Black Wake (2018) Movie Script

AGENT JOHNSON: Miller, this situation
is out of control and dangerous.
Johnson, I'm calling it in.
Headquarters is ready to send
military backup on my word.
Stay focused.
She is the key
to the source.
She's always been the key.
Yeah, well,
I don't think she's here alone.
Agent Johnson file 69232B.
Constant 24-7 surveillance
so far has garnered nothing
but mundane daily life.
We continue
to monitor the subject
with no extraordinary
results so far.
At current,
the subject is completely
unaware of our probe.
She continues
to live her current identity
with apparently no recollection
of what has happened to her.
We remain vigilant
gathering and documenting
all information
and will keep the Bureau
aware of all developments.
Dr. Luiza Moreira?
- Dr. Luiza Moreira.
- Moreira.
You must be Dr. Jones.
Yes, but you can call me Vincent.
Please sit.
I'm part of a team of experts
in various disciplines.
Your background in psychology
and cultural anthropology
plus your work in South Africa
is exceptional.
We all came together
to help solve a case
or outbreak or...
I don't know what it is.
I've decided
to keep a video record
of all facts and findings.
It's been very crazy lately.
We just received
another victim.
So are they victims
or infected?
How much have you
been briefed on?
Not much.
Authorities up and down
the East Coast
thought they were dealing
with some sort of
serial killer, I guess.
Well, bodies
have been showing up
along the eastern seaboard.
Maybe beyond.
Police were discovering bodies.
Skulls smashed,
parts of the brains missing.
But the timelines
didn't match up.
The victims... six at first...
all died
within roughly
the same time period,
across several states.
Law enforcement officials
shared information
and determined...
- Sheriff Williams?
- Yep.
- What're these guys doing here?
- Oh, it's okay,
it's the press.
I called them.
Look, I am gonna warn you now.
It's not a pretty site.
We've been sharing information
with other
law enforcement officials.
What has been determined
that a single killer
cannot do all this.
He can't be in several places
at the same time.
It's impossible.
I'm tired of the Feds
saying there's a serial killer
out there.
There's no serial killer.
It's not one person doing this.
You see what's on
tis landscape here?
Earlier today I found
two women at a camp site.
First they're alive
and just like that,
they both dropped dead
right in front of me.
There's some crazy shit
going on here,
and the public
needs to be aware.
You gotta know
what's going on.
Open your eyes be aware.
DR. MOREIRA: Investigators
thought maybe it was a cult.
Like Manson.
It's a bunch of Satanists
all along the shore.
Some kind of crazy cult.
Just chopping people's bodies up
and eating like their brains
like some type
of devil worship!
It's sick!
The skulls
weren't smashed in.
They had burst outward.
I'm presenting you something...
I was contacted
to join this team.
I and the others
are trying to explain
the phenomenon
from every possible angle.
I was told that the body
that arrived today
was of a college student.
Yeah, uh, the police
gave me,
uh, some videos and materials
for you to look at.
What's that?
All of this facility
is recorded
including this office.
Are we being monitored?
Think of it as like
a black box on a plane.
Unless the plane goes down,
then the box is retrieved.
Is that legal?
You're working
for the US Government now.
I have a lot to do.
I'll see you later,
and maybe
we can have lunch.
Yes, of course.
Okay, bye.
DR. MOREIRA: The victims
share nothing in common
that could help us
pinpoint the motive
or cause of death.
Then we got these videos
from police in Montauk.
- MAN: You ready?
- Huh... oh, yeah, yeah, dude.
- Uh, just go ahead and roll.
- Okay.
Three... two...
Often considered to be
a symptom of urban blight.
But here in the tranquil beaches
of Montauk, New York,
away from the cities,
away from the attractions,
we find societies
unfortunate citizens
finding themselves
to be outcasts and alone.
while their surroundings
may in fact be nicer,
their plight
is not any easier.
My colleagues
don't see any relevance,
but I...
Maybe it's nothing.
But it's interesting.
Hello, excuse me, sir.
Oh, oh, uh, sorry.
Look, it's okay.
We're shooting a documentary.
All right, we just want
to ask you a couple questions.
Would that be...
would that be okay?
Um, uh, look.
We're, we're terribly
sorry to bother you.
We just wanna ask you
a couple questions.
You know, we're just
interested in how you got here.
How you got
in this predicament.
They put me here.
Who put you here?
They took mommy.
She was good at numbers,
and they left
what was left of daddy.
They left me
on the boat for ten years.
But they took and they gave.
They gave mommy back,
but not to me.
They gave me a gift.
They gave me a job.
But they said I wasn't worthy.
They said
it was for someone special.
My analysis,
plus any evidence
that comes my way.
In this case,
the first video
is the beginning
of a student film.
BEN: This project was your idea.
I swear, if this film
fucks up my class grade,
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Oh, you're gonna
fucking kick my ass, dude?
Just man up and talk to him.
Dude, big talk for the guy that's
safe behind the fucking camera.
You know what? Why don't you
try coming on this side
talking to the fucking
crazy person for once, huh?
- BEN: Are you serious?
- Yeah, I'm dead serious.
- Are you being fucking serious?
- Yeah, stop busting my balls
and hand over the camera.
Or are you all talk,
you fucking chickenshit?
Could it be
a really clever killer
who did something
to the bodies
to make them seem
less like homicide?
