Blackbear (2019) Movie Script

[somber music]
[suspenseful music]
[prayers from minaret]
[whispers in Arabic]
[whispers in Arabic]
[distant shouting]
[Bear] Miriak, down,
repeat Miriak is down.
Multiple hostiles in sight,
Request permission to engage, over.
[Nash] Permission denied, Death Angel.
Your extraction point is five clicks away,
x-vil at 10:00, satellite shows multiple
enemy hostiles at your location.
[Nash] Bear, you copy that? We need
to move or we're not gonna make it.
[Bear] Roger that.
[gun firing]
[shouting in foreign language]
We got bad intel, there's
more threats then reported.
Lay some hate, brothers,
lay some hate.
[Nash] Death Angel, your QRF team
just went out on another mission.
Don't get any crazy ideas,
you're on your own.
Gotta love those budget cuts.
Bear, we gotta move to
the extraction point now.
I'll get us in, you get us out.
Bear, we're gonna miss out
exit window, we gotta move now.
Copy that, Cowboy
Bear is off comms.
[guns firing]
Nash, get him out of there.
- [guns firing]
- [tense music]
[shouting in foreign language]
[fighting commotion]
No one come for you,
you are expendable, no?
We both know
we're not gonna talk,
so why don't you
just get on with
whatever you
need to get on with.
[speaking foreign language]
We don't want
you to die too soon,
that would ruin our
fun and my experiment.
Nothing strikes fear into my men
more than when they hear
the Marines are coming.
You have very big price on
your head, you must be proud.
How did you find our location?
If you tell me
what I want to know,
you will save yourself and
your friends a lot of pain.
I call this
the tour of Afghanistan,
only the purest of heroin
for our celebrity.
[wood scraping]
She will be your greatest
lover and your worst enemy,
all in one.
Focus on this beautiful
woman, your girlfriend,
and tell me everything or
you will never see her again.
[chanting in the background]
Bear, Bear.
Hey, you get us in,
I get us out.
Now we gotta go, and we still
gotta find Ryan and Nash
while the guards are
still at a call to prayer.
[Chris] Up Marine, let's go.
Okay hold, hold, hold.
Come on, let's go,
move, Marine. Let's go.
[feet scraping]
[breathing heavily]
Come on, I got you,
I got you, come on.
We want our weapons
and our gear,
then you're gonna
tell us where we are.
- [laughs] You'll never make it.
- No? Okay.
- Who won't make it?
- Wait, your weapons are next door down.
Get the laptop, I'll tell
you what you want to know.
[gun clicking]
Hey, me and Ryan can take
of the rest of the guards,
you guys get
out of here with this intel.
That intel's priceless.
Meet us three clicks due north
at 06:30, Semper Fi, boys.
If we're not up there by
06:30, you guys move out.
Maintain radio silence
until 06:30.
- [crickets chirping]
- [leaves crunching]
You're alright, Cowboy?
Lost sheep to Shepherd,
Lost sheep to Shepherd, come in.
I said Lost sheep to Shepherd, Lost sheep to
Shepherd, come in. -[Nash] Move out, don't wait,
- we're a little tied up.
- Keep fighting we're coming back.
- [Nash] That's a negative, Death Angel, proceed as planned.
- En route to you hold fast.
[Nash] Negative, we found Comms,
air strike called, danger close.
ETA? -[Nash] ETA 30 seconds,
tell my son I'm proud of him,
- even if stirs three.
- Get out of there.
- [airplane engine roaring]
- Semper Fi.
[bombs exploding]
They were our responsibility,
Bear, our responsibility,
- and we got them killed, no, you broke them rules.
- Keep your voice down.
None of this had to happen, man.
This is your fault, Bear.
We kill Hajis, that's what
we do, as many as we can,
as often as we can.
We kill them all.
And Ryan and Nash
just paid the price.
We move right now
or we die, now get up.
Besides, Mia wants
that baby you promised.
Baby, it's useless, now
leave me, or leave me alone.
I am not leaving you, Cowboy
now get up.
Get up.
This aint going away, Bear.
Alright, move your legs
not your lips, let's go.
[airplane engine roaring]
[somber music]
And exactly when can I go home?
That's what we're trying
to figure out right now.
Looks like your amylaseand
lipaselevels are elevated and
your liver function really
isn't what we want it to be.
I mean, you've gotta understand that they
injected you with some pretty bad stuff.
- Such as?
- That's part of the puzzle we're trying to put together now.
I understand this is difficult
for you, just try to be patient.
[knocking on door]
- God, you're alive.
- I promised I was coming back for you, Skylar.
- Remember the plan?
- Yeah, I remember the plan.
Get you out of here, you
wanted space, I gave you space.
Yeah, you gave me
plenty of space.
You broke up
with me three years ago.
- Let's just start over again.
- Why, so you can leave me again?
- I had to leave.
- You chose to leave.
I was protecting you.
No, you were running.
[door slamming shut]
I hear the guys
call you Doctor Rev,
so you're a reverend and a doctor,
you heal the body and the soul?
Well, I don't really heal
anything, I just... I don't know,
just try to help out
a little bit, that's all.
See now you're talking, see
I want out of here today, Doc,
and that's what's gonna help me.
I tell you what, if you
let me out of here today,
I'll go to one of your little Bible
meetings you do with the guys, deal?
