Blackbird (2014) Movie Script

Lord, I want to be like Jesus
In my heart, in my heart
Lord, I want to be like Jesus
In my heart
In my heart,
In my heart
Lord, I want to be like Jesus
Lord, I want to be more holy
In my heart, in my heart
Lord, I want to be more holy
in my heart
In my heart
in my heart
Lord, I want to be a Christian
Mm, in my heart
Don't be scared, Randy, it's only love.
Lord, forgive your servant his weakness.
Purge me, Father, of my sins,
and please,
please take these dreams away.
Last night I had a dream that you
Were holding me so dear
You took away my doubting heart
You took away my fear
I love you, boy, you're mine alone
And I am yours to take
I promise you one day
That we will mend every mistake
"The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want."
"I will fear no evil,
for You are with me."
Were you up all night?
- Did you eat yet?
- Did you pray yet?
They used to put the pictures
on the milk cartons.
Little lost ones,
stolen babies, stray lambs.
They would have
their pictures right there
on that milk carton.
They would let the world know.
When did they stop?
Jesus listens, you know.
And maybe sometime the mail
just pile up a little high,
but he opens every prayer in the end.
More letters you send,
the better your chances.
I'll be back in one minute.
Lord, me again.
I am so selfish, so steep in my own sin
I forgot to ask for the one thing
I wanted most.
Lord, I know you would have never done
anything to Chrissie.
She's just a little girl.
And, Lord, I know you have a plan,
and whatever it may be, I would never
question that, I would
never dare question.
But if you find the time
to get to this letter,
then please, Lord, please consider
sending my sister home now.
It's been six years, Lord.
Six years.
More dirty sheets, Randy?
This is getting regular.
Morning, Ms. Rousseau,
looking chipper today.
I think that robe's my favorite.
Ooh, you done with that?
- Efrem.
- What?
My dad's on the road this week,
I ain't had time to get to the store.
Hey little boy, now bring me some water
I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm old.
Hey little boy, now come to your father.
Okay, it's ignore Efrem
week again already?
And if you don't repay
the error of your ways
Your ma and I will love you still
Love you still
Hey little boy, best watch your behavior
And all the words that you speak
So, what's going on
with these sheets, man?
Have you, please God,
resumed jerking off
like a normal teenage sex fiend?
Come on.
It's not gay to talk about sex, Randy.
Straight guys never talk
about anything else.
So how long has it been
since you choked the chicken?
Almost a year.
Good God.
It's been hard.
Permanently hard, I should think.
No wonder you so uptight.
How the hell do you do it?
I pray a lot.
Ah, the power of prayer.
Prayer works, Efrem.
I've been getting these dreams.
I mean, how do you control
what you dream?
I wake up in, in, I'm soaked in...
Say it.
Someone say my name?
Hey, Randy. Hey, loser.
Hey, freak.
Hey, Crystal, what are you doing here?
I came to shoo you guys along
in case you forgot.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, shit.
I'm meeting with Mr. Brock
about the play.
Is that today?
Oh, my God, I can't believe you guys.
It's totally today in like 20 minutes.
Want to hit this?
I don't know why y'all do that.
Y'all know Jesus is not pleased.
Actually, we had a little convo
and my Jesus is very pleased.
Oh, really?
You had a conversation with Jesus?
Sure did.
You ain't the only one with a main line.
Jesus is on the main line
Tell Him what you want, baby
Jesus is on the main line
Tell Him what you want, hey
Jesus is one the main line
Tell Him what you want
Just call him up
and tell him what you want
Jesus is on the main line,
tell him what you want
Which sin?
Which sin were you guys talking
about when I walked up?
Hopefully one of my favorites.
It's not a real sin, it's a Randy sin.
He's having nocturnal emissions.
Wet dreams about what?
That's a good question.
Or should that be who?
Hey there, beautiful.
- Huh?
- Hey there, beautiful.
Love, so high school.
Hello, we are in high school.
You may be in high school,
but some of us
are looking at the stars.
I say we do a musical.
I mean, we all sing.
- Randy sings.
- I do harmonies.
Efrem sort of raps
or whatever that is he does.
I do harmonies.
I dance and Todd plays the guitar.
- I...
- Leslie does harmonies.
Between us we...
Almost make up one
whole talented person?
Would you shut your mouth?
Randy, what do you think we should do?
You'll probably direct
and star in everything.
Uh, maybe Jesus Christ Superstar.
- Uh-uh, negative.
- It's a good show.
It's just... it might be nice to take
a break from Jesus for a while.
Oh, my God, what kind of
preacher's daughter are you?
Don't get me wrong,
I love Jesus, of course,
but He's there in everything we do.
He's not so vain He needs
constant name checks.
Actually, I was thinking
maybe we could do Rent.
- It's high school theater.
- Really?
Mr. Brock is not going to be down with
drag queens, hustlers,
drugs, and swear words.
Then Mr. Brock can kiss my...
Mr. Brock!
Well, young people.
I don't know whether
to applaud your initiative
or be insulted by your determination to
strike out without me.
It's your fault.
For inspiring us, sir.
