Black n White (2023) Movie Script

12 JANUARY 2022
Drink, Dad!
Go and talk to him.
Be patient. They'll be here.
Hello. I've reached, uncle.
I'm near your house.
Okay, uncle.
Come, dear.
Do you remember who they are?
The one who bought your house.
You and Rishi have lived there since
your childhood with your parents.
It will be hard to
forget the house.
But, Rishi going there and drinking
at night is not right.
They spent lakhs
on buying the house,
but are tensed
because of your brother.
She is so adamant that she
will complain to the police.
I told her that we'd resolve it
in a peaceful way
and called you here.
He will not come there in future.
I will take care of it.
- If he comes...
we will go to the police.
She is assuring
that he will not come.
I don't believe it, sir.
He has apologised
to me several times
and told me he'd not come again.
Do you know how many
times he apologised to him?
But he keeps repeating it.
I'm getting late for
work. I have to leave.
He will not trouble you
again. I'm assuring that.
I'll take a leave.
- What?
Hey! What did I tell you?
What did you say?
I asked you to torture those
people who bought our house
in such a way that they start
regretting buying it. Didn't I?
Hey, I created a mess last night.
Is drinking called creating a mess?
Mr Rajamani called me to his
house and talked regarding this.
That lady said she would go
to the police if you went there.
Will she say so if she
is scared of you? - Hey!
I should neither enter the house,
nor hit them. Then how
will they be scared of me?
Can't you torture them
without hitting them?
I have no idea how to do that.
'There are thousands of ways.'
Is it so? Tell me one
from the list. I'll do it.
I will.
Can't he see? Look
how he's honking.
What are you saying?
I'm not getting you.
I'm speaking here.
Rishi, we'll have to sort out
the issue of our house soon.
Don't worry. We will.
You told us we have a new buyer
for Laxmi Theater.
Did they come?
- I was in a meeting with them.
I came away as I got your call.
Will this buyer at
least buy the theatre?
Hey, it's worth eight crores!
We have to convince them.
Try convincing them and close
the deal so that you can get
your commission
from the theatre owner.
We don't have much time.
We have to buy the house before
May 30 as planned earlier. - Ritu...
There is no issue even if the
buyer doesn't buy the theatre.
We will even rob the
bank to buy our house.
10 APRIL 2021
Mom, bring the food fast.
Your son is crying in hunger.
No, Mom! Hey, shut up!
Why are you crying then?
- Dad, I'm not.
Hey, why are you teasing my son?
Don't you know he
can't stand hunger?
Mom, what's this? She is lying.
Mom, ask Dad. Dad, didn't he cry?
If you ask me...
Was I watching him?
I am watching television.
Mom, Dad is lying.
Dad said that he was crying.
You would've told. You can't sleep
in peace if you don't pull his leg.
Okay, wash your hand. Let's eat.
Was that your work?
Hey, I didn't do a thing.
Don't try to fool me.
I hit you very slowly.
You are doing...
Hey, why are you hitting Dad?
I will hit him. What bothers you?
- You will get...
Don't waste the food.
- Hit!
You can't get up, right?
What's wrong with you?
Why are you sitting here?
I felt
suffocated in the room.
So, I came to the open air.
[Prayer in the mosque]
You could've woke me up.
[Prayer in the mosque]
Okay. Come, let's
go to the hospital.
No need.
If I have ginger tea...
- No!
I'll be fine.
- No, come.
Come, let's consult a doctor
and ask what the issue is.
- No!
Get up. Come.
Sit down.
Sit down, Mom.
Ma'am, is Dr Vanathi here?
She is unable to breathe.
We have to admit her immediately.
Okay, doctor.
- Sister.
Ma'am. Admit her.
- Okay, ma'am.
Sir, go and pay at the cash counter.
- Okay.
Wait, I will be right back.
I will be back, Mom.
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Take it.
- Hey, Rishi!
Are you hungry?
Will you have something
in the canteen? - No, Dad.
It's fine, sir.
- Dad,
mom is having Covid symptoms.
Did you get the result?
No, I didn't get the result.
But the doctor doubts if she has.
So, she is asking us
to get tested for Covid.
- Mom will not get Covid.
Dad, we are here in the hospital.
These people are gold diggers.
No, this is not such a hospital.
Everything will be right here.
Should we go to the place where
they took samples from your mother?
No idea. We'll have to go and check.
- Okay, let's go.
19 JANUARY 2022
Diya, I'm leaving.
- Okay, Dad.
- Hmm.
I've transferred the
rent. Did you receive it?
Yes, I got it.
I'll take a leave.
- Okay, uncle.
- Yes, coming.
Come inside.
I'm in a hurry. I have to leave.
Rishi will come for lunch,
can you give this key to him?
- Okay.
He forgot to take the
keys. I'll leave - Okay.
Excuse me, what's for lunch?
Turnip sambar and bottle-gourd fry.
Turnip sambar and bottle-gourd fry!
Excuse me, key.
Ritu gave it.
Ritu doesn't know to cook this.
Do you know Janani?
Who Janani?
