Black Mexicans (2018) Movie Script

A term used by black people
to refer to themselves,
stemming from the discontent
they felt and still feel
for the racial slur.
The hot black man.
I'm the hottest black man
born in this land,
handsome up the wazoo,
very cheerful, and lazy too.
Work is for natives and brats
and I'm too clever for that.
If my expression
looks like I'm down
its because I was born
with this frown.
My handsome side is in my soul,
because that was God's goal.
I'm like coastal chile pepper,
the younger, the better.
Whenever someone tells me
that my skin is dark,
all I say is that donkeys are dark,
I'm a proud black native.
This tan never fades,
it gets darker
under the sun's gaze.
How are you doing
this morning, Juanita?
Fine Doctor, at least I woke up.
That's very good news, but
there's something even better.
Come in, Magdalena.
Good morning, Godmother.
Good morning, dear.
Come, I need to talk to you.
Step right up, get your fish!
Fresh fish from the sea.
You choose!
You call this fresh?
It just came in, at a good price.
It isn't even smelly.
-Did you wash it with shampoo?
-Just about.
One kilo, two kilos.
How much do you want? Good price.
Two kilos of snapper.
-Are you going to char-broil it?
Good morning!
Good morning!
Let's go!
It's fucking awesome.
What's up, why are you brooding?
Good morning, ladies.
You look like a junkie
with that new haircut.
Ready, Mrs. Magda?
Is it just you?
Who else were you expecting?
A few tourists would be great.
Jesus! You'd scare anyone
with that hair.
It's fashion, Mrs. Magda.
Don't give me
that fashion bullshit!
I'm home.
Who cares?
I heard that, "negra".
Where's the ice?
The truck didn't come.
-What are we gonna to do now?
-How should I know?
-Is this all your father brought?
Why didn't you put
the beer in the cooler?
No time. We were late
because of the ice truck,
and Daddy wants his lunch now.
If I don't do this,
nobody else does!
Hurry, asshole.
Hurry up.
You fish less every day,
and the fish from Acapulco
is expensive.
What can I do?
If I go deeper into the sea
I'll use up more gasoline,
and it will be worse.
Everything in life ends,
even the sea is going to dry out.
What should we do?
Let everything die out, or what?
It's your choice,
everyone fends for himself.
When the fuck have you
ever cared about anything?
I don't know why
you want a fridge
if fertilizer cools beer
fucking fine.
Tomorrow is my last payment,
we'll pick it up on Saturday.
I can't on Saturday,
I'll be with Juana.
I'll find someone to help me.
Let's see who's available.
One, two, three, four, five...
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Here comes a car.
Over here, sir!
We have char-broiled fish,
spicy shrimp, octopus in love.
You get a free beer
with a turtle egg.
We have a private beach
and air conditioning.
Last stop, get off.
We want to go to town with you,
it's boring here.
-I'm not going there.
-Where are you going?
To see his woman,
that's why he won't take us.
I go where I have to go.
Aunt Elena called today.
She said not to worry
about the debt.
You'll figure out a way to pay.
Just don't let me die in debt.
I told you,
you're not going to die.
Stop fucking with that shit!
You drink, Daddy drinks.
Don't complain
if I turn into a drunk.
It's only my second beer,
stop nagging me!
How did it go with Juana?
Not well at all.
That woman wants is to die.
And what does Neri say?
He doesn't know yet,
I'm sure he won't say anything.
He'll do something.
Maybe once he's a widower,
he'll ask you to marry him.
Did you talk to your mistress?
What for? She'll tell me
the same thing all over again.
Just forget about her.
So, what? We're going to let
her die, just like that?
We can't do anything!
I can't pull her liver out
and give it to your mom.
That's how you got me out
when I was born.
What's stopping you now?
Maybe I'm getting old.
How much chile pepper do you use?
It depends on the size
of the fish you're going to make.
-You put some herbs...
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon, Mr. Neri.
-I brought you something.
