking about your father!
My father didn't force me
into anything.
I got married to you
of my own volition.
I don't believe that!
You wanted something else!
Kailashbabu! Throw me out
of the house, if you wish to!
But I'm not willing to
take such insults!
So take a complaint against me
to your father right now...
and tell him not to
threaten me with the law!
Wonderful! You're making
great progress, young man!
You're enjoying in
seven days of marriage...
what people experience
in 60 years!
Keep him on a tight leash, my dear.
Show any leniency and he'll start
throwing his weight around!
You've been scolding
my girl, have you?
Can I dare, uncle? She asks me
to shut up, immediately!
And rightly, too.
Don't take this chap seriously.
He's given to talking nonsense.
He used to scream even when
his father was alive...
You're letting the cat
out of the bag, uncle!
Go on inside, Asha. Go on...
- Why must she go in?
It's for her benefit that
I'm squealing on you!
Let her go, uncle.
She'll get you a cup of hot tea!
Tea? Is this any time for tea?
It's One. I'm going to
leave after lunch!
And the lunch my daughter
cooks for me!
Aren't you going to give me lunch?
- Why not?
Cutting vegetables?
- Lunch is ready, ma'am.
That's okay. We can have it tonight.
I'm going to cook lunch.
Gangama, knead some dough
for the puris.
Cut all the vegetables.
Serve him first.
- Go ahead, uncle.
Your husband first, dear. Here...
- Elders must eat first.
Now feed him with
your own hands.
I'll eat on my own, uncle.
I'm not a kid anymore...
I know you're not a kid; you spoke
like an elderly man a while ago.
Take a puri, my dear,
and feed it to him.
Go ahead... take a puri.
Good girl... feed him.
Go on.
That's great!
Now feed her with your hands.
- I'll eat later.
No way... sit down.
Now feed her...
Go on!
It's like this, son.
Even animals have a life.
But a human-being is one who
leads his life wisely.
And you know of a man's wisdom
when you deal with him.
In that respect, marriage is the
greatest test of man's wisdom.
Because it has to do with the way
you deal with each other.
The one who fails this test,
can never be called wise...
even if he builds an atom bomb.
Can he? Tell me.
You've got the message.
Now serve me some food.
In a year's time, I want to
see a baby in this family.
Or I'll unleash my
naughty kids on you.
Now share a plate,
the two of you...
I'll eat from this plate.
The two of them have made up, sir.
Good bye.
The workers have been given a raise
and a bonus of three months' salary.
They are very happy and they're
praying for your well-being.
"I have begun to dream
colorful dreams..."
"Who knows..."
"whether the flame of love
will ever be lit"
"I have begun to dream
colorful dreams..."
"He shall come..."
"that makes me shy"
"What will happen?
And what will not?"
"It makes me feel scared"
"Should we come together today..."
"my days will have changed
for the better"
"I have begun to dream
colorful dreams..."
"Who knows..."
"whether the flame of love
will ever be lit"
"I know not..."
"how I will bring around
my sulking husband"
"O dot..."
"help me know the ways
of love"
"I already belong
to my husband..."
"why doesn't he belong to me?"
"I dream wonderful dreams..."
"But I know not..."
"whether the flame of love
will be lit at all"
"The kohl in my eyes..."
"flows with my tears"
"I am heartbroken..."
"and no one knows
how I suffer"
"My love is one-sided..."
"I get none of it"
Yes, she's here.
Who's calling?
I'm a friend of hers.
It's your friend.
Mrs. Gupta, forgive me,
I had to lie to your husband.
I'm actually a doctor calling you
from Jeevan's residence.
Jeevan has swallowed poison.
- What?
Don't worry... he's still alive,
but unconscious.
I've found a letter addressed
to you, under his pillow.
It would be better
if you came over...
or the letter could
go to the police.
No! Please wait...
I'm coming over.
What happened?
- A friend of mine is seriously ill.
The doctor says she might
not survive the night.
You ought to go there then.
Let me take you there.
No. Why must you take the trouble?
I'll ask the driver to take me there.
I'll get back as soon as possible.
Wait here. I'll be back.
- Very well.
He wouldn't have made it,
had I not come in time.
Who called you?
You could say, it was destiny
that brought me here.
You mentioned a letter...
- Yes.
I'm a woman, too. I wouldn't like
to see your family ruined.
Which is why I didn't
inform the police...
despite dealing with a case
of attempted suicide.
"Asha, for your welfare,
I have killed my love"
"After how you repaid me for
my sacrifice yesterday..."
