Black Rock (2012) Movie Script

( Hoofbeats )
( Music playing )
Oh, my God.
You, like, threw up back here with
your preparation. I swear to God.
That's like a Sarah tornado.
You got your...
your mom's tent, I see.
- Which is a classic. Oldie, but goodie.
- Sarah: Yes.
- Of course.
- We got "people," "ok!," "star."
Sarah: We are going
to an empty island.
Woman: Oh, my God!
There's like 10 of them!
- This is horrible news. -
Sarah: We need entertainment.
- There's nothing else there.
- I'm there.
- Yeah, you're very pretty.
- I have so many stories.
There's only so long I can look at you
and just be like, "you're so pretty."
And then I need to look at trash.
You know what I mean?
- Right.
- I'm fucking happy, man.
You know, I'm happy.
I'm happy we're here.
I'm happy, too.
I'm excited.
# Steal them back
for me, love #
# oh, yeah
# steal them back
for me, love #
# oh, yeah...
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Woman: "We got crabs."
- I can't even...
- like, that's crazy...
- I feel like we should go in there
and just tell them that
they need to take that down.
At least they're being up front
and honest about it
- 'cause usually, you know,
- That's true.
Guys don't tell you, and then,
you know what, you end up
- with a pantyful of lice.
- The whole...
That is really,
really disgusting.
# Be careful where you lean #
# and when you're lost
under the blue sky #
# look down
and you'll find me #
# yeah...
- Sarah: We're here.
- I know.
- It's a long time coming.
- It is crazy.
- How long has it been for you.
- Sarah: Like eight years.
Eight years, are you serious?
That's weird. Is that...
are you serious?
- Sarah...
- Is that...
- ...why is Abby sitting right there?
- Oh.
Why would you not tell me this?
This is such a bad idea.
Let's look at this
like an opportunity.
- She...
- Come on. It's gonna be good.
- This is, like, unreasonable.
- Come on.
- Hey, abs.
- What are you doing?
- Give me a hug.
- What are you doing? No, no.
- Love me, love me.
- What is this?
You were like, "oh, let's go on
this great weekend. You and me."
- I know.
- "We're gonna go out to the island.
We'll reconnect. It'll be so awesome.
You and me."
- I know. - Yeah, that's kinda...
kinda what you said to me.
- I'm sorry. I know.
- You and me.
- I'm sorry.
- You know what, I'm just, like...
- I took time off to come up here.
- Do you wanna punch me?
I have a really
crazy life right now, okay?
I don't have the time,
energy, interest...
- Give me just a slap in the face.
- In, like, dealing with
- all of this shit, okay?
- But it's gonna be so good.
You can say my name, Abby. You're
not gonna fucking get leprosy.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Guys, guys.
- Thanks, Lou. Thank you.
Hello? Guys, this is
gonna be so great.
- We're here.
- Okay, I'm gonna go.
So you guys have a really
great weekend, though.
It was great to see you both,
I'm sorry. I'm with
Abby on this one.
Seriously, like, I hear where you're
coming from and you're sweet,
but it's, like,
it's not a good call, man.
It's like...
Let's just...
We'll do it another time.
I have cancer.
I didn't wanna say anything.
I didn't wanna ruin the trip.
I didn't want it to be about that.
I wanted it to be about us.
- They say four to six months.
- What?!
They say four to six months, but
seriously, I've come to terms with it.
It's okay.
It's okay.
The thing that I want most,
more than anything
in the world,
is to have this final hurrah,
just the three of us together.
Can we do that?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Can we do that?
- Of course.
- Yes, yeah.
Can we do that?
Yes, we can?
- Yes, yes.
- Seriously, can we do that?
'Cause I'm just riddled
with it, you know?
Just... it's everywhere.
- Are you fucking with me right now?
- ( Laughs )
- I know...
- You don't have fucking cancer?
No... I do not
have cancer,
- oh, my God.
- But I do have a very good...
- oh, my God. You're such an asshole.
- Did you just say that you
- have cancer so that we...
- That you guys... you...
- I don't have cancer.
- Are you serious?
- Oh...
- But the thing is...
look it, you guys.
That was bad.
That was a bad,
bad thing to say and do.
That was a horrible thing
to say!
That was a horrible thing
to do, but here's the thing:
We are all dying.
That's the truth.
We have no idea what's gonna happen.
We don't know.
We could be hit by a bus
tomorrow, you know?
- We could... we have no idea what's
gonna happen. - Oh, my God.
And I'll tell you one thing for certain...
there are no buses on that island.
- Okay. - You know, so we can go out
there and be safe from buses,
- which is great.
- I still, like... I can't...
- shit is great.
- You're such a...
- i want us back.
- This is so bad.
- Say yes.
- Oh, God.
- You were looking at me like, "yeah,
you're so in." - You're an asshole.
Say yes, abs.
Is it a yes?
- I'm going, but I'm not happy.
- Yay!
- I love you.
- I hate you.
Yay, let's go camping!
It's gonna be so good, guys.
Fresh air, you know?
New beginnings.
Fresh start.
There she is, guys.
What a beauty.
- Wow.
- First-class travel.
Pass me some stuff.
Do you even know
how to start this motor?
