Black Sabbath the End of the End (2017) Movie Script

Since I've got to
this building today,
I've been happy,
I've been cheerful,
my emotions are
flying all over the place.
It's weird.
Let's see what happens.
It's going to be
pretty strange, I think.
I don't know
how I feel really.
It's going to be very sad,
and it's going to be
joyful as well
in the same time.
I don't really know
what to expect.
Got butterflies
in me stomach.
Feel like I'm
being sentenced
to death or something.
Like something terrible
is about to happen.
It'll be a
feeling of knowing
we're not going
to be playing
these songs again.
It's our last show ever.
We have to
leave the audience
with the best show
that they're ever
going to see
from Sabbath.
This is definitely it.
One of the proudest thing
I have in my heart
is the fact that
Black Sabbath wasn't
a band that was created
by some big mogul guy.
It was four of us,
let's have a go,
we have a dream,
and it came true beyond
our wildest expectations.
We're Black Sabbath.
It just seemed
right to start off
with Black Sabbath.
It immediately
puts you there, I mean...
The fans, you know,
they love that song, so...
What is this
That stands before me?
Figure in black
Which points at me
Turn around quick
And start to run
Find out I'm the chosen one
Oh, no
Big black shape
With eyes of fire
Telling people
Their desire
Satan's sitting there
he's smiling
Watches those flames
Get higher and higher
Oh, no, no
please God help me
What happened when you
first played Black Sabbath?
It was at
The Pokey Hole
in Lichfield.
This place called
The Pokey Hole Club.
I'd just written
Black Sabbath that
morning at rehearsal.
Tony comes up
with that all-time
classic wonderful riff...
And he's like, "Oh, yeah."
You know instinctively
when you're onto a good one.
We did the usual
12-bar blues set.
We sort of just put
that new song in
that we'd just done.
When we put it in,
the whole place
went mental.
Is it the end, my friend?
Come on!
Satan's coming
'round the bend
People running
'cause they're scared
The people better go
and beware
No, no, please, no
Let me see those hands!
Come on!
Thank you!
Let me see it!
Let me see
those hands, come on!
God bless you all.
How you doing?
Well, this is
the final show
for Black Sabbath.
We hope
you've enjoyed us
over the years.
I guess you have
or you wouldn't have
come out tonight.
I gotta tell you
something, man,
what a journey
we've all had
up here, man.
It's fucking amazing!
We started in 1968,
and it's now 2017.
I don't fucking believe
that shit, man.
Black Sabbath,
from day one, has
always been my life,
and I've, you know
lived every aspect of it.
I kind of remember
playing The Crown pub,
and I'm thinking,
"Well, this is good
for a couple of years.
"Drink a few beers,
and have a jam."
And that was the beginning of
the most incredible adventure
I could ever think of.
It's kind of being
put in a barrel,
and rolled down
the biggest mountain ever,
and you come out,
and you're like,
49 years later,
it's mind-blowing.
We didn't think it'd last
more than three
or four years back then,
never mind
nearly 50 years.
You know, even our own
families thought that
we were just wasting our time.
We've always done that,
I remember, since day one,
we were up
against a big challenge
and so on to push
our music through.
-And it's been that way
all the way along
the line, you know.
It took us seven auditions
to get a record deal.
One of the guys
told us to go away,
learn to play
our instruments,
and write proper songs.
And that was like...
It was like, "Thanks,"
you know...
And it took us, like,
ten years to get into
the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Because people, you know,
didn't really want
to recognise us
as what we are.
Talking about
the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame, I'd go,
"Don't fucking put me in,
I don't give a fuck."
Because it's the fans
that matter to me.
They buy the records,
they buy the stuff.
Here's a song called
Fairies Wear Boots.
Come on!
Everybody, let's go, come on!
Goin' home, late last night
Suddenly I got a fright
Yeah, I looked
through a window and
surprised what I saw
Fairy wear boots
and dancin' with a dwarf
All right!
Yeah, fairies wear boots
and you gotta believe me
Yeah I saw it, I saw it,
I tell you no lies
Yeah, fairies wear boots
and you gotta believe me
I saw it, I saw it
with my own two eyes
Let's go!
I love you!