They tell me what to write,
and then they tell me to wait.
The teachings are for him.
The gift...
the gift is for you.
For me?
Sir, where are you talking...?
It was always yours.
LUCAS: Oh my God. Ben, stop
fucking with this guy, man.
I wanna go home.
Dude, I wanna
get this over with.
We're already past deadline.
They're in my head.
Dude, come over here.
Check this out. I think there's
actually something in here.
Like some kind
of funky snake.
Some kind
of natural build up
within the victims,
brought on by something,
a poison, a disease,
a parasite.
Oh! Ahh!
I am their prophet
and you're that messenger.
For the student
found on the beach,
the cause of death
matches the other
cases along the coast.
As for the homeless man...
The homeless man
is still missing,
but his book
came to us with the videos.
My colleagues
have no interest in it.
You think this is funny?
You think this is funny?
There's two people
in that video.
Now one's dead.
Worse than dead,
one we can't find,
and there's you.
Okay, fine.
I'll turn this off.
Now you got to see
how this looks.
You and your friend
disappear for a week.
Now we find him dead
on the beach...
that's how we found him...
and then we find you
wondering around the streets.
You see?
It doesn't look good.
Don't you think?
- How's it going?
- What do you think?
I need some help here.
You gonna help me here?
Lucas, are you gonna
help me here, okay?
We found these books
with the body.
They were stolen from
the New York public library.
Any idea why?
Big books on, um, history,
um, space travel and physics,
but we checked
and he doesn't study
any of those subjects.
He's focused on film class
just like you are.
So why would he steal 'em?
Answer him kid.
MICHAELS: Was he on drugs maybe?
He was on drugs maybe
and he was trying to sell these books
and make some quick cash, maybe?
Fast cash?
Yes, no?
Okay, Lucas,
we found the video.
Okay, we saw the video...
found it and we saw it...
we do not think
that you had anything
to do directly
with your friend's murder,
but you need to help me here,
you need to help me here,
or I am gonna jam
your fuckin' ass up,
I'm gonna
put you in prison,
and you are not gonna
do well in prison, Lucas.
You're gonna be
a piece of chicken in there.
They're gonna
pass you around
like a motherfuckin'
tissue paper
and blow their noses
in you.
Is the homeless guy dead, too?
Did he attack you and then you
killed him in self-defense
and then panicked
and left the body somewhere?
Speak up, kid.
You can't tell me who the
other guy in the video is?
You can't?
Okay, listen, what the fuck is this thing?
What's this thing?
'Cause you were holding on it
for dear fuckin' life
when we jammed your ass up.
As far as we can tell,
it's the same one
- he has in the video.
So how did it come to be
in your possession?
That's hard to explain.
That's gonna be a fuckin' jury's ass
up, man, and put you in prison.
- The book was...
- Take a breathe, all right?
Nobody's here to hurt you.
You wanna take a break, okay?
Take a break?
- Take a break.
- Take a drink, all right?
- Oh, what the fuck.
- You're bullshittin' me, right?
- Oh, what the...
- What the... shit!
No, no, no, it's okay.
Lucas, it's okay.
It's okay, man.
Hey, hey, relax.
Okay, come on.
You don't wanna do this?
You wanna do this?
You wanna kill me?
Why you do wanna kill me?
I've been nice to you.
You're safe here.
Lucas, you're safe here, okay?
We can just forget
you even did this.
Just give me the gun back.
Just give me the gun.
Come on, just give it me.
Just put it down.
Put it on the table
and we'll forget about it.
- There are voices in my head.
- Lucas, look, Lucas.
- There are voices in my head!
- What? You hear voices?
Okay, we'll find you a doctor,
we'll get rid of the voices.
- There are voices in my head!
I've done some research
about the beach at Montauk,
the same area
where the police
discovered the student's body.
The homeless man
talked about
losing his parents
a decade ago.
Back then,
the Coast Guard
came across a small yacht
drifting offshore
near that beach.
Hey, Tommy,
come here, buddy.
Let me show you
how to do this.
Be care,
that's sharp.
Okay, all right.
All right, let's,
all right.
Got it?
Come here.
Be careful, I said.
You're gonna poke your eye out.
So you wanna put your thumb on
this so you don't lose the line.
All right,
you push this back
and let it go
out into the water.
- What happens if you don't...
- So go a head.
put, um,
put your finger there?
Well, it'll go out
faster than you want it to
- and maybe...
- Use all of it.
Yeah, use all of it
and tangle up...
According to the report,
the boy claimed
his father was killed
and his mother abducted,
but he was in
a state of shock
and couldn't
provide any details.
There you go.
Now hold on tight.
Here we let it...
you gotta...
you gotta tease 'em with it
a little bit.
You know,
you have to feel it.
You see,
the best part of fishing's
just being out here
and feeling the wind
in your hair...
feeling the boat move
on the water.
Look at the view here.
- Isn't that cool?
- Yeah.
- What is it, buddy?
- Look at that.
There's nothing.
No follow-up reports.
No names are given.
I hit a dead end.
There's a brief mention
that the mother
was a renowned scientist.
There's some speculation
that perhaps
she was kidnapped.
No cause of death
for the father is given.
There's a note
that the boy
was hospitalized.
Either people
aren't talking
or the right files
didn't survive.
