Black Peter (1964) Movie Script

I had beetroot marmalade for breakfast
and now my teeth are stained red.
Oh, I heard that on the radio this morning.
It's such a nice song.
Why can't they play the radio
when we're at work?
What have I done with my comb?
Help me fix my apron.
Hey boss, don't come in here!
Bodies like these I've seen so many...
- Not like the one I've got!
- He's used to his Medunka!
Yeah, she has such a big bottom!
Never mind, he has a big belly!
That's the only thing I've got left!
Listen: today we have
a new trainee coming.
Talk decently in front of him.
You're all dreadful gossips,
the lot of you. Joining your ranks
is no blessing!
What do you take us for?
- Girls, do we know this new trainee?
- Nope. - We don't.
What's he look like?
Got to be young. Can't be more than
sixteen if he's a trainee.
That ain't no good for us.
You'll catch on, Peter!
Don't you worry, lad!
This is self-service,
and I'm going to tell you like it is!
We have complete faith in our customers,
and we trust them 100 per cent.
However, there're some among them
who, every now and then... steal, eh?
Do you understand?
Your job will be to watch over
those customers.
Keep your eyes peeled.
But the customer should never know
you're watching them, understand?
They mustn't know you're watching them.
It isn't a bad thing or some sort
of mistrust, you know?
You're simply preventing
them from shoplifting.
We're educating customers in honesty.
Look here, Peter, I'm going teach
you from my own experience.
So long as I was on guard
in my overalls, I never caught nobody.
The customer knows you're part
of the collective,
and will be watchful.
But without your overalls, I'm sure you'll
be able to catch several thieves!
- Can I keep them in here?
- Sure thing, Peter. In there.
- Good.
- Yes.
Peter, I told you, not like this!
This won't do!
You're following folks like a cop!
You're peering into their bags!
You know the last thing a thief will do
is put stolen stuff in their bag!
Quietly, like I told you.
- You understand?
- Yeah. - Go then!
Sorry, I think that man
over there has stolen something.
- Which one?
- He's outside already.
- Well get running after him. Quick!
- Well, I don't know it for sure...
Never mind that, off you go!
Where've you been?
Where've you been?
- At work.
- At work, eh?
- For real, at work!
- Where?
For real, at work!
- Do you know the manager?
- Obviously!
What was he doing here then?
Looking for you?
He doesn't know you then.
Sure he knows me.
Something happened to me, y'know?
Well, what?
I thought a guy
had stolen something.
So I went walking after him.
You were playing the detective, eh?
You thought he'd stolen something.
Well, what did you do then?
I kept walking after him.
That was all?
- Yeah.
- Well, what was the point of that?
You identified him?
You saw what he'd stolen?
No, I didn't.
Well, I dunno,
how would you go about it?
Well, here's how I'd go about it.
In your shoes, I'd call on somebody.
I'd stop him and confront him!
But following him like that
without solving anything, I dunno...
I thought he'd give himself away.
How so?
Why didn't you intervene?
- I couldn't.
- What do you mean, couldn't?
In your shoes, I'd call a policeman
or an older gentleman,
and I'd get him to identify himself.
- You thought he'd stolen something.
- I wasn't sure.
So you shouldn't have followed him
and stayed at work instead!
I couldn't do that either.
I told the women at the shop
and they said to follow him.
- So I went after him.
- Why didn't you tell the manager?
- Why did you speak to the women?
- The shop assistants, you know?
I see!
Well, and the result was...?
Nothing. Well, I just spent the day
following the man.
So you weren't at work!
- I was!
- Well, just for a moment then.
What did you do afterwards?
Talk to me! Respond!
Then I came home.
Oh, so you came home?
A bit early, no?
You should have gone back to work!
Why did you come home?
What were you thinking?
You think you can just skip out of work
and go home? How come?
How come, you came home?
There was lots of stuff I didn't like
in my life, but I had to buckle up.
Oftentimes against my will.
That's what turned me into a man.
