Black Mass (2015) Movie Script

Before we start,
I want you to know something.
I'm not a rat.
You understand?
I want that on record before we start.
Okay. You are not a rat.
And it's on record.
Mr. Weeks, the charges against you,
racketeering, extortion, kidnapping,
and accomplice to murder,
are very serious.
Am I correct in stating that
you are here today
to make a deal
with the federal government?
And am I correct in stating
that you are going from
trusted confidant to one of
South Boston's most notorious
and violent gangsters
to government witness?
Then I need to know everything you know
about the Winter Hill Gang,
the FBI and John Connolly,
and specifically,
what you know about your former boss
and now fugitive, James "Whitey" Bulger.
Well, let's start.
It'll be a good time tonight. We gotta...
Sorry, buddy. I can't let you in.
Yeah. That's cool, man.
I'm friends with Jimmy.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- You're with Jimmy?
- Yeah.
Well, I still can't let you in.
Who the fuck are you?
The guy who works here.
You probably don't remember this,
but you were here last Saturday night
with a few of your friends,
around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.
You took a piss up against the bar.
And that's frowned upon here.
But if you go down to Brannigan's,
just right down there,
they'll let you take a shit
in the middle of the floor,
if that's what you wanna do.
But you can't... You can't do it here.
All right. Yeah.
- Okay?
- Oh, yeah, we'll go.
Hey, look. No hard feelings, okay?
Fuck out of my fucking way,
you fuckin' retard.
Tough guy wants to dance.
Come on! Step the fuck...
She's all fired up,
she knows he's over
at the Bulldog, running his mouth again.
She go over there
and she got a little fork
in her pocket, you know?
She walk right in there,
tap him on the shoulder,
take his fuckin' eye out,
right there, in front of everybody.
And Connors was fuckin' in there.
He couldn't even look.
He had to look away.
"MARTORANO". Connors ain't no tough guy.
DeNucci whipped his ass in '59.
'Course he did,
he's a professional fighter.
Yeah, so is Connors.
Connors's a tough kid, but, you know,
Joe DeNucci's the real thing,
is all I'm saying.
Well, I'm saying that Connors
didn't want no part of this broad.
Hey, you know something?
For 15 straight minutes,
I been watching you
putting your big fat fuckin' fingers
into your disgusting mouth,
which is filled with God knows
what kind of fuckin' bacteria,
and then you take the same
big fat fuckin' filthy fingers
and you stuff 'em back into the bowl
that is there for public consumption.
Now what the fuck are you thinkin', John?
Well, I wasn't thinking, Jimmy.
I'm sorry.
Just don't do it again.
"BARMAN". Jimmy.
Uh, sorry to bother you.
We got trouble outside.
Ronald, hold him up straight!
"MAN". Put him up against the car!
Get him up! Get him up!
Put a stop to it.
Charlie! Charlie,
he's a fucking kid, Charlie.
- Charlie!
- Come on.
The fuck! He's fucking dead!
Charlie. Come here.
- What the fuck, Jimmy?
- Shut up.
- Where're you going?
- You're fuckin' dead, you...
Did I fuckin' tell you to shut up?
You listen to me. I won't say it twice.
- Get in the fuckin' bar.
- Come on, pretty boy.
Hey, you know,
Charlie, the guy you was just beatin' on?
Yeah, he's Charlie McTiernan.
He's married to one of Jimmy's cousins.
How the fuck am I supposed to know that?
I don't know.
Good luck, kid.
Get in the fuckin' car.
No, no, no, no, no. You drive.
Are we meetin' Carmelo out here?
What the fuck, Jimmy?
What are we doin' here?
- I mean...
- Kill the engine.
Jimmy, look, I'm sorry.
I was doing my job.
Shut the fuck up.
Ah! Shit!
All right, that's enough.
You got something I like, kid.
It's Kevin, right?
Meet Joey Anguilo.
"WEEKS". And just fucking like that,
I was Winter Hill.
And that was a big deal to me.
What'd you do?
"WEEKS". The everyday, smalltime stuff,
the rackets,
driving around making pickups,
checking on our vending machines,
you know.
And listenin' to Mickey bullshit.
So, this guy at the Libra Lounge
in Revere over there is tellin' me
that the porn stars in California,
they eat a lot of celery
before they gonna perform, you know?
Wait. Whoa. Stop for a second.
That's old Mrs. Cody.
Mickey, you remember old Mrs. Cody?
'Course I do.
Going strong. Look at her.
Pardon me, Mrs. Cody,
but I think I smell
a little shepherd's pie
sneaking out of that
bag there. Am I right?
As I live and breathe, it's Jimmy!
It is.
When did you get out of Alcatraz?
Oh. Ah, that's nearly
10 years ago now, Mrs. Cody.
- Oh.
- More than a minute.
Well, it's wonderful to have you back
in the neighborhood, son.
You remember Mickey, don't you?
Hello, there. How are you, sweetheart?
- Good to see you.
- Lt's nice to see you.
You know this kid, Kevin?
Your paperboy, right?
- I grew up a little bit, huh?
- Kevin, yes. Good to see you.
Make sure everything gets
put away nice, you know.
She got everything she needs, huh?
The truth of the matter is,
a lot of people in Southie loved Jimmy.
And you'd include
John Connolly in that group?
"WEEKS". Well, especially John Connolly.
I mean, he grew up in the projects
a few doors down
from the Bulger brothers.
And he was tight with Billy,
but like every other
kid in the neighborhood,
he was in awe of Jimmy.
The story goes, when he was growing up,
Connolly was taking
a beating from some guys
and Jimmy stepped in
and saved his ass, I guess.
We've now come home to focus
on this office's top priority,
which is really the North End
of the Italian Mafia,
led by Gennaro Angiulo.
He's a hell of a cop,
he's a straight shooter,
and well, we're damn lucky
to have him. Welcome, John.
"WEEKS". You know, Southie kids,
we went straight from playing
cops and robbers on the playground
to doing it for real in the streets.
And just like on the playground,
it wasn't always easy to tell who's who.
There he is.
Oh, John!
- How are you?
- Very good.
If I'm buying anyone,
- I'm buying Gary Carter.
- Gary Carter.
That kid is a star in the making.
Which is why it'll never happen.
Not in a million fuckin' years.
You know why?
- Because it's the Sox.
- Lt's the Sox.
So, seriously, what do I call you now?
I mean, is it Billy?
Or I gotta call you Senator?
Oh, come on. I'm the one drooling here.
Mr. FBI Hero.
How's the wife? How's Marianne?
Great. Can't complain.
Okay, look at you. Look at you.
I haven't forgotten where we came from.
"Don't you ever do that again."
"I don't want to see you
throw the first punch,"
"throw the first two punches!"
Oh, man. Yeah, I gotta get
down to the Old Harbor.
You ought to, John.
Ma would love to see you.
How's, uh, how's your brother?
- How is Jimmy?
- Jimmy's Jimmy. You know?
Why do you ask?
Well, it's no secret that.
Southie's been a war zone lately.
What, with 60, 70 slayings?
But your brother and his Winter Hill boys,
they're still out there.
They must be doing something right. Right?
All right, John.
Let's call this what it is.
You're jerking me off under the table
- to get to Jimmy.
- Aw, Billy.
Jimmy's business is Jimmy's business.
It sure as hell ain't none of mine.
I got an edict to eradicate the Mafia.
And I know that Jimmy and Stephen Flemmi
are musclin' in on their numbers rackets
and their vending machines.
And I know that this
ain't sitting very well with Angiulo.
- I don't wanna hear this.
- You need to hear this, Billy.
Your brother
is wading in some very dark waters.
You know, we all need friends.
Even Jimmy.
Even you.
Nobody gets there on their own.
Ain't that right, Senator?
You know what, John?
It's good to see you
doing so well. Really, it is.
Give my regards to the boys at the Plaza.
Listen, you don't wanna
give that to Jimmy?
Fine. But just... Just tell him I said,
"Hello," and I'm back.
