Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry (2023) Movie Script

Etero, are you here?
It's me, Murman.
Good morning.
I've come a bit earlier today.
Put it in the stockroom.
Look at what I brought.
All new.
I'll arrange everything neatly.
Don't leave these here.
When have I ever left them?
This is the new one.
It has a different label.
The price and weight
are the same though.
How many did you bring?
That's what we agreed last time.
Etero Gelbakhiani,
"Only For You",
the store in the center.
15 white and 15 colored.
Are they yours?
They're grandpa's pride.
They're twins.
When they look in the mirror,
they think it's their brother.
I never thought that you liked me too.
The door's open.
Don't say a word about this to anyone.
Why do you say this?
I'd never do that.
It would be bad for me too.
There you go.
Your 48 years of virginity.
Come, Etero.
I'm tired.
I can't stand it anymore,
these detergents and shampoos...
All these drivers and distributors...
Can you check my blood pressure?
Come... Let's have some coffee too.
I didn't sleep all night.
Watched over two stroke patients
and one wounded man.
You have arrhythmia.
This smell reminds me of my father...
May he rest in peace.
I almost died today.
I nearly fell into the river.
It doesn't hurt.
It even feels good.
How many times have I told you
to stop going to that ravine?
Those blackberries
will be the death of you!
You're not young anymore...
Don't you remember that woman
who drowned in the river last year?
I don't regret doing it.
You know, I saw
such a beautiful blackbird.
It was the first time
I saw one like that.
My heart fluttered.
It took my breath away.
It came close, its wings touched me.
It woke me up. Made me feel alive.
I caressed it. Hugged it.
I've never felt like this, Neno.
What blackbird, girl?
Hello, Etero!
You'll feed me, right?
I have to go to my night shift.
Did I wake you, Etero?
It's too early to sleep.
How are you?
Are you there, girl?
Why are you quiet?
I'm here.
Where else would I be?
we have stuff to talk about.
But not now, later.
I'm coming by on Tuesday.
We can talk then.
Are you there?
Say something.
Yes, yes.
Let's talk when you come by.
Do you want me to bring something?
Detergents? Gels...
Just come.
And ask me that here.
First I'll come to you,
then I'll leave the goods in the market.
Don't call me. Text me.
Or I'll call when I'm alone.
Okay, Murman.
Till Tuesday then.
And you've become a whore?
Hello, Aunty Etero.
Hello, Aunty Etero.
Hello, Londa.
I came by 3 times yesterday.
I called too. Your phone was off.
I didn't feel well.
Do you always leave this on?
Be careful not to start a fire.
I was here just yesterday morning.
To meet the distribution van.
He stayed longer because of the rain.
I felt so bad,
I thought I was going to die.
Have you started it too?
High blood pressure, hot flushes.
It's because you
haven't got a man in your life.
Did you want something?
Look at my hair.
I need a toner.
I don't have any left.
I'm going into town next week.
I'll bring you some.
You know...
After this girl's wedding night,
her mother-in-law
wanted to check
her bed sheets for blood.
There was nothing to see!
The girl swore that some women
are born without a hymen...
Did you bleed?
I've never seen
a virgin without a hymen.
What are you looking for, Nukri?
Etero. How are you?
I was nearby and
I saw your light was on.
Do you sell condoms?
I've never sold any.
Bye, Etero!
Hello, girls!
Come in.
I have coffee and chocolate waffles.
The kid's at grandma's.
My husband's at work.
Go. Take care of them.
Come on, please.
I could check your pressure too.
Don't forget, it's
my son's birthday on the 21st.
It'll be just
us girls, cake and liqueur.
So? Why didn't she come in?
She was tired.
What could possibly tire her?
She's been arranging and rearranging
that store for 20 years.
She does her job very well!
Come on...
I can pick blackberries
and go into town every two weeks too!
It breaks my heart
to see her alone like this.
It's not her fault.
If you had a father and brother
like hers, you wouldn't say that...