The tour
has been brilliant,
the whole tour.
I mean, all these countries
we've played...
How many gigs
do you think you've done?
A lot.
Over 12.
Well, the 13th tour,
that was going
to be the last tour
that we'd do,
but then,
only few months after,
we thought,
let's just do
a proper final tour.
Come on!
Finishing off in Birmingham,
it was fantastic.
It was just that thing
where we started,
and that's where
it should finish.
I don't know whether
I've got a brilliant accent
or not, I mean, really,
but as soon as I cross
that border I'm Brummie
again, it just comes out...
- I mean...
- All right?
This is our home,
where we were all born.
So, that makes it
special for us.
Every Saturday, I could hear
the Villa roar of the crowd
until I was old enough
to go down and see 'em.
So, what's more important?
Sabbath or the Villa?
Villa, of course.
It's just in
your blood, isn't it?
Birmingham have
really got behind
Black Sabbath in
the last few years,
you know,
with the home of metal
dedicated to us,
and the stars on
the pavement to us.
You know, things like that.
We know he's got his tram.
-You've got a tram?
-Yeah, there's, like, a sign,
it's about that big,
on this massive tram,
and I was like,"That's nice."
The girl who lives
in my house
sells my room
for 450 quid a night,
if you want to
stay in the room.
Must be a tiny room
in the fucking house,
not bigger than my garden.
That's where he stays
when he goes to Birmingham.
I want to see
everybody! Come on!
Thank you!
How you doing?
Here's a song called
Under The Sun.
Thank you!
Well, I don't want no
Jesus freak to tell me
what it's all about
No black magician
telling me
to get my soul out
Don't believe in violence
I don't even believe in peace
I've opened the door
and my mind
has been released
The songs we're playing
for this tour have been
basically the classic songs.
You know, this is
the classic line-up,
so we're doing
the classic songs.
what we can do
is go on and play
what we think
that they want to hear,
and, I mean,
after all these years,
I think we know
our audience, you know?
There's always
going to be
people saying,
"Why didn't you play this?"
or "Why didn't you play that?"
And "Why are you
still playing
Iron Man and stuff?"
But if you
don't play Iron Man,
you can forget it.
You have to,
'cause otherwise,
people will feel cheated.
And here goes
everything now, come on.
Every day
just comes and goes
Life is one big overdose
People try to ruin me
And I can't see through
their frustration
People riding their real pace
Keep on running their rat race
The ante is risen once a week
In their world of make-believe
Come on!
So believe
what I tell you
It's the only way
to fight in the end
Just believe in yourself
you know you really
shouldn't have to pretend
Don't let those
empty people try and
interfere with your mind
Just live your life
and leave them all behind
I'm not so much a singer
as I am a frontman.
I could never
hold a job down.
I was born
to do this, you know.
I like to get
the crowd going, you know.
I want to see
jumping people
there in the audience.
It turns me on.
I mean,
I'm certainly going
to miss that
as far as being
on stage with the guys,
and seeing the fans,
because that is
a sight to see.
There's nothing like it.
It's just fantastic.
That's another sad thing,
that we're coming to an end,
because the amount
of people that have
got in touch with us
via Facebook and whatnot.
It's been their lives
as well as mine,
and they've lived
the same sort of thing
through this, like I have.
I mean, that is brilliant,
to know that you've
touched people's
lives in that way,
That they are
part of this.
Thank you!
To finish
everything on the last gig,
and all just disappear,
with all the commotion
and everything,
it would be too much,
so, it's nice we can
see each other
for a few days
after the last show.
To get a chance
to talk, you know,
because you never
have a chance
on the last show.
I'd like to think,
well, we can go
in the studio,
and recreate
a sort of a rehearsal
and Ozzy can sing
some of the songs
that we haven't
played for years.
But I think
it'll be different
'cause all the years,
we never actually
filmed anything
in the studio, really,
we just recorded.
That's sort of the plan.
-All right?
-Nice day, ain't it?
and it goes really nice.
Very unusual.
What time is
Ozzy getting here?
- Five to four.
- Five to four?
Not four o'clock, right?
Not four o'clock.
Oh, there he is.
-All right?
-All right?
You sang great
the other night
by the way.