Jesus would
want you to let me go.
So you're
telling me you know Jesus.
Oh yeah,
he was on my first sniper team,
Hispanic guy,
five foot seven, great shot.
Jesus has got skills.
Yeah, looks
like Chris has got jokes.
Spare me the sermon, Doc
I know all about Jesus.
I guess I just feel guilty because I only
call on him when I'm getting shot at.
You know it's not
really about that, right?
If you wanna be my friend,
Doc, let me out of here.
Oh Chris, I am your friend,
and trust me I want you out of here
'cause you're driving me nuts, man.
I'll check in
with you soon, buddy.
Sign me out, Doc.
[banging on door]
Bear, what are you doing here?
Just thought we'd
hang out a little bit.
With a box of
my favorite chocolate?
That's not random,
do you remember the time
that you stole
a box from Howard's,
and we scarfed the entire
thing in the alley?
We got so sick.
My dad got ahold of us,
made us clean the entire gym.
Your dad drove me to the boys
home, he almost dropped me off.
I think he would've, if you
weren't such a great fighter.
- So what is all this?
- I wanna fix this.
There's nothing
to fix, everything's fine.
I promised you I'd be back,
and now we're like this.
You left me.
I see you, I hear your
dad's words coming out.
Don't blame dad, he took
you in and he trained you,
and he got you a title fight.
You had a shot at
the title, and you blew it.
There's something you need
to know about that fight.
It's too late, you lost
and then you ran away,
and I am not
the girl that you leave.
I'm the girl you hold onto.
- [sirens blaring]
- [car horns beep]
When did I become so lost
When did I lose myself
All the words
That leave my tongue
Feel like they come
From someone else
I'm paralyzed
Where is the real me
I'm lost
And it kills me inside
I'm paralyzed
[somber piano music]
[Chris] Bear, Bear, Bear!
Let's go,
we're not gonna make it.
Ryan and Nash were
our responsibility,
our responsibility!
I am not the girl you leave behind, Bear.
If you love me, let me go.
She will be your greatest
lover and your worst enemy
all in one, your love
and your hate for her
will never go away.
Tell my son I'm proud of him.
[indistinct chatter]
- This guy's rolling, man. Wakey, wakey.
- Wake up, fool.
- I hope you've got something for us.
- Here's one, here's one.
Oh, he's playing dead on us.
[indistinct chatter]
[guy] Watch out.
Get up, wake up, wake up.
[fighting commotion]
[sirens wailing]
Get on the ground!
Get up, come on.
Hey [indistinct].
- Hey!
- [loud blow]
Get up, get up, get up.
Look what you did.
Why would I let him go?
[Charlie] It's in everyone's
best interest.
Everyone's best interest?
I don't speak bureaucracy,
who is this guy
and why would I let him go?
His name is Bear,
and the rest is top secret.
- All things exaggerated.
- Look, Hardwick, his team is our most lethal weapon,
that's all I can say.
Now let's just pretend
that Bear doesn't exist
and that this
whole thing didn't happen.
I take assault and battery
on my men pretty seriously.
You're lucky they're not dead.
Besides your department has
had seven brutality complaints
in the last year
and if this goes to press,
you're gonna have another
riot on your hands.
So, let's just call this even.
On who's authority?
As high as I need to go.
is he a good guy or a bad guy?
He's necessary.
[nurse] Necessary.
[water running]
[knocking on door]
Bear, this can't happen again,
did you hear me?
This isn't Afghanistan.
Sometimes the lines get blurry, but these are
the people that we're supposed to protect.
We're gonna get you a little
help, we owe you that much.
You will report here
regularly for treatment.
That is an order,
do you understand?
Well, I still think you
need to treat in-house,
but I mean if you don't
want too, that's fine too.
I'll write you a prescription
for your withdrawals.
I almost forgot,
remember what we talked about,
you know,
just in case you need it.
That's just really not my thing.
No, I'm not trying
to push it on you,
it's just uhm...
Leave it laying right there.
You never know, Bear, you
might just change your mind.
[gentle guitar music]
[groaning in pain]
Hey, Doc, tell me you
got my test results back
because my wife wants me back
home if you know what I mean.
Yeah, I've got them right here.
Let me guess,
I've got six months to live.
I wish we had that much time.
Doc's always got jokes,
that's not funny.
Actually that's kind of cruel.
I'm not making a joke, Chris.
Buddy, you have
three months to live.
[Chris] Are you serious?
Well, check it again
because that's wrong,
I'm, I'm fine.
Chris, I've run them three
times. When they captured you,
they injected you with something called zinc
cadmium sulfide, it gets into your system
and tries to poison it, it
tries to shut your organs down.
They, they've
got to have a cure,
we're only
ten minutes away from the CDC.
It doesn't matter, the VA
they're not gonna pay for it
'cause they can't afford it,
they're broke.
What are you saying to me, man?
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
Yes, it is.
You're sorry, you're sorry.
I wanna be alone, Doc.
- Listen, Chris if you...
- I wanna be alone, please.
- I understand.
- No, you don't understand.
- Three months!
- [clattering]
[phone vibrating]
- Hey, Doug.
- Hey, Bear.
Hey, man
I need you to hook me up,
contract job,
private sector, good pay.