What are you thinking of doing
for your first production?
A modern day musical.
Tells the tale of poor, young artists
struggling to make it
in contemporary society.
I see.
And what is the title
of this inspiring opus?
- It's actually...
- Jesus Christ Superstar.
Oh, boy, it's a little rich
for our small town blood,
don't you think?
The good Lord singing rock n' roll,
lifting his skirts and hoofing.
Well, I did anticipate this problem,
which is why I sharing
in your enthusiasm
for the British theater, and making it
a condition that your
maiden production be.
Romeo and fucking Juliet.
Romeo and goddamn motherfucking Juliet.
That tired ass, cock sucking...
Come on, Efrem. What did you expect?
Vampire lesbians of Sodom?
It's actually not bad,
it's kind of steamy.
I love the movie.
- Oh, my gosh, me too.
- It did kind of rock.
Yeah, it also had a budget
of like a zillion dollars.
So, we have Randy.
What am I going to do?
Be your genius self
and come up with stuff.
Imagination has no price.
Well what can we do
to make Romeo and Juliet
fucked up enough to keep Effie happy?
Black Romeo and white Juliet.
The school administration
should be fine with that.
Screw that, man.
What would freak those fuckheads out?
It's our last year, for Christ's sake.
These teachers must be shafted.
What about like a white trash version?
Tale of two trailer parks.
We ain't white, honey.
Yeah, but we're actors,
we can play anything.
How about a gay version?
What's with you today, are you high?
Oh, my God.
Romeo and Julian.
My girl, you totally rule.
It's brilliant.
Romeo and Julian,
I actually kind of dig that.
Who knew?
- Randy, you should play Romeo.
- What?
Why not, dude?
I'll be your Julian
if you'll be my Romeo.
Everybody thinks I'm gay anyway
for hanging out with y'all,
but I'm still the
fastest boy in the football field,
so fuck 'em.
Leslie, you'd be cool with that?
Are you kidding?
I think boys together are like
the hottest thing on Earth like ever.
Damn, the preacher's kid's a freak.
Oh, my God,
everybody's going to flip out.
You know this Shakespeare guy
kind of really knew his stuff.
So, Randy, do you mind me directing?
You learned it already?
Doesn't sound as good
as your keyboard, but...
I think I just about got
all the chords down.
You suck but in the most distracting way
You're beautiful
And there ain't nothing more to say
I get excited by the thought of you
It brightens up my day
So you suck in the most distracting way
When we fight, I was not right
I'm feeling like a clown
I dig my heels and stand my ground
'Til reason can be found
But when I'm faced with possibly
Not having you around
I'll do my best to work it out
I'll puff my chest,
I'll scream and shout
But in the most distracting way,
you're beautiful
I love you 'til my dying day
I get excited by the thought of you
it brightens up my day
So you suck but
in the most distracting way
I said you suck,
because you take my breath away
- See y'all Sunday.
- Catch you later, Romeo.
Wherefore art thou!
- Later, guys.
- Bye y'all.
Fuck off.
She was dead?
I swear it looked so real.
What does it mean, Crystal?
Why do I keep having these,
I don't know what they are, visions?
Or premonitions?
What are you saying?
She's saying you got the shining, dude.
Maybe it has something to do with
- you being, you know.
- Uh, oh.
With me being what?
You know.
No really, what?
Yeah right, not even.
We're your friends, you can trust us.
Crystal, I'm not gay.
How do you know?
What kind of question is that?
You're still a virgin, right?
So are you.
Yeah, don't remind me.
So how do you know you're not gay?
Because when I masturbate,
I think about boys.
Just like you.
Crystal, for gosh sakes.
Randy, who do you think about?
- That's none of your...
- I think we know.
Oh, do we?
Dude, I think everyone knows.
Oh, do they?
Yeah, I mean, you heard Todd.
For gosh sakes.
Everyone thinks we're all gay anyway.
That's not about me, that's about you.
Okay, right.
See, you and your smart mouth.
Acting all bitchy.
I'm not like you.
I'm in the choir.
Now, that's butch.
Almost as butch
as you staring into Todd's
eyes singing love duets
in front of the entire school.
I was singing to both of them.
Jerking off to the both of them?
See, you're a bitch.
What about you, Efrem?
Are you gay?
God, I hope so.
What else am I going to do
with all these Lady Gaga CDs?
But you're a skateboarder.
I know, right?
Isn't it fabulous?
Efrem, it's a sin.
And so's lying.
Give in to yourself.
- Randy.
- Don't touch me.
Dude, it's okay, she's a girl.
Both of you can go to hell.
Okay, see you there!
What do you want?
To see you.
You can see me at home.
Well, I think your mom may have
something to say about that.
Mom doesn't have much to say
since you lit out on her.
She didn't have too much
to say before I left neither.
Well sorry if losing her only daughter
took some of her attention off of you.
Randy, come on man,
we went over all this.
So, what are you doing here?
Why aren't you somewhere out there
looking for your daughter?
You don't think I've looked?
You don't think I'm still looking?
I'm here because I have
more than one child.
I came here to see how you're doing.