She was your schoolmate.
I don't know.
She told me that she
studied with you till 12th grade.
I don't remember.
- Think well.
You will be able to recall.
I didn't.
Pity her. Last week...
What happened to her?
Leave it. You don't even
remember who she is.
What will you do
knowing about Malini?
You told Janani.
Did I tell Janani?
I was about to tell
you about Malini.
I ruined it...
I have to tell you...
Tell me...
I'll tell you something.
Don't get me wrong.
No, I won't. You can open up.
I have to lock the house and leave.
This is Ritu's key.
Have it. She'll come and get it.
How was mutton gravy?
The mutton gravy
you ate, how was it?
Was that mutton gravy?
I was lost in thoughts.
I don't know.
Don't know?
I will cook very well.
Tell me when you
are not lost in thoughts,
I'll make turnip sambar
and bottle-gourd fry.
It's a waste of time making it.
11 APRIL 2021
I have a terrible headache.
I'll go and get tablets.
- No need.
Take one tablet.
No need.
Then have one
coffee. You'll feel better.
No way! Is that coffee?
It tastes too bad.
I can't even sip it.
We've been wandering
here since morning,
you would've got a headache
due to the medicine smell.
It would be better if
Mom and Dad came.
How long should we wait?
We should never come to a hospital.
They'll torture us to
take a list of tests done.
I would've dried the clothes if
they asked me to be admitted.
It is in the machine.
We got the result. You
both tested positive.
Do we have Corona?
Did my son and
daughter test negative?
Yes, their result is negative.
Sister, admit him too.
- Okay, doctor.
Don't be scared.
We'll cure you as soon as possible.
Don't worry.
Did your children leave?
They are here... They
went to the canteen.
Ask them to pay
at the cash counter.
I paid.
- You both tested positive...
So you have to be treated for
Covid. You have to pay more.
How much more should we pay?
Your file is on the counter,
if your son or daughter
asks if they'll let them know.
You stay here. Please come with
me. I'll allot you another room.
I'll go and meet my children.
No, sir.
Don't we have to pay?
- You can call them.
Their test result is negative.
It doesn't mean they'll
never get Corona.
Two people in your house
already have Corona.
Be careful.
This lady is scaring us, dear.
You go and meet our children.
24 JANUARY 2022
What kind of glasses
are you looking for, sir?
Show me a Polaroid glass.
This one?
- No, not that.
The one below.
- This one? Okay.
No need for that.
You don't want this?
Try this one, sir.
- Okay.
Take your commission.
What about theatre buyers?
Those people from Dubai?
He will not work, sir.
You told me he is
your father's friend.
He's my dad's friend,
but he is bluffing.
I have looked for a
guy in Coimbatore.
What did I tell you?
I asked you to look for NRI people.
If there was no
issue in the property,
my uncle would've sold
the property long back.
To buy a litigation property,
the buyer should be either an NRI
or a politician.
A politician is
asking for a low price.
Ask for a good NRI,
only then can we
sell it for a good sum.
You'll also get a
lot of commission.
Only then can you buy your house.
Sir, I have been
working day and night
for this theatre to buy my house.
I'm not letting go of
one of the NRI links, sir.
I've been following up no
matter how they insult me.
Rishi, keep trying.
You'll get a buyer for sure.
Is that fine?
Okay, I'll take a leave, sir.
- Okay.
Hey, why are you
always on your phone?
Will you not do any work?
You'll be of no good.
- Huh.
This vehicle is for sale. Let
me know if there is a buyer.
Sir, I'm dealing with an
eight-crore theatre project,
you asked me to look for
a tenant. I did it as a help.
Now, you are asking me
to sell the vehicle. - Look...
didn't you get the commission
for getting me a tenant?
Get the commission
after selling the scooter.
Okay, how much?
I don't know.
I took it as an idiot who
didn't pay the interest.
Check its value.
It will be around 12 thousand.
That much? Okay
then, we'll sell it.
Have this in advance.
Okay. - I'll pay the rest
after selling the vehicle.
Hey, get the keys.
Hey, I'm scared.
Don't do this. Leave me.
- Hey!
Sit down.
Raise the accelerator.
Sit. Drive.
You moron!
I am scared.
Let me go.
Hey, I'm going to
hit you. Come and sit.
You have completely grown up
and are scared to drive a vehicle.
I have a lot of work at
home. Drop me at home.
Hey, kids, younger
than you are driving.
This is not a big deal, Ritu.
Do you think I forgot last
time when dad took me
to teach driving,
got hurt and suffered for a week?
Ritu, you were young then.
Ritu, I'm telling for your good.
Better learn to drive.
You neither go in the
bus as it is crowded,
nor in auto as it is expensive.
How long will you go for a walk?
Both your legs become
weak as you keep walking.
Did I tell that both my
legs became weak?
I'll teach you to drive
without making you fall.
Believe in me.
Come, Ritu.
Yes, this way. Hey!
Why are you shaking the handle?
Drive steadily.
Yes. Come.
Don't shake. Drive steadily.
Yes, that way.
Are you hurt?