They didn't let anyone near her.
It's true, her brother was so horrible!
He didn't have
an ounce of kindness in him.
Listen, they needed looking after.
What else could they have done?
She was the only woman in the house...
That's how it is.
When you grow up without a mother...
Did you call me, Etero?
I must have dialed by accident.
Is everything OK?
Yes, Etero...
Remember how much
it used to snow in winter?
Yes, of course I remember.
One winter,
my father took me to the graveyard.
We were at my mom's snow-covered grave,
feeding the birds.
Just the two of us...
I was happy.
And for a second
he seemed like
the father other kids had.
He wasn't a stranger to me anymore.
Your father must've been a good man.
He didn't beat me.
Or scream at me.
Didn't scorn me.
But silently, he...
Blamed me for my mother's death.
I miss you, Etero.
It's late. Let's go to bed.
Yes, let's sleep.
You look so much like your mother.
I thought she was looking at me.
Bless you!
What's up, Natela?
You know I don't work today...
Cardboard boxes, lying
by your store for a week...
They're rotting.
Take them. I don't need them.
I'll use them
for groceries in the market.
I'll arrange everything nicely.
Give me hundred-dollar bills.
Hello, Etero.
Mille-feuille as usual?
And coffee with milk.
In a minute.
That man asked who this plump woman is.
He said she couldn't be married.
Tell him he's right
and that she doesn't plan to be.
Also tell him that if marriage
and dicks brought happiness,
many women would be happy.
But look around, who's happy here?
Are you going to take two slices home?
Have a seat. I'll get everything.
Look how cool this place is.
la and I are going there.
Is that there too?
Isn't it too late for the sea?
No, the sea's still pleasant in Turkey.
The climate's different there.
Aren't you planning a vacation?
Nothing compares to the
forest, river and air of my village.
Happy retirement will be my vacation.
What does that look like, Etero?
I have my legs crossed.
No worries on my mind.
I'll read books...
I'll even improve my English.
But first I'll build a little house
with a big terrace.
With a view of the river.
I'll buy a photo camera.
I'll take pictures.
Pictures of what?
Mist on the mountains.
A flower in the garden.
Snow-covered persimmons left on trees.
Do you realize
how much beauty is around us?
I want to be like you
when I'm your age, Etero.
Just a few words.
And I'll give you a nice cream,
a brand new one.
The shampoo is to remove dandruff.
Wavy, curly.
Disobedient, crazy hair.
Like rappers have.
Show me
what you're listening to nonstop?
What are they singing about?
About love, freedom...
What does your mother say?
That I'm the devil...
Thank you, Ele.
I miss your smell of sun, Etero.
Soon I'll be able
to have you in my arms.
Tsisana, how old did your boy turn?
Twenty five.
Anyone want another slice?
you haven't had any.
I don't eat at night.
It's not as if we have cake every day.
Since menopause hit me,
I stopped eating at night.
You'll have hot flushes soon.
In two or three years
I'll stop having periods too.
I'll close the store and be by myself,
in peace and quiet.
You talk as if life starts after that.
Your worries are so petty...
I remember your father
and brother were quite lanky.
You should've seen her mother.
She was even more graceful and slender.
Her pregnancy
with Etero was the death of her.
But what's happened to you?
What's made your ass fat like a tub?
It's because I'm single
and nobody bothers me anymore.
All my teeth are in place,
my hair's still dark
and my skin's smooth.
My boobs are in place.
And my ass
isn't sagging like an old testicle.
What do asses have to do with it?
At least we know what it feels like
to be loved by a man.
And we raise children for our country.
Her 25-year-old boy can't even
put his socks on by himself.
At least no one's throwing dust
in my eyes and calling it love.
Being alone,
I can at least just look after myself.
will you let me go to the summer camp?
Go wherever you want.
Tell your mom it'll be 14 Lari.
Hello, Etero.
Meet Tengo.
He helps me out on big deliveries.
