Black Widow (1987) Movie Script

When he didn't come to the office,
10:30, 11:00...
...I called the house.
...he went in his sleep,
so peacefully.
The doctor said if you slept
next to him... wouldn't even have known.
You couldn't have done anything.
Mrs. Petersen.
- Catharine, let me come up with you.
- No.
You get some rest, Sara.
Nice blouse, Alex.
- Has been for years, Michael.
I'm late. I spent the whole morning
going over obituaries.
The whole morning?
Yeah. Detroit Free Press on your list?
April 12th.
I don't roll out of bed
and read obituaries before coffee.
Wasn't this guy a capo for Marangano
a few years back?
- So?
- So...
...two guys die within four days
of each other. What does that say?
No pattern. This guy could've been
a hit, but Marangano died in his sleep.
He stopped breathing.
They ran a full...
- Not now.
Is that what Bruce thinks?
A government pouch to someone's
home is illegal. Worse, it's expensive.
Well, my contribution
to the federal deficit.
And let go of this Marangano thing.
People die in their sleep. Even dons.
It was a hit!
Hey, keep it down.
He ran trash collection
for half of Jersey.
- You don't die in your sleep of...
Ondine's Curse.
"Damage of unknown origin to the part
of the brain that controls breathing."
It's rare. It's real. It happens.
Yeah, I'm here six years, it never
happened. You do a run on it?
- This the only one?
- It can't be connected.
This guy's not Mafia. He's some
millionaire publisher from New York.
"Cause of death unknown.
Evidence suggests unexplained
interruption of breathing.
Consider possibility of Ondine's Curse.
Sam Petersen, age 60. Survived
by his wife of four months, Catharine...
...age 31."
- And I had to go back a year to get that.
Alex, it's the only one. Believe me.
Believe me, there's nothing there.
I've got it sitting right here
in front of me.
Walter, you see, I don't know how
to read the goddamn instructions.
I'm only 5 fucking years old.
Now, you be my daddy,
and you tell me how to use it.
Nice and simple.
Oh, you're goddamn right I'm serious.
But my bride is here for our luncheon.
Well, I've never been
anybody's daddy neither.
But if you want me to pop for 200,000
units of this little plastic turd here...
...I suggest that you start faking it.
How's that wife of yours?
- She don't look so good today.
- She's the best-looking gal in Dallas.
- She looks kind of scrag.
Scraggly, my ass.
Write some of these instructions
in English.
- Maybe you can find a market for this.
- I'm on top of it.
Yeah, okay, yeah. So long, then.
Marielle, you think anybody's gonna
be interested in a thing like this?
It's about winning, Ben.
Everybody's interested in winning.
They forgot that they're
making this toy for kids.
The instructions are too complicated.
Hot damn!
I gotta be the world's
number one airhead.
Be gone five days, and I'm packing
half of Neiman Marcus here.
Yeah, hon?
How come we run out of brandy
so quick, hon?
Didn't I see a fresh bottle
in the cabinet?
Right again, hon.
Marielle, I've explained to Etta
that this will is valid in all respects.
Any contest here would just be
a waste of time and money.
My time.
My money.
What, a man cuts his only sister out of
his will two months after marrying a...?
Younger woman?
You know something, Etta,
your husband is right.
Ben had no quarrel with you.
Only the way you felt about me.
I think, if he were here...
...he'd regret what he'd done.
What are the tax consequences
if I make a small gift?
Young lady...
Marielle is going to go back
to Charleston...
...and she doesn't want any
harsh feelings or needless delays.
How small a gift, dear?
Something in the mid-six figures?
Miss Barnes! Miss Barnes?
Miss Barnes, can I look
in your purse, please?
Here she comes!
What? You gonna knock over
a liquor store?
I was just at the target range.
I'm trying to get certified, that's all.
I tell you what.
Send the piece back to Sears.
Remember that Ondine's Curse thing?
Another one came up today.
This guy died 10 days ago.
- I said, dinner? Eat? Tonight?
- I have work left.
Fine. Tomorrow?
I don't think it's a good idea.
We work together.
What, office policy? What?
Okay. I resign.
I can't afford to lose you.
You're my right arm.
What did you say about Ondine's Curse?
