Black Mountain Side (2014) Movie Script

Here it is, trying to buy
the pot. Here he goes.
Buying the pot.
-He doesn't have enough to buy it.
-Buying the pot.
What do you got?
Let's see 'em.
-That's lucky.
-No he has.
That's a flush.
-He had a flush...
-You're lucky.
-It's called being The Champ.
-That's what it's called.
I'll give you "The Champ". Take your
God damned money there, fuckin' punk.
Thank you very much! Fuck yeah.
Fuckin' stripper girls on me
tonight, boys.
It's gettin' cold, boys.
I could share some of this with
you gentlemen, if you'd like.
It is the first of November.
Well, look at this.
One month from today, I'll be sippin'
margaritas with the lady in Florida.
-Every year, baby. Christmas in Florida.
Is that, Disney World or
Disney Land in Florida?
What was that, excuse me?
Is it Disney World or
Disney Land in Florida?
PPAh, fuck Disney World.
I'm there for the women, dude.
I'm a grown man.
The women and your girl?
That's what this money will
help me get, right?
I like a white winter.
So what's the deal, you staying
here again this year?
Yeah. Fuck.
I love it up here, you know.
You poor son of a bitch.
-I like the double pay, man.
I'll need it after this poker
Double pay, right...
I wanna see this. C'mon, give
me something good here.
Let's see what we got here.
Here we go. Game on, bud.
-Jensen, come in!
-Fuck me!
Chopper's comin' in.
We got company.
Outpost NTC-291,
this is DBA Transport.
Stand by for landing...
Check. Check.
Alright, everyone.
This is Professor Olsen.
Head of archaeology for U of T.
Head of field research for the SAA.
Professor, Francis Mnro, project
director. Pleasure to meet you.
Likewise. I did a paper
on you in University.
That's Drew McNaughton, he's
our equipment technician.
And Robert Michael Giles,
field supervisor.
What he's doing here and not
on site is beyond me.
I'm on my break.
And that's, Dr. Richard Andervs,
site assigned medical supervisor.
-Pleasure to meet ya.
Let me know if
you need anything,
It would be nice to do something
around here for a change.
Let me show you the lab.
-You want in here?
Do it up.
And this is Steven Welles, he's
here on a corporate internship
with a company in Calgary.
He's been my assistant for the
past few months.
-How's it going?
-Well, thank you.
You've got a very
impressive resume.
Thank you.
Professor Olsen is here to write a
report to hopefully get us a grant
from the SSHRC to get us more
funding and more hands.
Hey, that would be great. I really
look forward to working with you.
So, how was the trip in?
Yeah, it's a long ride on that chopper.
You're lucky, it's three times as long
if you were to ride
up during a storm.
Is it usually this cold out?
It's not usually this warm.
So I...
Bet you're wondering why they
sent you up to
a Northern Paleo Indian outpost.
Something like that, yeah.
I'm curious what they told you.
Unusual Clovis findings.
That's all?
They were pretty
vague with the details.
Yeah, we were pretty stingy
with the details ourselves.
It's pretty standard, right?
Yeah, I'd say. Standard Clovis
culture. Yeah.
The past three years we've stationed
here, that's all we've dug up.
11,000 B.C.E. Clovis.
It's pretty interesting stuff.
Nothing too exciting though.
Two weeks ago,
we found this pot.
11,000 B.C.E. Clovis pottery.
It's interesting, but not
Yeah, that's not what's
interesting, though.
We found it under sediment
dated to 14,000 B.P.
14,000 B.P. Clovis pottery.
Nope, not Clovis.
Pre-Clovis pottery?
I mean, it looks Mesoamerican.
It's got similar
symbols and markings.
We're over 4,000 miles from the
nearest Mesoamerican site.
There's one hundred different
reasons for this being here.
Early trade activity in this
ceremonial burial of a more recent
culture. Something like that.
Right, but 14,000 B.P.?
Well, you know that radio-carbon
dating's not always accurate.
We've also started unearthing a
A structure?
A week ago, we began unearthing
a large object that we think
is the roof of a structure that
goes down...
Well, really far.
How far?
Maybe a meter. Maybe ten meters.
We don't know.
We don't want to jump to any conclusions
here. I mean, it could be nothing.
It could be planted...
We don't know.
Right. But...
If this is the real deal, then we're
looking at one of the biggest finds
in the past century. We are right in
the middle of the ice-free corridor
and this could confirm that
Over the past three years we've covered
over two square kilometers of ground.
