Blackmail (2005) Movie Script

In the name of the father.
In the name of the son.
Holy spirit. Amen.
- Amen.
What is the matter? You
are troubled nowadays.
Yes, father.
I don't understand.
Whether I should listen
to the heart or the mind.
Then, you are in love.
Who is he?
Even though you know what he does?
Did you tell him?
I don't understand what to do.
I have brought you up.
You are like my own daughter.
And I have full faith in you.
Maybe you have it in
you that will bring..
..Shekhar to the right
path from the wrong.
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I didn't want to go
on the path of love.
I didn't want to be crazy
for my beloved.
But I did it..
I filled love in my veins.
I believed in you.
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
'I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I didn't want to go
on the path of love.
I didn't want to be crazy
for my beloved.
But I did this"
I filled love in my veins".
I believed in you.
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
'I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I was restless all the time.
I had a lot of yearning
in my heart too.
But I was afraid of
falling in love.
From bearing pain in love
and being hurt in love.
From the lonely clays
and lonely nights.
In the end, I was defeated
by my emotions.
I didn't want to accept it.
I didn't want to sacrifice
myself to your love.
But I did it.
I filled love in my veins".
I believed in you.
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
'I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
This disease of love..
is intoxication.
Nobody has escaped this.
One is content in this
at all hours of the day
One is satisfied in its pain too.
Whether anyone accepts it or not..
The people who have fallen
in love, will know it.
I didn't want to become crazy.
Didn't want to lose
myself in love.
But I did it..
I filled love in my veins".
I believed in you.
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
'I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
'I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
I gave you my heart.. O beloved".
We have got the information.
Chhota's brother David
is with his gang on..
..the terrace swimming pool..
..of the Five Stars Hotel.
Somebody hit the lights.
So everybody thinks it's night!'
Yes.. that's right..
From here..
Yes, tell me.
Leave the place, immediately.
The police have come to find
out that you are there.
Come on!
I surrender.
I surrender.
You cannot kill me.
However serious a crime
has been committed.
If the criminal wishes
to surrender..
..the police can't even touch him.
You know this very well,
isn't it ACP?
So come on. Take me to the hospital.
I will take you.
But not to the hospital.
The cemetery.
Thank you.
Listen to me..
You are talking to the
wrong person, ACP.
What can I do?
I was coming home to take
you both for the racing.
But there was a call.
- There was a call.
And I had to go.
- And I had to go.
It isn't necessary to
tell me anything.
Actually, I am accustomed to it.
- Listen..
Speak to the one you want to.
I don't want to talk to you.
Okay, don't talk. But
you can hear, isn't it?
What is the need of listening?
You will say that you were leaving.
There was an important
call and you had to go.
He told this to me too.
See. The policemen
have a lot of work.
You will understand this when.. grow up and wear
a police uniform.
I don't want to become
a police officer.
I will be a car racing champion.
Okay. But you..
How can you fight with papa and..
..become a car racing champion?
Why can't I become one?
Papa will be buying a
car for you, isn't it?
Point to be noted, your honor.
I think you will
have to befriend him.
But there is a promise.
You will take me on a picnic.
That's it?
I will take you on a picnic.
Thank you, papa. You are the
greatest dad in the world.
I love you.
Wow.. thanks, dad.
And this pizza too.
This is Mumbai's Five Stars hotel.
A while ago, the ACP
Abhay Singh Rathod..
...shot down the dangerous criminal".
..Chhota's brother David
and his henchmen.
The photos you see are
of those criminals.
They were affiliated
with big mafia gangs.
This Chhota is the same who has
been in prison since many days.
His network is so strong that he..
..can handle any crime
from inside the prison.
But we cannot determine which crime
they were about to commit.
From Mumbai, with Nirmal Jani..
I am in prison since two years.
Because of that wretched ACP.
And you can't do anything to him.
We have tried a lot.
But he is such a clean man.
Very clean.
Who all are there in his house?
Ferrari.. number one..
Yes, come on. One is first.
Papa.. there is a race in
Nasik the next month.
Will you take me there, please?
If you bring good marks in
your unit test.. - Yes..
I will be first in that.
- I will surely take you there, then.
Thank you, papa. You are great!
Go, sleep now, soon.
