Black Money (2019) Movie Script

Today, the bailout package
was finally signed off by the IMF.
It has been decided to sell
Daehan Bank to Star Fund,
a foreign private equity fund.
The controversial sale of
Daehan Bank by Star Fund
has been put on hold.
The Financial Services Commission
will make a final ruling
on the sale of Daehan Bank
by Star Fund on July 28.
I got it.
What's the matter?
We need to appear for questioning
at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
Who? Me or you?
Both of us.
You said they were done
after the last investigation.
Then did the prosecutors find out
something else?
I think they found out
about our relationship.
Does that mean they found out everything?
Do they know that
you made me send those faxes?
You said you could pull
some strong strings.
Who asked you for all these?
You don't need to know that.
You just play dumb
as if you never sent those faxes.
I will just say
I took the fax sent from your department
and reported it
to the top management, okay?
Do you think that makes sense?
They're prosecutors
from the Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
We never know what they have.
Are you okay?
Excuse me, are you all right?
Call the police! Quick!
Hey, Su-hyeon.
What's happening with the hit-and-run?
Well, the assailant is
already wanted by police,
but they can't recognize
the license plate number.
The plate is too dirty.
You mean they can't catch the assailant?
The police say they will.
No matter what it takes.
By the way, what is this?
The prosecution sent something again.
Why do they keep sending these?
Su-hyeon, I'm driving right now.
Talk to you later.
One, eight, one, nine. Pull over please.
One, eight, one, nine.
Pull over right now.
-Excuse Me.
-Show me your license, please.
-Sir, that truck is...
-Just show us your license.
Go away. That truck is coming.
It's coming!
-Hey, it's here!
Over there. She's in the car!
At 8 a.m. this morning,
a 33-year-old woman was found dead
at the riverside
under the Banghwa Bridge in Goyang-si.
The police said
she was found dead in a car
with a charcoal briquette ignited.
She left a text message
that seems like a suicide note.
It says, a prosecutor
of Seoul Central Office
conducted a coersive investigation
-and sexually harrassed her.
-Sexual harassment?
-She could not cope with the humiliation.
"Seoul Central Office"?
Who are they talking about?
It's an embarrassment
for the whole office!
Do you think I'm free all day?
I'm the Senior Presidential Secretary.
Who is Yang Min-hyeok?
-Thats me.
I'm involved in illegal gambling?
Your sting operation was
far more illegal, assholes!
You're bulldozing it through, aren't you?
Yes, I am.
That's why they call me Bulldozer!
-How dare you!
-Calm down.
Mr. Yang.
The Inspection Headquarters
wants you as soon as possible.
Inspection Headquarters?
You called your boss for help, didn't you?
You called the Blue House? Is that so?
Mr. Jang, don't let him go.
I will arrest you for sure. Got it?
Mr. Yang, wait!
Where's the Inspection Headquarters?
On the second floor,
Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
-I see.
-Mr. Yang!
-A word, please!
-What happened?
Who is the prosecutor
who committed the sexual assault?
You must know who it is!
-Excuse me!
-At least a name, please!
Damn it.
I don't have anything to tell you.
An official statement
will be announced later.
This is the last text message
Park Su-gyeong sent to her sister.
Was that her?
"Su-hyeon. I can't even say out loud
what that prosecutor said to me
while touching me.
I have nightmares every night.
Let the whole world know about it
so there are no more victims."
Look, I have never done
any of these things.
Then what?
Are you saying she lost her mind?
No record of crime
and no record of mental illness.
She's clean.
She's a total nut! I remember her.
She was caught
for a serial collision hit-and-run.
But then...
You should go and meet the victims
as they are willing to settle.
I want to be punished.
Gosh, what's wrong with you?
How come you don't want a settlement?
-I just want to be punished.
-You'll just pay a fine.
I want to go to jail.
Not every hit-and-runner goes to jail.
-Please help me.
-I shouldn't get out of here.
-Hey, Min-hyeok.
-What are you doing?
-Yes, I'm coming!
Sir, please.
Please arrest me. Please?
Please try to relax.
Release her and go for dinner.
-If you settle with the victims...
Excuse me, Ms. Park.
Okay. I'm sure you're telling the truth.
I trust you.
But what can we do?
It's a total mess now.
They crashed our website.
It's no joke!
All my staff were around
during the investigation.
It's not in her note where it happened.
Nobody knows whether it happened
in your office, her car, or a karaoke bar.
Why would I go to a karaoke bar with her?
Then prove that you're telling the truth!
She didn't kill herself.
Why don't you perform an autopsy?
The result will prove everything.
An autopsy? Her family rejected it.
Hey, they said they'll cremate her, right?
They can't cremate her now!
-Damn it.
-Wait. Hey!
-You shameless bastard!
You're not arrested yet?
-Listen to me. She didn't commit suicide!
-How dare you come here!
You shouldn't cremate her.
-Listen to me. I didnt assault her.
-Su-cheol, stop!
Stop! Su-cheol, stop!
-Stop it!
-Wha are you doing here?
-What are you doing? Are you crazy?
-I didn't assault her.
We have to reinvestigate this.
Do you understand?
Just leave. Leave!
You need to understand.
Well, they want at least
a six-month punishment,
but Ill try to make it for one month.
What? One month?
Gosh! You scared me.
All right. Just fire me.
I'm going to have a press conference.
You are crossing the line.
Are you messing around with me?
Its a top-level decision.
Do you think it's a joke?
Then you want me to live
the rest of my life
labeled as a sexual harasser?
-Is that so?
-That's not what I mean.
I mean we should quiet down
the public first.
Uniformity of public prosecutors!
We, prosecutors, are one!
Put your trust in it.
Forget it. What uniformity?
Look. I'm going to investigate this case.
Got it?
Hey, Min-hyeok!
What? A punishment?
-What are you doing?
-Stop it.
-Hey, I'll pour it up for you.
-Thank you.
Drink up tonight!
They're telling you to choose between
rotting as a prosecutor for good
or quitting to be a lawyer.
You can never be a lawyer once labeled
as a sexual harasser.
What was it? Uniformity of prosecutors?
They told me to trust them
and take a good rest.
Park Seung-cheol!
Do you trust prosecution?
Not this time!
Not at all.
I can never trust them. Never!
Who would ever trust Korean prosecutors?
Wait a minute. You fucker.
What do you know about prosecutors?
-Hold him.
The bank needs to be
sold first to pay the taxes--
Yes, Dr. Lee.
Yes, we're going to the airport now.
-Thank you.
Why did you want to see me?
Su-gyeong never used full stops
in her texts.
She just jumped to the next line.
But in that text, she put full stops
at the end of every sentence.
Something's not right.
Take a look.
And she was called for an investigation
by the Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
The Supreme Prosecutors' Office? Why?
I don't know.
Since then, she seemed nervous.
She wasn't herself.
I asked her why, but she never told me.
Really? Hold on a second.
Hey, it's me.
You know Park Su-gyeong, don't you?
Right. She used to work for Daehan Bank.
Never mind. Where are you?
I have dealt with it.
Thank you for your service.
You're working hard every day and night.
Here. Grab a cup of coffee.
