Black Site (2018) Movie Script

[dark electronic music]
NARRATOR: In 1926, a United
States led international
organization to find and capture
the Elder Gods was founded.
This organization is known as
The Black Site is a top-secret
used to deport the Elder Gods
back to the other dimension.
An advanced laser system called
the Electrified Light Field
keeps the Elder Gods from
Magic protects the site
from gunfire and explosions.
Once they're sent back, they
never return.
[dark atmospheric music]
[whispering voice] Help Me.
[Man sighs]
MAN: Are you okay?
Just feel a bit uneasy.
[moody electronic music]
[Man sighs]
We'll get him.
[Woman screams]
[music intensifies]
Stay in the bed.
It's safe there.
[deep ominous tones]
[cracking and squelching]
[dark electronic music]
[door creaks]
[indistinct whispers]
[Ren screams]
[moody electronic music]
[radio crackles]
So, where are we going,
somewhere sunny, maybe?
My girlfriend, she left me last
Yeah, so somewhere tropical
would be, would be awesome.
I'm a field officer.
You're deportation.
We don't talk.
Hey, I know the rules, okay?
It'd just be nice to know
where I'm goin' for a change.
That's all I'm sayin'.
You'd have got on great with my
[helicopter blades whir]
Test, test.
73 active agents on site.
There are currently zero
WOMAN: You're in early, Joe?
Double shift.
Understaffed again.
They brought in three new
guys to train up though, so,
I'll be out of here in no time.
You and me both, hopefully.
How, uh...
How did the exam go?
I think I did it this time.
[sighs] I still don't get
it, Ren, why don't you just
transfer to one of the other
agencies like I'm doing?
I mean, look around.
There's nowhere near
enough budget for this.
My dad was a field officer,
his dad was a field officer,
and I'm gonna be a field
Even if you do end up in the
there won't be any Elder
Gods left soon, that's why
they haven't spent anythin'
on this place in years!
Then I'll be the last agent
Joe to Maintenance.
The Electrified Light Field
at the left entrance is down.
Can someone with half a brain
please down there and fix it?
AGENT: Uh, no.
We're in the Deportation
Zone today prepping the cell.
So, it'll have to wait.
JOE: It's your funeral.
[Ren pants]
[dark atmospheric music]
[Ren grunts]
It's not real. [pants]
It's in.
I hope it's good news this time.
Me, too.
Oh, the newbies are
upstairs, by the way.
It's your turn to give 'em the
Can you do it for me?
Not a chance.
Unless that letter says
they're 100% your problem.
Well, I guess I'm about to
find out.
Good luck.
PA SYSTEM: Call for Ren
Reid, line three.
[Ren screams]
[somber electronic music]
Agent Reid, how can I help?
What's wrong with you?
Same old shit. [sighs]
I failed the test again.
Oh, Ren, I'm sorry.
As if you didn't know already.
Yeah, but, still.
You should've given me a
heads-up, Jay.
We can talk about this later.
I've got news. [chuckles]
Big news.
How big?
[Jay sighs]
We got the motherfucker.
[moody electronic music]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[Joe sighs]
Agent Washbourn, how can I
Roger that, we'll be ready.
Attention, we have a
level 10 hostile inbound.
All non-essential personnel
must leave the site immediately.
Drop whatever you're doing and
You can lose the hood now.
Well, great work as always,
I have absolutely no idea
what we do, but uh, go team.
You're needed at the Black
No, no, no, no.
No, um, look, I told you,
my girlfriend's left me.
I need to go fly back to see
Can't you get someone else
to do it just this once?
"Level 10 Deportation Officer
You're the closest.
You know, I do have
a photographic memory.
[dark electronic music]
I'll be taking you
through orientation for your
new roles here at the Artemis
International Black Site.
The Black Site operated as a
global headquarter for Artemis
between 1941 and the early '70s.
Ever since, the facility
has been mostly closed down,
and is used for deportations
only, as and when is needed.
