Black Thunder (1998) Movie Script

All systems a go,
waiting for your order, Sir.
Thank you, Colonel.
I got F-16's at 10 and two oclock.
-Roger, that is a bogey. Let's get him.
-I'm right on your Wing, Boss.
-There he goes.
-Im on him.
You hang back, Ill take him.
Bogey in sight.
Closing to mark 0.7.
Im coming up on his 6.
Mel to Edwards, standby
to go active on my mark.
Getting a x, target locking on.
Got you.
-Ratchets got a lock, sir.
-Told you, hes the best.
Nova, engage active stealth on my mark.
3, 2, 1, mark.
Blue 2, I've lost contact with
our bandit. Do you have a positive?
Its gone.
Cheek your FLARE.
No sign of him on the HOZ,
the FLARE or the E-O, sir.
Target locator line is blank,
range to target negative.
Closure rate zero. Nothing.
-What about visual contact?
-Now you see him, now you dont.
Hes not on any of our displays
and I dont see him out there.
A plane cant just disappear.
Where the hell did he come From?
Trying evasive maneuvers.
Weapons engaged.
I cant shake him, shit!
Lock on.
Fire side missile.
Blue 1, youve been tagged. Abort
your mission and return to base.
Let's rock and roll.
Going full throttle.
I cant see him, I cant see him.
Ratchers been tagged.
Ratchers been tagged.
Sorry, Tom. You are the best weve got
but nobody can beat Nova technology.
Go ahead and continue
on to rendezvous point Delta.
Thats a 95 percent PK,
Splash two F-16s.
Nice job, Nova.
Thats an impressive piece
of hardware youve got there.
Thank you, sir.
Black Thunder returning to base.
Roger, Nova. Great job.
-Congratulation, Colonel.
-Thank you, sir.
Event Tom couldnt get past the Nova.
We gave him a hell of a surprise.
Yes, sir, Im sure we did.
General Barnes...
Great Job...
-Great job.
It's a milk run, sir.
I could have blasted those F-16s out
of the sky if youd given me any word.
I know you could have, I know. Well
tomorrows our last test exercise.
After that we go from
prototype to production.
You sending me to Baghdad, sir?
From your lips to Gods ears.
Now, unfortunately I'm only
putting Nellis on full alert.
Everyone from General Sorenson to
the janitor will be looking for you.
You get in there, Ill buy you dinner.
Sir, I can taste that lobster now.
I bet you can.
Edwards, weve got a problem.
Sir, Ratchers reporting a malfunction.
-Talk him through it, Captain.
-Blue 1, whats your status, over?
Blue 1 to Edwards, do you copy?
Flame out! Weve lost
both rear engines.
Going down.
-Sir, hes got a flame out.
-Tom, get the hell out of there.
He's losing altitude fast, Blue 1, eject.
Eject, eject.
Cant eject.
The G-force is too strong.
-Weve lost all radar contact.
-Did he have time to eject?
-It doesnt look good.
OK, Ill inform General Barnes.
-Yes, Colonel.
-Colonel Ratchers plane went down.
-He crashed a few miles out.
-What the hell happened?
Apparently a ame out. Search and rescues
starting their investigation now.
-Did he get out?
-No, sir.
How the hell did this happen?
Torn Ratchers one of the
best pilots weve ever had.
-What do we have here?
-A surprise.
-Who is it?
-Base camp.
Theyre probably passed
I didnt ll out my reports.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, right away.
Hey, babe. Uh,
Youre not going to believe
this but Ive got to go.
Youre kidding.
Man, I wish I was.
Can we do this tomorrow?
-Do I have a choice?
Hey, Nick.
How are you?
You up for this today?
Yeah. Sure, as ready
as Ill ever he.
Investigation team will want to talk
to you about Torn when you get back.
Sure, yeah, set it up.
Today the Nova goes up against the best
air craft detection system in the world.
A United States Air Force Base.
Sir, you really think the Nova
can get through Nellis radar
and patrol ghter net?
Theyre locked down tight as a drum.
Not only will the Nova get through,
but Colonel Moore will
drop a dummy payload...
right in the middle of runway one.
When he succeeds it will he the beginning
of a new era in stealth technology.
Nova 1, you are now
cleared for take-off.