Let me see the race
for a while, please.
Where are you? When
are you arriving?
Papa.. tell mummy to come quickly.
Yes, he is all right.
He is watching TV.
Come quickly, bye.
Come on go. Go, son. Sleep.
Okay, papa. Good night.
Good night!
Strong boy..
Strong boy..
Son.. listen..
Go into the bathroom, son.
Stay inside.
And don't come out!
Hey.. strong boy..
Strong boy..
Strong boy..
Strong boy..
Sir, did you find
anything about him?
Five minutes.
Thank you, Mr. Rate.
Why did you call me here?
To tell you that you aren't
good in accounts.
I have just one in this life.
My son.
But you have many.
You have 22 relatives in all.
I know their names and
addresses in my mind.
You are threatening me?
Even a constable acts
smart when one is behind bars.
The day I decide to
leave from here..
..the one relative of
yours will turn into half.
Don't even think about
my son by mistake.
If you do..
Did you understand?
What is this going on, ACP?
Congratulations, Shekhar.
You are being released tomorrow?
Will you do a work of mine?
I want to have a person bumped off.
I will give you whatever
you want.
Money.. partnership.. tell me.
Won't you want to hear his name?
ACP Abhay Singh Rathod.
He has killed my brother.
Why are you laughing?
lam laughing on the ACP's fate.
He has so many fans and still
he is alive.
This is because I cannot
go out right now.
You tell me.
What will you charge
to kill him?
I will do this work for free.
I knew it.
My brother John will meet you
in the Love Birds nightclub.
Ask whatever you want from him.
But Shekhar.
Abhay Singh Rathod
shouldn't survive.
He won't survive.
I will kill him.
But I will make him cry.
And these two balls too.
You are going for
a day, isn't it?
Then why are you taking
two pairs of everything?
What if something is stolen?
Will I come till here
from there to take it?
Excuse me..
Why is the pclice officer
going with us?
Yes, that is right too.
It's good that he has agreed.
Or else".
Who knows when the ACP
would get time next.
- Yes, dad?
How would it be if we go..
.. some other day to the picnic
instead of tomorrow?
But you had promised me.
He had promised.
Yes, son. I had promised..
But I have some important
work tomorrow, okay?
It is important to
go on a picnic too.
It is important to
go on a picnic too.
Yes, we will go on a picnic
the next week, surely. Okay?
He does this every time.
He promises first,
and then says..
..that he has some urgent work.
- Chirag..
I won't eat, I won't
go to the picnic..
..and I won't go to school too.
Did you see how angry he is?
ls it really that important?
We will go to the picnic and
tomorrow itself, okay?
Thank you, dad. You are the
greatest dad in the world.
And me?
Greatest mom. Of course.
- Good.
Hello? - Sir, I am
sub inspector Kadam.
Yes, tell me.
I have got information
that Shekhar..
..has been released from
the prison. - When?
The information that we got..
..according to that,
he has been..
...released today in
the morning, sir.
He was released in the morning..
..and you are informing
me at nine in the night?
Sorry sir.. even I came to
know of it right now, sir.
What happened, sir?
Where did he go?
I don't know, sir.
He asked me a matchbox
to light his cigarette.
He lit it and went away.
Why sir? What is the matter?
Nothing. Perform your duty well.
- Okay, sir.
Who can think that
there is sadness.. this world when they see..
..the laughing and smiling
faces of these children?
You are Mrs. Rathod, isn't it?
- Yes.
You have come here
to take your child?
Does your child study here too?
I don't have any children.
Therefore I come here to
look at these children.
The wife.. before
she gave birth..
I am sorry.
It's all right.
Mr. Rathod didn't come?
- No.
I am Shekhar.
We were good friends
eight year ago.
Please call him up.
Please call him.
Yes, madam, where are you?
I have come to take Chirag along.
And I am speaking to an
old friend of yours.
Who is he?
Speak to him yourself.
Yes, Mr. Abhay.
You got married and didn't
even tell me?
You have such a cute kid.
If I wasn't here.. doesn't mean that you
couldn't call me too.
I am sorry, but who is this?
Your old friend, Shekhar.
What are you doing there?
I was speaking to my sister.
You are lucky that you have
such a beautiful wife.