The family's identity
is a mystery.
I can't prove this,
but what if the homeless man
was the boy
on the yacht, grown up?
The Coast Guard report
does match elements
of the homeless man's story.
Could he have slipped through
the cracks over the years,
bouncing from
hospital to hospital,
until all recorded proof
of his existence disappeared?
If the boy grew up
to be the homeless man,
maybe his parents
were the first victims
of whatever it is.
Could the thing in the jug
have something
to do with all this?
She's here now.
She already started.
We know what to do.
Make sure she completes
her task.
We'll make sure that nothing
interferes with this mission.
Everything's depending on it.
Thank you.
So how did your meeting
with Jones go?
You know, he's a suit.
He may be watching this,
you know?
He's a great guy.
You have no idea
who's watching this.
No idea.
Let me tell you something,
I have seen my share
of crazy in my time,
classified shit that would
make your hair turn white.
If the people out there
saw what we saw,
know what we know,
there would be
panic in the streets.
It's what they don't know
that has kept 'em safe.
Think about that.
But this,
this is something else.
this is the big one.
And once Uncle Sam
gets his handle on it,
germ warfare,
special weapons...
they'll never
fuck with us again, ever.
And you and me, Johnson,
we were there
from the beginning...
the day that everything changed.
AGENT JOHNSON: We are continuously
monitoring the subject.
It is my opinion
that she seems to have a sense
of being watched,
and has developed
some sort of paranoia
of her surroundings.
She seems overwhelmed
showing signs of fatigue
and physical deterioration.
I am unable to deduce
that this could be the reason
Dr. Luiza has been suffering
numerous headaches,
which appears to be escalating
as time passes.
These headaches have become
noticeably more severe.
DR. MOREIRA: The others
here at the facility,
they are baffled
and scared.
This epidemic
is reaching everyone
and no one
has a clue, yet.
They are dismissing
my theories.
So what you're suggesting
is that we're dealing
with some giant
prehistoric parasite?
Just look at the video
with the film student.
You can see some kind
of large worm
leap out of the jug.
After that,
he ended up at the beach,
dead, like the others,
like something had forced
its way out of his head.
I don't know what you think
you're seeing in these videos,
'cause there is nothing
conclusive showing any worm
or anything attacking anyone.
There's a black blur.
- That's it.
- Don't you get it?
These worm-like organisms
force their hosts
toward water.
And that's happening
with the victims
in these cases.
They are moving toward water.
If I wanna talk to someone
about parasites,
I have an entire group
dedicated to that field.
But you?
You're supposed to be
working on the brain.
Here's a thought.
Whatever is happening
to these people
is causing brain damage.
So they started doing unexplainable,
irrational things. Simple.
So you need to stop looking
for some bigger conspiracy.
The homeless man,
crazy or not,
may have managed
to bury facts in here.
It could shed some light
on why the student
took the book
then killed himself.
I'll start reading it tonight.
It couldn't hurt.
AGENT MILLER: High command wants
to document our every movement,
so keep glasses on record
at all times.
Copy that.
The subject is leaving
her workplace.
Do you believe in
a Higher Power?
What're you talking about, man?
Higher Power, man,
Greater Good.
Something bigger than us.
What're you high?
'Cause I could use
a pick me up.
Whatcha got?
- I'm talking about life.
- Life?
Life with a purpose.
I have a purpose.
Oh yeah,
does it pay money?
The rewards are endless.
Bigger than money.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
When I was ten,
I thought
my life was over, man,
'cause they,
they took my mom
for a grand mission.
But now I realize it was,
it was an honor, man.
I was chosen to usher in
the dawn a new world order.
Look man, I talk to crazy
dudes all the time,
but you're sick, man.
I know of a free clinic
you can go to.
What if I told you I can
give you anything you want?
A better life.
A better everything.
- I'm listening.
- Yeah?
What if I told you
all you have to do
is look in the water.
Just in there.
You see it?
I do see something.
But what is it?
Touch it.
Kinda freaky.
I feel.
I serve.
I shall obey.
Thank you so much
for volunteering
for our new world order.
Your time will be
beneficial to you
and to us.
But mostly to us.
I did good, didn't I?
You're on your way?
I'll protect you.
I've been examining this book,
well, if you can
call it a book.
It completely lacks
a coherent narrative.
It makes no sense.
It's just disjointed writing
and crude drawings.
Yet I've spent days,
weeks, going through it.
And there's something there,
something I can't
quite put my finger on.
It's like,
if you weren't careful enough,
just as you were
about to see something,
you'd lose it.
It would be gone
and you'd have to start
all over again.
And that's where
I feel like I am now
squinting at the pages,
on the cusp of something.
Then it's gone.
But there
are some things in here
that seem to tie to it all.
The all of it.
As I examine the pages,
I get this sense of dj vu.
And when I look
at that image,
it makes me think
of that thing
in the jug.
CONNER: Okay, Dr. Jones,
ready when you are.
Yes, I'm Dr. Vincent Jones.
It's 10:35 a.m. March 7th,
and I'm here in Autopsy room 3B.
Who are these girls?
Jane Doe's
according to the file.
The poor chicks were fine
24 hours ago.
They were camping together
by the lake.
Who found the bodies?
The local sheriff.
- And where is the sheriff now?
- Not sure.