Cowboy needs helps paying
for his medical treatment.
[Doug] You still got your TS clearance?
- No man, they got me benched.
- I'm sorry, Bear.
No clearance no work, bro.
There's nothing I can do.
There's gotta be something.
[Dough] Bear, you remember that kid Tommy
Brown, that Seal we worked with in Iraq?
- Yeah, man, good guy.
- Yeah well, look he's about to fight this psycho Darwin.
[Dough] God I hope
he gives this guy a beating.
Need to get back in the ring,
Bear, that's gonna be your ticket.
[somber guitar music]
- Hey.
- Hey, I heard somebody's been asking for a cowgirl.
That would be me.
- Are you not happy to see me?
- I'm always happy to see you.
We're gonna be fine,
I have some news.
You're gonna be a dad.
A dad?
I thought you would be ecstatic.
I... I'm very excited,
I mean, this is fantastic,
we're gonna have a baby.
I... I just wanna
get out of here.
Wait, were you gonna
tell me something else?
Yeah, no,
look we're gonna have a baby.
- I love you, baby.
- I love you too.
I thought you were
gonna leave me again.
No, I'm not
leaving you ever again.
- We did it. [Laughing]
- Yeah.
After all these years,
we finally did it.
Yeah, we did.
We're gonna have a baby.
- Hmm.
- I love you so much.
I love you.
I'm gonna go get a snack,
I gotta feed the baby.
Yeah, you do.
[anchor] What was supposed to
be an exhibition match
to help wounded veterans,
turned tragic only minutes ago.
Tommy Brown the former
Navy Seal turned MMA fighter
faced Jabari Darwin, the
reigning light heavy weight.
Mixed Martial Arts
World Champion.
We take you now to Corrine
Dyer who was live on the scene.
Darwin the most
controversial fighter in MMA
took this fight
in an attempt to clean up
his reputation. These cheap
shots literally knocked
Tommy Brown into a coma as his
son watched the tragic ordeal
from the front row. Darwin is now
suspended for a year if not permanently.
Here comes Darwin now,
Darwin, tell us your thoughts.
What would you
tell Tommy's son right now?
I'd tell him what I tell everybody
else, your pop should never
have got in the cage with me. He knew the
consequences and he suffered the risk.
[Corrine] But this was an exhibition
match that was supposed to help
clean up your reputation, you clearly
made it worse, in fact you've recently
been suspended from Mixed Martial Arts
for a year, how did that help your career?
[Darwin] Look lady, I don't gotta
talk to you, man. Get out of my face.
There you have it, folks.
[punching sounds]
Let's go!
Be careful, Bud.
[Summer] What can I do for you?
Is Coach Bronx still around?
Uh, yeah he's in his office.
Are you a friend of his?
- Yeah.
- Are you gonna get a membership?
I can give you
the first month free,
but don't expect
many favors from me.
[typing on keyboard]
[knocking on door]
[knocking louder]
Cody Blackbear, come to
visit your old trainer huh?
Skylar told me you were in town.
- How you've been, son?
- Outstanding.
Yeah, well you look good.
I thought you'd be
all shot up by now. [Laughing]
Sorry to disappoint you.
So you're still
dancing with the devil?
[laughs] No, I gave up dancing,
but the band keeps playing
don't you know.
Oh come on, just a game.
Nah, I'm expecting a grandchild,
but I'm sure
Skylar mentioned that.
Thank you, Bear.
I knew you'd understand.
You always made your
position on me and Skylar
very clear.
It was Skylar's decision.
Skylar's decision?
I stayed out of it.
I'm older and wiser.
Oh, you're wise... now.
Bear, she's moved on,
she's finally happy.
Engineer, graduated from
Tech, helps me train.
He breaks down fighters stats, and
all that smart stuff, you know?
So you're still training then?
Yeah, we got
lots of kids in here.
Keeps them off the streets.
Off the streets...
A role model.
Father Teresa here.
What's going on, Bear
I never said that.
I never said I was a role model.
I still see the same
old broken down nightmare.
Are you drunk, Bear?
So you gonna train me,
or be my life coach?
Train you?
You can't be serious
about fighting again, pal.
Is that why you're here?
I'm here for your wisdom.
I can't train you, Bear
there's too much...
Just too much.
Tell you what, Bear
you can work out here.
[sighs] I cannot train you.
[nurse London]
I know you got more than this.
Come on, you can do better.
Three more.
Three more, I can't even do one.
Let me see here, I think they
gave me the wrong paperwork.
- What's that?
- Because it says here, mistakenly of course,
that you're a Marine,
but let me correct that,
'cause you're more
like a Girl Scout.
I see you failed out
of charm school.
Oh, and I see the Marines
made an exception to the "man",
in we're looking for
A Few Good Men.
Easy, easy, easy,
how you doing, buddy?
Oh, everything's wonderful,
I feel like I'm in Disneyland,
I'm having so much fun.
Oh, don't worry, Doc
it'll get tougher,
I'm just easing him into it.
Well, I kinda got
some good news for you.
We have an anonymous donor
that's gonna help you
get into that treatment
program that we talked about.
It's not gonna get you all the way through
it, but it is gonna get you started,
and Nurse London here she's
gonna get you back on track.
Does Nurse London also
specialize in waterboarding?