- It's not Mafia.
- What is it?
It's a toy manufacturer from Dallas.
He's very rich. He's very clean.
I'll get you a printout tomorrow, okay?
- Good night.
- Good night.
Wait up.
I'm gonna go with you.
Could a Texas toy mogul
have a mob connection?
The Texan's a ringer
for that other guy from New York.
How's that?
- Well, both older guys, very rich...
...each married to a young gal
for a couple of months.
- Must be kind of bad for your health.
- Hey, you got a minute?
Make some calls to New York, Dallas.
Newspapers, whatever.
Let's round up some photos.
Shouldn't be hard.
They were prominent guys.
Not the men.
The wives.
Seattle guidebooks,
Japanese cooking, what next?
- Rare coins.
- What sort of rare coins?
Something general for the beginner, then
something more particular. Perhaps...
...Italy, the 19th century.
Before the city-states were unified
or after?
I don't know.
Which would be more...
Northwest Indians. Which tribes?
Coast Salish, for certain.
Whatever else you have.
Tlingit, Bella Coola, Kwakiutl.
My primary interest is in totem poles.
What are you,
cramming for a game show?
No, I'll take it. Thank you.
Come here. Come here, children.
Teachers, let's move them along.
Come this way.
One million dollars.
A very generous offer, Miss Dodd...
...but this museum does not sell
places on its board.
- Our chairman...
- Yes.
I'm sure Mr. McCorey will appreciate
my intentions. Good day.
But Margaret,
we want your views on this.
Now, I understand you had very
strong feelings about this collection.
Mr. McCorey...
...I didn't want my first meeting
to be one where l...
You disagreed with anybody.
I think it's a mistake to concentrate
so exclusively...
...on the Coast Salish in our acquisitions.
You want to be the best at something,
but that's not our role.
And what is, Margaret?
We need to compare all the tribes.
We study their art to learn about them.
We study them
to understand ourselves.
These the best pictures?
She doesn't want pictures.
She knows the camera's there.
She turns away.
The Texas one is different,
slimmer body.
- It's the way she's stand...
- She's younger.
- It's makeup, hair, attitude.
- I think you're wrong.
I could be right.
The whole m.o., a complex series
of seductions and murders...
...that's not something
you see a woman do.
Oh? Which part you figure a woman isn't
up to? The seduction or the murder?
Look, I just want the field assignment.
- Please?
- Listen... analysis is the heart
of what we do here.
The best work in this shop
is yours. The best.
- It's a job you were born to do.
- It's a job with green windows!
Bruce, I've been in this office
for six years.
This goddamned government
office with green windows.
You want excitement. People
don't look to get it all from their job.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Jesus.
What do you think it means?
Having a date!
When was the last time you rolled in late
on a Monday because of a big weekend?
I really can't believe
you're saying this to me!
I have to listen to this shit
from my mother!
What the hell do you think
you are, Bruce?
Look, I just...
You're not happy.
You're not a happy person.
And you deserve to be, that's all.
Bruce, make me happy.
Even if you're right, it isn't federal.
Whatever you can't fit on the
weekends, make sure you call in sick.
She was destroyed by his death.
They were very devoted.
Catharine needed to get away,
and she went to Europe.
That was over a year ago.
Have you heard from her?
I had a postcard from Rome. I had
a lovely note from Vienna, a little gift.
All in the first month, or thereabouts.
Anything lately?
Only the attorney.
He received instructions
to convert the estate into cash...
...and to transfer the funds
to a Swiss account.
No one else in Manhattan,
not a single soul.
Everyone says the same thing.
From Chicago, no family...
...they don't know where she lived,
where she worked.
Could I have this photograph?
I'm sorry.
That must have sounded awful.
Sara, it's just that she came out of thin
air, and she vanished back into thin air.
- Well, is that against the law?
- It's odd. I find it odd.
Sam Petersen is gone.
So is all of his property, his money.
And if I loved him as much as you did,
I'd find it very odd indeed.
That's Felice Baciocchi
and her sister Elisa.
You probably looked all this up
just to impress me.
Did it work?
Well, you know, I really did wonder.
You seem almost too good to be true.
I thought of checking up on you.
Not a bad thought.
