Black Stallion, The (1979) Movie Script

Daddy, do you know what l saw?
lt was the most fantastic thing.
Come look.
My son.
Look, son,
l'm really busy...
but l'll tell you
what l do need.
l need some good luck.
Okay, Mr. Lucky,
it's time we divvy up the loot.
Look at all of these things.
What a night.
What do you think of this?
This is pretty. l'll take those.
Try that.
lsn't that pretty?
l better keep that.
That's pretty nice.
l think l better take that.
You shouldn't have that.
l better take that.
You're too young for that.
Look at that watch.
l'll take that.
That's a pretty watch.
lt's time l got myself another knife.
So l oughta give you this.
You never know when a knife
might come in handy.
You want some gold?
There's lots of gold.
You know, l'll bet this is
the most valuable piece here.
lt's Bucephalus, the magic horse
of Alexander the Great.
A long time ago, this king
was gonna kill Bucephalus...
because he was so wild
the king couldn't ride him.
He had Bucephalus brought
into a big arena.
People came from all around.
They wanted to see this horse
that was the biggest...
and the blackest and the strongest,
most beautiful horse that ever was.
King Philip walked out there
and looked at some of his men.
He said, 'Kill that horse.'
Just then a voice called out
from the edge of the crowd.
lt said, 'l can ride that horse.'
Everybody said, 'Who said that?'
lt was a little kid, just about
your size, just about your age.
King Philip said...
'Son, if you can ride that horse,
you can have that horse.'
So Alexander walked out
into the big arena.
Standing in the middle of the arena
was Bucephalus.
He was big, and he was strong.
He was pawing the ground...
and there was fire in his eyes...
and there was smoke
coming out of his nose.
He went--
Alexander walked up...
then quick as a cat,
he jumped up on his back.
He grabbed hold
of that long, black mane...
and away they went,
like lightning.
He jumped right over the crowd,
over the stand...
and went ridin' out
over the hill.
Everybody said, 'Whew!'
Smoke comin' out of his nose!
Fire in his eyes.
Fire in his eyes!
That's the way l heard the story.
Here. l want you
to have this.
Dad, what's going on?
- Ow!
- Alec!
- Alec, come here!
Just take it easy.
We'll be okay.
- What's happening?
- l don't know. Put this on.
Help me with this. Here.
Come here, son.
Put this life vest on.
lt's okay.
Tie the bottom.
Let's get outta here!
Hang onto that rail!
Stay right there!
l'll be back!
Stay there! l'm gonna help these guys!
Don't move! Hang on!
- Help!
- Hey, Alec!
He saved my life.
l can't leave the island
without him.
- He'll die without me.
Let me go!
Black, come on!
'Ode to Alec Ramsey.'
'l think that l shall never see...
a boy as brave as Alec Ramsey.
Hunger and thirst,
in fear and pain.
He lived because
his heart had aim.
A horse
as black as night to day...
a beast, a god...
with whom he did stay.
They slept on the sand
and played in the ocean.
And rode over the island
in a singular motion.
Now, here he sits,
a hero among boys...
with the love of a horse,
much more than mere toys.'
l'm very happy
to have my son back.
Thank you. l wish you could have
saved his father too.
You're kind of a pretty horse.
- What--
Black, no!
Black, come back!
Yes, l saw a black horse!
lt ran thataway!
What happened to you?
- Everything.
- Everything?
That's a whole lot.
Can't be everything.
You lost a black horse.
Yeah. Have you seen him?
Do you know where he is?
- Napoleon...
did you tell me
you saw a black stallion?
Well, what did he say?
He says,
'Well, not very far from here.'
Just past the dairy...
there's a big black barn.
Then you see a long bunch
of skinny trees...
that you walk around.
Then you go right by a morning star.
You keep following that star...
and see a large patch
of green grass.
Then you stop.
Then you listen.
Pretty soon you'll see
just what you've been looking for.
Hey, Black!
Black, it's you!
You okay?
l knew it was you.
What do you think
you're doin' over there, sonny?
l'm gettin' my horse!
You're a big, fat thief!
- Nobody's a thief.