Just that!
Dad, stop it, Peter's just a child!
- I ain't no child!
- Damn right you're no child!
You should've realised that
a long time ago already!
- Give it here, I'll warm it up for you!
- Leave it.
- It's cold already.
- No, it's warm still.
Shut up!
Warm it up for him!
Look around the shops these days!
What do you see?
Only women!
Men? Very few.
Hardly any.
And ultimately, what about women?
She gets married,
the workplace is empty.
And so who's it up to?
Who's going to save the day?
One or two years,
you can endure, right?
You could become manager!
Do you know what a manager is?
They've got it made these days!
And it's all in your hands.
You can be a manager!
God forbid that there should ever
be another war again.
You know what they say?
"Whoever's close to food
is far from the grave!"
But don't think about that.
Don't give it a second thought.
Listen up!
Monday you'll go to work.
You'll apologise,
and it'll all be okay. Understood?
- What if this place caught fire!
- You'd extinguish it, right?
No, not that. There's enough
firemen around here.
Don't look at me!
I'd be saving people, you know?
From a fire at night...
- By night?
- Yeah, by night!
We'd be taking
women out of their beds!
- Oh yeah, yeah!
- Oh yeah!
Try picturing, say,
Pavla Vrbovlicked by the flames.
Lucky flames.
Hey, look here...
Now I look a bit deflated, don't I?
I look a bit deflated, see?
I held them up like this,
and waited for what the woman had to say,
but instead she's got tits like this.
- What are Pavla Vrbov's tits like?
- Dunno.
Mra knows, right?
I've no idea why
she's even dating him!
He's such a ponce,
and such a bad influence, y'know?
I met her just the other day,
with him...
they're walking past me.
And I'm standing there watching her,
and she doesn't even look at me.
- Like I'm not even there!
- But you are, you are!
Well sure I am, I know that!
- You're a virgin!
- Yeah, yeah...
- Higher!
- What're you laughing at?
Not everyone can sing.
Do you know it?
It's a parody of 'Othello'.
It's an 'Othello' parody.
He leaves and waits, she kinda
agrees with him and tells him:
My dear Othello, I love you dearly,
my dear Othello, I love thee...
I can't hear you! Louder!
My dear Othello, I love thee!
Then Cassio enters the scene...
- What, who?
- Cassio!
- Haven't you seen it?
- No, have you?
Sure. Now listen, he tells her:
Good evening, lovely lady,
I beg your pardon for disturbing you,
Othello is summoned to court,
I'm afraid there's to be a trial.
Othello is to appear before the court
without further ado.
Two guards are quarrelling there
over their little gatehouse.
So he leaves and... no!
So Cassio stays with her and says:
Wait, what does he say?
I can't remember it at all!
- He says...
- Hey, listen. - What?
- That's not a good song.
- Wait a sec! How does it go?
Is Peter around?
He isn't here?
He isn't here.
So this is how it goes:
Your husband, milady, is a hero!
Loves you faithfully and truly...
- What're you staring at?
- I'm not staring, I'm thinking.
- What're you thinking about?
- I can't tell you.
Why can't you tell me?
I really can't.
You'd think I have a dirty mind...
- I've always thought that!
- What?
No, I don't really think that.
So what are you thinking about?
Really, I can't say.
- I know what you're thinking about!
- Say it then.
I can't!
- Come on, say it!
- There's nothing dirty about that!
Y'know, some girls wear
even smaller swimsuits than this!
And some girls bathe completely naked!
- Well, yes, but only the little ones.
- Well!
But I hate those girls who show off,
you know, and then...
Keep rowing!
Keep rowing, dammit!
Those are girls from our class.
- Who're those lads?
- I don't know them. - Real bumpkins...
Piss off, this isn't a show!
No way!
Stop it, that's wrong!
Please! Stop it!
Stop "pleasing" me!
This is how...
Curly hair of her...
Go on, sing!
...from the window, yeah yeah yeah
Curly hair of her...
yeah yeah yeah...