He disappeared after
the delivery of the bodies.
So what else do you know
what caused this?
Here is the report.
You got anything else?
We took some CT scans
when they were delivered.
The scans are over there.
There's something
in her forehead.
- Dr. Jones?
- What?
- Dr. Jones!
- Help me!
Get the fuck outta here!
Fuck this!
Somebody open the door!
Open the fucking door!
Do we need to contain
this situation?
we cannot have this affect or
interfere with our primary target.
I am on it.
Another video came in.
I made sure I got it.
My colleagues
haven't seen it.
They have the bodies...
but I don't know
if they are ready for this.
I'm not sure
any of us are ready.
You're shooting my ass,
aren't you?
Huh? Oh, may be.
- You are such an idiot.
- What? Are you speaking?
I can't really focus
on you right now.
I said that you are going to be
sleeping alone tonight.
Oh, okay, cool.
Keep that up, and I won't
let you do the woman job
of cleaning all the fish.
Hey, we're almost down
by the secret spot there.
Um, I hate to burst your bubble,
Mr. Manly,
but your secret spot
isn't so secret.
Let me see.
My colleagues are focusing
on the bodies,
but not the circumstances
surrounding their condition
and discovery.
I begged them
to look at the book,
at the videos,
and they dismiss me.
But that hasn't stopped me.
Well, what do we have here?
Finders keepers, I guess, huh?
Hey, maybe we should go
somewhere else?
I mean, if that guy comes back and
sees us messing with his stuff
- he might get pissed, you know?
- He's not coming back.
Look. He left his stuff
which is a bit weird
because this rod
is very expensive.
Hey, Ansel Adams, why don't you
come here for a close shot, huh?
Look at this shit.
Maybe he's off in the reeds
going to the bathroom.
- Can we please leave?
- Off in the reeds, babe?
Come on, I mean, look.
His ice is all melted.
- This beer is...
- Oh my God.
It's warm.
He ain't coming back.
Okay, Sherlock, now that
you've used your CSI skills
to give us the time
of death on the beer,
- can we please go?
- All right, come on.
- Come on!
- No, come on, right now.
Let's get outta here, please.
Thank you.
They found the fisherman.
No one
reported him missing,
but work colleagues said
he had taken a week's
vacation to go fishing.
Uh, he was a really good guy.
Uh, very reliable,
fun to hang out with.
You know,
typical everyday guy.
I saw him about
a week-and-a-half ago,
he turned me onto
this great new fishing hole.
Uh, went there,
had a few beers,
you know, normal guy stuff.
This is it.
My new private fishing hole.
Don't let the chain fool you.
It is perfectly legal
to be in here.
I don't know what we're
gonna catch first,
a fish or a buzz, but I guess
it really doesn't matter, right?
This place is great.
I mean,
they just found his body,
his skull was cracked open...
His brains were exposed.
I've never seen anything
quite like that.
Well, why did
he leave his things?
I mean, it's weird. He was like
trying to cook a fish over there.
There was bones and shit but there
was like worms in the fucking ax.
I think we should get
the fuck outta here.
Someone's coming!
What the fuck
is the matter with this Guy?
Maybe he's hurt,
I don't know.
Hey, buddy,
was that your shit back there?
I'm sorry.
We just didn't...
- Jesus Christ.
- What the fuck?
Stop! Stop!
Stop! What the fuck...
When authorities
discovered his body,
they also discovered
the camera
and the young man.
The young woman
from the video,
she wasn't found at the scene.
She turned up days later.
She tried to steal
someone's tablet computer.
Walked into a coffee shop,
saw the tablet sitting
on a table,
picked it up,
walked out.
Cops caught her
right outside.
She didn't resist.
She didn't say anything.
She still hasn't.
When the authorities found out
she had been flagged,
they brought her here.
They just got done
fighting over the two corpses.
Now there's
a feeding frenzy over her.
But I think
they're wasting their time.
The answers
aren't in the bodies.
They are in the book
and the videos.
And I think
I may have found...
a connection.
We have reports of the phenomena
in every country
with shores
along the Atlantic.
And it's spreading.
We had our first
U.S. case inland.
What happened?
Poor bastard, in a
supermarket in Buffalo
a guy worked
in the seafood section.
He stabbed
his co-worker to death.
He was caught at a bus station
trying to get to a Syracuse.
He offered no resistance,
just like the girl.
If you let me talk to the girl,
I can try to understand
what's happening
to the victims mentally.
I can try to find out what's
compelling them to the beach.
We're moving
the specimen today for tests.
No team member is getting near
her without protective clothing,
because we don't
what we're dealing with.
I know you've
been working hard,
but you need to stop
with these theories, okay?
You need to get
something to eat.
You need to get some sleep.
You need to call your family.
You need to...
Wait. Are you recording
this conversation?
- I'm keeping a record...
- Are you out of your goddamn mind?
Turn that thing off.
Turn that thing off and...
I've been put on a mandatory
leave of absence.
I have to leave
all files behind...
even this.
I feel like I'm getting
closer to the truth.
Good afternoon,
this is Ann Davis for News 7
your local news and here
are our top stories for today.
Six bodies
were found this morning
at North Bay Beach
in an apparent mass murder.
According to the police,
the identities of these victims
have not been disclosed
as the brutality
of these murders
have made some of the victims
According to
the medical examiner
the victims heads
seem to have exploded.
