Black Site (2022) Movie Script


An explosion
has decimated a major
hospital today in Istanbul.
10 Americans,
including one US surgeon
and his daughter,
are counted among the dead.
There are more than
100 confirmed casualties
and 79 injured with
the toll expected to rise.
The facility was crowded
at the time of the blast,
having admitted
many patients injured
in a car bombing incident
nearby just three days ago.
This is
the most significant attack
on a medical facility
in years.
And so far no organization
has claimed
responsibility for
the bombing.

been helping the nurses
with their rounds
on the wards.
You're having so much fun
at the hospital, aren't you?
Mommy, Mommy,
I went to the hospital
again with Daddy.
I got a teddy from
Doctor Hamza.
- It's called Medi Bear.
Medi Bears
helps children in the ward
to feel better.
Oh, you little rascal.
- Get outta here.
- Hey!
Anyway, darling,
I gotta go back to emergency
so I'll be unreachable
for the rest of the day.
I love you, Abby.
See you soon, my love.
I dragged Ryan all over
the world for my work.
He never complained.
He never cared
where we ended up
as long as he could help
people in need.
But being...
a doctor always...
came second to being a dad.

Audrey. You were a shining light
in a dark world.
I'm sorry for putting you both
in harm's way.
I'm sorry I couldn't save you.
This wasn't your fault,
Ryan couldn't have known
what he was walking into.
His work was so important.
The agency owes you a debt.
Look, I've read
all your reports.
Everyone at the agency has.
I'm getting a lot of pressure
to keep you here stateside.
Wait, and use secondhand intel?
That's not enough.
Frankly, I have people who are
better suited for this job.
You aren't considering
your personal
connection to this incident.
This is not
like your other postings.
These people are dangerous.
We built this place
to fight terror with terror.
We do things that no one
will ever know about.
Abby, you're
a hell of an analyst.
But burying yourself out there
in the desert chasing ghosts,
it is not going
to change what happened.
I need to be the one
asking the questions
and I need to be looking them
in the eye
when they give the answers.
I said my piece.
You'll be on a transport
to Citadel in 72 hours.
I'll brief you en route.
Oh, and Abby? I know you like
to play things by the book.
These people,
where you're going,
they don't exactly like reading.
Catch my drift?
Drift caught, sir.
Watch your back, Abby.
And keep your focus.
I will.
Good luck.

There's a secret base, Abby,
in the Jordanian desert,
codenamed Citadel.
Its purpose is top secret
intelligence sharing
between five English-speaking
known as
the Five Eyes Alliance.
The Five Eyes includes
the United States,
United Kingdom, Canada,
Australia and New Zealand.
Because of its location,
there's also a representative
from the Israeli
intelligence community,
which you know as Mossad.

In addition to protecting
its array of servers,
the site is also used to hold
and interrogate suspected
from around the world.
Good luck.

Do you believe Farhan?
Are you sure
he isn't misleading you?
I found a document
that backs up his story.
It couldn't have
been a lone bomber, Silas.

Subject 99423,
interrogation 009.
Let's try this again, Farhan.
Did Hatchet
give you any indication of
who his source was
in Istanbul?
I don't know why he was there
and I don't want to know.
You are not different to me.
You don't tell
the CIA what to do with
the information you recover.
Cut the crap, Farhan.
He was looking for someone and
I think you know who.
I know nothing
about the bomb in Istanbul.
I am just going about
my business to feed my family.
My last communication
was to connect him to
a friend of mine at
Kyzaghan Enterprises.
Who was the contact
in Ankara?
It was one of your couriers.
I know it wasn't you.
Give me the info I need and
I'll help you get out of here.
Maybe the office
in Ankara.
You don't understand.
I am a businessman.
I don't know.
Are you responsible
for the people who die
because of what you do? Huh?

You haven't eaten.
You know, the way we work
here is real simple.
Okay, you stay in your cell,
you shit in your can.
When I say it's time for chow,
you fucking eat.
Eat your fucking food, Farhan.
What's the matter,
can't you speak?
Not making my job easy.
What the hell
is going on in there?
He's refusing to eat.
I'm encouraging him.
Look, I know that you think that
you're still first battalion,
but you're not, all right?
You're an employee of the CIA,
and as long as
I'm in charge here,
we play by the book.
Oh, we're gonna play
by the book.
Okay. That's cute.
What the fuck do you want?
Do you want me to write you up
and send your ass home?
Is that what you're after?
No, but what I would
- Uh-huh?
- for once,
while you're up there drinking
your tea and eating your cake,
you try to--try to imagine
what it is we do down here.
You know?
Do you think it's a coincidence
every time you grace us with
your presence,
these motherfuckers start
getting all chatty?
Are you done?
It's because Briggs and I
butter 'em up.
We set the table.
I've never ordered that.
No, but it's expected.
No. I expect better.
Fucking analysts.