Sing and scream and shout...
Where are you looking?
Into the grass.
- Why the grass, of all things?
- Green is calming to the eye.
That's why cows are so calm,
'cause they stare at green all day?
- Come on!
- Sorry! I didn't mean it like that.
You fool!
Look, those guys are still standing
there and gawking.
Let 'em gawk. If I looked like that,
I wouldn't go out in trunks.
Are looks anyone's fault?
Would you date any of them?
Probably not.
Why not?
They're weird.
Aren't they?
I immediately thought they were weird.
But I don't really know them.
But you know me, though?
- Look, they're coming over.
- Let them. You know me?
Look, they're coming over,
staring at us.
So what! Do you know me?
- Ah well, yeah, I do know you.
- What're you doing tonight?
- I dunno.
- I'd like to go out. Would you like to join me?
Hey you! Get up!
- Didn't you hear me?
- Get up!
- Why?
- Get up!
- I don't wanna!
- But we want you to!
Do you want a smack in the gob?
- Why?
- Do you want a smack in the gob?
Why? What's with you?
- What's with us?
- Nothing.
What were you saying when we were
with those girls?
Look at yourselves, fellas,
you look ridiculous!
Who does?
That's normal!
Every mason looks like that!
I thought you were brick layers...
girls don't like smelly cheesy feet!
Hey, watch out, mate!
Or your face will be made of cheese!
Well, you do look like bumpkins.
We could easily bump you one,
You're surely not going
to punch a girl, are you?
I didn't know she was a girl.
You don't say!
I saw the girls you were with...
- What, our...?
- Those weren't our girls!
Those girls were loose like this!
Sorry, not my fault,
I didn't do that on purpose.
- I was just gonna smack him big time.
- For real! It wasn't on purpose.
It wasn't on purpose.
So, what were we talking about?
- I don't even know any more.
- How come you don't know?
I just don't.
Will you go out with me
Zdenk, look!
Zdenk, look!
Are you watching me?
You watching, eh?
What are you staring at, mate,
I told you to watch me!
Why aren't you watching me?
- What's wrong with you?
- I told you to watch me!
- Watch me!
- Where're you going?
May I please?
Okay, fine, thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Were you watching, eh?
- Yeah, I saw you.
Not bad, eh?
Hello! Hello!
- Who's that?
- The lad from the pool.
enda, where're you going?
Where're you going?
- Well, there!
- Where?
- Let's go dance!
- It'll be crowded.
No matter, come on!
- Are you thirsty?
- No, I'm not.
Well, I'm going to get some juice.
Hey you, wait!
I said hello to you.
And I replied.
Well yeah, but how!
- I don't understand.
- Stay out of this, you!
- I'll tell you what the difference is.
- Let him be!
"Hello!!" And you: "hey".
You hear the difference?
- Do you hear yourself?
- You're mad!
- Listen: "Hello!", "Hey".
- Leave her alone!
Can you hear that?
Stop it.
Can you hear that?
- Hello! Hey.
- Let's go.
Hello! Hey.
Let's go, please.
- Would you like to dance with me?
- The music isn't playing.
Okay, I'll come back later then.
- Hello, Pavla.
- Hello.
Would you like to dance with me?
No, not with you, Mr Mra!
- What're you doing here?
- Waiting for my lemonade.
And who's bringing it?
I gotta go, so long!
Hey you! Listen, come here!
You didn't get it, did you?
- What?
- Is it all clear to you?
What, again?
Wait, look here.
- Let's go.
- No, wait.
- Stop it.
- Listen. Hello!
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Good, hello!
Hello, sir.
- Very nice, bravo!
- No, that's not...
That's not what
If I were your dad,
I'd knock that ciggie
outta your mouth!
You're sorry you've got to breathe
fresh air, eh?
What's the matter with him?
What did you do to him?
- What could I do to him?
- Quit the bullshit!
I ain't done nothing!
What did you do to him?
I'm his best trainee. So, what?