This can be very harmful to us.
You know what we like the most
is what harms us the most.
Where did you get that?
I do a lot of things I like,
and look at me. I'm fine.
That's what you think,
you might be sick inside
and haven't realized it yet.
No way! Even my skin is resilient.
Perhaps he's an iguana.
Come on, finish up.
Let's go, Magdalena!
I'm coming!
Let's go!
Did you ask your mom
if she wants to live?
I don't have to ask her
what I already know.
You know I donate blood
for her every month?
She needs more
than that to get well.
Today I offered her what
she needs, and she said no.
That's not true!
You better go and ask her.
Tell her to take
what I offered her,
maybe she'll listen to you.
-Cousin isn't here.
-I'll show you the one I like.
Turn on the light.
I like that one, with the bolts.
It's cool,
but there are hotter ones,
like the one with the star.
Angela! Who gave you permission
to be out here?
My mom.
If you're lying,
I'll fuck you over.
Where the fuck were you?
Making arrangements to check
Juana out of the hospital.
Why didn't you tell me
what you were going to do?
What for?
She didn't accept anyway.
Did you give Angela permission
to hang out with those assholes?
No way!
That girl does what she wants.
You should do something before
she gets in bed with some shithead.
Yeah, later.
I want to eat panela cheese,
and drink sugarcane juice.
Come to my arms "moreno",
you'll be satisfied.
And start counting
your money "negrito",
because this ain't for free.
Get the ice, Angela.
Hand me those bags, "Buja".
Will I see you tonight?
Sure. What are we gonna do?
We'll see.
But are you going to twerk for me?
I saw that Angela,
you'll be just like your father!
What do I care?
-Good morning, Mrs. Magdalena.
-Good morning.
What did you decide
about our talk yesterday?
Nothing yet,
it's too soon to decide.
Don't take it the wrong way.
It's just a favor
we need you to do.
That's how I see it, Godmother.
But I think that at your age,
an older child would be better.
Are you saying I'm old?
I'm strong enough to raise a child.
Besides, I didn't come for advice.
Don't get mad, Godmother.
Well, don't make me mad!
Favors are supposed to be done,
not discussed.
What's the deal with Mrs. Elena?
Then why did I hear
some shady shit going on?
You left without paying
yesterday, asshole.
I forgot.
Here! It's not like you're going
to die over it.
Sure, you forgot.
Step right up, sir!
We have shrimp,
fried fish, broiled...!
Call your mother.
Mom, someone wants to see you!
What will it be?
What do you need?
These customers
want to eat turtle.
It's not season.
There's broiled fish,
shrimp soup, clam soup.
They wanted turtle.
-We don't have any.
-Well, next time.
Where is your dad?
I left him in town,
he didn't say where he was going.
Look, this is what you ordered.
Thank you.
Put it on my tab, please.
I'll give you credit
only because you're so cute.
This is your patient's
discharge order.
Go to the drugstore,
they'll give you some pills.
Give her one or two
when she feels pain.
-That's all we can do for her.
-Thank you.
What did the people
in the taxi want?
We should ask "Negro" to bring one.
Holy mother! Aren't they banned?
Where there's hunger or poverty,
bans are void.
Here we have both.
Tell your fucking "Negro"
to bring us some.
Mom, it's always
the same with you!
Yeah, always the same.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Neri.
Thank you.
Here, Sara.
Let's go, Juana.
So long, Mrs. Mari.
I hope you get better soon.
We're calling on you
to join our cause
to obtain legal recognition
for the Afro-Mexican people
in the Mexican Constitution.
Brothers! Come to the
"Seventh Blackness Forum",
where we'll hear what
each of you has to say,
and get the attention and
recognition we've been denied.
Give me a pill.
I don't know why they
released you, you're not well.
Do you remember the song your
grandparents used to sing to you?
No, I don't.
Your "Tona" (guardian animal)
goes ding, your tone goes dong.
Between the ding of your Tona
and the dong of your tone,
your voice sounds like a bell
ringing ding-dong.