After all, I could be
practically anybody.
Dangerous not to check people out.
I did.
And what did you find?
I found that you went to Mount
Holyoke, you studied anthropology...
...and I found...
...we're a lot alike.
We like Italy, and we like coins.
And we like to live alone.
You never talk about that.
I don't know why I never married.
I have a serviceable list of reasons.
Take out my reasons
and polish them every once in a while.
I kept on growing out
in all these...
...peculiar and idiosyncratic directions.
I'd put on a little bristle here
and a bristle there...
...and sort of...
...turned myself into a porcupine.
- What?
- Well, it's just such an old joke.
How do two porcupines...
...make love?
Very carefully.
To the left, right around this corner.
You'll find it.
It's kind of you to make time
in your busy schedule for me.
No trouble at all.
So have you thought at all
about what I said?
Uh-huh. You know something?
That very same idea occurred to me
right after the funeral.
I even hired a detective.
Sent him over to Charleston,
where she said her people were at.
There was nothing at all.
No family, not even a trace.
Why didn't you come forward, Etta?
Ben was gone.
I couldn't bring him back.
I thought, "lt'll be in the papers."
I didn't want a big scandal.
Okay, about the will, Etta.
Rice Institute was the only
other beneficiary, wasn't it?
Yes. Ben was gracious and...
And I bet you wondered
if Marielle got caught...
...Rice might just take back
that little gift she gave you.
You're looking a little peaked, dear.
Can I buy you a tan?
I've been coming here about this time
of year since I was 5 years old.
And every year, when we'd leave...
...I'd feel this sense of...
...Ioss, I suppose.
Always promised myself
I'd live here someday.
Why don't you?
Why don't we?
What is this thing?
You almost broke my tooth.
Medic alert.
I'm allergic to penicillin.
We're done. We're all done.
Last hand, you guys.
Herb's got it, honey.
He's got that look.
That's the look?
That's the look.
Yeah, I'm done.
You do got it,
you lame son of a bitch.
I'll see your 20
and kick you 20.
What is that, suicide?
Some kind of sympathy ploy?
- Called putting up your money. Herbert?
- I got it, Alex. Keep your 40.
Kick me back.
Just call. All blue, darling.
Remember last week?
- I think we're even now, baby.
Yeah, well, I gotta get out of here.
Hold on a second, will you, please?
- Guys, come on.
Take it easy!
This is my money. I've got about...
I got about 40, 50, $60 here.
I already got this money spent.
Yeah, what are you buying?
New underwear?
You took Alex out once, didn't you?
Yeah, Redskins game.
So how'd it go?
Skins lost.
You want your neck rubbed?
I want my neck rubbed.
- Oh, man.
- Thinking about your Borgia lady?
- You figure out how she hits them?
- Oh, Christ, I don't know.
It could be methadone.
It leaves a negligible trace.
You know how many men over 50...
...married women under 40
in the last four months?
Neither do I.
Now try the top 30 cities.
You tell me.
Exactly a zillion.
And that's the easy part.
Now try crossing that
against millionaires.
Get photos of the women.
And you could use more computer time.
No, I'm there.
I'm down to six ladies.
That includes the two
I got this week.
You can't be traveling
all over the country...
No, I gotta check it out.
I gotta check them out.
What, are you scared for me?
You're full of shit, Bruce.
Call you from Denver.
Maybe Seattle.
See you.
Pull your cars
as far forward as possible.
Stop your engine.
Set your emergency brake.
Everything's fine.
You can get dressed.
Doctor, I almost forgot.
I have this recurring tonsillitis and...
...well, with this Seattle weather...
What usually works for you?
I think she said her degree
was in anthropology.
Vassar or Smith or...
- And she was originally from...?
- New England, I think.
Maybe it wasn't. It's funny.
I see her three times a week and...
Sally, is Mrs. McCorey across the hall?
Please check. I have a reporter
who'd like some background on her.
I'd rather not bother her,
if you don't mind.
I don't like to impose on my subjects
till I have something written up... know, in case they want
to make changes.
Margaret isn't in this morning.
William, this is Mrs. Talley.
- Nice to meet you.
- How do you do?
She's with the Post-Intelligencer.