I mean, I think so.
That's got sunglasses.
Oh, sorry.
- ( Motor puttering )
- ( Cheering )
I have got this.
It's a really big knot.
- Let me give you a hand.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- And that's how it's done, ladies.
- You got it?
- Ta-da.
- Here we go.
- Let's do this.
Here we go, guys.
- More to the left?
- To the right.
- To the right?
- There's a rock right here.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
I don't wanna.
- Oh, my God! Abby!
- Oh, my God.
It was too soon.
- I'm soaked.
- Wow.
- Well done, woman.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God. - Maybe you need to
just dry off a little bit?
Yeah, you think?
Oh, my God.
- I have my smiley face on, I have
my smiley face on. - You're good.
You guys did a really good job.
It was a really good job.
Look at that.
Oh, you're one of
the greats, Sarah.
Did I mention that the water
was actually really,
really, really cold?
- Yup.
- Oh.
- Oh, my God.
- How nice is it, though, guys?
Look at... I mean, look
at the view, though.
- I know.
- It's so beautiful.
It smells exactly the same.
It smells like childhood to me.
Does anyone mind if I, like,
check my phone really quick?
Is that, like,
gonna kill the mood?
- No, do it. Do what you gotta do.
- 'Kay.
Urgent text situation.
No, just addicted to my phone.
I don't even think
people say that anymore.
I don't care.
There's no reception.
I'm totally fine with it.
What are we gonna do
while we're here?
Is this it?
It's not it, is it?
- No?
- I have a plan.
- Like... like a Sarah plan?
- Wow, wait a second. Hold up.
- Sarah has a plan?
- Of course Sarah has a plan.
Oh, no. Oh, God. Okay.
- Okay, guys. Close your eyes.
- Okay.
Keep 'em closed.
We are
walking down the stairs...
- very dark, dark, dark stairs...
- I'm scared.
Into a basement.
And there's Greg sr.
And he's there
with all his friends.
- We take... come on.
- I'm sorry.
We take him out, we sit down,
- and we watch a hundred times...
- "Goonies."
- "Goonies"!
- Oh, my God. You're such a dork.
- You brought the map to the time capsule.
- Yes!
- Oh, boy. Here we go.
- Just hold on.
You did it.
- One for you, madam.
- Oh, we each get our own.
- One for you, missy.
- I'm excited.
- This is gonna help us.
- So guys, look.
- Was this it?
- This is it.
- Seriously?
- This is so awesome, dude.
This is our map.
- Look it. We are here.
- No, I get that we are here,
but, like, this isn't
gonna take us anywhere.
- Yeah, it is.
- Do you see what this is showing us?
- Yes. No, it's pretty self-explanatory.
- No.
- This is us.
- Oh, obviously.
- This is Sheila beal's tits. Remember?
- And you take four dashes
- to the left and then you're at the
fort and the time capsule. - Right.
I've checked it out. I mean,
the coordinates are right.
I mean, generally.
- We were 10.
- I know, but it's gonna be great.
- Abby, dude. Don't poo-poo it. - Seriously,
think of it like an adventure, you guys.
Lou, dude. I'm good. I'm
just questioning the, uh...
I hear that, but
it's great, Sarah.
Sarah, this is great.
Let's do it.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
- Yeah?
- Hey, I am down.
- I am so pumped.
- Let's do it, you guys. Let's find it.
- Serious.
- So...
- Let's go.
- But I am still so wet.
- I think it's northeast and then that
means... - No, it's definitely northeast.
- She was really beautiful.
- Remember her?
I can't hear you, Sarah.
Sasha. The girl that was
really pretty in school.
- The exchange student. She's gay.
- Yeah.
- What?
- She's gay now.
- I know.
- But then I was thinking maybe, like...
- I don't know. I'd make out with her.
- I know.
I was, like, if I had
to go gay, like,
Sasha Warren would be
the girl, right?
- Where is she from?
- It was like Ukraine or something.
Sarah: Yeah, I mean, I think it's just,
like... northeast is straight up into...
- just gonna go up into this..
- Lou: No, it was Denmark.
- Oh, fuck. Denmark.
- Yeah.
- I just... I just remembered. - I just
feel like all Danish are just, like...
but the truth is,
like, you just...
like, I would be fine
with, like, smooching,
but, like, I don't
know if I could, like,
- you know, go the whole hog.
- There's the tree.
Oh, the tree that looks
like Abby taking a dump.
You guys, it doesn't even
look like that at all.
It's just, like, it's a tree...
it's a stump.
No, but it's definitely
like a... um...
- It's like a bent-over shape.
- Silhouette.
Guys, I think we should
just throw it in.
We're not gonna find
this fucking fort.
- No, I think it's... - It's just... yeah,
that's part of the adventure, Abby.
- Just go with it.
- Well, it was really fun when we were 10,
but now I'm just getting
eaten alive by mosquitos.
- Jesus Christ.
- What?
- Huh?
- Not you. You.
You're rolling your
eyes at me, what?
- Um...
- What is your problem?
- I don't have a problem, Abby.
- I'm sensing a serious attitude here.
- What is going... what?
- You are honestly sensing attitude
- from me at this point?
- Mm-hmm. I am.
