BlacKkKlansman (2018) Movie Script

Have you seen Dr. Meade?
Dr. Meade!
Oh, can you help
me find Dr. Meade?
God, help us.
God, save the Confederacy!
Hello, my fellow Americans.
They say we may have
lost the battle
but we didn't lose the war.
Yes, my friends, we
are under attack.
You may have read about this
in your local newspapers
or seen it on the evening news.
That's right.
We are living in an era
marked by the spread
of integration and
The Brodecision.
The Brodecision,
forced upon us by the
Jewish-controlled puppets
on the U.S. Supreme Court,
compelling white
children to go to school
with an inferior race,
is the final nail in a coffin...
Is the final nail
in a black coffin
towards America becoming
a mongrel nation.
We had a great way of life.
We had...
We had a great way of life.
We had a great way of life.
We had a great way of life
until the Martin Luther
Coons of this world
and their army of Commies
started their civil
rights assault
against our holy white
Protestant values.
Do you really want your
precious white child
going to school with Negroes?
They're lying, dirty monkeys,
stopping at nothing to gain
their equality with white men.
- Oh, my God.
- Rapists, murderers,
craving the virgin white...
- Is it "virgin pure"?
- Yes.
Rapists, murderers,
craving the virgin pure
flesh of white women.
They are super predators!
And the Negro's insidious
tactics, under the tutelage
of high-ranking,
blood-sucking Jews,
using an army of outside
northern black beast preda...
What is it? "Black
beast agitat..."
- "Agitators."
- God, watch this! God!
Using an army of outside
northern black beast agitators
determined to overthrow
the God-commanded
and biblically inspired
rule of the white race.
It's an international
Jewish conspiracy.
May God bless us all.
God bless you, too, sir.
Why weren't you drafted
into the Vietnam War?
I went to college, sir.
How do you feel about Vietnam?
I have mixed feelings, sir.
Would you call
yourself a womanizer?
- No, I would not, sir.
- You frequent nightclubs?
- No, sir.
- Do you drink?
Only on special occasions, sir.
Ever done any drugs?
Only those prescribed
by my doctor, sir.
Well, that's kind of rare
for a young, hip soul
brother like you.
Uh, yes, sir.
But my father was
in the military,
and my parents, they
raised me the right way.
How do you get along
with people, generally?
Sir, they treat me right,
I treat them right.
Like I said before, I was
raised up the right way, so...
I mean, have you ever
had any negative...
What would you do if another
cop called you a nigger?
Or worse.
Would that happen, sir?
There's never been a
black cop in this city.
Now, if we make you an
officer, you will, in effect,
be the Jackie Robinson of the
Colorado Springs Police Force.
And if you know anything
about Jackie Robinson,
you know he had to take
a lot of, uh, uh, guff
from his fellow
teammates, the fans,
other teams and the press.
I know the Jackie Roosevelt
Robinson story, sir.
Good. So, knowing that, if
somebody calls you a nigger,
will you be able to
turn the other cheek?
If I had to, sir, yes.
Yes, I would.
Son... the mayor,
the chief and I
think you might be the man to
open things up around here.
Chief Bridges will be
your Branch Rickey.
I'll have your back.
But I can only do so much.
The weight of this is
going to be on you...
and you alone.
Thank you for the
opportunity, gentlemen.
- Wow. Cybill Shepherd.
- Yeah.
I loved her in The
Last Picture Show.
Never saw it.
I don't like
black-and-white movies.
So, what do you think?
I think she's a
really good actress.
Oh, come on. You know you want
some of that.
Looking for a toad here.
You're up.
Give me the record
for that toad,
Maurice Smalls.
While you're at it,
grab another toad,
Tippy Birdsong.
Can I help you?
May I have a minute, please?
Sergeant Trapp, Chief Bridges,
I'll get right to it.
I'd like to be an
undercover detective.
What, like Narcotics?
Whichever department works, sir.
You just joined the
force, rookie.
I think I can do some
real good there.
- Is that right?
- I'm young.
There's a real niche for me.
Get in where I fit in.
You think a lot of
yourself, don't you?
I'll do whatever it takes.
And I hate the records room.
I think records is a good place
for you to start, rookie.
Chief, do you want
me clean-shaven?
I can even chop
down the natural.
No, no, no. You keep it.
I like the look.
I need a file on a toad.
You deaf?
I said I need a file on a toad.
- No toads here.
- Excuse me?
I said I don't have any toads.
I do have human beings.
You give me their names,
I'll get you the file.
I heard you think
you're hot shit,
but you ain't nothing
but a cold fart.
The name is Steven Wilson.
Was that respectful
enough for you,
Officer Toad?
Oh, happy day
Oh, happy day
- Oh, happy day
- Oh, happy dy
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
- Oh, when he washed
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed
When Jesus washed -
He washed my sins away
- Oh, happy dy -
Oh, happy day
Oh, happy day...
- Hello.
- It's Bridges.
You sleeping?
Uh, yeah, Chief.
Um, worked an all-night shift.
I've changed my mind.
You're coming in a
little early today.
I got an assignment for you.
12:00 noon sharp.
Narcotics division.
- Yes, sir.
- Wear street clothes.
Thank you.
He washed my sins away
Oh, happy da.
CP time?
Jimmy, the rookie's late.
You're late, rookie.
Sorry. Won't happen again.
We have limited time,
so I'll be quick.
The black radical,
Stokely Carmichael,
is giving a speech tonight
at Bell's Nightingale.
- Yep.
- Carmichael is a former
high-muckety-muck with
the Black Panthers.
And as far as I'm concerned,
FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover
was dead right when he
said the Black Panthers
are the greatest internal threat
to the security of
these United States.
This Carmichael joker,
former Panther or
not, well, they say
he is a damn good speaker,
and so we don't want
this Carmichael
getting into the minds
of the good black people
here in Colorado Springs
and stirring them up.
Ron, your assignment is to
go to this speech tonight,
infiltrate this bunch
of subversives
and just monitor the
audience reaction
to Carmichael's speech.
You ready?
Born ready.
I'm not ready.
Any chance this thing fucks up?
Oh, fuck yeah.
Then what?
Just stick to the game plan.
Which is?
Uh... improvise.
- Like jazz.
- Like bebop.
This isn't some big bust.
We just want some intel.
That's it.
And what if someone offers
you a marijuana cigarette?
- You mean a joint?
- Yeah.
Mary Jane.
Excuse me.
Soul brother,
- I'm already high on life.
Can you dig it? -
- It's dug.
- My man.
And if someone pulls
a gun on you?
Will that happen?
- Barrel of a .45 in your face.
- Shit.
Finger on the trigger. Now what?
Blood, get that gun
out of my face.
Peace, love and soul.
Gun is still in your face.
I de-escalate...
Talk calmly, firmly.
Find a way out of there ASAP.
Relax. We'll be
outside listening in.
- Okay.
- Got it?
I got it.
I'm gone.
Here we go.
- We need to take action.
- I can't believe he's here.
I just have so many
questions to ask him.
- But...
- Um...
How are you, uh...
how are you doing this
evening, my sister?
Can we help you?
I'm doing fine, my brother.
What? We don't know him.
What? Hakeem, why
you dragging me?
It's going to be
an amazing night.
Indeed, it is.
Have you heard Brother
Kwame speak before?
Uh, Kwame Ture.
Oh, uh, uh... well,
actually, I haven't, but...
- Okay. -I didn't realize
he changed his name.
Uh, yes, after he
moved to Africa.
- Hmm.
- He took the names
of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana
and his mentor, Skou
Tour of Guinea,
to honor the great leaders.
- Well, that is heavy.
- Mm-hmm.
You know how he got
to Colorado Springs?
Yeah, yeah. The, uh, Colorado
College Black Student Union
- invited him.
- Oh, I can dig it.
- I can dig it.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you, uh... are you
part of the Union?
I'm the president.
Really? I'm talking to
the president right now?
Yes, you are.
Right on, sister.
- Well, I bought a ticket.
- Mm-hmm.
May I skip the line since I'm
talking to the president?
There's no cutting in line.
To the back.
See you inside?
I'll see you inside, my brother.
- Mrs. President.
- Right on.
Ungawa, Black Power!
The Black Student Union
of Colorado College
is honored to bring the
vanguard of revolutionaries
fighting for the rights
of black people all
over the world.
Let's show some black love
to the one and only, the
brother man with a plan
- who is sticking it to the man.
- Right on, right on.
Put your hands together, my
people, for our Kwame Ture.
Thank you, Sister Patrice.
- Thank you.
- And the Black Student Union.
I want to thank all of you,
my beloved sisters and brothers,
for coming out tonight.
But I'm here tonight to tell you
that it is time
for you to stop running
away from being black.
It is time for you to stop
running away from being black.
You're college students, right?
- Right on.
- That's right.
You should think.
It is time for you to
understand that you,
as the growing intellectuals
of this country,
that you must define
beauty for black people.
- Okay!
- Now, that's Black Power.
Let me ask you something...
Is beauty defined
as someone with a narrow nose?
- No!
- Thin lips?
White skin?
- Uh-uh.
- Hell no!
- Hell no.
- Hell no!
'Cause you ain't
got none of that.
No. Okay.
Our lips are thick.
- Yes.
- Yes, they are!
Our noses broad.
- Our hair is nappy.
- Yes!
We are black, and
we are beautiful!
- Yes!
- Boom-shaka-laka!
You see,
we want to be so much
like the white people
who oppress us in this country.
- Nope!
- And because they hate us,
and because we are ashamed
of our African heritage,
we then hate ourselves.
Y'all don't hear me tonight.
We hear you.
Y'all dig Tarzan?
Tarzan. I'm gonna be honest.
When I was a boy, I used to
go to the Saturday matinees
and watch Tarzan all the time.
Okay. Yeah, yeah.
And white Tarzan used to
beat up the black natives.
Mmm. Mm-hmm.
And I would sit there,
yelling, "Kill the beasts!"
"Kill the savages.
"Kill them.
Kill them! Kill them!
Kill them!"
But what I was saying
was: "Kill me."
That's right.
It was as if a young
Jewish boy saw Nazis
taking Jews off to
concentration camps
and cheered them on.
Today, I want those chiefs to
beat the hell out of Tarzan
and send his lily white ass on
back to the caves of Europe.
- Boom-shaka-laka!
- Right on.
Right on.
But it takes time.
It takes time to become
free of the lies
and their shaming effects
on the black mind.
- Okay.
- It takes time to reject
the most important lie:
that black people can't
do the same things
- that white people do...
- That's a lie.
Unless a white
person helps them.