"I don't want to live anymore.
I'm leaving the world"
"I'm returning your pictures
which could have helped me live"
He says something about pictures.
- Yes. Here you are.
I didn't have these pictures taken!
- Really?
Did it happen on its own?
- Believe me, please!
I may believe you.
But how about Kailash Gupta?
Will he believe you?
I'm glad you've torn the pictures.
Make sure you burn the negatives,
when you get your hands on them.
I'm sorry, but the negatives
have fallen in the wrong hands.
They will demand a price for them.
- I'm willing to pay any price!
They won't part with the negatives
even for a million rupees.
So what are they after?
Has there been a new discovery
in your laboratory?
They want the formula.
Take my advice. Give them
that piece of paper...
and save your home from breaking.
This is my business card.
I will wait for you.
Go away now... I hope nobody
sees you here at this hour.
Go on.
How's your friend?
What's up, Asha?
Does he have no hopes
of living?
Asha, get a hold on yourself.
What's the point in crying?
You love your friend so much?
Come with me. A cup of coffee
will set everything right.
I don't want any coffee.
Let's sit down and chat instead.
- Say something?
- About yourself, your business...
your factory,
about the formula...
What do you want to know?
Where do you keep the formula?
At home? At the factory?
That is uncle's look out, Asha.
I've never bothered about that.
Is the formula worthless now that
you have discovered solar power?
Not at all, Asha.
The whole world wants us to sell the
formula which helps us create power.
If the formula falls in
someone else's hands...
he can also generate power.
Why would anyone buy from us?
What are you thinking about?
- Nothing...
You are thinking about something.
- When the formula is so precious...
why don't you keep it with yourself?
- From tomorrow, I'll keep it.
I'll keep it with you.
- No! That's not what I meant.
You look worried, Asha.
Take some rest.
I'm going out for
some important work.
Senior Antonio, arrange
for the money.
The formula's going to be in
your hands in a couple of days.
You haven't even shaved!
- I haven't shaved...
because this is what will
bring the formula to us.
I'm so happy to see you today.
But why did you do
a thing like this?
Life is precious. Why did you
want to end it in this manner?
Life was precious when you
were with me, Asha.
You've always wanted my well-being,
Jeevan. So what's wrong now?
Had something happened to you...
and the letter fallen in
the hands of the police...
what would happen to me?
- Yes, Asha. I'm very sorry.
But I can't understand where
those pictures came from.
Why didn't you take
the pictures away?
Not these! They were obscene pictures.
Of you and me in, posing dirtily...
Obscene pictures of you and me?
Who showed them to you?
- The lady doctor did!
Which lady doctor?
- The one who saved your life!
But I don't know anyone!
- Ask your servant...
he must've brought her here.
- I sacked the servant four days ago!
So who was the lady-doctor who
called me, gave me the letter...
and showed me those pictures?
This is her business card.
Help me, Jeevan! Please!
She told me in no uncertain terms
that if they didn't get...
the formula of Kailash's new
they would send the pictures
to Kailash!
You know how suspiciously I am
being watched all the time.
Those obscene pictures
can wreck my marriage.
No, Asha! Your marriage will not
be wrecked, so long as I'm alive.
They've hatched a plot against you.
But I won't let them succeed.
Maybe that is why I have got
a new lease of life for.
Have faith in me and go home.
Go home, Asha.
Poor girl!
Here's your card. Now take your
place at the dispensary.
Have you already had breakfast?
Had you gone to see your friend?
- Yes.
The same friend you went
to see last night?
Your friend's name...
Jeevan, is it?
Don't lie to me, Asha.
You went to see Jeevan, didn't you?
You went to see him last
night too. Isn't you?
Forgive me.
It's okay if you don't care
for my feelings.
It's okay if you don't care for me.
But why are you ruining
my name and respect?
I have done nothing that
will ruin your name and respect.
You have, Asha! You have!
- No! God is my witness!
I have seen everything, dear.
I'm not going to let you live here.
Let's go home.
This is home for me, daddy.
I'll live here, die here.
What beast have I married
my daughter to?
I'll go away, if you say anything
against my husband, daddy.
I appreciate your loyalty, dear.
But he does not deserve it.
I'm going. The servants
will bring you some tea.
Wait, Asha. I will say
nothing against Kailash.
But why have you sent Jeevan
into the jaws of death?
He has been kidnapped
by some thugs...
who demand that they get
something from you.
Or else, not only will they send
some negatives to Kailash...
but finish Jeevan, too.
Jeevan has done many favors to us.