- I... - You know,
you don't need Sarah's permission
to just tell me
what's on your mind.
Abby, please.
Like, let's just...
we're out here, you know,
it's so fucking beautiful,
I mean, we haven't
been here in so long.
Look, Sarah doesn't have cancer.
That's good. That's...
- Like, let's go have some fun.
- I agree.
I think we should
just keep going.
I wanna know what the fuck
your problem is, Lou.
Oh, my God. Are we
really gonna do this?
Do what?
Abigail, come on. It was fucking
ages ago and I apologized.
Oh, no, no, no. I wasn't
even talking about that.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, I'm totally over it. I'm great.
You're clearly not over it.
Can we just call that out?
- You are the one that brought it up.
- I brought it up
because you are making it
very difficult for us to just,
like, have a nice time
right now.
Because of some stupid indiscretion
that happened, like, six years ago.
- Oh, is that how you see that?
- Yes.
You really see fucking my
boyfriend of two years...
the guy who I was pretty sure I was
probably gonna marry maybe someday...
you thought that was just
a small, stupid indiscretion?
We were children at that point and we
were both fucking drunk and the guy was,
honestly, like
a class-a douchebag.
Like, you should be thanking me that you
didn't walk down the aisle with that guy.
All right, well, thank you,
thank you, thank you!
Thank you so much, Lou,
for fucking my boyfriend.
- I don't mean it like...
- I appreciate it with all of...
- I feel really badly about it.
- You were my best friend
and if you're calling him
a douchebag,
I would love to know
what the fuck that makes you.
Lou: I don't even know why we're
talking about it still at this point
because you have
this amazing life.
You're fucking married.
You're married.
Don't... don't talk like you know
anything about my life right now.
- You are not a part of my life, Lou.
- Why even...
- you have not been a part of my life for
a really long time. - That is your doing.
- And do you wanna know why?
- That's your doing.
Because you never,
ever apologized.
- I have apologized to you thousands
of times... - You said you were sorry
- and you never meant it! Never!
- What?!
- You would look at me like I was stupid
and overreacting. - Just can't win.
- And taking it too far.
- You took a fucking sledgehammer...
- yeah, I wanted to take it to your goddamn
fucking face! - You fucking threw it...
- okay, guys!
- You wanna go in...
- yes! I would love to fucking smash
your face in! - Guys, guys, guys!
- No, if there's a time to do it, do it now.
- Sarah: No.
- Guys, stop it.
- I would love to, Lou.
- All right, well, then, bring it.
- Please.
- Great.
- Stop it, guys. This is crazy.
- Just take a fucking time-out.
- I agree that it's crazy.
- Great, I'm the crazy one.
- Guys, please, please, please,
- just stop.
- I'm a crazy fucking bitch.
Dude... I know. I mean,
this is just, like...
- this is just... cannot.
- She started it.
Can I say that? Let's
go, let's go chase Abby
'cause she's got a problem.
( Crows cawing )
Lou: I feel like all three of us
in this tent is not gonna be good.
All things considered.
I know.
Sarah: I mean, obviously this
went a lot different in my head.
- You know, we were having fun and...
- I know.
- I'm sorry.
- This is so crazy
because when I think about
the three of us,
like, back in the day...
I feel like we were the crazy
ones and she was, like, sweet.
- She was sweet Abby and now she's
crazy Abby. - She has been acting
really... I don't know.
She's just been off.
- What do you mean?
- I don't know.
She just doesn't wanna talk about it, which,
as you know, for Abby, is really weird.
( Sighs )
I mean, the truth is, though, what
happened was pretty fucked up.
- Yeah, I know, Sarah. I know.
- Yeah, I know you know.
I know you know and I'm
not trying to take sides,
- but I'm just... Lou, I'm trying to
put a certain. - Oh, my God.
Perspective on it where I'm
looking at someone over there
who's really,
really, really hurt.
And I know for you, you were
young and whatever and you're...
- yeah. - I know and you've moved
past it and I can look at it
and I can be past it,
but it didn't happen to me.
Like, I think for her,
it was a game changer.
( Sighs )
Okay, um...
Excuse me.
I'm just gonna...
I'm just gonna sit here...
You can say whatever
you wanna say to me.
You wanna call me names or...
Get up in my face.
- I'm just gonna sit here.
- ( Screams )
What?! What?!
- Man: Whoa, whoa.
- What the fuck is that? Fuck!
- What is that?
- Sarah: What is it, what is it?
- Nothing, it's nothing.
- Three hunters up there.
- Man: Are you guys all right?
- Sorry, it was really scary.
- Jesus Christ. Hey.
- Man: Hey.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Is that Henry? Is that...
i think I know that guy.
- Shut up.
- Is that Henry Wallace?
- Yeah.
- That is crazy.
You scared the living
shit out of us.
I, um... I'm Lou.
I'm Louise foster.
I went to milbridge elementary
school together.
- I'm sorry.
- Okay.
- You... you do. Yes, you do.
- I don't know...
Sorry. This is Abby Turner...
oh, my God.
- And Sarah Whitfield.
- Hi.
We... we went to... we went to grammar
school with your older brother Jimmy.
We're, like, a couple years ahead of you.
You guys know it's Jimmy Wallace.