Oh, if Jimmy wants to get in touch,
he'll find you. Trust me.
You ought to come over to dinner sometime.
Mary and the kids would love to see you.
- Robert, how are things?
- How are you, Senator?
Good to see you.
Oh, there she is.
Agent Marianne.
Hands where I can see 'em.
Looks good. You're making progress.
Well, thank you, Agent Connolly.
- Did you save Boston yet?
- Mmm.
It's early, but I'm working on it.
Well, you better work hard,
because Hoover's expecting big things
from his favorite son.
- He won't be disappointed.
- Oh, is that so?
Hey, you little thief.
What're you doing? I know what you want.
- Is that you?
- What's she looking for?
Good morning, Ma!
How was work?
It was long. I gotta get
some sleep, sweetheart.
- Oh.
- How we doin', huh?
All right, hey.
You still owe me $56.
What do you say?
- Oh... All right, one hand, huh? One hand.
- Ah, yeah, yeah.
And $56 is still a lot of money, Jimmy.
Oh, don't I know it.
You gonna cheat me again
or you gonna play straight?
Ah, look who's talkin'. Cheat.
Ah, Jimmy. Get the jacket off.
Here we go.
Come on. Not again.
You not paying attention?
Can't you see I'm after hearts?
And you just keep feeding me hearts!
Billy, I'm getting creamed over here.
Better you than me, pal.
Did you learn nothing in prison?
Oh! All those hours and no one
taught you how to play gin.
Well, they didn't teach me
how to cheat against my mom.
Look, here's my cards. Count 'em out.
Hey, Ma, did you hear
old Mother Burke died
over on Baker Street?
No one found her for a couple of weeks.
That's right.
And when they broke down the door,
her cats had devoured
the best part of her.
That's... That's beautiful, Ma.
Who's hungry?
I'm out. I got creamed,
I'm going to take a nap.
Thanks for cheating, Ma.
See you later.
- Hey, Jimmy.
- Yeah.
Do you remember little John Connolly?
Yeah, why? What's up?
What's the matter?
He's an FBI agent now.
Just... He's come back home.
I'm on my way.
Hey, Jimmy.
It's good to see you.
The fuckin' FBI, John?
You got two minutes.
All right, I'm gonna cut right to it.
I have it on very good authority
that Gennaro Angiulo is
planning to have you murdered.
Is that so?
And how does he plan to achieve that?
That's the kind of information
that my side gets.
And that's the kind of information
that we can provide.
John, do you know what I do to rats?
It ain't rattin', Jimmy. It's an alliance.
An alliance between
me and the fuckin' FBI?
No, no, between you and me.
I can help you, Jimmy,
and you can help me.
Listen, the whole
fucking game has changed.
And I'm not trying to
clean up Southie. Fuck that!
I fuckin' love this place.
I'm interested in the North End.
And taking down the fuckin' wops.
I'm interested in the Mafia
and I bet you are too.
That's two minutes.
Just think about it, will you?
Here she is, Miss America.
And don't we look beautiful today.
Where's my boy, sleeping upstairs?
- Yeah.
- Should I wake him up?
- No.
- You don't want me to wake him up?
- No!
- You sore at me?
Jimmy, don't wake him up.
I'll be sore if you wake him up.
I'm gonna go wake him up now.
- Don't wake him up.
- Wakin' him up.
Hey, buddy. Got a question for you.
What are you gonna do
with the rest of that?
Not drink it.
No, buddy, you gotta
drink every drop of that.
You know why?
That is pure vitamin C,
and it's freshly squeezed by your mommy,
which is, obviously,
makes it more special,
even magical-like.
It's true. Go on. Put it away.
Good boy.
Do you feel like, maybe,
you want to tell me what...
What happened in school yesterday?
Oh, I remember. Something did happen.
Yeah? What happened?
Timmy. He's the kid who's
always trying to trip me.
And he stole my coloring
pencils off my desk
when my back was turned.
So I punched him in the face.
Good boy.
Let me ask you a question,
is that why you think you got in trouble?
'Cause you punched him in the face?
All right. I need you
to listen very carefully
to what I'm sayin' because
there are lessons again and again
throughout your whole life.
And you gotta learn
from these things, right?
Here's the deal.
You did not get in trouble
because you punched
this sneaky brat in the face, not at all.
You got in trouble
because you punched
this sneaky little brat in the face
in front of other people.
I really don't think
that that's the right thing
to be teaching your kid.
No, that's absolutely what
I should be tellin' him, babe.
So, the lesson you gotta learn is this,
it's not what you do,
it's when and where you do it.
And who you do it to or with.
Huh? You follow?
Yes, I follow. Punch people
when no one's looking.
That's exactly right.
If nobody sees it,
it didn't happen.
Well, look what crawled out of the gutter.
Good afternoon, Officer Flynn.
What happened? I must
have been doing 30 in a 25.
Gonna lock me up for life or somethin'?
Hey, why don't you do
your fucking job instead of
trying to jerk off on us,
you pathetic fuckin' stiff?
Quiet, Tommy. Tommy!
I'm doing my fuckin' job.
I'm sure the officer
didn't stop us by accident.
You wouldn't happen to be
carrying a message now, would you?
In fact, lam.
Gerry Angiulo sends his regards.
Says he doesn't like finding
his boys beat to a pulp
and left for dead in empty parking lots.
He also said he's confident
you ain't gonna cause him
any more troubles,
'cause if you do,
it's only gonna cause
much worse troubles for you.
Listen, motherfucker.
You think 'cause you're
wearing a fucking uniform,
you can do what you want?
Go fuck yourself!
- Settle down, fucking rummy!
- Fuck you!
Tommy, close the fucking door.
I gotta tell you something, Officer Flynn.
It's a sad day when a native son
takes up with his oppressor.
There's a word for that
back home, you know.
Penalty's death.
You threatenin' me, Bulger?
The last thing I would do
if I was planning to harm you
is to warn you in advance, you dumb fuck.
You better watch yourself, Bulger.
You better fuck yourself, Flynn.
Fuck you, you project rat.
And fuck you, you rummy.
I never trusted Flynn.
He's a fucking prick.
"LEONARD". Take it easy, will you?
Even as kids,
he was a fuckin' prick.
- A fuckin' prick.
- Please, calm down.
Swear to God,
I'm gonna fuckin' kill him.
I'll fucking kill that Flynn.
Take it easy, will you? Come on.
turncoat motherfucker.
He's fucking dead!
You're not fuckin'
killing anybody, Tommy,
and you ain't killing a cop any time.
You hear me?
Fuck you, Whitey.
Oh, Jesus. Tommy...
- Go fuck yourself.
- Tommy, come on. Enough.
- Fuck you.
- Take it easy.
Take it easy, come on.
You want to take a shot, Tommy?
Enough. Enough.
Take your shot.
But make it your fucking best,
'cause I get up, I eat you.
- Sit down. Sit down.
- Let's go. Come on.
Sit down. Relax. Jimmy,
he's shit-faced. I'll deal with him.
- You fuckin' better.
- Don't even worry about it.
What, you think I look fucking worried?
Sit down. Please, sit down.
Jesus Christ,
he's fuckin' retarded.
"TOMMY". Jack O!
Give me another one, huh?
Hey, Tommy.
You watch yourself.
Mr. Martorano,
you are one of the most
feared men in Boston.
And well-known as the chief executioner
for the Winter Hill Gang.
Is that correct?
You are also reputed to
have murdered some 20 people.
Would you say that is accurate?
That is accurate, yes.
Mr. Martorano, I want you to
be as specific as possible
in answering why the war
between the Angiulos
and Winter Hill escalated.
Simple. Territory.
Specifically South Boston?
Yes, Southie.
Angiulo wanted to control everything,
loan-sharking, vending machines,
all the rackets.
"OLSEN". And there were consequences.
Yeah. There was consequences.
What the fuck?
We need you. We're looking for Suitcase.
Suitcase? The fuck did he do?
He set up Mickey.
Fuck me.
Hang on a minute.