So, this place is
super dangerous, right?
We run the site on a skeleton
crew between deportations,
because we have one hell
of a security system.
So, most of the time
you'll be more than safe,
even though you can't see it.
Yeah, okay, but I haven't seen
any guns.
Guns don't work on the Black
Why not?
In the 1980s, we captured
the Elder God, Sudo,
and brought him here for
Sudo's worshipers seized the
and a lot of good agents were
After that, the site was warded
to stop it from ever happening
with the markings that you can
see all around this building.
The incantations used prevent
combustion from occurring
on sites, making explosions
and gunfire impossible.
There's no hot water and
all hot food is microwaved.
You're gonna want thermal
underwear for the winter.
Hang on, so I can't smoke on
[chuckles] Only if you get
Alright, please watch the
following video carefully.
[bright electronic music]
Welcome, I'm Professor August
Chief Research Officer for
This facility is one of
three, designated Site Beta.
Its purpose is the research,
and deportation of the Elder
using incantations from ancient
texts translated by myself.
[off-camera man clears his
And the team of experts here at
As a member of the
Artemis Black Site team,
you may be asked to
perform various duties.
Each job is important,
and ensures the continued
safety of the entire human race.
Soon after their release in
we discovered that the
Elder Gods had been weakened
by their time in the other
greatly reducing their power and
One form of recovery for them
is to hide inside a human
and drain them of their
life force, or essence.
Using hitherto forgotten
the research team here at
Artemis have been able to train
our field teams to bind the
Elder Gods to a human vessel.
Thus, making them safe for
transportation to this site,
where they will be deported.
Do not make eye-contact
directly with an Elder.
To the untrained mind, the
effects can be irreversible.
Um, actually, this
video's a little outdated.
As I said, you can't smoke
on the Black Site anymore.
[dark electronic music]
Mind if we talk?
They've caught him, you know.
The one that killed your
I got the call.
John Austin?
He recommended I send
you home on this one.
Did he tell you that?
You can't!
I can.
I'm the boss.
But luckily for you, I think
seeing this thing deported
will actually do you some good.
Face your fears.
Type of thing my mom would've
done to me.
She was a mean old bitch, that
You don't have a mom, so
consider it a freebie.
Thank you.
That means a lot to me.
The deportation officer
will be arriving later today.
You're gonna sign him in, prep
and take him down to the bye-bye
Then you can watch that piece of
go back to where he came from.
After this, though, no more
trying to pass your exam.
Commit to your job here.
And we move on.
Erebus is being brought in now
in a wagon.
I expect you not to interfere
with the interrogation.
Just get Sam Levi ready
for the deportation.
Go on, then.
Out you go.
Level 10 hostile inbound.
All non-essential personnel
must leave the site now.
Check all your weapons
in at the main door
and collect a baton, let's
get this asshole down
to the interrogation room as
quick as we can, no mistakes.
Is he secure?
Yes, sir.
I'll be in soon.
[somber atmospheric music]
What're you still doin' here?
Your request to have
me sent home was denied.
Fuck, Ren, you can't be here.
Who knows what effect
this asshole's gonna have
on you once he's awake?
Just go home.
I have every right to watch
this fucker get deported, Jay.
And you know it.
If your dad was here,
he'd want me to send you
somewhere safe.
Well, he isn't, Jay.
And it's not your fault
that he isn't, either.
Look, I'm grateful for
that you and your mom did for
But you're not my guardian.
This thing took him away from
And I wanna see his eyes
when you send him back.
Besides, I'm on duty.
I'm checking the deportation
officer in.
Yeah, who we got?
REN: Um, Sam something?
Sam Levi.
Fuck, not that guy.
Why, what's wrong with him?
[chuckles] Nothing,
he's just kind of borin'.
You can stay.
And I won't complain about it.
But if you start to see things,
I want you to promise me you
will go home.
Just don't go easy on him in
I won't.