This murder scene resembles
various other murders
that have come across the news
in recent weeks.
The police are investigating
any and all connections,
and we will continue to report
any updates here on News 7
as they come available.
In unrelated news,
two individuals believed to be
a man and a woman
robbed the First National Bank
on Oak Street earlier today
getting away with hundreds
of thousands of dollars.
Local police are asking
for any information
on these suspects
to call the police hotline
and do not approach
these individuals
as they may be
armed and dangerous.
Is it rolling, Blake?
Yeah, it's rolling.
It's our money now, bitches!
Did you see them freak?
I thought the bank teller
was gonna shit themselves!
And the lady,
when I stole her diamonds.
Yeah, we take from the bank
and the customers
for little old us.
No doubt.
- We're fucking bad asses.
- Holy shit.
Holy shit.
- Babe, check this out.
- Blake, get the camera.
- Get the camera. I wanna get a close up.
- All right, I'll get it.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Doesn't this
look pretty on me?
You sexy bitch.
Oh my God, Blake.
There's so much money.
Oh, wow.
Oh my God.
All right,
put the camera down.
I want you to do me
on top of all this money.
You are a crazy bitch.
I fuckin' love you.
We're gonna go into the marina
and we're gonna steal a boat
and go wherever
the fuck we want.
Who the fuck is that?
Open the door!
Open the door!
Let me in!
What you want, motherfucker!
It's Sheriff fuckin' Williams.
Let me in!
There's some fuckin' crazy
people out here!
Let me fuckin' in!
Open the fuckin' door!
Oh my God.
I got a gun.
Blake, who is it?
I think it's the cops.
- Let's get the fuck outta here.
- Relax, baby, I got this.
What the fuck?
Hey come on, we gotta get
the fuck outta here.
Come on, get dressed.
Give me the fuckin' gun.
- Get all the money.
- Leave the rest, come on.
Come on, grab the bag.
Stay behind me.
- Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em!
- No!
I can't get the others
to study the book.
They won't watch
and examine the videos.
They will probably
file this all away
as soon as I leave.
Maybe that's the biggest irony.
This was written by a madman.
And he may have been
the sanest of us all.
He was the only one capable
of trying
to make us understand
what was out there.
What if we're not dealing
with some mindless parasite
turning hosts
into brainless zombies?
What if we're facing
an intelligence?
What if the man knew for years
what was coming?
He called himself a prophet.
Maybe that is what he was.
Maybe he was trying
to recruit the student
to carry on
or help with his work.
A messenger of sorts.
Could Lucas have had an inkling
of what fate
was in store for him?
Shooting himself
might have been the wisest
course of action.
But why?
What knowledge
drove him to that?
Could it be...
Why are you filming this?
WILL: So the police will
know what happened.
We're not murderers, Julie.
Nobody's killing anybody, okay?
I just need to talk to him.
That's all.
Hey, it's gonna be okay.
Her husband
and all these people,
these were people we knew,
they went down by the river,
and they started
acting weird.
We didn't really wanna talk
about what we were gonna do.
We just knew it
was gonna get ugly.
Julie, stay close.
I'm gonna
talk with him, Will.
- Julie!
- Julie! Julie!
- Wait!
- Hey! Listen!
- We can't be alone!
- We stay together!
Stick with the plan,
you understand me?
Anything bad happens,
I'm just gonna start shooting.
WILL: Yeah, let's hope it
doesn't come to that, huh?
Nick, it's me.
Please look at me.
Nick, come home.
I got you.
Nick, please look at me.
Nick, come home with me!
Julie, step away from him.
That is not Nick.
- What're we gonna do?
- I don't know!
Just stay calm and be quiet!
What the fuck is this?
I don't know.
Just keep your eyes on 'em.
Hey, I got a real clear shot.
No, not with Julie there.
- Will!
- Yeah?
There's something in the water!
You can see it in the video.
I didn't get
the best shot of it,
but it's big,
dark, cloudy...
and it's just
sort of writhing around.
Julie, get away from him!
Get to the truck!
Let's go!
Come on!
I made it to the truck.
I'm the only one.
It was like
one big hivemind
serving that thing...
whatever it is.
But I saw it...
we saw it...
and it's on the video.
I don't know what
that thing in the water was,
but whatever it is...
God have mercy our soul.
returning to the workplace.
Situation normal.
What about the casualties?
Or The Specimen?
They're not the mission.
Staying on target.
The patient...
the specimen...
whatever you want to call her...
No one could have guessed
she was capable of violence.
She sent two to the hospital,
killed two more.
My supervisor...
was among the dead.
So it turns out...
I'm not going
on mandatory leave...
after all.
He never got a chance
to put in the paperwork.
The few remaining
team members
are debating how she did it.
You sound like a bunch
of pregnant fuckin' bitches!
You're fucking crying
about this and this!
Frank's fucking dead!
Huh? HUH?
If we're dealing
with an organism
that burrows into the brain
to control the host,
maybe it can
also turn off pain.
That the Specimen
may have been
reaching for my laptop.
She was skimming
NASA pages,
sites of space travel
and theory,
reading the biography pages
for astronauts
and astrophysicists.
She wanted
addresses and locations.
What was she after?
Who was she after?
Was it all just random?