Hey, what's going on, Jimmy?
You guys looking for Suitcase?
I seen him up on Winter Hill
a few hours ago.
Need me to jump in?
Nah, we got it, Buddy.
What the fuck
are you doing, Tommy?
It's a fuckin' vest.
You got a problem with it?
Makes you look like a faggot.
We'll see who the faggot is
when it stops a couple
of fuckin' bullets, huh?
Hey, Jimmy, about that bullshit
the other night at Triple O's, I was...
I was fucking way outta line.
Forget about it, Tommy. You was drunk.
I know I was drunk,
but that ain't an excuse.
Should never have fuckin' happened.
No, it should never have happened.
But that's the thing. That's...
I want you to listen to me.
- You need to keep an eye on it.
- Yeah.
Because, you know, the juice,
it'll sneak up and bite you on the ass
and you never know when,
you know what I mean?
Absolutely, absolutely.
And I... I worry about you, that's all.
I'll keep an eye on it,
I promise. I promise.
We good?
Yeah, we good.
Lots of good your vest did you today,
you fucking prick.
Put him in the trunk.
Why'd they kill Tommy?
"WEEKS". I think Jim was convinced
that Tommy ratted out Mickey to Angiulo.
Either that or Tommy
raising a fist to Jimmy,
which is never a good idea.
"OLSEN". Where'd they bury him?
WEEKS". In Jim's favorite spot.
Right there under the bridge
in Neponset River.
He buried so many bodies in that shithole,
it became known
as the Bulger Burial Ground.
I don't know how you fuckers
didn't get it. I really don't.
I mean, in the beginning,
Jim was a small-town player
who really only mattered in Southie.
Don't get me wrong,
he was a tough motherfucker,
but smalltime.
And then, the next thing you know,
he's a goddamn kingpin.
You know why?
Because the FBI let it happen.
"CONNOLLY". This is John.
This is potentially
the biggest opportunity
the Bureau will ever have had
in the history of the city of Boston,
and you need time to think about it?
Before you go flying
any further off the handle,
it might help to recall
that Whitey Bulger is an ex-convict.
- Yeah.
- And that his parole category is.
"Supervised Release Status,"
a designation that we would be
required to get withdrawn
or else we would be
in violation of Bureau regulations.
So? We withdraw or we violate.
What we don't do,
unless we're clinically insane,
is blow this chance!
And by the way,
it's "Jimmy," not "Whitey."
The only thing you're gonna get
by calling him Whitey is a fucking smack.
Oh, is that so?
So I'm supposed to cater
to this fucker's whims?
If it brings you Angiulo, yes!
And what makes you so sure
that he's gonna be a reliable source?
Because in my experience,
every one of those Winter Hill pricks
is a double-crossing cocksucker.
I grew up with him in Southie.
Jimmy, his brother Billy, and me.
And that is a bond
that doesn't get broken.
I mean, if he gives me his word,
he will keep it.
So we're relying on the word of criminals.
Jimmy's no ordinary criminal.
McGUIRE: Well, you're right about that.
"A vicious animal who
won't take no for an answer."
"Violent decisiveness
at any hint of betrayal."
Oh! "A ripened psychopath"
"determined to succeed above all else."
I got a lot of respect for you, Charles,
but I cannot fucking believe
what I'm hearing.
Four Mafia murders in the North End
this month alone,
and we don't have
a legitimate case on any of them.
The Angiulos are out there laughing at us
like we're fuckin' a bunch of clowns!
A bunch of clowns!
Come on, guys. If we're serious
about bringing down the Italians,
Jimmy is the only way.
What about these
LSD experiments in prison?
He can't be stable.
He did it for time off and money.
And it was a handful of times.
It was 50 times, John.
Just trust me when I tell you
he is a smart, stable motherfucker.
What do you think, Morris?
I think that we have more
to gain than to lose on this.
I think we go with John.
I think we bring Whitey,
uh, Jimmy, into the tent.
No drugs. No fuckin' murder, Connolly.
You listen good,
'cause I'm only gonna say this once.
I will never hurt, or adversely affect
any of my friends or financial partners.
I do not consider this rattin'
or informin'.
This is business.
I couldn't have said it any better.
You're a liaison.
You pretty much do whatever you want.
And no one's gonna raise an eyebrow
so long as you're leadin' us
into some pretty big busts.
There's just one restriction on our side,
you can't kill anybody, Jimmy.
Kevin, did you know
that Whitey was an informant?
No, I didn't know.
I mean, he hated rats.
We fuckin' buried rats,
especially our own.
I mean, I knew he had
his connections in the FBI.
I knew he had his sources.
But I figured he was playing them
like he did everybody else.
But obviously, he had a plan.
Where do you get the energy
for that shit, Jimmy?
Hey, Steve. Hang on a minute.
We've known each other
a long fuckin' time, you know?
Can I trust you, Stevie?
- You know you can trust me.
- Good.
'Cause there's something
I want you to know.
I'm making a deal with the Feds.
An alliance.
- You're informing to the FBI?
- No.
There's informing,
and then there's informing.
Informing, you should be
fucking chopped up
and put into a garbage bag, that's it.
Informing, you're the scum of the scum.
But it's not informing
when you're bringing down
the cocksuckers who deserve
to be brought down.
Like the fucking Brits in the six counties
or the goddamn Dagos up in the North End.
It's a business opportunity.
Get the FBI to fight our wars
against our enemies,
while they protect us,
and we do whatever the fuck we wanna do.
All right, Jimmy.
There's a guy named John Connolly.
He's a Southie boy, we grew up together.
He's all right.
So, we're doing this?
Yeah, we're gonna do this.
Ho, ho, ho!
He's asleep, he's a little sick.
He's a little sick? Sick With what?
He's just got a fever.
He'll be fine in a few days.
It's probably just the flu.
Did you take him to the doctor?
No, he'll be okay.
Take him to the doctor
in the morning, would you?
It's only a little,
but it might get bigger
because the hose, you know, what it does
at this time of the year,
it's always leaking,
it's always bursting, that pipe.
You want me to get Tom to fix it?
Sure. It's nice of you, Billy, thank you.
No worries. No worries.
Marianne. How are you
settling into Southie?
How do you find it?
- I like it.
- Mmm.
It's taking a little
getting used to, but...
It's different.
Different how?
Um, I find it
a rather tight-knit community.
And I could have hoped to have
met a few more people by now.
Well, you know, those sort of things
just take a little time
and you need introductions to people.
Mary and I can help with that.
Can't we, Mary?
Yeah, indeed we can, Bill.
- That would be great, thank you.
- Once you settle in,
you'll find that people around
here are as good as gold.
I'm sure that's true.
Well, of course.
There we are. You ready?
All right, everybody.
On the count of three,
one, two, three.
Merry Christmas, everybody!
Boys, come back down here
in five minutes, you hear?
Can we open presents?
Open presents, right.
Whose turn is it first?
Start with you?
I don't know how your brother does it.
What's that?
Nine children.
Oh. That's a complete mystery
to me as well.
Hey, Stevie.
I just wanted to say...
I can't understand you. Calm down.
It's really good that you're comin' along.
It makes things in my world a lot easier.
BILLY; All right, all right.
- Sure, John.
- Hold on, hold on.
Jimmy, phone.
You need to take the call.
Excuse me. Douglas Cyr's room, please.
Room 508, around the corner.
Thank you.
How is he?
He's in there
right now with the doctor
and they're saying that
it's Reye's Syndrome.
What the fuck is Reye's Syndrome?
- I thought it was the flu.
- I know, so did I.
But then, when you left,
I called the doctor
and they said to just
keep giving him aspirin
every four hours,
just like I'd been doing for days.
But then, his fever
got higher, and then...
And then his behavior started changing,
and he became really angry, Jimmy.
Like, really angry,
and his body was all stiff,
so I brought him here
and they said that, then,
the aspirin that I had been giving him
just made him worse.
- No. No.
- Yeah, that's what they said!
That's what they said,
that I made him worse.
Sorry, no change.