[dark atmospheric music]
[Erebus inhales deeply]
[electricity crackles]
[Erebus chuckles]
This meat suit you've put me
It's hardly five-star
accommodation, is it?
[suspenseful music]
Such a fleetingly mortal
But playing rough won't
get you anywhere with me.
Oh, yeah?
We'll see about that.
Will you pointless
specks of dust hurry up
and get this conversation
over and done with?
I believe I have a deportation
to attend.
Plenty of time for that.
After all, you've got
an eternity to waste.
So, let's get down to business.
The Devourer.
The Filler of Space.
He Who Comes in the Dark.
Quite the impressive
list of titles you have.
You humans.
Always trying to give names to
As if it will give you some
sort of ownership over it.
The truth is, nothing in the
Cosmos cares what you call it.
Nothing in the Cosmos
cares about you at all.
Well, this is turning into
the worst first date ever.
[chuckles] Let's start again,
shall we?
What would you like me to call
[Erebus chuckles]
For you to speak my true name,
I would have to cut your tongue
[chuckles] Well, I
think we'll pass on that.
This fine fellow whose body
you're currently wearing
is convicted murderer, Jerome
He sounds fun.
Jerome it is, then.
So, Jerome.
This is how it works.
I need the name and location
of one other Elder God,
and then we can make all this
unpleasantness just go away,
and send you back to hell
How does that sound?
[Erebus sighs]
The illusion of power.
It must feel nice.
Comforting, even.
But I am one of the first five
things in all of existence.
Born from the chaos of this
[chuckles] Time and space
present themselves to me
in a way you couldn't possibly
And even though mankind
knows this, you're still
arrogant enough to think
you might have anything
over something like me.
[boss laughs]
What's funny, Jerome,
is that the Elder God, Nixx,
apparently said something very
You and her were close, right?
Her Intel kept us busy for
You are not fit to speak her
She was Agent Austin's first
ever deportation, I believe.
Must've been a lonely 20
years for you without her.
If it wasn't for these
and cheap parlor tricks
that you have bound me with,
I would turn you and everybody
in this facility inside-out.
Just to pass the time.
Well, I'll uh, bear that in
While we torture the shit out of
[Erebus groans]
[music swells]
[moody electronic music]
REN: Agent Ren Reid.
You might wanna keep this
one covered up whilst you wait.
He's a talker.
REN: I can handle that.
PA SYSTEM: There are currently
two visitors on site.
[moody atmospheric music]
Can I?
I'm Sam.
Sam Levi.
I know.
Sorry, um, so what's
on the agenda today?
Well, it's need-to-know only,
and you...
Don't tell me, I don't need to
Hi, me again. [chuckles]
Seriously, what is the plan for
Because my girlfriend's at home,
she's packing up all of her
stuff as we speak, and I kinda
need to get back to her ASAP?
So, did you dump her, or she
dumped you?
Nobody dumped anybody.
It's complicated.
She dumped you.
What did you do?
I didn't do anything.
If you must know, she um...
She called me boring.
Yeah, I heard that.
So you wanna know the plan!
Uh, okay, well basically
we're gonna stay here,
until they call for us over the
at which point you'll put back
on the hood and the earphones
and when they ask you to, you
will recite a piece of text
that apparently you've
Sounds good?
Sounds boring, actually.
Well, you would know.
Alright, I'm gonna go and get
us some drinks while we wait.
This door locks automatically.
So don't go trying to look
It's not like I've got
anywhere important to be.
Good boy.
BOSS: This isn't working,
I say we just send him down
to the bye-bye room and deport
JAY: With all due respect,
we got a lot more we can hit
with first.
Trust me, Agent Austin,
I'd love to sit here
and watch you cut fingers
and toes off all night,
but there are some kidney
stones you just can't piss out.
You understand what I'm saying.
Get him down to Deportation.
I owe Rob Reid.
I'm the reason Erebus got away
that night.