Going as deep as
12,000 B.P. of sediment.
Have a good night.
Any of them speak English?
All of 'em.
They speak Dogrib with one another,
but they're all fluent in English.
Any of them have experience
with Archaeology?
Not one of 'em.
No, they're all from a reserve about
a hundred miles south of here.
We just pay the, band council
and they give us workers.
Usually finish this early?
We don't get much sunlight up
And when the sun isn't
up, it hits fifty below.
Sun goes down real fast.
Yeah, get stuck out here for
long and your blood will freeze.
I wouldn't want to be the poor son of
a bitch to have to experience that.
Okay, gentlemen. Thank you
How many hours of sunlight do
you get?
What, this time of year?
I don't no.
Like five... Five and a half.
You know, we try to use as we can
but come December and January
we barely get any at all.
So, what do you do with the
other nineteen hours?
Drink, mostly.
Welles and Mnro sleep there.
That's my office, and
there's the communication cabin.
That's where Jensen is.
And McNaughton and Giles, they have
their own cabins; They're over there.
And, this is us.
Home, sweet home.
That's me.
Ramis, the site chef; He sleeps
in there.
It's pretty small.
It's a shit hole.
You're upstairs, c'mon. I'll
show ya.
And, finally, your room.
Bed's kind of shitty, but it'll
do the trick.
That heater takes about an hour
to start to work, so...
Sometimes you gotta smack it
around a little.
You're gonna need blankets,
There's a stack of that stuff in
laundry room; It's the next room over.
By the way, it gets kind of
-Yeah, it sounds shitty, but
there's a little vent there that siphons
hot air from the machines into this room
so it's actually not that shitty.
Believe me, in a couple of days
you're gonna be thankful we
gave you this room.
Hey, puss.
Gibson, get off the table.
Beat it.
-Bye, puss.
-We're out of eggs.
Alright... Anything else?
Yeah, we'll be out of milk soon.
Okay, I'll radio it in tomorrow.
How many more sites like this
are there?
There's a site like this, one
every hundred miles or so.
Two dozen spread across
the whole area.
Any of the other ones have
anything like this?
Not that we've heard of.
We're out of radio range.
I was reviewing some of the
photos last night.
If you look here, these
kind of look like
symbols of a Trecena.
It's a Mesoamerican
period of time.
It's similar, but it's faded
so it's hard to tell.
Maybe a simplified version.
Now, if you look over here,
that's nothing. It's just an
image. Maybe a hunting ritual?
Something like that.
How far down do
you think it goes?
No clue.
Based on the depth of
the bedrock in the area, I'd say
-three feet.
-Maybe as many as ten feet.
Outpost NTC-291 calling
Station-9, over.
Outpost NTC-291, calling
Station-9, over.
This is Station-9, what can we
do for you, 291? Over.
Hey, how ya doin', Station-9?
When's the next supply
drop at this location? Over.
Hold on a minute. Let me check
that for you, 291,
Sunday, November 10th.
In three days, 291. Over.
Okay great.
Can you add...
Let's see. Hang on one
second here.
Milk, cigarettes, and eggs to
the list, please? Over.
Sure can do, 291. Eggs,
milk and cigarettes. Over.
Great, thanks a lot.
Over and out.
Hunker down with a
bottle of Whiskey and a
box of porn. Yeah, well
it's much deserved, anyway.
-To whiskey and porn.
-To whiskey and porn!
There it is. Cheers for that.
You know what,
while on the subject,
how about a toast,
-to the crew...
Who will be remembered...
For the greatest
archaeological find.
-Possibly ever.
I like the sound of that.
And you'll be remembered as the guy
who sat on his ass the whole time
it was happening.
I'm okay with that.
So, what do you think, Doc?
What do I think about what?
About that temple out there?
What do I think?
Who gives a damn what I think? I'm
a doctor, not an archaeologist.
It doesn't get old, does it?
Jesus Christ...
What do you think?
About the temple?
-It's probably not a temple.
-Whatever, you know... How,
how far do you
think it goes down?
Just based on experience...
If I was looking at a
similar structure, in the
Amazon, based on
shape, size, some of the
defining characteristics
I would put it about...
20,000 B.C.E.,
which is, well, not possible.
-You know what I think?
-Yeah, what do you think?
That's just...
Hey, hey. You laugh now, but
wait until we start pulling up
little green bodies.