Well, thanks.
Hey, what did you investigate
about Park Su-gyeong?
Just talk to me, you bastard.
-Have some coffee.
-Good night!
Hey, wait!
Where are you going?
So tell me.
What was the investigation about?
Tell me.
It was about the sale of Daehan Bank
at a giveaway price.
The bank was worth 70 trillion won
but it was sold at 1.7 trillion won.
Are you kidding? How was that possible?
It was worth 70 trillion won.
It doesn't make sense at all.
But the ground for that was
just five pages of fax.
Daehan Bank sent a fake report
to the Financial Supervisory Service.
A fake report?
A document with a manipulated BIS ratio.
BIS? What is BIS?
My goodness.
It's capital adequacy ratio
by Bank for International Settlement.
So they sent a fax saying that
Daehan Bank is financially distressed,
with a low capital ratio.
So based on that fax,
the Financial Supervisory Service allowed
Daehan Bank to be sold at that price?
You figured it out right.
Hey, wait.
Then who sent that fax?
That was Park Su-gyeong from Daehan Bank.
So we were digging
into her connection, but...
But then, she was found dead. Right?
That's all?
Park Su-gyeong and the man
who received the fax at the
Financial Supervisory Service were lovers.
But he died in a car accident first--
Wait! So one died in an accident,
and the other committed suicide.
And they were lovers, right?
But then,
the investigation came to a halt.
Those Star Fund bitches took over the bank
and they're trying to resell
at a higher price--
Wait a minute.
Came to a halt? Why?
How do I investigate when she's gone?
It all got pulled down
because of your sexual assault.
Damn it. You bastard.
Let me make it clear.
I didn't assault her. Okay?
-Yes, I'll take care of it.
Excuse me, sir.
Hey, I'm talking with Chief right now.
Sir, did Supreme Prosecutors' Office stop
the investigation on Daehan Bank?
Yes. Why?
You see. Those two who were involved
in the BIS fax incident are dead.
I'snt it obvious?
And Ms. Park, the one who sent that fax.
She didn't die because of me.
You know that, right?
You have to keep investigating.
-Are you drunk?
Isn't he under punishment?
-I'm sorry.
-Keep your nose to yourself.
Sir, please listen to me.
Who do you think you are? Why are you
sticking your head in their case?
-Sir, I need to talk to him.
-Shut it.
Stop it there
and just have some beef soup.
-I don't want beef soup.
-Excuse me, one beef soup, please.
No thanks. No beef soup!
Oxtail soup instead, please.
Make it extra large!
-A total disgrace.
-Who is Yang Min-hyeok?
-It's him, isn't it?
-I believe so.
What the heck?
His statement is confirmed as true.
And he has a clean record.
Can I go now?
Then what was he doing on May 16
when Choe Min-gyu had an accident?
It was confirmed that
he was driving outside Seoul on that day.
Do you know how many orders
I've missed today?
We are sorry.
You may go now.
Whatever. You're not even sorry.
So nothing about this truck so far?
Well, we are tracking the CCTV
and we are examining all the repair shops
and the junkyards nationwide.
Wait. Could you turn up
the volume, please?
We'll thoroughly investigate
the alleged corruptions
including the low-priced
sale of Daehan Bank.
All parties are paying attention
to the new Prosecutor General's comment
which is made
ahead of upcoming deliberation
on the sale of Daehan Bank on July 28.
Meanwhile, the prosecutor involved
in the sexual assault scandal is
-Damn it.
-suspended for one month...
No need for that. Just turn it off!
And let me know right away
if you find anything.
What about Steve Jeong,
the chairman of Star Fund?
Steve Jeong has disappeared
after he left Korea.
-Is Interpol still chasing him?
After that, we were tracking down
the BIS manipulation,
but these two, the main people involved
in this case were found dead.
Then why did you stop the investigation?
Well, that was because Kim Sang-cheol
became the Senior Presidential Secretary
for Civil Affairs.
I got a call from him, too.
I'll take full responsibility.
-Keep digging it.
-Yes, sir.
-All right. Let's start again!
-Yes, sir!
-Good morning, Dad.
Wow, you now have much fewer books.
I donated them
to the college when I retired.
And Dr. Lee? When is he coming?
In a minute.
He told me
now that Korea has a world-class economy,
he's proud to have you,
an expert in international commerce.
He would recommend you for
a proportional representation position.
So you want me to be
one of those congressmen?
-Na-ri! I'm here!
-Hi, Dr. Lee.
-How have you been?
-Long time no see.
-You look good.
-Could you take it over there?
You know, public opinion is getting worse,
calling it "dine and dash" or something.
They insist on a punitive sale
of Daehan Bank.
That means
the premium claim isn't allowed.
So they want those shares
to be released on the market.
That's not how it works
when foreign capital is brought in.
-Tell me about it.
-Dr. Lee.
Look what she has become.
I knew it ever since she was born.
Na-ri, I'm attending the Davos Forum.
Wow, really? Congratulations!
"Solutions to the Crisis of Capitalism."
I can't wait for it.
Would you help me with my transcript?
Of course. I'll be honored.
Geez, why are they attacking the rich?
Are they socialist or what?
They'll give it up sooner or later.
Eventually, they need to go back
to their lives.
What's worse is
those who attack professionally.
"The former and current officials
of Ministry of Finance, known as MOFIA,
have brought in the IMF crisis
and agreed on the IMF's brutal conditions.
Attorney Seo Gwon-yeong,
representing the Joint Committee
to stop the non-punitive sale
of Daehan Bank."
Well, the whole press is subordinate
to his words.
Do you know him in person?
Of course.
He's one of those that I respect.
-Gosh, this looks tough.
Let's go.
Hunger strike for two weeks?
Two weeks? It's an endless fight
until they get their jobs back again.
How can you survive 14 days
with just water?
No way.
I'm sure they eat something at night.
Don't you agree?
Excuse me!
What did you just say?
-What did I say?
I was just worried. I know you all
are doing this to make a living...
I apologize.
So, Park Su-gyeong from the finance team
sent that fake BIS report
to Choe Min-gyu here.
And he forwarded it there.
Then who approved this?
At that time, Choe Min-gyu was
only a manager.
So their deputy or senior deputy
would have approved it.
But then the deputy at the time is
now the senior deputy,
and then the senior deputy
is now the governor.
So they were promoted as a trade-off.
So that's what it is.
-What's this?
-An organizational chart.
I need to take it with me!
You nuts, just copy the file.
Let me have a look.
Your temper hasn't changed a bit.
Let me look at it.
-Just a look.
Remember you stole all of my law books
from my room
back in the freshman year, right?
I left you a note.
You took all my books
saying that you'd take the state exam
even though your major was engineering.
How could you take all my law books?
Come on, knock it off.
Why don't you quit and be my assistant?
-Well, you know it all.
And look. It's all in here.
-Or be my mentor.
-Screw you.
You used to never understand
about the labor movement.
Now you are standing on our side
to clear your name?
I'm a prosecutor. I'd never take sides.
I would arrest union members
for illegal strikes,
and arrest owners
for their corrupted work.
Hey, but Choe Min-gyu... What is it?