They're doing a piece on our
more prominent women volunteers.
I know your managing editor well.
You're on metro desk, features?
I'm not with the paper, actually.
I'm freelance.
I was hoping they would
pick up an article.
I'm working in the storeroom.
- Why don't we talk there?
- Fine.
Please don't touch anything down here.
- Your home phone?
- Well, I don't live here in town.
- So you're staying at the...?
- The Hilton.
- Look...
- Airport?
Just one question.
Why did you lie back there
about the paper?
I'm sorry. I really am, I...
See, I'm just starting out.
I thought an article on powerful
women might sell to Cosmo...
...or Woman 's Day, and so...
- Oh, yeah, I see, I see.
I never had to prove myself like that.
It must be hard for you.
My wife's a very private person,
and I respect that.
But let me talk to her, and we'll see
if we can't help you out.
That's very understanding of you.
Anything else?
I think that's it, thanks.
Hey! Hey, Leo, will you fix that screen?
Okay, I'll fix it!
- All right!
Come on, man!
- I'll fix it!
Another movie on survival?
Just because
you can 't see a suspect...
... doesn 't mean he can 't see you.
There's a resemblance, but I've seen
strangers who look like twins.
You're looking for a reason to kiss
this off because you can't stomach it.
Yeah, what are you looking for?
Why do you wanna bury this lady?
Two guys die of some curse?
Ondine's Curse. They died in their sleep.
They stopped breathing.
When McCorey dies
of the same thing, call me.
You said the wives were out of town.
She poisoned them.
She put it in some...
Something she thought
they'd drink or eat.
These boys were autopsied.
You got cops in New York or Dallas
wanna dig up the bodies?
No, but you want me to tell one
of the richest men in this state...
...that some Fed thinks
his wife's a murderer...
...when nobody thinks
there's a homicide.
You're right. You solved
the whole case from your desk.
Why not take the rest of the day off?
You're absolutely right.
Hello, Mrs. McCorey?
Would you come to the station
and tell us if you ever killed anybody?
No, ma'am, we don't have any evidence.
I just spent the whole morning
showing you the evidence!
If that's what the Justice Department
calls evidence...
...then that is the scariest part
of this whole conversation.
The thing is, I know I'm right.
So, what do you think?
The playing's better than the piano.
Oh, right.
I'll get a tuner out here tomorrow.
Oh, a young woman stopped
by the museum.
She's researching an article about you.
I liked her.
She seemed really very sweet.
Fix you a gin?
Check again.
Look, she told my husband
she was here waiting for a call.
She was here.
Checked out this afternoon.
Transferring to the Inn at the Market.
Perhaps I could call for you.
Yeah, I'm up here!
- Oh, I'll come up.
No, no, no.
I'll be down in just a minute.
I thought you were fishing.
No luck?
I was gonna call the lawyer
about the board meeting.
I think it's a mistake, sweetheart.
It's a family business.
You put me on another board,
there'll just be conflict and resentment.
You're my wife.
I want you with me.
I do like the way you say that.
- Where'd they find him?
- Look, Agatha Christie.
He didn't die of any breathing disease.
Just a good old-fashioned heart attack.
- Did they do an autopsy?
- Yes...
...they did, and a toxicology screen.
Great, that covers about 60
compounds at the outside.
You think she wouldn't
know what to avoid?
Anaphylactic shock looks
like cardiac arrest.
Was he allergic to something?
- Bee venom? Antibiotics?
- Bee venom!
Bee venom.
You're not gonna believe this...
...but I overlooked that possibility.
Boy, that's gonna be my ass.
She's left town,
and you don't know where.
Lady, there's been no homicide.
Why should I care where she went?
Enough to know she's left.
You're scared shitless.
They're gonna find out about me
and wonder why you didn't check it out.
If you got a complaint, go file it.
Otherwise, please, go fuck yourself.
It's not a reason.
I was in the room with him.
He was four feet away from me.
- And what were you supposed to do?
- I don't know.
I just...
...should have...
...said it. Told him.
- He'd have believed you?
He would have had a chance.
I didn't give him a chance!
He would've gone straight to her,
then you're blown and she's gone.
And maybe he's alive.
Alex, you don't quit your job...