Well, here's how I'm doing,
how all teenagers
with deadbeat dads are doing.
Satisfied, Pops?
Who the hell you think
you're talking to?
I don't know, it's been a while.
Who the fuck are you?
What did you just say "fuck" to me?
Randy! What did you just say...
Oh, my God.
"And call no man your father on Earth,
for you have one father
who is in heaven."
Mom, you are so corny sometimes.
Hey, Justine.
Randy, you need to come down
to the market.
Hey Randy,
she's in the back by frozen foods.
Just something for you to remember
to never forget, okay?
Thank you, baby, here.
Here you go, sis, okay?
Look closely, ma'am.
You could have saw her
this very morning, okay?
You never know, you never know.
Okay, I just need you to look,
just try to do your best.
Here you go, sister, here you go.
Think real hard, okay, 'cause she's a
beautiful little girl,
beautiful little girl.
Will you hear me, my baby's strong.
Here's one for you.
Hey, hey, this here,
this here's her brother, you know?
She looked just like him.
Yeah, she worships him.
Always did.
I'm ready to go home now.
Okay, come on, come on,
let's go home little one.
Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop.
Thank you so much, here, don't forget.
Don't forget, don't let them forget,
never forget.
It's okay, it's okay.
You hold onto mama's hand, okay?
Good and tight.
And don't you be sad, little baby boy.
Mama's got you.
You're safe.
Would you like for me
to sing you a song, baby?
Jesus loves me, this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong
They are weak, but he is strong
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
For the Bible tells me so
Ooh, home.
Well baby, you go ahead
and get washed up
and I'm going to fix you
something special, you hear me?
- Yes ma'am.
- Okay.
Oh, gosh, she's here, Randy!
Oh, God, Randy, Randy, Randy!
In here!
Randy, Randy baby,
she was here, she was here.
She was here.
She read the note,
she ate a piece of pie.
She was here and I wasn't here for it.
I missed her.
She might be still here,
she might be still here hiding.
Chrissie, Chrissie, Chrissie baby!
Chrissie, it's okay!
She's not here.
How do you know?
You are not even looking, Randy.
Help Chrissie, mommy's here!
I ate the pie.
I ate the pie.
I thought it was for me.
Go to your room, Randy.
Go to your room!
- Todd?
- Hey.
Sorry, are you in the middle
of something?
I can come back.
Oh, no, that's cool.
Now I'm here I feel stupid.
It's okay, Todd. What's going on?
It's just you're the only one I can
come to with this, you know?
With what?
Well, I read that the average age
to lose your virginity is 17.5 for boys
and 17.2 for girls,
and I'm 17.5 and Leslie's 17.2
and we're both totally ready, you know?
And we just don't want it to be like
in the back of a car or something, so,
we were wondering if maybe Sunday after
church service while you and your mom
are at Bible group we could
maybe use your bed.
You mad at me?
For real?
Thanks, man.
You're a really,
really good friend, you know that?
I didn't say yes.
But you didn't say no either.
Thanks, Randy.
One soul saved, one soul saved
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I'm found
Was blind but now I see
Oh, yeah
One soul saved, yeah
One soul saved, one soul saved
One soul saved, all the angels rejoice
When there's one soul saved
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Oh, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
Oh, hallelujah, Lord, hallelujah
Oh, Lord, hallelujah, yeah
When there's one soul saved, yeah
Since Leslie's not feeling well today,
Randy would you start us off?
"But he said unto him,
if the case of a man
be so with his wife,
then it is not good to marry."
"But he said unto them, all men cannot
receive the same.
Save they to whom it is given."
Praise God.
It's just me.
I just came around to say thank you.
And I owe you one.
I'm sorry, Todd, but I'm really not gay.
It's okay, dude.
Neither am I.
Check it out.
"No temptation has seized you
except what is common to man.
And God is faithful.
He would not let you be tempted
beyond what you can bear.
But when you are tempted, He will also
provide a way out so
that you can stand up under it."
Where you headed?
None of your business.
Want me to help speed up
that business and give you a lift?
It wasn't that hard.
How's your mama?
She's, you know.
She got a doctor's appointment
coming up.
You should take her.
I'd love to if she'd let me.
She still sing to you?
Sometimes, not often anymore.
Well, sometimes you got to swim down
from the surface to keep from drowning.
Sometimes you gotta get away so you
can come back stronger.
So you can survive.
Um, you can let me off up here.
'Cause I know who I am
And you know who you are
'Cause all it takes, love,
is a little bit more love
And what we dream of isn't just made up
And we'll break free from the land
of impossibilities
You lost?
Um, no.
Well, I'm looking for the...
Yeah, a little lost.
Maybe I can steer you
in the right direction.
I'm here to audition
for the student film project.
Would you happen to know where the
performing arts building might be?
Well guess where I'm heading?
You stay away from me
or I'll scream, I mean it.
This place is deserted.
Scream all you want.
No, please, stop.
Please stop, stop, please stop.
Please stop.
It'll be over before you know it.
Stop, somebody help!
Help please, stop!
And cut!
You guys, that was great.
You okay?
I didn't hurt you, did I?