I haven't spoken to my family
in ages.
I have a husband
and a daughter.
It's been so long.
Trying to scare me?
You think you're funny?
- Play with the baby stick.
- Give me the stick.
- No.
- Give...
Mom, I think I'm getting
a little big for the swing set.
DR. MOREIRA: I close my eyes
to remember their faces.
And I hope
they remember mine.
I can't remember
the last time I slept.
I can't take the nightmares.
They're the kind
that wake you up
in a cold sweat,
leaving you
wondering where you are,
how you got there,
not knowing whether the dream
was the true reality
you just snapped out of.
But there is this dj vu
nagging at me.
But it leaves the impression
of somewhere and something wet
and cold and old...
Somewhere and something
And it's coming from darkness.
And I'm waiting for it.
It's waiting for me.
And then he said,
"Where is the toast?"
Hell's coming!
This will be my last entry.
I don't say that
to be melodramatic.
The word came down.
The military is coming
to take over everything.
I don't know
what they expect to find.
I guess they
are as desperate as I am.
My colleagues,
what few were left,
are gone.
They gave up, retreated.
They don't know
what they're dealing with.
They just know it's winning.
So I'm alone here.
Which is a cruel twist.
Because I finally have
what I was looking for.
And there is no one
to show it to.
Not that it matters.
They still wouldn't
believe me.
I doubt the military
will be any more open-minded.
Let's get the hell out of here.
They still wouldn't believe me.
I'll be gone
before the soldiers roll in.
They can have this place.
They should rot here.
I'm going to my family.
I'm, I'm going home.
But I need
to show this first.
Yo, check it out.
- What?
- What?
Dude, I don't like...
whoa, I don't like this.
Why am I stopping?
It's a chick.
- Oh, of course.
- Hey.
You okay?
Where're you headed?
I think I hear him speak.
Location home.
- Uh, we can give you a ride.
- No! No, I'm sorry.
We can't...
are you fucking kidding?
Hey come on, come on.
Don't be such a little bitch.
We're going to the beach.
Are my words in right?
Am I meaning there, too?
- Home please.
- Whoa, whoa, crazy lady!
No man, she needs
to go to a hospital.
Nah, she just needs a beer.
I'm not fucking around!
Well, look. Tell me this
girl doesn't like to party.
She's all coked up.
Maybe she has something on her.
Check her.
- Guys, this is not cool.
- No fucking way.
I am not checking her.
She stinks.
Don't be such a pussy.
She's passed out.
Who cares
what she smells like.
You know you'll bang her
if you get the chance.
I hear you
and someone understands me.
Okay, asshole. Somebody just
give me a tissue please.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- What?
What do you mean what?
Look at her.
She could barely walk.
Look, I swear to God.
- If you guys do anything to her.
- Seriously.
- What's your fucking problem?
- What's my problem?
Hey, look at me. Jail.
Jail's my fucking problem, man.
Look, you don't get it,
do you?
She's in no condition.
And if you do anything to her,
anything at all
and she reports it to the cops,
- you're fucked.
- When did you become such a fag?
Uh, fuck you.
Nah, I'm outta here.
Where the fuck are you going?
- Anywhere but here.
- Here motherfucker.
Yeah, you're walking.
Fuck you.
This is gonna be awesome.
She's so fucked up.
Are you ready not to wait?
I'm ready for whatever.
The boy she had kissed
was gone.
Dude, what's wrong?
What the fuck?
Oh God.
What the fuck
did you do to him?
You fucking whore!
The other boy,
the boy who was filming
was lying there on the beach,
clutching the camera.
He was alive...
but he was institutionalized.
I was able to find out where
from the authorities
who sent me the video.
They told me that
he hasn't spoken a single word
since being found on the beach.
So I asked questions
about him and his treatment.
They told me
he just sits alone all day
and draws
odd pictures and shapes.
They think it's all meaningless
but they also see it
as therapeutic.
I asked if I could see
some of his drawings.
And they sent me this.
A homeless man.
A teenager.
They never met.
They had no mutual
They lived near
the Atlantic Ocean,
but hundreds of miles apart.
How is that
they both drew the same thing?
But I don't believe it,
and I don't care anymore.
I don't care.
The nightmares are worse.
Even when I don't sleep,
there isn't any escape.
Oh my God!
I just want to go home.
I'm going home.
Hey, stop where you are!
- Put that down.
- I need to get out of here.
- I said put that down!
- Easy, Johnson.
Johnson, stand down.
She should just surrender.
You need to come with us now.
- I need to get out.
- Negative.
The facility's in lockdown.
No need to worry.
We're debriefing
all remaining staff,
and collecting all research.
I have to get home
to my daughter.
Hand those documents over now
and come with us.
I'm not finished with it.
We can't risk anything
getting out of this facility.
You can't do this.
I'm afraid I don't
have any choice.
Johnson, Rodriquez,
secure anyone you find.
Will do.
should be here shortly.
Yes, sir.
Are they dead?
He definitely is.
They are, too.
Are you all right, huh?
You're the detective
from the video.
You're the one
who sent us this.
- Yeah.
- We need to get out of here.
Did you hear everything I said?
Did you hear what the guy said?
Reinforcements are coming.
I'd be a death sentence
to go that way anyway.
So is there another exit?
Is it nearby?
You're free to go.