This is Madam Etero, our boss.
Were you supposed to come today?
We have new gels from Israel...
Do you want some?
I don't want any gels.
Okay, then.
I lied to Tengo.
That I forgot my glasses.
Take the bus Saturday at 1pm.
Get off near the second turn.
Next to the old station.
Go into the forest.
Walk until the next road.
I'll be there.
With my car.
I'll make sure
you get the bus back home,
later in the evening.
We'll talk too and...
Eto, are you home?
Etero, it's me!
Did you know they're opening
a shopping center next to your store?
They'll have nice lighting.
They'll stick posters in windows.
Very well then.
I'll close the store.
I won't worry about it for a second.
Life's so easy for you.
Why did you get so mad at us?
You know that we worry about you.
Why would you want to
make others talk about you...
Were you going somewhere?
The iron's on.
I was putting my summer clothes away.
Why bother?
No one cares what you're wearing.
Is that from this year?
It's a bit mushy.
I always think of your
poor mom when I'm here.
She lay in her coffin right there.
You were three months old,
she was still bleeding.
If she'd listened to me
and seen the doctor...
She'd have beaten that cancer.
And we'd be drinking tea together now!
And you wouldn't be lost like this...
You look beautiful, Etero.
Where are you taking me?
I can't tell you, girl.
It's a surprise.
Let's go.
Why are you so quiet, girl?
No one will recognize you here.
Hell, no one will recognize me either!
I haven't been here since I was a boy.
What did you do when you came here?
I used to sit and watch...
The sun,
the clouds.
I looked at everything.
Yes, alone.
And you?
Where did you go?
To the river.
Did you go alone?
I went alone and I still do now.
Completely alone?
Blackberries were my parents,
and lovers.
Nothing has changed since then.
I'll be your blackberry.
I have new detergents.
Do you want some?
All detergents are the same.
Give this to Elene.
How are you, girls?
So now you're in the mood for a chat?
I have a story to tell you.
I haven't told it to anyone yet.
Can't you see we're playing?
I was cleaning the balcony,
sorting my father's
and brother's things.
Soon after they passed away.
I even unpacked the old, dusty couch.
Among the coats, I saw a rifle.
My brother used to kill birds with it.
I took everything out.
I'm so dusty you can't even see my face.
And what do I see?
My classmate, Abesalom,
is trying to push open the gate.
Nearly breaking it.
"My Etero,
my only one!",
he shouts.
I scream:
"Get the fuck out of here!"
But who listens?
He opens the gate and trips.
He's so drunk, he can't stand straight.
I couldn't take it anymore.
So I grab the rifle and point it at him.
"One-more step and I'll shoot!", I yell.
"Kill me, Etero, go ahead, kill me."
"If this riffle doesn't kill me,
my love for you will!"
"I've never loved anybody in
the whole universe like I love you."
He swears on his son's life.
I lost control.
I pulled the trigger.
"What did you do, you wild beast?",
he howled like a dog.
He left, whimpering and whining.
Your temper
keeps you away from everybody.
No way I'd leave my house
to someone's sperm.
Your Abesalom came
into the pharmacy the other day.
He bought that medicine.
How do these people have so much money?
What medicine?
After 50, when men can't do shenanigans.
They take this medicine
and then they can penetrate walls.
There are a lot of
Viagra users these days.
Every day someone
asks for it in our pharmacy.
Old perverts.
What's it for?
To give the weenie a crazy boner.
Does every man need it?
Why are you interested, girl?
Double or single beds?
Two singles.
Second floor, room 202.
I'll be right back, Etero.
When I look at you, I think of the sea
with calm, rough and serene waves.
When I see shooting stars
I wish for you to love me.
I want your love like
I want the sun to hug me.
Your rays warm my heart
and my soul rests in your gaze
liberated like the depth of the sea.
You write poems, boy?
Do you throw off your clothes
like this with your wife?
Girl, you are so strict.
have you ever been in love?