No, just a little breathless.
Oh, you're breathless?
I am blown away.
Randy, needless to say,
if you want this part,
you more than got it.
Please say you want it.
Of course he wants it, Libby.
You want it, don't you Randy?
Okay, Marshall,
let's not scare our star away.
Randy, do you need a little time
to think this over?
Can I have a word with you?
What's on your mind, Randy?
The script seems really good,
and you all seem really nice.
But I'm not gay.
You're not gay.
Marshall's not a rapist.
You're actors, Randy.
Fabulous actors.
And you two were made for each other.
Just say yes.
Say yes.
Say yes, Libby, I will be your star.
Yes, yes, Randy!
Here are the directions
and a form for your mama
to sign so she knows
you're gonna get raped.
But it's all in the name of art, okay?
Okay, yes, Randy.
Oh, Marshall, I was thinking.
What about...
Need a lift?
Uh no, I'm cool.
The bus should be here any minute.
I promise not to molest you again.
It's gonna rain.
In that case,
shouldn't you let your roof up?
I wasn't nervous.
Just freaked out?
But the further away
from you the role is,
the greater the challenge, right?
Like you don't mind playing
a gay rapist.
And you're not a gay rapist.
Well, not a rapist.
Can you work with an actor
who isn't totally acting?
We do have a love scene.
We're going to be getting
up close and personal.
Can you handle the idea that
I might be involuntarily responsive?
You know what, just tell me to shut up.
Okay, shut up.
But first, let me assure you
that I am a professional
and while we are rehearsing and shooting
you're totally safe with me.
You might as well be a girl.
Now tell me to shut up.
Shut up.
You younguns, No respect.
Cool tree, I like the ribbons.
We're waiting for someone.
I hear that.
Thanks for the ride.
Do you say that to all the guys?
Just say that wherever Randolph may be
right now that you send
Randolph home safe.
Hi, mom.
Hey, Pastor Crandall.
It's ten o'clock.
You could have called, Randolph.
I'm sorry, I rode into evening class
and just got a talking with the tutor.
Well, you do understand how your mother
feels considering the circumstances.
I'm sorry.
Well, I'll leave you two in peace.
Thank you so much, pastor.
Any time.
- God bless you.
- God bless you.
And I'll see you
in choir rehearsal, Randolph.
Pastor Crandall, thank you.
Come here.
I really am sorry, mom.
Are you tired?
Are you getting bored with God?
Mom, please.
It's okay.
I understand.
I've dreamed of releasing myself.
And I find myself wishing...
they would just tell me that she dead...
and bring me my baby's body
so I can kill myself.
But I can't give up.
I can't let go.
Mom, please don't cry.
I'll never stop crying, Randy.
I never stop praying,
waiting 'til they find my baby
or at least find out
why we being punished.
So if you stay here
or fly away like your daddy,
I'll still be right here waiting.
I may not be a wife anymore,
I may not even be a woman anymore,
but I'll never stop being a mother.
I will never stop being a mother.
I love you, mom.
Go to bed, Randy.
Just go to bed.
Go to bed.
I'm worried about you.
I just wanted to check you out.
I'm fine.
You're fine, all right.
So fine.
Hey y'all.
Is this a gay party or can
a dirty straight boy join in?
Relax, Randy.
If it feels this good,
it couldn't be a sin.
"Watch and pray that you may not
enter into temptation.
The spirit indeed is willing,
but the flesh is weak."
And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.
Have not saints lips
and holy palmers too?
Ay, pilgrim, lips that
they must use in prayer.
O then, dear saint,
let lips do what hands do.
Saints do not move,
though grant for prayers' sake.
Then move not while
my prayer's effect I take.
Thus far from my lips, by yours,
my sin is purged.
Then have my lips the sin
that they have took.
Sin from thy lips?
O trespass sweetly urged.
Give me my sin again.
Bravo, bravo!
You kiss by the book.
What kind of girl likes
seeing her boyfriend
get it on with other dudes?
- Me.
- You don't count, freak.
I want to run an idea past you.
I think we should sleep together.
- Sleep together?
- Have sex.
My virginity, your confusion.
- Two bitches, one stone.
- One stop shopping.
Crystal, we can't sleep together,
we're friends.
And friends help each other out.
My virginity is nothing but a curse.
But don't you want to save it
for someone special?
- Men are never special.
- Thanks.
You don't count,
you're not a man, you're a Randy.
Why'd I want to save
my precious virginity
for some drunken frat boy to brag about?
Not even, I'd rather give it to someone
who would at least find it useful.
Crystal, I can't sleep with you.
Why not?
- Because he's so not gay.
- Because you're Crystal.
And hot, thank you.
I thought you were straight.
You're the only boy in school
who doesn't want to fuck me.
Dude, even I want to fuck her.
See, gayer than a school gay boy.
I'm not about to have sex with anybody.
I don't need to prove
anything to anyone.
Got it?
Subject closed.
- Gay.
- I heard that.
- What the heck are you doing?
- Shooting
You're nuts.
- Do something.
- What?
Do something crazy for the camera.
Be spontaneous.
Be nuts.