- Hey!
Get up.
12 APRIL 2021
Dad transferred the
money to my account.
How much?
43 thousand.
- 43 thousand?
Dad said that he'd
transfer all the money, right?
Maybe he had only
this much in his account.
For the rest, 3 lakh 60 thousand,
we have to mortgage the jewels.
No, Ritu.
Dad asked us to mortgage all the
jewels and get as much as possible.
Why are they asking us to
pay four lakhs in the hospital?
This is too much.
I told the same to dad in the phone
they are gold diggers.
But he is defending them.
It's okay if we have to spend,
all I need is for Mom
and Dad to be cured soon.
I can give you four lakh 80
thousand. This is the maximum.
Dad told to get as
much as possible.
Your dad spoke to me also.
I'll give you five lakhs excluding
the first month's interest.
Two in this.
There are five in total. Take it.
Should I say something to Dad?
What to tell?
If it is someone else, I'll ask
them to pay monthly interest.
Your father doesn't
have that habit.
What do I say?
Has Dad already got money from you?
Many times. But he
never paid interest.
- Hmm.
Thanks, Dad.
Come, let's eat.
Is it good?
- Hmm.
But not like the one
mom makes, right?
You are a beginner in cooking,
you'll start cooking as tasty as
Mother in the upcoming days.
I've come to a decision.
I have to help Mom as much
as possible after she comes.
Do you know how many
chores there are at home?
Mom did this all alone by herself.
I have also decided
something, Ritu.
I've decided to go to a job.
Dad always told me there is no hurry
until I get a decent job, right?
There is nothing like that.
Dad has a lot of financial issues.
Yes, Ritu.
Dad has a lot of debts.
Dad got me an iPad
for drawing, right?
He got a loan for it.
We've shifted your wife to ICU.
She was unable to breathe.
She is under life support now.
We are giving her oxygen
through the ventilator.
I have to see her doctor.
You can't see him now.
- No, I must see her.
Sir, we're not letting
anyone in ICU.
Please understand. You are also a
Covid patient. We can't be careless.
Sir, call your children and ask
them to pay at the cash counter.
Sir, the doctor told you
that your wife is on a
ventilator with oxygen support.
It costs 40 thousand
per day for the ventilator.
How many days is she
supposed to be there?
It depends on her health condition.
Balu, I'm in the hospital.
What's the name of the nurse?
Mary, brother.
I've attached this four lakh
along with the old loan agreement.
So, it makes 35 in
total, right, brother?
36 it is.
I told you that I would
add the interest, too, right?
Yes, I forgot, brother.
Okay, Balu. I'll meet
the nurse and call you.
I've paid, Balu.
Okay, brother.
- 'Take care of your health.'
What is the value of the house?
Why are you asking this now?
Will it be 50 lakhs?
'Don't think unnecessary things.'
and spoil your health more.
Not just your house. Many
houses are on loan now.
If the time works,
everything will be fine, Balu.
No, brother. There is more debt.
I'm calculating.
I have no idea what to do, brother.
Don't worry, Balu.
Everything will be fine
for a good person like you.
Take rest instead of stressing out.
Everything will be fine.
11 FEBRUARY 2022
Ritu, come here.
What? Did the headset drop?
Call Das.
I've called.
- Hmm.
Hello, Das.
Do you have a laptop bag?
- 'Why?'
Do you have one?
- 'Yes, I do.'
Das, tonight by 10 O'clock...
I want you to do something.
Not by 10 O'clock, by 11 O'clock...
Bro, when you fell
from the vehicle,
you would've put your
full weight in that hand.
So, it got fractured.
How did you get a
fracture in this hand?
When Ritu slipped, I put my
hands as she shouldn't get hurt,
so the wrist got twisted.
Thank God. She didn't get hurt.
Only some scratches.
Pour it fast.
Hey, what are you guys doing?
Rishi, what is this?
Das, give it.
- Hey!
Did you ask me to
call him for this crap?
Hey, he is taking
medicine as he's sick,
and here you are,
giving him alcohol.
He asked me to.
Hey, Ritu!
If he asks... Are you a fool?
Don't you have senses?
Bro, I'm keeping
quiet just for your sake.
If not, what will you do?
- Hey, Ritu!
Das. Hey, Das!
Hey, better add alcohol and
water into the glass, as I say.
Should I mix and feed you?
- What?
Please, understand.
You know
that I drink regularly.
I didn't drink ever
since I got hurt.
Please, you, too, understand.
Doctor has advised me not to drink
until your medicines are completed.
Only today. Let's not waste the
liquor for which I spent money.
Pour it.
Hey, I told you for your good.
You'll be cured someday.
You can drink every day after that.
Who is going to stop you?
Rishi, the doctor, said that the
wound would not heal if you drink.
It's getting late. Eat.
You have to take your medicines.
'The subscriber you
are trying to reach...'
He's calling again.
'The person you are calling...'
What are you doing?
I can't open it.
Hey, the school kids
are drinking in the town.
Here you are,
struggling to open the lid.
What is this? That day you
told school kids are driving.