Nurse London
is the best that we have,
so just stick to
the program, Girl Scout.
So does Mia
know about your diagnosis?
No, not yet.
- [beeping]
- [door opens]
Hey, pappy. [Laughing]
- Hey.
- Hey.
I can't wait to
show you the nursery.
I love you, Mia. I carried
Bear over the mountains
of Afghanistan
just to see that smile again.
Pretty sure I heard that
a little different.
- I'm sure.
- [laughing]
I don't think I'm gonna be
there when our baby is born.
Okay, okay so you'll be in here,
we'll just...
We'll just figure it out.
Here, I won't be here.
Another mission?
You told me you were
getting out, you can't go.
- You can't go.
- My last mission was my last mission, Mia.
Take another mission, it'll kill me. I mean,
I've only done it like a thousand times.
There are no more missions, Mia.
I'm dying.
My organs are shutting down, I...
[Mia crying] No, no, no, no, pappy,
no, no, we're starting a family.
- No.
- No, and you're gonna be right there beside me.
- You're not going anywhere.
- You've gotta be strong, Mia. You've gotta be strong.
- I can't do it.
- Yeah, you can.
I knew it,
I knew it, I had a feeling
and I told you,
I said not this time,
not this deployment.
Stop, stop,
Come here, come here.
[Mia crying] You can't leave me.
Stop it, you've gotta be
strong for all three of us.
You've got too.
[crickets chirping]
Hey bro, check out Father Time,
trying to be fancy over here.
[speaking Spanish] Get out of
the ring before you get hurt.
- We got a Mike Tyson here, huh?
- Yeah, you're the champ, don't waste any of your time
with this old man.
Yo, he might be ugly,
but he aint stupid.
Hey, hey, I'm talking to you.
Yo, I'm talking to you,
you're not listening to me now.
Old man, you washed up old man.
[speaking foreign language]
Don't you know who I am, huh?
- Oh!
- [Bronx] Who was that?
- You, come here. Get up, Chulo.
- That didn't happen, okay.
It just happened, man.
Hey, listen to me,
that didn't happen.
Let me see your phone.
- Get it now?
- Got it.
- Take a walk, good night.
- Hit the road, Jack.
You kidding me with this? Get him up, get
him out of here before somebody sees us.
[fists pounding]
So, can we talk? I've been
thinking about what you said
and I changed my mind,
I wanna train you, Bear.
It'll be like
old times, only better.
I know you heard me,
I said I wanna train you.
Nah, I changed my mind too.
There's a huge underground
fight, it's called the Basement,
single elimination event,
winner takes all,
big cash prize,
ever heard of it?
I know you wanna fight in it,
Bear, I can get you in.
I know you heard me,
I said I can get you in,
and it won't be easy,
by the way.
You know you
got some nerve, Father Teresa.
First you
turn Skylar against me,
then you don't wanna train me.
Now you see an opportunity
for yourself,
and now you wanna train me.
Hey look
you wanna fight the Basement,
I'll train you, we'll split
the purse 80/20, not negotiable.
I train by my rules,
and we train with who,
what and how I wanna
train you, no exceptions.
The game has changed
out there, little buddy,
now you surprised Chulo,
but I don't think
that'll happen again.
And that punk Darwin,
he's been suspended,
so he'll be going underground,
he'll be fighting
in the Basement.
What do you say, pal?
Nah, I'm not interested.
Rule number one, you've
gotta drop that monkey
that's been sucking
the life out of you.
And I knew
you tuned up those cops,
half the APD works out here,
and in 30 minutes
I want everything I don't
want you using on my desk.
If not, deals off.
And I'm gonna screen you too,
I'm gonna drug test you
once a week. If you pop up
positive, you're done, pal.
30 minutes.
When I go
I'm never coming back
When I go
I'm never coming back
When I go
I'm never coming back
When I go
I'm never coming back
When I go
I'm never coming back
When I go
I'm never coming back
When I go
Red, William.
Yeah, I need your help.
I have a new fighter for the
Basement, I need you to train him,
you'll see when you get here.
Hey, what's up?
Hey, nothing.
Well, if that's nothing,
you might want to consider
starting a career as a fighter.
You'd give those girls
a run for their money.
- I don't think so.
- [laughing]
Hey, um,
I'll see you at home, okay.
Sounds good.
[Bronx] Alrighty, here we go.
- What's he doing here?
- He's part of the deal and you already agreed to it.
- We need Red to help us win.
- Are you out of your mind?
For what it's worth, Skylar
said you guys were through.
Stop talking.
Look, pal, I know a lot of
things are eating away at you.
When I came back from Nam, I had
to make some adjustments too.
Things don't have
to be this way, pal.
Just training, that's it.
Just training, that's it.
Warm up five minutes
with the rope,
then grappling,
then circuits of the weights,
cardio, lots of cardio.
Lots and lots
and lots of cardio.
You've got this, Bear.
What's up, big boy?
- How you're doing, Micah?
- Alright.
Alright, put your...
Put your feet apart like mine,
there we go, alright
come on, give me some.
Whoa, whoa.
How's school?
You studying hard,
how's your mom?
- [Micah] Good.
- You taking care of her?
Put your hands up
like this, like this.
Alright, lean over,
lean your head in, now go.
Whoa, that's pretty good,
alright square up.