He looks dehydrated,
get him some water.
This is how
you live with yourself, huh?
Small acts of mercy
in a torture chamber.
I'm the only friend
you have right now.
That company
you told us about in Ankara,
Kyzaghan Enterprises,
the one you trade with
in fertilizers.
Turns out that they're
a major supplier for
a terrorist organization,
Look, I'm a businessman, okay?
I buy and I sell from
whoever wants to trade with me.
It's been three weeks now
and I told you
everything I know.
No, you haven't, Farhan.
You've given me
a few bread crumbs
mixed in
with a ton of horseshit.
Now, in our last interview,
you mentioned Hatchet.
How do you know Hatchet?
I want you to identify him
for me please.
Is it this guy?
Or is it this one?
All I know for sure
is you don't want to meet
that sadistic madman
or do business with him.
I just connected him
with my contact
purely for business purposes.
Talk to .
He probably has unfinished
business in Ankara.

Hey baby,
I found a document
that connects
the fertilizer transaction
to Kyzaghan Enterprises
in Istanbul,
probably worth
checking out.
Oh, and by the way,
I found a restaurant.
- It is gonna blow your mind.
Don't worry baby,
it's only a few more weeks.
This posting in Istanbul will
be over before you know it.
- Abby?
- Nearly there.
- Abby.
- Love you.
Hey, sorry.
Rashid wants you in
the rec room, it sounded urgent.
In the rec room?
Yeah, I don't know.
That's just what he said.
For the record, I'm gonna
miss having you around.
- I'm gonna miss you too.
- Hm.
Don't let those guys
give you a hard time.
I can handle
those boys.
Yeah, I have a feeling you can.
Any update from Langley
on my drone missile theory?
Nope, nothing so far.
I'm coming in with Abby now.
Right, so, uh,
no actual emergency.
Well, apart from all
the normal emergencies,
safety of the free world,
all that stuff.
- Tada!
- Whoa.
- What is that?
- That is a work of art.
It is the Capitol Building
in DC, of course.
Yeah, obviously
it's the Capitol Building.
- Oh-ho-ho!
Hey, hey, cut the guy
some slack.
You put a trained killer
on a baking assignment.,
- you get what you pay for.
You love it?
Thank you,
it's a very sweet gesture.
Enjoy the cake.
Did you have something
to do with this?
Hey, the guys wanted to give you
some kind of--
No, I'm talking about
sending me back to Washington.
Hey, of course not.
Come on Abby, you know me
better than that.
You're my right arm.
I tried to get you more time,
there was nothing I could do.
You know I'm not done here yet.
- I gotcha this.
- Oh, my...
Wait, this isn't--
- This is the bottle...
- Yeah.
- ...that Ryan and I gave you.
- Yeah, it is.
- You know, I'm not much of--
- I know, big drinker.
Thank you.
This means a lot.
I'm gonna finish my rounds.
Anyone touches this...
- Mia.
- Mm-mm.
Be hell to pay.

Move, move, move.
One non-com down.
There's another one down.
Building security.
Holy shit.
Keep your head on the swivel.
Copy that.

Move, move, move.
I'll take point.
- Freeze, hands up!
Zero-four, take the lead.
Copy that.
Cover flanks, I got middle.
- Freeze! Put your hands up!
Turn around
and drop the knife.
- Drop the knife.
- Drop the fucking knife!
Delta to HQ,
target secure.
Commencing extraction
to Citadel.

this is 5779-Echo-Charlie
requesting clearance
to land, over.
This is Citadel,
Watchtower receiving.
We weren't informed of
your arrival. Challenge code?
Juliet-77-Delta. Response?
Echo-Charlie, this is Watchman
request granted. Clearance?
TS asset, Hatchet
in motion.
She say Hatchet?
Get Abby on intercom.
Watchman two,
report to Big Dog's office.
We just got a call
from Special OPS.
They're bringing in Hatchet.
How do you know it's him?
We don't even
know what he looks like.
He fits the profile exactly
and they found him in Ankara,
just like you said they would.
Arriving in two hours.
We got him Abby.

