Black Past (1989) Movie Script

-Hi, that was the last box.
-Good. The coffee is done.
-Good. The old apartment is empty.
-About time.
I really hate moving.
I'm glad it's over now.
-Isn't Tom awake?
-No, he's still sleeping.
Still sleeping?
Is he mad? he has to get to school.
-Is Bettina here?
-No, she's gone to work.
Come on, Thommy. You have to
go to school. It's time.
Yes, yes. Don't you know
how to knock?
Stupid slut.
By the way, do you have my records?
I don't have them.
-Now get out.
-Don't pretend.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Hurry up, will you?
Stop it. Do you always
have to take my stuff?
It gets on my nerves.
you act like a damned idiot.
-Get ready now.
-Are you drinking my coffee as well?
...last week I got a
really dumb love letter.
She's absolutely amazing.
Just look.
-Look at that smile...
-What do you think?
What's that riff-raff
doing around here?
Cut it out, will you?
Are you stupid?
What is wrong with you?
-Just leave us alone.
-Shut up, slut. Go to hell!
-That's the last thing I'll do.
-Are you alright? Stand up.
There, stand up.
-Do you have a handkerchief?
Should I call an ambulance?
No, it's fine.
-Lean on me.
-Get up.
-Why didn't you do anything?
-Am I supposed to protect you?
-Cowardly swine.
-And what did you do?
Next time, those assholes
won't be allowed to go that far.
They'll be thrown out of school
soon anyway.
See you tomorrow.
Thommy, telephone.
-Yes, I'm coming...
-You could clean your room too.
-Sure, but what does it matter?
-It looks like a garbage dump.
-Hi, Frankie.
Why don't you come over tonight?
There's nothing on TV,
but we could go rent a movie.
-But first you clean your room.
-Yes, yes...
If they come home,
we can sleep at your house.
-See you then.
-Tonight, yes.
-Bettina, where is the guest bed?
-What guest bed?
-We only have one. The fold-up bed.
-It's in the attic.
Who owns the old case in the attic?
-No idea. Not me.
-It's locked with chains.
-Maybe it was the previous tenant's.
-It's not that exciting here.
-The house has a pretty cool history.
It's utterly decrepit.
Do you want a beer?
Let's see what this thing says.
Here, listen to this:
"What is happening to me?"
"It's difficult to describe
my current state."
"Something's happening
in the mirror I have in my office."
-"Reality might not exist."
-I get that.
"A terrible and dark power
has taken me over."
"I pray to God for help,
but he does not listen."
And then some empty pages.
Something must have happened.
"March 19th."
"Today I have killed my family
in the most horrific of ways."
"The only way to stop the terror
is to destroy the mirror."
That one. I bet you
it belonged to him
-Like in a crappy horror movie.
-Very crappy.
But the mirror is nice.
I'll hang it on the wall.
I bet the demons will be here
by tomorrow morning.
Yes, slapping our fat asses.
And our fingers.
-Is it straight?
-Looks nice, right?
What crap.
-Want to watch a movie?
-Maybe "Double Fistwurst 2"?
-Talk to her. Say anything.
-No way.
Forget it. No.
Should I just call her?
You think she'd like that?
Yes, of course.
That's just dumb. That won't work.
Why not? It's obvious
that she likes you.
-You're so full of shit.
-What? You're just shy.
Invite her over.
Coward. Chicken.
I bet 50 Marks
that you don't dare do it.
Well, if you're serious about that...
Binder's old house...
It's been said that 100 years ago
old Binder-
-locked his son in the basement
and let him starve to death.
He thought his son
was possessed by a demon.
He had nothing but a mirror
in the basement and could see-
-how he got smaller and smaller
every day.
Since then, many have died
in that house.
Most recently, Christopher Stone
killed his family there.
It's said that there is a curse
on the house.
-What are we having?
-Keep your paws off!
-Just set the table.
Move over.
-Hi. Can I come in?
-My sister.
Of course. Come in.
Does your place
always look like this?
-Want to tidy it up?
-Sure, okay.
But I have to eat first.