You son of a.. you..
Yes. I will come. Surely.
But some other day.
I will have dinner
and drink too.
Okay, okay. Bye.
Thank you.
He has invited me for dinner.
Okay, I will leave now.
Come on.
I hit him..
Very badly.
- Bye, Rahul..
What happened?
- Bye.. bye mom..
Where did he go?
The one whom you were
speaking to, Shekhar.
He has left.
How many times I told you
not to speak to strangers.
How can he be a stranger?
He is your friend.
Friend? He is a wretched
Then why did you call
him to dinner?
I called him on dinner?
- Shut up!
What happened to papa?
Nothing, come on.
It is four hours,
fourteen minutes..
..and twenty five seconds,
..your anger is still
performing its duty.
ACP, do you know when
its duty will be over?
What is the matter?
I spoke to him for two minutes..
..and you are so jealous?
Like that..
...I think that he was very cute.
Okay.. okay..
From today, I will not
speak to anyone.
Not a soul.
And if anyone speaks to me..
...I will not speak, even then.
But if anyone says..
That ACP Abhay
Singh Rathod.. so stupid and insolent,
I won't speak even then.
Now, please speak
to me.. please..
Papa.. speak something to mummy.
She is apologizing
since so long.
She is apologizing
since so long.
Sorry, mom. Good night.
He is a police man.
He won't agree without
taking something.
It's not just like that..
That this heart falls
for someone..
Look at me..
Embrace me..
Steal this moment..
be one with me..
It's not just like that..
That this heart falls
for someone..
A relation..
..isn't made without
any reason..
Look at me..
Embrace me..
Steal this moment..
be one with me..
This heart..
Take it.. O beloved".
I will embrace your face
with my tresses.
I will give the fragrance
of my form.. the garden of your breath.
Touching you..
O beloved".
Come.. I will intoxicate you..
I will sprinkle the color that
you haven't seen as yet.
It is sometimes that such a
romantic atmosphere arrives.
People who
don't enjoy it..
They repent once it is gone.
This intoxicating atmosphere..
It makes one yearn a lot.
This string of love.. it
brings people together.
Look at me..
Embrace me..
Steal this moment..
be one with me..
Please take the phone..
Keep an eye on that person.
Follow him all twenty
four hours.
I want information on
his every movement.
You get it?
Papa.. when are you coming?
We are late..
Yes.. yes.. I am coming.
lam coming..
I promise.. I promise..
I promise..
And one slight mistake from him..
..throw him behind the bars.
I will handle the rest.
You people can go.
I won't see this.
Come on, we will eat something.
Good idea. Even
lam very hungry.
What do you say?
Even me. I will have a pizza.
No pizza for you.
Only vegetables.
But mummy.. we won't
get vegetables here..
Come on.
Mummy, I want to go
to the washroom.
Okay, you go. I will
order for food.
Come fast, okay?
- Okay.
Oh.. Oh..
What are you doing, brother?
Stay away from my
family and child.
Or else, I will kill you.
You mean..
That if I see small kids
playing, you will shoot me?
If I say hello to anyone's
wife, will you shoot me?
I will shoot you, and you
know that I can do that.
This is no crime, brother.
Don't teach me the
meaning of crime.
Listen to me and
listen carefully.
If you want to survive,
go away from here.
Go away from here, you get it?
I had gone. Eight years ago.
It is your turn now.
Your wife and child are coming.
You are going on a picnic
with them, isn't it?
Please.. mummy.. please..
See, Abhay.
I know that he is a criminal.
I even know that he has been
in prison since eight years.
But what did he do this time,
that you hit him?
Just that..
He asked a light
from your guard?
ls that a crime?
If he went to your
child's school".
..and spoke to your wife,
which section..
..of the IPC could be
enforced on that?
He threatened me, sir.
What did he say?
Just that..
I had gone eight years ago,
it is your turn now?
How will you prove that
this is a threat?
Any court will release
him within two hours.
Thank your stars, Abhay.
He hasn't complained
against you.
Or else, there would be
action against you.
Sir.. against me..
Mr. Abhay..
Till the time he doesn't
do anything..
..wrong we cannot apprehend him.
And neither can we charge him.
So, what do you people want?