What did you do to him?
Nothing, really!
- Wait a sec!
- You don't believe me?
- You don't believe me?
- No.
So you don't believe me
I'm his best trainee?
- Zdenk!
- I do believe you!
- Zdenk!
- I do believe you!
- Zdenk!
- I do believe you!
Zdenk! Wait! Come here!
Come here!
- Tell them!
- What's up?
- Tell them then!
- What am I to tell them?
- What did the foreman say?
- About what?
- Well, about me, eh?
- That you're pissed!
- Did he say that?
- For sure!
He didn't! He didn't say that!
No way he said that!
Let's go, please.
He didn't say that!
Hey, lend me a 20!
- Why?
- Of course I'll give it back! - Hey, let's go away now!
When will you give it back?
In a moment I'll bring it back.
- Don't lend him anything!
- No worries, no worries!
Give it back though!
For sure, no worries.
Let's go, Zdenk.
Look, that brickie has spilt
our drinks!
It doesn't matter, let's dance.
I'm not thirsty anyway.
I'm going to fetch us fresh drinks,
I'm going.
- Don't let her escape!
- Well sure! Hey miss, miss...
Look there!
Ah well, I've got it
arranged with her, y'know?
Watch me!
Hey you!
- Hello, wanna dance with me?
- Hello.
Where's he?
Dude, you spilt our lemonades
so he had to go fetch some more.
I know, you're right, I know...
So tell him when he comes back...
You watch me.
And you too.
And tell him when he comes back
to watch me as well!
Watch me!
- He drinks so much?
- No, he doesn't.
Well I can see he's drunk!
He fancies one girl here.
- Yeah? And which one?
- She's gone already!
So that's why he got drunk?
- Well no, that was before.
- But why?
He was going to tell her today!
- I see! And did he tell her?
- I'm telling you, she's gone.
Well I know that,
but before she went!
He wasn't drunk enough yet!
Does he have to be drunk
to tell a girl something?
- Well, you'd have to know him!
- Since you're friends and all,
why didn't you tell her then?
I can't, I had jaundice!
What weirdos you are, lads!
She could have asked me,
I'd have told her
why he got drunk!
What would you tell her?
What a cool-hand enda is!
Yeah, the foreman
let him do the corner!
- The corner of his eye, huh?
- No, the corner of a wall!
Ah, I see, a wall corner!
- A stone one!
- I see, a wall corner!
If he came up to me drunk like that,
I wouldn't be interested either.
- So, let's go.
- Yeah, and where?
- Well, dance!
- Oh yeah, let's go!
Watch me!
- Hello!
- Hello! - Stop it!
- Hey, let's go dancing!
- Show me!
Zdenk, come here!
Come here! Zdenk...
- Hey, have you seen her?
- Who?
Well, the one in the blue...
She sat at the table, like this...
Hello! Mr foreman, did you see
a girl in blue around here?
- Oh, so you've got a girl already?
- Nah, it's enda!
We've got to go over there,
she went to the other side.
You know what?
I'm gonna blow her off.
She's stupid.
So, have you found her yet?
You two handsome ones.
What're you gawping at?
Mr foreman, do you think I'm ugly?
Oh boy...
You shouldn't be asking me,
but the girl!
Mr foreman,
but I'd like to hear it from you.
Know what?
Go home and sleep it off.
Okay then.
And Mr foreman...
- Do you still praise me highly?
- Now, not so much.
I know, I know.
And how do you praise me
at other times?
Hey, let it go and go to bed.
Okay, good.
I'm gonna sit down
with you for a moment then.
The thing is, enda,
I like to praise you
when you deserve it,
you've got to understand
you cannot expect someone
to praise somebody forever
for having done one thing right.
One has to continuously...
- enda.
- Let him be.
This is best for him.
- Good evening!
- Hello, Pete!
Come here, what's this spot?
Look here!
It seems to me in this light
there're spots on your clothes.
You've got to watch out for them.
They're new.