But first, you gotta
give me that book, okay?
You gotta give me
that book, okay?
- What?
- The book.
It's been haunting me.
I'm hearing voices.
They were soft at first,
but now they're getting
louder and more insistent.
That book called me here.
It's found this fuckin' place.
I hear the voices, too.
No, you don't. You're full of shit.
You do not.
That book had called me here
to serve it,
to protect it or something.
But I say, fuck it.
I'm here to destroy it.
I tried.
You can't.
Hey, look.
I don't wanna
argue with you,
and, frankly,
I don't have the fuckin' time.
All right, but my life
has been fucked up
ever since that book
came into it.
And so it's gonna end
right here, right now.
It's too valuable to destroy.
- What do you mean?
- I've been studying this.
Whatever's going on,
this book is the key
to understanding it.
Maybe even stopping it.
If you're saying to me,
I mean, are you saying to me,
that that book,
this book here...
will make it better?
All right.
Okay, listen.
You take it
and you will leave
and you will sneak out of
here and you're clever,
and you get the fuck away
and you live.
You understand me?
You live.
All right?
You can go.
- You're not coming?
- No, I'm not.
I'm gonna stay
and buy you some time.
Handle these guys
with their guns, okay?
I understand that shit.
That's what I'm good at.
It's normal to me.
Okay, that shit outside,
whatever's going on out there,
we're going to hell anyway,
We won't need to.
Hell is coming to us.
- AGENT JOHNSON: Do you wanna try to stop her?
- AGENT MILLER: Negative.
She's finally leading us
to the Higher Intelligence.
AGENT JOHNSON: Yeah, but you
know what's gonna happen
when she goes home.
AGENT MILLER: Our task is
to observe and report.
End of conversation.
And here we have dad who thinks he's
a 19-year-old college sophomore.
What do you want?
I wanna know why you have
a mid-life crisis mobile.
I don't have
a mid-life crisis mobile, okay?
It's, it's good on gas
and it gets me around.
And it makes you
look like a kid.
What do you want?
I think you're trying to
impress the neighbor.
Go... play in traffic
or something.
- [POUNDING ON DOOR] - My name is
Daniela Belea. I live on Maple Lane
- Middleton, New Jersey.
- Uh, what is that?
I don't know, Dad. There's some
crazy lady banging on the door.
- What are you doing?
- I'm filming it
in case we have
to show the cops.
- Cops? Hello?
- Grab your things!
- Can I help...
- Grab your things!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- We need to go!
- What're you doing?
- It's all in here,
but there's no time to explain!
We need to head west.
You need to get out
of my house right now!
Your house?
What do you mean?
Ma'am, I don't know if you're high or
if you're crazy or if you're drunk,
but you need to leave
right now!
It's our house.
It's me.
Why are acting like
you don't know me?
Because I don't,
I don't.
- You do.
- No, look, I have seen...
- You do know me. It's me.
- No, I don't.
I've seen you around the
neighborhood jogging before, yes,
but I don't know your name,
I don't know where you're from.
Now if you do not
leave right now,
- I am calling the police.
- What?
What are you talking about?
It's me, sweetie.
I'm your wife.
What's wrong with you?
- Dad.
- Pumpkin?
- It's me. It's Mommy.
- Dad!
What's wrong with you?
Okay, I'm a widower.
My wife... her mom...
died five years ago, okay?
Oh, no, that can't be.
ROGER: You need to leave right
now or I'm calling the police.
- I don't know,
I think she's high or...
- I don't want to do this.
- Please.
- Get back. Get back.
Miss, Miss.
She's bleeding.
Miss, let me help you, okay,
let me call you an ambulance.
- Run!
- Let me get you some help.
- Please.
- Before it's too late.
- Let me help you.
- Run.
I need your phone.
Now the real work begins.
What have I done?
If that is not my family,
so who are they?
Where's my home?
I just keep hearing it,
home, home.
Get out of my head!
Shut up.
Where's my house?
It needs to be
over here somewhere.
I know I live over here.
Where's my home?
I hear it.
I hear home, home, home.
My home.
- Home.
Messiah has come.
Reveal the One Who Walks Beyond.
- Home.
- ALL: Home.
- Home.
- ALL: Home.
- Home.
- ALL: Home.
- Home.
- ALL: Home.
- Home.
- ALL: Home.
- Home.
- ALL: Home.
Hey! Get up here!
I got a truck. This place is
crawling with these things!
I can get us to safety.
Come on.
I'm not crazy.
I've seen that thing
with my own two eyes.
I can help.
Obstacle defeated.
Subject free to continue.
I'm sorry for your loss,
but I'm gonna need to ask you
a few questions.
So if you could
just help me out.
I'm trying to understand
what happened to you today.
Excuse me please.
- No sir.
- No! No!
Jesus, get him off me!
Don't go.
I recognize you.
I do.
Your the one who gave
the two students this.
I knew you before that.
What did you call me?
They wouldn't
let you keep me.
They did what they had to do
and then they released you.
And people said that you
had lost your way,
- but I knew it wasn't true.
- Why are you doing that to me?
They came in the boat.
And they killed daddy.
And they took you.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
I can believe...
Oh, no.
They made me their prophet.
They made you their messiah.
The chose you.
I never wanted that.
You never wanted that?
Kill me.
Please kill me.