That I should keep quiet
till the time..
..he doesn't cause any
harm to my family?
I will not let this happen, sir.
I will not leave him.
Mr. Abhay..
If someone could
be punished for..
..their intentions
or thoughts..
.. half the world would
be in prison today.
See, Abhay.
It is correct if you worry
about your family's safety.
But do whatever you want to
inside the guard of law.
Don't make this
a personal issue.
Morning, sir.
Sir.. parcel for you.
For me? Who is the sender?
Don't know, sir. It arrived
by the courier.
Play it.
- Yes.
Yes. - Call the ambulance. - Fine.
Chirag.. Chirag.
- What happened?
- What happened, papa?
You, ok?
- Tell me, papa.
Nothing, dear. Nothing.
What happened?
Take him inside.
Dube, I want this wretch..
this Shekhar.
I want him today. I want him now.
Go out, search for him.
Arrest him, anyhow.
And if the wretch tries to resist
his arrest, shoot him!
But sir.. shoot?
Yes, shoot him. And I
will handle the rest.
Where had you been?
- I had gone home.
I had informed you even.
What is going on, Abhay.
Why are you so tensed?
- Nothing.
Don't hide it from me. These orders
to shoot were for whom?
Who is this Shekhar, because
of whom you are so worried?
I am not worried. That Shekhar
is just an ordinary criminal.
Just leave me alone.
I feel there is some personal
problem between Shekhar and you.
His talking to me in the school
had also upset you.
And you had grabbed him by his
collar at the motel, that clay.
Look, I am your wife and I really
don't like you not trusting me.
Why can you not confide in me?
..for the first time today,
I have started to feel..
..that you are hiding
something from me.
See, if you feel that
this is the first time..
...I am hiding something from
you, then you are wrong.
I have always kept this
hidden from you.
I was ordered to nab Shekhar, when
I had joined the police force.
Shekhar used to help criminals flee
because of his driving skills.
I was following up on him,
along with my force..
..but he used to always escape.. we didn't have any
evidence against him.
But one day, we had a suspicion.
Because the person whom
we were following..
..had very similar driving
skills as that of Shekhar.
I reached him, following the clue.
Greetings, sister. ls Shekhar there?
We are old friends, you see.
Thank you, sister.
I was just telling your wife
that we are old friends.
We have met so many times,
but couldn't really meet.
Just like yesterday afternoon.
Come to the point.
Thank you for the seat.
Won't you offer me tea, even?
Nice house.
This photograph reminds me..
..of another skilled rally driver.
What was his name.. err? Well".
..forget it.. what's in the name.
Six years back, he left rally
driving, all of a sudden.
And entered into the world of crime.
Started aiding and abetting criminals
escape the clutches of the police.
All because of his sheer driving
skills and good luck.
The police haven't been
able to nab him, as yet.
Scoundrel" he is an amazing driver!
Look at me properly. Am I the one?
- Any evidence?
There isn't any evidence
or warrant, today.
Hence I am not taking you along.
But I will take you, for sure.
Just dropped in to tell you that..
..the same car doesn't
win the race, always.
The clay I win, I will
drag you along.
Throwing a challenge is
a bad habit, inspector.
And I have this bad habit of..
..accepting all challenges
thrown at me.
I accept!
Inspector is in a hurry.
He will not have tea.
Sure. Some other time.
But I know of your whereabouts
now, right?
Since that day, my entire
team was behind him.
But he didn't fall for the trap.
After a few days, we chanced
upon the opportunity..
..we were so badly looking for.
That was my last chance.
Anjali, get ready soon. We are
going out of town for a few days.
I am sorry, we couldn't
save the mother.
I had a strange feeling..
..when the doctor gave
the baby in my arms.
His smile, his innocent gaze..
..with which he was looking at me..
...I felt that.. he was trying
to convey something to me.
And do not know what happened..
...I could never separate
the child from me.
I lied to all those who enquired
about the child..
..saying that the child
is safe, wherever he is.
That is why I had
lied to you, even..
..that he is my late
elder sister's son.
You hid something so important
from me, Abhay?
Did you not trust me?
Were you scared..
...that had I known him to
be the son of a criminal".
...I would not have given him
the same motherly love?