Talk about it.
Black Power also means
that we must unite.
We must unite, and
we must organize
to form a base to fight racism.
- Okay!
- Yes. Yes.
To fight our oppressors.
The vast majority of Negroes
around this country,
they live in captive
And they must endure
their oppression
and their conditions,
because and only because
- they are black and powerless.
- Educate. Educate.
And now...
now we are being shot down
like dogs in the streets
by white racist cops.
Speak the truth.
I said we are being shot down
in the streets by
white racist cops!
Fuck the police.
We can no longer endure
this kind of oppression
without retribution.
Hell no!
No more.
That war in Vietnam,
it is not only illegal;
it is immoral.
- That's right.
- Talk about it.
And you know what I tell them?
Hell no... we won't go!
Hell no, we won't go!
Hell no, we won't go!
Hell no, we won't go!
Hell no, we won't go!
Hell no, we won't go!
Hell no, we won't go!
Hell no, we won't go!
Hell no, we won't go!
- Hell no, we won't go!
- We ain't going!
I'd rather see a brother
kill a white racist cop
than kill a Vietnamese.
Me, too.
Because at least,
if he kills a racist cop, he
is doing it for a reason:
because they are
shooting black people...
- That's right.
- In the backs,
in these streets, right
here in this very country.
- They're killing us like dogs!
- Boom-shaka-laka!
Right here!
Right here!
I just want to leave
you, uh, in closing
'cause I know it's getting
late and y'all gotta go party.
I'm sorry, study.
- Um...
- We love you!
I just want to leave you,
sisters and brothers,
with these last words.
If I am not for myself,
who will be?
If I am for myself
alone, who am I?
- Right.
- Hear, hear.
- If not now, when?
- When?
And if not you, who?
Who? Who?
Who? Who?
We need an undying love
for black people,
wherever we may be.
All power to all the people.
All power to all the people!
All power to all the people!
All power to all the people!
All power to all the people!
All power to all the people!
All power to all the people!
"All power to all the people."
Pretty powerful stuff.
Incredible words, Brother Kwame.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Thank you, brother.
Appreciate it.
I gotta ask you something.
Do you really think
war between the black
race and the white race
is inevitable?
Let me tell you.
Arm yourself, brother.
Get ready, 'cause the
revolution is coming.
Pick up a gun and arm yourself,
because trust me, it's coming.
- Thank you for coming tonight.
- God bless you.
You looked great on
that stage tonight.
- Thank you, my brother.
- All right.
I don't know what you
have planned now,
but maybe I can buy you a drink?
Uh, I, uh... I gotta
make sure Brother Kwame
- is all squared away...
- What?!
And he gets to his hotel safely.
I can dig it.
But, you know, um, if
it's not too late,
maybe I can meet you
at the Red Lantern?
You know where that is?
So I'll see you then.
Damn right. Ye-Yes.
All power to all the people.
Hey. How you doing?
- Sorry I'm late.
- Hey.
You won't believe what happened.
What are you having?
Bro Pope, 7 and 7, please.
Pigs pulled us over.
Say what?
I don't want to see nothing
but black asses
and black elbows.
Spread 'em!
You that so-called big-shot
Panther nigger, aren't you?
I heard you was
in town, Stokely.
My name is Kwame Ture.
I don't give two shits
what your nigger name is!
Black bitch, you get
this Black Panther
out of Colorado Springs
before sunrise, you hear me?
- Or you'll all go to jail.
- We were born in jail.
- Oh...
- Don't touch me!
- Don't touch her! -Get your
fucking hands off of me!
- Get your hands off of her!
- Get your white hands off!
Keep your hands off of her!
Come on, get your
hands off of her!
Get off of me! Get off of me!
- Wait!
- Let her go, man!
You see the officers' names?
I know I should have, but...
the whole thing was
so frightening,
- I didn't.
- Oh.
Come on.
- Let's dance. Follow me.
- Mmm...
Come on. Come on,
come on, come on.
To turn back now
I believe, I believe, I
believe I'm falling in love
It's too late to
turn back now
I believe, I believe I
believe I'm falling in love
I found myself phoning her
At least ten times a day
You know, it's so unusual
For me to carry on this way
I tell you, I can't
sleep at night
Sleep at night
- Wanting to hold her tight
- Hold her tight
I've tried so hard
to convince myself
That this feeling
just can't be right
And I'm telling you
It's too late to
turn back now
I believe, I believe, I
believe I'm falling in love
It's too late to
turn back now
I believe, I believe, I
believe I'm falling in love
It's too late
- To turn back now
- Mmm, baby
I believe, I believe, I
believe I'm falling in love
It's too late to turn
back now, I tell you
I believe, I believe, I
believe I'm falling in love
- Oh, I wouldn't mind it...
- - What?
- Come on, you know it, you know it.
- Uh-huh.
But I hate to think
that I'm in love alone
And nothing that I can do
Oh, it's too late
to turn back now
I believe, I
believe, I believe
I'm falling in love...
What was the room like?
Folks were hanging
on every word.
Like a Baptist church on
Christmas Sunday morning.
- Huh.
- Mm-hmm.
Sounds like he had
them pretty riled up.
But I don't think that
means black folks
were ready to start the
revolution, Chief.
What makes you say that?
Nobody in there was
talking about that.
That wasn't the vibe.
Everybody was cool.
Let me get this straight.
He told a room of black folk
to get ready for a race war.
That they were going to have to
arm themselves and kill cops.
I mean, what about that?
Yeah, he said that, but, Chief,
I think it was just
talk, you know?
That's what I thought, too.
- Jimmy?
- Like my partner said.
All right, well, thank goodness
Carmichael has left
Colorado Springs.
- Kwame Ture.
- What?
He changed his name
from Stokely Carmichael
to Kwame Ture.
I don't care if he
changed his name
to that draft dodger,
Muhammad Ali.
All right? He's still dangerous.
Did you hear the story
Patrice told me?
No, I didn't.
About how the CSPD pulled
over her and Ture?
Patrice... she's the one from
the Black Student Union,
the group that brought in Ture?
Kwame Ture. Correct, sir.
Getting pretty chummy
with her, huh?
No, just doing my job, Chief.
Let's just make sure it ain't
under the cover of the sheets.
I would never
jeopardize a case, sir.
He doesn't know what he'd do.
You're new.
You guys sit tight.
Ron, come with me.
Ron, I'm transferring
you to Intelligence.
What will I be doing there?
Against my better judgment.
Five, four, three,
two, one.
Police department.
He is at lunch.
Excuse me? Yes, yes.
You have reached
the Colorado Springs chapter
of the Ku Klux Klan.
Please leave a message.
And God bless white America.
Hello. This is Ron
Stallworth calling.
I saw your advertisement in
the Colorado Springs Gazette.
I'm interested in receiving
some reading materials from you.
My phone number is 103-9994.
I'm very much looking forward
to you returning my call.
Yeah, who's this?
Ron Stallworth here.
This is Walter
returning your call.
From the Organization.
The Organization?
That's right.
We appreciate your interest.
What's your story?
Well, since you asked...
Since you asked, I hate niggers.
- I hate Jews.
- Huh?
Spics and Micks.
Dagos and Chinks.
But my mouth to God's ears,
I really hate those nigger rats.
And anyone else, really,
that doesn't have
pure white Aryan blood
running through their veins.
My sister, Pamela,
she was just recently accosted
by one of those black coons.
Is that so?
Every time I think about
that black baboon
putting his filthy black hands
on her pure-as-
white-driven-snow body...
I mean pure, Walter.
She's a saint. She's an angel.
It makes me want to puke.
You are just the kind of guy
that we are looking for.
Listen, uh, when can you meet?
How about Friday night
after I get off work?
That's a deal, buddy boy.
We'll get right back to
you with the details.
Take care, now.
God bless white America.
Did I just hear you
use your real name?
Oh, motherfucker.
Yeah, motherfucker amateur hour.
That's your real name, right?
Isn't it Ron Stallworth?
Right, isn't that
- his real name? -Can't
believe he just said that.
Well, good luck, Ron, with
your new redneck friends.
They want you to join the Klan?
They want to meet me first.
- They want to meet you?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, well, you probably
shouldn't go to that meeting.
Good call, Sarge.
So you're a crazy son
of a bitch, huh?
We'd have to go to Narcotics,
meaning we'd have to
deal with Chief Bridges.
Yeah, I can't spare the men.
Well, I've looked
over the logs, Chief,
and it seems you can spare them.
Sergeant Trapp, Ron spoke
to the man on the phone.
All right, when they hear the
voice of one of my guys,
they're gonna know
the difference.
How so, Chief?
You want me to spell
it out for you?
They're going to
know the difference
between how a white man
talks and a Negro.
How exactly does a
black man talk?
Okay, Ron, what I think
the chief is trying to say...
If you don't mind, I'd
like to speak for myself.
- Thank you, Sarge.
- Sure.
You know what I'm trying to say.
Chief, some of us can
speak King's English.
Others speak jive.
Ron Stallworth here happens
to be fluent in both.
Okay, Ron, how do you propose
to make this investigation?
Well, I've established contact
and created some familiarity
with the Klansman
over the phone.
I'll continue in that role, but
I'll need another officer...
Surprise, surprise,
a white officer...
To play me when they
meet face-to-face.
See, that's my point exactly.
Chief, black Ron
Stallworth over the phone,
white Ron Stallworth
so there becomes a
combined Ron Stallworth.
- Can you do that?
- I believe we can.
With the right white
man, we can do anything.
Anything happens
to one of my men,
there won't be two
Ron Stallworths.
There'll be none.
You're late.
Sorry. It'll never happen again.
Seems like I heard
that one before.
Jimmy, when's the last time
they let a rookie lead
an investigation?
Oh, that's right... never.
Okay, all right, let's move on.
Let's, uh... let's
go to our bio.
Okay. Ron Stallworth.
I do wholesale manufacturing.
- Whereabout?
- Pueblo.
- What's that commute like?
- Jimmy, I'm glad you asked.
It's a straight shot down I-25.
- Hour, tops.
- It's a long ride.
What do we listen to?
KWYD, Christian talk
in the morning,
although the signal starts
to cut out near Pueblo.
On the way back, I like
to turn it to 102.7
to get my Allman Brothers fix.
Only I have to change it
every time that British fag,
- David Bowie, pipes on.
- Whoa!
I love Bowie.
I mean, who doesn't, right?
Remember, you have to retain
all the information you
share with these guys
so I can be white
Ron Stallworth.
Jimmy, I always
wanted to be black.
All my heroes were black guys.
Willie Mays.
Basket catch.