I'm taking him home, Lindsey.
I don't fucking care what they say.
I want to take my boy home.
He's not coming home, Jimmy.
Don't say that, please. Don't say that.
He's on life support, Jimmy.
He's not going anywhere.
You gotta accept it.
No. I don't gotta
do fucking nothing.
Look at me.
Jimmy, please, look at me.
He's never gonna be
our little boy again, ever.
- He's brain-dead.
- Don't say that.
He's on life support, he can't move,
and I don't want him like that!
I can't have my little boy be like that!
I'll pull the plug myself. I will.
What did you say?
What the fuck did you just say?
My boy?
You pull the plug on my boy?
I can't have him like this, Jimmy.
How could you be so cold?
Don't say that to me.
How could you be so cold?
- Don't say that.
- I could never. Ever.
Don't you dare fucking say that.
- You're pathetic.
- You of all people
in the whole fucking world
cannot say that to me!
Who the fuck are you?
You motherfucker.
Go fuck yourself.
"OLSEN". Because you have been convicted
of Federal racketeering and murder charges
and aim to make a deal to spare your life,
I'd like to start with
the period of Mr. Bulger's life
after the death of his son,
when his enterprise expanded and he became
a so-called "crime lord" of Boston.
From what were you and
Mr. Bulger making your money?
Ah, it was a lot of things.
Running dope on the streets of Southie,
we had the rackets, we had the ponies,
tenants on every corner.
This ain't your neighborhood, Whitey.
Is that right?
But we were making
weekly collections.
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!
You name it,
and yeah, we was doin' it.
The lottery, Jimmy?
What can I tell you, Billy Boy?
I mean, I went in on a ticket as a lark,
and I fucking won, fair and square. What?
Would you say Winter Hill was thriving?
We were making a lot of money.
Which meant we had to
pay off a lot of people,
keep things running smooth, you know?
Local street cops, Feds, whatever.
We were throwing money around like crazy.
And then there was those trips to Miami.
We were getting into the jai alai racket
with John Callahan
and an individual named Brian Halloran.
Jimmy never really, uh, trusted him.
I swear to God, I'll shoot
youse both in the face.
For obvious reasons.
But he didn't think he could
make the deal without him.
- So...
- McGUIRE: Right now, Connolly,
Bulger and his crew
are swanning around Southie
like a bunch of fucking Vikings,
raping and pillaging
and we can't touch them
because they're no longer criminals.
They're professional criminal consultants.
But my question to you is,
have they actually given us
one concrete fucking thing
that we can move on?
Just give me a fucking break!
After the desert you been walking through,
this is your ticket to the big time.
And all you can do is fuckin'...
All right, you fucking listen to me, John.
We have given Bulger miles
and miles of leeway and so far
he's given us dick in return.
I need a wire inside
Angiul0's headquarters.
That fucker's been moving around so much,
I need to know specifically
where his fucking headquarters even are.
And the fact that we don't
makes us look like a bunch of
fucking Keystone Kops.
I need evidence
that I can present
to the Federal prosecutor.
And you'll get it.
You got two weeks.
That's fucking it!
Then I pull the plug.
Are you telling me that
your fucking boys at the Bureau
can't find Angiulo's place?
For fuck's sake, everyone in Boston
knows where the guy is!
The fucker keeps moving
all over the North End.
I need specifics, Jimmy.
Not tomorrow, not next week, now. Today.
I need to get a wire
inside Angiulo's headquarters
or I can't keep protecting you.
It's that simple.
All right.
But I need you to do something for me.
You want a fucking wiretap or not?
Jesus, Jimmy. Jimmy.
I want all of Angiulo's vending machines
out of the Old Colony.
I don't care how you do it,
I just want 'em gone. Do you follow?
Do you fucking follow?
All right, then.
When you leave for work tomorrow morning
after you've gone for your jog
down Silver Street,
after you stopped at McNulty's
for a black coffee and a Danish,
after you read the sports page,
after you kissed Marianne goodbye,
you walk straight out
your door to your car,
which is parked in the same fuckin' spot
it's always parked in.
Right before you put your keys
into the ignition,
maybe have a look in the glove box.
There just might be an early
Christmas present in there for you.
What's this?
Gentlemen, this is Intel,
from our source in Winter Hill.
Holy Shit.
"CONNOLLY". 98 Prince Street.
Angiulo family headquarters.
Yeah, "Fuck me," and fuck you is right.
An hour ago,
I got a wet shave in a barbershop
right across from 98 Prince
in the heart of the North End.
And within 15 minutes,
I saw Mikey Angiulo,
Bobby Carozza, and one
Vincent "The Animal" Ferrara
all go inside.
Jesus, John.
Do you wanna talk about
who's a valuable asset, Charles?
In five fucking years
of nobodies with Scotch on
their breath giving us shit.
Not a goddamn thing.
And giving them 40 bucks
to go around the corner
and get drunk
and dick us around? Fuck that.
This, on the other hand,
is the kinda Intel we get
from James "Whitey" Bulger, gentlemen.
No one else.
Jimmy always had a plan.
Like him giving up Angiulo's
address at 98 Prince Street.
Now that was a smart play.
Because it kept Connolly, you know,
off our backs.
We had stuff going on in Florida.
Situation down there was changing.
And not for the better.
World Jai Alai would like to
introduce its new owner,
CEO, and Chief Operating Officer
Roger Wheeler.
- Roger?
- Thank you, Alan.
It's an exciting time for jai alai,
and I'm honored to be part of its growth
and expansion here in South Florida.
John Callahan has us
poised for great success.
I can't believe
people pay to watch this shit.
Well, they fucking love it, Stevie.
They fucking love to bet on it.
That's making us very rich.
But who knows for how much longer
with Wheeler moving in?
Guy's a fucking double-barreled prick.
But at least we still got this.
Oh, no, no, no.
You give that to Kevin, not me.
All right.
So what's the problem
with this Wheeler guy?
What's his deal?
He's got CPAs crawling all up my ass,
and all over the books,
checking every fucking thing.
The cash flow, the free meals,
the parking lot receipts.
It's just a matter of time
before he finds out
how much cash is missing.
Just make him an offer for the company.
I tried. Won't sell.
Would his widow sell?
Maybe she could be persuaded.
Maybe Balloonhead over here,
you could do us a favor.
- Who, me?
- Yeah.
Sure. Whatever you say, Stevie.
But, you know,
there must be some other way.
Yeah, but, you don't get rid of him,
how's he supposed to go away?
What's the downside
of this thing, John?
There's no downside, Stevie.
The upside is,
we get our cut and keep printing money.
I mean, what's to connect you
to anything that happens to Wheeler?
He lives in Tulsa, for fuck's sake.
Everybody knows we have World Jai Alai.
Who's "everybody"?
We're fucking everybody.
Take the bag, I want you to have it.
Yeah. I want you to have it.
Lot of money in that bag, Jimmy.
I know exactly how much
money's in that fucking bag.
Brian, take the bag, and get out of here.
To do the hit on Wheeler?
That's $20,000
for you to not do the hit.
I don't get it.
Take the money,
keep your fucking mouth shut
about what you just heard.
It's best you're not involved.
Take the fucking money.
Take the fucking money.
Take the fucking money.
So, I should go now?
Yeah, you should go now.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, listen, I know you guys
have your ways
and everything like that, don't you?
But don't ever hand me a bag
of fucking money in public.
Ah, I'm sorry, Jimmy.
I just... I thought that...
No, I know. I get it. It's all right.
Don't sweat it. But, I mean...
All right. Never again.
But we're good with Wheeler?
- Afternoon, Mr. Wheeler!
- Hi!
Roger Wheeler?
What the fuck is this
jai alai thing that
Whitey's got his fingers into
all of a sudden? What is this bullshit?
"MAN". That's the word on the street.
Looks like a stupid
fucking game, you ask me.
Yeah, Well, I'll tell ya.
I don't picture Bulger
going all the way out
to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to kill somebody.
But then again,
he's such a sick little fuck.