Hey Uri,
shoot some pool?
Old Testament against New?
You want to get crucified again?
- Put 50 bucks on it.
- Okay, okay.
A Chaplain, risking
God's wrath by gambling.
All right Moses,
let's see if you can
split the Red Sea.
Lord's on my side, brother.
Lord's on my side.
- Can you move please?
- It's cool, I'm just,
- you know--it's all right.
- thank you.
Cool, hot shot.
Wow, that was
hard to miss that pocket.
You're shootin' like a grandma.
You okay Abby?
Hatchet's been captured.
They're transferring him here.

Abby, can we talk?
Let's me interview Farhan
just once.
He will listen to me.
Uri, you know I can't do that.
What does it matter
to you? You're leaving.
You have to
give me access to him.
- I have responsibilities here.
- Yeah, well we all do.
I get it. You want to
take down the people
who have taken so much from you.
I want to protect
those who are still alive.
Farhan Barakat is
up to his neck in this.
Give me the raw intel,
I have people on the ground
who an investigate it.
And to be honest, I don't like
the way Mossad investigates.
We get the job done
though, no?
Let's help each other.
This is a Five Eyes site and
your country is not invited.
You got a problem with that,
take it up with your pal,
He's the head
of operations, not me.
I don't know
any details
about the hospital bombing.
We've been over this many times.
How many times?
That company you told us about,
Kyzaghan Enterprises in Ankara?
Hatchet's been captured there.
You better hope it isn't him.
That they are not
bringing him here right now.
You know, the first
time I heard of Hatchet,
these three station agents
turned up dead
in a safe house in Dushanbe.
They all had
their faces peeled back.
And they know it's him?
They say he uses
this particular kind
of fish skinning knife
to erase
the identity of his victims.
Handmade in Sochi.
And supposedly
the blade has a...
signature, you know,
like a gun barrel.
In Mossad we tracked him
for a while
when he was working for
the Revolutionary Guards
in Iran.
Then he switched to the Saudis,
then switched to the Libyans.
He's a disloyal shadow.
Sure knows how to pick
his employers.
You know, in, uh, Hebrew,
we call him the Shedim.
They say after
the massacre
there was no running water,
he bathed in the blood
of his victims.
No, this guy sounds like
a fairy tale,
campfire ghost story.
You'd be the expert on
that shit right, Chaplain?

Touchdown in 10 clicks.
Delta to Citadel,
10 clicks away.
Get your head down,
you piece of shit.
HQ, I received a directive.
I'll make sure it's done.

what is your direction and ETA?
Exfil, 32 miles north, 0400.
Drawbridge will be lowered,
ETA in seven.
Attention security team Alpha.
We have an asset inbound.
Please report to loading dock
for escort to holding level.
I repeat, security team Alpha
report to loading dock
for escort to holding level.
All other personnel report
back to your stations.
You want some coffee?
Yeah man, I'd love some.

Attention all personnel.
We have a high priority
asset incoming.
back to your stations.
Can't believe
we got the guy.
Yeah, well,
we never know, right?
You doing the honors
this time or me?
No man,
I dealt with the last one,
you can deal with
this sticky bastard.
You're scared.
That's okay. We all get scared.
Package hot.
Seriously, what are the chances?
Three days before you ship out?
Someone's looking out for you.
Seems like it.
Asset incoming.
Hey. You got this.

Well, well, well,
if it isn't Delta.
Hey boys, welcome.
Captain David Palau.
Rashid Nassar, head of
This is Abby Trent, CIA psyops,
second in command, she'll be
conducting the interrogation.
This is Tessa Harijan,
my translator.
- Hi.
- How you doing?
- Hey, Abby.
- Tessa.
- You know each other?
- Yes, CR training at Quantico
a million years ago.
Good job with
the intel on Hatchet.
Actually it was all Abby's work.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
You might want
to take a look at that.
Thanks, Captain.
What's that about?
No idea, they told me nothing.
Subject for interrogation
could speak Russian,
Arabic or Farsi, so...
What am I looking at here?
Who's authorized this?
These orders are written and
approved by Langley.
This is unbelievable.
I can't approve this.
We're authorized
to handle the asset here.
- We have national security--
- What is this place anyway?
- Direct violation--
- Uh, undisclosed, friendly.
Right, well it's three hours by
chopper from Ankara, so Jordan.
...contravention of our
international responsibilities.
I like what you've done
with the place.
How long you been here?
- 10 months.
- 10 months?
- Take your 40 minutes.
- Wise choice.
- Abby, need a word.
- I could not handle that.
I like the simplicity of it.
Let's go.
What's going on?
Captain Palau asked for 45
minutes alone with the prisoner.
- No video, no recording.
- What, are you kidding me?
You told him no, right?
He has a written order
from Langley. My hands are tied.
That's bullshit, Rashid.
There's nothing I can do.
there's nothing you can do.
That is the world's most
dangerous man
and no one knows more
about him than I do.
I need to be in that room.
An order is an order.
It's up to the powers that be,
not me.
Fuck the powers that be.
I'm sorry, Abby.
It's out of my hands.
There you go, sweetheart,
here's your castle.
Access interrogation room one.
Security team Alpha.