It's really good.
Everything works, you know.
-It moves, everything...
Yeah, you sang really well.
What are we doing first?
-What do you want to do?
Is there any headphones?
I can't hear
what the fuck's going on.
-Headphone, did you say?
One, two.
What the fuck
is going on down here?
It ain't plugged in.
This is a good idea,
isn't it?
I'll just shove it
up my ass.
Plug the fucking thing in!
No wonder I can't
hear fuck all.
This ain't plugged in.
Yeah, I mean, we haven't played
The Wizard for God
knows how many years.
I haven't even
listened to it,
but I think
it'll be all right.
Misty morning
clouds in the sky
Without warning
the wizard walks by
Casting his shadow
weaving his spell
Funny clothes
tinkling bell
Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spreading his magic
So, do you feel
like you're outsiders?
I think we used to be.
I think we're accepted
a lot more now.
It's a lot easier now
when we're doing
interviews and stuff.
Back in the old days,
it was like,
"them against us"
kind of thing.
The first album got slagged
in the music press.
'Cause we'd sort of made it
without the press
knowing about us.
We'd built up
a following around
the country, outside London,
unfashionable places
like Carlisle,
and people thought
if you didn't make it
in London,
then you weren't
worth anything.
And we didn't really
play that much in London,
so the London press
had never heard of us.
They didn't give us
any ounce of encouragement.
In fact, we'd stopped
doing press for a while
in the early days
'cause there wasn't
any point in doing it
'cause it was all bad.
The British press
didn't give us a break.
Every opportunity
they had,
they would slag us
with something or the other.
Well, fuck them.
That's all right.
I remember,
I didn't sleep after the gig,
I was so fucking revved up.
-And me.
-Until last, I was...
I didn't sleep
a fucking minute
till yesterday.
I was up till
6:00 in the morning,
I couldn't sleep, yeah.
Are you having
a good time?
I can't fucking hear you.
I'll make it easy for you.
I will count to three,
and I want to hear
everybody shout, "Yeah!" Okay?
One, two, three!
Louder, come on!
One, two, three!
One more.
Give me one more.
Put some balls into it.
Let's go. One, two, three!
That's it.
Here's a song called Into The Void.
Come on!
Yeah! Yeah!
Rocket engines
burning fuel so fast
Up into the night sky
they blast
Through the universe
the engines whine
Could it be
the end of man and time?
Back on earth
the flame of life burns low
Everywhere is misery and woe
Pollution kills the air
the land and sea
Man prepares
to meet his destiny, yeah
Rocket engines
burning fuel so fast
Up into the black sky so vast
Burning metal through
the atmosphere
Earth remains in
worry, hate and fear
With the hateful battles
raging on
Rockets flying
to the glowing sun
Through the empires
of eternal void
Freedom from
the final suicide
Let's go!
Freedom fighters
sent out to the sun
Escape from
brainwashed minds
and pollution
Leave the earth
to all its sin and hate
Find another world where
freedom waits
Past the stars in fields
of ancient void
Through the shields of
darkness where they find
Love upon a land
a world unknown
Where the sons of freedom
make their home
Leave the earth
to Satan and his slaves
Leave them to their future
in their grave
Make a home
where love is there to stay
Peace and happiness
in every day
Bringing back to
the original line-up again,
we left Bill.
Um, it's great.
It means everything to me.
It always has done.
Yeah, it was
one of our ambitions,
I suppose,
to come back full circle.
Whenever these
guys are on stage,
it just fits.
Sometimes, I'm scared
to look up at him.
'Cause as soon as
you make eye contact,
he'll pull off
some kind of daft face,
just to make you crack up.
He's not too bad
on this tour,
but on previous tours,
he sort of forgets
the audience are there,
and just dedicates
the whole show to
try and make
me and Tony
double up on stage,
and it's really hard
to concentrate
on playing
when you're laughing.
Thank you.
I must confess
I was thinking about
Bill a lot on Saturday.
I mean, it's...
I don't know...
I don't know,
fuck's sake.
I mean, it would
have been nice
of Bill, but,
it became
such a fiasco trying to
get it organised, you know,
and I don't think Bill
trusted the whole situation.