Micah, come here.
Take care of your mom.
No time for an old friend?
Why you been fighting, Bear?
You got a death wish,
or a miracle up your sleeve
'cause Darwin can't be beat.
Had to fire him
from my crew, man. He's crazy.
He beat up some of the girls,
ruined some of them
for life, he ends careers.
You're too good
to talk to me now?
Listen, if you're
still mad about Skylar,
you need to drop that, man.
Her and Red's been friendly
for a long time, and
I mean really friendly.
Now I know
Coach Bronx kept you around
'cause he needed you
for his big payday,
but you and Skylar
were never gonna happen.
I mean
you had to know that, right?
What do you want?
Hey, you know the drill.
I might need a little favor.
We'll be in touch.
[somber music]
Micah, take a break.
I'm running out, I don't mind
picking you something up.
- No, thanks.
- I haven't seen you eat all day.
I'll, uh, leave my number on the
counter in case you change your mind.
Here are the pictures,
congratulations you two.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[somber piano music]
I need you now.
Let me stay here so I can be
a good father to this child.
Lift those knees, lift
those knees, there you go.
- [knocking on door]
- Push it.
Push it.
Come on.
Can you excuse us for a minute,
Drill Instructor Sergeant
Nurse London ma'am?
Okay, we'll take a break,
but it's gonna cost you.
[door shutting]
What are you doing here?
Just came to check on you.
Well, here I am.
I'm trying to make things right.
Well, I'm trying
to make things right too.
I'm fighting for this little
one, so he can have a dad.
I just wanted
to see how you were doing.
Alright, now you see,
I'm right where you put me.
You always had to push it, you
always had to go that extra mile,
you always
had to take another shot.
- We're done here?
- Yeah, we're done here.
Hey, the least you can do
is win that tournament.
If only there was somebody To hear me
another head there Was somebody to feel me
And everybody want to tell me That I'm out
my head when I'm on The mic that's fine
But that don't scare me, it's
been a long time But I'm back now
Welcome to the rap house Rap
power with the lip Till I pass out
Blackout, blackout Everybody
keeping When they bring the fast too
Rap now, are you serious
Anybody out there hearing this
I came in the game as a little Assistant
and I'm gonna Leave like that, period
You smash lines, I'll break lines
you know It's hurting my mind
And you better get ready
'Cause you might find
From a different place
In my kind
Is a little bit
Different than yours
Quit snoring
Hip hop isn't dead
It's just been In mourning from
The moment I quit recording
Quit recording, listen I'm warming up
and you're Misinformed if you think
That I'm shutting up This ain't sick
enough Then I'll skip the chorus
I sing here, ain't nobody Heard of me, yeah,
I'm turn This beach to a murder scene
I don't live for the world, I live
for the King I live for the King
Focus, broke this with emotion Try to get
away from the doors Say no they try to get
A shot with a guy named Low I'm just
trying to Make a living with nobody
Winning, no this, Show this what
am I insane Maybe plain crazy
Put me in a home With a vacuum
now You will not restrain me
You do what you wanna
But you can't contain me
Lazy is not
A character trait of mine
Wait in line, this is The current
condition of mine A state of mind
Don't tell me
That this isn't real
Don't tell me
This aint how I feel
This is all I have All I have, all I
ever wanted Was for somebody to get this
All I ever wanted was somebody To play this,
take my song Put it on their playlist
And get goosebumps every time They play it,
rates that's My Calling and not father
Maybe I should just not bother Go back to
that nine to five But I am not a quitter
So quit that I've never been a Killer but I
guarantee I killed Dre put him in the coffin
Lost it ripped that tryna make An impact
in rap is that insane Well I guess so
Rap don't, but they give me That pencil
and you aint Ever gonna make the torment
I am in a place Where I can't let
go I still work a job and do this
And y'all know what's stupid All
you had to do Was get a record deal
And your things start moving But that's
not the case Because most the time
The art issue here You keep on
thinking That artist is no good
That artist has probably
Been at it for years, yeah
In the back of my mind think
Am I wasting my time, drink
And I got no Money in my wallet
But I guarantee the winner
That I am gonna leave this I
need this, I swear to y'all
I need this and this hip hop's In my veins
if you cut me I'm a bleed it and you know
What you think alright Rational reason
take my pain And I put them in this song
Ever since them pills They took my
mom I've been a different person
No more trying To predict my purses
What You're hearing now is me
Whether I'm in front Or behind that
curtain I stand behind these words
I'm a Christian but I'm not Perfect
don't tell me to Calm down, I'm calm now
Listen I'm just working, Yeah
I might Take a minute to get it
But once you beat it Everything
Will be Crystal clear
I don't think
They seen my vision here
I don't think
They seen my vision here
Don't tell me
That this isn't real
Don't tell me
This aint how I feel
This is all I have,
All I have
Don't tell me
That this isn't real
Don't tell me
This aint how I feel
This is all I have,
All I have
Don't tell me
That this isn't real
Don't tell me
This aint how I feel
This is all I have,
All I have
Don't tell me
That this isn't real
Don't tell me
This aint how I feel
Oh yeah
All I have, all I have
Don't tell me
That this isn't real
Don't tell me
This aint how I feel
All I have, all I have
Don't tell me
That this isn't real
This isn't real
This isn't real
This is all that I have
This is all that I have
Alright, Bear,
10 fast ones, let's go.