Wilt the Stilt.
Record hundred
points in one game.
But you know my
absolute favorite?
- Heisman pose!
- Whew!
- The Juice!
- I love fucking O.J.
Orenthal James Simpson.
- Bet you didn't know that.
- Of course I did.
We as a Negro people
appreciate your love,
but don't share that
love with these guys.
For you, it's the
fucking Osmonds, right?
Hey, I love Marie Osmond.
I get to play you, but you
don't get to play me?
- Jimmy, does that sound fair?
- Fair? -Not to me.
Now, what else? Wh-Who
are you meeting with?
Walter... Breachway.
Become his friend. Let's
get invited back.
Well, look at you.
Okay. Anything else, sir?
I'm on the phone with the Klan.
You meet with them in person.
And you need to try and
sound like my voice.
Oh, boy.
All right. Here.
Me, too?
Yeah. You, too, Jimmy.
- Godfather.
- That's right.
You wanted to be black,
here's your chance.
Lookie here.
Some people say we've
got a lot of malice.
Some say it's a lot of nerve.
Lookie here.
Some people say we
got a lot of malice.
- Some...
- Come on, come on.
This is life and death here.
Come on.
- Oh, is it?
- Come on.
Some say it's a lot of nerve.
- You want me to do this now?
- Please, now.
For all our sakes,
do it now, please.
Some say it's a lot of nerve.
Let-let it flow, though.
Let it flow.
- I'm flowing. -Okay. I
say we won't quit moving
till we get what we deserve.
I say we won't quit moving...
until we get what we deserve.
We've been buked, and
we've been scorned.
- We've been buke...
- "Buked." Say that.
- What does "buked" mean?
- Disrespected.
You've been disrespected, Flip.
- You.
- Why doesn't he just say that?
We've been buked, and
we've been scorned.
This has got to
flow, from the...
We've been treated
bad, talked about.
We've been buked.
We've been scorned.
- All right, get that shit out.
- We've been treated bad,
talked about.
Just as sure as you're born,
but just as sure as it take.
Just as sure as you're born,
but just as sure as it take.
Two eyes to make a pair. Huh!
Two eyes to make a pair.
- Huh!
- Huh!
- Huh! Huh!
- Huh!
Brother, we can't quit
till we get our share.
Brother, we can't quit
till we get our share.
Doesn't make grammatical
sense, but okay.
Say it loud.
I'm black, and I'm proud.
Say it for O.J., Jimmy.
You, too.
Say it loud. I'm
black, and I'm proud.
Say it loud.
I'm black, and I'm proud.
- That's right. There it is.
- Huh!
I believed you.
Lose that Jewish necklace
around your neck.
Jimmy, it's not a
Jewish necklace.
It's a Star of David.
Flip, you're Jewish?
I don't know. Am I?
Ron Stallworth?
That's me.
- You must be Walter.
- Name's Felix.
Well, I was told I'd be
meeting a Walter Breachway.
Change of plans, Mac.
I'm gonna need you
to hop in the truck.
- Okay, well, how about I just
follow you in my... -No can do.
You come with me.
I'll drive you back.
Come on, let's roll.
Boarded the Greyhound
Alabama bound
I don't stop...
You for the white race, Ron?
Oh, hell yeah.
Been having trouble lately
with these local niggers.
Ah, since the Civil War,
it's always trouble
with niggers.
Walter said something
about your sister.
Makes me sick.
What are they saying?
They-they saying
where they're going?
But it's also, you
know, camaraderie
I'm looking for with the Klan.
What the fuck did you say?
- Camaraderie?
- No, the other word.
The Klan?
Not "the Klan."
It's "the Organization."
The Invisible Empire has managed
to stay invisible for a reason.
Do not ever use that word.
You understand?
Hey, I over-stand.
Right. You got it.
The Organization.
Check this shit out.
You're never gonna believe this.
A fucking jig on our bumper.
- Ron, he sees us. Back off.
- Damn!
Let's get ready.
Look under your seat.
- Yeah.
- What?
Pull it out.
Load 'er up.
Put two in the chamber.
Come on, load it up.
Come on, load it.
Don't be messing with us.
The Organization.
Not so fast, buddy boy.
Hold your horses.
Freedom ride.
We are...
Ron, glad you could make it.
Walter Breachway,
chapter president.
Ron Stallworth. I appreciate
you inviting me out.
Absolutely. I've been impressed
with our conversations
over the phone.
I think you have a
lot of fine ideas
that could really
help the cause.
Well, I meant every word I said.
You know, I've had my own share
of run-ins with niggers.
Matter of fact, it's what
led me to the Organization.
- Is that right?
- Oh, it's become my salvation.
See, I was, uh...
shot and wounded by
a couple niggers.
Then my wife was savagely
raped by a whole pack of 'em.
- God. -That's right, and not
a one of them went to jail.
Tell you what.
They're taking over.
Hell, it's all you
see on TV anymore.
Niggers selling soap.
Niggers selling toothpaste.
Niggers selling automobiles.
Everywhere you look,
it's niggers, niggers, niggers.
Yeah, wasn't long ago
them sumbitches wasn't on no TV.
You're forgetting about
Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima.
Oh, dang.
I kind of like them niggers.
Rice and pancakes.
Hey, uh, my name's
Ivanhoe, by the way.
Hey. Ron.
Hey, all you get now is how
we gotta cater to them.
Now, watch your mouth. Yeah.
Don't say this. Don't say that.
Be nice.
Hell, they ain't even
colored no more.
Negroes. Blacks.
- Afro-Americans now.
- Yeah, fuck it.
Just call them fucking niggers.
Make it fucking simple.
- Niggers.
- Niggers.
That's the right idea.
I've been saying this
stuff for years.
Well, you ain't the only one.
It's good to know
someone else gets it.
So, what kind of
stuff you guys do?
What kind of stuff we do?
We, uh... uh, cross burnings
and marches and stuff so
people don't fuck with us.
I'm tired of niggers
fucking with me.
Well, then you come
to the right place.
Nobody fucks with us.
Now, how much you know
about the history?
Some. I could know more.
We will teach you.
Yeah, this is fixing to
be a big year for us.
How so?
- Boom!
- All right.
We're gonna make
fireworks, aren't we?
All right, all right, Ivanhoe,
shut your dumb mouth.
Ivan, shut the fuck up.
- Burnt ends.
- All right, all right.
That's enough. Shut
your dumb mouth.
Sorry about him. He
drinks too much.
Doesn't know what he's saying.
Just to be clear, the, uh...
the Organization is
strictly nonviolent.
Oh, nonviolent like that nigger,
that dead nigger,
Martin Luther Coon.
Yeah, gotcha.
Ron? You mind coming with me?
Yeah, where to?
You undercover or something?
- You ask too many questions.
- All right.
Be friendly, now.
This is family. All right?
Let's go.
Congrats. You
passed the mustard.
How about we go and get that
membership process started?
- That's it?
- That's it.
Uh, have a seat.
Go ahead and, uh,
fill these out.
Send 'em to the
national headquarters.
Now, once they send you
your membership card,
you'll be able to participate
in all our programs.
Alcoa can't wait.
I love those commercials.
Imperial tax to become a member:
ten dollars for the
year, $15 chapter fee.
Robes and hoods
are not included.
That's extra.
Fucking inflation.
I can't thank you
brothers enough.
This means a lot to me.
Pleasure's all ours.
You're not a Jew, right?
Jews killed Christ.
Are you trying to offend me?
Course I'm no stinkin' kike.
All right, look, we
gotta ask it, is all.
But he's not a Jew, all right?
S-Smells kosher to me.
Stop fucking around.
I fuck straight.
- Who you fucking?
- Double D!
All right, both of you,
give the man some space.
Jesus Christ. Let him
breathe a little.
Ron, let me buy you a beer.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Sorry about these guys.
They're a little, uh,
too friendly sometimes.
They just get excited.
What kind of beer you like?
Coors, if you got it.
That was interesting.
Not exactly the
Beverly Hillbillies.
They liked you.
Except for that Felix guy.
Do not ride his
bumper like that.
Two car lengths.
You think he got a
good look at my face?
You get the papers?
They want you to join.
Uh, technically, they
want you to join.
Yeah, they want a black man
to join the Ku Klux Klan.
I'd say that's
mission impossible.
Double success.
We're in!
Slow down, brother. Slow down.
And exactly how much should
we be worried about them?
Enough that we'd
like to dig deeper.
One of the men discussed plans
for a possible attack, so...
I wouldn't give him
that much credit.
These guys like to boast.
What kind of attack?
Uh, Ivan...
Ivanhoe said "boom," mentioned
something about fireworks.
But personally, I didn't buy it.
I-I doubt they're even capable.
Either way, at this point,
we're looking for full support
from the department
on this, Sarge.
Let's move on with
the investigation.
Let's try to find out if they
are capable of anything.
- Thank you, Sarge.
- You got it.
When we dropped Brother
Kwame off at the airport,
he told me that the
Black Power movement
needed strong sisters
like me to lead the fight
against capitalist oppression
and the politicians and
pigs who perpetuate it.
His words almost made that whole
pig nightmare worthwhile.
And there's a girl
in this harbor town
And she works layin'
whiskey down...
What's wrong?
What do you mean?
What's wrong?
I don't really use that word.
What word?
Well, what else would
you call them?
A bunch of racist
cops on a power trip.
So, you think all
cops are racist?
It only takes one
to pull a trigger
on an innocent
sister or brother.
Why were you at Brother
Kwame's speech?
- He's got some good ideas.
- Mm-hmm.
I don't agree with all of them,
but he's a smart brother,
definitely worth hearing.
Are you down for the
liberation of black people?
Do we always have
to talk politics?
What's more important?
Do you ever take time off?
No. It's a lifetime job.
Sister Angela Davis,
most righteous sister,
can we please spend some
quality time together?
And what did you
say your J-O-B is?
Sister Kathleen
Cleaver, I didn't.
Are you a pig?
Excuse me?
Are you a pig?
You mean a cop?
Are you a cop?
I'm in construction.
But more importantly,
I'm a black man
who wants to get
to know a strong,
intelligent, beautiful sister.
The very one I'm
looking at right now.
But he had always
told the truth
Lord, he was an honest man...
You dig?
Sure enough.
That's what I'm talking about.
Power to the people.
All power to all the people.
- That's right, sister.
- Right on, right on.
- This is Walter.
- Ron here.
This is Ron?
Sorry, your voice sounds
different over the phone.
My allergies... allergies
acting up again.
I get those all the time.
Listen, wanted to tell you
that it was a real pleasure
to have you swing by.