I don't know,
I don't know really...
We don't really
know what, you know,
what it was all about.
I mean,
it would've been great
if Bill could've
joined us
on the shows
or even the last
two shows, you know,
would've been great,
but he wouldn't do that.
Bill wouldn't.
If Bill was going to do it,
he'd want to do the whole lot.
And... Which we'd
have been okay with,
but it just didn't happen.
This next song
is about a substance
we used to play around with.
It's called Snowblind.
Let me see your hands,
come on!
Come on!
What you get and what you see
Things that don't come easily
Feeling happy in my pain
Icicles within my brain
Come on!
Let me see those hands,
come on.
Something blowing in my head
Winds of ice
that soon will spread
Down to freeze my very soul
Makes me happy
makes me cold
Let me see
every pair of hands,
come on.
My eyes are blind
but I can see
The snowflakes
glisten on the tree
The sun
no longer sets me free
I feel the snowflakes
freezing me
I love you all, man.
Well, yeah,
we did have
a little indulging.
We did burn the candle
at both ends, as you say.
What about the candle now?
It's gone out now.
Come on!
That was
the great thing about it,
was we had a laugh,
you know.
Now, because
we travel the way we do,
we don't get a chance
to even talk to
each other half the time
because it's...
You know,
you're on the plane,
and everybody
keeps their self
to themselves,
and then we get there,
and we get in different cars,
and go to the hotel.
And then at the hotel,
we don't really socialize
much like we used to.
Not because we don't get on,
it's just that
the way it's gone,
you know, years ago,
we ought to go down
to the bar, and everybody drank,
but of course, the others,
you know, don't drink now.
Come on!
Go crazy for me,
come on!
Don't you think I know
what I'm doing
Lying snowblind in the sun
Will my ice age ever come?
Next month,
I'll ask for you
to plan the travel.
Ozzy's fucking begged for
about three or four hours
to have a fucking drink.
I mean, I was stoned
or zonked every day
for a long time,
on beer, or booze, or...
And I don't want to do
that any more.
First when I quit
with cigarettes,
I didn't do the patch.
I tried the patch,
but that was
making it worse, like,
when I took the patch out,
I rewarded myself
with a cigarette.
But it's when you
make your mind up,
when you want
to quit anything,
you've got to,
you have to be the one to say,
"I'm going to beat this."
I was just fed up
of everything.
Everything that I did bad
was alcohol and drug-fuelled,
so, touch wood, since then,
I've haven't done anything bad.
I love you all. Thank you.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Are you having fun?
I nearly said,
"Shall we come back
and do it again?"
We're not.
So, okay,
here's a song called
War Pigs.
Let me see those hands!
If you want to
sing along with me,
please do.
Come on!
I want to see you.
clap your hands,
come on.
Generals gathered
in their masses
Just like witches
at black masses
Evil minds
that plot destruction
Sorcerer of
death's construction
In the fields
the bodies burning
As the war machine
keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their
brainwashed minds
Oh lord yeah!
Oh lord yeah!
Thank you!
Let me see them,
come on, all of you!
Politicians hide
themselves away
They only started the war
Why should
they go out to fight?
They leave
that role to the poor
Time will tell
on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people
just like pawns in chess
Wait till their
judgement day comes
Everybody, let me
see those hands,
come on.
Now in darkness,
world stops turning
Ashes where
the bodies burning
No more war pigs
have the power
Hand of God
has struck the hour
Day of judgement
God is calling
On their knees
the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan, laughing
spreads his wings
Oh lord, yeah
Let me see 'em!
I think playing live is, well,
that's where it's at, really.
It's the best
experience of all.
Apart from
watching the Villa win.
You do a record,
you're doing it
with each other,
but when you're out
and just playing
to an audience,
I mean, it's so different.
You feel that energy
from the audience,
and I think
it helps you
play better, really.
We go in there
with a mission to get
that audience going nuts,
if we can,
sometimes you pull it off,
sometimes it don't work.
Once you cross
the invisible line,
it's shit or bust.
I love you! Come on!
Well, they've always
been a great crowd
for us in Birmingham.
I've gotta be honest,
all the crowds
have been very supportive,
and really behind us
We get a whole age range
from, like, little kids
to people as old as me.