How dare you come all the way here?
Because you'll never meet me
even if I ask.
Fine. I'll see you somewhere else later.
Hey! Where are your manners?
-Please have a seat.
She flew all the way
from the US to help Star Fund.
She is the legal advisor
of the Daehan Bank case.
And she works for the greediest law firm
in Korea, CK. Also--
Also, I recommended
the restructuring of Daehan Bank,
which made hundreds of people
lose their jobs?
Don't you see that?
They'll rush toward you
if they know you're that Kim Na-ri.
Cut it out! Please have a seat first.
Have a seat.
It's been so long
since Star Fund recovered its investment.
And they even got a high dividend yield.
Are you still going to say
the restructuring was inevitable?
That's not an investment, but speculation.
Now they're about to
eat up billions of dollars
with a premium added,
and then just run away like that.
You consider an investment as a crime?
Do you think we could overcome
the IMF crisis without foreign capitals?
What? Privatizing public sectors
such as Tobacco or Telecom Corporation
by using those speculators
is what you call "overcoming the IMF"?
Why do you understate the increased
competitiveness and efficiency?
Gosh, you keep saying "competitiveness".
-What? You lost?
By the way, who are you
and why do you keep interrupting?
-Well, Im...
-Just a junior from school.
He got scandalous lately
as a sexual assault prosecutor.
How could you introduce me like that!
It's inappropriate.
I'm Yang...
Na-ri, you know so well about Star Fund.
They're not even qualified to run a bank.
Their qualification?
Hasn't it all been verified
by the financial regulators?
Right, those regulators and
your law firm made
Daehan Bank a distressed bank.
So Star Fund could take it over easily.
You even manipulated the BIS ratio.
Manipulated the BIS ratio?
Are you saying our financial supervision
system is that poor?
If this is illegal,
I won't let this happen.
Wait. So...
Let me get straight to the point.
All we need to do is check whether
the Financial Supervisory Service
has committed
an illegal act or not, right?
Who was the direct line of Choe Min-gyu?
-Im Seung-man, the Senior Deputy.
-Right, Im Seung-man.
Okay. You two keep fighting.
I'm leaving now.
Also, don't forget to give me
a copy, okay?
You wanted to see me
for this kind of talk?
No, not Lee Seung-man. It's Im Seung-man.
Let Mr. Park do the research.
Could you do the legwork?
That's right.
Take care.
I saw you called me. Mr. Yun, right?
I'll do that interview.
Please send your questions via e-mail.
Theres something
you should know before you go.
I'm not a sexual assaulter, you hear?
I'm not interested.
I guess you don't have to be interested.
It was about the sale of Daehan Bank
at a giveaway price.
The bank was worth 70 trillion won
but it was sold at 1.7 trillion won.
But the ground for that was
just five pages of fax.
Park Su-gyeong and the man
who received the fax at the
Financial Supervisory Service were lovers.
So based on that fax,
the Financial Supervisory Service allowed
Daehan Bank to be sold at that price?
Can I ask you something?
It's about this.
This is Detective Bang from the traffic
division, Yangcheon Police Station.
The very first truck was stolen.
We can't actually find the driver.
But he died in a car accident first--
So one died in an accident,
and the other committed suicide.
And they were lovers, right?
But then
the investigation came to a halt.
Wait a minute.
Came to a halt? Why?
Good morning!
Welcome back!
One month without you felt like a year.
Here is all about Im Seung-man,
the Senior Deputy of FSS.
But there was nothing special about him.
Except that he got promoted
after the sale of Daehan Bank.
Here's a recap of it.
How about the legworks you've done?
He has a good reputation.
He's well known as a decent church elder.
Let's get going!
We'll figure out his real reputation
when we see him.
-Thank you for your work.
-Sure. See you.
Geez, I knew it.
-Wait. You can't!
-I just called you.
I'm Yang Min-hyeok
from the Seoul Central Office.
Where were you when
Mr. Choe had an accident?
I had a business trip.
What about between 8 and 10 p.m.
on June 1?
Why do you ask?
It's the estimated time of the death of
Park Su-gyeong from Daehan Bank.
That's when I was still on the trip.
I heard the news saying that
she committed suicide.
Why are you asking me
when the investigation is already done?
Your schedule is saved
on your cell phone, right?
Let me see your calendar on your phone.
Okay. Go ahead. Take a look.
Here. You see?
A 20-day business trip
in Europe until this day.
Look, Mr. Yang. I'm a Christian.
How can I lie to you when God is watching?
Why don't you visit a church--
What are you doing without permission?
What's this again?
All I need is his vehicle log.
You must be keeping the log!
Well, thats...
Is that it? I only need the log from June.
I said I just need the log from June.
How can you do this just because
you're from the Prosecutors' Office?
Do you have something to hide?
Okay, you're going too far!
Bring a warrant
if you want to investigate!
Okay. Let's leave for now. Thanks!
Here. Thanks!
That brute calls himself a prosecutor?
Now, I'm even involved
in an illegal wiretap,
trying to prove your innocence.
You owe me a job if I'm fired.
You used to do it.
You used to do it all the time
back in the Ministry of Public Security.
And I can't be a lawyer
if I'm labeled as a sexual assaulter.
How can I give you a job?
I shouldn't have left
the Ministry of Public Security.
He's saying it costs six million won
a month for his kid's SAT lessons
to get him into a college in the US.
Gosh, this country's going crazy.
He shouldn't raise his kid like that.
Listen to this!
A prosecutor came today.
I think he has his eye on me.
I am a bit nervous.
Don't worry.
We are always watching out for you.
And did you see the preview
of Reporter Note on MBS?
I Heard it covered the Star Fund case.
It'll get controversial once it airs.
Im aware of it.
Reporter Note!
Mr. Yang?
You're aware of
the suicide case of
a woman from Daehan Bank, right?
I saw it on the news.
To be clear, she was murdered.
So I was wondering
if I could find some lead.
Let me watch your show in advance.
-It has been put on hold.
They took all the original
and edited films from us,
saying it'll downgrade
the national credit.
-Is your Chairman around?
-Perhaps. He had a meeting all night.
Then let me see your script first.
Mr. Yang, you have to officially
request for our cooperation.
Gosh, why are Korean prosecutors
always like this?
What a cocky.
How do you do, Mr. Kim?
I'm Yang Min-hyeok
from Seoul Central Office.
Why did you put Reporter Noteon hold?
Could I get a copy of that episode?
We need it for our investigation.
We're a public broadcaster.
Submit your official request
and follow procedures, please.
Didn't you get an order from someone?
Who asked you to do it?
What are they guilty about
to stop the show from broadcasting?
They even finished interviewing people.
Stop broadcasting?
You know who.
I don't get what you mean.
Did you come all the way here to say that?
Hold on. Listen to me
You're definitely a sexual assaulter.
No way. I mean,
you know the BIS ratio report, the ground
for the sale of Daehan Bank, right?
It was Park Su-gyeong
who sent that report via fax.
They don't know the truth.
It was a murder, not a suicide.
A murder?
Then, why would they fake her death
to be the result of sexual assault
by a prosecutor?