Say hey.
What are you talking about?
I love that you said heck.
Love that you never curse.
Love that you're so ripe and crisp.
You love a lot, don't you?
You have no idea.
Uh, it's not going to get any greener.
So, how long you wanted to be an actor?
Since freshman year, when I started
taking drama in course.
What kind of movies do you want to make?
Not movies, films.
What's the difference?
Movies are about dreams.
Films are about truth.
What's wrong with the occasional dream?
I don't know, maybe nothing.
So, who's your favorite director?
John Cassavetes.
The father of American
independent cinema.
He used his success as an actor to make
small personal films,
a lot of them with his wife,
Gina Rowlands.
They were like this fierce
pioneering Hollywood couple.
Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
You are so cute.
So how come you're not macking out
in some big city film school?
Not everybody can afford
the big city prices.
What about your folks?
What about them?
You got a little time?
I need to show you something, okay?
What are we looking at?
Where I'm from.
Not all the white boys around here
come from money, you know?
I guess.
You just don't look or sound like...
Trailer trash?
You still live here?
Still at home at 21.
You're 21?
You say in a way that kind
of makes me feel old.
Go right ahead.
No, I just mean you act so...
You look so young.
I didn't mean anything by it, God bless.
God bless?
I bet you're in the choir, aren't you?
I'm so going to hell.
'Cause I have the hots
for an underage choir boy.
Maybe this is hell.
I turn 18 this summer.
But you're straight.
God, I so want to kiss you right now.
Right outside your house?
You're right,
it'd be even more fun inside.
Yeah, right.
Your parents would love that.
They're cool.
Rather that I was doing it
in the safety of my room
than get busted by a cop up on the hill.
The hill?
Don't they teach you
straight boys nothing?
What is this place?
Who are all these guys?
Welcome to Booty Hill.
Is this some kind of lover's lane?
Most of these lovers will
pass each other on the street
tomorrow without a word
like strangers in the light.
It's a small town.
Most of these guys
are married or on the low.
And this is where you hang out?
Back when I was young and dumb and...
small town lonely,
looking for a lover's lane.
Got to admit, the stars up here
sure are something.
Get off me, man.
Dude, what part of no
didn't you understand?
Fucking tease.
You all right?
Let's get you home, all right?
Guess you've gotten quite
an education tonight, huh, choir boy?
I guess so.
You probably don't even
go to church, do you?
In this burg, we all do.
It's a fucking town ordinance.
Got to go to church, got to believe.
Do you believe?
Am I allowed to believe
and still be gay?
It's kind of a sin.
Is that what the preacher told you?
Ever try asking God yourself?
Have you?
He said, "Marshall, you're all right."
I said, "Are you sure?
I have these weird feelings
when I sit in college with cute boys."
God's like, "Who do you think
made cute boys?"
I'm all, "You, right?"
And He said, "To break
the hearts of boys like you."
So you do believe in God?
I do when I'm with you.
Sing, Randy.
Give me something to remember you by.
So years from now
when you're fat and married
with six screaming kids
that think daddy's God,
and I'm up on Booty Hill
paying some desperate kid
$20 for a bad blowjob,
that same song pop in my head.
I'll remember the night we went
riding on a spring evening.
A lonely gay guy and a straight boy with
a voice that broke my heart.
Sweet hour of prayer
Sweet hour of prayer
The joy I feel
The bliss I share
Of those whose anxious spirits burn
With strong desires
For thy return
With such I hasten to the place
Where God my Savior
Chose his fate
And gladly take my station there
And wait for thee
Sweet hour of prayer
Wow. Like,
officially, wow.
"Parting is such sweet sorrow.
I shall say goodnight,
'Til there be a morrow."
"Sleep dwell upon thine eyes,
peace in thy breasts.
Would I were peace and sleep,
so sweet to rest."
Straight to hell.
My house, Sunday after church.
Come on.
What do we have here?
Well, we're not virgins anymore.
Oh, my God, you skanks.
Hey, Randy, how's it feel
to be a card carrying hetero?
Randy, oh, Randy. Shh.
Randy, shh.
Honey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Come here.
I got you, I got you.
They say when you're falling in love
You feel like it's sent from above
But no one can tell you just what
You feel when you're falling in love
I'm totally feeling confused
But when I don't know what to do
I pray to the heavens above
I say, what is this feeling?
Am I falling in love?
It's got me reeling
I just can't get enough
Lord, I'm trying to resist it
But it's so damn insistent
What is this feeling? Oh
Trying to embrace the word
like my mother did
Or do I just kiss the wind
like my father did
What is this feeling?
Am I falling in love?
Am I falling in love?
O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?
And what satisfaction
canst thou have tonight?
The exchange of thy love's
faithful vow for mine.
I gave thee mine
before thou didst request it:
And yet I would it were to give again.
Wouldst thou withdraw it?
For what purpose, love?
But to be frank, and give it thee again.
And yet I wish but for the thing I have.
My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep;
the more I give to thee,
The more I have,
for both are infinite
Well I guess that beard started to itch.
Oh, my God, Leslie's pregnant.
I brought your school homework.