You're a God damned idiot.
Where's the file on Alpha-226?
Alpha 200 to Alpha 250 is
listed under fifty-nine.
Well this one is labeled one
Red files are one hundred, blue
files are two-hundred.
This is giving me a headache.
Why don't you
just call it a day?
Yeah, maybe I will.
Come in, Jensen. Over.
What's up, Giles?
Can you come down to the site?
I think you better see this.
Yeah, I'll, be right down.
What the hell?
What is that?
It's Ramis' cat.
Jesus Christ, who did this?
I don't no.
One of the workers?
Why would they do it?
This is fucked up.
Why would McNaughton
kill the cat?
I don't know.
-You saw this happen?
I'll look into it.
You can go back to work.
This makes no sense.
Hey McNaughton, come in.
Did you kill Ramis' cat?
Well then, who did?
I don't no.
Navaron just came into my office,
he said he saw you doin' it.
He saw me do it?
That's what he says.
Nope, I didn't do it.
You'll figure it out.
I believe in you, buddy.
Would someone please tell me
what the fuck is going on?
Just get up here, McNaughton, I'll tell
you everything when you get here, okay?
Hey Doc, wake up. I need you
out here right now.
What the fuck is going on?
Jesus Christ.
What's going on?
Three of our guys are gone. The
other two went lookin' for 'em.
Three of the workers? Yeah.
Giles still here? Yeah.
What do you mean, gone?
I mean they're gone, what the
fuck do you think I mean?
Well, why, man? I have
no idea why! Guys, guys!
The workers are all gone.
-All but two.
-What about Giles?
Not Giles.
-You didn't hear 'em leave?
-No, I didn't.
There's some tracks from the
cabin, going to the reserve.
-There going back to the rez?
-I don't no, I guess so.
What? Walking? Apparently.
This is fucking great.
Three weeks before wrap, you
think they'll send more guys?
I doubt it.
Why would they leave in the middle
of the night when it's fifty below?
Maybe they got spooked.
I don't no. They believe in all
sorts of wacky shit.
Maybe something spooked 'em.
Yeah? Like what?
The cat?
Yeah. Maybe the cat.
You know, it's possible.
They are a pretty superstitious
So, they see the dead cat,
freak out, and leave?
And then wait until the middle
of the night?
I don't no. Maybe it was the cat in
combination with something else.
You know, an animal sighting or something.
What do you mean, an animal sighting?
Animals have a lot of
significance in Dogrib mythology.
They can come in the form of
demons, gods, or whatever.
So these guys see a moose in
the camp and run for the hills?
Well, regardless, we can't
work without more guys.
I'm going to call it in.
Well, I wouldn't say no
to an early winter break.
Five months alone here is
more than enough.
What happened to
"can't say no..."
Jesus Christ!
What the hell is wrong with him?
-He's got no fever.
-What did you eat?
I don't no, the same
shit you guys ate.
Alright, let's get to my
office. Let's go look at ya.
Jesus Christ.
Come in Station-9. Over.
Station-9, come in. Over.
Station-9, come in. Over.
Station-9, are you there?
Come in, please. Over.
So, what's the word?
We goin' home? Or...
No, I couldn't get
a hold of anyone.
What the hell's all this?
Welles threw up.
Is he okay?
I think so.
So what do we do?
Go back to work until we can
get a hold of someone.
Alright. Keep those walkies
tuned to the worker's channel,
that's channel 3. And keep an
ear by the two-way.
If anyone calls, we'll be back
before dark, alright?
Yeah, yeah. If it's Station-9,
tell them to send an E-Vac.
Yeah, yeah. Look, I know
it sounds trivial, but
it's important. I don't
care if you have to
take those radios with you when you take
a shit. Just stay by them, alright?
Still feel like shit?
And you've been feeling progressively
worse throughout the week?
Any conditions? Anything?
Not that I know about.
Alright. How've
you been sleeping?
I'm not.
Open your mouth.
My best bet is
you got a real bad flu.
How'd I get it?
Well, sometimes, someone has a
virus, but they have the antibodies
so they don't even realize
they're contagious. Right.
Then, they give it to someone
and they don't have the antibodies,
and then they get sick.
I'm going to give you some new pain killers,
and some Triazolam; It'll help you sleep.
Think they went home?
Just doesn't make any sense.
I mean, they don't have any of their
stuff. They've got no supplies.
They're not gonna make it very
far. Not in this weather.