- You are!
l said, 'Nobody's a thief.'
Who do you think you're callin' a thief?
This is my place.
l'm thinkin' that's my horse.
No, he's mine!
Hold on, son.
Wait a minute.
- What are you gonna do here, buddy?
What are you gonna do?
Maybe he is yours...
but l spent all last night tryin'
to catch this wild horse.
All night l spent.
You're just lucky l got him
instead of the police.
Hear me?
He kicked a garbageman?
He's somethin', all right.
Did you have any breakfast?
Henry, l think
he likes it out here.
Tried cows. lt didn't work.
They just about drove me nuts.
Look, if you clean this stall up
in here real good...
and you get it fit for him,
l could let you have it.
There are too many red cards.
ls The Black fast?
He's fast.
Fast enough
to be a racehorse?
That Black is a desert horse.
He's fast, all right.
Sure, he's fast.
But he hasn't got any papers.
Fast or not, l don't think
they'd ever let him run.
Can l ask you a question?
Why did you stop training?
l got tired.
Do you think you'll ever
try it again?
Sure, l do.
lt's work.
Worth it, though.
Hold onto him good, son.
Stay in the center of him.
Turn him around the other way.
The other way, son.
Bring him in and turn him around.
Now send him down around here.
lt comes as no surprise
that again this week...
both Sunraider,
the fiery red stallion from the West...
and Cyclone,
the sleek gray from the East...
have won their races with ease.
They have won
with monotonous regularity.
But, hey-hey,
let's see these two champions...
run head-to-head.
Perhaps horse fans will be treated
to the match race of the century.
This is 'Hey-Hey' Jim Neville,
from Belmont.
Lookin' this way.
Not lookin' down on the ground.
Lookin' straight ahead.
That's right.
You want to see what's comin',
you look underneath your arm.
Not over your shoulder.
Down under here.
ln here. See what's going on
down there, all around you.
You can scoot and boot,
Then you've got your balance.
Keep your knees in close
when you're puttin' your stirrups on.
Check down underneath here too.
Get that leather outta your way.
Pull it back in there underneath
so that your knees--
Nothin' in the way in here.
All right.
Now you're up. Feel that?
Feel that in your legs?
Hmm? Feel it pullin'
on your legs back here?
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Look ahead down the lane.
No, you don't jump
straight up and down.
Just try and keep your body
as still as possible.
He'll be movin'.
He'll be makin' that rhythm.
You just go on with him.
You don't have to pump him.
Just kind of go
straight ahead with him.
Just like you're throwing it away,
like this.
Throw it away.
That's right.
Throw it away.
That's right.
When a horse starts outta that gate,
you've got to remember this.
Remember, you don't want him
to outbreak you.
You know what that means?
That horse starts to settle--
They open that gate, wham, like that.
Some of 'em just scat!
You can't do that,
so you grab a handful of mane...
just before he says, 'Go,'
so he don't outbreak you.
Because they'd open that gate,
and you'd just be sittin' in midair.
You understand?
- This Black can outbreak you.
- Right.
He can move right on out there.
You know, Alec...
That's the key word.
Yeah. Okay.
Don't just say, 'Okay.'
Know what l'm talking about.
lt's a secret.
You and me, we have a secret.
Now, listen to me.
We'll just make this an easy workout.
- You understand?
- All right.
Get him used to this place.
Jake and l will be here with Napoleon.
You go down to the half-mile pole
and watch me.
l'll give you the start
by dropping my hand.
Then l want you to work him
for a half mile.
l want to you to breeze him
for a half mile...
then pull him up, nice and easy.
Go down to the half-mile pole
and watch me.
Come on! Let's go!
Too much horse for your boy.
Jake, he's gonna be all right.
Hyah. Come on, Nappy.
Let's go.
- Whoa.
Come on! Giddap! Go on, get him!
Pull him up!
Pull him up, Nappy!
On the inside!
Come on, Jake.
Hey, your hand's-- You all right?
l'm okay.
l better walk him now.
All right, go ahead.
Cool him out, son.
Did you get what l got?
Right on the button.
That horse has got speed
he ain't even tapped yet.