[Bronx] One more time, let's go.
Okay tomorrow's show time, get some sleep,
come on. Out of here, let's go, we're out.
[man] Here you go, partner,
[background chatter]
That was a good day.
[melancholy piano music]
I'm paralyzed I'm scared to
live But I'm scared to die
I guess life is pain But I buried mine
a long Time ago but it's still alive
And it's taking over me Where am I,
I wanna feel Something, I'm numb inside
Well I don't feel nothing, I wonder why
I'm in a race For life, with time pass by
I sit back and I watch it Hands in my
pockets Waves come crashing over me
But I just watch 'em, I just Watch 'em I'm
underwater but I feel like I'm on top of it
I'm at the bottom But I don't know
what The problem is I'm in a box
But I'm the one that Locked me in,
someone came I'm running out of oxygen
Where are my feelings
I no longer feel things
I'm on my side
Fights about to start.
I know.
[audience chattering]
Let's keep it clean,
no cheap shots.
Touch gloves,
back up to your corners.
Let's make it count.
[audience cheering]
- [bone cracking]
- [body thumping]
We got it, we got it.
[Referee] Medic!
[crowd shouting]
He did it, he did it, Bear won.
- [laughing] He did it, he did it.
- Ah, who did fall?
- He did it.
- [exhales]
[audience shouting]
Take him down,
What are you doing, man. Crush.
[crowd shouting]
[crowd shouting]
Stop, let him up, let him up.
Tell Bear, I'm coming for him,
and when I'm done with him
not even the Boy Scouts
will want him.
[crowd] Chulo, Chulo,
Chulo, Chulo, Chulo, Chulo.
Chulo, Chulo, Chulo, Chulo,
Chulo, Chulo, Chulo, Chulo
[tense music]
[crowd shouting]
[loud thump]
[punching sounds]
Get the fuck out of here.
You think your
better than my [indistinct]
Ain't nobody better than me.
[indistinct] Fetch!
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
I just thought I'd come out
here and say congratulations
and I was hoping I could
take you out to celebrate.
I mean if you're hungry
and don't mind the company.
Micah's with my mom,
so it would just be us.
- I can't, Summer.
- Yeah, I don't want to disturb the tournament.
I just thought
maybe you needed to relax.
- Eh.
- No worries.
Um, maybe after the tournament
we could hang out.
I mean Micah has really
taken a liking to you,
- and I don't know...
- Summer, you don't want this, trust me.
Just tell me
you're not interested, Bear.
I'm a big girl, I can take it.
Cody, listen, uh,
you're gonna take a tumble
in the first round, okay?
You're gonna go down,
I'm gonna make a lot of dough,
but most importantly is you and
I will be square, you got it?
That's not gonna happen.
Okay, alright I'll tell you
what, I'll cut you in, 20%.
Hey, I'm patriotic,
you big jarhead.
Now you listen to me
Coach Bronx is into me
for several G's,
you got it? He came to me
to get you in on this deal.
Hey, hey, first round.
[Scorch] Hi, who you calling?
- The cops.
- Yeah, alright, tell them I said hello.
First round, remember that or we'll
make sure you never forget it.
[audience shouting]
Alright, Bear
give them a good show.
You both have been here before, we will have a
clean fight, protect yourselves at all times.
Touch gloves,
back up to your corners,
we'll fight on my signal.
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Let's fight!
[audience shouting]
[punching sounds]
[body thumping]
You're a dead man.
That guy can't take a hint.
Hey, Bronx,
I lost 'cause of your boy Bear.
Now he's got some heat on him,
but you're
gonna set it straight.
No, that would be your problem,
since your
the idiot who bet against him.
Actually it's your problem,
because his debt is your debt.
That's not the way that works,
that's between you and Bear.
I got nothing to do with it.
See, Bear owes me
and you owe Bear,
so I'm gonna collect from you,
that's how this
accounting works.
I owe Bear nothing.
Are you crazy,
or are you going senile.
- You owe him everything.
- I don't owe you or Bear a thing,
now what you guys gonna do, gonna
cut off my legs? I don't think so.
[chuckles] Is he serious?
You, you really
don't know, do you?
Know what?
[indistinct chattering]
[clears throat]
[unscrewing bottle top]
Hey, hey, interrupting
a transaction here.
[knocking on door]
- As requested.
- Thank you so much.
- Don't mention it.
- I owe you one.
- You've got about ten minutes.
- Okay thanks, pal.
[clears throat]
Hydrate. [Clears throat]
[Bronx] Let's get ready to go.
Alright, give me your back.
Let's go.
[audience applauding]
[Chulo] Oh, Bear, hey, [speaking
in Spanish] Come on man.
[Chulo] Gonna get a cheap shot,
it's not happening again.
Look at me, hey, look at me.
[referee] That's enough, that's
enough, back in your corner.
Stay in your corner.
Take off your jacket.
Let me see your hands.
Your head.
Put your arms out.
[low chanting music]
Oh man, what's up,
what's up, grandpa?
- Are you ready?
- Back up for me, back up.
[referee] You ready? Let's go.
[referee] Bring it in, guys.
Gentlemen, welcome
to the semi-finals.
[referee] Touch gloves,
back up to your corners.