That's what shows
how well we've been doing.
I mean,
the kids in the audience
weren't even born
when we wrote that song.
It's a great feeling
when you're up there,
and they're singing
along with you.
It's great.
Come on!
Thank you. You can sing
your hearts out here.
Thanks, though.
-What are we going to do now?
-Wicked World.
I'm doing it now.
It feels funny now,
it's been far too long...
I know.
The world today
is such a wicked thing
Fighting going on
between the human race
People give good wishes
to all their friends
While people just across
the sea are counting the dead
A politician's job
they say is very high
Most of the songs
that we wrote,
the best songs
come out of nowhere.
Starting from music
coming with a riff.
I come up with the melody,
Geezer writes the lyrics.
He writes the
best lyrics under the sun
for this kind of music.
There's nobody to touch him.
The best lyricist
that I've ever worked with.
All the lyrics come from
what we experience.
But for me it's cathartic
because it's something
that's built up in me,
and the best way to get it,
what I'm feeling about,
is through the music.
They still
stand up, I think,
'cause they were
all about social stuff
that was going on back then,
and same things
are still going on now.
I mean, War Pigs
is anti-war,
and then there's
a lot of songs
about climate change,
and drug addiction,
mental illness...
All kinds of things
we wrote about back then
are still relevant today.
A woman goes to work
every day after day
She just goes to work
just to earn her pay
Child sitting crying
by a life that's harder
He doesn't even know
who is his father
It's been like
a million years
since we've
played that,
you know.
It was, yeah.
That was a long time ago.
Fuck, you know,
about 49 years.
Long time ago that was.
Can you believe, fucking,
we've been around 50 years?
We shouldn't be living,
at the pace it's gone.
-I know.
-Everything has gone fast.
Yeah, yes, indeed it has.
-We'll all be dead soon.
-We'll be dead soon.
You know,
what happened to all them
fucking '80s bands?
They had fucking herds
of the fuckers.
-They have all
fucking disappeared.
You know, I wait
for a fucking hour,
get in the tour bus,
get in the fucking...
What a joke!
Fucking shit that was.
What you gonna do?
Time's caught up with you
Now you wait your turn
You know there's no return
Take your written rules
You join the other fools
Turn to something new
Now it's killing you
First it was the bomb
Vietnam napalm
You push the needle in
From life you escape
Reality's that way
Colours in your mind
Satisfy your time
Oh, you
you know you must be blind
To do something like this
To take the sleep
that you don't know
You're giving Death a kiss
Oh, little fool now
Your mind is full of pleasure
Your body's looking ill
To you it's shallow leisure
So drop the acid pill
Don't stop to think now
Come on!
You're having
a good time, baby
But that won't last
Your mind's
all full of things
You're living too fast
Go out enjoy yourself
Don't bottle it in
You need someone to help you
Put the needle in, yeah
Let me see those hands!
Tony got his diagnosis
as we were
writing the album.
Um, he didn't even
realise at the time
that he'd lost so much weight.
He was, like, so thin,
and Ozzy said to him,
"You know you've lost weight,
have you been
to a doctor lately?"
And he was saying, "No."
So, we had to
break for Christmas,
and he went to a doctor,
and they diagnosed
his lymphoma.
Yeah, well
I think as soon
as I was diagnosed,
it changed my life entirely.
I mean, I had to
think differently,
do things differently.
Um, try and get
some reasonable sleep
as opposed to
staying up.
And when
he was having chemo,
that completely knocked
the hell out of him.
Time was of the essence,
I didn't know
I was actually
going to be alive
to finish an album,
to be honest.
I thought for me
it was, you know,
I could go next year, you know.
But he wouldn't give up,
he'd go to the hospital,
he'd just have
his chemotherapy,
and come in to the studio,
and he just wouldn't
give in to it, which...
And that greatly
inspired us.
Some days
I'd feel really rough,
and I couldn't work,
and the other lads
helped me through that
because we could...
They'd come to the house,
and they understood
if I said, "I'm tired,
I gotta go and lie down."
And they were...
They were all with it.
I mean, I got...
I just, like,
admired him so much,
I thought,
he's going through that,
and he's like fighting
to get this album done,
and so, it was
total inspiration.