And that stupid half-breed
buddy of his, Flemmi.
The two of them,
they'll go anywhere, anytime
and whack anybody out
if there's a few bucks
in it for them.
I gotta shut this
fucking thing down, John.
Now we got people on tape
talking about how Whitey
and Flemmi committed murder.
That is a big fucking problem.
That tape is just gangsters
talking shit,
like little fucking housewives.
Yeah, maybe, maybe.
But I gotta tell you something,
McGuire is gonna start asking questions.
That is why I'm gonna file it very deep.
All right? Problem gone.
- That's against protocol.
- Fuck protocol.
Fuck it.
It's a little lie, a little white lie
to protect the bigger truth.
You know what Jimmy
has given us. A gold mine.
And you want to be the person
that jeopardizes that?
We are bringing down the house, man.
La Cosa Nostra.
So just relax.
I'll handle it. It's on me. I got this.
Authorities in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
are still sifting through clues
in the murder of Roger Wheeler,
head of the Telex Corporation.
Today, Telex offered a large reward
- for information...
- Turn it up.
Leading to the arrest of the killer.
Turn it the fuck up!
Wheeler's other more
controversial business holdings.
Sandy Gilmore has a report.
Roger Wheeler was gunned down
at close range as he left
his weekly golf game.
Wheeler was a self-made,
hard-driving entrepren...
What do you want, huh?
This meeting between
Rizzo and Sal Manzinni...
The walk-in in Interview 3
says Whitey Bulger killed Roger Wheeler.
this is Brian Halloran.
You have something you wanna tell us?
There's a lot I can tell you.
I need guarantees first.
Fuck you.
You don't get no guarantees.
You talk or you walk.
Whitey Bulger planned
to murder Roger Wheeler,
that jai alai dude from Tulsa.
It's been on the news and everything.
- Tulsa?
- Mmm-hmm.
So, what does some random
jai alai guy in Tulsa
have to do with Whitey Bulger?
Whitey was
pulling down some serious coin
in jai alai until Wheeler
bought the fucking thing,
and he didn't want to
cut Whitey in for a piece.
You two know
anything about this?
Go on.
Bulger paid me 20 grand
to keep quiet about the hit.
Listen, you gotta protect me.
'Cause if you don't, I'm fuckin' dead!
What weapon was used on Wheeler?
How should I know? I didn't do the hit.
- Johnny Martorano did.
- How do you know it was Martorano?
Look, I make my living
on the streets, okay?
All right?
I know these things.
Hey, look! Look at me!
You gotta protect me.
Well, so far,
you haven't given us anything
to merit protection.
Are you fuckin' deaf?
I just gave you two fucking names!
Where was this so-called
meeting taking place?
All right, all right.
I'm in Miami,
I hear Jimmy's in town, and
I tag along to a little spot
with, uh, Steve Flemmi,
Jimmy and this other guy...
Guy... Callahan.
And I'm just minding
my own fucking business
and then Callahan says that he thinks
that Wheeler is gonna be a problem.
And then Jimmy says,
"Do you think his widow would be
willing to sell the franchise?"
- His widow?
- Mmm-hmm.
We all know what that means, right?
And then Flemmi asked me
if I could take care of it.
Would you take a lie detector?
- Yeah?
- No.
'Cause then you might start asking me
other questions, right?
And next thing I know, boom!
You got me on, like, 15 other things
I didn't even do!
"Boom"? What did you not do, Brian?
Did you not kill your drug dealers
in a Chinese restaurant?
'Cause that's why you're really here.
That's all over the fucking street,
so you thought you'd come in here
and try and cop some immunity
before the fact.
That's what's really going on, isn't it,
you coke-snorting piece of shit?
I'm a fuckin' dead man!
What do you think?
I don't believe a fucking word
that guy says.
I say we cut him loose.
He's a drug addict.
He won't take a polygraph? Cut him loose.
Our dear Saint Patrick,
he fought off the British
and the Romans,
brutal outsiders who wanted to enslave
the good people of Ireland.
And, today,
well, today, we Bostonians
face a similar invasion.
Drugs, violent crimes
ravaging our communities.
You know, today, we fight a new fight.
A fight so our children
and their children,
and children for generations to come
can share the Boston
we hold so dear in our hearts.
So today, to all snakes, we say,
"Get the hell outta Boston!"
"You'll find no shelter here!"
To Saint Patrick!
Let's cheer for these boys! Come on, now!
Billy Boy! Billy Boy!
How are you? Good to see you.
Hey! Jimmy! Where the fuck have you been?
I been looking for you everywhere.
Ooh, hey. Come here with me. Come here.
Don't you fucking ever talk to me
in public like that again.
Did you kill Roger Wheeler?
The businessman from Tulsa.
Did you have him killed?
Why the fuck would I go to Tulsa
to kill some fucking prick
I don't even know?
That's bad for fuckin' business.
I know that you have a hand
in the World Jai Alai, huh?
And suddenly, the new owner gets shot.
I suggest you think these things through
before you make unfounded
accusations against me.
All right, all right.
By the way, let me ask you a question.
How did you know
we was involved in jai alai?
Happy Saint Patrick's Day. How are you?
Everybody always commented
on my work, right.
- Sure, they did.
- They did!
They did! I was in the low post,
I was driving it in hard.
Like fuckin' McHale!
- You gotta be fuckin' with me.
- I was!
You got short arms!
I don't got short arms.
You know who had short arms?
Nate "Tiny" Archibald had short arms.
So there's hope.
Ah, fuck!
Fuck! Oh, God! Oh, God!
Jimmy! No!
No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no! No!
McGUIRE: Morris!
Brian Halloran was just gunned down
in broad fucking daylight.
You want to tell me how the fuck
you just let him walk out the door?
We're not running a hotel, Charles.
The guy wouldn't even take
a polygraph test.
How did word even leak
that Halloran was in here?
Are you pointing the finger at me?
Should I be?
I don't know, Charles.
You know, people talk.
What are we supposed to do, huh?
Put this piece of shit in
the Witness Protection Program
when we can't even validate
a single fucking thing he says?
And you're pointing the finger at me?
You know, I'm trying to
bring down the Italian Mafia
with the help of Jimmy Bulger
and you're pointing the finger
at fucking me?
Fuck you!
You motherfuckers from Southie
have some kind of
sick faggot love for each other?
Did you just call me a faggot, huh? Huh?
- Hey! Hey!
- Huh? Huh?
- Come here!
- That's it.
Fucking faggot!
You're making my point exactly, Connolly.
- Come on!
- I'm putting an end to this.
Bulger and Flemmi informer shit.
- Oh, you can't do that! No!
- You cannot tell me
that they're not connected
- to this killing!
- Fucking relax. Fucking relax!
You cannot fucking tell me that!
It's too important! You can't do it!
- Guys, guys, guys!
- Lt's fucking over.
You gotta fucking listen to this.
It's Angiulo.
I think we finally fucking got him.
Well, RICO does not cover us.
Isn't that right?
Mr. Angiulo, we're not
infiltrating legitimate businesses.
I wouldn't be
in a legitimate business
for all the fucking money in the world.
We're selling marijuana,
we're not infiltrating.
We're illegal here, legal there.
Arsonists. We're every fuckin' thing.
- Pimps? So what? Prostitutes?
- Yeah.
Yeah, we're a fucking bookmaker.
And finally,
they hit the mother lode.
They got Angiulo talking
bookmaking, loan-sharking,
his use of arson,
how he handled his pimps and his pros.
You must have heard,
they called him "The Mafia Hunter,"
"the Bureau's Shining Star,"
"the man who cleaned out
Boston's underworld."
He was, uh... He was a superstar.
Mr. Martorano,
were you in Miami in the spring of 1982?
"OLSEN". Was John Connolly in Miami
in the spring of 1982 as well?
Yes, he was.
Describe the circumstance
that led to all of your being
in Miami at that time.
Celebrating Angiulo's arrest,
but, at the same time,
making the alliance,
the bond between
Jimmy and Connolly stronger.