No price is too much to save him.
What are they asking for?
Give it to me. I'll take it to them.
Who came to you?
- It was a telephone call.
Don't worry. I'll do
something about this.
You've done the right thing, dear.
But I think you have blown it
out of proportion.
They want the formula.
So let the swines have it.
- It's just a piece of paper.
What you want to save in exchange
is Jeevan's life...
and something more valuable.
Happiness for you and Kailash.
- No arguments.
I'll dress up quickly. Let's go
to the doctor's dispensary.
May we come, Papa?
- Sure.
Talk to her. I'll be back soon.
Dr. Shetty... this is the one.
Mr. Ramakant Khurana
in person!
I'm glad to see
that you know me.
We had no idea that
such a great formula...
would be personally handed over
to us by the man who discovered it!
Won't I get a reward for it?
- Can I inspect the formula?
I'd first like to inspect
those negatives.
Of course.
Take a look, dear.
- This is the one.
Let's burn it.
- One moment...
let me satisfy myself.
I have yet to be satisfied.
What's the name, dear?
- Jeevan.
Right. Where's Jeevan?
- Untie him first.
Untie him.
Ask me, if you can't figure it out.
What do you think?
- It looks okay.
I tried so much to make my life
of some use to you.
But you're the one doing
favors to me instead.
Go ahead with him, dear.
I'll come after I have
satisfied them.
No thank you. We are fully satisfied.
You may leave, too.
No. Show it some scientists,
so there is no doubt involved.
We have no doubts whatsoever.
- So give it to me.
- Those negatives.
It's an amazing formula!
Where do you intend to sell it?
I've struck a deal with
20 countries already.
But we intend to deal with
every nation in the world.
How much money will you make?
- I haven't calculated yet.
But it's not going to be
anything less than 200 million.
This formula wouldn't sell
for a hundred cornflakes!
It's utter nonsense!
A bloody fake!
What nonsense are you talking?
- Nonsense?
Give it away to a scrap dealer!
They'll use it to make
small packets of peanuts!
Khurana has had it now.
Why's there darkness here? Why
haven't you switched on the lights?
Suraj... Kiran...
Where could they have gone?
What do you think, Khurana?
How did you get here? I could
hand you over to the police.
Why not?
By dragging the police into this...
you are unnecessarily endangering
the lives of your children.
This is between us.
Let's sort it out amicably.
Where are my children?
- Where is the real formula?
It's not with me.
- But you can get hold of it.
We're in no hurry.
I'll give you a call tomorrow morning.
Decide for yourself.
What do you love more?
The formula? Or your children?
Hello, uncle.
- Could you call Kailash, please?
Uncle... so early in the day?
- Yes, son.
I want you to keep what is yours.
- The formula?
What for, uncle? If it's safe
with me, it's safe with you.
No, son. The mightiest of men
will weaken at times.
I want to be worthy of the faith
you have always reposed in me.
What things are you saying today?
- Go and keep it safely.
All right. But please wait
till I return.
It hardly takes time for man
to change his intentions.
Where has he gone?
- He has left.
Where are the children?
- The children...
they must be playing somewhere.
It's eight!
- Were you expecting a call at 8?
It's Eight already.
What have you decided?
This is an injustice.
What you are looking for
is not in my possession.
Listen, old fossil!
Don't act smart with us!
Looks like you don't value
your children's lives.
I give you time till this evening.
I ought to have the formula
by 5 p.m. Or else...
you will find the body of one of
your children at your doorstep.
Your children will return, uncle.
It appears from this certificate
that he's an intelligent chap.
Send him over tomorrow morning.
I'll employ him.
Tomorrow's a Sunday, sir.
So send him over on Monday.
Is everything okay?
What happened?
Stop crying and tell me
what happened!
I can't bear to see you crying.
Tell me what's wrong.
Ever since I've been married,
I've been weeping every day.
I am humiliated day in and day out;
I have borne it all.
It's beyond the limits
of my tolerance now.
How could Kailash dare?
I have only given him love till now.
But now I will show him
what a woman's wrath is.
He's so proud of the formula
of this new discovery!
I'll shatter his pride!
But that formula was already given
to those crooks to save me.
That wasn't the real one.
It was a fake!
The real formula is lying
in Kailash's safe.
I have a key to the safe, too.
I'm going to steal that formula.
I hesitate to say it, because I'm
afraid, you might misunderstand me.
Jeevan! Can we ever
misunderstand each other?
Tell me what you want to.
Go on.
I strongly feel that your marriage
was a mistake, Asha.