A prosecutor sexually
assaulted a female suspect,
and the suspect committed suicide
out of humiliation.
What can be more scandalous than this?
You can see it on every channel of media.
Thanks to this scandal,
it's completely covered up.
That's why they stopped
Report Note from broadcasting too.
I'm telling you. It's a murder case.
One person died for no reason,
and I was framed for her death.
Please help me out.
What can I do to help you?
Are we even close enough to
help each other?
We can get closer.
I don't really want to.
You're cold-blooded, aren't you?
-Did you have a good flight?
What made you come to pick me up?
I'll drive him home.
Okay. I'll see you later.
I saw the news.
You looked really awesome,
giving a speech to those dominant figures
of the world economy.
You thought so?
More than ten former presidents came,
including Bush and Clinton.
Remember the phrase
you added on the transcript,
"Free trade with a human face."
It received great attention.
There must be a reason
for you to come to get me.
You know Reporter Note
covered the Star Fund case?
I heard it was canceled.
Did you force them by any chance?
No way, dear. Why would I?
A public broadcaster shouldn't
mislead people.
If Star Fund becomes
the talk of the nation,
what good is that to the national economy?
I need to watch that canceled episode.
There will be nothing special.
They're just making a fuss
when they have no idea
about how the economy really works.
Still, I will need to have a look at it.
The meeting was...
Hey, are you okay?
Why are you here?
Finish by tomorrow
and report it to me as soon as possible.
I will.
Come in.
Do you even realize who Im Seung-man is?
He's the Senior Deputy of the FSS.
He's like the prosecutor for banks
who can blow up
the entire bank just in a flash.
Sir, but I need to be
cleared for what I didn't do.
It's killing me.
So, you've been cleared?
I will, soon.
Why did you visit the broadcaster then?
There was something
that I needed to check.
I'm really certain
Park Su-gyeong was murdered.
-Do you have evidence?
-No, not yet but--
You bastard!
Can't you see what's really going on?
You have any idea
how powerful those people are?
Even we're approaching them carefully
with a clear target, direction
and procedures.
Who the hell are you to dig up like that?
You know how desperate I am.
I had to go there.
Hello? Yes, sir.
Yes, I'll report to you soon.
Yes, sir.
We'll clear your name,
so wash your hands of it.
Get out!
-I won't wash my hands of it, though.
-You prick. Hey!
-Wake up!
-You're brave.
-Wake up!
Thank you, Mr. Seo.
-Sure thing. Take care.
-I will.
-Take care!
-Yes, sir!
Gosh, don't you need to
visit the hospital?
Our Chief will take care of him.
He wasn't doing well.
We forced him to stop.
It's a relay strike from today.
Fuck, I'll have to be the first.
Do you really need to
stick out your neck for this matter?
It seems irrelevant to you, right?
Anyone might think so.
That's why those MOFIA jerks can do
whatever they want
with the national budget
worth trillions of won.
You know that Star Fund
took over Daehan Bank in 2003?
And they failed to sell it in 2008.
Now we're in 2011.
They're in a hurry again to sell it.
Anything that crosses your mind?
A lame-duck and the presidential election?
It's the regime change. They're forcing it
every time the government gets weaker.
Sons of bitches!
Look at this. Look how awful they are.
They invited me to their party!
What is this? CK? The law firm?
Is it held by them?
What law firm?
They're merely a bunch of lobbyists.
How come you're invited? What about me?
They want to intimidate me
and show off their league.
They're so skilled at buying people off.
Don't you know?
Those prosecutors of the SPO,
who covered for Star Fund.
They joined CK altogether.
So you shouldn't attend it.
I'll take it.
Could I have your name, please?
I'm Yang...
I mean, Seo Gwon-yeong.
There. That's my name there.
Could I see your ID, please?
-You're questioning me?
-Ms. Kim, this way.
Hey there, Ms. Kim!
Hey, Na-ri!
They don't even recognize me.
I'm Seo Gwon-yeong,
the famous human rights lawyer.
You should have treated me better.
-Let's go.
-Hold on.
No, it's fine.
You aren't that cold-blooded after all.
Actually, I wanted to talk to you.
What? So you want to help me out.
-How are you?
-Good. How are you?
Good evening.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you, too.
Let's go.
Are you having fun so far?
By the way,
aren't those men you just said hi to
quite famous? I saw them on TV.
That man over there with silver hair.
He's the former Prime Minister,
Lee Gwang-ju, right?
Yes, he's an executive advisor of CK.
And next to him, sitting at the end.
He's Kang Gi-chun, a lawyer,
who earns 100 billion won a year, right?
All those who are sitting
right in the center.
They're all big figures, right?
Who are they?
What is it that you really want to know?
I think I met him before...
I feel like that bastard who framed me
might be one of them.
That man who is standing across Mr. Kang.
He has appeared in court hundreds of times
because of the sale of Daehan Bank,
when he was the Vice Finance Minister.
-Mr. Jeon, the CEO of the Nomad Fund.
-The CEO of the Nomad Fund.
Across him is Dr. Kim, the Senior
Presidential Secretary for Civil Affairs.
Next to him is the Governor of the FSS.
And the one talking to Mr. Kang is
the former Minister of
Economy and Finance.
-He's also an advisor of CK.
I'll go say hi to them.
Mr. Kang, how do you do?
I'm Yang Min-hyeok
from the Seoul Central Office.
-It's my honor. I'll see you again.
How do you do, Dr. Lee?
I'm Yang Min-hyeok
from the Seoul Central Office.
-So you're a prosecutor?
I was invited to the party.
I love the party.
How do you do, sir?
I'm Yang Min-hyeok
from the Seoul Central Office.
What's your name again?
I'm Yang Min-hyeok.
Are you all doing well?
Well, I wanted to say hello properly.
-I'm honored.
-Thank you.
Find out about that guy.
I feel like we've met before at a wedding
-Am I right?
-I can't remember.
Excuse me, how did you get in here?
Well, I came on behalf of Seo Gwon-yeong.
He's a lawyer.
-We were not told anything like that.
-Just a second.
So you want me to leave?
Did you find the guy who framed you?
I should start searching now.
I recognize this man's voice.
Did you illegally wiretap?
So that's why they call you Bulldozer.
That's not important. I'm all done now.
-I'll see you later.
-Wait a minute.
It's the canceled episode of the show.
Good! You should be helping me!
No. You help me.
Please take a close look at
all the illegal acts
using your prosecutor's instinct.
Then, shall we go?
To where?
I'll take you to the best
raw fish restaurant in Korea.
Change the grill, please.
It looks like table number three needs
a hot egg soup.
Don't mind that table.
I'll take care of it myself.
Here we go. Thanks for waiting.
-Look at this.
-By the way, that lady in the kitchen...
-Yes? What?
I mean, that lady keeps
staring at me, smiling.
She's my mom.
-Sorry, I didn't know.
-No, it's fine.
I don't think
she has ever seen a pretty woman like you.
Stop staring!
You've never seen a pretty woman before?
Sure, you bastard.
How can I not be curious?
Please help yourself.
He's beyond control,
-but he has a good heart.
-Stop that.
-She knows you are Bulldozer too.
-What are you saying?