- Jimmy... Jimmy Wallace's little brother.
- Oh.
- Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah, Lou... Lou.
- And that's Henry.
- Yeah.
- I think Jim had a crush on you back then.
- You used to have the pigtails, right?
- Yeah. I always had the...
wow. Why do you remember that?
That's bizarre.
Uh, these are my buddies.
This is Derek and Alex.
- Lou: Hey.
- Sarah: Hello.
- Hey. - So... so what are you girls
doing out here anyways?
I mean, nobody
comes out here anymore.
You're lucky you didn't
get shot, you know?
We were shooting deer not, what,
like, 200 yards from here yesterday?
Is it hunting season?
Well, we are just camping here.
- Yeah.
- Just for a couple of days and...
How is the hunting going?
Is it good?
It's not too good.
Well, we were, uh... we were
gonna eat what we killed,
and, uh, well, so far
we ain't ate a thing.
- ( Laughs )
- Oh. Sucks.
- Alex: Yeah.
- All right.
I killed a lot of spaghettios
and we've got a shit ton
of liquor, so...
You guys wanna join us maybe?
Oh, um...
So how is your brother?
Uh, my brother's
good. He's good.
- He's got three kids.
- Oh, man.
- Yeah, and he's still fishing.
- Of course.
- Yeah, we actually took his boat out here.
- Cool.
Is he still cute?
Is he still cute?
Well, I mean, he's weighing in
at three bills now, so I...
- what? Are you serious?
- If you're into that kind of thing.
- Yeah.
- Like where?
That's, like, so fat.
- Didn't you give him a blowjob?
- Oh, my God.
You totally gave Jimmy
Wallace a blowjob.
I totally remember that and was I
not supposed to say it out loud?
- I...
- But she did.
- She did.
- If we're counting.
- It was a hand job, but, um...
- Hey, so I don't even want
- to interrupt or anything, but...
- My lips are sealed.
- ( Whispers ) I like your beard.
- Wow.
- I do. I like this whole thing.
- Thank you.
- It's very sexy.
- Thank you very much.
- Very, very trs chic.
- Thank you.
You have this
whole look going on
and I gotta tell you,
it works...
- Thanks.
- ...For you.
- Well, it's just kind of...
- It's very cute.
- I haven't shaved in a while, you know?
- Yeah, though, it's, like,
I mean, seriously. You
should get one of these
'cause you have a baby face.
- He looks good with a beard.
- But it's, you know...
can you grow a beard?
- Anyways, your beard is cute and I like it.
- Thank you.
I like it a lot.
So, listen.
How's your family doing?
They're good, they're good.
My mom and dad actually
moved to Florida recently.
- Oh, right on.
- Which I'm sort of so-so about, but...
- yeah?
- Yeah.
- No, no, no. That's totally cool.
I mean, you can't... - Yeah.
You can't blame them for getting
out of these winters and...
- Yeah.
- Abby: I went to Florida one time
and it was really hot.
- It was really hot in Florida.
- It's warm, right?
- You go?
- Yeah.
It makes me wanna take
my clothes off.
- Abby.
- It does.
- Abby. Abby. - You take your clothes off
all the time when it's hot.
- Seriously, I wanna talk to you
for a second. - Am I wrong?
- Come have a chat with me in the tent.
- No, I'm so good.
I need to put on some warming clothes
and I want you to talk to me.
You should put on
some warming clothes.
I'm going to put on some warming clothes,
but I wanna tell you a secret as well.
- So come here for a second.
- Shh.
- Secrets.
- Secrets.
- I'm coming back.
- Right on.
- What?
- What's going on?
What do you mean what is going on?
- What do you mean nothing?
- I'm talking to Lou.
What are you doing with Henry?
'Cause that's...
- he's so cute.
- Dude, come on.
I mean, he's so young. Like, don't
you miss that... being, like...
Abby, you're married.
You know what I mean?
- You know what? Don't even.
- I'm just...
- I'm just trying to protect you.
- No, no, no, no.
As a friend
because it's, like...
Mike... nonissue, okay?
- I don't want you to worry about it.
- What does that even mean?
- I am so good.
- Dude, what is...
dude, what does that even mean,
it's a nonissue?
I just mean,
don't worry about it.
- It's all good. This is so fun.
Thank you so much. - Abby, Abby, Abby.
- Thank you so much.
- Fuck.
I don't know.
Where... whereabouts did...
- uh, ver... vero beach.
- Guess who?
- Um, I'm gonna go with Abby on this one.
- Guess who?
Guess who?
It's so Abby.
- Hi.
- It was totally me.
- Yeah, I know.
- It was totally me.
- I'm good at that.
- So me.
- I'm having so much fun.
- I'm glad.
- I don't have... this is fun.
- What's going on?
I just... I love this.
- God, Lou.
- Cheers.
- Yeah? - You look older, but, like...
you look... you're still you,
- and I love that.
- Thanks.
- So happy.
- Abby.
- I'm so happy.
- So the wood situation is low.
Maybe we should beef it up.
- You guys need some wood? I can go...
- Yeah, I can go.
- No, no, no. I have no problem.
- No, no.
- Do you wanna go...
- No.
- Use me. I can go get wood.