[suspenseful music]
[audience shouting]
[audience shouting]
[horn blaring]
Breath for me, deep breaths.
Bear, wake up, wake up, buddy.
Wake up. Wake up, buddy.
[Bronx] Why didn't you tell me?
I mean did you really believe
that I wouldn't find out?
You cost me my future,
Skylar's future.
Get on line, Marine.
Get your hands up.
Oh, I ought to tear you apart
from your eyebrows
to your toenails.
You think I'm a fool?
How dare you come into my gym
after all you've done?
You didn't think I could handle it,
did you? You think I'm a weak old man,
I'll show you weak old man.
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you tell me
you threw the title fight
to protect us from Scorch.
You didn't have to
throw the fight for us.
We could have won.
We would have won.
Yeah, you protected us, but
I can't fix this thing, Bear.
Bells rung and you can't
unrung it, the fights over.
Oh thank you.
Oh, oh, Bear.
Hey, bud.
Hey, is your mom gonna lock up?
- Yeah.
- Awesome, I'll see you tomorrow, okay then.
See you.
Micah, where's your mom?
She's in the back,
she doesn't feel very well.
- She doesn't feel well?
- No.
Summer. Summer, come on.
Summer, wake up.
Summer, come on.
No, go, get out of here, no, go.
Three years of fighting this
every day, gone.
And look at what I did to Micah.
- Oh God.
- Shh.
What kind of mom am I?
It's my past, right?
Maybe if I wasn't a young mom...
Then would you give me a chance?
Summer, listen, there's
something you need to know.
Hang in there, hang in there.
I'm just gonna give her a little
Phenerganfor the nausea.
- You okay, buddy?
- Yeah, I'm okay, is my mom gonna be okay?
But I need you to take care
of her from now on, okay?
Okay, I can do that.
I know you can.
These are for me?
Yes, listen,
- I need you to be tough like a Marine, got it?
- Got it.
[phone pinging]
Pappy, pappy, wake up.
Pappy. Bear lost.
Pappy, Chris, Chris, wake up.
Chris, this
isn't funny, wake up.
Pappy wake up. I need a nurse!
Alright, let's see
what we have going on here.
He's not waking up.
He's fallen into
a toxin induced coma.
- What does that mean?
- His liver is starting to fail, okay?
His vitals, they're actually
not as bad as I expected.
Uh, get transport to get him
to the 3rd floor now.
[nurse] Right away.
[monitor beeps]
- [sobs]
- [knock on door]
He's in a coma.
- [Mia] Just don't, don't.
- I'm sorry.
I uh, I'm sorry, Mia.
[phone buzzing]
What? I'm back in the fight?
They mickey'ed my drink?
You cannot do this.
I beg you, don't do this.
Bear, you can't pretend
to me, little buddy.
You're hurt and bad.
Even at your best,
your very best,
you're an underdog with
this guy, he's a killer.
I won't be a part of this,
I will not be a part of this.
If you walk into that ring,
if you walk into that ring
you're not walking out
the same, do you understand?
That guilt gets trapped
in the soul, doesn't it?
It's hard to keep from choking on
it, it's just itching to come out.
You're talking crazy, Bear.
- Just let it out, Bronx.
- You got a lot of nerve,. What do you got to say?
Spit it out, tough guy.
- Red told me.
- Red told you what?
Somebody mickey'ed my
drink for the Chulo fight.
Why'd you do it?
What mickey your drink?
I didn't mickey your drink.
I mean, you got hit in the head
one too many times.
I just wanna know why?
Why what?
Why I mickey'ed your drink?
I didn't mickey your drink.
Why would you say that?
How much did he pay you?
Pay me, you crazy, who?
- Why'd you do it then?
- I didn't do it, I had nothing to do with it.
You're lying.
It was the only way
to protect you, Bear.
You're like my kid.
You can't win this one, Bear.
[doc] The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He maketh me
lie down in green pastures.
He leadeth me
beside the still waters.
He restored my soul, he leadeth me in
paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Yay, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me,
thy rod and
thy staff thy comfort me.
Thou preparest
a table before me,
in presence of mine enemies
thou anointest my head with oil,
my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness
and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life.
And I will dwell in
the house of the Lord forever.
[crowd shouting]
[horn blaring]
You do that again
and you're done.
Stay in your corner,
stay in your corner.
[man] Come on ref,
that's what they here for.
Alright, listen up, Jim this round we're
gonna start off punishing his legs,
taking them to the ground,
go for the submission.
I don't care if he taps out,
you don't stop.
Put him away, and put
him away now, let's go.
[monitor beeps]
[referee] Round two, gentlemen.
[crowd shouting]
Come on.
Americana, push
the Americana, let's go,
fight the fight.
Break it,
break it now, finish it.
Break that arm.
[bone snapping]
[horn blaring]
[referee] Stop, up!
Fight's over, you're finished.
Come on, Bear. I gotta stop
this fight, you're finished.
You stop this fight,
I'll kill you.
This ones on you, Bear.
[crowd shouting]
[monitor beeps]
[doc] Woe is me, for I am in peace
in my last day on Earth from here.
I will lift up
mine eyes to the hills
from whence cometh my help.
Okay, God, I'm through fighting.
[breathing heavily]
Help me.
Bear, listen, we've got
one shot and one shot only.