My father is driving me
to Atlanta in the morning.
Can you believe?
There's not a single place in the entire
state of Mississippi
where a woman can get a...
There's a note.
It's from Todd.
Is there anything
you want me to tell him?
As boundless as the sea,
my love as deep,
the more I give, the more I have,
for both are infinite.
Tell him?
I promise.
I promise.
Every day.
Did she say anything else?
Did she say that she wants to do it?
She wants the abortion?
She didn't say she didn't.
As boundless as the sea...
All right, let's take it
from Friar Lawrence's exit.
What's here?
A cup closed in my true love's hand?
Poison I see has been his timeless end.
O churl! Drunk all,
and left no friendly drop
to help me after?
I will kiss thy lips.
Haply some poison yet doth hang on them
to make me die with the restorative.
Oh, shit.
A word, young people.
"Blessed is the man who remains
steadfast under trial,
for when he has stood
the tests, he will receive
the crown of life
which God has promised
to those who love Him."
Leslie, baby, we need to talk.
Todd, Todd, oh.
Where you going?
Get back in this house.
I love you baby.
Get off my property!
Sir, I need to speak with you, please.
What you need to do is get on your knees
and pray for you soul, boy.
Will you pray with me?
Come on, please, please.
This is fucked up!
Fucked up bullshit!
Fucked up, fucked up,
fucked up bullshit!
They hate me, man.
Her dad hates me,
her whole family hates me
and soon enough the whole congregations
going to fucking hate me.
Todd, whether or not they like you,
you're the father of the baby.
They're going to have
to talk to you eventually.
Even if it only
is at the shotgun wedding.
I've already proposed.
Wrote her family a letter
and not a word.
God, I hate this fucking town.
Todd, Todd, wait up.
So fucking dramatic.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, peachy keen, why do you ask?
Is there anything you want to tell me?
Now that you mention it.
Would you take a look at my penis
and tell me if it's okay?
Your what?
Efrem, I'm sure it's fine.
Would you just look?
What is that?
Fantasy, I think you lost your mind
Regardless of the outcome, so did I.
So, how long you two been friends?
Only all our lives.
I know that.
I was there, remember?
I meant friends.
Dad, we're not friends.
Randy's not gay.
Oh, okay.
What do you mean "okay"?
I mean if you were, I'm cool.
Oh, Dad, please.
Efrem Zimbliss Johnson?
Don't wait up, boys.
Do we need to get you tested too?
God, Dad.
I know, I know, I know, you're not gay.
But I know how it is,
kids experiment, you know.
I mean, you ain't never kissed
or anything?
Dad, gross.
Okay, well, I just gotta ask.
I kissed a boy once.
Yeah, tongues and everything.
What are you talking about, when?
Before you were born, man,
playing truth or dare.
Little Asian dude.
Kind of cute, actually.
I thought this is going
to taste everything bad
about a man, you know?
Car oil, sweat, chewing tobacco.
Thought it would be flat out strange.
Matter of fact,
it wasn't strange at all.
Kind of firmer than what I was used to,
but softer than I expected.
It was okay.
I never felt the urge to do it again,
but then again, I had your mom
in my life, so I don't know.
Heck, imagine if mom knew.
She was the one that dared me.
Yeah, she'll say she don't remember,
but I recall her face
like it was yesterday.
She was standing there
laughing and all shocked.
She was into it.
Boy, God, your momma, man.
That girl could laugh.
Mom watching you make out with a man?
Now I got the mental image.
I know I'll never make out with a guy.
So, do we have a little Something,
going on with a girl at this time, what?
- No.
- Well, you should.
Fine boy like you should have a whole
lot of something, something going on.
I know, you don't wanna
talk to me about this.
I just want you to remember that God
made no mistakes making you,
even if I did.
Never disrespect God by being
ashamed of His work.
What are you saying, Dad?
I am saying that you got
a father you got, son,
and be your own man.
Ain't no preacher,
your mama, me, can say what
it is to be a man,
that's between you and God.
How am I supposed
to know what God wants?
I keep asking and asking
it's just like...
Well have you been listening
and listening?
Or you been doing all the talking?
By the way, thank you.
For what?
Dragging you halfway across the state
on behalf of my diseased friend?
For calling me Dad.
I really miss hearing that.
Well, they gave me a jab in the ass,
not nearly as fun as it sounds,
some antibiotics.
They gave you an HIV test, right?
All clear. Who knew?
Then you do know about safe sex, right?
Oh, yes, it's all my fault.
Hey, look here, I've known
your dad a long time, man,
you want me to talk to him?
He thinks I'm being gay
just to annoy him.
He's probably right.
Are you okay?
I wish you would quit
fucking asking me that, man.
I'm running out of punchlines.
Don't forget your seatbelt.
Okay, let's get that boy home.
I spit in your drink
and expect you to think
Roads from here to hereafter
may be frozen
The burning sensation, the revelation
Don't be fooled, I've been here before
I've done my part
and you're gonna miss your cue
- Hey.
- Hey.