Are you hungry, Peter?
I'm not.
- I can give you leftovers from lunch.
- I'm not hungry.
Tell me something, Pete.
How was the dance?
Which lads did you go with?
There were a few of us.
Were they decent lads?
These weren't hooligans, were they?
Were there any girls?
Have you found a lass for yourself?
No? That's good,
you've got plenty of time.
- What do you lads drink?
- Just lemonade.
- Ah, just lemonade, for sure.
- Really.
Come on, you do have
the occasional beer, no?
Who did you come home with?
With your friends or on your own?
So the lads stayed on?
Didn't you hear?
Your mother asked you a question.
I had some lemonade,
then we danced,
then I came home.
That's all.
Good night.
There are interesting things here.
It's about a lad like yourself.
He doesn't have a name.
Today that's how they do it.
But... it isn't...
It's true, you know?
You can read it, you know?
It's a tad... how could I put it...
You're a man, you'll understand.
Read that.
I've already read that!
- What're you doing, Mom?
- Cutting noodles.
They're here.
- What're you gonna tell him?
- What should I tell him?
Call him.
Call him!
- What do you want?
- Come here.
- What do you want?
- Come here.
- You come here.
- Go there.
- What's up?
- No one can hear this.
What are you carrying?
Some paintings and stuff.
- Let's have a look!
- They're from the shop.
What's in them?
What could there be in them?
Hus or ika...
Ok, then.
How did Saturday go?
- I was pissed
- Bullshit!
For real!
What about her?
- Mra was there.
- And?
I've got a date with her today.
- What time did you get home?
- Around 11.
- What did you two do?
- Ah, plenty of stuff.
- The tongue's the main problem, eh?
- Yeah, well...
- Don't tell me you two kissed.
- I'm telling you, I've got a date.
- How are the sell-by dates?
- All in order I hope.
- These oils here, for instance?
- That was the last delivery.
Three weeks to go.
We'll manage to sell those.
Good. And here?
The latest delivery, completely fresh.
And so it is.
And here's goose fat...
Peter, stop messing around!
Leave the pushcart outside,
bring the packages inside.
- So what about the fats?
- They're completely fresh.
Okay, no need, I've seen that.
What about this rum?
Two, four, six... eighteen.
- Wait a sec, there's twenty-one here.
- That's possible.
This list is from yesterday.
Three got sold.
- That's possible.
- Good.
Five-star cognac...
What're you doing there?
Don't be lazy!
You've got to untie the cord,
not cut it! We need the cord!
- Five-star stuff, how much?
- Two, four, six in total.
Six, okay. Other spirits?
Two, four, six, eight, ten.
Ten, good.
- Yakamarus?
- Mr director.
Yes, good, Peter!
Paintings, paintings...
The toilet is leaking,
no A/C for two years now,
the ladder is kaput...
- What about Yakamarus?
Two, four, six, eight!
Eight, yes.
The rum?
- One got sold, that's possible.
- Mr director!
Yes, yes, good, Peter.
- Herb liquor?
- Two, four, six, eight, nine.
And now, five-star Georgian.
- Yes.
- Two, four, six!
Paintings must be looked at from afar.
I haven't got glasses for that.
What a beauty...
Look at those sleeping eyes.
She knows very well, mister,
she knows very well.
Make a little tube with your hand,
just a wee little hand-tube,
so the bottles don't distract you.
Look at the position of her hand.
No, no, that's completely normal.
Look at the lad, look at him!
What're you gawping at?
Leave something for tomorrow, lad!
If only women would go shopping like this,
that would sort out recruitment!
Do you know, this is a serious issue.
Very serious!
The number of young lads
who want to work in stores
can be counted on one hand.
It's only girls.
Lads want to become astronauts,
cosmonauts, radio mechanics,
and when we do get a lad to work
for us, he's bound to be a cripple.
- All right, let's do the wine.
- Okay.
- The Sylvaner: two, four, six, ten!
- Yes.