Fuck, it's cold.
What's wrong?
Has anyone else been up here?
What? We lost?
We're not.
But these tracks aren't
going to the reservation.
They're going in the
complete opposite direction.
No one's been out here as far
as I can tell.
These tracks are headed north.
Reservation's south.
Well if they're headed north,
they're definitely dead.
It's not in bad condition
considering it's 11,000 years old.
Yeah, well nothing comes up
On top of that, it's all untouched;
Buried beneath snow and ice.
The reserve where the workers are
from, they don't come up here ever?
No, the town they all took off to is the
northern most town for hundreds of miles.
We're the northern most outpost.
291 out of 291.
Stop that.
Most northern outpost by about
ninety miles.
So what comes up here, then?
So, why are we here?
Same reason 290 is there. And
226, 215...
Some surveyor found some
scribble on a rock
and figured it was important
enough to waste years of
people's time and government
Yeah, nothing comes up
this far north through
these mountains except for
the odd charter plane.
Even those stopped coming up here after
that one went down, fifty miles from here.
Engine failure, from the cold.
So what motivated them to build
a camp here?
Rock pile formations, the usual
You can see the initial reports.
Jensen's got 'em in his office...
Stop that!
Same old stupid shit.
-You wanna pass me that can?
-This one? I guess it's
empty. We've got...
Three more cans back in
storage. How long can we go for?
I say we got supplies
for, two weeks. At the most.
Supply drop was supposed to
be three days ago? Yeah.
We're on for now.
Just put it down there.
Is it on?
Yeah, okay? I told you,
this thing works fine.
I just wanna see.
Test, test.
Turn the dial.
The dial?
Test, test.
Try ninety-eight.
Test, test.
See, it works.
They must have theirs turned
Or they aren't there.
Maybe there's a storm on the
other side. Who knows?
Well, just rig a loop to
Yeah, there are, stone piles like this,
one every couple of miles or so.
They're all about a mile from
my initial dig spot,
where we found most of the
Clovis points.
This means the Dogrib
knew about the temple?
Nope. That's likely
just a coincidence.
Stone piles like these are really
common among native cultures.
They're used to mark important
spots like,
ceremonial burial grounds
or recurring settlements.
Our theory is, that these were
used to mark a
hunting spot, for,
deer, or maybe bear.
A lot of bear in this area?
Yeah, but you don't have to
worry about that.
This place is covered in bear
and those will really fuck you
Bear traps?
Yeah, put down in the thirties
by the Dogrib.
These stones were put down
maybe, five,
six hundred years ago.
You see, the natives, they kept
a close eye on this spot
for a few thousand years,
along with some other
spots, that we haven't
started to excavate yet.
No markings... Nothing?
Just boring old stones.
Your specialty's Clovis.
Yeah, since grad school.
Graduation year? '02.
You ever seen
anything like this?
I've never even heard
about anything like this.
You don't think we're,
we're trying to pull some sort
of elaborate hoax, do you?
The radio-carbon dating
you had done on the
structure places it near
the end of the ice age.
And it's a solid structure?
People didn't stay in one place
during the ice age.
Carbon dating of the artifacts
suggests that
these people were here for a
span of a few hundred years.
That's what doesn't make sense.
Maybe they found ways to adapt
to the cold.
Then why did they leave?
Where did they go?
South, to form early
If they were going south, they
would have gone south.
For Christ sakes, would you cut
it out?
I'm bored.
Go to work. You're still on the
What clock? There's nothing to
Why don't you try fixing that
You are the equipment
technician, aren't you?
That fucking radio is fine.
Everything on it works.
Except the part that lets us
talk to other people.
It's the ranger's station's
radio that's fucked, alright?
Nothing I can do here can fix
Well if you aren't going to go
to work,
knock it off with that God
damned ball!
We're out of cream.
That's fine.
Look at this.
You see here?
That looks like a simplified version
of something you'd see on a.
Mayan or Aztec wall.
Really simplified.
What's strange is that, all of
these symbols
mean nothing in any Mesoamerican
system of writing.
Aesthetically, they look Mesoamerican,
but there's nothing here to suggest
that that is what this is.
I think that the similar
aestheric is
likely just coincidence.
So, what does it stem from?
Well, it doesn't look like
anything from South America,
so it's out of my expertise.
I do believe, however, that
what we're looking at is not a
writing system, but a
systematic series of drawings.
A lot of them are animals.
Maybe a hunting ritual?