Spread 'em. Spread 'em.
Cut sound and video
to the interrogation room
from now until 0045 hours.
No permanent record,
no remote access
by anyone
from anywhere on the base.
But that's breaking protocol.
Silas called in
the order.
- Just do it.
- Okay.

Don't you worry,
Captain's gonna take
real good care of you.
There's a bonus prize
for you, kiddo.
Yeah, you just won the big one.
There you go,
nice and tight, boy.
You want a
face covering, Captain?
This guy's never gonna
see the light of day again.
Hey. You can go now,
we got this.
Let me help you out.
Right this way, kiddo.
What's going on here, huh?
These guys are fucking cowboys.
Ready for you, Captain.
- He's all yours.
- Okay.
You got a handsome face,
anyone tell you?
The grey just, perfect.
Suits you.
Hey, you know,
you're not what I expected.
But then again,
no one really knows
where you're from or who you
really work for, right?
- FSB.
- FSB.
- The Syrians.
I mean,
you wanna pick a fucking team?
I buried friends because of you.
So where do you want it?
Huh? You probably think you know
how this is going down, right?
I ask a few questions,
you stonewall.
I finally give up
and hand you back, but
that's not
what's happening here.
I got 40 minutes to
make things nice and personal.
Just you and me. So.
Let's get the party started.
Are you the operative
known as Hatchet? Hm?
Ask him in Farsi.
Or Russian or Arabic.
Ask him again.
I'm finding this
kind of frustrating.
That hurt a little bit?
It's okay. Who ordered
the bombing in Istanbul?
Who sent you to Syria?
Was it the field agents
in Al-Tanf?
- Huh?
Come on, Hatchy-Hatch, talk.
A confession would be nice.
But you say nothing,
it's the same thing in my book.
Your choice. Hang him up.

We brought
our toy bag right, Garcia?
How's that, Hatchet? Huh?
You like that?
That's good.
Mm-hm? We talking? Hm, talking?
Okay. Okay, Hatchy.
Good work.
Talk to me.
Who ordered
the bombing of the hospital?
- Come on, talk to me.
No, no, no, no. To me.
I'm the one who decides
whether you live or die.

We have gunfire
in the interrogation room.
Gunfire in
the interrogation room!
Send the scorch team, pronto!

Shot fired in the interrogation
room. Switch on the camera.
Probably just firing blanks.
Give 'em another two minutes.
Why would Special Ops
carry blanks on a mission?
Switch on the fucking camera.
Do it.
Camera one obscured.
Try camera two.
Switching to camera two,
hang on.
Camera two also covered.
Man down!
We got a--
- Jesus.
- Get a medic!
All personnel, code red.
This is not a drill.
Scorcher team on standby,
armed backup to interrogation.
Armed backup to interrogation!
Stay in position.

- What we got?
- Shots fired, no eyes on scene.
Situation report.
Shots fired
from inside.
We can't breach
without your clearance.
- Hold on--
- Briggs get the gurney.
- Open the fucking door!
- Copy that.
Anyone gets past me,
you're authorized to fire.
- Are we breaching?
- Breach.
In three, two, one.
Put your fucking hands up!
The captain's breathing.
- Jordan, help!
- Are you okay?
I need you
on the captain's legs.
Get him up. Go. One,
two, three, go. Come on.
It's a crime scene,
don't touch anything.
Med bay, incoming.
Gunshot wounds.
- Tessa, are you okay?
- I need ice.
Wait for me in the interview
room down the hall.
- Okay.
- I need to know everything.
Weapon's safe.

Palau, stay with me,
it's gonna be okay.
- Jordan, report back to Miller.
- Copy.
You take his legs.
- One, two, three.
Prepare for .
right here.
He's got a big hole
in his chest.
Captain Palau.
Come on, captain.
Talk to me,
say something.
You're gonna be okay,
you're going into shock.