...six years... go chasing after some phantom!
She's not a phantom.
Come on. Come on!
We got her. I think we got her.
I think we finally got her.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
This is from me.
I already have my ticket to Hawaii.
That's your ticket back.
What makes you so sure
she's even there?
Michael says the lady at the ticket
counter in Seattle recognized her photo.
Who's to say she didn't fly out of Hawaii
under any name at all?
Maybe she did.
Where else am I gonna start?
I heard you sold all your stuff.
- Yeah.
- What'd you get for the BMW?
- Well...
...I got 5900 for it.
Blue Book said 66...
...but the salesman was wearing
a bow tie and I was in a hurry.
Would you do me a favor?
Would you get this back to Sears?
- Don't underestimate this woman.
- She's not about guns.
You want to catch her,
you gotta think like she thinks.
I think.
And you figure you know her, huh?
Why she does it?
Tell me.
When I was a kid, my father...
I told you this story, though, didn't I?
My dad had quite a temper.
He used to take off after me
with this spatula, you know.
Stainless steel pancake turner.
Man, that thing stung like hell.
One of these times,
he chased me down the hall...
...and he got me into my bedroom,
and he was beating the crap out of me.
And he stood up, keeled over and died.
I figure Margaret,
or whatever her name is...
...has some deep resentment
against older men and...
Are you buying this?
I can't believe you really went for it.
Goddamn it.
Don't you know? No one knows
why anyone does anything.
I know she's obsessed with killing
and you're obsessed with her.
What worries me is that
you might be as wacky as she is.
I'll be back with a tan.
Over here, all of you going
to Kilauea, line up here please.
We are standing at the newest
place on this planet.
It's like nowhere on Earth.
I love this place!
Everybody comes to Hawaii
for the sand, for the beach...
...but to put a hotel here,
it would cost a fortune.
Do you know what?
My bankers say I'm insane.
God, in the right spot,
it would be fantastic!
You always been impatient, lady?
I mean, your whole life?
Mr. Shin, in four weeks
I've given you $600.
You, by way of contrast,
have given me zip.
I'm surprised you can find
your office in the morning.
You always sarcastic like that?
You were sarcastic little baby?
You look for lady for four weeks, huh?
One time I look for somebody
for 18 years.
Quite a recommendation.
Besides, can't find such a pretty lady
for buck and a half a week.
- Need incentive bonus.
- No, just show me what you've got.
What do you mean, huh?
I got nothing.
Mr. Shin, any man that would ask me
for a price increase...
...without anything to deliver
would be kind of stupid.
No point in insulting
your intelligence.
I'd rather do business on a basis
of mutual respect.
That's good.
- I like respect.
- Fine.
Where is she?
All right, ladies,
before we re-enter the pool...
...let's review the most important rule:
Never race your bubbles to the surface.
It can cause lung expansion, which
can result in air in the bloodstream.
This can produce an embolism,
which can result in...
- You all right? Maybe you should sit out.
- A very agonizing death.
Now then, ladies, let's get in the pool.
Good. Okay, ladies,
come around here.
Come on. Come on, all of you.
We're going to pair up and practice
breathing two on the same regulator.
This would be necessary
when one runs out of air.
Now pair up. You and you.
You and you.
That's right. Take the regulator and give
it to your partner for emergency air.
Partners? Don't worry.
I'm not really contagious.
My friend promised me she'd
be my partner, so...
Well, that leaves me odd man out,
doesn't it?
- Rennie Walker.
- Jessica Bates.
- Jessica Bates, I owe you a beer.
- Take you up on it.
Now you take the regulator
in your right hand... take two breaths from it,
and then you give it to your partner.
She takes two breaths from it,
and then you take it back...
...and you breathe into it twice.
On five, you blow out.
Don't hold her nose so tight.
You have to close her nose,
but don't rip it off her face.
And keep your hand on the back
of her neck.
If her airway closes,
she will not be able to breathe.
You're not taking this personally,
are you?
Don't worry.
- Okay.
Okay, that's it for this afternoon.
Thank you for your participation.
You can all go. Thank you.
What's your name again?
- Rennie.
- Rennie.
- What are you doing here?
- Oh, just hanging out.
Spending my money.