I wanted to get
an album done, and get,
you know, do what I could
and keep working through it.
Because the last thing
I wanted to do
was to sit around
moping about having
this and that
and the other, you know.
Yeah, he's got
that fight in him that's...
I mean, I don't
think I would...
If I'd have been diagnosed,
I'd have gone,
"Thank you.
Gone to bed forever."
He's just always
been a fighter, Tony.
I mean, he's always...
He is the fighter
in the band, isn't he?
Yeah, I mean,
literally, we used to be
a fighter as well
when we were growing up.
I find it difficult
to turn my back
on things like that.
Because if you do,
we don't get anywhere.
You just got to...
I've just always
been like that.
I just have to
go through it
and carry on.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
I am Iron Man
Has he lost his mind?
Can he see or is he blind?
Can he walk at all
Or if he moves will he fall?
Is he alive or dead?
Has he thoughts
within his head?
We'll just pass him there
Why should we even care?
God bless you all!
He was turned to steel
In the great magnetic field
When he travelled time
For the future of mankind
Nobody wants him
He just stares at the world
Planning his vengeance
That he will soon unfurl
Let me see your hands,
come on.
I don't give a fuck
what anybody says.
There is not
a human fucking soul
or anybody else
who can come up
with a riff like that.
Fuck it.
Time and time again, I go,
"He can't...
He can't beat that.
There's no fucking way."
And every time
he will do it.
I don't know, it's probably
the one thing that I can do,
and I've said it,
and I'll probably never
come up with another riff.
And when he dried up,
he fucking dried up.
I was like,
"What's happened
to our genius?"
He's fucking unbelievable.
And considering
he had to take out
his finger at the doctors
forget playing guitar.
That's fucking
And until this day,
I am baffled
how he knows
what fucking string he's on.
Let's go crazy
a little while.
Come on, let's go.
All right.
Come on, let's go.
Go crazy, all right?
Come on!
Geezer said that
he reckons you're playing
better than ever.
Would you agree with that?
Yeah, but he's got
his monitor switched off,
he can't hear well.
Well, you know,
Geezer and myself
have always
been really close.
Not only as friends,
but in playing,
you know,
we bounce off each other.
It's almost psychic
in some ways.
Both just lock on.
It's only like that
when I'm playing with Tony.
Like, I play
with other people, I just...
It's just not
the same feeling.
It's just the feeling
that Tony exudes
sort of gets into me soul.
The kind of thing
comes out of my soul
is between we playing.
I'm nowhere near as good
on bass when I'm playing
with anybody else,
but he just brings it
out of me.
There's nobody else
Like him.
I am Iron Man!
Come on!
Thank you!
Have you let go
OF the resentment
about getting ripped off
in the early days?
-Does that still bug you?
-Well, you got to accept it.
You can't let it
ruin your life.
It's a part of
what happened
to so many bands
as well from that period,
you know, went through...
Because there was no
legal lawyers as such,
musical lawyers, anyway.
In them days,
you just had
a regular lawyer
who'd draw up a contract,
which was...
You know, with
loopholes galore in it.
So, I mean, you know,
from The Stones onwards,
we've had the same problem.
And we were
bad enough with
the one that we did get
never mind
what we didn't get.
If I had a lot of
millions of dollars,
I'd have been doing heroin
every fucking week.
If we'd have had our money,
we would've all
been fucking dead.
Everybody's got to jump.
Come on, you guys, come on!
Come on, let's go crazy!
I love you guys!
All right, let's go! Come on.
Revolution in their minds
The children start to march
Against the world
in which they have to live
And all the hate
that's in their hearts
They're tired of
being pushed around
And told just what to do
They'll fight the world
until they've won
And love comes
flowing through
Let's go!
Children of tomorrow live
in the tears that fall today
Will the sun rise up tomorrow
bringing peace in any way?
Must the world live
in the shadow of atomic fear?
Can they win
the fight for peace
Or will they disappear
Thank you!
I want to see
those hands! Come on.
Sabbath has become
bigger than ever now, I think.
I mean, which is weird,
it's the time when
we're going to stop.
But, you know,
at some point or other,
you got to stop.