I think the brothers really
took a liking to you.
I'm honored.
If you're free Saturday, why
don't you swing by Felix's.
You can meet the rest of
the brotherhood, hmm?
- Sounds good to me.
- Well, I will see you then.
I've got a friend.
He, uh, keeps up
with these groups.
He says they're moving away
from the old violent,
racist style.
So, that's what Duke
is peddling now.
It's, uh, becoming mainstream.
- Duke?
- David Duke.
Current Grand
Wizard of the Klan.
But he's always in a
three-piece suit,
never seen in a hood
or robe in public,
and he now goes by
"national director."
So he's clearly got his
sights on higher office.
- Politics? How so?
- Yeah.
Think it's another
way to sell hate.
- Keep going.
- Think about it.
Affirmative action, immigration,
- crime, tax reform.
- Hmm.
He says no one wants to be
called a bigot anymore.
I guess Archie Bunker
made that too uncool.
So the idea is, under
all these issues,
everyday Americans
can accept it,
support it, until
eventually, one day,
he gets somebody in the White
House that embodies it.
Come on.
America would never elect
somebody like David Duke
president of the United
States of America.
Coming from a black man,
that's pretty naive.
Why don't you wake up?
Ron, hi.
I'm Connie, Felix's wife.
It's so nice to meet you.
- Want to come right in?
- Sure.
- Do you mind if I, uh, smoke in there?
- Oh, not at all.
I'm telling you, a
war's a-comin'.
That'll be the end of
the purified white race
- as we know it.
- They're right inside.
Just make yourself
right at home.
It's time we go
on the offensive.
We gotta make sure
that everybody...
Hey, man.
- Hello. Hey, fellas.
- Welcome. Welcome.
This is Ron, everybody.
- Mr. Stallworth.
- All right.
- That's, uh, Mike.
- Hey, Mike. How are you? Ron.
- Scott in the back.
- Ron. How are you.
- Jesup.
- Hey. How are you?
Ron, why don't you have a seat.
Sorry to interrupt,
but I brought some
cheese dip and crackers.
Would you like some?
- Thanks, honey.
- Thank you.
- Walter?
- Make 'em remember
who we are and
what we stand for.
We are the Organization.
- We have to... -Oh, oh, oh!
I read something The Gazette
that this nigger named
Carmichael held a rally
and that some
college nigger girl
from the Baboon Student Union
was attacking our police.
I mean, this girl is dangerous.
She's like that
Commie, Angela Davis.
And I just... I think we
should shut her mouth.
I cut the article.
That'll be all.
Love you, sweetie.
you're going to need me
to do something for you.
Just wait and see.
And I will be right in here.
Why don't we, uh...
get back to our
bread and butter.
Let's talk about the
next cross burning,
which, Ron, you'll be
lucky enough to attend
if your membership
comes in time.
It'll be a tremendous honor.
- The highest hills get
the most eyes. -Yeah.
Prove you can read.
"Friday night last week,
the Colorado College
Black Student Union..."
Hey, Ron.
I gotta show you something.
"Hosted a controversial talk
featuring Stokely Carmichael
at Bell's Nightingale
"Black Student Union."
"Black Student..." That
go together to you?
That sounds fucking weird to me.
Lookie here.
This is really something.
Here's my favorite.
I call this the Jew Killer.
I call it a Remington
Model 1900.
Indeed, it is.
We about done here?
We got a few more
items on the, uh...
Not just yet.
Gotta make sure there's
no Jew in him.
All right, now you're
just being offensive.
Okay? We're talking
about someone
who's gonna be our
brother in a few months.
You see a Star of David
around his neck?
Is there a yarmulke on Ron's head?
Just protocol.
My house, my rules.
This way.
Where we going now?
I gotta show you something.
Tough titty.
It's not necessary, Felix.
This is how we lose recruits.
You are going to take
this lie detector test.
- Take a seat.
- What is this?
Is this your Jew den?
Is this where you
make your candles,
you know, and your lampshades?
Nah, you're gonna take
this lie detector test.
Open the damn door.
This is some lame bullshit.
Lame or not, you're taking
this Jew lie detector test.
- Sit down.
- Okay, Felix.
Out of respect for
this Organization,
I'll play along with your
little Get Smabullshit,
but I'm no fucking Jew.
Sit down.
Ask anybody.
They'll say I'm a
real friendly guy.
Thing is, I'm only
friendly to my friends.
Not Jew friendly.
Damn sure not nigger friendly.
- Me, neither.
- Know what I think?
- You think?
- Oh, yeah, I think.
What do you think about?
This Holocaust stuff...
never happened.
That's the biggest
Jewish conspiracy ever.
Eight million Jews killed?
Concentration camps?
Never happened.
Where's the proof?
Are you high?
I don't get high.
I drink.
'Cause I'd say the
Holocaust is one of
the most beautiful
things I've ever seen.
It just makes sense to me.
You have a whole race of leeches
that you have to get rid of.
So, what do you do?
You starve 'em,
you burn 'em, you
get rid of 'em.
It's like weeding out roots
for the better people.
Haven't you seen the footage?
That's fake.
Jews run Hollywood.
Fucking hell.
Let me see your dick.
You gonna shoot me?
- Put that gun away.
- Sh...
I hear you Jews do something
funny with your dicks.
Some weird Jew shit.
Is your dick circumstanced?
Oh, is that what this is about?
You're trying to see
my big Jew dick,
you fucking faggot.
Who you calling a fucking
faggot, Jew faggot?
Now, put that fucking
strap on your arm.
Put it on your arm!
- Felix!
- Connie, what's wrong?
Felix! Felix!
- Connie! Connie, what's wrong?
- Felix! Felix!
- Connie! -There's a black
lawn jockey on our green lawn!
I'm coming to you, honey!
- Shit, shit.
- Felix!
Kill that son of a bitch!
Yeah, keep driving, you
black spear chucker,
- piece of shit nigger!
- That son of a bitch!
Fucked up the window, man.
Still want me to take
your Jew detector test?
Everybody back in the house!
Back in the house now!
- Shit.
- Connie, you okay?
You okay? Back in the house.
That's why we gotta
get stronger.
That's some bullshit!
Back in the house, honey.
That's what I've been
telling all you boys.
We need more guns!
Lie detector?
Shots fired?
You fucking kidding me?
It's a goddamn clusterfuck.
You dickheads are
fucking with me.
You're jerking my chain.
You're jerking my chain.
I'm getting a reach-around
from the chief.
It's a big fucking circle jerk!
- That's funny?
- No, sir.
'Cause if Bridges
hears about this,
this whole fucking operation's
going to be closed down.
Yeah, that's funny.
And I'm going to be a fucking
school crossing guard
in fucking the ghetto
of Five Points!
I mean, is he gonna
hear about it, Sarge?
Hear about what?
Hey, guys.
Charles, can you give
us five, please?
I didn't want to
say it with Trapp,
but that peckerwood
had a gun in my face,
and he was an ass hair away
from pulling the trigger.
- And he didn't.
- But he could have.
And then I would have been dead.
For what?
Stopping some jerk-offs
from playing dress-up?
- Flip, it's intel.
- Well, I'm not risking my life
to prevent some rednecks
from lighting a couple
sticks on fire.
This is the job.
What's your problem?
That's my problem.
For you, it's a crusade.
For me, it's a job.
It's not personal,
nor should it be.
Why haven't you
bought into this?
Why should I?
Because you're Jewish, brother.
The so-called chosen people.
You've been passing for a WASP.
White Anglo-Saxon Protestant,
cherry pie, hot dog, white boy.
Mmm. It's what some
light-skinned black folks do.
They pass for white.
Doesn't that hatred you've
been hearing the Klan say...
doesn't that piss you off?
- Course it does.
- Then why you acting like
you ain't got skin in
the game, brother?
Rookie, that's my
fucking business.
It's our business.
Now, I'm going to get you
your membership card
so you can go to
the cross burning
- and get in deeper with these guys.
- Okay.
Right, partner?
Wake up, white man.
The Negro wants your
- white woman and your job.
- Sorry. I'm sorry. Let me...
The Jew wants your
money, and this you...
Sorry, who am I talking to?
This is Ron Stallworth calling
from Colorado Springs, Colorado.
How are you today, sir?
I'm quite well. Thank you.
Uh, what can I do you for?
I-I desperately
want to participate
in my chapter's honorary events,
but I can't until I receive
my membership card.
Of course that's something
I can help you with.
Great. Um, who am
I speaking with?
This is David Duke.
Did you just say your
name was David Duke?
Last time I checked.
Grand Wizard of
the Ku Klux Klan?
That-that David Duke?
Yes, that Grand Wizard and
national director, yeah.
National director, too, huh?
Yes, you're darn tootin'.
That's amazing.
I'm honored to be
speaking with you, sir.
I'm not afraid to say it.
I consider you a true
white American hero.
Is there any other kind?
No, sir.
I'm just happy to be talking
to a true white American.
It seems like there's
less and less of us
out there these days.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Now, about that
membership card...
Yeah, Ron, I understand
the situation.
Uh, we've had some
administrative problems here.
It's caused a little
bit of a backlog.
Tell you what, I'm gonna
see to it personally
that your membership
card is processed,
approved and sent out today.
How's that sound?
Thank you, sir.
I can't express to you how
much this means to me.
Ron, please.
Pleasure's all mine.
Uh, I look forward to
hopefully meeting you
in person one day, and, uh...
well, God bless white America.
- God bless white America, sir.
- Okay, take care.
Excuse me.
Watch where you're going.
You could get hurt
like that, hot shot.
The cop that pulled Kwame
Ture over that night...
was it Landers?
How'd you know?
I can smell 'em a mile away now.
What, do you got Smell-O-Vision?
He's been a bad cop
for a long time.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Few years ago, he shot
and killed a black kid.
- Jesus.
- He said he had a gun, but...
he wasn't that type.
Why do you guys tolerate this?
You want to be the guy
that rats him out?
You want to go to
Landers' office now?
'Cause we're a family.
And right or wrong,
we stick together.
That reminds me
of another group.
- That's a bull's-eye, Ron.
- Ooh.
You guys heard about
this Hide N Seek room?
Here, you got a decent bar
turned into a filthy
fag bar overnight.
Fucking fags
everywhere these days.
They're trying to colonize.
You know, first they
get their own bars,
then they want equal treatment.
Forget those fags.
Those guys Army-trained?
A lot of us are, yeah.
Fort Carson myself.
God, I wish I had a
scope on this thing.
Never seen those Macs before.
Steve and Jerry?
Yeah, who are they?
That's classified information.