You're not--
You're not actually--
You're not.
You are outta your mind.
That monster has no more business
being out on this track with class--
He's fast, but he's wild.
You saw him zigzagging
all over the course.
What about his papers?
- He ain't got any.
- He ain't?
That's taste.
What are you gonna do?
Hitch him up to a plow?
l got an idea.
A match race?
You are too much.
You are really too much.
You got me thinking crazy too.
Squeeze my hand.
l want to try something here.
You feel that?
That's a pretty good grip.
That's not bad, but we're gonna
have to work on your grip.
What l used when l was a rider
was this ball. See how--
- What does a ball do?
- lt strengthens your band.
No matter what you're doin'
through the day, just use this ball.
Let me see you do it. Next time you
grip my hand, we'll see a difference.
This reporter has
the hottest racing news of the year.
Hold onto your hats.
The most sensational
match race imaginable...
between Cyclone from the East
and Sunraider from the West...
is finally set for the afternoon
of August 15 at Santa Anita.
They'll go over two gruelling miles
to prove once and for all...
which is really
the greatest champion.
This is 'Hey-Hey' Jim Neville
from Belmont.
Well, whoever you are...
here we go.
lt's open.
Sure is quiet in here today.
Anything wrong with that?
The Black, he--
He just wouldn't play.
He just stands there
and looks out into the rain.
Maybe The Black is blue today.
- Did you ever think of that?
- 'Blue'?
Rain, man, rain.
We're gonna show everybody that he's
the fastest horse in the world.
You think you know that animal?
Yeah, l know him.
l don't know.
l get a funny feeling.
l feel right now that you better
let that horse stay wild, Alec.
lt's his soul.
Easy, Black.
- He ain't gonna show.
- l don't wanna hear that.
He'll show. He'll be here.
He probably doesn't even remember us.
- He'll be here.
- We're ancient history.
l tell you, he's gonna be here.
He's busy.
He's a little jumpy.
Come on. We'll work him.
Get him out there.
- You okay?
- Where'd he get you?
- On my arm.
- Here?
- ls it broken?
- Leave it alone!
lt's all right.
He just nicked me.
Will you please stop?
All right. What?
lt's him.
- lt's him.
- No.
lt's him, by God.
l tell you, it's him.
lt is him.
Yeah. All right. lt's him.
All right. Give him a leg up there.
Remember, this is our big chance.
lt's up to you.
Take him out.
Come on! Bring him on!
Hey! He's out cold.
He passed out.
Get him out of that mane.
Hold him steady.
- Got him.
- Give me your knife.
- All right.
- Watch it. Hold him steady.
Whoa, sonny.
- Where'd you get this animal?
- Get him off.
Good boy.
- Get him outta here.
- l got him.
Watch yourself.
Watch it, sir.
Whoa, boy.
What happened?
Did l fall off?
No, you hung on like a champ.
What happened?
Where's The Black?
lt's all right.
Don't worry about it. lt's fine.
He's over in the van with Nappy.
He did good, didn't he?
He did great.
You did great.
You all right?
- How did you like what you saw?
- l wasn't disappointed.
You never saw a horse
run like that in your life.
This could put you back
in the action, eh, Dailey?
Don't get hard with me.
You know l never liked it.
l need this race.
l need it bad,
and you can do it.
Will you do it?
lf that horse goes like that
with a kid...
- what will he do with a real rider?
- The race.
Nice going, kid.
You got guts.
You heard me say
that Cyclone and Sunraider...
are the fastest horses
in the world today.
l'm going to eat those words now
because l've seen another horse...
that defies the imagination,
that runs like a demon possessed...
at night, alone,
at speeds beyond belief.
He's never run a race,
and he comes out of nowhere...
but he could be the greatest
sensation in racing history.
So l challenge the owners
of both Cyclone...
and Sunraider to meet this mystery horse
in their upcoming match race.
This isn't a joke.
This mystery horse is real,
and l'll stake my reputation on it.
This is 'Hey-Hey' Jim Neville
from Belmont.
Do you know any
real good, famous jockeys?
There are a lot of 'em.
George Wolf, the lceman.