And today, you are telling
school kids are drinking.
Are you running behind school kids
in the name of doing
real estate business?
Yes, speak as if
you know everything.
You are not able to open the lid.
Hey, tap it at the bottom.
Bottom of the bottle.
Tap it on the top. Open it now.
Pour a quarter glass.
You have to add water. Enough.
Add water.
Yuck, it stinks.
- It's okay, give it.
Why are you taking it soon?
You will choke.
It will not. Give it in such a
way that I can take it in a gulp.
Hey, why are you in a hurry?
Drink it sip by sip.
Is this a foreign liquor
to take sips?
It will be bitter.
It's bitter, and it stinks.
Then why do you drink it?
Listen, Ritu...
Drinking is to relax.
But you are stressing me out.
Don't open your
mouth until I'm done.
Give it.
26 APRIL 2021
You can breathe, right?
You're getting better.
How are you, Dad?
Your father is fine.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Come, let's go.
Dad, wait here.
I'll get the vehicle.
Hey, Rishi.
Come here.
Let's sit there.
Okay, let's go.
Ritu has got a
lot of work at home.
Mom never lets you do any work.
Just a few more days,
if mother's test
result is also negative,
they'll send her also.
- Hmm.
I'll be here
until your mother is cured.
Not just you,
I also didn't see your mother.
There is only one way to see her.
I have planned...
to take up...
cleaner job in the hospital.
accepted for the same.
Your mother always told
that no matter how
bad her health is,
she needs me beside her
for her strength.
is grown up
like an adult,
but is still a child by heart.
She would've been scared by now
as I'm not beside her.
Pity her. I don't know
what she is doing.
Even if you want to
use the washroom you
have to remove this
coat after coming here.
If you remove it elsewhere,
we'll immediately send
you out of the hospital.
03 MARCH 2022
Hey, birthday baby. Come here.
Many more happy returns of the day.
How do you know
it's my birthday today?
Ritu told.
Why are you leaving so early?
I have an important meeting.
Sir, you were looking
at the fish before I came.
Why are you trying to
escape after seeing me?
Why are you scared of me?
Nothing like that.
- You are lying.
I know you are scared of me.
- Why should I be scared of you?
Then stay. We'll talk for a while.
What do you want to talk about?
We can talk about anything.
There is no one in the surrounding.
We can...
talk if we want to...
If not, we can do something
if we want to.
Do you get what I am trying to say?
Don't you understand?
Okay, I'll come
straight to the point.
Why don't you
see the gift I gave you?
Please, see it.
Do you like it?
How much is this for?
- Why do you want to know it?
Do you like it or not?
I want to know if you
were scammed or not.
8500 rupees.
8500 rupees?
Sir, the shopkeeper
said 9000 rupees.
I bargained and
got it for a discount.
He has cheated you very well.
Will someone get it
for this much price?
He didn't cheat me. My
father knows the shopkeeper.
He had the duplicate one
for 250 rupees.
I didn't get it.
This is original. So, it is costly.
Okay, leave it. Wear
it. Let's see how it is.
Please, for my sake.
It is very good for you.
You look like a hero.
You! Are you here to see me?
Will you not invite me inside?
- Come on!
Wait a minute. I'll be back.
- Hmm.
I'll not be pretty in my
childhood as I'm now.
I can't believe that you
have come this far to see me.
It must be something important.
What's the matter?
I came to see how you were
looking at your childhood.
Why are you standing? Take a seat.
- It's okay.
You presented me with a
cooling glass that day, right?
Accidentally, I saw
about that on the internet.
It is said that it has
two years of warranty.
I told you already, right?
It's a fantastic brand cooler.
But we can claim the
warranty only if we have the bill.
Do you have that bill safely?
- Yes, it is here.
Give it to me. I'll have it safely.
I kept it here.
Did you lose it?
No, it must be
somewhere around here.
Oops, I don't
remember where I left it.
Where did you keep
it? Think properly.
That must be somewhere over
here. I'll give it to you later.
Okay, I'll make
awesome tea. Wait for
a couple of minutes.
I'll make you one.
Hey, I don't need that.
Go and check for the bill.
Let alone the bill.
I'll get you some tea.
Please wait.
- Hey!
Video message?
I didn't understand why you
asked very seriously about the bill,
later I understood the
shopkeeper asked you to.
If you didn't like the coolers that
I got you. You
would've exchanged it.
But you asked for
money in return for it.
You have insulted my
feelings for the money.
Have you thought
that I'm characterless
as I kept coming for you
even when you avoided me?
I got to know girls have value
only when they ignore guys.
When you can't
value other's feelings,
you cannot be a good man.
I'll come to the point. The bill you
asked for, I kept it in your bike.
07 MAY 2021
It's me.
How are you?
Is your health better?
- Yes, it is.
Are you able to breathe?
You don't have a fever, right?
Sir, what are you doing here?
Sir, I asked you not to remove
the mask. Didn't I? Wear your mask.
Sir, you know, right?
Come out, sir.
- Two minutes, mam.
Come, sir.
I insist you come out.
- Please, madam.