Welcome to the third annual
Forrest County,
Junior College, Student Film Festival,
where our aspiring
artists get to air their sick,
twisted visions of life
to their hopefully appreciative
and equally
sick and twisted peer group.
That's y'all.
Now, allow me to sit down with you
and puke with jealousy,
as we watch our first
fledgling visionaries piece of shit.
Work of art together, whatever.
Just roll the damn film.
When I first met you back in December
I think I thought I knew, I knew better
But now spring is around us
Feels like a change is really happening
and everything is possible,
as you know by now
you have to surrender
Someday young friend, maybe this time
You could lose everything
And it will still be all right
Don't turn your back on love
Don't turn your back on love
'cause you can't turn back time
Marshall MacNeil,
you get your ass up here.
What is this place?
It's where people like me
come to be around
other people like me,
where we can just be.
Be what?
Try not to wonder
Where you are
Running on empty since we've been apart
So I'm writing to reach you
In the hope that my words
might melt your heart
May I have this dance?
You love me and I love you
Please just tell me what to do
I would give my life to prove that
I won't break your heart
Don't you know, can't you see
This could be our destiny
'Cause together you and me,
we'd be unstoppable
Can I ask you a question?
Are you gay yet?
Because tonight was awesome.
But I'm going out
of my freaking mind here.
So, are you?
Gay, I mean?
I know I'm not straight yet.
That's a start.
I had sex.
With a girl.
Maybe she wasn't the right girl.
If there's a right girl, she's it.
Were you this confused?
At your age?
It was only a few years back.
What changed things for you?
The right guy.
What did the right guy do?
What I'm going to do to you.
What's that?
You really want to know?
What I'm going to do is...
I'm sorry.
Kiss me. Kiss me.
Oh, God, let me touch you.
Get your ass out of that car.
Mom! Mom, it's not what you think!
Shut up, what do you mean
it's not what I think?
I should murder your nasty ass.
You're going to the bottom of hell.
Randy, when I get you,
I swear to God, you out here
doing that like that.
You still going to try to see him?
Get in that house, get in that house.
You will not be out here
with that sickness,
acting like no damn priest.
So, now we know.
Now we know why we're being punished.
Chrissie is the price
we pay for your sin,
for your sin and your weakness.
Randy, how could you?
How could you be so selfish?
And you know the Lord is watching us.
You know we being tested.
But so what, so what?
You still indulge in your depravity.
I'm ashamed of you, Randy.
Before God you have shamed us.
I cannot believe you
crawl forth from my body
into this Earth to fornicate frivolously
like a craven beast.
Am I to have no children.
Is that my fate,
to lose the both of you?
Mom, I'm sorry.
Don't you do that.
Don't you do that, don't you tell me
you sorry when you not.
When you standing there
still stinking of him
and thinking of him,
wondering is he thinking of you.
Trying to figure out when you're going
to see him next, aren't you?
Aren't you?
You disgust me.
But you will never,
never make me give up my family.
And you gonna stand there and cry
like a fucking punk?
You are the reason
why they took my baby.
God, please just tell me, just tell me.
Just tell me, tell me
what you need me to do.
Tell me what you need me to do, God,
because no, he can't even beat it.
He can't beat it, he can't beat it.
God, he can't beat it.
Please, my baby, please.
One second, Mom.
Hello, Randolph.
Pastor Crandall.
May I come in?
Interesting room.
Very creative.
I like the colors.
Mom and Dad gave me free reign to
decorate up here how I like.
The blue reminds me of the sky.
Sometimes when
I'm lying down looking up,
it's like I can imagine
what it must really
feel like to fly.
Tell me.
How long have you been struggling?
With these unnatural desires.
I don't know, sir.
All my life.
As long as I can remember.
I thought I could ignore it, bury it.
But I get these dreams.
Do you want to be normal, Randolph?
Yes, yes I do.
Now, only the Lord can cast out
these unclean spirits, these demons.
You think I'm possessed?
I believe there's something
lurking in you.
Are you talking about exorcism?
He's talking about deliverance.
Are you ready for deliverance, Randolph?
Yes, yes I am.
Please, save me.
Lord Jesus, we pray for your power,
for your great healing power.
Lord God, we are prepared
to stay as long as it takes
to cleanse this young child.
- Oh, please, Heavenly Father.
- Almighty God.
Look down upon this
your child and heal him.
Heal my Randy, Father
Cleanse him, almighty God.
Deliver him from the ungodly
sinful forces
that have held him captive, that have
held him in bondage
against these unnatural desires.
Oh, please, Father.
Deliver this, your poor sinful soul
from the bondages of unclean spirits.
Deliver him,
this is your child, Father God.
This poor sinful servant from the bonds
of unnatural feelings.
Look down upon this your child
and have mercy.
Mercy Lord, mercy, please.
Remove this sin.
As boundless as the sea,
my love as deep.
The more I give, the more I have,
for both are infinite.
Save him, Lord, save him.
Oh, thank you, Jesus.
Yes, God.
Lord God.
Where's Leslie?
Where's Leslie?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, baby, no!
Oh, my God, what happened?
Oh, my God.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding."
I dream these dreams
from the darkness in between
But I hope that I am not the only one
Is Marshall here?