Switch to southpaw stance,
that'll put your weak leg
in front, that's the bait,
and Darwin won't resist it.
Block his kick and give him
a shot to the chin
with everything you've got.
That's gonna stun him,
then you choke him out.
Bear, if you don't land
that punch, we lose.
[ominous music]
- [crowd shouting]
- [thud]
[monitor blaring]
[crowd cheering]
[monitor blaring]
[crowd shouting]
[electric jolting]
[horn blaring]
[electric jolting]
[crowd shouting]
On and on
Thinking about the way
You stained my heart
Just allow it
To be torn apart
On and on and on
We're playing hide and seek
[crowd cheering]
Feel your poison
Flowing over me
On and on and on and on
While you're hiding
I'm here dying
Sometimes that's
Just the way it goes
That's just the way it goes
When you're fighting
I can't take it
Sometimes that's
Just the way it goes
Thank you God. - That's
just the way it goes
[priest] We don't always know where this journey
we call life is going to take us, do we?
One of the greatest gifts
that God gave us in this life
is friendship,
love and friendship.
The two are inseparable.
Jesus lead by example.
He died willingly as our
savior to pay for our wrongs,
but he was and is
our greatest friend.
Jesus said
there is no greater love
then when one lays down
his life for his friend.
I'm reminded of that old hymn,
what a friend we have in Jesus,
all our sins and griefs to bear.
And so dearly beloved,
we are gathered here today
to mourn the loss of one
of our most precious friends.
We will greatly miss you Staff
Sergeant Cody Bear Blackbear.
Bear was a warrior,
a man of war, who was at times
at war with everyone,
including himself.
Yet Cody was that friend who
in the end gave everything.
When he was captured,
he was poisoned with toxins
by his captors,
but chose to suffer in silence
telling no one.
Cody had a choice,
he could either have
saved himself or another.
His last mission was to fight to
save Christopher Cowboy Parker.
Knowing it would
cost him his life.
The Marines motto
is Semper Fidelis,
which in Latin
means Always Faithful.
So today we recognize
the perfect example
of Always Faithful in our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Today we also recognize
an imperfect example,
the example of Staff
Sergeant Cody Blackbear.
Godspeed, Bear, Semper Fidelis.
[trumpet playing]
On behalf of the President
of the United States,
the United States Marine
Corps and a grateful nation
please accept this flag as
a token of our appreciation
of your loved ones
faithful and honorable service
to country and corps.
[rain pouring]
["Amazing Grace" playing]
Yeah, sometimes all you
Gotta do is just trust
Let's go, let's go, Yeah, people
don't know What I've been through
People don't know what I feel The fact that
I'm back on This mic is making me sick
Another rapper who won't Swallow
the pill, Munchausen, I wanna be ill
Turn up the music and
Send me the hospital bill
I rather do this, be me
Forget everyone
I just wanna be real, yeah
See I stepped in the ring
I stepped in the ring, gloves On, fist
out took the hits boy, Took the hits for
The ones that I love Now I'm
down on the ground, Body bruised
Eyes closed, blood flows Blinded
by lights and The roar of the crowd
My deamon stand over me now Yeah,
I flash back to my worst days
With my worst pain
Full of mistakes
Full of myself
These days I'm with Hades
Facing blue flames in The form
of my true shame Full of disgrace
Where's your grace, Where's your face
I swear to God these are my last days
Yeah, I'm outside of the
Gate I feel so untouchable
I feel so ashamed, a leopard
Who knows his miserable fate
With no faith I'm a man
Blinded by my rage
By my hate, God I ask
Again, where's your love
Where's your grace,
All I see is pain, yeah
I see you Lord
Against the storm
My mind is jarred
But the light is gone
With my battle scars,
My shattered heart
And all I hear
Are empty words
My mind is torn
But we are known
Rumors lost
In the winds roar
The precious words
That can save my soul
But all I hear
Are empty words
And if you hear me I just
Wish that you would know
That I don't have a plan
I don't understand
Think I can't get up again
All I know
Is that I'm not enough All I know
is that I fell time and time again
Time and time again, every Motion just
flood in like Violent waves on the ocean
That run dark with my scent Blood
water, My hands they run red
Once again, what have I done I
see the bodies Float in the stream
I scream God, please help me I've been
losing it lately I've been feeling so crazy
Bible inside of a drawer
I never read it anymore
Every prayer locked away,
Inside the darkest doors
But I give you all the keys
And I'll give you all of me
Yeah, just break This prison that
I'm Able my own words from me
I mean I'm my own worst enemy
God give me mercy, mercy
Look me in the face, face and
Tell me that someone like me
Really gets all that grace
God give me mercy, mercy
Look me in the face, face
And tell me
That someone like me
Really gets all that grace
I see you, Lord
Against the storm
I'm under stars
But the light is gone
With my battle scars
My shattered heart
And all I hear
Are empty words
My mind is torn
By the unknown
Rumors lost
In the winds roar
Precious words
That can save my soul
But all I hear
Are empty words
Now I see you, Lord
Against the storm
I'm under stars
But the light is gone
Battle scars,
My shattered heart
And all I hear
Are empty words
My mind is torn
By the unknown
Rumors lost
In the winds roar
Precious words
That can save my soul
But all I hear
Are empty words