What are you looking at?
Oh, I'm sorry. No, it's just that
we spent most of the day in the pool...
...and you come out looking like that
and I look like this.
I just wondered why that is.
You don't look bad.
New suit might help, though.
Oh, it's just the suit? Great.
I'm on a budget.
What do you say we go up to my room,
have a couple of decent drinks?
All right.
- You married or what?
- Nope.
Not at the moment.
Thank you. Who's this?
You like that, do you?
Men that look like this,
you usually end up supporting.
His name's Paul Nuytten, and he owns
half a dozen hotels around the world.
Does he have a brother? Cousin?
Young grandfather?
He's having a party tonight.
Do you want to come?
He's having a party tonight.
Do you want to come?
Oh, I can't. I left all my designer
stuff back in Chicago.
Well, that's all right.
You can borrow something of mine.
Could I borrow your hair?
How about your hairdresser?
- You look pretty.
- You gonna be okay?
- I think so.
I'll catch you later.
Gin and tonic.
Thank you.
Oh, I know this dress,
but who is the woman?
Paul Nuytten, my new pal,
Jessica Bates.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Welcome.
Thank you.
You have a beautiful home.
Thank you.
Would you like to dance?
No. Thanks.
I have new shoes.
Thank you. What's your name?
- Tran.
- Tran?
Tonight you stay?
You have a very busy day tomorrow.
You have to polish your boat...
...hunt some wild boar.
Oh, Paul.
You have your little phone book,
lots of numbers.
Why do we keep having
this conversation?
It's you.
It's you I want.
All you want is the woman
you haven't slept with.
That's not the same as wanting me.
I need a kiss.
Fresh fish!
Aku! Fresh aku! Aku!
Freshest fish!
- Fish! Fish!
That one.
- Two pounds.
I see you've caught your fish after all.
Oh, can't place my face, huh?
Forgetting is useful skill.
- I could learn some of that some time.
- Take out your cigarettes.
Take out your cigarettes
and offer me one.
No, thanks. This is federal government.
You don't wanna lose your license.
Point. At the fish.
- Say thank you and goodbye.
- Thank you.
Who was that guy?
He's a local, and he's asking me
if the fish is fresh.
- Hello?
- Yes?
- Sara, it's Catharine.
- Petersen.
- Catharine!
It's been such a long time.
Are you all right?
Well, I have a situation actually.
Apparently, there's been a woman
reporter asking questions about me...
...and Sam.
Has anyone like that been
around to see you?
Well, yes. There was a young woman
by here about six months ago.
But she was from
the federal government.
Listen, Sara, I really must go
right now...
...but I'll phone you later to catch up.
It's been a long time,
and I would like to keep in touch.
I'll talk to you later, bye.
I'll do it. I'll do it!
The goddamn gauge said half full.
How come there was no air in it?
I was supposed to check these things.
If I was a little further out
or had my back turned...
You scared the shit out of me.
Thanks for not having your back turned.
I'll be right down.
You really like those things?
My second husband was addicted.
Second husband?
How many have you had?
Lots. That's how I got rich.
Once wasn't enough to get rich?
Rich is hard.
You never really figure
you're quite there.
That sounds pretty romantic.
...I used to think of it as my job.
Making myself appealing.
I was a professional.
L... I loved every one of them.
It wouldn't have worked any other way.
You like him.
Paul. You like him.
Go for it.
He wants you to.
He needs somebody now...
...who knows how to commit.
They're arguing over some woman
named Pel, like the soccer player.
One argues that she's going
on the warpath on Tuesday.
The other guy says,
"No, next Wednesday."
Six guys got into the same argument... they all know the same woman.
- No, no. Pel is a goddess.
Goddess of devastation.
She lives in a volcano. Kilauea.
And every so often she makes fire.
- More coffee?
- No, thanks.
- Coffee?
Thank you.
You okay?
I don't feel too well actually.
I think I'll go back to the hotel.
- I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
- I'll drive you home.
- Don't be ridiculous.
It's only a headache.
I'll call you tonight.
We'll do something tomorrow.
Look, you and Jessie
go on with your afternoon. Okay?
And have a nice time.
Tran, did he work
for your family in Indochina?