Sir, last radar contact with the Nova
was here, that was 15 minutes ago.
He should have reached
Nellis two minutes after that.
Now if hes still cloaked
hes in experimental territory.
Weve never been active that long before.
And Nellis has no conrmation
of payload drop?
Alright, Captain,
lets break radio silence.
Yes, Sir.
Nova, Edwards, do you copy?
Break radio silence and answer, Nova.
Nova, do you copy?
There is nothing, sir.
Alright, Colonel, have Nellis start a
search and rescue operation immediately.
-There is one other possibility, sir.
Colonel Moore went AWOL with the plane.
I hand picked the Colonel
for this project.
I ew with his father in Vietnam,
goddamn it.
This man would not steal my airplane.
Stone, this is Black Thunder.
Black Thunder to Stone, do you copy?
-Ha, ha, ha. Go Black Thunder.
-The Nova is secure.
Excellent, excellent.
-Proceed to phase 2.
-Copy that.
Sir, Colonel Moore went through
security check point this morning,
Three sets of blue caps saw his ID
card, his thumb prints on the records.
And no one else had access to the
notebooks, including our other pilots?
-While theres no way to get a radar x.
And Nellis has no reports
of wreckage in the area.
Come with me, Colonel.
Theres something kind of funny
about us losing a stealth plane.
Im not laughing, Colonel:
What I mean, sir, is we build
an invisible War Plane and...
I knew what you mean.
Have CIO start a satellite
re-con immediately.
And I want an SR71
fueled and ready to go.
-Yes, Sir.
-And Colonel, get Vince Connors.
OK, ready?
What are the four forces of ying?
Uh, the four forces...
Thrust, Drag, Lift and Weight.
You are very good, Winston.
So, you gonna let me y the plane now?
Like I said, youve got
to learn this stuff.
The basics, like this guy here.
See this guy?
Tom Ratcher, taught me everything I know.
He's the best pilot there is.
-And you know what?
-He was your teacher.
You got it. Youre smart, you know what?
You know everything.
Whiskey tango delta 71, do you copy?
This is Whiskey Tango Delta, copy.
Connors, you are to return
to the aireld immediately...
by order of General Barnes, USAF.
This is a national emergency.
Copy, heading back.
I guess were going to have
to cut this day short.
This is Edwards
Air Force Base, to Nova 1.
Youve been detected
by Eye In the Sky satellites.
By the power and authority
of the President of the
United States of America,
you are hereby ordered
to land immediately.
-Sorry, sir, we lost him again.
-Sir, how are you?
-Vince, I'm not well.
Whats the problem?
Vince, what Im about to tell you does
not leave this building, understood?
Yes, sir.
Earlier today one of our
experimental aircraft, the Nova,
was stolen from this base.
The Novas a black project, ultra top
secret. Code name Black Thunder.
It incorporates standard
stealth technology...
but it adds something new,
an active stealth system.
What do you mean active?
Youre familiar with the black box
ECM on the SR71?
Yes, the radar jammer.
Weve had a team working on improvements
for the past thirty ve years.
What theyve come up with
is active stealth. It's a cloaking device.
A cloaking device?
Like in Space Tech.
It uses an electromagnetic impulse.
Which bend light to a wavelength
of under 3500 angstrom units
Which renders the Nova
invisible to the human eye.
Blanketed from radar,
positioning devices.
Things of that nature.
Vince. This is a completely
invisible airplane.
Someone stole this, sir?
Yes. One of our best pilots.
Took off about three hours ago
on a routine training mission.
He hasn't returned.
Search and Rescue found no indication,
no evidence of a crash site.
Sir, what kind of range
does this plane have?
I mean, cant we just send in a
strike force when it stops to refuel?
Its equipped with the latest
fuel cell turbine technology.
It can y over twenty thousand
kilometers without refueling.
-Thats halfway around the world, sir.
Its the ultimate weapon, Vince.
Whoever has the Nova
can literally rule the world.
Sir, if each of our bases uses
their AWACs planes to search...
Only a handful of people know this plane
even exists. I want to keep it that way.
Youre the best pilot Ive ever seen.
Vince, I need you to get
that plane back for me.
How am I supposed to do that?
Active stealth is a drain
on the Novas power system.
It's designed to only work with
strategic and evasive operations.