- No, I am... here's the deal.
- I got wood before.
- Okay.
'Kay, 'cause I'm,
like, a wood expert
and I know there's
all these secret spots.
I have a flashlight
- and I know the secret spots.
- Honestly, I don't mind going by myself.
- I know. It's fine.
- Hi.
- Gonna go, gonna go, gonna go.
- Awesome. Be careful out there.
- I'm gonna be so careful.
- You'll be good.
- I'm gonna be so careful,
it's gonna be crazy. - Take a walk...
just walk it off.
- I'll be back, though.
- She knows her stuff.
- Wow, she's friendly.
- She is friendly.
That is something that she is.
It's fine. You know,
she seems harmless
and, you know, just having fun.
- Do you need another drink?
I feel like that might... - No, yeah.
I'm getting a little low.
That'd be great.
A little Sandy.
Um... a little Sandy,
but there you go.
Oh, no worries. It's perfect.
Thank you.
So where do you guys... where do
you guys all know each other from?
I mean, we were all...
we all served together.
- Like, you...
- We all served in the military together in,
- uh, the army.
- Oh, I didn't realize that.
Where'd you... like, where'd you...
how would I say that?
You know, I'm sorry. Excuse me.
I'm gonna go take a leak.
- I'll be right back.
- Oh, right on.
- Yeah.
- Do whatever you gotta do.
( Whispering )
( Laughs )
So you guys were...
you guys served together?
- Yup.
- Yeah, yeah.
Two deployments Iraq,
one in Afghanistan.
Right on.
Um, how long ago?
How long have you guys... how
long ago were you guys there?
- We've been back, what, three weeks now?
- 18 days.
- 18 days?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's crazy.
- I didn't think you were gonna say that.
- Sarah: That is...
- Not long at all.
No, that's... wow.
That's crazy.
Hey, where are you?
Hey, psst.
Where'd you go?
Hey. Where did you go?
- I got you.
- You got me.
- Shh.
- What?
- Why?
- 'Cause I have a secret.
- What's your secret?
- Come here.
Oh, wow.
You really taste good.
- See, man.
- It's been awhile.
- I still got it.
- Yeah.
- I got this, man.
- Yeah, you got this.
- I am not an uptight bitch.
- No, no, no.
- I'm fun, right?
- Yeah, you're a lot of fun.
- Fun.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
- Do you wanna have fun?
Kind of.
- You know, I, um...
- What?
- I don't feel great...
- Wait, wait, wait.
And I think maybe I should
go down to the beach
- and get...
- What happened to having fun, Abby?
Oh, no. That was so fun. So fun.
I feel like... I wanna
know what I am, you know?
- ( Groans )
- Fuck.
- Ow. God, Henry.
- Are you all right?
- It hurt.
- Sorry, I slipped.
Henry wouldn't tell
you this, but he...
I mean, he'd deny it.
Just flat out, but he
saved both our lives.
Hell, he saved the whole
squad in helmand province.
What happened?
We got, uh...
we came up on a bunker that
we thought was abandoned
and it was just a bad report.
Before we knew it,
we were just...
Getting shot at.
- Shit.
- Henry Wallace.
- Yeah.
- You know, like, little Henry Wallace.
I... I...
usually when you hear
about a local hero,
you see it in the headlines,
and I just had no idea.
- I didn't hear anything about that.
- Yeah, well.
I would have heard about him.
Our superiors didn't
really approve of our tactics.
Sometimes you can't go
by the book, you know?
I mean, you can't
follow every single rule.
Shit gets outta hand.
You gotta do what you gotta
do to get the job done.
They sent us back home...
( Clears throat )
Dishonorable discharge.
No fucking medals.
( Chuckles )
No shit.
But I'll tell you what.
The fucking government...
they may not say it,
but, Henry, boy,
he's still a fucking hero.
Fuck, yeah, he is.
oh, Henry, stop.
Can you get off?
Can you just get off me
for a second?
- Just get off me.
- Oh, no.
Get off me, Henry.
- ( Muffled scream )
- You wanna have some fucking fun, baby?
All right, let's have
some fucking fun.
What do you think
about this, huh?
You wanna get fucked tonight?
Are you ready to get fucked? Do
you wanna have some fucking fun?
Let's have some fucking fun,
you little bitch.
( Abby screams )
Help, you guys!
- Lou: What the fuck?
- Sarah: Abby.
What the hell was that?
( Screams ) Guys!
- Help me! Help me...
- What the fuck?
- Abby?
- Henry?
- What's going on? What happened?
- Jesus fucking...
roll him.
Get him over gentle.
- What happened?
- Henry, Henry.
- What is it?
- Henry, what's the matter with you?
- Get the fuck away from him.
- You fucking...
what'd you fucking do?!
What'd you do to him?!
- Can you hear me, Henry?
- What happened, what happened?
- Is he hurt?
- Henry, it's Derek.
- Keep your fucking eyes open, okay?
- Listen, listen. Hey, hey.
- Keep your eyes open. That's good.
That's good. - Hey, man.
- Hey, man. We're gonna get you some help.
- Don't close them.
- Henry, don't fucking close your eyes!
- What?
Don't do that, don't do that, man.