Sir, please understand. Come out.
Give me some time.
I'll see you and leave.
- Some time.
I'm here.
- Ward boy, come here.
I will take care of you, dear.
- Take him out.
I will take care of you, dear.
- Sir...
Sir, get up.
Sir, get up.
- Sir, get up.
Give me some time.
- Come out.
I will see my wife.
- Come out, sir.
Get up, sir. Take him out.
Get up, sir.
You shouldn't come here.
Please, sir.
- Go, sir.
Sir, come.
- Sir.
- Sir, will you not understand?
Sir, let me go.
- Go.
Sir, go.
- Sir, leave me for a while.
I'll see and go, sir.
- Go.
Sir, please.
- Malar!
I'm begging you, sir.
Sir, the doctor is calling you.
Sir, your wife...
Sorry, sir.
Take that.
Wear this and come.
- Mom!
- Mom!
Oh, no!
- Dad!
Dad! Mom!
- Don't cry. Catch him.
Dad! Come!
12 March 2022.
Excuse me!
[Sanskrit chant]
Are you doing real-estate business?
- Why are you asking?
One of my uncles wants to
sell his house, so if you could...
I deal with big projects such
as theatre, rice mills, etc. - Oh!
So, will you not sell houses?
No, I don't do small businesses.
[Sanskrit chant]
[Sanskrit chant]
Hey, come here!
Since you told it's your
uncle, I'll do it for you.
Okay, where is his house?
It's near the government school.
One, two, three...
fourth house from there.
The green one?
- Not green, it's blue colour.
Blue colour?
Tile house?
- That is a two-floor house.
The biggest house in the street.
The fourth house, right? I'll
go and see. Leave it to me.
Excuse me.
Don't go to the house.
My uncle didn't tell his
family about selling the house.
So, we should sell it secretly.
Are we selling cocaine
to sell it secretly?
To sell it in secret, it seems.
No... - Everyone will know
if you want to sell the house.
Talk to him on call first,
then meet him in person.
Call him at 4 p.m.
I will be at my uncle's place.
So, I'll introduce you on
the phone, and you follow up.
Is that fine?
[Sanskrit chant]
I asked you to call at
4 p.m. Did you forget?
'I'm in a meeting.'
Oh, shall I call you later?
It's okay.
Give the mobile to your uncle.
I called to talk about that.
The family members
are not interested
to sell the house.
So, he said that we'll
look into this later on.
I already expected this.
When you told me
that you have to sell
the house in secret, I got it
then that it will not work out.
I'm sorry.
I didn't expect my
uncle would step back.
- That's okay. Leave it.
If any of your friends or family
wants to sell their
property, let me know.
I'll do it for you.
Okay, bye.
Excuse me...
- I just got reminded
that my aunt wanted to
sell her cow. Will you sell it?
Hey, are you crazy?
I'm a real estate businessman.
You are asking me
if I could sell a cow.
I'm in a meeting. Hand up.
I came to see you.
You were busy then.
Payment for this week.
Dear, you can't stay in
this temple the way you like.
Next week, six CCTV cameras
will be fixed in the temple.
There is nothing much
to steal in this temple
other than God's jewellery.
Already there are three
cameras around the main area.
Isn't that enough?
- Yes, dear.
Last week a team
came from Delhi, right?
Yes. - They have given
a report, it seems.
As what?
-There is a big chain on God, right?
That white stone chain?
That is not the normal white stone.
They are costly diamonds.
They are worth more than a crore.
That's why it's been
asked to increase
the security around the temple.
So, I'm in trouble now.
I can't be free here.
you are giving me as
you are using this temple.
But I'm telling you what I feel.
A youngster like you
just sitting in the
temple without going
to any work or business,
is this good for you?
Priest, I'm not
simply sitting here.
I've been arranging buyer
to sell the Laxmi theatre.
It is worth eight crores.
Dear everyone who is just roaming
here and there are saying the same.
Rishi, getting a buyer
and selling a property
is not a piece of cake.
you are determined
to buy your house.
It is a good thing.
But what did you do about that?
Just think.
Will just wishing
for something work?
Priest! Just a minute.
- Yes?
I'm not wasting my time.
If I want to earn my living,
I have a lot of
ways for that. I'll go.
But if I want to buy my house, I
want to earn 48 lakhs annually.
If I get a buyer for Laxmi Theatre,
I will get a six per
cent commission.
I will get 48 lakhs.
I know that there will be
no buyer to buy this property.
We have litigation in this.
Still, I'm trying because
I have no other option.
I didn't jump into this
business just like that.
I tried everything started this as
I wasn't able to do anything else.
If I want to buy my house,
some miracle should happen.
That is why I made the Goddess also
as my partner and
I've been roaming here.
Even if I think of just
roaming around as I wish
and sleep in this temple,
I'll not be able to do it.
Only if Ritu and I earn
can we have our meal.
We don't have anyone for us.
Sorry, dear.
I misunderstood you.
Don't worry.
You will get your
house back as you wish.
You'll always have God's blessing.
15 MAY 2021
Balu, don't spoil your
health thinking about the past.