So for most of the time it'll be under
the cover of standard stealth only.
Now, our CIO spy satellite
spotted the Nova here,
over the Bonan Islands, flying
on a heading of two six zero.
The Nova is equipped with a DAX
satellite monitoring system,
so naturally it went active stealth here.
Probably moving
in a straight line to conserve fuel.
Sir, this routes going to
take him through China,
India, Iran, Iraq...
I dont know, thats a lot of ground.
That's why I'm sending you up
in a modied SR7l.
Its equipped with the Phillips
Thermal Tracking System.
Which can pick up the Novas heat
signature, but only at close range.
Sir, they found Colonel Moores
body in his apartment. Shot twice.
Nick Moore?
Yes. They cut off his thumb
to get by the print scanner.
Well at least we know Nick
didnt steal the plane?
Well then who the hell did I put
in that cockpit this morning?
Does the man have
an identical twin brother?
Vince, I need you to get me that
plane back. Minimum footprint.
Yes, Sir.
You'll be working with
Captain Rick Jannick.
-Im not working with him.
Hes not a pilot. Sir.
Hes a skydiver,
he takes too many chances.
With all due respect, sir,
Id rather work with Tom Ratcher.
Hes the best ACM pilot in the world.
-Hes thought me more stuff than...
Tom is dead.
His plane went down
in that training exercise yesterday.
This-E Black Thunder to Stone.
Preceding to rendezvous-point Alpha.
This ought to be interesting.
Vince, buddy, it's been along time.
That was pleasant.
Remember the Blackbird
interceptor project back in 65?
Before my time, sir, but I know of it.
-New plane, Same weapons.
-Weapons? Great.
Lets just hope we don't
have Tu use them, huh?
I dont know about you.
But I'm ready to rock and roll.
These scumbags took our plane.
Let's waste them.
We'll get the Nova back without
any international incident, sir.
I don't want to sound overly dramatic
but I don't need to tell
you how important this is.
No, Sir.
-Good luck.
-Thank you, Sir.
Thank you.
Okay, Connors, Jannick.
Shes prepped and ready to go.
Its just like old times, Vince.
Oxygen pressure, good. Oil pressure, good.
And the fuel is owing.
We are set to go.
Okay, Tower, in position.
Ready for take off.
Roger. All systems go.
General Barnes. Connors and Jannick
are airborne in the SR71, sir.
-Radio frequency is open.
-Alright. Captain.
Lets nd this thing and blast it.
I got dinner plans tonight
if you know what I mean.
Orders are to get it back in one piece.
Minimum footprint.
Jannick, let me be honest with you.
You the last person I would have
picked to back me up.
You're not a pilot, you're a skydiver.
You bail at the rst sign of trouble.
Ancient history, My man.
I got a lot of air under my wings
since then.
Yeah? Well just remember
my lifes in your hands.
And mine in yours, partner.
New toy here, my man.
Turn right going two ve nine.
Turning right going two ve nine.
Bingo CIO imaging the Nova.
Stand by. Triangulating
Nova's position.
Over the Thar Desert, in India.
It will take five minutes
for the fuel cells to recharge.
Right, Colonel.
Until then he can't go active.
-Blackbird, Edwards.
-This is Blackbird, go ahead.
Vince, weve get a x on the Nova.
27 degrees, 31 minutes north,
by 69 degrees 27 minutes east...
on a heading of
two four-ve. Over.
Roger that.
Were on our way.
Here we go, may have something.
Going Infrared.
-Take her down for a visual.
-Descending to 45.
We have a positive IR signature
on the Nova Stealth Fighter.
Moving in for visual contact.
This is US SR71 Blackbird,
please land your aircraft immediately.
Got a lock.
Nova, please respond.
Please respond.
If you do not respond,
we'll be forced to fire.
Jannick, common. Help me out here.
Where's the visual?
It's hard to make a visual at Mag 2.
Where is he?
-Hes right behind us.
-Hold on.
-Hes gone.
Where is he?
-Base, Connors.
-This is Edwards, go ahead.
We lost him.
He went active stealth.
Roger, Vince.
What's your status?
Sir, if you want us to continue
the search, we need to refuel.
Vince, there is 135 in your quadrant.
-Okay, I copy that.
-Okay, I have it.
Turning left to point zero eight.