We'll get help for you, man.
- Henry, Henry!
- Don't fucking die on me, man!
- Open your fucking eyes, man.
Open your eyes. - Oh, shit.
Oh! Oh!
Oh, no.
Fuck, fuck.
- Oh, my God.
- ( Crying )
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Alex: Derek, man. What
are we gonna do, man?
- Get your fucking gun.
- Oh, God.
- What?
- Get your fucking gun.
- What? No.
- Lou: No.
- No, no, no, no.
- Sarah: What?
- No, no, no. No, wait.
- Lou: It was an accident.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Abby: Please, just stop.
- Just...
- Sarah: Wait a minute.
Wait. Hang on.
- Please, stop.
- You fucking cunt!
You fucking killed him!
- Fucking run!
- ( Screams )
This bitch!
I swear to God!
( Screams )
No, no, no!
( Screams )
Wait, wait, wait!
No, no! Stop it!
- Stop! Stop it!
- ( Groans )
Can you use your head?
Use your fucking head.
Sarah, Sarah.
- Wake up.
- Oh, my God.
Lou, Lou.
Derek: Part of me wants
to do this shit...
just fucking haji style, bro.
Just saw their
fucking heads off.
Calm the fuck down,
Derek, okay?
Let's just think about this.
Just for a second.
What is there
to fucking think about?
You think I didn't... you think I didn't
want to beat them to a fucking bloody pulp?
I did!
We both did.
Now all I'm saying
is let's just think
about this, all right?
They're just... they're just
fucking girls, okay?
They're girls.
They're somebody's daughter.
They're somebody's sister.
They're not fucking haji.
That bitch killed Henry.
- Fuck, man.
- He's fucking dead, Alex.
What the fuck do you wanna do?
We gotta get outta here.
Can you get your hands free?
I'm totally stuck.
- Are you?
- These fucking...
are you ready to die, bitch?
Okay, guys.
I'm gonna talk to him.
- I'm going. - Abby:
What are you gonna say?
I'm just gonna talk to them.
I'm gonna look at 'em
and I'm gonna talk to 'em.
( Sighs )
Okay, okay, guys, okay.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Derek, listen.
- Shut up. Shut up.
- What happened to Henry was
a terrible, terrible... - Shut up.
Fucking mistake, okay?
It was an accident.
Abby is sorry.
She is sorry, but please,
understand that what she did
was protecting herself.
Can you get that? She thought
that he was going to rape her.
Can you understand that?
Can you get that?
Here's what I get.
Your fucking slut friend
lures my buddy up into
the woods...
flirting with him all night.
Smashes his fucking head in
with a rock.
That's what I understand.
- Sarah: Okay, okay. You're right.
- That's what I understand.
- You're right.
- Okay?
Let's go to the police.
Let's tell them everything...
We'll just... you can fucking
tell them whatever you want.
Listen to me!
Don't cry.
Don't fucking cry.
( Sarah whimpering )
You fucking pussy.
What did you say?
You gotta tie up three girls
to a tree to kill them?
- I think you're a fucking pussy!
- ( Chuckling )
- If we're gonna do this, man, let's just
fucking do it. - Hold on a second.
- Let's just fucking do it, man.
- Hold on a second.
Wait, wait.
Do you think I'm scared of you?
Whoa, fuck.
( Screams, grunts )
She's got some spunk.
How 'bout you fucking untie me
like a real man?
How 'bout you fucking untie me
and let me show you?!
- I will show you what I can do!
- Shut the fuck up!
- I will show you!
- Shut up!
( Screams, whimpering )
- Alex: This is fucking crazy. You fucking
kidding me? - Watch this, watch this.
- You're fucking kidding me.
- Watch this.
- You got a move?
- Huh?
- ( Screams )
- Go!
- ( Screams )
- Ah!
- Go! Run!
- Derek: Up the hill!
- Get her up the fucking hill!
- Alex: Go, go!
( Gunshot )
- ( Gunshot )
- ( Crow caws )
( Water burbling )
( Gunshot )
( Gunshot )
Derek: We been hunting shoddy
jihad for three fucking years.
What the fuck makes you think
this comes out good for you?
- Derek.
- Yeah.
- What the fuck you doing?
- What?
What the fuck is...
why'd you do that?
Why'd you let 'em go, huh?
You said you were gonna kill 'em
and now we're gonna have to.
- Huh, you fucking moron?
- Jesus, don't worry.
We'll find 'em.
We came out here to hunt.
We'll just hunt 'em down.
Do you hear that?
We're gonna find you!
And I'm gonna kill you!
It's on.
I'm gonna kill
all three of you!
One by one!
With my bare fucking hands
if I have to!
( Crow cawing )
( Rustling )
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, God, you guys.
I didn't think I was gonna
see you guys again.
- We're alive. Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God. Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Are you okay?
- Are you?
Abby: Oh, my God, you guys.
I am so scared.
I am so sorry. I don't know
what happened last night.
- I just...
- No, no, no.
- It went so far and I messed up.
- Abby...
- I didn't mean to kill him.
- This is not your fault.
- Abby, it's not your fault.
- This is crazy.
This is not your fault.
- No, no, no, no.
- ( Stammering )
Okay, you did what
you thought you had to do
in order to survive, okay?