The Mostar White:
three, nine, fifteen, eighteen!
That's good, all in order.
What were you carrying this morning?
Round by the station?
I was carting paintings.
- What paintings?
- For the boss.
You see, paintings for the boss.
Who buys paintings these days?
Come on, Dad!
They weren't real paintings,
they were more like printed, you know?
What do you mean printed?
I dunno, a bonus from the management.
- You see, a bonus then.
- Sure, a bonus.
There you have it.
What sort of paintings?
I asked you a question, didn't I?
- Respond.
- A woman.
A woman.
What kind of woman?
For Pete's sake, answer me,
I'm asking you something, no?
Every word needs to be
hauled out of you!
A completely naked woman!
Hmm, so naked.
There you go, Dad,
they talk the talk of socialism,
while passing around smut!
You should have words!
No, it's no crime,
seeing a naked woman in a painting.
He's a grown lad,
he can see a thing or two!
You should be ashamed of yourself.
And you too!
Smut, you say! Well she was a thousand
times prettier than that one in that!
Hold your horses!
Look here.
Just you look.
Look at those eyes.
What a beauty, right?
You stand here, she's watching you.
You stand here, she's watching you.
What a beauty.
Who can paint like this today?
All they do is just doodle!
So long!
You know Pavla is dating Mra?
She used to.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Say something.
- What?
- Something.
- I can't think of anything.
- What were you looking at there?
- Some kind of poster.
- Show me.
- It wasn't a poster!
- What was it?
- Some sort of painting.
- Show me then.
- I can't, really!
- Come on, show me.
- I can't.
Why can't you?
- Where'll we go?
- Nowhere!
Okay then, here you go.
You're holding it upside down.
Where'd you get it?
At the shop.
Why's it all crumpled?
It's a shame.
I had it in my pocket.
How old do you think she is?
Well it's hard to tell with a woman,
especially in a painting.
I guess more than nine.
Yeah, I guess so.
Pity it's all crumpled.
You know what'd be nice?
I'd be overjoyed if you could
find the time tomorrow again.
When I get home
mom is gonna go mad,
asking where I've been,
and I won't dare ask her
if I can go out tomorrow again.
I know what you mean.
You can't imagine the sort of hell
I've got at home.
- How come?
- Complete hell.
Mom wants me to confide everything.
I have to tell her everything.
She keeps saying I don't like her.
I do like her, but whenever
I tell her I do like her,
then she asks me
why I don't confide in her more.
And dad says
I'll be the death of her.
She keeps asking the most naive stuff.
I'm going out
and she's like, "Where are you going?"
So I'm like, "To the pool".
And she goes, "Don't you drown there."
It's horrendous.
Or other times I come home,
go to my room,
there's a lot of people,
and I'm not even inside yet
and she yells at me,
"Say hello!", as if I didn't know
how to do it.
She says I like others more than her.
- Like who?
- Like Lada.
Okay, Peter, I gotta go now.
You'll finish the story later, okay?
- So, I'll see you tomorrow?
- I'm not sure about that.
Okay, so I'll be there in any case.
- See you, then.
- See you.
Sorry, mom is asking do you have
sweet and sour pickles?
Thanks, then!
- What's up?
- What's up?
Why aren't you working?
You're just standing here, idling.
It's embarrassing.
You're just gawping like a dumb animal.
- I'm working here!
- That's not work!
I'm looking at you,
and it ain't pretty!
Working? How are you working?
Just standing and looking.
That's not work! Standing and looking?
What are you looking at?
- People.
- People? And?
- So that they don't...
- Steal something?
Okay, good then.
Continue! Observe!
You know there's thieves everywhere!
Correct! Keep it up!
Mr manager!
- Mr manager!
- What's up, Peter?
- He's here again.
- Who?
The one I was chasing the other day.
The one who escaped me!
Please, call back later.
Wait, wait!
So, what happened?
A woman stole something.
A woman stole something?
What did she steal?
Some sweets, or something...
I dunno.
How much were they worth?