I'm the reason Ren's
family are dead.
Ren Reid.
She's grown up to be such a...
Shut your mouth.
You know, I've felt her her
entire life.
We're connected.
I can feel her now.
In this building.
Just as I always knew she would
BOSS: What are
you talking about?
I feel a little reunion coming
How do I look?
I need to go get Ren
off site just in case.
Agreed, let's go.
Get this piece of shit down to
a cell.
We'll bring back the deportation
I hate to burst your
little Alpha Human bubble...
But you're already too late.
Why is that?
They're already here.
[distant clinks and hisses]
[dark atmospheric music]
Joe, can I get a check on
the left entrance, please?
JOE: [sighs] I've already
told maintenance,
the whole area is down, I can't
see anything from this end.
Roger that, I'll take a look.
[suspenseful music]
[distant hissing]
Left entrance, come in.
What did you find?
[Agent coughs]
[sighs] I'm surrounded by
Left entrance, come in.
[Agent coughs]
[Agents cough]
[distant hissing]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
PA SYSTEM: The telephones
are no longer in service.
There are 12 visitors on site.
There are 31 visitors on site.
[Agents scream]
There are 53 visitors on site.
There are 53 visitors on site.
[Joe coughs]
There are 53 visitors on site.
[Joe coughs]
WOMAN: I've secured
the monitoring room.
[dark atmospheric music]
Hey, do you mind if I read one
of these?
Those are need-to-know.
So, why put them in a waiting
So that if someone
like you touches them,
then I have a legitimate
excuse to hurt you.
[Sam chuckles]
I'm glad I'm not the
only one not getting any.
You know, I used to date a guy
like you.
Oh, yeah?
He was all clingy and needy.
You know how I broke up with
How, how?
Over text.
[chuckles] Charming.
I'm just saying.
Your girlfriend could've
been much harsher.
I would've been.
[distant scrapes]
[suspenseful music]
Okay, the gas has started to
but there are still plenty
of active cameras left.
Keep your mask on,
unless you wanna end up
getting picked up by Artemis.
MAN: Got it, keep your masks on.
[Agents groan]
This way.
[suspenseful music]
Don't move!
I said, don't fucking move!
Attention all officers we have
a situation in the blue zone.
[Woman grunts]
[alarms wail]
Find the deportation officer.
Do not kill him.
MAN: Copy that, follow me.
PA SYSTEM: Security protocol
18 is now in effect.
Lockdown will commence
in three minutes.
[sirens wail]
[dark electronic music]
BOSS: All personnel, the
facility is under attack.
This is not a drill,
get your shit together.
They're moved Erebus to
the Deportation Zone already.
I'm just tryin' to
find you a route now.
There are two more agents headed
your way.
[Agent groans]
[suspenseful music]
MAN: The E.I.F will
activate, hold on.
Where is Erebus?
Kill them both.
[thuds and grunts]
[dramatic music]
Okay, take the door behind
you, keep turning left.
Erebus is there.
[suspenseful music]
[sirens wail]
Give me Erebus and we'll go.
You better be sure you can win
Otherwise, you're gonna wish
you found Jesus instead.
PA SYSTEM: Security protocol
18 is now in effect.
20 seconds until lockdown.
10 seconds until lockdown.
Five seconds until lockdown.
Three, two, one.
[ker grunts]
[flesh squelches]
Security protocol 18 is now in
Electrified Light Field is now
[dark atmospheric music]
Help me.
SAM: What's wrong with
you? Snap out of it, come on.
What the fuck?
[sirens wail]
What is going on?
I don't know!
You started freaking out and
some woman came on the intercom
and said we were under attack!
MAN: Hold on, I heard somethin'.
MAN: All clear.
MAN: Same here.
I've got to get you down
to the deportation room.
Are you joking?
You listen to me, dickhead.
I don't know you and I don't
care what your hangups are.
The closest person I have to
family is trapped down there.