Chirag entered my life much
before you came in.
I have raised him, all on my own.
Since the moment he
entered my life..
...I never considered
him not being my son.
I had rather forgotten..
...that he is a criminal's son.
How could I tell you something
which I myself had forgotten?
When were you released from
the jail? - A few days back.
Shekhar, in these eight years
you must have definitely..
..thought about the person
responsible for Anja | i's death.
Repent and reform now.
And help your son also to grow
into a good human being.
Sonl? I have no offspring, father.
This means you do not
know that Anjali had..
..given birth to a son,
before she died.
Where is my son, father?
I do not know.
But.. what was his name..
"yes, Sub-inspector
Abhay Singh Rathod..
..he knows about him.
Love means thirst.
Love means thirst.
Love means thirst.
Sinful yet pious.
Fire filled showers.
Sinful yet pious.
Fire filled showers.
Swaying.. and sweet.
It is the thirst of love.
It tempts everyone..
..good lord!
Raises the heartbeats upon
..dear lord!
Try savoring it sometime.
O ignorant one, relish its flavor.
Wet and wild..
Wet and wild.. is thirst. is thirst.
Sinful yet pious.
Fire filled showers.
Swaying.. and sweet.
It is the thirst of love.
Good lord! Dear lord!
Good lord! Dear lord!
Love gives jitters..
..good lord!
It is puzzling all the
..dear lord.
It feels like fire
even in the cold.
It pricks like thorns
even amongst flowers.
Slowly.. quietly..
Slowly.. quietly..
Listen to the voice of love.
Listen to the voice of love.
Sinful yet pious.
Fire filled showers.
Swaying.. and sweet. It
is the thirst of love.
Where is he? - I don't know,
sir. - Speak the truth.
What happened?
He is alive. Only sleeping.
ACP, give me the gun.
Where is my son, ACP?
Whose son? Which son?
My son.
- Look..
Shh.. he will wake up.
I don't know about anyone's son.
Let go of Chirag, or else"
- Hey" - John.
Only he knows of my
son's whereabouts.
Till such time I get
to know of my son..
..your son will be with me.
Tell your husband..
..not to follow me
if he loves his son.
No.. what if he harms Chirag?
Sir, all the outbound roads
have been blocked.
Police is keeping a vigil on the
railway stations and the airport.
And all the police stations outside
Mumbai have been informed.
He cannot escape now.
- Nothing will happen to Chirag.
Nothing will happen to our son.
Why do you not tell him the reality?
Do not worry.
I will bring
Chirag back. For sure.
Hey John.. enough.
- Mom.. daddy!
It is scaring the child.
A cop's son and scared
of the bullet! Ha!
That bloody father of yours
considers himself to be some lion.
Rascal" huh.. come here. Here.
Shut your mouth or I will
blow your skull off.
Let go.. let go of me.
What is your name?
- Chirag.
Wanna eat something? Come.
What are you looking at?
Offer cold drinks and wafers
to the kid. - Sure.
Here, take it. Have it.
Take the kid out of the backdoor.
I will join you. - Fine.
A pack of cigarettes, please.
Hello.. what have you thought, ACP?
Look, I have told you so many times.
I know nothing of your child.
Where is my son? Where is Chirag?
If I don't get my son
within 24 hours.. will start receiving
your son in parts.
Where is Chirag, you rascal?
Twenty four hours.
Look.. if something.. hello! Hello!
How much is the bill?
- 460.
Sir, the call has been traced.
He called from some PCO near Nasik.
Bhai, Shekhar backtracked.
Instead of bumping the ACP off,
he abducted his son. - Son?
Bhai, he is saying he
will let him go..
..when he tells Shekhar about
his son's whereabouts.
Bump the son off!
Yes Bhai.. this kid
is a real scoundrel.
I better bump him off first.. hey..
Go and sit in the car.
John.. did you bump that
son of a bitch off?
No.. he was saved.
Who is that?
- Shekhar.
Shekhar.. why did you not bump
off that ACP, the swine?
The time is not ripe as yet.
But your time has arrived.
Pass on the phone to John.
John has gone.
- Where?
To the Christ!
Hey Shekhar.. you killed
my brother.. Shekhar!
That man will not come, is it?