Look, those fresh fish out there?
Most of them come from a fish farm.
This is the real raw fish,
aged in the fridge.
-Help yourself!
Thank you.
So, try this belly first.
-Start from the fin.
-Which one?
Dip it in that soy sauce and wasabi. Good.
Try it. I've done a good job with it.
This is what you call real raw fish.
Fantastic, right? I knew it.
So, I didn't sexually assault her.
Therefore, she is murdered.
To figure out the real reason for
her death and to clear my name,
-even illegal wiretapping is excused?
-No, it can't be excused.
But they are way too powerful.
So, it's only for this case.
Since I'm so confident
that I'll find legal evidence,
it's temporarily excused. I say.
What a convenient impudence.
Then how come you're on the side of CK,
that impudent lobbyist group?
I also wanted to be a prosecutor at first.
Article 234, Criminal Procedure Act.
Article 234. It goes like...
"When a public official
in the course of one's duty
believes that an offense
has been committed--"
"He or she shall lodge an accusation."
The obligation of public officials.
That got you into it.
But then, it doesn't make sense even more.
When I was studying abroad,
I changed my mind
because of the arrogant American elites.
What do we really need
as a small country living off
foreign trades
and competing with powerful countries
at the same time?
The world's best
international trade law firm.
That's what I should make.
It's quite touching
how you changed your mind.
But you'll need a lot of money.
That's why I have to work hard.
How did you end up as a prosecutor?
Me? Gosh, it gets me furious again.
When I was in college,
my father was in a car crash.
He was the victim.
My father was the victim, you see.
But the police kept
accusing him as the assailant.
So I looked into it and found that
the offender was
a son of the high-class official.
Eventually my father
passed away in the prison,
and my mother had such a hard life.
It's fine. It's all in the past. Here.
On July 25, 2003.
What happened in a hotel
conference room in Sogong-dong, Seoul?
We've recreated the scene
with our collected information.
Star Fund is industrial capital,
so it can't take over the bank.
The real problem is that
even if it's a finance institution
it can't obtain more than
one third of the bank stocks.
There is a solution.
Section 2, Article 8
of Enforcement Decree of Banking Act.
"Where deemed that there exist
such exceptional circumstances
as the reorganization, etc.
of insolvent financial institutions,
may possess not less than the scope.
That is, it may become
a major stockholder,
or acquire corporate control."
"Reorganization, etc."
This is it! The exceptional circumstance.
If the BIS ratio is low,
there's no problem at all.
Right, this is it!
Did you find anything?
Not here.
It must be one of those
who you couldn't wiretap.
There are three left. Kim Uk-jong,
Park Yeong-sam, and Lee Tae-gwan.
How would I get their voices?
What do you mean how?
You can just call them.
I'll leave it up to you!
I think you should come out
and watch that news.
-What is it?
-Prosecutor General Choe has been
-involved in a bank scandal.
Lobbyist, Kim Tae-kyu, suddenly
came back from Australia.
-Where's the remote control?
-The investigation on Ewha Bank
has been expedited.
-Is it true?
-Is it true?
It's totally groundless.
Right before the Star Fund's
resale of Daehan Bank...
They got our Prosecutor General?
Gosh, I have a feeling
that they'll close the big cases.
"Forgery of a private document..."
What's that you call terrific?
You're not going to stop
the investigation, are you?
This is the canceled episode
of Reporter Note.
You bastard.
Do you think we are not doing our job?
-We've already seen it.
If you've seen it,
now we have everything we need. Right?
How are we different
from the broadcasters?
We only rely on evidence, not suspicion!
Sir, you need to see this.
It's the audit on the FSS
by the Board of Audit and Inspection.
But it seems strange.
Star Fund's money was
deposited to this branch, one day before
the deadline for their stock payment.
But look how much had been deposited
on the last day.
They have 600 billion won sent
from a paper company of Virgin Island,
and the number doesn't seem right.
It used to be called Star Fund Four,
but it's now divided
into five different companies.
Isn't it because they divided the company
based on their stock share?
Our Prosecutor General is
about to be fired.
You know, they're playing a dirty trick
to interrupt our investigation.
Find something to reverse public opinion.
Yes, sir.
-Hey. I just want to have a look.
-Hey, Min-hyeok.
-Come here.
Why do you keep interrupting? Why?
Why did you go to the CK party?
I need to clear my name.
If you keep getting in,
they'll think we sent you.
Then they'll put up a shield, you bastard!
I told you to wash your hands of it.
I'll be careful, sir.
But I can't wash my hands of it, though.
Hey! You bastard!
And sir, please stop swearing.
The day when Star Fund Four,
a private equity firm,
was divided into five companies,
was also the deadline of Daehan Bank's
stock price payment.
We went to Virgin Island,
where the five companies are located.
All five companies were using
the same address.
We've found the records on these
paper companies at the registry office.
Stop it there!
Gosh, look at these names.
They're all foreigners!
It'll be tough to track them down.
All the names are written here.
We can do it.
They're all paper companies, you fool.
They're just figureheads.
Even the CIA can't find real deep pockets.
Wait a second.
Who are the presidents of
these paper companies?
Mr. Yun?
Hi, we've met before.
This is Yang Min-hyeok,
from the Seoul Central Office.
-Yes, and?
we're watching the canceled episode
at the moment,
and I saw a list of paper companies
and the names of their presidents.
Can you give me
the names of the shareholders?
The real deep pockets.
We heard that ICIJ knows about them--
What? IC, ICIJ? What's that?
But they won't talk to us,
calling us "presstitutes", fuck!
Did you hang up? Fuck. This prick hung up.
I can search for it.
"International Consortium of
Investigative Journalists."
Gosh, that's ridiculous.
Further tracking was impossible.
Yes, Chief. You're at the hospital?
-What's wrong?
-What's wrong?
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
Hi. He's a junior from my school.
Yang Min-hyeok
from the Seoul Central Office.
I'm sorry, but I hate prosecutors.
I hate producers, too.
You know ICIJ, right?
I heard they don't talk
to the Korean press.
Well, I'm contacting them now
to find out the list of Koreans
who hid money in tax havens.
That's the producer of News Explore.
Please wait, Mr. O!
-Damn it.
-Why would a CK lawyer come here?
-How dare you come here!
-What are you doing here?
-Out! Get out!
-Out! Get out!
-Get out!
-Get out!
Please let her offer condolences.
I asked her to come.
She and late Mr. Bae
went to the same church.
This way.
You're so shameless.
How can you come here?
Hey, I think she felt sorry.
Did you watch Reporter Note?
Have you found anything?
Yes, what's obvious is...
Mom told me to give this back to you.
You keep it until later...
Take it.
My dad died because of you!
What were we talking about?
Right, Reporter Note.
Star Fund conspired
with the financial regulators.
Wasn't it obvious to your eyes?
I guess you're talking about
the Sogong-dong Meeting.
Are you telling me to believe
that recreated scene?
Investors can lobby
to maximize their profits.
Manipulation of the BIS ratio report.
That's not a lobby. It is a crime.
Do you have evidence?
No, but what's obvious is
they killed two people
to cover up that evidence.