So you're gonna get
over your fucking self,
and you're gonna come with me.
Am I making myself clear?
MAN: We found Ker.
Decode that door.
KER: How long?
MAN: What're we
supposed to do now?
Radio the others and find
We're gonna get Erebus out of
that body, we need him alive.
MAN: We'll find him.
You two, come with me.
PA SYSTEM: Access denied.
Electrified Light Field still
[suspenseful music]
BOSS: Over here.
[Jay groans]
I see you've met Ker.
How do you like your new cell?
More cheap parlor tricks.
Are you okay?
Ren, it's John, I'm locked
down in the Deportation Zone
with Wilkinson and our guest.
Jay, are you okay?
I'm hurt pretty bad.
How bad?
That's not important.
Yes, it is.
Tell me.
You need to get Sam Levi outta
Erebus is no good to them
without him.
Fuck that.
Hang in there, I'm coming.
Hey, hey.
You see a bad guy, you stab him,
got it?
Ah, no.
Alright, well, what do we do
REN: Your file said you
have a photographic memory.
Yeah, so?
So if we're gonna get you
down to that room and prove
you're not the boring fuck-face
everybody says you are,
we're gonna need something
"Boring fuck-face?"
What are these symbols for?
They're called wards.
They protect the facility
against certain types of attack.
They activated when the
security system switched on.
And what about that?
Is that part of the security
system, too?
That is an E.I.F, short for
Electrified Light Field.
[barrier zaps]
[Sam groans]
Yeah, go through that,
and you'll know what a Pop
Tart feels like at breakfast.
Well, how're we supposed
to get through that?
I'll show you.
[Man grunts]
Shh, shh.
MAN: This way, there
must be a way through.
[keypad buzzes]
PA SYSTEM: Access denied.
Electrified Light Field still
[keypad buzzes]
Don't do anything.
[keypad buzzes]
You've got this.
You're a bad ass.
You can do it.
You are not filling me with
a lot of confidence here.
Oh, what's takin' so long?
[keypad buzzes]
Come on, man, you fuckin' idiot.
PA SYSTEM: Access denied.
Electrified Light Field still
REN: Sorry to interrupt, guys.
You don't know where
the bathroom is, do you?
MAN: You're not goin' anywhere.
MAN: Yeah, let's cut her up.
PA SYSTEM: Electrified Light
Field still activated.
[dramatic music]
[grunts and thuds]
[baton buzzes]
[Ren screams]
[Man groans]
[baton buzzes]
[Man groans]
[Man groans]
Proximity warning.
Electrified Light Field still
[Man groans]
[flesh squelches]
[Man groans]
[Ren grunts]
[flesh squelches]
Next time...
You said, "Don't do anything."
Yeah, well, I meant do
You know, you've got
real communication issues.
[dark atmospheric music]
I'm not gonna lie to you, Jay.
You might need a few stitches.
That doesn't look good.
Go fuck yourself.
You can make all the
jokes you want, old timer.
It won't matter.
You're still going back
by the end of tonight.
I'll never get used to that
stench of human arrogance.
You know, you're like the
sweaty armpit of the Cosmos.
[Wilkinson laughs]
You Elder Gods all talk a big
Always like to remind us how
insignificant you think we are.
Yet here you are.
Hiding on our planet.
And living inside human hosts.
You know, there was a time
when I was so powerful...
[Wilkinson chuckles]
So beyond what your little
minds could comprehend,
I didn't even notice your kind.
[chuckles] But you crave
attention, like little children.
Then you stripped us of our
glory, and then our home.
You had no right.
Or reason.
You know, I have had eons,
to reflect on your kind.
The things we could've done.
The mistakes we might have made.
But ultimately, I realized,
just how utterly pointless you
Does that not bother you?
Do you not fear your own
We have each other.
There's more significance in
than a thing like you
could ever understand.
See, eventually, it'll come
down to you or us. [chuckles]
And we chose us.
I had companionship on a scale
you would never understand.