It's just that you and he seem so close.
Did he work for another family?
Your wife's?
It's just that I sense...
She was killed.
She was only 19.
I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry I made you think of it.
It's a rare gift to see things
that others cannot.
It drives some people away.
I don't think people like you to know
things before they're ready to tell you.
So I should just learn
to keep my mouth shut.
Won't you see some of the island?
Yes, I'd like that.
Why are you smiling?
- Because you have a look on your face.
- Like you want to ask something...
...then you don't.
You ought to just ask it.
No, I was just thinking,
why hasn't this woman married?
Attractive, intelligent.
Very, very strong.
- She is.
- She?
But I'm talking about you.
...what about you and men?
Bad timing.
Maybe a little bit of fear?
Tell you something about that.
It's very, very provocative.
Such a strange place.
The sap from the trees cools the lava.
- Paul?
- Huh.
- About Rennie.
- I'm not with Rennie.
I'm with you.
I can't compete with her.
There is no necessity.
I have to know whatever this is
is something honest and just for me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I mean, can we turn
out the lights or something?
No knock? Come into
a person's office, no knock?
I'm sorry.
I knock. I come to your office, I knock.
Where were you born, anyway?
- Wisconsin. Should I come back later?
- No.
Too late to come back later.
You already no knock.
What you want, Wisconsin?
Mr. Shin, my name is Rennie Walker.
This woman befriended me.
And now I think she's seeing my fianc.
I really must know.
No, no, no. I no do this kind of work.
Not respectable.
Mr. Shin, I'll tell you
two things about me.
I'm very rich.
And I'm very wealthy.
I'm sorry about Jessie.
I thought it was what you wanted.
Do you understand, Rennie?
Long drive back.
Fix me a drink?
Rennie? Rennie?
Come in. I want you to.
Why tonight, after all this time?
I think we've waited long enough.
Just a minute.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
You left this in the Jeep
the other day.
So you drove all the way
over just to deliver a sweater?
No. Not exactly.
- Would you like some coffee?
- No, thank you.
I have something to tell you.
Is something wrong?
Last night, Rennie and I,
we decided to marry.
I want you to be okay with this.
I'll be okay.
I'll be out there in a minute.
Woman in love.
- Do you really doubt it?
- No. I helped you get here, didn't I?
When you put us together,
it made him want you more.
So I guess you could say my
wedding gift was the groom.
I meant it as an exchange of gifts.
Something you could take
with you from your time with Paul.
Well, in that case, I still owe you one.
- That was a beautiful ceremony.
- Thank you.
It was a lovely ceremony.
Open it.
Whatever this is, it means a lot to me.
Black widow.
She mates and she kills.
Your question is, does she love?
It's impossible to answer that...
...unless you live in her world.
Such an intriguing gift.
Makes me wish I had
more to share with you.
- Truth is, I'm sorry it's over.
- The truth is, it's not over yet.
Till then.
With your permission, may I have
the pleasure to kiss the lovely bride?
Come in.
Hey, Wisconsin, you knock.
I no recognize you.
- Do you have my pictures?
- Sure.
Hey, I see you got married
a little while ago. Congratulations.
Good stuff, huh?
What else do you have
in your desk, Mr. Shin?
What do you mean by that? I got a lot
of stuff. I got paper clips. I got menthol.
Condoms even, not it any your
business. Why you ask?
Because you have a choice, Mr. Shin.
You can die or you can die happy.
- Why are you doing this?
- It's in the second drawer. Look!
You have five seconds.
- One...
- Please.
- Wait! Wait!
- Hold on.
... four.
Hyland, let me see that needle.
Get it to the lab.
- Make sure they don't move anything.
- Okay.
I want the whole room dusted.
Anything here for the Herald?
Or just a nothing OD?
If it gets exciting,
I'll find your number.
Now who would you be?
I'm glad you came over, Paul.
I need to talk to you.
Don't you think Rennie
left a bit abruptly?
No. Just her usual trip. She sees
her accountant on the mainland.
Paul, how well do you
think you know me?
Know you?
- A little bit, I guess.
- Would I ever lie to you?
- I don't know.
- Well, I did.
My name is not Jessica Bates.
It's Alex Barnes.