Now I remember.
They had old ideas,
and when you were born
they wanted you to have a Tona,
a guardian animal.
The one who protects and helps
you throughout your life.
We took you to the mountain
near the house,
and left you there
in a little box by yourself
under the shadow of a big tree.
We waited in the distance.
You cried and cried.
We waited like two hours,
but the only thing that came along
was another little black girl.
It was Juanita.
She could barely walk,
but she ran from her mother
to go to comfort you.
The mistress said
she went to the hospital
to donate blood for you.
Did she tell you she offered me
her liver, but I said no?
Yes, but I didn't believe her.
The doctor said it's too late
for surgery.
It's deadly, we could both die.
That's just what I needed.
For the bitch to fuck with me
even in death!
Sometimes, the Tona thing works
and sometimes it doesn't.
But there is something
very clear about this story.
Your fate and Juanita's fate
are bound ever since
you were born. You're so close
that you like the same things,
and love the same man.
Who knows what's going
to happen after she dies.
Are you staying over tonight?
It's my turn again on Saturday.
You could at least stop fucking
around now that my mom is sick.
The only one I'm offending is her,
and she's not complaining.
You should learn
some respect. Fuck!
I'll come tomorrow to see
if you need anything.
I'm going to open
the beauty parlor.
Neri! What the fuck
is wrong with him?
He ignored me.
Did you get in trouble
with your dad?
What more can he say?
He gets away with a lot of shit.
I'm just dancing.
He has five women
all along the coast,
all of them with children.
-He's hardly ever around.
-Are you gonna be like him?
Sure, we can't let tradition
die so easily.
Tradition? We should try
new stuff instead.
Would you date me Aris?
With a little nausea, yes.
With this bitch too,
and even Noe, if he's willing.
What? Not me!
Fuck off, faggot, dick head!
Dick? Delicious!
What do you want?
-I want that haircut.
-I don't do that.
-Then, the star.
-I don't do designs.
Why the fuck do you have a salon
if you don't like to work?
Come back and
say that to my face, faggot!
Never, said the faggot!
Ever since I was a baby,
I asked my God for a favor.
To give me the fortune
of having two wives,
in case one of them dies!
Why hasn't your godmother
come to visit me?
She must know I'm back.
Maybe she doesn't want to come.
When you're done,
tell her to come
so we can make arrangements
for the debt.
What money are you going
to pay her with?
I said make arrangements,
not pay it.
What's this?
Are we having scorpionfish?
We aren't celebrating anything.
That's not for you.
So, nothing!
I said it's not for you, period!
Did you at least bring the turtle?
I couldn't find any.
They're more scarce than fish.
-Who is the scorpionfish for?
-Why ask if you know?
All I know is there's
nothing to celebrate.
You should bring a forest turtle
so Mom stops nagging!
Three beers, one shrimp.
No, not fish.
Three beers, one shrimp.
They look like chocolate,
they might melt in the sun.
Shut up, blondie.
I'm leaving her the deed
as guarantee that someday
you'll pay her back.
That's the only way
I'll be in peace.
She wants something else
in exchange.
Soda and chile pepper?
You want to kill her!
Your chemicals hurt her
more on the outside
than my fish inside.
What more harm could it do?
Come on, try some.
You just don't get it!
Leave her.
How much, then?
$350 pesos for the ride.
I'll give you $300.
Sorry, that won't cut it.
$350 is very cheap.
But, you'll wait for us
two hours, right?
For $350 pesos,
I'll wait as long as you want.
Boris! Silver! Let's go!
-What, do you need anything?
-Go, I'll wait for you.
I'll be out for about two hours.
That's OK, I'll wait.
See you later, then.
Jose, Neza, get out!
-Get out, I said!
-It's Friday.
-Let's pause it for a while then.
Good afternoon, Godmother.
What is it, dear?
I need another loan.
Wasn't your mom released
from the hospital?
She's back in town to die.
