Black Sugar (2013) Movie Script

(suspenseful music)
(soft music)
- [Man] You've got hockey practice at six.
- Shit.
- [Man] What was that?
- I'll be back at six.
- Be back at five.
(dramatic music)
- Hey Charlie.
Charlie, wait up.
Wait up, wait up.
Where you been?
- Man, I'm hanging with Alex today.
- Oh, can I come?
- God.
- What are you guys going
to be doing anyways?
- It's not really your thing.
I don't think you'll be into it.
- Into what?
- It's,
fine, you can come.
Just don't be weird about it.
- [Scooter Boy] Are we
even allowed to be here?
- [Charlie] Would you just shut up.
- [Scooter Boy] Is this safe?
- [Charlie] Don't worry about it.
Hey man.
- [Alex] Hey, where the dude been at?
- This guy held me up.
- What up, what up.
- Did you bring it?
- Bring what?
- Ease off him, alright.
They just got here sugar butt.
- Yeah, yeah I brought it.
But, first.
- Oh yeah.
- [Girl] Sweet.
- You want one?
- Ah.
- [Alex] Hey yo man, this is totally warm.
- Sorry.
- [Alex] Alright, anything man.
- Guys, we can't be doing this.
- You can go, you know.
Take that scooter and fuck off.
- Harsh.
- Now, the main event.
Guy selling them said take one each.
There you go.
- Sweet.
- Hey, yo, yo.
This is the legit thing
right here, alright.
Totally off the radar
and there's no laws about it
at all.
- But don't tell anyone about it
or we'll have to kill you.
- Boo.
- Wait, really?
- Blech.
- [Alex] You got to do it in one go,
like shrooms.
- [Scooter Boy] You've done mushrooms?
- [Alex] Yeah man.
It's the shit.
(dramatic music)
- Oh my God.
- That's a ringing fucking
endorsement right there.
- Wait, no,
you guys don't.
Charlie, don't.
- Stop being such a,
a pussy.
- Charlie.
(dramatic music)
(creature noises)
- You guys.
This isn't funny anymore okay.
I get it, alright.
- [Girl] Let me go.
- Maggie.
- Maggie!
- [Alex] Get off me.
- Don't let him go.
- [Alex] No.
- Come on, compose yourself.
(dramatic music)
Help, somebody.
Help me.
- Wait, no.
(dramatic music)
- Oh come on, get out of
there you son of a bitch.
(dramatic music)
(creature sheiks)
- Charlie!
- Get your hands off her.
- Maggie.
(dramatic music)
- Charlie?
(heavy breathing)
(dramatic music)
- What the hell man,
I can save her.
- What are you talking about?