Blackbird (2012) Movie Script

Wait downstairs, Sean.
What's going on?
Mr. Randall, we have a warrant
to search your house.
A warrant?
What for?
Two upstairs, two down.
Tommy, what the fuck?
Ok, you guys cover
the bedrooms upstairs.
We got weapons down here.
Call it in.
- Call what in?
Ok, you just stay right there.
You're about to be
front page news, Sean.
How do you feel about that?
I told you, I didn't do anything.
You planned to do something.
No, I didn't.
I wish you'd stop saying that.
Winchester 94.
Lever action.
Sleek, accurate, no-nonsense.
Is that your favourite?
We found it loaded, ready to go.
Or the Remington 870?
Also loaded.
Were you going to start with this one
and move to the Winchester,
or the other way around?
Those are my dad's guns.
I don't know anything about them.
I don't even like guns.
Which gun is going to make
me feel like a man today?
So many options, I feel giddy inside
just thinking about it.
Sean, put that thing away.
They're close.
I'll take your word for it.
How come you get the pump action, Ricky?
I wish you'd stop calling me that.
Well it is your name.
Keep the muzzle down.
Prop it up.
Is that its heart?
Stop filming this.
You'll get the next one.
The next what?
I'm just going to run in...
you may as well wait here.
Whatcha looking at, you fucking weirdo?
They're cliches... ignore them.
Dude, is that blood on your hands?
Probably killed his
sister or ate his dog.
Goths are pacifists, you
guys don't know anything.
When did you become the Goth expert?
I am a Goth.
Well goths don't listen
to Marilyn Manson.
I listen to other stuff.
Check this out.
Oh, dude...
Stop filming this.
...that is sick.
Oh, tell me that's an animal!
It's a deer.
Fuck, Sean.
- That's gross!
- That is so fucking awesome.
Can you send it to me?
Yeah, I'll just post it.
What are you gonna do take
on the entire hockey team?
Yeah, sure... why not?
Who threw it?
I didn't realize you guys were friends?
We're on the same bus.
Okay, then why don't you
tell him who did it then?
Yeah some friend.
Don't do it again.
Or what?
You gonna slit your wrists?
How about I give you your own website?
Dumb asshole jocks dot com.
You serious?
Here, give it to me.
This would make great
YouTube material, man.
All we need is a name.
How about "Freak gets happy slapped. "
No, that's too obvious, isn't it?
Tell us about this guy?
Just a guy at my school.
You must hate him.
I know I would if he did that to me.
I don't hate him.
But it's pretty clear he hates me.
Maybe you should question
him. He's the dangerous one.
Felt like a good time to start.
A clean, memorable,
turning point of a time.
The cafeteria, with all its
pathetic symmetry would be the place.
Two Colt 45s would be the tools.
The captain of the hockey team,
that vain, preening peacock,
would be the first target.
His bourgeois, groupie of a
girlfriend would be the next.
Followed soon after by the
rest of the hockey team.
It would be methodical.
It would be unemotional.
With his tools he could fix them all. "
It's interesting...
we found the same story online.
Are you sure you don't want that lawyer?
It's just a story.
Ms. Dorey told me to write down my...
Your feelings?
Who's Ms. Dorey?
I heard there was an
incident at the mall.
Do you want to talk about it?
Not really.
Do you have anybody you can talk to?
Like my dad?
You know, you might not believe it,
but I dressed Goth in high school.
I don't believe it.
I didn't live in Eastport. I
grew up in the city, like you.
Who did you listen to?
Joy Division, The Cult,
stuff like that.
Do you have any tattoos?
None that I would show you.
This is the part when I'm supposed to
open up and tell you
how much my life sucks?
Have you spoken with your mother?
You know what I do when I'm angry...
I write it down.
It helps.
What are you writing?
A story of revenge.
Am I in it?
What, so you can talk to me now that
we're all alone?
What was I supposed to do?
Get up and walk away with you?
They're my friends.
I burned you a CD.
Some stuff that I like.
It's mostly Industrial,
but there's this one band
on here called Nemesiah that I love.
You probably already know them.
There's this story how the
bass at their shows is like
so deep and constant
that people actually shit their pants.
Anyway, it's for you.
He's a fucking heathen?
He's not always like that.
Yes he is.
What, you're any different,
going around cutting up animals?
What are you talking about?
Your video!
It's gone viral.
You see what you want to see.
Tell me what I'm supposed to see.
What's going on?