I work for the Justice Department.
Your wife's name
is not Rennie either.
Only, no one seems to know
what her real name is.
- Listen to me.
- This makes no sense.
Under three different names, she married
three different men. All wealthy men.
- What are you trying to do?
- Paul, she killed all of them.
She poisoned them. She's left town and
that's when they die, when she's gone.
But she doesn't need my money.
I've seen her portfolio. Bank accounts...
I just told you how she got them.
- I know it sounds like I used you.
- Sounds like?
You can't say that you
didn't know how I felt.
That was Jessie, not some cop.
Look, lady, don't feel so bad.
Everybody uses everybody.
Only she does it better, right?
That's what it is, isn't it?
She does it better.
- No, that isn't it.
- And I told myself you could handle it.
- I did!
- Then maybe you can explain our wills.
They leave everything...
Everything to the Cancer Foundation.
Nothing to each other.
It was her idea.
Sound like the woman
you're talking about?
Answer me!
Tell me there is no jealousy.
No jealousy at all.
They said he strangled
in his sleep or something.
Do you know a woman named
Jessica Bates?
I do.
It seems Miss Bates
is a federal agent named Barnes.
And Miss Barnes believes
that you murdered Mr. Nuytten.
Paul died last night.
I was in San Francisco.
You can call the hotel.
She thinks you poisoned him.
Something that would take delayed
effect while he slept.
- Did you check our home for the poison?
- No.
There's no probable cause for a warrant.
- I thought you might voluntarily...
- Of course. Yes.
Check everything you want.
And while you're at it...
...Jessica Bates,
or whatever her name is...
...was my husband's lover.
Before and after the wedding.
So while you're searching my home...
We learned that he went to her
apartment yesterday afternoon.
Please, have a seat.
You've been more than kind...
...after what you've been through.
Listen, we did find a toxic compound
in Miss Barnes' apartment.
Delayed-action poison.
Also, we have certain photographs.
Photos of Miss Barnes
and your husband.
Those pictures are all my fault. I...
I hired this horrid little man.
How did you get them?
The man you hired
is dead, Mrs. Nuytten.
We assumed of an accidental
overdose of heroin.
Now I'm afraid Miss Barnes has more
than just your husband to answer for.
How well did you know him?
Back as far as you can.
Did you know Paul Nuytten?
Were you having a love affair?
Mrs. Nuytten, the Cancer Foundation
flew Mr. Foster to the islands...
...because we seem to have...
Well, something of a situation.
- A situation?
- Yes, it's concerning Mr. Nuytten's will.
It seems that Mr. Nuytten's legal
residence is the state of Florida.
Were you aware of that?
No. Should I be?
Florida has a so-called mortmain
statute, Mrs. Nuytten.
Any bequest to charity in a will
executed within six months of death...
...can be invalidated by the spouse.
- How interesting.
Of course...'s no requirement
that you invalidate the gift.
Shortly before his death,
Mr. Foster, my husband...
...expressed reservations
about your organization.
Profound reservations.
Miss Barnes called from the jail.
I tell her you plan to take long trip.
Treating you...?
You okay?
I can't complain.
It's a lot of psychological tests.
Which I find surprising
for a crime of passion.
Not so surprising.
Well, they don't seem to think
your only motive was jealousy.
Not of Paul, anyway.
They seem to think
your obsession was...
...with me.
They think you started out as
an ambitious federal agent...
...and you became obsessed by this...
And then... chased her...
...and you chased her...
...and when you thought you'd
never be quick enough to catch her...
I killed him... frame you.
How did you manage it?
What, did you leave town
and sneak back?
Did you use the same bottle
you put in my place?
You always did have a tendency
to over-think things.
The most important thing about figuring
anything out is knowing when to stop.
You know...
...of all the relationships
I'll look back on... 50 years' time...
...I'll always remember this one.
Hello, Sara.
It's good to see you.
I put the poison in Paul's brandy.
You mustn't...
We know. We found it before he did.
Get your cameras, she's here!
Congratulations, that was a brilliant trap.
Are you going back to Washington now?
Were you tipped off
she was here in Hawaii?
Please, give us an answer for the press.
Are you going to testify at the trial?
I will give you the statement.