- Never.
He wasn't a good guy.
How about me?
- You are good.
Better than your dad?
- No.
Shall I call John?
- No.
May I come in, sir?
- Come in.
- Mr. Naik, meet him.
He is Mr. Abhay Singh Rathod..
..ACP from the Mumbai Crime Branch.
Mr. Rathod, he is..
- I know him, sir.
I had worked under him at Mumbai.
Mr. Rathod, he will help
you in this case.
Sir, he is a dangerous guy.
He had killed a policeman even.
I would suggest shooting
him at sight.
- Why?
Cause, my son is with him, sir.
What if someone e | se's son
was with him? - Naik?
Sorry, sir.
Sir, we have just received
news of a dead body..
..lying at village Dindori,
25 kms from here.
And it was there Shekhar
was spotted last.
I am speaking the truth, sir.
I didn't witness anything, sir.
He came with the child,
had cold drinks..
..purchased clothes and off
he went in the car, sir.
After that I didn't
see anything, sir.
He is a bloody swine.
Shoot him at sight.
Shoot the..
What crap are you speaking?
Gone nuts?
Stop the order.
I said, stop the order.
My son is with him.
What if he is harmed?
Yours or his?
Hey! That's great.
Your son is very sweet.
I serve him food, he thanks me.
He thanks me even for
serving him water.
He is really a very good boy.
He thanked me again.
You have a good spouse, everything
is fine with you.
Look at my wife.. son is being taught
all nonsense by her.
Your son is really good.
Brother, I have to go to Vaitarna.
ls there any way through
the forest.. that the child gets to
watch tigers and elephants.
Yes, there is.
Go straight from here
and turn to your left.
You will find a lot of
wild animals there.
It's a very big forest.
It's very nice. Your child
will be very happy.
Thank you, brother.
- Ok, sir.
So here we are.
Aren't you hungry?
- Yes.
My intention is different.
- What intention?
You know it.
- ls it?
It's very hot out there.
It's already too hot in here and
it's the same out there as well.
You want a ride
Do what I tell you to, or else
I shall call back John again.
Attend to them.
Do you have a menu card?
- Bring it.
Nice car!
- Thanks!
I got it at my wedding.
- Its being given by my father.
My son has this heartfelt desire
to ride such a car.
But we aren't that lucky.
It would just remain a wish.
Isn't it, son? - Yes.
We are going to the temple
at Trimbakeshwar.
Would you mind giving us a
lift till there? - Yes..
Look here, our car can accommodate
only two of us. Sorry.
- Sir, he's a very good boy.
Mind your own business. Take
the order. Understood?
It's our bad luck, son.
What a guy, refuses the child.
If you could adjust then we have
some space left in the car.
Enjoying it.
An important announcement.
A man has kidnapped
a child and escaped.
He's been spotted on the highway.
He can prove to be dangerous.
If you happen to have some
information about him then..
Thank you for the lift.
Why are you upset?
Just think that her father
gave this car to you..
..and your father has
taken it from you.
My car.
- Hey you, stop.
Don't take our car.
- You are responsible for it.
I have told you many times
not to entertain strangers.
Don't go.
Your father has sent these
policemen to take you back.
I don't want to hear
anything, jailer.
I need to get out of here, anyhow.
You better leave now and make
arrangements for my escape. Go.
Why did you steal their car,
leaving them there on the road?
Do you know that stealing
is a very big offence?
Who told you that?
- My papa.
What else have your
father taught you?
Address him respectfully.
Yes, I know that.
What else did he teach you?
My father says that, truth
is bound to win..
..and those who engage themselves
in wrong doings..
..are never happy.
I want to go home.
Till the time your father discloses
my child's location.. will stay with me.
You love your child so much?
Does your child know
that you are a thief?
Won't you preach now?
Sir, I am calling from
Nasik-Trimbekeshwar check post.
Shekhar has stolen a red Honda
bearing no. MH01 M 501.
He's heading toward Trimbakeshwar.
And uncle, what's this?
Light switch.
Your dad never takes you for a ride?
Respectfully, didn't I say?
And he does not have
a car like this.
He's a policeman and does
not accept bribes either.
How can he afford such a car?
Shall we race?
Move away!
C'mon, back up.