Your children need you.
Always keep that in your mind.
Brother, if you were not there,
I could've not even done
the final rituals for Malar.
Only because of
your political pressure,
we got Malar from the hospital.
Brother, until you came,
It was told that the infection would
spread, so they would not give Malar
and they will burn all
the dead bodies together.
I told you not to
think about the past.
It will take some
time to forget Malar.
Balu, this is a loan
agreement copy.
So, it has become 45
lakhs in total, right, brother?
Yes, already it was 26.
And now, in the
hospital, it's about 19.
Without interest, right?
Balu, I will tell you one thing.
Just think if it will work for you.
Your business is not
well for the past two years.
You have a huge loss.
They have got
nineteen lakhs in the hospital.
You cannot pay
the loan and interest.
No matter how hard you try,
it's hard to get more than
forty-eight lakhs for this house.
The loan is 45 lakhs.
The best option
is to sell the house.
If not, you'll be at a loss.
Let me bear the loss.
I just lighted Malar's dead body,
she is living in this house still.
It's a promise.
She is living with us.
No matter even if I die,
I'll not leave...
this house.
it's been very long.
Dad might drink a lot.
You just go.
- Hmm.
Dad, that's enough. Come.
Hey, Rishi!
Come here.
- Dad, come here.
Hey, come here!
Dad, what's this?
- I don't drink, Dad.
I know you drink. Drink it.
Hey, Rishi.
Do you know why
did I build this shed?
For your mother.
Once, when I was drunk and driving,
I fell.
So, your mother strictly told me
that if I wanted to drink anymore,
I should do it in our house.
From then, it's here.
Drinking and sleeping
here is an awesome feeling.
This is your father's heaven.
She is mad at me.
- Nothing like that.
Keep quiet.
Are you mad at me?
I have decided something.
Tomorrow onwards...
I know.
What do you know?
You will not drink
from tomorrow. Isn't it?
No, it's not.
Tomorrow onwards,
I'm going to go jogging.
Your mother kept asking
me to do an exercise.
I didn't bother it then.
I can't be the same even now.
I have to be healthy too.
What if something
happens to me also?
Just eat your food.
I will not die so soon.
I have to drink with
my grandchildren.
Okay, eat, Dad.
We can go jogging in the morning
only if you go to bed early now.
Hey, Rishi.
Keep an alarm for morning six.
Can't you jog?
What? Come.
- Dad!
What's wrong?
What's wrong, Dad?
- What happened, Dad?
- Get up, Dad!
Dad! What happened?
- Catch him.
- What's wrong?
Oh no! Dad!
- What happened, Dad?
Dad, look at me!
- Dad! What happened?
- Wait.
I'll get some water.
- Dad, look at me.
Dad! Look at me!
Dad, look at me!
- Dad!
17 MARCH 2022
Hey! Come out!
Have you drunk and
come here to create issues?
Will you leave here, or
should I call the police?
Dear, wait. Call the police.
- Wait.
Hey, with whose permission did
you remove the shed on the terrace?
Who should we ask?
Move away!
Will you call the police or not?
Hey! Call the police. Do you think
I'll get scared if you call them?
Call the police.
I'm going to build a room
on the terrace for my office.
That's the reason I
removed the shed.
I will not accept for you to
build a room on the terrace.
Who are you to accept?
I've bought this
house for 50 lakhs.
I told you I'd give you 50
lakhs and get my house, right?
You've been telling
me this for a year.
Not just a year,
I bet you.
You cannot buy this
house for your whole life.
I'm keeping quiet
as you are a woman,
if not, I'll hit you hard.
- Dare you to hit me.
Hit me!
- Move away!
Hey! Let him go.
Don't you know
to control your wife?
Let me go!
- Let him go!
Hey! Leave him.
Let him go!
- Yes.
Sir is calling. Come.
Hey, come here!
They've spent lakhs
in buying the house,
won't you let them in peace?
Hey! Are you the house owner?
- Yes, sir.
You've rented the
house to a scoundrel.
Ask him to vacate.
You have a girl too.
If you create an issue
again in their house,
I will not come.
I'll tear you into
pieces in the station.
Why are you giving me money, sir?
Your problem is solved.
You needn't have
to worry hereafter.
Sir, he'll not come again, right?
No chance of him coming.
He is not a professional accused.
That's the reason I didn't
bring him to the station,
instead went to his house.
There are many people
in our area thinking no one
should think badly of them.
He is of that type.
That's the reason he
wants to buy his own house.
Is there no house in the
city? It's all just for the name.
People will speak highly of him
as he got his own house back.
Sir, what if he comes again?
He will not come, mam.
I'm seeing a lot of
cases. Don't I know?
Did you see the way
he was standing when I slapped him?
Sir, it's all acting.
Don't underestimate him.
He's the worst person.
Before this, his coming to
your house was your issue,
if he repeats, it's my issue.
It means he is not scared of me.
Will I let him go?
No matter how big a crime a person
commits, he is scared of the police.
They plan the crime so that
they don't get caught. Why?