"OLSEN". How was that?
Jimmy had some loose ends to tie up.
I think he thought having Connolly along
wasn't such a bad idea.
"CALLAHAN". Hey, Jimmy!
Just for the record,
you killed John Callahan
that night in Miami.
Shot him in the head, and stuffed him
in the trunk of his own car.
Was John Connolly
aware of that fact?
Yes, he was.
I see.
Is that a new suit?
It's flashier, no?
Those lapels, that tapering.
I see you got a nice,
new gold watch there, too.
What are you getting at, Marianne?
I'm not getting at anything.
- Marianne?
- Mmm?
You're dressing differently,
you're walking differently.
You're getting manicures.
- I'm walking differently?
- Yeah, I think you are.
Your head and your shoulders,
the way you carry yourself...
You're changing, John.
I'm not changing.
I'm not changing!
I might be getting older,
but I'm not changing.
It's Jimmy Bulger that's changing you.
Ah, here we go.
Ever since you locked arms
with that guy, you've changed.
I can see it like the nose on my face.
He's bad news, John.
He's not bad news. He is an informant.
It's my job.
You know this. I've told you this.
I've known him since forever.
And you certainly hold your
boyhood heroes in high regard.
"Jimmy" this, "Jimmy" that.
He was very good to me
when I was little, Marianne.
That's all you need to know.
How was he good to you, John?
Did he take you trick-or-treating?
I know that it's kids' stuff to you maybe.
I'm gonna go for a drive.
Like it or not, Marianne,
you married a street kid.
And the streets taught me
that you give and you get
loyalty from your friends.
And loyalty means a lot to me.
You lock it.
" In the eyes of the unwise,
"they did appear to die,"
"their going looked like a disaster,
"but they are in peace.
"If they experienced
punishment as men see it,
"their hope was rich with immortality."
"God has put them to the test"
"and proved them worthy to be with Him."
"He has tested them
like gold in a furnace."
"They who trust in Him
will understand the truth."
In the name of the Father, and the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
- Amen.
- Amen.
That's a pity that Jimmy
couldn't pallbearer with us.
I know, but...
He was just protecting
the family name. He's a...
- Well, he's a good man.
- Mmm.
I remember sitting at
this very table with you,
some 20 years ago,
working on my first campaign.
I was stuffing envelopes,
and licking stamps
until my tongue was dry.
- Oh, Jesus, we were just kids.
- Mmm-hmm.
Now look at us.
I'm very sorry for your loss, Jimmy.
Your mother was a good woman.
Well, I'll let you guys have some time.
God bless.
It's so quiet.
Never heard this house so quiet.
First his son died,
then his mother passed.
And Jimmy was devastated.
He was never the same.
The only time he ever seemed happy
was when he was talking about the IRA.
How you doing?
Jimmy Bulger, Joe Cahill.
I know who Jimmy is.
And I know who Joe Cahill is.
It's a real pleasure, sir.
- Thank you, Jimmy.
- Come on in, Joe.
We're really deep in it, Jimmy,
and we're gonna need your help.
Well, you're gonna get it.
Police had led virtual siege
to the IRA man's home,
obviously determined not to
let the provos stage a repeat
of the paramilitary funeral
they gave his cousin
shot by the SAS two weeks ago.
So, you can see what we're up against.
It's pure evil.
Joe, on my honor,
I can promise that you will have
the biggest weapons cache
you ever laid your Irish eyes on.
I have to tell you,
that would be
a rather large arsenal, indeed.
We're not choirboys.
L want you to know
I'm here for you, always.
The old country thanks you, Jimmy.
- Slinte.
- Slinte.
Say cheese!
Hey, thanks for all your support.
Jerry, Jerry. Oh.
Congratulations. And a hell of a career.
Hey. Thank you, John.
And same for you, huh?
Raise, promotion, the whole shebang.
Ah, enough about me.
What's next for you, champ?
To tell you the truth,
I don't really care.
Enough of this public sector shit.
I'm starting my own defense practice.
Start making real money.
I don't blame you.
- Best of luck with that.
- Mmm.
And you're leaving us in
the hands of a new prosecutor.
- Yeah.
- Who is he?
Fred Wyshak.
Fucking bulldog who was
kicking ass down in Jersey,
but returned to save his hometown.
Sound familiar?
- Keep doing what you're doing.
- I will.
A lot of people
are very sad to see you go.
Thanks for coming, John.
- Take care.
- You too.
This is so fucking sick.
You're sick, Stevie.
What the fuck was in your mind
when you decided
that your girlfriend's daughter,
who happens to call you "Daddy,"
was a good choice to suck your cock?
Don't correct me, Stevie.
Not now.
And she's a fucking prostitute,
is that correct?
Jimmy, you know she's a prostitute.
Do not assume what I do or do not know.
You answer my fucking question.
Is she or is she not a prostitute?
And she's a fucking hopeless
drug addict as well. Huh?
Little whores on drugs that talk
don't make me feel any better.
She may know a few things
she shouldn't have.
I'm sorry.
You fucking better be sorry, pal.
- Hi!
- How you doin'?
Is this for me?
Every stitch.
This is wicked shit!
Yeah, it is wicked shit.
So where are we going?
Not far.
We found a place
where you could stay a while.
It's very comfortable, you know.
Quiet. Nobody's gonna bother you.
Sounds great.
But before we leave, I, uh,
I have a few questions.
Sure. What do you wanna know?
What did you just talk about?
Yeah, you.
With who?
Deborah, sweetheart, you just spent
the fucking night in the can.
Okay, so, where the fuck
did you sleep last night?
- There.
- And what the fuck is that?
- Police station.
- And who would you be talking to
in a goddamn police station, Deborah?
The police?
So what did the police say to you
and what did you say back to them?
Nothing much.
The usual.
What is the fucking usual?
I don't know the usual.
What's the fucking usual?
You know. Drugs are bad.
Prostitution's illegal. Shit like that.
And did Stevie and I figure
into this conversation at all?
They asked if I was involved with you.
I said no. They asked if I was
involved with Stevie too.
I said no.
That part was actually a lie,
- obviously.
- Obviously.
So what did they want to know
about Stevie and I?
If I'd seen you commit any crimes.
And drugs. They think
you're selling a lotta drugs.
- Do they?
- Yeah.
And what did you tell them?
That you didn't.
That you hang out at Triple O's.
That you was real clean,
your clothes was real clean,
you hardly drink any liquor,
you don't do drugs.
And that you always say,
"Don't believe what you read"
"in the fucking papers."
That was good, right?
You said all that?
It was good, yeah?
- Yeah, you done good.
- Yeah.
All right, let's head over.
You know how to get there, Stevie, right?
Thanks, Stevie.
Oh, my God.
This is amazing!
Yeah, I thought you might like it.
- Yeah!
- A big kitchen there, right?
We'll have some furniture
brought in, you know?
Super comfy stuff.
Oh, my God, it's huge!
You know, this was real sweet
of you to think of me, Jimmy.
Don't mention it.
No one's never done nothing
like this for me before.
Oh, come on, kid, don't say that.
You're breaking my fucking heart.
Stop, please! No, please!
Fuck! Jimmy! Don't!
Jimmy! Please!
Clean up your fucking mess.
I'm taking a nap.
We got dinner at Connolly's in an hour.
"OLSEN". Mr. Flemmi, did you ever see.
Whitey Bulger murder anyone?
I don't know, I thought
Boggs had a good game last night.
He hit Well.
They're not headed
here, don't worry about it.
Look great.
Don't touch them skewers
with your fuckin'...
- Is the oven on?
- Mmm-hmm.
Could you at least pretend
to be nice to them,
may the part?
John, I'm very uncomfortable here.
Okay? We've lived with this for years,
but never in my own house.
They can see you.
I don't give a shit if they can see me,
it's my fucking kitchen!
I mean, you have to be
breaking a rule here, no?
You can't be socializing with these guys.
- It's gotta be against regulations.
- I am not socializing. I am...