Come on, come on,
captain. You're gonna be okay,
just look at me. Don't worry.

You're gonna be oka--
You'll never get out of here.
Who said anything
about leaving?
So Captain Palau was
able to get a shot off before
Hatchet escaped both cuffs.
Fucking Delta force.
Something's not right.

Secure level one. Uri, with me.

Rashid. Rashid. Oh, my God.
Stay with me, Rashid.
Don't--no Rashid, no.
Rashid, don't...

I'm sorry, Abby, but
we don't have a lot of time.
Abby, look at me.
You are now in charge.
You are in charge.
We need a plan.
Watchtower. Do you
have eyes on level three?

Watchtower, speak to me.
Command center. Let's go.
Mia, Hatchet's on the loose,
lock down Control.
Mia, do you copy?
Oh, my God.
I'm locking us down.

Enter password.
Officer Trent.
Lockdown authorized.
Lockdown protocol initiated.
Citadel lockdown procedure.
Executing Citadel
lockdown procedure.
External access sealed.
Why are we going to lockdown?
- That fucking alarm.
- Shit, yeah.
Something went sideways
down there in interrogation.
Probably fucking Delta squad--
All stations,
this is Abby Trent, acting CO.
- The facility
is under attack.
A highly dangerous asset
is at large and armed.
We need non-lethal
containment of the asset.
Alpha and
bravo doors opening.
Alpha and bravo doors open.
Alpha and
bravo doors open.
- Alarm, detainee--
- Abby.
Someone releasing the detainees.
Alarm, detainee block.
Alarm, detainee block.
All guards to detainee block.
We need immediate
non-lethal containment.
Shit. He's here for Farhan.

and bravo doors open.
Alpha and bravo doors open.
Detainees out of
the box, Briggs with me.
Wesley, Jordan, go right.
Get the fuck back in
your cells.
Go back in your damn cell.
I'm calling HQ.

The lines are fried.
No external comms.

Fuck, where's the book?
We need comms.
Come on.
Communication lost.
Countdown initiated.
Countdown to what?
If we can't restore
comms in the next hour,
they send
a drone to wipe us out.
Fucking Americans.
It's just a failsafe.
All right? There's a lot of
sensitive intel,
we're a remote base
in a foreign country.
And you say Mossad
are the hardliners.
You're the ones
taking out your own base.
Get the fuck
back in your cell.
In your fucking hole.
What'd I fucking say, huh?
Stay in your fucking box.
- Moving up.
- Back up, back up.
Two secure.
Come on, huh? Come on!
Don't fucking think about it.
Get the fuck back in there!
Get the fuck in there!
Four is clear!
Oh, no, you don't.
Don't you fucking try it.
On the fucking ground!
Stay on the fucking ground!
Fuck. Oh shit!
Who turned off
the fucking lights?
Calm the fuck down,
man. Calm the fuck down.
- B side are clear.
- Clear, all good.
Don't you fucking move.
Don't move.
Hey, Miller!
You take another step,
I'll put a hole in you,
I swear to God.
I'll put a fucking hole in you,
- I swear to God.
That's right, motherfuckers!
Fuck. Back in your cell!
Get back in your cell,
Shit! Goddamn.

In your cell!
Get back in your cell!
I will shoot! I will shoot!
Get down! Jesus Christ,
what are you doing?
- No more, no more!
- Look Akim,
I don't wanna hurt you, okay?
Just relax, mate, and stay down!
Okay, okay,
my friend, no more, no more.
Please, please.

Let us out,
hey, hey, hey!
Hey, come on, man,
we can help, let us out!
Jordan, hey, hey, Jordan.
Jordan. Jordan!
Ah, fuck. Fuck.

Tessa, level three.
Miller! Wesley!
- I'll check Bravo.
- Okay.
- Let us out, man!
Miller, what the fuck?
Yeah, don't ask.
Did you see Hatchet with Farhan?
I thought she was dead.
Apparently not.
- Wesley.
- Jordan.
- It's just me.
What does Hatchet want with you?
I'm not giving you
anymore than I have already.
Quit fucking playing games and
tell her what she needs to know.
What will you do to me, huh?
I'm already dead.
I knew we should have
boarded this goat-fucker.
Shut the fuck up, Miller.
You were held on base
at Al-Tanf for a month.
After your transfer, five dead
field agents turned up in Syria.
Now I know
he is looking for you.
My question is this.
Is he here to save you
or kill you?
Please ask him for
me when you find him.
Or he finds you.
Fuck sake.
I'm putting you in
charge of Watchtower.
I need eyes and comms.
- Where are you going?
- Server room.