This is 135, we have a visual
contact with Blackbird.
Moving in to begin refueling process.
135, you are locked in Blackbird.
Fueling Commencing.
-Fueling complete.
-Copy. Disengaging.
Hey, arent you guys
going to do the windows?
Approaching landing coordinates.
Approach vector locked in.
Look at my beautiful new Nova plane.
Nice work, Ratcher.
Not yet.
Wheres my money?
A man with priorities.
I like that.
Half now.
The rest when we nish
our little bombing mission.
Next time you wear the mask.
Look at my beautiful plane.
Got something.
Take us to 70 degrees and drop us to 30.
70 degrees, drop to 30.
Conrmed sighting of the Nova.
Appears to be in Libya,
inside some kind of structure.
Coordinates, four seven
eight by three seven zero.
Repeat. Coordinates four seven
eight by three seven zero.
Positive heat signature.
Edwards, Connors.
Go ahead, Vince.
Jannick located the Nova.
Copy that, Vince.
Theres a deserted airstrip 7
clicks from those coordinates, sir.
The SR71 can land there.
Thank you, Colonel.
Vince, proceed to eight
seven three zero point two.
You can land there.
And avoid enemy detection.
Okay, proceeding to rendezvous.
Admiral Pendleton please, General Barnes.
Admiral Pendleton.
Admiral, we found the Nova
on the ground in Libya.
Copy that.
Im sending in a pair of men
for recovery.
We need air support and intelligence
on who were dealing with.
Copy that, Pendleton out.
Starting landing site.
-Connors, Edwards.
Were working on a tight decision cycle.
Youve got twenty four hours
to get the plane back.
What happens then?
An aircraft carrier in the
Mediterranean will send in planes.
Theyll carpet bomb the area.
Itll start a war, sir.
If we dont get the plane
back in twenty four hours...
theyll have a chance
to organize a rst strike.
Or duplicate the Novas technology.
The Nova drove the balance of power in
their favor with nuclear strike capacity.
Good luck, men.
What do you got from
Interpol on these people?
Theyre all part of a movement.
Its tied to a radical middle
eastern terrorist group.
Well funded organized OP.
Their MO isnt money, its domination of
the free world by any means necessary.
Theyd use a nuclear bomb
without a second thought.
So they plan to nuke us.
I'm afraid thats what we must assume.
Theres an airstrip here.
Bridge, small village.
Were somewhere here.
What are you thinking?
We move to plan B.
I want you to stick with the stealth.
I may need air support.
I need the pictures.
Now, Wait, wait, wait.
You think thats a good idea?
Well, you got a better one?
You could give me a few minutes.
The plane went down
somewhere over here. Vit!
Stay with the plane, thats a great idea.
-Let's go.
-We go.
Ah shit.
-And theres no response to radio calls?
-None at all, sir.
This is Admiral Pendleton US Navy.
Weve lost all contact
with Connors and Jannick.
Sir, weve lost radio contact
with Connors and Jannick.
Halt, stop or I will shoot.
According to the CIA this region is run
by the Graebner/Stone Terrorist Group.
They make Bahder-Minhoff look like
a bunch of school yard bullies.
I want everything the CIA has on them.
Right, sir.
What do we have here?
It looks like an American pilot.
So, Mr Pilot,
where is your plane?
I parachuted in.
Im a sky diver.
You didnt have to use this, eh?
I always land on my feet.
Where is the plane?
-Why dont you kiss my ass?
-I will kill you.
What are you waiting for, asshole?
Sir. We found the plane.
An American SR71.
Stone, this is Elias.
What is it, Mr Elias?
We have found the pilot.
And an American SR71.
You found an American SR71?
Another man was seen near the woods.
Were searching for him now.
-Bring in the pilot.
-And the SR71?
I'll bring it in.
Its being taken care of,
Mr Elias.
CIA made me jump through
hoops for this stuff.
Okay, Petar Stone, son of
a wealthy industrialist.
Joined a skinhead faction at 16
where he met Jose Graebner...
Skip the bios, Colonel.
Okay, CIA has been monitoring
terrorist weapons buys,
lately theres been a change in methods.
Which is?
Theyve been networking.
Forming buyers clubs.
What are you telling me, Colonel?
Terrorists are getting 10 percent
off on their guns?