That's just what they call him.
Georgie Wolf.
They call him in the newspapers
the lceman...
because he sits chilly
on a horse.
That means he sits there
and he can wait.
He knows what to do.
He's studying a horse.
He's up there ridin',
goin' on with him.
You know what l mean?
He's sittin' up there, goin' on...
just studyin' him!
Studyin' him.
Just studyin' him.
When it's time to make his move...
he'll say--
Here comes the lceman!
Mom, do you want me
to mow the lawn...
or wash the dishes
or something?
Why don't you make all the beds
and vacuum in here too?
- Mom, have you read this here? See?
- What is it?
This is more about that mystery horse.
Remember last year when they were
giving away aluminum ballpoint pens?
- The Black is the mystery horse.
- lt's amazing the lengths...
they will go to get people
to go to a horse race.
And l'm gonna ride him.
- l'll get it!
What did you say? Wait!
Alec, wait one more second.
What did you say? Say that again.
The Black is the mystery horse,
and l'm gonna ride him.
Alec, that horse
is not the mystery horse.
Even if he were,
you're not gonna ride him.
lt was a secret.
l told you as soon as l could.
You're not supposed to keep
secrets from your mother.
- Someone's at the door.
- l know!
- Mrs. Ramsey, how--
- Oh.
The Black is the mystery horse,
and you're gonna ride him in a race.
All right. Well, well, well.
lsn't this just fascinating timing?
What's been going on
between you two guys and that horse?
- l have a right to know.
- Guess you've been talking to Alec.
l have been trying to. Would you like
to tell me something about this?
- l'd be happy to.
- Come in, please.
lt's quite a long story,
Mrs. Ramsey.
l'm sure it's a long story.
But you've got to be kidding,
thinking l'll let him ride in a race.
My son could get killed
in a horse race.
l think you
could be exaggerating.
l'm not exaggerating.
Don't lie to me, Mr. Dailey.
You're willing to risk his life?
l'm not willing to risk his life.
l've lost a husband,
and l'm not gonna lose a son.
l wouldn't hurt that boy
for anything in the world.
What kind of dreams
are you filling his head with?
lt's much more than just a race.
Your son has his heart set on it.
Good-bye, Mr. Dailey.
Good-bye, Mrs. Ramsey.
So what happened to the new deal,
the clean slate?
Alec, l can't let you
ride in that horse race.
lt's ridiculous.
l'm sorry.
What is that?
Alexander the Great's horse.
Dad gave it to me...
just before the storm.
lt reminds me
of The Black and me.
Alexander's father gave it to him...
before he died.
l was in the water.
l couldn't breathe.
lt was dark and...
l yelled out for Dad, but--
l looked up,
and there was The Black...
and l grabbed onto him.
He saved your life, didn't he?
Oh, Alec.
What am l gonna do?
l gotta ride.
Okay, Alec.
Neville planned the publicity?
l'll bet the mystery horse
don't even show.
Did you see that?
l'll beat him.
- l heard Mendoza's comin' in.
- Who's missing from the room?
- That beats him right there.
- Yeah. Who rides him?
Where did that guy over there
get them silks?
- Looks like he's ready for Halloween.
- lt sure does.
Rider number one, up.
- Number one, sir.
- Add two pounds.
Got that, George?
Rider number two now.
Thank you.
Rider number three.
Number three?
Number three?
How do l look?
Number three, please.
l don't think he's gonna show.
lt's been a joke.
The mystery rider.
Hop on the scale.
-He's not strong enough to go two miles.
-No way. Too small.
- Rider on the scale, please.
- He's on the scale, sir.
He's on the scale?
Add it on.
Okay. All right.
Take him out.
All right, bring him right on out.
Two miles.
They'll come by the stands twice.
The stands are jammed.
He's moving on the black horse,
the mystery horse.
Bring that horse.
Cyclone, settle! Whoa!
Stop, Black!
There's some problem
with the mystery horse.
Cyclone keeping the pace.
They're in the front turn now.
He's won!
The mystery horse won!
This, ladies and gentlemen--
This horse has got a leg like iron.
lt's gonna be all right, son.