It's okay, Mom.
This is the guy I was telling you about.
This is Randy.
Take my dark, take my light
Take my freedom and my flight
Take out all my reasons wrong
And make them right
Take my night, take my day
Take my cold and bitter ways
Take it all from me,
just promise that you'll stay
I love you.
He says, "It's okay."
God's here?
God's here.
"Whoever does not love
does not know God,
because God is love."
It's okay, Randy.
Everything is okay. They found her.
She's coming home.
She's coming home.
My baby's coming home.
Mom, Dad.
This is Marshall.
My... my boyfriend.
Good to meet you, man.
Great to meet you.
They're here.
All right, all right.
Thank you, God.
Turns out Chrissie had been living
with a family in Arkansas
the whole time.
Some woman who couldn't
have kids snatched her
and was raising her as her own.
Mom says since God brought Chrissie back
home to us,
it wasn't my fault after all.
"God is love," she said.
"God is love."
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's up, dude?
Todd, what's going on?
Just came around to say goodbye.
And thank you for being
a good Christian brother to me.
Todd, where are you going?
How's it going with Marshall?
Seems like a totally cool guy.
You've never met Marshall, Todd.
Sometimes I'm kind of jealous of him.
Would have been kind of cool,
wouldn't it?
I could have loved you the way he does.
I know that's what you wanted.
I kind of wanted it too,
but it was Leslie.
So beautiful.
I'm so sorry, Todd.
You don't have nothing
to be sorry for, dude.
You must miss her so much.
I used to. It was hard.
But it's okay now.
I should go.
Where you going?
You know where, dude.
I have to get back to Leslie.
- She's waiting for me.
- Todd!
Shh, you'll wake yourself.
That's Marshall.
Dude, I know your parents like the guy,
but he ain't sleeping over yet.
I don't get this.
It's only been a couple months
since they met him.
I don't get this.
What is this?
You know what this is, dude.
You don't want to know, but you know.
This has been the same dream
you've had for the past two months.
I drove my bike under the train
the week after Leslie died.
You sang at the funeral,
it was beautiful.
Your sister ran away twice.
But she's starting to settle down now.
Your dad moved back home again,
and it's not working out too well
right now, but it'll be okay eventually.
They'll make it.
You'll move to Los Angeles
with Marshall.
You'll both fall in love
with other people.
You'll remain lifelong friends
who everybody
knows should be together.
Crystal will move to New York
and you'll lose touch.
Efrem will move to LA,
go through tattoos,
steroids, and a crystal meth addiction.
And he'll admit on his deathbed
that he's always been in love with you.
One day you'll write a movie
about all of this.
Marshall will direct it and you'll watch
your memories on screen and realize...
"Wow, we were so young."
And you'll be right.
We were.
You should get back to sleep now,
before you wake up.
You've got a crazy big life ahead of you
and you're going to need
all the rest you can get.
It's okay.
Marshall's still there.
Want me to come lie down
with you a while?
Just 'til you fall asleep?
Would you?
This is your dream, dude.
But now my heart is on its way
And so I feel that I should say
That you could be my only fate
Randy, boy get your
black behind down here.
You're going to miss breakfast.
Just let him know I don't like him.
You want another pancake?
- Yes please.
- There you go.
Ah, nice of you to join us,
sleeping beauty.
Is it too much to ask to have my family
at the table all at once?
"Love is patient, love is kind,
it does not envy, it does
not boast, it is not proud,
it is not self seeking,
it is not easily angered.
It keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects,
always trusts, always hopes,
always perseveres.
Love bears all things,
believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never ends."
Tell that white boy to stop blowing
that horn in front of my house.
This ain't the projects.
Later, Mr. Rousseau.
Bye, Dad.
Bye, Dad.
Move, freak.
There is light at the end of this tunnel
And the rain will cease to fall
Moving right along might be
right or should be wrong
And my soul will cease to fall
There is light at the end of this tunnel
And my soul will cease to fall
It feels like a pleasant surprise
Whenever I look in your eyes
I know what I want it to be
Whenever you look at me
I say there's something
so special in you
I feel like you're feeling it too
now I want to know what's in store
I never knew love before you
Say you're totally crushing on me
Well I got a crush on you too
You know it's true my baby got me saying
What is this feeling
Am I falling in love
It's got me reeling
I just can't get enough
Lord, I'm trying to resist it
But it's so damn insistent
What is this feeling, Oh,
Don't know anything about love
But I'm trying to find out
what you're made of
When you say that you love me
What is this feeling
Am I falling in love
It's got me reeling
I just can't get enough
Lord I'm trying to resist it
But it's so damn insistent
What is this feeling, Oh,
What is this feeling
Am I falling in love
It's got me reeling, yeah
I can't get enough
Lord, I'm trying to resist it
But it's so damn insistent
What is this feeling
I don't know
Which way to go
I can't resist wanting your kiss
What is this feeling, Oh,
I don't know
I don't know
Trying to embrace the word
like my mother did
Or do I just kiss the wind
like my father did
What is this feeling
Am I falling in love
Am I falling in love