No, sir, group like Graebner
and Stone are joining forces...
to buy weapons of mass destruction.
At the very least, sir, they
could be chemical or biological.
-Pass me through to Admiral Pendleton.
-Yes, sir.
This is Admiral Pendleton, US Navy.
Yes, Admiral.
Weve conrmed they have nukes.
Jesus. We can send in
our planes on a y over.
Negative, Admiral.
I dont want to spook those
people into hiding the plane.
If our team cant get it back
well have to go ahead with the bombing,
-Destroy it, and anyone whos seen it.
-Copy that.
Thank you, Admiral.
Good evening, my friend.
I'm so glad you could make it.
My name is Mr Stone and this
is my associate, Mr Elias.
And your name is?
Yes. Mr asshole.
So please tell me, Mr Asshole.
I have some questions to ask you about
this Nova stealth ghter plane.
Oh, you just ask away.
You let me know when you are
ready to cooperate. Alright?
This is Stone, what is it?
Weve located the other pilot. We
need help in searching the village.
I'll go take care of it.
Lets go.
Elias is on his way.
Dont move.
Put up your hands.
Okay, okay.
Step away from the door.
Drop the gun.
Drop the bag.
Turn around.
Who are you?
Open the door.
One word and I'll kill
you, you understand?
One word.
Look at me.
The door, Mela.
A minute please.
Just a minute.
What do you want?
We are searching for an American spy.
I am the only one here.
Well see.
This American, has killed
many of my patrol.
Look if you want
but there is no man here.
But you have had men here
before, Mela, havent you?
That is none of your business.
Everything in this town is my business.
Graebner Stones business.
You have a lot of nice things
in this town, Mela.
I can take them away from you.
Leave you with nothing.
Except my love for you.
Is this what you are looking for?
Perhaps I can help you nd what you want.
Maybe you would like this?
Yeah. What is it?
I will be there.
Our day will come.
Remember that.
You watch her. Shes a dissident,
she cannot be trusted.
Okay, lets go.
Nice gun collection.
So you want to know why a...
Why a woman like me
would have so many guns.
Because of this lthy government.
They parcel out our land. They give our
towns and villages to these terrorists.
And then they just come in here
and they just take whatever they want.
So some of us are trying to stop them.
To take the government
away from the military...
and the terrorists and give...
And give it back to the people.
So youre with the underground?
I am their leader.
Bring it up, Chris.
They havent budged.
I dont get it.
11 hours, 52 minutes.
Theres still time.
Are we really going to destroy
a 75 million dollar prototype
war plane if they fail?
I have no choice, Colonel.
You're insane.
Millions of people will die.
Thats the point.
Thats what were counting on.
Finally, you stupid Americans
with your free market invasion.
You will know what its like
to have your culture destroyed.
And from the ashes of
the corrupt western world,
we will build a new civilization.
Our primary target,
The Paris Peace Talks.
Presidents and Premiers
from all over the world will be on hand.
At rst, theyll think
its food poisoning.
But then within 12 hours
theyll all be dead.
And thanks to your Nova Stealth ghter...
they'll never know what hit them.
Which will leave us free
to go on to our second target.
The State of Kansas.
What is it you call it?
The Heartland?
Well I hope they appreciate
our little heart attack.
You know, well be ying in two days.
-Its a pity youll be dead.
-Well see who'll be dead, asshole.
Maybe the arrogant American pilot...
knows something that I dont know.
Maybe a smart man would
move his mission forward.
This is Stone, fuel the planes.
We y this morning.
You people are too stupid
to y that plane.
Ah yes, but Ive thought of everything.
Ive recently acquired
a very gifted American pilot.
So how is my favorite student?
Shame you missed your funeral,
it was real touching.
I wasnt talking about you, Richard.
Hows my old buddy Vince Connors?
I need to get to this airstrip,
right here.
This is a very difcult
region to get to now.
They have patrols guarding everywhere.
They will be searching for you.
There will be a check point right
here, and another one right here.
Yes, I know. And another
one right here.
Look, its almost morning.
Im running out of time.
No, this is impossible in the daytime.
You will be captured, they'll kill you.
I will make it through.
Thats not what I wanted to hear.
You're being crazy.