I thought we were getting along.
You won't even be
seen with me in public.
That's not true.
I mean sure, it'd be nice if you didn't
dress like every day was Halloween.
You could tone it
down is all I'm saying.
And be a bitch like you,
Zamboni Man?
People don't like people
who stand out, Sean.
I belong in the city.
Yeah, well, she's not taking you back.
She made that clear.
She's not even home.
They took Lily to Florida.
Why don't you sit down eat your dinner.
You killed it, you eat it.
Can you see me?
Yeah, I can see you.
Can you see me?
Yes, I can.
That's your room?
It's the room I sleep in.
I wouldn't exactly call it my room.
What is that?
This is Milton, my lizard.
Oh my god!
Like the poet.
Like the poet... Milton.
This is Snuggles.
Milton... meet Snuggles.
He comes with the room by the way.
Well I just want to come over there
with a spray can and tag your walls.
I can see that.
So were you born a goth?
You think I'm a goth?
Aren't you?
Were you born a princess?
Yes, I was.
No, this is just who I am.
If people don't like that's too bad.
You learn pretty quick
who your friends are.
And your enemies.
I just find it interesting because
I'm like totally the opposite.
I want everyone to like me.
Everyone does like you.
They like the idea of me.
They don't actually know me.
Sounds lonely.
I guess we're not so different.
Sorry, I gotta turn this down.
You didn't have to do that.
It's not muzak.
I don't know what that is.
A girl gave it to me.
What was her name, Elvira?
No, Deanna.
Not Deanna Roy?
Yeah, why?
Brian Roy's daughter?
The Puck Bunny?
I don't think they
use that term anymore.
She never misses a hockey
game is all I'm saying.
Well, sometimes girls like guys
they can talk to.
Yeah, they call them friends.
Hey, I was wondering what
you were doing at lunch?
I have a chemistry test
I have to study for.
I could help.
Did all that last year in the city.
I study better by myself.
Take a hint.
MacKenzie, you don't have to be rude.
God, Deanna, when did you become
such a freak magnet?
I should go.
Then go.
Wow, nice place.
Appearance is everything.
I'm afraid to touch anything.
Oh my god, don't look at that.
Hard not to.
Shut up!
It's better than having
guns on your wall.
The thing that bugs me about it
is the fakeness of it,
like we're a happy family or something.
So that's Big Bri, huh?
See that hand on my shoulder?
Feels like it's always there.
Tell him how you feel.
Get your fucking hand
off me, you cocksucker.
Are you recording me?
Calm down, I'll erase it.
Wait... let me see it first.
Get your fucking hand
off me, you cocksucker.
Oh god, I look so angry.
Who's this?
My sister, Lily.
I didn't know you had a sister.
Half sister.
Sing the monkey song again.
I did.
Do it again.
The monkey was going.
I'm going to do it faster.
The monkey was going...
Sean, Jesus Christ,
she's not a toy you know.
You're really sweet with her.
Tell that to her dad.
He won't even let me see her.
Thinks I'm gonna kill her or something.
I heard it different.
Yeah, well my sister knows his brother,
so I think that makes
me a much better source.
Wouldn't you agree, Sean?
Yeah, Sean?
Sean, come on.
Sean, don't be a retard.
What's going on?
Who is it?
It's my mom.
Can someone please
tell me what's going on?
You're like Homer Simpson
hitting his thumb with the hammer.
Oh my god, is he texting you?
Stop him!
So how did you get her number,
Freak Show?
Why don't you ask her?
No, I'm asking you.
She give it to you?
If you go near my girlfriend
again I'll kill you
with my bare fucking hands.
And I have the means to do it.
He threatened me at school...
I was just responding.
Because his girlfriend didn't want you?
What did she say?
Did you talk to her?
This alleged threat of
his, were there witnesses?
Yeah, a few of his friends Jason, Tyler,
a few others.
You mean the rest of the hockey team?
We know about your website.
Your videos. Your blog.
What we don't know is...
why you're so angry.
What did the world do to you?
Can I see my dad now?
Can you believe this?
Well, you dress the part.
You wanted to stand
out, Sean, so now you do.
How's it feel?
I'm in jail, how do you think
it feels?
I've been charged too, Sean.
Improper storage of firearms.
I've lived alone for ten years.
They're saying I loaded them.
They're saying it's like Columbine.
I know!
Do you know how much media is out there?
Does mom know?
I'm sure she does now!
But they can't give out my name,
right, because I'm a minor?