Damn it!
Why are you crying?
I want to go back to my father.
Look here. I can take you
to your dad right now.
But then, you won't become
a car race champion.
Because your father won't
let you touch the car.
And I can give you
this car right now.
Will you drive?
Will you drive?
Hey! It feels great to drive.
Yeah! Come on.
What's wrong, uncle?
It's out of fuel.
Hey! It was fun. The gas
had to end, now only!?
Will you drive that car?
- Yes.
Any news?
Have you found Chirag's whereabouts?
Why don't you say something?
- What shall I say?
What can I tell you? He cheated
us and made his escape.
Chirag was along with him?
- Yes.
ls he fine?
- Yes.
Have you seen him yourself?
- Yes, I did.
I don't know why, but I am afraid.
He has given us just 24 hours.
What if he harms Chirag?
Nothing will happen to Chirag.
He won't harm Chirag, because
he is very much aware..
..that as long as Chirag
is with him, he is safe.
And then, his son too is..
- That's fine, Abhay.
But if he harms Chirag, as
he is his enemy's child..
..what can you do then?
Why don't you disclose it to him
that Chirag is his own son?
Chirag is my son.
Chirag is my son.
I have nurtured him myself,
not that criminal.
What life will that
murderer give him?
A life that ends behind the iron
bars and leads him to the gallows.
No. Chirag is my son. And
he will always remain mine.
I shall bring him back.
I will get him back.
Giant wheel.
Have you ever taken a
ride on a giant wheel?
In my childhood.
- Haven't you taken a ride on it?
Only once.
My father is always busy.
And he does not allow
me to go out alone.
You have a nasty father.
Not dad, say father. And
my father is not nasty.
Must be your mother then.
She is sweeter than my father.
Now you don't speak to me..
..and don't talk bad
about my parents.
C'mon, have it.
Want a ride?
I am going. Come, if you want to.
Hey.. you crooked one,
become all right.
Why is the fair closed?
Come tomorrow morning,
it will be on tomorrow.
Hey, I want to show
the kid the fair.
Didn't I tell you to come tomorrow?
Don't you understand
if I tell you once?
Trace the call.
Yes, sir.
I have just fifty seconds.
After that, you will trace my call.
Where is my child?
How many times should I
tell you? I don't know.
Forty five seconds.
You are forcing me to
kill a innocent child.
If anything happens to the child.. know very well what
I will do to you.
That is secondary.
Listen to your son's state first.
Don't do anything to Chirag.
Why don't you tell him?
Quiet.. quiet.. let me handle this.
Listen to what your wife says, ACP.
Tell me or else..
You.. you..
You touch him and I
kill you, I promise..
Thirty seconds.
lam warning you, you..
He shot..
Abhay, he shot Chirag.
What did you do?
Chirag was your son.
Abhay.. he killed his own son.
It's all because of you.
Why didn't you tell him
that he was his son?
You are my ambition..
You are my life..
You are my need.
I need you..
You are my love..
Oh my beloved".
My heart will be content with you.
You are my love..
Oh my beloved".
My heart will be content with you.
You are my love..
Oh my beloved".
You have made a relation with
every heartbeat of mine.
This will not be broken
even if we try..
Even if we leave this world.
Our relation is different
than every other relation.
I will ask you from God!
This is a promise greater
than every other..
This need will never reduce.
You are my need.
O my beloved.
You are my ambition.
You are the satisfaction
of my heart.
You are my need.
My heart needs you.
All my happiness lies in you.
There should be no
distance between us.
I will feel you,
you are a feeling.
You are my ambition,
you are my thirst.
You should be with me,
till I am alive.
You are my thirst..
O my beloved".
You are my thirst..
O my beloved".
You gave me restlessness.
There were ten people, sir.
And he was with the child.
Then they fought amongst themselves.
Where did that man
go with the child?
Whatever I saw, I told you.
I was hiding.
But I saw that the child and
that man were all right.
I don't know where they
went after that, sir.
Did you hear that?
Chirag is all right.
He will be all right.
I promise, he will be all right.
You are running from the police?
Till when will you keep running?
So, what else should I do?
Why don't you leave all this?
What is the matter?
Are you repenting after
so many days..