Hey, Ron. I want to
see what you can do
- with my .45.
- All right.
Yeah, maybe you'll get
that nigger next time.
50 bucks?
- You got it.
- I'll take that bet.
Fuck, how about ten?
Oh! Son of a bitch!
All right, where's my money?
Where'd you learn
to shoot like that?
Not bad. Hot damn.
Well, my old man bought me
a toy cap gun when I
was a kid, and...
been shooting ever since.
That's a hell of a cap gun.
- He can shoot.
- All right, let's go. -Damn.
Pack it up.
Ron Stallworth, motherfucker.
Hey, Walter.
Hey, I'm better than
I used to be, right?
- I'm gooder than I was.
- You're definitely doing
a little bit better, but I don't
think "gooder" is a word,
but you're doing real good.
And Bernie Casey.
Ooh, Bernie Casey.
Brother's strong.
BCleopatra Jones is the one.
It's about time
we started seeing
- a strong sister like that.
- Mmm.
Well, Tamara Dobson did
play a cop, right?
It's a black exploitation film,
which is a fantasy.
Real life's not like that.
Real life is no Cleopatra
Jones or Coffy.
What, you don't dig Pam Grier?
She's fine as red wine
and twice as mellow.
Pam Grier is doing her thing,
but in real life, it's just
pigs killing black folks.
What if there was a cop
trying to change that?
From inside?
Yes, from inside.
You can't change things
from the inside.
It's a racist system.
You just give up like that?
No. We fight for what black
people really need...
- Black liberation.
- Right, right.
So, can't you do that
from the inside?
No, you can't. The white
man won't give up
his position in power
without a struggle.
What did Du Bois say about
double consciousness?
Twoness? Being an
American and a Negro?
Two warring ideals
inside one dark body.
That's heavy, Patrice.
I feel that...
Like I'm two people
all the time.
But you shouldn't have to be.
We shouldn't have a war
going on inside ourselves.
We should just be black.
We're not there yet, though.
Well, I'm tired of waiting.
I got a serious
question for you.
- Oh, yeah? What?
- Very serious.
Shaft Super Fly?
- What?
- Pick one.
A private detective over a pimp
any day and twice on Sundays.
All right.
Ron O'Neal or Richard Roundtree?
Richard Roundtree.
Pimps ain't heroes.
Well, Ron O'Neal isn't a pimp,
although he played
the hell out of one.
That image does
damage to our people.
Geez, it's a movie.
Give it a rest.
I can't let it rest.
You jive turkey.
Who you calling jive
turkey, jive turkey?
I'm calling you a jive turkey.
I got a Tamara
roundhouse coming.
- Jive turkey.
- It's coming...
- It's coming around...
- Get out of here with that!
Jive turkey.
Oh, great Googamooga
Can't you hear me
talkin' to you?
Just a ball of confusion
Wrong address.
That's what the
world is today...
Sorry to bother you, sir.
Have a good night.
Tension everywhere,
unemployment rising fast
The Beatles' new record's
a gas, and the only...
Sorry, had to work late.
How are you guys doing?
Got a beer for you,
Mr. Stallworth.
- Thanks.
- You got a twin.
You got a twin.
Twin what?
A twin twin.
And your twin is a nigger.
Looked in the phone book.
Went over to what I
thought was his place.
I found a nig there.
Well, my number's unlisted.
What address did you go to?
Over on Bluestem Lane.
Bluestem Lane? No, I
live on 21st Street.
What'd I tell you, hmm?
Nothing to worry about.
So, you don't know that nigger?
Oh, that's that nigger I
keep in the woodpile.
You're right.
I thought you were talking
about somebody else.
No, I don't.
1813 South 21st Street.
Come by sometime.
We'll have a beer.
And you know what?
That loudmouth Black
Student Union bitch
that's been in the papers
complaining about the police...
she was there.
That fucking cunt?
Like to close those
monkey lips permanently.
Hey, don't say that.
Not until I get her lips
around the head of my dick.
- -Can we play some
goddamn poker now?
Are you done?
Ron Stallworth, you enter...
you entertain me.
Entertain me a lot more
than that one-eyed
nigger, Sammy Davis Jr.
I'll say that, though.
They can dance. They can dance.
I'll give 'em that.
About all I'll fucking give 'em.
We've got active-duty
soldiers from Fort Carson.
Going to C.I.D. with that.
Two mystery boys,
Steve and Jerry.
Those are those fishy Army guys
I was telling you about.
Old Klan crew.
Felix's old Klan crew.
Your buddy.
New Klan Walter.
Walter's a general
without an army.
Felix's crew is
stronger than his.
Oh. Of course, Felix's
wife, Connie.
It's crazy you've been
talking to David Duke.
My ace boon coon
running partner.
Oh, now that we
got this, though,
Ronny boy, I'm telling you,
we're on a roll, baby.
This is it.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah.
"Ron Stallworth, member in
good standing for the year."
"Knights of the Ku Klux Klan."
That's us. Stallworth Brothers.
Yeah, well, you don't have
that little psychopath, Felix,
staring at you, asking
where you live.
I'm Jewish, yes, but I
wasn't raised to be.
It wasn't part of my life.
I never...
thought much about being Jewish.
Nobody around me was Jewish.
You know, I wasn't going to
a bunch of Bar Mitzvahs.
I didn't have a Bar Mitzvah.
I was just another white kid.
And now I'm in some basement
denying it out loud.
I never thought much about it.
Now I'm thinking about
it all the time.
rituals and heritage.
Is that passing?
Well, then I... well,
then I have been passing.
I don't want that.
- It sounds like they're watching us.
- I don't know.
I was asleep. I don't know.
I don't know what
we're supposed to do.
Look at this bullshit.
Where'd you find these?
Plastered all over
my windshield,
but they're all over
the neighborhood, too.
Is this real?
Real as can be.
Clearly, this is about the
Black Student Union and you.
- Me?
- Well, you've been outspoken
about the incident
with the police
when Brother Kwame was here.
So, next, they'll have a
burning cross out front?
All right, they're just
trying to get to you.
Intimidate, like you said.
Fear tactics.
If you don't let 'em scare
you, they got nothing.
But keep your eyes open.
Be cool, okay?
That's the damn problem.
We always too cool.
Way too cool.
Well, maybe we should
call the police.
How we know this ain't
some of the KKK's
honky-pig partners
passing out this shit?
Let me ask you... Excuse us.
- Let me ask you something.
- Excuse us for what?
"Cool." Want me to be cool?
I'll be cool.
And it also safeguards
against the CSPD,
which is nice.
Yeah, you soak the wood
in kerosene and...
light a cig on a
pack of matches.
It kind of buys you some
time to get the fuck out
before the cross catches fire.
Must be quite a sight.
Oh, yeah, it is.
It's great.
It's a real bonfire.
You can see it from
miles away, you know?
Good visibility, as
Walter would say.
Freaks out the Jew
media, and it...
well, it keeps niggers
on their nigger toes.
Oh, look at that. Damn,
there's another one.
The pigs are... pigs
are out tonight, yeah.
Good job. Send another one.
Lot of these guys in the Army?
Uh, we got a couple.
We got... got a few
on active duty, yeah.
I just finished my
second tour in 'Nam.
- No shit.
- Yeah.
My guy.
Hey, Ron, do you happen to
know anything about C-4?
You being in the
military and all?
Enough to make shit blow up.
Program dares to
love white people,
white heritage and
white freedom.
This program also
dares to expose
- the Jewish supremacism...
- Here come my boys.
Here come the cavalry.
And the criminal
banking establishment.
These criminal bankers,
the criminal Fed,
the establishment is...
They're ethnically
cleansing our people,
not only in the United States.
Not only in the United States.
The only... the only thing
that we hear today
from politicians...
Y'all, cross burning is off.
Too many cops, goddamn it.
"Right, thank you,
black people."
"I love black people."
And, of course,
every politician...
every politician
has to talk and genuflect
to the real rulers of
our society and say,
"I want to thank
the Jewish people.
I love the Jewish people."
And: "The Jewish people
are always our friends"
"no matter what they do,
"no matter how much they
destroy our country.
"It's just wonderful.
You know, we just
love the Jews."
And no senator or congressman
would dare get up and say,
"I love white people."
"I love white heritage."
"I love my people, and
I love the culture"
"that was created in Europe."
"And this great Western,
Christian civilization.
"I want to see that persevere.
You know, I want to see
that be enriched."
A lot of people think I
hate Negroes, but I don't.
And the Organization
doesn't, either.
They just need to
be with their own.
That's what Pinky would say.
Pinky didn't mind
segregation one bit.
She just wanted to be
with her own kind.
Sounds like she was
a Mammy to you.
You ever seen Gone
with the Wind?
Pinky was my Hattie McDaniel.
She won the Oscar for that role.
You know, Best Supporting
Actress, so...
You were Scarlett,
and she was Mammy.
That's right.
- Right.
- That's funny.
When she passed, it was like...
Well, it was like we lost
a member of the family.
A good nigger is
funny like that.
In that sense, they're
like a good dog.
They get real close to you,
and as soon as you lose 'em,
it just breaks your heart.
That's well said, Ron.
- I knew a coon once.
- Did you?
Yeah, that Negro lived
across the street from us.
I must have been...
six or seven.
His nickname was Butter Biscuit.
How'd he get that nickname?
He loved his mama's
butter biscuits.
Yum, yum.
Me and Butter Biscuit
played together every day.
One day, my father came
home early from work.
He told me I couldn't play
with that little spook anymore
because I was white
and Butter Biscuit was a nigger.
That's so rich.
Well, your father sounds
like a terrific man.
He was a true American.
Taught me what was right.
This is why we need more
people like you and me
in public office... Get
this country back on track.
For America to achieve its...
uh, its greatness again.
Boy, I sure wish we had a
chance to chat face-to-face.
In due time, my friend.
In due time, I will be
in Colorado Springs
for your initiation.
You're coming to
Colorado Springs, sir?
You bet your Mayflower
Society ass I am.
You're darn tootin'.
All right, I pulled the
materials that you asked for.
- Okay.
- So you just move it around
like this to see the images.
Once you try it, I think
you'll get the hang of it.
- Okay? Got it?
- Thank you.
Okay, I'll be at the desk
if you need anything.
Okay. Thank you.
Thanks for getting back to me.
Listen, I think
we need a new leader.
Someone everyone
can unite behind.
I just don't think I'm
gonna carry the votes.
Felix would love to
be the one, but...
I can't let that happen.
He's a crazy son of a bitch.
Goddamn... loose cannon.
No, we need someone
articulate, someone...
someone who displays real
leadership qualities.