And then you took her from me.
And deported her.
What gives your species the
to do the things that you do to
It gives us purpose.
[Erebus chuckles]
Well, let's hope our
little mutual friend, Ren,
finds her purpose this evening.
This facility is split into
three zones.
Blue, Green and Red.
We're currently in Red Zone.
Each zone is separated by
the E.I.F security system.
Now, this folder contains
all the deactivation codes
for each zone, so use
your oversized brain,
and remember the codes.
Before we're both violently
[moody atmospheric music]
The E.I.F box is right here.
[keypad buzzes]
PA SYSTEM: Security protocol
18 is now in effect.
What is going on with you?
[Ren sighs]
I saw an Elder God when I
was a kid, it fucked me up.
I'm dealin' with it.
Wait, is that why they
cover my eyes and ears?
So I don't go crazy?
I'm not crazy.
Ever since they brought
Erebus into the facility,
the things I've been seeing
are getting more intense.
Well, what can we do?
Switch off this doorway.
So we can go and deport
the son of a bitch.
[keypad buzzes]
PA SYSTEM: Access granted.
Okay, heads up, everyone.
The deportation officer
is headed your way,
and he's got company.
She's got some moves, so watch
[keypad buzzes]
PA SYSTEM: First number accepted.
Phones are still down.
[keypad buzzes]
Second number accepted.
I'm guessing the beeps
are bad news for you guys.
Oh, shut up.
You know, for the fifth-oldest
thing in existence,
I'd have thought you'd gotten
with the sound of your voice by
You see?
There can be peace between us
after all.
The foot doesn't make friends
with the dog shit it steps in.
I got a question.
If you're so above us,
why bother going after
Rob Reid 20 years ago?
Because he took her from me.
Do not speak her name again.
Someone's touchy.
[Erebus chuckles]
You're right.
I apologize.
Such a petty human emotion.
You see, the more time I spend
inside this human vessel,
the more infected I become
with your little quirks.
Seems like quite the posse of
you've been hangin' out with,
The cult?
Oh, that was Nixx's idea.
You see, when we first
came back to this place,
we were a shadow of our former
Taking your life force
was the quickest way
for us to get that Friday
feeling again.
Unfortunately, jumping from
body to body leaves a trail
for your agents to follow.
So we decided to start our own
How'd that turn out?
As disappointing as
everything else in this world.
[suspenseful music]
Okay, they're heading towards
the disused kitchen area.
You can cut them off there.
Copy that.
You're gonna have to fight.
What? No, no, no, I can't.
Well, we're surrounded, so
you're gonna have to man up.
You take three and I'll take
How's about you take five
and I take the little one?
Just go ahead.
Sorry, guys.
Kitchen's closed.
You'll have to find somewhere
MAN: I'll get him, kill the girl.
[grunts and thuds]
[dramatic music]
[grunts and groans]
[grunts and groans]
[Man groans]
[pan clangs]
[arrow whooshes]
[dark atmospheric music]
I'm out of arrows.
Get out of there and
regroup with the others.
[suspenseful music]
[Ren groans]
[Ren grunts]
[Man groans]
[flesh squelches]
REN: Are you okay?
[Sam groans]
Did I win?
[keypad buzzes]
PA SYSTEM: Sixth number accepted.
It's bad, right?
Look on the bright side.
At least your face is still
[Erebus clicks his fingers]
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
Time is almost up for you.
Time's almost up for both of
[Erebus sighs]
That's not really true,
though, is it?
See, I might be going on an
extended holiday, but you?
You're going nowhere.
Back to the nothingness you came
Alright, pal, whatever you
There it is.
There what is?
That moment of blind hope in
his eyes.
After everything he
knows about the Universe.
About my kind.
About where your kind comes
In spite of that, he still
thinks that maybe, just maybe,
there's something after this
A light at the end of the
It's pathetic.
Well, maybe we just keep you
instead of sending you
back to your girlfriend.