If that really turns out to be true...
I should quit this job.
-Dr. Lee,
the rumor on the BIS manipulation,
is that true?
What do you mean all of a sudden?
If that's true
and there was a trade-off
between Star Fund
and the financial regulators,
both sides must be punished.
You call yourself a trade expert?
You need to decide what's more important
for our economy.
I need to know the truth
as their legal advisor.
Please be honest with me.
There's no such thing.
Here's the result
of the voiceprint analysis.
Those three people don't match either.
-What did they say?
-They are in their 30s.
Meaning they're just agent workers, right?
So they don't give orders themselves.
Damn it. It's ridiculous.
I've lost a gazillion dollars
just like that.
I sent the money to the Philippines
only a few days late,
and the exchange rate soared up.
Gosh, a bank shouldn't snatch
precious money
from a poor dad.
How much did you lose
to call it a gazillion?
I exchanged three million won to dollars,
and lost 94.645 dollars.
What did you say? 94 point and then what?
I said, 94.645 dollars.
That's more than 100 thousand won.
Did you say 94.645 dollars?
But look how much had been deposited
on the last day.
They have 600 billion won sent
from a paper company of Virgin Island,
and the number doesn't seem right.
Hello, this is Choe...
What is it?
Well, my buddy Min-hyeok is going to
treat us with a big meal today!
Let's go!
What should we have at Jeonjujib?
Of course, bibimbap.
Have a fancy one. He deserves that.
Then we should have some meat.
That was good.
I'm so sorry for
having a fat meal by myself.
It was totally worth the money.
What is this?
"Stock Price Payment Status?"
Well, if you see here,
these numbers are very neat.
But take a look at these.
These decimal points look
complicated, right?
What it means is that
only the companies that
put money on the last day
have these complex numbers.
So, Seung-cheol,
calculate the exchange rate
of these amounts here,
on October 30, 2003.
-Yes, sir.
OCTOBER 30, 2003
KOREAN WON 20,000,000,000
That's 20 billion won.
Exactly 20 billion won.
Exactly 20 billion won? Okay, then.
Try the next one here. 4,231,500...
So 4,231,500...
-Fifty billion won!
-Fifty billion won!
So what? What does it mean?
If you exchange the money from dollars
to won, the numbers become neat!
The money that got out of Korea
came back again in dollars.
So the owner of the money
must be Korean.
So this is the true color of
retaining foreign investment.
What? Wait. So,
one trillion won is
either loans or credits,
and those deep pockets in Korea
put 600 billion won.
Which means Star Fund put
only 160 billion won.
What the heck?
So did they take over a bank
worth 70 trillion won
with only 160 billion won?
-Sons of bitches!
-Fucking rats!
That means those Korean deep pockets
conspired with Star Fund.
But their money was deposited
through paper companies, right?
How can we track these damn rats down?
Hold on. There is a way!
What are you doing? Let's get going!
Korean reporters don't have this data.
By the way,
it's a News Explore exclusive.
Why should I show it to you first?
Because you're not a "presstitute", right?
See? They're all Koreans.
"Lee Sang-won."
"Kang Jung-su."
Their names don't ring a bell.
Who are these people?
DEB Korea 2.
"Shin Yong-chul, Choi Tae-seok."
"Girin-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do?"
I don't get it. Why would people
who can invest 20 billion won
live in the mountains?
Did you get the fax?
It's coming in now.
Well, that's the payment of Daehan Bank.
And if you look into it,
the money went through laundering
and returned to Korea.
Who's this at this hour?
Hi. Does Mr. Choi live here?
Damn, do I have to force it to open?
-Move aside.
-No, don't.
I'm younger than you. I'll do it.
No way. I'm more experienced.
You'll get hurt.
Just give up.
Let's get it over with.
We might be late to work tomorrow.
Hey, it's too high.
Is he there?
Over here! Can you open the door?
Im Seung-man! He's Im Seung-man!
Hello, Mr. Im! You're busted!
Where is Choi Tae-seok?
What? I don't know him.
Do you live with someone you don't know?
You're registered on the same address.
Perhaps he lived here before me.
Here, take a look.
You see, Choi Tae-seok?
He invested in Daehan Bank. Is that right?
Yes. I see his name.
Bingo. That's correct!
Mr. Im, you're involved in
the BIS manipulation of Daehan Bank.
Wait a minute.
You don't even have a warrant.
What kind of prosecutor are you?
Are you a bulldozer?
How did you know his nickname? Let's go!
Look, I'm a Christian.
Let's just go.
Get my bible!
You're taking me illegally now.
Can you handle it?
Gosh, just be quiet.
I can't even handle him.
What the heck?
Is he a psycho or something?
Is he crazy?
What's going on?
Damn it.
What's that?
-Isn't it that guy before?
-Wha is it? Is there an accident?
-I don't think so.
What the heck?
-Damn it.
-Don't. I'll go.
Wait a second.
Damn it. I don't have time for this.
Excuse me.
What's going on with that truck?
Hey, you!
Excuse me?
Hey, it's dangerous!
Jump out!
Mr. Jang!
Hey! Where are you going?
Hey. Hey! Where are you going?
Where are they?
Are you okay?
Run away and call 911. Quick!
Mr. Jang!
Mr. Jang!
Are you all right?
Hold on!
Dr. Lee,
is this what you call
retaining foreign capital?
It was Koreans who invested
in Daehan Bank.
Dr. Lee, you knew it, didnt you?
Where did you get it?
Please be honest with me.
It's not that simple.
You need to look further into the future.
There shouldn't be a rift
between Korea and the US.
That doesn't explain anything.
Let's discuss it later on.
We'll get together soon.
I don't remember.
You still don't get the picture?
They were trying to kill you.
We almost got killed too.
You're not in the position to
protect your damn bosses!
Can't you really see that?
A prosecutor came today.
I think he has his eye on me.
I am a bit nervous.
Don't worry.
We are always watching out for you.
Who is he?
I don't know.
Here, look at this. Look!
Where is Yang Min-hyeok?
These investors of Daehan Bank.
You know them all, right?
Mr. Bulldozer.
Mr. Bulldozer.
You have a lot of gall.
You've snatched our potential witness.
-Get out.
-What are you doing? Let go!
Hey, don't let him go. No, you bastard!
I almost got killed bringing him in.
He's my potential witness too.
It was done illegally!
Chef Prosecutor told me
to bring you as well.
Screw you.
What? Why are you taking him?
-We're investigating him.
-Get out of the way.
Let them go.
Get off me.
Choi Tae-seok, the ex-owner of the villa,
has left Korea today.
He should be ban from departing.
That's so basic, idiot.
Mr. Yang, it's about Choi Tae-seok.
He used to be a sergeant
and has three violent criminal records.
Currently, he's unemployed.
Then it means
the real investor is someone else,
and they just borrowed his name.
All right. Let's think about it again.
The rest of them. Shin Yong-chul,
Lee Sang-won and Kang Jung-su.
Check their identities and
figure out their whereabouts.
Yes, sir.
-So you're a drinker?
-Yes, kind of.
Only two bottles were imported this time.
It's 300 million won and it's not bad.