We have scared them that way.
30 May 2021.
You also speak to my
father about the money.
Okay, dear.
Go and speak in person.
This is the loan agreement
for the remaining 20 lakhs
apart from the initial 35 lakhs.
You told me that 30 lakhs of
initial payment would be sufficient.
When we calculate the stamp duty,
registration fees and
others, it'll be five lakhs.
Can we?
- It's a bit difficult.
Tell me if it will be
difficult to arrange,
I'll add 20 lakhs to the loan.
- No need, uncle.
I'll speak to my family.
Arrange it so that the
interest will be less for you.
Can we arrange it?
Read the document carefully.
If you are fine with it, we
can print the document.
Don't forget the thing I told you.
That those selling
the house will tell
that they'll repurchase the house.
He asked to accept that.
Sir, that is actually
disturbing me.
By telling, we will sell the house.
- I already told you,
if you don't tell them this,
they will not sell the house.
You are just going to
tell it for the namesake.
It is told by everyone
selling the house
that they will get the house back.
But, none of them has
bought the sold house.
I don't know about others. There is
no chance for these to buy it back.
They can't even take
the furniture in the house.
Then just think
how small the house
they're going to shift be.
They are young, sir.
They neither have
relatives nor support.
They've not even worked till now.
There is not even a single
per cent chance for them
to get their house back
even if they start working now.
I think they are here.
Yes, dear.
Come upstairs.
Hm, okay.
Are you fine with everything?
- Okay, uncle.
I'll go and bring them here.
- Okay.
Keep quiet.
He is giving us a loan for 20 lakhs
without anything believing in us.
With less interest.
Don't tell bad omen
and spoil everything.
- Come.
I've finalised your
house for 50 lakhs.
Okay. - Stamp duty, registration
fees will be five lakhs.
I've asked them to pay for it.
The net value is 50 lakhs.
It's a good price, dear.
The loan without
interest is 45 lakhs.
If I calculate the interest,
you'll have to pay me more.
Balu is like my brother.
I'm not going to see
business in his matter.
You should also look for a
new house, pay in advance.
You have a lot of expenses.
I will give you two lakhs.
You needn't have to pay me back.
If you're fine with it,
we can finalise it.
You are everything to us,
uncle. We'll do as you say.
Okay, come.
- Yes.
Madan called regarding the car.
He told me he'd come
this Sunday to take it.
Don't worry, as you are
losing the car also to debt.
I have a bullet. Use it.
Have it like your own.
We'll see the rest later.
They are the people
going to buy your house.
Sit down. I'll be back in a while.
25 March 2022.
It's three in the morning.
Why didn't you eat?
We need 50 lakhs to buy our house.
I know that.
In our current
situation, it is tough.
Didn't you get a
buyer for the theatre?
Only a buyer from Malaysia
agreed to buy this property
despite knowing that
there is litigation in it.
He also backed staying that
the government
policies have changed.
If not him, get another buyer.
Everyone will not be ready to
buy a litigation property, Ritu.
People who have a good influence
in politics can only buy it.
The Malaysian buyer is
also a gangster over there.
Why are you trying to
sell a litigation property?
Sell something easy to sell.
The owners directly
sell those properties.
Only those properties that can't be
sold are coming to people like me.
Then there is no other
way. Rob the bank.
Plan it on a new-moon night.
The whole town will be dark then.
I'm talking seriously, and
you are making fun of me.
You were the one who
told us we could buy a house
by robbing the bank if the
business doesn't work out.
Okay, leave it. I'm sorry.
I spoke that way to relax you,
as you were stressed.
If I have to be
relaxed, I have to die.
I'll have peace only when I die.
Why are you talking rubbish?
How many days can I
pretend like I'm happy?
You are also acting.
Promise me. Are you happy?
Have we ever smiled in happiness
when we weren't together.
I'm sure you would've not.
We can be happy
only when we go back
to the house where our parents are.
- I know that.
There is no other way to buy
the house - We have to buy it.
Dad said,
mother didn't go anywhere
after she died. She's in our house.
Dad also must be in our house.
Earn money. There must be some way.
Many in the town are earning lakhs.
We need investment for that, Ritu.
We need at least one
crore to earn 50 lakhs.
If you want to earn
without investment,
we have to rob from somewhere.
At least do that.
We have to buy our house
before our father's
death anniversary.
Instead of living like dead
we can rob somewhere
and live happily with
our parents in our house.
Did you call me for this?
We would've talked
about this in the shop.
I've left all my work.
Sir, you have Rajiv sitting
in the shop all the time.
As you told some big business,
I left an important
business and came here.
This is a big business, sir.
The value of the jewel
is more than a lakh.
As if it is your
ancestral jewellery
and we are here to deal with it.
I am struggling to buy and
sell two sovereigns of gold.
The police in the
town are not as before.
They are either strict
or ask for our full profit.
You are...
Why are you talking like this, sir.
I am here believing in you.
- Rishi.
Your father has raised
you with too much love.
That's the reason you are
like this. Do you think robbing
in a temple like a video game?
Even professional robbers
don't rob the temple.