45 minutes remaining.
Password affirmative,
Officer Uri Wasserman.
Chaplain? What are you doing?
Damn lockdown.
Abby. There's no sign of him.
There are lots of blind spots.
This place is a fucking maze.
I'll check the camera logs.
Uri, you got eyes on us yet?
No, the system
on level four is down.
I can't. I can't hear you, Abby.
We might lose radio contact,
it's patchy down here.
So this is the server room?
Citadel's black box. It's
where we store all the intel.
Hatchet would try
to target here.
Officer Trent.

- Quite the setup you got here.
- Every backup since
this place was built
10 years ago lives here.
Every part of
the interrogation program.
As well as all of my work
on the hospital bombing.
- Security breach.
Abby, I have playback.
Going through the camera logs.
Oh shit, someone's tried to
access the server from offsite.

Abby, come in. Abby!
get the fuck out of there!
Tessa killed Mia.
Repeat, Tessa killed Mia.
I'm sorry Abby. I really
didn't want to have to do this.

Let me access server
and erase a few files.
I don't want
to have to kill you.
We're still on the same side.

What the fuck
happened to the translator?
We had a falling out.
What are you doing?
She's a traitor.
She killed Mia
- and she put a gun to my head.
- Jesus.
She working for Hatchet?
Or whoever Hatchet's
working for.
- I thought she was your friend.
- Yeah, me too.
Well, are you gonna tell us
what really happened down there?
I'm not sure what the fuck
you're implying, Miller.
I'm not implying anything.
I'm asking a question.
So what do we do now?
Hunker down, wait for
the next supply delivery?
- That's not an option.
- Why not?
Once we declare security breach,
if HQ can't establish
comms within one hour,
we're deemed compromised
and they hit the kill switch.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the fuck
do you mean by kill switch?
A drone erases this place
and everything in it.
No, no, no,
no, no, no, no, fuck that.
Fuck that!
Okay, I say we cut our losses.
We get rid of the detainees.
We blow the fucking doors.
What, no? And--and Hatchet
goes free?
No, he's mine.
I don't give a fuck
about Hatchet.
You're gonna watch Tessa
and make sure
nothing happens to her.
You are gonna
keep an eye on him.
Wesley and I are gonna arm up.
Recapture Hatchet,
that's your plan?
Yes, that's my plan, Miller,
and you better stay focused,
'cause if he comes back
for Farhan or Tessa,
you're the best chance we've got
of getting the drop on him.
Oh, I appreciate the show of
confidence, but just a reminder.
The score so far is five dead
on our side, none on his,
and that's 'cause fucking
analysts are calling the shots.
Not active duty servicemen.
Former active duty.
You gave up your army rank
when you joined here
as a private contractor.
Live with it.
I'll be in the armoury.
Come on, Wesley,
let's grab the C4
so we can blow our way
out of here.

Armoury doors
access, Watchman one.
- Whoa, whoa, hey!
- Jesus, Chaplain.
- What are you doing?
- I don't--I--
I was in my quarters
when the alarm went off.
We're in lockdown.
- Come with us to the armoury.
- Okay.
All right,
let's grab all the C4
and after we stock up
on weapons,
we're gonna have to
clear every room,
- every hallway, together.
- Okay.
Sounds like fun.
- Emergency.
Alarm system activated.
Emergency. Alarm system
Emergency. Alarm system
Emergency. Alarm system
- The hell's going on up there?
- Some new clusterfuck.
We need to know
what the translator is hiding.
- Officer Trent said--
- I don't give fuck
what Officer Trent said, okay?
I got one rule
when it comes to this shit,
that's stay alive, motherfucker.
I don't know about you,
but I didn't sign up
for no suicide mission.
Look, I guarantee you
they've got an exfil plan.
She's got to be in on it.
- Fuck.
- God damn it,
he just tried to kill us.
There goes all the C4.
He's fucking with us.
Fuck. I mean, Jesus. Christ.
- Fuck.
- You all right there?
Morning, princess.
Where am I?
Oh, you're in Hell.
I don't know what Abby told you.
She's lost her mind.
Yeah, you wouldn't be
the first to suggest it but,
I'm gonna have to give her
the benefit of the doubt.
- Christ.
you gotta keep up with us.
What now--now I think I lost
a bit of my hearing, Abby.
Yeah, you'll lose more than that
if you don't
stay on your toes, mate.
Cover us.
No, no, oh God, please, God, no.
Release him
or I'll show you both!
No, no, no, no. Just wait,
wait one second, wait.
Let him go, let him go now!
- No! No!