What do you call drinking
fucking beers, eating steaks?
I'm maintaining my relationship
- with my informant.
- Ha!
That relationship
is the prime reason
I keep getting promoted,
which is why we live in this fancy house
and you drive that brand new car
that you so desperately wanted.
That's how you wanna play this, John, huh?
- You keep your voice down.
- Fuck you!
Fuck you, keep my voice down.
This is my kitchen.
It's your kitchen.
Don't even fucking start with that, okay?
I'll be in our room. I'll be in our room
with the door locked. Shut up.
Stevie, what's the matter with you?
You're quiet tonight, huh?
You got a problem with people
keeping their mouths shut?
I'm breaking your balls. Hmm.
Do yourself a favor, don't.
So, uh, guys.
I hate to bring this up
at a social dinner,
but there's this detective in Florida
that keeps calling us
about Callahan.
Asking questions, and...
Well, he just won't leave it alone,
and I have to handle it.
Then handle it.
Handle it.
And, Morris,
you and I gotta have
a little sit-down here.
What the fuck did you
marinate this steak in?
Because it's outta this world.
You're killing me with it.
Now, now, now.
It's a family secret. Hmm.
Come on!
That is one of the best goddamn steaks
lever had in my life.
I got a knife over here.
Oh, come on, come on.
What's the... What's the...
What's the family's secret recipe?
It's ground garlic
and a little bit of soy.
- That's it?
- Yeah, that's it. That's it.
I thought it was a family secret.
It's a recipe.
You said to me this is a family secret,
and you gave it up to me, boom,
just fucking like that.
Don't look to John,
'cause he's not gonna fucking help you.
You spill the secret family recipe today,
maybe you fucking spill about me tomorrow.
Is that something, maybe,
that's a possibility?
I was just saying...
You were "just sayin" '?
"Just sayin" ' gets people sent
to Allenwood.
"Just sayin"'
got me a nine-year stretch
in Leavenworth and Alcatraz.
You understand?
So, "just sayin"
could get you buried real fucking quick.
Look at his fucking face!
Hey! I'm fucking with you.
I'm fucking with you.
It's a recipe. Couldn't give a shit.
Tastes great. I'm fucking with you.
You got... Well, you got me too.
Listen, I wanna make a toast.
To success.
Just getting started.
Where's the wife?
She's, uh...
She's resting.
She's a little under the weather.
Didn't I just see her?
Yeah, she was helping. She, uh...
Well, she's not feeling very good.
Oh, gee.
Like a...
You know what? I'll go have a look at her.
Jimmy. Jimmy! She's sick!
She's fi... Listen, fine.
I thought you were John.
No, it ain't John.
Come on. Come down and join us.
I'm not feeling well. Thank you, though.
Marianne, you know what you're doing?
You're embarrassing your husband
in front of his friends,
that's what you're doing.
And you know that's what you're doing.
I don't know what John told you,
but I'm feeling ill.
That's all.
Please, no offense.
Well, let's see what you got.
You don't feel warm.
Got any chills?
'Cause normally, you get the chills
before the flu comes on, you know?
Any soreness there?
What are you feelin' there?
You feel something?
'Cause I don't feel
any swollen glands there.
But you know, me,
I had to learn the hard way
not to take chances
with this kind of thing.
You know what I'm saying?
Poor little thing.
You get some rest.
Wouldn't want nothing to happen to you.
John's a lucky man.
I'll get it there safe and sound.
You can sleep on it.
I know you will, Mclntyre.
Have safe travels, huh?
All right.
- Stevie.
- Take care of it, John.
Weeksy, give me a call.
Thanks for everything, Jimmy.
We won't forget it.
For me, it's an honor.
The honor's ours.
Thanks, pal.
"CONNOLLY". Hope I'm not interruptin'!
Special Agent John Connolly.
I know who you are.
- I've heard a lot about you.
- Good things, I hope.
Listen, little Welcome Wagon
present for you. Big game.
I'm good.
Are you sure about that?
Clemens is on the mound tonight.
I'm sure about that.
All right.
Work, work, work.
Well, listen, after... After you finish,
come down to the Bell-In-Hand.
I would like to buy you a pint,
and you can meet some of the other agents.
Do you have a case for me, Agent Connolly?
No, I just came to introduce myself.
You know, couple of local boys
moving up the ranks.
Maybe we can help each other along.
Bring me cases,
that's all the help I need.
All right.
All right, well,
I'll leave you to it, then.
Hey, you know, since you're here.
How come no one has nailed Whitey Bulger?
Oh, no. No, no, no.
That won't work.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Excuse me'?
Now, what's Bulger done?
He's a smalltime hood,
but he's an invaluable asset.
What's he done?
Everything, evidently.
Drugs, extortion, murder.
I'd heard rumors,
but these other informant reports
make it clear.
And here's the thing, every time we start
a formal investigation, poof!
Goes away. He slips free.
How do you account for that?
I don't know.
Luck of the Irish.
"Luck of the Irish"?
That's what you're going with?
Well, it's...
It's slander and lies
from his brother Billy's
political opponents.
These fucking assholes
from Cambridge, they will do
anything to bring Billy down
because they can't stand
power in the hands of a mick from Southie.
You don't think Billy's protecting
his older brother, just maybe?
No! No way.
Well, seems to me you'd have to
believe in fuckin' leprechauns to think
we'd have the biggest crime lord in Boston
and be brothers with
the most powerful politician in the state,
and them not be helping each other out.
I grew up with Billy, Southie.
Sol know him,
I know that he knows
that it would be crazy for him
to get mixed up in
anything that Jimmy does.
It's, you know, too brazen.
I'll ask you again.
How come no one has done Whitey Bulger?
He seems to be involved
in every crime in the city
and yet the Bureau
keeps saying he's clean.
It's only when another agency
has an informant
that I hear maybe Whitey
isn't so squeaky clean.
Well, I hear that he's very careful,
he doesn't use phones,
that kinda stuff, and, uh...
Who did you say
these other informants were?
I didn't.
Listen, from what I hear,
his criminal days are all but over.
His partner and him, they gone legit...
Christ, Connolly, you fucking with me?
Is Whitey never using phones and careful,
or is Whitey retired?
I don't...
I mean, I just... I'm not in my office...
These are things that I hear,
I don't know if all of them are true...
Do your job and find out!
I am, lam. I...
"CONNOLLY". You know I wouldn't come here
if it wasn't serious.
If there was anywhere else
I could turn, and I know that
the last thing you need is
to have Jimmy's business
crossing paths with yours.
Your grasp of the situation is so keen,
it makes me wonder what you're doing here.
This new guy, Wyshak,
has a serious hard-on
for Jimmy.
And that can't be good for any of us.
And you're telling me this why?
Maybe you can influence him.
Make him listen to reason!
I'm not kissing your ass, Billy,
but you are the most
powerful man in the city.
Not that I would, but Wyshak's federal
and I'm state, and you know that.
But where we come from, I know
and you know that what is
written on a piece of paper
is less important than blood
and honor
and loyalty.
I'm not asking you to help me.
I'm asking you to help your brother.
That's the same thing now, isn't it?
Wyshak is asking questions about you too.
John, you know I have
the utmost respect for you.
Really, I do, which is why I can tell you
with all my heart
that if you ever come into my office again
with a fucked-up idea like that,
you'll rue the day you ever
thought of joining the FBI.
Jeannie will show you out.
This report has
information attributed to
our prized informant, Whitey Bulger.
And this is the same piece of information
from one of our other informants,
dated four weeks earlier.
This is information credited
to our supposedly prized informant,
James "Whitey" Bulger.
And the same piece of information
dated six weeks earlier,
different informant.
In fact, if you take a look
at Bulger's pile,
you'll find the same situation
played out time and again
from other sources.
In fact, you'll find
very little from Bulger
that means shit.
Customs officials in Boston
say they have seized a trawler
used to smuggle weapons
to Irish terrorists.
Agents say the trawler ferried
a load of arms and ammunition
- to the Irish coast last week.