..that you have married a
I knew everything about you and..
...I decided to spend
my life with you.
Then, I didn't think what
effect that decision..
..of mine will have
on our to be child.
Please.. Shekhar.
My decision cannot be
our child's fate.
But Anjali..
I am pregnant.
If you cannot change your decision..
...I will not change my decision too.
This child will not
come in this world.
Give me some time.
I will leave everything
for my child.
Eat something.
Are you not hungry?
I want to eat homemade food.
I want to go home.
You don't like me at all?
You are good.
But I want to go to papa.
You can't stay with
me for some days?
We will roam and move about.
We will play, eat chocolates
and ice cream.
You want to see car
racing, isn't it?
You like car racing?
You will show me?
Yes, son. I will show you.
Will you stay with me then?
After that..
You will leave me home?
To papa?
Yes, we are collecting information.
Sir, we saw there too. We
didn't find anything.
Okay, you see there.
You look in the car, look
at it properly. - Yes, sir.
Pat, see there.
We found out that he was here
all through the night.
Mr. Naik.. come in, Mr. Naik.
Yes, Rokde, tell me.
What is this?
Sir.. this.. car.
Sir, we are asking everyone here.
As soon as we get a link,
we will tell.
Please keep us informed.
- Okay, sir.
Control room, come in, Mr. Pawar.
Please reach the office number 13.
Mr. Pawar.. please
come in, Mr. Pawar.
Mr. Tambe..
Tell Mr. Kamble to reach
route number 13.
There will be a car rally there.
Okay, sir.
Papa.. there is a race in
Nasik the next month.
Will you take me there, please?
Your car was lost, isn't it?
Give me this.
Yes.. come on..
Come on..
Come on.. Yes, you can do it..
Faster.. faster. You can do it..
Uncle, can you win this race?
I have won it twice.
- Yes.. come.. on.
ls it? Will you make
me a champion too?
Yes, first.. come on! You can do it.
You will have to stay
with me for that.
Will you have an ice cream?
- Yes.
Take this.
Yes.. yes..
Your game is over, Shekhar.
Where is Chirag?
With me.
I know that he is my son.
And no law can separate
the son from his father.
But it can separate the
father from the son.
You cannot kill me, till the
time Chirag isn't found.
Chirag is my son.
Nobody can separate me from him now.
Chirag is your son,
but I am his father.
What did you give to him till today?
You and I both know that very well.
God knows which bullet has
your name written on it.
What will happen to him after that?
Come down.
I won't do anything to you.
Come here.
ls it paining?
A bit.
Why did you shoot me?
Why were you hitting my papa?
You love your papa a lot?
And me?
You are very good.
You can't stay without your papa?
Can you live without your son?
I want to go home. To my papa.
Please uncle. Let me go. I
want to go home to my papa.
Please.. uncle" Let me go.
I want to go home to my papa.
Please uncle. Please.
I will leave you.
To your papa-.
Chirag is coming back.
No, Abhay. You cannot
go there alone.
But sir..
I understand. This
relates to your son's life.
But don't forget that you
are a police officer.
You should perform your duty first.
Yes, sir.
Sir, but no action should be taken
without my orders.
Thank you, sir, thank you.
Bye.. bye, bye--
Uncle.. Will I really be
able to meet my papa?
Will I be able to go home too?
I will tell my papa to introduce
you to your son too.
And to forgive you too.
Your father will put me in prison.
Address him with respect.
Why should I?
Why don't you come with us too?
You need a doctor.
Till I don't say so..
Nobody will shoot.
Nobody will do anything, understood?
You get it?
- Yes, sir.
Let Chirag go and surrender
to the police.
I will let him go. But
I have two conditions.
Nobody will follow me.
And two..
You will make my Chirag
a rally driver.
Promise me.
Promise me.
I promise you.
In the end.. we met each other..
This fate.. made us meet.
Even though I wish too.. I cannot
tell it to you, dear..
You promise me..
You will grow up and become
a champion driver.
I promise.
And when I become
a champion driver.. will come to
meet me, isn't it?
Come on.
The people close to us
seem like strangers.
The strangers feel like
someone close to us.
My beloved".
For you..
I will take birth
a hundred time, for you.
- Chirag..
L.. hate..