I never knew
I'd drink the second bottle with you.
Do you know the story of a summer bug?
How would an ephemeral summer bug
know about winter?
I don't want to know.
You've done enough.
Why don't you come out to a bigger world?
Let's start with two billion won.
Excuse me?
I mean your salary.
Here you go. Drink it up
and take a load off your mind.
Joining us means
you can restart with a clean slate.
As you know,
we have the power to clear your name.
It's a call from VIP.
Tell him I'll give him a call later.
He said it's urgent.
Well, excuse me.
It's up to you.
Whether Seo Gwon-yeong
will be arrested or not.
You didn't know? See it yourself.
And take that bottle with you
and enjoy it.
Hello? This is Kang Gi-chun.
I told you we should order something to go
with that fine liquor.
Do we have to eat this thing?
So what are they saying?
I didn't file a tax return
because it's borrowed money.
So I'm accused of tax evasion.
So you're saying they're calling the money
he simply lent you an incentive?
Tax invasion by a labor rights lawyer?
Damn. It's fucking embarrassing.
Exactly. That's how I got fucked too.
You know what Kang Gi-chun told me?
He told me to quit my job
and work for him.
Then he'll get me cleared of
sexual assault allegation,
and stop you from getting arrested.
And give me two billion won. Fuck.
-Son of a bitch!
-One more round!
-That's not a good idea.
-Hey, I'll drive.
Hey. Damn it.
Damn it.
Damn, how am I here?
Hey, did I make any mistake last night?
Well, nothing much, but you did try
to make a patient drink alcohol.
Gosh, my stomach.
You were totally wasted and happy.
You annoyed the nurse
and asked her for a piece of paper.
Then you wrote this.
What is this?
I thought you were just giving all up
but I was wrong.
You said you'll clear your name
and prove Mr. Seo's innocence as well.
And what was that?
You said you'd take care of me
for the rest of my life.
It's your choice to join CK,
but don't take care of my life.
That's what Korean prosecutors are like.
I haven't seen anyone different.
Damn it.
By the way,
no one matches the list.
What's unusual about this document is that
there's nobody else but him.
Choi Man-sik, Choi Tae-seok's father.
Hello. Does Park U-cheol live here?
Well, with these names on the list,
we won't be able to figure it out.
Ma'am, you've never heard about it?
-Are you Kim In-cheol?
Please have a seat.
Is that so?
-Are you sure?
-There's more to it.
Choi Tae-seok,
the ex-owner of Im Seung-man's villa.
His aunt is Choi Mi-ja.
She is the wife of
the former Prime Minister, Lee Gwang-ju.
-What did he say?
That means Lee Gwang-ju owns that villa.
Sir, this is brilliant.
He borrowed Choi Tae-seok's name
and invested in Daehan Bank.
I'm sure the manipulation of BIS
must be his work as well.
Prosecutor General Choe, who had been
strongly denying his bribery allegation,
suddenly announced a resignation.
The prosecution has been criticized
for their unsuccessful investigation...
It's over, right?
It's all over.
What do you mean?
We have all the evidence here!
I need to talk to the Prosecutor General.
Sir, don't give them time
to destroy evidence.
We can't reach him now.
Where is Lee Gwang-ju now?
He's at his home,
having a luncheon meeting.
Get him!
Arrest him first.
We'll have the warrant after.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
American guys speak tender words,
but have their clubs hidden behind.
They always do.
Well, let's move.
Yes, I just got here.
You see Choi Tae-seok,
from the investors' list that I sent you?
It was borrowed-name.
The actual investor was
the former Prime Minister Lee!
So, Jeon Sang-u, Kim Uk-jong and others.
They're the actual investors.
I'm concerned that I'd be on a hearing!
Media is stimulating
the National Assembly, too.
Don't be scared.
The economy has no political color.
We've been leading the economy,
and will continue to do so.
We won't be affected by a regime change.
We lead the Korean economy.
Let's approve the sale at the FSS.
-Dr. Lee.
-Na-ri, you made it on time.
Have a seat.
Your money is included in
the bank's takeover payment.
Was that the reason
why you tried to sell it quickly?
Well, Na-ri.
I stopped the drain of national wealth.
We can't let Americans get all the money.
Why didn't you tell me
from the first place?
You think you would have let me if I did?
Let us eat and talk.
I quit.
So you want to jump off
from a moving train?
I'm a legal advisor,
not a criminal advisor.
That's no it.
One of the commissioners has resigned.
You can replace that position
as a qualified expert of
international trade law.
Ms. Kim is now the financial commissioner.
We should do the right thing,
shouldn't we?
You'll have to get a lawyer from now on.
What's going on?
I'm Choe Jae-yeon, from the SPO.
Dr. Lee, we're taking you
for falsifying public documents,
violation of Foreign Exchange
Transaction Act,
and commercial bribery under
Act on Specific Economic Crimes.
Let me see the warrant first!
We are arresting him without a warrant
as he is feared to flee
or destroy evidence.
You savages!
We're arresting the rest of you
on the same charges. Take them all!
-Come here.
Na-ri, I trust you.
You go talk to your father.
-Hurry up.
What did he say?
He told me to join
the Financial Supervisory Service.
The Financial Supervisory Service...
That's good!
You become one of them
and make a ruling of punitive sale order!
Who are you calling?
I'm calling the Senior Presidential
Secretary of Civil Affairs.
What are you doing?
I'm taking it away
for impeding the investigation.
That's why you're slandered.
Long time no see, Mr. Kim.
I'll interrogate him myself.
Take the cuffs off.
Give me back my cell phone.
Don't try solicitation.
I should question him!
Hey, Mr. Choe!
You trifled with us, prosecutors.
You even made
our respected Prosecutor General resign.
Mr. Kim.
Well, this matter is not up to us
to handle.
There had been
three political regime changes.
How do you think it could have come
this far?
I was wondering about it, too.
Why did Bush Senior and Junior take turns
to visit Korea that often?
President Bush even made
the Daehan Bank sale issue
as an agenda of the ROK-US Summit in 2008.
The Bush administration's
Secretary of State is
now the president of the law firm
that legally advises Star Fund.
You know very well.
Can you...
handle it?
I don't think I can handle it.
So I have something to suggest.
Make me the next Prosecutor General.
I'll be a good one.
Finalize the Star Fund case
as Steve Jeong's tax evasion,
and stop the rest.
Yes, sir.
And revoke
the departure prohibition orders.
I will.
Good to sit with you like this.
It's been long.
When I was young,
I liked seeing you and Mom
sit here together and talk to each other.
I really liked that.
It feels like only yesterday.
Dad, the thing Dr. Lee told me.
What does it really mean?
It'll be good for you
to be a commissioner.
It would've been dealt with already
if those commissioners
had strong convictions.
No, he told me
as if there was a specific reason.
You've seen him ever since you were young.
Hes like a family to us.
That's how we live through capitalism.
Just accept it.
It's not something
you can change on your own.
Yes, I'll finish what I was doing.
In the way I want to.
Anyway, I've copied all of them!
All the documents are there.
Paper companies, the names of
the shareholders, their borrowed-names,
and how they manipulated the BIS ratio.