You can't just
go on indefinitely,
and I don't want to go on
and keel over on stage,
I wouldn't like that.
That's not how
I want to go out.
I think we're
playing better than ever
at the moment.
And it's great
that we're going out,
giving people
a really good show,
us at the top of
our profession,
so that they'll
remember us at the top
rather than
keep going and going and going
until people are
fed up seeing us
kind of thing.
Thank you. Good night.
You're the fucking best.
God bless you all.
Thank you.
Good night.
God bless you all.
What do you want
the legacy to be?
It's got to be
the music, right?
Yeah. The music
speaks for itself.
We stand to doing
what you believe in.
We've always stuck
to what we've done,
and always believed
in what we do.
Just keep on trying, you know.
If you've passion
for success in music,
whatever you do, really,
if you're passionate about it,
you might get lucky.
Don't let go of your dreams,
whatever you do.
Dreams is what
makes things happen.
Both good and bad, you know.
One more song!
One more song!
One more song!
If we come out,
will you go crazy for us?
Are you going to go crazy
for this very last song?
I want to see
this place rocking, okay?
Come on, let's go!
Finished with my woman
'Cause she couldn't
help me with my mind
People think I'm insane
Because I am frowning
all the time
All day long
I think of things
but nothing seems to satisfy
Think I'll lose my mind if
I don't find something
to pacify
Can you help me
Occupy my brain?
Oh, yeah
Let's go!
Come on!
I need someone to show me
The things in life
that I can't find
I can't see the things
that make true happiness
I must be blind
Come on!
It's always been my encore
where I'm just singing
Black Sabbath forever.
In the early days,
we used to do it twice.
We'd start with it
and finish with it.
Shout it out!
Come on, let me
hear you shout.
I can't hear you!
Make a joke and I will sigh
And you will laugh
And I will cry
Happiness I cannot feel
and love to me is so unreal
Let me see your hands,
come on.
And so as you
hear these words
telling you now of my state
I tell you to enjoy life
I wish I could
but it's too late
Come on!
You are the fucking
finest, the best.
I love you all!
Thank you for coming!
Thank you for my life!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Thank you. Good night.
You're the fucking best.
Thank you for coming.
In my lifetime,
I've done a shitload of shows,
but a handful
I'll take to
the grave with me.
That was one of 'em.
Some nights,
everything goes where
it's supposed to go.
It was fucking magical!
Thank you. Good night!
Funny, isn't it?
Feels weird playing
with the monitor
as opposed to
the regular piano sound.
I feel unhappy
I feel so sad
I've lost the best friend
That I ever had
She was my woman
I loved her so
But it's too late now
I've let her go
I'm going through changes
I'm going through changes
We shared the eve's
We shared each day
In love together
We found a way
But soon the world
Had its evil way
My heart was blinded
Love went astray
I'm going through changes
I'm going through changes
It's been a long journey
with four guys
from a three-mile area.
Black Sabbath
has been everything to me.
To me best friends,
Tony, and Ozzy, and Bill,
it's all I've known
for me adult life.
So much like
breathing to me,
it's what we do.
Well, I mean,
you know, I would hope,
you know, we do something
in the future somewhere,
I mean,
no world tours like this,
but it'd be nice
to do something.
It took so long
To realize
That I can still hear
Her last goodbyes
Now all my days
Are filled with tears
Wish I could go back
And change these years
I'm going through changes
I'm going through changes
Fuck yeah,
it's a private show.
Thanks for coming.
That was all right.
-That was okay.
-It's been a long time.
-Big enough?
-Thought it was...
That was okay.
What's happening now?
-You're done.
-It's the end.
It's the...
Tony, what do you think?
It's the end.
Well, chaps,
thank you for everything.
Now, fuck off.
How shall we
fuck off, Lord?
See you later, guys.
See you in a couple days.
All right. Come on,
here you go.
-See you later.
-Good to see you.
-See you later.
Ta-dah. You'll see him in LA.
I'll see him in LA?
Oh, dear.
Reflex in the sky
Warn you you're gonna die
Storm coming
you'd better hide
From the atomic tide
Flashes in the sky
Turns houses into sties
Turns people into clay
Radiation minds decay