They can give out mine,
so trust me she knows.
She's probably on a beach
somewhere breathing a huge
sigh of relief because you're
my problem now and not hers.
I should've been there
to raise you myself.
But you weren't.
Does he have to wear those?
The whole town's in there, Sean.
Take a seat.
Hi. You must be Sean?
Hi, I'm Andy Lewis, with Legal Aid.
I've just been assigned your case.
I just got your file.
Wow, it's nutso in here.
Can you just tell them I'm
not who they think I am?
Lets take one thing at a time.
We'll get you bail,
then I'll have a chance
to go over the file and
then we can talk, okay?
All rise.
The sitting of the Eastport
Provincial Court is now in session.
The honourable Judge Campbell presiding.
Thank you, you may sit.
Case number 6215, in the matter of
the Crown versus Sean Richard Randall.
Your honour, Mr. Randall is accused
of making threats and
planning a violent attack
targeting specific students
and teachers at Eastport High.
Mr. Randall is clearly out of
control and a threat to himself
and the community at large.
Due to the uncertain nature
of the threats and the
instability of the accused
we request bail be denied
at this time and he be
remanded for the safety of
himself and the community.
Uh, your honour.
I'd just like to say that I
find this a little bit extreme.
My client here has done nothing
but utter a few threats...
I'll have decorum in my court,
or I'll have the Sheriff clear the room.
The point I'm trying
to make your honour,
is that my client's a minor.
It's my understanding that if
there is a parent or guardian
present and responsible,
bail should be granted.
Not if the parent is the one
providing illegal firearms.
Mr. Randall, do you understand the
seriousness of the charges?
This is a tight-knit community.
When you threaten our
children, you threaten us all.
I'm going to deny bail, Mr. Randall,
pending further investigation.
You're going to Waterville.
For your sake and the
sake of the community.
Step through.
Step forward to the line.
Turn around and face me.
Take off your shoes.
Take off your socks.
Empty your pockets.
Take off your shirt.
Take off your pants.
Rub your hands through your hair.
Hold out your arms.
Open your mouth.
Wide as you can please.
Stick out your tongue.
Turn around.
Bend over.
Ce1l 2B.
Alright, settle down.
Settle down.
In your cells in twenty minutes.
I'll be watching.
It is about time I got a new bitch...
Eye down.
Fresh meat, huh?
Watch out for Trevor.
I get the headlines.
What's the password?
Welcome to the human fish tank.
You don't mind.
Can't whistle.
Birds whistle and birds are free.
I didn't know.
Oh... He didn't know.
Didn't know.
Speaking of birds
fucking parrot over here.
The question is...
just what kind of bird are you?
Don't answer.
We have a tradition here on West 7, ah.
Amherst teen arrested
for ATM bank fraud.
Ray, you're up.
Don't fucking say a word.
I picked Hartford youth gets
six months for assault with
a deadly weapon.
Yarmouth teen sentenced for
eleven counts of joyridinq.
Could I see bank fraud?
But assault with a deadly weapon?
With his Aids dick maybe.
And joyriding?
I swear Lucas you get
dumber by the minute.
Look at his face.
Joyriders are friendly.
That's why they're called joy riders.
This bird don't like people.
He's got that
look to him.
What's it say?
Eastport teen denied bail
for planning school massacre.
Trevor got it, I can see it in his face.
Whoa whoa whoa, he hasn't
even one chosen yet.
Get them all in front of him.
Come on, newbie, who the fuck are you?
I knew it man.
I knew he was one of them stinky-ass,
PIN stealing muthafuckas.
Good count.
Count up!
Just a minute.
Who is this?
Friend of Deanna's.
What's your name?
Okay boys, in your cells.
No one lies to me!
No one!
Amherst teen my fucking ass!
Teen dressed Goth and had
a large tattoo on his back
classmates described
as Satanic in nature.
The arrest follows a search
of the boy's home where an
arsenal of weapons were
found along with what is
believed to be a revenge
plan targeting the entire
hockey team.
Looks like I win after all.
Let me see that.
Keep it, Marcel.
Let it be a reminder to you
that you're still the same
dumb ass muthafucka you always were.
Lying piece of shit.
Rollout! Rollout!
Clean it up, Columbine.
I ain't going to no Discipline Unit
'cause of you.
You want me to lie?
I want you home.
Your dad wants you home.
That's why he hired me, Sean.
To represent your best interests.
How is saying I did something
I didn't in my best interests?