I can get up.
I can get up.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Abby. Ab--

- You and me...
You and me are gonna
play a little game.
Okay? And the game is called
"you tell me
how you'd get out of here,
or I'll break
your fucking hand."
All right? You like games?
It's real simple.
- See it goes like this.
I say, "How would you
get out of here?"
- And if you answer correct--
...I give you a prize,
and if you answer wrong,
I break your fucking hand.
- Mm-mm.
- Yeah. Just like this.
Should we try little guy? Huh?
- No! No! No!
- This little pretty one here?
- No, no!
- Should we try
- this little pretty one here?
- Stop!
All you gotta do
is tell me how you'd
get out of here. No?
- No?
What's your exit strategy?
What's your fucking
exit strategy? No?
Now we're going for number four!
Uri. Hatchet has Chaplain.
Last seen
leaving the rec room.
And Wesley's gone.
What must we do?
They're on level two.
Moving south in your direction.
Shit, just lost them again.

30 minutes remaining.
Stupid cameras.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
Please, please, please.
Help! Help!
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Where are you, you Shedim?
Crew quarters.

Sorry, Abby,
I've lost vision again.
I last saw him
at crew quarters.
I'll try and get system
back online, okay?

Uri. He's not here,
talk to me.
There's still time to
get the system back online.
Hatchet's on the move.
No Chaplain.
He's been in my room.
Abby, I'll try and
rig up the SAT phone.
Think it's our best shot.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey.
Hey, you're falling asleep
on me.
Don't fall asleep, baby,
you're gonna miss the best part.
Now we gotta start
on the other side.
- Okay! Okay, okay.
- Stop! I'll talk!
- Okay, okay.
I'm listening.
You want Hatchet to leave?
Just get him Farhan.
That's all he's here for.
No shit, huh?
I knew that bastard
was withholding.
What does he want with Farhan?
You really have no idea. Do you?

You're just a contractor.
We're pretty similar, you know.
I hope they paid you up front,
'cause you sure as shit
ain't getting a success B.
Any luck on comms?
I'm working on it.
We're going to need to patch
directly into the comms tower.
Might seem dodgy, should work.
I can't figure out how
the hell Hatcher got to Tessa.
Miller is in Farhan's cell.
C'mon, buddy.
You and I are going
for a little walk.
Oh, fuck! Miller!
What's going on?
- Abby?
What the hell did you do to her?
We had a conversation, she told
me everything I need to know.
We don't have time.
I need to take action.
She was a prime asset.
It doesn't matter anymore.
It's us or them.
I'm in charge now.
Give me your weapons.
That's not going to happen.
All we need to do
is deliver Farhan
to Hatchet.
Once he gets
what he came here for,
he's gone.
And I, for one, will be
right behind the motherfucker.
You can't just release him
into the wild.
That's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
Briggs, take her sidearm.
This is mutiny.

I'm sorry, Abby.
You had your shot.
It's called doing what it takes.
Don't you touch me,
you fuck.
Your intercoms, hand 'em over.
Fuck, Miller, seriously,
you're going to bargain
with a fucking psychopath?
This is for your own good, okay?
You'll thank me eventually.

If all Hatchet wanted was
Farhan, he would've taken him.
- This situation is way more
- complex than you realize.
- You ready?
You're out of your depth.
- Let's go.
- Miller!
Think about it!
Something else is going on here.
- Come on, buddy.
- Miller, stop!
We're off to see the wizard.
You can't bargain
with Hatchet!

Mom! Mom, Mom, look!
Look there! Look there!
It's a crab!
Look, look! Look.
Look, it's a crab.
It's got sand on it.
Can I hold it? Please?
Can I hold it?
Pick it up for me.
Hey, baby, what are you
doing over there? Audrey.
I wanna
get in the water.
- Quick, come on!
- Crab, look, a crab!
- Whoa! Okay.
- I got you.
- Can you pick it up
for me? It's moving,
it's moving!
- Look!
- Okay, okay.
Come on, Mom!
Hey babe, come on,
let's pick up the crabs
for Audrey.
Do you believe Farhan?
I found a document
that backs up his story.
It couldn't have been
a lone bomber.
Does anyone else
know about this?
No, I haven't
shared it yet.
I wanted to make sure
it checked out.
Okay. Send it to me.
This could be explosive
if it gets in the wrong hands.
She working for Hatchet?
Or whoever Hatchet's
working for.
Any update from Langley
on my drone missile theory?
Nope, nothing so far.