Also their connections with the FSS.
All of them.
It is really useful.
This can silence all the commissioners.
It can make the punitive order possible
for sure.
Can you do it well?
Gosh, what a disobedient daughter.
Let's make a toast.
Anyway, Daehan Bank's union
and joint committee.
All of them will be there.
We are going to support you
in front of the building.
-Order a punitive sale!
-Order a punitive sale!
Order a punitive sale!
-Order a punitive sale!
-The public eye is on
the Financial Services Commission's
decision to be made today.
They are going to decide
between the punitive
and non-punitive order
on Star Fund's sale of Daehan Bank.
If a punitive sale is ordered,
Star Fund should
give up 2.5 trillion won worth of premium.
Let go of me!
Youre closing the case?
We can't do that.
It's none of your concern anymore.
And you are on stand-by from now on.
-Illegal wiretapping and insubordination.
You should get a criminal penalty,
not a punishment.
Sir, this time... Sir?
I'll have a press conference.
I have to go. Hey!
Let's go.
Resist a non-punitive sale!
-We resist!
-We resist!
Save our taxes!
-Save our taxes!
-Save our taxes!
Order a punitive sale!
-Order it!
-Order it!
Now we're going to search this room.
Everyone, get up and get out.
What is this? Why should we leave?
Talk politely, will you?
Can't you see? Get out!
Get the bag.
Get the bag.
Over there.
Look closely.
Where is it?
The bag, you bastard.
-The bag.
-I get it.
-Hey, not there!
-Stop him.
Hey, let go of me.
Let go, bastard!
Star Fund has
invested only 160 billion won
in Daehan Bank!
Now, they're trying to
make trillions of profit
and run away with a non-punitive sale!
We should stop them no matter what!
We have breaking news from abroad.
Occupy Wall Street!
Now the whole world is
gathered in New York,
to fight against
the barbaric financial capitalism!
Right before the meeting of the FSS,
thousands of union members
insisting punitive sale,
and multiple riot police squads
as a precaution
are facing each other.
Resist a non-punitive sale!
-We resist!
-We resist!
Save our taxes! Order a punitive sale!
Save our taxes! Order a punitive sale!
-Save our taxes!
-Save our taxes!
Let's start the meeting.
On July 28, 2011, we start deliberation on
the sale of Star Fund's stocks
of Daehan Bank.
If we order a punitive sale
due to the pressure
from those protestors,
there will be a serious problem
with national credit.
What would happen to our economy then?
Actually, half of Dr. Lee's money is ours.
We'll get 200 billion won more
only with a non-punitive sale.
With that, you can build
your own law firm, larger than CK.
I hope you'll make a good decision.
-By presenting you the scene
-We've found the evidence
-at Yeoui-do,
-of illegal wiretapping on Im Seung-man.
we'll start a discussion on the sale of...
There must be a document
on the bank takeover too.
-Find that one!
-Yes, sir.
Commissioners are
entering the meeting room.
-Professor Kim?
The civic group's
claim for punitive sale...
-Where did you hide it?
-Where is it?
-The fact that Star Fund
illegally bought the bank.
Suppose we've decided a punitive order.
What would happen?
We'll lose all our foreign investors
and the domestic stock market will crash.
Our economy will get worse,
and we might have the IMF crisis
once again.
You all think that a non-punitive order
should be ordered.
Let's hear the opinion
of Commissioner Kim,
who has reviewed it,
at the international trade law level.
Commissioner Kim?
Commissioner Kim?
I wonder if our government
could handle it.
-I can't find that one.
-We have breaking news.
-The Commission just made
-I can't find it.
an unanimous decision on Star Funds stock
to be a non-punitive sale order.
Their official announcement
and a press conference will follow.
I'll repeat the breaking news.
-Damn it.
Hey! Get him!
Im coming now!
The bag.
Get out of my way.
-Let's go!
Based on her legal review,
Commissioner Kim will
announce our decision.
-Sit down.
-Please sit down.
Im departing now, sir. Please take care.
Close the window.
Why isn't she answering?
The power is off...
Damn it. What's going on? Take it!
The alleged problem
on the takeover process
could not be confirmed,
and no illegal acts by Star Fund have been
found in its sale of the bank.
Star Fund is going to request
a five-billion-dollar compensation
to the Korean government
for the delay in sale.
This decision has been made
to stop drain of national wealth
by minimizing the risk
of potential lawsuits.
Right after the announcement,
the protest is getting fierce
in front of the Commission building,
As the police decided to take
a complete control past the cordon,
they ordered additional riot units
to be deployed.
Wait a minute. This way please.
Hey, you! Kim Na-ri!
My fellow unions!
Our fight hasn't finished yet!
We can still win!
Hey! You!
The purchase and the resale
have been done in collusion
and illegally!
They have
caused massive losses to the nation
with so many illegal acts.
Do you have evidence for
those illegal acts?
As the prosecution closed the case,
I have the evidence!
I have the evidence here!
-Excuse me.
-Excuse me, sorry.
I'm a prosecutor
from the Seoul Central Office.
Please make way.
If you don't,
I'll regard it as obstruction of justice.
Let him pass!
Microphone, please.
I'm Yang Min-hyeok
from the Seoul Central Office.
All the evidence is here.
All of the evidence is here!
I was reported as a sexual assaulter
a while ago.
-Do you remember?
-That's hm.
Yes. That's me.
In order to clear my name
and to find out the truth
about the death of Park Su-gyeong,
I couldn't give up on this investigation.
While investigating,
I've encountered a huge crime.
The former and current officials
conspired with Star Fund
and set paper companies in a tax haven
to invest over millions of dollars
in Daehan Bank
with borrowed-names.
I was forced to stop the investigation
even though I found the solid evidence.
Prosecutors neglected
their duty and assisted the crime.
In other words, they threw aside
their basic obligations
as public officials, which is stated
in the Criminal Procedure Act!
Who ordered to close the case?
An executive officer of the SPO himself.
Investigative authorities
who are supposed to
reveal the crime
are covering it up, instead.
Who is the executive?
Chief Prosecutor, Kim Nam-gyu,
of Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
He directly ordered
to stop the investigation.
You're being a whistleblower, Mr. Yang?
He's not a prosecutor.
He's not a prosecutor any longer,
but an offender.
Yang Min-hyeok.
On charges of illegal wiretapping
and arrest,
documents theft, violence,
publication of suspected crime,
and so on!
I am arresting you without
warrant, bastard!
Arrest him!
-Arrest him!
-Get him!
-Get him!
-Come down.
-Come down!
Section 1, Article 234 of
The Criminal Procedure Act.
"Any person who believes that
an offense has been committed
may lodge an accusation."
I, as a citizen of the Republic of Korea,
accuse that political prosecutor
who is trying to cover the case.
And those financial elites in Korea
who sold Daehan Bank to make profits
such as the former Prime Minister Lee,
Kim Sang-cheol, the Senior Presidential
Secretary for Civil Affairs,
and Kim Uk-jong, the former Supervisor
of the Financial Supervisory Service.
I accuse those MOFIA members
before the people of Korea!
-You bastard.
-Get off me.
I accuse them!
I accuse them!