It's not that they are scared of
God. It's because of the security.
Look, don't talk this to
someone as you talked to me.
The fun will become dangerous.
If I steal the chain of
Goddess, will you buy it or not?
I'm not getting it.
Explain it clearly.
Didn't you understand
anything that I spoke?
Leave that, sir.
If I steal the chain,
will you buy it or not?
Listen, tell me in detail
how you will rob the chain.
Then I'll tell you
if I'll buy it or not.
I've made a plan already.
But it's not completed.
I'll complete it and tell you.
Complete it and let me know.
How is my plan?
That's okay.
You forgot about the police dog.
Will I forget that?
I've planned very well
how to rob the chain
without getting caught
in a CCTV camera.
But escaping from the
police dog kept confusing me.
Later I thought and
made a plan for that too.
My plan is...
Hey, did you finish eating so soon?
- Yes, I did.
Sir, let's go to the beach.
No, I'm going to eat.
Let's talk about it tomorrow.
I'm planning to do it tonight.
Don't hurry.
I have to talk to my uncle
in Mumbai regarding this.
I can decide only
after talking to him.
Come tomorrow. We'll talk then.
Leave. Come
tomorrow. We'll talk then.
What's this?
- Which?
Das wanted to take a short film,
so he asked for a sketch
like robbing temple jewellery.
I did it for that.
Not for free. He told
me that he'll pay me.
Hemanth sir told me everything.
Did he tell you everything?
Hey, have you gone mad?
He will not work out. I have
to look out for someone else.
What happened to you? You
are not as usual in the recent days.
Ritu, let's not talk
more about this.
- I know what I need to do.
What do you know?
Hemanth, who've been buying and
selling robbed jewellery for ages
is telling that it is risky.
You are talking as if
you know everything.
Have one robber escaped
from police in this area?
Police will find you for sure.
Listen to me.
Please don't have such thoughts.
- Leave me.
You were the one who told me that
instead of living like dead
we can at least
rob and stay happily
in the house where
our parents are there.
I told that in hatred.
Buzz off!
No matter what plan you make,
you will get caught
one day or the other.
Then you'll have to stay
in jail for your lifetime.
Ritu, listen to me
without getting emotional.
We have no option other than
this if we want to buy our house.
We have ways.
If I thought of buying
this house by any means,
I would've bought the
house before four months.
Jai, the one who studied with me,
is doing interior design business
in a very high level in Chennai.
He's been texting me on Facebook
saying that if I accompany him
while he goes to business meetings,
he'll get more orders.
As if I did PhD in business.
Do you know why he is calling me?
If I do as he says
we can get two houses
per year like ours.
People will do what they want to.
we can't earn that
way even if we want to.
It's because our parents
didn't raise us that way.
Our parents will be
waiting for us in our house.
I also know that.
But we can't do anything.
Why can't we?
We can't enter only
if we are alive, right?
We can go if we are dead, isn't it?
Hey, Rishi!
- Hey!
Drop the knife.
- Leave me!
Leave me! Drop it!
- Leave me!
What do you want now? To die?
Hey Ritu!
- Hey!
What did you just do?
If you also go...
Why should I live?
Madam, payment.
Patient name?
- Ritu.
Hold it.
You have to sign, come.
It's a suicide attempt, right?
It'll become a police case, come.
Mam, you can't stand
here. Go to the waiting hall.
Dear, wear this.
Ritu, what?
Rishi, come.
Rishi, come and take a bath.
- Why are you crying?
The reason you and Ritu
are here is because of you.
Ritu took care of
you like your mother.
Did you take care
of her like a father?
You kept insisting
on buying the house
and brought her to this situation.
I was just like you.
I thought your mother
was in our house
after she died.
Then I realised
she is not in our house
but with us.
Why would your parents be there
in that house when there is no life?
Now, you are here.
Where is your father?
Right beside you, isn't it?
She is in there with Ritu.
we struggled for your
happiness when we were alive,
how will we let you
suffer after we die?
Will Ritu be fine?
The doctor is calling.
Sorry, Ritu.
I saw Mom.
She is with us.
You can't believe me, right?
Mom and Dad are
not in our old house.
They are with us.
Why do we need that house
when they are not there?
At least from now, let us be happy.
I will be happy.
Will you be?
You also don't leave me in a hurry.
19 APRIL 2022
- Hey, I hit you slowly.
Take it.
- Ah!
How dare you hit me!
- Hey!
It's hurting!
- Ah!
How dare you hit me!
Do you like it?
I'll take a leave.
He is laughing without
knowing that I teased him.
How much, brother?
- 230 rupees.
Bro, I have 200 rupees.
Hey, why are you
bargaining for 30 rupees?
Have it.
Why did you buy
such a costly saree?
Mom wished to get a saree here.
Wear it. It will be good for you.
Mad girl. If you are ticking
me, then how can I drive?
Okay, I will not. Go!
Idiot, feed me properly.
How long will it take?
Select one soon.
Hey, why do you have
a long face? Hold it.
Hold it.
Take it. It's your mother's.