Something you and I are
both paying for.
But to go through this punishment
is a bigger mistake, Asha.
I want you to come back to me.
Yes, Asha. I'm not as
rich as Kailash is...
but I have so much of love
in my heart...
something Kailash can never have.
Jeevan! Do you really love me
as much as you used to?
I've proved my love by
swallowing the poison, Asha.
Yes, I'm your Jeevan.
In this birth. And forever.
What will you do once you've
stolen the formula?
There's that scientist
working with Kailash.
The same thugs have kidnapped
that old man's children.
I see. But what for?
- For the formula.
They threaten to kill the children
if they aren't given the formula.
They dare to that?
I'll have their blood yet!
No! I'm not going to
let you go there!
I've already risked your life once,
for my own sake.
But we must save those children, Asha!
- What do you think?
Could they have taken the children
to the same place where they held you?
Undoubtedly! I have even seen
the route to the den.
Really? Can you send word to them,
in that case?
Ask them to bring the children,
and I'll give them the formula.
Why not? But...
where will we call them?
In the forests behind Kailash's house.
At midnight.
When Kailash is fast asleep.
- He'll be left asleep...
and Jeevan will go away
with his Asha. Forever.
Jeevan! When will night come?
When will it be midnight?
I'm getting so impatient!
- Asha! My Asha!
Not right now...
at midnight.
What are you looking at?
It's what you want.
That which you enacted
a farce for!
That which you played with
my love and my feelings for.
For which you might have
betrayed me so much again.
You have never understood how
deeply I have loved you, Asha.
This formula is a heap of paper,
compared to my love!
Had you as much as asked me for it,
I'd gladly have given it away to you.
I have worshipped you,
as people worship Goddesses.
And you have shattered
my faith today.
I beg you, Asha. Do not give me
any false explanations...
and make me hate you even more.
Take it away.
Should there be anything else
you want, ask for it.
But henceforth, if you want
to live in this house...
I'll have to leave.
You do understand me, Kailashbabu.
And rightly, too.
That you are not kicking me out
proves you're just another man...
you're an angel.
With you in my heart,
I will go away.
If you could give me some time
to pack my things...
I'll be grateful to you.
Turn the car around.
- Very well.
I was wondering whether
you'd come.
Are the children here?
- Have you got the formula?
Yes. Where are the children?
- Over there.
We'll have to first
give them the formula.
Ask them to bring the kids here,
if they want the formula.
The formula is here in my bag.
- All right.
Bring the kids here
if you want the formula.
Don't cry.
Where's daddy, sister?
- Come. Let's go to daddy.
Get in. Go on.
Give them the formula, Jeevan.
- Take it away!
Where are you going?
- I'll be back.
As soon as I get down,
speed away with the car.
All right.
So where are we running
away to, Jeevan?
What are you talking about?
- Lay off!
Your game is up!
- What game? What are you saying?
Everything is a game for you.
Love and friendship, too!
You have treated me and
my father like toys.
You have treated my husband
like a toy! For your greed...
you have ruined our lives!
Sir, this empty!
Asha, where is the formula?
- You want the formula, do you?
Here you are!
No one fools me like this.
Let me go!
Get that, inspector?
Search the road to Coimbatore.
Go right up to Kunnoor. Search
every place and report to me.
"What belongs to you,
is under the pillow"
That's him. Talk!
Kailashbabu, you haven't
done the right thing.
This was between you and us.
By bringing in the police...
you have put your wife at risk.
But nothing is out of control.
Should you agree, we could
sort it out very lovingly.
You are very kind. But whom will
I have to be very loving with?
With me, of course.
- Now listen...
if you're going to answer every
question after asking Jeevan...
we're going to waste a lot of time.
Tell the bastard to talk to me...
if he's man enough!
I must compliment you for
your wisdom, Kailashbabu.
And I must compliment you
for being a good friend.
I will accept the compliments...
when I have the formula of the
discovery in my hands.
Why? Haven't you received it yet?
Leave the dramatics to me, Kailash.
The formula is lying in your safe.
And you could say
that Asha is my safe.
So why don't we swap our safes
and strengthen our friendship?
I'm not going to kill her, Kailash.
But Asha is as beautiful as ever.
And I'm as passionate, too.
I couldn't satisfy my desires earlier.
But if you compel me now...
Let alone touch her, if you even
cast a dirty glance at her...
I swear in the name of
my father and forefathers...
I will find you, even if I have
to look for you all my life.
What state I bring you to then
will make even the angels shudder!