Listen, listen, guys, listen.
We are on a small island
and we need to get off.
We need to figure out
what to do.
We can stay here
'cause they don't know
where we are here.
The woods are dense and...
and maybe they'll
go away, you know?
- No.
- They're not going away.
Lou, they're not going away.
Did you see them?
- Yeah.
- They're not gonna stop.
We have to get to our boat.
They'll wait for us at the campsite.
They know exactly where it is.
They have a boat.
Let's get their boat.
- It's Jimmy's boat.
- But where is it, Lou?
- We can't just walk around the island.
- We're not gonna go traipsing
- around the island 'cause they'll find us.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Sarah: We need to
think of something.
We wait until it's dark.
We wait until it's dark
and we go to our boat.
- Let's do that.
- Sarah: Okay.
So we just wait.
( Faint noise )
Did you hear that?
There it is.
- They cut the rope.
- Damn it.
- How far do you think it's out there?
- Abby: I don't know.
It's far, you know?
It's far.
Tide's going out. If anything,
it's probably going further away.
- Lou: We can swim that. We can swim that.
- No.
No, we cannot
fucking swim that.
Are you fucking crazy?
It's freezing.
We get hypothermia in less than
15 minutes in fucking August.
It's not that far. We can do this.
We have to.
What else are we gonna
fucking do?
No, guys. We'll fucking
die in that water.
Abby: I'm a good swimmer.
I can do this.
You guys go back to the fort.
You stay safe.
You stay covered.
I'll get to the boat,
get to the mainland,
and come back with the cops.
There is no sense
with the three of us
risking our lives out here.
We can't do that.
We can't.
Worst case...
They get me and you guys
use the distraction...
you just head for the boat.
Go for the boat.
- You just...
- No.
- Yes. Yes.
- No. We are in this together.
She's right. It's the
three of us now.
- Okay.
- Thank you for offering that.
All right.
I'm gonna go first.
If I get to the boat
before you do,
i will row back
for your fat asses.
Because you're probably going
to be drowning behind me.
Let's go.
Abby: Okay, we can do this.
Just stay low and quiet.
( Whispering )
This doesn't feel right.
- I don't know.
- Shh, Sarah.
- We're not gonna make that out there.
It's too fucking far. - It's not far.
- We got this, Sarah.
- It's too far.
- Shh.
- We're not gonna make it, Abby!
- Shh!
- It's too far out there!
- It's too far!
- We've got this, Sarah!
- It's too far! We've gotta go back.
- Shh.
- Sarah, Sarah!
- I'm gonna go back. I'm gonna go back.
- Sarah, there is no...
- ( Gunshot )
- ( Both scream )
- Sarah!
( Gunshot )
- Go! Lou!
- ( Gunshots )
We gotta go!
Lou, go!
- Go!
- ( Gunshots )
- ( Screams )
- Lou: I can't feel...
Alex, fucking go!
- Oh, shit! Oh, my God, it's too far!
- Come on!
Come on!
You can do this! Go!
- Derek.
- Alex, get down on the fucking beach.
I can't!
( Screams )
- Go!
- Holy shit... I can't do it, Abby!
- Yes, you can!
- Look how far that fucking boat...
look! I'm fucking numb.
Okay, okay. Can you
make that point?
- Where?
- There.
( Alex shouting )
- They're coming!
- Derek: They're right there!
- Lou, swim!
- Derek: Go down there!
- Swim, Lou, swim! Do it!
- Derek: Get on the beach!
- I can't.
- You can.
Derek: Get the fuck
down there, Alex!
- ( Bone cracks )
- ( Screaming )
- Go back! Give me your hand!
- I hear ya, I hear ya. I'm coming.
- Alex: Derek!
- I'm coming, I'm coming.
Where the fuck did they go?
Did you see 'em?
- Fuck.
- My fucking leg, man.
( Gunshot )
- Fuck!
- Fucking help me, man!
- All right, all right.
- Shit, man.
- Oh, fuck.
- What does it look like?!
- Don't move it. Don't move.
- ( Screams )
It's bad. It's not that
bad, it's not that bad.
- All right, all right.
- Oh, God darn it.
- I'm here with ya. All right, we'll
take care of it. - It hurts, man.
You'll be fine.
Come on.
Come on.
Get up.
- I can't... I can't...
- Get up.
( Shivering )
Abby: We have to... we
have to get warm, okay?
Take all the wet stuff off.
Okay? Take it off.
- What?
- Take the wet clothes off.
Oh, I can't.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.
It's too cold.
Body... for body heat.
Huddle, huddle.
- Shh.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I know.
- I know.
- Sarah...
I know.
Oh, God.
I can't believe
this is happening.
I can't believe this is
fucking happening right now.
This is actually
happening to us.
These are soldiers.
Trained soldiers, Abby.
They're trained to kill people.
They have guns.
( whispering )
What do we have?
What do we...
we have nothing.
- They're gonna kill us, they're
gonna kill us... - Shut up.
If they hear you,
they're gonna kill us
really fucking fast,
so shut up.
- Look at me.
- I can't.
- Abby, I can't.
- Lou, Lou.
We are getting off
this island, okay?
You and me.