I think it should be you.
I gotta think about this.
My father, he's sick, and
he lives in El Paso.
I don't know if I
can handle both.
Sorry to hear that.
Think about it.
You're a smart and diligent man,
and I've got no doubt
that you could handle it.
I think it's time we get
some new blood in here.
- Yeah?
- New ideas.
For that reason, I'm
planning to step down
as your president.
But I would like to
make a nomination.
Mr. Ron Stallworth for
chapter president.
We just met this guy.
He just walked in
off the street.
Let me ask a question.
Is there anybody
here who's willing
to put their neck on
the line for Ron?
I'll vouch for Ron.
You know who else
vouches for Ron?
Mr. Duke.
Look, it's a big honor,
but I-I can't accept.
The trouble is, what
you good men need
is a president who
will be constant.
On call day in, day out.
My old man is sick.
I just found out.
So I'm going to be back and
forth between here and Dallas.
El Paso, Flip, El Paso!
Thought it was El Paso.
It is. What did I say?
- Dallas.
- Which one is it, Ron?
Make up your mind.
Dallas is where the layover is.
El Paso is where my father is.
Dallas, that's, uh...
that's where they killed
that nigger lover, Kennedy.
Where you learned that?
I-I can read. I can.
Well, we'll pray for
your pop's health.
It's him.
Hey, Ron, I don't share this
- with a lot of people, but...
- Yeah.
Well, I'm anxious to meet you.
Excited to meet you, too, Ron.
Aren't you ever concerned
of some smart-aleck
nigger calling you,
pretending to be white?
No. I can always tell when
I'm talking to a Negro.
How so?
Take you, for example, Ron.
I mean, I can tell
that you're a...
pure Aryan white man
from the way you
pronounce certain words.
Can you give me any examples?
Yeah, take the word...
uh, "are."
Pure Aryan like you or I
would pronounce it correctly.
Negro pronounces it "are-uh."
Did you ever notice that?
It's like, "Are-uh..."
"you gonna fry up that...
crispy fried chicken,
soul brother?"
You know?
You are so white.
Thank you for teaching
me this lesson.
If you had not brought
it to my attention,
I wouldn't have noticed
the difference
between how we talk
and how Negroes talk.
Good, good.
I'd love to continue
this conversation
in Colorado Springs.
It's beautiful here, sir.
God's country.
Well, that's what I hear, Ron.
I look forward to
meeting you, and, uh...
we'll be talking real soon.
God bless White America.
Come back.
- Oh, my God.
- Who are you giving the finger?
It's Felix.
Catch you at a bad time?
No, not at all.
I'm just finishing a meal.
Meeting... my house now.
Ron, get your ass in gear.
And don't tell
mealymouth Walter.
Welcome to the promised land.
In about a week's time,
we'll be welcoming Mr. David
Duke to our city.
- Oh, oh, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Who's packing tonight?
I'm packing.
Where's your piece, Ron?
Well, you know, I don't carry
it on me all the time.
"Don't carry."
No, that...
I got you covered.
Won't happen again.
We're gonna need your good
shot come next Sunday.
Why? What's next Sunday?
The war is gonna come to us.
Well, fuck yeah.
Looks like we got ourselves
another soldier.
Just make sure that when
you're at the steakhouse,
you got your new
friend with you.
And, Ron,
you're gonna want
to name your piece.
This is Betsey.
- Don't point that at me. Jesus Christ.
- I'm sorry.
Don't fucking point the
gun at anybody ever.
I know what I'm doing. I
know how to use this thing.
- Honey.
- Mm-hmm?
Do you ever have
second thoughts?
About what?
Killing 'em.
Never think twice about
killing niggers.
You won't be able to
take it back, though.
They're the first
of many niggers
- that must die, honey bun.
- I know. It's just...
becoming so real.
I always thought it
would be like a dream.
I know.
It's just so beautiful.
We're cleansing this country
of a backwards race
of chimpanzees.
First the spooks.
Then the kikes.
Free at last, free at last.
Thank God Almighty,
free of them niggers at last.
I love it when you
do that, honey.
We've talked about
killing niggers
for so many years, and now
it's really happening.
My old man always told me
good things come
to those who wait.
Thank you for bringing
me into your life.
For loving me like you do.
For giving me a
purpose, direction.
This could be the new
Boston Tea Party.
Mr. Stallworth.
Pleased to meet you.
Names of chapter members?
What is this about?
Two names on your
list work at NORAD.
The two mystery men,
Steve and Jerry?
Real names are Harry
Dricks and Kevin Nelson.
Two clowns with top
security clearances.
These Klansmen are in charge
of monitoring our safety.
You've done a service
to your country.
We've been following
your investigation.
Last night, Fort Carson reported
several C-4 explosives
missing from their armory.
- No suspects.
- Klan?
Wait, the KKK and the
United States Army?
You won't see this on the news
for obvious reasons, but...
thought it might be
of interest to you.
If you know about a
possible attack,
I need to know when.
You're the one with the
impressive investigation.
But can't you or
the FBI chip in?
Federal Bureau of Investigation?
We never had this conversation.
You can hate me all
you want, all right?
Just promise me you won't
go to that protest.
I'm going. We're going.
Wh-What are you talking about?
I can't get into specifics,
but today the Klan is
planning an attack.
Then we have to tell the people.
It's not an option.
Ungawa, Black Power!
What's wrong with you?
No one else can know while
it's an active investigation.
Active investigation?
And pray tell, how
do you know that?
Are you a pig?
Wh-What are you, then?
Ungawa, Black Power!
Ungawa, Black Power!
Ungawa, Black Power!
Want to sit?
No. I'll stand.
Ungawa, Black Power!
Ungawa, Black Power!
I'm an undercover detective.
I'm investigating the Klan.
Fucking KKK?
Ron Stallworth, you lied to me.
Is that even your real name?
Ron Stallworth is my
first and last name.
Look, today is not
the day, Patrice.
I take my duties
as the president
of the Black Student
Union seriously.
Well, how much good did it do?
You could sit in the
middle of Nevada Avenue,
light yourself on fire, the
KKK will still be here.
Well, at least I would be
doing something, unlike you.
- Unlike me?
- Yeah.
Don't think, just because I
don't wear a black beret
or a black leather
jacket, black Ray-Bans,
screaming, "Kill Whitey,"
that I don't care
about my people.
The night we saw
Brother Kwame speak,
were you undercover then, too?
That's not fair.
- You have to understand...
- Answer the question.
Were you undercover
the night we met?
Yes or no?
Ron Stallworth, are you
for the revolution
and the liberation
of black people?
I'm an undercover detective for
the Colorado Springs Police.
It's my J-O-B. That's the truth.
House niggers said
they had a J-O-B, too.
You disgust me.
My brother, you need to wake up.
Ungawa, Black Power!
Ungawa, Black Power!
Are you fucking kidding me?
You don't cross those lines.
This is about an investigation,
not a relationship.
Hate to break that
blue wall of silence.
Nice one.
- Is Patrice really in danger?
- Maybe.
Ungawa, Black Power!
Ungawa, Black Power!
Ungawa, Black Power!
Ungawa, Black Power!
Ungawa, Black Power!
It's off.
You'll know soon enough.
Felix just said the march
has been canceled.
Could be all the death threats.
No, they're used to that.
And there's been nothing
more about the explosives?
Fuck it.
We get 'em on weapons charges
and stop them from doing
anything that way.
Then what? You know,
misdemeanor at best.
- Then they walk. -I have a
special assignment for Ron.
Ron already has an assignment.
Yeah, what could
be more important
than preventing an attack, sir?
We have very credible threats
against David Duke's life.
So, Ron, I am assigning
you security detail
- for David Duke.
- What?
With all due respect,
sir, I don't think
this is a wise decision,
given the situation.
Who cares what you think?
Duke needs protection.
There's no one else available.
Nut-cracking time.
Put aside your
personal politics.
Chief, it's not about
that, and you know it.
David Duke and Ron
have been talking
on the phone several times.
If he recognizes his voice...
If-if... if-if any
of the Klansmen do,
it'll compromise our
entire investigation.
- It's too dangerous.
- Correct me if I'm wrong,
but didn't you boast to
me that you were fluent
in both English and jive?
Do you remember that?
Answer the chief.
Oh, shut the fuck up, Landers.
You know, you've been trying
to sabotage me since day one.
Why are you getting
so worked up, boy?
- Hey, Ron!
- Hey, Ron, come on.
- Ron, Ron, no! Ron!
- It's not worth it.
- Okay, okay, all right.
- Just...
- Go, go, go.
- Stay put.
- Ron, whoa, whoa!
- What the fuck is that?
Gotta bring something to
get something, Landers.
Eat a white dick!
You let him get
to you that easy?
You don't have a shot
with David Duke.
First, the primary target.
Felix says you're doing it.
So all you have to do
is set the pocketbook
on the front porch,
the back porch, a sidewalk.
Doesn't matter.
As long as it's
against the building,
you can plant it anywhere.
I got enough C-4 here to
take out the whole thing.
Be careful.
- You understand?
- I understand.
All you have to do when you placed it...
Hey, sweetie.
You listening? All
you have to do
when you placed it
is flip the switch.
Flip the switch.
That's it.
You got it?
Miss Black Student Union Bitch
is bringing in some
old coon to speak.
Place should be packed.
So, Brother Walker,
nothing but rubble.
And barbecued niggers.
And what happens if
that don't work?
Plan B.
Can you handle it, honey?
You can count on me.
I've been waiting to do my part.
Oh, sweet as candy.
Ah, look at the lovebirds.
Can I feel the C-4?
No C-4 for you.
You'll blow us all the
fuck up to kingdom come.
- What is this black...?
- Out here with
- the great David Duke.
- Look at this fucking guy.
How's he getting away with that?
Mr. Duke's security detail.
- What?
- Fuck this guy.
Mr. Duke. I'm a detective
from the Colorado Springs
Police Department.
I'm here to keep you safe today.
I'm sorry, have...
have we met before?
Mm-mm. You may know that there's
several credible threats
against your life.
How's it going out here?
There have been
threats on my life,
and this is the detective
they've assigned
as my bodyguard.
Mr. Duke, I don't agree
with your philosophies.
However, I'm a professional,
so I will do everything
within my means and beyond
to make sure you're safe.
Okay, I appreciate
your professionalism.
Allow me, sir.
Thank you.
- Right this way, sir.
- Walt.
- Bro.
- Sir.
How are you?
Sorry for all the
extra security today.
Can't be too careful.
Yeah, I know. We have
a strong, strong...