Please, Sean.
Mr. Johns is here to help.
Look, I realize those kids
at school were the real threat.
But you got to understand the system.
The parents, the teachers,
the Crown, they all want
blood on this one.
Who do they have, Harris?
It's a woman, I think that's her name.
Dale Harris.
I remember because
Dale rhymes with bail.
They don't get any tougher than her.
She wants fourteen year
olds tried as adults.
How old are you?
He's fifteen.
Point is you rattled
an entire community.
Accept this and move on.
A couple years, you'll be eighteen,
in college, nobody will remember this.
I will.
Don't you think you'd
also remember a long,
drawn out trial?
Your dad's right.
I know you're not guilty, Sean,
but the evidence against
you is very compelling.
If this goes to trial...
I don't know.
What I do know is this.
you put on a nice suit,
you tell a nice story, you'll get a slap
on the wrist be released
for time served.
Lesson learned.
Make life easier for yourself, Sean.
Doesn't anybody care about the truth?
I'm due in court in an hour.
Think about it.
Call me.
I'll talk with him.
Do you have any idea who that is?
It's only the best goddamn youth
lawyer this side of Montreal.
And he's here in this room to help you.
Only you seem to know more than he does.
What was wrong with the other guy?
Andy the Legal Aid guy?
He's a fucking idiot.
Barry Johns is the real deal.
I mortgaged my fucking
house to bring him here!
Well I don't like him.
You don't like anyone, Sean.
Is it any wonder the
whole world's against you?
How do you live with
such an embarrassment
for a son?
Don't give me that shit, Sean.
I'm here, aren't I.
It's more than you can
say for your mother.
She's not coming?
I don't know.
We're playing phone tag.
She's still in Florida.
Says she's coming though...
soon as she gets back.
When will that be?
I don't know.
But wouldn't it be
nice to get out of here
before she comes?
Get you cleaned up.
Put an end to all this brutality.
Get your own bitch, bitch.
Eat your peas, Columbine.
You don't have to call me that.
Why not, Columbine?
Cause I'm nothing like them.
That's not what the newspaper says.
You know what you need, Columbine?
You need to learn to love yourself.
They teach that shit here you know?
Yeah man, they teach you how to
paint watercolours and everything.
Express all that pain you got,
so that when you get out
you won't go blasting up the school.
Why you in here?
Hey man, this bitch is so new
he's still in the wrapper.
You wanna know what he did?
He killed Santa Claus.
Some Christmas store
Santa up in Plate Cove
where he's from.
Some old retired guy,
everybody just fucking adored.
Turns out the guy's a fucking pedophile.
One night, takes Trevor out
to a dirt road, starts
to come on to him.
Tries to touch his dick and everything.
Trevor goes ape shit.
Fucking kills the guy
with his bare hands.
When was that?
Five years ago.
Okay, wait, he's here,
I gotta go.
Where they keeping you, Australia?
You've been waiting?
Yeah, I just got Gerry
breathing down my neck
every five seconds
- how much longer,
how much longer?
You know what he's like.
He's in the car?
Lily's taking a nap.
Lily's here?
Come here, let me look at you.
Oh, Sean.
How did this happen?
Glad you're here mom.
Yeah, well, I would
have been here sooner,
it's just Gerry's family you know,
he hadn't seen them in years,
and Lily was so excited so...
Oh, I brought some photos.
Most of these probably
wouldn't interest you, but...
Here's one of Lily.
Isn't that cute?
She looks older.
Her face.
I want to see her.
I wanted that for you, I really did.
- jail's no place for a little girl.
So that's why he came?
To keep away the bad seed?
- No one sees you like that.
- Everyone sees me like that.
You're telling me he hasn't
been saying I told you so?
He hasn't.
Maybe he didn't have to.
I told myself I wasn't
going to get upset so...
So, think that maybe when I
get out I can come and stay,
you know, take Lily to the park...
I don't think that's
such a good idea, Sean.
I just think it's important
you spend some time
with your father, at
this point in your life.
It's hard for everyone.
Yeah, I can see that.
Columbine... ball!
Come on, Columbine, get the ball.
Oh wow.
I mean, they clowing you for real man.
Where you going, Columbine?
To my cell, to read.
I ain't done with you!
Come on back, bitch!
Come on buddy you're
letting it get away from you.
Get the ball. Come on.
Here you go, Kev.
Go get it.
Go ahead Lassie.
Oh what a fucking cunt.