I'm going to Juquila to ask
the Virgin to change her wish.
But the debt keeps growing
and you're not doing
anything to pay.
I'll do what you want me to.
Just give me some time
to get used to the idea.
How much is some time?
One month, two months?
Two months.
Here, that's enough
to come and go.
Thank you, Godmother.
Two months! Don't forget.
Hand me a chocolate bar.
-Don't you want a Coke, Neri?
-Not today.
-Thanks, put it on my tab.
-Sure, baby. So long.
-How much do you owe her?
-A lot.
So much that it'll take me
over ten years to pay.
And I don't think
they'll wait that long.
You haven't
thought it over carefully.
Can you imagine
the old man on top of you?
You're going to see him naked,
smell him,
feel his dick inside of you.
Think about it.
That memory will last
longer than ten years.
The roof tiles fell off,
termites are multiplying,
love is great at the beginning,
but sad and painful
when it's dying.
Offer these if someone asks again.
Damn it, "Negro". You can't
make a stew with these.
If we sold them, it'd be like pets.
Besides, they're forest turtles.
I want a big one, a sea turtle.
Who the fuck is going to eat
these little turtles?
Only raccoons!
Once they're cooked,
people won't know what it is.
You're a lowly puddle fisherman.
Catch one yourself,
if it's so easy.
What the fuck
does this man do to you
for you to defend him so?
This is really heavy.
You can drag it, move.
Careful, be careful!
Come help, lazy bum!
Sit in the front with me,
it's more comfortable.
-I'll show you I'm not lazy.
-I'm not that easy.
Don't you have your own woman?
Stop messing with mine!
Take it easy, buddy!
Light these inside the chapel.
We also have images, rosaries,
scapulars, bracelets, key chains...
Whatever you want,
feel free to ask.
Thank you.
Let me help you, I'll help you.
We have to take it down
very carefully.
Lift it, lift it.
Careful, be careful!
This fucking shit is heavy.
You should've brought
the truck over.
Shut up, fucker! Hurry up.
-Is it steady?
-Pull it back a little.
-Watch out.
-I told you to be careful!
-Pull the board back. More, more.
-There it is.
Give me a bouquet, please.
-How much?
-Fifteen pesos for two.
Give me two, then.
Come on, Neza.
You're tired already, shitheads!
Step right up, "morena".
What will it be?
-How much is this?
-One for 95, two for 150.
It has healing powers
for curing cancer and pain.
You're finally working, "Negro"!
We have to turn it on later.
Are you staying for the bash?
I can't, I have to go back
to Juana.
Hurry up,
before she takes attendance.
Sara! Neri!
Sara! Neri!
What are you two doing here?
Dad sent us to take care of you.
Come closer.
-Are you Angela?
Did you do this?
Yeah. We were just playing.
Bring the trimmer so I can fix it.
Will you help me with this?
Damn, we fucking nailed it!
Will you dye my hair like yours?
Yes. Next time you come over,
we need more time.
-Me too?
-Yes, you too.
Go home, your mother
is expecting you!
Open up!
Get out.
You too, out.
You too, out.
I said get out!
How old are your children?
I don't know, I don't keep track.
The oldest must be sixteen,
because when we got married,
three years later
you got Magdalena pregnant.
You should bring them more often
to get to know them better.
Why the fuck do you want
to know them better?
They're the reason
you stay at her place.
That's why.
Your ID.
You can go.
-Your ID.
-I didn't bring one.
-Your ID.
-I didn't bring one.
You're not Mexican, are you?
Where are you from, "negra"?
I want you to sing
the National Anthem to me.
Starting from where it says
"mas si osare". I'm listening.
What did I tell you?
"If the enemy should dare
profane your land
with their soles,
remember, dearest homeland,
that Heaven
gave you a soldier
in each one of your sons."
If you scorn me because I'm black,
I'm surely not like the rest.
Between diamonds and pearls,
this black woman is the best.