A lot of them?
Twelve crowns tops, for sure.
- Did you follow her?
- I didn't.
What did you do afterwards?
I did nothing.
You didn't go out after her?
So you're saying
you didn't go anywhere.
Did you have any trouble,
with the boss or at the shop?
Are you keeping something from me?
No, I really am not.
Tell me the truth.
I can sort it out!
Really no, trust me.
Well, you shouldn't
have let her go.
I'm asking you for the last time.
Are you in any trouble?
I'm really not.
Then it's all okay.
It's all good?
Look here.
If something like this happens again,
grab the bloke,
and shake him.
Shake him till he's empty!
I was watching you there.
You looked damn fine!
Mom, he looks damn fine!
No, I don't look fine.
How could you look damn fine,
standing there like a scarecrow?
You can't look damn fine.
Oh, I know.
- You don't like it!
- Sure, I do like it.
No, you don't.
I know what you like!
I saw it the other day.
At the co-op!
There were lads like yourself.
They were horsing around
having a real good time!
They were horsing around well
beyond the limits of decency!
Wrestling, bending, up and down...
They were calling it
"doing the corkscrew!"
When you were born,
I was glad it was a boy.
You were growing up.
I bought you a violin.
It's on top of the cupboard.
I bought you an accordion.
It's in the cupboard.
Then you came up with the guitar.
Saying it's fashionable these days,
and you don't have to practice hard.
Just strum away,
sing along...
I hope it was to your satisfaction.
But that, my dear lad,
won't pay your bills!
It won't!
What do you want to do?
What do you want to do?
Answer me.
What do you want to do?
- I don't know.
- You don't know.
What you don't want to do,
that you do know.
What you do want to do,
that you don't know.
Pete, you liked the job so much.
And now you don't like it at all.
Don't meddle in this,
you don't understand.
That's no way to talk to your mother!
How dare you?
Come in!
Come in!
Come in!
Well, come on in!
Damn it!
Who are you looking for?
enk Semerd.
Good day.
I've come to see your son.
Something here... hello.
He's not going anywhere!
He's staying home. Come in!
No, I won't come in.
- I'm gonna stay here...
- Come on in.
- It's just a small thing.
- Sit down here.
- I'm gonna remain standing...
- Just you sit down.
- You're very kind, Madam.
- Sit down and tell him!
- What's up?
- Sit down.
Please, go ahead.
So, what's up?
What's up?
So... Okay...
Okay, so I'm gonna take care of this.
So, hey, remember how you lent me
that 20 crowns,
so I'd return that just fine,
but I put my money in my pocket,
and I got all confused,
I didn't buy me anything more,
so I thought you hadn't
lent me anything,
so just so you know
I'm giving you this money back.
What's this thing with money?
Just returning what I borrowed.
- Have some of my cake.
- No, no, thank you.
Don't be shy and have some cake.
I'm not shy but I'd rather go.
- What's your name then?
- My name?
- I'm enk Semerd.
- Okay Mr enk, have some cake. Enjoy!
So if you insist, just one...
- Nice? You like it?
- Yes.
- So, what do you do?
- Me?
I'm a trainee mason.
A mason...
- Show him your hands?
- You mean like mine? Him?
- Him?
- Yes!
Have a look!
Have a proper good look!
I'd better get going!
So long. Goodbye.
You see...
He works hard!
He's not going to grow up
to be a hooligan!
But you...
"I dunno."
"I don't like it."
"I don't wanna."
"I dunno."
Who should know?
Your mom?
Your dad?
I don't hold it against you,
not knowing is normal at your age.
You'll find out later.
But as long as you don't know
what to do,
you're going to do what I want.
- Hello.
- Hello. - Hey, enda, let's get going.
Come on.
I'm waiting.
It's interesting in here and shit.
That's my friend.
Interesting... And shit!
So this is interesting to you.
No, it isn't interesting...
On the contrary.
Do you even know
what you're saying?
Do you know what this is?
This is...