Now what am I supposed to do with this?
Rain cheque, boys.
Big brother's watching.
He ownes you G.
You got lucky, Columbine.
Barry Johns.
Hi, it's Sean Randall...
from Waterville.
Good news.
Did your dad tell you?
We got a trial date.
Really, when?
Twenty first.
That's in two weeks.
Well, it could've been a
hell of a lot longer, Sean.
They wanted to push
it until the new year.
It's just..
I just don't know if
I can last that long.
You know, it's like you said:
kids like me aren't safe here.
There's still the other
option we discussed.
So, if I can hold on for two weeks,
you're saying I can get out?
Well, first we view the Crown's case.
We get to see the evidence
they've compiled against you.
It's called disclosure.
If you still decide you want to proceed,
you'll get moved to the courthouse,
to a holding cell.
And then we go to trial.
And I can't move now,
since I know that's what
I want to do?
That's not how it works.
If you insist on going to trial,
you're just going to have to
find a way to hang in there.
Let him eat.
Everyone deserves a last supper.
We're short.
Missing a knife.
Seems like one of you thought
you'd walk out of here
with a little souvenir.
You were wrong.
We have dedicated staff
who take their jobs
very seriously.
They know how serious
putting a weapon into
the hands of a violent teenager can be.
Now, we can do this the
easy way or we can do it
the hard way.
This is no joke, boys.
We will search each and every
one of you if we have to...
Thanks for choosing the easy way, Sean.
See you in two weeks.
A fresh face.
This way.
Might want to think twice
before jerking off in here.
What if I have to go to the washroom?
Go up to the window.
That's how we know you're
about to piss yourself.
Like that guy?
No, he's just a pain in the ass.
I can't sleep.
You know, the lights...
they're brighter or something.
The sound, the buzzing, do you hear it?
It's driving me crazy.
Just go back to bed.
Try to relax.
Don't make me call the Goon Squad.
Sean Randall?
Where are we going?
Has it been two weeks?
This way, son.
Thanks, Don.
Are you okay?
Is that the evidence?
It's ninety percent of their case.
Look I know it's hard,
it gets a lot worse
when it goes to trial.
What do you mean when?
Isn't that why you're here?
To take me to court?
That's what we thought
too until this morning.
The trial's been postponed, Sean.
The computer forensic
experts need more time.
How much time?
Could be a couple months.
Procedure is long.
Life is short.
I've been trying to tell
you that from the start.
I know pleading guilty is
against your principles,
and I respect you for that,
but principles will not
end this vicious cycle
of abuse you're in.
What do you say we
put an end to all this?
Your honour, at this time my client
would like to enter a plea of guilty.
Mr. Randall, do you understand
that you are pleading guilty
to planning an attack
on twenty-seven people
in this town?
Please speak into the
microphone, Mr. Randall.
Do you understand that
you're making this guilty plea
of your own free will,
and that no one in any way
is coercing you to make
this statement today.
Yes that's right.
Is there anything else you wish to say?
No, sir. Just I'm sorry, I guess.
Sorry I guess?
Mr. Randall, sorry I guess doesn't
restore the damage you've
caused this community
or diminish the impact
on the lives of those
you've threatened.
Your honour, please,
my client may not be
particularly eloquent,
but he is deeply remorseful
and sorry for what he's done.
Mr. Randall, is that true?
Yes, sir, that's true.
I'm granting an order of release
with conditions. Mr. Randall.
Due to the violent and
disturbing nature of your
intended crimes you are
prohibited from attending
any school within district thirteen.
Not only can you not
attend, you cannot step foot
on school property.
You are also prohibited
from communicating,
directly or indirectly, with any victim,
witness, or other
person identified in the
no contact order.
That's twenty-seven
people, Mr. Randall.
Twenty-seven people who
don't want to see your
face ever again.
So, I didn't know what
to do with your room.
I just closed the door... left it.
I didn't know how you'd feel.
It feels weird... like
someone else's room.
Maybe it is.
I mean, maybe you changed.
I talked with Barry.
He said that you can have
your computer and all your
stuff back, just a couple of
formalities to go through.
What about your guns?
I don't get those back.
Part of the deal.
Part of what deal?
The deal to get you out.
Sean, um, I was thinking, you know,
with the school ban in
effect and everything,
that maybe you want to come
work with me at the rink,
help out some, earn yourself a
bit of cash.
How's that supposed to work?
The whole hockey team is on that list.
I checked with Barry.