You never wanted that.
No, I want you.
I wanted you.
You don't want me!
- I love you.
- You don't want me!
I didn't have any control.
I want you.
I love you.
They're in my head, mommy.
They're in my head, mommy.
- I love you.
- For years.
Baby, I know.
I know, baby.
I know.
They chose you.
- I was weak.
- They chose you.
And now your job is done.
- Come with me.
- It's too late.
Come with me please.
It's too late.
Mommy, it's too late.
It's not too late.
- It's too late.
- It's not too late.
It's too late.
- No!
- It's too late!
No, it's not, it's not!
You come with me!
Please come with me.
Please don't do this.
This is it.
Finally what we came here for.
Stay focused.
Miller, this situation is out
of control and dangerous.
I'm calling it in.
Headquarters is ready to send
military backup on my word.
Stay focused.
She is the key to the source.
She's always been the key.
Yeah well, I don't think
she's here alone.
What do you think
you're doing?
Look, we don't want any trouble.
Just in the wrong place.
That's it.
Just tell your creatures
to let us go.
I don't think so.
I think you're after my mom.
I think the CIA has been
tracking our every move.
what's you're going to do,
- and we're gonna stop it.
- You don't know shit.
And anyways,
it's too late.
You're the boy from the boat.
Hey, we're trying to find you.
We tried to help you.
You did?
I was underground.
Not all of our followers
But the ones that did...
are loyal.
They're loyal to me,
to my mom...
to the master.
I know now the real reason
why the government
hired me.
They knew
I had a connection
to the master.
After the boat accident,
I lost most of my memories
especially of my real husband
and my son.
My son didn't get
the title right.
The seas from whence they came?
That's wrong.
There's no "they."
There's only "it."
And it's not from the seas.
The seas
are where it is now,
but that's not where
it comes from.
It comes from somewhere else.
It doesn't belong here.
It doesn't want to be here.
It was ripped from a place
we'll never know.
A place we'll never understand.
It was here before all of us.
I'm not a prophet.
I'm the messiah.
It is part of me equally.
We are separate and one.
It can force me to understand,
and that's how I know
exactly what it is
and exactly what it wants.
It's just a new beginning.
A new end.
The wait is over.
Its time is now.
I'm the messiah chosen
to show you what's coming.
I wanted to go home.
And it wants to go home, too.
And only one of us
will get to do that now.
Wait a minute.
Are you recording this?
- [INDISTINCT] - Are you
out of your goddamn mind?
Turn that off.
Please, erase all this.
Not cool.
You better hope you're dead.
And, action!
Open this door!
Open this fucking door!
It's open already.
It should be locked.
And, cut.
Uh, yeah, that it was great.
- No sound!
- No sound!
- No sound! No sound!
No sound.
But keep going,
but no sound.
We have been...
We have been shar...
Oh, fuck.
We have been sharing...
We have...
We have been sharing
other information with...
What the fuck!
You guys getting me nervous,
Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear.
Actual sound.
- Roll camera.
- Rolling.
- Two take seven.
- Rolling, rolling, get ready.
Let's kill it one to ten!
That was a six.
I want to see a ten.
Go for it!
I can see the light.
I can see the light.
Can you see the light?
I can see the light.
Right now you're saying,
I am God.
I am God!
You are God.
Say, "I'm the Messiah."
I'm the Messiah.
You are the Messiah.
Say, "You love me."
- Do you love me?
- ALL: I love you.
Roll camera.
Scene Edward six,
take one.
All right.
Okay, ready?
And, action!
- I'm in the right place.
- Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
I humbly apologize.
- Cut!
- Great! Cool!
- That was awesome!
Three, two, one!
Oh, that's not really pumping.
Rolling, rolling, get ready
and, action!
And, cut!
And cut on rehearsal.
I want to play back on that.
All right, and, action,
And, cut.
Thank you.
- I'm happy to be here.
- Well, we are, too.
So, uh, where are you from?
- I'm from Brazil.
- Brazil.
That's beautiful.
They got any dead bodies
floating up down there?
Still rolling
Let's reset back to one.
Back to one!
Let's go right back into it.
And, cut! Okay.
Great, cool, very good.
We need to fucking jump out
a fucking window.
That's what it is.
Get out!
Get out!
Keep rolling.
Good. Turn towards us like you're
trying to get it out of your mouth.
Keep working.
But it's taking over.
It's winning. It's winning.
It's going down your throat.
It's going down your throat.
It's beating you.
It's killing you.
Yeah, you're losing strength.
You're losing strength.
Go down,
you're losing strength.
All right, now spasms.
Good, keep working.
Keep spasming.
And, let's go.
Okay, cool. We that.
Scene 15 take ten,
Before, all right,
so just, uh,
put both hands on the steering
wheel for me,
and you're gonna like hit it with a
flat part of your hand like this
and say, "Mine, mine,
mine, mine, mine..."
Mine, mine, mine...
Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.
Keep going.
- Mine, mine, mine, mine...
- Keep going. Keep going. Keep going...
- Mine!
- Go, go go faster, faster...
Faster, faster,
faster, faster...
- Mine!
- All right, get ready.
And, action!
Back on your feet.
Had an explosion, reset!
Come back to shore,
water people!
Come back to shore!
Everyone come back to shore,
water people!
Water people, reset.