I think so.
I'm not sure if it was love...
She was so special.
She was full of life, shiny.
She sang so beautifully.
And her eyes...
At school, all the boys
had her picture in their pockets.
I did too.
Stole it from my brother.
I always kept it in my bag.
I looked at it in the mornings
and dreamt of
her looking at me just once.
But she fell in love with an awful guy.
He used her and left.
And you, how did you become a...
Kind dog among all these wolves?
Hello, Etero.
I have bad news, Etero.
I'll start driving a truck.
I'll go to Turkey for transit.
I don't know when I'll see you again.
Over there, they pay more in a day
than here in a month of work.
I have this one chance, Etero.
I can't miss it.
You understand, right?
Sure, you have to...
It's for the best.
Don't think I'm avoiding you.
I didn't tell you before
because I wasn't sure it would work out.
I'll text you.
When I get back, I'll see you
and hug you tight.
What is it, Aunt Etero?
Can you look something up
on your phone, please?
Search for signs of cancer.
Cancer of the womb.
Abnormal bleeding,
dark discharge,
sweating, irregular periods,
mood swings, hot flushes, depression.
Hello, girls.
Come in!
Come, sit down.
Was it good?
I remember you were saying last year
that you knew a good doctor in Tbilisi.
There's a woman in the village...
who isn't well.
She has no one looking out for her.
I think it's very serious.
Mirianashvili, right?
You know where it is.
It's on hospital street,
at the second crossroad,
the hospital "Vita".
You know we're here for you, right?
You must know a hotel in Tbilisi.
A decent one.
Take a look at these.
See if you like anything.
Etero, this belonged to your brother.
Don't you want it?
It'll fit my son perfectly though...
And this carpet?
It's very expensive.
You can have everything.
Take it all away from me.
I'm going to Tbilisi day after tomorrow.
My friend from town
lost her brother.
Tell me if you need anything.
It's me, Etero.
Are you out of your mind?
It's dark outside.
No one saw me.
I parked my car very far from here.
no one would recognize me like this.
I brought them from Turkey.
I texted you, Etero.
You didn't answer.
I missed you so much.
The feeling choked me.
You smell like cigarettes.
I'm always on the road.
Now I carry construction material.
I sleep in the truck.
I've settled in so well.
A good bed,
Do you want some tea?
No tea.
I want you.
But I have to go back soon.
Don't you love me anymore?
Of course I love you.
I think about you all the time.
I dream about you.
Come with me to Turkey.
I'll treat you like a queen.
Let's leave all this behind.
Let's go.
And be together.
Like we want to.
I'll drive the truck.
It's good money.
You'll find something to do.
You can clean hotels or houses.
Do you think that if I'd wanted
to live with someone
and to clean and wash,
I wouldn't have managed
to do this earlier?
I want to be alone.
On my own.
Do what I want,
how and
when I like.
I want to live at least
the rest of my life in a way
that on looking back
will bring me joy.
This won't work, Murman.
Think about it.
I'll call you before I leave.
You know what this love looks like?
It looks like autumn, Eto.
It's the last one.
It's not like I'm going to America.
You bought
ladies' flowers for her brother?
Call me if you need anything.
Two nights, room 202, second floor.
The elevator's there.
Who's next?
Etero Gelbakhiani, 48 years old.
Outer sonography.
Complaints in the abdomen.
No need to take that off.
Lie on your back.
Put your head here. Lift your shirt.
Lie down.
Lie down.
I sell gels like these in my store.
The outer contour isn't deformed.
Right, 10.
Left 8 lowered.
Douglas free.
When did you last menstruate?
It's been irregular lately.
I had a weird discharge.
What was it like?
I've brought it. I can show you.
No need. Lie still, please.
How old are you, ma'am?
I'll turn 49 in spring.
Are you here alone?
It's 9 weeks, approximately.
Congratulations, ma'am.
This is a miracle at your age.
What's wrong with me?
You're expecting a baby.