He said that as long as you're
upstairs when they're on the ice
it's no problem.
They have a schedule,
you have a schedule.
I don't know.
Can I think about it?
Yeah, absolutely!
No hurry, take your time.
I'll leave you to settle in.
Can I get you a sandwich or something?
I got some of that thinly-shaved
turkey breast you like.
Yeah, that sounds great, thanks.
I'm glad you're home, Sean.
Sandwich then.
Pittsburgh's playing, you want to watch?
I'm reading.
No pressure.
Thought I'd mention it.
Two dollars each?
Look at you.
Dirt under your fingernails.
That reminds me.
First pay cheque.
Aren't you going to open it?
Probably know how much
is in there anyway.
Don't forget, there's deductions.
I guess I should start
saving for plastic surgery.
What are you talking about?
People think I'm a psycho, dad.
No, they don't!
Everybody I talk to knows it's bullshit.
You should've seen them
gawking at me at the mall.
You just like thinking that way.
I saw Deanna.
Didn't go up to her, just saw her.
I should hope not.
I don't know.
I guess I wanted to.
Give her a chance to explain herself.
When are you going to realize
she's not your friend, Sean.
Never was.
I heard Jimmy Cooke's
selling his wife's Dodge.
Probably let it go for fifteen hundred.
Consider going in on
it with you if you want.
Oh, come on, Talbot!
How do you miss that?
When did my stuff get here?
I don't know, earlier sometime.
My car got vandalized.
The net was wide open!
What did you say?
My car got vandalized.
What happened?
What did you do?
Nothing... except
plan a school massacre.
"Get your fucking hand
off me, you cocksucker... "
"Are you recording me?"
You look different.
That's kind of the general idea.
How are you?
Just working now, just got my own car.
Yeah, that's cool.
How about you?
How long have you been working here?
Just like a month.
It was my dad's idea.
He knows the owner, so that's how he
keeps tabs on me.
Anyway, I just -
wanted to say I was sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I feel sick to my stomach
about what happened.
I don't talk to Cory anymore.
Not at all.
You know the cops came
to my house and told me
that you had a plan?
I didn't have a plan.
It was just a story.
A story of revenge?
Where do you want to go?
I should have said something.
My parents are impossible to talk to.
But I should have said something.
I don't blame you for not trusting me.
When did you get the nose ring?
It's a nose stud.
Nose stud.
I like it.
So I was going to head to Johnny's,
half price burgers.
You want to come?
Actually there was something else I was
thinking about doing, but thanks.
Next week then.
Your dad gave you his Lexus?
Told him I needed tampons.
Works every time.
No, you can leave your boots on.
Unless you don't want them to get dirty.
Um, the bathroom...
up and around the corner,
if you want to use it.
Do you want to hang
out here or in my room?
Which one?
We can go to your room.
Okay, it's just here.
Wow, the walls are so bare.
Yeah, it's part of my new look.
Or non-look.
Are those live maggots?
I like the way you look.
I feel like I can see you.
You can actually read?
Yes, well, it's not exactly Dostoevsky.
Did you get that in jail?
I feel really bad.
I kind of like it.
It adds character.
Is that your dad?
Yeah, just wait here.
There's a Lexus in the driveway.
Yeah, that's... Deanna's here.
Oh no, no, she's not!
She's leaving!
It's not a big deal.
You'll be arrested.
I won't be... I won't be arrested.
Is that true?
You could be arrested?
She doesn't know?
Know what?
You going to tell her?
There's a restraining
order and you're on it.
Time to head up!
Hey, look who it is.
Careful, he's got a weapon.
So like I'm confused man
did you want to fuck her
or did you want to kill her?
Fuck her then kill her?
Kill her then fuck her?
What did you want to do?
Sean! Sean!
What did you want to do man?
- What are you doing?
- I'm working!
- Hey, hey.
- Sorry.
Sean... you got to go. We got to go.
Get your fucking hands off me!
What's going on?
I just wanted to see you.
You know, I was thinking about you.
You can't be here.
Someone sees you and
they'll call the police.
I got into a fight with my dad.
I think I hit him.
I'm pretty sure I hit him.
Are you okay?
We can't talk here.
Try me later on Skype, but
wait until after eleven,
just give my parents a
chance to fall asleep, okay?
Get out of my way.
What, you gonna hit me again?
That was an accident.
What the fuck?
You knew the rules.
Why can't you just lay low?
I can't be you.
So you want to go back to jail?