-I can start in the meantime.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Oh, my God...
-Finally you show up.
-He had better things to do.
Can't I be five minutes late?
So, what's for dinner?
-Where'd you find that cheap broad?
-Who have you picked up now?
Stop fighting.
I'm tired of listening to you.
-So, what's the little chicky's name?
You look like you've been screwing
her all night. I bet it was nice.
I can't believe how dumb
my sisters are.
He's too young for sex.
What's the matter? You seem ill. Did
you smoke something from my bag?
I'll be right back.
Hurry up.
-You're unbelievable.
-Leave him alone.
-You trash talk him all the time.
-Not at all.
-Here's your food.
-That's fine.
Get up. There's nothing more on TV.
Go to bed. You're getting up
in the morning.
-Come to me...
I'm over here...
I'm waiting for you.
You bastard! Try this on for size!
Thommy, you bastard! I'll get you!
Hi, Thommy.
I'm back again.
Oh, shit...
Oh, shit...
Oh, my God!
Help me, Thommy. You must destroy
the mirror, or it will happen again.
You have to.
Please, you have to help me.
This isn't happening...
You have to destroy the mirror.
Hey, get up. You're late.
School is about to begin. Get up.
So you're sleeping on the floor now?
You look awful. Did you get drunk?
Can you imagine? Thommy
is dead drunk next to the bed.
He will keep doing that.
He's just hopeless.
It has to end. He's grounded.
Good morning.
-Can I stay home today?
-What do you think, drunkard?
What's wrong with you?
Look at you. You are awful.
-Get out of here!
-That's enough.
I don't want to hear any more.
-You say that one more time!
You have to multiply by 4 up here
and by 3 down here.
For next week's test
you have to know the formulas.
That's the main task. When you're
done, write it on the blackboard.
Thommy, wait!
You have to forget it all,
or go to a psychiatrist.
That won't help.
I need an exorcist.
An exorcist? Like the tough guy
in "Double Fistwurst 2"?
You've really lost it.
You're completely nuts.
Yeah, yeah... I'm completely wiped.
I think I'm falling apart.
I dream about her every night.
That's not normal.
-Isn't he behaving like an idiot?
-Yes, he's hopeless.
When Mom died he wasn't like that.
With this girlfriend that he's known
for all of a week, it's chaos.
His buddy Frankie
is a bad influence too, I think.
I'm going inside.
-This is the school principal.
Thommy was absent yet again.
Make sure that this behavior stops.
My God, it's always
the same with him.
"Family drama in Landsberied."
"Father starved son to death
in basement."
What is wrong with you?
The school called again.
And the way you treat your sisters.
Get a grip!
If I hear one more complaint
about you, you're out. Get it?
Don't do it again. Okay?
Oh, my God...
Phone for you, Thommy.
-Hi, Frankie.
-Want to do somethlng tonight?
-Where do you want to go?
-"Double Fistwurst 3" is showing.
-What do you say?
-Okay. Come here around eight.
We'll use my car. It's worklng now.
So, It's a deal?
-Well... Bye.
-Don't forget the money you owe me.
-Are we agreed?
-No, not again.
-Oh, no!
Leave me alone. Go away!
Get away.
Lay down. It was just a dream.
God damned mirror! discuss financing and planning
for the house near the castle.
It can't be a castle.
To avoid errors-
-we recently published
a dictionary of...
It's give out for free
to local politicians, senators-
-ministers and various agencies.
Everyone else can buy the book
for 20 marks.
About the historic...
Dad, I'm going to the party.
I'll be home in the morning. Bye.
Come on.
-Oh, Frankie.
-Hurry up. Let's go.
-Thommy isn't feeling so good.
-He should go to the loony bin.
He's completely out of it.
But he does have us.
-Let's see a movie, then go cruising.
-Good thinking, buddy.
-That just sucks.
-He's just got love problems.
Love problems...
I don't know why that thing
with Petra tore him up so bad.
It wasn't his fault.
It was entirely her own decision.
-You think?
-Yes, but Thommy has changed.
Go up and get him.
Oh, come on. Shit.