Cave wall kind of stuff, but just
with more of a coherent style.
So, maybe a culture that was
here before the ice age.
They built the structure
to survive in the cold,
but they didn't make it
to the end of the ice age
because of the cold.
McNaughton, you in there?
I'm coming in, okay?
Why didn't you answer the door?
I was just...
We saved you some lunch. You missed
breakfast, too. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
You... Need me to get you
anything? Something to drink?
I'm fine.
Your lunch is in the kitchen.
-Jensen, come in. Jensen.
Meet me at my office,
I heard screaming.
-I think it's Welles.
Alright, yeah.
I'll be right there.
What? Alright, yeah.
I'll be right there.
What's going on?
Doc heard screaming.
He went to go check on Welles.
And? Is he alright?
I don't no, it's fucked up.
Help me find it! Just look!
It's okay, Welles, it's okay.
Help me hold him down! What the
fuck are you waiting for?
Jesus! It's right here!
-What the hell!?
-Hold him down!
It's moving up his God damned arm!
What the fuck are you waiting for!?
Hold him down! Hold him down!
Holy fuck!
-What do you... What do you want me to do?!
-Do something!
-The fuck is that!?
-Cut it off!
-Cut it off!
The fuck is going on here!?
No! No!
-Hold him down!
-Giles, hold him down!
-Take it easy, kid.
-Hold him. Hold him!
-Easy kid.
Olsen! Olsen what
the fuck are you...
-What the fuck is that, man!?
-Okay, deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
-Hold on, kid. Hold on.
-What are you doing?
-Get the fucking morphine.
-Deep breaths.
Hang on kid. Almost there.
Almost there.
Almost there. Almost there.
Anyone ever been sick like this
Yeah, all the time. I'm serious.
You puttin' this in your report?
I'm putting everything in the
Woah. This has nothing to do
with the site.
The report's not just about the
site. It's about the entire camp.
Look. Professor.
We brought you up here to check on
that structure, and get us more money.
You want more money, you have
to address the issues.
Issues? What issues? The guy's sick. It
has nothing to do with the operation.
You weren't properly equipped
to deal with the situation.
That's bull shit.
We cauterized his arm with a
fucking shovel.
Yeah, well we weren't exactly
anticipating a God damned amputation.
You're ill-equipped.
You know what, fine.
Do your report. Maybe we can use the grant
money to buy a fucking Cat-Scan machine.
Do you see it?
Woah. Jesus fucking Christ.
What... Jesus Christ.
Anyone, come in, come in,
-Is anyone there?
-Is anyone there?
-Is anyone there?
-Is anyone there?
-McNaughton's lost it!
-McNaughton's lost it!
Come in, we're in the lodging cabin,
he cut off his fucking hand, get Doc!
He cut off his fucking hand,
get Doc!
I'm on my way, over. Okay, bud. Just
calm down. What's up? What's happening?
It's going to be okay, Doc's on his
way, okay? Just relax, McNaughton.
what the fuck is...
Grab him! Hold him down. Holy
Hold him down! What happened?
He cut his arm off!
What's wrong with him?!
Help me hold him still.
Hold him still.
Tie it up!
C'mon, hold on, McNaughton.
It's probably safe to assume you've
never heard of anything like this.
Is he gonna make it?
I don't want to sound
pessimistic, but I doubt it.
Not as long as he stays here.
And McNaughton?
I've got him on an
Did it work?
We'll see. I'll keep a close eye on him
until we can get him out of here, but...
He's probably going to lose the
rest of that arm.
He made a real gnarly mess out
of it.
This way.
Follow my voice.
Open your eyes.
I can see you, Jensen.
Any symptoms? Feeling sick?
Dizziness, headaches?
No, no, I feel fine, I'm
just... Tired.
Have you been sleeping?
Yeah, some. I,
I wake up and then I can't get
back to sleep.
How long's that been going on
A few weeks.
It's probably stress.
You, have any heart palpitations?
Shortness of breath?
Just waking up for no reason?
Yeah, pretty much.
I have been... Having this,
sometimes when you dream. The
body releases adrenaline.
Wakes you up. Is it a nightmare?
No, it's not a nightmare, I mean, it's not
like I'm afraid, or anything like that.
What's the dream?
I see this... Person.
These people, I guess.
They're like us, but
they're not.
It's very strange...
I just feel like they're
watching me.
I don't know.
Alright, well. I'll get you some sleeping
pills. They'll help reduce REM sleep.