Fine, get the fuck out.
How was I supposed to know
it was her dad on the phone?
Mr. Johns.
Thanks for coming on such short notice.
So, here's the deal.
The parents are filing
harassment charges.
They can do that?
They basically entrapped him.
It's still a breach of probation, Ricky,
and for that reason they
see Sean as a threat.
You were reckless, Sean.
You knew the conditions
of your release -
stay away from the people on that list.
How hard is that?
Look, he likes this girl,
and this girl likes him.
It's the parents that are threatened.
Sure, it's not like he
bought their daughter flowers
and took her to the prom.
He had her in his revenge plan.
He didn't have a revenge plan.
Sure, well, they think he did.
So what do we do now?
Same as before, Ricky.
He goes in, says he's sorry,
it won't happen again, lesson learned.
At most he's going to get house arrest,
three months.
I didn't harass her.
Then take it to trial,
put her on the stand.
I'm sure she'll really
swoon over you then.
They want to send you back.
You look good.
Hey, don't worry, we're going to
get you out of this.
Don't look at them, Sean.
All rise.
The Eastport Provincial
court is now in session.
The honorable Judge Campbell presiding.
Thank you, you may sit.
Mr. Johns?
Your honour, at this point my client
would like to enter a plea
of guilty to the one count.
And does this satisfy
the Crown, Miss Harris?
The Crown is satisfied.
Mr. Randall, please step forward.
State your full name for the record.
Sean Richard Randall.
Sean Richard Randall,
do you understand that
you're pleading guilty to
the charge of harassment,
and that this guilty
plea is being entered of
your own free will?
Yes, I understand what you're saying.
Listen... this isn't about what I say.
We want to hear how you
feel about your actions.
You mean going up to Deanna?
Going up to her, emailing her,
following her home from
school, harassing her at work...
Mr. Randall?
We're waiting.
Well, um...
it started when I saw her
working at the mall,
and I just wanted to apologize
for everything.
Look at me, Mr. Randall.
So you wanted to make things right?
By apologizing?
Yes, that's right.
You wanted to apologize
for planning to kill her
and her friends?
Tell me, Mr. Randall,
how does one go about
apologizing for such a thing?
That's not why I was apologizing.
Then why were you apologizing?
Because I didn't want her to think she
had to be afraid of me.
I wasn't planning to kill her.
I wasn't planning anything.
Mr. Johns, I think you should
take a moment with your client.
He seems to be confused as
to exactly why we're here.
What are you doing?
Telling the truth.
Do you want to go back inside
with those animals?
He's embarrassing himself, Ricky.
Let him speak, Barry.
Your honour, I tried to make it clear,
but my client wishes to
speak on his own behalf.
Sit down.
Mr. Randall, you realize you are
speaking against your lawyer's advice?
Are you his guardian?
Yeah, that's right, I'm his dad.
Do you want him to proceed
against counsel's advice?
Yes I do.
He's a good kid, he didn't mean to do...
It's okay, It's okay.
You can sit.
Mr. Randall, do you understand
exactly why you're here today?
Yes, I'm being charged with harassment.
Yes, you're charged
with harassing a person
you we're ordered to stay away from.
What we are asking here today is:
do you plead guilty to
this charge... yes or no?
No, I do not.
Not guilty.
I was angry.
I wrote things down.
Stupid, but not dangerous.
So what suited you yesterday
doesn't suit you today?
We have a name for
that here, Mr. Randall.
It's called perjury.
Is that what you're saying?
That you perjured yourself?
I'm saying I lied.
If that's perjury then yes.
You leave me no choice, Mr. Randall.
This court is all about the
consequences of your actions
and the implications to this community.
So I'm going to remove you from
this community for three months.
The next time I see you...
make sure you have a lawyer.
Got you boys a present.
Holy fuck!
Whoa, Columbine!
Did you miss us?
Check out the hairdo.
Hey, Trevor?
Where's Trevor.
Trevor don't do Christmas, man.
What do you mean he don't do Christmas?
Where is he?
Yo Trevor, get your ass out here man,
you gotta see this.
Well I can't believe
he came back though.
He know's he's gonna get killed right?
I wonder what's going
on in the world today.
Looks like the dollar's still gaining...
Sidney Crosby's out with concussion...
Oh, here's something:
"Eastport teen jailed for perjury. "
Do you know about this?
What the fuck is that?
It means I lied in court.
It means Columbine don't want to be
Columbine no more.