Look, in six hours and
twenty eight minutes...
they're gonna carpet bomb this place.
Do you know what that means?
You are going to destroy my country.
Yes. Yes.
The decision, thank god,
I didnt have to make.
And Im sorry.
Im truly sorry.
Ive got to go.
Thank you.
My cousin, Rojar, he has a fruit truck.
Who is it?
It is your cousin Rojar.
I bring you melons.
Oh, Rojari Ber.
Friend, you have American cigarettes?
You send me American cigarettes
we both make a lot of money.
And Coca-cola.
Yea, get in here.
Get in Get in.
Hey, What are you doing?
Selling fresh produce.
Melons, oranges, onions.
Here. For you.
-American cigarettes?
I go before they spoil.
Jeber, produce king.
I want these armed and loaded now.
-How much longer?
-Itll be ready.
Be in the air in one hour.
Hey, tell me, you like American cowboy?
Shut up, Rojar.
What about the check point?
Check point?
We drive straight through.
What if they search the truck?
Then we nd out if old fruit cart
can out run motorcycles.
Good morning, General, I have
produce, fresh for your pilots.
I must hurry before the sun wilts them.
Let me see your papers.
You are nota general, youre a private.
Rojar Jeber, the produce king.
I deliver produce
to the colonel himself. Here.
-This is for you and your friend.
-Lets check your cargo.
Dont check my cargo. Dont put
your dirty hands on my cargo.
Dont you mix up everything,
chickpeas, carrots, onions, dont!
-Should have put in new spark plugs.
-Theyre gaining.
-You go like wind you ancient cart.
Rojar, drive faster.
Get my gun.
Get him,
Rojar, get him.
Hes gaining on us.
-Kick him.
-Yeah, but..
Use stranglehold.
Stop. Stop. Tum it around.
Turn it around.
What? Are you crazy?
Go back.
Right. Right.
There's only two hours left
on the clock, sir.
Is the carrier on station?
Yes, sir. The Admiral's giving the wing
commanders his nal brieng right now.
Sir, Ive got the best ghter pilots
waiting for immediate
departure on your command.
Our information leads us to believe
the President will upgrade
the situation to Defcon 3.
It is therefore imperative
that you take out Stone...
before the Nova can launch.
Make sure that you burn
it all, nothing left.
Sir, whats our primary target?
Take out the aireld, the hangar
and any outbuildings in the vicinity.
Yes, sir.
Good luck, Lieutenant.
You may be out last line of defense.
Yes, sir, Ill get my men
in the air immediately.
Get me the President.
The planes are out in the wide open.
They probably got Jannick in that hangar.
So why do you help this man?
Who is he to you? A friend?
Denitely not a friend.
You do not like this man but
you risk yourself to rescue him.
Hes my partner,
I'm not leaving without him.
Even if it kills you?
Id rather die doing whats right
than live doing whats wrong.
Youre a good man.
I wish there were more men
like you in my country.
Thank you.
I thought the American cowboy
no kiss girl.
Sometimes they do.
Sir, Connors and Jannick
are still in the area.
I know, Colonel, they still
have two hours left.
We have to give them time
to get the Nova back intact.
If they do, I'll call it off.
If not...
This is squadron leader. Our ETA to.
Target is one hour four seven minutes.
Our orders are to roast and toast.
No survivors.
Patrol to Stone, Patrol to Stone.
What is it?
Sir, we are being attacked.
-Its Connors.
-Youre dead, Ratcher.
-Guard him.
Youre both dead.
Behind you!
Get up.
You two, Men, Come here!
You okay?
Never better.
You shouldnt have come here.
You should have gotten your ass in that
plane and gotten the hell out of here.
Your life was in my hands, remember?
I didnt tell them anything.
I know.
-Can you y?
-Like a bird.
Good, Im going to need cover
re and that Novas no UAB.
Vince, Ratchers alive.
He stole the Nova, faked his own death.
How do you know that?
Because I saw the asshole.
Hes going to y the
bombing mission for them.
Hes as sick as they are.
Shit. I got more ammo.
Lets go.
Come on.
So, this is your day.
The day you die.
Ratcher, the plane. Go, go now.
Cover me. Shit.
Now. Move. Go.
OK, ETA to target is two, three minutes.
Look alive guys, look sharp.