- Jesus fucking Christ.
The weapons were intercepted
by the Irish Navy
after they had been
transferred to a smaller ship.
Officials say they have seized
the ship's log
- and other doc...
- Motherfucker.
Northern Ireland?
Well, how did they know about the ship?
The pilot.
Turns out he's also a snitch
for DEA. Customs, too.
What's his name?
- I don't know.
- How do you not know?
I don't know, John.
All right, well, where is
this guy now, the pilot?
I wanna talk to him.
Oh, no can do.
What do you mean, "no can do"?
Yes, can do.
Sorry, he belongs to DEA.
Well... Okay.
Ask permission for us to talk to him.
- I did.
- And?
It's not gonna happen, John.
"McINTYRE". I don't like that guy, though.
He's got a big fucking mouth.
Yeah, just take a right here.
MclNTYRE: Yeah? All right.
Oh, yeah, I got it.
A-ha! Weeksy, what's up?
Where is everybody?
I thought it was a fucking party.
McGUIRE: Bulger's playing us, Nick.
Making a fool of the Bureau,
hiding behind his informant status
to run roughshod over my city.
Using us to cover for him.
I won't stand for it.
And I am distressed about that.
But from where I sit,
we have bigger priorities
to consider.
So you're telling me to do nothing.
No, not at all.
I'm telling you we can't taint
one of the most successful.
RICO prosecutions
in the history of the Bureau
just to get Whitey Bulger,
psychopath or not.
But we have no objection
to your going after
the agents handling him.
Can't you see what's happening?
The vise is closing on us.
Listen to me.
Did you know it was Hampton and Dawson
that hit that National Bank on Exeter?
And neither did I,
until Whitey Bulger told us.
- Whitey didn't tell us that.
- Yes, he did.
Nick McVeigh is running speed
through high schools in Newton.
High school kids, for fuck's sake.
Thank God for Whitey Bulger.
- Thank God for Whitey Bulger.
- You hear me?
Whitey introduced dope
to every kid in Southie.
Twelve and 13-year-old girls, John.
What about Halloran? And Callahan, huh?
Douchebags who got what was coming to 'em.
It's not our fault.
It's not our fault?
- Whose fault is it?
- Not ours.
That's gonna sound great in court.
McGuire is gonna go to Washington.
You know that, right?
And he's gonna bring
all the informant files.
And Wyshak is dead-set
on hanging our asses on his wall.
We are fucked, John. We are fucked.
Listen to me. The Bureau wants results.
We gave them results.
We drove a stake through
the black heart of the Mafia.
Everything else is gonna be a sideshow.
Now we're stuck with Whitey,
and without the Italians,
nobody can rein him in
and we can't even pull on his chain
because we're in too deep!
And he knows it!
You understand
what I'm saying about a vise?
I thought I was doing good.
I actually thought
I could make a difference.
But we made a difference!
We put the Mafia out of business.
If that ain't good, I don't know what is.
And you know what we're doing now, John?
Digging our own fucking graves.
God damn it!
Marianne, don't do this!
Marianne, are you fucking kidding me?
This informant
has been a minor player
in the Boston crime syndicate
since he was a teenager.
- So you checked his house?
- Yes.
- And work?
- Mmm-hmm.
And he's never missed
- an informant meeting before?
- None I'm aware of.
"- Yeah? AGENT". No, nothing.
You wanna see me?
Yeah, I wanna see you!
Mclntyre has vanished off
the face of the fuckin' Earth.
Which seems to be a common
phenomenon for any informant
that says something incriminating
against Whitey Bulger.
You got nothing to say, Connolly?
You see these gentlemen here?
They're gonna help me get this cocksucker.
If we have to arrest
every lowlife in Boston to do that,
we'll arrest them.
Every loan shark, every bookie,
every drug dealer.
One of those guys is gonna
make a case against him.
Of all fucking people.
I'm sorry, Jimmy.
You've always been fucking weak, John,
since we was kids.
What'd you tell them?
I don't wanna fuckin' die. Oh, God, Jimmy!
I need to know exactly
who you fucking talked to,
and exactly what you said.
A DEA agent by the name of Brown.
I told him everything!
The IRA, Cahill, the whole bit!
I know I shouldn't have, Jimmy,
but I had no choice!
Fuck you.
You always have a choice.
You just happened to make
the wrong fucking one.
Look at me.
I said fucking look at me.
I've known you a long time.
And for you to fuck me like this...
It fucking hurts.
So I'm gonna fucking bury you right here,
where all the other weak people
have been buried.
Jimmy, I'm sorry!
But you'll be dead before
Stevie pulls your teeth,
which is more than you fucking
deserve, I'll tell you that.
Jimmy, I'm sorry, Jimmy, I'm sorry,
Oh, God, Jimmy, I'm...
Take out his fucking teeth.
Bury him next to the whore.
Special Agent John Morris, FBI.
Gerard O'Neill, Boston Globe.
Dick Lehr, same.
Thank you for meeting with us.
I feel like, uh...
Like I should be in a confessional.
It's the right thing to do, John.
Anything I tell you has to be
off the record.
You understand?
Of course.
We'll develop our own sources,
corroborate everything.
Where do I start?
What do you know?
- All of it.
- We know.
And you're running it?
We wouldn't be here if we weren't.
What is it, Jim?
What the fuck, Jim?
What the fuck... This is bullshit.
Right? This isn't true.
Kevin, you're gonna hear
and you're gonna fuckin' read
a lotta bullshit about me.
A lotta nasty things.
And most of it, if not all of it,
is fucking untrue.
It's pure fiction.
You know me.
And you know these people.
You know these fucking people.
They're liars.
They ain't got no fucking code of honor.
How many envelopes of fucking cash
did you deliver to these Feds?
How many cases of wine
for that prick Morris?
Or fucking vacations,
or, uh, fucking money,
money, money. Fuck it.
Does that sound like
what an informant does?
Guy ran a sports and numbers
racket out of Heller's Cafe.
Parlayed it into loan sharking,
and that into money laundering.
Says he can give us some big fish.
Pictures and sound.
FBI know anything about this?
No, but I can call them if you want.
Absolutely not.
Can you get me
into Witness Protection?
Depends what you have.
I have Whitey Bulger.
So, Whitey Bulger took a piece
of everything you made?
What, are you fucking kidding me?
Everything. Wasn't small either.
Yeah, Whitey introduced drugs to Southie.
White stuff, brown stuff...
Cocaine, heroin, marijuana.
Like I said,
I was a half a block away,
but it was unmistakable what was going on.
I don't know who it was.
Pulled him out of a car
and shot him on the fucking...
Right on the ground.
It's everything.
They got you on all of it.
And I guess they got me too.
You used me, Jimmy.
It was an alliance,
John. Nothing more.
I'll call you in a week.
Just let me know what you know.
There's nothing more
I'm gonna know.
- Gentlemen.
- John Connolly?
Yeah, I'm John Connolly.
We have a warrant
for your arrest.
Mr. Connolly, step out
of the building, please.
Do me a favor, boys,
and let me leave with some dignity.
Mr. Connolly, step out
of the building, please.
Mr. Connolly, this way.
You know, this is, uh...
Show me your hands!
Show me your hands! Up in the air!
Turn around slow.
The other way. The other way!
Put your hands on your head.
Put your hands on your head!
"OLSEN". Mr. Flemmi, now that you
look back at your time with James Bulger,
what is your opinion of him?
Strictly criminal.
Hey, Billy Boy.
Been reading the papers?
Not even a little.
Smart man.
I wouldn't if I was you.
Well, listen.
You're not gonna see me for a while.
You know? So, uh...
Just look after yourself, you know.
You sure you want to do it this way?
Is there any other way?
Take care, kid.
"REPORTER". Let's begin this morning...
FBI, you're under arrest!
With the breaking news,
the overnight arrest
of mob boss, James "Whitey" Bulger...
Last night,
in Santa Monica, California,
the FBI finally...
He's talking
to federal authorities
and Bulger will be returned
to Boston to face trial.