Let's see who's laughing then.
Do you think that might
Because I don't.
I've seen this moment.
Seen this room.
Seen me and her reunited.
I told you.
Time works differently for me.
I think you should be more
with saying your goodbyes,
before you have to take your
short train ride to oblivion.
WILKINSON: Fuck him!
[Jay grunts and pants]
MAN: This area is clear.
For fuck sake.
Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.
[flesh squelches]
[Ren grunts]
[somber electronic music]
Ren, can you hear me?
REN: I'm still here.
I was afraid you got yourself
How're you holdin' up?
Just peachy.
[Jay coughs]
I've been better.
You still got our guest?
[Sam groans]
REN: He's still in one piece.
At least, for now.
The place is overrun with
some kind of Elder cult.
We know, they're currently
the E.I.F in the Deportation
It won't be long before they're
Don't worry.
I'll be in the Blue Zone soon.
Gotta go.
Listen, Ren, I...
Stay safe, okay?
[Ren sighs]
That looks bad.
Yeah, it feels bad.
Move your hand.
[Sam groans]
Yeah, you got a cracked rib.
That sucks for you.
[Sam groans]
Are you okay?
You know my girlfriend left me
last week
'cause she said I was "too
Now look at me!
I'm runnin' round an
underground facility,
fightin' wannabe ninjas.
With a cracked rib.
So I can deport a god.
So, no, I'm not okay.
Well, you know, for
a guy with zero skills,
and no interest in what he's
been actually
been doing for a job...
You're alright.
Hey, um...
You know, when this
whole thing blows over,
and if you're not busy and,
you know, doing anything, um...
Would you like to go for a drink
with me?
[Ren laughs]
Never gonna happen.
Oh, I said you were alright, I
didn't say you were dateable.
Oh, come on, the hero is
supposed to get the girl.
Dude, you're the sidekick.
[moody electronic music]
Help me.
Are you okay?
I think it's trying
to tell me something.
It, you know?
Well, what's he tryin' to tell
I think he wants me to deport
Okay, Ker, the deportation
officer and the girl
are headed towards the
Blue Zone, by the gym.
Everyone else who's nearby,
get there now and back her up.
[keypad buzzes]
PA SYSTEM: Access granted.
Electrified Light Field
[Sam grunts]
[suspenseful music]
I saw you.
He showed you to me.
So, you're the girl.
Talks about you all the time,
you know.
Really pisses me off.
You must be the deportation
You're coming with me.
Behave, and I'll let you keep
your feet.
Sam, go to the deportation
Two corridors down, turn left,
SAM: But what...
Just go!
I called the dibs.
MAN: Here they are,
she's got company, get her!
[grunts and thuds]
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[alarms wail]
PA SYSTEM: 13th number accepted.
One number remaining.
[alarms wail]
[Man groans]
Now, listen.
Time's almost up.
Fuck you.
He's right.
I'm done.
Do you want me to give her a
No, I'll do it myself.
You can give her this, though.
There you go.
[dramatic music]
[grunts and groans]
I need you to know something
before I go.
[Sam groans]
[baton buzzes]
[dramatic music]
[baton buzzes]
[baton buzzes]
[Man groans]
[baton buzzes]
[somber orchestral music]
I need you to know how
proud your dad would've been
of what you've become.
Whatever you do...
Don't give up.
[distant grunts and thuds]
Don't let what happened stop
Stop the code now!
[flesh squelches]
You can fight it.
[keypad buzzes]
Earlier on, you...
You told me I wasn't your
Help me.
And you were right, I'm not.
I'm your family.
PA SYSTEM: Access granted.
Electrified Light Field
[dark atmospheric music]
I'm so sorry, Ren.
[Ren sobs]
My salvation.
[electricity crackles]
Finally here.
Ker, come in.
MAN: Is she dead?
She's down.
MAN: No, fuck this, I'm out.
I'm not getting caught by
Artemis, I have a family.