You got any allergies? Heart
All the artifacts were found within
thirty feet of the structure.
They all have animals on
them being portrayed as
god-like creatures. That
much is fairly evident.
Based on the sheer amount of effort that
went into making all these artifacts,
and the structure, and the consistent
use of animal imagery on all of it,
there's no question that this site
was extremely important to them.
Probably a place of worship.
Right, like a shrine.
Right. Now, one recurring theme in
a lot of these pieces is the deer.
This deer god is very important
to them.
Maybe a creator god, like a Kukulkan in
Mayan, or Ehecatl in Aztec religion.
You alright?
Yeah, just thinking...
Yeah, as for where they went
to... Look here.
A lot of early tribes and civilizations
were wiped out by disease.
Obviously, they had no medicine back
then, and they had no understanding
of the concept of
germs and bacteria.
Now, this piece. This is our
youngest piece by...
about a hundred years, so far.
Now, if you look here,
these resemble people but, what's
strange is that they're disfigured.
In all the other pieces, their portrayal
of people is fairly accurate.
Standing up... Arms, legs,
But that's not the case in this
People are missing appendages.
They're slouched over.
I believe this
depicts an illness...
A plague.
As the ice melted, the bacteria
could have been unfrozen.
I mean, the time line of our pieces
ends near the end of the ice age.
It's just a theory.
So it wasn't the cold that
killed them,
it was the cold
protecting them, in a way.
So everyone dies,
then no one comes through
for thousands of years,
letting the thing get buried
beneath sediment and ice.
Interesting. Well, it's interesting,
but it's not what I'm worried about.
What are you worried about?
I'm worried about Welles.
Welles. You think what he has is
what this artifact is showing?
It's happened before.
The Curse of the Pharaohs.
So, we're looking at a bacteria that's
ten to eleven thousand years old.
Yeah, frozen, deep in the ice along with
that structure and these artifacts.
Someone was sneaking around
the outpost last night.
You tell me.
I don't no, maybe it was an animal.
For Christ sake, that was no
It was speaking words, I heard
it outside my room!
Look! I'm hearing things, we're
all hearing things. Okay?
But there's no one out there.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
This is just stress.
It's not stress!
There was someone
outside my fucking window,
speaking fucking
words to someone else!
What are you suggesting?
It's one of the crew?
I'm suggesting,
someone in our crew is
sneaking around, snatching
up all our supplies
and is going to leave us with
nothing, and then we're fucked!
-That's insane.
-Is it?
-Is it insane?
Is McNaughton slicing up his
arm insane?
Is all our workers waking up
one day and deciding to walk
one hundred miles in the arctic
winter insane?
Just look into it!
As hard as you can.
Don't look at the trees,
or the mountains...
Look past them.
I just found him
here like this...
He must have untied himself
and taken my rifle.
Well, that's just wonderful.
Did he have a family?
Ex-wife and a kid.
Yeah, divorced though.
Do an autopsy.
See if you can find out what
was wrong with him.
Any word on a rescue?
Not yet...
Wash your hands.
I think I'll take a shower.
Are you gonna watch me cut him
No, thanks.
I ran some tests on the tumors
that were forming under his skin.
The cells aren't human.
What are they?
They bare similarity to the
cells of a cephalopod.
An octopus.
There were traces of human cells, but they
were weird in the sense that they were
in the process of changing...
Into what?
Into the octopus like cells...
Or squid or whatever.
You're trying to tell us that Welles
was turning into an octopus...
Well, sort of.
The cell formations that were building
on his muscle tissue, they would...
detach once they reached a certain
size. I ran some blood tests earlier,
and the invader cells were
present in his blood stream.
And more than likely in his
spine, too.
Welles is turning into an
More like, thousands of tiny
little ones.
What the fuck does that mean? It means
that he's really God damned sick.
Okay? I can't dumb it down for
you more than that.
It's not possible.
-Tell me more, professor.
What are we gonna do?
Well, I've got him on
every antibiotic I have.
Hopefully, it can stop
the invader cells...
We have to get a fucking
What about McNaughton?
I found the same bacteria in
McNaughton's blood stream and his spine.
Which leads me to believe that
this bacteria, it spreads like
tertiary syphilis. Okay? It starts
in the spine; It moves to the bones,
the muscle tissue, the skin
and then eventually,
as in this case, the brain.