You still love her,
don't you?
So I'm going to get the formula.
Tell me. When have I to send my men?
You must come in person.
And Asha must accompany you.
My men will come to you.
And you will give them the formula.
Only after we have ascertained
the genuineness of the formula...
will we return Asha to you.
Remember; Do nothing too smart.
Be at the doorstep with the
formula at midnight. Okay?
Run! There's a fire!
They've fled.
- Your scheme has worked.
The cause of the fire is not known...
but Kailash Gupta and three of
his servants were charred to death.
Mrs. Kailash Gupta was not at the
residence when the incident occurred.
The Government has sent three officers
from Delhi to investigate the matter.
Till such time as they
unravel the mystery...
no citizen will be allowed anywhere
near the scene of the fire.
There is tight police security
all around.
It is rumored that the Government is
looking for some important documents.
You should know what the
important documents are!
Before the officers from Delhi
arrive here...
we must get hold of the formula,
at any cost. Tonight.
They're here! Get to work!
I'll go and hide in the
boot of their car.
You guys will spare a guy or two
and fix the others.
Don't worry. We'll handle it.
Is it okay for you to take
such a risk, son?
It's a question of Asha's life.
I must go!
If there's no word from you...
I'll take the police and
set out to look for you.
All right. Do as you deem fit.
Give me that stick.
You guys disperse...
Go on.
You want the formula, eh?
Let me go! Leave me alone!
For God's sake...
let me go!
I beg of you...
have mercy on me!
Are you going to hell to meet your
husband, even if we let you go?
You are lying!
Nothing can happen to Kailash!
You are lying!
This is surely a ploy!
- All right. So it is a ploy!
Why have you left me?
I can't live without you!
I'm ruined! What am I
going to do?
Leave me alone!
We've run out of gas!
"They meet..."
"two bodies meet"
"They blossom"
"Even if life is short..."
"we don't regret it"
"They meet..."
"two bodies meet"
"and they blossom"
"Even if life is short...
we have no regrets"
"We have no regrets"
"Even if it's late in arriving..."
"Spring is here at last"
"In fires it lay,
before love awakened"
"In a storm have
these flowers blossomed"
"In a storm have
these flowers blossomed"
"So unique is our union"
"We meet..."
"Our bodies meet"
"We blossom"
"Even if life is short now...
we have no regrets"
"We have no regrets"
"It's the same smile...
on the lips I have adored"
"Our desires we suppressed
so far"
"Past days,
let us forget"
"The days gone by,
let us forget, my love"
"We meet..."
"Our bodies meet..."
"and love blossoms"
"Even if we have a
short time to live..."
"we have no regrets"
"We have no regrets"
Set the forests on fire,
if that is where they're holed up!
But if they manage to escape,
I'll make your lives miserable!
This is taking too long, Deendayal.
I must take the police
and go in search of them.
Let's go.
Stay here, Asha...
- Forget it now. We had better escape.
No, Asha. I'll regret
this all my life...
that I have taught his
son-of-a-bitch a lesson!
They are not here, Jeevan saheb!
- So look there!
Look nowhere, Jeevan.
I'm right here.
I didn't want us to have a
confrontation like this, Kailash.
What you want makes
no difference anymore.
Only what I want is
about to happen!
It isn't a fight between equals.
I have 20 men on my side
and a pistol, too.
It isn't a fight between
one man against 20...
it's a battle between friendship
and evil.
The lead in my pistol knows
nothing about friendship and evil.
It simply kills.
Had the gun to go off,
it would by now.
But it seems to have more
consideration than you.
Now look, Kailash.
Bloodshed isn't a nice thing.
You know what I'm after.
The formula.
Don't you know what I'm looking for?
Ask your dogs for help!
I'm fix them too!
Lay off!
I want those criminals alive.
Surround the place!
Freeze! Don't anybody move!
Look, Jeevan.
There's a huge reception party
to welcome you and your buddies.
I will regret it that although
the police will have you punished...
for betraying the nation...
I have not punished you enough...
for betraying a friend like me
and an angel like Asha.
What have you done?
I'm a greedy man. I'm not worthy
of your friendship, Kailash.
Let's go, son.
"You must wonder why
I love you so much"
"You must think I'm crazy...
and I agree with you"
"Only those crazy will understand
what craziness is all about"
"Only a moth would know the
pleasure there is in burning"
"But do keep tormenting me...
in my dreams"
"Every moment I live...
you are close to my heart"
"Life is all about yearning...
is what you tell me"
"Every moment I live...
you are close to my