"Negro", if you loved me,
it might well be my end.
As soon as you saw my thingy,
you'd run like a madman.
I swear, shorty,
you couldn't satisfy me
in your whole lifespan.
I like big black pearls,
says the river as it whirls.
All of them got angry
just because they saw my wanky.
It seems to me like they're dumb,
sweating cold, the hot bums.
In a golden-blue glass
I drank a poison so cruel,
it was too late
when I realized I was a fool.
that there is no love so true
who will never make me blue.
Deep in the sea,
a turtledove cried bitterly.
A sparrow said with glee,
don't cry so eagerly,
for the stain of a love
goes away with a new dove.
-Cheers, my friend. Drink up.
Cheers to the new fridge!
Why are you up?
I'm getting some pills.
Where's Neri?
I don't know.
You're gonna look great
as a blonde.
-I'll go with you next time.
-Sure thing!
-Hey, Neza, call your dad.
Tell your dad to come out.
Check at his woman's house.
-Which woman?
-Whichever, you dick.
-Have you seen Neri around?
Let her go.
She'll find that shithead.
Keep telling me about Acapulco.
-Have you seen Neri around?
Have you seen Neri?
He was at the lagoon,
he may be there.
Thank you.
Don't be fooled, that dick
is fucking around in Pinotepa.
It'll be great if you have a boy,
so he can help with the expenses.
And he can fetch firewood.
But if you have a little girl,
that's fine.
Your wife will have help
making tortillas for the men.
-Good evening.
-Good evening, girl.
I'm looking for my dad,
someone said they saw him here.
He left. Did you look for him
at Magdalena's house?
-I was just there.
-I don't think so.
Magdalena is throwing a beach
party, I'm sure he's there.
You're right!
We went to Pinotepa earlier
to get her new fridge.
I can give you a lift
in my boat. No charge.
No, thanks.
Don't worry. He knows
he has to wait two months.
Shut up, asshole!
Careful, you might fall.
What do you need, dear?
I'm looking for my dad.
He's not here. He's supposed
to be with you today.
How is Juanita?
Not well.
If Neri comes by,
tell him my mom is very sick.
Just don't keep me waiting.
How can you say that?
No, I won't keep you waiting.
I'll pick you up at eight then.
This is the farewell,
you'll get it if you can.
The coal that burned and quelled,
lights up with just a fan.
That paint won't last if you
keep on scrubbing it like that.
If I don't wipe off the salt,
it'll rust.
With the fertilizer
you didn't have to do that.
How much did it cost you,
for you to nag so much?
I carried it!
Damn it, Neri, you're
throwing that in my face?
-Good afternoon, Godmother.
-Good afternoon, dear.
I need to talk to you.
Are you moving in with me now,
or what?
I still have to take care of Sara.
You never gave a shit
about your kids.
You just want to keep
fucking around!
As long as I do my duty here,
you can't complain.
As it's always been,
and will continue to be.
It's the guarantee
that I'm going to pay you.
I just need the beauty salon
to keep working.
I already have a house,
I don't need another one.
What you're asking me to do
isn't right.
You lent us money,
that's what I'm paying back.
That wasn't the deal, dear.
You asked me for a favor,
I asked for another in return.
You agreed to do something,
and now you're backing out.
I can't do it, Godmother.
Poor Juanita, she won't
be in peace dead or alive.
You're condemning her soul
to years of torment.
Come on, bring yours.
-Where are you taking it?
-To the sea.
Mom, don't let it go.
What happens if our Tona dies?
Usually, we also die.
But that was before.
Nowadays, who knows.
During the colonial era
in Mexico,
almost 250,000 black slaves
arrived from Africa.
Today, about 1.4 million Mexicans
acknowledge themselves
as Afrodescendants,
which is 1.2%
of the total population.
In Mexico,
Afrodescendant communities
do not represent
a cultural reference.
The lack of specific
cultural features
such as language,
government or territory,
has dismissed their presence
as a people, a nation or a culture.