You and me.
We are the only two people
in the world right now.
The whole wide world.
You and me.
We are not gonna fucking die
on this island.
You fucking hit me one more time,
I'll fucking rip your throat out.
okay, okay, okay.
- Look at me.
- Yeah.
- There you are.
- Hi.
- There you are.
- Yeah.
- See?
- Yeah.
We're gonna get off
this island.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
We're gonna get off
this island.
Now we just need
to make a plan.
Okay, we just need a plan.
I've wanted to hit you
for so long.
Just so you know.
I love you, abs.
( Crying )
- Now let's fucking get back to it.
- Okay, okay.
They're gonna find us here.
This is...
- I mean, they're looking for us right now.
- They're looking for us
and they'll find us right here.
- Okay...
- So...
I say we fucking go for it.
- Yeah.
- We stop being stalked
- and we start stalking, okay?
- Yup.
And we kill them
before they kill us.
I will fucking kill them.
I will kill them.
We need a weapon.
We need something to fight.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
- Listen...
- Which way?
Okay, it's gotta be here.
It's gotta be.
- Yeah.
- Right? Dig.
This is it, right?
Okay. This is it.
It's gotta be here.
- Oh, God.
- I don't know.
- Fuck.
- ( Thuds )
- Hey. That's it.
- Yeah.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
- ( Branch cracks )
- Shh.
Wait, wait.
What is that?
I feel so ashamed
for what I did to you.
I'm so angry that
I sabotaged that.
I can't believe I'm 30
years old and I just...
Feel so unhinged, you know?
I left Mike.
I hadn't even told Sarah yet.
And... the stuff
with you and me...
You know, I know that...
I've held onto that
for a really long time.
I just...
I always felt
like it was so much...
Easier to blame you for...
Things not working out...
Than it was to just...
Admit that maybe
I had messed it up.
It's easier to put it on you.
I'm really sorry.
- Good.
- ( Laughs )
That must be their boat.
Down there.
I don't see the other one.
Neither do I.
- Are we gonna do this?
- Yup.
If we're gonna do it,
we've gotta do it right now.
- Yup.
- I'll fucking do it.
- I'll do it.
- No, no.
I wanna do it.
I wanna do it.
Oh, God.
You cover my back, okay?
You keep your fucking eyes out
for that other guy,
and if he comes,
you cover my back.
I got your back.
Okay. Okay.
Is there... do I...
do I hit a vein?
- Is there a vein in there that I need...
- You're gonna take this
and you're gonna puncture
his fucking vein here
and you're gonna
pull it across.
Okay. Okay.
Listen to me, Abigail.
Look at me. You're
gonna fucking do this.
I got to.
I'm gonna do it.
You're gonna fucking
slit his throat.
I'm gonna fucking
slit his throat.
- I'm gonna fucking slit his throat.
- I got your back.
- You cover me.
- I got you.
- Slit his...
- You crazy fucking bitch.
You fucking...
- ready?
- Okay.
- Go.
- Okay.
( Flies buzzing )
( Alex coughing )
( Cracks )
- Derek, they're here!
- ( Screaming )
Derek, they're here!
- Derek!
- I'm coming!
( Screaming )
- Motherfucker!
- Oh, God! No!
( Gunshot )
No, no!
No, no, don't.
- Please.
- ( Screaming )
Fuck! Fuck!
I got you.
Where can you go?
Where you gonna go?
Stay still.
If you don't...
you want... you want me to just use one.
You don't want this twice.
- Then fucking do it!
- Okay.
- Just fucking do it.
- No!
( Gunshot )
No! No!
( Gun clicks )
- Abby: Please.
- Stop. Please, stop.
- Stop?
- Yeah.
And just all walk away?
Maybe we have a nice picnic
or something?
You killed my two best friends!
This ends with you two dead.
( Both scream )
Die, you fucker!
Fuck... you!
Abby! He's down...
( screams )
( Groans )
( Choking )
( Music playing )
( Music playing )
# You can holler,
you can wail #
# you can swing,
you can flail #
# you can fuck
like a broken sail #
# but I'll never give you up #
# if I ever give you up
# my heart will surely fail #
# and after all,
God can keep my soul #
# england have my bones
# but don't ever give me up,
i could never get back up #
# when the future
starts so slow #
# no longing
for the moonlight #
# no longing for the sun
# no longer will I curse
the bad I've done #
# if there's a time
when your feelings gone #
# I wanna feel it
# you can holler,
you can wail #
# you can blow what's left
of my right mind #
# you can swing,
you can flail #
# you can blow what's left
of my right mind #
# I don't mind
# there's a time
for the second best #
# and there's a time
when the feeling's gone #
# but it's hard
to be hard, I guess #
# when you're shaking
like a dog #
# you can holler,
you can wail #
# you can blow what's left
of my right mind #
# you can swing,
you can flail #
# you can blow what's left
of my right mind #
# you can holler,
you can wail #
# you can blow what's left
of my right mind #
# you can swing,
you can flail #
# you can blow what's left
of my right mind #
# I don't mind
# you can blow what's left
of my right mind #
# you can blow
what's left of my right mind #
# you can holler,
you can wail #
# you can blow what's left
of my right mind. #