So, the bacteria drove him
Well, it's a bit of a stretch
to make that kind of diagnosis,
based on the fact that I've never
seen anything like this before.
I mean, he could have had a mental
breakdown due to isolation sickness, or
a schizophrenic episode brought
on by stress, or the bacteria.
I mean, he was exhibiting signs of
schizophrenia. Sudden temper, depression...
But I'd have to see his family's medical
history, and I can't access that from here.
All right, so what do we do?
We need to get Welles to a
hospital or he will die.
I can keep him pumped up with,
But, hopefully he can fight off
the side effects.
Is it... Contagious?
First thing tomorrow, I want
that structure re-buried,
I want the artifacts quarantined,
I want the whole site sterilized.
You can't re-open this site
until you've quarantined,
tested, and surveyed all
the wildlife in the area.
That'll take years.
You're already responsible for the
death of one, maybe two crew members.
You started excavating before
the site was deemed safe,
and now you're dealing
with the consequences.
-To re-bury the site...
-We are dealing a
dangerous bacteria that
we know nothing about.
What I saw come out of Welles's
I won't have you, or anyone
else subjected to.
I'm not going to throw away
three years of work! Look, he's
right, okay? This is foreign to
anything I've ever seen before.
We don't know what it can do.
We shouldn't fuck with it.
This is fucking bull shit.
Come here...
Did you see it?
I saw you.
What else did you see?
There was nothing there.
They're talking about you.
The others.
They think you're going mad.
Am I?
They think you've got it.
Do I?
That's right...
Hey. You're up late.
First thing tomorrow, we're going
to quarantine these artifacts,
start a report so we can get the ball
rolling on re-opening this site.
You okay?
I mean, I've seen some
shit before, but...
Nothing like that...
This thing goes sour, I'm the one that
has to explain it to his parents.
Kill him.
If a rescue doesn't come
in the next few days, I
think a few of us should
go hike up to the reserve.
-Do it.
Kill him.
Weather's going to break
in the next few days.
I think it might be smart to
take advantage of that
while we can.
You need anything?
You sure?
I... Just stop!
He was in pain.
I put him out of his pain.
He was in pain.
His face, I've never
seen anything like it.
-It was horrible.
-Just step back.
All the way to the wall.
Step back! Just
stay the fuck back.
What did you do?
What the fuck did you do?
He was in pain. He couldn't die.
He wanted me to kill him. I didn't
want to. But he wanted me to...
He made me do it. He made me do
it. So I cut his wrist,
but he didn't die, so I... I cut
his throat, but he kept screaming
so I thought if I take off his
head, and I kept hitting him...
-Step back! He didn't die, man!
-He didn't die!
-And I didn't know what to do!
I kept trying and I tried to
stop his heart
but it didn't stop. It didn't
stop! And it was horrible!
I didn't know, it was why...
It was so horrible.
It was...
It was... He made me
do it. I swear to God.
I swear to God, he made me...
What the fuck is going on!?
I... I didn't... He...
I want to go home.
I would like to go home.
No, I told you, I want to go...
No, don't, no!
He made me do it.
Don't try anything, or
I'll fucking shoot you.
I had no choice.
I'm going to be out in the room,
right here, so don't try anything!
We'll let you out when the
rescue comes.
No! Listen to me! I had no
Giles! He made me do it!
Giles! Listen!
You did a good thing.
Your blood pressure's good.
Liver checks out,
kidneys are fine... Thyroid,
it's all fine.
Hey Doc, come in.
Go ahead.
Yeah. Look, I'm down at the
supply shed, I just need a hand.
I gotta get a bunch of these boxes
inside. Can you, can you come down?
I'll be right back.
Who's there?
It lays it's maggots,
in human skin,
which survive in the eyeball.
Shut up!
It only lays
it's eggs in humans.
Why are you telling me this?
Five million people a year
to propagate it's species...
Shut up!
Such tiny,
insignificant creatures...
It was... Speaking to me... I...
I swear, it was speaking...
It was saying something about maggots,
and it wouldn't stop, and I...
I had to stop it. I...
I stopped it.
When was the last time you
I'm not sure...
You're hallucinating. No.
Maybe... I...
I don't know. It's... It's...
It seemed real.
I'm going to give you some sleeping
pills so you can get some rest.
Lack of sleep, it triggers
It seemed so real. I'm going
to give you some Xanax, too.
I want you to take these and
get some sleep.
I'll take care of this...
It seemed real...
I brought you some soup.