Keep your eagles open,
dont want no surprises.
Im about up now, partner.
Come on.
Common, were going.
No. You try to take me out of
here were both going to die.
You give me the slaver.
Blow this place to hell.
Come on.
You give them hell, partner.
You give them, Hell.
Put the gun down.
I said put it down.
Vincent, nice to see you again.
-What the hell are you doing, Ratch?
-Getting rich.
Getting rich?
Do you know how much
Im getting paid for this?
This is treason, Ratch.
This is treason.
Connors has escaped.
Lets go take back our life.
Attention, GS squadron leader.
This is GS squadron leader.
The American has stolen my Nova plane.
Shoot him down.
I repeat, shoot him down.
Copy that, missile armed and ready.
Come on, come on.
My old friend Mr Jannick.
Not so arrogant now, huh?
Time to die, Captain.
Wait, Ive got something for you.
Jannicks little parting gift.
Courtesy of the United States Air Force.
Hey, Kemosabe.
We did it.
Edwards, this is Black Thunder.
Connors, do you read?
Vince, General Barnes.
Go ahead.
General, the good news
is I have the Nova.
I am at seventeen point
0 four three degrees east.
And the Tropic of the Cancer,
headed north.
Roger, Vince, copy that.
What's the bad news?
I'm carrying two big NBC bombs.
Im afraid if I take a hit and go down
I take half a continent with me.
Roger, Vince, stand by one.
You were right, sir.
Those bombs have biological
capacity as well as nuclear.
Give me all the information on possible
fallout scenarios, Colonel.
Yes, sir.
Vince, weve got a squadron
ve minutes east of you.
I cant go east, I got Ratcher on my six.
Ratchers dead.
No, sir, he faked his death
to steal the Nova.
Sorry. Sir, Ive got to cut you out.
I got Ratcher on my tail.
You are entering French airspace,
please identify yourself.
If you do not identify yourself you
will be shot down. Do you understand?
Do not shoot, I repeat, do not shoot.
I'm an American Air Force pilot
being chased by unfriendly aircraft.
Vince, youve got to keep Ratcher
off your tail. Helps on the way,
Just hold on for three more minutes.
Give it up, Vincent,
you know Im the better pilot.
Hey, Ratchet, Ive picked up a few tricks
since then, I think youll like them.
Thats all they are, Vincent.
I can out-fly you
in a school bus.
One well placed hit might
take the whole plane down.
Take Europe down.
Stones dead, Tom,
theres no one to pay for this.
Ive already been paid.
Have you perished, make nice the revenge.
Drop the load, Vincent,
Ill let you live?
We could be partners.
Why y against each other
when we can y together?
Kill millions of people?
Come on, Ratch, for what?
For millions of dollars.
What do you care about those people?
From up here, theyre nothing.
So small you cant even see them.
If you could get a hundred
dollars for each one who died.
Sorry, Tom, no deal.
Im the one whos sorry.
If Novas shot down over Europe
the gas will spread like this.
12 hours.
24 hours.
36 hours.
48 hours.
You cant hit me cause
you cant see me, Ratch.
I dont have to see you, Vincent,
I just have to predict where you are.
Shit, heat seekers.
Its right behind you, Connors.
Hey, Ratch.
You taught me, you taught Jannick.
But you forgot to teach yourself.
Edwards, this is Black Thunder.
Do you read?
Threat neutralized.
I'm on my way home.
Admiral, the situation is diffused.
You can call off your boys.
Great, great.
Mike, you can call off the B-3's.
The job has been taken care of.
And damn well
taken care of if I may say so.
Vince, great job.
Sony, red. Connors got them
this time, well get them next time.
Lets take it home.
-Good job, Colonel.
-You too, sir.
Lets get a drink.
How are you doing?
Welcome back, Vince.
Sorry to hear about Captain Jannick.
Thank you, sir, he's a good man.
Vince, theyll be a medal
in this for you.
If anyone deserves a medal,
Its Jannick.
Give it to him, sir.
Hell of a mission, sir.
I didnt think he could pull it off.
Youre damn right, Colonel.
I hate to mention this now, sir,
but theres one more thing.
Yes, what is it?
That SR71. Its still out
in the Libyan desert, sir.
You're right.
And theres only one man
who can go in and get it.
Oh, Vince.