Hey, fellas.
Yeah, like you were saying,
uh, last week on
the phone, uh...
Well, Mr. Duke.
I would like you to meet
our newest recruit,
Ron Stallworth.
Ron Stallworth, it is a pleasure
to finally meet you in person.
Same. Same. You as well.
This is our brother, Jesse.
- I'm Jesse.
- Hey, Jesse.
- Ron.
- Uh, Ron, yeah.
- I've heard so much about you.
- Oh, okay.
I didn't realize how
nervous I was gonna be.
Oh, that's all right.
What's that doing here?
Uh, that's the fucking cop
they got to guard Mr. Duke.
Isn't that the living shit?
it's time.
- Ron, why don't you follow me?
- Okay.
Let's go. Let's go.
You stay right here.
You hear?
God, America's going to
hell in a handbasket.
That started out as
a nice spring day
back there in Waco, Texas.
May 15, 1916.
Jesse Washington...
was a friend of mine.
He was 17.
I was 18.
We kind of looked at Jesse
and called him slow.
you'd call him
mentally retarded.
They claimed Jesse...
raped and murdered a white woman
by the name of Lucy Fryer.
They put Jesse on trial,
and he was convicted
by an all-white jury
after they deliberated
for only four minutes.
My brothers in Christ,
Nobel Prize recipient,
co-creator of the transistor
and a dear, dear friend of mine,
Dr. William Shockley,
whose groundbreaking
scientific work
ushered in the computer age,
has proven, through his
research with eugenics,
that each of us here has
flowing through our veins
the genes of a superior race.
It's a fact.
It's a fact. It
can't be disputed.
Today, we celebrate that truth.
Masks off, hoods on.
I was working across the street
at the shoeshine parlor.
And after the verdict,
a mob grabbed Jesse,
put a chain around
his neck and...
dragged him out of
the courthouse.
Oh, my God.
I knew I had to hide.
That way.
Be careful, brother.
Well, all right.
Where I was, the shoe parlor
had a window up in the attic.
And I could see the crowd.
They marched Jesse
through the streets.
They stabbed him and beat him.
And finally, in a bloody heap,
they held him down
in the street...
and cut off his testicles.
give us true white men.
The Invisible Empire
demands strong minds,
great hearts, true faith,
clean and ready hands.
Men who have honor.
Men who will not lie.
Men who can stand
before a demagogue
and damn his treacherous
flatteries without blinking.
God, give us real men.
Courageous men who
flinch not at duty.
Men of dependable character,
men of sterling worth.
Then wrongs will be redressed,
and right shall rule the Earth.
God, give us true white men.
Ron Stallworth.
Step forward.
The police and the
city officials
were out there watching him.
They cut off his fingers.
And threw coal oil
all over his body.
They lit a bonfire
and raised him and lowered him
over these flames
over and over and over again.
Ron Stallworth,
are you a white, non-Jewish
American citizen?
Yes... what?
Yes, I am a white,
non-Jewish American citizen.
Are you in favor of a
white man's government
- in this country?
- Yes.
Ron Stallworth, are you
willing to dedicate your life
to the protection,
the preservation
and the advancement
of the white race
in mind, in body
- and in spirit?
- Yes.
Be seated.
The mayor had a photographer
by the name of Gildersleeve.
He came and took pictures
of the whole thing.
Those pictures were later
sold as postcards.
Remove your hood.
TURNEThey put Jesse's
charred body into a bag.
Remove your hood.
Dragged him through town.
Remove your hood.
They sold the remains.
Remove your hood.
As souvenirs.
Remove your hood.
TURNELot of good white
folks just stood there
like it was a Fourth
of July parade.
They even let the
children out of school
on lunch hour.
Remove your hood.
And all I could do was to...
watch and hope
they wouldn't find me.
Welcome your brethren
who have been baptized
by the light.
- Please.
- Oh, my God!
Let's give them some applause!
One of the reasons they
had done that to Jesse
was a movie
called Birth of a Nation.
It had come out the year before,
and it was so powerful
that it gave the Ku
Klux Klan a rebirth.
Oh, God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. No!
Oh, look at that one!
Oh, he's disgusting. Oh!
Oh, those poor women.
Don't you do it! Oh!
- Why?
- No.
No. Oh!
The ingenuity of white women!
Today, they would call
that kind of movie
a blockbuster.
Everybody saw it.
That's disgusting.
Even the president of
the United States,
Woodrow Wilson, showed
it at the White House.
And he said that it was
"history written
with lightning."
What... what is really...
"Dem free-niggers f'um
de N'of am sho' crazy."
Oh, look at that
little pickaninny.
Watch, watch. They're gonna
scare the pickaninnies.
Get out of there!
- Move. Move.
- Get out of there!
The inspiration!
Get 'em out of there!
- Go get 'em!
- Go!
Go get 'em!
- "The trial."
- Hey!
- Send him to hell!
- String him up!
String him up!
Get him on that horse.
Get him up! String him up!
White power! White power!
White power!
White power! White power!
White power!
That's why we're here today.
In the name of Black Power.
- Yes.
- Black Power. Black Power.
Black Power! Black Power!
Black Power! Black Power!
Black Power!
Black Power!
Black Power...
I'd like you to do
me a favor and...
just look around.
That's right. Everyone
just look around.
Today, we are privileged...
to be among white men.
And white women.
Such as yourselves.
Real warriors.
For the real America.
The America that our ancestors
fought and died for.
The true white American race.
The backbone from whence came
our great Southern heritage.
And I want to thank you.
Jesus Christ.
I want to thank you so much
for never putting
your country second.
That's right.
- America first.
- America first.
America first.
America first! America first!
America first! America first!
America first!
America first! America first!
America first!
America first!
America first! America first!
America first!
Ain't this a bitch.
If I would have known
this was a Klan meeting,
I wouldn't have taken
this motherfucking gig.
Right on, right on.
All right, now, when are
you boys gonna invite me
down to Louisiana? Hmm?
- We'd certainly love to have you.
- Mmm.
Still a lot of work to be done.
I mean, you've done
a great job whipping up
this chapter, but...
Well, I could do a great
job on a national level.
Excuse me.
Walter, may I?
Behave yourself.
Mr. Duke, I just
want to say how...
honored my wife,
Connie, and I are
for being in your presence.
What's your name, friend?
Felix, the pleasure's all mine.
We'd love to have you out at
the house for dinner sometime.
We Coloradans can
cook just as good
as those Cajun ladies
you got down there.
All right, now, Connie.
We're on a very tight
schedule here,
but you made a mistake.
Next time I'm in town,
- I'm gonna hold you to that, okay?
- Oh.
Oh, I see Susie.
I'll be back in just a second.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
- Is this your wife?
- Yep.
- Hey. Ron. How are you?
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Never seen you
dressed up before.
It's a pleasure to
meet you, Felix.
- You have a fantastic night.
- Oh, thank you.
Amer... America first.
Hey, Ron, how you doing?
- I'm good, I'm good.
- Good.
- He's a cop.
- Who?
- That guy.
- Ron?
- No, the other guy.
- Ron's a cop?
His name is Phillip, but
his nickname is Flip.
- Who's Phillip?
- Who's Ron? That's Phillip.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- That guy.
That's the cop that sent me
to the fucking big house
for armed fucking robbery.
His fucking name is Phillip.
Phillip Zimmerman.
- What's his name?
- Phillip Zimmerman.
How many times I gotta
fucking tell you?
Isn't that a fucking Jew name?
You can't go by that.
Jews change their name all
the time to non-Jew names.
I mean, they killed
Jesus, right?
Ron Stallworth is a fucking Jew.
Could've been worse.
How so?
Could've been a nigger.
They built this stuff out of...
Uh, it starts to dissolve.
It wasn't water, you know.
The beads take the...
He is a nigger.
That cop guarding Duke.
Zimmerman's using his name.
I guess I could use mops.
Shall we tell the Grand Wizard?
No, no, no. Not yet.
I'll find the moment.
Fucking Jew.
Yeah, I know. We have a
strong future in America.
I'm so glad I made this trip.
- With all these chapters...
- Well, that's what we
- have to work on.
- Uh, excuse me, gentlemen.
Uh, Mr. Duke...
favor to ask.
Nobody's gonna believe
me when I tell them
that I was your personal
bodyguard today.
Care to take a Polaroid with me?
I don't know. Do those
cool shades come off?
Oh, yes, sir, they do.
- Okay.
- There we go.
Hey, Jesse. Let's do this.
It'll be right.
- Oh.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Who should, uh...
- Oh, what...
- Uh, what's his name?
- Uh, Ron.
- Uh, Stallworth.
- Ron. Ron, sir.
Can you take this
picture of us, please?
All right, don't touch me.
- All right.
- All right.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
Here we go. One.
Two. Three.
Jesus H. Christ!
What did you just do, boy?
I mean...
What the hell did you just do?
Sir, if you lay a finger on
me, I'll arrest your ass
for assaulting a police officer.
That's worth about
five years in prison.
Try me. See if I'm playing.
Why don't you come down
to Louisiana sometime?
See how we play.
Boy, you better get your
nigger ass out of here now.
America first.
Excuse me.
May I? Thanks.
- You ready?
- What, now?
Don't be nervous.
- Okay.
- I'm leaving.
- Remember what we talked about.
- Okay.
Come here.
Now you may do your job.
- Okay.
- Nice and easy does it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Attention, all units.
Be on the lookout
for a brown truck
with a "white pride"
bumper sticker.
License plate: KE4108.
Kills this big rat in the
back of our backyard.
And I actually start to like
the fucking thing
for the first time.
I shit you not,
three days later,
this little Girl Scout
comes to our door...
Ron, hmm?
I believe you know my friend.
Who's your friend?
No, sorry, I don't think
we've met before.
Ron Stallworth.
Yeah? It's been a
few years, right?
- Been a few years?
- Yeah.
No, I'm sorry. I don't
think I can place you.
Did you two go to
school together?
No. I went to private school.
Leavenworth, Kansas.
Isn't that where the
federal penitentiary is?
Matter a fact, it is.
You know something about that.
- Don't you, Flip?
- Flip?
Excuse me, gentlemen.
There is an emergency phone call
in the hallway for a
Felix Kendrickson.
I'll be right back, Flip.
Jesus, they've got
cops everywhere.
Somebody tipped them off.
Oh, God, there's another one!
Calm down, baby.
We planned for this, all right?
We'll go to plan B, okay?
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay, plan B.
All right, baby?
You can do it.
I'll be right there.
All right.
Remember when you said,
one day, I'm gonna
need your help?
This is it, baby.