What about Ker?
MAN: What about her?
She's got nothin' to
lose, get out of there.
It's over.
Okay, abort.
Everyone find an exit or get
left behind.
[ker gasps]
[ker coughs]
[suspenseful music]
So, he can't cross these?
Doesn't stop his yapping,
though, sadly.
Well, well.
Look at you.
All these years of communicating
with you
across time and space.
And now...
Here you are.
All grown up.
My visions, it was you.
I told you.
We're connected.
I see time in fragments.
Bits and pieces.
All those years ago,
when I came to your home,
I looked at you, and I saw this
Felt this pain.
That I feel now.
And I knew.
Knew what?
That one day, you would save
WILKINSON: [chuckles]
For everyone that isn't a
batshit-crazy god, do you just
wanna tell us what the
fuck you're talking about?
When your agents caught
and deported my love,
I was determined to bring her
So, I returned to our followers,
and I began to drain them at
speed to build up my strength.
But they turned on me.
Because of her.
Sword girl?
Her name is Ker.
They trapped me in a ward.
Much like the one I'm
currently standing in.
Making me change vessels weekly.
They believe draining
the blood of my vessel
and drinking it gives them
Which is total bullshit, by the
It is excruciating pain for me,
I reached out to you many times,
But human brains are far too
weak to grasp my true voice.
Yours is stronger than most,
If that makes you feel better.
Hey, so that means you're not
How did you end up here?
I realized that what I'd
seen when I looked at you
all those years ago...
My deportation.
My reunion with Nixx.
So, I escaped.
And then purposely got
myself caught by your agents.
to be deported.
I had spent eons over there,
Longing to come back.
But now, it would appear this
is not just a cruel joke on your
but mine, too.
I see it now, though.
It is this world that is hell.
[suspenseful music]
You know, I always thought
it was me that was afraid.
That I was too scared
from seeing the real you
to live my life properly.
You say you've been feeling
But I know you're lying.
It's not pain, is it?
It's fear.
You're scared you're just as
meaningless as the rest of us.
Send me back now, and let's
finish this.
I could just give you
to Ker and let you suffer.
[Erebus chuckles]
[steel scrapes]
[suspenseful music]
Bad god.
Who let you off your leash?
PA SYSTEM: Prison cell breached.
Deport me now or I will snap
her neck.
Do it, Sam.
Shut him up.
[Man yells]
[Man groans]
Looks like you're gonna have
to find yourself a new god.
I like you.
Shame I have to kill you.
Might as well die with some
[steel clangs]
[dramatic music]
How the fuck?
The illusion of power.
[flesh squelches]
[steel clangs]
[steel clangs]
[Sam speaks foreign language]
[Sam speaks foreign language]
[Sam speaks foreign language]
[steel clangs]
[flesh squelches]
[Ren groans]
[steel clangs]
[Sam speaks foreign language]
[Erebus gasps]
[steel clangs]
[Sam chokes]
[Sam speaks foreign language]
[suspenseful music]
[Sam speaks foreign language]
[steel clangs]
[dramatic music]
[ker groans]
Where's your god now?
[flesh squelches]
[ker groans]
[Sam speaks foreign language]
[dark electronic music]
PA SYSTEM: Prison cell breached.
You can't kill me.
Just send me back.
You said something to me that
"I see you.
"You will see me.
"Don't you ever forget
my face, motherfucker."
[Sam speaks foreign language]
[Erebus gasps]
[Erebus gasps]
[Erebus splutters]
[Erebus gasps and chokes]
PA SYSTEM: Deportation complete.
[somber electronic music]
Not so boring now, eh?
Not bad for a sidekick.
Not bad at all.
I'll see to Jay's funeral
He, uh...
He wanted you to have this.
You've earned it.
Welcome to active duty.
[moody electronic music]
[lighter clicks]
Fucking Black Site.
[moody electronic music]
[atmospheric electronic music]