Only he is Columbine
so they won't let him
not be Columbine.
Ain't that right, Columbine?
Why's it matter?
You're in jail, I'm in jail.
We've all done stuff.
Not me, I'm innocent.
You can call me Columbine all you want.
I know who I am.
You know you're dead?
Fuck this.
What the fuck, man?
Put it back.
Game's shit, bro.
It's a fuckin' blowout.
Oh, shit yo... I know this.
Yeah, I used to watch this
at my grandma's every year.
Man, does this look like your grandma's?
Yeah man, this is a classic
It's about this fella,
he claims to be the real
Santa Claus and shit.
Fuck, Marcel man, no one wants to watch
a fuckin' black and white
movie from the depression -
Who's fucking go?
Shut up, Tyrell, I'm trying to listen.
"She's a little confused. "
"Would you tell her that
you're not really Santa Claus?"
"That there's actually no such person?"
"I'm sorry to disagree
with you, Mrs. Walker,
but not only is there such a person,
but here I am to prove it. "
Whose fucking go?
Go Ray!
- Slow ass motherfucker.
- "I want you to tell her the truth. "
- "What is your name?"
- "Kris Kringle. "
"I'll bet you're in the first grade. "
"Second. "
"I mean your real name. "
"That is my real name... "
"Second grade, good gracious. "
"It's a progressive school. "
"Ohhh, progressive school"
Fuck... can somebody go already?
Chill out.
"Where did you get
such a lovely outfit?"
Get up!
Open the door.
Lucas, open up, it's me!
Get the fuck out of my way!
Whoa, shit yo!
Hey you look out for my name man.
You know what it is.
"To Seen. "
What the fuck?
Man, that's Columbine.
Yo, Seen... Merry Christmas.
My name's Sean.
Yeah alright.
Now tell me why I got
a wallet in a prison.
What money do I got?
I mean damn.
Columbine got an iPhone 4.
Check this out...
it's still in its
plastic and everything.
Holy Shit.
What I would do with an iPhone4.
I hear they got like
a camera... Internet...
Alright man, what you get?
A jumpsuit, but I didn't find it funny.
Hey yo you guys, check
this out right here.
What do you get if you cross
Santa Claus with a duck?
Your momma?
A Christmas Quacker.
Yo, Trev, you ain't gonna pull at
your cracker?
Hey yo, put on your hat.
Fuck that.
Come on Trev, we all got ours on.
Trade hats with me, Columbine.
I got your color.
You think you're all tough now?
Cause you got by my bitch?
Should have killed him,
weak punk ass faggot.
I guess killing's not my thing.
Not here, Trev.
There, can we fucking eat now?
What are you so afraid of?
It's just a hat.
You're gonna kill me because of a hat?
I want to kill you
because you're a faggot.
Is that why you killed the old man?
Because he was a faggot?
Or was it because he thought you were?
Let me go! Let me go!
Fucking let me go!
Get your fucking hands off me!
What the fuck, man!
Get your fucking hands off me!
Stand down!
Stand down!
D.U. code 11. D.U. code 11.
Sit down!
Back away and stand down!
Back down.
Code 11.
D.U. Code 11.
Code 21.
D.U. Code 21.
Hey, I just want to go to sleep, huh.
The fuck!
Is he okay?
Stop it! It was just a glass of water.
Sit the fuck down.
What the fuck's wrong with you?
You didn't have to do that.
I'll kill you, man.
I'll fucking kill you!
I just want to fucking eat.
D.U. Code 21.
I just want to fucking eat!
Oh my god!
Keep moving.
Weirdly the food tastes better in here,
don't you think?
Fly away little bird.
What about Trevor?
We came in at the same time.
He ain't ready.
If he's not ready, I'm not ready.
It was self defense.
He had this way of locking the doors.
Like a cop.
I just wanted out.
You can have it.
I don't want it.
How was my dad in the car?
I learned a lot about Sidney Crosby.
He's a nice guy...
Sidney Crosby?
Your dad.
You're lucky to have him.
What about your dad?
He know you're here?
I couldn't breathe anymore.
It was either move
out or slit my wrists.
Well, I'm glad you chose to move out.
Do you have a marker or a pen?
Yeah, I have a ball point?
Yeah thanks.
I hate seeing you like this.
Your whole face is just...
It's okay.
It's only two more months.
You know...
he's not going to
want us to be together.
He's not going to make it easy.
Oh, that's okay.
Easy's not really my thing.