I love you, honey bun.
I-I love you.
I can make America great again.
- Oh, yeah.
- We need lawyers,
we need doctors, and we need...
Excuse me, Mr. Duke.
Let's go.
Good talker. He's a good talker.
You'll have to excuse him, Mr. Duke.
I apologize.
What was that all about?
Why'd he keep calling you Flip?
We were in prison together.
Years ago.
Uh, it's an inside joke.
Well, I certainly hope
everything's okay.
Yeah, but I think he may
have violated his parole.
I just need to use the
restroom real quick.
Hey, where's Patrice?
Patrice and Odetta took
Mr. Turner back to his hotel.
Back up. Back up.
Freedom. It dares to expose
the fact that not only
is this a country...
Not a white racist country.
It is a racist country.
Indeed, it is a racist country.
It's an anti-white
racist country.
But it's so important.
Next time, we should work on
getting a sister in here.
We need to be hearing
their stories.
- Yep. -We need to start
doing this every week.
I'll reach out and
see who I can get.
Colorado State Police.
Don't move.
I said stop, damn it!
No! Help me!
Help me!
Help me! Help me, please!
Stop. Stop.
- Where'd you put the bomb?
- No!
You're hurting me!
Where's the bomb?
Where'd you put it?
- Get off me. Get off.
- Where is it?
- Get off of me!
- Hold still. Stay still.
- Stay still. -I don't know
what you're talking about!
- Where's the bomb?
- Freeze!
Get off her, or I'll
fucking shoot you.
- Whoa.
- Get off her.
Okay. All right.
- Easy.
- I'm undercover.
- He's got a gun!
- I'm a cop!
- He touched me.
- She's a terrorist.
That nigger attacked me.
He tried to rape me. Arrest him.
- I'm an undercover cop!
- Show us your badge.
- It's in my pocket, okay?
- What are you waiting for?
- Show us your badge.
- It's in my pocket. Relax.
That nigger attacked me.
He tried to rape me.
- Arrest him. Arrest him!
- I'm-I'm... I'm a... I'm a cop.
- What are you doing?
- Get on the ground now!
Yeah! Hit him!
When you think about the fact
that America is still
well over 85% white,
that America was founded
exclusively by white people
who wrote a Declaration
of Independence
and who fought for our
freedoms, were the basis
of our civilization
and our culture
and our Western
Christian society,
that means that the
Christian Church
that grew up in the world
was overwhelmingly
a white, European phenomenon.
The magnificent beauty
of the, uh, European people.
But today, the word
"white" is a curse word.
Hey! Hey!
- Stand down. Stand down!
- Who the fuck are you?
Undercover cop, you
fucking idiot.
The black guy's a cop?
Give me your keys.
Oh, my God, Felix...
You're late.
- Felix! -ODETTA: Patrice,
are you all right?
We had white horses...
Our own group, Ron and P.
- Mmm, I don't know about that.
- Go on tour.
You know, they say two
Afros that touch together,
- they're... it's good luck.
- Who said that?
I-I read it somewhere.
Tell me, where'd you get this?
- Saw this brother on Soul Train.
- Mm-hmm.
- Really? -And I just thought,
I'm-a take you there.
- Gonna take you to California.
- You don't know Don Cornelius.
That's my cousin on my
mama's sister's side.
- Really?
- That's my cousin, yes.
- So I got... I got access.
- Yeah?
- Wh-What is his cousin's name?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who is the soul sister, Ron?
You been holding out on me.
All right, take it easy.
Take it easy.
You don't remember me, do you?
Brother Kwame?
Stokely Carmichael?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
You looked good that night,
but you look even better now.
How often do you do
that to black people?
Do what?
Pull us over for nothing.
Harass us.
Put your hands all over a woman
in the guise of searching her.
Call us everything
but a child of God.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Just like I told you, right,
he's just taking advantage.
In the end, talking
loud, saying nothing.
Let me tell you both something.
I've been keeping you people in
line in this city for years.
What I did to your
girl that night,
I could do to any of you
any time, any place.
That's my prerogative.
I could even bust a
cap in your black ass
if I feel like it, and nothing
will be done about it.
I wish the two of
you been blown up
instead of good white folks.
Get it?
Oh, I do get it.
- Do you get it, Patrice?
- Mmm, yeah.
I totally and completely get it.
Jimmy, did you get it?
Oh, yes, I got it.
Flip, did you get it?
- Oh, yeah, I got it.
- Chief!
- Do you get it?
- Oh, I really, really get it.
You're under arrest.
- What?
- Get him out of here.
- Get up. Police brutality.
- Are you out of your minds?
Let's go. Police misconduct,
sexual misconduct...
- Thank you very much.
- Keep walking.
- Tell it to the judge.
- What about my rights?
- Power to the people.
- Power to the people.
The old hidden mic trick.
Yes, it was all my work. Hello.
To tape jobs.
- Works every time.
- Hidden mics.
Good job, everybody.
And glory
The people would sing
What a lucky man he was...
Five. Four. Three.
Two. One.
- Look who the cat dragged in.
- Thank you, thank you.
There he is! The
man of the minute.
Don't you mean "hour," Flip?
You slow, you blow.
Ah, Jimmy.
That Polaroid stunt you pulled,
when you put your
arms around them,
I swear to God I
almost shit myself.
I told you, Ron was born ready.
- Born ready is Ron.
- There he is!
There's the crazy
son of a bitch!
Come over here.
You. You, you, you, you.
- You did good.
- Nah, we did good.
Yeah, well, the chief wants to
see us in his office right now.
- Let's go. Here, after you.
- Let's go. No, after you.
- Come on.
- You're the man of the hour.
I cannot commend you enough
for what you have achieved.
Do you realize there was
not one cross burning
the entire time you
guys were involved?
We're very aware, Chief.
But all good things
have to come to an end.
What does that mean?
- Budget cuts.
- Budget cuts?
And when did this happen?
Last night?
I wish I had a choice,
but my hands are tied
with this inflation.
Besides, there no longer appears
to be any credible threats.
Sounds like we did
too good a job.
Well, that's not a
bad legacy to leave.
And now...
I need you, Ron Stallworth,
to destroy all evidence
of this investigation.
We prefer that the public
never knew about
this investigation.
Cease all further contact
with the Ku Klux Klan,
effective immediately.
That goes for you, too, Flip.
This is total horseshit.
Fucking shenanigans.
Aye, aye, Chief.
- Skulduggery.
- Hey, Ron.
Take a week off.
Take your girlfriend,
Patrice, on a vacation.
Live it up a little.
You worked hard.
When you come back,
we can discuss
maybe a new assignment, Ron.
How about Narcotics?
Mr. Duke, I'm so
sorry we didn't get
to spend more one-on-one
time together.
Well, that was a...
Just a tragedy.
I had just met
those heroic brothers
in the cause.
And the chapter is just
shaken at the core.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
And poor Connie, right?
I mean, not only does she
lose her husband, but...
Poor Connie.
She's looking at
serious prison time.
- Connie's going away.
- We feel bad for Connie.
My God.
And then there was
that nigger detective.
Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up.
Shut up, shut up.
Those goddamn coloreds.
- -They sure know how
to spoil a celebration.
Hey, you're getting
me in trouble.
Christ, you can say that again.
Those goddamn... coloreds
sure know how to
spoil a celebration.
Can I ask you a question, sir?
That nigger detective,
did you ever...
did you ever get his name?
No. I don't think I...
Are-uh you sure you
don't know who he is?
Are-uh you absolutely sure?
'Cause that nigga,
coon, gator bait,
spade, spook, Sambo,
spear-chucking jungle bunny,
Mississippi wind chime...
- Wind chime?
- Detective...
is Ron Stallworth, you
racist, peckerwood,
redneck, inch worm,
needle-dick motherfucker!
Oh! Oh!
I'll be here all week.
Ron Stallworth,
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
What are you doing?
Finishing up.
Have you handed in your
resignation from the KKK?
Have you handed in
your resignation
from the Colorado Springs
Police Department?
Truth be told, Patrice, I
always wanted to be a cop,
and I'm still for the
liberation of my people.
My conscience won't let
me sleep with the enemy.
No, I'm the black man
that saved your life.
- You're absolutely right.
- Right.
And I thank you for it, but...
I can't do this.
I think we should...
we should talk.
It's okay. It's okay.
I said it's o...
Blood and soil! Blood and soil!
Blood and soil!
Blood and soil! Blood and soil!
Blood and soil!
Jews will not replace us!
Jews will not replace us!
Jews will not replace us!
Jews will not replace us!
White lives matter!
White lives matter!
White lives matter!
Black lives matter!
Black lives matter!
Black lives matter!
What the fuck, man?
You had a group on one
side that was bad,
and you had a group
on the other side
that was also very violent.
Nazis, go home!
Not all of those people
were neo-Nazis, believe me.
Not all of those people
were white supremacists.
You also had people that
were very fine people.
Because I believe that
today in Charlottesville,
this is a first step toward
making a realization
of something that
Trump alluded to
earlier in the
campaign, which is...
This is the first step
toward taking America back.
- Whose streets?
- Our streets!
Whose streets?
Our streets!
- Whose streets?
- Our streets!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
I had to jump out of the way.
I almost got hit by the
car my fucking self.
There are people... bodies
laying on the ground right now.
Oh, my God! We got hit by a car!
And there was a woman, uh,
laying there, hardly breathing,
and, uh, we ended up rolling
her over, and she died.
This is my town! We did not
want them motherfuckers here!
No, Mary, don't you weep
Oh, Mary, don't you moan
Oh, moan
Oh, yeah, he'll be home soon
Oh, Mary, don't you weep
Oh, Mother, don't you moan...
He'll be home soon
Oh, Mary, yeah
Oh, yeah
Oh, Mother
Don't you moan
He'll be home
Oh, Mary, don't you weep
Oh, Mother, don't you moan...
Mmm, Mary
Mmm, Mary
Oh, Mary...
Mother, don't you moan...
I got a bad, bad
feeling, baby
He ain't coming home, no
I guess you know me well
I don't like winter
But I seem to get a
motherfuckin' kick
Out of doing you cold
Yeah, yeah-yeah
Mama, don't you moan, no
Got a bad, bad feeling
Your man ain't coming home
Guess you know me well
I don't like no snow
No winter
No cold
But, Mary, yeah
Girl, you know I like your
Shh, yeah
I got a bad, bad feeling
That your man
ain't coming home
Oh, Mother
You cooked the
greatest omelets
In the world...
Mary, don't you moan
I got that bad, bad feeling
Your man ain't coming home
Oh, Mother, don't you moan.