It's your lucky day.
I brought your guy.
Look, it's a simple trade, man.
No tricks.
You take Farhan,
we all get the fuck out of here.

Abby, are you there?
I think I have a solution.
Half a solution.
What the fuck?
If you don't want him,
I'm happy to waste him
right now.
We doing this?

- Sorry, Abby.
- Oh, fuck.
What's happened to you?
Raymond's gone rogue.
He took Farhan..
I'll kill him.
We need comms.
Time's running out.
I've managed
to hack something together.
We gotta hurry.

This should work
with the satellite.
But you still need to
wire directly
to the cliff face antenna
before you make the call, okay?
Let's go.
What did you tell 'em about me?
Nothing, nothing.
Good. Good.
That's all I needed to know.

Oh, fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
You noticing a pattern here?
He's tying up loose ends.
Yeah, and I think I know why.
I know I said
I wanted him alive.
I'm giving you the okay
to shoot on sight.

Let's get to the loading dock.
It's our only way out.

- Come on, come on.
Come on, let's go,
come on.
Okay, I'll head
for the radio antenna.
Remember, wire
directly to the terminals.
Best .
We should get a signal.
What if I can't
call off the strike?
Everything has a price.
And if I go,
I'll take him down with me.
I'll get to the comms.

Put this on. Go on.

And this.
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. Put it on.
Coming up, come on, up.
When that door opens, you run
as if your life depends upon it,
you got that? Okay?
Good luck.
Hatchet down.
I got him.
Confirm the kill.

Homestead this is Citadel,
Watchman two calling.
Do you copy?
I repeat, do you copy?
This is Citadel,
Watchman two calling.
Do you copy?
Watchman two,
this is Homestead.
Clearance code, over.
My security code is
The detainment facility
is now secure.
Please abort drone strike
and confirm.
Negative, Watchman two.
Clearance code rejected,
drone inbound.
Oh, God.
Homestead, I repeat, please
abort drone strike and confirm.
Negative Watchman two,
orders unchanged.

Come on!
You are no, demon, are you?
You're just a man.

Show me your hands.
Put down the C4 and step away.
- Easy...
- Put it down!
Nice and easy.
Stop moving.
Stop moving.
I said stop moving.
The only thing that got me
through this past year
was knowing that I was going
to be the one to find you.
That I would get all the answers
to the questions
that keep gnawing at me.
Farhan, he was set up
so that I'd bring you in here.
It was a drone strike,
wasn't it?
The hospital bombing.
My husband.
My little girl.
186 people died that day
because someone at the CIA
ordered a drone strike.
And I don't know
if it was intentional,
but Silas sent you in
to cover it up.
It was a mistake to
assign you to this case, Abby.
Your report started
the whole fucking thing.
Working out it was a drone
and not a bomb.
You're actually
a very good analyst, Abby.
We clearly didn't fucking
count on you uncovering this.
Is that where you come in?
To take me, my sources,
and all the intel out?
What can I say?
Hey, the agency
assigns you your cases,
they assigned me mine.
You were ordered to murder
a base full of people?
You're fucking out of your mind!
And it's gonna end right here.
Then what?
Huh? You think I'm the only--
the only Hatchet? Huh?
There were others fucking
before me,
there'll be many others after.
And all that evidence
you're gathering,
safely stored downstairs...
Hey, you're old friend Tessa,
she's takin'
care of that right about...
It's over, all right?
Yeah? None of it
fucking matters.
So just, I'll get Silas
to go along with our story,
we'll be each others witness.
All right, come on.
You're not a killer.
- We're on the same team.
- Right.
Let's...let's bring
each other home.
I've spent every hour
of every day wondering
what happened to them
at the end,
and now you're fucking
gonna find out.
You think you think
you can just walk away?
Huh? There's nowhere
you can run,
there's nowhere
you can fucking hide!
They'll find you!
- I'm not gonna hide.
- Silas, you, me.
- I'm going to find them first.
- We're all the same,
we followed orders!
I won't die today!
I won't fucking die!
I am death, you hear me?


Tango Team to Langley.
We've neutralized Citadel.
No survivors.
Copy that lieutenant.
What do I file
this under, sir?
What do you file what
under, lieutenant?
Understood, sir
Over and out.

Now I know the truth.
Who the real enemy is.
Please, please.

It was a mistake to
assign me to this case.
I'm their problem now.
The real monsters
are still out there.
And they have no idea
what's coming.