We're gonna hike up, to the
reserve tomorrow, if...
What the hell happened to you?
Do you not see him?
There's not much of that left,
so you just make it last.
Please tell me you see him.
You see him, right?
I don't. I don't see anything.
What should I see?
He's here. Now.
Watching. He's watching me,
I can't move without him
watching me. I can't move!
Just calm down!
-Okay? It's alright.
-I can't do it anymore. He wants me to...
He made me do it.
Okay, just tell me what you see.
He's behind you.
What's he doing?
Watching you.
Touching you.
Watching me.
He's angry with me. He's going
to do something. I don't...
Who is he? A deer.
He's a deer. It's...
I don't know!
Don't leave me.
This is all in your head.
I don't want it anymore.
I'm going to see if Doc
has something for you, okay?
Jensen, please.
Stay. Please. No.
Come back!
Jen, come back!
Where are you going?
I think we should
hike up to the rez.
The weather's gonna be
nice in the next few days.
Yeah, it looks like you already
thought about that.
I was going to tell you guys.
Because it looks like you were
about to leave us here.
I was not going to leave you
What? Were you just going to take
the rest of our food with you, too?
I'm not ditching you guys.
Just making sure you got the
map and the flashlights?
You got the batteries there,
too? Hey!
There's other maps and
there's other flashlights,
and I'm not fucking
ditching you guys.
I know your type, Jensen.
Fucking sociopaths.
Acting all respectable and altruistic
until your opportunity pops up,
to get ahead, and bam, there you are,
pushing the rest of us out of the way!
Well guess what? What?
If I see you touching
any of our shit,
I'm going to shoot you.
And then I'm going to kill you.
And I won't hesitate, and I
won't have no sympathy.
Because people like
you got it coming.
People like you
have it long coming.
Don't think I don't
have my eyes on you.
Scared me.
When was the last time you
I don't no.
The day before?
Okay, I'm taking over.
So you can sleep.
No, I'm fine.
Worry about yourself.
What, you don't trust me?
Why should I?
What did I do?
What did McNaughton do?
What'd he do?
You know it's going to be a long winter if
you're gonna spend it up here by yourself
not trusting anyone.
Well, if that's what I have to do,
then that's what I have to do.
I brought you this.
I don't want it.
When was the last time you ate?
I don't no.
Eat it.
I can make my
own food, thank you.
It's not poison. Leave me alone.
Fucking hell, man.
It's freezing cold.
You're not going to eat, you're not going
to sleep? You're going to die in here.
Then let me die!
Worry about your fucking
selves, I'm fine.
Mother fucker!
Jesus fucking Christ...
He's dead.
Doc's dead.
This is bad.
It's not that bad. No, you're
losing a lot of blood.
There's probably some
internal bleeding.
Fuck. Fuck...
We need a doctor, I don't
know what I'm doing.
We've got to get to the reserve.
You can't go anywhere like this.
You gotta go.
I'll stay here.
You'll die.
I'll be fine.
There's a... a trail, behind the
It goes all the way to the reserve.
It's about... Ninety miles.
If you, hurry, you can get
there in a day and a half, so...
Sun's coming up in
an hour and a half.
You'll be down the
mountain in, I don't know...
Five. And,
it's going to be a
lot warmer then, so...
There's a map... in my room.
I'll be sure to send help.
Stop him.
Stop him.
Go. Stop him, Jensen.
You're not real!
What do you want from me?
When an animal looks
up at the night sky,
what does it see?
Thousands and thousands
of tiny points.
Then a man looks up at the same
and sees millions of stars.
Galaxies, within which
are billions of planets.
Do you want to know what I see?
Were you there,
when I created the stars?
But still, you think you
deserve understanding.
I've done nothing to you.
I'm leaving your home.
You don't really think I'm
bound to that structure,
do you?
Artificial carvings on a stone?
Certainly, you don't believe
that I can be omnipotent,
but not omnipresent.
You're not God!
God isn't cruel. He doesn't
kill men like this!
Do you believe that?
If you are God, tell me why!
Tell me!
I have to go.
Why don't you stop me?
Because you're in my fucking
mind, that's why!
Why don't you think I'm real?
Because you're a
fucking parasite!
I'm not here to teach you,
or to make you believe in me.
Then shut the fuck up.
I don't give a shit
what you want,
where you came from,
or what you're fucking doing
You can go fuck yourself,
Where are you!?
Tell me, God dammit!